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JUNE 5, 2013




The peacock came to see Juno, because he could not accept with equanimity the fact that the goddess had not given him the song of the nightingale. The peacock complained that the nightingale’s song was wondrously beautiful to every ear, while he was laughed at by everyone as soon as he made the slightest sound. Juno then consoled the peacock and said, ‘You are superior in beauty and superior in size; there is an emerald splendour that shines about your neck, and your tail is a fan filled with jewels and painted feathers.’ The peacock protested, ‘What is the point of this silent beauty, if I am defeated by the sound of my own voice?’ ‘Your lot in life has been assigned by the decision of the Fates,’ said Juno. ‘You have been allotted beauty; the eagle, strength; the nightingale, harmony; the raven has been assigned prophetic signs, while unfavourable omens are assigned to the crow; and so each is content with his own particular gift.’

THIS WEEKEND AT QCC: Pet First Aid and Wellness Workshop 2:00 Sunday June 9 $50 285 2690

NEXT WEEK AT Q.C.C. (June 10-14) MONDAY 8:30 Low Impact; 10:00 Parent & Tots; 10:00 Yoga with Josephine 4:30 Karate; 6:00 Weight Watchers; 7:00 Theatre Quadra; TUESDAY 9:00 Quilters 9:00 Yoga with Brenda; 3:00 Theatre Q; 5:00 Yoga with Brenda; WEDNESDAY 10:00 Yoga Trinity; 11:30 Senior's Lunch Pick-up; 6:30 Keri's Cross fit; THURSDAY 9:00 Body Sculpt with Marion; 9:00 Yoga with Brenda; 10:00 Parent and Tots; 4:30 Karate; 5:00 Yoga with Trinity 7:00 Belly Dancing; FRIDAY 8:30 Low Impact. SMOKEY’S BIKE SHOP JUNE SALE! NEW BIKES GOING OUT THE DOOR AT COST PRICES! 1024 Heriot Bay Rd, 285-2447

WILDCOAST GRAND OPENING AND DEMO DAY! Meet owners and guides on Saturday June 15 to see our new shop. Then demo a kayak tour or Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) from the dock of Gowlland Harbour Resort. Guides will provide FREE mini-tours and demo instruction! Call to register for morning or afternoon slots 250-285-WILD (9453) and see us online (always open!)

QUADRA ISLAND’S 48TH ANNUAL TROUT DERBY/B.C. Family Fishing Weekend Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th at Village Bay Lake. Registration from Friday 6:00pm – Sunday 12:00 noon, final weigh-in Sunday 3:00pm. Adults $10.00 Children 15 & under $5.00 to enter. Fishing license not required for this weekend event. Good Family fun & lots of great prizes. This year’s proceeds are going towards the Cemetery. Phone Sally 285-3608 for additional information.

FARMERS MARKET AND BAZAAR every Saturday (beside the Credit Union) 10am – 2pm. Something for everyone. Fresh veggies, beautiful plants, flowers, chocolates, baked goodies, soaps, knitted goods, art, and so much more! Live music. Stella 285-3184 or CHECK OUT THE GREAT MAY DAY PICTURES by Don Mottershead and by Jo-Anne Johnston on our Facebook page: Blenkin Park, or go to Jo-Anne's site: dragonflynbrambles@;

Do not strive for something that was not given to you, lest your disappointed expectations become mired in discontent

EV ENTS & AN NOU NCEM ENTS CONTI N U ED QUADRA CAT RESCUE needs volunteer help with foster support (delivering supplies to foster homes, taking kittens/cats to vet etc..), farmer’s market, providing food to feral colony feeding stations, transporting trapped cats to vet and more!!! Please call 285-CATS. EARLY BIRD PRICES 3RD ANNUAL DI Festival of Chamber Music: July 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. World-class musicians under the directorship of Phil Hansen present a feast of Baroque music and gourmet foods. Info: Call 250.285.3322 or 1.888.605.4545 to reserve.

DID YOU WIN A PARADE PRIZE ON MAY DAY? Please email us with the name of your character, float or group, as well as your CLASSES & WOR KSHOPS name and what you won: or phone QCC COMMUNITY SING! Saturday, June 22nd from 1-4 p.m. in the Main 285 3243 and leave a message. Ya, it's a long story…. Hall at Quadra Community Centre. Guest accompanist - ZACH THE QUADRA ISLAND GOLF COURSE is open daily from 8am SUKUWEH – Didgeridoo Master & Drummer Extraordinaire! to 8pm. Our Pro Steve Phillips is available for lessons rain or Songs led by Mary Dennison. 285-3764 shine on Saturday June 8 and Saturday June 22. To book your SCYTHE WORKSHOP JULY 6TH & 7TH Mow tall grass and tee time or lessons call 250-285-2811. weeds, clean out ditches, harvest hay and grain, trim lawns. Alternative to offensive weed-wackers. 5hours, hands on with Alexander of To make mowing with the European Scythe an efficient and rewarding experiences join this workshop and learn: Setting up your scythe outfit, Peening and honing, Mowing techniques, Proper care and maintenance. Scythe outfits available for use at the workshop. Saturday - two hour introduction in the evening . Sunday - three hours of mowing in the morning. $75 per person, limited to six participants. Inquiries: John 250-285-2562 CHAIR YOGA COMES TO QUADRA! Tuesdays 11:00-12:00. A fun, light and gentle practice of stretching, twisting, breathing and bending to gain or re-gain your flexibility, strength, balance SUNDAY, JUNE 30, Quadra Island Bible Church will have carnival and peace of mind. All poses taken with the chair. No experience games set up outside from 10am–noon. Bring your kids, play the necessary. June 11-July 23, a six week session (no class June 25). games, and win some prizes. Also, all musicians are welcome $70. West Road Yoga, Upstairsat 680 Industrial Way. Class size limited by the number of chairs I have. Please pre-register at to join the open jam. 285-3065. Ann Toelle Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

BRENDA DEMPSEY ONGOING YOGA CLASS and acupressure massage. Balance, energize and rejuvenate. Tuesdays FOXGLOVE FARM 303 Smith Road Mid to late season 9-10:30am & 5-6:30pm Thursdays 9-10:30am at QCC Room Rhododendrons in bloom now. Hedging, shrubs and perennials 3. Drop In $15, regular $12. Massage available Tuesday also available. 30% off 3 or more. Come by or give me a call Anne through Friday. Contact Brenda 250-285-3054 or e-mail: Doolittle at 250-285-3457 to be sure I’m home.


WANTED: VCR, WOODSTOVE. As I prepare for the 21st century, I need a VCR and a Woodstove for a small house. If you have any of these things lying around and would like to get rid of them. Please call 202-1968.

JULY 20-26: CELLOZEN. Cellists from 18+ as well as mature younger cellists are invited to join Philip Hansen and Rosen Sokolov MA, Kinesiology. Philip will offer technique studies to all levels, performance opportunities, private lessons and CAMPING GEAR: North Face light weight down Sleeping Bag. repertoire master classes. Rozen will focus on core strength Like new - $75 North Face M/LG Backpack. $100 Inflatable training. All this for just $200. Accommodations available. For Thermalrest ground pad - $15 Waterproof Dri Bags (assorted more information visit sizes) great for Seakayaking/Boating. $10 - $25 Call Gary - 285R EA L ESTATE & R ENTA LS 2588

BRIGHT WINDOWED CORNER OFFICE with outside deck above library in the well-kept Cove Centre. TELUS high THE SOUTH QUADRA FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT (QI speed internet, air conditioned, laminate floor, new paint and Fire Department) is seeking a bookkeeper on a contract basis. comfortable waiting area for your clients. Call Kim or Ed 250Duties include a/p, monthly bank reconciliations, payroll and 285-3138 remittances, annual filing of GST return, and preparation of monthly financial statements. Applicant must be comfortable LOST & FOU N D with year end audit procedures as well as fully proficient with Simply Accounting software. Please submit resume and ALL FOUND ITEMS RUN FREE (once only/40 words or less) hourly wage expectation to S.Q. Fire Protection District, Box 80, in The Bird’s Eye. If you find a pet or other item, please try to locate its owner – your kindness won’t cost a dime. Quathiaski Cove, BC V0P 1N0 by June 15-2013.


YAK SHACK CAFE SERVING SUNDAY BREAKFAST! Eggs Benny, Cinnamon Bun Pancakes, Homemade Granola and Yogurt, Smoothies, Espressos, and more. 615 Taku Rd, Heriot Bay “Friends serving friends” Sundays 9-12 until June 16th, back again in September.

JARON FREEMAN-FOX AND THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING! June 20th 8pm at QCC. “Violinist contortionist” Jaron bring his talented ensemble of Toronto musicians back to Quadra. Blurring the lines between World music, Folk, Jazz, and skyjumping! Tickets $15 (kids <12 free)




The month of June is probably named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter, and queen of the gods. It was held sacred to her, and was thought by the Romans to be the luckiest month for marriage, since Juno was the Goddess of Marriage. Wherever the goddess went she was attended by her messenger Iris (the Rainbow), who journeyed so quickly through the air that she was seldom seen, but after she had passed there was often left in the sky the radiant trail of her highly-coloured robe. Juno is always represented as a tall, beautiful woman, wearing a crown and bearing a sceptre in her hand, and often she is shown with a peacock at her side, since that bird was sacred to her.

A story is told of one of her servants, Argus, who had a hundred eyes, only a few of which he closed at a time. Juno set him to watch over a cow which Jupiter wished to steal, for it was really a beautiful girl named Io, whom Jupiter had transformed. Mercury was sent by Jupiter to carry off Io, and by telling long and wearisome stories to Argus at last succeeded in lulling him into so deep a sleep that he closed all his eyes. The god then seized Argus’s own sword and cut off his head. Juno was very sad at the loss of her servant, and gathering up his hundred eyes scattered them over the tail of the peacock, her favourite bird. Juno was of a very jealous disposition, and when angered brought all the misfortune she possibly could on the one who had offended her. At a wedding-feast at which the gods and goddesses were present, Eris, the Goddess of Discord, or Quarrelling, suddenly appeared. She had not been invited because of her evil nature, and in order to have her revenge, she threw on to the table a golden apple bearing the inscription, “To the fairest”. A quarrel at once arose as to whom the apple should be given, for it was claimed by Juno, the Queen of Heaven, Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Venus, the Goddess of Beauty. Being unable to decide among themselves, they determined to appoint as judge a shepherd named Paris, who was really the son of the King of Troy. The three goddesses appeared before him on a mountain top, and each in turn tried to persuade him by the promise of a great reward. Minerva offered him wisdom and knowledge, Juno offered him wealth and power, while Venus “drawing nigh, Half-whispered in his ear, ‘I promise thee The fairest and most loving wife in Greece’”. Paris at once gave the apple to Venus, and thus angered Juno and Minerva, who determined to punish him whenever all opportunity occurred. This they were soon able to do, for Paris, prompted by Venus, carried off Helen, the most beautiful woman in all Greece, and brought her to his own city of Troy. This led to the Trojan War, which we have mentioned. The Trojans who made their escape from the city were persecuted by Juno, who brought them into many terrible dangers. Juno, though jealous and unforgiving, gave ungrudging help to those whom she favoured, and an example of this is seen in the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. When Jason was a child, his father Aeson, had been driven from his kingdom by his brother Pelias, and Jason, as soon as he reached manhood, determined to avenge his father. Accordingly he set out for the court of Pelias, and soon came to a stream much swollen by floods. Knowing no fear, he was about to try to ford the stream, when he saw an old woman on the bank gazing in despair at the foaming waters. He at once offered to help her by taking her on his back, and in spite of the swift stream and his heavy load, succeeded in getting safely across. He lowered the old woman gently to the ground, and was greatly annoyed to find that he had lost one of his sandals in the stream. He turned to bid farewell to the old woman, when she was suddenly transformed into the goddess Juno. Jason begged for her help and protection, which Juno at once promised, and the goddess then vanished. Jason then resumed his journey in all haste, and entering his native city, found Pelias in a temple sacrificing to the gods. He pressed forward through the crowd until he stood close to Pelias, who at length caught sight of this stranger who seemed anxious to speak to him. Fear at once filled his heart, for he remembered that it had been foretold that he should be overthrown by a man who came to him wearing only one sandal. Jason stepped forward and boldly claimed the throne for his father, and Pelias, disguising his fear and anger, invited him to his palace, where they could decide the matter. During the banquet which followed, Jason heard the story of Phrixus and Helle, two children who had escaped from their cruel stepmother on a winged ram with a golden fleece, which bore them far away from their home. As they passed over the sea, the girl Helle fell from the ram’s back into a part of the sea ever since known as the Hellespont (now the Dardanelles). Phrixus reached Colchis, at the eastern end of the Black Sea, in safety, and there sacrificed the ram to the gods and hung its golden fleece on a tree which stood in a poisonous wood and was guarded by a serpent. The cunning Pelias dared Jason to try to win the Golden Fleece, hoping that thus he would be rid of him for ever. Jason in his excitement forgot the crime which he had come to avenge, and recklessly promised to bring the fleece to Pelias. With the help of Juno, he gathered together a number of heroes, and this famous band, called the Argonauts from the name of their ship the Argo, set out for Colchis. Arriving there after many adventures, they sought the king and told him of their errand. The king, however, was unwilliiig to part with the fleece, and said that Jason must first catch two wild bulls, which breathed fire and had hoofs of brass, harness them to a plough, and make them plough a field; then he was to sow the field with serpents’ teeth, from which would spring up armed men whom he must conquer, and finally he was to kill the serpent which guarded the fleece. Jason did not lose heart when he heard these terrible conditions, but returned to his ship to think out how he might, fulfil them. On his way to the shore he met the king’s daughter Medea, who possessed magic powers. She had fallen in love with Jason, and she told him how he could perform the tasks her father had set. The next day Jason, relying on Medea’s help, faced the bulls without fear, seized them by the horns, and, after a great struggle, harnessed them to a plough. As soon as he had ploughed the field he sowed the serpents’ teeth, and when the armed men sprang up on all sides he threw his helmet amongst them. The warriors thought that they had been struck by one of their own number, with the result that they fell upon each other and fought until they all lay dead on the ground. Medea then led Jason to the tree to which the fleece was fastened, and soothing the terrible serpent by her magic, enabled Jason to cut off its head. He quickly snatched the Golden Fleece from the tree, and with Medea hastened to the shore, whence they set sail in triumph. They wandered far and suffered many misfortunes, but through Juno’s help they at last reached their native land. Jason compelled Pelias to give up the kingdom to Aeson, who was now an old man. Medea, however, in some strange way was able to restore Aeson to his youth and strength, and Pelius’ daughters, when they heard of this, asked her how they might do the same for their father. Medea, seeing her opportunity, gave them false instructions, which they followed, only to find that instead of making their father young again they had killed him. This month of June was called by the Angles and Saxons the “dry month”, and sometimes the “earlier mild month”--July being the second mild month.

QUADRA LANDSCAPE (285-3457) has been in business for 36 years. Excavator & Bobcats - Trucking - Topsoil - Barkmulch & gravels - Patios & pond water features - rock retaining walls & terracing. Ad page 54 in the 2013 Quadra Phone Book.

GOT ACHES, NEED TO REALIGN, take a load of stress off of your joints and mind? Have a gentle relaxation or therapeutic massage (myofascial release, lymph drainage, hot/cold stones), breathing and remedial exercises. Flexible hours – Leslie MacGregor RMT 285-2054.

SIGNS, PICTURE FRAMING and simple Engraving at Waypoint Signs beside Quadra Builders. Tuesday -Thursday, 9 – noon and 1 – 4 pm. (look for OPEN sign on other days). Appointments possible to suit your schedule. Friendly, efficient, personalized service with quality products at affordable rates. 285-2815 & DAVE’S PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR Does your piano need tuning? Call Dave Ashton 250-285-3871

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ACCUPRESSURE SESSIONS WITH REBECCA LYNN are now available in the Cove Tues-Thurs evening (othertimes on request) email: Rebecca@everythingis Phone 250202-1175

GUTTERS. GUTTERS. GUTTERS. Hedefine Contracting, Discovery Islands’ roofing specialists, does 5”, K-style continuous gutters. Island convenience. Call 285-2866 for all your roofing and gutter needs.

Quadra Island Medical Clinic As of August 1, 2013 Dr Keith Graham will be moving to practice in Heriot Bay. Patients wishing to transfer their medical files from this clinic to his new location may sign consent forms at our front desk.

Dr Erika Kellerhals is pleased to announce she is accepting new patients at QIMC. Please call 250.285.3540 to set up an appointment. NOLE CREEK SAWMILLS: milling, moulding, kiln drying, all to your specific requirements. Speciality beams to 32 ft, siding, flooring & much more. Your logs or mine. Free local pickup and delivery. Call Greg 285-2762 Website: www.nolecreeksawmills. com

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Submit your classified ad at Hummingbird Office and Art Supply in Quathiaski Cove, whenever the store is open. The deadline to make it into Wednesday’s issue is Monday by 5pm. 1–40 words: $6.25 + hst = $7.00 41–80 words: $15.17 + hst = $17.00 1)Type your ad or write it clearly for best readability. Include instructions for when the ad is to run if you are paying for more than one week or for an issue down the road. (Letter-size paper works best! No small scaps of paper please. One ad per sheet.) 2) Check your word count. Ads over 80 words are not accepted at Hummingbird. Unsure about your word count? Check the handy word-count form Hummingbird. 3) Include your name & phone number (or email address) so we can contact you if vital information is missing from your ad.


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Breaking news! Quadra has been allocated a Nurse Practitioner who will provide additional medical care to the island. Read more in the DI and online at

Quadra Island Medical Clinic SUMMER HOURS Monday–Friday 9:30–5 Saturday 9:30–2

lab: Mon & Wed 7–10am Dr Mary Boegel will be Dr Kellerhals’ locum July 15–27 and August 12–17

Look for more exciting changes at QIMC in the months ahead!



TH E EY E’S ISLAN D PEOPLE THE EYE’S “ISLAND PEOPLE & PLACES” is for ALL ISLANDERS. Use it for special birthdays, anniversaries, births, marriages, (Remember, on Quadra animals are “people” too!). Use it as a forum for your amateur photography! Send us some of your great black and white shots from on and around the island. No charge. Please send your submission ideas to abirdshungryeye@ Please do not submit advertisements for businesses to “Island People & Places.”


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JUNE 5, 2013