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For Exhibition Spaces SNEZANA JOVANOVIC Project Manager Tel: +974 4 4329900 Fax:+974 4 4432891 Email:

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N e w Si ze & L oo k

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Final retouch before shooting

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On the Cover: STYLING: Francesca Moser PHOTOGRAPHY: Jorell Legaspi MODEL: Irene HAIR & MAKEUP: Darin at GUERLAIN SPA, WESTBAY Many thanks to The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, an iconic landmark of Qatar, set on its private island for the highest level of privacy and exclusivity. For more information visit


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Irene wears Feathers dress 13,380 QR and belt 7,020 QR all Fendi at Villaggio Bracelet 875 QR Salam

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health section.

want to HAPPENING teams also The ABODE and QATAR Restaurant and el Hot ar's Qat e gratulat sincerely thank and con tributing to ers for taking par t and con industry and all our read ch took place whi nt, eve ICE AWARDS the successful QATAR CHO so check 3 201 in ter bet and k bigger in October. We will be bac keep and om for further information ww w.qatarchoiceawards.c suppor ting us. Enjoy the read,

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Dear Reader s, t Welcome to one of the mos r: yea the of exciting issues issue. ABODE'S RED CARPET the year Qatar's cultural event of eca Film is upon us. The Doha Trib on the off ing kick is FF) (DT l Festiva can't wait 17th of November and we in Doha for it. Film fever is rising the new with up met and ABODE and his ter Kha Al iz ulaz Abd itute) Mr. CEO at DFI (Doha Film Inst s behind the scenes. team to see what happen of the moment, of the biggest actresses We also interviewed one latest projects her red light Saga star sha Kirsten Stewar t. The Twi and feelings with us. et event: inspired by Doha's red carp Our fashion section was and tuxedos in ns gow ted wan t mos the we compiled a guide to brit y too cial. You can feel like a cele town to make you feel spe rious spa luxu a ugh thro it’s how, whether and ABODE shows you d away in one ken wee a to f rsel you ting treatment or simply by trea yours. around, the choice is all of the most stylish hotel ignated as ut glamour, it is in fact des This month isn’t only abo munities com our ind rem th, a time to Diabetes Awareness mon ces if not uen seq con ous seri e hav about this disease that can expert tips in our s out on our nutritionist recognized, so don’t mis

Enter the competitions below to win one of these special treats.

s your favourite Tell ABODE what’ d Fresh, Flowers an , rus Cit e: nc fragra scent from Juicy st late the IN’ ‘W Juicy La Fleur Couture, Viva La

On The Cover Asian Bbq Under The Sky 14 16 38 40 45 72 81

Enjoy the new poo lside seating of our The Doha Marriott Hotel’s Asi an restaurant. Dine under the stars while savoring the Kirsten Stewart Interview flavors of their Asian BBQ dinner with the fun of ‘self-cookin g’ at your table. Tell ABODE what The Jet Set Beauty Treatments is your FAV Asian destination ! On Mondays only from 6:30 pm till 11:30 pm, Asia Live Bounce Your Way To Shape ! at the Doha Marriott Hotel. One reader can win Men’s Tuxedo Style a dinner for 2 including sof t drinks (can only be Diabetes Are You At Risk? used for the Asian BBQ on any Monday)

Doha Film Festival

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Cosmo Restaurant

at WIN! A complimentary dinner for two Cosmo Restaurant. Tell us what are the Theme Nights offered at Millennium hotel

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Main Fashion High Glamour

Answer: A) Seafood Night B) Asian Night C) Brunch

Beauty & Wellness ABODE Home

D) Lebanese Break fast E) All Of The Above

ABODE Food and Nutrition Your Summer Entertaining Guide In Winter

78 A Strong Relationship 90 Car Review, The Boxter 94 Doha 360* 98 ABODE Recommends 103 Directory


exclusive LIFESTYLE



s Holly ABODE meet

wood's star




her ? I' d callc” 'Snowhite n D'Ar more “ Jea

the her as Bella from ed The world knows - follow Twilight series world - a very successful fans around the een by millions of the then sevent role that has turned es actress Kirsten Angel l years old Los star of internationa the Stewart into a After a taste into the fame overnight. with On sector osition independent movie atographic transp Road - the cinem by Jack Kerouac novel her of the famous s goes back to - the young actres usters routes with role that Holly wood blockb Huntsman. A of Arc Snowhite & The Joan turous 'adven echoes more an tale of the heroine of the that the timid . Brothers Grimm



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like the most What do you about this work? g hip with talented like steppin The relations What was it intensity 'and world and people. The into the fairytale on a set and White? variety of being playing Snow roles. I love playing different r of Snow White 'because of The characte the red carpet is very film, this in experience that I play r of the energy you the characte fantastic. different from with fans: it's She is a female the fairytale. of saga is the real Joan The Twilight heroine, she ted you ite has a strong catapul SnowWh has Arc. My ity' to she wants to from 'anonym will and mission: fame. How that 'has been stratospheric regain the throne to deal with for selfish reasons difficult was usurped, not of the memory it? but to honor to alleviate the time to get her father and lost I took a long people of her now I know suffering of the A used to, but the evil queen. myself, I kingdom from how to defend r with characte g choose very interestin know that I can What can I say: about and great depth. what to talk about or extremely exciting what not to talk with has been to myself. It like working what to keep What was it but now I feel like Charlize life a difficult process a great actress very Having a public the role of a perfectly at ease. Theron playing learn to have I Queen? job and is part of my very bad evil and' professional live with it. great is s Charlize with an enormou fans, still identify Most of your beautiful actress could you think this and great energy. Do her to Bella. with depth for your future strong BY GLORIA DURAN-REND be a problem al energy is so EROS, terrified, I Her emotion NUTRITION CONSULTANT, ies as on me. I was armor boundar career? B.SC, M.P.H. your heavy ce that pushes two definitely repeat the experien the limits. The r of Bella has hope not to an actress to The characte complementary, career and has on a set. influenced my characters are of this two of the There was a time when fame. I am aware the same coin, feel to be one brought me two sides of me diabetes was a rare disease. illed How does it of the very strong-w it has also allowed ts actresses But with today’s modern and this but strong women, that it’s increasingly common. most 'reques both lifestyles, Can you do something roles. I think up. They are to pick the right that never give even if moment? to prevent it? me' to destiny, helped e to the role of Snowhit linked by a common . I would say incredibly lucky 'cliché and different I consider myself grab the shake a little the Bella their goals are this work and other WHAT IS DIABETES? focused According to the latest be able to do be credible in is not 'much both parents to work enable me to that this film ally report of nities' that come Snow White r so emotion Diabetes Mellitus is now known has meant for amazing opportu Qatar Diabetes Association, roles. It 'a characte on the love between in this case is many children to live 18% identity'. simply strong it. as behind closed Diabetes. who very with of Qatar population a It is a group has diabetes, incisive with and her 'prince' doors, inactive, and visceral of metabolic diseases your career? eating their own n but on the and 17% suffers from in which a f doing did you start the Huntsme pre-diabetes. way. Family weekends see yoursel between her How person you has Do conflict have slowly high A condition that is becoming and blood sugar levels in the film other than movies? relationship moved to malls, restaurants more because the pancreas queen. anything else My parents worked of 7 - 8 years common around the and does not and the dreaded 'age' world in which fast food places, leaving anything ing industry. At the not imagine produce enough insulin or behind the person shows abnormal the only because For now, I can the most' challeng the parks and family to work and blood the cells resist the insulin one day I would Which 'was and I wanted picnics. The LA is produced. glucose values and resistance else. But surely at that age in your role? side lifestyle of modern to other There the thing about societies are on job you can do many agent his own insulin. It usually has types of diabetes, also try to go ing found me an silently brought along occurs direct. I am but the most frequent a very demand act. My parents rising obesity, in children and adults to auditions. of the camera and are Type I It was certainly sending me with a Body metabolic syndrome of the ally but also started I Diabetes, aspects with and all emotion and which in diabetes. Mass Index higher occurs in children for the movie interested role not only in scenes than 25. , not only and youth under 20 most 'difficult Then I was chosen life changed. BUT, DESPITE OF years of age and In filmmaking process day I would physically. The GENETIC and my horses, but the last fifty years, societies Foster love one I is also Jodie known surely MAKE UP, CAN WE as insulin dependent have I realized that acting and were the horses. manIMPROVE changed and the way diabetes; Type II diabetes of the dynamic From that moment thing I wanted .• THE CONDITION we cook, try directing or Adult I am not a fan riding BY USING 'only eat and share food Onset diabetes, and acting was the t think is natural has changed, THE PRESENT SCIENTIFIC Gestational horse, I don' to gallop too. Families around Diabetes,13which occurs to do. I had to learn the world have KNOWLEDGE? during horses, but with learned to eat highly pregnancy. in groups and processed and on the beach, Take a step forward convenience foods. and find out if The need for you or your children are at risk. 66

carpet I love the red energ y because of the with you experience stic fans: it's fanta

Risk Factors of Diabetes

Check the list of the following risk factors to see if your child is at risk.

Check if any of the risk factors below are part of your family health

history. T y p e 1 D i a b e t e s T y p e 2 D i a b e t e s

Family History

Viral exposure

Age greater than 45 years Diabetes during previous pregnancy

Early introduction of cow’s milk Low exposure to sunlight

Overweight, especially around


Low intake of Omega 3 foods High intake of foods with nitrates Such as water and processed meats Early introduction of sugar and sweets Pre eclampsia during mother’s pregnancy Celiac disease

Family History the waist Giving birth to a more than 9 pounds baby HDL Cholesterol under 35 mg/dl Triglycerides over 250 mg/dl Blood Pressure greater than 140/90 mmhg Exercising less than 3 times a week Metabolic syndrome Insulin resistance Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

IF YOU FIND MORE THAN TWO SYMPTOMS OR RISK FACTORS, you should check your blood sugar twice a year. If your child is at risk, consult your pediatrician for blood glucose testing at least once a year.




According to health statistics, of Qatar's population including children are either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics.

17% of Qatar's population are

predisposed to the condition and already have symptoms.

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Qatar Regarding Diabetes Diabetic Association: 44547341 Tel: Muntaza Rawdat Al Khail , Al Doha, State of Qatar


10/25/12 4:33 PM

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: 2 1 0 2 F F DT Team


ABODE Meets T he Behind T he Scenes by Francesca MO

SER Photography Jessie


stival will be held from fe e th of on iti ed th ur fo The of Katara and the Museum . th 24 l til th 17 r be em Nov enings points while Souq re sc as e rv se ill w rt A ic host Islam e Festival Hub and will th as en os ch en be s ha ght Waqif monies. The opening ni re ce g in os cl d an g in en the op critically-acclaimed The r’s ai N ira M ith w off ck an will ki addition to showcasing in t, lis ta en am nd Fu nt Relucta mme of over 50 films in ra og pr e rs ve di lly na io so internat blic participation is key Pu . ts en gm se ed em th distinct sions, networking events us sc di l ne pa in jo to y e get read missed! In the mean tim be to t no , ay D ily m Fa and the ake it all happen for us… m ho w le op pe y ke e th let’s meet

Abdulahziz Al Khat

er, CEO - DFI

will his valuable addition on October 3rd and te titu Ins over Film th Wi ha te. Do He joined h of the Institu drive the future growt has r ate Kh Alexperience, 14 years of leadership in e rtis pe ex al d internation ex tensive regional an gy, olo hn tec , information management, banking d logistics. an , ce operations, finan wing to being part of a gro “I am looking for ward elf its ed lish that has estab cultural organisation an as ally on ati and intern both within the region t en tal b Ara developing Institute dedicated to ised for an exciting era po is I DF and creativity. and development of local evolve and foster the to es nu nti s co ou it nu as nti h of growt be involved in the co s. I am honoured to d the DFI regional film industrie eikha Al Mayassa an leadership of H.E Sh the r de un I DF of evolution Board ” he said.


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een Shorooq Shah Associate: n tio NGO/Educa e to reach “My job allows m r generation ge un out to the yo about the and educate them s.” importance of film

Lorianne Hall Industry Manager: “I love working for the film industry because of its cultural diversity and because of the passionate people I get to work with ever yday”

i ALMahdi Ali Al i an Sharsh elopment Gulf Film Dev e my job Manager:“I lov making and to because I love film ake their films” help others to m

Reem Zaki Qunnies Volunteer PA: “Dealing with around 10 00 volunteers gives me op portunity to get to know people from more than 50 countries, from dif ferent backgrounds and dif fer ent age groups.”


tta Anthea De vo tion uc Events Prod r: Coordinato ay. challenge ever yd “My job is a new venue, new New event, new t with which is an ac people to inter curve.” invaluable learning

Chadi Zeneddine Resident Filmmaker & Programmer: "My job involves a creative process, a challenging selection and the cherry on the top is finally sharing the film with a great audience"

“Doha Film Institute has established its credential s as one of the most promising film education establishments in the region, bringing fresh perspectives and opportunities for our talented creative community". - Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa Bint Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Founder and Chair of DFI

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10/25/12 4:33 PM



ABODE meets Hollywood's star

kirsten stewart by Francesca Lombardo

her ll a c d ' I ? e it h W w o Sn more “ Jean D'Arc� The world knows her as Bella from the very successful Twilight series - followed by millions of fans around the world - a role that has turned the then seventeen years old Los Angeles actress Kirsten Stewart into a star of international fame overnight. After a taste of the independent movie sector with On the Road - the cinematographic transposition of the famous novel by Jack Kerouac - the young actress goes back to her Hollywood blockbuster routes with Snow White & The Huntsman, a role that echoes more an adventurous Joan of Arc that the timid heroine of the tale of the Brothers Grimm.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 16

10/25/12 4:33 PM


What was it like stepping into the fairytale world and playing Snow White?

What do you like the most about this work?

The character of Snow White that I play in this film, is very different from the character of the fairytale. She is a female heroine, she is the real Joan of Arc. My Snow White has a strong will and mission: she wants to regain the throne that has been usurped, not for selfish reasons but to honor the memory of her father and to alleviate the suffering of the people of her lost kingdom from the evil queen. A very interesting character with great depth. What can I say: extremely exciting.

The relationship with talented people. The intensity and variety of being on a set and playing different roles. I love the red carpet because of the energy you experience with fans: it's fantastic. The Twilight saga has catapulted you from 'anonymity' to stratospheric fame. How difficult has it been to deal with it?

What was it like working with a great actress like Charlize Theron playing the role of a very very bad evil Queen? Charlize is great professional and beautiful actress with an enormous depth to her and great energy. Her emotional energy is so strong that it pushes your boundaries as an actress to the limits. The two characters are complementary, two sides of the same coin, two strong women, very strong-willed that never give up. They are both linked by a common destiny, even if their goals are different. I would say that this film is not much focused on the love between Snow White and her 'prince' who in this case is the Huntsmen, but on the visceral relationship and conflict between her and the dreaded queen.

I love the red carpet because of the energy you experience with fans: it's fantastic How does it feel to be one of the most requested actresses of the moment? I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to do this work and grab the amazing opportunities that come with it. How did you start your career?

My parents worked in the film industry. At the age of 7 - 8 years and I wanted to work and the only job you can do at that age in LA is It was certainly a very demanding act. My parents found me an agent role not only emotionally but also and started sending me to auditions. physically. The most difficult scenes Then I was chosen for the movie with were the horses. I love horses. I had Jodie Foster and my life changed. to learn to gallop on the beach, in From that moment I realized that groups and with heavy armor on me. acting was the only thing I wanted I was terrified, I hope not to repeat to do. the experience on a set. Which 'was the most' challenging thing about your role?


It took a long time to get used to, but now I know how to defend myself, I know that I can choose what to talk about and what not to talk about or what to keep to myself. It has been a difficult process but now I feel perfectly at ease. Having a public life is part of my job and I have learn to live with it. Most of your fans still identify with Bella. Do you think this could be a problem for your future career? The character of Bella has definitely influenced my career and has brought me fame. I am aware of this but it has also allowed me to pick the right roles. I think that the role of Snow White helped me' to shake a little the Bella 'clichÊ and enable me to be credible in other roles. It is a character so emotionally incisive with a very strong identity. Do you see yourself doing anything else other than movies? For now, I can not imagine anything else. But surely one day I would also try to go on the other side of the camera and direct. I am interested in all aspects of the filmmaking process, not only in acting and one day I would like to try directing. •


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 17

10/25/12 4:33 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 18

10/25/12 4:33 PM

fashion Clutch It! It's Red Carpet time in Doha for the glamorous Film Festival, so what better time to invest in a gorgeous statement clutch? by francesca moser

Bottega Veneta is renowned for its fresh spin on classic sophistication, and these covetable latest creations are a new-season example. Made from luxurious embellishments and with the label's signature knot clasp, these textural clutches are a stunning proof of italian craftsmanship. Choose your colour and carry it to add a touch of style to your evening.

Prices from 11,800 QR Bottega Veneta


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 19

10/25/12 4:33 PM




by francesca moser

Bracelet Kenneth J lane at Sophie's {2,200 QR}

Ralph Lauren

ABODE shows you how to achieve the perfect look by investing in a few staple pieces....

White embellished dress Sass&Bide at {4,068 QR}

Embellished blue dress Jason Wu at {14,143 QR}


Michael Kors

Red dress Victoria Beckham at {12,738 QR}

Michael Kors

Red clutch Tom Ford at Price upon request

Heels Jimmy Choo {1,990 QR}

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 20

10/25/12 4:33 PM

fashion Riv


at Royal Pla aage Boutique


How do you keep up with all the latest trends? Attending fashion weeks around the world, and a lot of reading! Burgundy is a favourite for AW12. Rohini Gehani

My life,

Rivaage Boutique at Royal Plaza

my Style

If you had to save only one piece from your wardrobe from a fire, what would it be? I would take a big bag and fit in as many dresses as possible and run out!

by francesca moser

Rohini Gehani is the founder and CEO of Rivaage Boutiques. Located in Dubai and Doha, her multi-brand boutiques showcase a world class selection of established and up and coming designers.

How did Rivaage come about? Rivaage means ‘shore’ – the concept is that we bring unique up and coming fashion brands along with some known bridge level brands together. I believe there is a gap in the market for this. The brands can be from any part of the world as long as they bring something unique and fresh. This in a clean white vintage setting is the perfect women’s dream closet – this is Rivaage. How do you select the labels to sell in your Boutiques? Mostly they have to meet the right price point, so 500 QR to 2000 QR. I also try to bring fresh and unique designers on board at all the time.

Do you have a favourite designer? Chanel has been my favourite brand since I was very young so I would have to say Karl Lagerfeld!

What is the best perk of working in fashion? Fashion is a part of all our lives so it is great working in an industry that everyone is so interested in! It also keeps me fashion forward as I am often dealing with new designers which have not been introduced into the region before.

Any exciting plans for the future? To take Rivaage to different markets – where ever appropriate – our next store will be in Riyadh. •

Rohini Fine Details... Husam el Odeh Rose Bracelet {1,697 QR}

Judith Leiber Heart Bag {8,315 QR}

Mischa Barton Jumpsuit {609 QR}

Edmundo Castillo Silver Shoe {3,550 QR}

21 All abailable at Rivaage Boutiques - Royal Plaza

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 21

10/25/12 4:34 PM


news Olivia Palermo with the La Rue bag

The Fashion

Digest by Harriet Gyamfuah

What's happening in the fashion world this month?

La Rue bag prices available on request


A FASHIONABLE FEAST OF SHOES GLORIOUS SHOES AWAITS ALL. This month, Dubai Mall’s new concept store opens its mammoth doors to the ultimate in shoe therapy. Shoppers will be treated to over 250 brands, with 60 of them being exclusive to the region. Look forward to the latest collections from Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and all the biggest fashion brands. After walking around the 96,000 square feet of shoe heaven, what better way to rest one's aching soles than with a fashionable pit-stop at the Vogue Café, which has found its first home in the region.

innovative advertising campaign for its most coveted accessory, the “La Rue” bowling bag. Beautifully animated, Creative Director Peter Copping worked with British illustrator Jo Ratcliffe in transforming the original photographs into a series of striking artworks; a visually breathtaking mix of romanticism, strength and glamour. It is no wonder that with such attentiongrabbing campaigns, celebrities such as Olivia Palermo have been quick off the mark to be seen with a La Rue . Available in calfskin, python and limited edition crocodile.



ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 22

Limited Edition Collection available in Lanvin Boutiques and online at

There could be no better way of marking the 10-year anniversary of Alber Elbaz’s extravagant reign at the house of Lanvin, than with a glorious whimsical journey down memory lane. A limited edition capsule collection - joyfully christened ‘Happy’, is made up of ten sets of accessories which represent Alber’s fantastical signature styles set consists of bag, shoes, and a piece of jewellery. Each mini-collection rightly embodies some of Lanvin’s most iconic elements: jewellery-like chains, grosgrain ribbons, feminine bows and the Lanvin logo. Happy times all around!

10/25/12 4:34 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 23

10/25/12 4:34 PM


accessories special


Celine {7,950 QR}

by francesca moser

From oversized to structured, bright to understated,classic to embellished: these are the carry-all to invest this season!


Shoulder bag Lanvin from {7,700 QR}

ch Embellished clut Anya Hindmarch m .co rter -po et-a at www.n {4,770 QR}

Classic bag Smythson at {6,770 QR}

Mini bag By Malene Birger at {676 QR}

Shopper Sophie Holmes at www. {2,779 QR}

TOD'S {8,811 QR}


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 24

10/25/12 4:35 PM


accessories special


Bottega Ve


The cropped boots are the new favourites styles of the season. Chunky heels or flats, they will look great with bare legs day or night!

See By Chloe {2,475 QR}

Manolo Blanhik at Harrods {2,100 QR}

Michael Kors {1,300 QR}

Hobbs {1,161 QR} Versace {3,050 QR}


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 25

10/25/12 4:35 PM




ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 26

10/25/12 4:35 PM



HIGH GLAMOUR Take centre stage in these party-perfect pieces: from luxurious lace gowns to ruffled and heavy embellished numbers. You’ll never want to stay in again!

Words and styling: Francesca Moser Photography: Jorell Legaspi Models: Irene and Angelique at Trinity Qatar H&M: Darin at Guerlain Spa Many thanks to The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, an iconic landmark of Qatar, set on its private island for the highest level of privacy and exclusivity. For more information Visit

Irene wears Shrug 1,800 QR Vintage Grey gown, Stylist own Shoes 4,795 QR Sergio Rossi at The Pearl Angelique wears Lace gown 9,895 QR, Temperly London at Salam, The Gate


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 27

10/25/12 4:35 PM



Irene wears Burgundy ruffles 40,195 Zac Posen at Salam, The Gate Bangle 1,495 QR Noir at Salam, The Gate Angelique wears Peach gown, Stylist Own Ring 450 QR Clara Kasavina at Salam, The Gate Shoes 3,695 QR Sergio Rossi at The Pearl


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 28

10/25/12 4:35 PM



Embellished gown, Stylist Own Bracelet 8,360 QR Bijoux Oriental at Salam


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 29

10/25/12 4:35 PM



e m, The Gat chy at Sala The Pearl at 95 QR Given ,2 si 16 os R y lle io Tan tro 5 QR Serg n heels 4,49 io Red and ta ndi at Villagg Fe ch ea R Q 5 39 1, fs uf C


Silver Sh oes 6,39 5 QR Se Bracelet rgio Ros 3,750 Ba s i at T h e lmain at Pearl Salam, T he Gate

Gold heels 4,795 QR Sergio Rossi at The Pearl Yellow clutch 1,7 50 QR Diane Von Furstenberg at Sa Cuff 1,495 QR Ka lam savina at Salam, The Gate

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 30

10/25/12 4:35 PM



Ivory gown 10,395 QR Temperly London at Salam, The Gate Ring 495 QR Clara Kasavina at Salam, The Gate


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 31

10/25/12 4:35 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 32

10/25/12 4:35 PM

beauty And wellness

The latest make-up- SPA Treatments-Beauty tips- Excercise programmes to keep you at your best

MAC OFFICE Collection

This beauty line is the perfect choice for the glamorous go-getter with a real head for business and beauty. From creamy shadows and blushes to shiny lip glosses, SPF 10 Foundation and Concealer,the Pro Long wear products last for eight hours with a weightless, bright natural finish. Looking this glam at your desk couldn't be easier!

ABODE's get h t i w IT F T GE rammes and Fitness Progwith the latest pampered s in Doha treatment 33 Stella McCartney at Adidas

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 33

10/25/12 4:35 PM



Guer lain

Météor ites Per les Du Dragon

Who doesn’t want their skin to look perfect? You’re about to go on holiday, but the winter breeze is taking its toll on your skin. What to do? The magic harmony of six colours - gold, pink, beige, plum, white and rosewood - will make your skin glow any time of the day. {267 QR} Available

Beauty Box at 4U City Centre and Royal Plaza

Shiseido, Lacquer Rouge A girl’s next best friend… An intense lipstick with long lasting shine & gloss. The perfect combination! {146 QR} Available at

4U City Centre and Royal Plaza

Compiled by

Marlynne Mallari - Dela Peña

A sneak peek at the latest collection this coming holiday season! Gift ideas you simply musn’t miss.

Shiseido, Radiant Lifting Foundation This doesn’t just give you perfect coverage; it actually works on firming the skin and reducing the visibility of wrinkles. What a wonderful gift to treat yourself this season. {255 QR} Available at 4U City Centre

Guer lain, Écr in 4

Couleur s

Oriental influence has been added to these four captivating colours that you can put to use for radiant morning make-up or enigmatic night outs. Its compact size is just right for those quick touch-ups. {283 QR} Available at 4U City Centre and Royal Plaza

and Royal Plaza

Guerlain, Eye & Lip Calligraphy

Want unforgettable lips and eyes? Try these beautiful shades of red and gold. This beauty is your ultimate accessory for a memorable event. {377 QR} Available at 4U City Centre and Royal Plaza

Guerlain, Nail Lacquer

Your nails need attention too! Get these limited-edition nail polishes and dare to display ultimate sophistication down to your fingertips. {121 QR} Available at 4U City Centre and Royal Plaza


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Beauty Q&A You ask, the experts answer...

Compiled by Marlynne Mallari Dela Pena

Your beauty dilemma answered by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' Middle East Training & Events Manager Rafal Straszewski. t Q. I love shimttemr toer usonemityateyniesghbut. they say it’s be I use if I wa nt it W hat colours shall rissa during the day? Ca


eyes always Shimmer on the e makeup. Soft enhances your ey day dow works well for shimmery eyesha h the Shimmer Was time makeup. Try y Bobbi Brown, the m fro s Eye Shadow al tur na re mo is r that add a soft shimme which s, ow ad sh e ey lic than using metal for a glamorous are more suitable evening look.


I always want to have a fresh look when it comes to make up, is there a way to do this? Madz


The secret is to begin by preparing your skin


I have brown ey es and I always use brow n tones, what other shad es can I play wi th but still emphas ize my natural ey e colour? Mar y


You are lucky be cause with brow n eyes, any colour of eye shadow works well. The be st eye shadow co lours to use are the on es that contrast wi th your natural eye colou r. Go for green, blu e, violet, bronze or silver colours, as these will enhance the beau ty of your brown eyes.

using the correct products, which will give you a natural glow and also address your skin concerns. If your skin type is more oily, then you should use an oil free moisturizer, if your skin type is more on the dry side, then a richer moisturizer will ensure that your skin is hydrated and ready for makeup application. The next step is applying corrector and concealer. These two come hand in hand to cover dark circles under the eyes. Then apply the right type of a foundation according to your skin type, and set with powder, to be applied only where needed. Applying a pop of colour to the cheeks and a brighter lip colour to the lips will give you the freshness you are looking for. Finally use Bobbi Brown's signature Long Wear Gel Eyeliner to really open up your eyes. Always use a shade darker than your eye colour and finish by applying


2 - 3 coats of mascara.

My eyeliner disappears in an hour. How can I make it last? Claire.


If you use a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner it will ensure a 12 hour wear – no smudges, it will stay there as it is water resistant, or use our long wear eye pencil. If your eyeliner seems to disappear in an hour try to blend that eyeliner slightly and then retrace it with an eye shadow similar to the colour of your eye pencil. This will set the eyeliner which will prevent smudging. You might also ask yourself if you applied a bit more eye cream than necessary or whether your concealer was set well with the powder before you started to apply an eyeliner.

Bobbi Brown

y have an Do you emma? il d ty u bea r end you Please s s to question



is an internationally renowned makeup artist. The brand is sold worldwide in selected retailers in 56 countries. Her exclusive beauty line focuses on teaching women how to look and feel good through a simple makeup routine. Her professional line includes colour cosmetics, skin care, makeup brushes and tools, accessories and fragrances. For more information and tips, visit:


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Calls for More Personalized Skincare

Prolonged exposure to the sun can certainly be very harmful to the skin and even results in premature aging. High humidity, on the other hand, can cause the skin to become oilier; clogged pores and blackheads are more common in the summer months because of active oil glands and sweat build-up. There are several other factors that can affect skin health: one’s lifestyle, diet, stress level, medications, hormones, and even the kind of skincare regimen and moisturizer selection can affect the skin.

record. “The summer heat and humidity are very harmful to the skin. This is on top of several factors that already affect skin health. Following a few simple tips and availing the services of a professional beauty coach can do wonders to help maintain a wrinkle-free, radiant skin. It is essential to keep the skin well protected by using personalized skincare treatments. The long-term benefits of proper skincare are certainly well worth the effort and investment, especially in this region where people may have a higher risk of getting skin problems because of the heat and greater sun exposure,” says Vicky Assaf Guerlain Alfardan Spa Director.

Beauty specialists at Guerlain Alfardan Spa say that it is important to pay attention to the kind of skincare regimen Beauty Coach and treatments used. It is still best to Having a professional beauty coach is stick with brands with a proven track

Summer can be a very hectic season with excursions, adventure trips, camps and even shopping holidays all linedup in the calendar. A visit to Guerlain Alfardan Spa reveals that summer is the perfect time to visit one’s beauty coach. While it is associated with fun-filled activities, it is important to remember the hot weather can also be tough on the skin. More people are therefore setting up appointments at Guerlain Alfardan Spa to avail of customized beauty treatments.

one way of ensuring that one’s skincare habits really work. A professional beauty coach essentially teaches the proper way to take care of one’s skin and maintain a beautiful overall appearance. At Guerlain Alfardan Spa, guests avail of the services of a beauty coach to guide them in choosing a personalized range of facial and body treatments that suit their skin diagnosis results. One of the more luxurious facial treatments available nowadays is the Abeille Royale treatment, created by Guerlain based on the exceptional repairing power of bee products which are known to be some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. The healing power of certain bee products is closely linked to the richness of their ecosystem, the purity of the environment, but also the genetic makeup of the bee. In order to understand, analyse and select the best honeys and royal jellies, Guerlain Research


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 36

10/25/12 4:36 PM


surrounds itself with the best specialists to develop a scientific platform on bee products. It takes an ongoing approach to use the best that nature has to offer. Ouessant honey, thyme honey, clover honey from New Zealand, French royal jelly... Each product was tested on factors identified by biological research in order to determine its activity and performance on the skin. Guerlain research creates a unique blend with exceptional repairing power, the Pure Royal Concentrate. Abeille Royale discovery: Everyday skin is subjected to internal tension and stress, particularly mechanical that implies tissue breakdown and results in the appearance of molecular microtrauma for the skin called micro-tears. With the stifling summer heat that stresses the skin, the Pure Royal Concentrate provides an exclusive blend of bee products capable of stimulating

key healing mechanisms to reconstruct micro-tears at the origin of wrinkles and loss of firmness. It acts on the three phases of tissue repair: migration of cells to damaged areas, tissue restoration and remodelling of reconstructed tissues.* + 63 % repairing effectiveness after 16 hours**

special promotion

fitness packages, as well as special revitalizing couple packages, half and full day relaxation and exclusive ladies’ hours and special ladies’ events. In addition, Guerlain Alfardan Spa also has separate male and female salons that provide a complete range of hair care and makeup services.

“Guerlain has been renowned worldwide as one of the most prominent skincare and beauty specialists. Through the long-term partnership between Alfardan Properties and Guerlain Paris, we are bringing these exclusive and luxurious spa services under the Guerlain Alfardan Spa. Guerlain Alfardan Spa has naturally generated a lot of attention Aside from the Abeille Royale treatment from people who truly understand the and other conventional skincare services, value of professional and personalized Guerlain Alfardan Spa also offers skincare and beauty services,” concludes specialized services for skin dehydration, Vicky. firming, lifting, toning, deep cleansing, and rejuvenation. There are also body treatments, weight loss and customized

With Abeille Royale Treatment, initiate your face to the high performance of this expert "lifting" and firming treatment with a possible result that is immediate and visible: wrinkles are filled. The skin is tautened and regains all of its firmness and radiance.


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l Remede Spa at St. Regis Hote A FACIAL FIT FOR THE STARS: COOLING PEARL FACIAL at Remède Spa At St. Regis Hotel


extraction, gentle massage is followed by the luxurious but tingling pearl mask, and a finishing touch of oxygen diffusion (complemented by a soothing feet and hands paraffin treatment). The treatment combines pampering with effective skin improvements.


t’s not yet possible to travel back in time, but with this facial, at least your face will look like it has. Treat yourself royally this month by enjoying a luxurious facial to detox your skin after a hot burning summer in one of the best settings in Doha, the St Regis Remède Spa. All of the menus at Remède Spa offer local-inspired experiences which reflect the region’s characteristics and traditions. Here in Doha, we lucky ladies (and gentlemen too) can indulge in a cooling pearl facial. Designed to help combat hyperpigmented skin, whether acquired through sun damage or ageing, the Remede Cooling Pearl Facial will soothe and brighten your skin whilst targeting those annoying areas of pigmentation. Powered by pure pearl extracts, white lotus stem cells and oxygen, the pearl facial nourishes and protects the skin like a Mother shell nurtures a precious pearl. Simply lush. Your facial begins with a consultation with your therapist, where you can discuss any specific concerns. A combination of cleansing, painless

by francesca moser by Francesca Moser

Get that movie star look thanks to a five star spa facial and a lavish and super luxurious pedicure... Looking good ladies!

Your skin will look and feel brighter and clearer immediately. Finish off this luxe experience by chilling out in the sleek relaxation room accompanied by a selection of healthy infused waters, dried fruits and chocolate truffles. 90 Minutes -1,700 QR For more information visit or call (974) 4446 0000

Try it CRYSTAL TOES: SWAROVSKI PEDICURE. Sparkle like the Cullens! Everyone who just can’t get enough of the sparkles should try Glow Salon’s Swarovski Crystal Nails. It is the only salon in Doha offering this service! After choosing the perfect colour of Swarovski, they will let you choose the colour of shellac nail polish which will compliment the crystals. The LED light will ensure that the treatment will last at least three weeks with proper care. Their best seller is the silver crystals and red volcano crystals but opt for something fun like blue, pink and gold to get a chic but dazzling vibe! Price for full set of Small Crystal 400 QR; Available at Glow Salwa Road: 6686-4221, 4468-9945 Glow West Bay: 6686-4220, 4411-7652


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special promotion

"Crèm e Fraîche ® d e Beauté"


The new botanic milkshake for dehydrated sensitive skin that moisturizes and soothes for 24 hours!A unique and innovative range that offers 24-Hour Moisturization and 24-Hour Soothing action.

NEW ‘Crème Fraîche® de Beauté’ by Nuxe offers an effective Moisturizing & Soothing solution for dehydrated sensitive skin. This new range is a unique and innovative concept for pharmacies, which combines plant performance and the pleasure of beautiful skin. The product was created in 1999, and today Crème Fraîche® de Beauté by NUXE has reached star product status. Internationally it has become a favourite among active women, their daughters and even their men! Thirteen years and several developments later, the little cream that seemed so simple, boldly took its place on pharmacists' shelves and metamorphosed into a cult range. In 2012, Crème Fraîche® de Beauté has risen to a new challenge: to cocoon skin that is thirsty for water and soothing relief. AlizaJabès, CEO of NUXE, says, “Crème Fraîche® de Beauté meets all the standards of a natural, effective, innovative and daring, technical and poetic product that I had set. And above all, it respects my promise to offer women... MORE AND MORE SENSATIONS.”

Sensitive skin reacts more than any other skin type. At Nuxe laboratory, dehydrated sensitive skin has been treated with a very specific formulation using moisturizing active ingredients in the NEW Crème Fraîche® de Beauté. The secret of its irresistible addiction is 24-hour moisturizing effectiveness, confirmed by rigorous scientific tests, and a 24-hour soothing formula that cherishes skin’s sensitivity. - 24-Hour moisturization is created by formulating a "milkshake” of 8 plant milks and a new STAR active ingredient, Salicornia, which guarantees a moisturizing action for up to 24-hours. The new generation of Crème Fraîche® de Beauté boosts and specifically reinforces the moisture retention in all the skin’s layers. - 24-Hour Soothing Action is a smoothie of Almond and Orange White Flowers, Aloe Vera Sap and Allantoin. This powerful combination has softening powers with a 24-hour soothing action for sensitive skin. Even more tempting is its fresh and delicate fragrance with delicate orange blossom notes that has been specifically

redesigned for delicate skin, and its whipped cream texture that continues to arouse the senses.

NUXE has designed the range by adapting it to each skin type: 1. 24-Hr Concentrated Moisturizing Sérum Crème Fraîche® de Beauté for all sensitive skin types: QAR 162 for 30 ml pump 2. Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Light for combination sensitive skin: QAR 148 for 50ml tube 3. Crème Fraîche® de Beauté for normal sensitive skin: QAR 148 for 50ml jar 4. Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Enrichie for dry to very dry sensitive skin: QAR 148 for 50ml jar 5. 24-Hr Moisture Masque Crème Fraîche® de Beauté to enhance all skin types: QAR 109 for 50 ml tube


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Having A Ball By Jay Koodagoda Photography Jessie Palanca

Using a Swedish ball is a great way to strengthen your whole body and work on endurance and stability. Try out the exercises below to learn unique ways to work your entire body. Biceps and Shoulder Curl & Twist To tighten up, engage the abs and sit on a Swedish ball with good posture. Hold a medicine ball with your right hand down at your side. Balance the ball in your hand as you curl the arm up in a bicep curl. Push the ball up and twist your arm at the end. You will be training your biceps and shoulder at the same time. Perform 12-15 sets switching sides and repeat the same.

Triceps Blaster Tighten up, engage the abs and sit on the Swedish ball with good posture. Hold a medicine ball in both hands with arms extended and next to the ears. Keep the shoulders pulled down and away from the ears. Bend the elbows, lowering the ball behind your head until your elbows are at 90-degree angles. Squeeze the triceps to straighten the arms, taking the ball back up. Perform 12-15 sets switching sides and repeat the same.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 40

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Medicine Ball Squat Stand holding a medicine ball in both hands and both legs wider than shoulder size. Go down and do a squat, keeping your back straight. Stand up, put your feet back together and raise the ball over the head making sure elbows are slightly bent. Perform 12-15 repetitions.

Medicine Ball Lunges Stand holding a medicine ball and go to the lunge position. Make sure you step back far enough that the front knee is behind the toe. Still holding the medicine ball as shown, bend the knee up and almost touch medicine ball (depending on your flexibility level) and take the right leg back into the lunge. Repeat for 12-15 repetitions on each side.

Abs Burner Lie facing upward on a Swedish ball and hold the medicine ball in both hands. Begin with the ball by the chest as shown. Contract the abs to lift upper back up, bringing the medicine ball towards your face, contracting abs is required. Perform 12-15 repetitions.

For more

Side Crunch-Love Handle Blaster Sit on a Swedish ball and hold the medicine ball in both hands. Contract the abs and bring the medicine ball towards your right thigh as you twist to the right, contracting the right side of your waist. Pause and repeat for both sides. 12-15 repetitions, 2-3 sets recommended.


รถvenpick Centre, M Wellness s ite Su Tower and 6410 Tel: 4496 eries related qu y exercise om .c Email us an ar eqat ns@abod to: questio

Bay view 26


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Massimo Dutti


Chinos Massimo Dutti {xx QR}

Bag H&M {49QR}

Skirt Zara {85 QR}

. .. n u F e v a H m e Th t e L .and Keep Them Stylishly Warm Too!

osy c d n a g a b y k r i T his qu ill become her new jumper w s! favourite

by Francesca Moser

Shirt Zara {95 QR}

Jumper Next {146 QR}

Pink Skirt Zara {85QR}

Chinos+check shifortrstahree a winning comboown! coolest boy in t Boots Debenhams {152 QR} Scarf H&M {37QR}

Chinos Massimo Dutti {175 QR}

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 43

Boots Massimo Dutti {400 QR}

10/25/12 4:37 PM

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MEN’S AGENDA Salvatore Ferragamo

What’s Hot For Him This Month

ACNE Studios d n a M O .C R E T R MR PO e exclusive Capsule C ollection


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 45

Lanvin mo

Tuxedo st yles haalvel been parading . over the catwalksc This classi and super sleek look is a staple requirements in any men's wardrobee!.. simply irresistibl

Salvatore Ferraga




10/25/12 4:37 PM


men’s agenda


Classically elegant, simple but with lustrous finishing, this suit is ideal for all your black tie events coming up.

Shirt {1,400 QR}

Waistband {706 QR}

m ever y thing a ening attire ev need where nd is designed is required a st beautiful with the mo tention to fabrics and at detail.”

Toby Bateman, MR Porter Buying Director at

Trousers {1,739 QR}

Jacket {3,212 QR}

Trousers {1,650 QR}


“This collectionan could

all Acne Studios at Mr

This month, ACNE in collaboration with MRPORTER. COM launches an eveningwear capsule collection. The collection of 14 pieces is a complete eveningwear wardrobe. Classic tuxedo shapes in wool and velvet accompany bespoke jacquard fabrics and silks. Pieces include smoking jackets and trousers, an evening overcoat, formal shirting, a tuxedo T shirt, bow ties and shoes. Get your credit card ready!


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 46

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sil..l e h c u o t l a in f l ia t n e s s e ese ntric braces and pocket square w h t h t i w f f o k o lo r u o y h Finis cufflinks, polished shoes and kececeon any classic suit. Quirk y


men’s agenda

ern ta

create a mod

Salvatore Ferragamo

Cufflinks Simon Carter at {240 QR}

Braces Drake’s at {437 QR}

Pocket square Paul Smith at {152 QR}

007 Perfume 75ml {186 QR}

Socks Falke at {58 QR}

Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo {2,355 QR}

Bring to life Bond’s unique blend of masculinity and sophistication thanks to the first 007 fragrance. 47

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 47

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FD Nov. 2012.pdf



12:37 PM

Always Designed With You In Mind...









Tel. No: 44 56 87 16 Email: An associate of Ahmed Hassan Bilal Group INTERIOR DESIGN | WALL FINISHES | WINDOW TREATMENTS | FURNITURES | FLOORS | ACCESSORIES ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 48

10/25/12 4:37 PM


your home decor: o int es hu le ab ion sh fa t es tt ho Channel two of the are huge this season. Purple and blue shades


ABODE meets Hollywood-Design duo Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield. Check their tips out on page 42.

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 49

Purple Pouff Roche Bobois {3,072 QR}

Designers Guild

decorating ideas-shopping-interior designers' tips

Candle Debenhams {87 QR}

d will add Colourful accessories are fun an character to your home!


10/25/12 4:37 PM


get the look Designers Gu


Cushion Debenhams {203 QR}

Vase Roche Bobois Price upon request

Cute Out Coffee table Roche Bobois {3,898 QR}



These sky and sea inspired hues are a lovely way to brighten up your home. Mix cobalt blues and turquoise with white for an outstanding result.

Circus Coffee Table Roche Bobois {10,788 QR}

Mayflower Chair Roche Bobois {10,695 QR}

Claudia Low Back Chair Roche Bobois {3,034 QR}

Meloppe Armchair Roche Bobois {10,500 QR} Egos armchair Roche Bobois {9,411 QR}


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 50

10/25/12 4:38 PM


get the look

Mayflower Chair Roche Bobois {10,695 QR}

Pillow Bed Roche Bobois {15,034 QR}

Purple REIGN Designers Gu


This colour pattern is perfect for a charming feminine touch. Combine lavender and berry shades for a winning look.

Corolle Armchair Roche Bobois {10,084 QR}

air Soup Bowl Kareqatar Price upon request

Cushion Debenhams {290 QR} Candle Debenhams {127 QR}

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 51

Velvet Sofa Kareqatar Price upon request


10/25/12 4:38 PM


ask designer

Woodson and Rummerfield

Hot Hollywood Design Duo By Suzy Q Photography Maegan Tintari

Known for their quirky, stylish and avante-garde taste in design, Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield are Hollywood’s most sought after interior designers. With an award-winning interior design firm based in Los Angeles, the duo specialize in luxurious interiors for A-list clientele such as Christina Aguilera, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Courtney Love and many more.


Los Angeles native that grew up with parents in the music industry, Ron Woodson was exposed to the stylish homes of the Hollywood Hills at an early age. Understanding that a home should be “the perfect expression of the lives of the homeowner”, Ron helps his clients understand their aspirations and release them into their homes through clever interior design and décor. With 15 years in the design industry, Ron has developed an ultra-modern Regency style that spans from Spanish to mid-century architecture. Gracing the covers of numerous design magazines, his partner in crime Jaime Rummerfield has been crowned as one of the nation’s top young interior designers. Her unique take on interior design has helped spread her work all the way from New York to Los Angeles. Jaime’s creative eye knows how to focus on the science behind colour, texture, balance and proportion, and having that applied to the luxurious spaces she designs.

SUzY Q – Canadian Interior Design Writer

The trick to Ron and Jaime’s look is to mix up an ultra-modern Regency style with a hint of old Hollywood glamour. Try this look at home by purchasing antique furniture and reviving it in electric colours and bold upholstering.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 52

10/25/12 4:38 PM


ask designer

Creators of the term “modage” which means mixing modern and vintage play a huge part in Jamie and Ron’s designs. A lot of old Hollywood history and the icon era of Hollywood are big factors in their design inspiration. Adding their own modern twist gives every one of their looks a unique edge to it.

Design your home like Ron and Jamie by hunting for rare finds plucked from antique stores, flea markets, and art expos around your cit y. Try to make your space tell a story of the people who live and spend time there.

The design duo paid homage to old Hollywood glamour and transformed this ultra-feminine bedroom with vibrant shades of pink and a standout Chinoiserie mural. Choosing the right contrasting hues like a bright red couch and pairing it with Lucite furniture made the perfect “modage” combination. To make it seem like a “jewelry box full of treasure” mirrored furniture was used with opulent gold accents.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 53

10/25/12 4:38 PM



A home fit for a

Hollywood star

Timothy Corrigan tells ABODE how he restored a tumbledown Hollywood home to its former glory.

The dining room is particularly jewel-like, with gold-leaf ceiling and an 18th century Italian chandelier suspended from a starburst plaster medallion. Shimmering effects are enhanced by a crackled porcelain wall covering inspired by Chinese celadon ceramic ware. Timothy chose a silk woven damask in a contemporary design for dining room draperies and trimmed them with traditional tassel fringe. “I was trying to achieve classic design with a twist. It is classic and traditional, but there is a freshness as well about the whole house.” Corrigan says. The chairs designed by Billy Haines are covered in Clarence House coral velvet. The octagonal breakfast room is covered in a hand blocked Zuber wall covering depicting a French landscape, which enhances the breakfast room’s connection to the outdoors. An octagonal Stark rug and antique table echo the shape of the room.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 54

10/25/12 4:38 PM



For more light and space in the library, Corrigan bumped out the back wall by several feet and added a bay window that mirrors a similar window in the living room. Now you can see all the way through the house, from the bay window in the living room to the bay in the library. Connecting those rooms give it a much more open feeling. Timothy replaced dark wood paneling with hand-waxed English oak panels in a warm golden hue. Furniture is designed for comfort, including an ottoman with a plush outer edge for propping feet and a firm center that serves as a table surface. Corrigan covered many of the furnishings in luxurious-to-the-touch yet dog-friendly and stain-resistant indoor-outdoor fabrics; among them is a green velvet with contrasting cording. The library, breakfast room and kitchen all have glass doors to the terrace, backyard, gardens, and swimming pool, making for a seamless connection between indoors and out. With all the doors leading to the terrace the house has a great flow for entertaining. Landscaped terraces and lattice fences and arbors are by Accents of France.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 55

10/25/12 4:38 PM



In the living room, Corrigan dressed the ceiling with a plaster fretwork and detailed the fireplace surround and mantel in a manner inspired by the Chateau de Groussay near Paris. A circular convex mirror and small ledges that display 18th-19th century Delft jars are incorporated into ornate paneling above the mantel. Next, Corrigan added raised panels on the living room walls and had them painted in subtly varied shades of cream to make the room feel more substantial. It also looks authentic and original. These wonderful layers and extensive detailing make the house feel like a jewel box. Curvaceous Avery Boardman sofas face an Asian influenced coffee table.

The walls of the master bedroom have been completely upholstered with outdoor fabric, and we consciously tried to achieve a mix of contemporary art and furnishings with some very good Continental antiques to achieve a look that is fresh and young and reflects the young couple that live there.


Continuing Corrigan's belief that mixing furniture from totally different styles and periods makes you appreciate each piece more for its inherent beauty, Here an early 19th century Biedermeier secretary desk is mixed with a stark aluminium chair inspired by the centuries old Klismos chair from Greece. A mix of accessories from Europe and Asia round out the rich, layered look of the room.• USA Office: 1.323.525.1802 Paris Office: 33. 01. 45. 26. 04. 52


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 56

10/25/12 4:38 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 57

10/25/12 4:38 PM


special feature


Invites you to discover The new Mövenpick Tower & Suites Doha

r ta Qa an urb rn de mo ct e l ref to cor é d ms roo s t i ed ish urb ref s ha The Hotel By Alessandra Bell photography Jessie Palanca

The hotel adds a splash of colour and vibrancy to its 350 rooms with fresh new upholstery, carpeting, curtains and modern finishings.

Jan Kaiser er genera l m an ag ou p mÖvenpick gr


room Befo



ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 58

10/25/12 4:38 PM



room Befo

special feature



n January 2012, the hotel partnered with local interior design company Modern Design to embark on a project that would inject a chic and modern aesthetic into each room, reflecting the vibrant lifestyle and colour of modern Qatar. With a sumptuous palate of eggplant purple and cactus green, the new guest rooms will features fresh new carpets with vivid graphical prints. Upholstery and curtains sourced from the UK compliment the new dark wood furnishings, supported by unique room accessories handmade by local potters and welders, giving each room a distinct local authenticity yet truly contemporary appeal. Catering to the hotel’s regular corporate travellers, working desks have been given a hint of luxury with lavish leather writing pads and stationary holders and bathrooms completed with sparkling silver beaten metal accessories. Mövenpick Tower & Suites Doha General Manager, Jan Kaiser comments:. ‘Although the hotel is only five years old, we continue to improve and enhance its features to reflect our care for the property and the comfort of our guests. We are all very excited about the upcoming changes and look forward to treating our guests to something new and yet authentically Doha.” •


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 59

10/25/12 4:39 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 60

10/25/12 4:39 PM


and nutrition

Tips and tricks for those who love good food.

pose fruit Papaya The multi pur Here are three unexpected ways to use 2) Beautiful Skin: Papaya for beauty and health.

Use mashed papaya as a facial mask or body scrub as often as you can for radiant skin.

1) Radiant Hair:


Healthy Cooking: To tenderize your lean cuts of chicken or beef, marinate it in a cup of papaya juice 2 hours before cooking.

Apply a mixture of fresh papaya and 1 egg yolk at least once a week to your hair. Leave it in for 2 hours. This treatment adds shine and strength to hair.

The Nutritional Value source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin E, Magnesium and Potassium. It is known to maintain cardiac and digestive health, and prevent inflammatory diseases.


With Lakeland Sanderson Cake Stand {289 QR}

In Qatar, your can help support Diabetes by attending the

Savoury Serving Set {145 QR}

"Beat Diabetes Walkathon" on Friday November 16th at the Corniche. go to

For more information please ww

Sanderson Tray {95 QR}


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 61

10/25/12 4:39 PM




r te in W in g in in ta er nt E er m um S o Your guide t

Compiled by Marlynne Mallari – Dela Peña Photography Jessie Palanca

It’s snowing in other countries but in Doha, this is the perfect time to sit under the sun and enjoy the winter breeze. Invite your friends over for a barbecue or mini party in your backyard and impress them with your favourite drinks!

Our Expert: George Mansour, Pool Grill & Apres Spa Café Manager at Four Season’s Hotel


t’s 20 degrees outside, a gentle wind is blowing, the sky is bright and the birds are chirping: you have all the ingredients for a great party! After you’ve decided what food to serve your guests, you are still left with one dilemma -what drinks to offer. This is often the most ignored part of planning an event, and the reason why many settle for soda pops or juice. How to make it more interesting? Worry no more, for ABODE is here to help! Here are 7 easy alcohol free thirst-quenchers which you can serve your guests. What are you waiting for? Let’s start…

Grape Crush • Grape juice 4cl • Cranberry juice 4cl • Sparkling lemonade 4cl • Sugar syrup 1cl

 Shake juices & syrup with 2 scoops of ice cubes, Pour into high ball glass. Top up with sparkling lemonade. Garnish: Red grape & mint sprig on rim


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 62

10/25/12 4:39 PM



Arabian Passion

• Passion fruit puree 4cl • Mango juice 2cl • Strawberry juice 2cl • Peach juice 2cl • Sugar syrup 2cl • Orange sorbet 1 scoop  Blend all ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cubes until frozen. Pour into a margarita glass. Garnish: Passion fruit wedge on rim, and pulp on top of drink.

Pool Passion

• Orange Juice 4cl • Cranberry juice 4cl • Passion Fruit Puree 4cl • Sugar syrup 2cl

 Shake all ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cubes, Pour into a high ball glass. Garnish: 1/2 orange wheel & cherry

Using these recipes, boring drinks will no longer be an issue. These beverages are a sure way to give you those two thumbs up! Mint Virgin Margarita • Lemon Juice 6cl • Mint syrup 2cl • Sugar syrup 2cl • Mint leaves 8

 Blend all ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cubes, until frozen. Pour into a margarita glass Garnish: Lime wheel & mint sprig


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 63

10/25/12 4:39 PM



Coconut Frappe • Coconut milk 12cl • Espresso coffee 6cl • Sugar syrup 4cl • Vanilla ice cream 2 scoops

 Blend all ingredients with 3 scoops of ice cubes until frozen. Pour into a Pilsner glass. Garnish: Coffee beans on top

Ginger Berry • Strawberry juice 8cl • Sugar syrup 4cl • Fresh Ginger 50gms • Mint leaves 8-10

 Blend all ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cubes until frozen. Pour into a margarita glass. Garnish: Mint sprig

Strawberry Colada • Strawberry juice 8cl • Pineapple juice 8cl • Coconut cream 4cl • Sugar syrup 2cl

 Blend all ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cubes until frozen. Pour into a margarita glass. Garnish: Strawberry on rim


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 64

10/25/12 4:40 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 65

10/25/12 4:40 PM



The Heart of a Lebanese Chef By Marlynne Mallari – Dela Peña Photography Jessie Palanca

ABODE was warmly greeted by Al Sultan Brahim Restaurant’s Chef De Cuisine, Wael Jaafar and his team, whose energy was infectious. Our talk was short yet full of interesting flavours!


ne of the newest restaurants to open in Doha is The Al Sultan Brahim Restaurant located in the St Regis Doha Hotel. This spectacular Lebanese cuisine eatery is becoming known throughout Doha for its impeccable food and excellent service. During our recent visit we discovered that one of their best kept secret is their talented Chef Wael.

Al Sultan Brahim Restaurant

Wael Jaafar

at The St. Regis Doha

Originally from Lebanon, Chef Wael brings to the Al Sultan a passion for food that he traces to his childhood and he credits his father and his family for inspiring within him his love for the culinary arts that is the center of his success. He told us that to keep himself creative, he reminds himself of his childhood; a period of time when he first realized that he was excited and eager to learn new things. This desire to learn helped him to expand his imagination and he credits this with his unique ability to create new tastes and fusions of savories. He refuses to limit himself, for he believes that we should all continually strive to learn from others. He also truly believes that a restaurant is a school for any chef. His unique signature is striving to keep the authenticity of Lebanese food in all his dishes, but with a touch of modernization. The passion and gusto of chef Wael extends even to his dealing with his guests. He always makes sure that they are satisfied with their food, and that they receive immaculate service. Before we ended our conversation, I asked him if he ever eats at fast food chains. He replied, “being a chef doesn’t mean that I only eat my food. I like to taste and try new flavours and dishes. Fast food, why not, as long it’s tasty and is good value for money!” •

Modern Fattoush Salad

Baked Sea


If turkey rules the land, the fish rules the sea!” “said the chef when I asked what food he can suggest other than turkey for Thanksgiving.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 66

10/25/12 4:40 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 67

10/25/12 4:40 PM



Food Couture

Photography Jessie Palanca

Eating these designers' food will make you feel like one of the Hollywood Stars, fabulous and exquisite!







Smoked Lobster Fennel Espuma Red Pepper Mousseline, Cured Norway Salmon By Sous Chef Romel Kairan, Strata, InterContinental Doha The City INGREDIENTS: • 100 g fresh Norway salmon with the skin on • 20 g fresh orange • 20 g fresh lemon • 20 g fresh lime • 20 g fennel • 20 g fresh dill • 10 g rock salt • 10 g sugar • 10 fine salt • 10 g black pepper corns • 100 g fresh red pepper • 10 g buckwheat flour • 20 g normal flour • 2 g yeast • 20 g fresh milk • 2 pcs eggs • 10 g yuzu juice • 20 g cream • 2 g lecite • Salt and pepper PREPARATION:  Red pepper mousseline Marinate the bell pepper with olive oil, salt

and pepper; keep in a small steel container and bake in the oven at 180c for 30 minutes. When ready keep cold and remove the seeds. Use a heavy blender to blend until smooth.  Cured salmon Peel the skin of the lemon, orange and lime with a vegetable peeler. Mix together slowly in a bowl with the sugar, rock salt, fine salt, black peppercorns and dill. Take the fresh salmon and marinate with the mixture and keep for 24 hours in the fridge.



By Sous Chef Romel Kairan, Strata, InterContinental Doha The City INGREDIENTS: Smoked lobster • 200 g lobster Omani • 50 g fresh fennel • 50 g green peas • 20 g butter • 10 g lemon juice • 10 g mixed herbs (parsley, dill, chives) • 10 g fresh shiso cress salad preparation:  Marinate the lobster with butter, chopped herbs, salt and pepper and put the lobster in a vacuum bag to cook in a sous vide machine with a temperature of 65 c for 15 minutes. INGREDIENTS: Fennel espuma • 50 g fresh fennel • 10 g shallots • 10 g garlic • 10 g English parsley • 10 g cooking cream • 1 pieces of bullet cream charger (isis) • 1 sheet of gelatine • Salt and pepper to taste preparation:  Slice the fennel into small pieces, chop the garlic, shallots and English parsley. Sauté the ingredients on a slow heat and lastly add the cream fragrance. Keep cold at room temperature and blend until it becomes a purée. Strain in a fine sieve. Cook the gelatine on a slow heat until it melts and mix slowly with the fennel purée. Carefully decant into an espuma jar, close tightly and add the cream charger. Rest for 2 hours in the fridge. Before use shake the jar and press slowly until it comes out.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 68

10/25/12 4:40 PM

QCA AD - ABODE Nov. 2012.pdf



10:50 AM









ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 69

10/25/12 4:40 PM


special promotion

Changing Lanes BY Deliah Furcoi and Marlynne Mallari-Dela Peña Photography Jessie Palanca

This month, ABODE spends a day with Doha’s most innovative tag team. Where The Regency Halls General Manager Eman Abela & Jameel Nabtiti Executive Chef of Wyndham Grand Regency and Regency Halls changes roles for a day! ABODE gets an exclusive insider sneak peak.

"Swapping roles with the Executive Chef has been amazing. I learnt much more about how a busy kitche n operates. I’ve worked in kitchens in the past but not in the Middle East and it was amazing and I really think it will make me better at my job." Eman Abela , The Regency Halls Gene ral Mana ger

What is your typical day like? Waking up at 7am, after a nice breakfast I head straight to the office to prepare myself and go through all pending emails before starting the briefing with my team. I make a very energetic briefing by involving the whole team. Then I make a walk through around the property with all heads of department and take note of anything needing to be done. Then I spend the rest of the morning in the office discussing issues and challenges together with the sales team. Then I head to Wyndham Grand Regency where I spend the rest of the day there making sure that the operation is running smoothly.

How do you balance work and family? Please do not ask my wife this question. In this industry it is very difficult, however I do my best to get home around 8 p.m. everyday and take a day off once a week so I keep both the boss at work and the boss at home happy. Just joking! My wife supports me a lot as she works in the same industry so she understands my situation.

You are managing a big group;

have you found your niche in the Qatari market? Well it is quite difficult however in Regency Halls we have loyal customers; generation after generation keep coming to us for their events. I have a very strong team that has been with the company for over 7 years so it very easy to handle the market around us as these ladies and gentlemen have their own loyal clients

Many international hotels are coming here. How are you handling new competition? Regency Group holding is a very strong group and can be considered the one stop shop in Qatar for anything that the client requires. International chains cannot beat the experience and stability of Regency Group team. However, I make sure that we are always updated on what is going on in the market and make sure that we are 100% much better.

Beef Steak by Eman Abela • Wagyu steaks • Salt and pepper • Cooking oil

Procedure 1. Preheat oven to 45 degrees. Put a small amount of oil in a skillet. Rub both sides of your steak with salt and pepper.

2. Preheat the skillet over a high flame until it starts to smoke. Using tongs, gently place the steak in the pan. 3. Allow steak to cook for about 3 minutes per side and then place the pan into the oven for an additional couple of minutes. 4. Remove from the oven, put on cutting board or plate and let the steak rest for a couple of minutes


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 70

10/25/12 4:40 PM


special promotion

"Today was an amazing day for me, being able to change roles with the General Manager. It really helped me unders tand what his role is, and how certain things should be handled, especially when you have staff coming to the office asking so many questions, both person al and about work." Jameel Nabt iti, Executive Chef of Wynd ham and Regency Halls

Green Tea Infused Orange Juice by Jameel Nabtiti

How do you keep your food unique from your competitors? I have been in Qatar for over 9 years so I am very well experienced in knowing what exactly the client requires, besides which I never allow anything in my kitchens that is not fresh. We import spices directly from many countries so we make sure all our dishes are authentic. I always come up with innovative ideas.

With many events happening in your hotels, how do you manage stress and keep your food scrumptious? Simple answer: Great team, great leadership and working always as a family together with the General Manager.

What is the greatest joy of being a Chef? Seeing my product leaving my kitchens, walking into my restaurants and halls and seeing a guest smiling - that could be an old lady or a young child eating simple food. That makes me happy and relaxed and keeps me motivated.

Do you try foods other than your own cooking? Sure I do, as soon as a new property comes up I make sure that with a member of my team I visit and try the food there – oh, and obviously I eat whatever my wife cooks! I have to say this because I am sure she will read this page .

• Orange juice: 90ml • Cold Water: 120ml • Green Tea bags: 3 (more if you like it stronger) • Lemon juice: 2 tbsp • Mint leaves: a few for garnish • A few Orange segments for garnish • Ice cubes: a few

Procedure 1. Bring 120ml of water to boil. Transfer to a kettle or a large mug and steep in the tea bags for exactly 1-2 mins (longer if you want your beverage stronger). Drain the tea bags and reserve the black tea.

2. In a large bowl, mix the orange juice, lemon juice and the cold water. Mix well. Now add in the black tea and mix once more


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 71

10/25/12 4:41 PM



by Gloria Duran-Renderos, Nutrition Consultant, B.SC, M.P.H.

There was a time when diabetes was a rare disease. But with today’s modern lifestyles, it’s increasingly common. Can you do something to prevent it? WHAT IS DIABETES? Diabetes Mellitus is now known simply as Diabetes. It is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar levels because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or because the cells resist the insulin produced. There are many types of diabetes, but the most frequent are Type I Diabetes, which occurs in children and youth under 20 years of age and is also known as insulin dependent diabetes; Type II diabetes or Adult Onset diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy.

According to the latest report by the Qatar Diabetes Association, 18% of Qatar's population has diabetes, and 17% suffers from pre-diabetes. This condition, which is becoming more common around the world, is where a person shows abnormal blood glucose values and resistance to his own insulin. It usually occurs in children and adults with a Body Mass Index higher than 25. In the last fifty years, societies have changed and the way we cook, eat and share food has changed, too. Families around the world have learned to eat highly processed and convenience foods. The need for

both parents to work has meant for many children to live behind closed doors, inactive, and eating their own way. Family weekends have slowly moved to malls, restaurants and fast food places, leaving behind the parks and family picnics. The lifestyle of modern societies has silently brought along rising obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. BUT, DESPITE OF GENETIC MAKE UP, CAN WE IMPROVE THE CONDITION BY USING THE PRESENT SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE? Take a step forward and find out if you or your children are at risk.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 72

10/25/12 4:41 PM

Risk Factors of Diabetes Check the list of the following risk factors to see if your child is at risk.

Type 1 Diabetes

Check if any of the risk factors below are part of your family health history.

Type 2 Diabetes

Family History

Age greater than 45 years


Diabetes during previous pregnancy

Viral exposure

Family History

Early introduction of cow’s milk

Overweight, especially around the waist

Low exposure to sunlight

Giving birth to a more than 9 pounds baby

Low intake of Omega 3 foods

HDL Cholesterol under 35 mg/dl

High intake of foods with nitrates

Triglycerides over 250 mg/dl

Such as water and processed meats

Blood Pressure greater than 140/90 mmhg

Early introduction of sugar and sweets

Exercising less than 3 times a week

Pre eclampsia during mother’s pregnancy

Metabolic syndrome

Celiac disease

Insulin resistance Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

If you find more than two symptoms or risk factors, you should check your blood sugar twice a year. If your child is at risk, consult your pediatrician for blood glucose testing at least once a year.

How does Qatar Measure Up?


According to health statistics, of Qatar's population including children are either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics.

17% of Qatar's population are

For more information

atar contact Q Diabetes Regarding n: tio ia oc ss Diabetic A 41 l: 445473 Te w w w.qda unta za M l A , il l K ha Rawdat A te of Qatar Doha, Sta

predisposed to the condition and already have symptoms.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 73

10/25/12 4:41 PM



By the Plate n guide when you sit down to eat.

Meal planning can be easy if you follow this portio

by Gloria Duran-Renderos, Nutrition Consultant, B.SC, M.P.H.

This helpful food portion guide can be used by both diabetics and nondiabetics to eat healthier meals.

1/4 of your plate

Grains/ Starchy Veggies

• 1/2 cup of sweet corn • 1/4 cup of legumes ( peas, garbanzos,lentils, beans) • 1/2 whole medium potato • 1/2 cup of rice • 1 slice of bread  Whole-grain starches are good for your heart and keep you feeling fuller longer.  While foods like yams, potatoes and corn are considered vegetables, they are high in starch and should be placed on this part of your plate.

1/2 of your plate


• 2 cups of green salad or • 1 cup of greens ( all lettuce varieties) and • 1 cup of mushrooms • 1 cup tomato • 1 cup green beans • 1 cup of pimentos • 1 cup of cucumbers • 1 cup of broccoli  Fill half your plate with a colourful assortment of different vegetables for good nutrition and tastes to please your palate.


of fat choose oli For a good source Foil,aflats ado. x seed oil and avoc


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 74

Lean Protein


• 3 oz of beef • 3 oz of chicken or fish • 1 can of tuna • 8 -10 pieces of medium shrimp • 3 oz of Tofu • 3/4 cup hummus

of your plate

 Lean proteins are good for your heart and better for your waistline. Bake, broil, or grill your way to a delicious and healthy meal.  Vegetarians can exchange 3/4 of a cup legumes (beans or lentils) instead of 3 oz of animal protein.

Fruits 1 serving of Fruit makes a great dessert idea.

1 medium apple, pear ½ cup grapes = about 16 grapes 1 cup strawberries = about 12 berries

10/25/12 4:41 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 75

10/25/12 4:41 PM


ask experts


And the workplace By Danielle Duttenhofer LL.M, Managing Director Global Women Qatar

.. Let us count our blessings and harvest the joy of Thanksgiving


here’s a long tradition of harvest-time and thanksgiving celebrations throughout history. Every autumn, the ancient Greeks enjoyed a three-day festival to honor Demeter, the goddess of corn and grains. The Romans had a similar celebration in which they honored Ceres, the goddess of corn. The Roman celebration included music, parades, games, sports and a feast, much like modern Thanksgiving. The ancient Chinese held a harvest festival called Chung Ch'ui to celebrate the harvest moon. Families would get together for a feast, which included round yellow cakes called "moon cakes." Soon we will have the EID-Holidays in Qatar, and as with Thanksgiving, Eid is a time when everyone counts their blessings and offers thanks for friends and family. In practice, Thanksgiving isn't a religious occasion, but it is centered around gratitude. When we’re counting our blessings this Thanksgiving, work will probably not make the list for most of us. Certainly, compared to the far more important things that we’ll give thanks for—our families and friends, our For more information please contact r Elizabeth Blekkenhorst and Danielle Duttenhofe r furthe for and at info@globalwomenqat information please visit their website

health, our overall wellbeing—work seems like a distant part of our lives. Funnily enough, however, the origins of Thanksgiving are rooted in work.

promote friendship in the workplace; ultimately, people become friends for reasons of their own. Many workplaces also are reluctant to encourage personal relationships Yet it may be worthwhile for organizations to take that risk, for friendships can facilitate professional development and learning.

First on the list was “the professional satisfaction it provides me.” There is perhaps no more lasting source of pleasure than the inner fulfillment that comes from the feeling that one has done one’s best. “My boss” ranked third on the list. Almost as important as feeling good It comes as no surprise that “my about the kind of work we do is feeling co-workers” came in second. good about the person we do it for. Personal relationships play an Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t important role in our happiness at take much to earn the thanks of the work. Having friends at work helps people who report to you—show them us deal with job stress and gives that you’re grateful for their efforts, and us a wider perspective on our lives they’ll repay the gratitude. inside and outside the office. On the other end of the scale, it’s Research shows that inter-office both challenging and encouraging friendships are beneficial from the to find that among the choices, “my organization’s perspective as well. salary” ranked lowest. Challenging, People who have a best friend in because salary is the easiest tool their workplace are seven times to use for organizations who are more likely to be engaged in their trying to increase their employee’s work, and they’re also more likely satisfaction and earn their gratitude. to have satisfied customers and to Encouraging, because if money was innovate and share new ideas. the only thing that secured gratitude, Of course, there’s really only so work would be hollow. As our much an organization can do to research illustrates, we come to work for much more profound reasons than a paycheck—a point for which we should all be thankful. So this year, despite a weak but recovering economy and other domestic and international troubles, let us all count our “work”- blessings. •


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 76

10/25/12 4:41 PM

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Friday Saturday Saturday Sunday

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 77

10/25/12 4:41 PM



A Strong Relationship by Victoria Scott Photography Jessie Palanca

Britain’s new Ambassador to Qatar, Michael O’Neill, is still settling into the job after his arrival in May. Here he tells us about his career and the close relationship the UK has with Qatar.

His Excellency Michael O’Neill

ABODE: What were your first impressions of Qatar? It’s quite hot and humid! But aside from that, this place is exciting. So much is happening here across so many different areas. It’s breathtaking, the breadth of the vision, the scale of the ambition. It’s not just the obvious things, like Qatar’s growing diplomatic role– it’s also what is happening in healthcare, like Sidra, education and culture, like the growing prominence of Katara and the Museum of Islamic Art. ABODE: Qatar historically has a close relationship with the UK. Do you see this relationship growing and changing during your tenure here? I see it as a very strong relationship. I was told this by people in London

before I came out -from the Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister - at the very highest levels I was told this. Then when I met the Heir Apparent, he said the same thing. Everyone wants it to grow. Our commercial relationships are very important. Lord Green our trade minister will visit in November, in February the new Lord Mayor of London Roger Gifford will visit with a group of financiers, and hopefully London’s Mayor Boris Johnson will come, too. Aside from our commercial work here, some of our best business schools are establishing a presence in Qatar, and culture is also an important area. Next year the team from Shakespeare’s Globe will come here to Katara, and Sadler’s Wells dance company and the Young Vic theatre will come here, too. We hope it will be a year of cultural cooperation.

ABODE: What made you want to be a diplomat? I thought it would be exciting to live and work in different parts of the world. I was attracted by the variety of opportunities. I’ve worked in Brussels, in Washington and in New York, and I’ve worked a lot in Sudan. And now I’m here, in one of the most vibrant emerging powers in the world. I’ve never regretted my career choice. •

S P Q F d


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 78

10/25/12 4:41 PM

Sealine Beach Resort PO Box 50255 Mesaieed Qatar | Tel +974 4476 5299 Fax +974 4476 5298

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 79

10/25/12 4:41 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 80

10/25/12 4:41 PM


Whether you are visiting Abu Dhabi on business, or are simply planning a short break away, make sure you treat yourself to a luxury stay in the iconic JUMEIRAH at ETIHAD TOWERS Check- in at this 280m tall tower hotel and get ready to enjoy the city’s ultimate luxurious urban lifestyle experience! Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in the exclusive Ras Al Akhdar area on the West Corniche, close to the central business district and Ministries’ Area, this iconic beachfront tower boasts 382 guest rooms and suites, 199 serviced residences, all located between Levels 27 to 60, therefore all offering stunning sea views. Make the most of the outstanding facilities on offer in the premises: 12 restaurants, bars and lounges, a private beach, a gorgeous spa, three pools, a gym and an extensive conference centre with 13 meeting rooms. The 30 premium boutiques in the Avenue at Etihad Towers, just a lift ride away from your room, aren’t to be missed either for a quick shopping spree. And what better way to to end the day than at the Observation Deck, located on Level 74, to enjoy the 360 degree panoramic city skyline?


Jumeirah Hotel Skyline


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 81

10/25/12 4:41 PM


hotel of the month

Double your W Hotel experience by francesca moser

Plan your unforgettable getaway to paradise and take advantage of an exclusive package...

W Doha

W Maldives 82

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 82

10/25/12 4:42 PM


hotel of the month W Maldives Water Villa

W Maldives Villa


ndulge yourself with two of the most exciting and fashionable hotels around: the energetic urban W in Doha and the jet-setters's luxury playground at W Retreat & Spa in Fesdu in the North Ari Atoll. These two fabulous hotels, have joined forces to offer you the most amazing holiday ever. Travellers bound to and from W Maldives will be able to enjoy an outstanding Arabian stopover package in the iconic W in our beloved Doha. Tune into the unmistakable W zone and start to enjoy your luxurious stay before jetting off to paradise. Check into your Cool Corner Suite featuring state-of-art in room-entertainment, boasting a king sized signature W bed and panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf. Sip two welcome drinks in one of the hotel's buzzing nightlife venues: the Living Room, Wahm and Crystal, or simply kick-back and re-energise at the Bliss Spa. Wake up to an energizing breakfast at Market, W's Doha signature restaurant by internationally renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and you are ready to jet off to the magical Maldives, where turquoise lagoons and breath-taking reefs awaits you. Here, a welcome US$100 whatever/whenever credit will great you, and you will be offered a chance of enjoying a complimentary night with every three paying nights. Now the only thing to worry about is relaxing and making the most of the six gourmet eateries and nightlife spots including 15 BELOW, the region's only subterranean grotto bar, located 15-feet below sea level. What are you waiting for? Book this amazing package at, available until December 25th 2012.


of W Hote

l Maldives

Wow Room W Doha

For more information visit

W CafĂŠ Doha

W Hotel Exter

ior Doha


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 83

10/25/12 4:42 PM



Abode’s List of Top 5 Beaches in the World to Place on Your Must Visit List… By Francesca Cruz


has taken on the arduous task (this is to be read with a spoonful of sarcasm) of listing the top 5 best beach destinations in the world. Take a good look and start prepping and planning because these tropical wonders are sure to take your breath away…


Miami Beach, Florida

Known for its year-round endless summer weather, sand the colour of baby powder and its deep blue waters of the Atlantic, Miami Beach is one of the trendiest places to see and be seen. It is considered a tropical oasis where the beautiful and famous go to play. A large stretch of the beach known as South Beach, or SoBe is dedicated to art deco architecture. With its pastel hues, Miami Beach combines paradise with style and glamour, making it a unique tropical destination.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A gem of the Caribbean is one way to describe Punta Cana. It is 25 miles of breathtaking white sand and sapphire blue water. A perfect Eden where you can wave your cares away as you dive into the warm waters of the ocean or lounge poolside with a refreshing drink. Known for its all-inclusive resorts and family getaways, Punta Cana is an ideal location and number two on our list of Top 10 Beach Destinations.


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 84

10/25/12 4:42 PM

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 85

10/25/12 4:42 PM

Ahmed Hassan Bilal Trading & Contracting Co. WLL

Properties Listing NEW


Bilal Pearl Suites Westbay Lagoon Compound 5 bedroom villa fully furnished for QR 35,000/month

Apartments and beach chalets starting from QR 11,000/month Location: Viva Bahriya, The Pearl

Location: South gate Amenities: Swimming pool, terrace, private beach, children’s play area and tennis court

Amenities: Swimming pool, gym, steam room, Jacuzzi, parking, children’s room, function room and business center

Bilal Executive Suites


2 bedroom apartment fully furnished for QR 13,000/month

3 bedroom villa fully furnished for QR14,000/month

1 bedroom apartment semi-furnished for QR 11,500/month Location: Al Saad, Al Mirqab

Location: New Salata Amenities: garden, swimming pool, children’s play area

Amenities: underground parking, gym, steam room, rooftop Jacuzzi and barbecue area

For a new home or to book a visit contact us: 4442 8877 j 4442 1188 j 4441 7001 j 33787871 j 55711488 j 66671495 j

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 86

10/25/12 4:42 PM

Negril, Jamaica




The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a Shangri-La for paradisiacal adventure. When not enjoying the crystal clear waters of its famed Seven Mile Beach, you can go horseback riding, cliff jumping, ziplining, or even crocodile watching. Part of Negril’s charm is the many areas of the island that remain untouched making it a place that combines rugged beauty with a laid back atmosphere. The beautiful beaches, lush foliage and untamed appeal keep bringing visitors back to this splendid island.



Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The original destination for Spring Breakers, Ft. Lauderdale Florida has worked hard to rid itself of that title through the years. It has since become an oasis for leisure and relaxation. Stroll down Las Olas Boulevard and enjoy lunch at one of the many quaint restaurants, or do some shopping at one of the chic boutiques. With its stunning stretch of beaches, and its nearly, year-round sunny weather, it’s no wonder it made number four on our list.

Cancun, Mexico

Alabaster white sand beaches, the most impressive turquoise blue waters and locals that are genteel and welcoming would be the best way to sum up this gorgeous place. It is the premiere coastal destination in Mexico situated in the area known as Quintana Roo. Although a young city, it has blossomed quickly in the last 35 years making it a destination for world-class resorts, hotels, fine dinning and shopping.


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special promotion

Lounging In Style

The Gulf Air Way… BY Deliah Furcoi and Marlynne Mallari-Dela Peña

ABODE takes a short journey into a class of its own. Gulf Air talks about setting new standards in travelling, helping travelers enjoy the luxury, convenience and comfort that Bahrain's national carrier affords.

Recently the new look Falcon Gold Lounge in Bahrain International Airport was launched. How has it been received? Every different facility and service offered in our lounge has been tested by our passengers and all feedback has been very positive! The lounge is distinct in many ways – specifically, the architectural design of the new 1,720 sq. ft. lounge combines the traditional Arabian theme with modern amenities giving guests a sense of space and freedom. The lounge features well laid-out business, dining, lounging facilities and TV areas in addition to offering panoramic views of the runway through a high glass wall.

It can accommodate up to 200 people. Premium passengers have the added facilities of the “Quiet Lounge” which holds seven private sleeping rooms with comfortable beds, dimming lights and a 'do not disturb' option to rest in complete privacy. The sleeping rooms are also equipped with hi definition TVs with wireless headphones for those who want to watch their favourite programmes or listen to their choice of music in private. Additional facilities include a cigar lounge and shower rooms with hotel-style towels and luxury brand toiletries and amenities. For families the lounge offers a spacious family room with highly trained professional SkyNannies in attendance as well as a gaming room equipped with Xbox and PlayStation units.The lounge

"Our aspirations are to continue Gulf Air’s tradition of keeping passenger comfor t at the forefront and excelling our standards". Mr. Marcus Bernhardt, Gulf Air’s Chief Services Officer

is freely accessible to all Blue, Gold and Silver card-holding FFP members of Gulf Air, and Falcon Gold class ticket holders of Gulf Air and premium class ticket holders of the carrier’s code-share partner airlines. “We believe in investing in our customers and, as we keep improving ourselves in our customer service on the ground, we will continue to add more features and facilities in the air as well, so that our premium customers enjoy a consistently enhanced experience throughout their journey”- Mr. Samer Majali, Gulf Air Chief Executive Officer

In flight Sky Chef Service is being offered on other airlines, how do you differentiate Gulf Air’s service offering?


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special promotion

XBox Station

Gulf Air is committed to delivering a service that is complemented by our hallmark Arabian hospitality. Renowned for its role as a pioneering airline in the region, in 2002 Gulf Air became the first Middle East airline to introduce highly qualified and accredited in-flight SkyChefs to serve first class passengers onboard select long-haul flights. Gulf Air’s SkyChefs provide premium passengers with unparalleled dining service. The carrier’s Michelin-rated Chefs prepare tailor-made dishes based on passengers’ particular tastes and preferences.

Gulf Air Falcon Gold Lounge in Bahrain International Airport

Quiet Lounge

Children's Room

Gulf Air’s Falconflyer programme offers the best miles earning for premium Corporate travel programmes class in GCC and Middle East and the encourage companies to enrol in In 2010 three of Gulf Air’s SkyChefs best redemption rates for the GCC and this service. Can SMEs benefit? Middle East. won awards for their excellent Gulf Air offers unique and tailor-made demonstration and display of Miles have a validity period of three Falcon Corporate PLUS programme culinary skills at the annual ‘Chef years and passengers earn 250 extra designed to benefit Corporations Masters Salon Culinaire Bahrain.’ miles every time they book online for and SMEs. In the same year the airline any class/sector. Members can nominate launched the innovative Breakfast up to 8 family members and earn As a Falcon Corporate PLUS member, on Demand, whereby Falcon Gold 70% of their travelled miles. Gulf Air’s employees enjoy membership to passengers can choose when to Falconflyer programme also allows Falconflyer. This way, companies as receive their customized breakfast. all members to pay half of their well as employees will benefit from required redemption ticket fee in earning miles with business travellers "All Gulf Air premium passengers can miles and half in cash. accumulating miles for personal use and enjoy exceptional dining service and businesses simultaneously accumulating quality when flying with us." Mr. Marcus Tier bonuses for Silver and Gold miles for their corporate account. Bernhardt, Gulf Air’s Chief members are earned at 25% and 50%. Services Officer This is on top of the double miles when For every 1 USD spent, 1 mile is earned members travel in Falcon Gold. and Gulf Air Falcon Corporate PLUS You have three levels of offers a number of ways to redeem membership namely, Blue, Once members reach Silver or Gold miles whether through flights, upgrades, Silver and Gold. What status it's easy to maintain it, because excess baggage, lounge access or by advantages can a passenger expect from these memberships? the required number of loyalty points is gifting nominees. lowered for second and subsequent years of membership. Gold members who Complimentary upgrades are available, Gulf Air's Falconflyer programme has clock up a total of 10,000 loyalty points allowing companies to award their staff introduced several new and unique within a five year period, are awarded with special upgrades to Gulf Air’s features to the market, providing Gulf Gold membership for life! Falcon Gold Cabin. • Air customers with a series of benefits.


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auto review

Not her Baby SISTER Anymore By Wissam Assaf Photography Jessie Palanca

One of the best parts of my job is when I am asked to review cars for the magazine. Imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the 2013 Boxter by Porsche. My heart lept at the chance to get behind the wheel of what has always been one of my favourite cars on the road. af WissamaAss Racing Autopotenz


he latest version by Porsche is a restyled grown up version that leaves previous Boxter models in her wake and steps out from the shadow of her older sister, the Carrera, and allows her to stand on her own. The 2013 Boxter style has been totally updated,
and she comes equipped with great options. The 2013 version possesses superior ride comfort,
smoothness in her handling, a quiet cabin and of course, stunning
20” Carrera Classic wheels and

a purring engine sound at idle that transforms into a roar when she accelerates all made a remarkable impression on me. With
such a car you need to begin with
the technical specifications and

you ask for the
Sport Chrono package that contains the PDK Gearbox which makes the Boxter able to go from zero to 100km/h in 5.5 seconds). The 2013 Boxster has undergone
numerous improvements with
respect to the previous model but
the completely new exterior design
separates this model and makes her unique. The vertical contour lines of the
headlights are aggressive, and above

all, brave. In the third generation the

Boxster has finally grown up and become an adult by
not borrowing style from her elder
sister, the Carrera, anymore. The Boxter has

a front end that does not borrow from any of its predecessors, starting
with the 356 of the 1940s. That is
what I meant by brave.

The new Boxster is
equipped with a 2.7L Boxer engine
that delivers 265hp @ 6,700 RPM,
which is 10hp more than the earlier 2.9L
engine on earlier models (The Boxster S will have a 3.4L
engine capable of delivering 315hp). The 2013 Boxter features

Direct Fuel Injection and Vario Cam
Plus (I recommended that

While we traditionally think of the Boxter as a convertible, she is actually not, as she possesses a soft top design as well. For the first time, the new Boxster
looks quite attractive with the soft top
closed and the car looks great from
the rear. Which is what most people will see as you ride past them on the open road.
The silky lines

extend into
an aerodynamic integrated spoiler
that transitions seamlessly to the LED taillights. On the inside, the race track
experience that inspired the
center console of the Carrera GT, coupled with Porsche’s ingenious
electronics, have become the
trademark for a sporty, practical and
elegant interior in all Porsche cars. The instrument panel respects this
heritage and is home to a 4.6-inch
TFT screen that displays information
from the on-board computer, audio
system, navigation, and the G-force
meter. This car is fitted with dual rollover
protection, ultrahigh-strength
steel bars in the front and composite
Aluminum/Steel roll-overbars behind
the seats in the back. For the first
time the decision to buy a Boxster
is not by any means driven by a
limited budget attempting to defy
reality. It is still cheaper than the 911, considerably so, but that's not the
deciding factor anymore as it has a
competitive identity all her own. •


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BlackBerry’s Shopping Apps

ZARA See new arrivals every week. Also season photos, lookbook and collection.

Carrefour Attention Shoppers! Carrefour's intelligent little app is now available on all major phones tailored especially for you, which you'd only expect from a major retailer in the region (or kingdom): whether you are in the kitchen, the house, in the actual store or even in another store! Managing your shopping experience on your personal phone, at your fingertips has never been this worthwhile.

Vogue Stylist App helps you discover the latest fashion trends, celebrity looks and runway style. It helps you find the look that works for you customized by body shape, occasion and colour. You can also ask the Vogue India team for fashion advice and they will personally respond within 72 hours.

Shopping search

ScanLife Barcode Reader ScanLife turns your camera phone into an all-in-one bar code reader so now it’s easier than ever to quickly access websites, product pricing, videos & more. Scan any of the common codes you see on ads or signage like QR Codes, Datamatrix and EZcode.

Vogue Stylist The

atch W o t s p p A

Spice up your BlackBerry by uploading the latest apps to assist you in your shopping this season!

Shopping Search is based on data sourced from Google's Shopping search. Giving you a vast range of products that you can find, and buy from many merchants listed with Google. If you are a online merchant, then if you register with Google as a seller, then you can have your products listed in this app too.

Zinio Zinio is the premier app for magazines, giving readers immediate access to thousands of global titles. Read and download single issues or subscriptions of your favourite magazines and sync your library to your home computer, smart phone and tablet seamlessly. Keep up with trending topics and stories from magazines like Rolling Stone, The Economist, Hello!, US Weekly, T3, Macworld, Travel + Leisure and many more.

Debenhams Shop the Flush The Fashion Flush the Fashion features updates on Art, Culture, Rock n Roll, Gadgets, Cars and Movies.

Debenhams mobile-enabled site on your phone 24/7! Access the full website product range, store locations and opening hours as well as Debenhams TV through YouTube and our Facebook page!

by t to you Brough y rr e B Black

berr appwor .com/ cebook www.fa d Twitter an ryME er B ck ry Bla lackBer @ME_B


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360 at a glance O


Sony has unveiled its latest Bravia LED television, the 84-inch class. It consists of 8.29 megapixel and a 4K LED panel. Another brilliant feature is SimulView, a function which allows 2-player games to be played without having to split the screen. Essentially, the TV will display two separate Full HD images, permitting each player to view their own screen through the SimulView glasses. It will be available in Qatar from mid-November at Fifty One East’s outlets.

Home Centre have conducted a workshop for their clients to learn about how they can put visual merchandising skills into use in their own homes. Participants were put to the test by asking them to decorate a mock room applying the skills gained in the workshop


Farah Rahim Ismail has been appointed as Christie’s consultant in the region. She has extensive experience in the art world and before her time at Christie’s London, Farah’s career included being the director of a prestigious London gallery and she was head of projects for the British contemporary artist, Gavin Turk. She has also worked as an international exhibition manager for a Swiss art dealership. Coming from a rich background in arts will help her in organizing upcoming highlight exhibitions of which Christie’s had held two in recent years in Doha, showcasing international as well as Middle Eastern sale highlights.


Kempinski Hotels around the world will work to save water, electricity, gas and other resources, reduce and recycle waste, and eliminate outputs into the sea and the environment. The team will hold monthly meetings to discuss innovative ideas, new projects and ways to improve the daily operations of the hotel while reducing environmental impact. By commencing guest, hotel and employee awareness programs and setting up new staff training, Kempinski is creating new traditions that move the company towards its goal to improve its environmental sustainability.


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Wyndham Grand Regency Doha Hotel is pleased to name Mr. Tarek Shehata as the new Director of Sales & Marketing as of last month. He holds a degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management from Johnson & Wales university in the USA. He has 20 years of experience at five star hotels in the GCC, USA and Europe.



Ebn Sina Medical with its partners Janssen, Lundbeck, Collin & Gum Butler participated in Qatar Foundation Mental Health Day. “ The Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives” event took place in QF’s Msheireb Center (Tornado Tower) last month and was organized by the HSSE directorate as part of its ongoing responsibility for building and maintaining a positive environment for Qatar Foundation staff, students and visitors.


Iconic lifestyle brand Juicy Couture introduces Viva la Juicy La Fleur, a new olfactive interpretation of the original best-selling fragrance, Viva la Juicy. Launching this month in Qatar, Viva la Juicy La Fleur explores a new facet of the original Viva la Juicy brand. A fresh interpretation, La Fleur embodies modern femininity.


Staff members of Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulance Service were recently acknowledged for their courage and professionalism when responding to a road traffic accident in a massive sandstorm in Al Khor. The staff were given certificates of recognition during a ceremony conducted by Dr Robert Owen, CEO of HMC Ambulance Services. Among those recognized were Amanda Kaighin, Critical Care Paramedic, and Edwin Aviles and Wahid Friha, Ambulance Paramedics.


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Amari Doha is set to make history as the first Amari hotel in the Middle East will open its doors to the public in the Qatari capital this month. To celebrate the occasion, Amari Doha is offering a special Opening Welcome Package available from the Amari website Damian Ball, General Manager, Amari Doha, says that, “Guests of the Amari Doha will be warmly welcomed, well taken care of, and encouraged to acquaint themselves with all that Doha has to offer. To this end a special Amari Host will be at hand within the property to advise guests on the city’s best attractions, points of interests, popular dining and entertainment hot spots, as well as cultural events and more. Whether for business or pleasure we wish to ensure that our guests make the most of their time in this bourgeoning city.”


Organised by the Qatar-Japan 2012 Committee with the aim of sharing Qatari culture with the people of Japan, visitors to Ferjaan had experienced traditional Qatari arts, crafts and culture through a series of activities including henna painting, falconry, embroidery, Pearl trading, calligraphy and traditional Qatari cuisine. The event was graced by high profile visitors including H.E. Abdulla bin Hamad Al Attiya Chairman of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and Princess Hisako Takamadu, who were introduced to ROTA’s project and initiatives.


Nine-Time Grammy Award Winner Wynton Marsalis performed to celebrate the first international venue of New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center. Music-lovers enjoyed listening to his incredible talent at The St Regis Doha last month. Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha will host more than just concerts, as the venue will continue Jazz at Lincoln Center’s tradition of offering a wide variety of cultural and educational programs.


Wok Mee at Mövenpick Tower & Suites Doha is running a competition until November 13, 2012. Go to their facebook page at Moevenpick.Doha.Tower for further details. Don’t miss your chance to win their weekly ‘Crazy 88’ competition. LIKE their page and win the chance to dine at Wok Mee Noodle House Weekend Dim Sum Brunch with your favourite friends. Start your LUCK now!


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One of the most glamorous events in 2012, where glitters and awards paved it’s way to the peninsula of Doha. The 2012 Qatar Choice Awards winners!

or of L-R: Moona Masri-Whit ice, Executive Direct n Bilal, Hassa d Ahme ines, Magaz DE ABO and QH Chair man of AHB Group

L-R: Ashlee Starratt, Editor, QH Magaz ine, Jorge Granda, Sales and Communicat ions Manager, QH Magaz ine

L-R: Ahmed Hassan Bilal, Hussein Alfard


Figueireda-Foltin, Martin Foltin L-R: Khalid Ahmed Hassan Bilal, Ana Manager, Spice Market at the W Doha

, General

The W Doha Team

The Oryx Rotana team Left: Sarah Mroueh, IFP Qatar, Right: Khalifa Saleh Haroon, Founder of

The ABODE & Qatar Happening team

Violinist Patriz ia Döringer

Right: Ifteqar Ahmed, Deput y General Manager, AHB Group


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! n o i t c a , a r e m a c Lights, abode

Compiled by Marlynne Mallari - Dela Pena

As the red carpet is rolling at the streets of Qatar for the Tribeca Festival, we picked up the top lists on dvds, books and music, to make your local tinseltown experience fabulous and exciting, even at the comfort of your own abode!

To Read

The Kite Runner {43 QR}


To Listen

Snow White & The Huntsman {85 QR}

Daddy Yankee PRESTIGE {60 QR}

ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 98

1. Danny and Mark, welcome back with album number three! M: We’ve been writing music since we were 14. We’re only happy to get into the studio again and write more music.


D: You know we can’t help but feel massive confidence coming off the back of the two albums so far. But this album now, I kind of feel that we are looking at our music as a whole. There’s two types of people in the world, people who listen to the lyrics and people who listen to the music But I really feel that we have spent a lot of time on both: people who listen to the lyrics and people who listen to the music are both coming out and saying ‘wow, we think this is some of your best stuff.’ 3. How far are the lyrics reflecting what’s been happening in your own lives? I’m thinking of the line “everything we owned in a cardboard box” …


ucts All prod able at are avail store ega Virgin M 98

The Script - #3 Danny & Mark

2. Did the success of the previous two albums give you a big confidence boost?

The Help {42 QR}

To Watch

An interview with The Script

M: While we were recording this album Danny was doing ‘The Voice’ and I was also doing lots of construction to my house and Danny was in the process of buying a new house. And these are all firsts for us: whenever we had the money to buy a house, we’ve never had the money to buy a car – we still don’t own cars. 4. Tell me about how you both came up with the very emotional song ‘If You Could See Me Now’… D: Both of our parents passed away early on in recording the first album. Considering that they were the ones that pushed us through and always said follow your heart, in some ways they obviously knew that this would work out for us eventually, but again it’s sad that they’re not here to see that. That’s what the song’s about, you know, it’s the give and take of everything.

10/25/12 4:44 PM

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10/25/12 4:44 PM


ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 100

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Let us join together in common cause. Let us embrace every opportunity as a possibility. Let us dedicate ourselves to making a difference. Let us never forget that real succss is found in the power of community.

The Ritz-Carlton, Doha is delighted to invite you to “Let Us Unite for Our Future“ charity day to raise awareness on social and environmental issues. Join us on Saturday, November 17, 2012 beginning at 8am with a walk-a-thon followed by several family and sports activities; including a family barbecue. To RSVP, call The Ritz-Carlton, Doha at +974-4484-8000.

© 2012 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.


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ABODE NOVEMBER 20x26.5.indd 102

10/25/12 4:44 PM

YOUR LIFE • YOUR STYLE • your home

Fashion / Retail

Aida Aldo Aldo Accessories Bench Berluti Birkenstock Change Titto Bluni Marc Jacobs Celine CH By Carolina Herrera Charles & Keith Dune Ermenegildo Zegna Events Garage Geox Geox Gucci Karen Millen Lacoste Naturalizer Ninewest Pull & Bear Ralph Lauren Sketchers Spring Swarovski Pronovias The Athlete’s Foot Hyatt Plaza The Deal Tod’s


Faces Inglot L’Occitane Make Up For Ever

Hotels & Restaurants Al Bustan Al Seef Chowking Doha Marriott Hotel Four Seasons Grand Hyatt Grand Regency InterContinental Kempinski Residences & Suites La Cigale Hotel Liza Megu Marriott Hotel Mövenpick Hotel Mövenpick Tower & Suites Mercure Grand Merweb Central Doha


Royal Plaza, 2nd Floor The Mall Villaggio Mall City Centre Hyatt Plaza Villaggio Mall, VIP section The Mall Royal Plaza, 1st floor Royal Plaza, 1st floor Villaggio Mall, VIP section Villaggio Mall, VIP section Villaggio Mall, VIP section City Centre Hyatt Plaza Landmark Mall Villaggio Mall VIP section Royal Plaza, 1st floor City Centre Villaggio Mall Landmark Mall Villaggio Mall Villaggio Mall Landmark Mall Landmark Mall Villaggio Mall Hyatt Plaza City Centre Hyatt Plaza Landmark Mall Landmark Mall Villaggio Mall VIP section City Centre Villaggio Mall Land Mark Mall Villaggio Mall, VIP section Villaggio Mall 4416-5133 Al Sadd, Main Road Villaggio Mall

4413-1188 4467-8896 4450-7391 4411-5289 4469-0476 4416-1860 4455-0233 4413-1177 4413-1144 4413-4767 4413-4763 4413-4748 4493-4437 4469-0413 4487-8158 4413-4765 4413-1155 4483-9324 4450-7194 4488-7531 4413-XXXX 4460-4279 4487-5222 4488-7604 4450-7191 4416-5132 4483-9543 4468-2919 4486-4038 4487-6856 4413-5655 4483-9476 4460-4963 4483-8158 4416-1856 4450-7477

Villaggio Mall Landmark Mall Hyatt Plaza Landmark Mall Villaggio Mall Hyatt Plaza

4450-7189 4487-9519 4416-5130 4486-5149 4450-7585 4459-2061

Museum Park St. Al Aaliya Street Salwa Road Al Saad St. Al Khor Ras Abu Aboud St. Corniche Road West Bay Lagoon Al Sadd Al Istiqlal Rd, West Bay West Bay Doha

4435-2227 4433-2222 4437-1212 4431-4411 4411-8816 4429-8888 4494-8888 4448-1234 4434-3333 4484-4444 4405-3333

4442-4043 4413-4937

60 Suhaim Bin Hamad St. 4428-8888 Porto Arabia 4495-3876 ext:1721 Porto Arabia 7780-9513 Corniche 4429-8806 Corniche Road 4429-1111 Westbay 4496-6600 Musherib Street 4446-2222 Ras Abu Abboud St. 4409-4444

Milennium Hotel Nando’s Oryx Rotana Pampano Ramada Encore Ramada Plaza Ritz-Carlton Sealine Beach Resort Sizzling Hot Spot Sharq Village & Spa Sheraton Doha St. Regis Doha TSE YANG W Doha

Cars ∕ Motoring

Infinity Mercedes Benz Nissan Mannai Renault

Clubs / Leisure

Mourjan Marinas IGY Pearl Lounge Club

Jawaan Street, Al Sadd 4424-7777 Hyatt Plaza 4450-5853 City Centre 4417-5756 Airport Rd. 4402-3333 Porto Arabia 4495-3876 ext.1221 Ahmed Bin Moh’d St. 4444-3444 C Ring Rd. 4428-1428 West Bay Lagoon 4484-8000 Mesaieed Umm Said 4476-5299 Holiday Villa Hotel 4411-5335 Ras Abu Abboud St. 4425-6666 Corniche Road 4485-4444 Westbay 4446-0000 4495-3876 ext. 2071 Porto Arabia West Bay Lagoon 4453-5353 Salwa Showroom 4428-3333 Salwa Road 4462-4444 Salwa Showroom 4428-3333 Al Sadd 4444-1334 Yarmouk 4488-8618 Industrial 4455 8709 Salwa Showroom 4428-3333 Lusail Marina Doha Marriott Hotel

5575-6389 4429-8444

Education City


Royal Plaza, 2nd floor Royal Plaza, 2nd floor

4413-1122 4432-0938


Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar


Ray’s Reef The Cinema Palace

Furniture / Interior Design Articles Bo Concept Forum Design Ligne Roset/ DEDON The One Home Centre


Doha Dental

Royal Plaza, 2nd Floor City Centre Al Hilal Souq Najed, Salwa Road Landmark Mall Villaggio Mall City Centre

4413-1188 4411-5054 4456-8716 4431-1843

Al Saad


4488-8669 4450-7778 4483-9400

Real Estate

Ahmed Hassan Bilal Al Areej St. Al Asmakh 4442-8877 Trading & Construction Co. Tornado Tower, Ground Floor 4491-3222 LS: Keep Moving

Spa and Wellbeing Guerlain Alfardan Spa The Spa Plastic Surgicentre

Westbay Doha Marriott Hotel 149 Najma St., Al Hilal

4499 9250 4429-8520 4466-2260

Hospitals ∕ Emergency

Police & Fire Department 999 Doha Clinic Hospital 4438-4333 Hotline 4435-5999 Al Ahli Hospital 4489-8000 Doha Dental 4431-7766 Hamad General Hospital 4439-2222 Rumailah Hospital 4439-2948 Pediatric Emergency Centre 4439-2948 Qatar Foundation for Child 4466-6671 to 73 & Protection Hotline Get noticed in the pages of ABODE. Email us at for your free listing today!


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ABODE - November 2012  

Your Life • Your Style • Your Home

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