5 Advantages of Taking a Pharmacy Assistant Program

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5 Advantages of Taking a Pharmacy Assistant Program The main goal of taking a pharmacy assistant diploma is, of course, to become a pharmacy assistant and gain experience. However, there’s many aspects of pharmacy assistant programs that can help you and give you a head start on your career. This includes:

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Using industry standard software Getting real pharmacy experience Having the option to take it online Exploring a wide breadth of courses; and Having more than one career path.

Using industry standard software Students get to learn software programs first hand, so that they’re ready to work in modern pharmacy settings. One of the most common softwares that is used in pharmacy assistant courses in Calgary is Kroll, a pharmacy management solution (PMS). It is the typical software used across pharmacies, and students will learn both basic and advanced functions to prepare them for future daily use in the workplace. Real pharmacy experience When they’re in school, students get to practice their pharmacy skills in a mock pharmacy lab on campus, imitating the real deal. Once they advance in the pharmacy assistant program, they’ll be able to take a six week practicum in a real pharmacy to hone their skills and enhance their pharmacy expertise. Getting the real pharmacy experience is essential to students learning how to deal with real clients, helping to prepare the medication in a timely manner, and

understanding the environment of the workplace and what it calls for. It can even help students decide what type of setting they would like to work in, whether that’s a community pharmacy or a hospital. Having the option to take it online There’s many students who would like to pursue pharmacy assistant programs and have the aptitude for it, but might not be able to commit to attending classes. This could be for many reasons, including having to stay at home for children or other extenuating circumstances. ABM College’s Pharmacy Assistant Course in Calgary is offered completely online, so students can learn in a way that suits them, with increased flexibility. For many students, theory is best to learn in an environment that’s comfortable - and for many it’s in their home. These students will still benefit from taking courses online, as they will still take part in the practicum, so they are not missing out on the opportunity. Exploring a wide breadth of courses Pharmacy assistant programs cover a wide range of courses, which aren’t just limited to terms of drugs and medication. Courses beyond terminology include (but are not limited to) anatomy and physiology, math and calculations, business communication and resume writing skills. As well, in some programs, students can also take electives of their choice, which can cover a wide variety of subjects and topics of anything else that they’re interested in. More than one career path There’s more than a single career path or outcome when you take a pharmacy assistant course in Calgary. When graduating from a diploma program, students have the option of working in a retail or community setting, a hospital, being a compounding assistant, or pharmacy distribution clerk, to name a few.

In addition to working as a pharmacy assistant, many students also choose to get experience in the field, and then upgrade to get higher education, increasing their capabilities and their rank when it comes to practicing pharmacy. Becoming a pharmacy assistant is a great place to get a headstart in the industry and explore what you want to do afterwards. Working in pharmacy can be a very rewarding career path. You can directly see the difference that your work makes to the larger community. Find out more about how you can enroll in a pharmacy program today.

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