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Benefit Enrollment Guide June 1, 2011 Open Enrollment begins May 1, 2011 and ends June 30, 2011.

Now is your opportunity to review your benefit elections and determine if you need to make changes. Remember, open enrollment is your only chance each year to make changes to your elections, unless you or your family members experience an eligible "change in family status" -- such as marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, loss of coverage, a spouse's open enrollment period, etc. You must notify Human Resources (typically within 31 days of a family status change) in order to make changes to your benefit elections outside of open enrollment.

Take a look at the Changes made to NASCO’s Benefit Package, effective June 1, 2011: Please note: Please review attached benefit summary sheet for a general understanding of your benefits. We encourage you to read all the enrollment information carefully, keep a copy for your records, and share it with your family.

Health Plan Benefit Changes Plan Type

2010 PPO Old Plan

General Office Copay

$20 Copay

Deductible Prescription Drugs

  

2011 Blended New Plan $30 PPO - Out of State $30/$50 Blue Value - In State





Increased Office Visit Copay to $30 Increased Deductible to $750 Changed Prescription to 3-tier: $15 Generic Copay, $30 Formulary Brand Copay, $45 Non-Formulary Copay

Dental Plan Benefit Changes  

Roll over feature has been discontinued All other plan features remain the same

For a list of providers and general information please refer to the last page of this benefit summary. Vision Plan Benefit 

No Changes

Life and Disability Benefit 

No Changes


Medical NASCO will be offering medical care benefits through Blue Cross of Idaho. Please see the table below for a brief summary of coverage under the plan effective June 1, 2011.

As always, please refer to the Summary Plan Description provided to you by Advanced Benefits for the exact benefit levels associated with your procedure.

Idaho Coroprate Office – Blue Value

Out of Idaho PPO Plan

Calendar Year Deductible

$750 Member/$1,500 Family (in network) $1500 Member/$3000 Family (out of network)

$750 Member $1,500 Family

Maximum Out-of Pocket

$3,000 In-Network $5,000 Out-of-Network

$3,000 In-Network $5,000 Out-of-Network


80% In-Network/60% Out-of-Network

80% In-Network/60% Out-of-Network


100% - See attached list

100% - See attached list

Office Visits (for illness or injury)

$30 PCP copay, $50 Non PCP copay Primary Care Provider (PCP)

$30 Copay

Chiropractic Care

80% after deductible - $800 Max

80% after deductible - $800 Max

In-Patient Hospitalization

80% after deductible

80% after deductible

Out-Patient Hospitalization

80% after deductible

80% after deductible

In-Patient MH/CD

80% after deductible

80% after deductible

Out-Patient MH/CD

80% after deductible

80% after deductible

Prescription Drugs

$15 Formulary Generic $30 Formulary Brand $45 Non-formulary

$15 Formulary Generic $30 Formulary Brand $45 Non-formulary

Emergency Room

$100 Copay, then Deductible/Coinsurance

$100 Copay, then Deductible/Coinsurance

*These benefits illustrate In-Network benefits only. This is a summary of benefits only. Limitations and details are provided in policy documents and will prevail in the event of any discrepancies herin.

Dental NASCO will continue to use Delta Dental as our dental insurance provider. This benefit is of no cost to the employee, as NASCO pays 100% of the benefits payable to the employee. Please see the table below for a brief summary of coverage under Delta Dental’s dental plan. Please see the Summary Plan Description provided to you by Delta Dental for the exact benefit levels associated with your procedure. To receive the highest level of benefit, you must see an in-network provider * Please see the contract booklet for specific benefit levels and information, this table is for illustrative purposes only and should not be deemed as a guarantee of coverage. ** Out of network reimbursement to provider is based on amounts paid to in network providers. Member may be subject to balance billing for services received out of network

Type of Service


Annual Maximum


Annual Deductible

$50 per person $150 family maximum

Preventive Services (cleaning, x-rays, fluoride treatments, etc.)


Basic Services (fillings, sealants, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics etc)

80% after deductible

Major Services (crowns, bridges, etc.)

50% after deductible

Child Orthodontia

50% After Deductible, $1,000 Lifetime max

Vision NASCO offers a vision plan to you through VSP. The plan will allow you to get an eye exam for a $25 copay and then the option of lenses/frames or contacts for a $25 copay every 12 months. Other services are covered as listed below.

Basic Life & AD&D Insurance NASCO provides benefits to eligible employees with group life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance in the amount of $50,000. This coverage is provided through Regence Life & Health. If you would like to update your beneficiary information, please contact the Human Resource Department. Â

Vision Insurance

In Network Benefits


100% after $25 Copay


$105 Frame Allowance

Lenses Single Bifocal Trifocal Lenticular

100% 100% 100% 100%

Contact Lenses

$105 allowance

Frequency Allowance Exam Lens Frames

12 months 12 months 12 months

Short-Term Disability Short-term Disability Benefit Information

Benefits Begin

After 8 days of disability

Benefit Duration

12 Weeks

Percentage of Income Replaced

66 2/3% to max of $600/week

NASCO will continue to offer short-term disability income protection for eligible employees. This benefit is of no cost to the employee, as NASCO is happy to provide this benefit.

Long Term Disability NASCO provides full-time employees with long-term disability income benefits, and pays the full cost of this coverage. In the event you become disabled from an injury or sickness, disability income benefits are provided as a source of income. Long-Term Disability Benefit Information

Benefits Begin

90 Days

Benefit Duration

To Age 65

Percentage of Income Replaced

Up to 60% of pre-disability earnings

Maximum Benefit

Up to a maximum benefit of $7,500/month


When You Have Questions The information in this Employee Benefits Guide is presented for illustrative purposes and is based on information provided by the employer. The text contained in this Guide was taken from various summary plan descriptions and benefit information. While every effort was taken to accurately report your benefits, discrepancies, or errors are always possible. In case of discrepancy between the Guide and the actual plan documents, the actual plan documents will prevail. All information is confidential, pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. If you have any questions about your Guide, contact Human Resources.

About Your Benefits Over 95% of any questions or issues you may encounter can be resolved through the insurance carrier websites. They are all designed for you to have access to your entire plan and claims information, including information for any of your enrolled dependents. It’s simple for you to register and login to each of the sites. All carriers are reducing the number of call service representatives and their websites have become terrific interactive and informational tools for you to get most of your questions answered. The websites include the following information: Claims Information: View expanded claims information and receive a report detailing your health care expenditures Eligibility: See who’s covered under your plan and what benefits they are eligible for ID Cards: Request ID cards or print temporary ID cards for you and your covered family members Provider Directory: Look up doctors and facilities and find participating providers Benefit Plan Design: View your specific benefits summary Forms: Download and print necessary forms

Still Have Questions? If you cannot get your questions answered by the carrier directly or are not sure where to find an answer, please do not hesitate to call Advanced Benefits or Travis Berti in HR at (208)783-0361 or


Type of Insurance




Blue Cross of Idaho


Delta Dental of Idaho



Life & Disability

Regence Life & Health

Additional Benefit Information

Phone Number


Advanced Benefits


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Benefit Enrollment Guide - 18MAY  

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