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Tionghoa Jakarta’s Historic Chinese Culture

Bang Guido & Non Intan

Initial Presence of Chinese Culture

The Chinese landed in Indonesia in the 7th century. In the 11th century, they began to live in Indonesia, especially in the east coast of Sumatra and West Kalimantan. Then in the 14th century, there are Chinese people began to migrate to Java, especially along the north coast of Java.

Assimilation Chinese people who came to Indonesia is easy to mingle with the local population so that they were welcomed with hospitality and open arms. The immigrants who bring their families, then formed a village called Kampung China or Chinatown.

Commerce Historical Centre

The word comes from Sundanese Glodok "Golodog". Golodog means the entrance of the house, as






entrance to the Sunda kingdom. Glodok






Chinatown region in the country and one

of the largest in the world.

It’s an old Chinatown area that has historical value to this day remains. In the past, this area is one of the busiest commercial centers visited by the public. Chinese culture is so embedded in the region. Building forms and traditions of this very unique ethnicity to be explored further. On days like Chinese New Year celebration of ethnic Chinese and Cap Go Meh, the area is visited by tourists both local and foreign.

Vihara Jin De Yuan & Toa Se Bio

Jin De Yuan or Dharma Bakti is located on Jl. Kemenangan III and was built in 1650. Toa Se Bio or Dharma Jaya is located on the same street and was originally built in 1714 and restored in 1751.

St. Maria Fatima Catholic Curch The church name’s was Gereja Santa Maria de Fatima (Our Lady of Fatima Church) or it has also known as Gereja Toasebio (Toasebio Church). Located





Glodok, West Jakarta. The church was originally the house of a Chinese trader and was once also used as a temple before being turned into a church in 1954.

generation Latif Yusuf for almost 6

10 kg of coffee powder in 10 days, a

The Coffee produced in this store c its good quality coffee beans.

Established since 1927. This coffee shop is currently run by the third generation Latif Yusuf for almost 60 years. "Tak Kie Coffee" would consume 10 kg of coffee powder in 10 days, and within 7 days when it has many visitors. The Coffee produced in this store comes from Lampung which is famous for its good quality coffee beans.

Bihun Kari Lam Gang Gloria Located on the corner of Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan 3, a small alley more famously known as Gang Gloria is a small food court. One of the favorite meals is a comfort dish of thin noodle rice served in a thick beef curry.

Conservation • “Petak Sembilan” area is an area with huge potential as a commercial area. By reviving the atmosphere of the current nine plots as 'asleep' is expected

to run back the economy of the region.

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Introducing Jakarta's Tionghoa Culture (Chinatown)  

Brief insight about the origin of chinese culture in indonesia, especially west jakarta.

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