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Mission Vision

TLG Human Resources QMS Controlled Document: R-TLG-WI-1003-1 Created 2009 Strategy Map: 3-5 Year Time Horizon Strategic Theme: Fusing talent, process and culture into Linc success Mission Our mission is to deliver, measure and continuously improve innovative people programs and processes that support the current and future needs of the employees and the business. We will accomplish this in a manner that is fair, respectful, efficient, and results in a great place to work.

Vision We are the trusted strategic business partner who utilize expertise to deliver outstanding solutions, facilitate employees’ success and create organizational pride.

Strategic Objectives Stakeholder Perspective

Improve Stakeholder Value Maximize value of service offerings

Target and retain quality talent

Customer Value Proposition

Internal Process Perspective

Customer Perspective

Product/Service Attributes

Fortify relationships to align and enhance services

Strengthen employee and feedback processes

Foster a culture of change and resiliency

Leverage available resources to improve processes

Human Capital

Learning & Growth Perspective


Promote creative and ethical problem solving

Information Capital

Foster a unified culture of continual learning and development Leverage subject matter experts to facilitate knowledge transfer Enhance supervisor and management skills


Live core values to make us a trusted parnter

Enhance methods and styles of communication

Promote awareness of documented processes

Organization Capital

Become employer of choice Maximize use of technology to improve services

Stimulate learning environment based on core values Promote collaborative cross training

= Strategic Objectives 090617MC

QMS Controlled Document: R-SOP-0021-1 Strategy Map Template - 3 to 5 Year Horizon

Rev: 070802MC

FSG HR Strategy Map  

Strategy Map of the FSG HR group; created in 2009

FSG HR Strategy Map  

Strategy Map of the FSG HR group; created in 2009