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USER PROFILE CORRECTIONS OR UPDATES Scenario: Your profile information has changed or is inaccurate. Profile information include your name, company, title, manager, address, office and telephone number. Solution: Update your user profile using the following.



Company and Office changes must be handled through the help desk at 800-470-4357. Office refers to your office affiliation, not your physical location. Title, Address, Telephone Number and Manager changes can be done on your own through the ITIM Self-Service solution. The process for using the ITIM solution is defined on the flip side of this Pocket Pal.

ITIM SELF-SERVICE SOLUTION To modify the title, address, telephone number and manager associated with your domain accounts, do the following:

  

Log in with your ITIM user ID (same as oneABM user ID) and your ITIM password: https://uspritim02.oneabm.local/itim/self/login/ Click “View or Change Profile”; proceed with changing the information Changes to Title or Manager are routed to your manager for approval View “how to” on MTube or scan QR Code:

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