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TLG OneABM Migration Getting Ready Guide The following steps will help prepare you for a smooth transition to the OneABM environment. Complete the following on Friday, April 25, 2014 (or your last day in the office before Monday, April 28, 2014). 1. Click here to read this announcement and follow the steps to determine you computer’s operating system. 2. Download the Citrix receiver and MS Lync installation files. Please note, if you downloaded the MS Lync installation file before 4/21/2014 you will need to delete the previously downloaded version and download the file again. a. b.

For: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer. Read | Watch (Desktop) | Watch(Mobile) For: Windows XP. Read | Watch (Desktop) | Watch (Mobile)

3. Close all programs. Shut down your computer completely. 4. On Monday, April 28, 2014 you will log onto your PC using the domain credentials that you normally use (CORP or OneABM). Need to find out how you’re logged on? Read 5. Remember, you can access everything you need for migration in the OneABM Migration Course OneABM Course OneABM Vignette Channel OneABM QuickTips

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