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Capturing your footage It is important to record good footage in order to have an easy and successful edit experience. You can capture footage with any kind of camera or recording device. While capturing your footage you want to be sure to have a clear view of what you are capturing. Meaning if you are telling a love story you want to capture the emotional aspects that help tell that love story. It could be the house where you first fell in love or the tree you and your girlfriend etched your names in etc. you do not want to just shoot any kind of area that is not relevant to your story. Next you want to record each area for no less than 7 seconds. You want to record for seven seconds because this will give you enough time to edit any particular footage you have recorded. It is always better to have more footage to work with then not enough. Make sure you white balance all your recordings. There will be a function on your video camera called AWB this is called auto white balance. It is important to white balance your scene before recording because this allows the natural colors to be recorded by the camera. If you do not white balance your scene before recording, your footage will likely be blue and when you edit the footage it can be difficult to remove the blue color from your scene. Finally you want to find the best angles, eye level is usually the most effective angle and commonly used. Finding the best angle for your scene can help tell your story in a dramatic way. While shooting your scene you can be creative as you would like with using different angles. The one thing you want to keep in mind is not to confuse your audience with an angle that may not fit the scene.

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