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Galvanizing teams with SFO BSC Objectives mapping exercises REFERENCE LINKS FROM ARTICLE  Palladium Group (SFO BSC background): http://www.thepalladiumgr px  Vignette (3m20s) management tools for SFO BSC. (Please forgive the references to legacy Linc content). https://streamingmedia.theli 278-6043-4fd2-8bbeed6825e1d8ab/7ee9a14d0a8b-4c98-a2ba914f7fa753da/ab10080e04ba-4878-95dc8377d3b324f7/Visibility_SFO _BSC_3m30s.wmv

Objective: Executed through the use of Balanced Scorecards (BSC), a company can achieve a status of a Strategy Focused Organization when it is able to: 1. Describe its strategy 2. Manage its strategy and, most importantly, 3. Execute its strategy The framework was developed by Drs. Kaplan and Norton, two of Harvard's School of Business most prominent educators. Since its introduction almost 20 years ago, the use of Balanced Scorecards has propelled many Hall of Fame organizations into a Strategy Focused Organization. Kaplan and Norton also founded the Palladium organization, designed to support and coach companies toward their path to a strategy focused organization.

Face to face meeting Pull no more than ten key employees for a face-to-face one to two day planning session.  Day one creates the theme, mission, vision and strategic objectives (strategy map components).  Day two identifies the three objectives of focus for the following year and maps the measures, targets and initiatives. Facilitator: ABM Learning and Quality (LQ)

Session deliverables:     

Strategic theme Strategic mission Strategic vision Strategic strategy map Strategic scorecard (consider starting with only three of the strategic objectives). Scorecard includes: o Strategic objective measure (s) o Strategic objective target (s) o Strategic objective initiative (s)

Post planning meeting: 

Reoccurring strategic cadence (to discuss and keep top of mind strategic objectives)  Reoccurring strategic initiative progress review Facilitator: ABM Learning and Quality (LQ) or ABM EASI member

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Overview of ABM LQ SFO BSC

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