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Week 8 Journal This week’s tutorial is focused on each group’s building. Our group is doing the Ormand college. Four different sections has selected by tutor, and we have to draw those four sections into scale 1:1 in an A1 page. Each person need to draw for one section. At the beginng, the scale is in 1:10 as the image 1 showed. We are using the tacing paper to copy down the section ( Image 2) and using the scale rule to change the size and then draw it into the A1 page.

<Image 1: Photograph of the section details>

<Image 2: Photograph of the copy in tracing paper>

It seems very easy to do it, but actually when you start drawing it, it would be lots of things you need to consider. For example, you will find that the distance between two lines is important. As the increase of the scale, when you make any mistake it would be clear to indicate from your drawing. It means the increase of the scale will also expand the mistake. Hence it need to be draw very carefully. After we finished the drawing, we need to find our sections from the plan. However, it is very difficult for me to find mine. I asked for help but Mark could not find it as well. I think it might be some mistakes on the plan for the wrong indication. Hence it is hard for me to find the actual part of this section on the building.

Glass roof Folded colourbond flashing

Brick wall

Colourbond roof deck Aluminum box section

Angle bracket section

Prepainted plywood board

<Image 3: Photograph of the finished drawing>

Week 8 journal  
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