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On Senior Night,

Oct. 12, the Longhorns played against University City High School. At half time, NFL quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars and 2008 graduate, Blaine Gabbert walked onto the field. The varsity team celebrated Gabbert’s appearance by retiring his jersey number. “It was a great honor and I appreciate what the athletic department has done to recognize their former athletes,” Gabbert said. Along with a visit from an NFL player during half time, seniors also received individual recognition by walking down the track with their parents and were given corsages. “Senior night was so surreal. It never hit me that it was the last home game. We just played as hard as we could,” senior JC Demuri said. During the last minute of the game, the Longhorns were down 28-35. “We had the ball at the 13-yard line. When [sophomore runningback] Michael [Bruhin] fumbled on the five-yard line, Jerrord [Williams] scooped it up and ran it in for the score,” freshman Robert Connor said. The score was tied at 35-35, and the game went into overtime. “We ended up losing to a field goal. I was happy with the team’s effort and the support from the fans, but the score was disappointing,” senior Kris Maddox said. The final score for the game was 35-38. “It was the toughest loss because we played our hearts out. We wanted to win no matter what to honor the seniors. We wanted to win even more to impress Gabbert, but it was such a great feeling having him there to watch us play so hard,” junior David Baranski said.

tackle overtime





Moments “Playing basketball at Coach [Jeff ] Duncan’s barbecue got a little intense,” -Quentin Key


“Playing in the homecoming football game freshmen year because I got to play on varsity,” -JC Demuri

Ten senior football players look back on their most treasured memories.

“Definitely not the last drive of my senior night game,” -Ryan Demuri

Abigail Narishkin

“When my team nicknamed me Skywalker and Silent Assassin,” -Luke Anderson

“The ride down to Fayetteville because it was good to be bonding with my teammates,” -Jon Demuri

Halftime Blues During a home game against Ladue, senior running back Quentin Key gets 133 rushing yards. Key also scored one touchdown. “I felt good up until the second half and then it just got out of hand. We were down by a lot and it was frustrating because all of our summer work didn’t pay off,” Key said. photo by dave condit

“The second home game against Ladue because it was freezing, raining and everyone was dressed in swimming trunks. It was a fun game,” -Harlan Smith

Senior Night because everyone got into the game, the fans went crazy, it was our last home game, and we got a lot of support,” -Kris Maddox

“The U-City game was our best because the fans were really into it and even ran out of the stands to the fence,” -Michael Johnson

“Scoring the first touchdown of the season because I didn’t play last year and then to come back and score the first one of the year was impressive,” -Jerrord Williams

“Senior barbecu at Coach [Jeff ] Duncan’s house because I won the washers championship, i was pretty great -Mustafa Saff

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“It was cool knowing I put points on the board. Whenever we got a touchdown the crowd started chanting and it rubbed off on the team and energized us,” -Troy Thomas, 11

Going Deep

Rolling to his left, freshman Robert Connor plays quarterback for the JV football team in the game against Central. Connor had six completions in his seven attempts. “It was cold, so it was hard to grip the ball, but I got used to it after a while and completed several passes,” Connor said. photo by dave condit

Coming for the Colts

Wide receiver freshman Daniel Bickert, jumps as he attempts to make a onehanded grab and put the freshmen team ahead in the fourth quarter. The Longhorns lost to the Central Colts in overtime by one point. “This was one of the coolest catches I ever had. If we had won, Coach [Ryan] Pietsch would have had his first win against the Colts,” Bickert said. photo by dave condit

Going the Distance

Catching a pass at the 35 yard line, junior Aaron Reale is tackled. Reale’s farthest yardage was 25. “The most exciting moment for me was when Troy [Thomas] ran back the touchdown against Summit,” Reale said. photo by dave condit

Like Brother, Like Brother

At the home game on Aug. 31, senior JC Demuri gets in the huddle. Demuri was out for the whole season due to a torn meniscus. “I missed playing especially since it was my last year. I got the same excitement from watching, but the game against University City was intense. The scores were really close and my brother Ryan got injured at the end,” JC Demuri said. photo by dave condit

abigail narishkin and emma ebert

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“I felt like it was my job to get the first down, so I put the team on my back and just gave it my all.” -Simon Lindo, 9




Quotable Moments

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