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Garden Design Elements Every Property Owner Should Know Many people think that gardening is all about planting whatever looks great on a landscape. The truth is, it’s more than just turning the soil over and sowing seeds of flowering and non-flowering plants. It takes sufficient knowledge about design techniques to master the art of gardening and create a stunning view of the property.

Landscaping experts agree that there are many things to think about when designing a garden. Unfortunately, some property owners don’t know about this. What’s important for them is to see that their landscape artists are doing what they have to do. Those who are planning to set up a garden needs to know about the basic elements of a good garden design.

The Focal Point The purpose of a focal point is to draw attention or highlight a beautiful and unique garden feature. It could be a gazebo built inside the garden, a fountain, or a piece of sculpture. Sometimes, it aims to keep a person from seeing unsightly features of the landscape. Property owners, along with their designers, should choose the right focal-point to make their gardens stand out. Whether it’s a specimen tree with amazing branch structure or a mini pond, placing it strategically is important.

Balance and Harmony Planting as many beautiful trees and shrubs as possible is not enough to create a stunning garden. A property owner needs to consult with a landscape artist or a horticulturist to find out what type of plants and animals are ideal for a particular location. A good combination of flora and fauna will create balance and harmony, and will make the garden more appealing.

Sustainability, Care and Maintenance The beauty of a garden depends on how the owner takes care of it. Regular weeding, trimming, and applying fertiliser are necessary to create a sustainable environment for plants and animals.

Gardening involves science and art, so choose the right partner to ensure an outstanding design and layout. Read books or online resources and consult with a reputable landscaping company to get more ideas.

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Garden Design Elements Every Property Owner Should Know