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Our Logo: Australia in Aboriginal colours with the glory of the sun at it's centre and the cross reaching north, south, east & west. These symbols speak of the focus, the content and the influence of our ministry.


Fellowship with our friends from the Advent Lutheran Church, Blanchtown. Sixteen of our congregation travelled to a campsite on the Murray River about 18 km north of Blanchtown for an exchange visit. The location was like something out of a tourist brochure and the weather was perfect, but most of all, the warmth of the fellowship that the Blanchtown congregation extended to us made our short time together a most memorable experience. Allan (seen stocking the fire in the bottom photo) over-saw the preparation of the most wonderful camp oven meal many of us had ever tasted. Pastor Malcolm enlightened us all with a game of “point the finger” before we turned to our billets, tents or swags. Blanchtown, what you lack in numbers you make up for in largeness of heart and we praise God for your fellowship and ministry to us.

Please note the congregation’s NEW POSTAL ADDRESS; PO Box 34, Ferryden Park 5010 MINISTRY DURING MAY AND JUNE 2010 Pastor Bryce and congregation wish to give special thanks to Pastors David Paech, Lance Steicke, Jack Shepherd and Jim Klein for their care and support during Pastor Bryce’s two months of Leave. We value the rich words that you shared with us.


It was a delight to learn of Edmund’s ordination to ministry with GAMA. Eighteen members from Ferryden Park travelled to Murray Bridge for the service. Having been Edmund’s vicar father for three years, I also sent him a greeting before my Rest & Recreation leave. The fact that 18 members of our congregation travelled to the event is indicative of the keen interest in Edmund and his ministry from both our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members. I congratulated him for the honour of receiving the call and also reminded him that he is always welcome at

INDIJAM UPDATE The Indijam project will commence on Sunday June the 27th. The required ‘Childsafe’ and ‘Safeplace’ qualifications have been met and the word has been spread abroad. It is all systems go. We are going to start small so that the number of students only grows as our confidence and ability to fulfill their expectations grow. The program will begin with music theory as the students get to know the names of the


In March 1995 the Committee of Aboriginal Ministry in SA established a review of their ministry. The report was presented in March 1996. Following are comments and recommendations relating to the ministry at Ferryden Park. Ferryden Park, membership of 49 baptised and 31 confirmed, is the spiritual centre for Lutheran Aboriginal people in Greater Adelaide; serving people from Hackham to Elizabeth North through the Aboriginal Lutheran Fellowship. Pastor Klein

Ferryden Park either for a visit or to make this his home fellowship. We will be praying for his ministry and for the home groups that God may bring together through his activities. Judy reiterated these thoughts on my behalf in an email to Edmund just prior to his ordination because I was in Africa. She wrote; Hope all is going well as you prepare for Sunday. You have been very patient waiting for this day. I think that Bryce emailed you some time ago when we first heard that you were to be ordained (about t i m e ) . U n f o r t unately he is unable to attend as he is currently on long service leave and is in Africa . He is very disappointed that he

will miss your ordination, especially as he played a small part as your vicar father. You would be thrilled to see what God is doing here at Ferryden Park and we wish you were a part of it. Don't forget that we are here any time you want to sit, relax and have a cuppa.(no pressure). Have a wonderful day and may God bless you richly as you continue to serve him. May God add the blessings of his peace as you seek his will on all these things.

instruments and the various parts that make them up. The initial focus will be on the guitar but it is hoped that as the young people get to know each other and their instruments so there will be various styles of drums and keyboard added to the program. The sessions won’t only be to learn music there will also be a short devotion, mentoring and friendships to develop as well as opportunity for a drink and biscuit.

Each session will be last about 90 minutes. Parents and/or guardians will always be welcome, however, for safety and to avoid distractions, all other non-participants will be asked to relax somewhere else. We believe this is going to be an exciting program of encouragement and support for the musicians and worship leaders of the future and ask only that you pray with us for its success.

and lay worker David Schache are responsible for ministry among probably the most ethnically diverse congregation in the LCA; and one situated in an area of great socioeconomic need.... Ferryden Park received $40,000 in subsidy in 1995 plus sufficient support for 21 hrs for the lay worker. There is a small core of traditional style members but most are new to the LCA with significant numbers from Aboriginal, Ethiopian, and other ethnic backgrounds..... In contrast to other congregations ...Aboriginal people feel comfortable, welcome, and enjoy worship. People

from all backgrounds interact comfortably with each other - integration is happening! (pg 49). Aboriginal ministry is interacting with nonAboriginal ministry at Ferryden Park. It is happening there - reconciliation and total acceptance of all cultures a joy to experience. (pg 53). The review team recommends that: CAMSA and the LCA SA District further publicize and promote the ministry at Ferryden Park, with particular aim of inspiring other LCA members to offer their talents and time.


New Creation Teaching Ministry Pastor Clark will be giving a series of studies entitled “A STORY OF FIRE”. This nine week program will consider the positive effects of the power of God in the lives and communities of Aboriginal Christians in Australia, as the Holy Spirit moves with the fire of the gospel. The program is open to all and offered free of charge. Each evening will include an interval break for fellowship over a cuppa. The studies will be given at the Northwestern Community Church (Churches of Christ) 193 Port Road Queenstown. Phone Pastor Trevor Faggotter for further details on 8241 1111.

Date 28/07/10



18/08/10 25/08/10 1/09/10

Mid week studies for NCTM Queenstown 7.30 - 9.30 pm 3rd term 2010 Week Theme Summary Leading Texts Week 1 a Introduction 1st sermon on Aust soil; Psalm 116:1-13 Week 1 b Beautiful feet ??? Overview of British church Acts 17:22-31 and the colonialists Week 2 a Receptive ears The power of the Gospel 2 Samuel 7:5-24 and First contact Week 2 b Mission died as missions grew Missions & Government Revelation 2:1-5 Week 3 a Aboriginal leaders Leaders identified good and Isaiah 51:1-14 bad of mission systems Week 3 b Early attempts at independence Developing Aboriginal iden- Romans 15:22-28 tity Week 4 a Lutheran Missions In history Acts 11:15-18 Week 4 b Testimony & reflections Personal Testimony Week 5 a A denominational ministry 1 In history Matthew 16:17-23 Week 5 b Testimony & reflections Personal Testimony Week 6 a A denominational ministry 2 In history Revelation 12:10-12 Week 6 b Testimony & reflections Personal Testimony


Week 7 a Week 7 b 15/09/10 Week 8 a Week 8 b 22/09/10 Week 9 a Week 9 b

A denominational ministry 3 Testimony & reflections A denominational ministry 4 Testimony & reflections 21 century Aboriginal church

Past and Present Personal Testimony In history Personal Testimony

Romans 10:14-20

Psalm 22:22-31

Pictures from Pastor Bryce’s trip to Africa Two of the Youth Choirs in the town of Waat in Southern Sudan

The road was impassable

Biel and his family from Boang in Akoba District of Southern Sudan.

A Dinka Tookle for family and live-stock


INVITATION FROM AFRICA I had the privilege of an amazing experience traveling and living with the Nuer people of Southern Sudan for four weeks. I flew from Nairobi to Juba. There I met with leaders of the Presbyterian Church of Southern Sudan. They arranged for me to fly to Akoba on the border of Ethiopia and on the Pibor River. My interpreter and I stayed in the Presbyterian church compound and the ladies of the church provided the meals. We then travelled by Lorry (large open tray truck that doubles as the bus) in an easterly direction to a town called Walguk (where we again stayed in the Presbyterian church compound), then on motor bike to Boang (where we stayed for nearly two weeks). After Boang we drove by an NGO Toyota to Waat then another Lorry to Mading, Borr. We stayed for a week at Mading before using a matatu (mini bus) to drive to Juba. The drive from Akoba to Walguk was 150 km and took 7 hours and the drive from Waat to Mading was 250 km and took 5 days. Akoba, Boang and Walkuk had not had rain for two years and were really struggling under the effects of drought. However, they greeted us on the understanding that we ate what and when they ate and went hungry when they went hungry. We ate only goat (donated and slaughtered in the REFLECTIONS ON THE BOOK LAUNCHING

morning and served in the evening) and sorghum provided by the United Nations WFP (World Food Program). The rains started while I was in Boang. The area has no electricity, no phones, no reliable roads, but the church is strong and the church leadership equipped for their task. I saw a lot of evidence of the 26 years of civil war with armed soldiers all over the place and many bombed and burnt out military vehicles from tanks to armored personnel carriers, MIG jets and passenger planes. But, despite the fact that I was the first white person to ever visit the community, the people were always warm and welcoming. The country is at the verge of an exciting new future with autonomy from the Muslim Government expected to begin in January 2011. The USA and UN have advised the interim leadership of Southern Sudan to be ready to form government in 6 months. They have already decided that English is to be the national language. However, this means that the general population need to learn English as quickly as possible. SOMETHING TO PRAY ABOUT; The communities of Boang, Walguk and Waat have asked if we can help. They have asked if I could get some young Christian couples to come and stay with them for three or six months the descendants of the Aboriginal leaders of Koonibba.

It was a privilege to be involved in The book can be purchased for $25 from this event as a service to the Aborigi- Elizabeth Buck on 0872202634. nal people who were involved in the life of Koonibba and the ministry of Pastor Eckermann. It was a delight to read his memoirs and to reflect on the strength of Christian witness both to and especially from the Aboriginal people. I highly recommend the book. It is itself a pastoral ministry to


to encourage the speaking of English. They are not asking for qualified teachers and they can't pay anything. They just want some one to be with them to assist them personally and individually in life situations. They will provide a tookle (traditional dwelling) and their own food. plus lots of fellowship, love and gratitude. The time would be from late January for three months so mosquitoes won't be a problem and it is the best time of the year as far as temperature is concerned. The total travel costs for a couple could be about $7000 Aus. But oh boy! what a privilege, what an opportunity, what an experience. To live in a very remote traditional African community with tribal people for three months; this is the stuff books are made of. Are you up to the challenge? This is not an official government initiative nor is it a church program. It is entirely personal and private between the individual communities (who would be the sponsors in Southern Sudan) and the couple concerned. There are three communities involved and so several couples could be appreciated. The invitation is not really suitable for children. Please let me know if you are willing to pray and think about this because I have videos and other details that might help you to think it through. Bryce.

lowship centre at Thebarton was no longer suitable. Over time the two incorporated bodies have forged a common identity, mission and character. We now enjoy a unique worship experience that reflects the joy we share A GREAT PLACE TO SERVE AND BE for the grace God has shown to us in forgiveSERVED ness and mercy. St Pauls Lutheran Church began in 1945 With our shared history, and despite many (incorporated in 1970) as a ministry to the obstacles and detractors, the ministry of Ferwestern suburbs community. The congregaryden Park is stronger now than it has ever tion began ministering to post WW2 migrants been. and has continued to support various refugee communities ever since. In 1986, under the We receive no financial subsidies from the guidance of Pastor Koch, the then District LCA and any extra program we seek to follow President, St Pauls combined with the Abo- has to be supported by our own members riginal Lutheran Fellowship of Greater Ade- and/or community grants we apply for. So, if laide (Incorporated in 1975) when their fel- you have a heart for cross cultural ministry

Some of our congregation at the Book launch and would like to share with us in what God is doing among this community then maybe this is the congregation for you. If you have a desire to serve God in valid and worth while ways then maybe this is the ministry for you. If you are tired of the same o’l, same o’l, as far as your christian life is concerned then maybe here are the relationships your looking for. We are located at the corner of Parker & Stuart St, Ferryden Park, SA, Phone: 82688722, Mobile 0405319513,


Newsletter June 2010  

Bi-monthly newsletter of Adelaide Aboriginal Fellowship

Newsletter June 2010  

Bi-monthly newsletter of Adelaide Aboriginal Fellowship