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Week 5 Journal Isabella Meng-Xi Huang (587243) Last week's tutorial is required to bring the roof we made to class and presentation. During the process of roof making, I had gained lots of important knowledges on the constructing process. For example, as assuming the materials we are going to use for the real roof, we need to consider the surrounding environment and the structure of the roof as well but not only the appearances. Before constructing the roof model, I had measured the length of different part and then used those data to calculate how much we need to cut. As the images showed below are the calculation process of the models.

<Image 1 &2 : Photograph of the calculation details> However, before the actual finish model, I had made a failure one as the image 3 presented. As the image showed, we could see that I had set too high for the height then it make the roof not stable and also looked weird. Then I made the height a bit lower and it success for the second time.

<Image 3: Photograph of the failure roof>

The final product is presented as image 4, and it is really stable as I also cut a base to stick all the roofs together to ensure that it could put it into the provided roof.

<Image 4: Photography of the final product> The first session of the studio is to present the model and introduces it. During the presentation, it actually given some interesting ideas from others. For example, some of them try to make it be more functional. Then they decided to make a small balcony on the roof and use the rainfall more efficient as water flowers directly. This is a good idea, but I think it is really hard to see it unless you stand higher than the roof and also difficult to clean up as well. Hence it is a good idea but not perfect yet. Second part of the studio is seperater into groups for different buildings. Our group is doing the Ormand College, and the following images is the part that we need to discuss together and looking the plan to completed it.

Week 5 journal