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Britain doesn’t intend to Pakistan suspends malign Pakistan through nato supply route visa scam: envoy over security PAGE | 03

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Free polls to change Pakistan’s fate, says Fakhruddin G Ebrahim PAGE |03

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Pakistan won’t allow nato weapons g



Pakistan to sign MoU on new terms of engagement with US Supply routes to be offered only until December 31, 2015 No warehouses or storage facilities for American goods ISLAMABAD SHAIq HUSSAIN

AKISTAN will not allow the supply of arms and ammunition to Afghanistan in NATO containers under the new deal with the United States and the agreement, which will be signed soon after its endorsement by the federal cabinet on Wednesday, will be valid until the end of 2015. Before the agreement on fresh rules and regulations for the NATO supplies, the United States was urging Pakistan to accede to its demand for a prolonged use of the supply lines through its soil so that there shall be a continuity of supplies including food, oil and medicines to the American military bases in Afghanistan in the coming years. However, Pakistan showed its inability to agree to a long term deal on NATO supplies after which the date of December 31, 2015 was agreed upon for the end of NATO supplies but at the same time it was also decided that the term of deal could be extended for the subsequent periods of one year after mutual consultations. The draft of the MoU between Pakistan


Friday, 27 July, 2012 Ramadan 7, 1433

and NATO to be signed soon by Islamabad and Washington also says that both countries will also have to inform each other in writing if they want to discontinue the MoU. To a query on the finalisation of MoU with NATO on the supplies to Afghanistan, Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Khan said at his weekly press briefing, “As you know, it (MoU) has been approved by the cabinet and hopefully will be signed very soon. At the moment I cannot get into the specifics of the MoU, but what I can tell you is that the MoU is in line with the parliamentary recommendations.” The MoU, which according to its draft has been prepared according to the UN charter, will not allow the transport of arms and ammunition to Afghanistan via Pakistan. However, military equipment for the Afghan National Army will be allowed. It says that the transport of non-lethal cargo which includes food and medicine will be allowed in containers measuring 20 by 40 feet. The list of 24 prohibited items has been given in the form of an attached annex ‘A’ under the title of ‘prohibited US Cargo’ with the draft of MoU. The prohibited items include small arms and light weapons of all types, anti-tank weapons of all types, mortars of all types, tanks and armored vehicles, combat aircraft and helicopter, chemical and biological weapons and hazardous waste material including depleted uranium ammunition etc. According to the draft, two routes will be used by containers carrying NATO supplies. Containers on the southern route will travel to Afghanistan from Karachi (Bin Qasim Port) via Chaman. On the northern route, containers will travel from Karachi (Bin Qasim Port) via Torkham to Afghanistan. The MoU further says that there will be no warehouses or storage facilities provided for American goods and no new no objection certificates (NOCs) will be required for the transit. Pakistan will also be allowed to stop the transit of goods which fall outside the parameters of the MoU. Pakistan will also provide facilities for the security and quick transfer of the cargo and will keep the US government informed about the monitoring and transit points of the cargo. Containers travelling to Afghanistan will be bound to return via Pakistan. It says there would be no tax or duty charged on the containers, however, commercial carriers will have to pay fees. “New fees can also be introduced for the quick transfer of cargo,” it said. The Defence Ministry will act as a central coordination authority and review the daily operations and implementation of the supply route. Continued on page 04

Judges play their role in smooth functioning of parliament: CJP ISLAMABAD TAYYAB HUSSAIN

Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry on Thursday said that judiciary had always played its role for smooth functioning of the parliament. He made this statement while heading a bench that was looking into the constitutionality of the recent amendments to the contempt of court law by the government. The five-judge bench was presented with the parliamentary record of the debate over the said amendment. The bench comprising of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Shakirullah Jan, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, Justice Jawad S Khawaja and Justice Tassadduq Hussain Jilani resumed the hearing of 27 various identical petitions challenging the Contempt of Court Law 2012. “Judges have always played their role in smooth functioning of the parliament. Who says that the parliament is not being allowed to function? The judges have to make decisions irrespective of the fact what was going outside the court,” remarked the chief justice. Continued on page 04

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NATO condemns cross-border shelling into Afghanistan


Foreign newS Security is biggest concern of Olympics games: cameron

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LHC wants EC to provide details on dual national MPs by August 3 laHore: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial on Thursday sought details of the Supreme Court’s orders regarding the legislators who were suspended for holding dual nationalities from the Election Commission by August 3. The chief justice passed the order while hearing a petition filed by Faisal Ilyas Sadiq, through his counsel Saiful Malook, seeking disqualification of MPA Rana Asif for holding dual nationality. Earlier, the Election Commission of Pakistan, through its counsel, filed a reply in the matter and also submitted the Supreme Court’s order in Farahnaz Isphahani case. The petitioner’s counsel also submitted Canadian Act 1985 and oath of allegiance under the act. However, the court observed that the American and Canadian oaths of allegiance were different, therefore, the SC’s order in Farahnaz Isphahani case was not be applicable in Rana Asif case. The court observed that Canadian passport could be issued to only Canadian citizens and the respondent MPA admitted that he had a Canadian passport. It was informed that the Supreme Court had suspended memberships of many legislators who had nationalities of the United Kingdom and other European countries. The court directed the ECP to submit details of SC’s orders regarding suspended legislators by August 3. It also reprimanded petitioner’s counsel for not cooperating. APP

High-level Presidency meeting takes up energy crisis iSlamaBad: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhry. Pervez Elahi and PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Thursday met President Asif Ali Zardari at the Presidency and thoroughly discussed the current energy situation and the ways and means to address it. The meeting also reviewed the current affairs, national and regional security situation. Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh was also present in the meeting. Senior leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) also attended. Later, the president hosted a dinner for the dignitaries. ONlINe

Shafqat Jalil to be PM’s press secy The federal government is appointing Shafqat Jalil as the new press secretary to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, a private TV channel reported on Thursday. According to the channel, the contract of Akram Shaheedi was expiring on July 31 and Mr Jalil would take over the office on August 1. MONITORINg DeSK

Balochistan doctors warn of complete strike over non-recovery of abducted colleague QUETTA AgeNcIeS

Doctors of private and government hospitals of Balochistan have warned of a complete strike from today (Friday) over the fact that their colleague, the kidnapped doctor of Bolan Medical Complex (BMC), was not yet recovered. Doctors across the province demanded the government recover Dr Deen Muhammed within 24 hours warning otherwise that they would go on a strike from Friday (today). The representative of the doctors, Dr Furqanuddin said only the emergency wards in the government hospitals would be kept functional during the strike. On the call of various representative associations of medical staff, doctors of Civil Hospital Quetta, BMC, Helper Eye Hospital and Fatima Jinnah Chest and General Hospital were already on strike since the last four days. However, they were performing their duties in emergency departments. A 12-member committee of doctors had been formed to chalk out a future strategy. According of details, Dr Deen Muhammad Banglazai, a senior doctor of surgery department of BMC, was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen. Slain Quetta target killer identified aS ex-policeman: The accused, who shot at and injured Schools Deputy Director Abrar Hussain and was himself crushed by the DDS vehicle, turned out to be a former policeman. The attacker was identified as Nazeer Ahmed, resident of the city area of Nawan Klay. Ahmed had been serving in the city’s police but was sacked from his service a few weeks ago. The deceased’s family took away his body after identification. A case has been lodged in Gwalmandi police station.

Lords declare Sayeeda Warsi innocent LONDON ONlINe

UK Conservative Party Chairperson Sayeeda Warsi has been acquitted of corruption allegations after a probe by a committee of the House of Lords. Warsi was accused of misusing party funds. The commissioner of the House of Lords said that accusations against Baroness Warsi were false. “The commissioner of House of Lords has acquitted Baroness Sayeeda Warsi of all accusations and I congratulate her acquittal,” British Prime Minister Cameron said. Last month, Prime Minister’s Adviser on Ministerial Interests

Friday, 27 July, 2012

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Sir Alex Allan found her guilty of a “minor” breach of the ministerial code in relation to a separate claim about taking a business partner with her on an official trip to Pakistan. In her statement on Thursday, Lady Warsi said: “I believe that being a member of the House of Lords is a privilege and I take that privilege seriously.” “I have always maintained that the allegations surrounding my expenses were untrue and I am delighted that Sir Paul Kernaghan has dismissed them. His report and the report by Sir Alex Allan two independent inquiries - have now drawn a line under these matters and my only focus now will be to get on with my job.”

SC, Opp should show restraint: Aitzaz WASHINGTON INP

Eminent lawyer, Aitzaz Ahsan has urged the SC to take a lenient view in NRO implementation case. While talking to a private TV channel after an event at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, DC on Wednesday, Aitzaz said that the opposition parties in Pakistan were dragging every matter to the Supreme Court (SC) unnecessarily and the urgent relief granted to them was creating an impression within the PPP circles that they were being hard done by. On the recent proceedings of the NRO implementation case, in which the PM was given time till August 8th to write a letter to Swiss authorities, he said “I have been asking the Supreme Court since January to take a lenient position. This is not an issue of corruption, but of the appropriate forum. How can the elected President of Pakistan as per the constitution, be it Asif Zardari or anybody else, be tried in any other country’s court? There has been no such instance anywhere in the world during the last 500 years or so”. When his attention was drawn to the relatively softer tone of the judges in the proceedings on Wednesday, he said that he had been arguing in the SC for a softer stance and urging them to look at other options. “If they are looking at such options now, that’s good even if it has taken so long to realise what I have been saying. Yousaf Raza Gilani had to go home, but if the new Prime Minister (Raja Pervez Ashraf) can get some relief, it is still good,” he remarked.

When asked if the SC were not to change its stance vis-à-vis letter to Swiss authorities, he said this would not change the position of government. “I have been submitting before the Court even earlier that there will be a line of prime ministers coming in and going out one after the other but nobody will write a letter to Swiss courts. And if any PM will openly say that I won’t write a letter because I’ ll not let our president to appear before a Swiss magistrate in a humiliating manner, then what we’ll do.” “The sixth option that I urged the SC to consider was their own, which related to sending this matter to the parliament or to leave this matter to the judgment of the people in the next election,” Aitzaz said while mentioning the six options that have been a subject of debate ever since the NRO implementation case started. On the CJP’s comment that “parliament had no absolute power,” he termed it justified to a certain extent. “It is true that parliament is not an absolute power, but that is not entirely true. Parliament is the creator of the constitution and is supreme by a two-third majority under article 239 of the constitution. It can change the constitution with a twothird majority and there is no basic structure in Pakistan’s legal framework and constitution that it cannot change,” he explained. “This was also the premises of the judgment in Zafar Ali Shah case in which the chief justice was himself part of the bench. I also agree with the CJ that parliament is not supreme only with a simple majority,” Aitzaz said while going on to explain both scenarios.

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greek athlete sent home after racist tweet

Asian markets rise on upbeat earnings

Boucher could recover most of eyesight

editorial Blame game: This crossfire will put us in the cross hairs.

comment Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad says; Hopping atop another bandwagon?: The party in power for almost a decade wants an APC.

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid says; Another mood swing: What’s common between Moody’s and a stereotypical spouse?

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Britain doesn’t intend to malign Pakistan through visa scam: envoy ISLAMABAD ONlINe

QUETTA: People sit in a deserted out Patient Department of a hospital as doctors across the province went on strike on Thursday against the non-recovery of their abducted colleague. ONLINE

Arsalan accuses NAB chief, joint probe team of bias iSlamaBad: While submitting his written statement at the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the main character of ‘Bahriagate’, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, on Thursday alleged that Chairman NAB Admiral (retd) Fasih Bukhari and the NAB’s joint investigation team (JIT) were biased against him. While talking to media persons at the NAB headquarters here in Islamabad, Arsalan said he had only received one notice, not two, as told by the investigators. “I will go to the Supreme Court for a review petition,” Arsalan said, reiterating his claim that the NAB chief and the JIT of the NAB were prejudiced against him. INP

British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson on Thursday confirmed that there was no evidence found that any citizen tried to arrive in Britain through the Olympics passport scandal, while Britain did not want to malign Pakistan through the visa scam. Addressing a press conference at the National Press Club, the British high commoner said Britain could stop anyone who tried to enter the UK using illegal and fake traveling documents. Thomson said no passport system in the world was above some kind of omission, however, “We are well-satisfied with the issuance of Pakistani passport system as National Database and Regulatory Authority (NADRA) has the best system in the world”. Talking about “London Olympics 2012”, Thomson said it was a great privilege for Britain to host the Olympics Games for the third time. “This year, more than one million Olympic games lovers from across the globe would arrive in London to watch the games,” he added. “The hockey match between Pakistan and Britain team would be held in the first pool match and we are anxiously waiting to watch the match,” he said.

He said the British government had taken strict security measures on the eve of Olympic games for any untoward situation. He said the boarding of 11-year-old child on the airplane was not an unusual incident to occur, however, its investigation was underway. To a question, he said those who wanted to attain British visa should not consult fake visa agents, rather they should directly consult the British High Commission in Pakistan regarding. He said in a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani

Khar on Wednesday (July 25), “we talked about the news, which was published in ‘The Sun’ regarding fake passport scandal and investigation continued on this matter”. The British high commissioner said athletes from all over the world participated in Olympics and visas had been issued to them per the visa policy and under a specific system. Thomson added that there was a large number of Pakistanis staying illegally in the UK to seek political asylum, therefore, it was a serious issue for both countries that should be resolved soon.

The good doctor and his five American handlers PESHAWAR SHAMIM SHAHID

According to an 8-page special report, compiled by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) comprising experts and representatives from five different agencies, Dr Shakil Afridi – who has been convicted to life imprisonment on the charges of extending help to the American CIA in getting access to al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden’s residence and his subsequent assassination – was handled by five US nationals. The JIT that has compiled this report comprises Senior Superintendent Special Branch Police Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, representative of 306 Intelligence Battalion 11 Corps Peshawar, representative of Special Deet 206 Survey Sector Peshawar, GSO representing ISI Peshawar and representative of Intelligence Bureau Peshawar. The JIT prepared the report after detailed interrogation of Dr Shakil who has been sentenced life imprisonment by the political administration of Khyber Agency through Assistant Political Agent Bara. According to this report, Dr Shakil Afridi first met with Mr Michael aka Mike (his first handler), Country Director of the US-funded Save The Children, during a workshop in Peshawar in November 2008. Before meeting with Mr Mike, Dr Shakil Afridi had been abducted and made a hostage by the banned Lashkar-eIslam headed by Mangal Bagh. Dr. Shakil in his first ever meeting with Mr Mike suggested that they meet later in Islamabad. This next meeting between them was held near to

Saeed Book Bank, Jinnah Super Market. Both of them proceeded to a house in F/6 Islamabad where Dr Shakil was introduced to a lady named Kate, his second handler. The meeting continued for around one and half an hour and after having dinner, Dr Shakil was dropped at a petrol pump in F/6. The next meeting was fixed on the first Saturday of the next month. Meetings and contacts with Kate continued till December 2010. Later, he met with another handler Sara and she handed him a radio set and laptop for sending and receiving messages. Along with Kate and Sara, another handler Toni succeeded in convincing Dr Shakil of being involved in the now-infamous phony polio vaccination campaign. Along with the polio vaccination campaign, a hepatitis vaccination campaign was also to be undertaken. In January 2011, Mr Suee – Dr Shakil’s final handler – sent Dr Shakil on a Hepatitis-B vacci-

nation drive to Bagh and Muzzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir and Mansehra and Abbottabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This drive was to be focused on women between 15 to 45 years. On March 13, Dr Shakil started vaccination at Nawa Sheher, Abbottabad. He was instructed by Suee to include Bilal Town of Abbottabad in the drive. While conducting this drive, Dr Shakil was informed by a Lady Health Worker that all dwellers of Bilal Town had been vaccinated except for one household (Bin Laden’s) in Pathan Street. The lady health worker further told Dr Shakil that the people living in the fort like villa that had not been vaccinated lived in isolation due to personal enmities. However, Dr Shakil succeeded in engaging in a telephonic conversation with one of the occupants of the house. The campaign was then completed with help of lady health workers and female social workers from Abbottabad. Later, the vaccination kits used and other records were handed over to Mr Suee in Islamabad. Mr Suee gave Rs 5.3 million to Dr Shakil in lieu of conducting the campaign. After the assassination of Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, suspect Dr Shakil Afridi was invited by Mr. Suee to Islamabad on 5th or on 6th May 2011. Dr Shakil then told Mr Suee that his life was in danger due to his involvement in the polio vaccination campaign in the area of Bin Laden’s compound. Suee suggested him to go to Kabul. But Dr Shakil, considering himself to be innocent in the Osama Bin Laden assassination, declined to go to Kabul. Dr Shakil was also told by Mr Suee in their last meeting to destroy the radio set and laptop given to him.

Electricity tariff goes up by 24 paisa per unit ISLAMABAD ONlINe

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Thursday approved an increase in electricity tariff of 24 paisa per unit under the monthly fuel adjustment formula, despite the fact that the electricity shortfall, currently at 4,344MW, seems nowhere near being controlled. The NEPRA took the tariff raise decision in a hearing in Islamabad on Thursday. However, the hike will not be applied to KESC and Life Line consumers. On the other hand, the Energy Management Cell said the generation of electricity stood at 14,144MW while the supply had risen to 18,488MW. Due to the shortfall, unscheduled power outages have increased in cites and rural areas across the country. Lahore, Punjab’s capital, is facing outages of up to 14 hours a day, while villages are being subjected to 16 to 18 hours of load shedding.. The duration of load shedding is about eight hours in Hyderabad, Tando Bago, Tando Mohammed Khan and Sukkur. In Jaffarabad, Nasserabad, Jhal Magsi, Bolan, Sibi, Chaman, Loralai and Qilla Saif Ullah, power outages are being conducted for 16 to 18 hours a day. Abbotabad, Karak, Nowshera, Kohat, Dera Ismail Khan are also badly affected by power outages. Lawyers in Chichawatni have stopped working to lodge a protest gayest prolonged power outages.

‘A test for everybody’

Free polls to change Pakistan’s fate: CEC karacHi: New Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakharuddin G Ebrahim said that the country’s fate would change for the better if it experiences free and fair elections. He also emphasised that the next elections will be a test for every body. Speaking to media representatives at the election commission’s Sindh office, Ebrahim said that a press conference would be held in Islamabad on July 31 during which a briefing would be given regarding electoral lists. He also said that an announcement may also be made regarding the issuing of electoral rolls during the said press briefing. The chief election commissioner added that he was taking steps for the implementation of election laws. Fakhruddin G Ibrahim arrived at the Election Commission Sindh office for the first time after assuming office, where Sindh Chief Election Commissioner Sono Khan Baloch briefed him about the electoral rolls, cases in courts and bye-elections. The briefing entailed details on the preparation of electoral lists, a report on municipal elections and court cases involving the election commission. During the meeting, Ebrahim directed officers and staff of the provincial commission to discontinue any political affiliations that they may have so that no objections could be raised pertaining to the election commission’s impartiality in the wake of the upcoming elections. He termed the publication of electoral lists the ECP’s first priority and said that the commission should remove all related discrepancies and objections raised by the public. ONlINe

Friday, 27 July, 2012

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Military curbs ethnic unrest in northeast India GUWAHATI AFP

AlePPO: Free Syrian Army opposition fighters detain policemen after overrunning the Shaar district police station in this northern Syrian city on Thursday. Afp

Pakistan won’t allow nato weapons Continued FRom page 01

Under the MoU, the United States intends for the Office of Defense Representative Pakistan (ODRP) of the US Department of Defense to be central coordinating authority. Officials from both countries will meet once every two months to evaluate the implementation of the MoU. According to the draft, any misunderstanding will be cleared through mutual understanding, not a third party. It is written in the draft that commercial carriers will be responsible for any damage to the goods. Pakistan and US are likely to sign another MoU in September this year for the ‘carpeting’ of damaged Pakistani roads and highways due to heavy NATO traffic on them for years after Islamabad became the part of US led war on terror back in 2001 when horrendous acts of terror took place in the United States, for which al Qaeda militants based in Afghanistan were blamed by Washington. Under that separate MoU, the United States would provide for the expenditure worth millions of dollars on the rebuilding of the roads and highways used by NATO vehicles in Pakistan.

not all world leaders convinced by twitter, says survey


Some world leaders may be making full use of the microblogging Twitter tool to promote their ideas, but other international figures are shunning the medium, a new survey revealed Thursday. “Sixteen of the G20 leaders are actively using Twitter for public diplomacy,” said Matthias Lufkens, Digital Practice Leader at BursonMarsteller, the communications firm behind the study. “But it is sad to see that the heads of state and government in China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Italy still have not joined the Twitterverse,” he added. Almost two-thirds of world leaders had a Twitter account, the study found, but fewer than half of them used

the microblogging service to contact their peers. EU President Herman van Rompuy (@euHvR) is the best-connected world leader, following 11 of his peers — and being followed by them. But 35 world leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin among them, do not follow any other Twitter user. The findings, uncovered in a survey of 264 government accounts in 125 countries, also indicated that more than a quarter of followed US President Barrack Obama’s messages, or “tweets”. Obama himself however — @BarackObama — only follows two other leaders: Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The study also found that

politicians turned to Twitter during election campaigns — but once elected many accounts went silent. French President Francois Hollande (@FHollande) and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (@DilmaBR) had “abandoned their followers since taking office”, the report said. The Twitter service was also used by small nations to put themselves on the map, the report said: President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic was in touch with 71 other world leaders. And while President Obama is the most followed leader in the political sphere, his worldwide following of 17 million Twitter users still only puts him in sixth place overall. One place ahead of him is Britney Spears, and in first place, with 27 million followers, Lady Gaga.

Large troop deployments appear to have stemmed an outburst of ethnic violence in northeast India, officials said Thursday, after a week of clashes that left at least 45 people dead. Authorities in the state of Assam were drawing up plans for some 200,000 displaced villagers, who fled their homes for protection in relief camps, to be escorted back under armed guard. Rival gangs from indigenous Bodo tribes and Muslim settlers have fought each other since last Friday, often beating victims to death with sticks and burning down scores of houses in an eruption of anger over long-running land disputes. “The situation is returning to normal and we are taking all possible steps to ensure that no fresh outbreak of clashes takes place,” Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi told AFP. State officials say that about 200,000 people have moved to relief camps, government buildings and schools near their villages to escape the unrest and receive emergency food sup-

plies. “We shall review the situation and see if we are able to send back people sheltered in relief camps to their homes under tight security,” Hagrama Mohilary, chief of local government body the Bodoland Territorial Council, told AFP by telephone. But some families in the camps, which are protected by soldiers, expressed fears about being attacked by marauding gangs if they return home. “We are not going back unless we are sure there is adequate security in and around our villages,” said Rahimuddin Ali, whose mother was stabbed to death in the violence. “Some of us have our homes intact, while many homes were set ablaze. Where do they go?”

he told local television at one of the relief camps in the worst-hit district of Kokrajhar. Troops have been on patrol across the west of Assam, under orders to “shoot-on-sight” at mobs breaking curfew restrictions. At least 3,000 extra soldiers and paramilitary personnel have been rushed to the region. A statement from the state government on Thursday morning put the death toll at 41 and four more bodies were discovered on roadsides later in the day. Some reports said the outbreak of violence was triggered when two Muslim student leaders were shot and badly injured, leading to revenge attacks on Bodo groups.

Judges play their role in smooth functioning of parliament: CJp Continued FRom page 01

Earlier, secretary National Assembly submitted record of the parliamentary debate before the bench. Submitting arguments, one of the petitioners, Sheikh Ahsanuddin, who is also president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) of Rawalpindi Bench, contended that all those parliamentarians who favoured the bill deviated from their oath. He said all the legislation was completed before June 27 since attorney general was given deadline to submit government’s reply in writing a letter to Swiss officials, adding that the new law had been enacted to protect the new prime minister from disqualification. Sheikh said the parliament had passed the new contempt of court law in an indecent

haste and it did not have the authority to curtail the judiciary’s freedom. Sheikh also read out the record of the parliamentary debate over the law before the bench. The court observed that it was necessary to review the debate record as the question of timing of the passage of the law was raised. However, after hearing the debate, Justice Jawad S Khawaja remarked that parliamentary proceedings were protected under Article 69 of the constitution and could not be challenged in the court; however, he added, the court could review the debate held in the parliament. He also inquired into the rationale behind the drafting of the law, adding that the parliamentary debate could reveal the rationale behind this legislation. The bench later adjourned the hearing till today (Friday).

Scientists find Grand Canyon-sized rift under antarctic ice PARIS AFP

Scientists have discovered a rift the size of the Grand Canyon hidden under the Antarctic ice sheet, which they say is contributing to ice melt and a consequent rise in the sea level. The rift, some 1.5 kilometres (one mile) deep, 10 kilometres wide and 100 kilometres long, was found by researchers using radar to measure the subglacial topography, glaciologist Robert Bingham told AFP. “If you imagine the Grand Canyon but filled with ice and then

Friday, 27 July, 2012

even that whole feature is then also uniformly beneath another kilometre of ice,” is how he described the feature whose magnitude he said was a “surprise” to the team. Scientist believe a shrinking West Antarctic Ice Sheet is responsible for about 10 percent of climate-change-induced sea level rise, which if unchecked threatens to flood many coastal cities within a few generations. The sheet, a huge mass of ice up to four kilometres thick that covers the land surface and stretches into the sea, is melting faster than any other part of Antarctica.

But scientists’ sketchy knowledge of the sub-surface topography has made it difficult to predict the exact rate and extent of ice sheet loss, said the study published in Nature. The newly discovered valley, formed long before the region was covered by ice, is believed to be part of a wider West Antarctic rift system, “which we’ve known exists but we don’t know where it goes,” said Bingham. “We are now getting a better idea that parts of this rift system actually go ... further west than we previously knew about.” The type of rift found under the

Ferrigno Ice Stream is caused when a continental plate starts to tear apart — like the large lakes that fill rift systems in parts of East Africa today. “It is the shape of the rift that contributes to the fact that the region is vulnerable to ice melt,” Bingham explained of the Antarctic discovery. “Because the rift is there it means that the ice is both deeper and slopes inland as you move away from the sea and both of those conditions make this a vulnerable topography to ice thinning effects” by allowing warm sea water to flow inland along a trough

created by the rift to attack the ice on the coastline. Bingham said the find showed that not only modern climate factors but also geology is contributing to ice loss. “I think where it changes our view just ever so slightly is that this issue is traditionally conceptualised as a modern effect of global warming, and what we see is that that modern effect is actually superimposed on a very ancient geological evolution. “It helps us to appreciate that the whole process is something that occurs over many cycles of time.” Scientists had only visited the

region once before, over 50 years ago, in 1961. This time, experts from the University of Aberdeen and the British Antarctic Survey conducted three months of fieldwork in 2010. “We targeted the area because we knew from satellite measurements that there was ice thinning taking place,” said Bingham. “When we did the survey and we found this rift, that actually was a surprise that it was much, much deeper and preconditioned to this thinning than we expected.” The only way to find such a valley covered by an ice sheet is by using radar on the spot, he added.

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05 Millions mentally scarred in war on terror PESHAWAR



IAQAT Ali is a victim of one of Pakistan’s worst bombings, but his injuries are not visible to the naked eye.

The 47-year-old government clerk and part-time lab assistant was walking home through the grounds of a hospital in the northwest city of Peshawar in the fall of 2009, when he stumbled upon the carnage left by the blast. Scores of bodies were packed into vehicles. Bleeding survivors with missing limbs and severe burns were scattered everywhere. He has suffered from severe depression and anxiety ever since and is dependent on antidepressants to make it through the day so he can provide for his wife and four children. Ali’s plight has become increasingly common in Pakistan’s northwest, where psychiatrists estimate millions are suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological illnesses after years of militant attacks, army offensives and US drone strikes. Many don’t receive treatment, largely because of an acute shortage of psychiatrists and psychologists. “I think what we see is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Firaz Khan, a psychiatrist at the mental health ward at government-run Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, where most of the 40 to 50 patients who come in each day are suffering from violence-related trauma. “Most victims remain at home and are not getting help.” Peshawar is located close to the tribal regions, the militant epicentre, and has been a major target for the Taliban since they started their insurgency in earnest in 2007. At times, the city was bombed almost daily. Violence has fallen significantly in the last 18 months. Fear and anxiety remain. Ali’s nightmare began on October 28, 2009, when militants detonated a car bomb in a market crowded with women and children. More than 100 people were killed. The dead and wounded he encountered at Lady Reading Hospital on his way home from work are etched in his mind. “Some of them had lost arms, others legs. Some of them had burned faces,” said Ali, be-

coming visibly disturbed during an interview at a private psychiatric clinic in Peshawar where he was being treated. “So many dead bodies were stuffed in a vehicle, as if they were not humans but slaughtered animals.” Within days, Ali was having trouble sleeping, experiencing flashbacks and intense fear. “It would come to my mind that everybody will die. The world was going to end,” Ali said. The northwest is filled with similar cases, according to psychiatrists. A nine-year-old boy suffered PTSD after witnessing a deadly bomb blast in Peshawar. He became irritable, aggressive and said he wanted to kill someone. He couldn’t sleep, had flashbacks and stopped going to school. A 30-year-old woman in the North Waziristan tribal area suffered severe depression and fainting spells after her cousin was killed by a mortar shell on his way to Afghanistan. It was unclear whether he was killed by the Taliban or fighting alongside them.An 18-year-old boy in the Bajaur tribal area suffered PTSD after witnessing a Taliban fighter behead an alleged spy, soak his beard with the man’s blood, lick it off his fingers and roar in satisfaction. He felt severe anxiety every time he recalled the incident. The psychiatrists asked that the names of the patients be withheld to protect their privacy. These kinds of experiences have tripled the number of patients seeking help from psychiatrist Mian Iftikhar Hussain since he opened his private clinic in Peshawar in 2004 after a career in public medicine. He now sees over 60 patients each day and cannot handle anymore. While there are no official figures, Hussain and another psychiatrist with a clinic in Peshawar, Wajid Ali Akhunzada, estimate that up to 60 per cent of the more than 20 million people who live in Pakistan’s northwest could be suffering from violence-related psychological issues. They base this figure on the number of patients who visit psychiatrists in the area daily. Only five to 10 per cent of patients treated by Hussain and Akhunzada have PTSD, but almost all of them suffer from some combination of depression, anxiety and lack of sleep

NATO condemns cross-border shelling into Afghanistan

People suffering from depression and psychological illnesses wait for their turn to see doctors at a local clinic in Peshawar. phOTO COuRTESy Ap caused by the violence around them. They are generally treated with a mix of drugs and psychotherapy. Use of antidepressants and antianxiety medication in Peshawar has more than doubled in the past few years, said Riaz Hussain, president of a wholesale drug association in the city. “Previously these medications were mainly used by Afghan refugees,” who have declined in number, he said. The number of psychiatrists and psychologists in Pakistan is far short of the level needed to handle the current crisis. There are about 600 in Pakistan for a population of 190 million, or roughly one for every 315,000 people, according to figures compiled in 2010 by the late Haroon Rashid Chaudhry, former head of psychiatry at Fatima Jinnah Medical College in Lahore. In the United States, there are about 116,000 psychiatrists and psychologists for a population of 310 million, or one for every 2,700 people, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American Psychological Association.

There are also few social workers who deal with psychological problems in Pakistan. “In our country, education and health are both at the bottom priority-wise, and in health, psychiatry is at the bottom,” said Hussain, the psychiatrist, who suffered PTSD himself after being kidnapped in 2009 and held for 11 days. There are no psychiatrists or psychologists based in Pakistan’s remote tribal region, where fighting between the Taliban and the army has been most fierce and U.S. drones rain missiles down from the sky, said Hussain. “We never know when a drone will drop a bomb right on our home,” said Soba Khan, a 15-year-old boy who lives in North Waziristan and was visiting Peshawar with his aunt, who was suffering psychological problems. Many dealing with mental trauma don’t understand why they are feeling miserable and assume they must be physically ill. They often turn to spiritual healers, knowing that seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist can mean social stigma.

Police arrests four jihad instigators in Mardan mardan: The Mardan Police has arrested four people for motivating the masses for jihad, and collecting charity for a banned organisation at a mosque in the limits of City Police Station, police sources said on Thursday. They said some local residents had informed the police that some people came to the mosque of Municipal Plaza in Bigut Gunj Bazaar after Zuhr prayers, and started instigating the masses for jihad through the mosque’s loud speaker. Police said the arrested men were also collecting charity for a banned organisation named Al-Rehman Trust. Sources said that a police party came to the mosque and arrested four people identified as: Minhajuddin Khalil, a resident of Danishabad Tower Street in Peshawar; Shah Nawaz, a resident of Aladadkhel mohallah Gulbahar No 2 Mardan; Asif Ali, a resident of Mohallah Shah Sawar Mardan; and Matiullah, a resident of Mansab Killay, Charsadda Road in Mardan. Sources further said that police seized a 9mm pistol from Minhajuddin’s possession along with Rs 35,925 and receipt books of Al-Rehman Trust. Police registered an FIR (first information report) against the accused under Section 11-N of the Terrorist Act, and 13 AO and started interrogation. STAFF RePORT

govt’s confrontation with judiciary damaging democracy: nawaz

pakistani Taliban threaten Myanmar over Rohingya ISLAMABAD AFP


NATO’s military force in Afghanistan has condemned cross-border shelling from Pakistan, after Kabul warned that it could significantly harm relations between the strife-torn neighbours. Afghanistan’s warning came on Sunday after officials said more than 300 heavy artillery shells and rockets were fired from Pakistan into Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar province over two days, killing at least four people. Last month, a barrage of cross-border fire from Pakistan into Kunar forced thousands of villagers to flee their homes after Islamabad accused Kabul of protecting militants who infiltrated to kill 13 Pakistani soldiers. Afghanistan and Pakistan typically blame each other for violence by Taliban Islamic militants plaguing both sides of their border, known as the Durand Line. NATO’s International Security Assistance Force “condemns the indirect fire

attacks from across the Durand Line”, ISAF said in a statement late Wednesday. “We continue to work with the Afghan ministry of defence, and the Pakistan government to ensure an end of these attacks.” ISAF welcomed the announcement by the Afghan foreign ministry that talks on the issue would be held soon between officials from both sides in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad. Pakistan on Sunday denied Afghanistan’s charge of cross-border shelling, calling it “incorrect”. “Pakistani troops only respond to and engage militants from where they are attacked/fired upon,” said a senior military official in Islamabad. Over the last year he said at least 15 cross-border attacks were carried out by militants against Pakistani check points and the civilian populations in northwestern towns of Dir and Chitral. NATO has some 130,000 US-led troops in Afghanistan helping the government of President Hamid Karzai fight Taliban Islamist insurgents.

Those who decide to visit a mental health specialist can face significant difficulties in getting to a doctor and affording treatment, especially if they live in the tribal region. The potentially dangerous trip from North Waziristan to Peshawar on a public minibus takes eight to 12 hours and costs about $6.50, a significant sum in a country where the UN estimates about a quarter of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. Doctor visits at public-run hospitals are free, but antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications cost at least $5 per month, and can be much more if multiple drugs are prescribed. Each session at a private clinic, where treatment is better, costs roughly $8.50, and can be several times that if the patient needs to be admitted. Hussain, the psychiatrist, said it was critical to find a way to help the large numbers of people suffering in Pakistan. “If we don’t understand them, analyse them and address them,” he said, “they will worsen day by day.”

laHore: PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said the government is damaging democracy and the country’s institutions by indulging in confrontation with the judiciary. The PML-N chief said this on the occasion of joining of the PMLN by former PML-Q nazims from NA-148 and NA-151 constituencies of Multan on Thursday. Nawaz said the PPP had crossed all limits to save the looted money in Swiss banks. He said the prime minister, no matter who he was, would have to write the letter to the Swiss authorities. Nawaz said the PML-N never ran after power and always indulged politics of principles. PML-N Additional Secretary Ahsan Iqbal was also present. INP

The Pakistani Taliban Thursday threatened to attack Myanmar to avenge crimes against the Muslim Rohingya, unless Pakistan halts all relations with the government and shuts its embassy in Islamabad. In a rare statement focused on the plight of Muslims abroad, the umbrella Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) group sought to present itself as a defender of Muslim men and women in Myanmar, saying “we will take revenge of your blood”. Spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan demanded that the Pakistani government halt all relations with Myanmar and close down its embassy in Islamabad. “Otherwise we will not only attack Burmese interests anywhere but will also attack the Pakistani fellows of Burma one by one,” he said in a statement. The Myanmar embassy in Islamabad was not immediately reachable for comment. The TTP frequently claims attacks on security forces in Pakistan but its ability to wage violence in countries further afield has been questioned. But US officials say there is evidence the group was behind a failed 2010 at-

tempt to bomb Times Square in New York, for which Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad was jailed for life. TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud has also been charged in the United States over the killings of seven CIA agents who died when a Jordanian Al-Qaeda double agent blew himself up at a US base in Afghanistan in December 2009. Recent clashes in western Myanmar between Buddhist ethnic Rakhine and Muslim Rohingya have left dozens dead and tens of thousands homeless. Last week, Amnesty International said hundreds of people, mostly men and boys, have been detained in sweeps of areas heavily populated by the Rohingya, with almost all held incommunicado and some ill-treated. Most arrests appear to have been “arbitrary and discriminatory” and Amnesty said there were “credible reports” of abuses — including rape, destruction of property and unlawful killings — by both Rakhine Buddhists and the security forces. Decades of discrimination have left the Rohingya stateless, and they are viewed by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

Friday, 27 July, 2012

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Friday, 27 July, 2012



parts ways with Lahore

punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif announces tehsil status for Raiwind g New sports, cricket ground, graveyard, bus stands to be constructed g




UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday announced that Raiwind would be given tehsil status. The chief minister made this announcement at his tent office, while addressing a large number of citizens of Raiwind as well as office-bearers and workers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. He said that this announcement will lead to availability of resources and development to Raiwind. Speaking on Ramadan Bazaar of Raiwind, Shahbaz said that it would be completed by Eid and would be inaugurated by him. He ordered the closure of illegal markets operating in

the area. Upon hearing repeated complaints, the chief minister directed the irrigation secretary to take effective steps to put an end to water theft. The chief minister also directed Lahore commissioner to acquire land for a graveyard and to construct a boundary wall to protect the old graveyard. He also ordered construction of sports and cricket grounds to promote sports in the area. Addressing several complaints, Shahbaz ordered shifting of bus stands outside Raiwind and said that traffic system in the Raiwind city should be streamlined.

Dengue larvae found! laHore: Dengue Larvae were discovered in Lahore on Thursday According to a report, dengue larvae were found in Shalimar Town from a water tank in a house at Cha Mira Ashraf Park. City District Management took immediate action and reached the spot to dispose of the larvae. The management sprayed the area to avoid future breeding of Dengue larvae. MONITORINg DeSK

LESCo officer promoted out of turn laHore: A ‘special favour’ was granted by the LESCO management to their engineer on Thursday. According to a report, LESCO’s management awarded a special favour to an engineer Riffat Mehboob, who had been working as an Assistant Manager, Operations, and working as an SDO, Gulberg Sub Division. He was promoted out of turn to the post of Deputy Manager Tariff (BPS 18) Reports said that he was on number 227 as per the seniority list, according to LESCO records, but was pushed up to number 32. He was promoted out of turn, leaving other 195 engineers depressed and waiting for their turns to arrive. M O N I TO R I N g D e S K

Fight breaks out in Siddique trade Centre laHore: A fight broke out between the management and businessmen at Siddique Trade Centre on Thursday. According to the report, a squabble between the management and businessmen at Siddique Trade Centre went out of control as a security staff member badly injured a businessman, Kashif Ghafoor.Several businessmen shut their shops and came out on the streets, protesting against Siddique Trade Centre’s management. MO NI TOR I Ng De S K










‘Zardari Gang is out to get us’ LAHORE STAFF RePORT

Addressing party workers at his tent office on Thursday, Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that the ‘Zardari Gang’ has let loose a despicable rule, rife with bribery, nepotism and corruption, while unleashing the worst bout of load-shedding from Karachi to Peshawar during the month of Ramzan; this is blatant proof of the federal government’s incompetence. He expressed these views, while talking to residents, Pakistan Muslim League (N) workers and office-bearers from Raiwind City and adjoining areas, at his tent office. Provincial Ministers Ch. Abdul Ghafoor, Mian Margoob Ahmad, Hafiz Nauman, Kh. Imran Nazir, Ch. Shahbaz, Commissioner Lahore Division, secretaries of various departments, District Coordination Officer Lahore, Director General PHA and other concerned authorities were also present at the occasion. He said that Zardari’s ‘gang’ is deliberately erecting impediments in the progress and prosperity of Punjab. The industry, commerce and agriculture of Punjab is being systematically destroyed, while the profits of electricity distribution companies of Punjab are being handed over to electric companies going into a loss. He said that the federal government is meting out a stepmotherly attitude towards Punjab with respect to load-shedding, because the conscience of rulers in

Islamabad had become impaired. He said it was a fact that billions of rupees had been wasted on rental power projects, and not a single megawatt of electricity had been added to the system. He said that ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ have turned people into psychological patients. He said that as a result of bribery, nepotism, corruption, electricity theft and line losses, circular debt has risen to Rs 500 billion in the energy sector, and if this debt is paid off, more than five thousand megawatts of electricity could be added to the system, decreasing power outages to a great extent; but this would not happen because the direction and intent of the federal government is insincere. He said that through concentrated efforts, the country can be brought out of darkness and into an era of light however, it is not possible as long as ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ are in power because they are completely indifferent to the plight of the masses. He asserted that Punjab had paid off its outstanding amount to PEPCO, and the recovery rate of electricity distributing companies in Punjab is far better than the rest of the provinces. He emphasised that the ‘Zardari Gang’ is responsible for cruelty and highhandedness in regard to load-shedding. He vowed that his protest against unjustified and inequitable load-shedding will continue, Pakistan is full of resources, and has the capacity to acquire energy, not only from existing sources, but alternative sources as well. The government of Punjab is expeditiously executing a comprehensive programme in this regard, he added.

DpC finalises mapping sit-ins from Karachi to Chaman g


Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Liaquat Baloch has said that Difae-Pakistan Council (DPC) has finalised sit-in arrangements along the NATO supply route from Karachi to Chaman via Torkham near the Pak-Afghan border. In a statement issued at Mansoora on Thursday, he said that the nation would not accept NATO supply restoration at any cost and would resist it with full vigour. He said that the US was facing a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, but the political and military leadership of Pakistan had surrendered against the wishes of nation, which would prove destructive for national security and integrity. He deplored that the leadership had put aside parliamentary resolutions regarding NATO’s supply resumption, cowing under US pressure against national aspirations. He said that the cabinet had approved a written agreement on the NATO supply issue which, he demanded, should be made public in line with democratic and constitutional processes. Meanwhile, a delegation of the Arakani Muslim community from Myanmar, led by Noor Hussain Arakani, called on Liaquat Baloch on Wednesday. He criticised international institutions including OIC, for sealing their lips over the cruelty and violation of basic human rights in Myanmar. “All Muslim rulers should lodge a protest by calling the ambassador of Myanmar in their respective countries,” he added. He expressed disappointment over Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, for keeping mum over the issue. He requested the

Saudi King Shah Abdullah to call an OIC session on the issue to formulate a line of action for the betterment of Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir and Myanmar. The delegation thanked JI for raising its voice on the issue and drawing attention of the world towards the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.

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Lahore 07

Call for Army to invade Balochistan condemning ‘hypocritical pseudo-liberal intellectuals’, Punjab Forum says govt should take Supreme court’s stance on balochistan seriously





HE Punjab Forum on Thursday said that the Supreme Court ruling regarding complete constitutional breakdown in Balochistan should be taken seriously by the government. The situation in the volatile province can only be normalised by initiating a massive military operation, after imposing the Governor’s rule, it said. The civilian government and administrative machinery has failed to deliver, which calls for decisive action, said Baig Raj, president, Punjab Forum. He said that the provincial government has failed to control crimes like target killings, extortion and kidnapping for ransom due to lack of capacity and will. Similarly, the FC can maintain law and order in the province to an extent but its presence is no substitute to a full-fledge military op-

eration against terrorists backed by powerful nations. He said that businesses, schools, government offices and even courts in Balochistan are functional because of the protection provided by the FC. Balochistan is still part of Pakistan due to the sacrifices made by the FC and ISI, he added. We need to encourage FC and ISI who are battling terrorists and laying down lives to defend Pakistan and Pakistanis, he said, adding that these agencies are fighting our war and demoralising our last line of defence is unwise. This has encouraged BLA and other terrorists who are now targeting Pashtuns and diplomats from friendly countries. It’s time that the Army should leave its barracks. “Pseudo-liberal intellectuals are advocating negotiations with secular terrorists but want merciless operations against jihadis in FATA which is hypocrisy,” he said. If the majority of institutions continue to treat traitors as VIPs on the behest of America, it will inflict great harm to Pakistan, he warned.

THe BATTle FOR FOOD: People extend their arms to collect the free food bags that are distributed at the Badshahi Mosque during Ramadan. Afp

By hook or By Crook g

Yda launches awareness drive, meets Pml-n leaders LAHORE APP

cdgl responsible for quality, low price of food items: dco cine Star Ph: 35157462

brave the amazing SPiderman Piranha 3dd cocktail the amazing SPiderman cocktail bol bachan cocktail

10:30 am 12:00 Pm 02:15 Pm 03:45 Pm 06:30 Pm 09:00 Pm 11:45 Pm 02:30 Pm

cine gold Ph: 35340000

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the amazing SPiderman 06:00 Pm bol bachan 08:30 Pm cocktail 12:30 Pm, 03:30 Pm madagaScar 3 04:45 Pm

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bol bachan cocktail cocktail madagaScar 3

12:00 Pm, 03:00 Pm 05:30 Pm, 08:30 Pm 12:30 Pm, 03:30 Pm 04:45 Pm

laHore: District Coordination Officer (DCO) Noor ul Amin Mengal on Thursday said that the City District Government should shoulder the responsibility for ensuring provision of quality and low prices at Ramadan Bazaars. While presiding over a meeting held at Town Hall to review Ramadan Bazaars in the city, he ordered the assistant commissioner to close down mills which have been providing substandard or underweight flour to Ramadan Bazaars. He asked officers to play a proactive role in checking cold storages and ensuring that prices of fruits and vegetables are lowered. Mengal also paid a surprise visit to Raiwind Ramadan Bazaar and expressed his satisfaction over prices and quality of the commodities. AgeNcIeS

Young Doctors Association (YDA) on Thursday launched an awareness campaign about the service structure for doctors at Lahore General Hospital. YDA leader Dr Muddassar while talking to the media after a seminar, said that this campaign was necessary in order to eradicate the misconceptions among the general public about YDA protests. He said that during the drive, young doctors were being taken into confidence about the demands of the YDA. However, there was no demonstration in hospitals, he added. He said that the protesting doc-

tors had called off the strike for over three weeks, and yet nothing had been done to fix the service structure. Around 700 doctors of Lahore public sector hospitals were among those who participated in the awareness drive. At the same time, YDA members also took their demands to PML-N leaders. A team of YDA doctors comprising Dr Amir Bandayshah and Dr Nasir Abbas met with Senator Ishaq Dar, Senator Pervez Rasheed and MNA Zahid Hamid. The meeting went on for over five hours, and YDA representatives deemed it to be a step in the right direction.

Light rain brings down temperatures, more showers expected laHore: Light rain followed by a cool breeze on Thursday brought about a pleasant change in the weather, offering citizens respite from the heat spell. Lahore and its suburbs received light showers coupled with cold breeze, which brought down the temperatures significantly. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) forecasted showers for most cities of Punjab in the next 24 hours. Several Punjab divisions including Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha and Faisalabad are expected to receive rain in the next 24 hours. The spell of rainfall is expected to continue till Friday night. However, humid weather will mainly persist in most of the cities in province. INP

‘Slow learning is the leading cause behind student suicides’ LAHORE AgeNcIeS

Pakistan Association for Difficulties In Learning (PADIL) has expressed concerns over suicides committed by students who failed in the matriculation examinations, and said that slow learning was the main cause behind this trend. Chief Executive PADIL Ashba Kamran told agencies on Wednesday that suicide by five young students after failing their exams, despite repeated attempts exposes fault lines in our education system that is unable to support slow learners in our society. She said the incidents of suicide were on the rise and this was the right time to draw the attention of parents, teachers, legislators and civil society towards the problem of learning difficulties like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia among students. “Every third child in Pakistan is facing learning difficulties, leading to a high drop-out rate in schools,” she said, “no serious efforts have been made at the public or private level to deal with the problem, pushing more children to successive failures in the field of education.

Friday, 27 July, 2012

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08 Lahore weather uPdateS

36 °c high 0c 28 low

PartlY cloudY




39°c i 28°c

38°c i 28°c

38°c i 28°c

the world is closing in on you because you didn’t sleep at night!

PraYer timingS Fajr Sunrise 03:44 05:15

zuhr 12:09

asr 15:49

maghrib 19:03

isha 20:35

citY directorY emergencY helP reScue edhi control motorwaY Police Police governor’S houSe chieF miniSter’S houSe Fire brigade bomb diSPoSal mcl comPlaintS lahore waSte diSPoSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hoSPitalS mid citY 37573382-3 ServiceS 99203402-11 maYo 99211100-9 general 35810892-8 Sheikh zaid 35865731 Sir ganga ram 99200572 uch 35763573-5 itteFaq 35881981-85 cmh 366996168-72 Shoukat khanum 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 adil (deFence) 36667275 children’S 99230901-3 deFence national hoSPital 111-17-18-19

blood bank Fatmid iSlamic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

comPlaint waPda Sui gaS

111-000-118 1199

railwaYS citY Station (enquirY) reServation railwaY Police

117 99201772 1333

Spending the night in front of a computer/TV screen has been directly linked to increase in depression, especially amongst women g Research also links obesity with not sleeping properly at night g




ITTING in front of a computer or TV screen late night or leaving it on when you fall asleep could increase your chances of becoming depressed, according to a study by US scientists. The study, by a team of neuroscientists at Ohio State University Medical Centre partly funded by the US Department of Defense, will give screen-addicted night owls a pause for thought, Khaleej Times reported. The researchers who exposed hamsters to dim light at night and picked up changes in behaviour and the brain that bore striking similarities to symptoms in depressed people said a surge in exposure to artificial light at night in the last 50 years had coincided with rising rates of depression, particularly among women, who are twice as prone as men. “The results we found in hamsters are consistent with what we know about depression in humans,” said Tracy Bedrosian who led the study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. Although exposure to night-time light has

been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and obesity, the relationship with mood disorders is poorly understood. The hamsters involved in the experiment were exposed for four weeks to dim light at night - equivalent to a television screen in a darkened room - and the results compared to a control group exposed to a normal light-dark cycle. The experimental group was then moved back onto a normal cycle for one, two or four weeks before they were tested. The results showed they were less active and had a lower than usual interest in drinking sugar water both symptoms are comparable to signs of depression in people. The similarity extended to their biological make-up. The researchers found changes in the hippocampus - a part of the brain - that were consistent with people suffering depression. The hamsters exposed to dim light at night were also shown to produce more of a protein called tumor necrosis factor (TNF), a chemical messenger that is mobilised when the body is injured or infected and causes inflammation in its efforts to repair the damage. “Researchers have found a strong association in people between

chronic inflammation and depression,” said Randy Nelson who also worked on the study. “That’s why it is very significant that we found this relationship between dim light at night and increased expression of TNF.” The scientists found that blocking the effects of TNF with a drug prevented signs of depression in the hamsters, though some other indicators in the structure of the brain were unaffected. For instance, hamsters that were exposed to dim light at night still showed a much reduced density of dendritic spines – hair-like growths on brain cells that are used to send chemical messages from one cell to another. The overall symptoms of depression were reversible, the researchers said. Those hamsters returned to a normal light-dark cycle saw both their TNF levels and the density of their dendritic spines return to normal after about two weeks. “The good news is that people who stay up late in front of television and computer may be able to undo some of the harmful effects just by going back to a regular light-dark cycle and minimising their exposure to artificial light at night,” Bedrosian said.

airPort Flight enquirY Pia reServation

114 111-786-786


yoGA ANd MedItAtIoN CLAsses


collegeS / univerSitieS PunJab univerSitY kinnaird college queen marY college govt. college univerSitY umt lumS uet lcwu SuPerior college Friday, 27 July, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

date: march 31 to december 29, 2012 venue: haSt-o-neeSt centre, lahore hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

date: aPril 01 to december 30, 2012 venue: Faiz ghar, lahore a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad haider

date: JulY 20 to auguSt 18 venue: 10 commercial building, old anarkali hast-o-neest one month courSeS: arabic, FarSi & calligraPhY:

1. arabic Saturdays & Sundays, 2:00 to 3:00 pm, 2. Farsi tuesdays & wednesdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm 3. calligraphy Fridays & Saturdays, 2:00 to 4:00 pm 042-37-314-316

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Foreign News 09 Syria army readies assault on Aleppo DAMASCUS


BAgHDAD: An Iraqi man and his daughter enjoy the air from a fan as temperatures reached to 48 degrees celsius (118 Fahrenheit) in Iraq on Thursday. Afp

Security is biggest concern of Olympics games: Cameron LONDON AFP

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday on the eve of the opening of the London Olympics that his top priority for the Games is their safety and security. “The biggest concern has always got to be a safe and secure Games,” Cameron told a press conference at the Olympic Park in east London. “That matters more than anything else.” “I think we’ve made as many preparations as we can, I think we have very good contingency plans in place. “Always as prime minister I feel that is an area I should take personal responsibility for.” Cameron was responding after US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is visiting London and was due to meet the British leader later Thursday, said he had heard “disconcerting” reports about security. A security force of more than 40,000 military and civilian personnel, backed by a huge intelligence operation, is being deployed to protect venues, athletes and millions of visitors.


Y R I A N troops prepared on Thursday to launch an offensive on rebel-held districts across the northern city of Aleppo, a security source told AFP. “The special forces were deployed on Wednesday and Thursday on the edges of the city, and more troops have arrived to take part in a generalised counter-offensive on Friday or Saturday,” a source close to the Syrian security apparatus said. The source said rebel fighters had brought in their own reinforcements, estimating between 1,500 and 2,000 opposition fighters had arrived from outside Syria’s largest city to reinforce some 2,000 already fighting in Aleppo. “They are mainly present in the southern and eastern suburbs of the city, mainly Salaheddin and nearby districts,” he said. The airport is currently cut off from the city, as four of the five roads leading to it are under rebel control, he added. Rebels also said a regime assault appeared imminent. “The army’s reinforcements have arrived in Aleppo,” Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, a spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army in Aleppo, told AFP via Skype. “We expect a major offensive at any

time, specifically on areas across the southern belt, from east to west.” Okaidi added on Thursday that some 100 army tanks — as well as a large number of military vehicles — had arrived in Aleppo. “There’s no way to compare our capacity to theirs. They have tanks, we have medium and light weapons. But we believe in our struggle; they are fighting for nothing.” On Tuesday night, Okaidi said “a large number” of troops was being redeployed from northwestern Idlib to Aleppo, “which is strategically more important for the regime.” The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the troop reinforcements were arriving, saying they had been ambushed by rebels en route. “Military reinforcements have arrived in the outskirts of Aleppo,” Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP. “During the night, an army convoy of tanks, armoured and transport vehicles going from the Nairab military camp in Idlib was attacked by rebels in Saraqeb in the same province,” he said, adding that the assault was followed by clashes. Syrian newspaper Al-Watan, which is close to the regime, led Thursday with the headline: “Aleppo, the mother of all battles.”

‘Cranky’ old Australian jailed for PM bullet mail But the government has had to call up thousands of extra troops for the Games after private security firm G4S said it could not provide the 10,000 guards promised. The prime minister said it was the largest security operation in Britain’s peacetime history. “Our absolute top priority must be to keep people safe,” Cameron said. “There are extra police in the streets of London, in the skies above

and in the water of the Thames and they are backed by the finest armed forces in the world. “We have our intelligence services working aournd the clock... This is the biggest security operation in our peacetime history bar none and we are leaving nothing to chance.” London was hit by terror attacks on its transport network on July 7, 2005 — the day after it was awarded the right to stage the 2012 Olympics.

BriSBane: A “cranky” old Australian man was jailed Thursday for mailing bullets and detonators to political leaders including the prime minister, bank chiefs and religious figures, reports said. John Gordon, 81, pleaded guilty to 12 charges over the letters, which he addressed to people including Prime Minister Julia Gillard, her predecessor Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott. Six explosive packages containing bullets and detonators, menacing and offensive letters, a death threat and a bomb hoax were sent by Gordon, whose targets also included central and commercial bank chiefs. Gordon’s lawyer, Bruce Mumford, told the Brisbane District Court that the father-of-two regretted his actions between 2007 and 2010, blaming them on a “cranky mood”. But judge Brian Devereux jailed him for two-and-a-half years, of which he must serve eight months before being released on a good behaviour bond. “You sent explosives through the post six times. Your conduct is to be condemned by the community,” the judge said, according to a report of the case in the Courier Mail newspaper. “Your abuse of the postal service was very serious,” he added, describing the conduct as “cowardly”. Prosecutors told the court Gordon was found out after forensic analysis of a letter sent to Abbott showed an impression of his name from previous correspondence on the notepad. AFP

Romania impeachment vote could seal country’s future BUCHAREST AFP

Romania’s centre right president Traian Basescu on Sunday faces an impeachment vote that could seal the future of one of the newest members of the European Union as a continental pariah. Basescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta, his centre-left rival, have been locked for three weeks in a fight to the finish, sparking one of Romania’s worst crises since the toppling of the communist regime in December 1989. The move to impeach the 61-year-old president has seen opposition speakers being removed and limits set on the powers of the constitutional court, drawing unprecedented criticism from the European Union and the United States. Ponta is allied to the Liberal Party (PNL) whose leader Crin Antonescu has become interim president after Basescu’s suspension. Recent developments in Romania “raise serious doubts about ... the understanding of the meaning of the rule of law in a pluralist democratic system,” the European Commission said last week, calling the government to respect democratic values.

Since then, Ponta has given guarantees to the EU over the rule of law and says he will “assume responsibility for putting them into practice”. Sunday’s vote could spell the end of the political career of Basescu, once one of Romania’s most popular politicians, who has seen his ratings plummet amid austerity cuts in 2010. Opinion polls show that two out of three Romanians would now vote for his ouster. However the referendum will only be valid if more than 50 percent of the 18.3 million registered voters turn out, a threshold which seems out of reach in a country where voter fatigue is high. In addition, some three million Romanians have emigrated over the last few years, sociologists say, adding that they could be relecutant to vote. Basescu, in power since 2004, has decided to use a controversial trump card: encouraging abstention to complete his second five-year term. His Liberal Democrat allies have urged a boycott of the referendum, which they brand a “masquerade”, claiming the the prime minister’s Social Liberal Union (USL) was planning to rig the vote.

aurora: Alleged Colorado shooter James Holmes reportedly sent a warning package to a psychiatrist at his former university with a notebook and drawings of his plans to massacre people. Holmes, 24, is accused of shooting 12 people dead and wounding 58 more at a cinema on Friday in Aurora, outside Denver, as young moviegoers packed the first midnight screening of the latest Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises.” There were conflicting reports about whether the package was received in time for the massacre to be averted. Officials remained tight-lipped Wednesday on reports that it had lain unopened in a university mailroom for days. Fox News, quoting an unnamed law enforcement source, said the parcel, with Holmes’ name written in the return address box, arrived at the University of Colorado on July 12 but sat unopened until days after the July 20 massacre. “Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people,” the law enforcement source said. “There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre.” Those drawings included some of gun-wielding stick figures shooting other stick figures, the report said. However, a second law enforcement source quoted by Fox News said the authorities had been unable to confirm that the package had arrived before the killings occurred. The Denver Post, meanwhile, cited university officials as saying it had arrived on Monday, days after the shooting. A police source told NBC News that Holmes had tipped them off to the package and told them to look for his name in the return address. A report also surfaced that the suspect, who is expected to be charged with 12 murders and 58 attempted murders at his next court appearance on Monday, bought a high-powered rifle hours after failing a key oral exam. Awarded a special grant by the government for his neuroscience studies, Holmes suddenly dropped out of the program with no explanation three days after failing the June 7 exam, ABC News reported. Afp

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10 Comment hopping atop another bandwagon? Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

The party in power for almost a decade wants an APc

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

blame game

By Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

This crossfire will put us in the cross hairs


he cross border attacks from Afghanistan and the consequent reprisals from this side of the border could further strain the already troubled ties between the two countries. The latest round of attacks started in June when Swat Taliban operating from Kunar infiltrated into Dir, killing 13 Pakistani soldiers. What is even more serious, there are accusations of the Afghan soldiers crossing into Pakistani territory. Early this month, up to 60 Afghan soldiers reportedly crossed into Pakistan and killed two tribesman. It is a pity that Afghan National Army trained and equipped by Nato to fight the militants should instead train their guns on Pakistani tribesmen. The Afghan government claims that hundreds of shells and rockets fired from the Pakistani side have led to the killing of four civilians. On Wednesday, ISAF supported the Afghan accusations while Pentagon expressed the hope that after the end of the over six month long standoff with Pakistan, it would be in a better position to bring Afghanistan and Pakistan together. The militants benefit from the tension between the two countries. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan had previously accused the Taliban of carrying out the attacks on Kunar as part the militant group’s insurgency plaguing both sides of the border. Now the two sides are involved in a mutual blame game. Interestingly neither is willing to concede that any unfriendly act has been committed on its part. There is a little hope of the Afghan government or the Nato troops taking action against the TTP elements sheltering in Afghanistan as long as Pakistan does not take action against the Afghan and foreign Taliban operating mostly from North Waziristan. Feigning ignorance, the common practice on both sides, will help neither. It is a fact that militants crisscross along the porous Pak Afghan border playing havoc in both countries. Despite the lethal and state-of-the-art weapons systems available to Nato, it has failed to take out the Haqqani network. Meanwhile, drone attacks have caused an anti-US sentiment throughout Pakistan. Islamabad too needs to realise that firing shells and rockets inside Afghanistan may kill several civilians and make thousands homeless without inflicting significant punishment on an enemy fighting an unconventional war. The damage that the attacks do on both sides is to create hatred among the local population. It is an irony that while Pakistan still hosts nearly five million Afghan refugees, there is little pro-Pakistan sentiment in Afghanistan. What needs to be done is to resolve differences through political rather than military means.


he MQM has suddenly issued a call for an All Parties Conference. What is more, a high level delegation of the party is calling on political leaders to persuade them to support the call. The conference is supposed to formulate a strategy for the country’s “security and survival”. The sponsors hope to invite not only all the political and religious parties but also the armed forces. It is yet not known how the military officers in uniform can be made to join the parleys. Acting upon the maxim regarding charity beginning at home, the MQM first took the proposal to Zardari who showed little enthusiasm. The president reportedly told the party to approach Raja Pervez Ashraf. There has been no response from the prime minister who naturally would be unwilling to add another complicated issue to his already heavy agenda. Ch Shujaat Hussain encouraged the MQM to go ahead though he ruled out any discussion related to the forthcoming elections at the APC proposing instead to take up issues like Balochistan, extremism and power shortages. Showing concern about peace in Karachi, the ANP agreed to the idea of an APC. “There are around five million Pakhtuns living in the city. We want peace there, we want action to be taken against all mafias, including land, drug and arms mafia,” said Haji Adeel. The MQM delegation also called on Jamaat-e-Islami leadership at Mansoora. Here Dr Farooq Sattar raised the bogey of the US carrier cruising along Pakistan’s territorial waters as an issue of national concern. Coming as it does from a party known for its tilt for the US, it surprised the JI chief who invited MQM to join hands with his party in opposing the US policies. Sheikh Rashid took the delegation to a public meeting he was to address. During his speech, he informed the audience that he had told the MQM to remove the corrupt government of which it was a part before issuing a call f or an APC.

The two major opposition parties have so far shown little interest in the idea being sold by the MQM and for good reasons. The MQM joined the PPP-led government after exhausting its tenure as a major ally in the Musharraf regime. The party has been a part of the government without interruption for almost a decade now. It is, thus, answerable for most of the ills the country suffers from including lawlessness in Karachi, extremism, power and gas shortages, and the country’s isolation. Not that a national consensus is not needed. But the issues have to be clearly defined first, which the MQM has avoided to do. As things stand, there are four major issues over which a consensus is desperately needed: the existential threat posed by extremist organisations, Pakistan’s relations with neighbouring countries, a political resolution of the Balochistan issue and peace in Karachi. Unless the three major parries reach an understanding on these issues, the country will continue to face an uncertain future. While these parties oppose extremism in general, they have yet to agree of the vital specifics to be able to eradicate extremism. The PPP owns the ongoing fight against militancy. On the other hand, the PTI considers extremism to be a reaction to the US-led military presence in Afghanistan and drone attacks inside Pakistan. The PML(N) stands in between, sometimes leaning towards the PPP, at others towards the PTI. While the military is fighting one category of militants, it is reluctant to take action against another. What is more, there are no indications that it is willing to change the policy. A number of banned outfits, operating under new names, continue to collect funds, hold rallies and

make fresh recruitment. Unless there is a consensus among the major parties on the issue, there is little hope of the eradication of extremism. There is near agreement between the three parties on developing friendly relations with India, despite the military still considering the neighbouring country the major enemy. This explains why agreements reached on visa relaxation and extension of trade remain unimplemented. With foreign policy issues still being formulated by those in khaki, military solutions to differences with Afghanistan are generating further cleavages between the neighbours. Balochistan stands totally alienated on account of the unrealistic policies devised by the offstage players. The attempts by the SC to bring home the disappeared persons were foiled by those who matter. The major political parties owe it to the nation to develop a consensus on how to put an end to the bloodshed and human suffering in the province. The MQM is mainly responsible for introducing violence in politics and for collecting “bhatta”. What has happened now is that a number of criminal elements have entered the arena challenging MQM’s monopoly. What is more the three alliance partners, PPP, MQM and ANP have totally failed to bring peace to Karachi. This is, however, an unusual time to hold an APC on these vital matters. The government and the opposition are busy sorting out the issue of the caretaker set up and a date for the general elections. Currently all major parties are focused on the polls. A move to reach understanding on these issues can only be made after the elections. The writer is a former academic and a political analyst.

Another mood swing What’s common between Moody’s and a stereotypical spouse?

By Kunwar Khuldune Shahid


oody’s Investors Service has all the characteristics of a nagging spouse: nosy, judgmental, disapproving, inquiring, and “always right”. Not only that, it judges you by your financial condition, reviews your creditworthiness over and over again, is hypercritical about your looks, scrutinises your engagements with your friends, questions your relationships and does not give a flying camel about anyone else’s opinion. And if the recent chain of events is anything to go by it can also conjure up mood swings that can

Friday, 27 July, 2012

give would-be mothers a veritable run for their money. Moody’s – one of the holy trinity of international rating agencies along with Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Group– recently decided to downgrade Pakistan’s sovereign credit rating a notch to Caa1 from the previous rating of B3. And if one were to view the whole episode from politico-fiscal glasses there could only be one logical reason behind the decision: Moody’s is a snob. The fact is vindicated by the company’s recent warning to Germany – by far the strongest economy in the eurozone – of a potential downgrade in its perfect AAA rating in a classic “Was ist das?” moment. Furthermore, a multitude of global banks– five of them from our neck of the woods – have had their ratings slashed as economists try to understand the reason behind this barrage of unwarranted mood swings. On the European front, with Netherlands and Luxemburg joining Deutschland under the company’s scrutiny gun, the rationale obviously is Greece’s possible exit from the monetary union, and its potential ramifications for the rest of the eurozone. The fact that European finan-

cial markets remained largely unaffected in the immediate aftermath of the announcement – even the German DAX in Frankfurt didn’t exactly take a nosedive, with the nation’s 10-year bonds rising – shows that no one with half a brain, or any fiscal interest, paid much heed to Moody’s moodiness. If not anything else the ‘warning’ might have given Frau Merkel and Herr Roesler a good laugh, as the duo continues to mull over anchoring eurozone economies and orchestrating a happy ending to the Greek tragedy. Nonetheless, it is Moody’s snobbery on the Pakistani front that is rather perplexing and makes about as much sense as firing an employee for something they did a decade ago. The current Caa1, with a negative outlook is the lowest rating that Pakistan has had since 23rd November 1999; the strongest being B1 in 2006, when the fiscal picture was somewhat bright and colourful. However, since Pakistan had a B2/B3 rating back in 2008 when the sword of default hung over the national economy, one would definitely question Moody’s decision of downgrading Pakistan in evidently better economic out-

look; especially after the Pak-US relationship has returned to something bordering on stability, with the possibility of PPM (Post-Programme Monitoring) also being discussed with the IMF. Not only that, economic indicators like the external debt to GDP, twin deficits, import cover, et al are all in considerably better shape when juxtaposed with 2008. Moody’s, nevertheless, launched a four-pronged inquest into Pakistan’s rating, citing the balance of payment deterioration, pedestrian export growth, plummeting FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and rising imports – the latter despite the fact that the import cover in 2012 is five weeks better than it was in 2008. This latest mood swing might not be completely irrational, and one could dig up quite a few reasons for scepticism, but the ‘standard’ viewpoint shows that with regards to the timing at least, Moody’s decision-making was ‘poorly’ executed – both puns indeed intended. Standard & Poor’s begs to differ with Moody’s decision. For, despite having the same data that Moody’s had had for its analysis, S&P maintained a B- rating, along with a ‘stable outlook’ cherry on this

not-so-scrumptious cake. Therefore, what the whole episode boils down to is that the same data and gauging devices resulted in one company asserting that there was no reason to ‘be negative’ and the other asserting quite the contrary – with the only things missing from Moody’s announcement being unnecessary eye rolling and an exaggerated flick of the hair. With a budget deficit touching 8.5 percent of GDP, and a record breaking Rs 1268 billion loans from the banking system, in 2011-12 there is no denying that Pakistan’s economic outlook personifies risk and irresponsibility. Also, economic growth is at its lowest for the past 60 years and double-digit inflation has now prevailed for over half a decade. The signs are indeed ominous. But then again when your wife throws a “you’re-not-thesame-anymore” tantrum citing the fact that you didn’t go grocery shopping with her a couple of months back, it’s obvious that the thought process isn’t quite coherent; even though you might not be the best husband in the world. The writer is a staff member and can be reached at

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Comment 11

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

the water issue The duty of providing potable water where required is becoming too difficult all across the world. In recent decades, countries have made necessary investments in infrastructure designed to alleviate water shortages. But the reply has for the most part unnoticed the crisis posed by the worsening state of aquatic resources. If the increasing water crisis is to be effectively addressed, actions will need to link water use with environmental care. In many places, even where water is still abundant, environmental damage has made water too expensive to use. In some others that enjoy a good supply of water, it is used improperly. Priorities can be so crooked that while cities remain desperate for water, farmers are irrigating fruits or cotton in the desert. Even less acceptable, fresh water is used to preserve gardens and maintain golf courses while the urban poor are forced to pay high to buy drinking water by the bucket. As a result, more than 700 million people in over 40 countries are affected by water shortages. Human encroachment on water environments is also a growing problem. The challenge remains of meeting today’s water needs while putting in place innovative strategies to address future requirements. Not enough measures have been taken to solve this issue, while sometime the efforts which are made seem to be difficult to translate into action. When the authorities sit down to bargain about the allocation of water, the environment gets short shrift. SYED HASSAM AHMED Karachi

know your rights Every human being has certain inalienable rights. These rights must be delivered in a way so that they have a positive effect on human lives and enable to live better and more fulfilling lives. The world is globalising very rapidly. Technological innovation has emerged as a phenomenon for advancement. The flow of information is increasing very rapidly, but unfortunately this rapid change has affected a very small segment of the society. Women in Pakistan are afflicted with different type of violence. This has been happening for a long period, and no healthy efforts are coming in to consideration. They are unaware

about their rights, and are prone to violence every now and then. The parliament has formulated different laws with regards to women protection, sexual harassment, but their passing has not been propagated properly and many women are not in the know that these laws have even been passed. Both educated and uneducated women are not equipped with such information. They are alien to these updates, and as a result are being exploited. The government must expand its role in this regard, so that more and more women should know their rights that the constitution has granted them. Our women are also not equipped with the rights, which our

whither ethics? Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the wedding ceremony of one deputy commissioner’s son along with one my CSP friends, in one of the districts of Sindh province. It was perhaps one of the most extravagant marriage ceremonies in the history of that district which has crumbling infrastructure in the province. Revenue officers estimate that millions were spent on the ceremony. A deputy commissioner who is honest and subsisting on his salaried income cannot afford such extravagance. Sources privy to the deputy commissioner office reveal that DC Sahib has asked and assigned every corrupt and crook officer of the district to arrange this and that item by hook or by crook, by crime or corruption. Those who were honest officers - indeed, rare in our society – had been cornered or transferred to remote districts of the province so that this corruption could be carried out. The deputy commissioners, I mean, the district administration has a critical role to play in the development of any district. But in many districts they have to operate with the constraints of shrinking resources and even those meagre resources are misappropriated, embezzled or used in corrupt practices such as the wedding ceremonies of the sons and daughters of the deputy commissioners. This is, indeed, an erosion of professionalism and ethics. In order to discourage such a culture of corruption and extravagance among deputy commissioners and other revenue, irrigation and other departmental officers at the district level, it is proposed that the government, both federal and provincial, must introduce or upgrade policies and programmes to improve the management of ethics and conduct in their public services. Furthermore, information dissemination at the district, divisional and provincial may be undertaken to promote “benchmarks” or common standards to promote ethics and combat corruption in the public service. Thus, the provinces will be better able to achieve a professional and ethical public service, one which can play a key role in the better governance and, ultimately, in the sustainable development of their

religion Islam has given to them. Islam has given a unique position of respect and honour to our women. Thus, those who use religion and misplaced conservatism to exploit women can only be countered if this awareness is spread. So it is very important that these rights must also be inculcated in the society. Government must develop a plan of outreach to our women, so that the awareness about their rights can be inculcated in them. A majority of exploited women live in rural areas are not equipped with education. So they must be targeted through a proper channel. But this doesn’t mean urban women do not have to face

province. Indeed, there is a need to generate awareness of the need for ethics, accountability and transparency in the district administration today, given its indispensable role in the development and governance of a nation. HASHIM ABRO Islamabad

of broken promises The blackouts during Sehri and Iftar times is yet another broken promise of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in a long line of fragile promises made in the past. While the prime minister looks fresh and fair on the television screen, the batoncharging of a crowd of poor women gathered for getting some atta is in stark contrast to the smugness on prime minister’s face. This shows that things are slipping from the hands of the prime minister while the president looks blissfully chairing various meetings least concerned with the disturbing images of poor women biting dust just for a few kilos of atta. There goes the slogan of “roti”, kapra and makan”. The rulers have no right to reside in palatial mansions while the poor women grovel in dust seeking a few morsels of bread. The rulers are responsible for even a dog not going hungry. Here the people are going hungry while well-fed rulers and politicians with their manicured moustaches mock the abject poverty of hungry masses during the holy month of Ramzan. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

dealing with floods This is apropos the letter of Mr Muhammad Khan Sial. It is agreed that the flow of water below Kotri is not as much as was ensured as per the Water Accord 1991. But we have the right to question the authorities regarding the huge quantities of flood water wasted past Kotri during summer/monsoon season, thereby causing misery and devastation. If this huge wastage of water is

exploitation. Not just the poor women in urban areas face many problems due to our rapidly changing and inegalitarain urban landscape but women from upper classes also have to face many problems. The government has a huge infrastructure it can access nation wide. By working to improve awareness, we will be able to make our women more strong with a tendency to withstand different calamities. When our women will know their rights, then there are more chances that we can eliminate the violence that is being carried against. MUHAMMAD UZAIR NIAZI Mianwali

stored at a reservoir up north and used equitably during the rest of the year, it would help reduce electricity shortage and increase farm-lands. Kalabagh dam is a project being thrown into the dustbin, by people vulnerable to the propaganda networks. Let the professional experts take a decision based on pure engineering for the overall well-being and emancipation of the teeming millions living in the Indus valley. RIAZ UR REHMAN KHAN Lahore

the conflict in assam The ongoing ethnic-communal conflict between Bodo tribes of Assam and the Muslim community has taken a dangerous turn this week as the violence has spread to several districts. Riots have already claimed 40 lives while over 170,000 people from both communities took shelter in relief camps. Regardless of the fact how and why the violence got started this time, the real factors behind this confrontation are economic and cultural ones. Bodo tribes want to maintain their, presently much eroded, socio-cultural and ethnic identity; they don’t want to give up their centuries-old land and forest rights to newcomers. Dirty vote bank politics also plays a role wherein politicians turn a blind eye to illegal immigration from Bangladesh (BD); illegal migrants cross the Assam-BD porous border without much issue. It’s high time for state and central governments to take steps to stop the infiltration in the border areas. A way to seal the border is to fence at least those locations where no physical control is possible. A fence between India and Pakistan in Kashmir valley has helped to reduce the infiltration and has led to less violence in the valley. Whenever an outsider group of different ethnicity or religious background grows to an extent which could impact local/ indigenous people’ economic rights, it’s natural for the locals to feel insecure and intimidated. India needs to get BD on board to start fencing of the border; it’s a pre-requisite if ever violence to be curbed in Assam. MASOOD KHAN Saudi Arabia

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12 BiG B CarriES oLymPiC torCh

ameesha Patel goes topless


mEESHA Patel has been lying low for a long time now. After two forgettable performances in Parama Veera Chakra and Chatur Singh Two Star, she is now preparing to hit the big screen with a bang. The first step towards the return is a topless picture she has shot with the celebrity photographer daboo Ratnani. daboo Ratnani tweeted the sensuous picture of the cine-star, which has been shot exclusively for his upcoming calender. The actress is looking well toned and voluptuous in the topless still. She is holding a satin cushion to cover her bosom and is smiling seductively at the camera. cOURTeSY HT

Srk dances to Farah’s tunes


HAH Rukh Khan joined the cast and crew of Eros international and Bhansali Productions’ Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi to launch the music and the third teaser poster of the movie. The poster based on SRK-starrer dilwale dulhania Le Jayenge had Boman irani and Farah Khan posing as Raj and Simran. Cyrus Broacha began the event by introducing the actors to the audience. The funny man had the janta in splits through the evening. While Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Bela Sehgal Bhansali had their mom Leela for company, Farah came with her mom too. When asked if her mom-in-law was in the audience too? She joked, “i only bring one of them out at a time.” And though this is her acting debut, she played choreographer at the event and got SRK, Boman and Bela to dance to her tunes. The film will release on August 24. cOURTeSY TOI

Kristen is



Public displays of affection gave way to public displays of apology on Wednesday as Twilight star Kristen Stewart and the director of her latest movie candidly admitted they’ve had an illicit affair. Stewart, 22, the most bankable actress in Hollywood, was first to take the plunge, confessing via People magazine that she had cheated on longtime boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, 26. “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected,” said Stewart, whose new film Snow White and the Huntsman hit US theaters in June. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” Then came Snow White director Rupert Sanders with his own statement, saying he was “utterly distraught about the pain I have caused” to his wife of seven years, model Liberty Ross, 33, and their two young children. “My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together,” said Sanders, who is English. Prompting both apologies was Us magazine, which revealed on Tuesday it would be running “exclusive photos” of Stewart and Sanders “packing on the PDA” (public displays of affection in gossip talk) in its next issue. NeWS DeSK

mid loud cheers from hundreds of his fans, Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Thursday carried the Olympic torch at Southwark here, a day before the opening ceremony of the sporting spectacle. The 69-year-old actor in a white track suit covered a 300-metre distance running and walking occasionally and waved at the cheering crowd, as the Olympic Games torch relay entered the 69th day today. Ahead of his participation in the relay, Bachchan said it was a “proud moment” for him and the country to be invited to carry the Olympic flame. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and NRi businessman Laxmi mittal were among others who were part of the relay team on Thursday. “OK!! HERE iT iS : Have been invited by London Olympic Organizing Committee to carry the torch in the relay tomorrow ... Honored to be asked to carry the Olympic Torch in London at Southwark around 10:30 Am !! A proud moment for me and country,” Bachchan had tweeted on Wednesday. The 32.7 mile long relay of the Olympic flame on its final leg has participation of legendary personalities from all over the world and all walks of life, including Lawrence dallaglio, Lewis moody, Jim Anderson, Phil Packer, darren Fitzpatrick and Tom davis. Bachchan is not the only celebrity to lend the indian touch to the 2012 London Olympics. indian music maestro A R Rahman teamed up with his ‘Slumdog millionaire’ director danny Boyle to compose a track for the inaugural event. “it’s a track in Punjabi celebrating the indian influence in the UK. it’s a part of a medley in the Olympics opening ceremony, according to danny Boyle’s creative wishes!,” Rahman had written on his Facebook page. ilaiyaraaja’s song is also set to feature in the medley of music tracks to be used in the inaugural programme. cOURTeSY TOI

Movie Review

ice age 4 Continental Drift

Lady Gaga sued for $10 million


op sensation Lady Gaga is facing a $10 million lawsuit by a toy manufacturer which claims that she deliberately delayed the release of a doll made in her likeness. mGA Entertainment accused Gaga, 26, and her management and licensing companies of making an eleventh-hour request to remove a voice chip from the doll, jeopardizing its delivery to stores in time for Christmas, reported New York daily News. They also claim that Gaga acted in “bad faith” because she prefers the doll to come out when her new album and perfume are released in 2013. in its manhattan Supreme Court suit, mGA charged Gaga and her team “engaged in intentional and deliberate delays” to prevent it from meeting its summer deadline with distributors. However, Gaga’s spokesman Amanda Silverman said the singer’s lawyers have not seen the court papers yet. “Lady Gaga will vigorously defend mGA’s ill-conceived lawsuit and is confident that she will prevail,” Silverman said. NeWS DeSK

Friday, 27 July, 2012


ACH of the three previous ‘Ice Age’ movies earned between $175 and $200 million at the domestic box office. Each did even better internationally; the last installment, ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs,’ made an incredible $886 million worldwide. In other words: at this point an ‘Ice Age’ movie is a sure thing. This franchise doesn’t need to do anything but show up, and it’s guaranteed to make money. In other other words, an ‘Ice Age’ movie has no reason to take any risks, or vary its formula in any way, and as a result ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift‘ feels less ‘Ice Age 4′ than ‘Ice Age 1.4,’ a meager software update on an old, well-worn program. This time out, the ‘Ice Age’ critters — woolly

mammoth Manny (Ray Romano), saber-toothed Diego (Denis Leary), and sloth Sid (John Leguizamo) — contend with the end of the world; you know, for kids. Their home on the ancient supercontinent of Pangaea begins to break apart after Scrat (Chris Wedge), the squirrel whose acorn-obsessed antics kick off each ‘Ice Age’ production, winds up mucking around inside the Earth’s core. It’s been a while since I was in high school, but I’m fairly certain this portion of the film is not geologically accurate. Despite its title and set-up, ‘Continental Drift’ is not really about the destruction of Pangaea or the formation of the world as we know it (which, in the universe of ‘Ice Age’ took about thirty-five

minutes). All that stuff is just a MacGuffin used to strand Manny, Diego, Sid, and Sid’s senile Granny (Wanda Sykes) on an ice floe adrift at sea. There they battle an evil ape (Peter Dinklage) who has turned another ice floe into his personal pirate ship he can steer, somehow, by tugging on a tree branch. He hates Manny and company and repeatedly tries to kill them because otherwise the movie would have no villain. Dinklage’s Captain Gutt also has a whole crew of cutthroats at his command, including Aziz Ansari as a deranged rabbit, Nick Frost as a dopey seal, and Jennifer Lopez as another sabertoothed cat who gets into a rivalry, and then a romance, with Leary’s Diego. In order to return Manny to his wife (Queen Latifah) and weirdly anthropomorphized daughter (Keke Palmer), our heroes need to sail to an island, steal Gutt’s boat, and ride a current back to the mainland. None of the characters manage to jump a shark in the process, but they might as well. Any pretense of compelling storytelling is long gone from the ‘Ice Age’ series by now. These movies are factories of the comfortably familiar, churning out a constant stream of kid-friendly action, chase scenes, and physical comedy. On that level, at least, you can’t say that ‘Continental Drift’ doesn’t deliver the goods. But it still pales in comparison to this summer’s other computer animated family films, Pixar’s ‘Brave’ and DreamWorks’ ‘Madagascar 3,’ in every possible way. Visually, it lacks ‘Brave’s rich detail and ‘Madagascar”s psychedelic exuberance; narratively, it boasts neither ‘Brave”s genuine surprise nor ‘Madagascar”s insane dream logic (although the steerable glacier boats comes pretty close). ‘Continental Drift” is busy, but indistinct. It’s not boring, but it’s not particularly memorable either. It won’t take long before it vanishes from your mind like Pangaea from the face of the earth. It’s not quite a sure thing, but it’s a pretty safe bet. cOURTeSY ROTTeN TOMATOeS

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13 Kareena and Ranbir to play siblings A

FTER her critically acclaimed and commercially successful film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, filmmaker Zoya Akhtar is working on her next script wherein she will probably cast real-life cousins Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor as reel-life brother and sister. This bit of information is already known. However, what is still a well-kept secret is the fact that this film could actually be an autobiographical one, and is based on the lives of the Akhtar siblings Zoya and Farhan. While one insider confirms, “Zoya’s next is a film based on Farhan and her growing up years.’’ Another one adds, “The film is not really a blow-by-blow account of Farhan and Zoya’s growing up years. It is a very sensitive script and is based on siblings. Only it draws liberally on some of the emotional conflicts and the bonding instances in Zoya and Farhan’s real life.” Talking about the script, Kareena Kapoor had told us earlier, “I’m very keen that Zoya finishes her script soon. I’m constantly in touch with her. It’s a terrific script, and I’m dying to work with Ranbir.’’ Of course even Kareena probably doesn’t know, or conveniently forgot to tell us that the brother-sister script is reportedly based on an autobiographical account of the Akhtar brother-sister duo. Zoya and Farhan are a year apart and Kareena is two years older than Ranbir. One also hears that though Kareena and Ranbir are the first names that come to mind for a project such as this, insiders say that the casting is still wide open. Zoya remained unavailable for comment. cOURTeSY TOI

Liev Schreiber, alan rickman, robin Williams play presidents in the Butler


HE most recent actor aboard Lee daniels’s (Precious) next film The Butler is Liev Schreiber (Salt), who will play former US president Lyndon B. Johnson, joining a parade of presidential portrayals by actors in the extensive star-studded film. Robin Williams is cast as dwight d. Eisenhower, James marsden (Hairspray) will be John F. Kennedy, John Cusack (2012) will portray Richard Nixon, and Alan Rickman will be Ronald Reagan, according to deadline Hollywood. daniels’s drama is based on the true story of Eugene Allen, to be played by Forest Whitaker (Repo men), who worked as a butler in the White House, serving eight presidencies covering more than 30 years, from 1952 to 1986. mariah Carey, Jane Fonda (Nancy Reagan), melissa Leo (mamie Eisenhower), Vanessa Redgrave, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Alex Pettyfer (magic mike) also costar along with Oprah Winfrey and david Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), who will play Allen’s wife and son, respectively. The Butler is filming right now in New Orleans for release in 2013. Quincy Jones is attached to compose the music. NeWS DeSK

anne hathaway eyes Catwoman spin-off


taylor swift in English version of Bunty aur Babli? c

OMEDIAN Canadian actor Michael Cera andAmerican singersongwriter and occasional actress Taylor Swift are likely to play the main leads in the English remake of superhit Hindi film Bunty Aur Babli. The remake is being made by Uday Chopra, who has launched ‘YRF Entertainment’ in the US to produce English films. “I am also remaking ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ in English. It’sin the scripting stage and the casting is not done. I am looking at Michael Cera and Tailor Swift. I haven’t approachedthem as yet, but I want to make it a little more quirky and comic than the Indian one,” Uday told reporters here last evening. “I have certain ideas for other films. As of now, Ifeel that the only film which went best with the sensibilities of the west was Bunty Aur Babli,” he said. Produced by Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra, Bunty Aur Babli featured Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee in the lead. The 2005 superhit film is about two lovable crooks, whoventure into many adventures like the fake selling of the TajMahal. Uday clarifies that the production house will go for international cast and crew for the films that they make their. cOURTeSY HT

OLLYWOOd actress Anne Hathaway says she is very much interested in reprising her role as Catwoman after The dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan tipped her for a spin-off movie. “i’m very interested. i think it would be lovely to see more of Catwoman, but only if it’s with the right people. She lives in this Gotham City and so it would have to be established by the people who have made the Gotham City,” says Hathaway. Nolan recently said that Hathaway deserves a solo movie after putting in an incredible performance as the slinky villain, reported daily Star. The 41-year-old filmmaker has finally completed his Batman trilogy consisting of Batman Begins (2005), The dark Knight (2008), and The dark Knight Rises (2012). NeWS DeSK

Leighton meester, hugh Laurie in the oranges


HE first trailer for The Oranges, starring Hugh Laurie (House md) was released July 25 online after the indie comedy played film festivals. The Oranges is a family story about two suburban families whose close friendships crumble as relationships take an unexpected turn. The footage shows the families sharing a holiday, when it's discovered Hugh Laurie's character has fallen for the 24-year-old daughter of his friend and neighbor, as his marriage falls apart as well as his longstanding friendship. The film also costars Catherine Keener (Where the Wild Things Are), Allison Janney (The Help), Oliver Platt (X-men: First Class) and Leighton meester (Gossip Girl, date Night). The Oranges opens Octorber 5 in North America and follows in November in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany so far. NeWS DeSK

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Infotainment 14

man says he owes his wife nothing under Shariah law


roSwell: Photo shows the balloon with austrian athlete Felix baumgartner lifting up during the second manned test flight for red bull Stratos in roswell, new mexico, uSa. austrian athlete Felix baumgartner reached an altitude of 29.455 meters with a space capsule on a huge ballon during a successful second test jump. during his 3 min 48 sec free fall he reach a top speed of 862 km/h per hour. red bull Stratos is a mission to the edge of space to an altitude of 37.000 meters to break several records including the sound of speed in freefall. Afp

The appeal of ‘bad boys’ g

James holmes is not just a crazed murderer. he is also becoming a heartthrob


N Monday the world got its first look at accused Aurora movie theater gunman James Holmes in action at his advisement hearing, telecast from a Colorado courtroom. Evidently the 24-year-old murder suspect made a good impression on some women, who took to Twitter to talk about how hot he is. That's right: a man who allegedly killed 12 people—one of them a six-year-old little girl—has groupies. It might seem unfathomable to some that anyone could respond to the purported face of evil by complimenting its bone structure. Even one of the women who Tweeted about how she finds both Holmes and Trayvon Martin's shooter George Zimmerman "cute" seemed confused by her feelings. And while it's probably not "normal" for criminals to be a girl's "type," it's actually much more common than you'd think. Women have a long history of being physically attracted to people who've committed particularly heinous crimes. There's actually a term for it: Hybristophilia. Also known as "Bonnie and Clyde syndrome," it goes beyond the "bad boy" appeal to which many women are drawn at some point in their lives. While hybristophilia is considered by some experts to be a potentially lethal form of sexual expression—as associating with known serial killers tends to be— Arthur Aron, a psychology professor at the State University of New York-Stonybrook says that for some, a relationship with someone imprisoned for life is actually safer, emotionally. "For some people it's threatening to be intimate," he says, "And a relationship with an incarcerated partner may give these people the sense of control they want or need when it comes to emotional closeness." Statistics show that male inmates are more likely to gain groupies and have romantic relationships with pen pals than female

Muslim hospital consultant was told yesterday that he must pay his ex-wife maintenance even though under Islamic rules he believes he owes her nothing. A judge told Dr Zaid Al-Saffar that he must follow ‘the rule in this country’ and share his money. The Appeal Court decision means Dr Al-Saffar must pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar. The ruling sounded a warning to Muslim couples who believe their marriages are ordered according to sharia law and agree to be bound by Islamic courts. Lord Justice Ward told Dr Al-Saffar: ‘The rule in this country is that you share and the starting point is equal division. ‘You came out of the marriage without having made your wife any substantial capital payment.’ He added: ‘Life is sometimes hard; do not be consumed with bitterness.’ But Dr Al-Saffar said after the case: ‘By playing the system and pretending to be a victim she got everything, which I think is totally unfair. ‘Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people.’ The consultant rheumatologist at Scarborough Hospital in North Yorkshire, who is also the head of the Islamic Society in the resort town, was married for eight years, and the couple had two children. The marriage was formalised following the Islamic tradition of Mahr, under which the groom pays a gift to his bride. Because of this, his wife had signed away her share of the couple’s home in Belvedere Road, in Scarborough. NeWS DeSK

Greek athlete sent home after racist tweet prisoners. This could be because men are 11 times more likely to be incarcerated than women, but whatever the case, those who commit the most violent, gruesome crimes—murder and rape—enjoy the most attention from "fans." Ted Bundy, who had killed over 30 women, was perhaps the most famous literal and figurative lady killer, as he had one of the biggest groupie followings, and received an average of 200 letters a day from women who were either attracted to him or believed him to be innocent, before he died in the electric chair. even after all these years, 77-yearold Charles Manson is still receiving female visitors on Valentine's Day. And it's not uncommon for high-profile murderers to get married while behind bars, even while on death row, as Ted Bundy did. Just last week, it was reported that Joran van der Sloot—the 24-yearold convicted murderer who gained notoriety in 2005 as the chief suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway—was planning to get married while serving his 28year sentence in Peru, to an un-

known woman. Phil Spector met his current wife, Rachelle Short, after he was arrested for the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson. Erik Menendez—who was convicted of the 1989 murder of his parents—has been happily married to Tammi Ruth Saccoman for 15 years. His brother Lyle—who is also serving a life sentence for the murder of his parents—is on his second prison wife. His first prison wife— former Playboy model Anna Eriksson—left him after she found out he was cheating on her, through letters, with another woman (a pen pal). In 2003, Lyle married Rebecca Sneed, a 33-year-old magazine editor from Sacramento. Serial killer and rapist Richard Ramirez married Doreen Lioy, " freelance magazine editor with a bachelor's degree in English and an I.Q. of 152," in 1996. He has been on death row since the early 1980s and Lioy, an otherwise bright woman, claims that she will commit suicide when Ramirez (who was convicted of murdering 14 people) is executed. Angelo Buono and Kenneth

Bianchi—the serial killers known as the Hillside Stranglers—were convicted of kidnapping, raping, torturing, and murdering little girls and women in the late 1970s, but both somehow found women to marry them. Christine Kizuka, mother of three, met Angelo Buono while she was visiting her husband in prison. His cell was next to Buono's. She later divorced her husband and married Buono in 1986, however, prison officials forbade conjugal visits because of the nature of Buonos crimes. Kenneth Bianchi married Shirlee Book after a threeyear pen pal relationship. (She had also corresponded with Ted Bundy.) Just like with most things, the Internet has made love connections between prisoners and those on the outside so much easier, particularly with the site Meet-An-Inmate, which allows friends and family members to create profiles for prisoners, in hopes that they'll acquire a pen pal. Given James Holmes' penchant for creating profiles on dating sites, it wouldn't be surprising to see him pop up there. cOURTeSY JezeBel


Greek Olympic athlete has been expelled from the national Olympic team for ‘racist’ remarks on Twitter. Triple jump champion Voula Papachristou had travelled to London with the Greek team, but caused a storm on Twitter with offensive comments on African immigrants to Greece. She also apparently retweeted far-right politician Ilias Kasidiaris, of the Golden Dawn party, when he criticised Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s stance on immigration. After followers objected to her first tweet, Papachristou promptly replied: “I apologise if I insulted people! I have no mingling with politics!!! I am only Athlete!!” Papachristou later published a longer apology, in English, where she said: “I would like to express my heartfelt apologies for the unfortunate and tasteless joke I published on my personal Twitter account. “I am very sorry and ashamed for the negative responses I triggered, since I never wanted to offend anyone, or to encroach human rights. “My dream is connected to the Olympic Games and I could not possibly participate if I did not respect their values. Therefore, I could never believe in discrimination between human beings and races. “I would like to apologise to all my friends and fellow athletes, who I may have insulted or shamed, the National Team, as well as the people and companies who support my athletic career. Finally, I would like to apologise to my coach and my family.” President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Isidoros Kouvelos took the decision to expel her from the team “for statements contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement”. NeWS DeSK

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zara deflects royal links Page 18

Flag blunder cause shame for London organisers LONDON AFP


ONDON'S Olympics got off to an embarrassing start Wednesday when North Korea's women footballers refused to play after a mix-up over their national flag, in one of a series of blunders. Hosts Great Britain had kicked off the sports festival, years in the making and costing billions of dollars, with a 1-0 win over New Zealand as women's soccer got under way two days before the opening the ceremony. The United States beat France 4-2 and Japan overcame Canada 21. But North Korea's opener against Colombia was held up after their players were pictured next to South Korea's flag on the big screen at Glasgow's Hampden Park. The North Koreans were finally persuaded to take the field and the match, scheduled for 7:45 pm (1845 GMT), began at 8:50 pm. Red-faced organisers were quick to apologise for the howler. "Today ahead of the women's football match at Hampden Park, the South Korean flag was shown on a big screen video package instead of the North Korean flag," said a statement from London 2012 organisers. "Clearly that is a mistake, we will apologise to the team and the National Olympic

olympic HeROeS/RecORD HOlDeRS stats corner S.PERVEz QAISER nurmi: tHe winner of nine olympic gold medalS Paavo Nurmi is one of only four athletes to win nine gold medals. His feats are particularly impressive because they were achieved in endurance events and because he was prevented from continuing his Olympic career after he was charged with professionalism. Nurmi made his first Olympic appearance in 1920 in the 5,000m. He earned a silver medal behind Joseph Guillemot of France. Three days later, Nurmi defeated Guillemot in the 10,000m. Three days after that, Nurmi won the crosscountry race and gained an extra gold medal because the race also counted towards the team cross-country event, which Finland won handily. On 10 July 1924, at the Paris Games, Nurmi performed one of the greatest feats in Olympic history. First he won the 1,500m. Then, two hours later, he won the 5,000m. Two days later, on one of the hottest days in Parisian history, Nurmi won the 10,000m cross-country race by 1 minute 24.6 seconds and gained another gold medal in the team cross-country event. The following day, while most of the other runners were recuperating, Nurmi finished first in the 3,000m team race. He had hoped to defend his 10,000m title, but Finnish officials refused to enter him in the event. Back in Finland, an angry Nurmi made his point by setting a 10,000m world record that would last for almost 13 years. In 1928, Nurmi completed his Olympic career by winning the 10,000m and earning silver medals in the 5,000m and the steeplechase. Cross-country races had been dropped from the Olympic programme. Nurmi Paavo Johannes who was born on June 13,1897 at Turku, Finland, died on October 2,1973. nurmi paavo'S performance in olympicS: olympicS g S B Antwerp 1920 3 1 Paris 1924 5 Amsterdam 1928 1 2 total 9 3 -

Committee and steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again." The incident -- involving two countries still officially at war -- ensured a nightmare debut for the 19-day Games, where the hosts' capabilities are on show as thousands of athletes compete for 302 gold medals until August 12. "Yes, we were angry because our players were introduced as if they are from South Korea, something that may affect us very greatly as you might know," said North Korea coach Sin Ui-Gun. "Winning the game cannot compensate this. It is a different matter. We hope there is no repeat in the next matches," he added. But it was not the only problem on Wednesday. Elsewhere, Team GB sent out an email referring to the Great Britain women's football team as "England". And organisers had to offer a refund to diving fans whose view will be partially obscured due to a defect in the purpose-built, waveshaped Aquatics Centre. Separately, Greek triple-jumper Voula Papachristou was kicked out of the Olympics for a racist tweet which poked fun at Africans living in her country. And athletics' world governing body said 10 athletes had been barred for doping, including Morocco's women's 1500m runner Mariem Alaoui Selsouli who failed a test earlier this month.

flag mix-up simple human mistake, says rogge london: International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge on Thursday blamed human error for the flag blunder which drew a protest from North Korea in the women's football tournament. Responding to a question from North Korean IOC member Chang Ung at the IOC session, Rogge said the incident at Wednesday night's game in Glasgow was simply an "unfortunate incident." North Korea refused to take the field for more than an hour after Hampden Park's giant screen showed images of North Korean players next to the South Korean flag before their opening match with Colombia. The game missed its 7:45 pm (1845 GMT) start after North Korea failed to appear. After it finally kicked off at 8:50 pm, North Korea won 2-0 with a goal in each half. "It was a most unfortunate incident yesterday," said Rogge. "I can assure you the organising committee will take corrective action and there will be no repeat. There is no political connotation just a simple human mistake." However, Chang was not satisfied. "Of course the people are angry," Chang said after the Session had drawn to a close. "If your athlete got a gold medal and the flag of some other country was put up what happens then? Imagine the reaction." Relations between the two Koreas, still officially at war and sharing the world's most heavily guarded border, have plunged in recent months over the communist North's nuclear programme. The countries did not hold talks on reprising 2004's joint march at the Athens Olympics opening ceremony. In Britain, North Korean officials have blocked South Korean media from covering their athletes' training sessions, according to the South's Yonhap news agency. AFP

Boucher could recover most of eyesight JOHANNESBURG AFP

Former South Africa wicketkeeper Mark Boucher could regain most of the sight in his left eye after a freak accident tore his retina, his doctor said Thursday. "While it is impossible to predict the long-term outcome of Mark's eye injury, his medical team are nevertheless cautiously optimistic that he will have a reasonable recovery of the vision in his left eye," his doctor Peter Sandell said in a statement. The 35-year-old underwent two operations after his left eyeball was torn by a dislodged bail off an Imran Tahir delivery during a warm-up match prior to a three-Test series in England earlier in July. Doctors had feared he would be left totally blind in the damaged eye, but the prognosis has improved over time. "Due to the severity of the injury, as well as the pain related to the recent lengthy surgical procedure, Mark has been strictly house-bound," said Sandell. "Over the next three to six months, Mark will undergo further surgery procedures in an attempt to improve his vision." Boucher, whose Test career spanned 15 years, immediately retired from international cricket following the injury.


Punjab oly creates new controversy over dates LAHORE STAFF RePORT

The secretary general of the Punjab Olympics Association has created a fresh controversy over the dates of the holding of the National Games. PbOA secretary Khawaja Idris Haider last week announced that the Games will be held on October 21 to 27 in Lahore which are contrary to the dates agreed by PbOA President Syed Shahid Ali in a meeting with the government officials. An official of the Sports Board Punjab said that the PbOA president have the right to announce the dates as agreed by him in the last meeting regarding the organization of the 32nd National Games. The announcement of the dates other than agreed by the PbOA president is a clear indication that the Punjab Olympics is not sincere in working for the development of sports in the province and he (PbOA Secretary) is trying to mince his own meat. It also seems that the Punjab Olympics secretary and its president lacks coordination and are not running on one direction. The official further stated that the Sports Board will also be holding the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 during that period in time and the dates were agreed with Syed Shahid Ali keeping in mind the events of the festival. “Switching dates as agreed would be difficult for the Sports Board as the Punjab Stadium will not be available for the National Games because the stadium will be busy in holding various events of the festival,� he said.

kuala lumpur to host 2022 games vote LONDON AFP

Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur was chosen on Thursday to host the International Olympic Committee Session in 2015 where the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics will be decided. With a motto of 'By the family for the family' Malaysian IOC member Prince Tunku Imran led the presentation which also featured a video message from the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Seven cities originally bid for the right to host the Session but only Kuala Lumpur who hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games - and Lima made a short list before the Peruvian capital was eliminated earlier this year. The Session will take place from August 1-3 with an Executive Board meeting taking place prior to that.

Stars out in London to honour great Ali LONDON AFP

Stars of sport and screen gathered in London on Wednesday to honour legendary heavyweight boxer and Olympic champion Muhammad Ali as the countdown to the 2012 Games neared its finale. The 70-yearold boxer attended the gala event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in central London which was hosted by Hollywood Alist couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Others guests at the UK-themed Sports For Peace dinner included Live Aid creator Bob Geldof, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and actress Rosario Dawson. Ali's brother, Rahman, said the former champion was "very happy and proud to be here. "He was a part of the 1960 team, and he's glad to be here. "He won in 1960, and he thinks the US team are going to be the champs this year." Former tennis star Boris

Becker said it was a "big honour and a privilege" to be in the presence of "the greatest living sportsman. "He presented his sport all over the world. From an athlete he became a peacemaker, he became a global warrior and just a spokesperson for the right causes," he explained. "He has had just an incredible life." Former hurdler and 1988 Olympic silver medalist, Colin Jackson said: "It's absolutely wonderful to be here. "Any time we can celebrate anything with a sporting icon, it's just fantastic. Ali won gold at the Rome Olympics, but said in his autobiography that he threw the medal in the Ohio River after being denied a seat in an allwhite restaurant. He was re-awarded the medal at the 1996 Atlanta Games, where he lit the flame to start the event. The identity of this year's flame carrier is shrouded in secrecy as final rehearsals for Friday's opening ceremony take place at the 80,000 seater Olympic Stadium in east London.

london: german former tennis player boris becker (l) and his wife lilly becker arrive to attend the Sports For Peace Fundraising ball at the victoria and albert museum on in london. Afp

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Sports 16

WI attack leave NZ struggling ANTIGUA




HE focus seemed more on survival, rather than aggression as New Zealand made slow progress and lost three wickets in the morning session. Sunil Narine posed questions with the old ball, while the seamers spiced up the action with the new ball, raising West Indies' hopes of restricting New Zealand to under 300 and thereabouts. With the ball not coming on to the bat as easily as it did on the opening day, run-scoring proved difficult as the visitors added only 55 runs. West Indies ensured that the nightwatchman Neil Wagner didn't last long as Narine got one to kick up and take the outside edge to second slip. Darren Sammy persisted with the older ball, in order to give Narine an extended spell to see if he could exploit the rough. He had as many as four men around the batsmen waiting for the edge. Kane Williamson and Dean Brownlie went on the defensive, and at one stage New Zealand had scored only 10 runs in as many overs. Brownlie got off the mark off his third ball, and remained scoreless for the next 29. Williamson waited patiently for the odd loosener from Narine, punishing anything short. Sammy gave Narine a break and opted for the second new ball after 106 overs. The new ball posed questions straightaway as Ravi Rampaul squared up Brownlie on the off stump, only for the outside edge to beat the slips and gully. Roach signalled his intentions by banging

NeW zeAlAND 1ST INNINgS: 45 DR Flynn c Powell b Narine 97 MJ guptill c Deonarine b Narine 25 BB Mccullum c Deonarine b Roach 45 lRPl Taylor b Narine N Wagner c Sammy b Narine 4 KS Williamson b Roach 19 Dg Brownlie c Ramdin b Rampaul 23 cFK van Wyk c Fudadin b Narine 11 17 Dl Vettori c Deonarine b Sammy 10 DAJ Bracewell not out 4 cS Martin not out 22 eXTRAS (b 14, lb 1, w 1, nb 6) 322 Total (9 wkts; 126.3 overs) Fall of wickets: 1-97 (Flynn, 38.3 ov), 2-133 (Mccullum, 49.6 ov), 3-223 (Taylor, 84.1 ov), 4-228 (guptill, 86.3 ov), 5-233 (Wagner, 92.1 ov), 6-273 (Williamson, 109.1 ov), 7-281 (Brownlie, 114.2 ov), 8-308 (Vettori, 121.5 ov), 9-309 (van Wyk, 122.6 ov) Bowling: R Rampaul 23-9-44-1, KAJ Roach 23-8-55-2, DJg Sammy 25-7-61-1, SP Narine 41.3-9-118-5, MN Samuels 6-2-140, AB Fudadin 5-1-11-0, N Deonarine 3-1-4-0. West Indies team: cH gayle, KOA Powell, AB Fudadin, MN Samuels, S chanderpaul, D Ramdin†, DJg Sammy*, SP Narine, N Deonarine, R Rampaul, KAJ Roach Toss: New zealand, who chose to bat Test debut N Wagner (New zealand) Umpires RA Kettleborough (england) and PR Reiffel (Australia) TV umpire M erasmus (South Africa) Match referee RS Madugalle (Sri lanka) Reserve umpire JS Wilson.

it in short and Williamson did well on one occasion to keep it down with his glove. Another short one fizzed past his glove down the leg side. In his following over, Roach varied his length by pitching it up and Williamson, failing to move his feet, only managed an inside edge on to the stumps. Roach then had a strong appeal for a caught behind turned down the following ball. Replays showed the ball kissing Kruger van Wyk's glove, but West Indies had already used up their reviews.

Roach continued to pepper van Wyk with the short stuff, and it looked like another wicket was around the corner. Brownlie couldn't carry on after making a start, edging Rampaul to the wicketkeeper. Rampaul had just been spanked the previous ball for bowling too short, but he cleverly bowled it fuller and induced the false shot. Earlier, New Zealand were 232/4 at the close on the opening day of the first of two Tests on Wednesday as Martin Guptill spurned the chance of a century.

Things had been going slowly the tourists' way when Guptill, on 97 and looking for his first ton against a side other than Bangladesh or Zinmbabwe, slogged Sunil Narine to the grateful waiting Narsingh Deonarine just three overs before the end of the session. It was Narine's third wicket and put the hosts back on an even keel after they had earlier looked to be toiling at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium after Kiwi captain Ross Taylor had won the toss.

Pakistan to take part in italian baseball LAHORE STAFF RePORT

The Pakistan baseball team will take part in the ‘Citta di Arezzo’ Tuscany Series 2012 International Baseball and Softball Tournament starting from July 31. manager/coach asif iqbal, coach mussadaq hanif, captain abdul momin, nauman zulfiqar, abdullah bara (tokyo), Sheikh Shoaib, muhammad arsalan, ali Shuja, ameer hamza, muhammad asad, osama aftab, usman Shahzad, hamza Shahzad, Suleman tahir, Shehryar ayyaz, ziyad bin zahid, daniyal ali are the participating team membes who are proceeding to italy. they will face north america, South africa, goti, Fossano, Sciena and arezzo.


Cricket Organiser and Chairman of East Zone Cricket Association Tournment Committee Waqar-ul-Munir real uncle Shaukat Ali has died. Syed Tauqeer Ali, president West Zone Association, Syed Kamil Ali Shah president East Zone, Tauseef Club, Wahdat Eaglets, Service Club, Rising Stars, Mughalpura Whites, Model Town Club, Akhter Abdul Rehman Club, Mehboob Park Gymkhana, Aamir Memorial, Prince Club, Ghari Shaho Gym and many other clubs have expressed their deep shock over the sad demise. In a condolence messeges they conveyed their sorrow on the death of Shaukat Ali.

Saudi judo fighter Els charged up for Canadian Open banned from wearing hijab TORONTO AFP


Saudi judoka Wojdan Shaherkani was on Thursday banned from wearing the hijab head scarf when she is fighting at the Olympic Games. The 18-year-old heavyweight, part of a two-woman team sent from the conservative kingdom to an Olympics for the first time, was ordered by International Judo Federation president Marius Vizer to step onto the mat with her head uncovered. "The Saudi Arabian athlete will take part in judo and she will fight according to the principle and spirit of judo, so without a hijab," said Vizer following Thursday's draw. Judo applies strict safety rules and any covering on the head is deemed to present a risk to the fighter's health.

Ernie Els says he's feeling good about his chances at this week's Canadian Open despite having little time to prepare following his British Open victory on Sunday. Els, who brought the Claret Jug along with him to Canada, hasn't had much time to himself since winning at Royal Lytham. He has played just five practice holes on the Hamilton Golf and Country Club course so far. "I feel very fresh," he said Wednesday. "I've been trying to be just low key about it." The 42-yearold South African said even though his pre-tournament routine will not be what it usually is, he has done his homework and seen enough of the course to be ready. "I haven't prepared on the golf course the way maybe that I wanted to," Els said. "So I went through the

yardage. I saw a couple holes yesterday. I'll be fresh and ready to go tomorrow, so I'll be competing at 100 percent tomorrow. "I don't know if it's such a big disadvantage because a lot of times when you don't play a course, you don't know where the trouble is. "So maybe that's a good thing. You get your yardage, you hit it to your spots." Els said he had gained added confidence from his one-shot victory over Australian Adam Scott on Sunday, and was relieved to win another major because he went through a tough stretch where he just could not achieve top results. "My last 10 years weren't that easy," he said. Before heading to Canada, Els said he had spent some time at his home in England celebrating his British Open win with friends and family. He flew to the Toronto area on

Tuesday and will tee off in Thursday's opening round in a group with Vijay Singh and Matt Kuchar. Coming the week after the British Open, the tournament managed to attract just six of the top 30 players in the world. Besides Els, the biggest names in the field are Kuchar, Hunter Mahan and Jim Furyk, as well as local favourite Mike Weir. Weir, who has competed in more than 20 Canadian Opens, is teeing off alongside Mahan and defending champion Sean O'Hair. "The Canadian Open is the first professional tournament that I saw live, in person," said Weir. "I think it was probably about 1985, maybe even earlier than that -- '83. "I look forward to this event every year. It's an event I don't want to miss, and even though last year I probably shouldn't have been playing, I didn't want to miss it and didn't want to miss it again this year."

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17 Sports querrey crushed Sijsling to advance

‘Security is biggest concern’


Two-time champ Sam Querrey returned to the Los Angeles Open two years after claiming his last title and picked up where he left off, winning his opening match over Igor Sijsling 6-2, 6-2. The southern Californian lifted hardcourt titles at the UCLA campus facility in 2009 and 2010 but missed his trophy defence a year ago due to surgery for a shoulder injury. The world number 57, whose best showing this season was a Queen's club semi-final, adapted quickly to familiar surroundings Wednesday to reach the quarter-finals. "I feel great, I wasn't here a year ago but everything is 100 percent now. I've been feeling great on the practise court and I'm playing well.

mayer, ram cruise into la quarter-finals loS angeleS: Third seed Leonardo Mayer will line up in the quarter-finals of the Los Angeles Open against Rajeev Ram after both scored quick victories on Wednesday. Mayer spent minimal time and effort in advancing in his first match after a bye at the ATP Tour hardcourt tournament as he advanced 60, 4-0 when Italian opponent Flavio Cipolla quit with a neck injury. Ram, who knocked out eighth seed Brian Baker in the first round, took a comprehensive win against Chile's Paul Capdeville 6-3, 6-1 in 64 minutes, firing ten aces and breaking four times. Down 3-2 in the opening set, the 117th-ranked Ram won seven straight games to take control against an opponent ranked 139th whom he had only previously played at the Challenger level. AFP




RITISH Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday on the eve of the opening of the London Olympics that his top priority for the Games is their safety and security. "The biggest concern has always got to be a safe and secure Games," Cameron told a press conference at the Olympic Park in east London. "That matters more than anything else." "I think we've made as many preparations as we can, I think we

GLASGOW: Japan's Yuki Otsu (3R) scores their first goal against Spain during a group D, Olympic men's football match at Hampden Park. AfP

have very good contingency plans in place. "Always as prime minister I feel that is an area I should take personal responsibility for." Cameron was responding after US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is visiting London and was due to meet the British leader later Thursday, said he had heard "disconcerting" reports about security. A security force of more than 40,000 military and civilian personnel, backed by a huge intelligence operation, is being deployed to protect venues, athletes and millions of visitors. But the government has had to call up thousands of extra troops for the Games after private security firm G4S said it could not provide the 10,000 guards promised. The prime minister said it was the largest security operation in Britain's peacetime history. "Our absolute top priority must be to keep people safe," Cameron said. "There are extra police in the streets of London, in the skies above and in the water of the Thames and they are backed by the finest armed forces in the world. "We have our intelligence services working aournd the clock... This is the biggest security operation in our peacetime history bar none and we are leaving nothing to chance." London was hit by terror attacks on its transport network on July 7, 2005 -- the day after it was awarded the right to stage the 2012 Olympics.

federer, Azarenka top seeds at tennis LONDON

where he secured a seventh Wimbledon title this month and where he'll hope to add Olympic singles gold to the doubles he won with Swiss compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka in 2008. Beijing Olympic bronze medallist Novak Djokovic is seeded two with home favourite Andy Murray at three in the competition, which starts on Saturday. David Ferrer was named as fourth seed and will lead the Spanish challenge in the absence of


Wimbledon champion Roger Federer and Australian Open winner Victoria Azarenka were named as top seeds for the Olympic tennis event on Wednesday. World number one Federer returns to the All England Club

defending champion Rafael Nadal, who pulled out through injury.

SeeDS MeN: 1. roger Federer (Sui), 2. novak djokovic (Srb), 3. andy murray (gbr), 4. david Ferrer (eSP), 5. Jo-wilfried tsonga (Fra), 6. tomas berdych (cze), 7. Janko tipsarevic (Srb), 8. Juan martin del Potro (arg), 9. Juan monaco (arg), 10. John isner (uSa), 11. nicolas

almagro (eSP), 12. gilles Simon (Fra), 13. marin cilic (cro), 14. Fernando verdasco (eSP), 15. kei nishikori (JPn), 16. richard gasquet (Fra) WOMeN: 1. victoria azarenka (blr), 2. agnieszka radwanska (Pol), 3. maria Sharapova (ruS), 4. Serena williams (uSa), 5. Samantha Stosur (auS), 6. Petra kvitova (cze), 7. angelique kerber (ger), 8. caroline wozniacki (den), 9. Sara errani (ita), 10. li na (chn), 11. ana ivanovic (Srb), 12. dominika cibulkova (Svk), 13. vera zvonareva (ruS), 14. maria kirilenko (ruS), 15. Sabine lisicki (ger), 16. nadia Petrova (ruS)

The London Games from A to Z LONDON AFP

loS angeleS: leonardo mayer of argentina celebrates a point against Flavio cipolla of italy. Afp

Friday, 27 July, 2012

From archery to zara Phillips, here are the london olympics from a to z: ARcHeRY - london's iconic cricket ground, lord's, will host the archery. BOlT - can usain bolt reproduce his history-making performance of beijing when the Jamaican sprinter produced two of the most memorable performances of the games to complete a sprint double? his form is in doubt after he lost both the 100 metres and 200m to compatriot Yohan blake in the Jamaican trials. cOPPeR BOX - handball will take place in the copper box -- one of eight sporting venues in the olympic Park, with 88 natural light pipes illuminating the interior. DOPINg - a new anti-doping centre in north london will carry out more tests than at any other games. the centre will operate around the clock, employing a team of 150 scientists and more than 1,000 olympic officials. eNNIS, JeSSIcA - the face of many an olympic billboard, britain's athletics hopes are pinned firmly on heptathlete Jessica ennis. FeSTIVAl - not a fan of sport? the london 2012 festival aims to ensure there's something for everyone, with 12,000 cultural events and performances across britain in celebration of the games. gReeNWIcH - located on the greenwich peninsula on the banks of the river thames in east london, the north greenwich arena will host artistic and trampoline gymnastics, as well as the basketball finals. nearby greenwich Park will host equestrian

events, including the modern pentathlon. HYDe PARK - olympic tickets may be hard to come by, but visitors to hyde Park can get a glimpse of the action. the triathlon and 10km marathon swimming will be held in the park and are free to watch. INNOVATION - london hopes to showcase the best of british innovation and design through venues like the iconic aquatic centre. the sweeping, wave-like roof forms the gateway to the olympic Park. JAMeS BOND - there's a special mission for agent 007, alias daniel craig. bond has been summoned to buckingham Palace where he was tasked with launching the games by parachuting into the stadium. but's just a film -- the bbc will show it ahead of the opening ceremony. KITeBOARDINg - it's not in the line-up for london, but this high-adrenaline sport will make its olympic debut at the 2016 games. it means london could be waving goodbye to windsurfing, which has been dropped from the next games in rio. lONDON - the british capital is making olympic history by being the first in modern times to host the games three times previously it was in 1908 and 1948. McDONAlD'S - the olympic Park will house the world's largest mcdonald's, seating 1,500 people and serving up around 50,000 big macs during the 17-day event. NOBle ART - women's boxing features for the first time on the olympic schedule, more than 100 years after it first appeared in a demonstration bout in the 1902 athens games. OPeNINg - the olympic Stadium will be

transformed into a rural british idyll for the £27 million ($42 million, 33 million euro) opening ceremony on July 27, created by "Slumdog millionaire" director danny boyle. PHelPS, MIcHAel - the uS swimmer, who scooped an incredible eight gold medals in beijing, could become the most prolific medal winner in games history. with 16 medals, the "baltimore bullet" is not far off the 18-medal record haul held by russian gymnast larisa latynina. qUeeN - britain's 86-year old monarch, queen elizabeth ii, will have the honour of declaring the games open in her 60th year on the throne. ROWINg - rowing events will take place 25 miles (40 kilometres) outside london at eton dorney, near windsor castle, one of the queen's official residences. SecURITY britain's biggest ever peacetime security operation has been beset by last-minute headaches. an extra 3,500 soldiers have been drafted in to join the 13,500 military personnel already on duty after a private contractor failed to provide the required number of guards. TRANSPORT - the big unknown of london 2012. around £6.5 billion ($10 billion, 8 billion euros) has been spent improving london's tranport network. but it remains to be seen whether the already saturated

system will buckle under the pressure. UNIFORM - with some 70,000 volunteers helping out at the games, it shouldn't be hard to track one down one of the purple or blue uniforms bearing the olympic logo. VelODROMe - hosting track cycling and bmX events, the 6,000-seat velodrome in the olympic Park could become the focus of british medal hopes. WeNlOcK - the official olympic mascot is named after the english village which in 1850 established the wenlock olympian games, the precursor to the modern olympics. but the one-eyed character is not everybody's cup of tea. XIANg, liu - chinese hero liu Xiang, 2004 olympic champion in the 110 metre hurdles, hopes for gold after dramatically limping out of beijing with a hamstring injury. YOgA - an olympic discipline? Seems like a bit of a stretch. but that's what the international Federation of Yoga Sports is aiming for. watch this space. zARA PHIllIPS - the queen's granddaughter will make the royal family proud when she competes in britain's equestrian squad after missing the last two olympics because her former horse toytown was injured.

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Sports 18 Giant-killing Japan stun Spain glaSgow: Japan scored one of the greatest upsets in Olympic football history Thursday after stunning reigning world and European champions Spain 1-0 at Hampden Park. A first-half goal from Yuki Otsu secured a famous victory for Japan that revived memories of their famous Olympic upset of mighty Brazil at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. With a young side bolstered by the likes of Jordi Alba and Juan Mata, both members of Spain's victorious Euro 2012 squad, the Spanish had been expected to collect a straightforward three points in their opening Group D game. However despite dominating possession 65 percent to 35 percent the Spaniards were rocked back by the ferocity of Japan's play throughout, and the Asians were well worth their victory. Spain were left reeling on 34 minutes when Japan punished slack defending from a corner to score through Otsu. Takahiro Ohgihara swung in an inviting corner from the right and Otsu managed to get goalside of Martin Montoya to jab a low shot past the stranded Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea. AFP

wATCh iT LivE ESPN Sportscentre 07:30PM

From Athens to London stats corner S. PERVEz QAISER

23RD OlYMPIc gAMeS IN 1996 VeNUe: atlanta, united States DATeS: July 19 to august 4, 1996 NUMBeRS OF SPORTS: 26 (271 events) NUMBeRS OF NATIONS: 197 NUMBeRS OF PARTIcIPANT: 10320 (6797 men and 3253 women) NUMBeR OF MeDIA PeRSONS: 15,108 (5,695 written press, 9,413 broadcasters)


London 2012 in numbers lONDON: From the 10,490 athletes heading to london, to the flock of 70 sheep taking part in the opening ceremony on July 27, aFP takes a look at the 2012 olympic games in numbers. 11 MIllION TIcKeTS for olympic and Paralympic events, of which 75 percent will be sold to spectators in britain. Sponsors, officials and broadcasters can buy 13 percent of the tickets, while the remaining 12 percent are for purchase through national olympic committees in other countries. £9.3 BIllION ($14.5 billion dollars, 11.6 billion euros) haS been SPent on Staging the gameS. it is almost four times the estimated cost of hosting the games at the time of london's bid in 2005. the original budgets for security and for the opening and closing ceremonies have both been doubled. Security will now cost an estimated £553 million, while the ceremonies have a budget of £81 million. 10,490 ATHleTeS will compete in 26 olympic sports in a total of 302 medal events. they will be subject to 5,000 anti-doping tests. Some 4,200 Paralympic athletes are taking part in 503 medal events, in 20 different sports. 1 MIllION PIeceS OF SPORTS eqUIPMeNT: Some 26,400 tennis balls, 600 basketballs and 6,000 archery targets have been bought for the olympics. 34 VeNUeS across britain, including nine inside the olympic Park in east london. the olympic Stadium, at the heart of the park, took three years to build and uses 10,000 tonnes of steel. the venues are home to 10,000 temporary toilets -- "enough to service the entire population of malta", organisers claim. TWO MIllION PeOPle WIll VISIT lONDON for the games, according to olympics minister hugh robertson. Spectators will make 15 million journeys on london's creaking public transport system on each of the busiest days of the games. 14 MIllION MeAlS will be served at the games, using 25,000 loaves of bread, 100 tonnes of meat, 75,000 litres of milk and 330 tonnes of fruit and vegetables. 46,000 cONSTRUcTION WORKeRS built the olympic Park and village, and the games themselves will involve a total workforce of 200,000, including 100,000 contractors and 70,000 volunteers. 12,875 KIlOMeTReS (8,000 miles) route For the torch relaY. the olympic flame is travelling around britain over ten weeks, travelling 177 miles a day on average. 70 SHeeP, 12 HORSeS, THRee cOWS, TWO gOATS, 10 cHIcKeNS AND THRee SHeePDOgS: a veritable menagerie will take part in the opening ceremony, when the olympic Stadium will be transformed into a rural british idyll. AFP

Zara deflects royal links



ARA Phillips, the high profile member of Britain's London 2012 equestrian team, skilfully downplayed her royal connection here Thursday. As the daughter of former Olympic equestrian Princess Anne and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Phillips has inevitably found herself the focus of fierce media scrutiny as she prepares for her long-awaited Olympic debut. Appearing at a press conference at Greenwich Park 48 hours before the Olympic Games begins, she was asked if she felt any added pressure with her brothers Princes William and Harry and Williams's wife, Kate, set to turn up to support her. Smiling resignedly she shook her head, replying: "Obviously they're my family, so why should it be weird?" Phillips, married to former England rugby captain Mike Tindall, treated another inquiry with similar dexterity. Quizzed as to whether she had received any advice from her grandmother she smiled: "If I did do you think I would tell you that!"

With her mother having competed at Montreal in 1976 and her father, Capt Mark Phillips, winning gold four years earlier she was asked if they then had imparted nuggets of wisdom to her. "Not really," said Phillips, who missed both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics when her horse Toytown suffered injuries before each Games. "Obviously both my parents made it to the Olympics but for all of us competing here this is an Olympic Games but it's also just another competition. "In terms of pressure you've got to deal with it. All of us here have been to championships, some more than others, the fact that this is an Olympics makes it even better and gives us even more drive to do well." In a bid to prevent Phillips' royal links dominating the press conference Team GB leader Will Connell had opened the session in playful fashion by telling the assembled media: "I can reveal hot off the press that every grandmother and grandfather and mother and brother are delighted and thrilled that their granddaughter or sibling or sister is competing at the Games...."

cOUNTRY united States russia germany china France italy australia cuba ukraine South korea Poland hungary Spain romania holland greece czech republic Switzerland denmark turkey canada bulgaria Japan kazakhstan brazil new zealand South africa ireland Sweden norway belgium nigeria north korea algeria ethiopia great britain belarus kenya Jamaica Finland indonesia Yugoslavia iran Slovakia armenia croatia Portugal thailand burundi costa rica ecuador hong kong Syria argentina namibia Slovenia austria malaysia moldova uzbekistan azerbaijan bahamas latvia Philippines taiwan tonga zambia georgia morocco trinidad & tobago india israel lithuania mexico mongolia mozambique Puerto rico tunisia uganda TOTAl

g 44 26 20 16 15 13 9 9 9 7 7 7 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 271

S 32 21 18 22 7 10 9 8 2 15 5 4 6 7 5 4 3 3 1 1 11 7 6 4 3 2 1 4 2 2 1 1 8 6 4 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 273

B 25 16 27 12 15 12 23 8 12 5 5 10 6 9 10 4 1 1 8 5 5 4 9 1 1 1 2 3 2 3 2 1 1 6 8 3 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 298






in a surprise move the international olympic committee (ioc) voted in favour of atlanta, united States to host the 1996 games. athens, greece was the favourite to hold the centennial games. the olympic Flame in these games was lit by former heavyweight boxing world champion mohammad ali, who had won a gold medal as cassius clay in the 1960 games. For the first time in olympic history, all 197 recognized national olympic committees were represented at the games. athletes from a record-breaking 79 countries won medals and out of them 53 won gold medals. american carl lewis who won the long jump became the only third person in olympic history to win the same individual event four times - in 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996. he also became the fourth athlete to earn nine career gold medals.

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Friday, 27 July, 2012


Pakistan suspends NATO supply route over security g

forces launch search operation in hills surrounding Jamrud to flush out militants PESHAWAR AFP


AKISTAN has temporarily stopped NATO supply trucks crossing its northwestern border into Afghanistan over security concerns due to fears of militant attacks, officials said on Thursday. Gunmen on Tuesday attacked a convoy of NATO supply trucks, killing a driver, in the town of Jamrud near the main northwestern city of Peshawar, in the first such attack since Pakistan lifted a seven-month blockade of the border. “Movement of NATO vehicles has been temporarily suspended since Wednesday

evening to beef up security,” a paramilitary official told AFP. “We have launched a search operation in the hills surrounding Jamrud,” the official added. On Wednesday, officials at the northwestern Torkham crossing had said traffic was picking up for the first time since the blockade ended, with more than 100 vehicles crossing in recent days. But local administration official Bakhtiar Khan confirmed on Thursday that the supply route had been suspended due to “security reasons”. “Intelligence officials have informed the authority that attacks may occur on NATO vehicles this week and in the light of

this a security plan is being chalked out,” Khan told AFP. He said the NATO route would “resume very soon”, but until then trucks carrying supplies for the 130,000-strong US-led mission in Afghanistan had been told not to approach the border. “We have been told by authorities to wait here as they are building up security after the firing incident,” Amanullah Khan, a NATO truck driver, told AFP in Peshawar. So far, the closure has only affected the Torkham crossing. At the southwestern crossing of Chaman, some 17 trucks were awaiting clearance to enter Afghanistan and 20 other trucks were parked in Quetta, clear-

ing agent Ashraf Khan told AFP. Islamabad closed its land routes to NATO convoys after US air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on November 26, but reopened them after Washington said sorry for the deaths. Before the blockade, around 150 trucks crossed into Afghanistan each day at Torkham – the closest border crossing to Kabul – and officials say the flow will rise to up to 300 a day. But three weeks after the blockade ended, trucks and containers are still holed up at the Arabian Sea port of Karachi, where NATO goods are unloaded for the overland route. Workers are waiting for security guar-

antees and compensation for the last seven months, said Rana Mohammad Aslam, vice president of the All Pakistan Goods Carriers Association. “Not a single truck has left town so far because of the payment issues with the subcontractors and the government’s failure to devise a plan to provide adequate security to the trucks,” he said. He told AFP that Tuesday’s killing had “spread more fear among truck owners and their employees”. An official at the ports and shipping ministry told AFP on the condition of anonymity that not a single container had left the port, pending customs clearance and the payment of damages.

I bought politicians in rs 70m: Asad durrani g g

the rest of the rs 141m went to iSi’s secret fund mi officers involved in doling out money ISLAMABAD ONlINe

ninE kiLLED in BaJaur BomBinG peSHawar: At least nine people were killed and more than 20 injured in a highintensity bomb explosion in Pashat Bazaar of Salarzai tehsil of Bajaur Agency on Thursday. Official in Khar, headquarters of Bajaur, said the high-intensity bomb exploded when a large number of people were busy shopping at the Pashat bazaar. Pashat is the main town of Salarzai tehsil, bordering the Kunar province of Afghanistan. The explosion led to the destruction of five shops and a number of vehicles. The officials said a number of people were killed on the spot, while around 21 injured people were admitted to the agency headquarter hospital in Khar. No one has claimed responsibility for the bomb blast, but locals and officials believed the Taliban could be behind the attack. Tribesmen in Salarzai had already constituted a traditional peace lashkar against the militants. Taliban sheltering in the border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan are involved in deadly attacks on security forces and progovernment tribesmen in both Bajaur Agency and Upper Dir district. STAFF RePORT

SAlARzAI: Tribesmen search for blast victims in the rubble of a market after a bomb explosion in Pasht bazaar in Bajaur district on Thursday. Afp

agencies’ men to be arrested if missing persons not found: CJ ISLAMABAD AgeNcIeS

The Supreme Court on Thursday resumed the hearing in petitions on the law and order and human rights violations in Balochistan, with Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry saying the court would order arrest of agencies’ officials if they failed to recover the missing persons. The CJ led a three-member bench of Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Jawwad S Khawaja while hearing petitions filed by the Balochistan Bar Association regarding the law and order in the

province. During the hearing, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said Advocate General Balochistan Amanullah Kinrani’s reply on the matter was unsatisfactory and did not provide any assurance regarding the recovery of missing persons. The chief justice directed the advocate general to submit a collated response. He added that provincial authorities should ensure the enforcement of the country’s law and constitution in Balochistan. The court expressed its displeasure over the non-submission of a written reply on the matter by Frontier Corps (FC) Inspector General Major General Obaidullah Khan Khattak.

Former chief of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani has submitted documents to the Supreme Court including a list of officers alleged to have illegally distributed money to politicians in the 1990 elections. A three-member bench of the SC, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S Khwaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, has taken up a 1996 petition of Tehrik-i-Istiqlal chief Air Martial (retd) Asghar Khan who accused the ISI of financing politicians in the 1990 elections by dishing out Rs140 million to create the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) and prevent Benazir Bhutto’s PPP from winning the polls. Durrani was asked by the court to submit the list he had promised containing the names of ISI officials involved in the operation to substantiate the doling out of funds among different politicians. Submitting his written reply in the Supreme Court pertaining to distribution of money among the politicians to influence general elections against PPP, Asad Durrani stated that he had received money from the then Army Chief Mirza Aslam Baig. The former chief spy claims that the names of politicians were obtained from the Presidency through Ijlal Haider Zaidi, a member of then president Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s

Positive change in Pakistanis’ mindset towards india: krishna SRINAGAR AgeNcIeS

There is a positive change in the mindset of Pakistani people vis-a-vis relations with India, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna said on Thursday, citing his Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani Khar. Khar made the remark in a recent meeting, said Krishna. He also mentioned the cordial meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari at New Delhi when Zardari came to India to visit the famous Sufi shrine at Ajmer. Stressing improved trade relations and people-to-people contact between the two countries, he said he is looking forward to his upcoming visit to Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Union New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah also batted for good India-Pakistan relations and sustained dialogue. He said resolution of all issues through talks is the only way forward. Wishing Krishna a very successful and fruitful Pakistan visit in September, Omar Abdullah reaffirmed the necessity of continuous engagement by the two countries in dialogue process to amicably address all issues. “We know the Kashmir-centric issues are so complex and long drawn that these cannot be resolved in a few meetings but the sustained talks to find out a solution in a peaceful atmosphere is the only way forward,” he said adding that relations between the two countries have always a direct bearing on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami

election team, while the “donations” were doled out to the politicians at the directions of then Army Chief Mirza Aslam Beg. The money was distributed on the behest of former president Ghulam Ishaq Kahn as he had appointed Jalal Haider Zaidi for this purpose. Durrani claimed that some Rs 70m out of the Rs 140m were distributed through him while the remaining amount was submitted to the ISI’s secret funds. Durrani further said that all the officers who had distributed the funds belonged to the Military Intelligence (MI). The apex court is to take up the case again in its next hearing on July 30.

e-paper pakistantoday 27th july, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 27th july, 2012