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unified workforce contextual activity platform

why The service business, regardless of industry or culture, is often defined as "obsequious hoop jumpers compelled to provide consistent delivery amidst a sea of variables". ABM is driven to ensure our personnel always have what they need to exceed our clients’ expectations. Let's face it, our goal is to evolve the level of service provided from every perspective. The Unified Workforce activity management system does just that by delivering a compelling - insightful - relevant industry shaping solution. Welcome to the new age.

what Unified Workforce (UW) is a middleware product which provides it users with contextual insight and promotes collective intelligence. Three primary roles consume and contribute to UW; field, office and client. Leveraging a pure cloud based PAAS model (platform as a service), UW flips upside down work activity delivery mechanisms found in traditional work order and knowledge management systems. A socially governed user environment designed to match work activity with labor resources blurs the lines between employee based and local labor based resources allowing unfettered delivery of service spanning urban, suburban and rural service regions. Providing what the user needs BEFORE they know they need it is simplified by the elegant manner in which UW optimizes the use of the foundational service buss and metadata management components. UW is NOT a work order system, financial system or relationship management system. UW IS a holistic framework which optimizes contextual service information to its participants thus sharply increasing productivity and amplifying field level esprit de corps.

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Designed to show the power of the activity platform

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