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Categories and Advantages in Family Immigration Law

U.S. Immigration law is a complex body of regulatory provisions joined with a multilevel administrative manual. Even the immigration lawyers in Austin tx practice for years to learn and ins and outs of the immigration law. And, if the government introduces updates, then the learning task becomes even more complex. Rules and regulations of the immigration law that govern family immigration is no different and Austin immigration attorneys understand. Americans understand the importance of the family and living with the family. You can see its reflection in the history of this country. Looking at the history and the love of family, Permanent Residents (LPR's), and Member of the Nuclear Family of U.S. Citizens (USC's) are granted some special advantages in the U.S. immigration law. These advantages are divided into three different categories. We are listing main categories. Our immigration lawyers in austin tx know these categories of advantages in detail. 1. Immediate Relatives 2. Members of the Nuclear Family 3. Spouses and minor (less than 21 yrs old) children of the LPR's and more distant family individuals including unmarried grown-up offspring of

the USCs and LPRs and additionally wedded grown-up youngsters and kin of the USC's These are the three main categories if you want to learn more about sub-categories, contact ​Austin Immigration Attorneys from Tinoco, Flores, and Associates' Austin immigration office. Source: nd-advantages-in-family.html


Attain immigration status in the United States requires a lot of paper work and legal formalities that can be fulfilled only with the help o...

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