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Metropolis Mobile | Apple /Android mobile We heard you loud and clear “Metropolis is great if I am at a computer; get me a working copy for my smartphone and tablet, when you do I will be hitting it all of the time”. Alright, here you go, Metropolis is now mobile for Apple and Android devices (smartphone and tablet), give it a whirl! Travel out to your Apple or Android application markets and download the ABM Metropolis Mobile application (search for "ABM Metropolis"). Once downloaded, launch and get prepared to be impressed. Now, due to the screen configurations and limitations some of the navigation will vary and possibly not all of the features will be available on each device (please note a tablet and smartphone version exists for each operating system). Pass it on and be in the group which brings differentiated service approaches to our ABM clients. What now? Tell everyone you know, fellow employees (field and office), clients, family members, you name it.. Let them download Metropolis! Now, when you are with a client, pull them to examples of our services in case studies, vignettes, etc. Save as favorites and send them information, right then and there. The same functions as with Metropolis (link upper right).

Our culture becomes rich when we get your feedback and thoughts on new tools and innovations. Please take just a few moments and let everyone know your thoughts on Metropolis. We sincerely value your opinion; (link upper right) . If you do not have access please email your feedback to :

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Metropolis Mobile is live

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