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The Historical Site of Jakarta’s Old Town By : Bang Angga & Non Trixie

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Where is the Kota Tua Location?

Sunda kelapa

It was a main port of Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran (13th -16th century)


Fatahillah, on behalf of the Demak attacked the Portuguese in Sunda Kelapa and succeeded in conquering the harbour on June 22, 1527

BATAviA Thename‘Old Batavia’ or also known as‘ Oud Batavia’ aregiven by VOC to respect theancestor of Dutchman which is‘Batavieren’ and that’s wheretheBetawi name comefrom

JAKARTA When Indonesia declared their independent in 1945, ‘Batavia’ changed to ‘Jacatra’ and then for the reason of our spelling convenience, the name has been modified to Jakarta. Kota Tua no longer the central of government,


‫ ٭‬Museums ‫ ٭‬Culinary ‫ ٭‬Art Crafts ‫ ٭‬Cycling an



with Bike

Some of THE Museums in Kota Tua National Files Museum

Wayang Museum

Fine Art and Ceramic Museum

Jakarta History Museum

Art Crafts Along the street of the old town (Kota Tua), there are crafts sold as a souvenir

Culinary Tourism There are many culinary varieties from Batavian traditional food to the modern European and Asian food

You may also travel around Kota Tua with thisvintagebicycle called “Onthel�. This kind of bicyclewas commonly used in the colonial era.

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The Historical Site of Jakarta's Old Town  

The newest, the latest presentation about Kota Tua in West Jakarta

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