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Relevance of GPS tracking in courier companies For people who haven’t used a particular courier before, one of the basic concerns would be how long it is going to take them to deliver your goods at the desired location. The time taken would vary a great deal with different couriers. An international courier service company might make most of the deliveries in a short span of time while the one down the street make cross country deliveries which would take some weeks. Also the international couriers may make use of courier software during the transit of the goods. If you are not working in the courier industry, you must be wondering what is all about the courier software and automation. Many of the courier companies often promote their services based on the software that they have to make available to their customers. So it becomes necessary for the customers to have a clear understanding of the courier dispatch software and check if the couriers are able to automate the schedule orders. If the courier services are making use of dispatching software which is a latest feature, they are surely offering higher level services to their customers. The new features that encompass the dispatching software make room for more error free, faster and more affordable courier experience for the clients. Since its introduction a few years ago, the GPS technology has had a very great impact upon the courier industry. Further there have been more developments in the technology that included many attractive features in global positioning system. One of the most beneficial features is that now the drivers carrying the parcel can be located via GPS units and thus the safety of the parcel can be assured. In the daily operations of a reputed courier service company, GPS tracking of the driver has become a milestone. Customers appreciate this in many ways and one of the most important advantage is that the system allows them to have pickups made on rush or same day courier orders. Since the dispatchers are using GPS location technology on their drivers, they are able to pinpoint the driver that is closest to the pickup location and can assign them to carry out the work immediately. By using this technology, the pickups have become more faster than they ever used to be. This has made more and more couriers to adopt the technology to their services. As mentioned earlier, there is one feature of the GPS technology that has been well appreciated by the customers all over the world. This is nothing else than the possibility of more accurate package tracking which every customer would like to have in their courier services as and when the customer log in to the courier’s website, they can easily find out where exactly the package has reached using the GPS package tracking options. To be precise, the customers would be actually locating the vehicle carrying the parcel. The software efficiently locates the driver’s location and let the customer know in real time where exactly it has reached. Most of the customers look forward for this tracking facility in the couriers.

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Relevance of GPS tracking in courier companies