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1.INT.RUBY GENERAL HOSPITAL - NIGHT DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES is sitting in his hospital chamber. The room is dimly lit and has an air of gloominess surrounding it. There is a certificate from Harvard University placed behind his desk on the wall. He seems to be fairly young with not a lot of experience. His face shows signs of tiredness because of odd working hours. On his desk is a file of the surgeries he performed today. There is also a 40" inch television across the room with CNN news on. NURSE CLAIRE Doctor Jones we need you in the emergency room right away. We have someone with gunshot wounds requiring immediate attention. DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES (Mumbling)I was about to call it a night..but i guess this is what we are paid to do. what seems to be the problem? NURSE CLAIRE We have someone with two gunshot wounds near the kidney. The patient seems to have lost a lot of blood...we need to hurry. The doctor gets up wears his coat and follows the nurse to the E.R. 2.INT.EMERGENCY ROOM - NIGHT The E.R. seems to be filled with white light. With doctors and nurses running around all over the place trying to help patients. There are four cubicles in the emergency room three of them with patients being operated on. The fourth cubicle seems to be getting prepared by a couple of nurses for an incoming patient. NURSE CLAIRE Doctor right this way(leading doctor Jones to the E.R.). The patient seems to have lost a lot of need to immediately remove the bullet before it ruptures the kidney. DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES (Flustered)I know what i need to do, take me to the patient.(wearing his latex gloves) (CONTINUED)



NURSE CLAIRE Doctor what should we do? DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES (Dazed)ohh sorry...can u please clean the wound and pass me the Forceps and please get me some water.(sweat dripping from his head) NURSE CLAIRE Doctor are you ok?? you dont look so good, is everything fine? DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES Yeah i am fine...can we please concentrate on removing the bullet from the wound(nervously) 3.INT.PENTHOUSE APARTMENT,NEW YORK - NIGHT A dimly lit apartment with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River. Doctor Jones sitting on a couch with a half empty glass of wine in one hand and his phone on the other. he seems to be talking to his fellow colleague in the office DOCTOR SAM ADAMS.We are shown their interaction while his voice plays in the background. An empty bottle of wine lying on the table can be clearly seen. The house seems to be extremely clean with expensive decorative all around the room. DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES I asked her out today sam.she gave me her number..i was suppose to meet her at the riverside bar on friday...why couldnt i save her...why(sounding unhappy and broken) DOCTOR SAM ADAMS calm down william...this was completely natural for you to feel couldnt have done did the best you could...(momentary pause)lets go out on friday...what say...we ll hit up some clubs meet some girls...itll cheer you up DOCTOR WILLIAM JONES you wont understand wont understand.....(hangs up)


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