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Practice Statement Abigail Richardson is a photographer who resides in the Wakefield area conducting photographic projects nationwide. After achieving an A Level in Photography she is graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Photography in 2014. Abigail has worked as a freelance photographer concentrating on developing her unique style and photographic approach since the start of her photographic qualifications in 2009. Specializing in Wildlife Photography she has developed a unique style of intimate and dynamic portraits of her animal subjects, whilst at the same time maintaining and developing a classic sense of composition throughout her work. Her talent of working with animals allows her to interact with her subjects and capture unusual yet beautiful and captivating portraits. Abigail’s photographic eye allows her to capture a beautiful scene and movements that are regularly overlooked. Abigail’s work is also unique due to her objective un-biased approach to documenting animals kept in captivity. Producing work for a variety of clients and markets Abigail’s work can be sold commercially as art-work and even used by institutions as a conservational, marketing and/or teaching resource. @AbiEPhotography

Online Portfolio and Practice Statement  
Online Portfolio and Practice Statement  

This is my online portfolio and includes my practice statement. You can also find a copy of my creative C.V on this site. For more informat...