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Another coalition before US foreign policy, elections is on the cards, drones alienating friends: Jimmy Carter says Nawaz Sharif PAGE | 02

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Asma stirs up a hornet’s nest, says creators of PTI behind judiciary conspiracy

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tuesday, 26 June, 2012 Shaban 5, 1433

Pervez Elahi becomes Deputy PM, finally ISLAMABAD aGEnCiES

Pakistan says won’t tolerate intrusions Taliban behead seven Pakistani soldiers as Islamabad warns Kabul of ‘hot pursuit’ in case of future cross-border attack



akistan lashed out at afghanistan for failing to prevent cross-border militant attacks in Dir district in which scores of Pakistani soldiers were killed, including seven who were beheaded by militants on Monday. Pakistani authorities also raised the recent cross-border attacks in Dir with the Us and natO officials across the border in afghanistan, cautioning them that the continuation of these assaults by the taliban from afghan soil would have negative impact on the ongoing efforts by islamabad and Washington to repair the damaged and

strained relations. according to diplomatic sources said, Pakistani authorities warned the afghan government that in case there were no halt to cross border militant attacks then Pakistan would be left with no other option but to go for ‘hot pursuit’ of taliban militants. “Pakistani authorities respect the sovereignty of afghanistan but it is also extremely perturbed over the killing of its soldiers in these cross border attacks and it has the right to use all options to protect its sovereignty including the hot pursuit of militants,” said a source, requesting anonymity. CoNtINuEd oN PagE 04

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid leader Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has been appointed deputy prime minister. according to a private tV channel, a notification to this effect was issued late on Monday that stated that Elahi would not exercise the powers of the prime minister. some media reports stated that the position had been created to provide a backup for times when the incumbent prime minister was not available or incapacitated. Earlier, 15 members belonging to the PML-Q were sworn in as federal ministers and ministers of state while former minister Riaz Hussain Pirzada refused to rejoin the cabinet. President asif ali Zardari administered oath to sardar Bahadur khan sehar, Liaquat abbas Bhatti, sardar talib Hussain nakai, sheikh Waqas akram, anwar ali Cheema, Ghous Bukhsh Mehr, Jam Muhammad Yousaf and Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain. Rana asif tauseef, Malik nauman ahmed Langrial, sardar shahjehan Yousaf, senator saeed khan Mandokhel, Chaudhry Ghias ahmed Mela, akram Masih Gill and khawaja sheraz Mehmood were inducted as the new ministers of state. Meanwhile, Online news agency reported that Riaz Pirzada had refused to join the federal cabinet. according to Online sources, after failing to secure important ministries for PML-Q members, Chaudhry shujaat and his cousin Pervez Elahi were having a hard time in convincing their party’s parliamentarians to take charge of their previous ministries. the source said that shujaat had set up a consultative committee headed by Elahi to remove and review reservations of the annoyed parliamentarians. Earlier, Faisal saleh Hayat and Raza Hayat Hiraj had refused to join Pervez ashraf’s cabinet.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012




Veil or son’s college education? Choose


in govt-doctors standoff, it’s the patients who lose

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Another coalition before elections is on cards: Nawaz LAHORE onlinE

Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz President nawaz sharif has announced that a major wide-ranging political coalition will be unveiled before the general elections. addressing the inauguration ceremony of a newly-formed secretariat of the PML-n on Monday, nawaz said the new secretariat would be a major think-tank for development and progress of the country. He said the PML-n had a very talented and experienced team that was well-versed in the art of governance, with ideas that could change the socio-economic-political scenario of the federation. Reminding his audience about many past successful endeavors of the PML-n for overseas Pakistanis, he said there were more in the offing for the right talent. nawaz also resolved that some very major and important projects/policies would be evolved in the newly-established secretariat. Castigating the government, he said the masses would never forget the faces who were currently abetting President asif Zardari’s government. addressing Zardari, nawaz asked as to how many more prime ministers would he sacrifice on the altar of his laundered wealth in the swiss banks. “Currently the main question that dominates the scenario is about the exact departure date of President Zardari himself,” he said.

Court rejects Musa’s warrant challenge RAWALPINDI onlinE

an additional sessions judge on Monday rejected an appeal filed by Mna ali Musa Gilani challenging the warrants issued for his arrest by an anti-narcotics court in the Ephedrine drug scam. the anti-narcotics Force (anF) had obtained arrest warrants of ali Musa Gilani and Federal Minister Makhdoom shahabuddin from an anti-narcotics judge. While shahabuddin had managed to obtain bail from the Peshawar High Court, ali Musa Gilani had filed an appeal against the court order.

Shahi Syed refuses to meet PM KARACHI onlinE

awami national Party sindh President shahi syed on Monday refused to meet Prime Minister Raja Pervez ashraf. spokesperson for awami national Party President shahi syed, Bashir Jaan, said syed had refused to meet the prime minister as he had not accepted his invitation of visiting anP headquarters. “We are also government’s ally and we should also be given importance, he refused to visit and i refused to meet him as we are in no need to have a meeting with prime minister,” he said. the spokesperson expressed his party’s anger over the PM’s plan of visiting the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) headquarters nine Zero, saying if the PM could go meet other allies, he should visit anP headquarters too. He said the party did not believe in superficial meetings and the PM should have given due importance to the anP. the next meeting with the PM would be decided by party head asfand Yar Wali khan, he said. Meanwhile, the prime minister visited Pakistan Muslim League-Functional headquarters at kingri House and nine Zero.

SRinaGaR: People look on as flames rage from the Dastagir Sahib Shrine on Monday.

Asma stirs up a hornet’s nest g

‘Raja Rental’ as PM wrong message to people g PTI’s creators behind conspiracy against higher judiciary LAHORE


Staff REPoRt

HE is surely not the one to avoid a storm if it emanates from her plain talking. But even by her highly flammable standards former president supreme Court Bar association (sCBa), asma Jehangir on Monday stirred up quite a hornet’s nest. and there was something in it for making quite a few see red: the PPP, the Pti, the higher judiciary and the ubiquitous agencies. talking to media at the Lahore High Court, asma made full use of the opportunity. Here’s a sampling of what she said: “the elevation of Raja Pervez ashraf, the man deeply involved in the rental power scam, sends a wrong message to the people; “those who created the Pti were behind the conspiracy against the supreme Court of Pakistan

[obliquely referring to the arsalan iftikhar case]”. and, “if it was all about writing a letter, the court could have ordered its own Registrar Office to do that.” asma Jehangir minced no words on her perception of the new prime minister. “the sC has ruled

in several corruption cases, but i am really sure about just one: Raja Pervez asharaf’s”. and to her view the motive behind ‘the conspiracy against the judiciary through the arsalan iftikhar case’ was to wrap up the democratic setup and to threaten the judges.

“and those who created tehrik-einsaf were the conspirators”, said she, adding, “the destruction of one institution can trigger a chain reaction.” Clearing her own name, she said, she had not conspired against the court for she had never met the linchpin, the real estate tycoon Malik Riaz. Continuing in the same hardhitting vein, she said, if the intent was just to write the letter, “the sC could have written to swiss authorities through its own Registrar”. the preparations, she said, were underway to impose the martial law by derailing the democratic system. Of all the people, asma has taken on the most incensed are the Pti cadre, which is quite evident from the traffic that is being generated on the social media where their reaction is being posted thick and fast.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012




lindsay lohan to cost (or make) tens of millions unfulfilled Promises, Volume 3, Chapter 12

News 03 eDIToRIAl

Sl crush Pakistan in first test

the smell of conspiracy: Through judiciary this time.

CoMMeNT Dr faisal Bari says; The emperor of all maladies: A plea for cancer awareness.

Syed hassan Belal Zaidi says; Hard times: The new mass media seldom has time to verify and ample time to vilify.

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Mukhtar to axe power sector officials g

Authorities say higher officials throw roadblocks in solving the energy crisis ISLAMABAD aMER Sial


Dastagir Sahib Shrine in Srinagar destroyed in fire SRINAGAR aGEnCiES

the over 200-year-old shrine of Dastagir sahib was gutted in a fire in khanyar area of srinagar old city on Monday, triggering massive protests by locals. an official of the Disaster Management Cell said the fire broke out in the shrine of syed abdul Qadir Jeelani at around 6:30am and engulfed the entire complex within no time. “the shrine was made of wood, the fire spread quickly and the complex has been gutted,” the official said. the official said the relics of the preacher, known as Ghaus-ulazam among the local populace and revered worldwide, are safe as these were retrieved from the fire-proof vault. Fire tenders were rushed to the spot but the blaze spread quickly. the cause of the fire was not immediately known, but police was investigating the possibility of sabotage. the fire in the shrine triggered protests by locals, sources said. the sources said a group of protesters started pelting stones at fire tenders for their alleged “slow response” in controlling the fire. the protestors later attacked the nearby khanyar police station by pelting stones at it. Policemen fired several rounds of tear gas shells to disperse the protesters, they said, adding that additional police personnel had been deployed in the area to bring the situation under control. the sources said curfewlike restrictions had been imposed in khanyar and surrounding areas to prevent deterioration of law and order. Local residents claimed that police had announced imposition of curfew in the area but a police spokesman denied the allegation. “Curfew has not been imposed anywhere in the city,” he said.

atER and Power M i n i s t e r Chaudhry ahmad Mukhtar said on Monday that national transmission and Dispatch Company (ntDC) Managing Director Rasul khan Masud will be removed. the minister had suspended the ntDC MD on the first day of assuming his charge. However, the MD still performs his duties as he can be only removed from office by the prime minister who is the appointing authority. talking to reporters, the minister said the MD is using his influence to continue working in the department. Mukhtar added that he had ‘made up his mind’ that either Masud or he will have to leave. Officials say the removal of Masud, who is on an extension, will pave the way for removing all the incumbent chief executives of distribution companies (DisCOs), a majority of whom are on extension or acting charge for the last many months. their continuation is one of the major hurdles in the smooth implementation of the power sector reforms, which stress the induction of professional management to pave the way to resolve lingering issues. the government announced in October last year that the professional management in all DisCOs will be inducted in a month to bring the power sector out of the crisis. However, the plan could not be implemented as the incumbent chief executives ganged up against the move and slowed down

the bill recovery and created an artificial energy crisis. Most of the incumbent CEs had approached the former prime minister who assured them that they will be granted extensions till the end of the current government’s tenure. this stopped any further progress on the induction of new management even though the boards of five DisCOs have submitted their recommendations to the former premier for choosing a candidate for the post of the CEOs. Mukhtar said the government had finalised some recommendations to overcome the power crisis, under which fuel supplies will be ensured for the power plants. He said the logistic constraints were hampering fuel supply to power plants in Punjab. He said the government had decided to provide more gas and fuel to the karachi Electric supply Company (kEsC) and that the export of 700 MW to the company will be diverted to other areas.

Allen likely to arrive tomorrow to discuss NATO supplies ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI Staff REPoRt/aPP

the commander of natO forces in afghanistan, Us General John allen, is likely to arrive here tomorrow (Wednesday) in a bid to press upon Pakistani authorities to reopen the natO supply routes, which the government blocked in november in a protest against a natO strike that killed 24 soldiers. “General John allen, isaF commander, is likely to visit Pakistan on June 27. He will call on Chief of army staff General ashfaq kayani,” said an isPR statement. “the interaction will focus on reviewing the progress made in the implementation of the recentlyevolved border coordination measures or standing operating procedures,” it said. However, an official seeking anonymity said the top Us military commander in afghanistan was expected to talk more on the reopening of natO supplies and various proposals that the two sides were discussing

for the purpose. “We believe that General allen will speak on an alternative to formal public apology with General kayani such as reiteration on regret over loss of lives of Pakistani soldiers, which is being dubbed now as a ‘soft apology’,” the official said. However, he refused to divulge what would Pakistan’s response to the Us stance on the apology and its readiness to repeat regret over the air strikes last year be. He also said General kayani would raise the vital issue of cross-border militants’ attacks in Dir, which killed several Pakistani soldiers. UK defence chief: Meanwhile, British Chief of Defence staff General sir David Richards called on the army chief at the General Headquarters on Monday. according to the isPR, the visiting dignitary was in Pakistan to attend the national security Dialogue between Pakistan and the United kingdom. the two discussed matters of mutual interest.

Under the plan, the government will be implanting two days of gas load shedding for CnG and industrial units in sindh. the additional gas supply will be diverted to the kEsC. a study carried out by the Planning Commission on gas allocation and its impact on the power sector said the captive power plants (CPPs) are currently estimated to be using 1.2 billion cubic feet gas per day out of which 250 million cubic feet gas per day alone is allocated to plants in karachi, which is higher than the kEsC supply of 153 million cubic feet. For finding an immediate solution to the power crisis, the study recommended diverting 800 million cubic feet from the CPPs to the independent Power Plants (iPPs), which will increase generation by 3350 MW. this will help in savings $ 5.2 billion. it says the CPP only benefits a few industries while resulting in load shedding for the entire nation. it also stressed gas allocation on rational basis as it is a scarce commodity.

Dual nationality: PPP MNA Zahid Iqbal’s membership suspended ISLAMABAD onlinE

the supreme Court on Monday suspended the membership of Pakistan People’s Party Mna Zahid iqbal for holding dual nationality. a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the proceedings of the dual nationality case. Lawmaker Zahid iqbal of the PPP, Jameel awan of the PML-n and anwar Mansoor, the counsel for Rehman Malik, appeared in court. the counsel of Zahid iqbal said he would defend all allegations leveled against his client. Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said if Zahid iqbal provided evidence that he did not hold dual nationality, his membership would be restored. in the course of the proceedings, the chief justice remarked that the court was hearing the dual nationality case under article 184 and people did not appear before court even after issuance of notices. Malik’s counsel told the sC that his client had submitted the copy of his passport. the chief justice said the court did not need a copy of his passport, rather it needed nationality renouncement certificate of Rehman Malik and ordered its submission on the next date of hearing. Moreover, Jamil Malik said he held Dutch nationality but he was not a citizen. the chief justice questioned his statement, “How can a person be a national and not a citizen?” MPa tariq alvana rejected the allegations leveled against him and requested more time from the court. Justice Jawad s khawaja remarked that people holding dual nationalities should not be part of Pakistan’s assemblies. Mna Farhat Mehmood, MPa nadia Gabol, MPa ashraf Chouhan, MPa Wasim Qadir and MPa nadeem Qadir were also issued notices to submit their documents again. the supreme Court then adjourned the hearing until July 2. the apex court has already suspended the membership of Rehman Malik from senate and Farah nawaz ispahani for holding dual nationalities.

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04 News

Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

US foreign policy, drones alienating friends: Jimmy Carter WASHINGTON SPECial CoRRESPonDEnt

i PEShaWaR: Relatives of missing persons sit in a protest camp organised by Jamaat e islami on Monday. sTaff PhoTo

Pakistan Pakistan reminds FP says won’t States Index compilers tolerate of country’s positives intrusions CoNtINuEd oN PagE 04

the Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, said a strong protest was lodged with the afghan government with a demand of all possible measures to stop the militants’ attacks in its border areas. “the afghan deputy head of mission was called to the Foreign Office and a strong protest was launched on the intrusion of militants from the afghan side into Pakistani territory,” said Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam khan. On sunday night, about 100 militants from across the border entered Dir and clashed with a Pakistani security force patrolling party. in the exchange of fire, 11 militants were killed, six security personnel lost their life, while 11 soldiers went missing. the militants beheaded seven of the missing soldiers on Monday. “the afghan diplomat was informed that the government of afghanistan should take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence of similar incidents in the future,” khan said. Pakistani authorities believe that Maulvi Fazlullah led swat taliban, who fled to afghanistan after being defeated in swat, are responsible for the spate of border attacks on Pakistani posts. the militants also fired two rockets from across the border on sunday followed by sniper fire into Pakistani territory in tripaman heights, Lower Dir, according to a military official. He also confirmed the sunday night attack, saying more than 100 miscreants from safe havens from across the border intruded into Pakistani territory and had a clash with Pakistani patrolling party. “Reportedly, Pakistani troops killed 14 miscreants. in the encounter six soldiers embraced shahadat while 11 soldiers went missing. Out of whom, 7 soldiers have been reportedly killed and then beheaded,” he said.


Rebutting Foreign Policy magazine’s inclusion of Pakistan in its failed states index, islamabad’s embassy in Washington has said the “cavalierly” applied flawed methodology overlooks the country’s many inherent strengths, domestic achievements and international contributions. “the methodology fails to capture Pakistan’s myriad strengths, while exaggerating its perceived weaknesses,” a spokesman of the Pakistani embassy, wrote in a rejoinder carried by the FP website. Press attaché nadeem Hotiana took exception to the methodology “so cavalierly” applied to Pakistan in the index singles out “the erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions,” the “inability to provide reasonable public services,” and “the inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community” as key attributes of a failing state. “the compilers get it wrong about Pakistan on all these counts,” the official asserted. “Pakistan today is on the cusp of an epochal transition. Even as it fights a fullblooded war against terrorists, it is completing a historic transformation from authoritarian rule to genuine democracy. this is the most legislatively active parliament in our history.” the embassy draws attention of the maga-

zine to Pakistan’s recent achievements since the inception of the democratic government. the country has cleansed the constitution of the debris of past authoritarian interludes and devolved power to the provinces, passed landmark legislation to help bring the residents of our Federally administered tribal areas (Fata) and Gilgit-Baltistan into the political mainstream, and taken the most comprehensive set of measures to address the grievances of the people of our Balochistan province. “it has passed more legislation on women’s rights than all of Pakistan’s past parliaments combined, while tackling such issues as domestic abuse and property rights and establishing a national Commission on Women. it also established a national Commission on Human Rights with enforcement powers.” the official reminds the compilers of the index that a “ boisterously vibrant media in the country complements the coming of age of Pakistani democracy. “the Pakistani military is part of this democratic evolution. it has earned the respect of the average Pakistani through its unflinching resolve to take on the terrorists and allow the political leadership to set the country’s direction and policies.” this is not to say that Pakistan does not face challenges, the embassy spokesman says.

Gunmen open fire on private television station KARACHI afP

Gunmen opened fire on a local television station in Pakistan’s largest city, injuring a guard and an employee, police and tV officials said late Monday evening. “Four men on two motorcycles attacked our station in karachi with automatic guns,” Rashid Mehmood, local aaj news tV’s director of news told aFP. “they also damaged some cars and fled,” he said, adding that the guard’s injuries were serious. Police official asghar ali confirmed the report. “the two injured men have been shifted to a local hospital and we are on the lookout for the culprits of the attack,” he said. Mehmood said there had been no threats made from any militant group to the television station.

n a poignant critique of Washington’s foreign and security policies, former U.s. president Jimmy Carter has said by tolerating human rights violations and continuing drone attacks in Pakistan and several other parts of the world, america is alienating its friends. at a time when popular revolutions are sweeping the globe, the United states should be strengthening, not weakening, basic rules of law and principles of justice enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Carter wrote in an opinion piece in the new York times. “But instead of making the world safer, america’s violation of international human rights abets our enemies and alienates our friends,” he noted. Despite an arbitrary rule that any man killed by drones is declared an enemy terrorist, the death of nearby innocent women and children is accepted as inevitable, Carter, the winner of 2002 nobel Peace Prize, noted. “after more than 30 airstrikes on civilian homes this year in afghanistan, President Hamid karzai has demanded that such attacks end, but the practice continues in areas of Pakistan, somalia and Yemen that are not in any war zone. We don’t know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in these attacks, each one approved by the highest authorities in Washington,”

he questioned. “this would have been unthinkable in previous times,” he observed. “these policies clearly affect american foreign policy. top intelligence and military officials, as well as rights defenders in targeted areas, affirm that the great escalation in drone attacks has turned aggrieved families toward terrorist organizations, aroused civilian populations against us and permitted repressive governments to cite such actions to justify their own despotic behavior.” the United states is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights, he regretted in a blunt examination of the american recent and current policies. While the country has made mistakes in the past, the widespread abuse of human rights over the last decade has been a dramatic change from the past. “With leadership from the United states, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948 as “the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.” this was a bold and clear commitment that power would no longer serve as a cover to oppress or injure people, and it established equal rights of all people to life, liberty, security of person, equal protection of the law and freedom from torture, arbitrary detention or forced exile.” the declaration, he said, has been invoked by human rights activists and the international community to replace most of the world’s

PPP, it is time to hold the general polls: MQM NAb again issues ter was welcomed by a large thiness,” adding that he would arrest warrants KARACHI gathering of MQM workers at com up to the expectation of nine Zero. ashraf held a meet- altaf Hussain, ashraf said. for Malik Riaz, son key coalition partner of the PPP ing with the Rabita Committee “Currently, the governonlinE

government, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), on Monday demanded the government hold transparent general elections in the country. During Prime Minster Raja Pervez ashraf’s visit to nine Zero in karachi, the central leader of the MQM, Farooq sattar said holding of general election was necessary for the strengthening of democracy in the country. the prime minis-

of the MQM and discussed the law and order in the city. ashraf assured the MQM that the federal government would take every possible measure to bring peace in karachi, adding that the Centre was ready to work with the MQM to restore peace in the city. “in the past it was assumed that the PPP and the MQM never worked together but the MQM has proved its trustwor-

ment is facing several challenges, including power crisis and law and order but eth PPP is committed to overcoming all these challenges with the support of its coalition partners,” he said. PM ashraf also had a telephonic conversation with the MQM chief while at nine Zero and thanked him for supporting ashraf during the recent election.

Army denies involvement in Gilani’s ouster WASHINGTON inP

the Pakistan army has denied any involvement in events leading to the ouster of the Yousaf Raza Gilani as the prime minister, saying the accusations, some of which come from the Us, are “based on false narratives that do more harm than good for both nations”. a senior Pakistani military official told the Washington Examiner his nation’s military had been falsely accused for years of using various insurgency groups,

branches of government or political parties for their own benefit. Recent charges that the military, with the cooperation of the courts, orchestrated the removal last week of Yousaf Raza Gilani, are the “latest in erroneous accusations,” he said. Gilani was replaced last week by Raja Pervez ashraf after the supreme Court disqualified Gilani for failing to investigate corruption charges against President asif ali Zardari. “at first we were being accused of being in cahoots

dictatorships with democracies, and to promote the rule of law in domestic and global affairs. “it is disturbing that, instead of strengthening these principles, our government’s counterterrorism policies are now clearly violating at least 10 of the declaration’s 30 articles, including the prohibition against “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Criticizing the recent legislation that has made legal the president’s right to detain a person indefinitely on suspicion of affiliation with terrorist organizations or “associated forces,” he says the broad, vague power can be abused without meaningful oversight from the courts or Congress (the law is currently being blocked by a federal judge). “this law violates the right to freedom of expression and to be presumed innocent until proved guilty, two other rights enshrined in the declaration.” in addition to american citizens’ being targeted for assassination or indefinite detention, recent laws have canceled the restraints in the Foreign intelligence surveillance act of 1978 to allow unprecedented violations of our rights to privacy through warrantless wiretapping and government mining of our electronic communications. Carter is also piqued by other developments. “Popular state laws permit detaining individuals because of their appearance, where they worship or with whom they associate.”

with the government — and now with the supreme Court — to have the government removed, “the military official said. “We are not loyal to an individual but to the constitution of our country. Don’t place us in a camp because it suits the narrative of others for us to be placed in that camp.” “now we are the villains,” the official added. “if we overstep our mandate it undermines us and our country’s constitution. We did not do this.” still, some senior Us military and government officials contend that Pakistan’s

military and its inter-services intelligence agency have been directing a systematic removal of government officials friendly to the United states. Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow at the Brookings institution who has advised the last four presidents on south asia and the Middle East, said “the army and the court want to remove President Zardari and have tried one tactic after another.” “the army is politically powerful and is believed to be steadily chipping away at Zardari’s power behind the scenes,” said Jim Phillips, a senior de-

fense analyst with the Heritage Foundation. the army, added Phillips, would be happy to undermine the current government to prevent its civilian leaders from threatening its power and privileges. a Us official, with knowledge of the region, said, “the political system is under strain but it would be an overstatement to say it’s at a breaking point.” However, Riedel said the hardliners and the “political chaos in islamabad makes any chance of an improvement in Us-Pakistan relations very unlikely”.


national accountability Bureau Rawalpindi on Monday re-issued arrest warrants for property tycoon Malik Riaz and his son, ali Riaz, chairman of Bahria town, in the 1,400 kanal land embezzlement case. naB resumed hearing in the case of Mailk Riaz and his son ali Riaz who were accused of illegally transferring 1,400 kanals of land of poor people in the name of Bahria town. Both the accused did not appear before the court despite issuance of arrest warrants in the previous hearing. naB ordered the arrest of both the accused and producing them in court on July 2. in the previous hearing, the court issued arrest warrants of six persons, including Malik Riaz and his son and when Punjab Police raided to arrest them, the islamabad Police interfered in the matter and registered a case against Punjab Police personnel.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

‘Money, money, money! Give us our money!’ g

74 public sector universities observe black Day against Islamabad’s assault on heC, unmet pledge of grant, sacking of 15 teachers LAHORE


aDnan loDhi

HE senior academic staff in 74 public sector universities all over the country on Monday observed a ‘Black Day’ in protested against the non-release of grant to the HEC by the federal government and the termination of 15 varsity professors at Jamshoru’s shaheed Benazir Bhutto University. Varsity teachers at 74 varsities of the country observed the strike under the banner of Federation of all Pakistan Universities academic staff association (FaPUasa). the government’s proposal of abolishing the HEC’s autonomous status and putting it under the federal ministry of professional and technical training was also denounced. Varsity teachers said, the federal government was destroying the education sector and its actions would result in the closure of many universities. the professors also vowed that they will not allow this to happen. the teachers’ protest rallies were initiated by the units of academic staff associations (asa) at Quetta, islamabad, karachi, Peshawar and Lahore, where slogans were raised against the federal government. at

most cities protests were held in front of local press clubs while inside the varsities teachers observed the black day by terminating academic activity while discussion over the HEC issue was common. Beside the teachers, students and research scholars also deplored the government on forcing the teachers to strikes, and joined their protest. it is worth mentioning here that the HEC has been facing financing issues for the last two years. But the intensity of the eruption now is reminiscent of 2010, when the govern-

ment had similarly tried to devolve the HEC and stopped its funding. then too varsity teachers across Pakistan had observed black days and the supreme Court had restrained the government from devolving the HEC. at the moment, due to the non-release of grants, the situation is precarious. the development work at universities big and small has stopped, and some newly-commissioned universities may even have to close. Besides this, research scholars sent abroad for PhD and M. Phil programmes have also been left in the

iSlaMaBaD: Youngster takes a dive in the Rawal lake while his friends look on a hot Monday afternoon. oNLINE

Not looking for magic to fix ties with Pakistan: Krishna NEW DELHI aGEnCiES

ahead of the foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan, india on Monday said it did not expect “big solutions” to six-decadeold problems at a time when that country was going through “many upheavals” and needed space to settle down. “these problems have been there for the last 60 years and you do not expect big solutions in six days or six weeks or in six months,” indian External affairs Minister sM krishna said when asked about little progress made in the peace talks with Pakistan, reported Pti. He underlined the need to keep up the dialogue process with Pakistan which was going through many upheavals. “i think whole thrust is to keep Pakistan engaged and keep talking to them. they are also going through many upheavals in that country. so we will have to provide space for them to settle down and india which is a country which is stable and growing, will have to think,” he said. asked whether india would take up the issue of ceasefire violations along the Line of Control in Jammu and kashmir, krishna said the two countries needed to make sincere efforts to live as good neighbours. “things are getting normalised with Pakistan. it is our fond hope that a sincere effort from both countries to live as good

neighbours has to be adopted. india has always been willing to do that. i hope that Pakistan will respond,” he said. krishna was apparently referring to the disqualification of Yousaf Raza Gilani by the supreme Court as member of the national assembly citing his conviction in a contempt of court case. krishna also congratulated the Delhi Police for arresting a key suspect allegedly involved in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack but refrained from saying whether the issue would be taken up with Pakistan. “the Delhi Police has done a magnificent job. i am sure that the investigations will take place and we will wait till the investigations,” he told reporters here. sayed Zabiuddin alias abu Hamza, the Hindi tutor of 10 terrorists who carried out the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, was arrested from the indira Gandhi international airport (iGi) last week. asked whether india would raise the issue of Zabiuddin’s arrest with Pakistan, krishna said, “Let the Delhi Police first go through investigations and then they will send a report to the government and then we will see what appropriate follow up action can be taken.” On Bangladesh High Commissioner ahmed tariq karim’s remark that Pakistan army’s “selfish corporate” interest may spark off a nuclear conflict with india, krishna merely said, “nuclear confrontation is unthinkable”.

lurch as the HEC, having no funds to draw from, has not paid their fees. in 2010 too, a number of research scholars that sent abroad on HEC scholarships were either withdrawn halfway through their courses or had paid their fees themselves. then, foreign universities too had shown their concern over the HEC’s state of affairs. in the past, the HEC had even asked the varsities to generate funds on their own as the HEC was not in a position to release grants in the absence of funding from the

government. On Monday teacher’s bodies accused the government for the sorry state of affairs, and bringing them out on the streets, pledging that they will continue their protest till the release of grant. kaleem Bareach, the FaPUasa president, said that he along with teachers’ bodies protested in front of the Quetta Press Club, adding that “our demands were genuine”. Condemning the government on sacking teachers at Jamshoru, he said, those teachers were just demanding the appointment of a VC at the varsity according to the laid down criteria. the FaPUasa former president Dr Mumtaz salik said, it never happens in any country that an institution like the HEC was handed over to the ministry instead of releasing its grant. “Here it seems that lifting the standard of higher education is not a priority with the government”, said he. Meanwhile, varsity teachers at Lahore’s public sector universities observed protested in front of the Lahore Press club.a varsity professor seeking anonymity said that last year 72 vice-chancellors had unanimously announced that they cannot run the public sector universities due to the non-release of grants. subsequent to that, the government had pledged Rs6 billion for the current fiscal year. this pledge has gone unmet.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Rein in NAB, army and judicial officials: TIP g

TIP letter calls on all political parties to include 14-point recommendations to ensure ‘corruption-free’ Pakistan ISLAMABAD


taYYaB huSSain

n its bid to eliminate corruption from Pakistan, the transparency international Pakistan (tiP) has called on all political parties of the country to include its 14point recommendations to their respective election manifestos to ensure ‘corruptionfree’ Pakistan. the tiP, which has been vigorously campaigning to point out corrupt practice from the country, has urged all political parties of the country to include 14 recommendations made by the tiP into their respective manifestos to ensure combating corruption and ensuring good governance as a policy matter, making inductions, transfers, postings of the government employees through a merit-based policy and transparent mechanism. since taking over the affairs of the country after 2008 general elections, the PPP-led coalition government has been

facing serious allegations of corruption and malpractices in almost every state institution though judiciary and armed forces have turned out to be more transparent than rest of the organs. However, the tiP has called for bringing both institutions under scrutiny and said that the PaC should also hold both the institutions accountable. in its letter sent to the 14 major political parties, a copy of which is available with the Pakistan today, the tiP has asked the political parties to ensure making commitment to the people that after if they are able to form new government in the post election scenario in future, all appointments and promotions of the civil servants and heads of public bodies will be made under a merit-based policy on predetermined selection criteria. “Within six months of taking over by the new government, an independent national accountability commission will be set up or the national accountability Bureau (naB) Ordinance will be amended

placing the accountability body under the Public accounts Committee (PaC) instead of law minister or the prime minister and that accountability of all public office holders including officials from civilian, armed forces, judiciary and private sector would be made,” said the letter. the tiP further said that the appointments of auditor General Pakistan, Chairman naB/DGs Provinces, DG Fia, all Ombudsmen, Chairman FBR, attorney General/advocate General, Chairman FPs Commission shall be made in consensus with the opposition leader of the national/Provincial assembly. Moreover, all regulatory authorities including sECP, CCP, PPRa, EPa, sBP, OGRa, PEMRa, Pta, PFRa, nEPRa etc, shall be fully autonomous, comprising of professionals, without any nominations from government. “they shall be financially self-generating-entities and not dependent on the government finances and answerable only to Public accounts Committee (PaC),” the

provinces, federal territory and azad kashmir will be computerized within one year”. the tiP also said that the conflict of interest provisions shall be mandatory in all public office holding job description, as well as corporations and authorities, including board of directors of all public sector enterprises (PsEs). the tiP said all state-owned urban land will only be disposed off by open public auction while for preventing conflicts of interest, all officers of civilian, armed forces and judiciary, of above BPs-20 or equivalent, shall not accept any employment or consultancy of any private sector undertaking for a period of five years from the date from which they retire and cease to hold office. the tiP will conduct a survey on september 15, 2012 about the election manifestos of all political parties whether they have addressed the above 14 anti-corruption recommendations for public awareness, and the survey report will be released in a press conference.

tiP added. “Within six months of the new government, Freedom of information Ordinance 2002 should be revised for deletion of all exemptions except for national security reasons and all information under freedom of information ordinance 2002 shall be made available on the website of all ministries/departments/organizations to comply with the constitution article 19-a.” the tiP further said that only a taxpayer should be allowed to buy property and cars and when a government is formed, foreign states be sent official letters to return Pakistani’s money in their banks which was not tax paid. Motorway Police/Highway Police, models under use in Punjab, shall also be implemented within one year in all major cities of all provinces in Pakistan. “the party will suspend its member from the public post, in case he is faced with court case on corruption charges, and will only be restored once he is acquitted from the court. Moreover, land records of

babar Awan turns guns on former boss

saving Buddha’s face

RAWALPindi: after being completely sidelined by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership, former law minister Babar awan has rejected the Presidential Ordinance that gives constitutional protection to Yousaf Raza Gilani. He was talking to reporters outside Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday. a presidential ordinance was issued to give constitutional protection to all legislative and administrative measures taken by Gilani as prime minister between april 26 and June 19. “We were against ordinance factory during Pervez Musharraf’s regime and we are against it now, the privileges given to Yousaf Raza Gilani are illegal and unconstitutional,” he said. awan said it was parliament’s decision to make Raja Parvez ashraf the prime minister of the country. “By not conducting local government polls, federal and provincial governments failed to comply with the constitution,” he stated. He said Prime Minister ashraf should be asked about the matter of writing a letter to swiss authorities while the new law minister could be summoned for nRO cases. onlinE


Veil or son’s college education? Choose

Swat’s buddha attacked by Taliban gets a facelift NEWS DESK

When the taliban blew the face off a towering, 1,500-year-old rock carving of Buddha in northwest Pakistan almost five years ago, it fell to an intrepid italian archaeologist to come to the rescue. according to a report by the associated Press, Luca Olivieri and his partners are giving a facelift to the 6-meter (nearly 20-foot)-tall image near the town of Jahanabad and many other archaeological treasures in the scenic swat Valley are being excavated and preserved. Just six months before the sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the taliban had shocked the world by dynamiting a pair of 1,500-year-old Buddhist statues in central afghanistan. the Jahanabad Buddha, etched high on a huge rock face in the 6th or 7th century, is one of the largest such carvings in south asia. it was attacked in the fall of 2007 when the Pakistani taliban swarmed across the scenic swat Valley. the army drove most of them out two years later, but foreign tourists who used to visit the region still tend to stay away. Olivieri himself had to leave in 2008 after more than two decades of tending to the riches dating back to alexander the Great and the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim invaders who followed. the 49-yearold head of the italian archaeological Mission in Pakistan returned in 2010 and is back at work. taliban militants climbed ropes to insert explosives in holes drilled into the face and shoulders of the Jahanabad Buddha, said Olivieri. the explosives in the shoulders failed to detonate, but the others blew off most of the face above the lips and cracked other parts of the carving and surrounding rock. Olivieri and his team began work this month on fixing the cracks and what’s left of the face. a full reconstruction is impossible because detailed documentation and fragments of the face are lacking. “Whatever you do in the absence of perfect data is a fake,” said Olivieri, who says he has wanted to be an archaeologist since age 6 and still brings a youthful exuberance to his work even as his beard grows gray. arriving as a university student in 1987, he was fascinated by swat, once an important center of Buddhist culture and trade. the monk credited with introducing Buddhism to tibet, Padmasambhava,


Maroon Rafique, banned from a uK college for wearing a niqab, missed an important talk concerning her son’s university education g

was born in swat. in more recent decades, the area was known as “the switzerland of Pakistan,” popular with religious tourists from China, Japan and south korea, and the hope is that restoration of the Jahanabad Buddha will spark a revival of tourism here. Olivieri’s mission is funded by the italian government, which works with local Pakistani antiquities authorities. it has uncovered over 120 Buddhist sites among swat’s soaring hills and rushing rivers. Of roughly 200 Buddhist rock carvings in swat, the Jahanabad Buddha was among the few to survive with its face intact for so long, said Olivieri. Most were defaced centuries ago by Muslim invaders who, like the taliban, consider Buddha a false idol. Maulana shamsur Rehman, a leading islamist politician in swat, says the attack on the Buddha should never have happened. islam preaches freedom and protection for followers of all religions, he told the associated Press, and “in line with islamic rules, nobody should have an objection to the repair work on the Buddha statue.” in 2001, militants damaged the excavated ruins of a 7th century Hindu temple in swat overlooking a stronghold conquered by alexander in the 4th century B.C. Unable to protect the temple, the italian mission had to rebury it. ironically, the site that Olivieri was most worried about during the

taliban’s violent reign in swat was an islamic one - the roughly 1,000year-old Udegram Ghaznavid mosque, the third oldest in Pakistan. He feared the militants would occupy and damage it, but that never happened. Pakistani security officials say the taliban are again trying to infiltrate swat, but militants are not the only threat to the archaeological sites. Looters are perhaps a bigger problem. Many relics looted from swat are in private and public collections around the world. in December police arrested several men in swat and seized a roughly one-meter-(three-foot) tall, 1,800-year-old Buddhist statue that could have fetched tens of thousands of dollars on the international antiquities market. the italian mission has posted guards at the most important sites and is also training them to become guides by teaching them English, first aid and basic conservation techniques, said Olivieri. the mission opened in 1955 in an office provided by the Wali of swat, the one-time princely ruler of the territory. to furnish a taste of home, its first draftsman painted a mural of Rome’s spanish steps in the dining room. the feeling of glimpsing italy in the wilds of Pakistan’s northwest continues today. there’s espresso in the morning and italian olive oil on the dining room table. a Fiat Campagnola jeep shipped from italy in 1955 is due to end up in a museum in swat.

a Muslim mother was turned away from a parents’ evening at a British college as she refused to remove her full-face veil, an incident that left her feeling humiliated. Maroon Rafique, 40, was told that for the security and safety of children and teachers at the college, there was a ban on any type of face coverings. she was warned that unless she removed her full-face covering, she would not be allowed into the college to attend the talks important for her son’s education, the Daily Mail reported. in the end, a stunned Rafique was forced to call her husband, who took her place and went with their son awais, 18. Rafique, who is married to double-glazing firm boss abdul, 40, and has a younger son, ibrahim, 12, said she felt humiliated. “i’m born in this country and i’m British. Why should what i wear offend anyone? i didn’t want to make any fuss. all i wanted was to find out the information to help my son go to university,” Rafique said. “i offered to sit at the back or at the front, anywhere where i wouldn’t be seen, if they thought i was going to offend anyone. i was really upset because whenever i’ve visited the college before there’s never been a problem, in fact the tutors have been welcoming and friendly,” she said. Rafique, of Whalley Range, Manchester, had been invited to attend the parents’ evening and talk about her son’s education at the Manchester College. But when the mother of two arrived she was apprehended by security staff who did not allow her to attend the talk. “i do get abuse every now and again in the street, which i just have to deal with. However, i was very surprised when i was treated this way by the college,” she added. a spokesman for the Manchester College said Rafique’s concerns were being taken “very seriously”. “the Manchester College provides a safe and inclusive environment that fosters development and achievement. We apply a single dress code to all college users, including learners and visitors,” the spokesman said.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

In govt-doctors standoff, it’s the patients who lose

Country’s first-ever Youth helpline goes live next month LAHORE nni

Patients fear the worst as doctors gear to extend the strike to inpatients department, hold sit-ins to block roads




Staff REPoRt

large number of patients were facing trouble due to non availability of treatment in the government hospitals across the province as Young Doctors association (YDa) strike in different parts of Punjab against non-acceptance of their demands on Monday continued even on eighth consecutive day. the young doctors have been on strike in OPDs at all levels, including rural healthcare centres, tehsil headquarters hospitals, district headquarters hospitals and teaching hospitals across the province since June 18 on the call of YDa Punjab chapter demanding revision of service structure of doctors serving under the provincial government. Outdoor wards of all the government hospitals in Multan — nishtar, Children Complex, Civil, Fatima Jinnah Women hospital were closed. Patients coming from remote areas for medical aid faced immense difficulties. a large number of patients in Faisalabad government hospitals had to return unattended and uncared by the doctors due to their strike. the situation is no different in Gujranwala District Headquarters Hospital, Bhawalpur’s Victoria Hospital and Quaid-e-azam Medical College, where the patients were seen pouring in but there was none to attend them even in the OPDs, which remained closed due to the doctors’ strike. the YDa alleged that despite strike in

OPDs, the concerned government authorities had been paying no heed to the demands of young doctors compelling them to intensify their protest. the YDa also alleged that the Punjab government had failed to keep its promise as it failed in implementing the decision of the Lahore High Court which directed the concerned authorities in March 2012 to revise service structure of doctors within six weeks. Punjab YDa General Council Chairman Dr Muhammad Haroon said that the YDa supreme general council meeting will be held on June 28 at the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi. it will be attended by 24 presidents of chapters of the YDa wherein the YDa would plan to intensify the strike. He said that the YDa was planning to announce strike in iPDs as well during next week while the young doctors also have plans to come on roads and stage sit-in protests all across the province against the government’s nonserious attitude. the young doctors’ strike in OPDs for last eight days in public sector healthcare facilities in almost all major cities of the province, including Rawalpindi, has added to miseries of poor patients who could not afford treatment at private healthcare facilities. Like other districts of the Punjab, the OPDs in three teaching hospitals of Rawalpindi were closed on the eight days of the strike. a large number of patients have expressed annoys over the young doctors’ strike in healthcare facilities could not be justified. they said that opting for medical profession simply means to serve humanity and doctors should not cause loss to patients.

Photo by Murtaza ali

‘Punjab govt is lying about doctors’ salaries’ LAhORe: More than 1000 seats of doctors were lying vacant in Punjab and the Punjab government had failed to hire doctors on these seats despite repeated advertisements in the last 2 years, Pakistan today learnt on Monday. “the Punjab government is unfortunately presenting wrong facts about the salaries of doctors in the media to mislead the public,” claims a Young Doctors’ association (YDa) office bearer. “the reality is contrary to the claims made by the government,” said Dr Rana sohail. such misleading statements were further aggravating the situation and creating unrest in the doctors’ community. “the salary of a new graduate doctor is Rs 24000 while the stenographer of high court is getting about Rs 65000,” informed Dr talha sherwani. He further added that the Government of Punjab was comparing doctors with the government departments’ employees who work from 8am to 2pm while the doctors were working 24/7 the whole week and were on duties even on sunday and national holidays. another YDa office bearer Dr salman kazmi said that if the doctors were not to be in the hospitals to attend patients, all free medicines, new buildings, dialysis centers, aC and generators would go waste and the public would be deprived of the medical facilities. Staff REPoRt

the country’s first ever Youth Helpline will become functional under the aegis of Punjab government from next month to create a sense of direction among the youth by solving their day to day problems. Punjab secretary sports Haroon ahmad khan and Plan international Country Director Rahsid Javed signed a one-year MOU to provide counselling to the youth of the province through a helpline, a modern concept of guidance which is in practice in most advanced countries of the world. also present were Punjab assembly Deputy speaker Mashhood ahmed and Youth Festival 2012 Organising Committee Chairman Usman anwar. Briefing journalists about the agreement, Rana Mashhood said through this helpline the youth will be able to discuss their multiple problems and to find their solution with the help of seven experts whose services have been acquired to extend guideline in different fields of life. Mashhood said that the helpline would start functioning in a month and half and after one year assessment the Punjab government will take it over to further carry on the mission of the youth counselling. He also agreed that even the youth ministry officials would require training and they would move ahead with letter and spirit. He said the Punjab government with this helpline give the youth career counseling, education counseling, sense of direction and most importantly to work on their capacity building. “there is no country in the world with 100 percent jobs available to the youth”, he said, adding that “Punjab has taken lead to make the youth self-reliant and self-integrated because they will be the face of the country and leaders of tomorrow,” said the deputy speaker. “it’s a first step forward and not the last in the working with the Punjab government,” said Rashid Javed. Rashid said the helpline will work seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm and experts will be readily available on a toll free hotline to listen the problems of the youth and to come up with a counseling solution.

Nobody loves Zardari, says Shahbaz says President Zardari has no affection for the people either



Punjab Chief minister shahbaz sharif has said that President asif Zardari has no affection with the people of Pakistan and Punjab and the prime minister cannot do anything regarding present power crisis. talking to reporters after attending Open Court in Lahore, shahbaz sharif said power energy crisis had taken its toll on public and Punjab was suffering the most from the crisis and no remedial measures were being taken. He said the promise of uniform load shedding by former prime minister had not been fulfilled and nothing good could be expected from the current PM either. CM said due to flawed policies of federal government people were compelled to protest. shahbaz also directed the concerned departments to stay alert to deal with any emergency in case of possible flood threat during upcoming monsoon season. Officials of the concerned departments attended the meeting. shahbaz said that in consultation with the international aid organisations,

a plan would be chalked out for building warehouses to facilitate the flood victims. He also directed the Provincial Disaster Management authority (PDMa) to

stock 15,000 blankets and hand over 100 boats to Rescue 1122 to deal with any emergency in monsoon season. the CM also constituted as a three-

member committee to examine the embankments, flow of water in rivers and population nearby which possibly could be affected due to floods.

shahbaz also officially launched the campaign for the holding Punjab sports and Youth Festival 2012 from his camp office at Minar-i-Pakistan. He flagged off various floats which will travel through different part of the province to highlight the theme of Punjab sports festival and to inspire them to be a part of this mega event. a large gathering of sports personalities including former hockey Olympian Manzoor Junior, shahnaz sheikh, Mohammad saqlain, Mansoor ahmed and players from different disciplines namely arif karim saif, amer atlas and karin khan witnessed the launching ceremony which was also attended by scores of young athletes and officials of the organising committee. Deputy speaker Rana Mashhood, chairman of the organising committee and Director General sports Punjab Usman anwar were also present on the occasion. the CM, who himself was attired in an official track suit to be worn by the participants of the Youth Festival, vowed to make the sports festival a big successful by engaging the youth and with the exhibition of their talent and skills. “Our youth is our future and it is imperative to create healthy and positive activities for them so that they could contribute in building a prosperous Pakistan”, he asserted.

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‘Strange’ but not defeated

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Saen Mumtaz, from Lahore, is thought to have the same condition as 'Elephant Man' Joesph Merrick He hopes that he will discover a cure for the disease that has left him seriously disfigured so he can find love



young man, who has been plagued with a rare condition which left him with a giant head, feet and hands, is desperately searching for a cure so he can finally find love, Tammy Hughes of the Daily Mail reported. Saen Mumtaz, 22, has been seriously disfigured by Proteus syndrome which has caused certain parts of his body to continue growing. He has been accepted by locals in his neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lahore, in Pakistan, but the disease has left him with ongoing medical problems and he finds it difficult to get around. It is thought that Saen suffered from a unique variation of Proteus syndrome which also affected 'Elephant Man' Joseph Merrick - because of the symmetrical deformity on his face and skull. Heartbreakingly Sian once believed his terrible affliction was a

curse bestowed on him by a vengeful God, leaving him listless and depressed. But supportive friends and family have kept his spirits high and he is now determined to embrace life. Kindly locals refer to him as their 'giant friend' and are determined to discover a cure for Sian who in turn hopes he will meet the woman of his dreams. He said: 'I've been this way since I was born. My face, arms and legs all differ in size and people assume I'm not like other normal human beings. 'But I'm mentally fit and understand everything, I live like my life like everyone else despite all my family including my mother, father, brothers and sisters all being born without the condition. 'People used to run away from me. But now they treat me normally and sit and talk to me when I am out. 'They call me their friend. One day I hope to be cured and meet a woman who will love me.' Saen hasn't seen a doctor since he was a boy when he was told it was Proteus Syndrome and noth-

Love for Life: Despite his appearance and related medical problems Saen is embracing life. ing could be done to help him. If Proteus is the correct diagnosis for his condition there may be nothing that can reduce the

famiLy: Saen is pictured at his Lahore home with his family who have been very supportive throughout his ordeal.


35210834-8 37588649/37535435

weight of his massive limbs. But his family cling on to the hope that Saen is suffering from some other overgrowth disorder and if this is true then there may well be treatments that can help him. His father, Wazir Ali, said: 'We want to discover what is wrong with him, and whether anything might be done to improve his day-to-day life. 'He has hopes for his future, one day he would like to run a rickshaw business and find a wife.'


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ColleGeS / uNIVeRSITIeS PuNJAb uNIVeRSITY KINNAIRD ColleGe queeN MARY ColleGe GoVT. ColleGe uNIVeRSITY uMT luMS ueT lCwu SuPeRIoR ColleGe

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

DATe: MARCh 31 To DeCeMbeR 29, 2012 VeNue: hAST-o-NeeST CeNTRe, lAhoRe hast-o-Neest Centre for Traditional Art & Culture Invites you to its Monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab Ahmed Javed Sahib (Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of Maulana Rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

DATe: APRIl 01 To DeCeMbeR 30, 2012 VeNue: FAIZ GhAR, lAhoRe A unique blend of Yoga, Meditation, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. Achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga Master Shamshad haider

DATe: MARCh 19 To AuGuST 29, 2012 VeNue: The KNowleDGe FACToRY (TKF) bored of usual dance routines? Fitness workouts come with a 'yawn'?! whether you know how to shake or not, this's the place to bring your groove! learn to follow the rhythm, let loose, how to catch new steps and master old ones. Mondays and wednesdays: 78pm, Per Session: 500 only!, Monthly: PKR 2,500/-

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Lahore 09

713 of the ‘country’s finest’ pass out as LUMS graduates LAHORE


Staff REPoRt

HE Lahore University of Management sciences (LUMs) held its 24th annual Convocation on saturday (June 23), in the syed Maratab ali sports Complex at the university campus. the varsity community came together in traditional, celebratory spirit to mark the graduation of 713 students in a glittering ceremony that also featured as the largest Convocation in the history of LUMs. Degrees were conferred to these graduates in various majors and disciplines from all three schools of the university, while outstanding students, securing top positions in various degree programmes were ho-

noured with awards and medals by the national Management Foundation (nMF), the governing body at LUMs. the keynote speaker at the Convocation was sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, the Pakistani Oscar winner for her documentary “saving Face,” also included in this year’s time Magazine list of the 100 most influential people in the world. in her address Ms Chinoy said, “Please take a moment to reflect on the haunting difference between the two scenarios. in 1947, the dream that our founding fathers had envisioned for this land became a reality. today, the very citizens of this land do not dare to dream. But as a nation we must dream, and we must dream big.” While highlighting the significance of working towards a better Pakistan, Ms Chinoy added, “You are all here for the very same reason. You want to

make something of yourself. and for many, you want to make something of your country. it is your responsibility as Pakistan’s finest, to direct your talent towards the progress of this nation.” an evening earlier, on June 22, the traditional Graduate night dinner was held. at the ceremony, graduates from the suleman Dawood school of Business (sDsB) achieving distinction in business subject areas were presented with 10 Corporate Gold medals. this was followed by the presentation of the Deans’ Honour List shields to 129 graduating students from all three schools for excellence in academic performance. this year’s convocation was also notable as it marked the first ever convocation for the inaugural batch of school of science and Engineering (ssE) undergraduates.

Afghan Mela commemorates World Refugee Day LAhORe: the society for Human Rights and Prisoner’s aid (sHaRP) organised a one-day festival for afghan refugees residing in Lahore as a part of the World Refugee Day events. the sHaRP afghan Mela was arranged near an afghan locality in Manzoor Park. the main objective was to provide entertainment for the less fortune segment of society which does not get a chance to enjoy life due to limited resources. a large number of refugees from scattered localities throughout Lahore and its adjacent areas participated in the afghan Festival. During the event, Dettol Warriors gave a lecture on hygiene and also distributed swords among the children. Godh, a local nGO, presented a puppet show to spread awareness about education and health. a magic show and a performance by Pashto singer ansar abbas was also organised. GRaP Gender specialist Memoona Batool khan emphasised the importance of educating afghan women. sHaRP Lahore Field Manager sher afgan khan said Pakistan had always welcomed the afghans. He said sHaRP had organised the programme to commemorate the World Refugee day with afghan nationals. Staff REPoRt

uS envoys help students prepare for life in the united States LAHORE Staff REPoRt

Us Consulate General and the Us Education Foundation Pakistan (UsEFP) conducted its annual Pre-Departure Orientation Programme on Monday for over 20 Punjabi students travelling to the United states for study. the students will study in colleges and universities across the United states this fall for higher education degrees of various levels. the Pre-Departure Orientation Programme is a demonstration of the United states commitment to education exchanges for Pakistani students and increasing understanding between americans and Pakistanis. Us Cultural affairs Officer katie kiser, Consular Officer Chris Vogt, Public affairs Officer Brinille Ellis and information Officer Leslie Goodman all participated in the programme giving participants advice on visa procedures and student life in the United states. “it is really wonderful to see Punjabi students getting excited about this new stage in their lives. in my experience the two things that most expand students’ horizons are travel and education. they are lucky to be doing both,” remarked kiser. the orientation was designed to help prepare students navigate the Us education experience. Presentations included information on culture shock, port of entry procedures, housing, financial and health issues.

CINe STAR Ph: 35157462


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CINe GolD Ph: 35340000


SoZo woRlD Ph: 36674271

TeRI MeRI KAhANI 12 PM, 2:30 PM, & 11:30 PM MADAGASCAR 3 04:45 PM AbRAhAM lINColN VAMPIRe huNTeR 09:00 PM



12:00, 6:00, 9:00 PM 03:00 PM

02:30 PM 04:20, 09:20 PM 07:20 PM 06:40 PM

Polio no more

LAhORe: On the directions of Punjab Chief Minister shahbaz sharif, the Health Department is working on a strategy to eliminate polio from Punjab during the current year. in this connection, all the DCOs have been tasked with strictly monitoring the anti-polio campaign in their respective districts, whereas the Punjab chief secretary is monitoring the situation at the provincial level. this was stated by Punjab Chief Minister’s special assistant on Health khawaja salman Rafique while administering polio drops to gypsy children residing near the Babu sabu interchange. He was inaugurating the short interval additional Doze strategy (siaDs) activity for Polio Eradication on Monday. the campaign will continue from 26th to 28th June in forty one sensitive union councils of five towns during which more than four lakh children up to five years of age will be administered polio vaccine drops for which 1200 mobile teams have been constituted. Staff REPoRt

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

The emperor of all maladies Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

a plea for cancer awareness

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

The smell of conspiracy By Dr Faisal Bari

through judiciary this time


hings are happening that give one a sense of déjà vu. the sC removed an elected PM who still enjoyed the support of the majority in national assembly. the ruling coalition accepted the decision without throwing tantrums but the CJ still considers it necessary to send the message that there could be no legislation which is repugnant to constitution or islam. One fails to understand the need to affirm this at a time when the national assembly cannot be accused of acting in a belligerent way. there are many who think that the sC would do well to avoid taking over the responsibility of defining where islam ends and heresy begins. an sC bench has been formed, headed by the CJ, which is to start hearing the nRO implementation case among other cases. a new confrontation between the executive and judiciary may not be far off. attempts are on to divide, pressurise and malign institutions and civil society organisations. sidestepping the Pakistan Bar Council and the supreme Court Bar association, Pti’s senior vice president Hamid khan convened a lawyers’ convention which announced a countrywide strike by lawyers on June 27. as the convention and its announcements were declared unconstitutional by the PBC and sCBa, there is likelihood of a split among the lawyers. Many consider that the arsalan iftikhar affair was a conspiracy to pressurise the judiciary and malign the media at the same time. While this happens, political parties remain divided and sufficiently discredited. the ruling coalition has committed enough sins of omission and commission to gain unpopularity. these include an abysmal neglect to tackle the power issue, failure to put an end to targeted killings in karachi and Quetta and to ameliorate the lot of the common man. the PML(n) has been mired by financial indiscipline and bad governance. after recruiting the whole lot of politicians known for shifting party alliances, the Pti which was considered earlier by the youth as a harbinger of change is now seen by many as another party of the status quo. there is a perception that attempts are on by those who matter to oust the present PPP government through courts, install an interim administration, give it indefinite extension and delay the general election. a peaceful transfer of power is the only hope for putting the system, battered by one military intervention after another, on an even keel. any interpolation by the army or the courts would damage the system beyond repair. What needs to be done by the political parties is to agree on early elections, reach understanding on a permanent CEC and an interim set up and go for an orderly transition of power.

Mighty obvious By Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi


n 2010, about six hundred thousand americans, and more than 7 million humans around the world, will die of cancer. in the United states, one in three women and one in two men will develop cancer during their lifetime. a quarter of all american deaths, and about 15 percent of all deaths worldwide, will be attributed to cancer. in some nations, cancer will surpass heart disease to become the most common cause of death. —Mukherjee, siddhartha (201011-16). The Emperor of All Maladies. simon & schuster, inc. kindle Edition. Dr Mukherjee, in the quote above, states that one in three women and one in two men, in the Us, will develop cancer in their lifetime. this is massive. though we do not have country wide cancer registry in Pakistan, but some of the city registries are showing that the incidence of cancer is going up in these Pakistani cities. and though the percentages will surely be lower than in Us, the numbers are likely to keep on increasing and breast cancer, cervical cancer and lung/mouth/throat cancer seem to be the major ones showing increases in Pakistan though some others are also increasing. since these trends are not from Pakistan wide databases and the conditions under which people live, across the country, vary a lot, we should interpret these numbers with due caution. there seem to be many reasons for the increasing numbers. Our ability to detect cancer, and earlier, has gone up. Our populations are also aging and cancer does afflict the older population much more than the younger one. these two factors alone explain a significant increase in cancer incidence. But at the same time it does seem that changes in our food, work, environment, and life styles might also be exposing us to more carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and this might also be a factor in the increasing cancer incidence. the word cancer covers a lot of different types of cancers and it can be caused by variety of reasons. it can attack any part of the body and any organ. there is huge variety in how quickly it spreads and it can travel from one organ/part of body to an-

other as well. We, in fact, might not know all the reasons that cause cancer or its spread. What we do know is that normal cells can get Dna mutations and these can turn them into cancer cells. so cancer cell is not alien to our body. these are cells where some functions of normal cells, like restrictions on division, replicability and mortality, have been altered due to mutations and that makes these cells cancerous. this is what makes them difficult to find, target and destroy too: in some cases they look and act too much like normal cells. But their added features, ability to replicate uncontrollably, ability to adapt to medicines designed to kill them and ability to defy normal cell mortality, is what makes them so difficult to destroy. a cancer diagnosis still sends shivers down the spine of most people. and it should. though there has been a lot of progress we still do not have the cure for most cancers and if detected late, a lot of cancers are fatal. the statistics quoted at the start speak for themselves. the problem is that cancer cells are hard to target and hard to kill, without hurting normal cells. there are three main ways of targeting: surgical excision for tumours where the hope is that all of the cancer comes out, targeted killing of cancer cells through exposure to radiation, and chemotherapies where different chemical agents are designed to target fast replicating cells or cells with other specific characteristics that only cancer cells have and kill them. Chemotherapy agents are being developed at a rapid rate but we still do not have specific agents for all or even most cancers. all of the therapies and cures mentioned are quite expensive and even where they either cure the cancer or manage to significantly prolong life of a patient, they can have a significant effect on the quality of life of the patient. Even a rich country like the Us will have to figure out how to manage the cost of treating cancer as numbers continue to rise as predicted. With a lot fewer resources (money, facilities, human resource) and almost no commitment from the state of Pakistan to take care of the health issues of the people of the country, any increases in cancer incidence would be devastating for many across the country. it makes sense, in our

condition, to have a lot more emphasis on awareness raising and prevention as well as early detection campaigns. awareness and prevention campaigns are hard to finance as it is difficult, methodologically, to show their effectiveness (how do you measure how many cancers were avoided and at what benefit), but they are essential for our environment. For the carcinogens that we know of and other risk factors known to be associated with cancer, the society, even if the state is not a party to it, should mount campaigns. We know tobacco chewing and smoking is a definite cause. Why is it still available in the country? Why is smoking still accepted? this is one of the biggest causes of lung and mouth/throat cancers. We should do more to control access to the substance. the list of known carcinogens is long. asbestos, exposure to radiation, x-rays, diesel fumes, some substances in fertilizer, pesticides, substances put in some deodorants, bathroom and laundry cleansers and so on are all examples. it would be important to have some research, focused on local conditions in Pakistan, as to what are all/most of the carcinogens that we encounter daily or frequently and suggestions on how people can start avoiding them and weeding them out of the system. On the early detection side, putting in protocols, as people age, and especially for cancers like breast and prostate, would be a big help as well. Cancer is deadly. and increases in cancer incidence, as it seems to be happening the world over, would be devastating for us especially given the lack of preparation on the part of our health sector. Given the cost of intervention, our best bet is to work with prevention and early detection. But here too the society will have to become more active than the state: cannot expect much from the state. But there is a lot that can be done through prevention and early detection. The writer is an Associate Professor of Economics at LUMS (currently on leave) and a Senior Advisor at Open Society Foundation (OSF). He can be reached at

hard times the new mass media seldom has time to verify and ample time to vilify


f you’re looking for a new career path, look no further than the pages of this newspaper. if you are talented, have the analytical skills necessary to tell the difference between your nose and a humming bird, and can follow orders, no matter how inane; a career in journalism is exactly what the doctor ordered. Being on prescription medication is an added qualification, but not a prerequisite. Like the many over-the-top real estate ads that adorn 9PM bulletins on our ever abundant news channels – which would have you believe that there has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Dadu and Hyderabad – there can be no such illusions about the state of the media in Pakistan. While viewers are distracted by the high-sounding news and scandals breaking on tV screens day in and day out, media houses lay people off at least two days a week; cough up salaries for staff such as re-

porters, camerapersons, editors, technical, production and support staff every third month and buy themselves new talk show hosts almost every other fortnight. Journalists too have become fickle creatures. With things getting tighter by the day, media professionals with more developed survival instincts have begun hopping from leaf to leaf, like veritable frogs in a pond full of pitfalls and crocodiles. One false step could land them in the drink, or worse. Horse-trading may have been banned from parliament, but it has reared its financially attractive head in the media sector and has taken everything by storm. this applies more to talk show hosts and their lackeys more than it does to seasoned professionals, but that is inconsequential. What matters is that the glorified mouthpieces of media magnates, spewing forth propaganda badly disguised as ‘public interest journalism’, take

home a fat salary. But spare a thought for the hardworking men and women who make these anchors and tycoons what they are: you can’t, can you? this is because you don’t know them, can’t empathise with them. On a recent trip to karachi, i had the chance of visiting some of my old friends at their workplaces. at Geo news, i met with the old gang from the ill-fated channel Geo English. Despite all the bhal safai and bad blood, a good two dozen strong were still there, toiling away in an organisation that is a mere shadow of its former glory. While the toys and the new studio are quite impressive, behind all the glitter is the sad fact that it is not a blood-sweat-and-tears news organisation anymore, but a welloiled machine. the chaos of the newsrooms of old was gone and replaced by an uneasy calm. there was no yelling over the phones, no last minute instructions to the an-

chor or any harried phone calls from the transmission department asking to cut to commercials. Everything was running smooth. a little too smooth. saMaa was no different. Everyone on the programming floor was quite pleased to still be there. i saw several familiar faces, seated in the exact same seats that i left them in all those years ago. i saw many new faces, met many old friends who had now migrated to the channel from other, less green pastures. the consensus here was that the news business is no longer about news anymore. Programming has gone from original, factual content to dramatised and exaggerated soap operas. there is now a great demand for gossip, hearsay and scandal. the new mass media seldom has time to verify and ample time to vilify. i met with a lot of senior people as well, all of whom had the same, bleak story to tell. it is hard times

for the industry. newspapers and tV channels are spending (or losing) more money than they are making. this does not include political injections from satisfied parties that go into the pockets of those in power. Each organisation, as an organisation, is crumbling. and being seths, media tycoons are now opting to create their own workforce rather than hiring a skilled one. these fresh recruits are then burdened with responsibilities that range from camera work to hosting primetime talk shows. in such dire circumstances, we can ill-afford skeletons in our closet. it would be best if media houses steered clear of controversy and not became a party to all that is going on in the country, lest they be dragged into the mud themselves. Wait, what? Follow @mightyobvious on Twitter for more incoherence in 160 characters or less

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Mr Prime Minister

Democracy in Pakistan

i would like to congratulate our newly elected Prime Minister, Mr Raja Pervaiz ashraf, on assuming the office of prime minister of Pakistan and would draw the attention of our newly elected PM and other concerned authorities towards a very serious issue that is unscheduled load shedding in our country. sir, we know that previously you, being minister of water and power, could not fulfil your promise to eradicate load shedding from our country. now allah almighty has blessed you with the position of PM of Pakistan and we the public are looking towards you to provide us relief from the hazards of load shedding. Moreover i would like to add here that Pakistan is enriched with many natural resources like coal and natural gas. Despite this we are far behind the others. i can’t understand why our present and previous governments didn’t even think to use alternate energy production ways, instead of using hydropower which is more expensive. We are suffering a lot, our businesses and industries are closing down and unemployment is increasing. i have observed that many people have lost their jobs due to unscheduled load shedding. they are living hand to mouth. there are some homes where hardly a one-time meal is available. Do not wait for the day when people come out in front of the parliament and ask questions from our leadership as to why they failed to provide them relief. i would like to request you, Mr Prime Minister, to awake up and not to waste time in meetings etc. take practical steps and resolve the issue of load shedding as on priority basis. if you fulfil your promise of eradicating the load shedding from our country, then you will be remembered in history in positive words. SULTAN SHAHNAWAZ Lahore

Democracy has evolved over a period of centuries as a system of governance, where rulers are accountable for all their decisions, acts and deeds done while in power. there is no need to reinvent the wheel as they, the system exists and only way it can function is if those elected adhere to its norms, strictly follow constitution whose interpretation is solely at discretion of supreme Court and not those who are elected to legislate, nor those who amongst them are selected by parliament to serve as President, PM or CM. it is the failure of our paid servants and our political elite to adapt to democracy, rather than tailoring it to suit their feudal mindset which is the problem. Democracy is a system where there is a government of laws, not of men and fundamental article of political

Mushrraf’s return she wrote, ‘General Pervez Musharraf is plotting his political comeback’ (June 25). Before he comes back, it would be better for his election prospects that he solved a mystery left behind by him: How was he able to differentiate between unilateral, presidential, constitutional and the decisions orders, important instructions and many directives of national importance he took while he was COas? Z A KAZMI Karachi

what a tragedy! When Zardari became President, many were sorry for the development. i don’t know why and how BB nominated him as Co-Chairman but BB was suddenly gone. We reconciled to that fact. Many institutions in Europe termed Zardari as lunatic but we could not help it. now a new bomb has explodes on us. Raja Pervaiz ashraf has assumed charge as Chief Executive and our present and future goes into his hands. But Raja’s competence is questionable; he fooled the nation on load shedding by giving dates and meaningless assurances. the country is facing economic and political issues along with national and international complications. He has no comprehension of things or their gravity. PPP or no PPP, elections or no elections, the future of Pakistan is clearly at stake. AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

lyari operation a karachi court has ordered to register murder case against the police officer who led the april 27 – May 04 Lyari operation. During this botched operation, police faced a spectacular resistance from the well-armed and wellpositioned alleged criminals against whom the operation was launched. this is evident from the fact that despite tall claims, police party was unable to move beyond the Cheel Chowk and Faqir Eisa khan Road even in eight days. there is no doubt that it was an ill-planned operation, initiated without taking all the law enforcing agencies on board (Rangers didn’t take part despite their presence in the vicinity). But putting aside the shortcomings of the operation, no one can deny the fact that a number of criminals and gangsters, who are invariably involved in kidnappings, murders, extortion, arms-trade, drug pedalling and gambling, are taking refuge

Comment 11

creed is that unlimited sovereignty, or absolute power, is alien to it. it is experimentation with democracy and trying to adapt it to sick feudal mindset, where men or individuals matter more than laws, that democracy has failed to gain roots. Democracy cannot be tailor made to suit whims of rulers, but the mechanics of the system can be varied to suit the electorate, without making changes in system of checks and balances, or judicial review, built in to prevent abuse of powers. Every elected civil government over past two decades is responsible for compromising democracy by failing to deliver to people and address basic issues such as poverty, health, education and an infrastructure for local industry to develop and generate employment. Unfortunately civil and khaki bureaucratic system that

in Lyari. instead of taking on the criminals, various governments, including this one as well, have preferred to deal with this or that Lyari-based gang. this has strengthened them to the teeth. We understand court instructions to police to register the first information report (FiR) against its own officer, but how about the criminals who were firing rockets, throwing grenades and spraying bullets on the police force during the operation. What about the six police officers killed in action while scored injured? Who will take up police case against these gangsters? also who will bother to find out who armed these gangs at the first place? Who will highlight the fact that fall out between PPP and its blueeyed boys of PaC was the main reason behind this operation? Unless politics and criminal activities are differentiated, this and many operations are bound to fail, not one time but every time. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Not a stupid letter the article titled “all over a letter” written by Mr Hamayun Gauhar in Pakistan Today on 24 June is not in good taste when the writer himself wants to be educated on the subject. We have trichotomy of power in the country i.e., Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. none of these is supreme to lord over the others as such but each one has a function and is balanced by certain checks. the legislature enacts laws, executive implements these laws and the judiciary interprets laws and the supreme Court is the final arbiter of Constitution. ii. as for as the humans as vicegerents are concerned, all of us, including the speaker, the lowly peon and the judges, are all vicegerents in their own spheres with allah almighty as the sole sovereign. iii. there is no Court of speaker but the courts are duly defined as per

Pakistan inherited was trained to serve their colonial masters and not people of this country. Even after more than six decades this British trained bureaucracy considers that this country and its 180 million people are there to serve them. What we have witnessed in past four years is an outright abuse of power, democratic norms and traditions. John adams, President of Usa, stated that “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right and a desire to know—-divine right to that dreaded and most envied kind of knowledge, i mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers”. MALIK TARIQ ALI Lahore

Constitution. the so-called peoples court can only elect the representatives but has no power to adjudicate in disputes which is the sole domain of superior court judges who are answerable to only supreme Judiciary Council and not to speaker. also there is no law defining the contempt of speaker as such which is an imaginary concept. iV. the letter to be written as per orders of apex Court is no stupid letter. it is the fundamental symbol of justice that states all citizens are equal before law and entitled to equal protection of law. there was no immunity in islam even for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who offered himself for open accountability. Can Mr Zardari not do so in the footsteps of the law giver? V. the supreme Court did not elect Mr Gilani. it was the corrupt system which threw up such wonders. Vi. Mr Gauhar, it appears, needs some education before he ventures on such a slippery subject as checks and balances in our system of government as per the Constitution of islamic Republic of Pakistan as per aspirations of the people. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

better be on safe side thanks to the next general elections which are fast approaching, the federal government was kind enough to provide some relief to the people in general and motorists in particular by not increasing but instead reducing the POL products’ prices for the second time in June 2012. But there is no guarantee whatsoever that this relief would persist and there is every possibility of yet another petrol bomb hitting the people in less than a week from now. so better be on the safe side and do not relax too much on this temporary relief despite which the POL products are still considerably high-priced and continue making efforts for searching fuel saving

measures in order to minimise the petrol expenses to the maximum extent possible without compromising on the long and short distances travelling one has to do every day. this is in particular for the kind attention of the motorists with modest resources like me. BiLaL aHMaD kHan Lahore

worthless battleground? this is with reference to resolution of the siachen conflict. sadly, mutual distrust has led the two countries to bear a heavy financial and human cost of keeping troops at such a high altitude. More than 2000 people have died so far in this inhospitable terrain. the presence of troops at the siachen glacier has not improved the security of Pakistan or india. since 1984, india and Pakistan twice came close to resolving the siachen dispute but failed to clinch the final deal mainly because of mutual distrust. On 11-12 June islamabad hosted a round of talks with india over the siachen glacier in a bid to come to some sort of settlement on the issue. talks, however, remained an exercise in futility. adding to the misery was the fact that the indian army rejected all Pakistani suggestions of demilitarisation of siachen glacier unless Pakistan agrees to actual Ground Position Line on the glacier. it is high time for india to understand that keeping troops at siachen is useless proposition. neither Pakistan nor india has gained anything from it. in fact, they have lost a large number of people only to protect false notions of national pride. Unless Pakistan and india overcome their historical biases and mutual distrust, both will continue to lose their soldiers and waste a huge amount of material resources for a worthless cause. SHAMSA ASHFAQ Islamabad

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan today exclusively.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Lindsay Lohan to cost (or make) tens of millions



iRinG Lindsay Lohan is clearly a high-risk, high-reward endeavour. Following the casting of Lindsay Lohan in the

tV movie about Elizabeth taylor and Richard Burton’s storied love affair, the actress was back to making headlines — first when the striking official production images were released and then after the actress was involved in a car crash that left her Porsche totalled. the

last month made the risk abundantly clear, but which way will it break for Lifetime? that remains to be seen, but she’s got the ‘Liz and Dick’ producers spooked. Having hired Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth taylor, the network received more publicity than they could’ve dreamed but not always for the reasons they’d like. Understandably, higher-ups are upset and worried over her car accident and the recent episode in which she passed out so hard people had to call 911. three weeks into filming, producers are fearing the following: that the company who insured Lindsay Lohan might bail, that her probation will be violated for lying to police, that she will get into yet another bad car accident, that she’ll surround herself with the wrong people, that her exhaustion was a warning sign. On the flip side, if the worst case scenario doesn’t happen think about all the PR she’s getting! Has anyone ever talked this much about a Lifetime film? Lohan could blow the network’s previous projects out of the water, if she doesn’t completely self-destruct. the million-dollar question: Can she keep it together?! the producer say they were not totally sure of Lohan’s level of commitment but that she had lived up to expectations. “there’s a curiosity factor about Lohan and a high expectation of the movie by the audience in general,” he said.

Johnny Depp’s ‘Thin Man’

Disney’s ‘Brave’ rides to box office win

remake reportedly hits skids

LOS AnGeLeS: Disney’s new animated movie, ‘Brave’, about a rebellious, red-headed princess battled to the top of movie box office charts over the weekend, scoring $80 million in ticket sales around the world. the fairy tale from Disney’s Pixar studio pulled in $66.7 million at domestic theatres, plus $13.5 million from international markets. ‘Brave’ easily topped new historical/horror mashup ‘abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’, which finished the weekend in third place. the 3D ‘Brave’ is set in the ancient scottish highlands and centres around horseback-riding teen princess Merida, who defies her mother and her kingdom’s traditions. Merida, voiced by scottish actress kelly Macdonald, must then use her courage and archery skills to undo a curse. the movie brings the 13th consecutive no. 1 opening to Pixar, which has become Hollywood’s most reliable studio during its 17-year history of making films. ‘Brave’ is a departure for Pixar, and is its first film to feature a strong female as the lead character, following a long Disney tradition with female heroines that in recent years have included ‘Mulan’ and ‘Pocahontas’. ‘Brave’ knocked another animated family film, ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’, to no 2 after its two weeks in the top spot. another new release, ‘seeking a Friend for the End of the World’ pulled in $3.8 million, for a disappointing 10th place. the dark comedy starring steve Carrell and keira knightley tells the story of a man who goes on a road trip as an asteroid speeds toward Earth. REutERS

LOS AnGeLeS: Johnny Depp’s ‘thin Man’ remake won’t be coming soon to a theatre near you. according to, Warner Bros has slowed down the process on the presumed blockbuster, with attached director Rob Marshall moving on to ‘into the Woods’. that leaves ‘the thin Man’ without a director, leading actress or green light; Warner Bros. has received a budget for the project, but nothing has been accepted just yet. Per, the party line is that Depp needs a break. a closer look at the last couple of months, however, paints a slightly more bleak outlook. For starters, there was the Depp-led ‘Dark shadows’, which Warner Bros released on May 11 and for which the profit margin is slim at best. Budgetary problems are also at the forefront of Depp’s current project, ‘the Lone Ranger’. Disney is producing that reboot, and while director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were forced to drop the budget down to $210 million, it has reportedly shot up to $250 million — a number that Disney previously bristled at last year. to make matters worse, Depp’s personal life is in the news as well. the actor announced that he had split from his long time girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, after 14 years together. the pair have two children. aGEnCiES


loS anGElES: Matt Bomer arrives at the premiere of ‘Magic Mike’. AFP

loS anGElES: Matthew McConaughey and Camila McConaughey arrive at the premiere of ‘Magic Mike’. AFP

loS anGElES: olivia Munn arrives at the premiere of ‘Magic Mike’. AFP


can’t handle live audience loS anGElES: Charlize Theron says she cannot do theatre as she is unable to handle live audience. “I’m just not made for that kind of live audience where you don’t create a fourth wall. I take my hat off to those guys. It’s not disconnected enough for me. Some people are good at performing in front of people like that, but I’m uncomfortable at it,” the 36-year-old told Interview magazine. “I think maybe that’s the difference between acting and being a performer. As soon as there are 200 people in a theatre watching me, I get really scared,” she added. Theron also revealed that she had turned down offers from director Jason Reuitman to be part of his famous theatrical reading at los Angeles’s County Museum of Arts because she could not handle the stress. “I’ve even said to Jason, ‘I will jump off a building for you, but I will not do that,” she said. aGEnCiES

‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan’s

neurological problem worsens MuMBai: here’s some information that might upset all the fans of Salman Khan. The actor, who had flown to the uS to treat a neurological problem, hasn’t fully recovered from his illness. his condition is frail and hence he has been advised to be very cautious while filming action sequences. In fact, he has been asked not to have action scenes in his films. A source close to the actor said, “even a slight misjudged punch on the face could trigger off his condition and cause acute pain,” The friend revealed that a collective decision has been taken by the family

members and the filmmakers of Salman’s upcoming ventures to keep him “out of danger as much as possible.” Ironically, the actor’s upcoming films, ‘Dabangg 2’, ‘Sher Khan’ and ‘Kick’ are all action films which require him to perform dangerous stunts. And filmmakers are already working out a way to deal with solutions to prevent Salman from actually performing the scenes. “Arbaaz is trying hard to convince him to stay away from the sets when the action sequences are performed,” added the source. here’s wishing Salman a speedy recovery and hope to see him back at his healthiest best. aGEnCiES

lonDon: brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who got engaged in April, are reportedly planning to tie the knot in britain. “They’ve always planned to have the official part secretly with just their kids and family,” the Daily Star quoted a source as telling. “They’re looking at windsor register office, where Charles and Camilla and elton John and David Furnish tied the knot. “It allows same-sex marriages, something the couple passionately believe in.” According to reports the 48-yearold actor, who splurged 160,000 pounds on the engagement ring, had considered having a simple wedding in the bahamas, on the beach where Jolie’s mother’s ashes were scattered. but as they’re both based in uK now and both of them are busy shooting for their respective films, they’ve decided on a quickie english wedding. “It just seems easier. They’ll keep it very low key,” the insider said. “They haven’t finalised a date, but they are planning to slip out and get married with the minimum of fuss.” After the ceremony, the duo plans to fly to the south of France for a posh bash at ‘Chateau Miraval’, their huge estate in Provence. aGEnCiES

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13 Nicole Kidman packs

Back from the dead? a powerful performance in

‘Hemingway and Gellhorn’ LOS ANGELES aGEnCiES

loS anGElES: Joe Manganiello arrives at the premiere. AFP

loS ANGeleS: Channing Tatum arrives at the premiere of ‘Magic Mike’. afP

itH her powerhouse portrayal of journalist Martha Gellhorn who also engaged in a tumultuous marriage as Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, kidman had the rare opportunity of premiering a movie in Cannes. and before this Oscar winning star (the Hours) showed there is practically nothing she won’t do for her art as the trampy southern trollop in Precious director Lee Daniel’s first film since that triumph, ‘the Paperboy’, in which she stars opposite Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and John Cusack. the movie divided critics but everyone seemed to agree kidman nailed it. Clearly this major movie star is on a roll and now she goes where the interesting parts are now whether it’s the movies, theatre or even television, which in ‘Gellhorn’ gave her one of the roles of a lifetime. When asked whether she was familiar with Martha Gellhorn, kidman said: “i didn’t even know who she was. then i started researching her and called director Phil and said ‘i have got to play her.’ and to play her old and looking back. she had that per-


spective. and the final images of the film are her looking back and on the phone and saying ‘i will pay my own way.’ i had to tell that story. she trailblazed a lot of female journalists, but also she was a role model for women.” Her next project i s shooting a Grace kelly story with Olivier Dahan. she said: “i’ve been offered to play famous actresses before, but it wasn’t the time for me to d o that. But

Elizabeth Taylor’s

‘Cleopatra’ trailer goes under

the hammer Brangelina


MuMBai: Two decades ago a new hindi film superstar emerged: Shahrukh Khan, who debuted with ‘Deewana’. on completing 20 years, SRK says he just “got lucky” and admits he has made mistakes all along. “Twenty uninterrupted years of serving. Not enough talent or looks or game plan. Thank you all. I guess I got lucky, lucky to be working all the time,” tweeted Shah Rukh, who entered filmdom with ‘Deewana’, which released June 25, 1992. Superstardom, disappointment and controversies - Delhi guy SRK has seen it all in his celebrity hood. For Shah Rukh, it’s been two decades in bollywood, but his tryst with showbiz began in 1988, the year he started his journey with TV series ‘Fauji’, after being trained at The barry John’s Acting Studio. Next year he featured in another successful show ‘Circus’ and ‘Doosra Keval’. If people loved his act on small screen, he won hearts as a crazy lover in ‘Deewana’, in which he was competing with none other than Rishi Kapoor in the lead role. but lady luck was smiling on him and audiences loved his chemistry with late Divya bharti. There was no looking back thereafter. his success earned him titles like King Khan and bollywood badshah. he redefined the romantic hero with films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge’, ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’, ‘Kal ho Na ho’ and ‘Rab Ne bana Di Jodi’. After making it big in showbiz, he turned businessman by launching his production house and later by investing in the IPl franchise Kolkata Knight Riders. Now, one of the most lovable bollywood actors is set to return to his lovey-dovey avatar with Yash Chopra’s next directorial venture. he will be seen romancing Katrina Kaif in it. aGEnCiES

this has a great script. i know a little about Grace kelly. i wasn’t a massive obsessed fan of Grace kelly, but i want to find out who she was and find the truth of that. We start i n late fall. But now i don’t do anything. i go on a plane and go back to my family and say ‘Oh i am a normal person after all’.

LOndOn: Michael Jackson’s ghost is apparently haunting the Beverly Hills mansion where he breathed his last. neighbours insist that they have seen the king of Pop strolling around his old La home like a scene from his ‘thriller’ video. and they have even heard his music and singing during the night. “Everyone thinks that Michael’s ghost walks around the house,” the Daily star quoted one of his neighbours as saying. “it has freaked everyone out. When he was living there, Michael would regularly look through the curtains and see who was around. People have heard his music coming from the house and even singing. it is so weird. the world knew that Michael was obsessed by the afterlife, from his songs like thriller. “He believed in spirits – now his own has returned,” the neighbour said. the legendary singer used to live at the mansion with his children Prince, now 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10. the star, while preparing for a comeback tour, suffered a cardiac arrest after he was given sleeping pills, painkillers and then injected with an overdose of anesthesia drug Propofol, three years ago. aGEnCiES

Ashton and Mila spark dating rumours LOS ANGELES aGEnCiES

the lavish and one-of-a-kind vanity van of the late Elizabeth taylor, which was used on the set of 1963 movie classic ‘Cleopatra’ is all set to be auctioned off over the weekend. the 36-foot long trailer features hand-painted murals on the walls, a working phone in the bathroom, full bar and intricate handmade decor. it had cost twentieth Century Fox executives 75,000 dollars 50 years ago is estimated to cost 350,000 pounds today. But before a new owner can get his or her hands on the trailer, it will be used by Lindsay Lohan, who is playing taylor in new biopic ‘Liz ‘n’ Dick’. the trailer was reportedly gifted to a Fox studio boss as a token gesture, for investing in the film after ‘Cleopatra’ wrapped.

LOS AnGeLeS: Mila kunis insists they're just friends, but recently, the actress hit up a romantic italian restaurant with her former ‘that 70s show’ co-star ashton kutcher -- and they even left in the same car. the two have been rumoured to be secretly dating for months -- but Mila adamantly denies they're anything more than platonic pals...who eat out together alone... and go on romantic weekend trips to quaint little towns. aGEnCiES

‘It was


sheer luck’



lonDon: british actress Keira Knightley will soon be seen tickling audience’s funny bones with her comic act in ‘Seeking A Friend for the end of the world’. The story of the film revolves around the news that earth will be destroyed in 21 days by an asteroid. Directed by lorene Scafaria, the film also stars Steve Carell. After ‘Seeking A Friend for the end of the world’ Knightley will return to her dramatic roles with ‘Anna Karenina’, an adaptation of leo Tolstoy’s novel by the same name, reports Knightley, who has been recently engaged to musician James Righton, was last seen in 2011 historical film – ‘A Dangerous Method’. aGEnCiES

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tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Venus crashes to 15-year wimbledon low Page 17

SL crush Pakistan in first test

hales confident of securing place in england’s T20 side NOTTINGHAM afP

GAlle: Sri lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene (l) shakes hands with Pakistan captain Mohammad hafeez at the end of the match while Sri lankan cricketers celebrate their victory. afP GALLE




UWan kulasekara and suraj Randiv combined to vanquish Pakistan as sri Lanka won the first test by a massive 209 runs on Monday, their biggest win over their asian rivals. the tourists, set a near impossible victory target of 510, were bowled out for 300 just before stumps on the fourth day despite defiant batting from Younis khan and asad shafiq. the pair kept the sri Lankan attack at bay for three hours to add 151 for the fifth wicket, Younis making 87 and shafiq 80, before both fell on either side of the tea interval. Off-spinner Randiv and seamer kulasekara grabbed three wickets each to ensure sri Lanka ended the match with a day to spare after Pakistan appeared to be taking the fight into the final day. Randiv finished with seven wickets in the game, but it was team-mate kumar sangakkara who was named man-of-the-match for his unbeaten 199 in sri Lanka's first innings. "it's nice to continue the winning mo-

SRi lanKa 1st innings 472 (t. Dilshan 101, K. Sangakkara 199 not out, M. Jayawardene 62, Saeed ajmal 5-146, Mohammad hafeez 3-55) PaKiStan 1st innings 100 (S. Randiv 4-13, R. herath 3-30, n. Kulasekara 2-27) SRi lanKa 2nd innings 137-5 declared (t. Dilshan 56, Junaid Khan 3-44, Saeed ajmal 2-47) PaKiStan 2nd innings (overnight 36-3): 4 Mohammad hafeez c M. Jayawardene b Kulasekara taufeeq umar b Kulasekara 10 7 azhar ali c Samaraweera b herath 87 Younis Khan c P. Jayawardene b Kulasekara 12 Saeed ajmal run out asad Shafiq c M. Jayawardene b herath 80

mentum," said sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene, whose team won the preceding one-dayers 3-1 and now leads 1-0 in the three-test series. Jayawardene defended his decision not to enforce the follow-on despite a lead of 372 runs after sri Lanka shot out Pakistan for a modest 100 in the first innings. "the idea was to bat Pakistan out of the match and also give my bowlers a bit of a rest," he said. "the weather was a bit of a concern but then kulasekara was outstanding with the new ball. Younis and shafiq batted really well, but we knew that once we

Mohammad ayub lbw b Pradeep 22 40 adnan akmal not out 14 abdur Rehman c Sangakkara b Randiv umar Gul c Samaraweera b Randiv 4 8 Junaid Khan c sub (Mendis) b Randiv 12 Extras: (b9, lb2, w1)) total (all out, 114 overs) 300 fall of wickets: 1-8 (hafeez), 2-21 (azhar), 3-25 (taufeeq), 438 (ajmal), 5-189 (Shafiq), 6-212 (Younis), 7-243 (ayub), 8-266 (Rehman), 9-280 (Gul), 10-300 (Junaid). Bowling: Kulasekara 23-8-48-3 (w1), Pradeep 15-4-56-1, herath 42-9-91-2, Mathews 4-1-8-0, Randiv 30-4-86-3 Sri lanka won by 209 runs; lead 1-0 in three-match series. toss: Sri lanka umpires: ian Gould (EnG) and Steve Davis (auS) tV umpire: Ranmore Martinesz (SRi) Match referee: David Boon (auS)

broke the stand, we will go through." Younis, 34, the most experienced batsman in the Pakistan side with 77 test appearances, held the innings together during his 26th half-century in the five-day format. shafiq, a 26-year-old playing his 14th test, matched his senior partner with a fluent knock that contained 13 hits to the fence. But just when the duo appeared to have survived the entire post-lunch session, shafiq was dismissed against the run of play, edging leftarm spinner Rangana Herath to Mahela Jayawardene in the slips. Younis, who went

to tea on 81, fell in the first over with the second new ball when he edged kulasekara to wicket-keeper Prasanna Jayawardene. Mohammad Hafeez, who led Pakistan after regular captain Misbah-ul Haq was banned from the test for a slow over-rate in a one-day match, said he was proud of the entire team. "Ours is a young side and this match was a learning experience for everyone," he said. "there was very good spirit in the side and it was really satisfying to see Younis and asad fight till the end. "But we need to work hard at the nets. it will be a big boost when Misbah returns for the next test." Randiv claimed the last three wickets to give sri Lanka their third win in the last five tests, a turnaround in form following a dip after the retirement of the legendary Muttiah Muralitharan from the five-day game in 2010. Pakistan lost nightwatchman saeed ajmal in the day's second over, run out by a direct throw from the covers by suraj Randiv. Younis earned a reprieve on nine when tillakaratne Dilshan picked up a low catch at mid-off, but television replays proved inconclusive whether the catch had been taken cleanly.

England retain same squad for australia series LONDON afP

England named an unchanged squad Monday for their five-match one-day series against australia starting at Lord's on Friday. the selectors retained the original 14 players who helped England beat the West indies 2-0 in a three-match series, with one no result washout -- the team's sixth straight home 50-over campaign win. australia are the world's top-ranked one-day international team and England one-day captain alastair Cook and all-rounder Ravi Bopara will get an early chance to face them when they play for Essex against the tourists at Chelmsford on tuesday. England national selector Geoff Miller, announcing the squad, said Monday: "the series win against West indies was pleasing and we are making steady progress in one-day cricket with a sixth straight series victory on home soil. "australia are a strong one-day side and i've no doubt this will be a challenging natWest series for us and we will need to play some very good cricket over the next three weeks," the former England off-spinner added. "Playing against the num-

ber one ranked one-day side in the world is an excellent test for us as we look to keep steadily improving ahead of next summer's iCC Champions trophy and the 2015 iCC Cricket World Cup." Middlesex duo steven Finn and Eoin Morgan have been released for games in tuesday's round of county twenty20 matches, as has somerset's Craig kieswetter. England could be forced into one change during the series with the funeral of surrey's tom Maynard taking place at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on July 4 -- the same day as the third one-day internaional in Birmingham. Maynard's surrey team-mate Jade Dernbach, a seam bowler, could be granted leave to travel to Cardiff.

alex Hales looked to have played his way into England's squad for their World twenty20 title defence in sri Lanka in september after making a brilliant 99 against the West indies on sunday. Hales, on his nottinghamshire home ground, thrilled a sell-out trent Bridge with a barnstorming innings that saw England to a seven-wicket win as they chased down a target of 173. significantly, the 23-year-old Hales did it in the opener's spot vacated by kevin Pietersen -- England's man of the tournament when they won the World twenty20 in the Caribbean two years ago. Pietersen quit all white ball internationals after the England management refused his request to continue playing twenty20s while opting out of 50-over one-dayers. Concerns had been expressed as to how England would score quick runs at the top of the order in Pietersen's absence but the 6ft 5in Hales did his best to answer those with a 68-ball innings featuring four sixes and six fours. Hales's score was the highest by an England batsman in a twenty20 international, surpassing Eoin Morgan's 85 not out against south africa in Johannesburg in 2009. the only sadness for Hales and a capacity crowd was that, in sight of becoming only the seventh batsman to score a twenty20 international hundred, he was yorked by fast bowler Ravi Rampaul. Hales was visibly upset as he returned to the pavilion but afterwards the man-of-the-match had recovered his composure sufficiently to realise he'd taken a huge stride towards making the World twenty20 squad.

ICC declares DRS mandatory KUALA LUMPUR afP

Cricket's chief executives Monday backed the mandatory use of video umpires in tests and one-day internationals, a year after they were made optional at the request of powerful india. the international Cricket Council's (iCC) chief executives' committee said independent tests had proved the reliability of the Decision Review system (DRs), which incorporates ball-tracking and "hotspot" thermal imaging. "We have made good progress in independently testing balltracking and the new enhancements have resulted in the CEC (Chief Executives' Committee) unanimously supporting the iCC Cricket Committee's recommendation to universally apply the DRs in all test matches and ODis," iCC chief executive Haroon Lorgat said in a statement. the recommendation for compulsory DRs -provided host countries can afford the equipment -- will now be considered by the iCC Board, which is meeting on tuesday and Wednesday in kuala Lumpur.

EnGlanD SquaD: Alastair Cook (capt), James Anderson, Jonathan bairstow, Ian bell, Ravi bopara, Tim bresnan, Stuart broad, Jade Dernbach, Steven Finn, Craig Kieswetter (wkt), eoin Morgan, Samit Patel, Graeme Swann, Jonathan Trott fixtuRES June 29: 1st oDI, lord's July 01: 2nd oDI, The oval July 04: 3rd oDI, birmingham (D/N) July 07: 4th oDI, Chester-le-Street July 10: 5th oDI, Manchester

Downsizing likely in PCB by the end of month LAHORE Staff REPoRt

the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) set to relieve around 100 contracted employees whose contracts are going expired on June 30, reports said. according to a reports, around 100 contracted employees including seven excricketers contracts are set to complete on June 30 and all of them have been issued letters regarding expiry of their contracts and these contracts could be renewed only after the approval of PCB chairman Zaka ashraf, who is presently attending the iCC annual meeting being held at kuala Lumpur, and he will return on June 30, the last day of their contract. the PCB

chief will issue order for contracts renewal of only those staffers whom he feels necessary for their jobs and posts. the employees' contracts will be terminated due to financial crunch faced by the cricket board. the employees, including seven former cricketers, have been started feeling the heat as it is very difficult for them to earn the bread and butter for their families in these difficult conditions and the prevailing price hike in the country despite having no other way of earning. the PCB should acknowledge the former cricketers' services and achievements for the country and oblige them by renewing their contracts, the source added. He said that these employees would make appeal to the PCB chief for renewal of their

contracts and if, the board required their services, then they will get extension and if not then they would be should be relieved from their jobs, the source added. if the PCB want to utilize austerity measures then a lot of officials are working on deputation in the board. they should be repatriated to their parent departments to save money and accommodate these poor employees of the board for their survival. the source said that these officers who recently joined the board and are working on deputation, if they leave the board, the jobs of more than fifty percent employees could be saved. now, it is up to the PCB chief either prefer to oblige his blue eyed or save the jobs of contractual employees by extending their contracts. the cricket

board presently facing financial crisis as no team bothers to visit Pakistan due to security concern after the terrorists attack on sri Lankan team in 2009 in Lahore which forced Pakistan to play their home series at neutral venues. these series have been played on no-loss and no-profit basis and that created financial crunch for the PCB, the source claimed. in a recently-held meeting of the PCB Governing Board held at naudero, the Governing Board approved board's deficit budget and now it just banking on indian bilateral series which Zaka ashraf feels will be held soon. if it happens then there will be some relief for the board to meet its expenses, the source added. if, it not happens, then there will be some difficulty to pull on

with the expenses of the board and it may create some trouble for them to pay staff salaries and other expenses, the source said. Zaka is trying his utmost to compel india to host Pakistan series there or anywhere else as Pakistan is ready to play with them where they want, the source added. the PCB chief and COO subhan ahmed are presently in kuala Lumpur to attend the iCC Board meeting where they are set to discuss the Pakistan-india series and also discuss the issue with their indian counterparts for hosting One-day or twenty20 series in December because of indian team's busy schedule. india has the 20 days between December 23, 2012 and January 10, 2013 and during this period, they can host Pakistan and also visit to Pakistan.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

ICC has no objection on Pak’s six-T20s series against Aussies LAHORE Staff REPoRt

the international Cricket Council Chief Executives' Committee has no objection to Pakistan staging a six-match twenty20 international series against australia. the Pakistan Cricket Board were originally eager to secure a string of three t20is and three ODis in the United arab Emirates in august, but the extreme temperatures expected in the gulf raised concerns from Cricket australia. the iCC has a rule limiting the number of matches in a bilateral t20i series to three, but nations are allowed to seek special dispensation in exceptional circumstances. "the PCB requested support for the flexibility to stage a six-match twenty20 international series against australia potentially in the United arab Emirates in august," the iCC said in a statement. "this request required a special dispensation from the CEC and then the iCC Board as the current regulation permits only three t20i in a series. "Because of the extreme daytime heat in the UaE at that time of the year, the CEC raised no objections to the principle of a six-match t20i series replacing the scheduled series of three ODis and three t20is should the PCB elect to make that switch."

Sammy wants england loss for windies boost NOTTINGHAM afP

West indies captain Darren sammy said they had been "dominated by the numberone team in the world in all formats of the game" as their tour of England ended without an international win. sunday's sevenwicket twenty20 defeat at trent Bridge followed 2-0 reverses in three-match test and one-day international series (rain led to a draw in the third test and washed out the final ODi). not that the West indies will have much time to lick their wounds, given they fly out from Britain on Monday ahead of twenty20 matches against new Zealand in Florida on June 30 and July 1. the teams then head to the Caribbean for five one-dayers and two tests that will take them through to august. "We fly tomorrow (Monday), we've got a game on saturday against new Zealand in Florida and we don't get a break until august 7," said sammy . What made the limited overs defeats all the more galling for the tourists was that the West indies had believed their best chance of success lay in the shorter formats. However, they lost the two ODis where play was possible by margins of 114 runs and eight wickets.

Sports 15

Helpline for youth guidance launched LAHORE


Staff REPoRt

HE country’s first ever Youth Helpline will become functional under the aegis of Punjab Government from next month to create a sense of direction among the youth helping them to become more effective in society building. secretary sports Punjab, Haroon ahmad khan, and Rahsid Javed, Country Director Plan international, signed a one-year MOU to provide counseling to the youth of the province through a helpline, a modern concept of guidance which is in practice in most advanced countries of the world. also present were Rana Mashhood ahmed khan, Deputy speaker Punjab assembly and Chairman Organising Committee Youth Festival 2012 and Usman anwar, Director General sports Board. Briefing journalists about the agreement, Rana Mashhood said that through this helpline the youth will be able to discuss their multiple problems and to find their solution with the help of seven experts whose services have been acquired to extend guideline in different fields of life. Rana Mash-

hood informed that the helpline would start functioning in a month and half and after one year assessment the Punjab Government will take it over to further carry on the mission of the youth counseling. He also agreed that even the youth ministry officials would require training and they would move ahead with letter and spirit. He said that the Punjab Government with this helpline give the youth career counseling, education counseling, sense of direction and most importantly to work on their capacity building. “there is no country in the world with 100 percent jobs available to the youth”, he said, adding: “Punjab has taken lead to make the youth self-reliant and self-integrated because they will be the face of the country and leaders of tomorrow,” said the deputy speaker. “it’s a first step forward and not the last in the working with the Punjab Government,” said Rashid Javed. Rashid also credited Chief Minister Mian shahbaz sharif and Rana Mashhood for taking this initiative. “there are very few people who work. they have passion for work and work with passion. there would be around seven to eight experts sitting at the helpline to facili-

lAhoRe: Secretary Sports Punjab haroon Ahmad Khan and Country Director Plan International Rahsid Javed exchange documents after signing Youth helpline Mou. sTaff PhoTo tate the calling youth. they would identify their problem and resolve it.” He said Plan international is working in the country since 1997, safeguarding the rights of the youth and doing the community work. He further stated that by 2020 as an estimate around 1.4 billion of the world population will be dominated by the youth and there would be only 300 million jobs available then. simi-

WI call up Badree for NZ T20s NOTTINGHAM afP

Uncapped leg-spinner samuel Badree was included in the West indies squad announced sunday for two twenty20 internationals against new Zealand in Florida this coming weekend. the 31-year-old trinidad and tobago bowler was the only player from outside the party selected for the tour of England to be included in the 13-man squad for the two games with the Black Caps at Central Broward Park in Lauderhill. West indies will be looking for a boost after sunday's sevenwicket twenty20 defeat at trent Bridge meant they'd failed to beat England across all three formats this tour, having gone down 2-0 in preceding test and one-day series. in a statement issued in nottingham, chief selector Clyde Butts said the squad had been picked with a view to the World twenty20 in sri Lanka, which starts in september and that Badree's performances in domestic twenty20s, where he has taken 39 wickets at 15.61, merited his selection. "the team is wellbalanced and has been selected with the twenty20 World Cup in mind," said Butts. "Looking at the team, we expect this side to do very well against new Zealand." as for the new recruit, Butts added: "Badree has been a consistent performer in

regional tournaments over a period of time and the selectors felt it was the right time to introduce him to the team." all-rounder Darren sammy continues as captain and is set for another lengthy campaign given, after the two twenty20s in Florida, West indies and new Zealand travel to the Caribbean for five one-day internationals and two tests.

WinDiES t20 SquaD to PlaY nZ: Darren sammy (capt), samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Fidel Edwards, Chris Gayle, sunil narine, kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wkt), Ravi Rampaul, Marlon samuels, Lendl simmons, Dwayne smith

nZ to WESt inDiES fixtuRES Jun 30: 1st twenty20, Central Broward Regional Park, United states Jul 01: 2nd twenty20, Central Broward Regional Park Jul 05: 1st ODi, sabina Park, Jamaica Jul 07: 2nd ODi, sabina Park Jul 11: 3rd ODi, Warner Park, st. kitts Jul 14: 4th ODi, Warner Park Jul 16: 5th ODi, Warner Park Jul 20-22: Wis a v nZL, Vivian Richards Cricket Ground, antigua Jul 25-29: 1st test, Vivian Richards Cricket Ground Aug 02-06: 2nd test, sabina Park.

larly, getting 63 percent youth of the country engaged would be a challenge and providing them job would not be possible. But what this helpline would do is guide them. He said the helpline will work seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm and experts will be readily available on a toll free hotline to listen the problems of the youth and to come up with a counseling solution.

CM officially starts Youth Festival campaign LAHORE Staff REPoRt

Chief Minister Punjab Mian shahbaz sharif here on Monday officially launched the campaign for the holding Punjab sports and Youth Festival 2012 from his camp office at Minar-i-Pakistan. Mian shahbaz sharif flagged off various floats which will travel through different part of the province to highlight the theme of Punjab sports festival and to inspire them to be a part of this mega event. a large gathering of sports personalities including former hockey Olympian Manzoor Junior, shahnaz sheikh, Mohammad saqlain, Mansoor ahmed and players from different disciplines namely arif karim saif, amer atlas and karin khan witnessed the launching ceremony which was also attended by scores of young athletes and officials of the organising committee. Deputy speaker Rana Mashhood and Director General sports Punjab Usman anwar were also present on the occasion. the Chief Minister, who himself was attired in an official track suit to be worn by the participants of the Youth Festival, vowed to make the sports festival a big success by engaging the youth and with the exhibition of their talent and skills. “Our youth is our future and it is imperative to create healthy and positive activities for them so that they could contribute in building a prosperous Pakistan”, he asserted.

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16 Sports Italy through as england pay the penalty

Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Kiev: italian team reacts after winning the penalty shoot-out against england. AFP

KIEv afP

italy rounded off the quartet of Euro 2012 semi-finalists on sunday as England once again exited a major finals in a penalty shootout. Both sides had failed to find the net in 120 minutes of play, though italy had been unfortunate not to win it well before they prevailed 4-2 on penalties as England's ashley Young and ashley Cole failed to convert their spot kicks. it fell to alessandro Diamanti to slot the winning penalty to send the 2006 World Cup winners on to a semi-final with Germany who were beaten by the italians in the 2006 World Cup semi-finals - in Warsaw on thursday. Holders spain meet Portugal in Donetsk on Wednesday. Whilst England had very little to offer in attack throughout the match their defence was magnificent in denying the italians, for whom their ageless playmaker andrea Pirlo ran the game. italy coach Cesare Prandelli said that penalties were a lottery but insisted the better side had won. "We did the things we were supposed to do but then we had some luck and we did well," he said. "When you have penalties anything can happen but we really deserved it." Despite the result England coach Roy Hodgson was justifiably proud of his players and could look back on his first campaign in charge with a lot of satisfaction. "i can't fault the players for their efforts, i thought we were quite magnificent. But by the end they were running on empty," he told BBC. "We've gone out without being beaten with our heads held high and making the country proud. "Both ashleys were knocking in the penalties in practice but in reality practice doesn't translate into the real thing as you can't take into account energy levels that are run down, tired legs and minds. "they got their bit of luck and it wasn't to be for us." Hodgson, who has won over a lot of the critics here after they wondered why he had been chosen and not Harry Redknapp in May to replace Fabio Capello, who stood down earlier in the year, said he had no doubt England would move on from here.

Saudi women get the green signal LONDON afP

saudi arabia, where public sports events for women are banned, will allow females to compete in the Olympic Games for the first time, its embassy in London said in a landmark statement issued sunday. the saudi Olympic Committee will "oversee participation of women athletes who can qualify", the BBC quoted the statement as saying. the issue of women in sport remains extremely sensitive in the ultra-conservative Muslim state, where women are not even allowed to drive cars and the authorities shut down private gyms for women in 2009 and 2010. Equestrian contestant Dalma Malhas is likely to be the country's only female athlete to qualify for this summer's Games in London which get underway on July 27. Malhas, born in the United states, won a bronze medal at the 2010 singapore Youth Olympics without having been nominated by her country, following an invitation from the international Olympic Committee (iOC).

semis picture takes shape in Euro 2012 Comment S.PERvEZ QAISER


OLLOWinG italy’s dramatic penalty shoot-out win against England at Olympic stadium, kiev on sunday night (June 24), just four teams remain in the running to hoist the Henri Delaunay Cup aloft at kyiv’s Olympic stadium on sunday (July 1). Holders spain are aiming to become the first team to win three consecutive major tournaments but will have to get past Portugal in the first semi-final at Donbass arena, Donetsk on Wednesday (June 27) to keep that dream alive. the winners of that

match will then keep a close eye on the action at national stadium,Warsaw as Germany take on italy for the right to join them in the showpiece. the semi-final action gets under way at the Donbass arena on Wednesday night, with two-time winners spain hoping to advance beyond their iberian neighbours – just as they did in the round of 16 at the 2010 World Cup, when David Villa’s second-half strike sealed a 1-0 success for the eventual tournament victors. Portugal triumphed the last time the sides met at this level, however, nuno Gomes earning a 1-0 group stage win for the hosts at 2004 European Cup that knocked La Roja out. Portugal also came out on top the last

time the teams crossed paths, posting an eye-catching 4-0 friendly victory in Lisbon in november 2010. With Cristiano Ronaldo finding form and scoring all his team’s goals in the 2-1 defeat of the netherlands and the 1-0 quarter-final win against the Czech Republic, Paulo Bento’s side will be hopeful of prevailing. spain, though, will be high on confidence after a comfortable 2-0 success against France in the last round. the following night, italy take on Germany for the first time in a competitive fixture since the azzurri ended their bid to clinch the 2006 World Cup on home soil in the semi-finals. Fabio Grosso and alessandro Del Piero found the net in extra time to record a 2-0 victory in Dortmund, ten years

Lang claims 1st win with playoff birdie WATERLOO afP

wATeRloo: brittany lang watches her tee shot during the Manulife lPGA Classic. afP

american Brittany Lang earned her first LPGa tour victory sunday, winning the Manulife Financial Classic by making birdie on the par-five 18th hole three consecutive times in a playoff. Lang held off a wave of south korean contenders in the playoff after shooting a four-under 67 in regulation to reach 16-under 268. "i just tried to stay down in the putt and have nice tempo," Lang said. "i haven't been in this position much. i'm just trying to learn. "i can't believe i finally won. i've had my chances and i still can't believe i did it." she edged out south koreans seo Hee-kyung, Chella Choi and inbee Park at the Grey silo Golf Course.

Choi was knocked out on the first extra hole, third-round leader Park was eliminated on the second hole, setting the stage for a head-to-head battle between Lang and seo. Lang rolled in a five-foot putt for the win. Four of the top six and six of the top 13 finishers sunday were from south korea. the birdie made amends for a shorter putt that Lang missed on the 18th hole in regulation that would have clinched the tournament for her. WAiT iS OveR fOR LeiShmAn: Marc Leishman had to sweat it out before tasting his first PGa tour victory. the 28year-old australian claimed his first PGa tour title, firing an eight-under 62 to take the clubhouse lead at the travelers Championship then waited it out as a series of contenders fell by the wayside.

Tony ‘to appeal’ on Spirit of Cricket MUMBAI BiPin Dani


ORMER England captain tony Greig will deliver the 2012 MCC spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord's on tuesday. tony who was busy in doing commentary in the sri Lanka-Pakistan test match went back to London as he is committed to deliver his lecture today. When asked in London, that whether he would narrate the infamous run out involving himself and alvin kallicharran in a test Match in

1974, he did not replied. it was on the second day of the first test match at the Queen's Park Oval in trinidad, the Windies had build a first innings lead of 143, mainly due to 142 not out from the great kallicharran. With four wickets intact, the Wi team was in a great position until the last ball of the day was bowled to Bernard Julien, who sent it past Greig, who was fielding at close-in position and then both the batsmen headed off to the pavilion. Greig got hold of the ball, threw down the stumps appealing for

running out kallicharran. Umpire Douglas sang Hue had no option but to give him out. suddenly a riot erupted, crowd ran into the ground demanding the decision to be revoked. technically, the decision was correct as the umpires had not yet called the day off but Greig's actions were considered unsporting. the England captain revoked the appeal and kallicharran was reinstated the following day. at least one man will be keen to listen what tony Greig says on tuesday. speaking exclusively from his Jamiaca

home, the 81-year-old former umpire said: "Greig's appeal was technically correct, but certainly against the spirit of the Game". "as an umpire i have always believed in consistency, if a player took what appeared to be an low catch, and is given out by the umpire. the fielder then says that i did not take the catch”. should the umpire insist that he was out? What’s the difference? Grieg acted within the law thus “it would be unfair for me to pass my judgment on him now," he added.

after the last meeting between the teams in the European Championship – a 0-0 group stage draw at Old trafford. the great rivals also famously contested the decider at the 1982 World Cup, when italy won 3-1 to clinch their third global title and last before going all the way six years ago. Joachim Low’s current crop are in excellent form at EURO 2012, being the only team to win all four of their games. they are also the competition’s top scorers so far, adding four more as they saw off Greece in the last eight. italy have kept a lower profile, meanwhile, though they earned plaudits for their opening 1-1 draw with spain and reached the last four by holding their nerve from the spot in kviv.

Regional Inter District u-19 Cricket event LAHORE Staff REPoRt

the East Zone Whites U-19 has made 241/8 in the 1st innings in the Regional inter District U-19 Cricket Event, at the end of the 1st day East Zone Blues has made 71/2 in 32 overs at LCCa ground on Monday. SCoRES: east Zone whites 241/8 in 70 overs in 1st innings. Ahsan Raza 71(no), Gul Khan Afridi 57, Agha Shehryar 53, Salman Zahoor 20(no). Sadam ul haq 4/71, Zeeshan Mughal 2/37, M bilal 1/38, Daniyal Rana 1/22. east Zone blues 71/2 in 32 overs in 1st innings. M Asad 34(no), umer Afzal 11, Daniyal Rana 12, Rehan Malik 10(No). Gul Khan Afridi 1/17, hasan Raza 1/16.

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Sports 17

Venus crashes to 15-year Wimbledon low LONDON

Stosur into second round



Dar Academy sweep Germany’s National Junior Champions LAHORE Staff REPoRt

it was a tie anticipated by the Dar Hockey academy even before leaving Pakistan. HtC Uhelnhorst Mulheim are the German youth champions and presently have the most players in the national youth squads. Dar Ha players appeared well motivated for the big test. they even had German support as quite a few members of the HC Essen (the club which has made all the lodging arrangements for the Dar Ha contingent) traveled to Mulheim and watched the match waving the Pakistani flags. in the 11th minute, salman, who has been in inspirational form throughout this European tour, forced his way into the circle and tested the hosts’ net minder who easily parried the poor attempt. Dar Ha regained complete ascendancy and eventually went ahead in the 18th minute. a Rizwan minus from the left side was stroked into the goal by aamir ali from the middle of the circle. ScOReS: Dar Ha led 1-0 at the conclusion of the first half. tanvir Dar Ha, Pakistan: 5 (awais 3, aamir ali, asad) HtC Uhelnhorst Mulheim, Germany: 1 (Phil neuheuser)

iVE-tiME champion Venus Williams suffered her worst Wimbledon defeat in 15 years on Monday, slumping to a first round exit at the hands of Russia's Elena Vesnina. Williams lost 6-1, 6-3 to the 79th-ranked Russian in what was the 32year-old's first opening round loss at the all England Club since her 1997 bow. Defeat for the american star, unseeded for the first time since that debut year, will also cast further doubts over her future in the sport. she arrived at Wimbledon desperately short of fitness and confidence with a world ranking down at 58 following a six-month absence from the tour suffering from sjogern's syndrome, which causes joint pain and fatigue. Monday's defeat was just her fourth loss at the first round stage of a Grand slam against 52 wins and it also followed a dispiriting second round exit at the French Open. Williams, the 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008 Wimbledon champion, was beaten in the quarter-finals in 2010 and fourth round in 2011, both times falling to tsvetana Pironkova of Bulgaria in straight sets. Vesnina, who had lost in the first round of nine of her last 10 Grand slam apperances, will face Polish third seed agnieszka Radwanska for a place in the last 32. ShARAPOvA inTO nexT ROUnd: World number one Maria sharapova swept into the Wimbledon second round with a 6-2, 6-3 victory over australia's anastasia Rodionova on Monday. sharapova was playing for the first time since her French Open final victory over sara Errani earlier this month and the Russian's confidence was clearly sky high as she demolished Rodionova in just 70 minutes. the 25-year-old will face Bulgaria's tsvetana Pironkova, who reached the semi-finals in 2010, in the last 64. "the French Open was a wonderful moment in my career but only a few days after that you come to London and are gearing up for Wimbledon, so you don't have much time to enjoy it," sharapova

wATCh iT Live ESPN Sportscentre 07:30AM

lahore loins win woman league opener LAHORE Staff REPoRt

Russia's elena Vesnina plays a shot during her match against Venus wIlliams. afP

Australia's Samantha Stosur plays a backhand against Spain's Carla Suarez. afP

said. "But when Wimbledon is on the line that's the only way to do it and i'm really happy to be back on Centre Court. "it's always difficult coming into a grand slam with little practice on grass. the first matches are always tricky. "i'm happy with the way i played but there's no doubt i can improve." sharapova's triumph in Paris was a magical moment as it completed a career grand slam and capped her recovery from serious shoulder surgery that, at one stage, looked capable of wrecking her career. But there was no chance of sharapova, who won Wimbledon as a 17-yearold, resting on her laurels as she still has unfinished business at the all England Club. the Russian has reached the final in three of the last four grand slams, but the first of those ended in a surprise defeat to Petra kvitova here 12 months ago. sharapova was back on Centre Court for the first time since then and the top seed looked determined to erase those bitter memories.

LOndOn: Us Open champion samantha stosur of australia was the first woman to make the Wimbledon second round on Monday, cruising past spain's Carla suarez navarro. Fifth seed stosur eased to a 6-1, 6-3 win over the 40thranked spaniard and goes on to face either arantxa Rus of the netherlands or Japanese lucky loser Misaki Doi. stosur, who was a semi-finalist at the French Open earlier this month, has never got beyond the third round at the all England Club. Monday's win also ended the 28-year-old's run of first round losses at Wimbledon in 2010 and 2011. Li TAKeS exPReSS ROUTe: China's Li na took the express route into the second round at Wimbledon with an emphatic 6-3, 6-1 victory over ksenia Pervak of kazakhstan on Monday. after a frustrating clay-court campaign, which included a disappointing fourth round defeat at the French Open, Li looked right at home on the lush lawns of the all England Club. afP

Lahore Loins defeated Lahore tiger by 9 wickets in the Woman Premier League t-20 Championship 2012 match played at kinnaird College on Monday. Lahore tigers scored 96 in their allotted 20 overs. in reply Lahore Lions achieved the target in just 14.2 overs, winning by nine wickets. ScOReS: Lahore tiger 96 all out in 20 over. sania khan 21, sidra amen 20, Frzana 19. Elizabet 5 for 13, sabahat 3 for 20, irum 2 form 17. Lahore Lions 102 for 1 wicket. iram Javad 55 not out, Farah naeem 30 not out. anum ameen 1 for 16. Women of the Match award went to iram Javad (Lahore Lion). next match will be played between Lahore Lion and Lahore Eagle.

PFF condoles LAHORE Staff REPoRt

the mother of akhter Mohuddin, Ex national Coach passed away for her eternal abode. Makhdoom saeed Fazal saleh Hayat, President PFF in his condolence message shared the grieve of Mohuddin and prayed to allah almighty to give place to the departed soul in the paradise and gives strength to akhter to bear this irreparable loss. Lt. Col. ® ahmed Yar khan Lodhi ti (M), General secretary PFF on behalf of all football family prayed for the eternal peace of departed soul and wished that allah may give akhter strength to bear this loss. siilar views were expressed by Wing Cdm. ® Pervaiz saeed Mir, Director Development & Competition, Lt. Col. ® Farasat ali shah, Director Management associates & Projects and staff of PFF.

Djokovic reaches Wimbledon second round LONDON afP

top seed and defending champion novak Djokovic reached the Wimbledon second round on Monday with a 6-3, 6-3, 6-1 win over spain's Juan Carlos Ferrero. Djokovic, playing for the first time since his French Open final defeat to Rafael nadal, will face either america's Ryan Harrison or Lu Yen-Hsun of taiwan for a place in the last 32. World number one and defending champion novak Djokovic opens Wimbledon 2012 on Centre Court, wary of the threat posed by former French Open winner Juan Carlos Ferrero. Djokovic, who defeated Rafael nadal in last year's final for a maiden victory at the all England Club, hasn't played since losing to the spaniard in the final at Roland Garros two weeks ago. that defeat ended his hopes of becoming just the third man to hold all four Grand slam titles at once. Djokovic split his first two meetings with former world number one Ferrero, but hasn't played the spaniard in five

years. "He definitely has a lot of experience playing on the big stage, so i'm not underestimating him, that's for sure," said Djokovic. "it's going to be a good first round match. Everybody who follows tennis, especially us, the tennis players, we really respect him a lot.

Serbia's Novak Djokovic plays a forehand shot during his first round victory over Spain's Juan Carlos Ferrero. afP

Easy for Federer LOndOn: third seed Roger Federer beat spain's albert Ramos 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 on Monday to reach the Wimbledon second round, taking just 79 minutes to kick off his bid for a recordequalling seventh title. the six-time champion, and record 16-time Grand slam title winner, will face colourful italian Fabio Fognini for a place in the last 32. Federer, shunted out on to Court One for his 2012 opener, fired down nine aces in his straightforward win over left-hander Ramos, the world number 43 who has never won a match on grass. afP

Aisam’s challenge commences Tuesday g

Federer, Nadal and the current world number one Djokovic definitely have a lot to play for at Wimbledon ALI AKBAR


akistan's challenge at Wimledon 2012 will start on tuesday as aisam Qureshi and Jean-Julian Rojer take on the British pairing of Goodall and Ward. should everything go according to plan, the duo will face its first real test in the pre-quarter finals against Granollers and Lopez of spain. the third seeded Polish team of Fyrstenberg and Matkowski will be their projected foe in the quarters and a semifinal match up against the Bryan brothers in the semis. the team that ousted aisam and Bopanna in a marathon first round

match, Cabal and Farah, are in the Bryan's quarter. novak Djokovic will start proceedings on Monday against a former world number one and French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero. in a chat with journalists, Djokovic stated that moving from the clay of Roland Garros to the grass at Wimbledon was difficult to accomplish in the two weeks that are presently available and that it would be better to have at least three weeks to adjust from the slowest to the fastest sur-

face on the tennis circuit. this year's Wimbledon is perhaps the first since rankings have been kept, where three players have a chance to become world number one by winning the title. Roger Federer, Rafael nadal and the current world number one novak Djokovic definitely have a lot to play for. the fourteen practice courts were busy over the weekend and on opening day. all the top players were getting some court time in between rain showers. this June in London promises to be

the wettest in a hundred years, although the forecast for the first week is not too bad. the busiest people are undoubtedly the stringers who man the twelve Prince stringing machines next to the practice courts. they expect to string 400 racquets a day during the first week. at £20 for a stringing job (the players supply their own strings) each lasting about fifteen minutes, it sounds like a nice payday. But the pressures are also there. Each player wants his racquets precisely strung to exactly the right tension. some use one string on the length strings and another on the cross strings. string technology has come a long way from the old gut strings made out of beef (not cat) intestines. the latest craze is the

polyester strings, which allow the player to impart tremendous spin on the ball a la Rafael nadal. Players change their string tensions all the time, the stringers told me. if it is a wet day, the court and the balls will play heavy, so the racquets may be strung a couple of pounds looser. On a hot dry day, they would be strung tighter. the average string tension is between fifty and sixty pounds with the extremes being Bjorn Borg at 80 and John McEnroe at less than 50 pounds. since the top players get their racquets restrung every day and change racquets every nine games, the costs can be quite significant. On the other hand, it costs Rs100 to get a racquet strung in Rawalpindi!

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Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

Energy, Karachi security major challenges: PM Ashraf to take up upper Dir attack with Afghan President Karzai g



RiME Minister Raja Pervez ashraf has termed the resolution of energy crisis and karachi’s law and order as the major challenges for the incumbent government. talking to reporters after calling on Pir Pagara at kingri House, the PM said all major challenges would be countered with the help of coalition partners. He said all institutions, including the judiciary, were working freely and urged all institutions to work within their limits, which would ensure progress of the coun-

try. to a query, he said no one could become the country’s prime minister on his own, rather was the decision of allah almighty. He said Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) was PPP’s important coalition partner and it had played an important role in electing him as the prime minister. “it is our manifesto to love everyone and hate no one, we want to move forward along with our coalition partners,” he said. to a query on the natO attack on salala, ashraf said parliament was supreme and the government would take decisions in the light of parliamentary decisions.Commenting on the Dir attack by militants from across the border, he said, “Pakistan has strongly protested over the matter and i will talk to afghan President Hamid karzai over the issue.” Earlier, the two leaders evolved consensus to sustain the ongoing reconciliatory policy in larger inter-

est of the country and sindh. the prime minister also visited MQM headquarters nine Zero. talking to reporters after the meeting with MQM leaders, he said maintaining peace in karachi was the top priority of the government and vowed that all the problems facing the country, including load shedding and law and order would be resolved with the cooperation of allies. “the parliament is the mother of all institutions and if all state institutions continue to work within their ambit, there will be no instability in the country,” the prime minister said. He said the government would continue to pursue the policies of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, which were formulated in consultation with the allied parties. to a question about his future, ashraf said, “i am here until allah, the PPP and the allied parties wish. i got the coveted post because it is allah’s wish and i will stay here until He wishes.” He said he would do

his best to follow the vision of Zulfikar ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and President asif ali Zardari and would take along all the allied parties to serve the masses. Following ashraf’s visit to nine Zero, MQM chief altaf Hussain spoke over telephone to party leaders and workers, saying the army, judiciary and parliament should work within their jurisdiction. “the trend of institutions working outside their jurisdiction is dangerous,” altaf said. altaf said President asif ali Zardari had experienced a tough time during his four-and-a-half years in office and anyone else in his place would have lost hope. “By accepting Yousaf Raza Gilani’s disqualification, the president avoided confrontation.” altaf called on the opposition to become united. the MQM chief said individuals who had stolen from the nation should be boycotted, but this could only happen when democracy was not derailed.

Mumbai attacks ‘handler’ arrested in India NEW DELHI aGEnCiES

indian police have arrested a key suspect accused of coordinating the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks in which 166 people were killed and more than 300 wounded, the government said Monday. abu Hamza, also known as sayed Zabiuddin, an indian-born member of Lashkar-e-tayyaba, was detained at Delhi international airport on June 21 when he arrived from the Middle East. Hamza was allegedly one of the handlers based in karachi, who issued instructions by telephone to the 10 gunmen as they stormed two luxury hotels, a Jewish centre, a restaurant and a train station in Mumbai. “the Delhi police have done a magnificent job. i am sure that the investigations will take place and we will wait till the investigations,” india’s External affairs Minister sM krishna told reporters. Hamza, who has used a string of aliases, had been living in saudi arabia in recent years and is now being held in police custody in Delhi, the Press trust of india (Pti) news agency reported. indian media citing police sources said Hamza was aged 30 and came from the western state of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital. Pakistani national Mohammed ajmal kasab, the only gunman caught alive during the 60-hour assault on Mumbai in november 2008, was handed down a death sentence by the Bombay High Court last year.

KaRaChi: Prime Minister Raja Pervez ashraf arrives at the Muttahida qaumi Movement headquarters nine Zero on Monday.

lhC forms full bench on Zardari verdict LAHORE Staff REPoRt

the Lahore High Court (LHC) Monday formed a full bench for the implementation of the verdict against President asif ali Zardari holding duel offices. the bench comprising Chief Justice Umar ata Bandial, Justice ijaz ul Hassan and Justice Mansoor would start hearing of the case from June 27 (Wednesday). Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami


Chaudhrys not on same page over defecting PML-Q MNAs ISLAMABAD taYYaB huSSain

the leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) is still in two minds over sending references to the chief election commissioner under the defection clause against its eight Mnas for alleged violation of party discipline during the election of Prime Minister Raja Pervez ashraf. those facing disciplinary action include six Mnas linked with PML Likeminded – Humayun akhtar, saleem saifullah, kashmala tariq, Ghulam Haider samejo, arbab Zakaullah and kishan Chand Parwani. Moreover, two more Mnas may face the axe including sumaira Malik, who joined the PML-nawaz and awais Leghari, who joined the Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (Pti). the PML-Q, which has 51 members in the national assembly, is left with the support of 43 Mnas after eight lawmakers defected. On sunday, Elahi went public over the issue, telling the media that the references would be filed for disqualification of his party’s national assembly members who did not cast their votes for Prime Minister ashraf. However, a well-placed source in the PML-Q told Pakistan today that party President Chaudhry shujaat and Elahi were not on the same page over the issue. “thrilled with his elevation to the post of eputy prime minister, Elahi is pushing shujaat to send references against the dissidents to ensure strict party discipline and to appease the PPP leadership. However, shujaat is reluctant to do so, for if disqualified, his party would not be in a position to win vacant seats,” the source said. He added that after failing to achieve consensus, the Chaudhrys had decided to postpone the matter for a week and it was decided that the decision would be taken after the dust settled. “the references have not yet been filed. the matter is under discussion while references are being finalised by a threemember committee,” said senator kamil ali agha, the party secretary-information.

e-paper pakistantoday 26th june, 2012  
e-paper pakistantoday 26th june, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 26th june, 2012