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Breivik defiant as Norway massacre trial opens

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012 Jamadi-ul-awal 24, 1433

US, Kabul point fingers at Haqqanis for deadly attack g

Clinton, Munter urge Pakistan to act against dreaded militant outfit ISLAMABAD



He brazen attack by the Taliban in the Afghan capital on Sunday has once again brought the Haqqani network into sharp focus, with the United States asking for a fresh stern action by Pakistan against this most influential militant group allegedly based in North Waziristan, as it is being suspected by Washington and Kabul of staging the assault on important government installations and the US embassy. It has been only hours since the Taliban’s nearly 18-hour-long attack in Kabul, but authorities in Washington and Kabul have already started pointing fingers at the Haqqani network and Pakistan is once again being asked to take steps to weaken the powerful Taliban-linked insurgent group, which is blamed for some of the deadliest attacks in the past. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Washington’s envoy to Pakistan Cameron Munter separately urged upon Pakistan to take robust action to stop terror attacks. The US, Pakistan and Afghanistan must work together to take “robust action” to stop terror attacks, Clinton told her Pakistani counterpart in a telephonic conversation on Monday. Clinton discussed the coordinated attacks in Kabul with Khar and “underscored our shared responsibility for robust action — by the US and ISAF, by Afghanistan, and by Pakistan — to confront and defeat terrorists and

violent extremists,” a US official said. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Clinton had called Khar to talk about the next steps after Pakistan’s parliament approved new guidelines on its thorny relations with the United States. The two diplomats also “discussed the cowardly insurgent attacks in Afghanistan” on Sunday in which militants carried out a series of coordinated attacks in Kabul in an unprecedented 18-hour assault. “Initial indications are that the Haqqani network was involved in this set of attacks that occurred yesterday in Kabul,” Pentagon press secretary George Little said of Sunday’s assault. The 18-hour attack was “well-coordinated,” but Afghan security forces “did a very effective job” in quelling the onslaught, Little told reporters. It was not surprising that insurgents had launched an attack with the advent of spring, when fighting usually escalates in Afghanistan, he said. “We thought something like this may very well happen and it did,” he said. Meanwhile in Islamabad, Ambassador Munter called on Foreign Minister Khar on Monday and asked for action against the Haqqanis, according to diplomatic sources. Khar also spoke to her Afghan counterpart Dr Zalmai Rassoul on telephone to express solidarity with the Afghan government and the people for the Sunday’s attack in Kabul in which precious lives were lost. Continued on page 04

BANNU: A prisoner from Kohat, Zahir Shah returns to the Bannu Central Jail on Monday after he and several other inmates were taken by Taliban militants in an epic jailbreak in the history of the country on Saturday night. online | related stories on pages 03 & 04

PM’s fate hangs in the balance Bench says pM was aware of adnan Khawaja’s conviction before appointing him ogdCl Md


rejects application by pM seeking no verdict on nro non-implementation case until decision on president’s immunity g


Hearing a case pertaining to the nonimplementation on the Supreme Court’s National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) verdict, a sevenmember special bench of the apex court neither announced its scheduled ruling on Monday over the defiance of orders by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani by not writing a letter to Swiss authorities, nor did it hint at a date for announcing such a ruling. While hearing the non- implementation on the NRO verdict case on March 29, the special bench had decided Continued on page 04

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012





‘Cash-strapped’ lUMS forces students to pay through their stomachs! durrani warns PPP against Seraiki province creation

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School grenade attack kills child PESHAWAR: A hand grenade attack on a school on the outskirts of Peshawar on Monday killed a six-year-old child and wounded two other children, police said. Suspected militants threw a grenade from a lane behind the Iqra Public School in Khazana area which landed near children who were washing their hands at a water tap, senior police officer Tahir Ayub told AFP. The privately run school teaches both boys and girls in religious and secular studies, residents said. “Three children were wounded in the blast, one of them died on way to the hospital,” Ayub added. AfP

Labour Party suspends Nazir for offering ‘Obama bounty’ LONDON: The British Labour Party has suspended Lord Nazir Ahmed from the party after accusations he called for a £10m bounty for the capture of US President Barack Obama and former US president George Bush. The party initiated action against Lord Ahmed of Rotherdam for his alleged remarks published in a Pakistani newspaper, which were said to have been made in response to an announcement from Washington earlier this month of a $10m bounty for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the Pakistani-based Laskhar-e-Tayyaba. A Labour Party spokeswoman told the BBC: “We have suspended Lord Ahmed pending investigation. If these comments are accurate we utterly condemn these remarks which are totally unacceptable. The international community is rightly doing all in its power to seek justice for the victims of the Mumbai bombings and halt terrorism.” But Lord Ahmed denied offering a bounty, saying he was talking about “war crimes” in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also complained that party chiefs had not spoken to him before announcing the move and challenged the party to produce evidence against him. However, speaking to the Press Association from Pakistan, Ahmed admitted he had told the meeting that Bush and former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes. “They have suspended me? That’s a surprise to me. I did not know,” he said. “If the Labour Party wants to suspend me I will deal with the Labour Party. They will have to give me some evidence.” Asked about the reported comments, he said: “I never said those words. I did not offer a bounty. I said that there have been war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and those people who have got strong allegations against them – George W Bush and Tony Blair – have been involved in illegal wars and should be brought to justice.” MAJid KhATTAK

PM rejects early polls’ demand ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday said all political parties that wanted early polls would be disappointed, as the general election would be held on the scheduled time. Addressing reporters on the occasion of COMSAT commission’s second meeting, he rejected the demand for early elections, and said all those seeking early elections must contact him. Gilani appreciated the services rendered by COMSAT in the field of science and technology. He said the country could achieve its goals, eliminate poverty and increase economic growth by progressing in the field of science only. On the occasion, PM also announced a Rs 1 million grant for the commission.oNliNe

PeShAWAR: Bomb disposal squad personnel search the site of a hand-grenade attack on a school on Monday. staff photo

Hazara Shia among four killed across Balochistan QUETTA ShAhZAdA ZUlfiqAR


OUR people, including a shopkeeper belonging to the Hazara community, were killed and three others wounded in firing incidents in Quetta and Khuzdar on Monday. The banned Lashkar-eJhangvi claimed responsibility for the attacks. Police officials said unidentified armed men on a motorcycle opened fire at a tyre shop located on Kanwari Road of Quetta. As a result, a man identified as Sulman Hazara received serious wounds and succumbed to his injuries. Police moved the body to hospital for autopsy. Police say the deceased belonged to the Hazara community of Shia Muslims and the incident appeared to be a case of sectarian targeted killing. In another incident, unidentified armed men opened fire on a vehicle carrying members of Hazara community near the Benzair Bhutto flyover in Quetta. Miraculously, no body got injured as the bullets only hit the wheels of the vehicle. Around 18 people belonging to the Hazara community have been killed in targeted killing incidents by sectarian

killers in parts of Quetta during the last 10 days. Meanwhile, an alleged dacoit was killed and another wounded in a firing incident on Spinny Road in Quetta. Police say a person, namely Sadam was on his way on a motorcycle when was intercepted by two armed men. They tried to snatch his bike. However, Sadam showed resistance upon which dacoit opened fire that resulted in injuries for Sadam and his own accomplice. In Khuzdar, two people were killed and two others wounded in two separate firing incidents. Unidentified armed men opened fire on Dr Mohammad Anwar in Khuzdar town. As a result, his brother Mohammad Wasim and bodyguard Khair Muhammad received serious wounds. They were being shifted to hospital when Khair Muhammad succumbed to his injuries. However, motive behind the killing is yet to be ascertained. Separately, a person opened fire on his father identified as Malik Shah Mohammad and wounded him seriously. He was moved to hospital where he died due to excessive loss of blood. Police said that cause of killing appeared to be domestic dispute.

SC seeks report on violence in Balochistan ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has sought a report within three weeks on the sectarian violence in Quetta. A three-member bench held a hearing of the case regarding the law and order situation in Balochistan on Monday during which, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said in his remarks that the police knows where the missing persons are, but was unable to recover them due to certain reasons. “24 missing people were killed in the province in the last two weeks. Provincial Minister Zafar Zehri has said some of the cabinet members and the FC are involved in the kidnappings,” the CJP said during the proceedings. The court expressed resentment over the fact that the IG Balochistan and the three wanted men were not present during the hearing and ordered that these people be presented before the court today (Tuesday). oNliNe

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artS & ENtErtaiNMENt


fierce clashes as observers begin work in Syria

Salman to gift Kareena a BMW

Akamal cleared for selection

News 03 COMMENt The show goes on: Another stop for the travelling circus

Jurists’ moot:

On staying in limits

dr faisal Bari: Rural-urban boundaries: It is time to re-evaluate them

daily Khabroona: Regional Press: Elections and political activism

Rabia Ahmed: A blessing or a bane? : Hundreds of people are killed in the name of religion

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terrorist used Facebook, cellphone to escape from Bannu jail NEwS DESK Taliban militants had stormed a jail in Pakistan’s northwest primarily to free Adnan Rashid, on death row for an attempt to assassinate former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, and who was in touch with the outside world through a mobile phone, Facebook and blogs, according to a NDTV report. Over 380 other prisoners along with Rashid had escaped from the Central Jail at Bannu in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province late on Saturday night. Security officials have told the media that the Pakistani Taliban carried out the attack primarily to free Rashid, who was sentenced to death by a military court for the attempt on the life of Musharraf in 2003. Rashid had used mobile phones inside death row cells of different jails where he was held after his conviction, an english daily quoted its sources as saying. A former junior technician of the Pakistan Air Force, Rashid also contributed to several social networking sites like Facebook and to blogs from inside prison, the report said. He was in contact with persons outside the prison, including several journalists, through his mobile phone and even sent SMSes to the reporters, the report said.

Musharraf’s attacker shifted from Mansehra to Haripur jail PESHAwAR ShAMiM ShAhid

In the wake of the Bannu jailbreak, Niaz Mohammad, sentenced to death in an unsuccessful attempt on the life of former president Pervez Musharraf, was shifted from Mansehra jail to Haripur jail on Monday. Through some highly placed sources, Pakistan Today came to know that on security grounds, Mohammad was shifted to Mansehra in September. During the same period, Adnan Rashid was shifted from Peshawar to Bannu Jail. Both Rashid and Mohammad were shifted to Peshawar jail in August 2011 from Adyala Rawalpindi Jail. Both of them remained accomplices and partners in an unsuccessful attempt on the life of the former president a couple of years ago. However, the seniors in Peshawar jail have shown reluctance in showing hospitality to both Rashid and Mohammad. During the same days, notorious Taliban commander from Attock Nadeem Abbass along with Zakeem Afridi, succeeded in escaping after killing three policemen. Both of them were assisted by accomplices in escape when they were on medical trip from jail to a dental hospital in the university campus area. Soon after their escape, a large number of convicts and dangerous terrorists were taken to various jails of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from Peshawar Central Jail. Almost all of the prisoners were reluctant to go from Peshawar but the jail superintendent said the old barracks were being demolished. The experts including high ranking authorities have earlier declared Bannu and Mansehra jails most insecure prison houses. even the high ups in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal affairs expressed reservations over shifting of dangerous prisoners to Bannu. KP Information Minister Iftikhar Hussain has earlier said they had proposed shifting of all dangerous prisoners to Kohat, Lakki Marwat and Dera Ismail Khan jails.

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Was brazen jail break an inside job?



militant commander who helped plan an assault on a jail on Sunday which freed nearly 400 prisoners said his group had inside information. Pakistan’s Taliban movement, which is close to al Qaeda, said it was behind the brazen assault by militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades and AK-47 assault rifles. A police official said most of those who escaped from the jail in the northwestern town of Bannu were militants, including one on death row for trying to assassinate former president Pervez Musharraf. “We had maps of the area and we had complete maps and plans of the jail as well,” the commander, a senior member of the Taliban, told Reuters. “All I have to say is we have people who support us in Bannu. It was with their support that this operation was successful.” It was not possible to independently verify that account. But the inspector general for prisons in the northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Arshad Majeed, did not rule out collusion. “It is possible that the attackers had help from the inside. We cannot confirm that but we are investigating to see what happened,” he said. The jail break, described as one of the biggest in Pakistan’s history, underscored the strategic American ally’s struggle to tame militancy over a decade since it joined the US-led “war on terror”. Pakistan’s performance against militants came under greater scrutiny after US special forces killed Osama bin Laden in May last year in a Pakistani town where he had apparently been living for years. Pakistani officials describe bin Laden’s long presence in Abbottabad as a security lapse and reject suggestions that members of the military and intelligence service were complicit in hiding him there. Many Pakistanis believe law enforcement officials are corrupt and inept, and complain the judicial system consistently fails to lock up criminals, including militants who carry out violent attacks. The prison break could be a psychological blow to security forces following repeated government assertions that security crackdowns have weakened militant groups. Pakistan is seen as critical to US efforts to stabilise Afghanistan, yet Pakistan faces its own daunting security problems. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is seen as the biggest threat, staging suicide bombings and attacks on military compounds. The Bannu attackers arrived in a convoy of vehicles, blocking off all access points to the jail before firing rocket-propelled grenades at the black, metal gates of the prison and forcing their way in. They moved through the prison quickly facing little resistance until they found Adnan Rasheed, who took part in one of the attempts to kill Musharraf, and then freed him and 383 others. “We had set one hour as the target time for our mission. This included entering the jail, breaking out our

people, getting back into our vehicles and reaching a safe spot,” said the commander, who asked not to be named. Citing preliminary investigations into the prison break, Majeed said 150 guards were supposed to be on duty when the militants struck, but only 36 were. even the ones that showed up to work were poorly equipped to deal with the onslaught by dozens of militants. Standing outside the prison, where over 900 were held before the escape, constable Firdous Khan showed a Reuters reporter the only AK-47 assault rifle magazine he had. “This emptied out pretty quickly. Then I was out,” he said. The Taliban commander, based in North Waziristan — home to some of the world’s most dangerous militants — said 150 fighters, including foreigners, launched the prison assault after months of training. “We spent 20 million rupees on this mission,” he said. Police officials said 76 escapees were now back in custody. One of them, Zahir Shah, 29, described the chaos following the attack and why he decided to reject freedom after escaping. “They took us with them to the main gate. Outside there were many cars. I think 20 cars in all. They shoved me into one of the vehicles and drove off really fast,” he said as he trembled outside the prison before turning himself in. “I could be out in a few years for good behaviour. I don’t want to ruin my chances.”

Authorities had prior information ISLAMABAD iNP

The authorities had information that there was a possibility of a terrorist attack on Bannu jail, sources said on Monday. The information was passed on to concerned quarters by the intelligence apparatus on January 5. According to the sources, the intelligence agencies had conveyed to the authorities that terrorist commander Askari ex Tariq Geedar Group was planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Kohat district, Kohat cantonment, police station Lachi and Bannu jail to free imprisoned terrorists. The sources said a total of 341 prisoners escaped from Bannu jail on Sunday early morning. These included 21 prisoners facing death penalty, 21 facing life sentence, 95 were charged with murder, 30 were facing narcotics cases while 24 were confined under the Frontier Crimes Regulations. The sources said 145 were on judicial remand while five female prisoners were also among the inmates.

Six-legged child taken to Karachi for treatment KARACHI oNliNe

A child born with six legs few days ago in Sukkur was shifted to Karachi for medical treatment on Monday on the directives of Sindh Governor Ishratul Abad. Father of the child, Imran Sheikh earlier said he was poor and could not afford more expenses over the child’s treatment. He appealed to the government for help regarding his child’s treatment. The Sindh governor took notice about the baby born with six legs in Sukkur and directed officials concerned to ensure all-out assistance for the treatment of child. Khan also assured the parents that the government would provide all-out support for the treatment of their baby. The child has been shifted to the National Institute of Child Health (NICH). NICH Director Dr Jamal Raza stated that the paranormal child having six legs was not a single baby instead there were two children in one body and one of them was premature. He said it was a genetic disease and only one out of 0.1 million children become the victim of this disease. Dr Raza said that a team consisting of surgeons will examine the child comprehensively and then decide about the operation and doctors from abroad would be called upon if required.

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04 News

tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Heads roll over Bannu jail break g

Hoti removes Bannu commissioner, Prisons ig, Dig and jail official PESHAwAR STAff RePoRT


AKING strong exception to the Bannu Jail attack, K h y b e r Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti on Monday ordered removal of four senior officers and a detailed enquiry into the incident. The four officers removed from their posts and made officers on special duty included Commissioner Abdullah Khan Mahsud, Inspector General Prison Arshad Majid Mohmand, Deputy Inspector General Muhammad Iftikhar Khan and Bannu Jail Deputy Superintendent Muhammad Zahid Khan. In accordance with the chief minister’s directives, a three-member enquiry team was also formed that comprised Dr Ataul Haq, Mushtaq Jadoon and Syed Almgir Shah. The additional inspector

general police (investigation) and the inspector general (prison) will work as officio-members with the investigating body. “Attack and escape of 384 prisoners from Bannu Jail is not only ample proof of inefficiency on the part of the quarters concerned but it has also caused a sense of insecurity amongst the people,” provincial Information Minister Iftikhar Hussain said at a news conference. He said simultaneous attacks by militants in Kabul and Bannu was not only surprising but put a big question to the main stakeholders or partners in the ongoing war on terror. In response to a question, Interior Secretary Azam Khan confirmed that so far 66 prisoners had returned or had been rearrested. He said efforts for netting out the remaining escaped prisoners were underway. He said that the government had completed the en-

Karzai accuses NATO of failure over attacks NatO insists attacks would not influence its plans to withdraw



Afghan President Hamid Karzai Monday blamed intelligence failures, particularly on the part of NATO forces supporting his government, for the worst coordinated insurgent attacks in 10 years of war. Karzai’s accusation came after an unprecedented 18-hour assault by squads of Taliban militants, some disguised as women in burqas, on government offices, embassies and foreign bases in Kabul and neighbouring provinces. “The terrorists’ infiltration in Kabul and other provinces is an intelligence failure for us and especially for NATO and should be seriously investigated,” Karzai said in a statement. explosions and gunfire rocked the Afghan capital Sunday and overnight before Afghan forces regained control, heightening fears for the future of the vulnerable nation as NATO prepares to withdraw its 130,000 troops. The Western alliance, which is committed to pulling out by the end of 2014 whatever happens militarily, put a positive spin on the attacks, hailing the performance of Afghan security forces. Karzai also praised the rapid response by Afghan security forces, saying it “proved to the people that they can defend their country successfully”. But his laying of the major share of the blame on troops whose home countries are already tired of the long war and its enormous cost, is unlikely to go down well with his allies.

The attacks in Kabul and neighbouring provinces killed 11 members of the security forces and four civilians and wounded 32 civilians and around 42 security personnel, Karzai said. Thirty-six insurgents were also killed, the interior ministry said. “That they did manage to pull off simultaneous complex attacks shows quite a level of sophistication in preventing detection... so that would be a failure in intelligence,” said Martine van Bijlert of the Afghanistan Analysts’ Network. “But having said that, in a big bustling city like Kabul it is incredibly difficult to stop this type of attack.” Afghan security forces took the lead in countering the insurgents, who were finally routed early Monday, but a spokesman for NATO forces said they had provided air support in response to requests from the Afghans. “I am enormously proud of how quickly Afghan security forces responded to (the) attacks in Kabul,” said General John Allen, commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). US Ambassador Ryan Crocker said the ability of Afghan forces to respond to the attacks was a “clear sign of progress”, while ISAF labelled the attacks “largely ineffective”. However, the fact that so many militants managed to make it through Kabul’s so-called “Ring of Steel” checkpoints and attack high-value targets was a propaganda coup for the Taliban.

quiry into the escape of notorious militant commanders, Nadeem Abbass and Zakim Afridi from Peshawar Central Jail after killing three policemen in August 2011. Meanwhile, the provincial home ministry dispatched a preliminary inquiry report into the attack to the Interior Ministry, describing it an intelligence failure. According to the report, 150 attackers on 50 vehicles stormed the central jail. The report said of the 378 prisoners who fled the jail, 269 were convicts and 89 were still under-trial. There were five women among the prisoners who escaped, the report said. The report noted that 30 policemen, including 10 armed personnel were present while 63 were absent from duty at the time of the attack. It said mobile phones were also being used by inmates without any check by jail authorities.

Candidate with 50% votes should win: CJP Monitoring Desk Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhamamd Chaudhry remarked on Monday that only the candidates who win at least 50 percent of the votes in the elections should be declared successful, according to Geo News. He was hearing the election expense case on Monday as a part of a three-member bench of the Supreme Court. The court also summoned the election polling scheme record for the past fifty years. The election Commission gave details about the constituencies which had a low voter turnout during the 2008 elections.

afghan taliban says rehearsed attack for two months KABUL ReUTeRS

The insurgents who mounted weekend attacks in central Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan carefully rehearsed for months, even building small military-style models and prepositioning weapons, a Taliban spokesman said on Monday. Zabihullah Mujahid provided Reuters with a rare insight into how the group plans strategic highprofile attacks designed to deal a psychological blow to US-led NATO forces and their allies in the Afghan security forces. In the latest, a 30-member suicide squad was dispatched to launch simultaneous assaults on parliament, NATO bases and Western embassies after two months of painstaking discussions on tactics.

World Bank picks Korean-American Kim as president wASHINGTON AfP

The World Bank chose Korean-American physician Jim Yong Kim as its next chief on Monday in a decision that surprised few despite the first-ever challenge to the US lock on the bank’s presidency. The bank’s directors chose Kim, a 52-year-old US health expert and educator, over Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who had argued that the huge development lender needs reorientation under someone from the developing world. Kim, currently president of the Ivy League university Dartmouth College,

will succeed outgoing president Robert Zoellick, a former US diplomat who is departing in June at the end of his five-year term. The bank’s directors expressed “deep appreciation” to Kim, OkonjoIweala and a third candidate, Colombian economist Jose Antonio Ocampo, who pulled out of the race Friday. “Their candidacies enriched the discussion of the role of the president and of the World Bank Group’s future direction,” the bank said in a statement. “The final nominees received support from different member countries, which reflected the high caliber of the candidates.” The US nomination of Kim, breaking the pattern of the 11

American bankers and diplomats who have come before him, had surprised many, as he was little known outside global health circles and has no background in development economics. But the South Korea-born, US-raised physician and anthropologist, with degrees from Harvard University, has a strong record in developing programs to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in poor countries. He said after being nominated that he had the ability to work with economists and other specialists in running the bank, which has a staff of 9,000 and a loan portfolio that hit $258 billion in 2011, including $43 billion in new loans and grants.

pM’s fate hangs in the balance Continued fRom page 1 to announce its ruling on April 16 over the non-implementation of its orders by the premier Gilani by not writing a letter, without getting any ones advice, to Swiss authorities for reopening graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. On Monday, when the special bench of Justice Nasirul Mulk, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany, Justice ejaz Afzal Khan, Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Muhammad Ather Saeed resumed hearing into the matter, National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) counsel Shaiq Usmani submitted a reply of the prime minister over the matter, wherein Gilani said he was not aware that Adnan Khawaja was a convicted person prior to his appointment as the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) managing director. The lawyer said as soon as the premier came to know about Khawaja’s conviction, he removed him from the post. He said the establishment secretary had concealed facts about Khawaja’s conviction from the PM. Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa noted that when the PM appointed Khawaja as the chairman of the National Vocational Training Commission (NAVTeC), he might have not known about Khwaja’s conviction, but when he appointed him the OGDCL managing director, he knew well that Khawaja was a convicted person. NAB’s counsel submitted that investigation against various people was underway. To a court query, he said

the PM might be an accused. He said despite being summoned repeatedly, former attorney general Malik Muhammad Qayyum, who was abroad, did not come back, thus the investigation had come to a halt. He said, if needed, red warrants for Qayyum would be obtained. Justice Khosa observed that there would be rule of law and the constitution in the country, rather than that of an individual. The court also rejected an application by PM’s counsel Aitzaz Ahsen in which he pleaded that no decision should be announced in the non-implementation of NRO case until the decision on president’s immunity was announced. “Let me complete the arguments in the contempt case first, otherwise, my arguments would be of no use after a decision on the NRO is announced,” Aitzaz said. Justice Nasirul Mulk noted that the PM had also requested to delay the verdict in the NRO non-implementation case. Aitzaz argued that no decision could be given by the court without properly hearing the accused. He contended that under Article 187 of the constitution, it was the responsibility of the high court to get the apex court’s verdicts implemented. He contended that the apex court could not hear the NRO implementation case. Meanwhile, the court expressed dissatisfaction over the NAB report and adjourned hearing until May 3. earlier on March 8, the court had directed Prime Minister Gilani to write a letter, without getting anyone’s advice and influence of the ongoing contempt proceedings, to the Swiss authorities

for reopening corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari and submit a compliance report to it on March 21. Later on March 29, the court said it would pass an appropriate order on April 16 against the prime minister for not writing a letter to the Swiss authorities. In his arguments in contempt of court case on Monday, Aitzaz said the president enjoyed international immunity and Article 10-A, which was about the fundamental rights of the citizens, could not be usurped and the bench could not hear the contempt case against the PM, as it (bench) had taken suo motu notice into the matter and initiated proceedings into it. Aitzaz said how could we demand Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s release from the US “if we send our president to appear before a magistrate abroad”. The court then said that an issue of national importance could not be ignored. Justice Khosa asked Aitzaz whether the court should continue hearing the case until the decision. Aitzaz said, “The state might appeal against it as the court was not competent to hear the case.” Meanwhile, the court adjourned hearing in the contempt case until today (Tuesday). Talking to reporters later, Aitzaz said nobody, including the judges, was above the law. He said Zardari enjoyed international immunity as long as he held the office of the president. He said foreign countries did not present their common citizens before any foreign court, so how could we present our president before a magistrate of another country.

president awards journalists, advertisers at 22nd apns awards ISLAMABAD APP

Acknowledging outstanding contributions in their respective fields, President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday distributed prizes among journalists and advertisers at the 22nd the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) Awards. Those who received the awards in journalism were Nadeem Mehmood in the category of best investigative reporter, Razia Fareed for best environmental re-

porter, Mubarak Zeb Khan best business reporter, Zohra Yusuf best column english, Sardar Ahmed Pirzada best column Urdu, Ashfaq Azar best column regional language, Maqbool Ahmed best feature english, Aqeel Abass Jafiri best feature Urdu, Wahid Paras Hisbani best story regional, Umer Farooq best cover story, Zahid Rehman best photographer, and Murad Ali Shah Bukeral received the award for best cartoon. Best APNS awards for the advertising agencies

and advertisement in various categories included Midas (Pvt) Limited, Orient Advertising, Adcom, Synergy Advertising and Spectrum Communications. Presidential Award for excellence in Public Relations was given to Principal Information Officer (PIO) Muhammad Saleem, Life Time Achievement Award was given to Pir Sufaid Shah Hamdard, Masood Ahmed Barkati, Late Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Maqsood Hussain Shah and Ziauddin T Kissat.

US, Kabul point Continued fRom page 1 “The Afghan FM also asked for immediate measures by Pakistan against the alleged Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistani tribal areas, including those of Haqqani network,” said a diplomatic source. He, however, said that foreign minister rejected the notion that Pakistan was not taking adequate measures against the militants in the Tribal Areas. The source said the Kabul attack could once again raise tensions between Islamabad, Washington and Kabul and could harm the ongoing efforts between the US and Pakistan for the normalization of ties in the wake of approval of ‘guidelines’ on future Pak-US relations by parliament. A security official said the claims that Haqqani network could be behind the Kabul attack on Sunday seemed to be the continuity of same old allegations leveled time and again by officials in Washington and Kabul. “It is too early to assume who has carried out these assaults but it seems that American and Afghan authorities have made it a habit now to blame the Haqqanis for every bad thing happening in our neighboring state,” the official said, seeking anonymity. A Foreign Office statement said Ambassador Munter visited the Foreign Office and called on Foreign Minister Khar. “The foreign minister conveyed to the US ambassador the importance of the parliamentary process that examined Pakistan-US relations in the aftermath of the Salala incident, and the historical nature of democratic ownership of a vital bilateral relationship for Pakistan,” it said. She told the ambassador that parliamentary approval for a renewed relationship with the US offered both countries a unique and unprecedented opportunity to establish a deeper relationship with one another based on shared values, mutual interests and mutual benefit. Another Foreign Office statement said that Foreign Minister Khar called her Afghan counterpart on Monday. “The foreign minister conveyed the solidarity of the government and people of Pakistan with their Afghan brethren on the terrorist attacks of Sunday April 15, 2012 in which many precious lives were lost,” it said.

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News 05

Officials being sacrificed to save influentials: SC g

special bench says it is a general practice to make officers scapegoats to save powerful personalities ISLAMABAD



He Supreme Court on Monday observed that officials were being sacrificed to save the skin of influential authorities in the government. A seven-judge bench comprising Justice Nasirul Mulk, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmani, Justice ejaz Afzal Khan, Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Athar Saeed, resumed hearing of the suo motu case regarding progress on the NRO-related cases.

Reprimanding Shaiq Usmani, counsel for the NAB chairman NAB, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa said he found something concealed in the reports submitted by NAB as it was a general practice to make officers scapegoats to save influential personalities. Justice Khosa observed that the report was utterly unsatisfactory and unfair. “No one is above law, how high an authority might be, the law is higher above it,” he added. He said they had kept pending contempt proceedings against the chairman NAB and asked Shaiq Usmani not to force them to that extent. He said deliberate efforts were

made to hide facts. “It should be clear that no individual will rule this country, only the rule of law will prevail,” he added. The bench directed the National Accountability Bureau to submit its progress report by May 3 over its direction regarding progress on implementation of National Reconciliation Ordinance verdict. The bench directed NAB to take positive steps for repatriation of Malik Qayyum, former attorney general, and also inform it about the response of the Pakistan embassy in the United Kingdom. It sought all relevant record of the statements of persons accused in

cases of Adnan A Khwaja and Ahmed Riaz Sheikh, two beneficiaries of NRO. Shaiq Usmani, counsel for chairman NAB, appeared and submitted a report regarding investigation into the two cases. He apprised that the inquiry in these cases had been upgraded into investigation and with availability of tangible evidence, the authority would submit the cases before the court of law. To bench’s inquiry, he said that they had sent a letter to the prime minister seeking his response over the appointment of Adnan A Khwaja as the OGDCL chairman, which was

denied by his Principal Secretary Khushnood Akhtar Lashari. About Malik Qayyum’s case, Shaiq said he was currently being treated in the UK for a kidney disease. Dr Abdul Basit, counsel for Adnan A Khwaja and Ahmed Riaz Sheikh, rose up and objected to proceedings against his clients. Attorney General for Pakistan Irfan Qadir also brought attention of the bench to its observation and said that one particular channel had started running tickers. He said that respect of all national institutions like NAB and Prime Minister’ House should be protected.

president, Coas visit to siachen cancelled ISLAMABAD oNliNe

President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani on Monday cancelled their visit to Siachen due to the inclement weather conditions. Spokesperson for the president, Senator Farhatullah Babar said the president was due to visit the Gayari sector in Siachen to express solidarity with the army men who were hit by the avalanche. Sources said president and the COAS were also scheduled witness the rescue operation that is being carried out to find the army men and other civilians who were caught under the snow. However, President Zardari was advised by the authorities that the severe weather conditions in the area were not suitable for traveling. He will carry on his routine engagements at the President House today. Sources also said the visit of a media team to the Gyari sector, organised by the ISPR was also cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Judges not above the law: aitzaz

SiACheN: A rescue personnel searches on Monday for soldiers buried under the avalanche in Gayari Sector. online

durrani warns ppp against seraiki province creation LAHORE




Former senator Muhammad Ali Durrani has warned the PPP’s coalition government against moving the 21st Amendment in parliament exclusively for the creation of a Seraiki province. He has said the people of Bahawalpur division will resist any action that would be carried out on the basis of hatred and ethnicity. Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club, Durrani said President Asif Ali Zardari’s announcement regarding the establishment of a Seraiki province was an open violation of the constitution as the law did not empower him to announce or form a new province in the country. Durrani, who is the torch bearer of the Bahawalpur division restoration movement, lashed out against Zardari in a calculated manner. Sources close to the former senator and the PML-N said the press conference was meant to counter Zardari’s announcement. The president during his visit to Multan had announced that the PPP government will carve out a Seraiki province before the general elections. Durrani said the president was a symbol of the federa-

Counsel for Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in the contempt of court case, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan on Monday said the bench was not above the law and those judges who took suo motu notices were not eligible for hearing them. Talking to reporters outside the Supreme Court, Aitzaz said President Asif Zardari had an international immunity, until he was the president. “Seven judges cannot hear the case but an eight-member bench can”. He said during the proceedings, Article 10-A came under discussion in the court and he referred to at least 10 verdicts of the court as examples. “I have no objection on any judge but according to the constitution, seven out the bench have no authority to hear the case. I never said that the decision of the court may be declared null and void,” he added. He said President Zardari was an elected head of state and neither Swiss court issued him any notice nor anyone gave application. He said Aafia Siddiqui should be brought back and her trial be held in Pakistan as no country wanted that its citizens to face cases abroad.

US to provide $ 110 m for securing Pakistan’s western borders ISLAMABAD oNliNe

tion and should not propagate ethnic and linguistic hatred, adding that Zardari’s refusal to announce the restoration of Bahawalpur province had disheartened the people. The former senator said it was regrettable that the president was accompanied by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in his “voyage of hatred on linguistic basis”. He said Gilani was trying to create “Karachi-like circumstances in the peaceful region” through his state-

ments. “Zardari and Gilani both are hatching conspiracies against south Punjab as they have failed to control the law and order situation in GilgitBaltistan, Balochistan, Sindh, KhyberPakhtunkhwa and in northern areas.” Durrani said Gilani should refrain from “cultivating the seeds of hatred” in south Punjab if all parties like the PML-N and the JUI-F had agreed to the restoration of the Bahawalpur province.

The United States (US) will provide $110 million to Pakistan in an attempt to support its efforts for securing country’s western borders against drug and other trafficking. In this regard Waqar Masood Khan, Secretary, economic Affairs Division and Cameron Munter Ambassador of U.S.A signed an agreement here on Monday. US Government through Narcotics Affairs Section of US embassy will provide US $ 110 million to ongoing activities under Border Security, Law enforcement, judicial Reforms and Counter Narcotics projects to support Government of Pakistan towards its efforts to secure its western borders against drug and other trafficking, militancy, criminals and other forms of organized cross border criminal activity that undermine the security and sovereignty of Pakistan. These programmes will enhance the capabilities of Pakistan civil law enforcement agencies under the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Narcotics Control and other law enforcement agencies through the provision of training, technical assistance, and commodities; and the creation & improvement of infrastructure and training & residential facilities.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Bangladesh senior minister resigns in graft scandal DHAKA AfP

SWAT: Students show their acrobatic skills at a local school in Mingora on Monday. online

german team back from siachen rescue operation ISLAMABAD STAff RePoRT

The German government supports the Pakistani government and is ready to extend its help to find the army officials and civilians trapped under the rubble at the Siachen glacier. This was stated by German embassy’s First Secretary and Press and Culture Section Head Dr Thomas Ditt on Monday. He was briefing Pakistan Today about the assistance provided by the German government in tracing the 124 soldiers and 11 civilians trapped under the avalanche. A six-member German technical team remained at Siachen- the world’s toughest battle filed-for three days to assist the Pakistan military in its search and rescue operation. “The German government sent a rescue team at the request of the Pakistani government. We are committed to supporting the people affected by natural disasters like the earthquake in Kashmir in 2005, the floods that Pakistan experienced last year and the Siachen incident,” he added. Meanwhile, a six-member team arrived in Islamabad on Monday after taking part in the rescue operation at Siachen. Sharing their experience, the team members said it was one of the biggest avalanches they have ever seen. equipped with modern gadgets like wire cameras and voice detectors for hearing people trapped under the rubble, the team stayed for three-days at the Gayari Post while it took part in rescue activities. They said the bad weather is one of the major hurdles in the rescue operation. In response to a query, Florian Weber, a German rescue worker, said it was difficult to predict how much time the rescuers will take to pull out the people trapped under tonnes of snow, rocks and stone. Taking about their visit he said, “The rescue operation was a very difficult task for us and continues to be so for the people still working at the site. Our hearts are with those suffering because of this disaster,” Weber added. Apart from Weber, Bertam Bahr, Stephen Heinz, Andreas Schaal, Johannes Arnoldi and Thorsten Leisenberg visited the Siachen glacier to take part in the rescue operation..

New wedlock policy announced ISLAMABAD



He federal government on Monday formally announced the new wedlock policy under which a husband and wife working in the public sector would be able to serve in one city and the female teachers on deputation could perform their duties in Islamabad for an indefinite time period. Addressing a gathering of teachers in Islamabad, Ambassador for Women empowerment Fiza Batool Gilani said the PPP was acting

on the vision of Benazir Bhutto. “The empowerment of women”, she said, “was a dream of Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is working to envision and turn that dream into reality by empowering women.” Announcing the decision of Federal Government, Fiza said she was happy on this day. “I am feeling proud today to achieve the goal and cross a milestone of giving husband/wife right to work in the same city. This decision will strengthen the family bonds and will, no doubt lessen the problems women face while their husbands are

working far away from their homes”. She paid a tribute to Benazir for her leadership and recalled her struggles for the empowerment of women. Talking about the wedlock decision, she said the wedlock policy needed a necessary change. “It was not just a matter of continuing service in Islamabad but it infact was the matter of hundreds of families who suffer when husbands work in a city and wife in another one”. At the end she also thanked prime minister for considering the matter as a serious issue and allowing her to resolve it.

Bangladesh’s railway minister resigned on Monday amid a graft scandal in which his personal secretary and two officials were found with seven million taka ($86,000) in cash. Suranjit Sengupta denied accusations that the money was bribes from applicants seeking jobs on the staterun Bangladesh Railway, but he said he was resigning to “bolster democracy”. Sengupta, a veteran politician and lawyer, told a press conference that his decision would allow a full probe into the allegations. “I am stepping down even though I was not involved in the incident. A lot of people think if I stay at the helm of the ministry, the investigation could be influenced,” he said. His resignation came after his secretary and two officials were briefly detained last week at a paramilitary camp in Dhaka with the cash, which they had in a minibus. The three told local media they were heading to Sengupta’s house with the money. The incident has embarrassed the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who summoned Sengupta to her office on Sunday after returning from a visit to Turkey. The government has fallen in popularity in recent months due to soaring food prices, a cut in energy subsidies and a series of graft allegations. Bangladesh’s next national election is due to be held by early 2014.

Commission quizzes defence minister on abbottabad operation ISLAMABAD STAff RePoRT

The Inquiry Commission on Abbottabad Operation on Monday quizzed Minister for Defence Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar about the covert operation conducted by US special forces in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011. The commission which met here at the Cabinet Division under the chairmanship of Justice Javed Iqbal, the president of the commission, was also attended by Abbas Khan, IG (r) Police, former ambassador Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, and Lt Gen (r) Nadeem Ahmed.

india to test new long-range missile this week NEw DELHI AfP

India hopes this week to join the select group of countries with intercontinental missiles by holding the first test flight of a new long-range nuclearcapable rocket, officials said Monday. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has scheduled a maiden launch of the Agni-V missile, which has a range of more than 5,000 kilometres (3,100 miles), between Wednesday and Friday. The exact launch date is flexible “because this is our longest-range missile and there are many logistics issues and

hence we don’t plan for one day,” DRDO spokesman Ravi Gupta told AFP. In the latest display of India’s growing military might, the test of the indigenouslydeveloped Agni-V will be carried out from a coastal range in the eastern state of Orissa. “Agni-V is a 5,000-plus kilometre range missile and it is to meet our present-day threat perceptions, which are determined by our defence forces and other agencies,” Gupta said from the test site. The planned launch comes four months after India successfully tested the Agni-IV missile, which is capable of travelling 3,500 kilometres. India is among the world’s

top 10 military spenders, with Jane’s Defence Weekly forecasting its total purchases between 2011 and 2015 will top $100 billion. It traditionally sees neighbours Pakistan and China as its prime external threats. Military spending was boosted by 17 percent to $40 billion in last month’s budget, following a 12 percent increase the previous year. India has fought three wars with arch-rival Pakistan since independence in 1947, but China is now viewed as the main focus of India’s ambitious military plans. The border between India and China has been the subject of inconclusive diplomatic talks

since the 1980s after the two nations fought a brief but brutal war in 1962. The Agni-V would in theory be able to strike targets across Asia and some parts of europe. Only China, Russia, France, the United States, Great Britain and Israel are thought to have such long-distance missiles. India conducted a string of atomic detonations in 1998 and declared itself a nuclearweapons state but it refuses to sign the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty. The test plan has not attracted the international criticism aimed at reclusive North Korea, which last week carried out a rocket test that ended in failure.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

‘Cash-strapped’ LUMS forces students to pay through their stomachs! students boycott lahore University of Management sciences’ main dining place in face of an unprecedented price hike LAHORE TAJWAR AWAN

What should have been any other normal day at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) turned out to be the day when the university’s sole subsidised eating place, Pepsi Dining Centre (PDC) was boycotted by the majority of students in face of an unprecedented price hike of 33 percent just after seven months, Pakistan Today learnt on Monday. On April 2, the LUMS Administration Department held a meeting with the PDC Committee to find ways to ‘control the deficit’ due to ‘ongoing inflation in prices of food items used in PDC’. The meeting then decided to implement the revised rates from April 5 and an email, without the new price list, was sent to the students. This lack of transparency did not go unnoticed and one of the students, an Accounting and Finance major, whose queries were widely lauded, sent an email to the university’s email list, asking that the students be given an explanation for why PDC was not able to meet its cost even after serving over 3,000 people. The student also asked that if the food that is leftover ‘comes up in the menu three days later’, LUMS was essentially not facing any loss. Understanding that the alleged 33 percent price hike would ‘generate (concern) among many students’, LUMS Office of the Student Affairs Head Mazhar Chinoy assured the students’ body that he had checked the finances of PDC, and claimed they were facing a significant loss and were not even breaking even. “The price hike should not really come as a huge surprise…current food inflation in Pakistan is estimated to be between 38-42 percent,” Chinoy added. “What is of the main concern is that PDC standards have really fallen so we do not see the reason for a hike,” said a student, asking not to be named, adding “Incidents of hair, screws, cockroaches and rubber bands in our food are normal. Main course meal finishes way before the set time, there is no cold water, ACs and fans are not turned on deliberately and the serving sizes have also decreased. They’re already making up for the loss by pulling such stunts, why raise prices then?” Some students also pointed to the lack of staff and change at the PDC, while others said the staff does not even do as much as ‘give them extra tissue paper’. Another student said the ‘bureaucratic’ structure of PDC and the lack of competition had made the administration complacent, which neces-

sarily meant that the place was a tyranny, adding that ‘nobody liked PDC’s food’ and the students were being ‘forced’ to eat it since there was no place else to go. The discussion on the students’ email was then cut short by Chinoy, who asked the students to not to digress and to stop emailing, ‘please’. However, soon enough, a Facebook page titled ‘Boycott PDC Day’, with over a 1,000 confirmed attendants, was set up and the debate was taken there. Chinoy’s move of deterring the students from taking part in “student action (that) is not part of this university’s tradition” when there was “a council available to make student positions known in a civilised manner,” did not go down too well with the students either, who questioned why boycotting was dubbed ‘uncivilised’ by Chinoy when they were not burning tyres or breaking things. The ‘puppet’ LUMS Student Council then emailed an ‘irrelevant’ report, that suggested ‘hilarious’ reasons for the problems being faced by the students, one of which dubbed the chef’s Rs 12,000 income the reason for bad food quality. “The proposal is typical-Pakistani, all words and no action,” a student said. Chinoy, however, doused all fire with water when he said, “a price hike cannot be helped” and all efforts would be made to mitigate it. “We try our best not to let the effects of the inflation reach the students,” an officer in the LUMS administration, asking not to be named, said, adding “but this time there is no option left. We aren’t even breaking even.” “LUMS generally is cash-strapped. Fee has been raised, the National Outreach Programme students’ monthly stipend has also been decreased so has the percentage of students studying on financial aid,” another official said, adding “many highly-paid instructors have left and fresh graduates have been hired to cut expenses also. Inflation hits everyone in the country, including LUMS and it’s the students that will have to pay for it eventually.”

LUMS generally is cash-strapped… many highly-paid instructors have been replaced by fresh graduates to cut expenses. inflation hits LUMS also and students will have to pay for it eventually.


doctors remain absent as Yda strike goes provincial LAHORE



ATIeNTS across Punjab continued to suffer after Young Doctors Association (YDA) went on province-wide strike and also boycotted their services at the outpatient departments (OPDs) of government and public hospitals. The YDA expanded their boycott to the rest of the Punjab on Monday against transfer of 45 postgraduate trainee doctors and medical officers (MOs) of Services Hospital by the provincial Health Department. The strike caused intense anguish among the patients and attendants, as the operations, indoor and outdoor services remained suspended for the fifth day across Punjab, with the government taking no alternate steps. The doctors have vowed to continue their strike till the withdrawal of the orders. The protesters said they would keep the outpatient departments (OPDs) of all government hospitals closed till the settlement between the government and YDA. Health advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has declared the strike as unreasonable and maintained that it is the right of the government to take decisions relating to the appointments and transfers. Meanwhile, the doctors’ strike was challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC)

by a local petitioner, seeking action against the YDA leaders. The court has summoned health secretary on April 23 in this regard. Doctors said the strike would continue till cancellation of transfers and postings. The CM said doctors were associated with a noble profession and they had vowed to serve the ailing humanity. He said doctors could adopt any method for pressing their demands but the word strike should not be in their dictionary as the grief of a family which lose any of its members due to strike can only be realized by those who have faced this tragedy. He said Punjab government had spent billions of rupees on the welfare and improvement of the service structure of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff and a sum of Rs 8 billion was also being utilised for this purpose in the current fiscal year. The CM announced a grant of Rs 100 million for the setting up of an engineering college in Sargodha, establishment of trauma and cardiac centre and affiliation of 400-bed hospital in Sargodha to Sargodha Medical College. He further announced a sum of Rs 29 lakh for the treatment of a student of Sargodha Medical College who is a cancer patient. He was addressing the first convocation of Sargodha Medical College, on Monday. Provincial Agriculture Minister Ahmed Ali Aulakh, member national and provincial assemblies, teachers and a large number of students were present.

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08 Lahore

tuesday, 17 april, 2012

They see us lovin’, they hatin’


32 °C High

Love marriage-induced scuffle keeps The Mall blocked for hours





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love marriage case in the Lahore High Court made Monday a bad day for the motorists at The Mall Road when relatives and friends of the couple fought with and beat each other with punches and clubs in front of the LHC gate in GPO Chowk and blocked the traffic flow for hours. A couple of women from the girl’s family went on a wild and strange protest and lay spread-eagled on The Mall Road only to halt traffic flow and give an open challenge to the police and wardens. Though there is ban on holding protests on The Mall but police machinery of the city failed to stop the women from staging wild battle on the main artery of the provincial capital. Two friends of the boy were seriously injured by the infuriated woman of the girl’s family and police surprisingly could not stand in the way of the women armed with sticks and clubs. One Abida had contracted love marriage with Amir without the consent of her family, who had got and FIR of kidnapping registered against her husband. Amir had filed petition in the LHC to quash the FIR and in that connection the two lovebirds had appeared before court of Justice Manzoor Malik. Close friends, relatives, family members including women, had come to the LHC for the hearing. The court vicinity soon became a battle ground when Abida’s family attacked Amir’s family. Justice Manzoor allowed the girl to go with her husband and this infuriated the family who tried to snatch her from her husband and a battle ensued that soon took shape of a protest. Later the mob reached the GPO Chowk and blocked the main road, creating trouble for the motorists. While the relative scuffled, the LHC security sneaked the girl and the boy away from the grip of hostile relatives and helped them escape by a secret gate. When Abida’s family realised that the girl had left, they rushed to the GPO Chowk and blocked in protest. Later, the police assured Abida’s family that she would be recovered and returned to them.





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DatE: MarCH 31 tO DECEMBEr 29, 2012 VENUE: HaSt-O-NEESt CENtrE, LaHOrE Hast-o-Neest Centre for traditional art & Culture invites you to its Monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (Director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 ghazals of Maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, Last Saturday of every month

DatE: aPriL 01 tO DECEMBEr 30, 2012 VENUE: Faiz gHar, LaHOrE a unique blend of yoga, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. yoga Master Shamshad Haider

DatE: MarCH 19 tO aUgUSt 29, 2012 VENUE: tHE KNOWLEDgE FaCtOry (tKF) Bored of usual dance routines? Fitness workouts come with a 'yawn'?! Whether you know how to shake or not, this's the place to bring your groove! Learn to follow the rhythm, let loose, how to catch new steps and master old ones. Mondays and Wednesdays: 78pm, Per Session: 500 only!, Monthly: PKr 2,500/-

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Lahore 09

Zardari loves robbing people: CM LAHORE



UNJAB Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Ali Baba 40 Thieves sitting in Islamabad love plundering, corruption and looting the public wealth and not Pakistan. He said corrupt rulers have ruined the county’s economy during the last four years. He said that announcement of setting up a Saraiki Bank by President Asif Ali Zardari in Southern Punjab was another project of committing robbery but the people would not be hoodwinked. He said Ali Baba and 40 thieves would be buried politically by the power of vote of the people in next general elections. He said Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz would put the country on the road to progress and prosperity by steering it out of darkness under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif and build a Pakistan where justice, merit, trust and honesty were upheld. He said setting up of an industrial estate over 450 acres in Bhalwal will bring economic prosperity in the area which will not only promote industry in the region but also play an important role in improving the economic situation of Pakistan. He also announced up-gradation of Bhera as Tehsil.

Shahbaz says people would not be hoodwinked by Saraiki Bank, which is a new corruption plan He was addressing a big public meeting after laying the foundation stone of Bhalwal Industrial estate in Bhalwal, Sargodha on Monday. Provincial Ministers, members national and provincial assembly, Bhalwal Industrial estate Chairman SM Tanvir and Muslim League leaders were also present on the occasion. Addressing the function, Shahbaz said a network of roads costing billions of rupees was being laid in Sargodha. He said besides laying the foundation stone of the project of linking Makhdoom Interchange to motorway at a cost of Rs 73 crore, a degree college in Sargodha and special educational centres were being set up at a cost of Rs 24 crore in all the tehsils of Sargodha. He said Rs 66 crore will be

spent on the construction of a new hospital consisting of 400 beds. The CM said Sargodha was the California of Pakistan and had prominent position all over the world in Kinnu production. He said setting up agri-based industries would be encouraged in industrial estates and Rs 2

police decide to set up helpline for the Mall LAHORE STAff RePoRT

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Ahmad Raza Tahir, on Monday, has ordered the establishment of Police Help Line Centre during the current month at Mall Road, near Masjid-e-Shuhda for the active assistance of traders and citizens of Lahore. He ordered this while talking to a 25-member delegation of Mall Road Traders Association, at his office. Tahir informed the media that this Police Help Line Centre at Mall Road would promptly assist and help traders, citizens and buyers in case of any law and order related emergency. CCPO further stressed that judicial decision of imposing complete bans on rallies and processions at Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam (Mall Road) would be ensured, so that the business community can continue its commercial activities in a peaceful atmosphere and no hurdle is created in the smooth flow of city traffic. Tahir also directed Traffic Police to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the Mall Road, especially during peak hours, to ensure peaceful commercial activities. He said that Lahore Police requires cooperation of the people and the trading community to bring about positive change in the Thana culture and transform Lahore into a bastion of peace. CCPO said that Lahore Police is striving with dedication to ensure law and order in the city in order to en-

able an atmosphere where commercial and trading activities can take place in a peaceful manner. He observed that installation of CCTVs and deputing alert guards at all important commercial centres of the city is the need of the hour in order to ensure eradication of crime and criminals from the provincial metropolis. Tahir stated that priority based security had been provided to the business centres and markets of the city, so that it can be protected from nefarious designs of criminal elements. CCPO said strong police teamwork, close cooperation between trading community, citizens and media is the need of the hour. He said in order to bring law and order situation under control the business community will have to work in close liaison with the law-enforcing agencies which will help in the betterment of the national economy, besides propagating business investment in the country. Tahir informed the business community that the officers and Jawans of Lahore Police have been directed to bring about a positive change in Thana culture, and keep their attitude towards the visiting citizens highly sympathetic and sincere. He said that every citizen would have to play his due role in ensuring rule of law in the city. Speaking on the occasion, Mall Road Traders Association members assured that Lahore business community is prepared to extend its wholehearted cooperation to Lahore Police in maintenance of law and order and to meet any emergency situation effectively.




CiNE Star PH: 35157462


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CiNE gOLD PH: 35340000


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SOzO WOrLD PH: 36674271


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01:30 PM 04:30 PM 07: 30 PM 10: 30 PM

billion would be spent on this project. earlier, the CM laid the foundation stone of Bhalwal Industrial estate and unveiled the plaque. Tanvir while paying tributes to the CM on this occasion said the untiring efforts of the CM has helped in strengthening the foundations of in-

dustry in the province. He said establishment of industrial estate in a backward area like Bhalwal will accelerate the pace of development and job opportunities will be available to one and a half lakh persons directly whereas 7 to 8 lakh persons indirectly.

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10 Lahore

tuesday, 17 april, 2012

‘So you were supposed to control dengue?’ LAHORE



hief justice Lahore High Court, Sh Azmat Saeed, on Monday, issued notices for April 26 to Punjab government and other respondents for their failure to control Dengue epidemic in Punjab. After hearing arguments by the petitioner counsel the court admitted the petition for regular hearing and sought a report from the provincial, district government, secretary health, DCO and chief secretary Punjab. The petitioner counsel informed the court that the government did not take all the recommended steps to prevent the spread of dengue epidemic which is resulting in breaking out of the disease, posing threats to the lives of people. The petition was filed by advocate, Azhar Siddique , chairman judicial activism penal, a public interest litigant organization, contending that the district government and the Punjab government had failed to kill dengue larva and the epidemic had returned to the city with fresh growth of the deadly dengue mosquitoes.

LCWU holds UK University Day LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The International Resource Centre, in collaboration with The Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement Officeat the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is holding UK University Day 2012 on Wednesday (18th April ) in the Auditorium of LCWU. Seven leading and reputed varsities from UK will be their to familiarize interested students and faculty with various higher education opportunities, avenues for research collaboration and scholarship options as well as any possibility of exchange programs. The event will start at 9:00 a.m. and will be graced by the Vice Chancellor LCWU Dr Sabiha Mansoor. The opening ceremony will be followed by half hour presentations by each of the participating universities. Information desks will be set up during the day, outside the Auditorium with flyers, brochures and prospectuses of respective universities. each university’s representative will be available throughout the day to answer any queries and concerns students may have. Mandatory student participation has been identified according to the respective presenting universities, although all students are welcome to attend single or multiple presentations in the auditorium.

gCU win international gauntlet competition LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The Government College University Lahore Management Studies Department, (GCU MSD) has won the three-day International Gauntlet Competition organized by the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). As many as 14 teams including one from India took part in the Gauntlet Competition. During the business game simulation software competition, the participants needed to run a company for nine years against their competitors and raise their market share index. The GCU team comprising Taimoor Ahmed, Mohsin Saeed Mirza, Hina Haroon, Murtaza Ali Khan and Aoon Mujtaba won the game by raising their share index to a record 3700 points. Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, secured the second position with share price index of just 1800 points. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Muhammad Khaleequr-Rahman and GCU MSD Chairperson Najaf Yawar Khan congratulated the students on their extraordinary performance in the LUMS Competition.

The petitioner raised questions through the petition about government’s responsibilities regarding protection of life of citizens under article 9 of the constitution. He said the government did not spray good quality pesticides in the city and hence the renewed dengue epidemic is just around the corner. The petitioner pleaded that new cases of dengue virus had been identified as patients had started pouring into hospitals with fever symptoms. He prayed to the court to direct the government to take preventive measures to protect the lives of people from the epidemic and seek a report on what it had done so far to avoid the situation like the previous year when hundreds of patients lost their lives at the hands of the dengue virus. He said that though many hundreds patients died of the dengue virus last year, the government still did not take needed precautionary measures to prevent its spread again. Meanwhile the Lahore High Court on Monday issued notices to the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) for May 8, on a petition seeding court directions for de-notification of PML- N MNA Rao Mazhar Hayat for having a

fake BA degree. The court also sought a report from the eCP and other respondents in the matter till next date of hearing. Justice Umar Ata Bandial, passed the order on a petition filed by Arshad Ibrahim and Javed Badr, political rivals of the MNA. During proceedings, petitioners’ counsel stated that Rao Mazhar Hayat contested the last general election in 2008 from constituency of NA-138, Kasur and won it. However, they filed a complaint application against him in eCP because he had a fake degree and demanded de-notification of the election results and his disqualification from the seat of MNA. The petitioners submitted that the eCP found the degree “phoney” after verification and it sent a letter to the Kasur sessions judge that ordered DPO, Khurram Ali Shah, for the registration of a case against Rao. He said police registered a case under section 199,200 and 471 of CrPC. He pleaded the court to issue directions to de-notify Rao Mazhar Hayat from the national assembly membership due to his fake degree. The court after hearing arguments issued notice to eCP and other respondents, and sought a report by May 8.

Women asked to snatch their rights

New LHC judge takes oath


A newly-appointed additional judge of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday took the oath of office. LHC Chief Justice, Sh Azmat Saeed, administered the oath to Justice Ali Baqar Najfi in a ceremony at the LHC Judges’ lounge. LHC judges, federal and provincial law officers, Lahore High Court Bar Association office-bearers, families of judges and a large number of senior lawyers attended the ceremony. President Asif Ali Zardari appointed the additional judge, on recommendations of the parliamentary committee and judicial commission, for a period of one year. After the induction, the strength of the LHC judges has become 40.

PU shows love for Balochistan LAHORE STAff RePoRT

Punjab University Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, will preside over a seminar on “Balochistan – Problems & Solutions” on Tuesday at 10:45 am at AlRaazi Hall of Undergraduate Study Centre. The seminar is organised by PU Academic Staff Association and Senator Hasil Bazenjo, ex senator Abdul Hayee Balcoh, ex DG Military Training Centre General (retired) Javed Iqbal, FAPUASA President, Kaleem Baloch, ex chief secretary Hakeemullah Baloch, political analyst Syed Mowahid Hussain, political analysts Asad ur Rehman and Dr Mujahid Mansoor will be guest speakers on the occasion.

Beware of fake housing schemes! LAHORE




Society for Human Rights & Prisoner’s Aid (SHARP) in collaboration with University of the Punjab organized a one day seminar on the topic of “Legal and Social rights of Refugee women within Legal Frame Work of Pakistan”. The main purpose of the event was to give awareness to the students about protection of women rights in the context of existing laws of the country. The aforementioned event was inaugurated by Irfan Raza (Director SHARP) and Dr Sammer Fatima (Incharge Chairperson, DGS) with the remarks that SHARP a nongovernmental organization was working as a humanitarian group with the mission “To strive for a human rights friendly Pakistan”. Memoona Batool Khan (Field Manager SHARP) gave a brief introduction of SHARP. Sher Afgan gave a presentation on refugee rights and their legal status in the scenario of international protection. Dr Rana Malik (Faculty Member University of the Punjab) while addressing the students stated that a state is duty bound to provide and protect the rights of women. Naeem Ullah Khan

(Lecturer Punjab University) gave a comprehensive lecture on fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. Dr Mirrat Gul highlighted the psychological and social issues of women due to social upheavals and traditional norms. Justice (Rtd) Tanveer Ahmad Khan appreciated and congratulated the efforts of SHARP for organizing such a wonderful and informative event for the students. Justice (Rtd) Nasira Iqbal stressed on the need of protection of women rights and role of government in formulating and enforcing all women protection laws to minimize the miseries of women. At the end certificates were distributed.

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has informed the general public that sponsors of 14 private housing schemes at Ferozepur Road were illegally offering sale and purchase of plots because LDA had not granted approval for these schemes. LDA has advised the people, in their own interest, not to enter into any contract of sale or purchase of plots in these schemes till the approval is granted by LDA. In case otherwise LDA shall not be responsible for any loss and consequences thereof. These schemes include Vital Homes Housing Schemes, Ideal Garden Society, Green Cap Housing Scheme, Fateh Villas, Malik Park, Grand Avenue Housing Scheme, Gulberg Park Housing Scheme, Subhan Gardens Housing Scheme, Anwar Town, Roshan Town, Faisal Town, Akhtarabad Housing Scheme, Wak Land and elite Town. Meanwhile, LDA has invited tenders for carrying out development works at Fatima Jinnah College for Women, Chuna Mandi, Lahore, at a total cost of Rs 35.40 million within a period of six months.

great weather to continue LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The sun and clouds hide and seek continued for a second day in the provincial metropolis after heavy showers into the wee hoursof Monday. The amount of precipitation recorded in the city was 7 millimetres, equal to the amount of rain in Murree and Barkhan areas. The sky over the provincial metropolis appeared concealed in clouds on Monday evening again while meteorologists say the current weather system would prevail for a couple of days more. The temperature in Lahore would remain 32 to 34 degrees Celsius with chances of a dust-storm and rain. Lahore like weather conditions are persisting in most of the areas in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northeast Balochistan, Sukkar division, Gilgit Baltistan and its adjoining hilly areas. elsewhere in the country, mainly dry weather is expected. According to weather experts, a Shallow Westerly wave is present over Kashmir and its adjoining areas which is affecting the weather.

Mother of two shot dead LAHORE STAff RePoRT

A mother of two children was shot dead by unidentified killers inside her home located in Nawab Town Police precincts on Monday. The deceased was identified as Shakeela Bibi, a resident of e-Block, Nawab Town. The police said that Shakeela was living in her house along with her two kids while her husband was gone abroad for work. On Monday, Shakeela’s children found her lying dead in a pool of blood in their house with serious bullet wounds. NEGLIGENCE: A 15-day-old baby died to the alleged negligence of doctor at a private clinic in the Defence-A police limits on Monday. Police have registered a case No 319/12 against Doctor Ali and his dispenser under section 319 of PPC with no arrest so far. Per details, one Babar Ali, resident of Chungi Amr Sidhu visited

the private clinic of Doctor Ali for circumcision of his newly born baby named Ali. The doctor administered an injection which reacted and claimed the life of the neonate. As a result, the family of victim baby gathered on road and staged a protest demonstration. Local police reached the scene and assured them of justice. Police also conducted raid but the accused managed to flee. Police have registered a case against accused doctor and his dispenser for further action. BURNT: Two persons including a teenage girl died while another person sustained serious burn injuries owing to fire in three different places of the city on Monday. A 28-year-old newly-wed young man died in front of his wife and other family members when fire erupted at his workplace in the Shalimar Police Area. The deceased was identified as Abbas, a resident of Daras Road. The po-

lice said the deceased was a jeweller by profession and was running a little business adjacent to his house. On the day of incident, Abbas was working per routine, when he lit a candle after the suspension of electricity supply. Burning candle accidentally fell on chemical solution and patrol that caused fire. Within minutes, fire engulfed Abbas who died on the spot. Similarly in Gujjarpura Area, an 18year-old Sobia sustained serious burn injuries when her clothes caught fire while she was working in her kitchen. She was rescued by her family members and was taken to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. Police after reaching the scene handed over the bodies of two persons to their heirs after completing legal formalities. Likewise 30-year-old Sher Khan sustained serious burn injuries when a gas cylinder went off inside his shop located near Garhi Shaho Bridge. He was rushed

to a nearby hospital where doctors stated them to be in critical condition. MINOR FOUND DEAD: A 7-year-old boy was found murdered from a ground located in Samnabad Police Area on Monday. The police said that some locals of Samnabad Area spotted a suspicious school bag lying in Dongi Ground Samnabad over which they informed police, whose officials after reaching the scene opened the bag and recovered an unidentified minor boy as dead. Investigator believed that the deceased was strangled to death by unknown killers who managed in escape after throwing deceased’s body at said place. Investigators said that they have removed the body of the deceased to morgue for autopsy which will really reveal deceased’s cause of death. Meanwhile cops have started searching for deceased’s family as well.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

Sindh is suffering The Sindh province still faces enormous socio-economic challenges. However, I want to single out five chronic socioeconomic issues which need an immediate attention of the rulers to uplift the life and living standards of the people in the province. These include: Sindh province’s land, health, poverty, education and law and order situation. Sindh province’s land is facing serious problem of water logging and salinity and also acute shortage of water to irrigate the fertile and rich land in more than fifty percent area of the province. The past successive regimes did nothing to align, improve and upgrade the watercourses, water channels, canals, barrages and rivers. Shockingly, all these are being polluted with the industrial and urban

Seraiki province waste. Numerous trees along with the banks of canals and barrages are being ruthlessly chopped and not even a single new sapling is planted along the canals, water channels, water courses, roads and highways. It is totally different that the official record of the concerned departments shows that every years millions of sapling have been planted there. If the present government sincerely improves and upgrades the watercourses, channels, canals and rivers, I am confident that then even a single drop of water will not go waste and moreover, those areas which are in the grip of paucity of water, both for drinking and irrigation purposes, would emerge as the “food and fruit basket” of the country. The government must direct the concerned departments to use the public sec-

tor money uprightly and judiciously in the development and up-gradation of canals and watercourse instead of misappropriating and embezzling. epidemic and preventable diseases have devastated the province. There are hardly any hospitals or doctors at Taluka and district level. even if there are some, they are deprived of all resources including skilled and unskilled manpower, professionals such as doctors and paramedical staff, medicines, logistics, and material resources. The facts and figures are alarming about the death toll due to preventable diseases. Millions of Sindhis live in grinding poverty. What's the government doing to bring prosperity to the people and is it working? Can the gap between the rich

and the poor be bridged? Hundreds of schools and colleges, which were shut during the past successive regimes, are still shut. Pitiably, many more schools don't even have basic facilities and the required number of teachers. There is neither law nor order in the province. If anybody is safe and secure, it is either police itself or the elected representatives called “MPAs and MNAs”, or those people who have come to settle in Sindh. The Sindhi intelligentsia has started thinking on this question: Sindhis suffer during the democratic dispensation in the country. If democracy is the best revenge, who or from whom this revenge is being exacted? HASHIM ABRO Islamabad

Mandir property Karachi is the largest city, the main seaport and financial centre of Pakistan. Currently, the city has an estimated population of 21 million which was slightly under half a million, out of which 51 percent were Hindus and 42 percent were Muslims at the time of Partition of India. Now Hindus are about 1.45 percent (3,00,000) of city population, preserving 50 mandirs in different parts of the city which were once more than 450 in Karachi before the partition; as most of them have been illegally occupied or demolished. Out of 50 available temples, only two are nationally famous and attract Hindus from all over Pakistan where others are community based temples. These two important mandirs are Swami Narain mandir opposite to KMC Building at M A Jinnah Road and Ratneshwar Mahadev mandir Clifton adjacent to Janagir Kothari Parade. These mandirs are the only places for Hindus of Karachi to celebrate the religious rituals like Diwali, Holi, Ram Navami, Janmastami, Dussehra and Hinglaj. Ratneshwar Mahadev temple at Clifton was constructed more than 150 years ago in a cave of a hill near seaside of Clifton which is now locked with parks; not only car parking has occupied its land but also the proper way or passage to entrance was demolished in 2005. earlier, there was sufficient car parking and proper way to mandir which we and our forefathers used. every year a Grand Mela (Fair) of Lord Shiva is held for three days on eve of Maha Shiva Ratri which is well attended by 25,000 people every day for worship. On every Monday, 5000 people and about 1000 people come daily for worship and parsad (sacred food) which is offered free. This mandir has been converted into an isolated place by changing car parking into a seasonal flower exhibition park by the City Government. With parking for more than a kilometre radius, attendance in mandir is going to be less every day; if we park vehicles on the road side, vehicles are lifted and heavy fines are imposed and in many case they are stolen. People come here for peace of mind temple but without sufficient parking space, we are not at peace any more. In view of the above, we Hindus, the largest religious minority of Pakistan demand that car parking should be restored as a reserved community parking and the front should be declared as mandir property as a safeguard to religious properties as well as indigenous people’s rights in conformity with the UN charter and Quaid-e-Azam’s vision of Pakistan. KALAVANTI RAJA MENGHWAR Karachi

a note for Wapda A few nights ago, power went off and came back in just a few seconds, and this happened twice. This is most damaging for electrical equipment. The running pressure in a compressor of an air conditioner or a freezer is 300 pounds per square inch. It takes three minutes for this pressure to equalise when the compressor is shut down. If the compressor is restarted while the pressure is still high and has not had time to equalise, the compressor motor will get overloaded and could burn out. Power should be switched on only three minutes after it has tripped, never in a few seconds. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

Taliban’s spring offensive The jailbreaks in Afghanistan’s Kandahar and Pakistan’s Bannu may have similarities and its timing with the reported ‘spring offensive’ by Taliban in Afghanistan may also have a great significance, but the question is whether this is going to be used as a case against Pakistan or it is a genuine move against the occupation forces. It is said that the Tehreek-iTaliban Pakistan (TTP) men are regularly shown Hollywood action movies that stir not only the emotions but also provide enough guidance as to how to conduct similar operations in a sensational way. They reportedly blocked all the inroads before entering the jail so that the police or security forces could not briskly react. While going back too they had the capacity to remove and recreate hurdles in order to make sure that no chase could be made. The attack and release of 384 prisoners, including some most-wanted and high-profile terrorists, has established that the war fought during the last many years and sacrifices by thousands of personnel, men and women, elders and children have gone waste. Secondly this has established that the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and Afghan Taliban have either connections or part of Al-Qaeda and Taliban, or all the groups operating separately are actually one and the same. This incident is a reminder that if a jail in settled area can be broken so easily and audaciously, then anything can be done on this pattern as it is widely propagated that Pakistan’s

Only a few choices Last week when Pakistani parliament approved the pre-conditions set for the US to comply with before Pakistan agreeing to resume the NATO supplies for Afghanistan, one would have wondered on inclusion of a demand: stop drone attacks on the tribal areas. All the right-wing political/religious parties are now up in arms to stop the NATO supplies at all cost. Obviously the alternate to drone attacks such as aerial bombardment by Pakistani air force is more disastrous as it results in more collateral damage. Let’s take the right-wing parities line and stop the drone attacks and aerial bombardment, then what next; will we return to peace and prosperity in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, this is not the case; state is crumbling in front of these terrorists. This was very much evident from April 14 early morning attack on the Bannu central jail. Nearly 400 prisoners including a number of hardcore militants escaped to safety. It was a well coordinated attack on a so-called high

nuclear arsenal can go into the hands of terrorists. Though the authorities claim that this is not possible, given the command and control system and water-tight security, yet it cannot be ruled out and the government and security establishment have to be extra vigilant and take immediate corrective measures. This attack means the Taliban are in full gear to hit back in not only Afghanistan but Pakistan that is the front-line ally of America. This also indicates towards the inefficient and ineffective prosecution system, legal process, interrogation and investigation system and the weakened civil administration that has by virtue of its inner ills and non-willingness no capacity to provide vibrant replacement. Not a single terrorist had ever been hanged or punished and those languishing in jails, like those of the Bannu, have either been released or secured. The society as a whole has shown its weakness, the administration has proved it has turned into a security risk rather than being the custodian and this unwillingness on the massive scale has rendered the security forces of the country including the military isolated. The attitude by media, civil society and the government towards those brave soldiers buried alive under the thousands of tons of glaciers and rocks is evident enough. ESCHMALL SARDAR Peshawar

security jail when more than 250 heavily armed militants in vehicles and on foot stormed the prison building while showering it with AK-47, hand grenade and RPGs. Despite presence of army units and Frontier Constabulary in the vicinity of the prison, no one came to the help of few jail guards who were taken by surprise due to this lightening attack. Without much resistance put forward by a handful guards, Taliban were able to win the release of their important comrades. They took all the freed comrades and marched out of Bannu in form of a victorious rally and entered the lawless tribal agency – North Waziristan. Anyone who thinks that these militants will now return to normal civilian life is living in fool’s paradise. No doubt they will re-join the Taliban forces and will be in the field within short time. There is no doubt that Pakistan tribal areas pose a very difficult and inhospitable terrain to fight the militants, then what is the solution – get the soldiers and paramilitary troops killed like sitting chickens or go for aerial bombardment and cause collateral damage,

or resume the targeted drone attacks. It’s high time for Pakistan not to submit to terrorists, otherwise we end up what was Afghanistan in late 90s. Both the CIA and ISI need to work together to build a mechanism to exchange information on targets and to verify the same before triggering the button. Choices are very few, it’s up to us whether to go for a civilized democratic Pakistan or a hardliner country living in dark ages. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Our tV programmes Our TV channels should stop promoting Indian programmes as it is of no use promoting their programmes on our screen. Have we ever seen our programmes on Indian TV channels? Instead of promoting Indian programmes such as dramas, films, shows etc on our screens, we should promote ours which have better quality, modesty, culture, ethics and regional values as compared to their programmes. KAINAT SHAIKH Karachi

None other than the president of Pakistan has declared the making of Saraiki province now. One does not know which statement issued by Zardari is that of as the President of Pakistan or as Co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) or even as a commoner? Recently, he went to India as a private visitor. earlier, he went to Myanmar with his family as a private visitor. Assefa decorated the leader with Nishan-e-Imtiaz. Anyway, confused as we are with this innovative set up, we are entering into province-making era now. Let us, by the stroke of pen, also make Hazarra province. Hazarra people are suffering in Hazarra, in Quetta and in Karachi. Karachi is a continuous place of suffering. MQM are the greatest victim of these atrocities. Karachi should be declared as a province, including Hyderabad. FATA is the epicentre of all terrorism. Let FATA people manage their province. By the way, Saraiki province should have Muzzafargarsh, Bhakhar right upto Mianwali belt included. This will solve Imran Khan’s problem also. Three out of 140 odd tribes in Balochistan are trouble makers (so says the genius Musharraf). Let us declare Bugti, Mengal and Kallat as a province too. These provinces will solve all the ailing diseases of Pakistan. Of course, the demand of Bahawalpur province is that of Shahbaz Sharif. Why deprive Durrani of his demand backed by Sharifs? Let Pakistan have governors and CMs and army of cabinet and advisors and special assistants. Pakistan’s administrative budget will then be financed by IMF and ADB together. We already have swollen federal cabinet, advisors and special assistants. Japan should supply 1500 or more new Toyotas. Germany should already book order for 100 BMWs or Mercs and about 2000 more Cruisers and Double Cabins for the entourage. We need 15 Lear jets and much more to facilitate new comers. This formula is a lot easier to win the election than holding stupid public rallies of thousands of hundreds of poor people as is being done by Imran Khan. PPP is a genius under the command of Zardari. AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore (II) President Zardari has vowed to create Seraiki province, dividing the Punjab province into two, and has advised the government to establish Seraiki Bank, which seems to be a move towards that goal. Unfortunately the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and some other politicians both individually and on party levels, particularly who have aligned with the PPP government, are seemingly helping the move to turn the Southern part into a province. either they are not aware that this is aimed at not only weakening the political base and ending the political dominance of Punjab, but also to pose dent to the economic structure, water distribution and industrial development of which Punjab is considered the backbone. even the PML-N is very much vocal and of late favouring the making of more provinces. This is going to open Pandora’s Box and the demand of Hazara province, Jinnahpur, making FATA a separate province, and dividing Balochistan into various provinces will lead to virtual breakup of the country. In fact the region can be subjugated by simply dividing Pakistan into more provinces, and there is no need to conduct any direct attack, denuclearize the nation, dismantle its army or cripple its economy under the said to be international conspiracy of reshaping the entire region and redrawing the maps. The economy of Punjab, its manpower, skilled workmanship and agriculture produce are not only the backbone of the defence of the country, but also the security of Pakistan. This needs to be understood by the political leadership, the government and the security establishment. Particularly the timing is not appropriate for such a move. ALYA ALVI Rawalpindi

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment the show goes on Another stop for the travelling circus


t’s the DPC’s way or the highway, democracy be smitten. When a political party, like, say, the JUI, says it won’t allow the resumption of Nato supply routes, there is the fig leaf of legitimacy there. Their not allowing is an allusion to their position in the democratic process. That they are going to use their leverage in the PCNS to stop the decision. That they are going to threaten to boycott future sessions or work up a storm in all the chambers of legislature that they are currently in. When the DPC says it won’t allow it, it means something else. There is no way that it can get around implying vigilantism. After all, what leverage does this agglomeration of religious outfits have? At the council’s gig at Peshawar, the members “rejected” the parliament’s decision on the Nato supply routes. They are well within their legal and moral right not to own a parliamentary decision. There would, at this moment, be many people who actually voted for the PPP, ANP or the Leagues who would not approve of the parliament’s decision. But the democratic process is what it is. Parties can campaign on a particular issue and when the burdens of governance or legislation hit them, they can realise that things are not what they seemed from the sidelines. They modify their stance and sell it to their respective electorates. If the latter don’t buy it, someone else comes next time. Sometimes parties still don’t change their point of view, like the JUI(F) doesn’t seem to be doing now. But even they have to realise their place in the scheme of things. Some DPC leaders have asked the contractors and transporters than make the Nato transport possible not to cooperate voluntarily. Now, again, an economic boycott is a tried and tested form a civil action. KP’s ruling ANP could hardly find fault with this most Gandhian of methods. But the fact of the matter is that few transporters would not see this as the veiled threat that it is. The government has its work cut out for it. It has to be careful in differentiating between the right to peaceful protest and the instigation to violence, a legal offence.

Jurists’ moot on staying in limits


he first thing that a military rule does is the stunting of the natural growth of the institutions of both civil society and state. This is what has happened in Pakistan under Ayub, Zia and Musharraf. With the 2008 elections, the institutions tasted freedom after nine years. With the shackles that had bound them now gone they have at times exercised the newly gained freedom and vigour in ways that have raised questions. This is as much true about the executive and judiciary as it is about the media, and the organisations of doctors, lawyers and other sections of society. There is a need on the part of the government and judiciary to seriously ponder over how to remain pro-active without transgressing into each other’s domain of authority. Once they have done this, others will fall into line. The declaration opposes the exercise of direct or indirect control over critical inputs of the courts by other branches of government. As an independent judiciary constitutes a dependable bedrock that supports the edifice of democracy, the government needs to realise that trying to influence or subjugate it is tantamount to weakening the system. Democracy cannot survive long without the rule of law, nor the national economy prosper in the absence of independent courts which ensure a level playing field for everyone and provide a guarantee against unfair practices. This said, the courts too should avoid doing anything that creates the perception that they are prejudiced against a government or a party. The choice of cases that involve important government functionaries while ignoring for years other cases of national importance has led many to question the criteria behind the choice. That Islamabad declaration underlines the need for judicial restraint is therefore heartening. What is needed is to ensure that judicial restraint is actually practiced. The common man expects superior judiciary to make the recourse to justice cheap and a timely decision of cases. With the dedication displayed by the superior judiciary, it can make history if it decides to concentrate on the two issues.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

rural-urban boundaries it is time to re-evaluate them

By Dr Faisal Bari


he area Nadeem used to live in was a large village or small town once, not many years ago. There was no decent school or medical facility in the area. Communication with the larger city was difficult, the roads poor and the means of transportation difficult to access and expensive. But things have changed rapidly in the last couple of decades. Today his house is connected to the world through mobile phones, which everyone in the household has and uses frequently. They have cable television through a local provider. FM radio brings the latest songs from around the world into the household. They have broadband access through the Internet provider and when that does not work, they have access through pre-paid Internet access cards. Their area now has paved roads and even public transport to the larger nearby city is widely available. But the area has decent schools and health facilities, and though for universities and more serious health issues people still have to travel to the city, the day-to-day activities do not require them to leave the area much. But interestingly, given the government’s administrative classification, from prior to local government changes of 2001, the area is still classified as a rural area of the Punjab. Clearly our rural-urban distinction is outmoded. It was based on the notion of where we had town committees and so on, based on dated population and administrative structures. One hears that according to this classification even some areas around Defence Housing Authority in Lahore, like where LUMS is now, are classified as rural. Given the infrastructure of the area, there is no sensible definition of rural-urban under which we can classify that area as rural. The last couple of decades have changed Pakistan a lot. Large areas of the Punjab, especially in the Central and Northern parts, areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and areas surrounding Karachi, Hyderabad and other larger towns of Sindh, have seen the economy, infrastructure and living undergo significant changes, similar to ones described above about Nadeem’s neighbourhood. These are not reflected in our official statistics and even our societal discussions/debates. We continue to say Pakistan is an agricultural economy, where 70 odd percent of the population still lives in rural areas. This is important because then we expect the government to plan and execute development on the basis of this reality and expectations that follow. But this might not be what the government should be doing. We might need a more thought through strategy which takes into account the needs of urban areas directly, especially the newly

urbanised areas and populations, and balance governmental policies in light of the new reality. If we do change the older definitions and reclassify areas as rural or urban on the basis of statistics like size of population, population density (high in urban areas), access to infrastructure, time and cost of accessing larger urban areas etc., the relevant basis for such classification can be worked out fairly easily by relevant experts/policy makers, my feeling, and this is just based on what I have seen/read recently, is we could have our urban population percentage going up by as much as 10 odd percent to a ball park of around 40 percent as urban. That would mean a significant rethinking of how we think of Pakistan, our economy, and our developmental needs. Here is an example to bring this home. If a large village/small town has developed enough, in the ways mentioned above, then its developmental needs are not just going to be about access to water for agriculture, roads for farm to market connections and access to electricity for agricultural purposes. The town is going to need planning for further expansion, it will need public water and waste removal systems. It will need electricity grids and connection to the gas pipeline system. It will need to plan for not only needed schools and BHUs/RHCs but colleges and larger and more specialized hospitals. Town planners will need to determine where private schools/colleges should go, where trade/commerce should concentrate and so on: everything that a town/city needs to think through to make it a liveable space. At the larger level we will have to think through what this means for the development strategy of the country. Can these towns/cities be hubs of growth for the economy? The new growth strategy that Planning Commission has put together definitely thinks so. It would be great if we could have solid statistics to back that thinking. If we find that a significant proportion of populations of these areas, say fifty or sixty percent, are no longer dependent, primarily, on agriculture for their income, or do not take agriculture to be their

primary source of income/occupation, we will need to figure out which areas of agribusiness, industry, trade and commerce can flourish in the area. Infrastructure development and vocational training programmes etc would have to be tailored to match the requirements of the area. Though the commitment of some of the political parties, organised more for provincial and national politics, regarding devolution to local levels is a bit shaky still, there is broad realization that this will have to be done sooner or later. Though sooner would be better of course. But this fits in well with what is being said. The various urban areas that have developed recently or are developing will need detailed planning for infrastructure as well as for all other development needs mentioned. This cannot be done from any provincial capital hundreds of miles and light-years of thinking away and with very different politics as well. The local governments will need to develop and if they do, they will be in the best position to organize for local development. The earlier we realise this, the better for our national growth/development effort. Take a road trip across central/northern Punjab or some of the South Western regions of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. They do not give the look of rural areas anymore. And they are not. There are quite a few such areas in Pakistan now. We still keep thinking of them as rural areas due to older ways of thinking. This thinking needs updating as it is costing us, in terms of not only organizing better facilities, especially infrastructure, for the people in these areas, but in terms of developmental and growth opportunities too. These areas might not need agricultural incentives anymore, but more finely calibrated ones for industrial and trade development. At the very least we need to update our ways of thinking and classification to reflect the changing and changed reality of Pakistan. The writer is an Associate Professor of Economics at LUMS (currently on leave) and a Senior Advisor at Open Society Foundation (OSF). He can be reached at

Regional Press

Elections and political activism Daily Khabroona


ith the incumbent government nearing to complete its constitutional tenure, the country is increasingly seeing a warming up of political campaigns by various political parties in the shape of big rallies and membership drives in various parts of the country. The incumbent government, during the last four years of ruling, not only faced law and order situation but also had to address certain other issues including that of political tensions. every political and religious party is fishing for people’s trust. However, common people have know it quite well now that whichever party may come into power it is least likely for them to get relief and amelioration in their conditions.

The disturbing fact of a decreasing number of voters at the polling stations in the previous elections in the country is indicative of the conditions wherein voters are losing interest in any possible change in the country through democracy. The reason behind this lessening of interest in democratic process could be seen in the despondency in delivery on the part of the ruling class. Tensions among political parties and levelling of allegations against each other instead of focusing on masses’ problems have disappointed the poor stratum of the society. They are pessimistic in their views to see any good course of line for solution of problems like unemployment, price-hike and the law and order conditions in the country. – Translated from the original Pashto by Abdur Rauf Khattak

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

prison break

a blessing or a bane?

What clues does this latest Shawshank Redemption afford us? None whatsoever. That’s a clue right there

Mighty obvious By Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi


ow much ammo does it take for the Taliban to breach a ‘maximum security prison compound’? The answer, sadly, is “not much”. If you’re Constable Firdous Khan, one of the guards who was charged with guarding this infamous Taliban den, you would be quite mad at the powers that be. Firdous was only one of 36 men that were on duty at the time of the attack. That’s the number of officers that are on duty at an average precinct over holidays such as eid. For goodness sake, it takes more officers to populate KPK Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti’s motorcade. How anyone in the law enforcement establishment expected to keep a lid on nearly 700 vicious, blood-thirsty, flesh-eating militants by posting a skeleton crew armed with what can only be described as AK-47s with lilies in their muzzles, is beyond me. Or is it? Whenever I think too hard about the ‘good Taliban versus bad Taliban’ conundrum, my brain blows a fuse. But I’m sure the ISI has better mental wiring and cerebral circuit breakers than I do. You see, the fact that Pakistan needs to keep these troublemakers on a leash is common knowledge. In the longer run, our generals figure, the US will leave Afghanistan; Hamid Karzai will eventually be unseated and Afghanistan will return to business as usual: warlords carving up the country any-whichway they want. That is when the cunning Pakistani fox will trounce all others with its foresight. No one will know what hit them and we’ll be in the VIP enclosure, singing the “We Told You So” song.

But it’s not quite that simple. Before the US plots a hasty retreat or, as they prefer to call it, a ‘smooth transition’, they need guarantees. These guarantees include commitments from the Pakistani intelligence community that no matter what their interests or advantages, Pakistan will not support, harbour or arm groups that are hostile towards the United States, in any way shape or form. Ironically, unbeknownst to them, the US is inadvertently funding the largest anti-US militant force in the world: the Pakistan army. The irony is not lost on those of us who can see the joke: for decades, the

istani law enforcement agencies and taken out of the equation, just like that. It is obvious that our spooks don’t take being dealt out of the game very lightly at all. But what clues does this latest Shawshank Redemption afford us? Apart from the fact that the KPK political and civil administration is asleep at the wheel while massive corruption eats away at the foundations of our most conflict and turmoil prone province, all is quite well. The military establishment is well and fully in control and can engineer events such as the jailbreak on Sunday, if only to increase pressure on the Americans

Mind you, this is a far cry from the laxguarded Police Training Academy in Manawan or the elite force Training School in Bedian or the fiA headquarters in lahore, which were all located in the sleepy suburbs of lahore and were guarded just as heavily as the lahore petting zoo. US has been pouring money into the pockets of unsavory majors, colonels, brigadiers and the odd Lt General. In return for these favours, the Yanks have had almost unrestricted access to a host of intelligence, military and other assets. Assets cultivated by the Pakistan military and the ISI. All is well as long as the Americans don’t try to cut us out of the deal. But being shrewd businessmen, it’s never long before they hatch a plan to do just that. Now, the ISI is not as bad as it’s portrayed. They may have missed the Al-Qaeda leader hiding in their backyard, but they certainly don’t miss a beat when the CIA tries to outflank them and brings people like Mullah Baradar, a known Pakistani collaborator, to the negotiating table – all without the guidance of his ISI handlers. When the ISI gets wind of this, the proverbial hits the fan and before you can say ‘Freeze, police!’ the errant militant is picked up by Pak-

Comment 13

who are trying to short-sell what Pakistan has invested in the war on terror. An unidentified Taliban commander, who claimed to have masterminded the operation, told the highly unreliable Reuters news agency that they had spent around Rs 20 million on planning and executing the operation, which lasted a little over an hour and yielded several hundred high-value targets. Mind you, this is a far cry from the lax-guarded Police Training Academy in Manawan or the elite Force Training School in Bedian or the FIA Headquarters in Lahore, which were all located in the sleepy suburbs of Lahore and were guarded just as heavily as the Lahore petting zoo. No, this was an actual prison where the baddest of the bad were being held, ostensibly against their will. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Follow @mightyobvious on Twitter for more incoherence in 160 characters or less

hundreds of people are killed in the name of religion


any moons ago in a different continent a Pakistani acquaintance asked me, very seriously, whether she should attend the wedding of her friend’s daughter. Let me explain. My acquaintance, her friend and their families had known each other for the best part of ten years since moving from Pakistan. In an immigrant’s life, particularly in countries far from home where fellow countrymen are few and far between, such friendships tend to develop faster and deeper than at home. The children of these two families had grown up together and were closer than they would be to their own cousins back in Pakistan. And yet this question arose because the news that the other family was Ahmadi had only recently burst like a thunderclap upon that circle of expatriates. My acquaintance worried that attending an Ahmadi’s marriage would compromise her iman. Rendered speechless with disgust I advised her when I was able, to attend the wedding, adding that religious loyalty was in fact reason to meet people of other faiths, to show oneself as an example as it were (although, I felt this example was better hidden than not). My caustic underthought was fulfilled when By Rabia Ahmed after declaring piously that ‘by the Grace of God a kafir had never once crossed their threshold, nor the reverse’, we parted, and she did not attend the wedding. Today when this bigotry has spread and permeated Pakistan like poison, where is one to go, particularly when one has only just returned hopefully to this nostalgic jungle? Is one to be grateful that one belongs to the mainstream religion and sect and let all else go to hell? Given what happens to those who take a stand and speak out there appears to be little choice. Hundreds of people have been killed because they belong not only to another religion, but to another sect of Islam. These incidents have become so common that they no longer elicit half the response they ought. Certainly nothing more than a token noise on the part of a government engrossed in ensuring it remains in power for another round of rapacity. The involvement of

powerful local political figures has often been mentioned. A Pakistan Today report quoted local Hindus, following the alleged kidnapping of Rinkle Kumari, as saying that a powerful local politician and Pakistan Peoples Party MNA brought armed men to harass them when they attempted to protest. Similar allegations have been made in countless instances. Recently in a nonsectarian case, the SHO of police confessed to the police’s inability to arrest the suspects because of their (the suspects’) influence and political connections. A horrific aspect of this trend are the forced conversions to Islam, where relatives of a growing number of girls have alleged kidnap and forced marriage of a female relative to a Muslim. The case of Rinkle Kumari mentioned above is one. Says Pakistan Today in a report dated 10th of April, ‘just like kidnappings for ransom (and) extortion by powerful feudal lords from Hindu businessmen…, forced conversion of Hindu girls in Sindh is a big problem for the Hindu community.’ The day that Rinkle was brought to the Karachi Press Club for a session with the media was reported in far more sinister language by yet another newspaper: ‘A couple of bearded people kept on giving notes to the girl during the press conference. A woman, who said she was a police constable, was also present at the press conference, which was abruptly cut short. The girl could not respond to questions asked by journalists and kept on saying that she had embraced Islam without any force and married of her own free will.’ When the conference ended, ‘two men came forward and said that the press conference was over. They held her arm and took her away. They boarded a waiting car and left along with a police mobile which was parked outside the Press Club.’ This is one of the most chilling reports I have ever read both in its content and all that it refrains from saying. Last week members of minority groups and some social organisations protested against these incidents of forced conversions outside the Lahore Press Club’. ‘Down with mullah-ism!’ shouted the protestors. ‘It is a sin to take away someone’s rights like that,’ said one man. However, another, when questioned, responded in a way that was even more chilling than the report above: ‘Isn’t it a blessing when someone is being converted into a Muslim?’ he bleated. Please someone force-feed this man prodigious quantity of something good till he explodes, just so he can discover the difference between a blessing and a bane for himself.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012


KARAcHI: models showcase a creation of Pakistani designers on the last day of style 360 Bridal couture Week fashion show. ImRAN AlI





ittehad Textile’s Lawn collection came in a range of prints and patterns exuding femininity, elegance and charm with silhouettes focusing on cut precision and drapery. the floor sweeping ensembles were adorned with embroidery, crystal and metal embellishment that featured an array of styles based on ethnic themes, in addition to a digital prints’ sub-line.








Sundus Nawaz introduced her kid’s wear label rockstar Munks. the playful and preppy debut collection drew inspiration from the popular cartoon series ‘alvin and the Chipmunks’ and was dedicated to the children of the SOS Children’s Orphanage and Village, who also showcased the collection on the ramp. Sundus used light weight knit, pure cottons, self-made buttons and glittery textured fabrics in her collection.


Sadia designers lawn 2012 collection was designed for women who appreciate the finer things in life. the collection embodied a fusion of classic with contemporary and a blend of exotic and traditional designs set in vibrant hues and printed on premium quality fabric.

tABAssum mugHAl



Karma’ women’s wear collection, ‘Seussical’, was inspired from the whimsical literary works of the beloved children’s author Dr Seuss. Cult classics such as ‘the Cat in the Hat’, ‘Horton Hears a Who’ and his countless poems provide the design house the inspiration for the colour palette, motifs and creative direction. Hair, makeup and styling direction for the show was by asmaa Mumtaz.


egyPtIAN dANceR

Somal halepoto presented qudrat, a women’s wear collection. inspired by tropical birds, the collection was imbued with rich colours across a diversity of fabrics such as raw silk, chiffon, chamois with an emphasis on appliqué, thread work and block print detailing. the styles ranged from halter cut sleeves, straight shirts, round damans to flowy panels draped shirts, baggy sleeves, loose pants and tights.


sHAmAeel sAIm

RuBy sHeKel


Pifd: the collection represented creativity and innovation in garments achieved through pattern, draping and sewing skills taught at the PiFD. it covered the diversity of ethnic to chic and from traditional to audaciously prêt.


fNKAsia’s collection paid homage to the african-amercian women’s rights activist Sojourner truth. Bohemian in mood, the collection drew on a vivid indigo, indian yellow, green and ancient terracotta palette. these colours were blocked in bellowing hoods, lacy pockets and drawstrings to set the strong and rebellious mood of the collection. With emphasis on linens, laces and viscos, the collection further exhibited the use of hand block print and hand held embroideries with defined cuts and straighter structures. sAIm



hammad-Ur-Rehman presented Sij Ubhran, which translates to sunrise, drawing inspiration from the tharpakar district in Sindh. through his collection, Hammad represented the idea of transformation through different colour shades similar to those present in each sunrise. the designer’s sunrise colour palette included coral, tangerine, yellows and fresh greens.


Ali Xeeshan showcased his Spring/Summer 2012 collection Bano rani, drawing inspiration from a woman who has gone through the highs and lows of an emotional journey without losing her self-esteem and dignity. the designer represented this journey through his surface embellishment and emphasis on the elongated torso. Opulently treated chiffon reflects the grace of Bano rani and the high intensity of bright shades highlighted a diversity of silhouettes. Photos by: MUrtaza aLi


When Akshay stood

Art scores over

by Nargis Fakhri

mart for few

MUMBAi: Swimsuit model tunred actress Nargis Fakhri might have gone unnoticed after her ‘rockstar’ co-star ranbir Kapoor stole the entire show, but there is someone who gave her the much needed attention. akshay Kumar approached the girl for his upcoming flick ‘Khiladi 786’, which will be produced by the hunk and music director Himesh reshammiya. talking to a source, “She will be donning ultra-glam clothes in the film. it`s a very sexy avatar.” “She is very happy. it was not easy for her after ‘rockstar’ where ranbir got all the praise. Khiladi 786 is not a small film. Moreover, akshay has had a big hit in ‘Housefull 2’ only recently. all this adds to her excitement,” the source added. Who knows, Nargis might emerge as one of the most sought after actress post ‘Khiladi 786’. after all, akshay and Salman Khan were the ones who brought Katrina Kaif’s career back on tracks. AGeNCieS

B'wood actors

MUMBAi: Mainstream Bollywood producers often lament that there is no young actor available to do just commercial cinema as the current lot clearly prefers art over commerce. rishi Kapoor's fear that his son will remain the modern day amol Palekar, has been assuaged. ranbir, whose choice of cinema is eclectic, has managed to strike a balance between art and mart by doing the odd commercial film, like raj Santoshi's ajab ‘Prem ki ghazab Kahani’ (2009), Prakash Jha's ‘raajneeti’ (2010) and imtiaz ali's ‘rockstar’ (2011). "i don't see cinema as commercial or art house. if a script and director excite me, i go for it," says the actor. But ranbir's upcoming flicks are more thinking cinema than masala fare. He will be seen next in anurag Basu's ‘Barfee’, anurag Kashyap's ‘Bombay Velvet’ and reportedly in Dibakar Banerjee's untitled venture. One can clearly see that in ranbir's effort to offset his hatke choice, he is currently shooting with his close friend ayan Mukerji for ‘yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani’. imran Khan, who met failure early on in his career (‘Luck’ and ‘Kidnap’) has also started thinking like ranbir. the actor, who tasted success with ‘Delhi Belly’, is now doing Vishal Bhardwaj's ‘Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola’ and is likely to give priority to tigmanshu Dhulia's (of ‘Paan Singh tomar’ fame) ‘Milan talkies’. the message is loud and clear. these youngsters cannot be tempted with mega bucks. Each of them is looking to rewrite the rule book and earn posterity by taking the road less travelled. AGeNCieS

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15 4


lady gaga goes spiritual

ahead of world tour




LONDON: Pop star Lady Gaga is taking emergency advice from astrologers over fears that the stars will be aligned in the wrong direction when she will commence her world tour. The 26-year-old ‘Poker Face’ hit-maker, who is set to kick off her Born This Way Ball in Seoul later this month, is reportedly less than pleased after learning planet Mercury will be travelling backwards through the sky from July 15 to August 8, which in astrological terms can signify bad luck, Femalefirst reported. "Gaga is worried as she wants the stars to be aligned when she hits the road. She follows her horoscopes closely and has been looking ahead for when she’s away. "She’s a typical Aries -- outgoing with a sense of adventure. But when she found out Mercury is likely to go retrograde, she wasn’t happy and has been talking it through with her spiritual team," a source said. Tickets for Gaga’s two UK dates in London and Manchester sold out in just 60 seconds on online sites on April 12 and fans, who missed out, are said to be fuming after they were directed to another site owned by the company, which increased the price from USD 80 to USD 1,100. AGENCIES

designers stun at PFdc sunsilk Fashion Week day 3 NEwS DESK


yuvraj singh is a true fighter: Farhan Akhtar MUMBAi: the actor appreciated yuvraj Singh's fighting spirit. it takes one athlete to understand and appreciate the highs and lows of the other. ace cricketer yuvraj Singh who battled cancer sought inspiration from another great Lance armstrong. yuvi's fighting spirit and courage is noteworthy. Fans of yuvi have been praying for his recovery and comeback to Cricket. actor Farhan akhtar who plays Milkha Singh in his forthcoming film is also one of yuvi's admirers. Farhan met the cricketer recently and loved the way yuvi has handled this turbulent phase of his life. Farhan said, "i met yuvraj recently. So inspired by how he's taken this episode in his stride. He's a true fighter. rock on yuvi." yuvraj too loved his meeting with Farhan. yuvraj even complimented Farhan on his newly acquired athletic physique. "Farhan looks in serious shape! Junior milkha rock on buddy," he said. AGeNCieS


MUMBAi: trust Salman Khan for showing gratitude in style for favours done to him. Kareena Kapoor wouldn’t have expected a brand new BMW coming her way when she decided to do an item number in Salman’s ‘Dabangg 2’ for free. When news broke about Kareena doing an item number in Salman’s ‘Dabangg 2’, reports were floating around the internet that Sallu would surprise her with a gift. Because of her affinity with Salman, Bebo apparently didn’t demand any fee for her special appearance in the film. the buzz that Salman is going to give this special gift to Kareena started doing the rounds after a tweet from the unit source. the source tweeted: “@BeingSalmanKhan to gift Kareena Kapoor a BMW for being a part of ‘Dabangg 2’.” the practice of gifting colleagues isn’t new in Bollywood. SrK reportedly gifted Sanjay Dutt a bike worth rs 15 lakh for his cameo in ‘ra.One’. recently, akshay Kumar made a huge donation to Salman Khan’s Being Human charity after the latter made a song appearance in ‘tees Maar Khan’. AGeNCieS

The Pakistan Fashion Design Council in collaboration with Sunsilk presented the third day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Day 3 marked the final day of the early evening Voile Shows with a special show for children’s wear and six designer prêt a porter shows later in the evening. Day 3 also witnessed the Ponds Gold Radiance Gold carpet roll out, where the new beauty line by Ponds was introduced by cosmetologist Shahida Zia along and her beauty advisers. Attendees were given expert skin advice by Shahida Zia herself. The Ponds Gold Radiance Gold Carpet also brought to PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week a unique installation by jewellery brand So KFJ by Kiran Aman who presented her collection entitled ‘Barzakh’. Made in solid black onyx projections, the designs in Barzakh were accentuated by the simple use of 22kt beaten gold accents dividing each solid shape symmetrically. The

collection for the Ponds Gold Radiance Gold Carpet featured earrings, rings and pendants. On Day 3, title sponsor, Sunsilk continued to present an exclusive booth for fashion styling, where complimentary hair styling and makeup touch ups with Nabila's salon team were available. The Sunsilk expert Studio was again present, where fashion week goers had their pictures taken against the Sunsilk Wall to get instant, framed photographs as souvenirs. The highlight of the evening was FNKAsia’s show, as its collection paid homage to the African-Amercian women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth and her message of equal rights for women. Her legendary words ‘Ain’t I a Woman?’ were incorporated as the soul of this collection which passionately addressed the women of the world, especially Pakistan. The show began with a narrative by Huma Adnan’s daughter Parishae Adnan on the struggles of Soujouner Truth.

Jolie’s engagement ring already has its own representation LOS ANGELES: Proving they don’t believe that Friday the 13th brings bad luck, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose today to announce that they are engaged to be married. The pair was reportedly prompted when the couple’s children told Pitt to “get mommy a ring.” And that he did-but not just any ring; a ring that demanded a year’s worth of design, and a ring that appears to already have its own Los Angeles-based representation. Shortly after Pitt’s manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante, confirmed the engagement news, Beverly Hills jeweler Robert Procop confirmed that he collaborated with the Oscar–nominated actor on the aforementioned article of jewelry in pro-level press-release terms: “Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realised over a yearlong collaboration with Robert. He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so Robert was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suit Angelina’s hand. Brad was always heavily involved, overseeing every aspect of the creative design evolution. The side diamonds are specially cut to encircle her finger. each diamond is of the highest gem quality.” It bears noting that the ring-related press release is longer than the actual engagement press statement. AGeNCieS

salman to gift Kareena a BmW

MUMBAi: Even as india strongly condemned the detention of Shah rukh Khan at an airport in the US, John abraham feels that the airport officials were just doing their duty. John too was detained in 2009 but he believes that every nation must take appropriate security measures to ensure safety of their civilians. talking to a daily, John said, “Every country does its due diligence. getting into india for foreigners is not easy. the US is also doing whatever they can to make their country safe, so it is justified. it all depends on how personally you take the issue, and Shah rukh handled it with a lot of grace.” the hunk of an actor however admits that the reason for SrK’s detention could be primarily on the basis of his origin. Explaining how racial discrimination is put into use, John said, “i have been in that detention space, where the (Federal Bureau of investigation) FBi was called in because i had afganistan mentioned in my passport, as i had shot there for two months for my film Kabul Express. there wasn’t much hue and cry about this as i never wanted to use the incident as a media peg for the film. i was in for six hours and i was asked the strangest questions. and of course, Shah rukh would agree that racial profiling could be a pretty much correct term for it (interrogation) because it’s mostly coloured people who are detained.” AGeNCieS

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16 Foreign News

tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Fierce clashes as observers begin work in Syria

iran warns gulf states not to ‘complicate’ islands row


at least 55 people, mostly civilians, killed in violence since thursday DAMASCUS


Tehran on Monday warned Arab states in the Gulf that things could become "very complicated" if they do not act cautiously over a simmering islands dispute between Iran and the United Arab emirates. Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi made the declaration to Iran's ISNA news agency on the eve of talks in Doha between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states over three tiny islands in the Gulf and claimed by both Iran and the UAe. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad infuriated the UAe by visiting one of them, Abu Musa, on April 11 and asserting in a speech that historical records proved "the Persian Gulf is Persian," as state media called his trip a purely "domestic issue." Abu Dhabi recalled its ambassador to Tehran and lodged a protest to the United Nations over the visit, stressing that the decades-old territorial dispute should be resolved in negotiations or at the International Court of Justice. On Monday, it also summoned Iran's ambassador in Abu Dhabi to complain. But Salehi said that although Iran wanted good relations with the UAe and was willing to hold discussions, "our rule over the islands is not negotiable, and Iran's sovereignty over the islands is certain and on the record." He added: "We hope that the other sides act with patience, perseverance, insight and prudence regarding the misunderstandings that could arise, or else issues will become very complicated." Salehi portrayed the reignited row as a "misunderstanding" that could be resolved. But media, several politicians and clerics in Iran were scathing of the UAe's protest, highlighting the widely held belief in the Islamic republic that the islands always belonged to their country. Iran Daily, a government newspaper that publishes in english, wrote in an editorial that Abu Musa "belongs to Iran having more than 7,000 years of Iranian history and culture." It went on to declare that that was "a history hundreds of times older than newlyestablished sheikhdoms which until a short period ago were nothing but small tribal communities whose leaders used to kiss Iranian kings' hands pleading for mercy and permitting them to have a short stay on these islands to escape the hot desert weather and be able to graze their sheep in Abu Musa." Arabs going to the islands were considered "miserable peasants" and "poor servants" by the Iranian monarchs, Iran Daily added. The newspaper also criticised Britain, which it said "cut out many Iranian territories" and made them stand-alone nations on the southern side of the Gulf.



YRIAN forces were locked in fierce gunfights with rebels in one city and shelled another on Monday, hours after UN peacekeepers arrived to oversee a truce aimed at ending a year of bloodshed. President Bashar al-Assad's forces killed three civilians and were fighting rebels at Idlib in the northwest, while also shelling the flashpoint central city of Homs, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Since a UN-backed ceasefire came into force at dawn on Thursday, at least 55 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in violence that prompted UN chief Ban Ki-moon to urge Syria to ensure the

truce does not collapse. The Observatory said on Monday that 11,117 people have been killed in 13 months of unrest -- 7,972 civilians and 3,145 military and gunmen, including fewer than than 600 rebel fighters. In Brussels, Ban called on Damascus to exercise "maximum restraint" and the opposition to "fully cooperate" to cement the shaky ceasefire. An advance team of six international observers arrived in Damascus late on Sunday, the United Nations said. The delegation -- the first of 30 monitors the UN Security Council approved on Saturday - will set up a headquarters and prepare routines to verify a cessation of hostilities. "They've arrived and they will start work (on Monday) morning," UN peacekeeping department spokesman Kieran Dwyer said. "The other monitors in the

advance party are still expected in Syria in coming days." The remainder would come from around the Middle east and Africa "so we can move people quickly and they are experienced in the region," he told AFP. Their mission is just one part of the six-point peace plan that Syria agreed with UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. The former UN chief wants more than 200 observers to be deployed in Syria, but the Security Council has said there would be a full mission only if the violence halts. The observers were welcomed by Syria, which hoped they would see for themselves the "crimes" committed by "armed terrorist groups," said the state news agency SANA. They face a perilous task, with Western nations doubting Assad's commit-

ment to the ceasefire amid reports his forces have kept battering rebel strongholds and clashed with rebels. A spike in deadly violence forced the Arab League to end its own Syrian monitoring mission in late January, barely a month after sending them. On Monday, security forces killed two civilians when they fired on a car in Hama, and shot dead another in the town of Inkhel, southern Daraa province, where the uprising erupted in March 2011, said the Observatory. elsewhere, fierce fighting erupted at dawn between Assad's forces and rebels in the city of Idlib, the Britain-based monitoring group said. Regime forces resumed shelling rebel neighbourhoods of Khaldiyeh and Bayyada in the central city of Homs, a day after at least five civilians were killed there.

VATiCAN CiTY: Children dressed in the traditional Bavarian costumes dance for Pope Beneditct XVi on the occasion of Pontiff's 85th birthday celebrations in the Clementine hall on Monday. afp

israel bars nearly 80 Stripper nuns danced for pro-palestinian activists Berlusconi: trial witness JERUSALEM AfP

Israel has barred nearly 80 foreigners from flying into the country on grounds they were linked to a pro-Palestinian campaign, officials said on Monday, with 58 of them still awaiting deportation. As of midnight, police at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv had detained 79 people, and by Monday morning, 21 people of them had been sent back to their port of origin, interior ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad told AFP. Of the 58 who had refused to leave voluntarily, two were being held in detention at the airport, while the other 56 were taken to a facility near Tel Aviv, she said. Among those refusing deportation were 43 French nationals, eight Britons, two Italians, three Canadians, one Span-

ish national and one person from the United States. All 79 activists would be barred from entering Israel for five years, Haddad said. Hundreds of Israeli police had been deployed at the airport from Saturday night in a bid to prevent the arrival of a wave of foreigners taking part in the "Welcome to Palestine" fly-in campaign, also known as the "flytilla." Organisers of the campaign, now in its third year, had been expecting to welcome up to 1,500 people, but Israel vowed to prevent them from entry, warning airlines they would be forced to foot the bill for the activists' immediate return home. Most of europe's main airlines quickly fell in line, cancelling the tickets of at least 300 Tel Aviv-bound passengers, and sparking angry protests in sev-

eral european capitals. According to Haaretz newspaper, over a third of the names presented to the airlines were added to the blacklist without any concrete evidence they were planning anything illegal. Quoting a senior source familiar with the list, the paper said there was no evidence that 470 of the 1,200 names on it -- compiled by Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency -- were involved in "pro-Palestinian activities" or affiliated with the flytilla. Police at the airport also arrested nine Israeli activists who had come to support the visitors. Last year, around 800 people tried to join the campaign, with many blocked from flying by airlines. Another 120 were denied entry by Israel and deported.


Strippers in nun costumes danced in front of Silvio Berlusconi at his villa, a witness Monday told a Milan court where the former Italian prime minister is on trial for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute. Model Imane Fadil said the first time she went to a party she was given 2,000 euros ($2,600) in cash by Berlusconi, who told her: "Don't be offended." That night she said she saw two young women in nun costumes with "black tunics, white veils and crosses" stripping in front of the then prime minister. One of the two was Nicole Minetti, now a regional councillor for Berlusconi's People of Freedom party in Milan, Moroccan-born Fadil said. She said Minetti

and the other woman ended up staying the night at the villa near Milan and alleged that women who stayed were paid more for sex. Fadil said she had heard of Berlusconi having sex for money with at least two of the women invited to his parties, Italian media reported. Fadil also said she had come under pressure from a mysterious man to go back to the villa last year when the Berlusconi trial had already started. "A man stopped near my house and gave me an untraceable phone to organise a visit to Arcore. But I didn't want to," she told the courtroom. Berlusconi is charged with having sex with an underage prostitute, Karima el-Mahroug, and then allegedly abusing his powers by getting police to release her when she was arrested for theft so that his crime would not be revealed.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Foreign News 17

Civilians struggle in Sudan, South Sudan border battles JUBA AfP

Fierce fighting at the border between Sudan and South Sudan is worsening an already grim humanitarian situation there, aid workers said Monday, with a surge of refugees arriving in overstretched camps. In South Sudan's Yida refugee camp -- just one of several strung out along the volatile border -- around 400 refugees are arriving every day, up from an average of 50 a day last week, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) aid agency said. Those refugees are fleeing civil war and hunger in the Nuba mountains of Sudan's Southern Kordofan state, an area close to where Sudan and South Sudan's rival armies have been fighting in clashes that began last month. There has been a "wave of refugees reaching the camp in crowded trucks and on foot," IRC aid worker elizabeth Pender told AFP from Yida refugee camp, some 25 kilometres (15 miles) south of the border with Sudan. Sudanese warplanes have launched a series of bombing raids along disputed border areas in the South's Unity State, with fighting escalating last week after Southern troops seized the Heglig oil field from Khartoum's army. "We're preparing for thousands more arrivals," Pender said, adding that those arriving said they were fleeing not only conflict but also growing hunger, with Khartoum's soldiers blocking aid from the Nuba regions. The influx has "worsened the humanitarian situation in the camp," Pender said, warning that aid was already stretched for the 20,000 refugees there.

Japanese woman, 73, in record Everest attempt

PYoNGYANG: North Koreans performers dance in Kim il-Sung square during celebrations to mark the 100th birth anniversary of the country's founding leader Kim il-Sung on Monday. afp

Breivik defiant as Norway massacre trial opens OSLO


A 73-year-old Japanese mountaineer who became the oldest woman to conquer Mount everest a decade ago is attempting to smash her own record, organisers said on Monday. Tamae Watanabe made history when she reached the world's highest peak on May 16, 2002, taking the title of world's oldest female everest summiteer from Poland's Anna Czerwinska. "She is an active mountaineer who is physically and mentally fit enough to climb everest," said Ang Tshering Sherpa, of the Kathmandu-based Asian Trekking mountaineering agency. "She will launch her ascent from the Tibetan side of the mountain." Watanabe, who set off from Kathmandu last week accompanied by Japanese mountaineer and photographer Noriyuki Muraguchi, plans to reach the top of the 8,848-metre (29,029-foot) peak between May 10 and 12, said Sherpa. Min Bahadur Sherchan, from Nepal, holds the record for being the oldest man to conquer the mountain. He reached the summit in 2008 at the age of 76 years and 340 days.



NDeRS Behring Breivik pleaded not guilty for his massacre of 77 people in Norway, making a defiant far-right salute as his trial began Monday before being confronted by dramatic recordings of the slaughter. Prosecutors told the courtroom in Oslo that Breivik was responsible for the bloodiest chapter of modern Norwegian history as they read a roll call of his victims, showed footage of his bombing of government buildings, and played an emergency call from a young woman dodging bullets on the Utoeya island. But while Breivik showed no emotion at the evidence of his killings, his eyes welled up as the court viewed a 12minute anti-Islam film summarising his manifesto which he posted online the day of the carnage. "I acknowledge the acts, but not criminal guilt, and I claim legitimate defence," the 33-year-old, who is accused of "acts of terror," told the court. Breivik, dressed in a dark suit and gold-coloured tie, told the judges he did not "recognise the Norwegian court." Just moments earlier, he had

abbas says dissolving pa ‘out of the question’ RAMALLAH AfP

Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas has no intention of dissolving the Palestinian Authority, although it has been rendered largely powerless by Israel, he told a newspaper on Monday. In an interview published a day before a senior Palestinian delegation is to deliver a letter from Abbas to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinian leader said breaking up the authority he heads would not happen. "There are many reasons

which have contributed to the weakening of the Palestinian Authority, but its dissolution is out of the question," Abbas told the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam. In the letter, a copy of which was seen by AFP on Sunday, Abbas says Israel's actions have stripped the Palestinian Authority of its "raison d'etre," creating a reality which cannot continue. "As a result of actions taken by successive Israeli governments, the Palestinian National Authority no longer has any authority, and no meaningful jurisdiction in the political, economic, territorial and security spheres," he wrote.

oSlo: Rightwing extremist Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people in twin attacks in Norway last year, makes a far-right salute as he enters the oslo district courtroom at the opening of his trial Monday. afp touched his chest and extended his clenched right fist in front of him as his handcuffs were removed on his entry into the courtroom. In the 1,500-page manifesto he posted online shortly before the July 22 attacks, Breivik described the gesture as "the clenched fist salute" of the Knights Templar organisation, of which he claims to be a member

but which the prosecution argued does not exist. The defendant remained stoneyfaced for almost an hour as prosecutors read aloud a long list of names of the dead and injured and recalled chilling details of his massacre. But he then lost his composure when his self-made movie was screened.

australian girl, 2, home alone with dead mum for five days SYDNEY AfP

An Australian two-year-old spent up to five days home alone with the body of her dead mother, according to officials who said Monday she may have survived on chocolate easter eggs. The severely dehydrated child was found on Friday after neighbours raised the alarm, leading to the discovery of the body of a woman in her 30s in a house in Wagga Wagga, some 400 kilometres (250 miles) southwest of Sydney. "She was quite lethargic and pale. She wasn't saying much, she wasn't displaying much emotion," regional Ambulance Inspector eamonn Purcell said of the toddler. Authorities admit there are many unknowns in the case, including how the mother died, but while the girl was dehydrated her blood sugar levels were good. "It was not long after easter so she probably had some chocolate eggs that she was eating," Purcell told reporters. Police and paramedics who treated the girl were unable to say how long she may have been alone but reports said that neighbours believed it could have been up to five days. "You've got to feel for this two-year-old who might have been alone days and nights in this house," Purcell said. The child was taken to hospital in a serious condition but had since improved.

Americas leaders end summit in discord CARTAGENA AfP

A Pan-American summit has ended in discord here as regional leaders failed to agree on Cuba's inclusion in future summits in the face of US and Canadian opposition. US President Barack Obama, who defended his stance on Havana at a post-summit press conference, also faced questions on Washington's approach to the drug war and found himself on the defensive over an embarrassing Secret Service prostitution scandal. The vast majority of the region's democratically elected leaders attending the talks in the coastal Colombian city of Cartagena said they wanted Cuba included in future meetings. But Obama, backed by Canadian Prime

Minister Stephen Harper, objected and the summit ended without the release of a final statement, as happened at the previous summit in Trinidad in 2009. Cuba has yet to take part in a Summit of the Americas, a regular meeting sponsored by the US-based Organization of American States (OAS). explaining his opposition to Cuba's participation, Obama told a press conference that he hoped for a democratic transition in the hemisphere's only one-party Communist state but said it had not yet taken place. "The fact of the matter is Cuba, unlike the other countries participating, has not yet moved to democracy. Has not yet observed basic human rights," Obama told a news conference. Nor did summit participants agree on a call by Guatemala to consider decriminaliz-

ing drug use in view of the failure of the war on narcotrafficking, which is creating havoc across the region, particularly in central America. But Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, the summit host, said participants agreed on the "need to analyze results of the current anti-drug policy and to explore new approaches to strengthen the fight and to be more effective." Santos, who leads the country that is the world's leading cocaine producer, said the 33 leaders present at the summit gave a mandate to the OAS to begin the process. Obama, whose country is the world's biggest consumer of drugs, agreed for the first time to a direct dialogue with his Latin American partners on the issue of drug consumption and the flow of money and arms toward Latin America.

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Tuesday, 17 April, 2012

Djokovic aims to end Nadal’s reign in Monte Carlo Page 21

Akamal cleared for selection LAHORE



AKISTAN'S troubled wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal could finally make a comeback to the national team for the ODI and Twenty20 match against Bangladesh later this month. Reports attributing from the Pakistan Cricket Board said that Kamran, who has been out of favour since the 2011 World Cup, was only allowed to train with the Pakistan team at the National Cricket Academy last week after the board gave clearance. "The Chairman of the Board, Zaka Ashraf has finally cleared Kamran to be considered for national selection that is why he is now training with the Pakistani players at the NCA," a source said. The 30-year-old -- who has played 53 Tests, 137 one-day internationals and 38 Twenty20 internationals -- has not been cleared by the board to be considered for selection to the national

U-19 t20 Punjab League from May 5 LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The U19 T-20 Punjab Premier League will be played here from May 5 at the Gadaffi Stadium. "The event is being organised by Lahore Region Cricket Association in collaboration with Punjab Government to promote cricket at grass root level", a LRC official was quoted by Associated Press of Pakistan. According to reports, this nineday event will develop a passion of cricket among youth as the matches will be played under lights. "A dozen of teams, comprising best talented players will feature in the competition which is being sponsored by Bank of Punjab," they added. They said LRCA is striving for the cause of cricket, specially at grass root level by engaging the upcoming cricketers in a comprehensive activity and the T-20 league is a part of it. " Punjab is rich in cricket talent and through this event we will be able to discover a pool young cricketers who will be short listed for undergoing training to become quality cricketers in future ",he said. They said LRCA would soon announce the selection process of the teams to feature in the league.

team since after the World Cup. While he was dropped after the World Cup because of poor form, the PCB also had suspicions about his integrity after the spot-fixing scandal saw three Pakistani players, Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer first banned and then jailed for their role in it. "Kamran has now also been cleared on the integrity form and given that he has regularly been playing domestic cricket and performing pretty consistently, he is now in line to be considered for the one ODI and one Twenty20 against Bangladesh later this month in Lahore," another source confirmed. The source said the move to get Kamran cleared and bring him back to the Pakistan team had begun when Pakistan were playing the one-day series against england in the UAe. "even former coach, Mohsin Khan, in a meeting with the PCB Chairman and captain Misbah-ul-Haq, had pleaded that the national team still

could make lot of use of the experience and skills of Kamran Akmal," the source said. Kamran recently also played in the Bangladesh Premier League and performed well for the Sylhet team also captaining them in the last few matches. Interestingly, Pakistan's former captain and senior batsman Mohammad Yousuf has also started training at the NCA but chief selector Iqbal Qasim made it clear to the media in Karachi that while there was no issue with Yousuf training but he had to perform at the domestic level. "It is good to hear that Yousuf is training again as there is no doubt about his quality as a player and his services to the national team are well known but if he wants to be considered for national selection once again he has to prove his form and fitness once again," Qasim said. The chief selector also said that the same rule applied on Akmal.

Cricketers yet to receive pending dues LAHORE STAff RePoRT

Members of the Pakistan cricket team are yet to get their new central contracts and are also awaiting payments dating back to last four months. According to the reports, the members of the national team have not been paid their match fees, central contract retainers and other dues for the series against Bangladesh, england and the Asia Cup. Reports quoted sources close to the national team as saying that some of the players were getting concerned about the long delay in clearance of their payments by the Pakistan Cricket Board. "The dues include the match fees and other payments of the series against Bangladesh, england and the Asia Cup while the central contracts given to players last year also expired on December 31 and for the last four months the players have also not got their central

contract monthly retainers," one source said. PCB spokesman Nadeem Sarwar reported to have said while it was correct that players had not been paid some dues for the last few months but it was not an unusual situation. "Payments for different series usually take two to three months for clearance. And the players will get their central contract retainer payments from January 1, 2012 whenever the board announces the new list of centrally contracted players," Sarwar said. Interestingly, the Pakistani players have been subjected to long delays in clearance of their dues since the tenure of former Chairman Ijaz Butt, who made it clear that due to the refusal of international teams to tour Pakistan because of security concerns, the PCB's financial position was a difficult one. A Board official admitted that during Butt's tenure, the earnings of the PCB were hit badly since the board could not earn much from 'home' series that had to be played at neutral venues.

"Yes, it is true that when Butt was in power the financial health of the board was not very good but in the last one and half year a lot of money has come to the PCB as part of our share of the different ICC tournaments," he said. The official said the PCB had also got compensation from the ICC after losing the right to host the matches in Pakistan due to security concerns. The PCB has said it intends to give a pay raise to the players in the new central contracts and for this purpose had constituted a committee headed by Intikhab Alam to make recommendations. "The committee has given its recommendations for pay raises but the matter will be finalised and the new list of contracted players will be announced soon after the Chairman of the board returns home after attending the ICC meeting," a source said. Players are expecting a pay raise of 20 to 25 percent in their central contract retainers and also in their match fees in all three formats of the game.

PCB should conduct fitness tests of umpires, says aleem Dar LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The International Cricket Council (ICC) elite umpire Aleem Dar has advised the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to conduct regular fitness tests of all the umpires and to use kookaburra cricket ball in domestic cricket. “ICC carries out regular eye tests and hearing tests and it should also be done in Pakistan particularly before any major tournament,” Aleem told Aleem said currently in Pakistan the eye, hearing and fitness tests are not being performed on a regular basis on umpires. “It is been quite a few years since I had my tests in Pakistan. I think my last hearing and eye test under the supervision of the PCB was about 5 or 6 years ago. At the moment the ICC are keen to raise the levels of fitness amongst the umpires and I think this should also be the case in Pakistan,” he said. Aleem said I have also told PCB to use the kookaburra cricket ball in domestic cricket, as whenever our cricketers use this ball in other countries they struggle to cope with it. These small things like the cricket ball and the video recording are small but very important things that can help Pakistan cricket, he said. Talking about umpiring Aleem said to umpire in the Ashes series is just something special. Umpiring in the Ashes series is very tough but I feel umpiring matches in your home country is much tougher than umpiring in any neutral series, he said.

FiH chief congratulates PHF president LAHORE STAff RePoRT

Leandro Negre, President International Hockey Federation (FIH) on his personal behalf and on behalf of FIH executive Board has congratulated Qasim Zia, President Pakistan Hockey Federation & Member FIH executive Board on achieving Sitara-e-Imtiaz. Qasim received Star of excellence distinction ad was presented to him by President of Pakistan Asi Ali Zardari in recognition of his services rendered by him for the uplift of our national game.

Pakistan hails Bangladesh series KARACHI AfP

Delighted Pakistani cricket fans, players and politicians Monday welcomed Bangladesh's decision to tour the troubled country and end its three-year exile from hosting international matches. Bangladesh on Sunday agreed to a short tour during which they will play one 50-over game and a Twenty20 international on April 29 and 30 in Lahore, a move hailed by former captain and current allrounder Shahid Afridi. "It's a major breakthrough and a very good news for the whole nation, for Pakistan team and millions of fans who have been deprived of international game for the last three years," he said. No international matches have been played in Pakistan since militants attacked the Sri Lankan team bus during the Lahore Test in March 2009, leaving eight people dead and seven visiting players and an assistant coach injured. Foreign teams shunned Pakistan as a cricket venue after the attacks, forcing them to play their home series on neutral venues, mostly in the United Arab emirates.

Pakistan's foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar praised the efforts of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf to revive internationals. "PCB's efforts have finally borne fruit and Bangladesh team's visit will help bring international cricket back to Pakistan and will motivate more teams to come to our country," Khar said. Intikhab Alam, the PCB's director of international cricket and a former national coach and player, said the Bangladesh tour could open the way for other teams to follow. "PCB in the leadership of (Zaka) Ashraf was endeavouring to bring cricket back in the country and the Bangladesh tour will be the beginning of a bigger thing in the future," Alam told AFP. But former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif sounded a note of caution. "We must not leave any loopholes in security because we cannot afford a minor mistake or any lapse in arrangements," said Latif. "Other teams will also be motivated after Bangladesh tour but we have to make the best arrangements." Interior minister Rehman Malik reiterated a promise to put in place stringent security measures for the

Bangladesh team. "We will leave no stone unturned and put in place the best possible security for the Bangladesh team as per our promise and make this tour an exemplary one so that other teams also tour us," said Malik. Despite Malik's assurances, former International Cricket Council (ICC) chief ehsan Mani said greater efforts would be needed to convince bigger teams such as Australia, who have not visited since 1998, that Pakistan was safe to tour. "Bangladesh tour is a small step but in the right direction. I think the PCB will have to do more efforts to bring teams like Australia and India," he said. But after three years without home matches at the highest level, Pakistan's fans were ecstatic at the news. "It will be great to watch international matches on our home ground," said Hameed Ali, a student in Lahore. "I cannot forget the dreadful attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus and was due to watch that day's play. "It's too early to say that Bangladesh's visit will help bring bigger teams, but let's keep our fingers crossed. I am waiting to get a ticket for the April 30 game."

Law to quit as Bangladesh coach DHAKA: Former Australian cricketer Stuart Law said on Monday he would step down as Bangladesh coach in June, citing family reasons for his surprise decision to quit one year into a two-year contract. His announcement came a day after the Bangladesh cricket board said it planned a short tour later this month to Pakistan, where international cricket has been suspended since a militant attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in March 2009. "My resignation is purely for family reasons," Law, 43, told reporters in Dhaka, insisting that security concerns had not been a factor. "It has nothing to do with the Pakistan tour," he said, adding that he would complete a year on the job in June before heading to Australia to join his family. He declined to confirm whether he would travel with the national team which will play a solitary one-dayer on April 29 and a Twenty20 international the next day -- both in Lahore. Bangladesh Cricket Board spokesman Jalal Yunus said Law should go to Pakistan. "The coach is part of the team and he should travel with the team," Yunus said. The 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore left eight people dead and seven visiting players and their assistant coach wounded. Pakistan's government has promised fool-proof security for the Bangladesh team for the two matches in Lahore. Law's finest moment as coach came last month when Bangladesh defeated India and Sri Lanka on way to the Asia Cup final in Dhaka, which they lost to Pakistan. Law, who played one Test and 54 one-day internationals for Australia, had also served as an assistant coach for Sri Lanka under Trevor Bayliss. AfP

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Sports 19

ICC expands 2014 World T20 DUBAI ReUTeRS


He 2014 World Twenty20 tournament in Bangladesh will be expanded from 12 to 16 teams, giving a boost to associate members who want more involvement in the shortest format of the game, the International Cricket Council said Monday. The move comes less than a year after the ICC angered the associate members by refusing to expand this year’s tournament in Sri Lanka. The expanded tournament means the 10 full members will be joined by six qualifiers from the 95 remaining cricketing nations. The board also approved three additional Twenty20 internationals to be played in the years in which

Security 2000 win Murree Brewery Polo RAwALPINDI STAff RePoRT

Security 2000 won the 108th Murree Brewery Polo Trophy after an awe-inspiring match up with Master Tiles. Along side the American Ambassador, Cameron Munter, the present at Race Course Ground Rawalpindi included Murree Brewery’s Chief executive Officer Isphanyar M. Bhandara and various other ambassadors. Important Army personalities were also present at the event. The first round ended with equal score for both sides, while the second was dominated, initially by Security 2000 until Master Tiles player, Raja Sami scored an essential point to arrive at 1–1. Raja Taimoor scored the first goal in the third round and Master Tiles Raja Sami equaled the score with 2–2. The same event repeated itself with Raja Taimoor taking Security 2000 in the lead with a point and Raja Sami keeping his team at par. In the final round Security 2000 took lead with half a goal and took away the trophy. The Referees of the match were Zulfiqar Baig and Talha.

the World Twenty20 is scheduled. Current rules limit the number of T20 internationals to a maximum of 12 per team. “What excites me is the decision to extend the World Twenty20 event, which takes place in 2014 in Bangladesh,” ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat said. “I’m sure that is very comforting to all associate (members) ... it provides them with a greater chance of competing on the global stage.” However, the board postponed a decision on the Woolf report, which calls for a sweeping reforms of the ICC, until its next meeting in June. In a statement, the board decided there is “a real need for further discussions” among the directors and members to “build a consensus.” Lorgat agreed, saying “change in any form is challenging and it would be unreal-

istic to expect immediate decisions.” The 68-page report, which was presented to the board earlier this year, calls for overhauling the sport’s governing body to ensure the ICC is no longer “a club” for the test playing nations. Instead, the ICC should be “positioned and empowered to promote, develop and act in the best interests of the international game as a whole,” the report concludes. Among its 65 recommendations are several that would reduce the influence of test-playing nations. It calls for restructuring the ICC’s executive board to make it independent and give a greater voice to associate and affiliate nations. Currently, the 10 full members are the only ones with a vote on the board but the report recommends adding three independent, voting members and an inde-

patient Watson stars as australia 267 for 6 at lunch SCoReBoARd AUSTRAliA 1ST iNNiNGS: (oVeRNiGhT 208 foR 5) 29 d. Warner c Sammy b Shillingford e. Cowan lbw b Roach 28 S. Watson c Barath b Shillingford 56 R. Ponting c Sammy b Roach 7 M. Clarke c Shillingford b deonarine 45 M. hussey not out 54 M. Wade c Bravo b Roach 11 21 J. Pattinson not out 16 extras (b5, lb5, w1, nb5) Total (6 wickets for 112 overs) 267 fall of wickets: 1-53 (Warner), 2-65 (Cowan), 3-83 (Ponting), 4-167 (Clarke), 5-178 (Watson), 6-208 (Wade) Bowling: edwards 18-10-36-0 (1nb), Roach 25-5-96-3 (1w, 3nb), Sammy 16-6-27-0, Shillingford 38-12-70-2 (1nb), deonarine 15-3-28-1, Toss: Australia, Umpires: ian Gould (eNG), Marais erasmus (RSA), Match referee: Jeff Crowe (NZl), Third umpire: Tony hill (NZl)

Port-of-Spain: australian batsman Shane Watson (2nd L) holds back teammate Michael Hussey (2nd r) as they run during the first day of the second-of-three test matches. afp utes. "It was hard to get the pace of the PORT OF SPAIN AfP

raWaLPiNDi: Security 2000 team captain receives trophy from the chief guest.

pendent chairman to lead the board. The independent report also takes aim at the ICC’s ethics and, in effect, the test-playing nations with a number of measures aimed at weeding out corruption. It calls for all conflicts of interest to be “declared, assessed and addressed” and that a director who has a conflict of interest and who stands to benefit should be excluded from decision-making matters. India has been most vocal in opposing the report while Australia and Pakistan have called for it to at least be discussed. None of the 10 full members have come out in favor of the report’s measures being adopted. Still, the board earlier this year approved several decision that are in line with recommendations in the Woolf report.

Australia were 267 for six at lunch on the second day of the second Test against Australia at Queen's Park Oval on Monday. Mike Hussey was not out 54 with James Pattinson on 21. earlier, Shane Watson hit a patient half-century as Australia reached 208 for five on the first day of the Test. Mike Hussey, on 26, and Matthew Wade, with 11, were unbeaten at the close, putting on a useful 30-run partnership after both men had survived dropped catches. Watson was Australia's top scorer, making a solid 56 in 219 min-

ball because it was very slow. Also the ball was very soft," said Watson. "The fields that (West Indies skipper) Darren Sammy set meant it was hard to rotate the strike at times. I was trying to do everything I could to keep the scoreboard moving, but on a wicket like this it does make it difficult." The day was also a mini-triumph for Windies' off-spinner Shane Shillingford who came in for Devendra Bishoo to play his first Test for 18 months after having to undergo remedial work on his action. He bowled 32 overs, taking two for 56, including opener David Warner in his first over. "It obviously felt

pretty good coming back to Test cricket and getting a wicket in my first over," he said. Australia, who won the first Test in Barbados by three wickets, decided to play two spinners for the first time in nearly four years, with Michael Beer coming in to partner Nathan Lyon. Warner (29) and ed Cowan (28) put on 53 for the first wicket to provide the foundation for Australia, while seamer Kemar Roach was the pick of the West Indies seam attack. He removed Cowan and later Ricky Ponting (seven) before the tea interval. Shillingford bowled the first over of spin in the match in the 15th over and had immediate success. Warner did not quite get to the pitch of his fifth ball but continued through with a drive and the ball came off the outside edge straight to Sammy at slip. Roach, who had opened the bowling from the Media Centre end, was brought back by Sammy at the Brian Lara Pavilion end for a couple of overs before lunch.

Ufone sponsors LUMS Special Olympics 2012 ISLAMABAD STAff RePoRT

Ufone in collaboration with LUMS Community Service Society and Special Olympics recently held Special Olympics 2012 in LUMS with an aim to offer an exciting platform to those children who are physically and mentally challenged and motivate them to take part in activities and perform to a level where they acquire a sense of achievement. Around 400 students from 20 schools took part in the Special Olympics. Since each child had a distinctive disability, the Special Olympics team had organized different kinds of activities for each category. From 50 meters race to interactive activities for children on wheel chairs, the event ensured that all children were catered for. The main objective of this event was to let the special children have a taste of the passion and excitement which every sportsman on the field experiences. The event received accolades from the chief guests, Dr. Ali Khan and Professor Junaid Ahmad from LUMS. The Chairman of Special Olympics Anees ur Rehman was extremely pleased with the set up. President of LCSS Talha Naushad said, "The LUMS Community Services Society is extremely grateful for Ufone to have sponsored the Special Children's Olympics Lahore Chapter Games." Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone said that it is always a pleasure to work with young children. Ufone has done immense work in the field of child health care.

raising awareness to remember those abroad SEOUL STAff RePoRT

Over 400 expatriates representing the four corners of the world joined together at Seoul Grand Park for a marathon on a beautiful spring afternoon. This marathon focused on countries that have suffered from a natural disaster on a large-scale within the past two years. It highlighted the countries of Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Pakistan, Chile, and Haiti, where people are still recovering from catastrophes that struck their homes. Participants were asked to choose a country to walk for as they trekked the 10km around the zoo. Mannam International Running Club member Melvin Galera was proud to take part in this campaign. He shares that although he cannot personally go to Japan and help, he feels that he can support them by taking part in this marathon. “I feel for Japan and want to give them a message of hope,” the Philippine native says. “Despite what’s happened, I believe you can move on.”

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20 Sports F1: Mercedes bask in ‘historic’ day

tuesday, 17 april, 2012

ShANGhAI: Mercedes-AMG driver Nico Rosberg of Germany (front-C) leads his teammate Mercedes-AMG driver Michael Schumacher of Germany (behind) and other cars during the start of Formula One’s Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit. AFP


Mercedes savoured a "historic" moment on Sunday in China after Nico Rosberg blitzed his way to his maiden win at the 111th attempt and the first for the team since the 1955 Italian Grand Prix. The German took the chequered flag with a margin of over 20 seconds from the second-placed McLaren of Jenson Button, off-setting the disappointing retirement of team-mate Michael Schumacher, forced out after a pit-lane blunder. Rosberg's confident display also comes 111 years after Mercedes' first win, at the 1901 Nice Speedweeks. The 24-year-old, who pumped his fists as he crossed the finishing line and shouted "easy! easy!", said when at least a little of the emotion had died down: "This is a very special moment for me. The whole weekend went perfectly. "My first pole position, now my first win in Formula One -- it really is fantastic. But it's not only this; it's the first win for the new Silver Arrow and for this great team. That is really special for me." He added: "I will never forget this race, and the last 20 laps felt as long as if I was racing in the Le Mans 24 Hours! But then crossing the line was so intense. "We will enjoy this success, but our feet are still on the ground. "We are still not where we want to be, we are still working hard to understand the car and the tyres in all conditions, and we will keep pushing to improve our race pace even further."

foRMUlA oNe: ChiNeSe GRANd PRiX ReSUlTS 1. Nico Rosberg (GER/Mercedes) 1hr 36mins 26.929sec 2. Jenson Button (GBR/McLaren) at 20.626 3. Lewis Hamilton (GBR/McLaren) at 26.012 4. Mark Webber (AUS/Red Bull) at 27.924 5. Sebastian Vettel (GER/Red Bull) at 30.483 6. Romain Grosjean (FRA/Lotus) at 31.491 7. Bruno Senna (BRA/Williams) at 34.597 8. Pastor Maldonado (VEN/Williams) at 35.643 9. Fernando Alonso (ESP/Ferrari) at 37.256 10. Kamui Kobayashi (JPN/Sauber) at 38.720 11. Sergio Perez (MEX/Sauber) at 41.066 12. Paul di Resta (GBR/Force India) at 42.273 13. Felipe Massa (BRA/Ferrari) at 42.779 14. Kimi Raikkonen (FIN/Lotus) at 50.573 15. Nico Hülkenberg (GER/Force India) at 51.213 16. Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA/Toro Rosso) at 51.756 17. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS/Toro Rosso) at 1:03.156 18. Vitaly Petrov (RUS/Caterham) at 1 lap 19. Timo Glock (GER/Marussia) at 1 lap 20. Charles Pic (FRA/Marussia) at 1 lap

Lahore club win LUMS Super 10’s rugby LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The Lahore Rugby football club won the LUMS Super 10’s Rugby Championship here Lums rugby ground in Lahore. LRFC beat Rising Sun by 17-5, a good day for rugby Arslan and Abdullah scores tries from LRFC, quality rugby played by all teams. According to details in quarter-finals LRFC trashed Lums by 36-0. Rising Sun beat UMT 55-0, DHA Wild Bears lost against Gladiators by 5-21, Sindh Rugby Club won against Fast University Islamabad by 17-0. In Plate semi-finals DHA Wild bears beat Lums by 24-10 and Fast university Islamabad trash UMT 7-0. In bowl final DHA Dragons punish Garrisions with 34-0 and in Plate final DHA wild bears beat Fast University Islamabad by 19-5. In cup 1st semi final Lahore Rugby foot ball club and Gladiators played some fantastic rugby. Crowed cheers a lot on quality rugby provided by both sided in the end LRFC hold there nerves and won by 5-0 close game. In 2nd semi final Rising sun trash out Sindh rugby club by 20-0 and sindh rugby played third fourth match against Gladiators. Gladiators much better team won 3rd position by 24-0. Main final played with lot of colorful crowed. Lahore rugby football club is favorites to win this cup and they prove that but other hand rising sun played some extra ordinary rugby and gave though time to LRFC. LRFC won by 17-5. In concluding ceremony Pakistan rugby union president Fawzi Kawaja with Rizwan malik, Asad babar and Khurram haroon distributed the cup and medals to players.

Venues for the 2012 London Games LONDON AfP

Here are the main venues for the 2012 London Games, which mark 100 days to go on April 18. The sites will be centred around the Olympic Park at Stratford in east London. Outside London, the football competition will be held around Britain at Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle. Slalom canoeing will take place north of the capital, with rowing and sprint canoeing to the west and mountain biking to the east. The sailing events take place at Weymouth on the southern english coast.

olYMPiC PARK VeNUeS, STAdiUM Capacity: 80,000, Sport: athletics (and will host opening and closing ceremonies), Venue: New, permanent, Location: Olympic Park Unlike Beijing's Bird's Nest, the showpiece stadium, costing £486 million ($790 million, 550 million euros), has a simpler design, drawn up with a view to scaling it down after the games. the steel and concrete upper tier can be dismantled, leaving a 25,000-seater sunken bowl. Construction was completed under budget in March 2011. East London football club West Ham is one of four bidders for the lease once the games are over. n

AqUATiCS CeNTRe Capacity: 17,500, Sports: Diving, Swimming, Synchronised Swimming, Modern Pentathlon, Venue: New, permanent, Location: Olympic Park Designed by the architect zaha Hadid, the £269 million centre has a 160-metre-long (525-foot-long) long wave-like roof. it contains a 50-metre competition pool, a diving pool, and a warm-up pool. One of the few Olympic-sized pools in Britain, it will be scaled back to 2,500 seats after the games. Has already held the 2012 Diving World Cup and the British Swimming Championships, where Paralympian Ellie Simmonds set the venue's first world record. n

RiVeRBANK AReNA Capacity: 15,000, Sport: Hockey, Venue: New, temporary, Location: Olympic Park the arena will hold 15,000 fans and has a warm-up pitch behind it. the blue and pink pitches have been laid, with the seating to be complete before a test event in May. after the games, the hockey centre will move to a 3,000-seater facility north of the park that can be extended to 15,000 for major events. n

BASKeTBAll AReNA Capacity: 12,000, Sports: Basketball, Handball, Venue: New, temporary, Location: Olympic Park the fourth-largest venue on the park and one of the largest-ever temporary venues built for any games. n

Construction completed within the £43 million budget in June 2011. the frame of 20 steel arches has been wrapped in fabric to form the canvas for an innovative lighting display. after the Olympics, parts of it are expected to be reused or relocated elsewhere in Britain.

CoPPeR BoX Capacity: 6,500, Sports: Handball, Modern Pentathlon (fencing), Venue: New, permanent, Location: Olympic Park the distinctive, £43 million copper-clad arena will host the early handball rounds. the copper will develop a rich colour as it ages. Completed in May 2011. after the games, it will be converted into a multi-purpose indoor sports centre for community use. it has retractable seating. n

VelodRoMe Capacity: 6,000, Sports: track Cycling, Venue: New, permanent, Location: Olympic Park the lower tier has 3,500 seats, with the rest suspended in two upper tiers under the curved roof. in between, a glass wall will allow people to watch the action from outside. Costing £93 million, it was completed in February 2011 and held a leg of the track Cycling World Cup in February this year. australia's anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch set the first world record at the Velodrome on February 17 in the team sprint. it was nominated for the 2011 Stirling Prize, Britain's most prestigious architecture award. n

WATeR Polo AReNA Capacity: 5,000, Sport: Water Polo, Venue: New, temporary, Location: Olympic Park Construction was completed in april. the wedgeshaped venue is covered in a silver-coloured wrap and its sloping roof made from air-inflated plastic cushions. it features a warm-up pool inside. the arena will be taken down after the games and parts of it are expected to be reused within Britain. n

oTheR KeY VeNUeS Capacity: 30,000, Sport: tennis, Venue: Existing, permanent, Location: Southwest London the home of the Wimbledon championships will host the entire tennis tournament. Centre Court, dating back to 1922, has a 15,000-seater capacity and a retractable roof, enabling play during rain or bad light. Court One can host 11,500 spectators. n

NoRTh GReeNWiCh AReNA Capacity: 20,000, Sports: gymnastics (artistic, trampoline), Basketball finals, Venue: Existing, permanent, Location: Southeast London Once known as the Millennium Dome, this arena cost £789 million to build but lay idle for years after the Millennium Experience exhibition in 2000. Eventually taken into private hands, it was transformed into a highly successful sports and entertainment arena with shops, restaurants a nightclub and a cinema. n

Transport, security big questions 100 days from London LONDON AfP

iStaNBUL: File picture of Britain's tiffany Porter celebrates her silver medal in the women's 60m hurdles final at the 2012 iaaF World indoor athletics Championships at the atakoy athletics arena. afp

Queen elizabeth II will declare the London Olympics open on July 27 but while the stadiums are ready with 100 days to go, question marks hang over the security of the Games and transport. When the flame is lit, London will become the first city in the modern era to host the Olympics three times, having already had the honour in 1908 and 1948. Last time the event came to London, Britain was still gripped by the effects of World War II which had ended barely three years earlier and the makeshift approach earned it the label the "austerity Games". With Britain's economy still in the doldrums, austerity will leave its mark on these Olympics too, albeit to a far lesser

extent than in 1948, when competitors were housed in military barracks and university dormitories. Despite a budget of £9.3 billion ($14.8 billion, 11.2 billion euros), the Games will be on more modest scale than the spectacular 2008 Beijing Olympics at which China announced its growing global presence. "We are not coming out as a superpower," noted Britain's Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson. Prime Minister David Cameron is nevertheless promising "the greatest show on earth" and "a celebration of everything that's great about Britain". The job of putting the stamp of Britishness on the opening ceremony has been handed to Danny Boyle, the director of the multiple Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire".

With the theme "Isles of Wonder", Boyle has promised a fitting curtain raiser before 10,500 competitors from 204 countries do battle. When the sport begins, one of the big questions is whether China can maintain its performance of four years ago when on home soil it topped the medals table for the first time. Two of the stars of those Olympics are set to make a huge impact again, with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt likely to be the face of the Games, closely followed by US swimmer Michael Phelps, who won eight golds in China. London's bid was based on the promise that hosting the Games would leave a lasting legacy for the city. The International Olympic Committee believes it has achieved its aim so far -- the residents' verdict will only come later.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012

Sports 21

Djokovic aims to end Nadal’s reign in Monte Carlo MONACO AGeNCieS


OVAK Djokovic's bid to become French Open champion starts at the Monte Carlo Masters, where he will attempt to end Rafael Nadal's long dominance and show the Spaniard that he has nowhere left to hide — not even on clay. Nadal has won at Monte Carlo since 2005, and gone on to win the French Open every year except 2009. But the six-time French Open champion has lost in seven straight finals to Djokovic, including the last three Grand Slam finals. Djokovic also handed Nadal his only two losses on clay last year, in the Madrid and Rome Masters. Victory in Monte Carlo would be even sweeter for Djokovic, given that Nadal has won 37 consecutive matches there and holds a 39-1 record. "Nadal is the ultimate challenge on clay. He's the King of Clay, the best player ever to play on this surface, and one of the best tennis players ever," Djokovic said Sunday. "Winning in back-to-back finals against Rafa gives me a lot of confidence coming into the season now." The second-ranked Nadal is without a title since winning last year's French Open. He was also without a title in 2011 heading into Monte Carlo, then went on to win here and the French Open. Unlike the oppressive atmosphere of jam-packed Roland Garros in bustling western Paris, the Monte Carlo Country Club's peaceful clay-courts overlooking the glittering Mediterranean sea are like a second home for Nadal. It's where it all started for him as a 16-year-old, when

Judo camp starts today at islamabad LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The Pakistan Judo Federation has got the services of a foreign coach Sajjad Kazemi who at last received Pakistan visa. Kazemi, a Black-Belt III-DON player, has served as national coach for junior national team at Kazakistan – 2010 and had availed different technical workshop diplomas. The 14udokas(Male) & 14-Judakas (Female) of different weight categories i.e. 60Kg, -66Kg, -73Kg, -81Kg, -90Kg, 100Kg and +100 Kg (from MeN) and -48 Kg, -52 Kg, -57Kg, -63Kg, -70Kg, 78Kg and +78Kg (From Women) of prominent department of Pakistan are participating. In the first phase, chance of training will be given to the gold and silver medal winners in the 21st Senior and 5th Women National Judo Championship-2011 and 2012. The camp will be a great training opportunity for young ones specially.

MONtE-CarLO: Serbian world number one player Novak Djokovic (L) receives the Vermeil Medal for Physical Education and Sports from Prince's albert ii of Monaco (r) during the Monte-Carlo atP Masters Series tournament. afp an astonishing victory over former French Open champion Albert Costa propelled him into the spotlight. Nine years later, he is the star everyone wants to beat. "Nadal probably plays his best tennis in Monte Carlo, outside of Paris," Djokovic said. "I believe the conditions here are slower compared to Madrid, which is altitude, (and to) Rome, Paris. Maybe that works in his favor more." Not even 16-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer could topple him here. At the peak of his form, the Swiss star still found no answer, losing to Nadal in the final from

Belt awarding ceremony of ju-jitsu LAHORE STAff RePoRT

In all 25 martial art players will be awarded belts in different categories of ju-jitsu by the Pakistan Jujitsu Federation, at Allama Iqbal Medical college auditorium. "The martial art players have been categorised in different belts as per their showing in the belt test held recently," said Khalid Khan, PPJJF said. He said 45 players are attending the national training camp from which twenty five have qualified for the belts. "From the same camp we will be selecting our national team to take part in South Asia Ju-jitsu championship being held in August in India," Khalil was quoted by Associated Press of Pakistan as saying

Director General, Sports Board Punjab, Usman Anwar will be the chief guest to award belts. Following will receive the belts, Black Belt 2nd Dan: Shabeena Saeed, Black Belt 1st Dan: Farah Riaz , Shumaila Tasneem; Aqeel Ahmed Jamil. Mohammad Yousaf Raza, Sohail M.Chaudhry.Blue Belt: Hamza Khalil, Asif Anwar, Rashid Mahmood, Ahsan Ahmad.Green Belt: Zain Khalil, Muhmmad Mumtaz, Ishfaq Ahmed, Mohammad Mumtaz, Mehbbob Shah. Orange Belt: Sonia Manzoor, Sajjad Munawar, Abdul Razzaq, Ahsan Mahmood, Mohammad Imran, Shahid Abbas, Sajjid Nawaz, Tariq Latif, Muhammad Munawar. Yellow Belt: Aurooj Fatima, Ansar Abbas, Babar Naeem, Syed Hassan Shah, Mohammad Imran, Yasir Abbas, Kaleem ullah.

GCU wins swimming championship LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The Government College University Lahore has clean swept the Lahore Board Inter-collegiate Swimming Championship hosted by the FCC University Lahore under the patronage of Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary education. The team GCU triumphed in all 15 events of the championship which include 100 meters free style, 100 meters breaststroke, 100 meters backstroke, 4 × 100 free style relay and breast stroke relay. GCU secured record 275 points in the competition, while FCC University secured the second point 155 points whereas Superior College and Defense Degree College bagged the third position

with only 49 points. GCU student Hassan Kamran also won the title of Best Swimmer courtesy his grand 12 goals and 150 points. Ameen Ali Khan, another Ravian, bagged the title of fastest swim-

mer of the championship. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleequr Rahman congratulated Hassan Kamran and Ameen Ali Khan on their extraordinary performance in the championship.

2006-08. Others, like Fernando Verdasco, were simply routed — the Spaniard managing to take just one game off Nadal in the 2010 final. But the top-ranked Djokovic, who lost to Nadal in the 2009 Monte Carlo final, is ready to end the Spaniard's run, and to continue his crushing recent dominance over the 10-time Grand Slam champion. Overall, Nadal leads their series 1614 but has not beaten Djokovic since a group-stage match at the 2010 ATP Finals in London. "The momentum turned, but the (previous) years it

was always Nadal and Federer coming on top," Djokovic said. "This is always happens at this level, the momentum changes. We'll see how that is going to play out in the future." With six weeks to go until the French Open, the 24-year-old Serb knows he can strike a huge blow to Nadal's confidence and keep his relentless momentum going by winning at Monte Carlo. Djokovic opens his campaign in the second round against either Andreas Seppi or a qualifier, while Nadal faces Radek Stepanek or Jarkko Nieminen. Britain's Andy Murray, who took a set off Nadal in an exciting semifinal last year, is seeded third and plays Serb Viktor Troicki in round two. Murray feels confident heading into the clay season, having also reached the semifinals at the Rome Masters and the French Open. "Last year, throughout pretty much all the clay-court season, I felt way better (than previous years). It wasn't just the French Open. It started here, I had a very good run," Murray said. "It was character building in a way, because I started playing well again after struggling in Miami, and I had my problem in my elbow and couldn't play for a week." Murray could meet Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals, but is wary of facing Troicki. Murray beat the Serb in five sets to win their fourth-round match at the French Open last year. "It was one of my toughest matches last year," Murray said. "I was trailing two sets to love, and it was starting to get a little bit dark. I managed to get myself back into the match." Federer is not playing in the tournament.

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tuesday, 17 april, 2012


PPP has put its case in people’s court: Zardari g

President says PM being targeted for raising slogan of Seraiki province, standing by him g asks aPNS to look into issues of payment of salaries to journalists, set up 9th Wage Board ISLAMABAD



ReSIDeNT Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said the Pakistan People’s Party had endured a blatant “campaign of slander”, but the party had decided to let the people judge the government’s performance. “Let them judge whether we have been criticized justly or subjected to a campaign of slander,” Zardari said while addressing the 22nd APNS Award Ceremony at the Presidency on Monday. He said they had decided not to be provoked and would not be provoked in the future, adding that “we have not taken any

action against anyone and will continue with the same”. The president said we have extended the hand of friendship to all political forces, the media and all stakeholders and felt satisfied that this policy of the government had started paying dividends. He said, “Our people are wise and let us not underestimate their wisdom. They can differentiate between freedom of expression and an organized campaign of slander and that the people respond in their own ways. They respond by placing their trust or withdrawing it.” The president said the party was proud of its record in giving the country a consensus constitution as for the first time in 25 years after independence. He said they had even been a subject to campaigns of character assas-

sination and “now the prime minister and his family members are the latest target of a smear campaign”. “Yousaf Raza Gilani has become a target ever since he raised the slogan of Seraiki province and ever since he stood by me. Before that, he was acceptable. But since he started supporting me and the Seraiki province, he has become unacceptable,” Zardari said. The president said the future of Pakistan was inextricably linked to continuation of democracy, adding that the PPP was a party of the masses and it had been proven time and again. SALARIES: Zardari urged the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) to look into the issues of payment of salaries to workers and journalists, besides imple-

mentation of the 8th Wage Board Award and the setting up of the 9th Wage Board. Recalling his meeting with the APNS last year and the demands raised therein, Zardari expressed pleasure that the Press Council of Pakistan had since been set up and its chairman had been appointed. He said that it was now for the Press Council to move forward and move fast in consultation with all stakeholders, adding that “we look forward to the progress the council will be making in the months and years ahead”. Commenting on the second demand of the APNS, the president expressed pleasure that the Ministry of Information had taken the ownership of the Freedom of Information Act from the Cabinet Division and said that there was

consensus to repeal the old ordinance of 2002, and bring in a new act of parliament. The president said he believed in providing genuine access to information for the sake of transparency and accountability and called upon the Information Ministry to expedite finalization of the bill and its tabling in the parliament at the earliest. Referring to the current energy issues, the president said the government was conscious of the problems that still needed to be resolved, including the energy crisis. “The energy crisis is the result of the circular debt that was left behind by the previous government,” the president, adding that during Benazir’s second government, Pakistan had surplus electricity and could even export power to India.

‘Malik should quit office until BB murder probe’ ISLAMABAD STAff RePoRT

loGAR: Afghan policemen walk outside a building on Monday from which Taliban fighters launched an attack a day earlier. online

Pakistan trusts India more than ever, says Hina khar NEw DELHI oNliNe

Pakistan now trusts New Delhi more than ever before and believes the Kashmir dispute cannot be a roadblock, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said on Monday. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she said both countries had never been this close in the past. “We trust India more in whatever we do. We are clear on this,” Khar said. She said although the Kashmir issue needed to be resolved, it need not be the point of start. “Our intention is to solve the (Kashmir) problem. But let us start with the less complicated problems. We will deal with our differences in a different mode,” Khar said. On Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s much-anticipated but yet undecided trip to Pakistan, she said, “This only states the clear direction of our foreign policy that we will not

let go any desire from India unattended.” Khar said it was time “we not get bogged down by the old mindset”. She said Pakistan was turning a new leaf. “Should the

Hearing a plea seeking the registration of a second FIR in Benazir Bhutto murder case, the Supreme Court on Monday observed that Interior Minister Rehman Malik should dissociate himself from the official post until the completion of the investigation into the case, as his involvement in the murder was claimed by the applicant. The court also inquired from deputy attorney general that despite spending millions of dollars, why had the federal government not published the United Nations (UN) investigation report into the BB murder case. The court said it was unfortunate that the PPP of Benazir Bhutto was in power but it was opposing the registration of a fresh FIR for further investigation of the case. A three-member bench of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez was hearing a plea filed by Chaudhry Aslam, former protocol officer of the Benazir Bhutto, seeking the registration of a second FIR into the Benazir Bhutto murder case. Aslam sought the registration of a second FIR against 12 respondents, including former president Gen Musharraf, former Punjab chief minister Chaudhry Pervez elahi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, former law minister Babar Awan, then acting interior minister Lt-Gen (r) Hamid Nawaz, former director general of the Intelligence Bureau Ijaz Hussain Shah, former interior secretary Syed Kamal Shah, former spokesman of Interior Ministry Brig (r) Javed Iqbal Cheema, former Rawalpindi DCO Irfan elahi and the former Rawalpindi SSP.

During the hearing, the CJ questioned how could fair investigation be expected when an accused person was sitting on top of affairs. He observed that Malik should appear to say that he was ready to disassociate himself from the official post and face the investigation into BB’s murder. The CJ observed that it was sad that the government was making all efforts that a fresh FIR was not registered against Kamal Shah, Javed Iqbal Cheema and others. earlier, the court was informed that two respondents, Rehman Malik and Pervez elahi, had opposed the registration of the second FIR. In his para wise comments, Malik said all the accused had already been arrested in this case, therefore, there was no need to register a second FIR. Anwar Mansoor Khan, counsel for Malik, requested the bench that he wanted to file a reply, therefore, the case may be adjourned for a week. He contended that the applicant wanted to hush up BB’s murder case, therefore, he had moved an application with malafide intention after the passage of three years. He said the applicant was not an aggrieved person in the case; therefore a fresh case could not be registered on his application. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain then said the applicant was a worker of the party as well as an eyewitness of the incident on December 27, 2007; therefore he was an aggrieved person in the case. Meanwhile, Rasheed A Rizvi, counsel for the applicant, stated that the government had not conducted investigations in view of the UN report. He said although the government was seeking opinion in the 40 year-old-case of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, it was not interested in reopening the BB murder case, which was a fresh one.

political mindset adopt or co-opt the military mindset? Issues are dealt with military mindset alright, but the problems are ultimately solved by a political mindset.”

ANOTHER 4 TAkE OATH AS MINISTERS OF STATE ISLAMABAD: In a bid to appease strong PPP MNAs who have the potential to win the next general elections, President Asif Ali Zardari administered oath to another four ministers of state in a quiet ceremony held at the Presidency on Monday. eleven ministers, who have recently taken oath, are still waiting for new portfolios which are expected to be

allocated to them in a day or two. The new ministers are Sardar Saleem Hyder, Dost Mohammad Mazari, Moazzam Ali Khan Jatoi and Imtiaz Safdar Warraich. However, there was no official word from the president’s media team. Hyder and Warraich have been picked from northern and central parts of Punjab and they were a part of Gilani’s previous cabinet

which was slashed in the name of the 18th constitutional amendment. Mazari and Jatoi come from DG Khan which falls in Southern Punjab. An official source told Pakistan Today that oath had been administered but due to unknown reasons, no press release was issued. Portfolios for new ministers would be allocated along with rest of the ministers. staff report

Published by Arif Nizami for Nawa Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami, Executive Editor: Sarmad Bashir

Pakistan Today Lahore Edition April 17th 2012  
Pakistan Today Lahore Edition April 17th 2012  

Pakistan Today Lahore Edition April 17th 2012