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Thursday, 31 October, 2013 Zil Hajj 25, 1434 Rs 17.00 Vol IV No 123 16 Pages Lahore Edition

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The Islamabad police on Wednesday declared former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf innocent in the murder case of Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi Abdul Rasheed. Islamabad’s Additional Sessions Judge Wajid Ali heard the case. Musharraf’s counsel, Advocate Ilyas Siddiqui presented his arguments in the court, saying no evidence had been produced against the former president in the last six years. page 02

naB to hound graft cases against sharifs, Zardari

pak army tacitly supporting LoC violations: antony

south africa pull off one-run heist

imran in midst of tV channels’ Waar

Under immense pressure from the media skepticism and PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s decision to challenge his appointment in the Supreme Court, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Wednesday made an effort to come out clean about his commitment to pursuing corruption cases against former president and PPP top gun Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Leader of the Opposition Khurshid Shah. page 04

Indian Defence Minister AK Antony on Wednesday voiced concern over alleged increasing ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts from across the border, saying they could not take place without the “tacit support” of the Pakistan Army. “We are watching all these new developments. Instead of preventing infiltration or trying to minimise the infiltration attempts, still there attempts are going on increasing. That means, these are going on with the support of elements across the border. page 06

Pakistan committed hara-kiri and lost to South Africa by a solitary run in the first One-Day International (ODI) at Sharjah. Not for the first time the Pakistan team has proved to be reporter’s nightmare. Pakistan had played their cards right till the 41st over till the time they played ordinary shots. Figure this out: With 19 needed from 55 balls and six wickets in hand the run-chase looked like a smooth sail for Pakistan. But factor in their mercurial nature and scoring 19 runs was a gargantuan task. page 13

Geo News, a private TV channel of the Jang Group, has sent a legal notice to PTI Chairman Imran Khan for making “defamatory remarks” against the private broadcaster. The TV channel has also sought a restraint order on ARY News channel to desist from repeating the programme featuring the PTI chief. Per details, an ARY News talk show on October 25 hosted by Mubashar Lucman discussed an article that appeared in a leading Indian daily “Hindustan Times” a few days ago. page 04

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N news

Thursday, 31 October, 2013

afghan peaCe CounCiL to Meet MuLLah Baradar in pakistan fatemi says Mullah Baradar free to go anywhere he likes

insuffiCient eVidenCe: Musharraf not guiLty in LaL Masjid Murder Case police report says they lack evidence, witnesses to try former dictator for ghazi abdul rasheed’s murder Court reserves verdict until friday ISLAMABAD



HE Islamabad police on Wednesday declared former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf innocent in the murder case of Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi Abdul Rasheed. Islamabad’s Additional Sessions Judge

Wajid Ali heard the case. Musharraf’s counsel, Advocate Ilyas Siddiqui presented his arguments in the court, saying no evidence had been produced against the former president in the last six years. Siddiqui said another murder case should be filed in court over the deaths of 11 soldiers who had lost their lives during the Lal Masjid operation. A challan was submitted in the court by the police against Musharraf in Ghazi Abdul Rasheed’s murder case.A copy of the post-investigation report of the joint investigation team has Musharraf’s name placed in Section II, which pertains to those accused of assisting in a crime as opposed to having directly perpetrated it. According to the police, the former president was declared innocent due to insufficient evidence and lack of witnesses in

the incomplete challan against him. However, lawyer of the Lal Masjid Shuhada Foundation, Tariq Asad informed the court that the authorities had disregarded important evidence during the investigation of the case, adding that Musharraf was the mastermind and the main culprit of the Lal Masjid operation. The court’s final decision on the case will be announced on Friday, November 1.

Strike obServed in Sindh on nationaliSt party’S call

PPP Ready to amend Sindh LocaL BodieS act KARACHI ONLINE

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is ready to amend the Sindh Local Bodies Act (SLGA) 2013, one of core outstanding issue in the provincial politics. Informed sources said that the PPP was willing to introduce amendments in the bill after the MQM challenged it in the Supreme Court. Sources further said that the PPP will present the suggested amendments in SLGA during Thursday’s session. The bill envisages mechanism for the election of councilors and nazims, giving limited powers to mayors and nazims.


After weeks of mystery surrounding Taliban senior leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Afghan officials on Wednesday said Pakistan had agreed to allow representatives of the government-backed High Peace Council to meet him in Pakistan. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif agreed to a demand by Afghan President Hamid Karzai for direct access to the Taliban leader at the trilateral summit held in London, a statement issued by the presidential palace stated, reported a private TV channel. British Prime Minister David Cameron hosted the summit, second in nine months. The participants agreed on joint peace efforts in war-shattered Afghanistan and economic development of the volatile region. “The three leaders agreed that a delegation of the High Peace Council will soon visit Pakistan and will meet Mullah Baradar,” the statement said. Karzai formed the peace council in 2010 to seek a negotiated end to the insurgency the Taliban have waged since being forced from power in 2001 by a US-led invasion. MULLAH BARADAR FREE: Meanwhile, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi said on Wednesday that Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Baradar is a free man and can go anywhere he likes. To questions on the sidelines of the seventh regional workshop for judges, prosecutors and police officers in South Asia on countering terrorism, Fatemi said Pakistan was providing security to Baradar after his release last month but it was not going to escort him anywhere. He said the government did not want any harm to come to Baradar. “Baradar is still in Pakistan,” he added. “Pakistan is going to take all necessary steps in the Afghan reconciliation process.” He said no dates were yet finalised for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Kabul.

KP govt, oPP agRee to extend LB inStitutionS duRation PESHAWAR ONLINE


Amid violence, strike was observed in interior Sindh on a call given by a Sindhi nationalist party against the recently promulgated law, the Pakistan Protection Ordinance. On the eve of strike on Tuesday, a series of as many as 32 low-intensity blasts rocked various cities of Sindh, including Karachi, killing a man and injuring nine others. Explosions were reported from Hyderabad, Karachi, Khairpur, Larkana, Dadu,

Nawabshah, Qazi Ahmed and Kotri. Wednesday’s strikes paralysed life in many towns of Sindh, with government and private schools and business activities closed and thin public transport on roads. According to reports, three cracker blasts were carried out in Hyderabad, where one person was killed. A police constable was wounded when unidentified men opened fire on a police post. At least seven crackers were hurled in various areas of Dadu. One cracker was lobbed at the gate of local press club, prompting journalists to hold a

protest. One cracker blast took place near Mosmiat Office in Karachi, wounding three people. In Kotri, unidentified men set four vehicles on fire and hurled two crackers. Officials said at least 16 people associated with the banned nationalist group had been arrested in various towns of Sindh. Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah also took notice of the coordinated blasts and directed the police to file cases against criminals under the AntiTerrorism Act.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government and opposition on Wednesday agreed on extending the duration of Local Bodies (LB) institutions from 3 to 4 years. Media reports said the decision has been taken in the meeting of Select Committee for the discussion on LB system. The opposition has also decided to write a dissent note on the election of village council on non-party basis. Sources said developmental funds for LB institutions have been also reduced up to 30 percent from 37 percent, while a two-thirds majority has been also declared compulsory for no confidence on district and tehsil nazim. However, the deadlock between treasury and opposition benches still exists on proposed amendment for the direct election of district nazim and deputy district nazim.

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He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious — Sun Tzu



Thursday, 31 October, 2013

BeLieVe it or not: drones kiLLed just 67 CiViLians! defence Ministry report says 67 civilians killed in drone strikes since 2008 ISLAMABAD



HE government said Wednesday that three percent of the people killed in US drone strikes since 2008 were civilians, a surprisingly low figure that could alter the highly negative public perception of the attacks. The number, which was provided by the Ministry of Defence to the Senate, is much lower than past government calculations and estimates by independent organisations. The ministry said 317 drone strikes have killed 2,160 Islamic militants and 67 civilians since 2008. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pressed President Barack Obama to end the attacks in a visit to the White House last week, but the US gave no indication it was willing to abandon the attacks, which it views as vital to its battle against al Qaeda and the Taliban. It’s unclear how the people will respond to the new government

data, and there was also no indication why it seems to differ so much from past government calculations and outside estimates. UN special rapporteur Ben Emmerson said earlier this month that the Pakistani Foreign Ministry told him that at least 400 civilians have been killed by the attacks in the country since they started in 2004. Emmerson called on the government to explain the seeming discrepancy, saying the figures provided by the Foreign Ministry since 2004 indicated a much higher percentage of civilian casualties. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, based in London, has estimated that at least 300 civilians have been killed by drones in Pakistan since 2008, while the Washington-based New America Foundation put the figure at 185 civilians. These estimates are often compiled based on media reports about the attacks. Pakistan’s figure for total deaths, 2,227, is lower than some other totals, although not to the same degree as its figure for civilians. The Washington-based New America Foundation has a total of 2,651 people killed in drone strikes in Pakistan since 2008, while the Long War Journal website has 2,493. Compiling the accurate number of civilian casualties from drone strikes is hampered by the danger of traveling to the remote tribal region where they


take place. The US rarely speaks publicly about the CIA-run drone program in Pakistan because it is classified. But officials have insisted in private that the strikes have killed very few civilians and that estimates from the Pakistani government and independent organizations are exaggerated. Amnesty International called on the US to investigate reports of civilians killed and wounded by drone strikes in Pakistan in a report released earlier this month that provided new details about the alleged victims of the attacks, including a 68-year-old grandmother killed while farming with her grandchildren. Mamana Bibi’s grandchildren told the London-based rights group that she was killed by missile fire on Oct. 24, 2012, as she was collecting vegetables in a family field in the North Waziristan tribal area, a major militant sanctuary near the Afghan border. Three of Bibi’s grandchildren were wounded in the strike, as were several others who were nearby, the victims said. Bibi’s relatives testified before members of the US Congress on Tuesday. An even deadlier incident noted by the report occurred in North Waziristan on July 6, 2012. Witnesses said a volley of missiles hit a tent where a group of men had gathered for an evening meal after work, and

dRone StRiKeS ‘couLd end tomoRRow’ if PaKiStan wantS: uS congReSSman US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee member Alan Grayson said that if Pakistan wants, drone strikes “could end tomorrow”, BBC Urdu reported. Grayson stated that such strikes cannot occur without Pakistan’s approval and they would stop if the Pakistani government stopped facilitating them. This claim runs contrary to Pakistan’s stance that drones attacks are conducted without the approval of Pakistani authorities. Remarking on the strength of the Pakistan Air Force, Grayson said that “these strikes would not be possible if Pakistan did not facilitate them.”He also stated that “the way to stop drone strikes is through dialogue, not threats.” Using Iraq as an example, he said the war there ended after the Iraqi government had told US troops to leave their soil. He added further that the end to drone attacks would come only if a similar situation developed in Pakistan. After Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s trip to the United States, his main advisor, Sartaj Aziz had said that America had not made a formal announcement that drone strikes will stop but they will reduce by the end of this year. Grayson however said he saw no evidence that Obama’s administration had implied a reduction in drone strikes by the year’s end. Grayson felt that the US should compensate the heirs of innocent victims of the drone attacks. MONITORING DESK then a second struck those who came to help the wounded, one of a number of attacks that have hit rescuers, the rights group said. Witnesses and relatives said that total of 18 male laborers with no links to militant groups died, according to Amnesty. Pakistani intelligence officials at the time identified the dead as suspected militants.

Quetta BoMBing LeaVes fiVe dead,

STAFF REPORT Two simultaneous powerful blasts near Quetta’s Zarghon Road killed five people and left at least 17 injured on Wednesday. The bomb exploded in a crowded car repair market on Double Road near Zarghon Road. The area is a commercial hub and is scene of frequent traffics jam. Police and rescue services rushed to the site and moved the injured and bodies to a local hospital. Three of the injured are said to be in critical condition. “We have received five dead bodies and 17 injured people from the blast site,” Rasheed Jamali, a doctor at Quetta’s civil hospital said. “It was a massive explosion and I saw dozens of people lying in pool of blood on Double Road,” a witness said. The bomb disposal squad said the explosives, which weighed around 6-7 kilogrammes, were planted on a motorcycle. Police said the second explosion occurred due to a CNG cylinder explosion inside a car. They said given its location, it was unlikely that the bomb was planted to target any specific individual and was rather meant to create destruction in general. Responsibility for the explosion, which destroyed nearby buildings, cars and shattered window panels, has not been claimed by any group as yet.

17 injured

DUBAI Iran will probably give up on a multi-billion-dollar pipeline project to supply gas to Pakistan, Iran’s oil minister was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars news agency on Wednesday. “The contract for supplying gas to Pakistan is likely to be annulled,” Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh told reporters on the sidelines of a gas forum in Tehran on Wednesday. Zanganeh did not state any further details in

iMran threatens to use nato suppLy as tooL against drones CHINIOT: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said the US would neither stop drone attacks at any costs nor was in its favour to end the air strikes. “If drones strikes continue, NATO supply will be cut-off completely,” he threatened. Talking to a PTI delegation on Wednesday, Khan lashed out at rulers, saying they were enjoying foreign trips not to serve the country’s interest but only to save and preserve their personal investment. He reminded that talks about revolution were only a pack of lies, while the reality has started to unveil before the masses. “Every institute has been reached the highest level of corruption and rates of daily use things including electricity, gas and petroleum have risen exorbitantly during the last four months,” the PTI chief added. ONLINE

hakiMuLLah Warns of ConseQuenCes oVer goVt BetrayaL

iran likely to drop pakistan gas pipeline project AGENCIES

Contrary to the information outlined in the report, the Pakistani government said Wednesday that there were no civilian casualties in 2012. The government said 21 civilians were killed in 2008, nine in 2009, two in 2010 and 35 in 2011. No civilians have been killed so far in 2013, the defense ministry said.

this regard. Iran has almost completed the pipeline to the Pakistani border, but Pakistan has made little progress on laying its leg of the long-planned pipeline, largely due to a lack of funds for the costly project and US pressure to drop it. Earlier this week, Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry reiterated Islamabad’s resolve to pursue the project. “It (IP) should be seen in the context of acute energy crisis that we have in our country,” said the Pakistani official, adding that his government is pursuing the case to accelerate the imple-

mentation process of the project. However, a report released last week by the Islamabad-based Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) says the contract with Iran would bring an economic disaster in Pakistan as the gas sold will likely be several times more expensive than the domestic gas currently used. Early in October, Pakistani Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi asked Iran to finance $2 billion in the construction of Pakistan’s side of the IP gas pipeline project. The Pakistani petroleum minister said preparatory work was

complete, but they had asked Iran to provide $2 billion for the construction work. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar asked his Iranian counterpart Ali Tayyebnia at a meeting in Washington this month to “look into the possibility of constructing the Iran-Pakistan pipeline on Pakistani side as well” because international sanctions were preventing Pakistan from raising finances on its own, according to a statement issued by the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. Last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the Wall Street Journal that he would proceed with the pipeline plan despite the US objections.

PEsHAwAR: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsood has said sabotaging peace talks with the Taliban may lead to severe consequences for the government, reports said on Wednesday. According to a Britain-based news website, Hakimullah threatened that if the talks with the Taliban were harmed, it would result in dire consequences for Pakistani government and its forces. He said the only way to successful peace talks was by getting out of the US pressure. The TTP chief further said his organisation was being wrongly portrayed in Pakistani and international media. He said in the past, the government of Pakistan betrayed the Taliban and if such things occurred again, the situation won’t be any good in the country. He also claimed that the drone attacks in the country were carried out with the approval of the Pakistani government, adding that he would continue to work for the cause of Khilafat-e-Rashida in Pakistan. ONLINE

5 soLdiers kiLLed in sWa wANA: At least five security personnel were killed and several others injured in a landmine bombing on Wednesday. According to military sources, unknown miscreants had planted a landmine by roadside in Zattrai area of South Waziristan Agency (SWA) which exploded when convoy of a security personnel were passing by the scene. Two security personnel were killed on the spot and several others sustained wounds. The injured officials were shifted to a nearby hospital where another three succumbed to their injuries. Condition of few other soldiers was also said to be serious. INP

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news Thursday, 31 October, 2013

naB to hound graft Cases against sharifs, Zardari & shah ISLAMABAD




NDER immense pressure from the media skepticism and PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s decision to challenge his appointment in the Supreme Court, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Wednesday made an effort to come out clean about his commitment to pursuing corruption cases against former president and PPP top gun Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Leader of the Opposition Khurshid Shah. Chaudhry, while chairing a senior-level meeting at the NAB headquarters, formed a new combined investigative team (CIT) to go for a fresh probe into six high-profile cases against the PPP co-chairman and his co-accused. Six references against Zardari and others were under process in accountability courts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad but the proceedings were suspended after the PPP leader was elected as president in year 2008. However, the references have been weakened as most of the co-accused have already been released – thanks to the influence enjoyed by Zardari as the president. ExPERTs OPTIMIsTIC: Though political observers are skeptical about the move and think that the cases are being moved to give them all a clean chit, the political commentators see the move as positive. Eminent political commentator Dr Rasool Bukhsh Raees told Pakistan Today that position of NAB chairman was a tenure-based post and it had constitutional autonomy. “If you look at the task of NAB, it’s an independent office so you can’t remove the NAB chief. It has legal capacity and has constitutional cover and despite the position of anyone including the prime minister. No matter who appointed him, it means nothing in terms of affecting integrity and autonomy of the office”. About the cases against prime minister, Raees said the opening of the cases did not mean prosecution and ultimately, the court will decide these cases, he added.


naB ChairMan says Corruption WatChdog WiLL afford no faVorites or personaL LoyaLties six referenCes pending against Zardari, three against sharifs

THE REsOLvE: The NAB chairman told the meeting that the NAB will afford no favorites or personal loyalties. “It will address each case on merit, irrespective of who might be the accused; their previous or present positions notwithstanding,” an official statement said quoting the NAB chairman. Reiterating his desire for a transparent and “across-the-board” accountability policy in NAB, the chairman decided to form a fresh CIT in cases which may have been already partly decided in the Accountability Court in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The CIT will look afresh into all aspects of the cases so as to prosecute vigorously, the statement added. The committee formed by the chairman to review cases that have been pending for more than three years, has been directed to accelerate its work and put up recommendations to the executive board meeting (EBM) of the NAB for an early decision. The meeting also discussed the pending cases of corruption against the prime minister and his family members with the Lahore

High Court and decided to pursue the same vigorously. “A court notice, on another high profile case, from the Lahore High Court (LHC) received on October 29 was immediately attended to. It was decided that, due to unavailability of the concerned deputy prosecutor general accountability, because of a family tragedy, who had been deputed from NAB (HQ) to pursue this case in LHC, a senior lawyer was detailed to represent NAB, so that there is no delay in the proceedings,” the statement said. There are corruption cases against Mr Sharif and his younger brother, Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister Punjab, pending with the accountability court. However, the proceedings were suspended due to a stay order issued by a bench of the Lahore High Court in year 2008. Since then, the cases were pending. However, a source told Pakistan Today that since the court has ordered to push for the cases, the NAB chief ordered to hire a senior lawyer to defend the NAB cases despite

the fact that he had been appointed by the prime minister. Chaudhry also ordered to pursue a corruption case pending against Khurshid Shah as a plea had also been filed with the Sindh High Court against its judgement regarding another high profile case against him. The NAB, on orders of its former boss Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari, had closed the corruption case against Shah. However, the Sindh High Court had directed the NAB to reinvestigate the matter as in its opinion, there was adequate material available against the opposition leader. The NAB had filed an appeal relating to the constitutional procedures as NAB’s contention was that under the National Accountability Ordinance, the prerogatives to open, close, investigate, and pursue any case rests with the NAB chairman. “However, the NAB chairman decided that irrespective of the appeal filed in Sindh High Court (SHC) on the constitutional matter, it should in no way impede NAB from pursuing a case

against any individual against whom evidence of wrong doing is available. The case will be reviewed by the director-general (DG) of the Region and put up to chairman who will treat his recommendations on merit alone,” said the source. CAsE AgAINsT KHURsHID sHAH: A complaint was filed against Shah in November 2005 stating that after being sworn in as federal minister, he allegedly accumulated moveable/immoveable properties, which were incompatible with his known legitimate sources of income. NAB Deputy Director Izhar Ahmed Awan conducted investigations into the complaint and submitted his report in July 2007 recommending that a reference be filed against the suspect. But the matter was reinvestigated by the same officer and in February 2008 he again suggested that there were enough evidence to prosecute the suspect. However, in March 2012, NAB to end all corruption-related inquires against Shah on pretext of “lack of evidence”.

new video shows czech hostages in pakistan in fragile state iMran in Midst of PRAgUE: Relatives of two Czech women kidnapped in Pakistan released a new video on Wednesday showing them looking exhausted, speaking of death and begging Czech authorities to take action to free them. The video of Hana Humpalova and Antonie Chrastecka, made in late August, had been delivered to the Czech embassy in Islamabad, foreign ministry spokeswoman Johana Grohova told reporters who viewed it in Prague on Wednesday. She declined

further comment. The women, who were kidnapped in March, speak separately in English, with Humpalova saying she is “concerned about my friend who was with me as I am not sure if she is dead or alive,” breaking into sobs and complaining about her poor health. “In case of my death I would like to be buried and put down in the grave of my father’s family,” she said. “I don’t know how much time I have left because when these guys take their final action you will

not hear from me again,” said Humpalova, who wore a black headscarf. Equally miserable, Chrastecka begs the Czech government to “make the biggest pressure to the Pakistani government to cooperate with my kidnappers. Please give them what they want. Please help me to go home soon.” The women also asked for songs by Gwen Stefani and Cat Stevens — who took the name Yusuf Islam after he converted to Islam in 1977 — to be played at their funerals.

putin topples obama in uS dRone Forbes power ranking StRiKe NEW YORK AGENCIES

Having outfoxed him on Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pipped Barack Obama to the title of the world’s most powerful leader as ranked by Forbes on Wednesday. It was the first time in three years that the US president has dropped to second place on the magazine’s list and came as US-Russia relations slid to a new low. Putin, who has enjoyed 13 years of dominant rule over Russia, was again elected president in March 2012. Obama, on the other hand, has just emerged scathed from an embarrassing 16-day US government shutdown caused by a budget and debt crisis in Washington. “Putin has solidified his control over Russia, while Obama’s lame duck period has seemingly set in earlier than usual for a two-term president, latest example: the government shutdown mess,” wrote Forbes. Third prize went to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is expected to rule for a decade in which China is set to eclipse the US as the world’s largest economy. Pope Francis made his debut at number four and German Chancellor Angela Merkel rounded out the top five. Among 13 newcomers were Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee at number 41 and Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, in at number 64. There were 17 heads of state who run nations with a combined GDP of $48 trillion and 27 CEOs and chairs who control over $3 trillion in annual revenues.


Three suspected militants were killed in a US drone strike in Miramshah Bazaar in North Waziristan Agency late Wednesday night. Sources said that three people were also injured and that the number of casualties is likely to increase. This is the first drone strike following Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the United States and his meeting with President Barack Obama. Official intelligence sources said that the drone fired two missiles on a compound in Zafar Town area near Miranshah Bazaar.

The Foreign Ministry also released a video of their mothers asking the kidnappers to treat them well. The two 24-year-old psychology students were kidnapped on March 13 while being escorted by a tribal policeman after crossing into Pakistan from Iran on holiday. In another video released in June, they claimed to be in good condition and pleaded for the release of Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui, jailed in the United States on charges of terrorist links. AGENCIES

indian Bus Crash inferno kiLLs 44 NEW DELHI AGENCIES

At least 44 people were killed Wednesday when a bus engulfed in flames after crashing in southern India. The police said the tragedy happened 140 km from the southeastern city of Hyderabad when the bus smashed into the central divider and pierced its fuel tank on a highway between Bangalore and Hyderabad. “The number of dead is 44, which includes children,” said police spokesman Venkateshwarlu. Out of the 49 people aboard the bus, five, including the driver and the bus cleaner, broke windows and escaped before the flames lit up the vehicle. The driver and the cleaner tried to run away, but were caught by the police. The spokesman added that the three other survivors had been admitted to a local hospital. Media reports said that most of the passengers were asleep when the bus burst into flames leaving them no time to scramble to safety.

tV ChanneLs’Waar geo news sends legal notice to pti chief for making ‘defamatory remarks against channel imran says he will stand by demand for probe into hindustan times article against isi, Bol tV LAHORE: Geo News, a private TV channel of the Jang Group, has sent a legal notice to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan for making “defamatory remarks” against the private broadcaster. The TV channel has also sought a restraint order on ARY News channel to desist from repeating the programme featuring the PTI chief. Per details, an ARY News talk show on October 25 hosted by Mubashar Lucman discussed an article that appeared in a leading Indian daily “Hindustan Times” a few days ago. The article was about an upcoming TV channel to be launched in Pakistan, Bol TV. The article claimed that this venture was allegedly being backed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in collusion with notorious Indian mafia don Dawood Ibrahim in a bid to rein in Geo News which is currently the most popular news channel of the country. Hindustan Times later retracted the news after a legal notice was sent to it by the Bol TV management and a top stock broker of Karachi Stocks Exchange. In the ARY News talk show, the host alleged that Geo News had connived with Indian intelligence to get the article published in Hindustan Times in a bid to malign the ISI and damage Bol TV’s reputation. Imran Khan, who was on the guest panel, had commented: “This is a very serious matter. It’s a serious allegation. It should be fully investigated and facts should be exposed. I believe it’s wrong for any Pakistani television channel to make propaganda under the influence of any foreign agency. An enquiry should be held into the matter.” PTI Information Secretary Shireen Mazari confirmed that Geo News had sent a legal notice to her party chief. “Imran Khan has the right to give an interview,” she said, adding that Khan stands by his stance and it is his basic right to demand an investigation into the issue. However, Mazari said Khan had not named the channel during the interview. Meanwhile, the PTI chief said the legal notice would not stop him from demanding a probe into the issue, and that he would also raise the matter in parliament. STAFF REPORT

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Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people — John D. Rockefeller


nawaz pledges to increase edu budget to 4 percent Muslim League (PML-N) led fedUK DFID SECRETARY eral government was committed to CALLS ON PM, DISCUSSES allocate more resources to proeducation sector and was deDEVELOPMENT AND mote termined to increase the education budget of the country from 2 perECONOMIC REFORMS cent to 4 percent during this tenure. The prime minister also AGENDA



EPARTMENT for International Development British Secretary Justine Greening called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif here on Wednesday and discussed important issues regarding education, development and economic reforms agenda of Pakistan. During the meeting, Nawaz Sharif informed the UK secretary that the Pakistan

briefed Ms Greening on the economic reforms agenda of Pakistan and said that there were no quick fixes to improve economy and hence sustained efforts were needed. “It might take years but we are on the right track to set the economy right,” the prime minister said. He also said the government was not able to keep feeding the big state-owned organisations for ever. Therefore, the problems of corruption, mismanagement and overstaffing would be addressed on priority basis.

hague welcomes pakistan’s reconciliation efforts with india LONDON ONLINE Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday praised the British Government’s continuous support to resolve outstanding issues between Pakistan and India. He was speaking to British Foreign Secretary William Hague who paid a courtesy call and discussed various issues of mutual interest with Nawaz. Nawaz said that more than six decades of mutual mistrust between the two countries resulted in enhanced defence spending at the expense of their social sectors. This tit for tat policy must end now so that conditions of the people of the two countries could be ameliorated. He stated that Pakistan was keen to resolve all


Thursday, 31 October, 2013

outstanding issues with India through dialogue. However, he said that resolution of Kashmir issue was possible only when all the three stakeholders—Pakistan, India, and Kashmiris – were onboard. The Prime Minister further said that Pakistan wanted peace in Afghanistan and was ready to offer all possible support in this regard. He also emphasized on the need of effective border management system between Pakistan and Afghanistan so that the issue of cross border infiltration could be addressed. Hague welcomed Pakistan’s approach of reconciliation towards resolving all outstanding issues with India and Afghanistan through dialogue and said that he was impressed by Pakistan’s efforts to create enabling environment for negotiations.

3 officials held responsible for Kamra base attack ISLAMABAD ONLINE

As many as three Pakistan Air Force (PAF) personnel have been held responsible for attack on Kamra airbase. A court has been formed under a senior officer to court martial these three junior rank employees. As per media reports, terrorists targeted Kamra Airbase on the night between August 15 and 16, 2012. Two or three aircraft were badly damaged in the attack and loss caused this way runs into Rs 2.5 billion. It was said in the charge sheet against these three PAF personnel that three PAF employees who were deployed in airbase have failed to safeguard national assets. However, no senior officer has been held responsible. These three personnel have been arrested. The court will initiate court martial proceedings on November 11.

iranian forces open fire in Pakistani border area QUETTA ONLINE

Two people were injured when the Iranian border force opened fire in Pakistani area near Panjgur on Wednesday. According to the official sources, Iranian border security force opened fire on a suspected car that entered into Pakistani territory from Iran. As a result of firing, two men were injured. However, the Pakistani security forces immediately reached the spot and arrested six suspects. Three vehicles were taken into custody while investigations were underway.

Saudi arabia grants legal status to 800‚000 Pakistanis JEDDAH ONLINE

As many as 800‚000 Pakistanis have obtained legal status in Saudi Arabia. This was stated by Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Naeem Khan during an interview with Arab News. Thanking King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Salman for extending the amnesty deadline, he said the new amnesty deadline for expatriates is November 3. The Pakistani envoy also lauded the Saudi immigration department for its cooperation and support to the Pakistani community in achieving the legal status. LONDON: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and British DFID Secretary Justine Greening lead their delegations at a meeting on Wednesday. ONLINE

fsC to deliberate key no plans to convert death sentences issues in rape cases to life imprisonment: nisar ISLAMABAD ONLINE

A five member bench of Federal Shariat Court (FSC) will deliberate on the issue whether non-Muslims can become eyewitnesses in Zina (illicit relationship) cases today (Thursday). The hearing is being held today (Thursday) under a petition filed against Hudood Ordinance 1979. In the petition, several reservations and questions have been raised pertaining to the definition of Zina, the four witnesses and its related issues in the

light of teachings of the Holy Quran. Similarly, if the Quran insists on four eye-witnesses’ accounts of sexual intercourse to penalise Zina, then according to this the witness of the husband alone cannot be equivalent to that of the four witnesses’. The other questions included in the petition are: Does the Quran insist on all male witnesses? Does the Quran fix any minimum age limit for a witness? Does the Quran empower the criminal court to conduct any moral screening of witnesses to confirm Tazkiyah-tul-Shuhood?


There is no proposal under consideration to convert the death sentence into life imprisonment, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan told the Senate on Wednesday. To a question, he said a total of 13,223 death penalties were announced across the country since 2002, of which, 501 were executed. A 2008 moratorium on capital punishment imposed by the Pakistan People’s Party government expired on June 30 and the

country was due to execute two jailed militants in August under the new government led by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. But reports soon emerged that the government scrapped plans to reinstate the death penalty following threats by militants to step up attacks in retaliation. “The government has decided to continue with the moratorium on capital punishment since it is aware of its international commitments and is following them,” Interior Ministry spokesman Omar Hamid had said.

The government had earlier said it wanted to reinstate the death penalty in a bid to crack down on criminals and militants in a move strongly criticised by international human rights groups. Up to 8,000 people languish on death row in dozens of overcrowded and violent jails. The moratorium drew praise because of concerns its courts and police were too inept to ensure the accused a fair trial. Pakistan did, however, break its own rules in 2012 when it executed a convicted murderer and a former army serviceman.

Barton inducted as new British envoy ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

The British Government has appointed Philip Barton as new British high commissioner to Pakistan. Barton will succeed Adam Thomson, who will be transferring to another diplomatic service appointment. Barton will take up his appointment in January 2014. Philip Barton joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 1986 and his last posting was as deputy head of mission in Washington. He has held a number of positions dealing with South Asian issues, including foreign policy director and Afghanistan/Pakistan coordinator in the cabinet office as part of the secretariat supporting the National Security Council; additional director for South Asia in the FCO; and a posting in New Delhi. He served as private secretary to former premiers John Major and Tony Blair. He has also been posted to Gibraltar as deputy governor, Nicosia as deputy high commissioner and Caracas.

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06 N

news Thursday, 31 October, 2013



NDIAN Defence Minister AK Antony on Wednesday voiced concern over alleged increasing ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts from across the border, saying they could not take place without the “tacit support” of the Pakistan Army. “We are watching all these new developments. Instead of preventing infiltration or trying to minimise the infiltration attempts, still there attempts are going on increasing. That means, these are going on

with the support of elements across the border. But I am sure nothing has happened without the support and knowledge and tacit support of Pakistan Army. It is a matter

of concern to us,” Antony alleged while addressing a press conference. The Indian defence minister wondered how such attempts could take place without the support or knowledge of the armed forces of Pakistan when the international border was guarded on one side by Indian Army and BSF and Pakistan Army and Rangers on the other. “Both sides of borders are completely guarded by armed forces. So how can the terrorists try to infiltrate in Indian border without the support or knowledge of armed forces of Pakistan? How can terrorists embolden to increase attempts to infiltrate without the tacit support and sometimes open support of the Pakistani armed forces,” he asked. Antony claimed India was sincere in improving relations with Pakistan, but questioned how this could happen when infiltration was taking place. Antony said India’s armed forces were fully prepared to meet any challenge regarding border security.

india’s response to pakistan’s peace overtures unsatisfactory: nisar ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took several initiatives for peace with India but the neighbour’s response to the measures had been far from being satisfactory. In a meeting with a delegation of the Defence Committee of Britain’s House of Commons late on Tuesday, Nisar said Britain should rise up to play its role in the region for the Afghanistan issue. The interior minister said the US missile strikes could never be accepted under any circumstances, asserting Pakistan’s military leadership was on the same page with the government over these missile attacks. ONLINE

Pakistan in better shape than post-world war germany: Shahbaz


QUETTA: People wait for doctors outside the OPD of Civil Hospital as medical staff remained on strike on Wednesday against the kidnapping of senior heart specialist Dr Munaf Tareen. INP


( shakiL afridi re-triaL

fata tribunal seeks record of case PESHAWAR ONLINE

The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) tribunal on Wednesday sought all record regarding the trial of Dr Shakil Afridi from the FCR commissioner and the political administration of Khyber Agency. The main counsel for Dr Afridi, Samiullah Afridi, told reporters after the hearing that denial of bail to his client amounted to violation of basic human rights and that he had sought a fresh trial for the jailed doctor. During the hearing, Samiullah submitted an application before the tribunal seeking the release on bail of his client, who is accused of colluding with

Mumbai attack case: documents handed over to pakistan ISLAMABAD ONLINE

banned terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Islam and its chief Mangal Bagh, and a fresh retrial of the case. The tribunal sought all record from the FCR commissioner and the political administration of Khyber Agency and adjourned the hearing until

November 5. Afridi was convicted and sentenced to 33 years in May 2012 for involvement in anti-state activities by a tribal court. A judicial official overturned the 33year jail sentence in August this year but Afridi remains in detention.

India has handed over five crucial documents, running into 600 pages, to Pakistan to be produced as evidence against seven 26/11 attacks accused. A Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court is conducting trial against Lakhvi and six of his associates who face charges over the Mumbai terrorist attacks which killed 165 people including 26 foreigners. Sources said two other documents were related to the proceedings of the seven-member Pakistan judicial commission which visited

Mumbai in September to crossexamine witnesses, including the magistrate who had recorded Ajmal Kasab’s confessional statement, and a senior Pakistani public prosecutor’s application for the articles recovered from the terrorists who were also killed in the attacks. Sources said the Foreign Office would hand over the record to the FIA which would submit it in the Anti Terrorism Court before November 6. Sources in the FIA said now that judicial record from India had been received, the trial of the case was soon likely.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said if Germany can regain its lost preeminence after the world war, why can’t Pakistan. Addressing the Pakistani community on Wednesday, Shahbaz said that despite wide destruction and devastation of the world war, Germany got its lost supremacy back through continuous effort and hard work. He was of the view that Pakistan is in much better position, with a unique strategic position and availability of natural resources. The chief minister said if sincere efforts continue, Pakistan will be among the top 10 developed countries within few years. He lauded the role of Pakistanis staying abroad for development of their country. He said there is nothing lacking in Pakistan except sincerity and commitment to resolve the issues faced by the country and its people. He vowed to make Punjab an example for the other provinces to follow, and to provide basic facilities to the doorsteps of the public.

Rs 2.48 per litre cut in petrol price proposed ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The Oil and Gas regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Wednesday sent a summary for new prices of petroleum products for November to the Ministry of Petroleum. According to the summary, the OGRA has recommended Rs 2.48 decrease in the per liter price of petrol and Rs 2.67 on highoctane. The price of one litre of light-diesel has been recommended to be increased by Rs 0.64, kerosene oil by Rs.0.57, while price of high-speed diesel was recommended to remain as it is. The notification for new prices will be issued today (Thursday) after approval from the finance ministry.

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dengue: the buzz of the town!



Thursday, 31 October, 2013


29 C 0





Low FrIdAy



28°C I 17°C

29°C I 17°C

29°C I 17°C



Sunrise Zuhr




3:39 6:24



Isha 7:49

no moRe BoycottS! PTI NOT TO LEAVE THE GROUND VACANT IN LB ELECTION, SAYS MEHMOODUR RASHEED LAHORE: Leader of the opposition in Punjab Assembly (PA) Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed has that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will not leave the ground vacant in Local Bodies (LB) election and will participate with full commitment. Talking outside Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday, Mehmoodur Rasheed said that formation of district coordination committees is part of arrangements made for pre-poll rigging in LB election. He said that the committees have been granted Rs 2.4 billion rupees which would be spent for the success of candidates of their choice. The opposition leader in PA said that Punjab government through self-directed delimitations distorted the constituencies. INP



H E patients infected with dengue are on a rise in Punjab. As many as 43 individuals have been infected with dengue in the past 24 hours. Lahore has the highest toll of 27 of dengue infected. Their treatment is being performed in various hospitals in the city. Mudassir a resident of Sahiwal and Javed a resident of Shahkot in Faisalabad have been infected with the dengue virus. A total of 852 persons have been infected with dengue virus in the province of Punjab. While in just the previous year a totality of 473 folks were infected with the virus. THEY ARE INsIDE YOUR HOUsEs: Due to current lengthy summer, heavy rains and high humidity level, dengue larva are existing more indoor than outdoor. This was said by Lahore Division Commissioner Rashid Mahmood Langrial on Wednesday while visiting UC 127 Model Town and other residential areas with Member of Punjab Assembly Mohsin Latif. He directed to hold indoor dengue

sweep surveillance effectively and to enhance man power for indoor activities to kill larva. He instructed to check all lawns, plant pots, room coolers and roofs of houses of all vulnerable union councils. He said that according to fresh data dengue larva’s breeding sites were more inside the houses, so focus had been put on indoor deep surveillance. He directed to ensure field reports from entomologists, environment inspectors and LHW’s on daily basis to make planning more effective. He said that only sustainable activities could help to control the curse of dengue and administration was trying its best to put all efforts in that direction. wE wILL DRIvE DENgUE OF THE TOwN: Drive against dengue virus will continue till its complete eradication. This was said by Punjab Minister Excise & Taxation, Finance Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman while addressing delegations of people and ulema at his residence on Wednesday. Rehman said that ulema had deep respect among the masses, therefore, they should communicate protective steps regarding dengue virus to the public in their individual as well as collective capacity. He said that youngsters, NGOs and students should extend full cooperation to the government for eradicating dengue virus and join the going on awareness campaign in this regard. The government is extending possible cooperation to the students and educational institutions for holding seminars and walks for this purpose, he said.

‘Pti won’t Let you RePeat may 11 Rigging’

Raiwind congRegation BeginS! LAHORE: Today marks the beginning of phase I of the global tablighi congregation at Raiwind. The concluding prayer to the congregation shall be recited by November 3. Entire preparations for the congregation event have been fulfilled. Lahore Transport Company has taken over the responsibility for providing transportation to the participants to the congregation in alliance with the private transport operators. The transport availability as in accordance to the plan for the first phase is from October 31 to November 3. And for the second phase the transport facility shall be available to the participants from November 7 to November 10. The transport would travel via Ferozepur Road, Canal Road and Multan Road before reaching Raiwind Saddar beginning from the railway station and general bus stand as per the devised plan. The shuttle service shall from Rasool Pura, Jiabhaga till Raiwind by pass. HEALTH DEPARTMENT FINALIsEs ARRANgEMENTs: Punjab Health Department has finalised all arrangements to cope with any emergency during the Raiwind congregation starting from today. Giving details to the media on Wednesday, Health EDO Dr Zulfiqar Ali said that six dispensaries and a temporary 10-bed hospital have been set up at Tableeghi congregation, additional beds, doctors and nurses had also been made deputed at rural health centre Raiwind and 20 ambulances had been made available at dispensary, temporary hospital and Raiwind RHC to meet any emergency which will work round the clock. STAFF REPORT


Rigging in local government elections will not be accepted at any cost, said Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Wednesday while addressing a press conference at party office along with PTI Punjab President Ijaz Chaudhary. Rejecting the delimitation process, he has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to ensure the conduct of local bodies’ polls in a free and transparent manner. Qureshi said that ECP should become more vigilant to check the prepoll rigging practices, which include the delimitation process in a bid to hold the local bodies’ elections in a transparent manner. He warned that PTI would not be silent spectators if the ECP fails to play a proactive role for discharging its constitutional duties to ensure a transparent and free LB election. He claimed that PTI had accepted the role of ECP role in general elections for the sake of democracy. PTI vice chairman said “We don’t accept the delimitation process, as new demarcations under delimitation are

made on the demands of ruling parties parliamentarians by the civil administration in Punjab and Sindh.” Quershi said that local bodies were third tier of real democracy and PTI wants elections, while the PPP and PML-N want selection. He quoted ECP secretary as saying that he (ECP secretary) has advised Punjab government to amend local bodies’ law to empower judiciary to listen complaints against delimitation, which had fallen on deaf ears. He claimed that the dates proposed for elections in Punjab December 7 and Sindh November 27 were unrealistic, as delimitations could not be completed within the given dates. He added that the whole process was a ridiculous exercise of making petitions against delimitation at such a short notice that most parties would not be able to fight a genuine case, which would ultimately benefit the government. Qureshi said that Printing Press of Pakistan has expressed its inability to print such huge ballot papers and government was considering getting ballots printing from private firms, which PTI would not accept at any cost because it would facilitate rigging.

punjaB to oBserVe anti-dengue day on noVeMBer 3 LAHORE: The Punjab government will observe the Anti-Dengue Day on November 3 for enhancing the anti-dengue awareness among the masses. It was decided in the meeting of Central Dengue Response Committee chaired by Punjab Minister for Education Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan on Wednesday. The mobile teams consisting of public representatives, officials, students, NGOs and imams of mosques of the concerned locality will visit door-to-door and apprise the people regarding the preventive measures to check dengue. Besides, MNAs and MPAs of Lahore, secretaries of concerned government departments, commissioner and Lahore DCO, principals of different medical colleges, medical superintendents of government hospitals, officers of special branch as well PITB attended the meeting. The minister directed that celebrities of showbiz and sports also be included in the awareness campaign. He directed that all the government departments should follow the SOPs of dengue control in letter and spirit. He said that the government departments have two years experience of all such activities therefore; no leniency on the part of government institutions would be tolerated in ensuring dengue control activities. He said that every life is precious and we have to check dengue at any cost. While briefing the meeting, Health Special Secretary Babar Hayat Tarrar informed that, at present, 71 confirmed dengue patients are under treatment in different hospitals. He informed that after Lahore the worst affected district is Rawalpindi by dengue. He said that indoor dengue surveillance is being intensified because due to change of weather the mosquito would take refuge inside the houses therefore, the indoor surveillance is very vital to control dengue breeding. He said that Health Department has deployed additional officials as well as lady health workers for indoor surveillance. Commissioner and Lahore DCO, schools secretary, Information and Culture secretary, Auqaf secretary and the officers of Special branch and PITB briefed the meeting about the indoor as well as outdoor dengue surveillance and larva detecting activities and steps taken for creating awareness by their departments. Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan directed that regular meetings of Town Emergency Response Committees (TERC) should be ensured under the leadership of local public representatives and all the town officers should ensure their presence. He asked the Information and Culture secretary to include celebrities of showbiz and sports in the awareness campaign. STAFF REPORT

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LahOre Thursday, 31 October, 2013

Pakistan, Turkey together for a better future!

charity begins the goaL KicK! at home!


ji aMeer asks naWaZ to put his house in order first, stresses on Bringing BaCk his faMiLy WeaLth LAHORE


Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) and Turkish Embassy on Wednesday decided to establish a new mechanism to expedite trade between the two countries. The decision was made at a meeting between the Turkish Ambassador S Babur Girgin and the LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari. LCCI Vice President Kashif Anwar also spoke on the occasion. The ambassador said that the very objective of putting in place a new mechanism was to translate the potential between the two countries. The ambassador urged the LCCI president to establish a Turkey desk at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry so that the trade related information could be passed on to the Pakistan’s business community. He also

invited the LCCI president to sign MOU with Istanbul Chamber of commerce & Industry. He said that a direct flight between Lahore and Istanbul would start in month’s time that would prove a giant leap towards enhancing bilateral trade relations. The Turkish ambassador hinted at more investment in transport sector in coming years. Speaking on the occasion, the LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari said that Turkey is an inspiring example for the world as far as its economic progress is concerned. He said that Turkey has always helped Pakistani people generously in every hour of trial. He said that although Pakistan and Turkey are two independent countries yet hearts of people of both the countries beat together. “It will not be wrong that both nations are one body and two souls,” he remarked.

lost Degree announcement I Omar Tariq S/o Muhammad Tariq lost my MBA Degree Reg. No. 04P00091, issued by Lahore School of Economics. Anyone who might have found it may kindly contact me at tenDer notIce Govt. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Hospital Yakki Gate, Lahore invites sealed bids from the well reputed firms having established credentials in terms and technical financial and managerial capabilities for purchase of Electro Medical Equipment, furniture and Transport for the year 2013-14 1.

name of tender

Bids security

Date of receiving of tender

Date of opening of tender


Purchase of Electro

2% of quoted



Medical Equipments


11:00 AM

11-30 AM

Purchase of Furtniture

2% of quoted




11:00 AM

11-30 AM

2% of quoted




11:00 AM

11-30 AM





3. 4. 5. 6.

Ipl 10754


Purchase of Transport

Interested bidder may get the bidding documents from the account office of this hospital by submitting written application and a copy of NIC along with payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.1000/- (One Thousand Only). Bidding documents and specification shall be issue from the date of advertisement. Single Stage, two envelopes bidding procedure as per rule 36(b) of PPRA 2009 shall be applied for this tender enquiry. The bid shall comprise a single package containing two separate envelopes each; envelope shall contain separately the financial proposal and technical proposal. The envelope should be marked as; FINANCIAL PROPOSAL ; and ;TECHNICAL PROPOSAL; in bold and legible letter to avoid confusion. The bidder are required to quote their rated inclusive of all expenditure / taxes ect. Contract /Website address to manufacture /foreign principal must be mentioned on technical / financial proposal. The participant firms are advised to quote only one offer which they deem carrying the best value for money. Procurement shall be governed by the Punjab Procurement rule 2009 The procuring agency reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning any reasons.




AMAAT e Islami (JI) Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan on Wednesday has welcomed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement in London calling for equitable distribution of wealth, and has urged him to make a beginning by setting a personal example. He said Pakistan was among the countries having most inequitable distribution of wealth, with mountains of riches in few hands on one side and about one third of the population living below poverty line, on the other. Therefore, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should adopt concrete measures to end this disparity and take the lead by bringing back the wealth of his family lying abroad besides bringing to accountability exPresident Zardari and others involved in the plunder of the public money, ensuring recovery of all ill gotten wealth from them. If only the wealth of the Pakistanis in foreign banks was brought back, Pakistan could be freed

from the crutches of the IMF, and most of its economic problems be solved, he added. However, he said, it was unfortunate that the governments of the PPP and the PML (N) were protecting each other’s corruption. He said corruption scandals of the politicians were coming to light every now and then but there was no move to check this menace. In this respect, he especially referred to the notorious NRO which gave protection to thousands of the corrupt people, including politicians and bureaucrats, involved in corruption and loot of the public money. The nation would like the NAB to reopen old cases and recover the public money from the plunderers, he said. Besides, he said, the tax net must be expanded and the wealthy be brought under the tax net in order to generate additional resources. Syed Munawar Hasan also appreciated British Prime Minister David Cameron’s statement lauding the benefits of the Islamic banking system. However, he said it was a pity that the Pakistani rulers were not ready to accept this reality and were bent upon continuing the interest based economic system.

LG polls: LhC wants more details LAHORE STAFF REPORT

A special division bench of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday adjourning the hearing of petitions against non-party based local government elections in Punjab till today, directed the Punjab government’s counsels to submit further arguments. The bench comprising of LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial and Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan passed the orders on petitions filed by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Tehreeki-Insaf (PTI) and others. Earlier, amicus curie Islamabad Institute of Strategic Studies Director General Rasul Bakhsh Rais appeared before the court on being summoned and submitted that non-party based elections were against the spirit of democracy. He submitted that democratic system could only be strengthened, if the political parties have their roots in the people. However, a provincial law officer submitted that local governments were not legislative but administrative institutions. He said that the constitution demands elections of legislative institution on party basis whereas elections of local governments could be held on non-party basis. The bench after hearing the arguments directed the Punjab government’s counsels to continue arguments on next date of hearing, October 31. The PPP, PTI and others through their petitions contended the sections 1(3), 13, 14, 15, 17, 92(3), 95(2), 105(4), 110, 111, 112, 113, 114,122, 123 and 125 of Punjab Local Government Act-2013 were in violation of the section 9, 10A, 17, 19(a), 32 and 140 A of the constitution. They pleaded the court to declare the sections as ultra vires of the constitution. PETITION CHALLENgINg POsTINg OF sIx JUDICIAL OFFICERs DIsMIssED: Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh of the Lahore High Court Wednesday dismissed a petition

challenging the posting of six judicial officers including LHC Registrar Sardar Naeem Ahmad. The petition was filed by petitioner-counsel Muhammad Afaq and it was fixed as an objection case after Registrar Office put objection that the petition was not maintainable. During the proceeding, the petitionercounsel submitted that the judicial officers could not be appointed in their district of domicile, as per National Judicial Policy. He submitted that six judicial officers including LHC Registrar were posted in Lahore which was their district of domicile. He contended that the postings were made against the National Judicial Policy. He pleaded the court to remove objection put by the court office. However, the court declined the request and sustained objection observing that the judicial officers could be appointed at any place across Punjab, as per High Court rules. OMBUDsMAN BARRED FROM INTERFERINg IN CAsE INvEsTIgATION: The Lahore High Court on Wednesday stayed Punjab Ombudsman Javed Mehmood from interfering in a case investigation. Justice Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi passed the orders on a petition filed by petitioner lady Zarqa. Earlier, the petitioner’s counsel submitted that the police had registered a case against petitioner’s husband. He said the Punjab ombudsman summoned investigation officer and passed directions to him, on an application filed by the complainant of the case. He contended that the Punjab ombudsman did not have authority to interfere in police investigation; therefore, directions passed by him were illegal. The court after hearing the arguments stopped Punjab ombudsman from interfering in police investigation. The court also appointed Advocate Umar Sharif as amicus curie and directed him to assist the court on next date of hearing, November 19.

LAHORE: The airport security personnel foiled a bid to smuggle more than 10 kilogrammes of high quality heroin on Wednesday – one man was arrested and the drug was seized. According to Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) sources, a vehicle carrying footballs was checked at Allama Iqbal International Airport. During checking 45 boxes of footballs were found packed with more than 10 kilograms of high quality heroin. The sources said that the seized heroin was brought from Faisalabad which was planned to be smuggled to African countries. The ANF arrested the accused identified as Faisal, took the car and drugs into custody. ALL THAT gLITTERs ‘ARE’ gOLD: A housemaid took 35 tolas of gold, Rs 300,000 cash other valuables and escaped from Officers Colony, South Cant on Wednesday. As per details, a citizen named Shahid filed an FIR against his housemaid for robbing his house. The area police filed an FIR against the maid and has kicked off further investigation. As per details, Asad was robbed by two armed men when he was returning to his house along with his family in the area of Cavalry Ground. The robbers snatched gold worth millions, thousands of cash on gunpoint and escaped from the scene. In another robbery incident a family was robbed in the area of Johar Town. As per details, Falak Sher and his family was robbed of 20 tolas of gold, a mobile phone and cash on gunpoint. STAFF REPORT

PRE-QUALIFICATION Application for prequalification (one work one application) are reinvited from approves Government/ contractors registered with Communication & Works Department to whom tender documents can be issued for the following works. Sr. No.


Name of WOrk

Construction of Parking Plaza G.T. Road Gujranawala

Approximate Amount (in millions) 385.403


All arrangements for construction material and equipment will be made by the contractors themselves for execution of work (s). 2) The firms/contractors who wish to have their name pre-qualified for the above noted works are required to submit their application with following documents as detailed below (in duplicate) in the office of the undersigned upto 18th November 2013 during the office hours. 3) (i) Name of Firms/Contractors partnership deed / articles of association in case of company / limited firm, complete address and telephone No. of person (s) with power of attorney in favor of person (s) authorized by the firms / contractors (ii) Attested copies of enlistment / renewal for the year 2013-14 with Communication & Works Department in category (A) only. In case of firm / contractor wish to apply for more than one work than it should be enlisted / renewed in category equivalent to total cost of works applied for. (iii) The latest certificate of registration with Pakistan Engineering council, Islamabad in the relevant category (duly attested by Officer PBS-17 and above) 4) (i) Year of establishment of firm / company with proof. (ii) No of similar nature works, cost of each work (equal of greater amount) scope of work with verification from concerned Executive Engineer / District Officer Buildings. (iii) Detail of works handled during last three years indicating project cost, scope of work and date of commencement / completion. 5) (i) Particular of specified construction equipments available with the firms/ contractors with verified ownership documents. Specially mentioned equipment with the applicant intends to deploy for the work(s). Applicant should also include the yearly increased in T&P in the last three years. 6) (i) permanent business management, financial management and technical staff. (ii) list of Graduate Engineers, Sub Engineers, Surveyors and Draftsman on the roll of firm (with proof) along with their experience and standing with the company / firm. 7) (i) The applicant must establish its financial soundness and a certified from Chartered Accountant firm are needed. Copy of upto date balance sheet should also be part of the application. 8) Bank certificate and bank statement clearly indicating financial strength of the firms / contractors. 9) Bank documents to establish financial bid capacity. a. Detailed of any arbitration / litigations or similar proceedings against any Government semi Government Department showing extent & results. b. Under taking on judicial paper that the firm was never black listed by any of the Government or Semi Government organization. c. Further particulars, if desired, may be obtained from the District Officer, Buildings Division, Gujranwala, Phone. 0559200168. d. Only selected firms / contractors will receive the contract document and shall be invited to submit the tenders for the above works(s) rules anD regulatIon 10) Competent authority / prequalification committee reserve the right to reject any application without assigning any reason. 11) Any concealment about the information, prequalification / application will be rejected and will not be considered for pre-qualification. 13) No court proceedings against the prequalification committee will be allowed and the decision of the committee will be final. 14) Applicant, firms / contractors are required to give under-taking that they have carefully studied the prequalification notice and it will abide by the rules and regulation. IPL 10775


(malIk meraj-ul-Islam) District officer, Buildings, gujranwala

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Everything has been figured out, except how to live. –Jean-Paul Sartre


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Supreme court and the Lg polls Appreciable intervention but…


AROLD Laski, the great political theorist of the 20th century, holds, “we cannot realize the full benefit of democratic government unless we begin by the admission that all problems are not central problems and that the results of problems not central in their incidence require decision at the place and by the persons where and by whom the incidence is most deeply felt.” Unfortunately despite public commitment through the Charter of Democracy, the two leading political forces in Pakistan, the PPP and the PML-N, under their watch have eschewed holding local government polls. Ninety days after assuming power was their pledge in the CoD. Not a signatory to that document, the PTI on its own through its supremo made a similar vow. Still for five years (2008-13), when the PPP ruled the roost in three provinces while in Punjab the PML-N held the fort, there was not a hint of the LG polls. Here is why. All these parties, centrally controlled as they are, believe that LGs will dilute their stranglehold on power in more ways than one. New pretenders may emerge through the ranks to challenge their monopoly, and over the top the bulk of the financial pie used for patronage will flow to the lower tiers. That is why despite the much trumpeted seamless transfer of power from one civilian government to another, the first ever in our checkered history, the PPP, PML-N and the PTI while going into their sixth month were not forthcoming about the intent to fulfill this constitutional requirement. Hence, the Supreme Court’s intervention in the issue can only be appreciated. For these leading political parties who preach so much about the constitution needed to be reminded that all constitutional clauses are binding. And what could be a greater devotion to democracy than taking it to the grassroots where it could make a difference to the people’s lives. With the SC having laid down the law, it is the ECP’s duty to take necessary steps and determine the poll dates. For its part, the Supreme Court too should show some patience and not insist on particular, predetermined dates. For one, ground realities in each province are different. And second it is an administrative job that per force deals with so many mundane tasks – organizing the paraphernalia alone is a huge task – any one of which not properly executed could result in a botched exercise, and that could create further social commotion and fissures.

Building castles in the air Interior minister: Lots of talk, no traction


H Nisar’s overconfidence can only be matched by his lack of performance. He has answers to all security related problems but they are never put to test. With Ch Nisar lording over the interior ministry all is well with the country. Fine, provided things would not happen to prove that he was only pipe dreaming. Within days of being appointed minister, the Chauhdry had devised a perfect plan for the security of the capital city which inter alia included reining in the spoilt brats of the upper class. He was to order computerization of cases at police stations and appoint a go-getter as the capital’s police chief. With all these assurances who could feel insecure? Everyone naturally got a rude shock when a lone gunman held the capital hostage for five hours, and, with the interior minister being on leave, none in the city administration was willing to decide how to disarm the man. On Tuesday Ch Nisar said the National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA) would be revived as a major organization. One had hoped this would have been done by now. The idea was first floated on June 19 when the media was told that Ch Nisar had initiated in-house brainstorming to turn NACTA into an effective body. It appears that the interior ministry did pretty little other than toying with the idea all these months. What Nisar said about improving coordination between intelligence agencies by creating a joint intelligence directorate is yet another mantra that he has continued to recite over the last four months. The only development that has taken place is to include in the plan a rapid response force with an air wing as an add-on. The plan thus goes on expanding without gaining traction. Preliminary work for talks with the Pakistani Taliban has been completed in consultation with the ‘stakeholders’, we have now been assured by the interior minister. Further, the process of dialogue with Taliban was likely to begin in near future (mark the ‘likely’ and the vagueness regarding timing!). And now a pearl of wisdom in the latest remarks: “The minister said the society was facing degeneration for which all people were responsible”. This exonerates the government from accountability. If there is corruption, extremism, inertia or a growing alienation, the blame is to be put on “all people”. In days to come “all” is likely to be dropped to make “people” responsible for all the acts of omission and commission on the part of their rulers.

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a green environment for clean Pakistan And here is how it can be ensured



French mathematician and physicist, Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (Born in 1768–Died in 1830), is wellknown for his novel contribution of Fourier series and their potential applications to problems of heat transfer among different bodies and vibrations. A fair credit also goes to his honour due to the invention of popular Fourier Transform , Fourier’s Law and lately the discovery of greenhouse effect (in 1827), which involves the process by which the presence of an atmosphere acts to raise the surface temperature of a planet. Later, the pioneering research paper by Arrhenius in 1989, titled “On the influence of carbonic acid in the air upon the temperature of the ground”, investigated the effects of doubling the atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) content. Note that Fourier was one of the first to speculate with certainty that human activities could influence climate and its potential change, and such topics would rather be important in modern times to come. Principally, the greenhouse effect is an energy transformation process where thermal radiation from a planetary surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is re-radiated then in all possible directions. When some part of this re-radiation process is transported back towards the earth surface and the lower atmosphere, average temperature of the earth surface is elevated above what it would be in the absence of these greenhouse gases. Generally speaking, greenhouse gases are those that can emit and absorb infrared radiations but not radiation in the visible or near visible part of the solar spectrum. A limited greenhouse effect is principally beneficial for human life due to trapping of some energy in the atmosphere that keeps our planet mild and suitable for all living things. However, too many greenhouse gases can cause the temperature to increase out of control and strengthens the greenhouse effect strongly. Alternatively, this leads to changes in our planet that can affect our lives. The planet Venus presents one example, where the greenhouse gases are abundant in nature and this leads to enhanced average temperature at its surface that is more than 855 degrees Fahrenheit (or 457 oC). The most popular and abundant greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere are water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous oxide (N2O), Ozone (O3), Chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs), Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and Perfluorocarbons (PFCs). Once available in the atmosphere, these gases persist for many years and depending on the atmospheric concentration, their life time in the atmosphere and their emitting and absorbing efficiency contribute significantly to the global warming for an extended period of time. The most potent greenhouse gas in existence among others is Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) that presents 23,000 times greater global warming potential than that of Carbon dioxide. Re-

searchers have recently evaluated that one pound of SF6 has the same global warming impact of equivalent 11 tons of Carbon dioxide. Furthermore, it is also very persistent in the atmosphere with a lifetime of almost 3,200 years. A new disturbing environmental situation has emerged recently that deals with the discovery of a new hybrid greenhouse gas derived from PFCs and SF6 (SF5CF3) that is found to be the most powerful greenhouse gas discovered so far and its concentration is rising rapidly. Admitting the importance of hexafluoride gas in various technological applications (e.g., insulation medium in high power systems, high voltage switchgears etc.,), and with environmental concerns in mind, few environmental groups have already proposed a complete ban on SF6. Note that the global emission of these greenhouse gases is regulated by the popular Kyoto treaty where almost 189 world states (Pakistan stands Kyoto signatory since January 2005) have ratified this so far, meaning that these states have agreed to cap gas emissions according to the Kyoto Protocols. Surprisingly, Canada became the first country in the world to withdraw its membership from the Kyoto Protocol in December 2012. Continued emission of these gases from various sources and their presence in the upper atmosphere have three major catastrophic consequences on our globe namely, environmental impacts, health impacts and economic impacts. Environmental impact leads to an overall increase in the average temperature on this planet. Simultaneously, global warming will decrease snow, glacier coverage, and sea ice, resulting in rising sea levels, increased coastal flooding and can cause abnormally heavy rains. Note that a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture than a cooler one. Furthermore, storms and heat waves are likely to increase in the average frequency and severity. Besides this, air quality is badly affected leading to significant rise in the air pollution in big cities and that directly affects our health at large. Smog level is likely to increase as a result of increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases. This further leads to asthma and lung problems among people from rising ground level ozone. Environmentally induced rise in temperature plus more frequent and severe extreme weather events could lead to increased risks of death from dehydration and heat stroke, and may cause injuries from intense local weather changes. A strong possibility of increased risk of respiratory and cardiovascular problems may exist as well that can lead to certain types of cancers as temperature rises and exacerbates air pollution. A high degree of greenhouse gases can have a strong impact on agriculture sector, forestry and tourism activities due to changed weather patterns. Furthermore, damage to the state infrastructure (bridges, roads, trees, buildings etc.,) is expected from extreme weather events. Besides impacts on human health, all these factors can lead to an extra economical stress on state health and overall on social support system. A recent research about environmental processes at Stanford University in fact shows a strong and direct correlation between increased atmospheric Carbon dioxide contents and human mortality. The study concludes that for each increase of 1 degree Celsius that’s caused by the emission of Carbon dioxide, would results in about thousand deaths each year in the United States and about 20,000 deaths globally. It would also result in a great increase in the number of incidences of asthma and other respiratory ailments as reported by science daily.

Major sources of greenhouse gas emissions contributing in various amounts globally may include power plant, road transport, deforestation, oil and gas production, fertilizers, livestock, cement production, aviation, iron and steel manufacturing, and garbage. Looking at a global scale, contribution of various greenhouse gas emission by gases are carbon dioxide from fossil fuel use is 57 %, carbon dioxide from deforestation and decay of biomass is 17 %, carbon dioxide from other sources is 3.0 %, nitrous oxide is 8 %, methane is 14 %, fluorinated gases are 1 %. Global greenhouse gas emission by sources is distributed in various sectors is as follows: transport sector is contributing 17 %, energy supply is 26 %, agriculture is 14 %, industry is 19 %, forestry is 17% and residual waste is 3 %. A recent research report indicates annual CO2 emission per capita (i.e., metric tons of CO2 per capita) in 2009 (1990) from USA is 17.2(19.1), China is 5.3(2.2), Germany is 9.6(12), Sweden is 5.3(6.0), India is 1.4(0.8), Pakistan is 0.9(0.6), Bangladesh is 0.3(0.1) and Saudi Arabia is 16.1(13.2). Now looking at exponential population growth trend of Pakistan, various environmental issues directly linked with the emission of greenhouse gases listed earlier, pose great threat to our economic stability and to our long term survivability at large. Note that the strong concentration of key greenhouse gases is a major outcome of daily human activities. Continuous presence of these notorious abundant gases in our living environment strengthening not only air-pollution through mix up of emitted hazardous gas contents but also signifies direct threat to our health. Hence, it is the need of the time to look into the emitting source of these gases and timely but strategic effort should be in place to reduce or completely eliminate the amount of these notorious gases so as to provide a fresh, green and clean environment for our generation to come. Finally, some strategic but timely measures for low carbon Pakistan are proposed here that should be given the first priority for clean and green environment in Pakistan: Strategic annual national plantation scheme, annual vehicle inspection control, promoting environmentally friendly energy sources (i.e., solar, wind, biomass etc.,) for electricity production, energy saving national campaign at home and in industrial sector, better forestry management, scientific/modern irrigation methodologies, environmental awareness and its impacts on human life at educational institutions, limiting or gradually diminishing the use of coal and fluorinated gases in the industry, strict municipality control on street waste/garbage, and strict monitoring of environmental check list of new infant industry and routine annual inspection control of all major well-established industrial sectors (i.e., iron, steel, fertilizers, agriculture, chemical etc., ) in Pakistan. While looking at environmental situation, especially in big cities of Pakistan, a legal mechanism is urgently required and should be imposed for environment protection. For this, a joint private – public partnership is the need of the time in order to force new industrialists to comply with the potential environmental check-list. Above all, we should also look into our individual lifestyle and business format that may also contribute to provide a green environment for clean Pakistan. Dr Muhammad Nawaz is a senior scientist/researcher at ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, Sweden. He can be reached at:

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malala’s real enemy Anti-Malala vitriol is a direct expression of misogyny

upcoming privatisation Another controversy in the making hASSAN y S

I T is not government’s job to run these state-managed entities…” Mr Ishaq Dar was heard while addressing a packed press conference. So the finance ministry finally has decided to do its job which I am sure many would question is what? While the international press has partial praise for the way our finance minister dragged the economy out from a default state, the credit is still too far from due Mr Dar who actually has been severely criticized for raising utility fuel prices by 60 per cent, unleashing inflationary pressure, disturbing monetary policy, and sending rupee to free fall against dollar within weeks of joining the cabinet. Job well done? If there is anything to the government’s credit it is the lopsided IMF deal for nearly $6 billion loan which to some was tooth and nail fight for the ministry. The sudden interest in privatization when real economic problems and ministry’s true jobs remain a mess is simply being attributed to the IMF’s clauses and conditions for the loan. The net result is that the privatization commission, again headed by Mr Dar, has put forward 31 ‘units’– actually huge, though some of these profusely bleeding, corporate entities – on the auction block for ‘quick disposal’. Within days PIA and Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Petroleum, National Insurance Corporation have been cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Privatization (CCoP) for auction. However the urgency with which these units are being divested, the lack of a coherent strategy, and the reasons posted in the press for putting up these units are the start of yet another controversy for the government. Painful past & forgotten lessons When you visit the past and try to locate lessons learnt on privatization, most seem to have been archived after learning little. Not long ago, the political government toyed with the concept of privatization in the 1990s only to see that it benefited a handful, patronizing a few favourites, and dodging some basic questions regarding fair play, employees’ welfare, transparency, and the public interest. Currently the rumour mills working overtime at the stock markets carry stories that are raising shares prices of some corporate entities. It is on the grapevine that the owners are likely to make huge killings owing to the largesse of the Sharif government. Some of these groups have formed an alliance, and are interested in the privatization of PIA and the Pakistan Steel Mills. It is apt to remind the readers that it was Arif Habib group which was party to a bidding

process of the Pakistan Steel Mills in the Musharaf–Shaukat Aziz era. The very privatization of the Pakistan Steel Mills, and how it was being awarded to the Arif Habib consortium, that Supreme Court of Pakistan had to intervene in the 2005-06. The entire privatization process and the subsequent suo moto notice has often been cited as one of the reasons for the fallout between the Supreme Court and the chief justice and the then Musharaf-Shaukat Aziz combine in the government. The court ruling is an open indictment on the privatization process. Another sour example is that of the KESC during the same Musharraf-Shaukat Aziz regime and the way it was managed was detrimental to all stakeholders, like the regulator, government and most importantly the disgruntled public, but it benefited the investor. The government reportedly injected nearly Rs147 billion into the KESC between 2002 and 2010, of which almost Rs109 billion before privatization and Rs38 billion after its privatization. It has only been recently that the entity has reported some profit and that too after a lengthy political turmoil. Another privatization example is that of the PTCL during the Musharaf era which has been dragged in the media as “flawed and incomplete”, leaving displeased Arab buyers. There were disagreement on the installments and terms of the privatization amongst the parties. Even though the PTCL led to telecom liberalization, healthy competition which benefited the public at large, but it was also led to voluntary and forced retirement of a large number of employees. Any political economist knows this redundancy comes at an economic and social cost, for though they may no longer be the PTCL’s problem yet they are still unemployed citizens – a problem for the government and society. Extrapolating past mistakes: What might go wrong The first obvious lesson is that the receipts from the proceeds will not plug the budgetary gap. If someone is made to believe that the receipts will help close the budget gap, it will only appear as one time receipts in the books, and then it will disappear into the abyss of the budgetary deficit. So the privatization should not be about receipts rather about the terms of handover. Privatization is not about revenue maximization, and is bound to be painful if this becomes the key consideration. The asset valuation, and receipt that will flow through the auction will come under a lot of criticism and rightly so if the intent is to favour the buyer. It is too early to pinpoint flaws in the process, for it has not yet been put on the table, however it will come under criticism if the due diligence process, the appointed advisor or the consultant are

influenced to mark down valuations. The PIA, the Pakistan Steel Mills own buildings, precious real estate, a hotel in down town New York worth billions of dollars. There is a lot of talk in the stock market that the price of PIA is being “manipulated” to benefit the buyers. Just because manmade errors have caused financial losses does not make up for selling the valuable state assets at throwaway prices under the pretext of “doing what is necessary” like it was done in the past. It will take years before the PIA, the Pakistan Steel Mills or even the government of Pakistan can generate enough cash flows to buy prime property as Roosevelt Hotel in the New York cosmopolitan or that much land in Karachi’s industrial hub as owned by the PSM? As a matter of fact, one leading bank now buys most of its buildings in cosmopolitan cities instead of renting them out. Yet its majority shareholder is often heard advocating the sale of the PIA’s famous Roosevolt Hotel in New York to pay off the debt. Have the leading privatized banks and other entities sold off their lands /foreign assets? Was the Pakistan Steel Mills not profitable during a brief stint in the Musharaf era when it was managed by professionals? The owner of the privatization process is often a consultant/firm engaged to oversee government’s interest and ensure fairness in the valuation. Currently the list of advisors /auditors as displayed on the privatization commission is not exhaustive and needs work to be done. It is also common knowledge that most of the auditors or consultants on the list are also directly or indirectly associated with some of the potential buyers. Likewise, timing to divest either through the stock market or to offer to foreign buyer is not right at this point in time. Simple logic: if you cannot attract foreign buyers due to fragile political, law and order situation, you end up getting peanuts for something worth pearls value. Karachi’s law and order situation will not attract many buyers for the PSM. Similarly privatization should attract buyers of repute, not old friends or Arabs who shelter politicians in dire times. Instead it should attract terms which are favourable to all outgoing employees, the Pakistani public, future investments and the reform program in general. Our stock market is another place where timing will make all the difference. Not to miss the fact: the stock market has been accused of being manipulated easily by a handful of investors who can play with the prices and skew it to their advantage. If the market is depressed it will put the PIA and the PPL stocks under stress as well. The PIA stock has been yo-yoing from Rs3-Rs12 and it is often a victim of speculators which will suppress fair valuations.

“When I was born, people in our village commiserated with my mother and nobody congratulated my father.” This is how Malalala Yousufzai describes the reaction to the birth of a girl in her memoir I Am Malala. Malala, a young heroine from Swat, Pakistan, has rightly risen to international acclaim. At the age of 11, she defied a terrorist organisation and stood up for the rights of girls to education. At 16, she has sparked a dialogue about children’s education on a global scale that led the UN to recommit to the Millennium DevelLEjLA KuRIć opment Goal 2. She has put her words in action and created the Malala Fund, helping to empower other girls. Malala has become an agent of change, bettering this world. But while Malala is admired by millions of people from all corners of the world, in her homeland, her noble struggle is variously derided as a conspiracy, a meaningless drama or even a mendacious attempt to defame Pakistan. People in the West are genuinely perplexed by the toxicity of the vitriol thrown at this brave young woman by her countrymen. As a woman also born and raised in Islamic culture, I am not surprised. The backlash against Malala follows a very familiar script. It is a small part of a larger anti-feminist narrative that seeks to discredit any push for gender equality within Muslim societies as an act of Western Imperialism, thus indefinitely preventing the emancipation of Muslim women. This narrative absolves oppressors of their responsibility. Muslim women don’t suffer at the hands of patriarchal men, militants and terrorists nor are they victimised by the societies and laws deliberately stacked against them — instead they and their oppressors are both victims of an abstraction; sometimes described as Western Imperialism, neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism on so on. Direct actions of the West such as military interventions and drone warfare shoulder the blame for all that is wrong in Muslim societies. This myopia is only concerned with perceived wrongdoing of the West, while native misanthropic practices, such as violence against women, clerical tyranny, sectarianism, militancy and terrorism, are ignored or even excused as an understandable response. Anything, even the attempted assassination of a young girl, can be explained this way. Criminals, in this case the Tehreek-i-Taliban become the victims of Western imperialist violence, while women activists who resist their anti-women agenda are discredited as collaborators and pawns of the Western Imperialism. This effectively shuts down any debate on women rights. Women can only be victims of direct or indirect Western violence, while violence committed against them by the native patriarchal men is conveniently overlooked. This notion of permanent Muslim victimhood at the hands of the menacing West can be traced back to the work of the highly influential academic Edward Said. According to Said, the West is engaged in a sustained and systematic attempt to diminish and subjugate Islamic society and culture. Thus, Western attitudes towards the Orient can only ever be racist, imperialist, exploitative and ethnocentric in nature. While most Muslims probably, have never read Said, his premises have become widely circulated memes, are repeated endlessly by various commentators, and internalised by Muslim masses to the point where they are accepted as unquestionable truths. This has had catastrophic consequences for Muslim societies. First, it has fostered a collective inability to recognise and address the fact that it is religious dogmatism and reactionary cultural practices, not the West, that have plunged the Muslim world in state of stasis and decay. Second, it has bred a rejection of the universality of the human rights and individual freedoms, which are wrongly and maliciously labelled as tools of Westernisation. The conflict between Malala and Taliban is a conflict between inalienable, universal human rights, on the one hand, and “rights” as defined and limited by religious authorities on the other. The position of the Taliban on this matter is one shared by all Islamist and religious/cultural conservatives who are reluctant to cede the obvious benefits of male supremacy. Anti-women practices are rationalised and excused as a “divine” and/or an opposition to Western Imperialism. The argument that universal human rights and personal freedoms are expressions of the Western culture is profoundly untrue. Rather, universal human rights transcend culture by elevating the rights of the individual above it, irrespective of race, creed, sexual orientation or gender. In opposition to universalism, relativists argue that human rights are subservient to culture and religion. It is important to note that, as Michael Ignatieff has correctly observed, cultural relativism an argument is almost exclusively used by those who wield power in cultures and who commit human rights abuses; those they oppress, whose human rights are compromised, are rendered powerless. Thus, the rejection of egalitarian universalism — the very values Malala espouses — protects the interests of patriarchal men whilst simultaneously disempowering women. When this is done under the guise of anti-imperialism, misogyny acquires the legitimacy of moral righteousness and, in case of Pakistan, a reactionary religio-nationalism. The result is that feminism and women rights are disparaged as treachery — a vey cunning political defence of women hatred, indeed. Talk of Western Imperialism, “Malala Drama-zai”, colonialism, drones and ridiculous conspiracy theories is simply misdirection designed to hide and deny the obvious — that there exists within Pakistani society a deep and abiding contempt for women and notions of female equality and emancipation. This is clearly illustrated in the derisive propaganda comparing Malala to Mukhtaran Mai, another incredibly brave woman who refused to bow down to violence and be reduced to a mute victim. As Andrea Dworkin, a feminist writer, noted: “Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defence of women hating.” Lejla Kurić writes on women rights, human rights and social justice for Left Foot Forward, Britain’s No 1 left-wing political blog.

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Krrish 3 to separate audience from moolah


NDIAN audiences, get ready to feel the pinch in your pockets since a trip to the theater to watch Krrish 3 may cost you a small fortune. According to a leading tabloid, the ticket prices of the film will cost more than the SRK starrer Chennai Express, which were sold at a whopping Rs.500. Updates from the leading multiplexes have revealed that while Fun Cinemas will raise the price by 8 per cent in most of their outlets, Inox is also planning to do the same. The Assistant Programming Manager at BIG Cinemas, Ashutosh Athavale, reasoned, “We are hoping that ‘Krrish 3’ will be a blockbuster.” Explaining their decision, Anand Vishal, Head of Operations at Fun Cinemas, told TOI, “The jump in ‘Krrish 3’ prices is largely due to the fact that it is Diwali time.” A source from a leading theatre, on request of anonymity, said: “A Hrithik Roshan film is coming after nearly two years and the excitement is bound to translate into more sale.” Buzz is that other major multiplex chains will follow suit. However, a sigh of relief can be heaved as most single screen theatres are not hiking their ticket prices. NEwS DESK

aldean’s tour bus runs over man

Mellow doesn’t always make for a good story, but it makes for a good life — Anne Hathaway

Leo in the ‘wolf of wall Street’


HE new full-length trailer for iconic Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese’s film The Wolf Of Wall Street has been released - and it looks brilliant. Once again, Scorsese delves into a shady world of crime, guys the size of wardrobes and dirty money to tell a story of corruption and a rise to power. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, who was convicted in 1998 of money laundering and spent 22 months in federal prison for his crimes - which resulted in investor losses of $200m.

said: “I mean, being shot in slow motion doing cocaine by Martin Scorsese is, like, maybe every actor’s dream. “Nothing will ever compare to it, except for maybe having kids one day or something. The Superbad star also talked about the dark comedy in the film, saying: “The humour comes from really awful places. I’ve done some pretty wild scenes. I’m not shy, but I would be shocked at what we were doing every day.” The Wolf of Wall Street is set to release on January 17 2014 in the UK. NEwS DESK

The plot follows his rise to power and subsequent fall, which Belfort penned in his memoirs The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street. The Beach star Leonardo DiCaprio plays the fraudster (who was a multi-millionaire by the age of 25) in the financial drama, which also features Jonah Hill, The Artist star Jean Dujardin, The Bucket List’s Rob Reiner and Kyle Chandler. Jonah Hill recently spoke out about his role and how Scorsese is his “actual hero”. As quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the actor

Bachans endorsed by Rs 30 crore endorsement deal

Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Mary Steenburgen & Robert De Niro get together for a group shot at the premiere of Last Vegas.


Big B all praise for ali Zafar J

ASON Aldean’s tour bus hit and killed a man on an Indiana highway early Monday morning. The country singer, 36, made a statement about the event on his Facebook page. “With a heavy heart, I’m sad to say that a man passed away last night after stepping out in front of my bus in Indiana,” he wrote. “In all the years I’ve been touring and all the miles we’ve driven, nothing prepares you for something like this to happen,” Aldean said. “I’m praying for Albert Kennedy’s family and friends today and ask that you do the same.” There was no word on what may have caused the accident. NEwS DESK

Spear’s music used to ward off Somali pirates


RITNEY Spears is being used as a secret weapon to fight Somali pirates. The singer’s hits are being blasted out by tanker crews to deter kidnap attacks, merchant navy officer Rachel Owens told Metro UK. Spears’s chart-toppers “Oops! I Did It Again” and “Baby One More Time” have proved to be the most effective at keeping the bandits at bay, she said. Second Officer Owens, who works on supertankers off the east coast of Africa, said: “Her songs were chosen by the security team because they thought the pirates would hate them most. “These guys can’t stand Western culture or music, making Britney’s hits perfect.” The directional speakers aimed at the pirates are such that Spears’ music does not bother the sailors aboard the supertankers. Spears, 31, is gearing up for a multimillion dollar concert run in Las Vegas, one that will apparently be pirate free. NEwS DESK


CTOR-SINGER Ali Zafar recently met Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan along with director of Kill Dil Shaad Ali and actor Ranveer Singh. According to Ali’s publicist, Big B commended him for his acting and singing skills. “My wish of meeting Mr Amitabh Bachchan has come true. I always wanted to meet him and today, I got the amazing opportunity to meet him in person,” said an excited Ali. “I

am thrilled to have been appreciated for my work by as legendary an actor as him. Since childhood, I have had immense respect for him and his words matter a lot to me. I am and always will be a big fan of Mr Bachchan,” he added. This isn’t the first time that the veteran actor has expressed appreciation of Ali’s work. Last year, he posted a tweet commending Ali for his soulful song Yar Daddi from Coke Studio season 2. NEwS DESK

deep-sea oarfish reveal disturbing facts


ESEARCHERS have dissected the two deep-sea oarfish that washed ashore in southern California this month. So far, they found that one was teeming with worms and the other was about to have babies. On Oct. 13, an 18-foot-long (5.5 meters) oarfish was dragged to shore by a snorkeler at Catalina Island. Because the species lives in deep, dark waters, up to 3,000 feet (915 meters) below the surface, intact specimens are rarely discovered. Strangely enough, another smaller oarfish washed ashore north of San Diego just a few days later. Parasitologists from the University of California, Santa Barbara jumped on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the elusive creature and asked for a small tissue sample of the oarfish that washed up at Catalina Island. When the researchers cut through a tiny portion of the fish’s intestine last week, they found it was carrying a heavy parasite load. [Photos of the Largest Fish on Earth] “Our findings say that these are actually majorly parasitized fish,” Armand Kuris, a professor of zoology at UC Santa

Barbara, said in a statement. “In this little piece of intestine that we had, we found quite a few of these rather large larval tapeworms. One of them was about 15 centimeters (6 inches) long.” Kuris and colleagues say they also found other parasites that provide insight about the diet of the serpentlike fish. Embedded in the intestine was the hooked proboscis of an adult spiny-headed worm. Parasites hop from host to host throughout their life cycle, so the fact that this worm was mature suggests the oarfish ate its former host, likely krill or some deep-water

crustacean, the researchers said. The second oarfish, which measured 14 feet (4 m) long, is also under scientific scrutiny. Last week, researchers the Scripps Institution of Oceanography reported that they found hundreds of thousands of eggs inside the beast’s 6-foot-long (1.8 m) ovaries, according to the Associated Press. While the causes of death for both of the oarfish remain mysteries, researchers have some working hypotheses. Scientists with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center performed a necropsy

CCORDING to the latest Indian media reports Bollywood’s most talked about couple, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, was reportedly paid a whopping Rs 30 crores for a TV advertisement in which they both appear. The couple reportedly endorsed a kitchenware brand that agreed to pay them the hefty amount without thinking twice. “Aishwarya already commands a high fee when it comes to signing advertisement deals. With both she and Abhishek agreeing to become the face of the brand, it was but natural that the remuneration for the couple also had to be big,” a source said in a statement. Reportedly they were not the only ones who were being considered for the commercial. The other contenders in the race were Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, and Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Moreover, the couple will be co-hosting a fundraising event alongside Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. The event will be held, for the amfAR foundation next month in Mumbai, India. NEwS DESK

(an animal version of an autopsy) on the smaller oarfish that washed up north of San Diego. Russ Vetter, a NOAA biologist, said in a podcast from the agency that the fish was quite fresh and seems to have stranded shortly before it died. Vetter suspects the creatures may have been carried closer to shore by a strong ocean current, which the oarfish, being poor swimmers, could not escape. Though they resemble the fearsome sea serpents of folklore, a recent video of a live oarfish in the Gulf of Mexico revealed that the fish are actually quite motionless in their natural habitat; they use paddlelike fins that help them balance as their snakelike bodies hover vertically in the water. Growing more than 30 feet (9 m) long, oarfish are the world’s longest bony fish, a group that includes almost all fish except sharks and rays. (Whale sharks are the largest of all fish.) Further examination of the preserved tissue samples of the beached fish could help scientists uncover more secrets about the species. “With careful chemical analysis of the lipids and the proteins, we should be able to tell what its diet is and where it fits in the food chain,” Vetter said in the podcast, adding that DNA will allow scientists to examine how the oarfish evolved and how the fish is related to other species. NEwS DESK

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I have never been hurt by what I have not said — Calvin Coolidge

arTs Thursday, 31 October, 2013

12 A

Sriracha factory under fire!


HE maker of Sriracha hot sauce is under fire for allegedly fouling the air around its Southern California factory. The city of Irwindale filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday asking a judge to stop production at the Huy Fong Foods factory, claiming the chili odor emanating from the plant is a public nuisance. City officials say residents have been complaining of burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches and that some people have had to leave their house to escape the smell. One family was forced to move a birthday party indoors after the strong smell overwhelmed the festivity, Irwindale City Attorney Fred Galante told the Los

Angeles Times. Huy Fong initially cooperated with the city, but talks broke down last week after company representatives denied there was an odor problem, saying their employees worked in similar olfactory settings without complaint, Galante said. The city, which is about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, is seeking temporary closure of the factory until Huy Fong submits a plan to minimize the smell. “If they fix it and the odor problems stop, we don’t need this order; but so far the odor complaints continue,” Galante said. An after-hours call to the company was not immediately returned. Huy Fong’s green-capped chili bottles are hugely

popular and are a fixture at restaurants around the world. The first Sriracha Festival held in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend drew hundreds of fans. The condiment’s creator, David Tran, was there sporting a T-shirt that said “I put Sriracha on my Sriracha.” The company had operated out of two buildings in nearby Rosemead since the late 1980s until it opened large factory in Irwindale this year. All of the chili needed for producing the year’s sauce is processed and stored between September and December. NEwS DESK

kristin Cavallari to be mom second time round And a baby makes four! E! News can confirm that Kristin Cavallari is pregnant with her second child with NFL star hubby Jay Cutler. The couple is already proud parents to baby Camden, who turned one over the summer. K.Cav’s pregnancy shouldn’t come as a total shock, however, as she’s been open for the last several months about wanting to expand her family. In fact, in September she told E! News that she and Cutler were already trying to grow their brood. “We want to have a second sooner rather than later,” the 26-year-old told E! News at a Junk Food Vintage NFL event in New York. “We’re working on it!” The former Hills star explained her reasoning behind wanting to become a mommy for the second time as soon as possible. “We know we want another one close in age to Camden and we’re at the point where we’re both ready,” the blond beauty shared. “Before Camden was born, I thought I’d be pregnant again by the time

Katy Perry is all for peace upon arrival at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

he was six months, but I definitely wasn’t ready. Now, I’m finally ready.” So will the nursery be painted blue or pink?! Well, it’s too soon to tell as of now but Cavallari did reveal that she wants to have a baby daughter the second time around. “Obviously, I want a little girl, but if I had another boy I would be so excited as well,” she told us.” “I love having a boy. Either way, I’d be really, really happy.” It’s been a busy year for the Cutlers thus far. The duo welcomed their son’s first birthday and tied to knot over the summer in Nashville. Around 150 guests joined them for their ceremony— actually the day after they quietly exchanged their vows—at Woodmont Christian Church followed by a rustic reception at a big historic warehouse, with a live band and Southern comfort food. The newlyweds then honeymooned in Italy, which “was awesome,” Cavallari told us. “I ate and drank for two weeks straight. It was great.” NEwS DESK

Welcome to the coldest place in the universe a


ghostly nebula shining about 5,000 light-years from Earth is also the coldest known object in the universe. The dead star creating the Boomerang Nebula is sloughing off gas from its shell, which is producing the strangely shaped cosmic object, astronomers have discovered. The gas is cooling as it flows away from the white dwarf star in a process similar to how refrigerators stay cold by using expanding gas. The ghostly Boomerang Nebula, called the ‘coldest place in the universe,’ reveals its true shape in this image from the giant ALMA radio telescope. The background blue structure, as seen in visible light with the Hubble Space Telescope, shows a classic double-lobe shape with a very narrow central region. Image released Oct. 24, 2013. Researchers took the nebula’s temperature with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope and revealed it is a frigid minus 458 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 272 degrees Celsius). This is even colder than the cooling leftovers of the Big Bang that pervade the universe, a phenomenon called the cosmic microwave background. [Haunting Photos: The Spookiest Nebulas

in Space] “This ultra-cold object is extremely intriguing, and we’re learning much more about its true nature with ALMA,” Raghvendra Sahai, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory principal scientist who led the research, said in a statement. “What seemed like a double lobe, or ‘boomerang’ shape, from Earth-based optical telescopes, is actually a much broader structure that is expanding rapidly into space.” The Boomerang Nebula is considered a young planetary nebula, or an object that is formed when a dying star — one that was similar to the sun — sheds its outer layers and leaves a cloud of gas behind. This kind of star burns like the sun for billions of years before growing into a red giant, running out of gas and then fading into a white dwarf. In later stages of planetary nebula evolution, the white dwarf in the middle sends out ultraviolet radiation that makes the gas glow, producing bright colors within the gas. The Boomerang Nebula, however, is not quite at that stage, researchers said. It’s visible right now because the star’s light is being reflected off the dust grains. When first examined with Earth-based telescopes, researchers noted the nebula looked a little misshapen. In 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope revealed that it

looks a bit like a bow tie or hourglass in visible wavelengths. Follow-up observations, however, revealed a mystery. It’s common for planetary nebulas to have this bow tie shape, but usually this happens when gas ejects at high speed from the star. The jets of material punch holes in the surrounding cloud of gas that was produced when the star was a red giant. Researchers should have been able to see this bow tie shape at cooler wavelengths as well, but observations with other submillimeter telescopes revealed a different shape. ALMA, which has the highest resolution yet at the submillimeter wavelength, managed to solve the mystery. Carbon monoxide molecules in the cloud — which are very bright in this wavelength of light — were in the hourglass shape in the inner parts of the nebula. Further out, the molecules were in a rounder shape. Meanwhile, dust grains around the star — also visible in millimeter wavelengths — were masking some of the star’s light in visible wavelengths, making it appear as an hourglass. “This is important for the understanding of how stars die and become planetary nebulae [nebulas],” Sahai said. “Using ALMA, we were quite literally and figuratively able to shed new light on the death throes of a sun-like star.”

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All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without your teammates. — Mario Lemieux

Sa PuLL off one-Run heiSt

sPOrTs Thursday, 31 October, 2013


secure stiffer preparation LONDON AGENCIES

England are set to complete their preparations for the first Ashes Test in Brisbane against strong opposition, having secured a significant concession from Cricket Australia. According to the Australian, the ECB managed to convince CA to replace the opposition for the third warm-up match in Sydney from New South Wales XI, to an almost full-strength side featuring players picked from every state. Each Shield side will now have to give up a batsman to play in the warm-up match starting on November 13 at the SCG with Ed Cowan, Phil Hughes, Usman Khawaja, Aaron Finch and Adam Voges among those set to appear. With a full Sheffield Shield programme every week in the run up to the first Test, England were concerned about facing understrength opposition. According to reports, a complaint was made to CA executive management. A key feature of England’s success on the previous Ashes tour was their vigorous warm-up schedule, with three first-class matches. On their last tour of India, England were denied the opportunity to face any specialist spin bowling in their warm-up fixtures but won the subsequent Test series 2-1. England’s first warm-up fixture is a two-day match against Western Australia Chairman’s XI captained by Michael Beer, for which England rested Kevin Pietersen, Graeme Swann and Stuart Broad while captain Alastair Cook was ruled out with a back injury. Their preparations for the first Test will then escalate with a three-day match in Hobart against Australia A before what will now be a demanding fixture in Sydney.


SCOREBOARD SOUtH AFrICA CA Ingram c †Umar Akmal b Mohammad Irfan 0 GC Smith st †Umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 20 JP duminy c Umar Amin b Sohail tanvir 20 F du Plessis lbw b Saeed Ajmal 12 AB de Villiers*† c & b Saeed Ajmal 4 dA Miller c & b Shahid Afridi 37 r McLaren c & b Shahid Afridi 8 Wd Parnell c Ahmed Shehzad b Saeed Ajmal 56 M Morkel lbw b Shahid Afridi 4 LL tsotsobe not out 16 Imran tahir c Wahab riaz b Sohail tanvir 1 EXtrAS: (lb 1, w 4) 5 tOtAL: (all out; 49.5 overs) 183 FALL OF WICKEtS: 1-0 (Ingram, 0.2 ov), 2-38 (duminy, 9.1 ov), 3-48 (Smith, 12.5 ov), 4-54 (du Plessis, 14.6 ov), 5-63 (de Villiers, 18.2 ov), 6-86 (McLaren, 26.3 ov), 7-125 (Miller, 34.1 ov), 8-129 (Morkel, 34.5 ov), 9-181 (Parnell, 48.5 ov), 10-183 (Imran tahir, 49.5 ov) BOWLING: Mohammad Irfan 10-1-35-1,Sohail tanvir 9.5-1-332,Saeed Ajmal 10-2-30-4,Wahab riaz 6-0-24-0,Mohammad Hafeez 5-0-23-0,Shahid Afridi 9-1-37-3 PAKIStAN Nasir Jamshed c Miller b Morkel 0 Ahmed Shehzad c Smith b Parnell 58 Mohammad Hafeez c †de Villiers b Parnell 28 Misbah-ul-Haq* c du Plessis b Parnell 31

Umar Amin c †de Villiers b tsotsobe 20 Umar Akmal† lbw b Imran tahir 18 Shahid Afridi c Miller b Imran tahir 9 Sohail tanvir c †de Villiers b tsotsobe 2 Wahab riaz lbw b Imran tahir 0 Saeed Ajmal not out 1 Mohammad Irfan b Morkel 2 EXtrAS: (lb 4, w 9) 13 tOtAL: (all out; 46.3 overs) 182 FALL OF WICKEtS: 1-4 (Nasir Jamshed, 4.4 ov), 2-75 (Mohammad Hafeez, 19.5 ov), 3-107 (Ahmed Shehzad, 27.5 ov), 4-135 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 35.5 ov), 5-165 (Umar Amin, 40.6 ov), 6-165 (Umar Akmal, 41.1 ov), 7-174 (Sohail tanvir, 42.1 ov), 8-176 (Shahid Afridi, 43.2 ov), 9-177 (Wahab riaz, 43.5 ov), 10182 (Mohammad Irfan, 46.3 ov) BOWLING: M Morkel 9.3-3-23-2,LL tsotsobe 10-3-28-2,Wd Parnell 8-1-41-3,Imran tahir 10-1-45-3,r McLaren 8-0-34-0,JP duminy 1-0-7-0 MAtCH dEtAILS tOSS South Africa, who chose to bat SErIES South Africa led the 5-match series 1-0 PLAyEr OF tHE MAtCH Imran tahir UMPIrES rK Illingworth (England) and Shozab raza (Pakistan) tV UMPIrE SJ davis (Australia) MAtCH rEFErEE rS Madugalle (Sri Lanka) rESErVE UMPIrE Ahsan raza (Pakistan)


AKISTAN committed hara-kiri and lost to South Africa by a solitary run in the first One-Day International (ODI) at Sharjah. Not for the first time the Pakistan team has proved to be reporter’s nightmare. Pakistan had played their cards right till the 41st over till the time they played ordinary shots. Figure this out: With 19 needed from 55 balls and six wickets in hand the run-chase looked like a smooth sail for Pakistan. But factor in their mercurial nature and scoring 19 runs was a gargantuan task. Umar Amin feathered a catch to wicketkeeper AB de Villiers off Lonwabo Tsotsote. At 165 for five things looked in favour of Pakistan but leg-spinner Imran Tahir nipped Umar Akmal straight in front of the wickets. His delivery went straight on and rapped Akmal on his front pad. Akmal went for a review but replays confirmed that he was adjacent and out plumb. Shahid Afridi was in the

middle with all-rounder Sohail Tanvir. With 10 needed from 47 deliveries, Tanvir played a late-cut which was caught by de Villiers. In the next over, Afridi toe-ended a longhop from Tahir; it was held by David Miller at deep mid-wicket. Wahab Riaz was trapped plumb in front by Tahir and all of a sudden seven runs looked huge for Pakistan to win with one wicket in hand. Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Irfan were the last pair in the middle. Ajmal took the mantle of taking Pakistan home. He sneaked a couple of leg-byes to get the target down to five runs. In the next over Tahir was bowling to No. 11 Irfan. The tailender inside-edged the first delivery which went to fine-leg. Two runs were taken. A close leg-before appeal followed. South Africa challenged the onfield call and replays showed that the ball was hitting the leg-stump but since not more than half the ball was hitting the stumps Irfan survived. With three to get Ajmal took a single off the first ball of the 47th over and exposed Irfan to Morne Morkel. It took Morkel only two deliveries to knock over Irfan. This is the third occasion when Pakistan lost by one-run. Earlier Ahmed Shehzad scored 58 off 92 deliveries to give a solid foundation to the runchase. Captain Misbah scored 31 but he was scooped an easy catch to backward point off a delivery angled away from him by Wayne Parnell. Parnell was the top-scorer for South Africa in the first innings, scoring 56 batting at No. 8. The 52-run stand between Parnell and Tsotsobe gave South African innings an air of respectability. They played had a lot of overs in hand and played the shots according to the merit. Had Pakistan followed this simple technique: of playing the ball according to the merit they would have certainly triumphed. Sadly, they lost the plot and panicked which handed over a tight-win for South Africa. PAKIsTANIs sHOCKED: Pakistan’s shocking defeat sent a wave of disappointment back home as citizens criticized the batting line up for falling to the Porteas bowling like a house of cards. Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar said he couldn’t believe the team’s poor performance. “They had the match in their hands yet they literally threw it away. I’m extremely disappointed with their poor show,” he said during a TV talk show. Muhammad Abbas, an avid cricket fan, said he was still reeling from the team’s “pathetic performance”. “It was unbelievable when our five batsmen left the field as soon they had entered it. Alas, our cricket is doomed,” he said.

Kohli, Dhawan gun down 350 again NAGPUR



AuSTRALIA Pj hughes c Kohli b Kumar 13 Aj Finch b Ashwin 20 SR watson b Mohammed Shami 102 Gj Bailey* c Kohli b jadeja 156 Gj Maxwell c Kumar b Ashwin 9 AC Voges not out 44 MG johnson c Dhawan b jadeja 0 Bj haddin† not out 0 EXTRAS: (w 3, nb 3) 6 TOTAL: (6 wickets; 50 overs) 350 DID NOT BAT: jP Faulkner, Cj McKay, Xj Doherty FALL OF wICKETS: 1-30 (hughes, 6.4 ov), 2-45 (Finch, 11.1 ov), 3-213 (watson, 34.4 ov), 4-224 (Maxwell, 35.6 ov), 5-344 (Bailey, 49.2 ov), 6-346 (johnson, 49.4 ov) BOwLING: B Kumar 8-0-42-1,Mohammed Shami 8-1-66-1,RA jadeja 10-0-68-2,R Ashwin 10-0-64-2,A Mishra 10-0-78-0,V Kohli 2-0-15-0,SK Raina 2-0-17-0 INDIA RG Sharma c Faulkner b Finch 79 S Dhawan b Faulkner 100 V Kohli not out 115 SK Raina c †haddin b johnson 16 yuvraj Singh b johnson 0 MS Dhoni*† not out 25 EXTRAS: (lb 8, w 7, nb 1) 16 TOTAL: (4 wickets; 49.3 overs) 351 DID NOT BAT: RA jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, A Mishra, Mohammed Shami FALL OF wICKETS: 1-178 (Sharma, 29.3 ov), 2-234 (Dhawan, 35.6 ov), 3-290 (Raina, 42.2 ov), 4-290 (yuvraj Singh, 42.5 ov) BOwLING: MG johnson 10-0-72-2,Cj McKay 7-0-47-0,jP Faulkner 9.3-0-73-1,Xj Doherty 6-0-40-0,SR watson 6-0-510,Gj Maxwell 7-0-40-0,Aj Finch 4-0-20-1 MATCh DETAILS TOSS India, who chose to field SERIES 7-match series level 2-2 PLAyER OF ThE MATCh V Kohli (India) uMPIRES Nj Llong (England) and S Ravi TV uMPIRE VA Kulkarni MATCh REFEREE Aj Pycroft (zimbabwe) RESERVE uMPIRE N Pandit

Push the boundaries, shift the goalposts, change vocabularies. Three hundred and fifty no longer inspires awe. Not in Indian batsmen batting on flat Indian pitches surrounded by quick outfields with only four fielders in the circle and two new balls to kill any chance of reverse swing. With Shikhar Dhawan’s assured century at the top, and Virat Kohli’s 61-ball one at No. 3 - the third-fastest by an Indian, challenging his own record of 52 balls - India became the first team to have chased down 350 or more twice, both of them in this series, and both without much frenzy. The belief and the absolute absence of any slogging was remarkable once again, but India did face some nerves this time around. The match was doing a pretty fine job of retelling the Jaipur ODI story Dhawan was dropped early, there was a big opening partnership, and Kohli was bursting through the target - when Dhawan played a rare low-percentage shot and exposed Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh. Mitchell Johnson duly removed them, and 62 off 48 required became 35 off 18 at one point. Kohli, though, pulled out some of the most incredible shots of his innings, driving chest-high balls for fours wide of long-off, to take India through with three balls to spare. With this result the series remained alive, and George Bailey, who

might have had reason to believe he had booked his Ashes spot with a 114-ball 156, will have to put in the drawer possible plans of going home early for Ashes preparation. Alongside Bailey, adding 168 for the third wicket, was another Ashes candidate, Shane Watson, who scored a century. The two did seem to be struggling against spin, with Australia 89 for 2 after 22 overs, but Watson did enjoy some luck as Ravindra Jadeja overstepped when he edged a slogsweep to point. Once Bailey started taking on the spinners, the wheels came off, India began to bowl poorly, and a colossal 261 runs came in the last 28 overs. As the hitherto respectable figures of all the bowlers took a beating, Bailey reached a host of landmarks. He beat the records for most runs in a bilateral series by an Australian or a captain, becoming the second-fastest man to 1,500 runs, and overtaking Misbah-ul-Haq as the leading run-getter this year. In the end, he was left with a rueful smile, half marvelling at the quality of the batting, half resigned to the playing conditions and the pitch and the outfield. MS Dhoni, although he won, shared the views about the lopsided nature of the contest, but at one level you can’t take away from the composure Kohli, Dhawan and Rohit showed for a majority of the massive chase. It was as if they didn’t acknowledge the enormity of the task of maintaining a run rate of seven an over for

50 overs. There was no anxiety, no need to hit out, even if Rohit - for example struggled to find the gaps early in the innings. Glenn Maxwell, who later took a diving catch at point off a free hit, will rue dropping an easy offering from Dhawan when the batsman was 19 off 22. Crisp shots and lovely placement remained the feature of the rest of the 178-run partnership as Rohit made up for a slow start with two sixes off Glenn Maxwell in the 29th over. He picked out deep midwicket off a long hop, but that only hastened the chase with Kohli’s entry. From the moment Kohli drove the fifth ball he faced for four through extra cover, he knew he was good for an encore of Jaipur. A few blinks later, the partnership for the second wicket was worth 50 runs, out of which Dhawan had scored just nine runs. Kohli was 40 off 26 then. Dhawan, who was cramping by the time he reached his hundred, walked across next ball, and was bowled, giving Australia an opening. Before Australia could enter that opening, though, Kohli brought up his fifth consecutive score of fifty or more. He would soon make it a third consecutive year with 1000 runs or more. There would be a hiccup before the win, though. Johnson, who had been kept back for the middler order, was brought back on, and he accounted for Raina and Yuvraj in the same over.

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If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat. — Hershel Walker

14 S

sPOrTs Thursday, 31 October, 2013

Bangladesh aim for series win, nZ look to stay alive MIRPUR



ANGLADESH’S 43-run win in the first ODI against New Zealand was an important boost for a side that, prior to the series opener, had only two wins in six games this year. The win also strengthened their ODI record against New Zealand, which now stands at five successive wins, dating back to their 4-0 win three years ago. New Zealand, meanwhile, have been served a timely reminder that they are yet to win a match on this tour. The visitors drew the Test series 0-0, but hardly looked convincing enough to push for victory. In Mirpur, on Tuesday, they ended up conceding a game they looked like winning at several points. New Zealand’s bowlers didn’t make the most of the start given by Tim Southee and while they did make a comeback of sorts in the last 10 overs, they were still faced with a target of 266. Their

chase began poorly with the opening pair of Anton Devcich and Hamish Rutherford - the fifth in 13 games this year - falling to casual dismissals. They fought back after the rain break but Rubel Hossain’s brilliant spell of bowling under pressure turned out to be their undoing. Although Kane Williamson has been of the rest of the series due to a thumb injury, New Zealand can take confidence from Grant Elliott’s 71 off 77 balls. Corey Anderson’s all-round show and James Neesham’s four-wicket haul are also positives for New Zealand. Their spin attack, however, is a major concern, particularly if they bowl second under lights in Mirpur. For Bangladesh, the biggest gain was winning without Shakib Al Hasan, who was hospitalised due to dengue fever. Naeem Islam stepped up to the challenge of replacing Shakib and partnered Mushfiqur well in their 154-run stand. However, Bangladesh need runs from Tamim Iqbal, Nasir Hossain and Mominul Haque, who was a victim of poor calling

by Anamul Haque. Form guide Bangladesh WLLWW (last five completed matches, most recent first) New Zealand LLWLW Team news Williamson’s thumb injury is a big blow for New Zealand as he was their best batsman on the tour. Luke Ronchi is slated to replace Williamson, but will only reach Bangladesh before the final

ODI, so the team management will have to pick between Colin Munro and Tom Latham in the second. Brendon McCullum has talked about rotating his bowlers, so Adam Milne or Kyle Mills could feature in place of Mitchell McClenaghan. New Zealand (likely): 1 Anton Devcich, 2 Hamish Rutherford, 3 Tom Latham/Colin Munro, 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Brendon McCullum (capt & wk), 6 Corey Anderson, 7 Grant Elliott, 8 James Nee-

sham, 9 Nathan McCullum, 10 Tim Southee, 11 Mitchell McClenaghan/Adam Milne/Kyle Mills Bangladesh are likely to field an unchanged side. Bangladesh (likely): 1 Tamim Iqbal, 2 Anamul Haque, 3 Mominul Haque, 4 Mushfiqur Rahim (capt & wk), 5 Naeem Islam, 6 Nasir Hossain, 7 Mahmudullah, 8 Sohag Gazi, 9 Abdur Razzak, 10 Mashrafe Mortaza, 11 Rubel Hossain.

henDersOn TarGeTs Cape Town misses out on India fixtures POwer GLOrry DURBAN


SPORTS DESK Nicky Henderson is responsible for seven of the 49 entries for the Paddy Power Gold Cup at Cheltenham on November 16. The champion trainer has only won the race once before with Fondmort but could call upon Finian’s Rainbow, Captain Conan, Rajdhani Express, Nadiya De La Vega, Kid Cassidy, Triolo d’Alene and Ma Filleule next month. Henderson said: “This weekend, we will find out where we are with the horses because the first of what I would call the main bunch will be running. I have no doubt that some of them will get tired, but there is still a bit of time between now and The Open. “We have got seven in the Paddy Power and all of them are very possible runners at this stage, but it is just a case of assessing things nearer the time. “Captain Conan could go, as could Nadiya De La Vega - she ran a very good race last year. Rajdhani Express is the horse we have always been pointing in that direction. He has done well over the summer and obviously there is no problem with jockey arrangements there because Sam (Waley-Cohen) will ride him. “Finian’s Rainbow would be the very interesting

one because he has had a wind operation and I am very hopeful that he will come back to himself. He ran very well at Sandown on his final start last season and look what the winner (Sire De Grugy) did on Saturday - they are calling him the young pretender to Sprinter Sacre now. Finian’s showed there that he is on his way back, but he does need good ground to be seen at his best.” Jonjo O’Neill has also won the Paddy Power Gold Cup once as a trainer, courtesy of Exotic Dancer in 2006. His entry this year is Johns Spirit, who warmed up for next month’s showpiece with victory at Cheltenham in the two and a halfmile Equus-Fine Dining at The Festival Handicap Chase on October 19. O’Neill reported: “Johns Spirit is in good form and the Paddy Power Gold Cup will hopefully be the next stop for him. “You would have to be happy with his performance at Cheltenham last time. I don’t know how strong the race was, but he travelled and jumped well and won nicely.” O’Neill added: “It will probably be a bigger field in the Paddy Power and I don’t know if that will suit him, but Richie McLernon gets a good tune out of him and rides him well. “We will go there hopeful, but that’s as confident as you could be because it is always a very hot race and you have got to have a lot of luck in running.” David Pipe sent out Great Endeavour to win the 2011 Paddy Power Gold Cup, while his father Martin trained a record eight winners of the race.

Johannesburg and Durban will host India for an ODI and a Test each in December, while Centurion will also stage a onedayer. Cape Town has not received a single fixture in the itinerary for the three ODIs and two Tests, which the BCCI and Cricket South Africa announced today, ending months of uncertainty over India’s tour to South Africa. India will arrive in South Africa on December 2 and play the first ODI at the Wanderers on December 5. They will play a two-day game in Benoni after the one-dayers as a warm-up to the first Test, which begins on December 18, also at the Wanderers. “After the completion of our two Test matches against India we will have a further

three Tests against Australia,” CSA president Chris Nenzani said. “This will allow all of our five premier Test match venues to host a five-day match. I would also like to assure all our stakeholders that we are working on plans to fill the gaps in our international itinerary for the 2013-14 season.” His remarks referred primarily to Cape Town missing out on a Test - Newlands traditionally hosts the traditional New Year’s Test, which has now been scrapped. A CSA spokesman said: “Because of the truncated nature of the tour it was necessary to centralise venues as much as possible. We are working on alternative plans to fill the gaps in our home international summer. This will not necessarily be at the New Year.” However, the decision seemed to have caught Western Province, the region where Cape Town is located.”To go from

having Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th test to nothing is a big shock to us,” Andre Odendaal, CEO of Western Province, said. “We lose several million [rand] in revenue.” One of the primary reasons the BCCI did not want India’s tour of South Africa to spill over into 2014 was the lack of a team sponsor. The current contract with Sahara ends on December 31 and neither Sahara nor the BCCI is keen on extending the decade-long association. Had India played a New Year’s Test in South Africa, the BCCI would have had to either request Sahara to continue as the sponsor for the entire series, or change sponsors midway. The Sahara option was not viable because of its dispute with the board, which resulted in the termination of the Pune Warriors IPL franchise.

rory win around corner,says Tiger SPORTS DESK Tiger Woods has tipped Rory McIlroy to get back to winning ways before the year is out. Having finished a hugely successful 2012 as the undisputed World No.1, McIlroy has endured a much tougher time of things this time around following his much-publicised equipment switch. But there have been signs in recent weeks that the 24-year-old is poised to turn the corner, including earlier in the week. On that day McIlroy produced a flawless 66 to beat the man who has replaced him at the top of the world rankings and Woods believes the Northern Irishman’s form is firmly on the up. “He is

rory BuLLish ahead of Big Week Rory McIlroy has not won all season, has gone from world number one to sixth in the rankings and is 62nd on a European Tour money list which he won last year to go with the US equivalent and five victories, including a second major title. But a buoyant McIlroy has confidently asserted that he is more likely to win the WGC-HSBC Champions event in Shanghai this week than miss out on the season finale in Dubai. “It’s a big week obviously, it’s sort of make or break,” said McIlroy, who faces a field featuring 40 of the world’s top 50 at Sheshan International Golf Club. “If I don’t play good enough here, then there’s a good chance I won’t play in Dubai. I think there’s a bigger chance of me winning this tournament than not playing in Dubai, I feel.” With next week’s Turkish Airlines Open currently not on his schedule, McIlroy needs to climb into the top 60 on the Race to Dubai this week to have a chance of qualifying for the DP World Tour Championship in November. SPORTS DESK playing better and swinging a lot better,” the American said. “You can see that some of the stuff he and his coach are working on is starting to come together. “He’s starting to put together a few good rounds, now he just has to make a few more putts. I can definitely see him winning sometime this year because his game has come around.”

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If you only ever give 90% in training then you will only ever give 90% when it matters. — Michael Owen




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gasquet brings Paris crowd to life with marathon win PARIS



2:30 PM

BecKham PicKS miami foR mLS


RANCE'S Richard Gasquet needed five match points to beat Spaniard Fernando Verdasco 7-5, 6-7 (6/8), 6-3 in the second round of the Paris Masters and boost his hopes of qualifying for the end of season World Tour Finals. The 27-year-old Frenchman and Verdasco traded blows for 2hrs 40mins, in front of a raucous Parisian crowd, before Gasquet finally made it through to the third round where he could meet compatriot Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who is also in the hunt to make the World Tour Finals. Gasquet wasted two match points at 6-5 up in the second set before Verdasco took it to a final set by edging the tie-break 8-6. However the right-hander from Beziers forced a crucial break in the decider to go 43 up and this time he kept his nerve to set up a last-16 tie against either Tsonga or Kei Nishikori of Japan who play later Tuesday. The win for Gasquet, who is clinging to the eighth and final place for London which is available as Andy Murray is injured, keeps the pressure on Tsonga who is one place behind him in the World Tour rankings. Earlier Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov continued his rich vein of form as he marched into the second round with a three-set win over French veteran Michael Llodra. The lanky 22-year-old lost the opening set in a tie-break before taking control and setting up a meeting against Italian 16th seed Fabio Fognini with a 6-7 (5/7), 6-3, 6-3. Llodra's compatriot Nicolas Mahut fared better as he fired down eight aces to overwhelm Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov 7-6 (8/6), 6-1. Mahut, who played the longest match in history against American John Isner at Wimbledon 2010, won 93 per cent of his first serve points and broke the spirit of his opponent in the crucial opening set tie-break. The 1.90m (6ft 3in), 25-year-old never dropped his serve while breaking his opponent three times in a one-sided finale to the match. He faces 15th seeded compatriot Gilles Simon in an all-French second round tie, a

wigan taKe aLBRighton on Loan LONDON AGENCIES

Wigan have confirmed the signing of Aston Villa winger Marc Albrighton on a 28-day loan. The 23-year-old has featured just once for the Premier League club this season and has found his first-team opportunities limited ever since Paul Lambert was appointed manager last summer. Albrighton shot to prominence during Gerard Houllier's sole season in charge at Villa Park, scoring six times in 33 appearances and was called up to the England Under-21 squad in September 2010. Latics have moved to bolster their wide options with Scotland international Shaun Maloney facing an extend spell out as he remains troubled by a hip injury. "Marc has shown what an outstanding player he is time and again in the Premier League, and he is someone I have tried to sign in the past, so I'm delighted to bring him on board to strengthen our squad," boss Owen Coyle told Wigan's official website. "He's at a young age with the potential and scope to get even better; he's quick, dangerous and pleasing on the eye and I feel he's going to really enhance the attacking options we have at Wigan Athletic, particularly in light of Shaun Maloney's absence."

player he met recently. Spaniard Marcel Granollers will face compatriot and world number one Rafael Nadal on Wednesday after he breezed past Russian Dmitry Tursunov 6-4, 6-4. Another Spaniard Pablo Andujar took full advantage of an injury suffered by Gael Monfils on the eve of his first round match against Canadian Vasek The 'lucky loser' outlasted the world number 32, although he needed five match points to close out the match, prevailing 64, 2-6, 6-4. His reward is a second round meeting with Czech sixth seed Thomas Berdych. World number two Novak Djokovic makes his tournament bow in the final evening match when he takes on French qualifier Pierre-Hugues Herbert.

ferrer up and running in paris PARIS: World No.3 David Ferrer opened his Paris Masters title defence with a three-set win against Lukas Rosol. The Spaniard, who enjoyed a first-round bye, came through 6-0 2-6 6-3 in one hour and 27 minutes at the Palais Omnisports. Ferrer preyed on the inconsistency of Rosol's game, hitting 18 fewer unforced errors than his Czech opponent. He will face French opposition in the third round, either 15th seed Gilles Simon or Nicolas Mahut. John Isner, a semi-finalist two years ago, will take on second seed Novak Djokovic in the third round after a 7-6 (7/3) 4-6 6-3 success against Polish qualifier Michal Przysiezny. Isner, the 11th seed, fired 27 aces and 47 winners over the course of three tight sets lasting two minutes short of two hours. Later on Wednesday, Roger Federer can confirm his place at the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London for the 12th season in a row if he beats South Africa's Kevin Anderson. AGENCIES

MIAMI: David Beckham has selected Miami as the city where he intends to set up a Major League Soccer franchise. While a deal to complete Beckham's move into ownership is yet to be agreed, it is understood the former England captain has named Miami as his final choice. The option to buy a franchise was included in Beckham's original MLS contract back in 2007 and several investor groups have already registered an interest in helping him set up an expansion team. It is understood that should Beckham win the race to set up a team in Miami, he could then look to sell it for almost treble the discounted £15m asking price. That figure is a quarter of the price Manchester City paid - in partnership with the New York Yankees - to launch New York City FC from 2015. Florida has had no top-flight team since 2001, when the Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny last operated. Beckham has been expected to launch an MLS franchise since ending his five-year stay at LA Galaxy last December. AGENCIES

fRoome named BeSt 2013 RideR Chris Froome has rounded off a glorious year by winning the prestigious Velo d'Or award for the best rider of 2013. The Tour de France champion fended off competition from the likes of Giro d'Italia winner Vincenzo Nibali and world No 1-ranked rider Joaquim Rodriguez in a poll of cycling journalists set up by Velo Magazine, the French publication. Froome is the second successive Briton to win the accolade after Sir Bradley Wiggins collected the prize 12 months ago following his own Tour triumph. Christophe Riblon was named best French rider of the season in the wake of his iconic victory on Alpe d'Huez during the Tour, while Nairo Quintana received the Velo d'Or Espoir award for best young rider. Froome amassed five stage-race victories in 2013, with triumphs at the Tour of Oman, Criterium International, Tour de Romandie and Criterium du Dauphine leading into a dominant win at the 100th Tour. SPORTS DESK

UeFa TO DIsCUss CsKa Case

haLL titLe Shot confiRmed MOSCOW AGENCIES

UEFA's disciplinary board will meet to discuss whether CSKA Moscow's stadium should be partially closed for their next UEFA Champions League game following the alleged racist chanting towards Yaya Toure. Midfielder Toure claimed he was the target of monkey-chanting from the home crowd inside the Khimki Arena last Wednesday during Manchester City's 2-1 win in the Russian capital. The 30-year-old reported the incident to referee Ovidiu Hategan during the game and UEFA responded by charging the Russian club with "racist behaviour of their fans" the following day.

A seven-strong panel, headed by Austrian chair Dr Thomas Partl, will meet at UEFA's headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on Wednesday afternoon to decide whether Toure was abused. The hearing, which is held in private, will look at documentary evidence submitted by both sides. Neither Toure nor any representatives from the two clubs involved will be present. It is understood that City have been busy compiling evidence from independent observers who were at the game to support written submissions from Toure and any City players who heard the alleged chanting. Last season UEFA agreed to implement hardline punishments on racism after years of criticism surrounding their

handling of the matter. Under the new rules, CSKA will be forced to close part of their stadium for their next Champions League home game against Bayern Munich on November 27 if found guilty and they could also face an additional punishment in the form of a £43,000 fine. Although a partial stadium closure is the punishment laid out in UEFA's guidelines for a guilty verdict, former FA compliance officer Graham Bean says there is potential for a stronger penalty. "My understanding of the situation is, that they can issue a partial closing of the stadium, but then they can do other penalties they feel are appropriate in the circumstances," he told Sky Sports News.

Darlington's Stuart Hall will take on Vusi Malinga for the vacant IBF bantamweight title in Leeds on December 21. The belt became available when the IBF stripped Jamie McDonnell recently for not agreeing to defend the title within the allotted time. Promoter Dennis Hobson, with whom McDonnell is engaged in an ongoing contractual dispute, moved quickly to secure Hall another of his fighters - a shot at the newly-available gong. Hall, who lost narrowly to McDonnell two years ago, moved up to No 3 in the IBF rankings after defeating Sergio Perales on points on the undercard of his fellow Brit's successful shot at the title in Doncaster in May. SPORTS DESK

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