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Top Reasons to Pursue MBA

Returning to school to take up post-grad studies may be less appealing for fresh graduates. However, if you want to place your career in a better position, taking up MBA is a lucrative route. Master of Business Administration is suitable for professionals that want to manage their existing business, looking for career growth or promotion. MBA takes time and hard work but before ditching the idea, take a look at these advantages:

GIVE YOUR CAREER A LIFT MBA programme Dubai opens up a door of opportunities to graduates due to their qualification. In a study conducted, alumni give credit to their post grad skills and experience for securing their job. MBA has helped them

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prepared in leading a team and develop their professional network. Furthermore, over 50% of MBA graduates worldwide are mostly senior managers or board directors. In a separate study conducted by Bloomberg, MBA graduates have higher chances of being hired in top companies such as Deloitte, Apple, Procter and Gamble, Ernst & Young, IBM, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, etc.

INCREASED SALARY Average European salary for MBA graduates is at â‚Ź100,000 per year which is higher than an average 4 year degree graduate employee.

On the other hand, connecting with alumni enables you to have an extensive overview of the business world as well as the changes of the business environment.

EXPAND YOUR HORIZON DEVELOP MANAGERIAL SKILLS Whether you are managing your own business or working for an organization, MBA harnesses your managerial skills. MBA programme UAE along with their specialization gives insight on manufacturing, advertising products, grooming company reputation, managing financial health, recruiting the right people and motivating them. This programme allows you to grow and deal with different businesses issues where you can apply the most recent management techniques.

BUILD YOUR NETWORK MBA students get to interact with a network of professionals with the same interests. You also get to collaborate with colleagues, professors and staff with great management experience. These connections can give you a good standing for potential employments or opportunity.

Studying MBA not only boosts your career but also furthers your cultural experience. In an MBA programme, students read case studies from different businesses and corporations around the world. This provides them essential business lessons from multifaceted perspective. Moreover, if you decide to study abroad, you broaden your perspective and network. You can find companies that you may want to work for after graduation.

BECOME GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED Taking MBA makes your credentials globally-recognized. Once you are through with your MBA studies, your degree will be acknowledged in the business industry regardless of where you graduated from and where you plan to get employed. MBA is a versatile programme where you can pursue diverse career industry with higher paying position.

MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS Some MBA students choose to study MBA to become entrepreneurs and manage their own business. Through MBA programme, you can acquire the knowledge and insights in starting your business or managing an existing one. MBA gives you a better perspective in the world of business. It equips you to become a better leader in terms of planning and strategising. If finance is an issue, take note that big companies are willing to finance their employees taking up MBA. You can approach your company and ask if they are willing to shoulder a part of your experience. You can also check out different financial assistance from different schools and organisations.

Top Reasons to Pursue MBA  

Does taking up MBA programme help you become a better entrepreneur? Find out here:

Top Reasons to Pursue MBA  

Does taking up MBA programme help you become a better entrepreneur? Find out here: