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US officials question Imran Khan on drone opposition

Sarkozy aide charged in ‘Karachi’ corruption scandal

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Centre never destabilised Punjab govt: Kaira PAGE |03

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tuesday, 30 october, 2012 dhu al-Haj 13, 1433

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Hizbut Tahrir complicates military’s terrorism calculus g

pakistani intelligence believes its British counterpart Mi6 is ht’s chief sponsor LAHORE


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ShAhAb JAFry

T a time when talk of possible military action in North Waziristan Agency dominates Islamabad and the GHQ, a carefully coordinated upsurge in activities of banned extremist outfit Hizbut Tahrir (HT) has become cause for multiple worries for the military, according to intelligence sources familiar with the matter. Not only does the group’s ‘containment’ divert important resources from the operation in the tribal areas, including its intel-intensive spillover into main cities, but recent findings of its infiltration into sensitive military cadres has jolted the army high command, causing immediate cessation of certain sensitive operations till a thorough probe is carried out. The seriousness of the group’s outreach grabbed public attention after the arrest of Brigadier Ali Khan in May last year, along with four majors, for links with HT. Initial investigation revealed that the Abbottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden infuriated the group’s army bloc, prompting a serious, formal objection to the top command regarding the forces’ sub-

servience to US interests. Subsequent scrutiny uncovered HT’s expansion strategy and recruiting tactics. According to the findings, all the while the army has combated al Qaeda and TTP affiliates in the tribal agencies, HT has grown quietly in the working middle class, its tentacles spreading to the military and social intelligentsia. ‘They TArgeT MInDS’: The identity of its principal founder is disputed, but Hizbut Tahrir (Party of Liberation) was founded in Jerusalem in 1953. It aims to reestablish the early Islamic tradition of the caliphate. And while it differs in ideol-

CNG price may increase by Rs10/kg from 1st ISLAMABAD: The price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) could go up by Rs 10 per kilogramme from November 1, media reports said on Monday. A private TV channel quoted its sources as saying that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) were scheduled to meet on Tuesday (today) to fix a new formula of CNG pricing in line with the Supreme Court’s order last week. A final decision, meanwhile, will be made after the Supreme Court’s hearing scheduled for Thursday. Last Thursday, the government slashed CNG prices by Rs 30 per kilogramme following the Supreme Court’s order of suspending the operating cost and profit of CNG association. The court ruled that the operating cost being charged by the CNG association was unrealistic. The apex court also asked the government to de-link the prices of CNG from petroleum products in the international market. Meanwhile, APCNGA Chairman Ghiyas Paracha on Monday said the Petroleum Ministry informed the Supreme Court regarding the operating cost borne by CNG stations, but did not mention the revenue in billions of rupees earned by the government. Talking to reporters, he said that the association would move the Supreme Court in this regard, while at the same time, the court had summoned representatives of CNG stations today (Tuesday). “The Ministry of Petroleum receives Rs 80.012 billion in general sales tax (GST), gas infrastructure development subsidy and gas development subsidy,” he added. Paracha said the Petroleum Ministry had imposed 25 percent GST on the CNG sector, while the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) had fixed it at 16 percent. “Other than that, the ministry has also applied gas development subsidy and gas infrastructure development surcharge on the 3.5 million consumers using CNG-fitted cars,” he said. “The GST collected by the government amounts to Rs 26.6046 billion, the gas infrastructure development subsidy amounts to Rs 24.604 billion and gas development subsidy amounts to Rs 28.787 billion.” Agencies

ogy from al Qaeda’s tendency toward militancy, preferring non-violence instead, it shares the Salafi school’s outright rejection of democratic politics and capitalist freemarket economics. It has no petrodollarfunded seminaries like the Saudi backed madrassas that spawned al Qaeda and the Taliban. It operates on two parallels; openly inviting military officers to revolt against their top-most command, while running secret networking rings at the same time. It does not advocate an al Qaeda like fight-to-the-finish, yet is fiercely anti-US, and chooses communication as opposed to coercion to spread its

message. Active in more than 40 countries, it is presently headquartered in the UK, and formally began operations in Pakistan in 2000. It was banned in December for 2003, suspected of anti-state activities, including an alleged plot to assassinate then president Pervez Musharraf. “Their’s is a potentially far more destructive method of operation (than al Qaeda)”, says an intelligence official on the condition of anonymity. “They target minds instead of strategic installations and personnel, using the power of the intellect instead of road-side bombs. They have a self-perpetuating influence”. According to information obtained so far, they target educated professionals, while making no secret of specifically reaching out to the army. In an open letter addressed to the officer corps, it urged the ISI and corps commanders to overthrow the existing ruling elite. AccuSATIonS, counTer-AccuSATIonS, InT’L conDeMnATIon: The Brig Ali episode coincided with a number of international incidents involving HT. The Indian government has confirmed that its homegrown terrorist group, Indian Mujahideen, regularly receives “intellectual and financial” support from HT. Daily Mail Online India reported Oct 7 that HT was suspected of masterminding

last year’s coup attempt against Sheikh Hasina’s government in Bangladesh. The group’s members have been recently detained in Kyrgystan, Russia, and across eastern Europe, leading a number of countries to ban it, including Germany, Turkey, Bangladesh, Austria and Russia. Intelligence chatter has also picked worrying signals regarding the group’s shift to violent methods, at least advocating and financing them. This turnaround was confirmed during the Indian intelligence’s recent interrogation of Abu Jundal, the Lashkar e Tayyaba’s (LeT) point man in India, after extradition from Saudi Arabia. According to Pakistani intelligence, this recent surge in activity across the region, coupled with credible reports of HT now “going violent”, especially after the Musharraf assassination plot, means the organisation is positioning itself for a coordinated show of force, and the timing and impact of the so-called Arab Spring acted as a catalyst. Reports also indicate “strategic partnership deals” with al Qaeda elements, especially in Pakistan, which threaten to “seriously complicate the army’s anti-terrorism calculus”. In addition to creating another front for the GHQ to consider, there’s also the disturbing thought about depth of the infiltration. According to a New York Times’ report (Aug 3, ’12), “Several weeks before Brig Khan’ arrest last year, Pakistani intelligence warned the government that the movement was planning an Arab Spring like offensive”. FunDIng AnD conTAInMenT: HT exploits Pakistan’s strategic position and loopholes in the military’s leaning towards America to incite rebellion in the army in a narrative not very different from al Qaeda’s. And while its argument that Washington needs Islamabad’s compliance to check Russia and China in Eurasia and control resource rich Central Asia makes for a strong case, it employs Continued on page 04



Hurricane Sandy intensified Monday as it roared toward the US East Coast, bringing New York, Washington and other major cities to a standstill, amid warnings of life-threatening floods. The weather disrupted the US election campaign, shut down the New York stock exchange,

brought donw power lines and triggered the evacuation of thousands of people from lowlying coastal areas at risk of unprecedented storm surges. The category one hurricane, which has already killed at least 66 people in the Caribbean, is expected to make landfall near the evacuated gambling haven of Atlantic City in the state of New Jersey around midnight.

Streets leading up to the city’s famed ocean-front boardwark were flooded, and streets deserted as the city braced for high tide. Forecasters, however, have warned that the storm’s effects could extend all the way from North Carolina to New England. As it approached, Sandy’s maximum sustained winds strengthened to 90 miles per hour (150 kilometers per hour) from 75

mph in the morning and at 1500 GMT its eye was located 205 miles southeast of Atlantic City. President Barack Obama canceled an appearance in the battleground state of Florida, returning to the White House to steer a huge government relief effort while citizens battened down hatches and watched the weather on live webcams. Continued on page 04

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02 News nEwS


Drone strikes affecting counterterrorism efforts: Malik


InfOTAInMEnT Cherie blair's Chirac tirade helped secure 2012 Games: Coe

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Zardari‚ political leaders discuss democratic process KArAchI: President Asif Ali Zardari telephoned various political leaders to discuss the current political situation‚ democratic process and terrorist incidents in the country. Zardari called Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUIF) chief Fazlur Rehman, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Haider Khan Hoti and Deputy Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi. During talks, President Zardari and Altaf agreed that the PPP and the MQM would jointly face the challenges confronting the country. They also discussed the current political situation, and steps to promote democracy in Pakistan. Both leaders also condemned attacks on girls’ schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and attack on Ziarat Kaka Sahib shrine in Nowshera. In talks with the chief of JUI-F‚ Hoti and Elahi, the president discussed issues related to political stability and democratic development in the country. The president also wished each a happy Eidul Azha. nni

Election results will shock political jugglers: Altaf LonDon: MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said the MQM will surprise political jugglers in the upcoming elections. Addressing the workers of Khidmat-ekhalq, he said the MQM would get more votes in the upcoming elections than it had been getting in the past. Altaf said the MQM always selected leadership from middle and lower class, and got them elected to represent the people in the assemblies. He said many attempts had been made to rout the MQM but it had become stronger with the passage of time. Condemning terrorism on Eidul Azha, Altaf said it was unfortunate that terrorists carried out attacks even on such occasion. He demanded an immediate and decisive action again the terrorists. Online

Man kills wife‚ 3 children before committing suicide in Vehari VehArI: Four bodies were found from a house located in Papli Adda, a suburb of Vehari on the second day of Eid on Sunday, police officials said. Local police said Sana Muhammad killed his wife, Farhat, and two children, one-year-old Shanzay and twoyear-old Aimas, before committing suicide. Police reached the crime scene after receiving a tip-off and took all bodies into custody and started the investigation. An initial probe revealed that the man killed his wife and children over a domestic dispute. All of the deceased were shot in the head. Sana, a government employee of Grade 4, was unhappy with his wife’s attempt to get a government job. The accused was son-in-law of Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaaf leader and former UC nazim Altaf Khan. inP

Two killed‚ 6 injured in hand grenade attack in DIK DerA ISMAIL KhAn: At least two people were killed and six others injured in a hand grenade attack outside a police officer’s house in Basti Ustrana area of Dera Ismail Khan. The incident took place when three unidentified armed men hurled a grenade at the house of Sub-Inspector (SI) Ghazanfar Ali and fled. Resultantly, two people present outside the SI’s house died on the spot, while six others were injured. The dead and the injured were shifted to District Headquarters Teaching Hospital. Police have launched an investigation into the incident. Online

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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shujaat did not face anything ‘unpleasant’ in Ajmer: FO

QUETTA: Children enjoy rides in a park on the second day of Eidul Azha. inP


Foreign Office spokesman Muazzam Ahmed Khan has said the delegation accompanying PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain did not experience anything “unpleasant” in Ajmer Sharif, India. Talking to a private television channel on Monday, Khan said the administration of Ajmer Sharif had just asked Shujaat for his passport. “The incident occurred due to a misunderstanding between the Indian Foreign Ministry and the Ajmer Sharif administration,” he added. Meanwhile, during the visit to Ajmer Sharif, the PML-Q president said the message of Khwaja Ajmer was of peace and harmony, which could lead to progress. Shujaat is on a private visit to India. He offered Eid prayers at the mosque adjacent to the shrine of Khwaja Moeenuddin Chishti Ajmeri.

British, Pakistani, UAE ministers hail Malala’s courage LONDON AFP

Pakistan’s interior minister and the foreign ministers of Britain and the UAE visited the English hospital treating shot Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai on Monday, Britain’s Foreign Office said. The ministry said the trio also met with the father of 15year-old Malala, who was shot in the head by the Taliban earlier this month as punishment for campaigning for girls’ education in an attack that shocked the world. She was flown from Pakistan on October 15 for treatment at a specialist hospital in Birmingham, central England, in an air ambulance provided by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). “I visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham today to enquire after the health of Malala

and to convey messages of good health and best wishes on behalf of the government and the whole Pakistani nation,” said interior minister Rehman Malik. “We are grateful to the hospital authorities, especially the doctors treating Malala, for taking care of her in a most professional manner. As a result, she has made very good recovery in the past few days.” He expressed gratitude to Britain and the UAE for their support for Malala, who needs reconstructive surgery after a bullet grazed her brain, coming within centimetres of killing her. British foreign minister William Hague said: “Malala’s swift and full recovery is our absolute priority. But we are also determined to do all we can to champion education for women and girls in Pakistan. “The people of Pakistan have paid a high price

bIrMINGhAM: Federal Minister for Interior rehman Malik, british home Secretary William hague and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Niyan come out of the Queen Elizabeth hospital after visiting Malala yousafzai. from terrorism and extremism. We will stand by all those who, like Malala, are courageously defending the rights of women, in Pakistan and around the world.” The UAE’s foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed alNahayan, said his government

had provided assistance because its citizens were “appalled” by the attack on Malala. “She is in our prayers,” he said. “Malala’s courage inspires us to reinforce our commitment to rejecting ideologies rooted in intolerance and extremism.”

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News 03 ArTS & EnTErTAInMEnT



russian girl became a drug dealer to meet big b

Politics puts Italy, Spain back in market focus

Pakistan mulling Malik batting coach bid

EDITOrIAl Nothing beyond wringing hands: Talks of Governor’s rule or an in-house change.

cOMMEnT M J Akbar says; Gone with the wind: A tale of two leaders.

Najma Sadeque says; Land-grabbing in the new age: Neo-colonialism disguised as opportunity.

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levies recover six detainees kidnapped from Bolan

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RAging BUll


Six persons, kidnapped from near Dhadar in Bolan were recovered but the kidnappers managed to flee. According to Bolan Deputy Commissioner (DC) Abdul Waheed Shah, seven people aboard a wagon headed to Sibbi from Quetta were kidnapped almost a week ago. The kidnappers released one of the detainees, Abdul Fatah, three days after the incident. However, Levies and Frontier Corps launched search operations in different areas for recovery of the rest of those missing. DC Bolan stated that Levies raided a house in Suny area of Bolan and recovered the remaining six persons. The accused have been identified and will be arrested soon, he added.

centre never destabilised Punjab govt: Kaira ISLAMABAD NNI

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira on Monday denied the impression that the federal government was trying to destabilise the Punjab government. Lauding the reconciliation policy of Benazir Bhutto, Kaira said she had signed the Charter of Democracy (CoD) with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif to strengthen democracy and bring prosperity to the country. He said the mandate given to the PPP by the people in 1990 elections was stolen.

The information minister said investigations would be held in the Asghar Khan case as directed by the Supreme Court.

earthquake of 5.3 magnitude jolts parts of country ISLAMABAD APP

An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale struck a number of areas across Pakistan including most of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, North-western tribal region and Punjab. According to reports, the seismic activity shook the areas around 5pm in the evening, spreading panic among the people. However, no loss of life or property was reported, a private news channel reported on Sunday afternoon. The Meteorology Department said the epicentre was somewhere in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan-Tajikistan border area 300 kilometres of GilgitBaltistan. The tremors were felt in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Chiniot, Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Hangu, Battagram, Rawalakot, Balakot, Khyber Agency, Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar, Mardan, Lower Dir, North Waziristan, Nowshera, Charsadda, Swat and Hazara division.

Eidul Azha celebration ruined as bull meant for sacrifice escapes from butchers and charges into boy g


KNOWN as the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’, there was one animal that refused to play ball amidst Eidul Azha celebrations. The bull, pictured in the images, fled from a butcher who vied to slaughter it, on the first day of the important Muslim festival. As the raging bull tore through a city field of, today, it charged into a little boy, who was not quick enough to get out of its way. Even though the contact between the bull and the boy was at full throttle, serious harm was avoided. The boy was slightly injured but miraculously avoided serious injury from the bull stampede. However, the little boy’s terrifying encounter in Karachi was not a rare incident. A panicking cow killed a Palestinian man who was attempting to slaughter it in the Gaza strip. There were reports that 150 other people were hospitalised in the Gaza Strip with knife wounds or other injuries caused by animals trying to break away, the CT Postreported. Accidents are frequent as impoverished Muslims routinely attempt to slaughter animals at home instead of relying on professional butchers. Every year we witness an animal, trying to save its life, putting another person’s life in menace. It is becoming increasingly important for city authorities to organise the animal slaughter with a lot more care in the years to come.

european parliament slams pakistan for ‘grave’ human rights abuse g

raises concern over ‘pathetic condition’ of the girl child in country as it condemns Taliban attack on Malala BRUSSELS INP

The European Parliament has slammed Pakistan for its “grave human rights abuses” and raised concern over the “pathetic condition” of the girl child in the country as it condemned the Taliban attack on teenage rights activist Malala Yousafzai. It also called for a determined

effort by the international community to use its moral, financial and military power to stem the root that “afflicts certain societies where children have become targets of terrorist organisations like the Taliban which continue to have support and sanctuaries in Pakistan”. During a debate organised in the European Parliament on March 26, the members of South Asia Peace Forum

(SAPF) highlighted the pathetic condition of the girl child in Pakistan. The emergency debate specially focused on the discrimination against girls in Pakistan with special reference to Malala. “The members of the European Parliament spoke at length about the situation of human right abuses,” an official statement said. The debate highlighted the attack in the city of Mingora in which

the 15-year-old Malala was targeted. “Malala is widely respected for her work to promote the schooling of girls, something that the Taliban strongly oppose and apparently became the reason for the attack,” it said. Charles Tannock, member of European Parliament, during the debate said, “This is more than just the case of the shooting of one brave girl, but a crisis for the entire Pakistani

education system”. He said the Pakistani government must take immediate steps to protect students, teachers, schools, and rights defenders at risk of attack, adding, “It’s time for Pakistani authorities to understand that expressions of outrage alone are inadequate and such attacks will only end if they hold abusers accountable.” He said the people, who sought to harm children, were nothing but “cowards who fear the rise of their voice”. “The members of the European Parliament and members of SAPF called for a determined effort by the international community to use its moral, financial and military power to stem the root that afflicts certain societies where children have become targets of terrorist organisations like the Taliban which continue to have support and sanctuaries in Pakistan,” the statement said.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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04 News Hurricane Sandy grounds 12,000 US flights NEW YORK AFP


ChONbUrI: Thai farmers ride on buffalos during the annual buffalo racing festival on Monday. AFP

Saudis to build major islamic centre in Afghanistan KABUL AFP

Saudi Arabia will build a massive Islamic centre complete with a university and a mosque in Afghanistan, an Afghan minister said Monday, describing the project as “grand and unique”. Estimated to cost up to $100 million, the centre on a hilltop in central Kabul will house up to 5,000 students, Dayi-Ul Haq Abed, the acting

HIZBUT TAHRIR Continued fRom page 01 more rhetoric than material to substantiate fears of expansion of army action to Multan and Karachi, and flatters itself by including US fears of establishment of caliphate in Pakistan as one of Washington’s chief concerns. Unlike al Qaeda, which is heavily funded by the Wahabi complex headquartered in Saudi Arabia, HT’s intricate web of financing is still largely a mystery. Interrogations following arrests of group members (in Lahore and Islamabad) with stockpiles of subversive material revealed donations from western Europe, in British pounds and Danish krone. But beyond that little is known about the nature of their funding and identity of their patrons. “Pakistani intelligence believes its British counterpart MI6 is HT’s chief sponsor,” say intelligence agents, refusing to be named. “Islamabad has repeatedly complained to the highest offices in London, with no results. David Cameron promised banning the organisation once he took office, but they continue to openly incite mutiny in Pakistan’s army”. Their script sees pretty much the same forces at play in the region, only with roles reversed – It (HT) polarises an already split society in Pakistan, promotes dissent in the army and checks Russian and Chinese advances in Central Asian Republics. However, regardless of whoever pulls HT’s strings, and whatever treatment the organisation faces in countries where it operates, its sudden rise to prominence in Pakistan, especially its infiltration of the army, has already wrongfooted the military in its most pressing assignment. It must immediately redraw the intelligence framework, and employ increasing surveillance and reconnaissance around HT. That will, no doubt, further stretch its capability as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan ushers in a new phase of the eleven-year-old war.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

Hajj and religious affairs minister told AFP. It will be named after Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the minister added. “The agreement was signed last week in Jeddah. The construction will start next year, in couple of months or so,” Abed said. The mosque, similar to the Faisal Mosque in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad that was also built by oil-rich Saudi Arabia in

1980s, will hold 15,000 worshippers at a time. The minister said the centre will be run jointly by the Saudi and Afghan ministries of religious affairs. Other universities in Afghanistan are run by the higher education ministry. Saudi Arabia was one of only three countries — along with Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates — that recognised the hardline Islamist Taliban regime during its rule in

Afghanistan from 1996-2001. The Taliban were overthrown in a US-led invasion shortly after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington for harbouring Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, but have waged an 11year insurgency. The US and NATO still have more than 100,000 troops in Afghanistan supporting the government of President Hamid Karzai, but they are due to pull out all combat forces by the end of 2014.

Raisani wins over estranged JUi-f QUETTA ShAhZADA ZUlFIQAr

Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani has persuaded his estranged coalition partner, the Jamiat Ulema-eIslam-Fazl (JUI-F), to support him in case of an inhouse change, by visiting Killa Saifullah, the home town of senior minister and JUI-F parliamentary leader, Abdul Wasey, on Monday. Otherwise the closest and the most reliable coalition partner of Raisani, the party has developed differences with the Balochistan chief minister over some administrative issues, such as the role of intelligence agencies and FC Balochistan and release development fund to party ministers. Having the portfolio of Planning and De-

velopment, the JUI-F takes the largest share in the development fund that is often a cause for complaints by other coalition partners. After developing differences with the PPP over action against one of its ministers, Azam Sawati, the JUI-F, which is in opposition in the Centre, did not quit government in Balochistan probably because it was enjoying lucrative portfolios. Now it has submitted five demands to Raisani by forming a five-member committee headed by Wasey. The demands include a smooth flow of development funds, special attention by the chief minister towards law and order particularly to the issues of missing persons and abduction of doctors in the province, approaching intelligence agencies and

the FC to end their role in picking up citizens that brings, according to the JUI-F, bad name to the provincial coalition government, lack of cooperation from the chief minister regarding taking JUI-F ministers in confidence while postings and transfers of government officials as well as a lack of seriousness on the part of the chief minister in pursuing the withdrawal of subsidy on agriculture sector of Balochistan. Wasey has already declared that his party had a lot of reservations particularly in the wake the Supreme Court’s order saying the Balochistan government had failed in tackling the law and order of the province and asking the federal government to take appropriate measures for improvement of the situation.

EARLY 12,000 flights have been grounded as Hurricane Sandy thwarted travel up and down the US East Coast and airlines warned it could be days before normal schedules resume. That number is expected to grow as the slow-moving “Frankenstorm” churns its way up the coast whipping up strong winds, heavy rains and thick snow once it encounters a cold front coming down from Canada. Pablo Gomez decided to drive the 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) from New York to Chicago after his 6:00 am Monday flight was cancelled. “The drive is exhausting, but they said I might not get back until Thursday,” Gomez, 41, told AFP. Gomez left Sunday evening to avoid highway closures and the oncoming storm but didn’t expect to be

soldier, 16 militants killed in Orakzai, Khyber clashes HANGU

home until late Monday afternoon. “The roads aren’t too bad, just a lot of rain,” the university professor said. “I wouldn’t have known anything was going on if it weren’t for all the electricity trucks — the big ones — driving the other way.” Three smaller coastal airports shut down completely Monday and many others — including as far inland as Philadelphia — may as well have, as nearly every flight was cancelled. Some 1,302 flights were cancelled on Sunday as airlines prepared for the storm, according to the online aviation tracking service Another 7,016 were cancelled Monday, including 1,220 in Philadelphia and around 1,000 at each of New York’s three airports. A further 3,386 flights have already been cancelled for Tuesday and 147 on Wednesday. “Most airlines have not begun publishing cancellations for tomorrow yet, but forecast-

ex-indian army chief calls for immediate dissolution of parliament MUMBAI



At least six militants were killed and a security official martyred in a clash in Upper Orakzai Agency on Saturday. According to security sources, some unidentified militants attacked a checkpost located in Mamozai area of Upper Orakzai. However, security forces retaliated and killed at least six attackers. A security official also embraced martyred in the clash. Meanwhile in neighbouring Khyber Agency, at least 10 militants were killed and several others wounded in security forces’ shelling on Monday. According to political administrators, the security forces, backed by helicopter gunships, pounded suspected militant hideouts in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency, killing 10 Taliban and injuring several others. Several Taliban hideouts were also destroying in the shelling.

A few months after his retirement as the Indian army chief, General (r) VK Singh has joined Anna Hazare in his crusade against corruption and on Monday called for an immediate dissolution of the Indian parliament, calling it “anti-people”. Singh said the government was “bending to the corporations”. In a direct attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Singh asked him why the government was “looting” the people. Gen (r) Singh was talking to reporters alongside Hazare. Anna has announced a new front against corruption, whose name will be disclosed

With just eight days until the election, both the Democrat incumbent and his Republican rival Mitt Romney were keen to stay on top of public sentiment regarding the storm, given the memory of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The handling of Katrina, which devastated New Orleans, by then president George W. Bush was widely seen as bungled and the failure of authorities in the ensuing emergency response tainted his presidency. Although Sandy lacks the sheer force of Katrina it has a broader front and could combine later this week with cold weather bearing down from Canada to wreak havoc

in a climatic confluence of events dubbed a “Perfect Storm”. Obama has already signed emergency declarations to free up federal disaster funds for New York state, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. “There will undoubtedly be some deaths,” Maryland governor Martin O’Malley told reporters, citing the intensity of the storm and likely floods caused by the tidal surge and high waves. Obama ditched plans to appear with ex-president Bill Clinton in Orlando, as families faced the prospect of damage from snapping trees, severe flooding and power outages, including in some key swing states such as Virginia.

Forecasters warned that New York Harbor and the Long Island Sound could see seawater surges of up to 11 feet (more than three meters) above normal levels, coinciding with high tides due to the full moon. But many residents at Rockaway Beach, in the Big Apple borough of Queens, refused to bow to official demands that they stay home. Some walked their dogs and others took photos of waves sending water across the beach boardwalk. Around 1,400 National guardsmen have been activated and around 60,000 more are on standby, the Pentagon said, with 140 helicopters being made available in anticipation of rescue and relief efforts. All public schools in New York and Washington were closed and workers stayed at home

before Diwali. “We need to awaken the the General and I will travel all over the country starting January 30,” said Anna, who is 75. He said General (r) Singh and he would not campaign in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, which vote in November and December. Anna said the structure of his front had yet to be finalised, but he planned to install a team in every state. For the general elections, he said, his team would assess candidates from various parties and advise voters on who to support. “I will support his candidates if they are clean,” Anna said, when asked about his protege Arvind Kejriwal, whose decision to launch a political party ended their partnership.

DEAR DEPARTED Mr Asad Rahman, younger brother of Daily Times Editor Rashed Rahman, passed away last night in Islamabad. He was the Executive Director of Sungi Foundation. His funeral will be held in Lahore today (Tuesday).

sandy intensifies as it turns toward Us coast Continued fRom page 01

ers are expecting winds to be 45 to 60 knots Tuesday from (Washington) DC to New York, which alone will contribute to a large number of cancellations,” Daniel Baker, chief executive of, said in a morning update. Safety fears over the monster storm also caused disruption as far afield as Hong Kong and France. The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, Eurocontrol, said 300 of the usual 500-odd flights between Europe and the US had been cancelled, with more expected later Monday. In Asia, Hong Kong’s flagship carrier Cathay Pacific announced it was scrapping a total of eight direct flights between the southern Chinese city and New York on Monday and Tuesday. Flights from India and Japan were also affected. Subway services, buses and commuter trains were also shut down in New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

as a massive public transport shutdown left the streets quiet. The storm caused havoc at sea when the 16-person crew of HMS Bounty, a replica of the three-mast vessel on which a famous mutiny took place in 1789, was forced to abandoned ship after it started to take on water. The sailors donned cold-water survival suits and life jackets before launching in two 25-man lifeboats with canopies after getting caught up in stormy waters 90 miles (144 kilometers) southeast of Hatteras, North Carolina. Fourteen of the crew were hoisted to safety but two were still missing, the coastguard said. Governors have declared states of emergency in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania,

Mrs Anwar Azam, wife of late Mir Muhammad Azam, resident of 95-B Model Town passed away on Monday. Her Qul will be held on Wednesday (October 31).

Vermont, Virginia as well as in the US capital. New York authorities ordered the evacuation Sunday of 375,000 people from low-lying coastal areas, while buses stopped and Amtrak suspended all train services up and down the coast. Subway services, buses and commuter trains were also shut down in New York, Philadelphia and Washington. And the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and the futures markets in Chicago were closed on Monday, and may stay closed on Tuesday. Almost 9,000 flights were canceled so far as a result of the hurricane, according to the information service On Sunday, before hunkering down, fearful residents from Washington to New York to Boston queued for emergency provisions like bottled water and batteries in long lines that stretched out the doors of supermarkets.

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News 05 Indian investigation team to visit Pakistan to probe into Mumbai attackers’ case NEW DELHI INP

QUETTA: Activists of Voice for baloch Missing persons hold a rally for the release of their missing relatives on Monday. Online

Drone strikes affecting counterterrorism efforts: Malik LONDON


Situation during eid prayers remained peaceful: minister


N T E R I O R Minister Rehman Malik on Monday said drone attacks in Waziristan agency should be stopped as they were against the sovereignty of Pakistan and negatively affecting counterterrorism efforts. In an interview with CNN in London‚ he said the drone attacks were affecting Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism. He dispelled the impression that the Pakistani nation was demanding a military operation in North Waziristan. He said the use of force was not the solution to all issues. Malik said despite all resources‚ US had not been completely successful in Afghanistan. To a question, the interior minister said two Afghanis were involved in the attack on Malala Yousufzai and efforts were underway to arrest the attackers. He said Malala was the pride of Pakistan and “we are waiting for her early recovery and return”. Malik said the government would

Balochistan’s minister for local govt dies

QueTTA: Balochistan Minister for Local Government Abdul Khaliq Bashar Dost passed away on Monday. According to media reports, he died after prolonged illness. He had lost his legs in an accident four years ago. Provincial chief minister and governor expressed deep grief over the minister’s death. Dost was elected in the 2008 elections on the PB-18 Zhob seat in the Balochistan Assembly on a Jamiat Ulema-i-IslamNazaryati ticket. ONlINE

provide complete security to the family of Malala and special women police would also be deployed for the security of Malala. Talking to reporters in London later, the interior minister said the Pakistani government wanted to provide the right of vote and contest election to overseas Pakistan and the government would get approval of dual nationality

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday said no untoward incident happened during Eidul Azha prayers throughout the country. Talking to reporters at the Aiwan-e-Sadr after meeting President Asif Ali Zardari, the interior minister said the decision to suspend mobile phone service for a few hours in some parts of the country had been lauded by the people. He said in the wake of the terrorist attack in Afghanistan on Friday, there was a threat of terrorist activities in Pakistan also, therefore, precautionary measures, including suspension of mobile services in some sensitive areas of the country, were taken. “Mobile services suspension helped avert any untoward incident during Eid prayers,” he added. Malik said mobile phone services were suspended in consultation with the provincial governments, rather on their request. The interior minister thanked the chief ministers of all provinces, including Gilgit-Baltistan, for their cooperation and input in maintaining law and order during Eid prayers. To a question about the suspension of mobile network, Malik said the decision was appreciated by over 80 percent of the people. “The security of the people and the country is more important than any thing else. “The decision to block the mobile service was taken by a high-level committee after taking the request and the recommendations of provinces into account,” he added. APP bill from Senate next month for the purpose. He said the condition of Malala was improving and her parents would stay in England with her until

her full recovery. The minister said a comprehensive strategy had been chalked out to eliminate illegal SIMs, as they had now become a lethal weapon.

Pakistan has in-principle agreed to allow a team of Indian investigators to visit the country to examine the evidence collected against arrested LeT commander Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and six others, who are being tried in the 26/11 terror attack case. However, Islamabad is yet to give dates for the visit of national investigation team, which will also try to understand why the Pakistani court was not ready to accept the evidence collected by a Pakistani judicial commission during its visit to India in March. “Pakistan has in-principle agreed to allow the NIA team to visit that country. We have already sent a formal request through the Ministry of External Affairs and are awaiting intimation about the dates,” a Home Ministry official said. Frustrated over the long delay in the trial against Lakhvi and six others in a Rawalpindi court, India had conveyed to Pakistan that it wanted to send the team to examine the material evidence collected against the accused. The issue was first raised when Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde met his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik on the sidelines of the SAARC ministerial meeting in Maldives last month. New Delhi also wanted to understand why the Pakistani court was not ready to acknowledge the international convention of accepting a bilateral treaty between two sovereign nations.

Malik Riaz to make startling disclosures about a ‘national figure’ ISLAMABAD INP

Former owner of the Bahria Town and the central figure in the Arsalan Iftikhar scandal, Malik Riaz Ahmed, is likely to make startling disclosure involving a key national personality that would create an upheaval in the national politics, a private TV channel reported. Riaz, who is currently in the United Kingdom, is likely to return home next week and will address a press conference to make “astonishing revelations”. Earlier, Riaz had levelled serious allegations against Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, accusing him of taking huge financial benefits from him in return for promised favours. Following the allegations the Supreme Court had constituted an inquiry commission headed by Shoaib Suddle, however, the business tycoon refused to appear before the commission. Experts say the news conference would most likely be an attack on Supreme Court’s chief justice.

Clinton set on leaving State Dept despite Obama’s ‘begging’ WASHINGTON ONlINE

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday said he would love for Hillary Clinton to stay on as secretary of state after his hoped for reelection, but that “despite my begging” she has decided to move on. “She has done an incredible job. She has logged a lot of miles, she has been working so hard,” Obama told viewers on NBC television’s “Tonight Show”. Less than two weeks before the November 6 vote that will determine whether he will win a second term in the White House, Obama heaped praise on Clinton, who four years ago, was his bitter rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Obama ultimately won the nomination before defeating Republican nominee John McCain in the November 2008 election. Clinton, the former first lady and one-time US senator, has proven to be an invaluable asset to

the Obama administration over the past four years and is viewed as one of its most competent and popular players. “She has done a great job. I would love for her to stay,” said Obama, adding however that he also understood why she was leaving. “I suspect that it is time for her to spend a little bit more time with her family,” he said. “I could not be prouder of the work she has done.” Clinton is widely viewed as having taken a bullet for her boss earlier this month when she assumed the blame for the administration’s clumsy handling of the September 11 attack on the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, which killed four Americans, including the American ambassador to Libya. Obama has come under fire from his critics over the assault during which heavily-armed militants stormed the consulate compound and attacked an annex housing US personnel on the 11th anniversary of the al Qaeda attacks on the US.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

Pakistan Today’s Umair Aziz takes a deeper look at what is being touted as Pakistan’s biggest project ever

All funds reserved for the BRTs Development schemes take a backseat as funds divert to bus rapid Transit System g


HE development schemes in the entire province have been put on the back seat, as the major chunk, around Rs 66 billion, in the Annual Development Plan (ADP) has been put in the blocks. Sources allege that this has been done to meet the constantly increasing costs of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), Pakistan Today has learnt. Punjab government revealed an Annual Development Plan of net development schemes of Rs 210 billion with special initiatives including the laptops scheme, green tractors scheme, packages for youth, women and regional planning for south Punjab. The government this year vowed to focus on the completion of ongoing schemes to avoid “throw-forward” and allocated a handsome Rs 124 billion in this regard. Interestingly, the documents reveal that more than half the amount, about Rs 66 billion, has been put in blocks, that is the amount has been reflected in the development outlay but without any corresponding scheme while the funds can be spent on the chief minister’s discretion alone. Ironically, major blocks have been kept in most crucial sectors: Energy (Rs 8 billion), Regional Planning for South Punjab (Rs 6.5 billion), Roads (Rs 10.3 billion), School Education (Rs 6 billion), Health (Rs 4.4 billion), Water Supply and Sanitation (Rs 4.7 billion), Higher Education (Rs 2.2 billion) to mention just a few in the long list. Sources allege that the blocks have been kept to meet the ever increasing costs of the ‘ambitious’ BRTS. The government allocated Rs 11 billion for the project earlier this year, however, the cost of the project has been constantly increasing from an initial Rs 15 billion to Rs 25 billion only so far as new bridges, underpasses and overheads continue to add on to the most ambitious project

of the provincial regime. A senior NESPAK official, seeking anonymity, estimated the costs of the project to the tune of Rs 35 billion before completion. To further prove the point, sources in the administrative departments reveal that the Planning and Development (P&D) Department has directed the departments not to touch the blocks whatever the urgency of any project might be causing the development schemes across the province to suffer. “The most crucial schemes are from the health and education sectors, while recently the P&D issued directions for re-appropriation of funds for a new hospital with instructions that blocks should not be touched,” an official from the Health Department told on the condition of anonymity. A similar situation has been observed in other departments as well. Provincial Finance Secretary Tariq Bajwa terms putting a huge packet in the development outlay in blocks a prerogative of the Planning and Development department, as “the finance department only shares the volume of provincial kitty to the P&D, which is solely responsible for chalking out development schemes within that ambit, allocating requisite amount to them or putting whatever amount in blocks,” he adds. Secretary P&D however refused to comment on the issue, while P&D Chairman Javaid Aslam was not available for comments despite repeated attempts at eliciting his opinion. However, a senior official, on the condition of anonymity, said that the blocks had been created becuase the provincial governmetn was not sure if the fedral government would release the funds or not. “That is why the budget is called a statement of expected income and expenditures,” the official added.

Will you choose the BRTS over your car? The project, which was developed with the idea that people would prefer buses over their cars, is already giving people second thoughts A lot of ambivalence still prevails around achieving the objective of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) which is to convince commuters to prefer state-of-the-art public transport over personal vehicles. The concept of the BRTS, globally is to reduce the number of cars on roads by convincing citizens to use public transport by providing rapid and high tech modes of commutation. Similar projects have been developed in various big cities of the neighbouring India as well. However, it has become a matter of concern whether the commuters on one of the busiest arteries of the metropolitan start preferring public transport over private vehicles, as more and more money goes into the most ambitious project of the Punjab government so far. The rationale of the policy-makers is rooted in the assumption that most citizens prefer travelling on private vehicles only because of a lack of decent public transport and once a mode of

commutation at par with international standards becomes available for the citizens, they will automatically shift. For similar reasons the width of the Ferozepur Road has been decreased, which has also invited the ire of many car users. Talking to Pakistan Today, renowned environmentalist Rafay Alam said there were more than 200,000 people using the Ferozepur Road on each side every day, making it the busiest artery in the metropolitan. “It depends on how you want to measure the success of a project, whether in terms of people using it or the revenue generated,” he said to a question, adding, “in my opinion public transport is successful it makes the city more liveable and sustainable”. To another question he said there were some BRTS in the world which were making profits, Ahmedabad and Bagota being just a few cases. “We can only hope that it works,” he added. Ahsan Manzoor, a banker from

Model Town, said, “The outcome of the project is yet to come, but we suffer everyday having to go through the mess on the Ferozepur Road. I hope it is actually worth the trouble because it has added an hour’s time to my office everyday.” No other project has created such a huge diversity of opinions from different strata of society. Many people from the adjacent districts coming to Lahore resented such high spending on just one road in the metropolitan city, leaving the others on the backseat. Many others wanted the same money spent on providing better health facilities. “The condition of public hospitals in the city is no secret compared to private health facilities, while those in the pe-

riphery are deplorable. Instead of improving such a critical sector as health, government has focused on a road and has dug out the entire city,” Zeeshan Ansari, an advocate, said. Some planners consider the project an assault on the aesthetics of the centuries old city. “We proposed initially to the highups that such a long elevated passage even in front of places such as Data Darbar will ruin the aesthetic beauty of the city, but it fell on deaf ears. Spaces under flyovers become hide outs for drug addicts and area around Taxali is already notorious for such activities and will further worsen it,” a senior planner on the condition of anonymity said. However, many people anticipate

the BRTS in the hope for a better public transport facility. Syed Basharat, an academician, who commutes on the public transport says that the fare of the buses will decide it for many people because mostly people have to use buses several times a day every day. “But if a good public transport facility is available in the city, I will definitely prefer it over my private vehicle given it comes in time and is decent and comfortable,” he added. Since no official has been willing to disclose the details of the project, nothing could be ascertained about the fare of the buses. However, the details obtained reveal that it will be subsidised by the government and buses will pile after every two minutes.

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Lahore 07


All project packages under Rs 5b lahore’s largest project, without a feasibility report to avoid federal govt scrutiny

brTS’ feasibility put to question‚ multiple times g The project cost is turning out to be much more than expected



The brTS project has been divided in 10 parts‚ each worth rs 5 billion


The Punjab government is dividing the Bus Rapid Transit System into several packages only to avoid the scrutiny of the project in the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) under the federal government, Pakistan Today has learnt. Sources on good authority revealed that as per rules, any project exceeding Rs 2 billion goes to the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) headed by the chairman of the provincial Planning and Development (P&D) Department, while any project exceeding Rs 5 billion is supposed to under to the ECNEC, the forum under the federal government which scrutinises the project. However, the cost of the BRTS as per current estimates crosses Rs 28 billion, but the high-ups have broken it up into 10 packages with an equal number

of separate PC-I for each package to keep the cost of each package below Rs 5 billion only to avoid taking it to ECNEC. A senior official from the Finance Department said the PDWP is a recommendatory body which approves schemes exceeding Rs 2b, while ECNEC is the forum for approval of schemes exceeding Rs 5b. Headed by the federal finance minister, the body is powerful enough to halt any project by not giving approval to it. “The province cannot approve a scheme halted by ECNEC. Besides the finance department, which seconds the schemes approved by the PDWP, cannot give a go-head to schemes not approved by the PDWP,” an official added. An official on the condition of anonymity revealed that not even a single package costs more than Rs 5 billion, while many of these are more

than Rs 4 billion. This is also the reason the government has been increasing the packages every time it is exceeding the bar of Rs 5 billion. “The high-ups have been playing around with the rules because they will have to present the rationale of the project in the federal government, which would have been very difficult for a project whose feasibility has not been conducted before initiating it at all,” the official said. The project director of the BRTS refused to talk about any aspect of the project at all. However, another official working on the project, on the condition of anonymity, said the rules and regulations only cause delays and hurdles in the completion of projects, citing examples of the Kala Bagh dam. “We have done our homework and we are doing the project in good faith,” he added.

The BRTS has become a constantly evolving, fund-eating behemoth only because the Punjab government has initiated work on the project without the most basic and essential component: conducting a feasibility of the project, Pakistan Today has learnt. Officials revealed that the cost of the most ambitious project of the Punjab government has been constantly increasing only because a proper feasibility was not conducted as is done before the government starts any project. Giving a detailed account of the changes the project has undergone so far, a senior official said the project initially consisted of five packages but has now 10 packages, besides new underpasses and flyovers and cuts are also being proposed even to date causing a constant increase in the cost only because of a lack of feasibility. “Initially the Ravi Bridge was to be widened but now a new bridge will be constructed. Similarly, an underpass has been proposed for Model Town, with various sections uplifted from at grade to elevated sections causing massive increase in costs. Moreover, various packages were merged and their costs revised after changes on ground. And it does not even stop here; more underpasses have been proposed as the one for the Lahore General Hospital which will yet again increase the cost,” a senior official told on the condition of anonymity. Officials in the transport department supervising the project claim that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has completed a feasibility study on the Ferozepur Road and hence the impression was not credible. However, another official revealed that JICA conducted the study for the Rail Road project initiated by Pervaiz Elahi’s government, while for BRTS a parallel feasibility was being conducted by a Turkish firm Ulasim. The BRT track measures 30km from Gajju Matta to Shahdara and has 31 stations on the MBS track. The system features E-ticketing, signal prioritizing for MBS buses, escalators for elderly and articulated buses which shall be plied with a two minute interval. The initial cost of the project started from around Rs 15 billion and now is more than Rs 28 billion, as the number of packages increase from the initial five to 10. The Package 1 starts from Youhanaabad ends at Kalma Chowk, NLC contractor, length 10km, costs Rs 4.2 billion; Package 2 is Kalma Chowk to Qartaba Chowk

(Qaddafi stadium onwards is elevated), length 4.9 km at the cost of Rs 4.7 billion and contractors are Maaksons, Al-buraq and SKB; Package 3 is Qartaba Chowk to MAO college length 2.51km for Rs 4.1 billion and Reliance is the contractor; Package 4 starts from MAO college to Bhatti Chowk at Rs 3.1 billion for a length of 2.3km elevated section being completed by NLC; Package 5 and 6 have been merged into one and start from Taxali Chowk to Shahdara Mor at Rs 3.2 billion for 3.7km being completed by Maaksons; Package 7 is an additional bridge along Lahore bridge at the cost of Rs 850 million done by NLC; Package 8 is Gajju Matta to Youhanabaad for Rs 3.2 billion for 2.3km done by Maaksons; Package 9 is erection of escalators and platform screen doors at Rs 2.3 billion; while Package 10 construction of bus depot on southern side at Rs 1.3 billion done by Server & Company; from Shahdra Mor to North depot the 2.8 km are going to cost another Rs 3 billion. Another senior official said the Turkish firm which introduced the project had proposed the entire project at grade and it demanded parking stations at various places. At this point, the Nespak, which is still the consultant on the entire project, took over and changed a major part of the project from on ground to elevation. No senior official from Nespak was available for comments, while TEPA chief engineer Saeed Akhtar and BRTS Project Director Sabtain Fazl-e-Haleem refused to talk about the project.

Punjab govt graciously pays for Turkey’s share also cInE STAr Ph: 35157462

frAnKEnwEEnIE (3D) STuDEnT Of ThE YEAr TAKEn 2

02:00PM 03:30‚ 08:15‚ 11:00PM 06:15PM

SOZO wOrlD Ph: 36674271

bArfI bhOOT rETurnS STuDEnT Of ThE YEAr

11:15PM 09:15PM 12:00‚ 02:45‚ 05:30PM

SOZO GOlD Ph: 36674271

bArfI hErOInE bhOOT rETurnS frAnKEnwEEnIE

12:00PM‚ 08:30PM 03:00PM‚ 07:30PM 11:15PM 05:30PM

SuPEr cInEMA AT rOYAl PAlM Ph: 111-602-602 36118679

STuDEnT Of ThE YEAr 12:00‚ 1:45‚ 5:45‚ 8:00‚ 9:30‚ 10:30PM bhOOT rETurnS 01:00‚ 02:45PM bArfI 04:15PM EnGlISh VInGlISh 07:00PM TAKEn 2 11:30‚ 06:15‚ 10:45PM lOOPEr 03:30‚ 08:30PM frAnKEnwEEnIE(3D) 12:15‚ 04:40PM


The Turks have not been easy on the bills either

The ‘love’ Turkey has for Punjab could not bear fruits since Punjab government is also going to have to fund the Turkish component of the Bus Rapid Transit System, Pakistan Today has learnt. The government, which had has been proudly showing its credentials for bringing in help from the Turks for the BRTS project, has now revealed in the project details that Turkish companies which have been working on the project have charged heavily for their work. Ulasim the company which shared the concept of the BRTS and proposed an initial design has charged Rs 70 million. Moreover, the gift of Turkish buses as announced for the project by Istanbol Mayor Kadir Tobpas during his visit were left-hand drive, outdated and are not coming. This has led the government to sign an agreement with another Turkish firm Platform, which will provide not only the buses, but also bear the travelling expenses. The govern-

ment signed this agreement during the chief minister’s recent visit to Turkey. Sharing the details of the

agreement, a senior official on good authority revealed the government has agreed to pay ‘Platform’ Rs 365 per kilometer for each

bus for a total of 45 buses for a period of eight years. Moreover, the government will have to pay for at least 70,000km per annum to Platform, which will provide operation and maintenance, including the buses, staff, travelling expenses and more for the said time. The government will collect the fare, and at the end of eight years, the operation will be handed over to the government. “At this rate the government will pay the firm more than Rs 1 billion every year,” the official added. CM’s Advisor on Transport Khwaja Hassan told Pakistan Today that no local investor or businessman was interested to invest in the BRTS when the government initiated the project. “We should appreciate the fact that the Turkish firms have not only shown their interest but have invested in our province where not even our local investors wanted to put in their bets,” he added.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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08 Lahore wEAThEr uPDATES


29 °c high 13low0c

and good business on Eidul Azha





29°c I 14°c

29°c I 14°c

29°c I 14°c

PrAYEr TIMInGS fajr 4:50

Sunrise 6:09

Zuhr 11:48

Asr 2:59

Maghrib 5:24

Isha 6:45


1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hOSPITAlS MID cITY 37573382-3 SErVIcES 99203402-11 MAYO 99211100-9 GEnErAl 35810892-8 ShEIKh ZAID 35865731 SIr GAnGA rAM 99200572 uch 35763573-5 ITTEfAq 35881981-85 cMh 366996168-72 ShOuKAT KhAnuM 35945100 JInnAh 111-809-809 ADIl (DEfEncE) 36667275 chIlDrEn’S 99230901-3 DEfEncE nATIOnAl hOSPITAl 111-17-18-19




AMILIES and youngsters, on the second and third days of Eid, thronged public parks, open air spaces and hill sides to celebrate Eid with barbecue parties that filled the air with the smoked aroma of grilled food. Barbecue parties are considered to be the perfect way to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha, as meat of different varieties is easily available to every one. This second major festival for Muslims brings scrumptious and delicious dishes of meat for food lovers, and almost every family arranges parties with mouth watering recipes. Youngsters arranged special barbecue parties on rooftops, green lawns and open air places as well other picnic spots, for their friends and family members. Amin Ali, a university student, said, “Such parties not only give us an opportunity to enjoy Eid with loved-ones, but also give us a chance to taste different types of dishes made of sacrificial meat.” “Week-long holidays along with the pleasant weather have added charm to Eid festivities as I can enjoy delicious meat dishes with my family and friends,” he said. “I am a vegetarian, but after smelling the aroma of barbecue, I just cannot stop myself from eating meat dishes on Eid. I have a great time when all family members, relatives and friends enjoy food and gossip on Eid,” said Shumaila Nargis, enjoying at a barbecue party. Eidul Azha comes once a year and the tradition of sharing meat with neighbours and the needy gives everyone a chance to store meat for the coming days to eat and serve guests, she said. Eidul Azha also served as a good opportunity for business for butchers and blacksmiths across the country. On the eve of Eid, blacksmiths did lucrative business as the sale of hand-made knives and choppers went high while people rushed to get their old knives sharpened. As Muslims sacrificed animals to perform

The Eid of sacrifice brings much needed respite from the mundane as everyone gets a share in the meat

their religious obligation, butchers remained in great demand till the third day of Eid. The event of performing ‘Qurbani’, a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), is a unique way of distributing meat among relatives, friends and the poor, besides enjoying scrumptious dishes of sacrificial meat. “Finding a butcher during Eid is a difficult task so most people prefer to sacrifice animals themselves to follow the Sunnah and avoid inconvenience,” said Adnan Ahmed, a butcher at a local market. Shareef Hussain, a blacksmith, said that

knives for slaughtering animals, taking off their skin and chopping meat, were prepared days before Eid. Other utensils used for barbecue were another income opportunity, as people arranged barbecue parties and family get-togethers till one week after Eid, he added. During Eid days, knife sellers roamed around on bicycles to sell their products and to sharpen old knives. Besides enjoying meat dishes, health experts have asked citizens not to eat too much meat at a time as it can be harmful for their health.


35210834-8 37588649/37535435


111-000-118 1199


117 99201772 1333


114 111-786-786



ColoURS of DeSeRt

cOllEGES / unIVErSITIES PunJAb unIVErSITY KInnAIrD cOllEGE quEEn MArY cOllEGE GOVT. cOllEGE unIVErSITY uMT luMS uET lcwu SuPErIOr cOllEGE Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

DATE: MArch 31 TO DEcEMbEr 29‚ 2012 VEnuE: hAST-O-nEEST cEnTrE‚ lAhOrE hast-o-neest centre for Traditional Art & culture Invites you to its Monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab Ahmed Javed Sahib (Director‚ Iqbal Academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of Maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm‚ last Saturday of every month

DATE: APrIl 01 TO DEcEMbEr 30‚ 2012 VEnuE: fAIZ GhAr‚ lAhOrE A unique blend of Yoga‚ Meditation‚ neuro-linguistic Programming‚ Sufism & more. Achieve self-insight‚ mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga Master Shamshad haider

DATE: OcT 22 - nOV 05 VEnuE: EJAZ ArT GAllErY The Ejaz Art Gallery invites you to a colourful display of art work on the desert life in Pakistan. There is no entrance fee.

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Foreign News 09

Israel hit by 18 rockets as Hamas seeks revenge JERUSALEM



AZA militants on Monday fired 18 rockets at southern Israel, ending several days of calm, with the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement saying it was revenge after an air raid killed one of their men. It was the second straight day in which militants had fired rockets at Israel in a confrontation which began early on Sunday, and effectively ended three days of calm after an Egyptian-brokered truce went into force at midnight on Wednesday. "At least 18 rockets were fired at Israeli territory, without causing injuries or

damage," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP, saying the count was from midnight. Monday's barrage of rocket fire followed hot on the heels of two late-night Israeli air strikes which did not cause any injuries, Palestinian security sources said. Although the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades did not say how many rockets it had fired, it named at least five areas in southern Israel where it had targeted "military sites" -- Sufa, Kissufim, Beeri, Yad Mordechai and Nahal Oz. And it posted a grainy video on their website which appeared to show militants launching nine rockets in the early morning. "This shelling was in response to the continuous Zionist bombing and terror-

ising of peaceful citizens, which most recently killed Suleiman Kamel al-Qara, as well as in response to the repeated incursions and attacks carried out by the occupation," the group said referring to one of its own militants. The firing was the latest show of force from Hamas militants who have traditionally respected a de facto truce on firing at Israel, but who have in recent weeks, claimed several rocket attacks. The latest round of tit-for-tat violence began early on Sunday when Israeli troops crossed the border into southern Gaza, prompting Hamas militants to begin firing mortars at them, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said. Israel then carried out an air strike

which killed Qara and injured another Hamas militant. Throughout the day, militant groups then fired seven rockets at Israel, two of which struck the southern city of Beersheva, which is home to 194,000 people, causing schools to be cancelled for the day. Gaza's Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for firing at Beersheva. Late on Sunday, Israel hit back with two strikes on northern and southern Gaza, causing damage but no injuries. "In response to the incessant rocket fire at southern Israel, IAF aircraft targeted a rocket launching site and a terror activity site in the northern Gaza Strip as well as a terror activity site in the southern Gaza Strip," the army said.

Palestinian witnesses and security sources confirmed the raids, saying one house was destroyed but no-one was injured. Army statistics say armed groups have fired more than 160 rockets at Israel since the start of October. The Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, which went into force at midnight on Wednesday, was aimed at ending 72 hours of bloodshed in which Israeli air strikes killed eight militants, and armed groups fired more than 100 rockets at Israel, severely wounding two Thai workers. That round of violence, which began on October 22, also began when militants opened fire on troops who had crossed the border into northern Gaza, prompting several deadly air strikes.

israel doubts iran has drone data TEL AVIV AFP

AlEPPO: A Syrian rebel fighter looks at smoke billowing from a bus that caught on fire after a regime sniper allegedly shot at it on Monday less than 24 hours before a truce negotiated by the United Nations was set to expire. AFP

'Heaviest' air strikes yet shake Syria after failed truce DAMASCUS AFP

Damascus shook with loud explosions Monday as Syrian warplanes reportedly launched their heaviest air strikes yet after a failed bid to halt the country's violence for a Muslim holiday. The blasts, heard coming from several districts, were among the most intense in the capital since the beginning of Syria's 19-month conflict, an AFP correspondent said. They were followed by a car bombing that state television said killed at least 10 people in the predominantly Christian and Druze area of Jaramana, just outside Damascus. The fresh violence came as world powers looked to pick up the pieces of the failed ceasefire effort, with UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi in Moscow and due in China later this

week, as he prepares to present new ideas to the UN Security Council. Monday, the final day of the Eid alAdha holiday, saw the Syrian military launch 34 air strikes across the country over just three hours of the morning, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. "These are the heaviest air strikes since warplanes were first deployed over the summer," the watchdog's director, Rami Abdel Rahman, told AFP. After talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Brahimi lamented the failure of the truce, telling reporters: "The situation is bad and getting worse." Warplanes struck at least eight targets in Damascus, the Observatory said, with attacks focused on rebel positions in a northeastern belt of the capital where the regime has been battling to take over opposition strongholds.

A Syrian security official told AFP the military was trying to prevent the rebels from boosting their hold on the area. "The army is conducting raids on agricultural lands and orchards around the capital because the rebels are trying to regroup and to strengthen their positions there," the official said on condition of anonymity. The four-day truce proposed by Brahimi for Eid that started Friday fell apart amid clashes, shelling and car bombings only hours after it had been due to take effect. Nearly 400 people have died since the start of Eid according to the Observatory, which relies on a countrywide network of activists, lawyers and medics in civilian and military hospitals. It says its tolls take into account civilian, military, and rebel casualties. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Monday he was "deeply disap-

pointed" by the collapse of the truce and urged all sides "to live up to their obligations and promote a ceasefire". UN diplomats say Brahimi was realistic about the ceasefire's chances and is now looking ahead to new efforts to tackle the crisis. Diplomats told AFP that he will go back to the Security Council with fresh proposals in November after the visits to Russia and China -- who have repeatedly vetoed resolutions threatening action against Assad's regime. Russia has blamed the rebels for the failure to contain the violence, with deputy foreign minister Gennady Gatilov charging that "the opposition foiled the ceasefire," making clear its "intent to continue violence." Regime forces and the main rebel Free Syrian Army have blamed each other for the ceasefire's collapse, with both saying they have only responded to attacks.

A senior officer in Israel's northern command on Monday dismissed an Iranian claim they were in possession of data transmitted by an unmanned Hezbollah drone that overflew Israel earlier this month. "I don't think there was a camera," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity, although he admitted the incident was "still being investigated." Israel's air force on October 6 shot down the unarmed drone over the Negev desert after it entered the country's airspace from the Mediterranean Sea. At the time, the Israeli military dismissed the idea the drone could have been launched from Gaza, and said it was examining the possibility it may have been sent by the Lebanese Shiite militia, Hezbollah. Several days later, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said it was his movement which had sent the drone, saying the device was "Iranian built and assembled in Lebanon." "It overflew sensitive and important installations for dozens of kilometres until the enemy spotted it near (the nuclear site) Dimona," he said, without identifying the installations. In an interview broadcast on Sunday night, Esmaeel Kosari, who chairs the defence commission at the Iranian parliament, claimed the drone had "transmitted live data, photographing sensitive Israeli bases." "The photos of restricted areas are in Iran's possession," he told Iran's Arabic-language Al-Alam television. The Israeli officer said that to the best of his knowledge "there were no weapons on the drone." Even without gathering intelligence, the drone's flight was "a show of ability," he said, proving that "it could fly over Israel for a long time, which could develop into filming abilities." He also raised the possibility of future "suicide drones" which could carry explosives and be crashed into Israeli targets.

obama races back to White house as hurricane looms WASHINGTON AFP

US President Barack Obama raced back to the White House Monday ahead of Hurricane Sandy, which threw election endgame plans into turmoil just one week before he asks Americans for a second term. Democrat Obama ditched plans to appear with ex-president Bill Clinton in Florida to steer a huge government relief effort as high winds and torrential rains began to lash the northeastern United States. Millions of people faced the prospect of damage from snapping trees, severe flooding and power outages, including in some key swing states like Virginia, where Sandy's "October Surprise" may have an unpredictable electoral impact. Grabbing a chance to leverage the built-in advantages of incumbency, Obama made clear his

focus, until Sandy had barreled through, was the safety of Americans, not his own immediate political fate. "Obviously my first priority has to be to make sure that everything is in place for families," the president told campaign workers in Florida late Sunday. "That's going to be putting a little bit more burden on folks in the field, because I'm not going to be able to campaign quite as much over the next couple of days." The president had been due to appear in Florida, Ohio and Virginia with the popular former Democratic president on Monday, and also scotched plans to head west to Colorado, another swing state, on Tuesday. Republican Mitt Romney also altered his plans as he tried to drive recent momentum right up to polling day on November 6, seeking to fracture Obama's "firewall" of midwestern states and deprive him of a second term.

The Republican instead canceled rallies in storm-threatened Virginia and went instead to inland Ohio, the Midwestern epicenter of the unpredictable final week battle for the White House. He was due to spend Monday on the stump in Ohio and Iowa, though will likely tame the vehemence of his message, to avoid accusations he is playing politics while Obama hovers above the fray and shows leadership. Romney did make an attempt to inject himself into what is likely to be days of news coverage dominated by Sandy's assault, in which the president is also likely to play a prominent role. "Tonight, Ann and I are keeping the people in Hurricane Sandy's path in our thoughts and prayers," Romney said in an email message to supporters. "I hope that if you can, you'll reach out to your neighbors who may need help getting ready for the

storm -- especially your elderly neighbors," he said, and asked backers to bring election yard signs inside. "I'm never prouder of America than when I see how we pull together in a crisis. There's nothing that we can't handle when we stand together," Romney said. The storm, expected to be at its most severe Monday and Tuesday, was the latest manifestation of the "October Surprise" -- the fabled late-campaign news event with the potential to sway the outcome of a US election.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami

gone with the wind A tale of two leaders

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nothing beyond wringing hands Talks of Governor’s rule or an in-house change

Third Eye By M J Akbar


ver the last more than four years, the situation of Balochistan has continued to deteriorate. Everyone from federal ministers to provincial CM to the law enforcement authorities seeks time to set it right. For full one month, Khuzdar suffered a complete breakdown in law and order. The entire city, including shopping areas, educational institutions and government offices, remained shut down. Meanwhile, dacoits and armed criminals snatching private vehicles had a field day while police officers advised complainants to bargain with the criminals. The SC bench hearing the Balochistan case in Quetta held that the provincial government had failed in its fundamental responsibility of protecting the basic rights of the people. There are reports of either an in-house change or imposition of Governor’s rule in the province. The system in Balochistan, set up after 2008 elections, is itself a part of the problem. It is the only province in the country where all members of the provincial assembly, with the exception of one, are in the cabinet irrespective of their political affiliations. There is thus virtually no opposition in the assembly to call the government to account. The government has during the last four years and half let the security agencies run the province as they like. Under the seventh NFC award, Balochistan’s share in the divisible pool increased to Rs 83 billion in 2010-11 compared to Rs 29 billion in 2009-10 besides an annual receipt of Rs 12 billion in gas development surcharge arrears. The cabinet has neatly divided a fair portion of the funds among its member with each MPA/minister receiving Rs 300 million as discretionary funds. Thus the obliging CM who has ordered a new airplane for himself does not face any criticism from a contented cabinet. Balochistan exemplifies the strengths and the grievous shortcomings of the federal government’s policy of reconciliation with all who matter. Here PPP, PML-Q, JUI-F and even PML-N are in the ruling coalition. Despite a continuously deteriorating law and order situation and unrest among the population, the government has faced no threat, except now from the SC. A discussion is taking place in Islamabad whether to impose Governor’s rule or introduce an in-house change. Balochistan, however, is still no priority for the federal government. A cabinet panel visited the province early this month and has prepared a report. The National Assembly passed a resolution to convene a commission of all parties on Balochistan. Senator Raza Rabbani presented a five-point programme in the Upper House. In the absence of any practical step, there is little likelihood of any improvement in the situation on ground with the introduction of the Governor’s rule or an in-house change.


oing well in school is no guarantee that you will do well in life; but to do well in life, you have to at least get to a school. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, father of Pakistan, was born in Karachi in 1875; his first school was a madrassah. He moved to a missionary institution at the age of seven, and then on to Lincoln’s Inn in London where he enrolled as a “gentleman-student”. He was called to the bar in 1896 but only on his fourth attempt. This academic setback never dented his self-confidence. He began practice in Mumbai as the proverbial “briefless barrister”. Sir Charles Olivant, then law member in the Governor’s Council, saw some spark in this young man and offered him a place in the colonial judicial service at the then fabulous salary of Rs 1500 a month. Jinnah archly told his benefactor that he hoped to earn that much in a day. Within less than a decade, not only was his brief bulging, but Jinnah had become a member of the Viceroy’s Council. M C Chagla, who was Jinnah’s junior in the 1920s and rose to become foreign minister under Mrs Indira Gandhi, called Jinnah a poor lawyer but a superb advocate. The law was less important than the case: a skill that enabled Jinnah to carve out Pakistan from the fog of possibilities that engulfed the subcontinent during its decade of uncertainty between 1937 and 1947. Jinnah’s values were shaped by the liberal thought of a nation whose political grasp he was determined to overthrow, Britain. His political hero was the great Turkish hero and reformer, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who wrenched his nation out of Ottoman decline and placed it on the forefront of the modern world. Ataturk had long banned the veil and ensured gender equality through legislation when Jinnah told a Muslim League conference on 27 October, 1937, “I wish I were Mustafa Kemal. In that case I could easily solve the problem of India. But I am not.” Perhaps that was the problem: Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular nation with a Muslim majority, but along the way com-

promised with forces who sought a theocratic hegemony. The law was less important to Jinnah than the case. His advocacy created Pakistan; his comparative indifference to its ideology left room for others to twist Pakistan towards directions that would have left secular Jinnah aghast. Could Jinnah have lived, or even survived, in a Pakistan where a girl child, Malala, was shot in the head by fundamentalist thugs merely because she wanted to go to school, no more than a madrassah of the sort where Jinnah learnt his first lessons in a life that would change the destiny of a subcontinent? Was there corruption during Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom movement? It began, formally, on 2 August, 1920, when Gandhi made an unusual demand: Britain, which had just defeated Turkey in the First World War, should restore suzerainty of the holy Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina to the Caliph. Gandhi also sought immediate “swaraj”, or selfrule, for India, whose armies had fought alongside Britain in the war and, indeed, had helped it vanquish the Ottoman empire. This mass upsurge is known, therefore, as the non-cooperation as well as the Khilafat (Caliphate) movement. Gandhi’s principal ally was the All India Khilafat Committee, led by both conservative ulema as well as Oxford-returned gentry like Shaukat Ali and Mohammad Ali. India had witnessed nothing like it. HinduMuslim unity shifted from treetop conference resolutions to grass and its roots, and Indians, woken from slumber, shivered with passion as they went in search of the

India of their dreams. Gandhi was heart and soul of that great moment. Rabindranath Tagore honoured him with the honorific of Mahatma, a tribute endorsed by public acclaim. Funds came from street donations: wives of businessmen threw their jewels into cloth bags held by volunteers; the less fortunate gave the anna in their pocket. Receipt books existed, but were often nominal. And there lay the nub. Suspicion arose; enquiry committees were soon in place. It is a long and not very pleasant story, but they discovered that some Khilafat leaders were charging their laundry and barbershop bills to the fund; a venerable maulana was thought to have purchased his Chevrolet out of them; and one Mumbai merchant had diverted Rs 16 lakhs to his business. But when investigation was complete into the fund controlled by Gandhi, there was not a rupee that could not be accounted for. Gandhi financed the liberation of India over a quarter century with donations from Indians. He had his weaknesses. He made his mistakes. But greed was not among them. What would Gandhi have thought of 21st century India, where corruption is endemic, where public life and private sector business is consumed by a gangrene called loot? If there are tears in Heaven, the rivers of Paradise must be in saline flood. The columnist is editor of The Sunday Guardian, published from Delhi, India on Sunday, published from London and Editorial Director, India Today and Headlines Today.

land-grabbing in the new age Neo-colonialism disguised as opportunity By Najma Sadeque


t this very moment, an indigenous Brazilian tribe is threatening to commit mass suicide over their stolen land where the Belo Monte dam is being built, holding up work. Giant dams need vast lands and largely benefit the middle and upper classes. Globally, they have a history of forcibly displacing and impoverishing helpless rurals who are never compensated for their loss. Colonialism is alive and well — with one major difference. Today, neo-colonials are no longer content monopolising the output of those same lands; they want to own the lands too. Earlier this month, activists from South and South-East Asia joined the International Land Coalition and Oxfam in Cambodia at the Asian Land Forum to find ways of stalling the global land-grab. Ironically, Cambodia itself has leased half its arable land to foreign investors. The entire debt-burdened world is easy prey. The current Oxfam report lists several

Tuesday, 30 October, 2012

thousand land deals over the past decade acquiring 260 million acres that could have produced food for a billion people — a modest estimate at four persons per acre fed, whereas an acre can easily support twice as many, even up to 40, using organic techniques to feed two billion. Between 2000 and 2010, 60 percent of lands produced bio-fuels for western road vehicles. Two-thirds of the investors produced purely for export, not to feed local hungry. As Oxfam put it succinctly: “… very few if any of these land investments benefit local people or help to fight hunger. Two-thirds of farmland deals by foreign investors are in countries with a serious hunger problem. Instead, the land is either being left idle, as speculators wait for its value to increase and then sell it at a profit, or it is predominantly used to grow crops for export, often for use as bio-fuels. About two-thirds of foreign land investors in developing countries intend to export everything they produce on the land.” That includes the Arab investors whose ambitious plans in Pakistan include a million acres in Balochistan

alone, but are on hold until peace ensures safe implementation. Do we need them, considering 50 percent of Pakistan’s rural families are landless? The wealthiest four percent of rural landowners own over half of all prime cultivated land, some families with holdings as large as 100,000 acres. But Pakistan’s juicy offerings include tax exemption for the first decade, no compulsion to hire locally, unrestricted repatriation of produce and profits, no restrictions on water usage – clearly guaranteeing that in 10 years, merciless, large-scale chemical and GM monoculture will render Pakistan’s fragile soils quite dead. What exactly Pakistanis will gain remains unclear. Unknown to most, in the 1990s, the Benazir government declared corporate farming an industry, unhampered by the Land Acquisition Act of 1904. Nineteen multinationals were reportedly approved. Subsequently, General Musharraf’s like-minded government passed the Corporate Agricultural Farming policy and Corporate Farming Ordinance 20012, spelling out the huge incentives and

tax breaks to investors. Trade shows and negotiations were held in various Middle Eastern countries. Perhaps the peasant uprising at Okara prompted the promise of a security force of 100,000 to protect all foreign investments. In 2009, the same mindset in the Zardari government initially offered one million acres and later 6 million more, under a 49- or 99-year lease. It removed caps to landholdings imposed under previous land reforms. Throughout, all decisions were unilateral, sans consultation with the peasant masses or contingency plans for their fate, notwithstanding the fact that on the eve of Pakistan’s independence, the then Pakistan Muslim League had promised to restore all farmland to the tiller. 65 years later, the tillers are still waiting. Pakistan’s Board of Investment requires $ 3,240 per acre in the first four years, based on requisite industrial machinery and infrastructure to supposedly benefit the country afterwards. But investors do not leave as long as the land yields profits. With a rent of under $5 per acre per year, why leave in a hurry? Ten-

ants have been warned in advance of inevitable eviction. Since 2009, 150,000 acres in Thar (for bio-fuels), 200,000 acres of land in Balochistan, and 800,000 acres more in secret locations have been reportedly committed. The World Bank double-facedly provided up to $8 billion a year for largescale land acquisitions globally. As many as 21 formal protests from the locals affected have gone ignored. Feudal-minded decision-makers waiting to activate commitments would be well advised to keep in mind the short-lived Madagascar experience. In 2008, its former government unilaterally granted the South Korean Daewoo Corporation a rent-free, 99-year lease for 3.2 million acres - half the island’s entire arable land. It promised 45,000 jobs in place of millions of livelihoods. The outrage and uprising led to a coup overthrowing the government. The deal was scrapped by the new government, which saved the country’s sovereignty. Some governments don’t realise they are walking on a tightrope.

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Comment 11

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

Karachi’s killing fields A government that fails to protect lives and property of citizens has no right to rule, nor collect taxes. Thousands have died in Karachi of target killing, while its traders live in fear of extortion and kidnapping for ransom. It is a city where even journalists like Wali Babar are gunned to death and nobody gets caught. The coalition government’s sole objective seems to be to enjoy perks of power, without any responsibility to either tax payer, totally oblivious of primary constitutional obligation to maintain law and order and punish criminals. Karachi’s tragedy is that everybody claims to own this city, but yet most of them in power, consider it not worthy for their children to live here, nor for their assets to be located here, because most of them have acquired other nationalities and have no major stakes in this country. It is a city from where 70,000 containers loaded with weapons and contraband goods disappeared after exiting from port with fake documentation. It has become a transit place, where financial gains, legal or illegal can be made, illegal land occupation has become a booming tax free venture, where billions allocated for infrastructure development vanish, and bridges collapse within months of completion, yet nobody ever gets prosecuted. It is a city which is the financial hub of a country, yet lawlessness is comparable to the wild west of yester years, when power vested in the hands of those who had the gun. Those who have been in power for past four years, or in the preceding decade, cannot absolve themselves of culpable homicide by design or neglect, nor of the charges of using violence as a tool to exert political hegemony and patronizing the land, drug and crime mafia that have made life miserable for those who reside in this city. It is unfortunate that insecurity prevails in this city, where a government with its various constitutional paraphernalia exists, yet it is as dangerous as the unsettled areas in our tribal belt. ALI MALIK TARIQ Illinois, USA

Saving Steel Mills This is with reference to news that CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills Major General (retd) Muhammad Javed has requested the federal government to release another Rs five billion of the bailout package so the consistency in PSM’s production could be maintained. He said the production capacity of the mills would be increased after the arrival of raw material till midNovember and would reach up to 45 percent in January 2013. This is daydreaming. Let us see the ground realities. The condition of steel mills has deteriorated to such an extent that it is causing loss of Rs 1 billion each month and productivity is around 20-

30 percent. The retired general should be congratulated for signing charter of demand of union that is going to put extra burden on sick unit of Rs 150 to 180 million per month. When the ship is sinking you reduce the weight not over load it. These bailout packages are sheer waste of poor peoples’ money. Even if the angels are brought there will be no change at all, until and unless two major issues are attended. On the top of the list is the union interference to the extent that PSM has become hostage in their hands. Nothing can move without their permission.

PM Inspection commission Prime Minister's Inspection Commission (PMIC) has existed for many years as a dormant organisation. It was established during the time of General Zia-ul-Haq to conduct enquiries into malpractices and mismanagement in Federal government departments/organisations. Initially, it was headed by officers from army, police and civil service. For the last four and half years, chairmanship has gone to Members of the National Assembly. The PMIC consists of a chairman and members appointed by the prime minister in his discretion. The number of members is not fixed; the prime minister can appoint any retired bureaucrat as a member of the commission. A serving officer, who does not like to be posted as OSD, also manages posting in the PMIC. The executive order which created PMIC, gives immense powers to the commission for conducting inquiries and criminal proceedings against defaulting government officials. However, the commission has not prosecuted any government official since its establishment. Rules have not been formulated to give teeth to the commission. Now when NAB and FIA have lost credibility in the eyes of the judiciary and the general public, it is high time to give investigation role to PMIC by depoliticising it. It should be renamed as Federal Inspection Commission (FIC) and a retired judge of the Supreme Court may be appointed as chairman PMIC, assisted by retired police officers of integrity and competence. It may be linked with the law ministry for budget only. All the cases which are being (mis)handled by NAB and FIA may be transferred to FIC for impartial investigation/inquiry. ASGHAR MAHMOOD Islamabad

Suggestions for KMc Karachi, the largest and the most populated city of Pakistan was initially following the act of Municipal Government. Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) is a government backed organization. In year 2000, it was given the position of City District Government (CDG). There are various departments working in KMC such as

Secondly, it is the surplus manpower that is taking the toll of the mill. With present strength, around 17,000 with half of them doing nothing, have to be laid off. All successive governments turned steel mill in to employment heaven and systematically destroyed this most important industrial unit of the country. To add to the injury this government regularised around 4,500 daily wagers in to permanent cadre putting extra burden on the mill only to please the union At present salary of employees is around Rs 90 crores per month, add another 20 for the fuel that means

education, enterprise and investment promotion, literacy, medial services, municipal services and the list continues so it clearly eradicates the perception about KMC as a garbage collecting corporation. Moreover, KMC also provides health services to many hospitals in Karachi. KMC also has the authority to take legal action against the land mafia in Karachi. Among various departments of KMC, Solid Waste Management is one such department which is mainly responsible to facilitate the general public of Karachi by ensuring that they are provided a pollution free environment, treat the hazardous and toxic waste in order to protect people and environment. Since the inception of KMC, people consider it as a garbage collection corporation mainly but in reality KMC is far beyond this. This is mainly because KMC has not been successfully able to create awareness among its target audience i.e., masses. There are times when KMC organizes different events but because of lack of awareness and participation, KMC cannot carry out its activities in effective way. Moreover, the customer feedback has also not been taken into account by the KMC by considering themselves as monopoly in market. However, with rapid change of time, KMC should realise that it needs to have some strong PR strategies which can help it change the perception about it. The PR strategies by KMC should be strong enough so that they will not fire back and create worse situations for KMC. KMC should first increase awareness about its municipal services by organizing different campaigns which depict their interest towards cleaning and protection of the environment. KMC’s municipal services should be highlighted by creating public service messages and for this purpose KMC should engage themselves with better media relations so that every single activity of KMC can have media coverage. Media plays an important role in changing the perception of the people because presently. Moreover, KMC should effectively communicate with their audience in order to make them understand the positioning of KMC and the misconception that masses have about KMC. Furthermore, KMC should also take feedback of every single event it organizes by using tools of social media. Furthermore, the KMC should also focus on

over Rs one billion per month without giving any output. Even 45 percent production by 2013 as claimed by the general shall not make any difference. If the government really wants to save this costly asset, three immediate steps have to be taken. First and foremost is to ban the union immediately for a period of four years; secondly, reduce the employee strength to 50 percent; and finally, appoint professionals to run this mill instead of showering these high profile posts to favourites. There is no other option to save this costly asset of Pakistan. MUKHTAR AHMED Karachi

highlighting the importance of recycling which is the need of the hour. It can also organize events related to environmental pollution and importance of recycling in which they should gather the volunteers from all over Karachi and accomplish its purposes of cleaning various areas by volunteers. MUHAMMAD MUSTAQEEM YOUSFANI Karachi

uS hunting terrorists ‘US draw up new blueprint for hunting terrorists’. This can also belong to 18th century British. In May 2005, The Guardian, London, wrote, “In 1798, the British government sent Richard Wellesley to India as Governor General with special instruction to (invade, occupy Mysore) replace Tipu Sultan with a western puppet but first he has to justify the British public as decided in private”. “Wellesley therefore began a campaign of vilification against Tipu portraying him as an aggressive Muslim monster, furious and one dimensional fanatic, perpetually on his tongue the projects of jihad, an intolerant bigot”, and many more of the kind. The Guardian ends up saying, “Recent work by scholars has succeeded in reconstructing a very different Tipu than as invented by Wellesley.” Z A KAZMI Karachi

Multiparty system Pakistan has a multiparty system. In this system every politician tries to achieve his own political domain by hook or by crook. The political leg pulling of 1970s in which Z A Bhutto and Mujib-urRahman played an explicit major roles is an example of the demerits of this system. This political leg pulling played a vital role in the separation of Bengal in 1971. In my opinion, Pakistan is not making progress due to this multiparty system. The government should implement uni-party system or two-party system with consensus of all major political parties of Pakistan. We should not build castles in the air that Pakistan can progress by adopting multiparty system. CHANGEZI SANDHU Islamabad

Tuesday, 30 October, 2012

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12 Shahrukh, Katrina, Anushka’s special promotional plans for

JAB TAK HAI JAAN Rihanna gets most inventive gift for Adele’s newborn


DELE’S baby boy has been showered with many gifts from friends and family. But pop sensation Rihanna has gone out of her way and gifted a creative present to the 10-day-old. Rihanna has sent two babygros for the little one. “One of the outfits has the words, ‘My mum is a rockstar,’printed across the front and the second spells out, ‘Just done nine months inside,’” reported The Sun. “She also sent her pal some saucy lingerie. The note tagged on to the underwear box read: ‘You gotta stay sexy, yummy mummy. Enjoy yourself. Congrats,’” the tabloid added. The 24-year-old singer and her charity worker partner Simon Konecki are on cloud nine with the birth of their first child. They live in a ten bedroom house in West Sussex. NEWS DESK



HE stars of Yash Chopra’s last film have kept all their work on hold to focus on the promotions of their Diwali release, thereby offering all their support to the bereaved Chopra family All the speculation and confusion regarding Yash Raj Films’ Jab Tak Hai Jaan have been put to rest by Yash Chopra’s wife Pamela Chopra himself (fondly called Pam aunty by industry folks), who recently declared that they will have a grand premiere for her husband’s last romantic movie, all to bid him an unforgettable farewell. Till he breathed his last, Yash Chopra was thoroughly involved in every aspect of his film, JTHJ. In fact, he had chalked out some unique promotional

strategies for his film and even discussed it with close associates. The film’s first teaser was out on August 15 and song promos – Challa, Saans, Jiya re and the latest Ishq shava – were released gradually, one every week. Yash Raj Films might also showcase dialogue promos next week. We heard that the leading stars of the film – Shahrukh, Katrina and Anushka – are currently on a break, as they intend to promote the movie together. SRK and Katrina have already shot the JTHJ special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 6, to be aired on November 4, and King Khan has already recorded a couple of TV interviews.

HAMBURG: US singer Jennifer Lopez performs on stage during her ‘Dance Again World Tour’ concert at O2 World on Sunday. AFP

Real-life relationship with Robert helped Kristen play Bella in Twilight


RISTEN Stewart has revealed that her reallife relationship with Robert Pattinson has helped her to play hopelessly in love Bella Swan in the ‘Twilight Saga’ franchise. The 22-year-old actress said that she found it easy to play Bella Swan, who is in love with Pattinson’s vampire character Edward Cullen, because she has experienced that overwhelming love in real life. “I know what it’s like to love something so much,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Entertainment Tonight. The Hollywood A-list couple recently reconciled after the actor forgave Stewart for cheating on him with married director Rupert Sanders. NEWS DESK

Alia Bhatt mobbed by fans


LIA Bhatt might be riding on the wave of the success of her debut film Student Of The Year, but the actor recently had a brush with the perils of stardom. A few days ago, Alia was in a rush to go for a dinner and in the absence of a car at her disposal, she decided to take an auto to the destination. When the auto halted at a signal in Bandra, a group of young fans on the road spotted her and started approaching the vehicle. When the signal turned green, the overexcited bunch even followed the auto and started banging on it. As the rowdy fans tried to get close to her, she, apparently, even sustained a few scratches on her hands. When asked about the incident, Alia says, “Yes, the incident did happen but no one got violent or scared me. People surrounded it and so it was difficult for the auto driver to move ahead. They (the fans) wanted to take my picture and shake my hand. It was a different experience for me, but not necessarily a bad one. I didn’t have a car and I had to reach some place soon, so I took a rickshaw. I don’t mind taking rickshaws when needed.” However, the actor maintains that she is not bogged down by the bitter experience. “It was bit weird but I never felt scared. I told people let me go as I am getting late for dinner, they let me. I didn’t expect people to stop the rickshaw.” NEWS DESK

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

Pop star Glitter arrested in British sex abuse probe LONDON



ORMER glam rocker Gary Glitter has been released on bail after being arrested Sunday by police investigating sexual abuse allegations against the late British TV star Jimmy Savile that have plunged the BBC into crisis. The 1970s pop star will appear before officers in mid-December as part of the investigation police have termed “Savile and others”, according to a Scotland Yard statement. Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, is the first person arrested in an investigation which has snowballed since claims that Savile molested underage girls were aired in a television documentary earlier this month. The king of the glam rock era with a string of stomping hits, has served a jail term in Britain for downloading child pornography and in Vietnam for child sex offences. Wearing a hat, dark glasses and a winter coat, 68-year-old Glitter was seen being escorted from his central London home into a waiting vehicle early Sunday. “Officers working on Operation Yewtree have today arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said. “The man, from London, was arrested at approximately 7:15 am (0715 GMT) on suspicion of sexual offences, and has been taken into custody at

a London police station.” The operation has identified around 300 possible victims of Savile over a 40year period, which would make the eccentric BBC presenter one of the worst sex offenders in British history. The claims against Savile have plunged the BBC into crisis and destroyed the reputation of a man who, with his garish tracksuits and ever-present cigar, was one of the most famous faces on British television for decades. Savile, who died on October 29 last year aged 84, also single-handedly raised tens of millions of pounds (dollars, euros) for charity. The claims against him in an ITV documentary gave dozens of others the courage to come forward to police with allegations about Savile and others involved with him who are still alive. Savile’s great-niece on Sunday told Sky News she was abused twice by the DJ and that the family turned a blind eye to her claims. “They both happened during a family gathering,” said Caroline Robinson, 49. “Jimmy got it down to perfection, where he managed to do it and what he did and nobody noticed. “After it happened when I was 12, I spoke to my grandmother, I told her what Jimmy had done. Her reply was, ‘It’s only Jimmy, it doesn’t matter, I’ll sort it out’.” Police on Sunday said that Savile’s house in Glencoe, Scotland, had been vandalised. “Jimmy the beast” was written on the wall and the door was badly damaged.

LONDON: Former British rock star Gary Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, returns home on Monday after he was arrested earlier in the day by police as they probe the mountain of sexual abuse allegations against the late TV star Jimmy Savile. AFP

Tom Cruise planning to make Mission Impossible 5 Tom Cruise has revealed his plans to make the fifth sequel of the movie Mission: Impossible, and insists that as long as people still enjoy the films he’ll keep making them. The 50-year-old actor has played the role of Ethan Hunt in the spy series since 1996 - with the most recent installment Ghost Protocol released in late 2011 - and even after reprising the role four times he has no intention of retiring the character. ‘’I started ‘Mission: Impossible’ hoping I could make many of them. It’s a character that I can grow with. At that time it was the most expensive film in the history of Paramount Pictures, and the first film I was producing,” Contactmusic quoted Cruise as telling Total Film magazine. ‘’It’s been pretty exciting. Seeing an audience respond ... to have that experience is really wonderful. I’ll make a bunch of those. I’ll make as many as people want to see ... because they’re very challenging, and so much fun to make,” he said. The Hollywood heavyweight also revealed work has already started to try and find locations for Hunt’s return. “We’re already working on different images. I love travelling around promoting movies because I’m always looking at different places, coming up with different sequences,” he said. AGENCIES

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13 Russian girl became a drug dealer to meet Big B NEWS DESK

Watching horror films could burn nearly 200 calories Watching a scary movie for just 90 minutes could help burn as much as 113 calories, which is close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and equivalent to a chocolate bar, a University of Westminster study has revealed. The 1980 psychological thriller ‘The Shining’ was on the top of the list of calorie-burners, with the average viewer using up a whopping 184 calories. ‘Jaws’ took the runner-up spot, with viewers burning on average 161 calories, and ‘The Exorcist’ came third, with 158 calories, the Telegraph reported. The study measured the total energy expenditure of ten different people as they watched a selection of frightening movies. Scientists recorded their heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output - and discovered the number of calories used increased by on average a third during the films. The research also revealed films featuring moments designed to make viewers jump in terror are the best calorie-burners, as they cause heart rates to soar. “Each of the ten films tested set pulses racing, sparking an increase in the heart rate of the case studies,” the paper quoted Dr Richard Mackenzie, senior lecturer and specialist in cell metabolism and physiology at the University of Westminster, as saying. “As the pulse quickens and blood pumps around the

body faster, the body experiences a surge in adrenaline. “It is this release of fast acting adrenaline, produced during short bursts of intense stress (or in this case, brought on by fear), which is known to lower the appetite, increase the Basal Metabolic Rate and ultimately burn a higher level of calories,” he explained. Helen Cowley, editor of the movie rental company LOVEFiLM - which commissioned the University of Westminster study - said: “We all know the feeling of wanting to hide behind the sofa or grab a pillow when watching scary or hair raising scenes, but this research suggests that maybe those seeking to burn some calories should keep their eyes on the screen.” AGENCIES

Of all the tales of star-struck fans going to great lengths to meet their favourite celebs, this one has to take the cake. A Russian girl’s zeal and desire to meet Amitabh Bachchan prompted her to take to crime. Amitabh Bachchan is a superstar with international fan following. The 70-year-old just met a fan from Moldova (a small, landlocked country squeezed between Ukraine and Romania) who waited for 27 long years to meet Big B. “Vera from Moldova waited for 27 years to meet me .. finally did today with 27 roses and a host of gifts .. persistance never fails,” Mr. Bachchan revealed on Twitter. “I never have sufficient verbology to respond to such acts of love .. so humbled and stumped for words .. !!” Big B added. But the shocking bit was Big B’s revelation about a Russian girl who’s in jail because she took to crime to meet him. “Another Russian girl became a drug dealer to earn money to travel to see me in India .. got caught and is in jail .. aahh ! painfull,” Amitabh Bachchan revealed. The superstar even sent a video to the Russian girl. “I had sent her a video message through a Tv crew to not have done this .. had she expressed it to me could have found a way!!” Big B wrote. Mr. Bachchan is presently hosting the telly show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The newest episode has Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha appearing on KBC to promote their film Son Of Sardaar, releasing November 13.

The top 10 calorie-burning frightening films were: 1. The Shining: 184 calories 2. Jaws: 161 calories 3. The Exorcist: 158 calories 4. Alien: 152 calories 5. Saw: 133 calories 6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: 118 calories 7. Paranormal Activity: 111 calories 8. The Blair Witch Project: 105 calories 9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 107 calories 10. [Rec]: 101 calories

Kelly Brook defends going nude for burlesque group Crazy Horse


ODEL-ACTRESS Kelly Brook has defended her decision to shed her clothes in a risque revue show, insisting burlesque is an art form and features nudity in a beautiful way. The Piranha 3D star will join the cast of Crazy Horse’s Forever Crazy here for one week as a guest performer next month and she will appear alongside fully naked dancers, reported Sun online. “It might surprise some people to hear that getting my kit off is not what I’m about. I don’t need to be in a strip show and that isn’t what burlesque is about - it’s so much more than just the striptease,” she said. “It’s an art form which has been around for more than 170 years...,” she added. Brook, 32, previously shed clothes on stage to portray a lapdancer in the 2000 play Eye Contact, and she also stripped off in a production of Calendar Girls. NEWS DESK

Demi Moore ready to fall in love again


EMI Moore is ready to move on from Ashton Kutcher and is keen find love again. The 49-yearold actress, who is said to have finally come to terms with the end of her marriage to Kutcher - who she split from in November 2011 after a five-year union, still hopes to find “the one”. “She’s not desperate to date again but she is actually open to it which is a really good step. She wants to experience something new,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling America’s OK! Magazine. “She wants to fall in love again,” the source said. The source added that one of the main reasons why the American actress wishes to move on is that she has realized that the 34-year-old actor is in love with his new girlfriend Mila Kunis. “Demi seems to have rounded a corner. She’s been forced to get real. As much as it hurts her to see Ashton in love with Mila, it’s also been the push she needed to finally accept it’s over for good between them,” the insider said. “She truly believed she’d spend the rest of her life with Ashton so it’s not easy for her to simply move on but she’s determined to do it,” the insider added. AGENCIES

Bardem one of the best Bond villains ever NEWS DESK Javier Bardem is being hailed by the British media for his performance in “Skyfall”, the latest installment in the James Bond series, with critics saying the character played by the Spanish actor may be one of the best villains to ever take on 007. Bardem plays Raoul Silva, a dandyish cyberterrorist, in the film directed by Sam Mendes, taking on Daniel Craig’s Bond. The 23rd installment in the 007 series has won over critics, with many calling the film the best in the long-running franchise, thanks to the Spanish actor’s performance. “The moments that elevate Skyfall from the efficient to the inspired can be attributed to one man: Javier Bardem, the hulking, 43year-old Spanish actor whose delicious performance as Raoul Silva, sniggering cyber-terrorist, makes him a convincing contender for best Bond villain of all time,” Ryan

Gilbey wrote Sunday in “The Observer”. “Bardem is brilliant as the kind of insane old-school Bond villain we haven’t seen for a while,” Alex Zane wrote in his review of “Skyfall” in The Sun. “Channelling all different flavours of crazy, and Christopher Walken’s hair from `A View To A Kill’, he is a superb adversary for 007,” Zane said of the film, which hit theaters in Britain last Friday. “Silva is almost as inscrutable as The Dark Knight’s Joker himself: Bardem’s lip-lickingly camp turn makes him the oddest Bond villain since the Roger Moore era, and his nicotine hair flops queasily over his forehead in a way that calls to mind Julian Assange,” Robbie Collin wrote in his review of the film in The Daily Telegraph. “Mendes has gone back to basics: chases, stunts, fights. At the same time, he has subtly re-invented the franchise, throwing in far greater depth of characterization than we’re accustomed to in a series of films that are often proudly superficial,” Geoffrey McNab wrote in The Independent.

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Infotainment 14 Meet Mr Happy French geneticist turned Tibetan monk UPPER DOLPA



S he grins serenely and his burgundy robes billow in the fresh Himalayan wind, it is not difficult to see why scientists declared Matthieu Ricard the happiest man they had ever tested. The monk, molecular geneticist and confidant of the Dalai Lama, is passionately setting out why meditation can alter the brain and improve people's happiness in the same way that lifting weights puts on muscle. "It's a wonderful area of research because it shows that meditation is not just blissing out under a mango tree but it completely changes your brain and therefore changes what you are," the Frenchman told AFP. Ricard, a globe-trotting polymath who left everything behind to become a Tibetan Buddhist in a Himalayan hermitage, says anyone can be happy if they only train their brain.

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson wired up Ricard's skull with 256 sensors at the University of Wisconsin four years ago as part of research on hundreds of advanced practitioners of meditation. The scans showed that when meditating on compassion, Ricard's brain produces a level of gamma waves -- those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory -- "never reported before in the neuroscience literature", Davidson said. The scans also showed excessive activity in his brain's left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart, giving him an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity, researchers believe. Research into the phenomenon, known as "neuroplasticity", is in its infancy and Ricard has been at the forefront of ground-breaking experiments along with other leading scientists across the world. "We have been looking for 12 years at the effect of short and long-term mind-training through meditation on attention, on compassion, on emotional

balance," he said. "We've found remarkable results with long-term practitioners who did 50,000 rounds of meditation, but also with three weeks of 20 minutes a day, which of course is more applicable to our modern times." The 66-year-old, accompanying other senior Tibetan monks at a festival in the remote Nepalese Himalayan region of Upper Dolpa, has become a globally respected Buddhist and is one of the religion's leading western scholars. But he has not always been on the path to enlightenment. Ricard grew up among the Paris intellectual elite as the son of celebrated French libertarian philosopher JeanFrancois Revel and abstract watercolour painter Yahne Le Toumelin. "All these people used to come around, most of Paris intellectual life. We had all the French painters and I was myself interested in classical music so I met a lot of musicians," he said. "At lunch we'd have three Nobel Prize winners eating with us. It was fantastic... Some of them were wonderful but some could be difficult." By the time he got his PhD in cell genetics from the Institut Pasteur in Paris in 1972 he had become disillusioned with the dinner party debates and had already begun to journey to Darjeeling in India during his holidays. Eschewing intimate relationships and a career, he moved to India to study Buddhism and emerged 26 years later as something of celebrity thanks to "The Monk And The Philosopher", a dialogue

on the meaning of life he wrote with his father. "That was the end of my quiet time because it was a bestseller. Suddenly I was projected into the western world. Then I did more dialogues with scientists and the whole thing started to spin off out of control. "I got really involved in science research and the science of meditation." A prominent monk in Kathmandu's Shechen Monastery, Ricard divides his year between isolated meditation, scientific research and accompanying the Dalai Lama as his adviser on trips to French-speaking countries and science conferences. He addressed the World

Economic Forum in Davos at the height of the financial crisis in 2009 to tell gathered heads of state and business leaders it was time to give up greed in favour of "enlightened altruism". His other works include "Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill" and several collections of photographs of the landscape, people and spiritual masters of the Himalayas. Ricard donates all proceeds of his books to 110 humanitarian projects which have built schools for 21,000 children and provide healthcare for 100,000 patients a year.

Cherie Blair's Chirac tirade helped secure 2012 Games: Coe

CAlIFOrNIA: A baby and a dog dressed as the Wolf masquerading as Grandma from little red riding hood marches in a halloween dog costume parade and contest in long beach on Monday. AFP

Singaporean female teacher jailed for sex with student SINGAPORE AFP

A 32-year-old female Singaporean teacher was sentenced to a year in jail on Monday for having sex with a 15-year-old boy in her school, local media reported. The teacher, who was married with two children, started a relationship with the student last year after she started counselling him, the Straits Times daily reported on its website. Their names were withheld to protect the minor's identity. The court was told that she wooed the boy with gifts including a copy of the bestselling book "Eat, Pray, Love", which dealt with a divorced American woman's adventures and was made into a film starring Julia Roberts in 2010. The two continued their relationship for more than a month, during which they had consensual sex at the teacher's flat before the student's parents found out about the affair and reported her to the school. In passing sentence, district judge Eugene Teo warned those who viewed schools "as acceptable venues for such illicit pursuits, and our students as acceptable partners in lust" will be punished, the Straits Times reported.

LonDon: A blistering tirade by Cherie Blair, the wife of ex-British premier Tony Blair, against French president Jacques Chirac played a key role in winning the Olympics for London, organiser Sebastian Coe has claimed. In extracts from Coe's book published in the Times on Monday, the former London Organising Committee chairman revealed that Mrs Blair rounded on Chirac at a crucial Olympic reception over comments he made about Britain's cuisine. The leader's wife went at Chirac "like a banshee" at the 2005 event in Singapore, causing the embarrassed French leader to leave the function before he had chance to lobby potential voters on behalf of the Paris 2012 bid, said Coe. "I spotted Cherie heading like a heatseeking missile towards the French contingent," he recalled. "Above the hubbub her voice rang loud and clear. 'I gather you've been saying rude things about our food', she said, at a volume that would have done justice to a packed courtroom. AFP

zookeepers hunt fugitive flamingo in Japan TOKYO AFP

Zookeepers in northern Japan are racing against nature to catch a fugitive flamingo before it freezes or migrates south for the winter. Bird experts have tried to net the escapee on the lake it has made home using captive flamingos as bait, and have even donned diving gear to sneak up on the pink-feathered bird from underwater. But every time they get anywhere near it takes to the skies, said Akihisa Kato from Asahiyama Zoo, on the northernmost island of Hokkaido. "We want to capture it ourselves if possible. But if we don't, it can survive the winter if it flies south to warmer places with migratory birds such as swans and geese," he told AFP by telephone. "But if it goes to the main island of Honshu, it will be difficult to continue our hunt because of the costs involved." The bird, a member of the greater flamingo species, usually found in northern Africa and Mediterranean Europe, is currently surviving on a diet of plankton and seaweed. But with the mercury falling in Hokkaido, where winter temperatures regularly reach

minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit), the bird's options are narrowing. "We guess the flamingo will make some kind of move before the lake freezes," Kato said. The hunt began in July -- an altogether more pleasant time of the year to be out and about in Hokkaido -- when the metre- (three-feet) high bird, hopped a fence at its enclosure. After initially flying south, the creature -which was never given a name by keepers -made its home on a brackish-water lake by the Sea of Okhotsk, some 130 kilometres (80 miles) east of the zoo, among a flock of less colourful herons. One attempt to recapture the bird saw the zoo's director put on a wetsuit and snorkel in a bid to approach without being seen, said Kato, adding that his boss had only managed to get within 100 metres (yards) before the entire flock took fright. Earlier this year the escape of a penguin from a zoo in Tokyo captured worldwide attention. Humboldt penguin No. 337 spent 82 days at large in and around Tokyo Bay after bolting his enclosure and evading aquarium staff, an army of public onlookers and even Japan's wellequipped coastguard.

iPhone's 'Siri' directs Chinese to brothels BeIJIng: Concerns that the Chinese version of the Apple iPhone's new voice-activated assistant "Siri" directs users to brothels has been raised by netizens and lawyers, state media said Monday. Users of the recently released Mandarin version of Siri were given several options for finding prostitutes upon request, but could not verify if the listings were accurate, the state-run China Daily said. It cited a lawyer as saying the information supplied by Siri had "affected the public order and had a negative influence". Prostitution is banned in China, which retains a largely conservative attitude to sex. Nearly nine million users of Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter, commented on the function, making it one of the hottest topics early Monday. One suspected Apple of providing the service intentionally, while another noted how efficient it was at finding brothels, rather than restaurants that serve typically Chinese dishes. AFP

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Tuesday, 30 October, 2012

The best is still to come: Serena williams Page 18

Pakistan mulling Malik batting coach bid KARACHI



AKISTAN cricket chiefs have made no decision yet on disgraced former captain Salim Malik's bid to become the national side's batting coach, an official said Monday. The 49-year-old Malik last week applied for the post, saying he was under no bar after a Pakistani court lifted his life ban for match fixing in October 2008, though the sport's governing body has not publicly endorsed the ruling. Malik was banned from cricket for life in 2000 by a judicial inquiry after Australian players Shane Warne, Tim May and Mark Waugh alleged Malik had offered them money to under-perform during their team's tour to Pakistan in 1994.

Pakistan insists T20 league plans are on course


Pakistan cricket authorities insisted Monday that preparations were well on course for a Twenty20 league with international stars in March next year. The Pakistan Premier League — devised on the pattern of leagues in India, Australia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka — is seen as a key step towards reviving international cricket in the country, suspended since a deadly militant attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in 2009. The incident prompted international teams to shun tours to Pakistan on security fears, forcing Pakistan to play their home series at neutral venues in the United Arab Emirates, England and New Zealand. But the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) says its efforts will bear fruit, particularly after two exhibition Twenty20 matches involving an international World XI were held in Karachi this month without any problems. PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf said work on the league was progressing well. “The response so far is very good,” Ashraf told AFP. “The issue of number of teams and players has still to be decided but it’s in the planning stage.” Ashraf said plans would not be affected by the refusal of Cricket South Africa (CSA) to push forward Pakistan’s series in their country to accommodate the league. Nor would the hectic international schedule. “We have a window after our team’s tour to South Africa in March next year which can be utilised for the league,” said Ashraf. “We have good relations with CSA and shall continue to be so.”

A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) spokesman confirmed Malik, a dashing middle-order batsman in his day, had applied for the post. "Malik's application was received last week and now it is up to the committee to choose the candidate for the job on merit and nothing has been finalised as yet on Malik by the committee or PCB chairman," PCB spokesman Nadeem Sarwar said. Pakistan last year formed a coaching committee under former captain and PCB director Intikhab Alam, with legendary batsman Zaheer Abbas, Naushad Ali and former captain turned commentator Ramiz Raja as members. The panel earlier this year chose former Australian batsman Dav Whatmore as the head coach, Englishman Julian Fountain as fielding coach and former Pakistan paceman Mohammad Akram as

bowling coach. "The committee will also assess the credentials of Malik in a similar way as they assess the credentials of other candidates who have applied for the job and in Malik's case they will also check whether he is eligible to take a cricket-related job," the spokesman said. Announcing his bid for the job on Friday, Malik said he was not put off by the fact he has no coaching badges -- a requirement stipulated by the PCB. Malik has been recently involved in private coaching but his failure to clear the lifting of the ban with the International Cricket Council (ICC) has been a hurdle in him taking a cricket-related job. PCB had to reverse its decision of appointing Malik batting coach for their academy in Lahore in 2008 after the ICC reportedly objected.

Asif denies icc charges of fixing LAHORE STAFF rEPOrT

Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Asif on Monday accused the International Cricket Council (ICC) of a “biased attitude” in the spot-fixing case that led to his imprisonment. The 29-year-old was jailed by a London court in November 2011 after being found guilty of conspiring to cheat and conspiring to accept corrupt payments over no-balls bowled deliberately during the 2010 Lord’s Test against England. Speaking to media in Lahore on his return from UK, Asif alleged that the ICC had tried to influence the court proceedings. “The charges against me are wrong, I would never do anything that would undermine my country,” he told the media. Responding to a question regarding the charges levelled against him and his conviction, Asif said “having being jailed doesn’t mean one is guilty; many are jailed despite their innocence.” He said his case will be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sports in the beginning of February 2013 and that he expects justice. The disgraced cricketer mentioned his upcoming book in which he said he has explained his case in detail. Asif also criticised the media several times for not highlighting his case properly. Accusing ICC for acting differently in his case because of his nationality, Asif said the council did not act against English county player Mervyn Westfield until the court convicted him. “In my case, the ICC has imposed a ban on me well before the court had issued any statement,” he stressed. Asif said the ICC would hear his case separately in February and expressed hope that he would be acquitted after the hearing. Asif said that he couldn’t even think of defaming the country, adding that he would make a comeback in cricket soon. The former cricketer said that he has given his statement in the court regarding cricket corruption.

Kiwis keen to improve Pallekele T20 record PALLEKELE AFP

New Zealand will be determined to erase bitter memories of the Pallekele ground when they clash with Sri Lanka in a oneoff Twenty20 international on Tuesday. The Black Caps' campaign in the recent World T20 ended at the same venue when they lost all their three Super Eights matches, including two in the tiebreak 'super over'. Ross Taylor's team tied their games against eventual winners the West Indies and runners-up Sri Lanka before suffering defeats in the one-over eliminator. New Zealand, who will also play five oneday internationals and two Tests on their month-long tour, return to the Pallekele stadium without key players Daniel Vettori and Martin Guptill. Experienced left-arm spinner Vettori is missing the tour due to an injury while opener Guptill has been rested for the limited-overs contests and will figure only in the Tests. But New Zealand all-rounder Jacob Oram said the tourists had the resources to do well. "If we play well we are confident that we can win," he said ahead of the match. "We do appreciate that Sri Lanka is a very good side in their home conditions and more than a match for us at times, but we have enough talent. We've got to make sure the talent comes out at the right time." Sri Lanka also made a few changes as allrounder Angelo Mathews was named the new T20 captain in place of Mahela Jayawardene, who stepped down after his team's defeat against the West Indies in the World Twenty20 final in Colombo earlier this month. Jayawardene has been rested for the T20 game along with paceman Lasith Malinga, but will return to lead the side in the one-dayers. "The selectors wanted to give these two cricketers a rest. Their absence from the team is a big loss but with the squad I have been given, I am confident we can win," said Mathews. Unorthodox spinner Ajantha Mendis, the most successful bowler of the World Twenty20 with 15 wickets in six matches, will also miss Tuesday's match and the first three one-dayers due to an injury. The tour is former paceman Shane Bond's first as New Zealand bowling coach. Sri Lanka and New Zealand have so far played 10 T20 internationals, with each side winning five. New Zealand (from): Ross Taylor (capt), Trent Boult, Andrew Ellis, James Franklin, Ronnie Hira, Rob Nicol, Tom Latham, Brendon McCullum, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Adam Milne, Jacob Oram, Tim Southee, Bradley-John Watling, Kane Williamson. Sri Lanka (from): Angelo Mathews (capt), Nuwan Kulasekara, Dilshan Munaweera, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara, Dinesh Chandimal, Jeevan Mendis, Lahiru Thirimanne, Thisara Perera, Shaminda Eranga, Akila Dananjaya, Sachithra Senanayake, Upul Tharanga.

Pakistan hopeful of Bangladesh visit LAHORE STAFF rEPOrT

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said Sunday it hopes to arrange a tour by Bangladesh as part of efforts to revive international cricket in the country. Pakistan have not hosted any international series since a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in March 2009. Foreign teams have refused to tour the country over security fears. “We are in touch with the Bangladesh Cricket Board” on the issue, Pakistan Cricket Board spokesman Nadeem Sarwar was quoted by a foreign news agency.

“There were some positive negotiations between the two boards on the

sidelines of the International Cricket Council meeting earlier this month.”

Pakistani media last week reported Bangladesh might tour in December for a short limited-over series. But Sarwar said a final decision on the tour would only be taken by the Bangladeshi board. “We are wholeheartedly endeavouring to revive international cricket in Pakistan”, he said. Bangladesh were due to tour Pakistan in April for a short-limited over series but the Dhaka high court blocked the tour on security grounds. Pakistan this month successfully hosted two Twenty20 exhibition matches involving world stars from South Africa, the West Indies, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

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Sports 16

Sydney Sixers sizzle to win Champions League T20 JOHANNESBURG



The groundsman, the commentators, the general manager who played at the Wanderers on March 12, 2006, all spoke about the resemblance of the pitch to the 438 game, but the way the Lions started it took major rebuilding to go past 38. Seemingly surprised by Sydney Sixers’ spin with new ball from both ends, the Lions batsmen played some average shots to be reduced to 9 for 4, and the little chance that Jean Symes’ maiden T20 fifty provided them slipped through their palms with the drops of both the Sydney openers. This was the second Champions League T20 title for a team from New South Wales; current champions Brad Haddin, Steve O’Keefe, Moises Henriques, Steve Smith and Ben Rohrer were part of the winning NSW squad in 2009 too. Like the previous final, Haddin almost missed this one with an injured thumb, but not only was he spot on with the call at the toss, he spun a rabbit out of his hat after putting Lions in. Sixers’ three fast bowlers could one day form the Australia Test attack, they have been the talk of the tournament, but they opened with two spinners on a pitch that reminded Stuart Clark of his sixover-54-run nightmare at the same venue six years ago. Nathan McCullum, who wasn’t called upon to bowl and scored a golden duck in the semi-final, was to perform the opening act of the big night. And it seemed the tournament would get worse for him when Gulam Bodi lofted the third ball of the match over long-on. Then the leading run-getter of the tournament, Bodi, didn’t pause for a

Despite India loss, Pakistan women’s team cruise into semis


Despite losing to their Indian counterparts, Pakistan women’s Twenty20 team cruised into the semi-final of the Asian Cricket Council Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup underway in China, Express News reported Monday. Pakistan will battle against Bangladesh in the semi-final. Pakistan won the toss in the match against India and decided to bat first. The entire team crumbled after making 93 runs. Usmawia Iqbal made 22 while Nain Abidi made 21 runs. The Indian team chased the target in 18.3 overs and won the match. India will play against Sri Lanka in the first semi-final on Monday.


Controversial batsman Kevin Pietersen gets an early chance to re-establish himself for England after he was picked for the opening match of the Indian tour in Mumbai starting Tuesday. Team coach Andy Flower said Pietersen will bat at number four in the three-day match against India ‘A’ at the Brabourne stadium, the first of three warm-up matches before the Test series.

breath, and top-edged the next ball straight to deep square leg. A little more meat behind the mis-hit, and it might have travelled all the way in the rarefied Highveld air, and McCullum would have been 13 runs down. As it turned out, it was to be the night of the man from southern New Zealand playing for a southern Australian state. The rest of the Lions top order then, seemingly over-reaching on the flat track, played some ordinary shots. Quinton de Kock and Neil McKenzie swiped across the line for top edges, and continuing with the momentum O’Keefe snared cap-

tain Alviro Petersen with one that turned across him. Symes then put up a lesson for his mates. His hitting through the line and along the ground showed the pitch was flat as expected, and that the shot selection hadn’t been spot on. After the promotion of Sohail Tanvir flopped to make it 32 for 5, Symes added 41 with the hit-and-miss Thami Tsolekile and 38 with the big-hitting Dwaine Pretorius. During the second of those partnerships, Sixers began to make a few mistakes in the field, but Rohrer roared back with a direct hit from point to run Pretorius out. That was Lions’ final slide

as they lost their last four wickets for 10. The injured Haddin came out to open with Michael Lumb, and they were cautious against Sohail Tanvir and Dirk Nannes, reaching only 23 after five overs. At the first sight of spin, Lumb tried to break free, but Bodi dropped him at longoff. In the next over, it was Haddin’s turn to be dropped, by Pretorius at deep square leg. There wasn’t to be a third chance. Just to rub it in, though, Lumb overtook the man who dropped him, Bodi, as the leading run-scorer of the tournament. Mitchell Starc led the wickets tally to make it a clean sweep for Sixers.

south Africa deny Pakistan hK sixes title HONG KONG AGENCIES

Colin Ingram played a captain’s knock with the bat and then came back and proved he is no mean bowler too, as he led South Africa to a sweet Cup victory over Pakistan at the Karp Group Hong Kong Sixes on Sunday. Ingram smacked an unbeaten 34 and then grabbed three wickets in a superb all-round performance as South Africa romped to a 37-run win to deny Pakistan a record sixth Cup title at the Hong Kong Sixes. It was South Africa’s fourth Cup championship. “It has been an awesome event. The guys really enjoyed themselves and each other’s company and we just stuck to what we had done all week, which was to bowl tightly and field well. And our batting clicked as well,” said Ingram after lifting the winner’s purse of US$40,000. Pakistan won the toss and put their adversaries into bat. With the Akmal brothers, skipper Kamran and Umar, firing all weekend, the defending champions believed their strength lay in their ability to run down any score. But it was a daunting task that South Africa set them, posting 142 thanks to the top four – openers David Miller and Robert Frylinck, and then Dillon Du Preez and Ingram – firing on all cylinders. Pakistan’s first three bowlers, Hammad Azam, Umar Akmal and Yasir Shah, all proved expensive. Azam was smacked for 29 runs while Akmal and Shah

gave away 39 runs each as the South African batsmen feasted on the bowling, hitting 16 sixes between them. Left-arm seamer Junaid Khan and Awais Zia gave Pakistan a semblance of a chance by bowling two tight final overs as South Africa finished on 142. “It was a tough target but we still believed we could score the runs,” said dejected captain Kamran Akmal. “We pulled it back a bit in the last two bowling overs and I felt we still had a good chance of chasing it down.” The Akmal brothers began the run-chase superbly as Pakistan reached 53 for no loss with both the openers retiring having passed the obligatory 31-run mark. It was then that Ingram made his presence felt for the second time in the match, grab-

bing three wickets – Zia, Azam and Shah all caught going for big hits. Kamran Akmal returned to the crease with two overs to go and Pakistan needing a further 59 runs. Junaid Khan then ran himself out to allow Umar Akmal to join his elder sibling but the dream chase never materialized. Kamran added another 19 runs but on 51, was caught by Lyall Meyer off the bowling of Frylinck, topedging an ambitious shot. Umar didn’t last longer, being snapped up at longoff by Ingram off the first ball of the last over bowled by Frylinck. Pakistan’s decision to chase had backfired. “I had wobbly knees for the ball seemed to take ages to come down, but thankfully it was a clean catch,” Ingram said afterwards.

England pick Pietersen for India tour opener “Kevin will play tomorrow and bat at four,” Flower told reporters a few hours after the tourists arrived in Mumbai for the four-match Test series that starts in Ahmedabad on November 15. It will be Pietersen’s first outing for England since being dropped in August for sending text messages to touring South Africa players that contained criticism of then-skipper Andrew Strauss.

The 32-year-old, who also missed the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka, was added as the 17th member of the touring squad after lengthy conciliatory meetings with England team bosses and players. While the rest of the squad arrived from their training camp in Dubai on Monday, Pietersen flew in separately from South Africa where he turned out for Indian Premier League side Delhi

Daredevils in the T20 Champions League. England, who last won a Test series in India under David Gower in 1985 and lost their number one status to South Africa in August, will be boosted by Pietersen’s return. Pietersen, the squad’s premier batsman with 7,076 runs in 88 Tests at an average of 49.48, smashed a brilliant 144 in

lIONS AN Petersen* c McCullum b O’Keefe 1 Gh bodi c rohrer b McCullum 6 Q de Kock c O’Keefe b hazlewood 1 ND McKenzie c rohrer b hazlewood 0 Sohail Tanvir lbw b McCullum 11 J Symes c †haddin b hazlewood 51 Tl Tsolekile† c O’Keefe b McCullum 20 D Pretorius run out (rohrer) 21 Ch Morris run out (henriques/†haddin) 5 AM Phangiso c hazlewood b Starc 3 DP Nannes not out 0 EXTrAS 2 TOTAl 121 FAll OF WICKETS 1-7 (bodi, 0.4 ov), 2-8 (de Kock, 2.2 ov), 3-8 (McKenzie, 2.6 ov), 4-9 (Petersen, 3.3 ov), 5-32 (Sohail Tanvir, 6.6 ov), 6-73 (Tsolekile, 13.3 ov), 7-111 (Pretorius, 17.5 ov), 8-112 (Symes, 18.2 ov), 9120 (Phangiso, 19.5 ov), 10-121 (Morris, 19.6 ov) bOWlING Nl McCullum 4-0-24-3, SNJ O’Keefe 4-0-11-1, Jr hazlewood 4-1-22-3, MA Starc 4-0-36-1, PJ Cummins 4-0-27-0 SyDNEy SIXErS MJ lumb not out 82 bJ haddin*† not out 37 EXTrAS 5 TOTAl 124 DID NOT bAT NJ Maddinson, SPD Smith, MC henriques, bJ rohrer, Nl McCullum, SNJ O’Keefe, PJ Cummins, MA Starc, Jr hazlewood bOWlING Sohail Tanvir 3-0-16-0, DP Nannes 4-0-28-0, Ch Morris 2-0-25-0, AM Phangiso 2-0-29-0, J Symes 10-9-0, D Pretorius 0.3-0-16-0, Match details Toss Sydney Sixers, who chose to field Series Sydney Sixers won the 2012/13 Champions league Twenty20 Player of the match MJ lumb (Sydney Sixers) Player of the series MA Starc (Sydney Sixers) Umpires Aleem Dar (Pakistan) and SJA Taufel (Australia) TV umpire hDPK Dharmasena (Sri lanka) Match referee rS Madugalle (Sri lanka) reserve umpire JD Cloete

SPM Stags beat Bucks LAHORE STAFF rEPOrT

SPM Eid Festival Cricket match was played here at SPM Cricket Club Ground H Block Model Town Lahore between SPM Stags & SPM Bucks. SPM Stags batting first made 140 runs all out in 25 overs. Aizad Hussain Syed 35 runs not out, Kamran Khan 29 & Rafaqat Ali 20 runs. SPM Bucks bowling Imran Sohail 3/24, Khalid Habib 3/22 & Ashfaq Aslam /239 wickets. In reply SPM Bucks were bold out at 138 runs in 24.4 overs. Khalid Habib 42 runs, Ashfaq Aslam 29, Soud Cheema 22 & Nadeem Aslam 20 runs not out. Masood Khan 2/25, Khawja Naseer ud din 2/29, Zia ud din 3/39 & Imtiaz Tarar 2/28 wickets. Nisar Ahmad, Asif Ali umpire & Muhammad Usman was the scorer. PVCA Chief Executive Nawab Ashiq Hussain Qureshi was the hief guest on the occasion. SPM Chief Aizad Hussian Syed, Mubashar Nazar, Mansoor Ahmad, Faheem Malik, Amir Rasheed, Muhammad Amir, Uzair Syed & large numbers of families enjoyed this match.

lAhOrE: The participating teams of the SPM Stags Eid festival cricket Match with nawab Ashiq hussain qureshi and Aizad hussain Syed.

England’s last Test on Indian soil in 2008 and knows the conditions well as an IPL player. His return for England received enthusiastic support from new Test captain Alastair Cook, while Flower described the South African-born batsman as an “amazing cricketer”. “I spoke to KP this morning and he is desperate to get going and we are desperate to have him back,” said Cook, who took over as captain when Strauss retired after the South African series.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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17 Sports No threat to Hughes' job: Fernandes LONDON AFP

Queens Park Rangers' Malaysian owner Tony Fernandes has branded reports that manager Mark Hughes has been given one game to save his job as "rubbish". QPR's 1-0 loss at Arsenal on Saturday left them rooted to the foot of the Premier League table and prompted speculation that Hughes could be shown the door if his side do not win at home to Reading this weekend. Fernandes, however, took to Twitter on Monday to dismiss the reports and state that the club's management are firmly behind Hughes. "Mark has my backing and the shareholders," Fernandes said. "We need a little luck and no injuries. What's written in the press is all rubbish. I honestly believe we have one of the best managers in the premier league. And we are in for the long term. Whatever happens. We love QPR.

Cattermole signs new Sunderland deal LONDON AFP

Sunderland announced on Monday that their tough-tackling captain, Lee Cattermole, has signed a new contract that ties him to the club until 2016. The 24-year-old English midfielder joined the north-east club from Wigan in 2009, having started his career at Middlesbrough. He was named captain at the start of the 2011-11 season, despite an appalling disciplinary record that has seen him sent off seven times in his career, and five times since moving to Sunderland. "I'm absolutely delighted," said Cattermole. "It feels like it's taken a bit of time but the gaffer (Martin O'Neill) made it clear to me at the end of the season that he wanted to keep me at the club, so I'm glad it's been sorted in the end. "If you look at our signings in the summer, I think you can see that we have made some big signings and I think it's the best place for me at the minute."

ISTAnbul: Serena williams of the united States holds the trophy on Sunday‚ after winning the final of the wTA championships tennis tournament against Maria Sharapova. AFP

lorenzo ‘liberated’ by world MotogP title win PHILLIP ISLAND AFP

New world MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo says he feels liberated after winning a season-long battle with the powerful Repsol Honda team to claim his second premier class title. Lorenzo clinched the world championship after rival Dani Pedrosa crashed on the second lap of Sunday’s Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island, ending a chance to catch his fellow Spaniard in the final two races of the season. Casey Stoner powered away to win

his sixth straight Australian MotoGP, with Lorenzo coming home in second place to claim the main title. The Spanish Yamaha rider only had to avoid a mistake to carry off the victory after Stoner’s Repsol Honda teammate Pedrosa crashed out. Lorenzo led Pedrosa by 23 points going into the penultimate Phillip Island round and just needed to finish three points more than his compatriot to seal the world title ahead of the final race in Valencia on November 11. He said this season’s title had been more of a challenge than his first MotoGP championship two years ago because of

the two-pronged Repsol Honda threat of Pedrosa and Stoner. “It’s been a big emotion because this year has been tougher than my first world title (2010) because I knew my competitors were stronger and more constant this year, and I knew I had to be more constant than them,” he said. Lorenzo, who will now return home for the final race of the season with no extra pressure, said he had learned the hard way how to succeed in the class. “When I first came into MotoGP I needed to learn from my mistakes, know my limits and try not to go over the limit, so for this reason I am very proud of my

evolution and so very grateful to my team,” he said. “I feel emotional for the toughness and the hard competition. I needed to be strong and really focused. For this reason I now feel liberated of the weight off my shoulders.” Phillip Island was bitter-sweet for Lorenzo — he did not start in 2011 after coming off his bike in the race warm-up, severing the top of the ring finger on his left hand. “Last year here was one of my worst moments in my career, the most scary one when I had this injured finger, but one year later I can celebrate my second world MotoGP title,” he said.

Rominger denies links to Ferrari doping network LAUSANNE AFP

Former Swiss rider Tony Rominger has denied his management company has links to what Italian investigators believe is a network designed to finance doping, aid tax evasion and launder money. Italian officials are investigating sports doctor Michele Ferrari's activities in the wake of a report by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) which accused him of overseeing a widespread doping programme involving Lance Armstrong. Armstrong, who has been banned for life and stripped of his seven Tour de France wins, is said in the dossier to be Ferrari's most famous client while at the peak of his powers as the physician worked with the Texan's US Postal Service cycling team. Two Swiss newspapers on Monday alleged that cash from Ferrari's operations went through through Rominger's management company but the former Tour of Spain win-

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

ner strenuously denied the claims. "Tony Rominger formally contests these accusations of tax evasion and money laundering being reported in the media," he said in a statement, which appeared in the newspapers carrying the allegations. Rominger, who won three consecutive Vuelta a Espana from 1992 and also a single Giro d'Italia title in 1995, added that he had had no contact with Ferrari for "very many years". He also had "never been called upon to provide information to the penal, civil or administrative judicial system -- either Swiss or Italian". Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport reported earlier this month that a widescale Italian investigation into Ferrari's activities had opened a "Pandora's Box" of dubious business practices involving money laundering through various European countries. The Gazzetta said several riders, their agents and bank directors were caught up in the investigation.

Cavendish aiming for yellow on 100th Tour LONDON AFP

British rider Mark Cavendish said in an interview published on Monday that he hopes to end the opening stage of next year's 100th Tour de France in the race leader's coveted yellow jersey. "I've worn the leader's jersey in the Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana, so it would be nice to complete the set," the former world champion, who at the end of this season leaves Team Sky for Omega Pharma-Quickstep, told The Times newspaper. Cavendish, 27, has won 23 stages on the Tour de France and will wear the Belgian team's colours when cycling's most celebrated race visits the Mediterranean island of Corsica for the first time next year. The flat 212km run from Porto-Vecchio to Bastia on June 29 is seen as perfect

for sprinters such as Cavendish, who in 2011 was the world road race champion and has won the final Tour stage on the Champs Elysees for the last four years in succession. Cavendish told the daily that next year's Tour will show "every good aspect" of cycling, which is battling to recover from the fall-out of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal that has shattered its reputation. The Isle of Man rider, however, echoed the views of his current team-mate and compatriot, 2012 Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, by saying it was unfair to imply that all professional cyclists took banned substances. "Since I turned pro, I've not seen anything that suggests it's (cycling's) not clean. I'm riding clean and winning the biggest bike races in the world and I'm actually not that good," he was quoted as saying.

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Sports 18

The best is still to come: Serena Williams ISTANBUL AFP

Mvila, Mavinga resume training with Rennes

Even after 15 Grand Slam titles and at the age of 31, Serena Williams says the best is still to come, after ending a remarkable comeback season with the WTA Championships title she first won over a decade ago. “I definitely think I can improve some more,” she said after battering an in-form Maria Sharapova to a 6-4, 6-3 defeat with an outstanding display of serving and heavy hitting in Istanbul on Sunday. “Especially when I was out there I thought, ‘Okay, I want to work on this in November’ (during the close season). And, ‘Oh, okay, I’m going to work on that one in November’. “So, I was thinking of all these things I can work on and I can improve on. I think every day, whether it’s life or whether it’s playing tennis, we always can improve as people or as whatever we do. “The day I feel that I can’t improve, I think that’s the day I should probably hang up my racket.” If Williams’ prediction is right, then the achievements of Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert, who each won 18 Grand Slam titles, may be within her reach. That has only been bettered during the open era by Steffi Graf, who won 22. Williams has won the Olympics, Wimbledon and US Open titles in the last four months — a dramatic turnaround from a 12-month absence in 2010 and 2011 in which she suffered from a badly cut foot and life-threatening blood clots on her lungs. The US player is probably capable of improving her net game in singles significantly and perhaps varying the pace and angles of her ground strokes more as well. The crucial imponderable will be her ability to maintain fitness. Though she is only world ranked three, behind Sharapova and the yearend world number one Victoria Azarenka, the American is likely to be-

watch it Live ESPN Sports Center 07:30PM

Australia’s Huegill quits elite swimming SYDNEY AFP

come the bookies’ favourite to win the next Grand Slam, the Australian Open in January. Williams was reluctant to agree with the suggestions but said another “Serena Slam” — holding all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously — was possible: she would have to win both the Australian and the French Open title in June to achieve that. “I don’t know. I could. We’ll see. I have a chance. Hopefully,” she said, mulling over the idea. It would be unwise, though, to overlook the prospects of Sharapova, despite the Russian having lost nine times in a row against Williams since beating her in the 2004 Wimbledon final. Sharapova has gradually remodelled her game well after suffering the kind of rotator cuff shoulder injury from which most players never fully recover. “I’m proud that I’m moving in the right direction in improving my game. I’ve accomplished a lot of things this year I really wanted,” she added, referring partly to the French Open title which completed her career Grand Slam. “I have a lot of positive thoughts moving into next year.” AzArenKA LAnDS yeAr-enD WTA Top rAnKIng: Victoria Azarenka of Belarus on Monday secured the end of year WTA top ranking, finishing the season 550

points ahead of Russian Maria Sharapova. US star Serena Williams, who beat Sharapova in Sunday's Masters final, ended the season in third spot, capping a remarkable come-back year after a lengthy time on the sidelines due to a potentially life-threatening blood clot on the lungs. The only movement of note in the top 20 was a fall from sixth to eighth spot for Czech Petra Kvitova, who saw her Masters challenge wrecked owing to bronchitis. Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki, though, could still edge into the top 10 from her current 11th spot as she is competing in Sofia from Tuesday, meaning she could move above Marion Bartoli of France, who is not competing in the event.

Top 20 WTA rankings 1. Victoria Azarenka (blr) 10595 pts 2. Maria Sharapova (rUS) 10045 3. Serena Williams (USA) 9400 4. Agnieszka radwanska (POl) 7425 5. Angelique Kerber (GEr) 5550 6. Sara Errani (ITA) 5100 (+1) 7. Na li (ChN) 5095 (+1) 8. Petra Kvitova (CZE) 5085 (-2) 9. Samantha Stosur (AUS) 4135 10. Marion bartoli (FrA) 3740 11. Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) 3685 12. Ana Ivanovic (Srb) 2900 13. Nadia Petrova (rUS) 2725 14. Dominika Cibulkova (SVK) 2495 15. Maria Kirilenko (rUS) 2463 16. roberta Vinci (ITA) 2400 17. lucie Safarova (CZE) 2125 18. Julia Goerges (GEr) 1965 19. Kaia Kanepi (EST) 1929 20. Ekaterina Makarova (rUS) 1841

Australia’s Geoff Huegill, who staged an unlikely comeback to win a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, announced Monday he was quitting elite swimming. The former world record holder, who missed out on selection to Australia’s Olympic team for London, said this time his retirement was final. “This time it’s definitely it. I’ve retired once before, and a lot of people have reminded me about that, but this is it,” the 33-year-old said. “I’ll keep swimming because I love the sport, but my serious racing days are over.” Huegill won bronze in the 100m butterfly and silver in the 4x100m medley relay at the Sydney 2000 Olympics but finished eighth in the Olympic final in Athens four years later. He quit the sport soon afterwards and in retirement ballooned to 138 kilograms and was overweight and out of training when he decided in 2008 that he wanted to get back into the sport. He worked his way back into the Australia swimming team after six years out by dramatically slimming down — losing 45 kilograms over 18 months. In inspiring swims at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010 he won silver in his pet event the 50m butterfly and gold in the 100m butterfly final — at which he posted an all-time personal best performance time. “To return to the national team was a huge bonus and while a third Olympic Games in London was always the dream, I leave competitive swimming very content with what I’ve been able to achieve,” Huegill said Monday.


Yann Mvila and Chris Mavinga have resumed training with the first team squad of Ligue 1 side Rennes, the club said on Monday, 10 days after the players were dropped for breaching a curfew while on France duty. The Breton side said on its website that the pair trained with the squad on Sunday morning and were back in contention for places, despite coach Frederic Antonetti threatening last week to sideline both until the end of the season. Mvila and Mavinga had been suspended until further notice on October 19 and ordered to train with the youth team after they and three other France under-21 players sneaked out for a night on the town between two Euro 2013 qualifying matches.

Juventus claim no conspiracy over Catania win MILAN AFP

Juventus director general Beppe Moratta has moved to quash claims of a conspiracy after the Serie A champions' controversial win at Catania on Sunday. "I agree that there was a refereeing mistake yesterday but there have been other mistakes in previous matches and last year Juve was on the receiving end," said Moratta. "But we categorically reject any idea of a conspiracy, that Juve somehow affected the result yesterday." Arturo Vidal's 57th-minute winner helped Juve extend their lead at the top of Serie A and took their unbeaten streak to 48 matches but the Sicilian side had earlier scored a perfectly good goal that was chalked off by the referee for offside.

McIlroy to have upper hand against Woods: Donald HONG KONG AFP

Luke Donald on Monday tipped world number one Rory McIlroy to have the upper hand in a potentially mouthwatering battle for supremacy with US legend Tiger Woods over the coming years. McIlroy, 23, has won two majors in as many years and is viewed by many as the heir apparent to the 36-year-old Woods, who won the last of his 14 majors at the US Open in 2008. Woods said last week he was looking forward to a “decade” of battles with the Northern Irishman, who beat the American world number two Monday at the “Duel at Jinsha Lake” exhibition match in Shanghai. “Rory has the upper hand,” said world number three Donald, adding that Woods still had many years left in him. “They’re phenomenal. They have star power,” the English golfer said at a media event for the HSBC Champions 2012, which will be played at Mission Hills in southern China from November 1-4. Donald added that McIlroy had a good chance of matching his own unique feat of topping both the US and European money lists in the same year. “Rory is emulating what I did last year... congratulations to him if he pulls it off.” McIlroy’s seemingly unstoppable rise to the top contrasts with Woods’s own shaky path in recent years. The American’s victory at his last major came shortly before his career nosedived amid a scandal surrounding his private life which saw the American drop out of the top 50. However, three PGA Tour wins this year have propelled him back up the rankings. South African Ernie Els, who will also be playing at the HSBC Champions

2012, said McIlroy and Woods were evenly matched. “Tiger’s got all the experience in the world and Rory’s got all the power in the world right now, he’s got all the momentum,” the four-time major champion said. “They’re really stirring the pot between the two of them and I think it’s good for golf.” Flamboyant English golfer Ian Poulter said that the rivalry would generate worldwide interest in the sport. “It’s an interesting rivalry that will go on for a long time,” Poulter said. FAn Frenzy greeTS WooDS AnD McILroy In chInA: Rory McIlroy beat Tiger Woods by a single shot in their 18-hole “Duel at Jinsha Lake” in China Monday in a high quality showdown before a frenzied audience that came to greet the world’s top two. Having flown in late on Sunday night after coming second and fourth that day respectively in the BMW Mas-

ters in Shanghai and the CIMB Classic in Malaysia, McIlroy and Woods had any tiredness quickly extinguished by a surreal and lavish opening ceremony. They were greeted by drum majorettes, fireworks and speeches from local dignitaries before clanging a ceremonial Chinese gong and having their handprints and autographs immortalised in clay, Hollywood-style appropriately for McIlroy, who was brought up in Holywood, Belfast. World number one McIlroy carded a five under par 67 on the 7,039-yard, par72 layout at Jinsha Lake Golf Club, with world number two and 14 times major winner Woods registering a 68. It was remarkable scoring given the chaotic crowds constantly taking photos, letting their phones ring and refusing to stand still or be quiet even as the players were swinging. McIlroy grabbed an immediate birdie at the first hole, after

struggling to keep a straight face in posing for photos staring Woods down boxing-style, and was never headed, thus gaining a modicum of revenge for his seven-stroke defeat when the pair last met in Turkey. “I got off to a good start,” McIlroy said. “And just tried to keep my nose in front.” “We had a great match,” Woods told reporters afterwards. “It was a lot of fun and a great exhibition. I think everyone enjoyed it.” China is seen as the next great market for golf to conquer in its global expansion, and the fans clearly love it though are mostly oblivious to the etiquette of the game, demonstrated amply when they broke through the ropes and invaded the driving range as McIlroy and Woods warmed up. Soon after there were comical scenes as they sprinted on and purloined all the expensive golf balls as the players attempted to leave. The melee continued at the players stood on the first tee, with stewards and security men trying and failing to stop the frenzied crowds bursting through the ropes. “This is certainly not like most Mondays,” said Woods afterwards, smiling. “It’s been a different one, hasn’t it?” “I wouldn’t say it was crazy out there. The word I would use is ‘enthusiastic’,” said McIlroy. “It’s good to see so many people out there. So many people that follow golf and want to watch us play. I hope that continues.” The international golf media present were astounded at the never-before-seen antics on a golf course: leisure helicopters parked alongside putting greens; models in revealing evening gowns standing on tees; and enthusiastic spectators being tackled to the ground as they attempted to out sprint security guards.

Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012

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Tuesday‚ 30 October‚ 2012


Eidul Azha celebrated with religious fervour ISLAMABAD



ID-UL-AZHA was celebrated on Saturday across the country and Azad Kashmir with great zeal and fervour in commemoration of the supreme sacrifice offered by Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Hazrat Ismail in fulfillment of the divine order. Special prayers were offered for the prosperity of the country and for unity among the Muslim Ummah. The faithful offered sacrifices of animals in accordance with the Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi. The main Eid congregation in the federal capital was held at the Faisal Mosque. President Asif Ali Zardari offered Eid prayers at the mosque of Aiwan-e-Sadr. Besides the staff of Aiwane-Sadr, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and high ranking officials also offered Eid prayers with the President. Later, the Pres-

ident exchanged Eid greetings with those who offered prayers with him. Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt called on President Asif Ali Zardari at Aiwan-e-Sadr and exchanged Eid greetings with him. Diplomats of different countries based in Islamabad also visited the President House to exchange Eid greetings with President Zardari. A large number of people from different walks of life, including political workers, visited the Aiwan-e-Sadr to greet the President. Apart from enjoying the festivities of Eid and visiting relatives and friends, a large number of people also visited graveyards to offer Fateha for their departed loved ones. The residents of the twin cities visited cemeteries to pray for the dead, in accordance with the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). People living in the rest of the country also celebrated Eid with great enthusiasm and

offered sacrifices of animals. In Lahore, the main Eid congregation was held at Badshahi Mosque. In Karachi, the main Eid congregation was held at Gulshan-e-Jinnah while other large congregations were held at Nishtar Park, National Stadium and Eidgah Nazimabad. In Peshawar, the main congregation was held at Eidgah Charsadda Road while in Quetta, it was held at Eidgah Toghi Road and Alamdar Road. The occasion was also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Gilgit-Baltistan. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the main congregation was held at Central Eidgah in Muzaffarabad. Under comprehensive security plans, security personnel were deployed to ensure foolproof security for the worshipers in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and the rest of the country. Cellular services were also suspended in high risk areas from 6am to 10am in different parts of the country on Eid in lieu of security risks.

india’s new FM seeks improved ties with Pakistan NEW DELHI ONlINE

India’s new External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said he would try to strengthen ties with Pakistan. Interacting with media after his appointment as foreign minister, Khurshid said: “There are completely different perspectives on Pakistan and China. China is in that sense we are clearer about where we stand with China. We have had differences historically. I believe that with the passage of time and emergence of a new economic order in the world has brought China and India far closer together, working together but the potential of growth between China and India, I think is enormous.” Earlier on Saturday, Khurshid’s predecessor SM Krishna had observed that over the years he had seen a positive shift in the relationship of Pakistan and China with India. Khurshid also raised concerns over the political scenario in Pakistan. “As far as Pakistan is concerned, Pakistan has been in an extremely troubled situation in a very troubled part of the world and it is a neighbour and that is a concern for us as well. I think the convergence between India and Pakistan today is on issues that for long we insisted, those issues which were a major concern to India both in terms of our security and our dignity. “Many of those issues have now emerged in Pakistan itself and have become a concern for Pakistani establishment. So if there was ever, ever a convergent point on tackling these issues between India and Pakistan, it is there today,” he said. Khurshid said, “We want to be able to look at possible roots towards being able to work more closely together, be able to understand each other’s problems and to the extent that we can solve each other’s problems mutually and by convergence of opinion on both our countries. I think it is something that we should work towards.”

lAhOrE: Men struggle to take control of a sacrificial bull at the Jamia Naeemia on the first day of Eidul Azha. MURTAzA Ali

US questions imran on drone opposition g

State Department says issue of Imran Khan’s offloading from new York-bound flight ‘solved’ LAHORE STAFF rEPOrT

4 killed‚ 35 injured in nowshehra shrine blast PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD STAFF rEPOrT

A powerful bomb blast at Kaka Sahib shrine in Nowshehra claimed four lives and left at least 35 people injured on Sunday. Sources said nine among the injured were in a critical condition. An emergency was imposed in all hospitals of Peshawar and Nowshehra. As per details, a bomb fixed on a bicycle exploded near the central gate of Kaka Khail Baba shrine. The explosion occurred when there were a large number of visitors present in the shrine. Interior minister Rehman Malik condemned the incident and said a remote controlled device operated the bomb through an illegally acquired mobile phone SIM. All business centres in the area remained closed on Monday to mourn the Kaka Sahib incident. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan steered clear of responsibility, saying the bombing was aimed at defaming the militant outfit.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that US authorities detained and questioned him at a Canadian airport last week. Imran, a former cricket star, led a march to South Waziristan Agency earlier this month to protest drone strikes, which he says end up killing more civilians than militants. Imran said he boarded a New Yorkbound plane in Toronto on Friday when two US immigration officials asked him to step outside. The officials made him wait for about 40 minutes before interviewing him for another 20 minutes, he said. “I kept asking them what was this all about, and then one guy interviewed me and he was so confused, he had no idea what he was saying,” Imran Khan told CNN over the phone from Seattle, another stop on his trip. “He was talking about some fundraising, so I asked him to come to the point, and he said, ‘We’re worried you might use violence against drones.’ I mean, it was so ridiculous, I didn’t even know how to answer it.”

He missed his flight, but eventually made it to New York, and later Seattle, for fund-raisers for his political party. He had two more fund-raisers on the schedule, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, before he returned to Pakistan, Imran said. Imran believed the US officials simply wanted to make him miss an anti-drone protest he was scheduled to lead in the US, without realising the

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

protest had already been postponed because of the Muslim holiday of Eidul Azha. A State Department official acknowledged that Imran Khan was “briefly delayed” before boarding the next flight to the US. “The issue was resolved,” the official said. “Mr Khan is welcome in the United States.” The PTI chief has been a fierce critic of US policy in Pakistan and the use of drone strikes, calling them a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and a strategy that stokes militant anger toward Washington. Imran said he would continue his campaign against drone strikes in Pakistani Tribal Areas, despite American objections. “Drone attacks must stop,” he said at an event later, pointing out that innocent Pakistani lives were being lost. He said he also told them that those who supported the drone strikes were not friends of the US. “My stand on drones is very clear. I did not say sorry to them,” he told reporters after arriving in New York. “I still couldn’t understand why they did this. The official was questioning me about drones but I think he himself didn’t understand what he was talking about,” he added. Editor: Arif Nizami

Sarkozy aide charged in ‘Karachi’ corruption scandal pArIS: An aide of French former president Nicolas Sarkozy was on Monday charged in an illegal political funding scandal known as the “Karachi Affair”, a complex probe into alleged kickbacks on arms deals. Nicolas Bazire, the current number two of luxury group LVMH, was heard by judges for four hours and accused of handling illicit funds used for political campaigns. A former campaign manager for ex-prime minister Edouard Balladur, Bazire had been under investigation since September. Investigators are looking into irregularities in the financing of Balladur’s 1995 presidential campaign. Sarkozy was Balladur’s campaign spokesman and budget minister at the time. Judges suspect Balladur’s campaign of receiving illicit “retro-commissions” from the sale of French submarines to Pakistan. Two Sarkozy political aides and a former minister are under formal investigation over the affair. Judges are also probing claims that a 2002 bombing in Karachi that killed 11 French naval engineers was carried out by Pakistani agents in revenge for the cancellation of bribes secretly promised to officials. The payment of arms sales commissions was legal in France until 2000, but the payment of kickbacks back to France was and is illegal. The probe focuses on the 1994 sale of submarines to Pakistan and frigates to Saudi Arabia. AFP

e-paper pakistantoday 30th October, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 30th October, 2012