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December 2009 edition Vol 4


Not the mad hatter’s tea party but the bevvy of beauties that make up Steve’s faithful team of volunteers for Friday Out reach. Well done ladies thank you for another year of dedicated service. Dec 2009

FRED’S VAN John Lamprel of Fred’s van and Kath May showing off the new Fred’s van bus donated to the Fred’s van work by the Lions Club. C. Oct 2009

Some of the Fred’s van Volunteers Sept 2009 Fred’s Van Guests Dec 2009

Art work by one of our members

Wendy Begg writes about why she worships at Ferryden Park Until I was studying at Luther Seminary some years ago, I did not know that there was an indigenous church in Adelaide! I had the privilege of doing one Field Placement at Ferryden Park, following which I returned to my home congregation on the other side of town, but Ferryden Park (with its many needs and people) was probably never too far below the surface. God kept niggling at me to go back to Fe r r yd e n Pa r k a n d s e r ve there. Eventually I stepped out in faith, and took the step. I have never looked back! I was at great peace about my decision, rekindling relationships with aboriginals and caucasians alike. By then, there was a new wave of refugees into the area various language groups of Sudanese. We have since settled into a reasonably numerically balanced community of our vari-

ous racial groups. Along with that come many needs and opportunities for service. While not all needs can be met, the one significant one, of being ‘one family’ and ‘belonging’, is. Today, the indigenous people who call Ferryden Park ‘home’ may represent many language groups and may live locally, be regular visitors to Adelaide, or come from the top of NT or WA for medical or family reasons. They are all made welcome among us, as they receive and give ministry. But we could do so much more! And now, we have a new racial group amongst us – Chinese! We are never surprised to have someone ‘pop in’ on a Sunday morning, or at other times of the week. What a joy! Life is never static in our community! A significant number of our people are on government support and less people to

serve in some roles that can be more easily filled in other church settings, however, we do the best as we are able, with what, and how, God gifts and blesses us! Praise His Name!

Two beautiful little girls, Shaquana and Rakeisha, baptised into the family of God 15/11/09 Tremain, Dakota, Juanna and Jamaica dressed up in suit and tie and very pretty pinks ready for their baptism. 19/7/ 09 Babies Leslie and Anthony were brought by their proud mothers to for baptism 1/11/09

Nathan and Louisa full of life and now confirmed 29/11/09

In the afternoon of Sunday the 6/12/09 we had the joyous privilege of sharing in the baptism of two young brothers; Tennyson and Sean. They joined in a six month confirmation program with a brother and sister of another family and together we shared in the things of God through Bible Study, DVDs, trips to some local sites and hands on experience with the holy things of the Font, and the Altar. As we advanced through the course Sean and Tennyson made it known to me that they would prefer to be baptised by immersion and so, after working through the practical and theological issues involved, they were baptised in the Triune name in the waters of Westlakes. Forty one members of our congregation made their way down to the shores of Westlakes to witness the event. Some of the kids enjoyed a swim, some of the adults took a pick nick lunch, others just enjoyed the relaxing time. For those interested in Luther’s view, in reference to immersion he says “This is what should be done” LW Vol 35, pg 29. “I would have those who are to be baptised completely immersed in the water as the word says”. LW Vol 36 pg 68.

The congregation gathered for the baptism

Pastor Jim Klein and Brian Thiele of Hahndorf recently gave our church cross a birthday and now, thanks to their efforts, it shines across the neighbourhood like a beacon on a hill.

From Left to right; We welcome Shona and Lyndon, Tony, Marilyn and Schael into membership along with Michelle Juers. We praise God for your ministry among us.


the two incorporated bodies have forged a common identity, mission and character. We now enjoy a unique worship experience that reflects the joy we share for the grace God has shown to us in forgiveness and mercy.

St Pauls Lutheran Church began in 1945 (incorporated in 1970) as a ministry to the western suburbs community. The congregation began ministering to post WW2 migrants and has continued to support various refugee communities ever since. In 1986, under the guidance of Pastor Koch, the then District President, St Pauls combined with the Aboriginal Lutheran Fellowship of Greater Adelaide (Incorporated in 1975) when their fellowship centre at Thebarton was no longer suitable. Over time

With our shared history, and despite many obstacles and detractors, the ministry of Ferryden Park is stronger now than it has ever been. We receive no financial subsidies from the LCA and any extra program we seek to follow has to be supported by our own members and/or community grants we apply for. So, if you have a heart for cross cultural ministry and would like to share with us in what God is doing among this community then maybe this is the

congregation for you. If you have a desire to serve God in valid and worth while ways then maybe this is the ministry for you. If you are tired of the same o’l, same o’l, as far as your christian life is concerned then maybe here are the relationships your looking for. We are located at the corner of Parker & Stuart St, Ferryden Park, SA, Phone: 82688722, Mobile 0405319513,

December Newsletter  

Bi- monthly newsletter for Aboriginal Lutheran Church Adelaide

December Newsletter  

Bi- monthly newsletter for Aboriginal Lutheran Church Adelaide