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Comin’ round the corner ABMFSG moving to ATT and Nokia 900 Windows Phone

• ATT coverage tool: ageviewer/#?type=voice

ABMIT Sean Finley along with his team and Alliance are working through the FSG phone contracts and starting to generate the first candidate lists. To stay current with the latest candidates you may consider setting alerts on the FSG Conversion library by traveling to the Buzz wiki page (upper right)

Full testing and functional testing is underway to make sure that Outlook and Lotus Notes will work seamlessly with the new devices. Concerned that ATT will not have coverage? Certainly that is a potential issue for everyone, keep in mind that the Nokia devices are the latest in technology, radios and ATT networks. If you have had coverage issues in the past that does not mean that you will have issues now. Please check out the ATT coverage map (upper right). We are here to listen, please provide any feedback, concerns in the notes within the Buzz wiki and see what others are saying as well; (upper right) Process timeline will work as follows: 1. 3rd week of the month ABMIT will gather information on candidates for following month deployment 2. 4th week of the month, aggregate, filter and post to FSG conversion site IE: August 2012 candidates). If your name is on the list: a. Phone will come with a temporary phone number b. ATT instructions will be in the box, act immediately to port your number and transfer personal data c. If you do nothing, in five days your existing phone number will be ported and personal data will be at risk 3. Phones will be distributed the first and second week of the month following the aforementioned

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Announcement on the phone move

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