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Abir Zaidan i Mayssae Sakali

We have chosen this topic because we both like and it’s very cool and funny.


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Abir Zaidan i Mayssae Sakali

We like it a lot, is very interesting and each chapter has a mystery. Pichi Pichi Pitch has got 2 seasons. The first season has got 52 chapters and a second season, Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure has got 39 chapters. The series it was written by Michiko Yokote and illustrated by Pink Hanamori. The series was published in August 2002 and they stopped to publish in March 2005. Pichi Pichi Pitch is based on the story of The Little Mermaid. It was broadcasted on the Clan TVE Channel.


human form: Luchia has dark blond hair, light brown, at the shoulder height. Her is picked up on the sides with two red ribbons tied in bows. It has light brown eyes. Usually wear short skirts or shorts. She always wears high red boots with laces. Mermaid shape: It has the hair of a blond colour lighter, and long until almost the end of the tail, collected in two ponytails. Her eyes are light blue. Being the mermaid princess of the Pink Pearl, her tail is pink, as well as all the accessories she wears. She has a shell top. Singing form: Its general appearance is the same as that of the siren. He wears a dress with straps with pink flights, and the upper part of the dress has some big pink chest buttons. The skirt is short and has a small top steering wheel. Wear similar gloves and boots. The second transformation is wearing a pink pearl headband. At the back of the skirt is added a large loop that reaches almost the feet.


Human form: His hair is sea water, he wears it to his shoulders and holds it with a yellow hairpin. She has brown eyes and dresses normally with a short skirt, a blouse that reaches the sleeves to the elbow and brown shoes. Mermaid shape: Her hair is very long and aquamarine, as well as wavy, her eyes are turquoise, she has two stars in her hair, one smaller than the other. Singing form: She has a short strapless dress. It is light blue, almost white. The bottom part has two ruffles and the top one is aquamarine.


Human form: She has got dark green hair to the waist, smooth and with bangs. His eyes are gray. He usually wears long pants in a masculine way. Mermaid shape: His hair is green, slightly lighter, very long, down to the ground. He has light green eyes. Her mermaid tail is green, and she is the only mermaid princess (along with Sara) who wears a long dress and long gloves different from the others. It has earrings in the shape of an elongated shell.


Human form: Her hair is smooth dark lilac and finished in very large ringlets. Her eyes are dark brown, and she usually wears jeans and a yellow blouse. Mermaid shape: Her hair is longer, almost to the fin of the tail and a lilac much lighter than in his human form. His eyes are a bright violet colour Singing form: Her hair and eyes are the same as in their mermaid form. She wears a short white dress, with a strip of violet embroidery, gloves like boots and white.


Human form: Her hair is indigo wavy and reaches up to his waist. She has her bangs to the left and a mole below her right eye like her sister Karen. His eyes are grayish blue. His clothes are modern. Wear the necklace of the pearl indigo hung around the neck. Mermaid form: He has hair the same as his human form but longer, clear and a little wavy. Wears a bra strapless shells bra. He also wears a pair of bracelets of indigo pearls around his wrist and tail. Singing form: Her singer's dress is dark blue with a mauve strip. Wears gloves with a bracelet of indigo pearls. Starting from the hand, the glove is dark blue while the hand is white. His boots follow the same trend as gloves. They have high and thin heels. 2

Abir Zaidan i Mayssae Sakali


Human form: She has cream blond hair that is completely smooth and long up to the middle of her back and has a completely straight fringe, with her eyes of the same colour. It is usually complemented with a yellow hat and never has long or short sleeves, only has suspenders or tops even winter, which shows that it is very hot. Mermaid form: She has long hair to the ankles and a lighter blond; the colour of gold and eyes have a very light yellow. She still has a very straight fringe above the eyes, although now her eyebrows are exposed. It also has earrings shaped like an elongated shell with horizontal lines. Singing form: Coco wears a sleeveless yellow ash-coloured turtleneck and a smooth, gold plated mini skirt with a thin gold belt. He's wearing yellow boots like Hannon's.


Human form: While she is evil, her hair is black to the waist, and when it is good it is orange. It has it very smooth and without bangs. His eyes are orange. Wear a white sleeveless dress with a black belt. Mermaid form: It has the same physical appearance as when it is human, except for the siren tail. Singing form: It has some golden ornaments in two strands that it has. She has a sleeveless dress that reaches her ankles in orange with gold details. At the waist, she opens her dress in two showing her left leg. Shoes orange shoes in heel.


Human form: She has got orange hair, up to the waist and a little bang. He has orange eyes. Mermaid form: She has an orange tail, has orange hair and up to the waist. Take two orange shells. He wears a bracelet on his arm and another on his tail. Singing form: She has orange hair, very long and with a little bang. He has orange eyes. She is wearing an orange dress and orange boots, and a little too long.


Human form: In his human form, Nikora is often seen in his hotel uniform, a light-yellow shirt with a red collar, a short red skirt and red shoes. She has purple hair that is tied in a pointed tail and brown eyes. Mermaid form: In its mermaid form, which looks the same, except the bangs that hang on both sides of the face are longer. She has a purple tail and a purple shell-shaped bra. He also wears a necklace around his neck. Unlike the mermaid princesses, it does not wear a bracelet around the tail or on the arms. Your shell necklace is also simpler.

Madame Taki

She is always seen wearing a black and orange scarf on her head, a white veil and a brown dress with a red collar. His hair colour is brown, and his eyes are grey.

Queen of water

Like Lord Mikel he has a white dress and long, though blond hair. He has a Silver tiara with a red ball. Transparent blankets around his arms surround them. He has blue eyes, a silver necklace to match the tiara, and a cane with leaves, a blue pearl at the end and two wings.


Her hair is reddish, as are her eyes. His character is teasing but then turns out to be the most loving. Luchia is in love with him and he is in love with her in his mermaid form, but with the passage of time he falls in love with the human Luchia.


Gaito, despite being a being of the depths has a human appearance, is equal to Kaito in all aspects except that he has coloured hair that has a grey colour and dark pink eyes and dresses with mogul's clothes, like a black and red gown inside.


His hair is brown to his shoulders and his bangs slightly dishevelled to eye level. His eyes are also brown but a little paler. Their dress varies throughout the series.


He is Mikaru's older brother, he works as a pianist. The father of Lixto and Mikaru is dead.

Black beauty sisters

Sheshe: The older sister is tall, with long reddish orange hair and tied in a ponytail with snaps on both sides of her face, a red horn in the middle of her head, red hippocampus ears and blue eyes. She is the sister who commands and dresses the colour of her hair, red. He has a golden dot on his forehead as an ornament. Mimi: The younger sister, is shorter, with bluish blue hair and short with spikes covering all his forehead, red eyes, 3

Abir Zaidan i Mayssae Sakali

blue hippocampus ears and two blue horns on the head. He usually listens to his sister and wears blue like his hair. Lord Mikel

It is a kind of angel. It has 6 wings.) Long golden bracelets, very long hair and light green, reason why it is confused with a woman, a golden belt and a gold tiara on the forehead.

Mr. Maki

He is a human with dark brown hair and eyes are also dark brown. He is a tall man.


She has light green hair and eyes. It has a childish personality. She wears a long red dress in Victorian style and a headband in the same style as the dress.


She is a fairy with dark green hair and pale pink eyes. She has pointed ears and a rattle necklace. Her dress is similar to that of Tinker Bell.


Maria has long blond hair, her ears seem like ice crystals sticking out of her hair. His eyes are a turquoise colour.

Lady Bat

Lady Bat has coppery red hair and has lavender eyes; in his human form he wears black hair and dark aquamarine eyes.


Eriru has a green hat, with cat ears and curly black hair. His aggressive face has red eyes and fangs, he has a cowboy shorts, with a brown belt, and a black top.


Penguin form: In this form is a blue penguin and a white spot in the middle of the body, dressed as a sailor. His eyes are black, and he is very cute. Human form: In this way, he is a young man with blond hair and green eyes. He is still dressed in sailor's clothing, and all the girls chase him because he is very handsome. He has another human form that has a sword and wears another dress, that is the Prince of the Sea form.


Fuku is a kind of angel with a girl's head (pink hair) and a white bird's body. It seems very childish and silly, but in reality, it has a lot of power. Its gender is not known (female or male.)

Hello, we are Abir and Mayssae, and we would like to interview you on MMPPP. 1- Well, the first thing we would like to know is that why do you like this TV series? Well, I love this anime because I’m a FANATIC of the mermaids. I watched this anime when I was little. 2- Which character do you identify yourself more with? Whit Luchia Nanami, the princess of the Pacífic Nord Ocean because is very clueless, like me. We have more things in common. 3- What bad you hate more? I don’t hate any bad because I think that they aren’t evil, only that are very sad. 4- What characters do you like about this series? I like the characters that are special or have super powers and other thinks. 5- If the series were true, what character would you ask for an autograph? 4

Abir Zaidan i Mayssae Sakali ALL THE MERMAIDS!! But if I only can choose one, Luchia Nanami. 6- What mermaid is the prettiest? I think all are pretty, but Rina is the prettiest. 7- And the ugliest? There isn’t any mermaid ugly. 8- When did you know this series? When I was little. 9- Who do you think looks more like you? I think Luchia, because of the hair but I don’t think any of they look like me. 10- Do you like mermaids? No, I don`t like mermaids…. I LOVE MERMAIDS!!

Thank you for answering this interview. We really like Mermaid Melody PICHI PICHI PITCH. That's why I appreciate it very much.


Mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch  
Mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch