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The Middle Gaming Laptop for You What do you think of when the phrase ‘gaming laptop’ comes to mind? You might be thinking of brands like Alienware, Origin, Dell and Toshiba. Yes, these manufacturers sell gaming laptops that have the most powerful hardware you could ever want. You’ll be able to enjoy your games in high settings, but it comes with a sacrifice – size. Their laptops are huge, bulky and heavy. Owning one requires you to sit down long periods of time because of the shoulder strain. Wouldn’t it be great to own a gaming laptop that’s lighter but just as powerful? If you’re looking to sell your laptop or replacement laptop parts for something smaller but can match up with the big boys, look no further – the Maingear EX – L 15 is the one for you. Maingear What’s Maingear? Why not Samsung and other popular brands? Well, Maingear is a company that’s popular for creating gaming desktops that are insanely powerful and economic at the same time. Even with water – cooled casings, their power consumption is very low, making them popular among hardcore gamers. As a result, their gaming laptops are also popular, and perform just as well.

But would you want to buy something from what you think is an unknown company? Go ahead and try! Before we dive into what will make you sell your laptop to get the EX – L 15, here’s a story on how the company came to be. Maingear started in 2002 by Wallace Santos and Jonathan Maglhaes in New Jersey. What made them very popular is their direct customer service. This means you’ll be able to converse with the technician that built your laptop! With that in mind, it’s easy to see why this company is popular. They provide service that you don’t see with big names like Samsung and Dell. Now that you’ve seen why Maingear is popular, let’s see what the EX – L 15 has to offer you. EX – L 15 The EX – L 15 is a 15 inch laptop that has all the high – end components you could ever want. It features the third generation of Intel Core processors, known as Ivy Bridge CPU’s. They offer astounding performance while saving on battery life. Design While Maingear designs and manufactures its own desktop casings, this isn’t the case for their laptops. The casing of the laptop is made by Clevo, a Taiwanese company that manufactures laptops of their own, but also sells casings to other companies, which are then customized and rebranded. Though this may turn people away, many don’t seem to care because plenty of people are buying Maingear products. It doesn’t look ugly, but it’s not great looking either. It weighs 7.2 pounds and 1.4 – 1.7 inches tall. It gives the laptop an understated look. To make it look premium, the case comes in matte black and looks great for general usage.

The Middle Gaming laptop for You  

You might be thinking of brands like Alienware, Origin, Dell and Toshiba. Yes, these manufacturers sell gaming laptops that have the most po...

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