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Foundation Art & Design Assignment Brief Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (QCF) Student Name: Tutor/s Name:

Didi Baldwin Critical Fine Art Practice


Unit 5: Personal Experimental Studies in Art and Design Unit 6 : Extended Media Development in Art and Design

Project Title:

How we think

Date set:


1 week project.

Interim assessment: 4/02/10 Assessment Date:


Project Brief, Aims & Objectives:

By following intuition and exploring free associations we can speed through ideas, knowing when to pause and reflect is the tricky thing. However the beauty of a creative mind map is the absence of hierarchy, giving every idea equal emphasis unless you chose one idea over another. Aims: To create a visual map that explores different ideas through the use of newspaper images, photos, artefacts, drawing and text. Objectives: Physically set up lines of thought in studio using lines of string and tape Design your own mind map using resources from the whole group. Follow lines of thought that led to an unexpected outcome. Draw on others work as inspiration and reference in developing your own ideas. Present your work to others



The generating of ideas is exploring the unknown, not knowing ones destination. By using all the random resources collected together create your own mind map in the studio through drawing, writing and/or images. Explore the stage when your mind is full of possibility and then initiate the process of selection. Chose a route to explore. Find out ways in which you can produce a final concluded outcome. You may use any medium available to you.

Recommended Research:

Surrealist techniques - Materials & Equipment:

Resource Requirements: Extensive research into surrealist techniques. Resources for the mind map ie. object, photo, text, image from newspaper.

At least 1 worksheet. Idea development in journal with evidence of evaluation throughout. Final outcome Outcomes for Assessment:

Assessment Criteria: In order to pass this unit, you need to demonstrate that you can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria for a pass grade (below) describe the level of achievement required to pass this unit. To achieve a pass grade you must show that you are able to:

Unit 5

Unit 6

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

explore materials, processes and techniques safely [IE] record experimental outcomes [IE, CT] evaluate creative intentions [CT, RL] research materials, techniques and processes [RL] prioritise own work and meet deadlines. [SM]

P1 research and select appropriate media [IE, EP] P2 utilise selected media development of own work [IE, CT, EP] P3 produce outcomes which confirm and extend own ideas [CT, RL, SM] P4 use selected media to explore and express a creative intention [IE, CT] P5 use an extended range of media, techniques and processes safely [IE, CT] P6 use media, techniques and processes to a professional level [SM] P7 analyse and reflect on progress of ideas, experimental work and technical processes. [RL] PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills): This summary references in the brackets the elements of the personal, learning and thinking skills applicable in the pass criteria. It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrate effective application of the referenced elements of the skills. Key IE ‒ independent enquirers RL ‒ reflective learners SM ‒ self-managers CT ‒ creative thinkers TW ‒ team workers EP ‒ effective participators

How we think  

4/02/11 1 week project. 4/02/10 Aims: To create a visual map that explores different ideas through the use of newspaper images, photos,...

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