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Week 1 Journal Isabella Meng-Xi Huang(587243) In the first studio, we briefly discussed about the force which is usual to see in our daily life. As the constructing is the basic component of the building, hence the compression and the tension are the most important forces to brace the buildings. The definition of the compression force 'refers to the capacity of a material to withstand pushing forces that are axially directed. Compressive force can also be defined as the force that tries to squeeze a material.'( 2013) Compression force: Tension Force:

<Image 1:>

During the studio, it required that we get into the group and use the brick wood to construct the model building as high as we can. It also needs to be have enough space for the assign model to put in. Before constructing the model building we had discussed, and we agreed that we need a solid base to support. Hence we started thinking how to make the brick wood more solid as the weight of the single brick wood is light. I thought that maybe using the rubber band to bind the brick together would make it work. It showed in Image 2 that the brick wood became more solid after bind together as it could support the brick stone.

<Image 2: Photograph of using rubber band to bind the brick>

During the processes, we also figure out that allow some variation in the direction to make the brick stable. The bind brick wood has also provided a strong base to support the brick as shown in Image 3.

<Image 3: Photograph for the finished work> From the Image 3, we could see the building was actually not that high. At the base of the building was quite weak so that it could not brace so much. After this experience, I started thinking about the errors we had made during the construction processes. Maybe we need to tie up the brick more carefully to make the strong base which could support the building. Hence, the conclusion from this experience is the compression force need to be considered in every single material which uses to construct the building. Due to the different materials it would have a different force to brace the weight. It needs to be known when using to construct to indicate the height of the building in real life.

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Week 1 journal  
Week 1 journal