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First Look Building Concepts 6/13/12 BioPharma - bio_concept.jpg  

Building design is based off pieces of multiple ref images of uniquely designed bldgs. The current concept is to include 3/4 scenes . o Office o Manufacturing o Laboratory o Outdoor work area.

Golf/Country Club - Golf_concept.jpg   

Basic Traditional bldg. design, less sense of grandeur than original ref image Golf course design includes water and sand trap features Projected scenes: o Interior main clubhouse o Interior pump house (located somewhere near water on golf course) o Exterior golf course

High Tech - HiTechConcept.jpg   

Futuristic design based on multiple elements of buildings in ref images Will add digital signage somewhere on buildings Projected scenes: o Office o Data Center o Lobby Area o Parking area

Improvement District - ImprovementDistrict_concept.jpg   

Initial design based on multiple image refs of water front retail areas Will add some greenery/flower beds as in Military Projected scenes o Level 3 zoom of store fronts and main walkway o ?

Residential - Residential_Concept_01.jpeg   

Slightly more flushed out version, (we had several elements for this in our library) Will add landscaping Projected scenes: o Gateway into residences

o o

House interior Street view for landscape/security etc.

Retail - Retail_Concept.jpg  

Tried to give unique horseshoe look Projected scenes o Street view of exterior of bldgs. o Parking lot o ?

Stadium/Entertainment Venue - Stadium_Concept.jpg   

Initial design based on Staples Center in Los Angeles Will add digital signage on building Projected scenes: o Exterior entrance of bldg./Parking area o Interior seating area o Restroom interior? o Concession area?

University - University.jpg  

Based on UCLA campus, main focal point will be ‘Royce Hall’ Projected scenes o Exterior view of ‘Royce Hall” o Interior main entrance o Classroom interior

City Map Overview - Metropolis_03.jpg 

Projected new building locations designated by proposed icons. o Biopharma


High Tech






Golf – Know that you have a ball on a tee, but thought would show as alternate


Improvement – First design idea – perspective road to bldg. , like concept but may be too hard to read?




University – Alternate design – used mortar hat for high school, but can switch if you like this icon.

First Look Building Concepts_20120613  

Companion document to concept drawings

First Look Building Concepts_20120613  

Companion document to concept drawings