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poultry meat inspection by

abohemeed aly

poorly plucked

badly bled- carotid not severed

uncut carcass on left, septicemic on right

badly bled (cherry red) total condemnation

broken wing partial condemnation broken wing old lesion, bone protruding

wing, (associated) bruising

dislocation of wing, (associated) bruising

bruising, partial condemnation bruising, partial condemnation only breast

bruising greenish color indicates old lesion

bruising, partial condemnation

major bruising, total condemnation

failed evisceration

fecal contamination

contamination by crop contents

Ascites, total condemnation

dermatitis, partial condemnation trim affected area

wet cellulitis, total condemnation

dry cellulitis, partial condemnation

Pododermatitis , partial condemnation

gangrenous dermatitis , partial condemnation


(general) bile staining , total condemnation

abnormal color icteric carcass

runts total condemnation

overscald, total condemnation


tumor (suspect


squamous cell carcinoma (identifiable by pitted appearance of skin), partial condemnation (skin only affected

peritonitis total condemnation


chicken liver with necrotic foci due to associated pericarditis, total condemnation

chicken liver with necrotic foci, partial condemnation

septicemia (in broiler)

Septicemia in turkey

localized breast damage, partial condemnation

extensive machine damage

white muscle disease, total condemnation

white striping or striations in poultry breast fillets following the directions of muscle fibers

pericarditis and associated perihepatitis, total condemnation

severe active pericarditis, total condemnation

Deformities of legs and bones

Poultry meat inspection  

Poultry meat inspection