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Jim Kiser is the world’s foremost expert in horse show footing management. With his 20 years of experience, Jim and his crews spend over 250 days a year installing and managing the footing for most of the world’s premier horse shows.

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surpassing all others; very distinguished in some way:


Bob Kiser’s lifetime of experience and knowledge is sought after daily by the world’s leading horse facilities, trainers, competitors and shows. No other name brings more credibility and guaranteed quality when it comes to horse arena design and installation.

Kiser Arena Specialists was established in 1988 by Bob Kiser as a result of being asked by the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) to take over the supervision of the footing for the NRHA Futurity. Bob’s forty years of farming and in-depth knowledge of footing and moisture management changed the entire culture of the National Reining Horse Association. In 2011, Bob was inducted to the NRHA Hall of Fame as a result of his incredible contribution to the sport.

The significant difference Bob made over the years in the footing for the NRHA caught the attention of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), and in 1998 he was asked to develop a new footing and maintain the arenas for the AQHA World Show and all subsequent AQHA World Championships. By 1998 Kiser Arena Specialists was under such demand that Bob’s son Jim, a very accomplished horse trainer and showman, decided to leave behind the professional horse world and assist Bob in further developing their family business. Under Jim’s leadership, Kiser Arena Specialists went from managing the footing at a few horse shows to setting the standard for quality show footing and managing more world championship events than any other company. Together, Bob and Jim continue to develop the consulting, project management, equipment line and worldwide influence of Kiser Arena Specialists. In 2004, Kiser Arena Specialists joined forces with ABI Equine ( in an effort to broaden the customer base for their arena equipment. Today, Bob and Jim are owners/partners with ABI Equine and their knowledge and influence in the equine industry has played a significant role in ABI’s tremendous success. Bob and Jim currently live with their families in Gainesville, Texas, and continue to daily innovate, manage, and change the world of the equestrian. Above Left: Jim & Bob Kiser in a Kiserinstalled Arena. Left: Jim, Courtney, & Wade Kiser, along with Bob & Linda Kiser at Bob’s NRHA Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2011.

All of Kiser Arena Specialists’ products and services, our story, and more about the Kiser family are all located on our home website: 3

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Mind, Body, and Footing

T he mind


roper footing is paramount to your horse’s responsive­ ness, performance, soundness, and overall health. From their years of professional training, competing, and horse show footing management, Kiser Arena Specialists instinctively understand this correlation.

of a horse is reactionary by nature and responds poorly to negative stimuli. A rider or trainer relies on a horse to respond to seat, leg and rein cues, but if the horse’s footfall feels unsafe its mind will default to safety and ignore those cues. If an arena footing (both base and riding surface) is inconsistent in depth or is too hard, wet, slick, dry or loose­­—thus giving the horse a negative stimulus—you have lost the horse’s mind.

Your arena should be more than “just dirt”—it should be a mentally and physically safe place for you and your horse.

Soundness injuries

are closely correlated to improperly designed or maintained arenas. Certainly, heredity and training techniques can play a significant part in the soundness of your horse, but the biggest influence on your horse’s leg joints, tendons and ligaments is the arena footing on which they are ridden. A base that is too brittle will end up compromised with holes, which can lead to significant joint damage. A riding surface that is too loose and shifty will cause leg fatigue and could easily lead to ligament and tendon damage. If the footing is too hard, the constant concussion of the horse’s travel can lead to joint soreness and even, in the long term, arthritis.


For the best results out of your arena, & the best performance out of your horse...

kiser arena

4 simple steps to your tm


Which arena class best fits you and your needs?

Pages 6 & 7 detail Kiser Arena Specialists’ innovative arena classification system that aims to simplify the process of determining which arena & footing type is best for your discipline, location, and budget.


Which level of service from Kiser Arena Specialists           is needed? Pages 8-11 detail Kiser Arena Specialists’ array of services that range from soil analysis to complete arena construction. Bob and Jim’s widely-sought & unsurpassed expertise in arenas and footing is the cornerstone of Kiser Arena Specialists. The care and knowledge that go into each arena makes a Kiser Arenatm a wise investment.


Which custom footing from Kiser Arena Specialists           is needed? Pages 12 & 13 detail Kiser Arena Specialists’ process of formulating a custom footing blend for every arena, location, budget and discipline, and also details their custom blends of natural or synthetic GGT footing. If you’re in the market for a high-quality horse arena, Kiser Arena Specialists are your clear choice!


What equipment will best help maintain your           Kiser ArenaTM?

Visit our website for more information about our innovative products and services that go into making a Kiser Arena!

Page 14 details Kiser Arena Specialists’ innovative line of arena equipment for every arena classification and discipline. You can visit or call (877) 788-7253 for more information on Kiser’s innovative products!


ki ser a rena spe c ia li sts

Footing Classifications


he Kiser Arena Footing Classification System sets the stage for all of your arena decisions. Knowing what kind of arena you have—or want—influences everything from your budget, disciplines, what kind of equipment will work, and even your maintenance schedule.


Class i Arenas

Class ii Arenas

All-natural materials (all disciplines)

Natural sand & synthetic additive (limited disciplines)






The benefits to a Class II arena is that this arena requires a little less water and grooming and cuts down on dust. However, be aware that a Class II arena still needs water! If a Class II arena is neglected and becomes dry, the micro fibers and felts will separate away from the sand, causing them to rise to the surface. This creates a very loose and shifty footing and these materials will tend to blow away. When this happens, more fibers and felts are often necessary and the entire top riding surface must be completely blended again to reincorporate the additives back into the sand. The Kiser Water Wagon is perfect for maintaining proper moisture in your synthetic footing!

ith the right knowledge and equipment, a world class arena can be built with all natural materials. And the biggest benefit to a class #1 arena is the cost; it is usually less expensive than a Class II or Class III arena. However, when designing an arena with a natural material base and footing there are two things you have to know: There are no two natural arenas alike and if someone tells you they build the exact same arena every time… beware! Kiser Arena Specialists will work with you in one of their consulting and project management packages to determine the best plan for your unique Class I arena. A Class I arena requires regular maintenance. The key element to quality footing is water, which binds the sand, clay and silt together. Water provides sheer strength and stability and gives footing cushion and rebound, all of which are critical to a horse’s performance, endurance and safety. Depending on location and climate, however, keeping the essential 4-7% moisture content in your footing can require several thousand gallons of water a week! In fact, in a dusty arena the dust is the least of your problems— low moisture causes your footing to separate. In addition to watering, a regular grooming or dragging schedule is a must. Loosening the entire riding surface from the base up is critical to the mental and physical well being of your horse. Kiser’s innovative line of equipment available through ABI (www. excels at these tasks!.


Class iii Arenas

Natural sand & synthetic additive (limited disciplines)

imply by adding a synthetic additive, such as a micro fiber or felt to the riding surface sand, the need for clay and silt is removed. In a Class I arena the clay and silt act as the “stick” factor that binds all materials together when water is added, but in a Class II arena the fiber or felt accomplish the same task.

$$$ T

he “plus” to a Class III arena entails taking the micro fibers and felts in a Class II arena and adding a proprietary Kiser Moisture Control Additive (MCA), which essentially creates a water-free arena! The Kiser MCA eliminates the need for water, saving thousands of dollars on a primary watering system; not to mention the thousands of hours of labor to apply the water. In a Class III arena there is no opportunity for the micro fibers and felts to separate away from the sand because the Kiser MCA will keep the sands and fiber additives perfectly blended. Over the course of time a Class III arena will need additional Kiser MCA treatments, but this is far better than having to water on a daily basis.


y using the Kiser Arena Footing Classification System and speaking with a Kiser consultant, you can be confident in knowing what arena, services or products will be right for you!

For more information about Kiser Arena Classifications, visit or call (940) 665-8058!


“Every arena is unique in its use, its design, and type of material. To think that your arena can be based entirely off of someone else’s design can be a huge mistake.” There’s no single recipe for the perfect arena.


ki ser a rena spe c ia li sts

Arena Consulting

When you rely solely on your contractor to design your arena and select your footing materials, you are in essence opening your checkbook to the one person who stands to make the most from your project.

But when you hire a Kiser Arena Specialists consultant, they work for you; helping to find the right design and materials in the most cost effective way. They’ll be your project managers from the quarry, to the lab, through your first ride in your new arena. They’ll help formulate the proper footing blend for your needs. They’ll even ensure that your contractors know which materials to use and how to install them...

In short, Kiser Arena Consultants will replace all the guess-work with peace of mind.

Off-site Consultation

On-site Consultation

An off-site consulting package from Kiser Arena Specialists is really a partnership with the world’s leading experts in arena footing. Far more than just “looking at your sand,” an off-site package is a total project management service that starts with the site selection and then proceeds to the sub surface preparation, arena design, base and footing material selection and finally the installation of the materials and their maintenance.

If you want to take the Kiser consulting services to the next level, then an on-site package is what you want. This package consists of an upfront two-day visit to your property or facility to personally gather all the important information needed to make your arena project a success. Visits to local sand and stone quarries as well as meetings with contractors or architects are just a part of what makes up an on-site consulting package from Kiser Arena Specialists.

With their extensive lab in Texas, Kiser Arena Specialists can analyze potential base and footing material for compaction, percolation, shear strength, rebound and cushion. Of course all of these tests are in relation to your subsurface material, size and grade of your arena as well as your budget.

There are two primary benefits that separate the on-site from the off-site consulting package. First, a Kiser Arena Specialist will be doing most of the footwork when it comes to finding the right materials for your base and footing. The client need not worry about hunting down the right quarries for materials and sending samples back With a Kiser consultant as your project and forth to Texas. Secondly, the personal partner and guiding your contractor through “first hand” education you will receive by the proper installation process, the dream of spending two days with a KAS consultant having an arena that keeps your horses safe who has spent a lifetime designing and and performing to their maximum ability installing horse arenas is invaluable. There is can be reality! no price tag for that kind of education!

Visit our website for more information about our consulting packages that make every Kiser Arena a world-class arena!

top to bottom: mixing footing; testing base; consulting with clients


ki ser a rena spe c ia li sts

Arena Construction Services

Although this service is

not offered nationwide (due to logistical challenges) having Kiser Arena Specialists’ contracting crews actually install your arena is the ultimate in quality control! With fully trained crews and the proper laser and grading equipment, an arena installed by Kiser Arena Specialists means there is no risk in having your arena built wrong. Even when a Kiser consultant is hired to work with an existing contractor there is always the risk that the contractor won’t follow the instructions given by your consultant. Most contractors in the United States have very little experience in building a horse arena that actually works, not just functionally, but for a horse’s health and performance. Even when a contractor has the right materials, quite often the installation of the drainage and base material is done improperly, causing the arena to look good but not function well. When you want your arena built right the first time and you don’t want to leave anything to chance, then a Kiser Arena Specialists installation crew is who you want to choose!

ALaser-Perfect Grade

may seem like overkill, but it’s basic fundamentals. In order to have an arena that percolates water evenly, sheds rainwater and gives your horses the exact same amount of riding material with every footfall, a contractor MUST use laser-grading equipment when building an arena. Don’t let a contractor tell you he and his crews can “eyeball” it, because they can’t...and you can’t afford to let them! Kiser Arena Specialists uses state of the art dual-grade lasers on all of their grading equipment. When a Kiser Construction Crew installs your arena, you will be guaranteed a laser-perfect grade from the subsurface to your footing, which will give you an arena that functions properly.

Visit our website for more information about our construction packages that make every Kiser Arena a world-class arena!


the Kiser Arena Specialists know what it takes to make dirt into

your dream arena.


ki ser a rena spe c ia li sts

Arena Footings


he “million dollar” question is which is better... synthetic or natural arena footing?

The answer is really both! The fact of the matter is that depending on your specific needs, disciplines and variables, either one could be the best footing for you. A wide range of variables all play a part in determining which kind of footing is best suited for your needs. For over 30 years, Kiser Arena Specialists has been building natural footing arenas for all disciplines and they are, indisputably, the world’s leading experts when it comes to natural arenas. KAS can take the native materials and create the perfect base and a riding surface that has the exact shear strength, cushion, rebound and reaction needed for the horse’s footfall. In order to provide their vast and versatile client base alternative options and better footing solutions, in 2007 Kiser Arena

Specialists began researching the world’s resources for the best synthetic additives. Kiser Arena Specialists found what they wanted in GGT synthetic additives and formed a partnership between the two companies. Today, Kiser Arena Specialists is the premier distributer of GGT footing products and has developed a proprietary blend of GGT that never requires watering and stays blended far better than by just adding GGT to sand. So, whether a synthetic or natural footing arena is best for your needs, you can trust on the expertise of Kiser Arena Specialists to help discover what footing is going to keep your horses sound and performing to their maximum ability!

Even the best natural or synthetic materials can perform poorly without proper moisture & maintenance:

Poor Moisture Content Footing with poor moisture content of less than 4% lets the sand and smaller particles separate from the larger (whether natural or synthetic). This not only creates dust, but an unsafe and poorly performing arena!

Proper Moisture Content Footing with a proper moisture content of 4-7% keeps all materials (whether natural or synthetic) from separating and preserves the high performance and safety qualities you require!


orld-class arenas are a combination of the right materials, detailed planning, solid construction, and a tailored maintenance plan.

Visit our website for more information about our custom footing blends!


GE O Ble nd

sand & felt

The Kiser/Geo blend is the entry level GGT product for the budget conscious client. Made from GGT’s geotextile material, this blend can be used for most disciplines where synthetic footing is acceptable.

K iser & GG T Synt h et i c Fo ot i n g (for cl as s ii & iii are nas) superior knowledge partnered with superior products

We ste rn Blend

Jumping b le nd

D re s s ag e Bl e nd

As the newest member to the GGT family, the Kiser/GGT Western blend uses a smaller particle geotextile and is custom blended for each arena. The natural materials used, equine discipline, and the use of cattle play a huge role in how this material functions.

The Kiser/GGT Jumping blend is made from the optimal sized geotexitle with the addition of a micro fiber. This blend is made specifically for the Jumping discipline, offering the horse and rider the ideal “purchase” and shear strength needed for the maximum performance of a jumping horse.

The Kiser/GGT Dressage blend mixes the GGT microfiber and a smaller particle geotextile to create the perfect dressage footfall for the horse. Keeping a stable footing for a dressage horse is critical to the complicated movements asked for by the rider.

sand & felt

sand, felt & fibers

sand, felt & fibers

All Kiser/GGT synthetic footings offer high moisture retention, impact resistance, improved stability, and dust reduction.

Natural Footing (for class i arenas)

Not all synthetic

sand, silt & clay

footing additives will work for every discip­line, but natural footing will. With proper moisture content and the right combination of sands, clays, and silts, a properly designed natural arena will keep your horses sound and performing to their maximum ability. With over 30 years of experience, Kiser Arena Specialists understand the many var­iables involved in designing the optimal natural footing arena. Regardless of the discipline, the compaction, rebound, cushion and shear strength can all be adjusted by understanding how to blend and maintain a natural mix of sand, clay and silt.

One of the key benefits of a natural arena is the high quality of the footing for the low upfront cost. However, regular maintenance of a natural arena is crucial—the perfect arena can be built but if not maintained properly, it can be ineffective and even dangerous! So, a proper grooming routine and moisture control plan is a must when choosing natural footings. Because of all the variables at play in a world-class natural footing arena, Kiser Arena Specialists insist that all Kiser natural footing be paired with one of their consulting services.


ki ser a rena spe c ia li sts

Innovative Products The Kiser Dragmaster® The standard to which all other arena drags are measured. It is used by more major event centers, shows, and competitions than any other.

Kiser Edge®

Bob & Jim Kiser have

spent the last twenty years innovating Designed for compact tractors without and perfecting the most effective horse arena sacrificing any of the features that make a equipment in the world. Their innovations Kiser arena drag so effective! were borne out of the thousands of days spent in show footing management, where they quickly noticed the lack of quality and effective equipment.

Kiser Speedmastertm

The ultimate speed events drag. Innovated from the ground up with revolutionary features to outperform all other drags in its class!

The resulting line of equipment is used by more top associations, shows, clinicians, trainers and competitors than any other. There simply is no equal to the full line of arena products invented and offered by Kiser Arena Specialists. So, within Kiser Arena Specialists, not only do you have the world’s leading experts in arena footing, design and installation but also the most innovative minds designing the world’s leading arena maintenance equipment.

Kiser Waterwagontm

Designed specifically for arena, ranch & facility use. A wide variety of options and capacities for every need!

Coming in 2013!

A new & innovative arena drag engineered to thrive in SYNTHETIC ARENAS and crafted to live up to the Kiser name and tradition!

All of the arena equipment designed by Kiser Arena Specialists is exclusively marketed and distributed by their partners at ABI Equine, the world’s leading arena equipment distributer.

To find out more about the Kiser line of equipment, contact ABI Equine by visiting their website at or calling their toll free number at (877) 788-7253!


ki ser a rena spe c ia li sts

Clients, Projects, & Shows Ask the biggest names in the industry—no matter the discipline— they’ll tell you what you want is a Kiser Arenatm.

sh ow f o ot in g ma nagemen t

World Equestrian Games (‘02 Spain, ‘06 Germany, ‘10 USA)  •  All American Quarter Horse Congress ABQM Brazilian Nationals & Congress  •  San Antonio Livestock Show  •   Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)  •   National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)  •  National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Fort Worth Stock Show  • NRHA European Futurity

e qu i n e facilit ies & un iv ersit ies

Calgary Stampede (western)  •  Oklahoma City Fairgrounds (english & western)  •  Texas A&M University (western)  Ohio State Fairgrounds (english & western)  •  Washington State Fairgrounds (english & western) Indiana State Fairgrounds (english & western)  •  South Carolina Equine Park (english) Gloucester County Dream Park (english)  •  Baylor University (english & western) Culver Military Academy (english & indoor polo)  •  Kentucky Horse Park (english & western)

prof e s si ona l t r a in ers & c ompet itor s

Clinton Anderson (reining & general horsemanship)  •  Debbie McDonald (dressage)  •  Trevor Brazile (roping) David O’Connor (eventing & jumping)  •  Carol Rose (reining & cow horse)  •  Shawn Flarida (reining) Bob Avila (reining & reined cow horse)  •  Al Dunning (reining, cutting, & reined cow horse)  •  Boyd Rice (cutting)

a meric a ’ s hor semen

Carlos & Lisa Siderman (hunter/jumper) malibu, ca  •  Ben Link Farms (dressage) branch, la Hershel Reid (reining) pilot point, tx  •  Mark & Laurie Ulrich (dressage) sawyer, mi Bob Ballew (cutting & roping) casper, wy  •  Paul & Gyn Stauffer (team roping) florence, or Thomas Lys (general horsemanship) mettawa, il  •  Robin Fornwalt (dressage) newnan, ga Nikki Greenberg (jumper & dressage) franklin, tn  •  Karen Krin (reining) jamesport, ny

...and hundreds more! 15

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