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Changing thermostat 96000062

Anomalies can occur, see this guide as an example of how to do it  NOTE! Water must be turned off before

changing the thermostat!


Remove the cover carefully.

2. Loosen the screw holding the knob and then pull the knob straight off.

On newer models release a Allen screw on the side of the knob. It is sitting behind a rubber plug that you press into the knob. Do not forget to take care of the rubber plug when the knob is loose. The knob is then pulled away after that Allen screw has been loosened.

3. Carefully loosen the distance, notice how it sits. If it is wrong when reassembled, the "heat stop“ will be wrong. Be careful with the gasket that sits underneath.


4. Loosen the handle to the water flow valve

5. Unscrew the chrome nut that holds the thermostat in place. Turn only on the chrome nut, not on the blue plastic.

6. Remove the old thermostat. Ensure that there is no lime deposits or dirt in the mixer. Install the new thermostat and reassemble.