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Stanley is located at the south of Hong Kong Island. This booklet is aim for recording how I spend my time from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m in Stanley.

Minibus is the only transportation which has night service in Stanley. The bus has two routes, which goes to Aberdeen and Causeway Bay.

The shops in Stanley Plaza usually close at 8 p.m. Looking at the night view of Stanley, the balcony of Stanley Plaza is the first choice for that.

The street beside the seaside path has various restaurants to choose. I randomly picked one of them. The food looks good but they are not tasty. Chilling in Stanley with friends is a good choice. However, I don’t want to get any alcohol drink because I have to work.

Late Meal at 1 a.m.

Old New

Stanley Cave is a restaurant that serves english breakfast. I was planning to try a traditional breakfast here, but there is no clue showing the opening time.

Dog parking is allowed in Stanley Plaza. People living in Stanley usually get up early in the morning and do the dog walking. Most of them also go to the supermarket to get food for their family. Dogs are not allowed to get into the supermarket, so they have to be ‘parked’ outside.

Time to go

One night in Stanley

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