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THE CONSTITUTION Main aim: To represent and advance the collective interests of Moorish Castle Estate tenants for the overall betterment of “Moorish Castle Estate” to the Government of Gibraltar via the Minister, Government officials and other agents responsible for “The Estate”.

Definitions: Moorish Castle Tenants Association – “The Association”. Moorish Castle Estate – “The Estate” - Area defined within the estate of that name including blocks of flats and individual residences. Moorish Castle Estate tenant - A “Tenant” who resides within “The estate”. Moorish Castle Tenants’ Association Committee – “The Committee” 1

Main functions and responsibilities

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Provide a collective voice for “Tenants” towards making “The Estate” a better place to live in. To work closely with those Government employees and other approved agents for the improvement of “The Estate” and the environmental standards within the same. To work closely with those Government employees and other approved agents responsible for any planned development in “Estate”. To work closely with those Government employees and other approved agents on issues such as traffic, parking, safety and overall amenities in “The Estate”. To encourage participation and involvement amongst all “Tenants” and their families and assist “The Association” in its efforts to represent their wishes and aspiration. To provide opportunities for “Tenants” to contribute towards the overall improvement and development of “The Estate” and a sense of community well being. To promote and defend the interests of every “Tenant” of “The Estate” whatever their age, background, physical or economic capability might be, on all matters to do with housing and their entitlement contained within local legislation and regulation. To inform “Tenants” of all matters brought to its notice and any action taken as a result on any matter of relevance to the overall needs of “The Estate”.

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Nominations and election


The Committee will be elected for a period of two years. The next election will be held in April 2014. Nominations will be accepted on the night of the election. In the event of a tie nominees will be selected via a secret ballot.

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The Committee will consist of one chairperson, one vice-chairperson, one secretary plus a minimum of two or maximum of eight other committee members.


Office bearers

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The Committee will appoint office bearers from those elected to serve on the committee. Only Moorish Castle Estate tenants are entitled to vote in any committee meeting. The committee will also be able to appoint other “non voting members” for specific tasks and periods of time in order to facilitate its work and responsibilities.


Quorum A minimum of five committee members including the Chairperson or Vice-chairperson have to be present to form a quorum.


Meetings “The Committee” will meet a minimum of once every calendar month. Members of “The Committee” who miss more than three consecutive meetings without a valid reason will cease to serve on “The Committee”. Depending on the numbers remaining in the committee nominations for a new member to serve on the committee will be circulated to all “Tenants”. Extraordinary General Meetings can be called by any “Tenant” of “The Estate” by writing to “The Committee” stating the reasons why and signed by a minimum of 50 “Tenants” of “The Estate”. A General meeting will be held at the end of a two year period when “The Committee” will be re-elected for a further two year period of as decided by membership present.


Special circumstances Changing “The Association’s” aims, rules and other conditions: The above stated aims, rules and responsibilities can only be changed if formally requested in writing to “The Committee”. Such changes will have to be approved by a majority of “The Committee” at the time for the proposals to be accepted and enacted. Replacing a “The Committee” whilst still in office “The Committee” can be replaced before the end of its elected term if a request is submitted signed by more than 50 “Tenants” stating their reasons for such a request. Those wishing for the dissolution of “The Committee” will have to carry out an Extraordinary General Meeting within one month of such dissolution at which a new committee will be elected for “The Association” for a full two year term.

Mcta constitution  
Mcta constitution