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Business Partnership Guide

Join us this July by using our freedom to give freedom to those who are caught in the cycle of slavery around the world. Help raise support for Abolition International’s life-changing aftercare work by participating in 31 Days of Freedom. We hope this guide inspires you to have your business or workplace join us for 31 Days of Freedom this July!


How Your business can get involved

In this guide you’ll find suggestions for ways your business or workplace can be a part of 31 Days of Freedom — but don’t let that limit you! If you have a great idea, use it. You know what’s best for your community and we want you to make this your own. Your passion is what’s

1. Decide when and what you’re going to do for 31 Days of Freedom. You can

incorporate ideas listed on the following pages or come up with your own! Whatever you decide, register your event at so we can help make sure your plan goes off without a hitch.

2. Order any 31 Days of Freedom supplies you need from our webstore. If you need a large quantity of items please place your order by June 20th.

3. Promote use social media, email, posters, and word of mouth to share

with your customers and employees about what you’re doing for 31 Days of Freedom. Be sure to tag your images #31DaysofFreedom to join the movement online. 3

give away Abolition stickers or buttons Order buttons or stickers ahead of time through Abolition International’s online store and give them to your customers during the month of July. Or you can set up your own display and sell the stickers and buttons for $1 in support of Abolition International.

Offering buttons and stickers is also a great way to utilize social media in promotion of your own business. Once your customers have their 31 Days of Freedom item, ask them to take a selfie with it and tag the photo #31DaysofFreedom @AbolitionINTL and your business on social media. We’ve even seen businesses host give-aways through this type promotion, allowing people to enter by posting an image for #31DaysofFreedom and tagging their business.


Host a Freedom bbq During 31 Days of Freedom, you can host your own Freedom BBQ FUNdraiser event at your business or workplace. A Freedom BBQ is a great way to bring your community together and celebrate the hope and freedom being brought to survivors of sex trafficking through the work of Abolition International. You can order an event kit and additional supplies through Abolition International’s store to get started.

Download the Freedom BBQ Fundraiser Event Guide


SPECIALTY ITEM FOR 31 Days of Freedom Are you in food service? Why not offer a special edition “Freedom” item during the month of July? Last year the RetroSno Truck offered a special Freedom Snoball during the month of July with $1 of every purchase going to support the work of Abolition International.


Additional ideas • Print 31 Days of Freedom flyers to have on display at your business or register. (See Resources) • Have an official 31 Days of Freedom photo booth at your business, asking people to hashtag your business name & #31DaysofFreedom. • If your cash register is able to, offer customers the option to round up the cost of sales and have the extra change donated to support the work of Abolition International. • Challenge your customers and employees to give to Abolition International’s 31 Days of Freedom campaign by your business matching their gifts during the month of July. • Go casual for a day of support! On Fridays in the office offer employees the option to have a casual day if the employees reach a certain fundraising goal or make a flat rate donation.


About human trafficking In our free world, there still exists a market in which buying and selling women and children continues to operate. More than 21 million people are currently enslaved, which is more than at any other point in human history. With at least a million children exploited in the global commercial sex industry every year, it’s estimated every 2 minutes a child is being sold. The United States, by conservative estimates, has more than 100,000 American children currently caught in the commercial sex trade. The common denominator for kids subject to this atrocity is their vulnerability. Most commonly, traffickers target the weak, poor, and vulnerable with false promises and hopes for a better life. Children who come from dysfunctional families, who have been abused, are chronic runaways, or those in foster care are extremely vulnerable to the lies of traffickers. Two of the greatest challenges we’re facing include the lack of education for professionals who come into contact with trafficked victims, and the lack of quality care for rescued minors. At Abolition International we are working to bring an end to sex trafficking and exploitation by addressing these needs through education, empowerment, and comprehensive survivor care.


Bringing an end to sex trafficking and exploitation through education, empowerment, & comprehensive restorative care. Education & Empowerment

Professionals working in industries such as transportation, education, hospitality, healthcare, counseling, and law enforcement around the world unknowingly encounter human trafficking victims and are often in a position to report what they see — and, in some cases, to intervene. Due to the direct access medical providers and government workers have in potentially identifying and reporting victims of human trafficking, we are first committed to expanding our educational integration with the international healthcare community and local government agencies.

Restorative Care

Providing restorative care for survivors is the heartbeat of Abolition. Our longterm partner Transitions Global and their Dream Home in Cambodia provides rescued girls ages 13-18 a safe, loving full-time place to live — a home — and the comprehensive aftercare necessary to realize a hope-filled future. Through this partnership we have gained valuable knowledge in survivor care, and are moving forward with the development of the Tennessee Model Home. Recently we have hired dedicated staff to oversee the development of this aftercare facility, launched a juvenile detention outreach program to address at-risk youth, developed a training program for child protective services, and started identifying short-term and long-term housing options in the region. This model facility will address the need for care in the Tennessee area and will also serve as a teaching facility for providers across our nation. Additionally, our Abolition International Shelter Association (AISA) was established as an international professional association that addresses the needs of trafficking victims and exemplifies the standards of comprehensive restorative care. Since its inception in 2009, the AISA has grown into a collaborative community of empowered professionals who are working together to set the standard for freedom and restoration for victims of sex trafficking.


In 2013 Abolition International... Empowered more than 2,071 healthcare professionals to identify & report victims of human trafficking Trained 5 aftercare programs in the U.S. in a specialized Christ-centered trauma counseling model, with 60 survivors already served Equipped more than 20 aftercare programs through the Abolition International Shelter Association


Stories Stephanie’s Story (United States) Stephanie ran away from home when she was only 12 years old. The sexual abuse of a family member drove her from the place that was supposed to be safe. Not long after she’d left, a man came to her aid, bought her food, listened to her, and reassured her but his kindness was only a trap. He eventually took her to a condo where he kept several other young girls. For months, Stephanie was trafficked—sold for sex to countless men every night. She was drugged so that she would stay submissive to the pain. Then one night, she met an undercover cop who took her away and brought to a juvenile detention center. However, the detention center couldn’t provide the proper care she needed to recover from such a horrifying experience. A counselor noticed her struggle and offered Stephanie the chance to transfer to an aftercare home. While at the program, she began excelling in school again and underwent therapy to work through the pain. For the first time in her life, Stephanie found love that she could count on from people she could trust. Just as darkness has the power to destroy, love has the power to rebuild. She began to discover her worth and the potential she has to create the life she wants to live.

Maly’s Story (Cambodia) Maly was a dreamer but when her father died, the light and life of her home began to fade. Shortly after father’s death, a drunk family member raped her. Her misery and fear ultimately drove her to dark places. Sometimes pain can only make sense of more pain. “The shame, the shadows, they found me in a dark brothel,” Maly said. Thankfully, the police came to rescue her. Though she felt so much shame, Maly was given another chance. It takes time to be free. It takes hope to believe in your dreams again. It takes a safe community. She had to find her hope in another place other than her father. During her time in recovery, Maly discovered a natural talent for yoga. It became a healing mechanism for her. Now, Maly and her husband are having a baby and she is teaching yoga to children so that the shadow never finds them. It seems the light that she lost shines brighter than ever before.


RESOURCES Here are some resources you can use for Freedom BBQ event! Links 31 Days of Freedom Fundraising Page Logos Abolition International (black text) Abolition International (white text) Abolition International (white) Abolition International Icon 31 Days of Freedom (ai file) 31 Days of Freedom (one color) Materials Freedom BBQ Event Invite 31 Days of Freedom Flyer About Abolition International Stories of Restorative Care Donation Forms Donation Jar Labels Videos 31 Days of Freedom Serey’s Story Amanda’s Story Maly’s Story What Hope Sounds Like Social Media 12

Speaking Notes “Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act; or, commercial sex involving a person under 18 years of age”. - Department of Homeland Security

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Human trafficking is the second largest illegal crime in the world, right behind drugs. Globally, sex trafficking is estimated to be a $32-billion industry. More than 1,000,000 children have been trafficked for sex around the world. 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borders each year. Approximately 80 percent are women and girls. Up to 50% are minors.— US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2007 In the US, 1 in 3 runaways is approached by a sex trafficker within the first 48 hours of being on the streets. Victimization can happen to children of all races, ages, and backgrounds, but what’s important to understand is that traffickers target the most vulnerable children—the ones most easily manipulated through false love, promises, and hope for a better life. Abolition International is bringing an end to sex trafficking and exploitation through education, empowerment, and comprehensive restorative care for survivors. Abolition International is educating and empowering professionals in healthcare and juvenile detention to identify and report victims of human trafficking. Abolition’s long-term partner, the Dream Home in Cambodia, provides comprehensive restorative care to survivors of sex trafficking, ages 13-18. Each girl at the Dream Home receives personalized care, with holistic trauma therapy, medical care, life skills training, and opportunities for sustainable careers. We believe: 1. Rescuing a child from sex trafficking without quality restorative care is not rescue at all. 2. No detail should be overlooked in bringing a survivor to a place of complete freedom, one that includes a bright future. 3. Freedom without a future is just another form of slavery. Abolition International established the Abolition International Shelter Association (AISA), which consists of over 20 programs and groups that are working to provide quality aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking. Every woman and child deserves freedom. Every person was created to be free.


With your help this July, we can give survivors of human trafficking the care they deserve and need to truly be free. Join us.


31 Days of Freedom - Business Partnership Guide  
31 Days of Freedom - Business Partnership Guide