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livingroorn - originally tho ham.ndganory kitehon.Outside, t..... •• an <><ltdoor kite ..... ,,;th b>.rhocu .. h""ted pool and .un with m<><lntai n vi ow., .ndtho hou '" is 'I""f"", ba", for oxploringthe Rivi ...a,rengjust45 mi from Nie<. Pl-Ice from H\>44 (1;161 p p..."",,). SI..". 11 Book ~0l088171971;

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Thise harm ing r."ovated hrm hom" (.00".). in t'" """th w." oft... iolaoo, hasan idyllic countryside location. It dat.. ha.chot h" 1910s,.oo f.... ~ vaulted CO; Ii ngs, terraootta AOOO"••00 many criginal f""t,..... Kic k hac k by t h.g'" ed ....imm ingpool.which ha, m>gnifie."t mountain vi .w~ 5""....1 "'ndy """..3r. only 3 shon driv" ""'3Y. Plia! fi-om{ 1.l811"""....l (l;lrn p... p..."",,). SI<q>. 7 Book ~ 08 45800 8080; m1I1o", k


Locatod.mong ol..oo... .00 hibi",us,ju" .15-min... wall: fromAgi.M.rilU hooch. thi,dunning viiI. oJ<q>' upto II in fiv. bedroan' .00 Iu, four bathroan •.two ,hti ng roan,.oo """ h:droni... It 01.., h .. two pools, two ioooor hea'ed ""'; mm ing pool, aoo its own gym. Plia! from U,5.-l0p... w..,k (l;l~ (l"r 1"""',,)' SI<q>' II Book~ (r.f74707)




Adriv.along a ",."ie lO-mile eoa,talroad !Ndsyoutothi.gern of • vi lli. located on tho ..,..h..-nmost paint ofS.rdini •. Th"wo--bedroan l"""I"'ny has. Morocc.n f..,l, with t. rrocotta· painted w.11s, d.." bl""

Located""t'" "'uthw."....,tipof tho i,laoo, this four.heJroomhiUsid. villa is p ... r.ct for brg~ bmili •• agroup' offri .nd,. It·•• oha-t driv. fromCa-alllay,.nd of{.,.. "'Y """" .. toth. Ahm .. """insub., with its ",<etacul.. hnd"'ap...ndd...... ed hoach". - .lthough,with t'" v ilh's idyllic t...,...,••nd infinity pool. you'lI fmd it hard to"'" yo<rs.,ua w.y. Pl-Ice from fl,l95 p""".... k (l: IS 7 (l"r "",,,,,,). SI.."s8 Book 10844 1~9 8090: pur.holidayhomo (r.f4568)

til ••,onutdy e.",ed woOO." fumi"'''' :rod. brgo ston< t.rra«. Spend your .hys ox ploringth. linl. bays.nd """.. that eh.""'t"; '" thiseoastli no. I'l1cefrom £0477 I""w..,k (l;1l9p... p..."",,).51<q>' 4 Book ~ hoIiohylettings.c (ref33792)

VIllAUI. PALOMA. COSTABRAVA \\ihil ••w.y. mid",mm.r's oft.moon,hppingupwond...ful""" :r.d country view. from yo<r t.....a« :r.d pool.,,",ked .mong Iu.h gard.,,~ Th. d ......bodroan """"" h".n OP"'- pion kitehon/dini ng room.nd iii If sitting roan.with wood Aoor. :r.d homdy furnishings. Tho harbour ........ ofT.""'riu.with itsl\lu. Fbg b.ach,caks.nd r.'taurants,i. just. shondriv.",,'.y. I'l1cefromn,l91 (l;199p... p..."",).S]..,p.6


Thisroc."tly r."",.,.ted """ tuckodaway in 'q.,.int modi"",,1 haml.. in """th-e"ntrallotria, n...r ,"'townofSt Vioc."t.1t .1..".10 in four bedroom ••nd is boautifully d ••igned, C<Jnl bini ng origi nal woo:! and ox""""" "on .waIiswith hrigh'mod....,fumi.hings. Th. wall. ",rrouooingtho prop... ty <if... C<Jnl pi ... .r""nd t'" "at<dockod pool..nd th....·s.eov...ed '"with harhecu•. Pl-Ice from U.J80(l;ll8 (l"r ""rsal). SI..".IO Book 1 020 8817 1971; oomoaway.",f (>406092)

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Origi ",Ily • vi D>go h""",.oo ""joining ham. Mo,; "'" Ro", Iu. hom Iovinglytr.noiormod into .,,,If-e.t'';ngvilb. It ,]..,p.ll in five bedroom ".nd has. 'fUCiOU!l




While away a midsummer's aftemoon,lapping up wonde'ful sea and country views from you, t~n;.ceandpool, tuck~ among Iushganlens




t'" oI""I'Y vilhge. of Mo"'ari aoo Sdv>., att'" 1>0", ofth. TramuntalU m<><lnuin.,ateof,... b..t,hing. lhoCb><tVO! 116.05.10 1 ~



Casa Teulada on "The Observer", 16 May 2010  

a drive along a scenic 30-mile coastal road leads you to this gem of a villa, located on the southernmost point of Sardinia.

Casa Teulada on "The Observer", 16 May 2010  

a drive along a scenic 30-mile coastal road leads you to this gem of a villa, located on the southernmost point of Sardinia.