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Week 6 Journal Isabella Meng-Xi Huang(587243) During this week's studio, we did a group presentation and then start making models of our assigned building. Our group is doing the Ormand College, by looking at the plan of the building it actually provides lots of details of the constructing process. It including the structural systems, structural materials, structural joints and structural fixings. These are all we need to present during class. After the group presentation, we start doing the model. First step, we drew the base on the whiteboard in scale 1:50. As the scale showed the plan is 1:100 so that we need to transfer the scale first. The main material we used were the pegwood which is easier to make the columns and the beams. As the images showed below is the steps: Step 1:

The section we are going to construct. (In scale 1:100)

We drew the section into scale 1:50 on the whiteboard.

Step 2 :

The fixed part

At the beginning, we try to stick the pegwood on the whiteboard by using the glue. However, the glue cannot fix it so well so we decide to use the rubberized fabric. And as showed in the image, it does sticked it on the whiteboard so well. Step3:

The fixed part

In this step, we still using the rubberized rubrics to make the top section by stick the pegwood together. Step 4: After finish the top section, we try to put it onto the column as the image showed below.

Step 5: We did not finish the model, but the basic appearances could be seen in the images below.

That's all we presented during week 6 studio.

Week 6 journal  
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