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Tuesday, 25 June, 2013 SHABAN 15 1434


Musharraf treason case: SC seeks govt reply in 3 days


Pakistan scrambles for damage control over GB attack

PPP, smaller parties support Nawaz, PTI cautious

With Islamabad set to send one of its two top Foreign Ministry officials to Beijing today (Tuesday) to assure the Chinese leadership about a thorough probe into the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) incident, the United States and China have offered Islamabad their support in investigation into Sunday’s killing of foreign tourists in Diamir district. PAGE 04

The Pakistan Peoples’ PartyParliamentarians was quick to back Nawaz Sharif’s announcement of invoking Article 6 against Musharraf, while the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) looked a bit cautious. Leader of Opposition Syed Khurshid Shah appreciated the move and said the dictators who declared the constitution of Pakistan a piece of paper and violated its sanctity were being held accountable under the same constitution. PAGE 03

Dr Imran Farooq’s murder: British police getting closer!

Edward Snowden likely to have left Russia

KSE tumbles over Musharraf’s treason trial


US whistleblower Edward Snowden “has most likely already left Russia”, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. “He could have left by a different plane,” a source was quoted as saying, pointing out that Snowden might be on an aircraft other than the Moscow-Havana flight of 10:05GMT that he was widely expected to take earlier on Monday. Ecuador earlier said it had received a request for political asylum from Snowden. PAGE 07

Fearing adverse economic fallout of Monday’s decision of the Sharif-led federal government to try former military ruler Pervez Musharraf for treason played havoc at the Karachi bourse which was driven by the risk-averse sentiments. The first day of the week saw the KSE 100share index start a southward journey as soon as media reported AG Munir Malik informing the SC that the govt was fully committed to try Musharraf. PAGE 16

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N newS Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

Punjab MPs hail plans to try Musharraf for treason LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Newly-elected parliamentarians on Monday hailed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement to hold former president Pervez Musharraf’s trial under Article 6. Talking to Pakistan Today, Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, PTI’s Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed, termed the decision a step in the right direction. He said the trial of Musharraf was the demand of millions of people in the country. But trying Musharraf under Article 6 alone would not serve any purpose, he said. “The government should proceed against all those who helped Musharraf in staging the coup,” he emphasised. MPA Uzma Bukhari said it was a wrong perception that Musharraf’s trial would disturb civilmilitary relations or cause any tension between the institutions. She said civil and military leaders were on the same page in this regard. PML-N MPA Arif Sandhala said Musharraf’s trial would stop military intervention for all times to come. Majid Zahoor hailed the decision and said Musharraf should be tried in other cases as well, including the murder cases of Benazir Bhutto and Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Legal experts advise caution on Article 6 ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Commenting on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement to try former president Pervez Musharraf under Article 6, eminent lawyer Dr Farogh Nasim on Monday said no pick and choose policy should be adopted by the government and its actions should remain transparent. “If the government wants to invoke Article 6 of the constitution, it should be invoked across the board against all dictators, their facilitators and abettors since 1958 to date,” he said. “The high treason Act 1973 clearly states that all dictators and their abettors should be tried under high treason act since 1958. So no pick and choose policy should be applied,” he asserted. He said since the government and judiciary had taken a high moral ground, they should make the process transparent. “There are politicians, military officers and judges alive who aided or abetted dictators in martial laws since 1958. All of them should be tried,” he said, adding that mere witchhunt would not serve the purpose. Justice (r) Tariq Mehmood told Pakistan Today that the government would have to file a complaint under 1976 Act to invoke Article 6 of the constitution against General (r) Musharraf. A leading figure of the lawyers’ movement, Justice Tariq said he was disappointed over the government’s announcement (to invoke article 6) against Musharraf. “I think that this decision should not have been taken in haste,” he said and added that he was disappointed to see such a hasty decision.

Politicians second calls for Musharraf’s treason trial WHAT ARTICLE 6 SAYS?

Advise PM NAwAz to Also try his cAbiNet MeMbers who oNce suPPorted MushArrAf ISLAMABAD AnwER AbbAS


AJORITY of Pakistani politicians supported the recent move by parliament to try former president and military dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 for treason and sabotaging the constitution. Minister for Information Pervaiz Rasheed termed the recent move by parliament as well as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in accordance with the will of the people. “It is not confrontation among institutions but an attempt to strengthen the institutions, as misusing any authority of power by an individual or institution would earn disgrace for the institutions. So the recent move by parliament establishes rule and supremacy of law,” he added. “Treason case against Musharraf is the victory of the state as well as Pakistani na-

tion who opposed the moves by Musharraf,” Rasheed said. To a question, he said Musharraf suspended the constitution and the move was not given any indemnity by parliament, so he should be brought to the court of justice for his rebellion against the constitution. “It is the duty of the state to punish the former military dictator for his crimes against the nation, the state and the democracy,” he concluded. Supreme Court Bar Association former president Aitzaz Ahsan supported the move by the PM, saying the former president violated the constitution twice and treason case should be pursued against him. Welcoming Nawaz Sharif’s decision for registering treason case against Musharraf, Aitzaz said lovers of democracy and those upholding the law would second the decision. He said Musharraf violated the constitution on October 12 1999, and November 3 2007, and kept 60 judges in confinement

6. HigH treason.—1[(1) Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.] (2) any person aiding or abetting 2[or collaborating] the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason. 3[(2A) An act of high treason mentioned in clause (1) or clause (2) shall not be validated by any court including the Supreme Court and a High Court.] (3) 4[Majlis-e-sHoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason. illegally, so treason case should be registered against him. However, he said action should also be taken against all those who were sitting in Nawaz Sharif’s cabinet and had sided with Musharraf. The senior PPP leader said Nawaz would have to think about the fate of the ministers who were sitting in his cabinet, who at the time endorsed the steps of Musharraf instead of resigning. To a question, he noted that he had always stood against dictators and he was the only person who had countered four dictators.

Musharraf treason case: SC seeks govt’s reply in 3 days ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday directed Attorney General (AG) Munir A Malik to file a written reply by June 27 on steps taken by the government to prosecute Pervez Musharraf under article 6 of the constitution. Presenting government’s reply in court, the AG said the government had held out assurance to the court and people that those violating the constitution would be put to trial in the court of law and proceedings would be initiated against them per law and constitution. A three-member bench presided by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja heard the high treason case against Pervez Musharraf on Monday. The court allowed the government only three days instead of 30 for filing a written reply. The court also rejected Hamid Khan’s plea for issuing orders to arrest Musharraf. The AG said Nawaz Sharif had assured the court and the masses that his government will initiate proceedings per law. Political parties will also be consulted in this respect, he added. Senate has also adopted a resolution in this regard and the government will initiate proceedings in compliance with the resolution, he said. Justice Jawwad Khawaja said, “You don’t seem to be taking action. Your reply is not clear.” Justice Ejaz remarked, “Who will set up court and how will all of this be done. Federal government has to set up the court. The complaint ought to be registered under section 3 following which the court will be set up.” He went

Siddiqul Farooq, senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, insisted that cases against Musharraf should be pursued and he should be questioned on the grounds he imposed the Provisional Constitution Ordinance (PCO) and sabotaged the constitution. Farid Ahmed Paracha, leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami, said even the return of former dictator back to the country was like challenging a whole system and nation. “He should be punished for his crimes against the nation and the country,” Paracha added.

PM calls for immediate arrest of GB terrorist attack perpetrators ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

on to say, “You please continue to hold political consultations but the law and constitution do not require it.” The AG said the statement had two parts. “One part relates to seeking evidence and since this is a national issue, we want to initiate proceedings against all those who have abrogated the constitution. We will do it; no matter whosoever, including Musharraf, is involved in it,” said Malik. Justice Khilji remarked, “If someone is murdered then responsibility rests with the concerned institutions to register FIR. A person murdered the constitution and you want to investigate?” Justice Khawaja remarked that there were 627 persons who had perhaps abetted in sabotaging the constitution. “May be we will have to take action against them,” he stated. Malik said the previous government had not taken a clear stance on this matter. He said the prime minister will take

the National Assembly into confidence and will deliver a speech with reference to it. Necessary steps will be taken in this regard, he added. The AG asked for 30 days to inform the court on all these matters. He said the caretaker government refused to prosecute the case owing to its constitutional mandate. Now, he said, action will be taken according to law. Ibrahim Satti and Ahmad Raza Kasuri, counsels for Pervez Musharraf, said no court including SC could issue orders for initiation of proceedings under article 6 of the constitution. This right is held only by the federal government, they said. They said the court should not issue any such order at the moment which could influence the trial process in Musharraf’s case. Media should also be barred from writing the Musharraf case as ‘Musharraf treason case,’ they prayed. The court adjourned hearing of the case until Thursday.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday called for immediate arrest of those involved in killing of foreign tourists and their guide in Gilgit-Baltistan, saying that killing of citizens of friendly countries in Pakistan was a conspiracy against the country. Chairing a cabinet meeting, the prime minister said enemies of Pakistan would not be allowed to succeed in their mission and perpetrators of the terrorist act would brought be brought to justice. The attendees of the meeting expressed deep sorrow over the tragedy. The routine agenda of the meeting was shelved to discuss the unfortunate incident. Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan told the meeting that the terrorists used a local guide to help them get to the foreign tourists’ abode in the mountains where they perpetrated the attack. The interior minister said one suspected guide was under interrogation. Meanwhile, it is said that the bodies of the slain tourists had been identified. One was an American with dual Chinese citizenship, two were Chinese, three came from Ukraine, two from Slovakia, one each from Lithuania and Nepal.

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Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

Beating about the Mush no more! NAwAz MAkes PlANs Public to try MushArrAf iN treAsoN cAse ISLAMABAD TAyyAb HuSSAin


RIME Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday made his ambitions clear about his adversary and former military dictator General (r) Pervez Musharraf, saying the ousted general would be tried for high treason under Article 6. However, in a smart move, Nawaz sought support from the political parties for the purpose, saying he would be consulting all political forces in this regard. Musharraf faces charges of abrogating the constitution and detaining judges of the

PM sAys govt believes MushArrAf’s Acts iNvoke high treAsoN triAl uNder Article 6 apex court after imposing emergency on November 3, 2007. However, Nawaz did not mention why Musharraf would not be tried for throwing out his own government and imposing a martial law on October 12, 1999 – which was the high point of tensions between the two. Separately, a three-member bench of the apex court rejected the government’s plea for “political space”, saying the government should inform the court in how much time would the government start the procedure of Article 6 against Musharraf. nawaZ takes parliaMent into conFidence: In a move aimed at taking political players into confidence over the government’s decision to move against


Ahmed Raza Kasuri, one of the counsels of former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf, on Monday said that the federal government’s decision to proceed further in the treason case against his client would open Pandora’s box which could prove to be detrimental for the country. He further said that Article 6 of the Constitution did not apply to his client. Talking to reporters outside the Supreme Court, Kasuri claimed that the response submitted by the federal government showed that it was still hesitant to proceed against the former military ruler as the reply said that the government would decide on the issue after a consultative process involving other political parties. Kasuri said that the Article 6 did not apply on his client as whatever the former military ruler did was in the interest of the state. He said that if the court decided that Article 6 was applicable on Musharraf then his client would not be tried alone as according to subclause two of the Article 6, all his abettors should also be tried. “The list of abettors is long and as I said before it will open Pandora’s box,” Kasuri said, adding his client would be absolved of all charges in coming weeks.

the former dictator, Nawaz said he would seek views of politicians in this regard. “The (federal) government will proceed against Musharraf in accordance with the law and take political forces in parliament into confidence, so that the collective will of the people of Pakistan is duly reflected in the process,” he said, adding that the government, in line with the decisions of the Supreme Court and Sindh High Court, firmly subscribed to the view that holding the constitution in abeyance on November 3, 2007 constituted an act of high treason under Article 6 of the constitution. Outlaying its policy during the National Assembly session, the prime minister said on orders of the Supreme Court, the attorney general would submit the viewpoint of the federal government on Musharraf’s actions on November 3, 2007. He said Pakistan witnessed struggle between dictatorship and democracy for the last 66 years, adding that Pakistan came into being through a democratic process and future of the country depended on

democracy. “The prime minister is under oath to preserve, defend and protect the constitution,” he said, adding that the Senate through a resolution had also endorsed the viewpoint of the federal government. “Now as the government is in power, it assures that it will follow the highest standards of justice and follow due process of law and assures to take further steps that are not blurred.” “On November 3, 2007, the judiciary was attacked, media was gagged and parliament should be lauded that it refused to give indemnity to unconstitutional steps of Pervez Musharraf.” “We also played a role while the assembly did not give indemnity.” Nawaz said judges were stopped from working and detained in their houses, adding that the main cause of problems of Pakistan was deviation from the constitution. “Dictator Pervez Musharraf abrogated the constitution because of his personal interest. On October 12, 1999, an elected government was ousted despite the fact that

it had the support of parliament, there was no crisis in the country, economy was going smooth, rupee was strong, new mega projects were underway and foreign and domestic investment was flowing in.” “The nation was getting ready for elections when a dictator usurped power. The democratic forces of the country refused to accept dictatorship and intellectuals and thinkers of the nation kept democratic hopes of the nation alive,” he maintained. He said the democratic governments moved forward with courage and passed every test with resolve and determination. “Pakistan’s struggle for democracy is also an example to follow for many other nations,” he said, adding that following elections of February 2008, parliament came under pressure to condone the November 3 steps, but his party refused to do so. He said the new government faced many challenges, including terrorism, law and order, unemployment and economy and people wanted solution of their problems.

PPP, smaller parties support Nawaz, PTI cautious ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

The Pakistan Peoples’ Party-Parliamentarians was quick to back Nawaz Sharif’s announcement of invoking Article 6 against Musharraf, while the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) looked a bit cautious. Leader of Opposition Syed Khurshid Shah appreciated the move and said the dictators who declared the constitution of Pakistan a piece of paper and violated its sanctity were being held accountable under the same constitution. He said pictures of all dictators should be removed from institutions of democracy and urged the government to move a resolution in this regard to send a clear message to such forces that this would not be allowed in the future. Speaking on the occasion, PTI’s Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi did not make any categorical statement, but limited his party’s support to the government’s moves in line with the supremacy of rule of the law. “If we want to see democratic institutions strong and flourishing, then we will have to follow the principle of supremacy of rule of law,” he said, adding that taking political parties into confidence on important national issues by the prime minister was a good measure.

“The PTI has always been supporting and promoting supremacy of constitution and ensuring sanctity of constitution is the duty of every citizens of Pakistan. The PTI will support all positive measures to strengthen democracy and supremacy of the constitution,” he added. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl leader Akram Khan Durrani praised the prime minister for taking the House into confidence and said it had practically demonstrated that parliament was supreme. Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party

(PkMAP) leader Mehmood Khan Achakzai termed the decision historic, saying this had not happened before. “This is the start of a new era and I congratulate the prime minister,” he remarked. “All those having sacrificed their lives for the promotion of democracy should be declared martyrs of democracy”. “We have put our vehicle on the right path,” he said. “We want our army and intelligence agencies to be among the best in the world. However, they should work to run this country in accordance

with the constitution as is in vogue in other democratic countries of the world.” Jamaat-e-Islami MNA Sahibzada Muhammad Yaqoob congratulated the prime minister, saying this was a good example of promoting democratic culture in the country. “We will support all positive measures of the government,” he remarked. aMl, MQM, pMl-Z distance: Abdul Waseem of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said all those who had violated the constitution should be brought to justice and stressed the need for taking concrete measures to stop dictators from derailing democracy. Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid said the people of Pakistan had given a heavy mandate to the PML-N and resolving pressing issues should be the government’s first priority. He said instead of seeking to invoke Article 6 from November 3, 2007, the government should start the treason charges from October 12, 1999. PML-Zia chief Ijazul Haq said democracy was the way to lead the country towards a good future. He also demanded action against supporters of all martial laws as well as civil martial law administrators. He was referring to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who took over the reigns as civil martial law administrator from then dictator General Yahya Khan.

TiMeline: The RiSe and Fall oF PeRvez MuShaRRaF Gen Musharraf introduces constitutional changes that grant the president new powers, including the right to dismiss parliament. septeMber 2006 Gen Musharraf releases his memoir, ‘In the Line of Fire’.

october 1998 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appoints Gen Pervez Musharraf as army chief. october 13, 1999 Gen Musharraf seizes power in a bloodless coup after Nawaz dismisses him as army chief. june 20, 2001 Gen Musharraf appoints himself president of Pakistan. He promises to restore civilian rule through democratic elections the following year. april 2002 After a controversial referendum, Gen Musharraf’s military rule is extended for five years. august 2002

ever in the heart of the capital.

president, this time as a civilian.

mentary elections slated for May.

july 20, 2007 The Supreme Court reinstates Chief Justice Chaudhry, dealing a blow to Gen Musharraf.

deceMber 15, 2007 Musharraf lifts the state of emergency.

april 16, 2013 Musharraf is barred from standing in May’s parliamentary elections because of pending court cases.

october 6, 2007 Gen Musharraf wins reelection in a contested presidential vote boycotted by nearly the entire opposition. noveMber 3, 2007 He declares a state of emergency and fires several prominent judges to consolidate his grip on the courts.

February 2008 Musharraf is defeated in parliamentary elections. A new government, led by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani of the Pakistan’s People Party, is set up. august 2008 Musharraf resigns as president after political rivals launch impeachment proceedings against him. A month later, Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of Benazir, is appointed president.

MarcH 9, 2007 Gen Musharraf suspends Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the head of the Supreme Court, for abuse of office. Lawyers and judges begin protests against perceived interference in the judiciary, and the movement quickly snowballs into a major anti-Musharraf campaign. july 10, 2007 Hundreds of soldiers storm Islamabad’s Red Mosque to evict militants occupying the building. By evening, about 50 militants and 12 soldiers die in the worst fighting

deceMber 27, 2007 Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto is killed in a suicide bombing, throwing the country’s political system into a new round of turmoil.

MarcH 2009 The government reinstates judges who Musharraf had dismissed. noveMber 28, 2007 Gen Musharraf resigns as army chief and is sworn in for a new five-year term as

MarcH 24, 2013 After four years of self-imposed exile in London and Dubai, Musharraf returns to Pakistan with the aim of running in parlia-

april 18, 2013 A court orders the arrest of Musharraf pending trial on charges related to his moves against the judiciary in 2007. At the time of the order, Musharraf flees the court’s premises with the help of his security guards. april 19, 2013 Musharraf is arrested and presented to court, which puts him under house arrest.

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04 N

newS Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


While commenting on the government’s decision to proceed against General (r) Pervez Musharraf under Article 6, former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday said those should also be brought to dock who endorsed the actions of the successive dictators in the past. He said that parliament was supreme because it reflected the will of the people, adding that it was mother of all institutions and repository of all powers in the country. He favoured opposition leader Khurshid Shah’s demand who while speaking at the floor of the House said that parliament should also pass a resolution for the removal of the portraits of dictators from parliament, PM’s House and Presidency. He said that the 18th Amendment stressed on the imperative of the tricotomy of power and all the organs of the government, executive, legislature and judiciary should work within the ambit of the constitution for the smooth functioning of the government. He said that the constitution did not allow any degree of transgression, whatsoever, in the domain of one institution by other institution or institutions.





uK PoLICE GETTInG CLoSER! MQM-liNked british-PAkistANi MAN Arrested froM heAthrow AirPort As sooN As he Arrived froM cANAdA LAHORE



N a significant breakthrough in the Dr Imran Farooq murder case, the British police’s Counter-Terrorism Unit has arrested a 52-year-old man believed to be a British of Pakistani origin and closely linked with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Monday. The man, who has not been officially named, was arrested as he landed at Heathrow Airport from Canada. He was taken to a West London police station on suspicion of conspiracy to murder Farooq, co-founder of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), in September 2010. “Counter Terrorism officers investigating the murder of Imran Farooq have arrested a man on suspicion of conspiracy

to murder,” the Metropolitan Police in London said. “Officers arrested the 52year-old man at Heathrow Airport at approx 1010hrs (BST) this morning after landing at the airport on a flight from Canada,” the police statement added. MQM connection: Reliable sources told Pakistan Today that the arrested suspect was identified as Iftikhar Hussain, and he is reported to be closely related to the senior MQM leadership. Startling revelations are expected when the British police interrogate the suspect, the sources added. The British police have meanwhile decided to expand the investigation and a team of special counter terrorism officials is scheduled to leave for South Africa to further probe the events leading to Farooq’s murder. Meanwhile, reports pouring in from London said that the

British police had placed the names of five Pakistanis on the Exit Control List and they had been forbidden from leaving the country. A private TV channel reported that the British police had also decided to question “a leading politician based in London” in connection with the murder probe. background: Farooq, 50, was on his way home from work when he was attacked outside his home at Green Lane in north London’s Edgware area on September 16, 2010. A post-mortem gave his cause of death as multiple stab wounds and blunt trauma to the head. A five-and-a-half inch bladed kitchen knife and a house brick used in the attack were recovered at the scene. Farooq had been living in London in self-imposed exile since 1999 after fleeing Pakistan during a deadly military opera-

tion. After his death, party members said he had fallen out with the leadership but had been planning to relaunch his political career. “Detectives from the Met police counter-terrorism command remain committed to finding those responsible. They believe his murder would have required careful planning and would have required help from other people, some of whom may have provided assistance or information unwittingly,” the Met Police said in its statement. A reward of up to 20,000 pounds has been offered for anyone providing information leading to the identification, arrest, and prosecution of those responsible for the politician’s murder. “We understand that people may have concerns in speaking to the police and would like to offer reassurance that informa-

tion will be dealt with sensitively,” the Met has said. Last week, Met police officers had searched two residential properties in London as part of their investigation into the murder. Television reports said they carried out a 55-hour search at two north-west London addresses and confiscated several documents. Pakistan Today had earlier learnt on good authority that one of the residences searched was registered in the name of MQM founder Altaf Hussain. Senior MQM leader Raza Haroon, who has previously served as a provincial minister in the Sindh government, was reportedly interrogated for nearly five hours during the raid. Repeated attempts were made to contact the MQM’s media spokesperson and member Coordination Committee, Engineer Nasir Jamil but the calls went unanswered. Pakistan Today also attempted to contact MQM’s senior leaders Haider Abbas Rizvi and Faisal Sabzwari but their phones remained unattended.


Hassan Tariq, son of former Pakistan People’s Party leader Khawaja Tariq Rahim, passed away on Monday at a hospital. He was 45 and suffering from cancer only diagnosed a few months back. After his treatment in the US, Hassan returned to Lahore recently but the medication abroad could not stop the spread of cancer. His body will be laid to rest on Tuesday (today) at 11am and the funeral prayers will be held at Tariq Rahim’s Zafar Ali Road residence. Barrister Hassan was admired in the political and social circles for his intelligence. “He was a likeable character, a person always on the move, connected locally and internationally. Professionally, he was very capable, often seen competing with his father. It is a great loss that cannot be explained in words” said PPP leader Muneer Ahmad Khan. A large number of PPP leaders and notables gathered at Raheem’s residence to offer their condolences.


Unknown gunmen on Monday shot and killed a traffic deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and his driver in Peshawar’s Faqirabad area. Sources said that gunmen opened fire on DSP Amanullah Khan and his driver Amjad when they were on their way to office on Faqirabad’s Dalazak road. The deceased were subsequently shifted to Lady Reading Hospital. Meanwhile, one person was killed in a bomb attack in Peshawar’s Mathra area. According to police sources, the person was carrying explosive materials intending to plant them somewhere when the blast occurred.

Khattak allowed to live in CM House pesHawar: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has allowed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak to live at the Chief Minister’s House. Addressing a press conference, he said the decision had been made due to security reasons and keeping in view the cost of expenditure occurring on his security. He said the provincial government was spending a large amount to give security to Khattak from his house in Hayatabad to his office in Peshawar. APP

Pakistan scrambles for damage control after GB attack ISLAMABAD SHAiQ HuSSAin

With Islamabad set to send one of its two top Foreign Ministry officials to Beijing today (Tuesday) to assure the Chinese leadership about a thorough probe into the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) incident, the United States and China have offered Islamabad their support in investigation into Sunday’s killing of foreign tourists in Diamir district. The government will send either Sartaj Aziz, adviser to PM Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Affairs or Tariq Fatemi, special assistant to the prime minister on foreign affairs, to China and this government’s emissary would leave today (Tuesday), the diplomatic sources said. The Pakistani envoy would convey condolences from Pakistani leadership to the top Chinese leadership and extend firm assurance that stern action would

be taken against the culprits and that all possible measures would be taken for the security of Chinese and other foreign nationals in Pakistani. The Pakistani leadership sees the killing of tourists, including Chinese citizens, as an attempt to damage Islamabad-Beijing ties. It was only last month that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Pakistan as part of a regional tour. Diplomatic sources said the Pakistani envoy going to Beijing would also share the results of investigations hitherto carried out into the GB incident. Pakistani foreign policy managers continued to receive phone calls from various diplomatic missions on Monday, especially those from the western nations to express their concerns over the gory incident. As many as 10 foreign tourists were murdered in the remote area of Gilgit-Baltistan that included nationals of China and

Ukraine as well as a ChineseAmerican and a Nepali citizen. Militant outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) later claimed responsibility for the deadly assault in the famous Pakistani tourist region. According to sources, Beijing and Washington had offered help to Pakistani investigators. “In case of Pakistan’s approval, American FBI and Chinese investigators could visit Islamabad soon and extend all possible help for the ongoing probe into the GB incident,” a source said, seeking anonymity. The sources said some Western nations could issue travel advisory to their nationals who intended to visit Pakistan to opt for maximum care during their stay in Pakistan. According to media reports, Britain updated the travel advice for its citizen visiting Pakistan after the killing of foreign tourists in Gilgit-Baltistan.

“An attack targeting and killing foreign tourists occurred at the Nanga Parbat base camp area, Gilgit-Baltistan on the night of June 23,” said the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), on its website, according to British media report. “There is a high threat from terrorism, kidnap and sectarian violence throughout Pakistan,” the FCO said. “However, the Foreign Office stopped short of advising against travel to the region, meaning British holidaymakers due to travel there will not be entitled to a refund from their tour operator if they decide to cancel,” the report said. The sources said Pakistani foreign policy managers were currently trying their best to allay the concerns of the global community and it was expected that a member of cabinet would be sent to Ukraine to avert negative impact of GB incident on bilateral ties.

37 SuSPECTS HELd In TouRISTS’ ATTACK CASE gilgit/islaMabad: The security forces, in a major search operation on Monday, arrested over 37 suspects in connection with the killing of 11 people, including 10 foreign tourists, at a base camp of Nanga Parbat in Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan on Sunday. The Gilgit-Baltistan government also suspended expeditions on its secondhighest peak, evacuating 43 climbers from Nanga Parbat by helicopters, 19 foreigners and 24 locals. Meanwhile, the identification of the foreign tourists and the Pakistani guide killed in the attack has been completed. Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences spokesman Dr Wasim said two of the slain tourists belonged to the Republic of Slovakia‚ three were from Ukraine‚ two from China‚ and one each from Lithuania‚ Nepal and the United States. The PIMS spokesman said two tourists were killed after their hands were tied up while the others were killed by bullet shots in the head and neck. AGEnCiES


After the formation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, party chief Imran Khan visited Peshawar for the first time on Monday and held talks with Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and others. The PTI leadership announced multi-dimensional strategies in connection with implementation of party’s agenda and tackling the menace of terrorism. “Unless we get rid of the USled war on terror, no one can ensure an end to terrorism in the country,” Khan said while addressing a press conference at Peshawar Civil Secretariat.

He said Pakistan had no concern with the war on terror, but the war had been imposed on the country. He viewed that the ongoing violence and terrorism were reaction to Pakistan’s involvement in the war on terror. Opposing US drone attacks, the PTI chief termed it violation of the country’s sovereignty and solidarity. He claimed that innocent people were being killed in US drone attacks, adding that the US must stop the attacks as almost all Pakistanis were against them. He, however, said the PTI was going to chalk out its strategy against the US drone attacks along with policies for combating trends of violence and terrorism. Besides disassociation from

what Khan called the US war on terror, the PTI chief said, “Getting rid of terrorism and militancy will become easy if the long-standing issue of Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA) is resolved.” He, however, did not elaborate how the same could be resolved. Khan said terrorism had not only cost thousands of innocent lives throughout the country, but it had badly affected national economy. The PTI chairman said the previous provincial government sustained losses of Rs 100 billion as a result of terrorism. Commenting on the PTI’s agenda, Khan said, “We are making plans for combating trends of corruption and in this respect an independent commission could be

constituted which will be responsible for monitoring activities and performance of ministers and members of assemblies.” He said all provincial ministers would not indulge themselves in business directly or indirectly, otherwise they would face stern

action. Khan said under the PTI government, MPAs, whether they were in the government or opposition, would not receive development funds. “All such funds would be utilised through the local government institutions.”

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lahoRe Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

400C high 0C 30Low p


WedneSdAy thUrSdAy 37°C I 29°C

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FrIdAy 36°C I 28°C

negligence won’t be tolerated during anti-measles drive: CM ANti-MeAsles vAcciNe will be AdMiNistered to 12 MillioN childreN Across PuNjAb LAHORE

PRAyER TiminGS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 3:19 4:57 12:04 3:43 7:10 8:50

PBC CAnCELS LICEnCES of 47 LAWYERS laHore: The Punjab Bar Council has cancelled licences of 47 lawyers for misbehaviour with clients, judges and having fake degrees. According to an announcement by PBC Chairman Tahir Nasrullah Warraich, the step has been taken after more than dozens cases surfaced in this regard. While keeping in view the aforesaid issues, the PBC has decided to cancel the licences of about 47 lawyers of which 27 were fake degree holders. So far as the remaining are concerned, they are accused of misbehaving with their clients and judges. OnLinE

CAMP jAIL offICIALS ToRTuRE REPoRTER laHore: Camp Jail administration on Monday tortured a reporter of a private TV channel. Media reports said Usman Bhatti was on duty when the jail officials attacked him and threatened of dire consequences. Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ) President Rana Azeem threatened to walk out and stage a sit-in outside the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday (today) if the attackers would not be arrested. Taking notice of the incident, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered the interior secretary to submit report of the incident. Talking to media, Inspector General of Prisons Farooq Nazir said that both Yasir and Sarwar have been suspended, adding that the both were found guilty for attacking the reporter. OnLinE



HIEF Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said negligence would not be tolerated during antimeasles drive in 12 districts of the province. Shahbaz directed officials concerned making a special antimeasles drive which started on Monday a success. He also appealed to parents to cooperate with vaccination teams. In a directive to the provincial health department, he said no dereliction would be tolerated during the campaign as he hinted at holding audit by a third party in the vaccination campaign. The special anti-measles campaign will continue until July 4. During the campaign, the anti-measles vaccine will be administered to 12 million children of six months to 10 years at their nearest health centres or by mobile teams. A dose of vitamin A drops will also be

given to children. Health Department official Dr Younus said that EDOs and DOs of districts concerned have been trained for this drive which would continue until July 4 in Gujranwala, Bhakkar, Sheikhupura, Okara, Kasur, Layyah, RY Khan, Lodhran, DG Khan, Faisalabad and Sargodha. To a question on growing number of measles cases, he said that parents often do not contact doctors in case of measles and treat the child at home. “When the child reaches critical stage they contact a doctor or rush to hospital,” he added. He appealed to parents to approach qualified doctors without any delay as soon as symptoms of measles appear in their child. “Proper treatment at early stage could be ensured,” adding that measles was a curable disease that could get out of control due to ignorance of people.

No drinking water at railway station LAHORE APP

Unavailability of drinking water at Lahore Railway Station has multiplied passengers’ problems as they were compelled to buy costly bottled water in sweltering weather. Most of the water taps are either missing or broken at almost all platforms of the station and the situation causes ample problems, especially for minors, women and elderly people. Passengers said on Monday the railway station administration had been informed about the unavailability of water but it had not taken any action for the last many days. It was observed that canteens and kiosks were charging exorbitant prices for bottled drinking water. “Bottled water worth Rs 25 is being sold for Rs 45 by vendors at platform number 2, 3, 4, 5, 3A, 8 and 9,” passengers said. Some regular commuters alleged

that vendors bribe the railway officials for creating artificial water shortage so that people would have to buy costly water bottles. Asad, Ashfaq, Tariq, Usman and some other daily commuters said that drinking water was scarcely available at platforms number 3, 3A, 8 and 9. A passenger said that single water dispenser was functioning at platform number 2 while others were nonoperational or had disappeared. Tariq, Shahid and Faraz alleged the railway authorities did not try to facilitate the passengers, adding that they do not have time or priority to check the facilities to be provided to passengers. The railway official, on contacting, rejected the allegations of “misconduct or bribe” and said that no water tap were missing at any platform. However, he conceded that only three water dispensers were ‘not on the scene’ due to some technical faults. He said that water dispensers would be reinstalled in a few days after repairs.

RAIn SPELL LIKELY fRoM THuRSdAY laHore: After a long heat wave spell across the country, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted chances of light rain in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Kashmir and its adjoining hilly areas during the next 24 hours. Seasonal low lies over north Balochistan and adjoining areas. A monsoon low lies over north Bay of Bengal and adjoining north-eastern parts of India. An official of Met office said that hot and humid weather would prevail in most parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab during the next 24 hours. The official said another rain spell is likely from Thursday in Upper Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, bringing good showers. The rain spell would last till Sunday subsiding prevailing heat wave conditions, giving relief to the heat-stricken people who are bearing long power outages and extreme hot weather. APP

‘PunjAB GovT To SPEnd RS 102B To ACHIEvE PRIMARY HEALTHCARE TARGETS’ fiNANce MiNister sAys rs 1.40 billioN AllocAted for hosPitAls iN MultAN, bAhAwAlPur ANd ry khAN LAHORE APP

Punjab Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman said the government has focused on primary healthcare to provide international level healthcare to public and for this purpose Rs 102 billion will be spent during next fiscal year. Talking to various delegations on Monday, he stressed that poor and middle class segments of society have not been burdened in the budget 2013-14 and taxes have been imposed only on the affluent. He said protective healthcare programmes would be continued to save children from epidemic, communicable and non-communicable diseases. He said the Punjab government was appointing gynaecologists in public hospitals of the province and had focused on the health of infants and mothers and for this purpose free delivery services were being provided to pregnant women at rural health centres. He said Rs 2 billion would be spent to launch a comprehensive mother and child healthcare programme. Rehman said the district governments would be given Rs 239 billion in the next financial year. The provincial minister said the Punjab government had decided to issue health cards to the poor and resourceless people so that they could avail better treatment facilities and a sum of Rs 4 billion had been earmarked in the budget for this purpose. He said Rs 1.40 billion had been allocated in the budget for hospitals in Multan, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan.

Former naval chief calls for viable national security policy LAHORE APP

Formal chief of naval staff Admiral Yastarul Haq Malik on Monday called for evolving viable result-oriented national security policy to curb external and internal threats effectively in line with national needs. Presiding over a meeting of the Pakistan National Forum on Monday held in the wake of killing of innocent foreign tourists at Nanga Parbat, he stressed an urgent need for tailoring a new national security policy to deal with threats to the country. He said it was the constitutional obligation and sole responsibility of the government to safeguard life and property of all citizens besides protecting national

geographical boundaries, national security, integrity and sovereignty in addition to fully supporting the provinces for the improvement of law and order. Former governor Shahid Hamid said that this is high time that the government with full support of parliament and the nation should take immediate measures to curb the wave of organised terrorism in the country. Former foreign affairs secretary Shamshad Ahmad said that while framing new security policy, certain established parameters like political will, non-state actors, taking parliament into confidence and armed forces etc must be kept in mind to make it effective which he added must address all related issues in greater national interest properly within constitution.

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lahoRe Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

Education minister declares ‘enrolment emergency’ khAN eMPhAsises Need to trANsforM educAtioNAl iNstitutioNs iNto sources of kNowledge

LAHORE: A large herd of buffaloes cooling themselves in canal on Monday. OnLinE





UNJAB Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has declared ‘enrolment emergency’ in Punjab. Under this emergent programme, 1 million kids will be enrolled every year in public and private sector schools and the target of hundred percent enrollment of children from five to nine year of age will be achieved in a phased manner. The minister said this while talking to staff members of the provincial secretariat of Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) on Monday. The minister emphasised the need to transform the educational institutions into a source of knowledge instead of merely a tool of degree awarding machines. Investment in education was considered the best investment in the world. “If we want Pakistan flourish, we should focus on investment in human resource development,” he added. Khan said that a sum of Rs 230 billion had been allocated in the current fiscal year for education which amounts

27 percent component of the total budget. He praised Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for making the merit scholarship programme under PEEF a successful project under which 15,000 intelligent and deserving students have been awarded educational scholarships worth Rs 2 billion in the last four years. He disclosed that the Punjab government would distribute educational scholarships worth Rs 2 billion to 9,000 students on the basis of merit in the coming year. PEEF Chief Executive Officer Dr Kamran Shams briefed the minister regarding transparent mechanism of scholarship distribution.

‘Negligence’ claims life at Munshi Hospital LAHORE STAFF REPORT

A 27-year-old woman on Monday died due to alleged negligence of doctors at Munshi Hospital. Noreen’s parents and other family members protested against the hospital administration on Bund Road due to which traffic remained suspended. The protesters shouted slogans against the hospital admin.

Heavy contingents of police reached the scene. The family members said their daughter died due to the negligence of the doctors. They said they had told the doctors to provide medical treatment to Noreen, but to no avail. They demanded that the Punjab government take stern action against the hospital admin. The protesters dispersed peacefully after police officials assured them of action against those responsible.


Lahore High Court Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial on Monday suspended suspension orders of Ahsan Akhtar Naz, director of Institute of Communication Studies, the Punjab University. The chief justice issued the orders on a civil miscellaneous application filed by Akhtar challenging his suspension orders, in an already pending matter. The chief justice also sought reply from the vice chancellor and other respondents by September 10. Earlier, petitioner’s counsel Aftab Ahmad Bajwa appearing before the court submitted that the vice chancellor through an illegal order suspended Dr Naz in March 2013 for a period of 90 days and the suspension was extended for another 90 days on June 4 through another order by the VC. He submitted that the VC did not have any power to pass such orders as he was not competent authority. He said that the university syndicate had power to pass such order which did not delegate any authority to the VC for the purpose. He pleaded the court to set aside suspension order of Dr Naz. The court after hearing the arguments suspended the impugned order and sought reply from respondents.

hRCP condemns killing of 11 climbers in GB LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has voiced concern over the murder of 10 foreign climbers and at least one Pakistani citizen in Gilgit-Baltistan and called it a serious crisis in a region. In a statement on Monday, the commission said the killing of the foreign mountaineers in GB raises very serious concerns for a number of reasons. It was another incident, after last year’s bloodshed of Shias, where the killers appeared out of thin air and disappeared without a trace afterwards. Like the Shia killings of last year in the region, this too was no spur of the moment attack and speaks volumes about the ineptness of the security and intelligence apparatus. The killings represent a serious deterioration in a region marred by sectarian bloodshed and schism. Gilgit Baltistan had thus far been considered one of the safer parts of northern Pakistan for tourists and tourism had been the mainstay of the local economy. It is not too difficult to

imagine what these killings would do to that economy. The Taliban and a linked sectarian militant group have claimed responsibility for the killings, which the interior minister has described as an intolerable attack against Pakistan by those bent on destroying the country. Actions against these elements so far do not demonstrate much commitment to saving the country from the feared destruction. “The question now is where do we go from here and how do the authorities and society deal with those whose only skill and passion is killing in the name of whatever takes their fancy? While condemnation of such heinous attacks through parliamentary resolutions and otherwise is vital, taking concrete steps to bring the perpetrators to justice and preventing recurrence is what really counts,” it read further. The statement also read that not clamping down on militancy, a failure to challenge growing intolerance in society, and reacting with mere rhetoric after every incident of bloodshed is nothing short of collusion with the enemies of Pakistan.

WASA confident of tackling monsoon challenges CIne StAr ph: 35157462

SoZo WorLd ph: 36674271 SoZo GoLd ph: 111-999-977 pAF ph: 36688880 SUper CIneMA At royAL pALM ph: 111-602-602, 36118679

FASt And FUrIoUS 6 02:00AM StAr treK In to dArKneSS 04:30AM noW yoU See Me 07:00pM the hAnGoVer pArt III 09:00pM yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 11:00pM FASt And FUrIoUS 6 06:00pM yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 12:00, 3:00, 11:00pM StAr treK Into dArKneSS 08:30pM FASt And FUrIoUS 6 11:00pM yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 05:00, 11:00pM AUrAnGZeB 02:30pM FUrKey 12:00pM yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 3:00, 5:00, 11:00pM FASt And FUrIoUS 6 08:30pM AuDi-1 yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 06:00pM yAMLA pAGLA deeWAnA 2 09:00pM yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 11:45pM AuDi-2 epIC (3d) 12:15pM StAr treK Into dArKneSS (3d) 02:15pM hAnGoVer III (AdULtS onLy) 4:30, 11:00pM StAr treK Into dArKneSS (3d) 8:45pM optIonAL BeSt ShoW 1:00pM AuDi-3 yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 11:30pM the GreAt GAtSBy (ed) 02:30pM noW yoU See Me 05:00, 10:15pM yeh jAWAAnI hAI deeWAnI 07:15pM StAr treK Into dArKneSS (3d) 12:30AM

sAirA dAr

60 PerceNt of PuMPs At disPosAl uNits Not ProPerly workiNg LAHORE wALEED mALHi

Despite huge damage by the recent downpour, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) is still very confident to counter the upcoming monsoon rains in the city, Pakistan Today has learnt. The city suffered badly during the recent rain which raises questions regarding the efficiency of WASA to tackle such situations. IN 2012, WASA proposed Rs 447 million for fuel, generator rents, public awareness programmes, winch machines and training of officials. But the agency was provided only Rs 264 million. According to WASA documents,

wAsA Md sAys they Are coordiNAtiNg with Met office ANd lwMc there are 99 pumps and 87 lift stations in the city. From 200 to 250 officials are available who work in 3 shifts to keep the system running. There are 12 major disposal units in the provincial capital. Those declared most dangerous during monsoon season are Shadbagh, Gulshan Ravi, Nishat Colony, Lakhodair, Bhaati Gate, Mehmood Booti, Outfall Road, Multan Road and Farkhabad. This year, WASA has proposed Rs 288 million for monsoon arrangements, but the actual situation gives a different look. A source at WASA claimed that 60 percent of the pumps at disposal units were not properly working. The pumps, having low suction capacity and many of them were without

required batteries, he added. On the other hand, the field staff is hired on contract basis and most of them were non-technical which resulted in poor performance. The disposal units at Mehmood Booti and Outfall Road have a capacity of 25 cusecs, but the requirement is 65 cusecs as they cover a large area, he further added. An official said that draining out of the water accumulated at Lakshmi Chowk and other low-lying residential and commercial localities was a difficult task. “These are very tough days for us as we really struggle to drain out the rainwater. In some areas, there are pumps which have generators and many of them are not in the working condition,” he added. WASA Managing Director Dr Javaid Iqbal said, “Now we are very confident and we do have coordination with the Met Office and the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC). We have also sent a Rs 288 million summary for monsoon arrangements.”

“We have marked our most important disposal units in the provincial capitals which are mostly in low-line areas and our resources are now well enough to counter the rainfall in the better way than before,” he added. He said all sewage systems in these areas were out of order and the rainwater of Misri Shah and nearby areas drained through Mehmood Booti, which was not enough to drain heavy torrents. Iqbal said rainwater of the Walled City and Gowalmandi is drained through Lakshmi Chowk drain. The Met Office official said, “Lahore and its adjacent areas are the windows and the frontline of the monsoon in the country. Lahore is the provincial capital but no proper arrangements are made during monsoon seasons. We always coordinate with the district government and WASA about the forecast and they should take measures before rains.” He said during monsoon 120 to 170 millimeters of rain was recorded.

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Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it. — Albert Einstein


07 N

Tuesday, 25 June, 2013




S whistleblower Edward Snowden “has most likely already left Russia”, according to the Russian news agency In-

terfax. “He could have left by a different plane,” a source was quoted as saying, pointing out that Snowden might be on an aircraft other than the Moscow-Havana flight of 10:05GMT that he was widely expected to take earlier on Monday. Ecuador earlier said it had received a request for political asylum from Snowden, the fugitive US intelligence contractor, adding that the application is still being “analysed” with no decisions taken yet. He was expected to fly to Ecuador via Cuba provided he got a positive reply to his asylum request. Meanwhile, the White House asked the Russian government to “look at all

options available” to send Snowden back to the US to face espionage charges. The call has not received a positive reponse. US secretary of state John Kerry said that ties with Russia and China could be affected, saying it would be “disappointed” if Snowden was allowed to board an airplane. He said the US expected “reciprocity” from Russia because it has transported seven prisoners that Moscow wanted in the past two years. “I wonder if Mr Snowden chose China and Russia as assistants in his flight from justice because they are such powerful bastions of internet freedom,” Kerry said while on a trip to New Delhi. Snowden, who has revealed secret documents on US internet and phone surveillance activities, flew from Hong Kong to Moscow on Sunday and was reported to have met the Ecuadorean ambassador in the Russian capital after applying for asylum. onward journey: Regarding Snowden’s asylum request, Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patino said: “We will make a decision... we are

15 SoLdIERS KILLEd In dEAdLY LEBAnon fIGHTInG beirut: At least 15 Lebanese soldiers are now known to have died in clashes between government troops and followers of a Sunni sheikh, who is opposed to the Shia movement Hezbollah and its involvement in the war in Syria. The clashes which broke out on Sunday between the army and supporters of Ahmad al-Assir continued overnight in Sidon, reported Al Jazeera’s Nour Samaha on Monday. The fighting raged around Abra and the Ain el Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon, she said. Members of the Jund al Sham and Fatah al Islam armed groups have joined the battle, she added, reporting from a village several kilometres away from Sidon. She said clashes had “intensified in both areas mentioned above, with heavy weaponry being used”. “The sound of explosions and gunfire can be heard several kilometres outside Sidon. The army is preventing anyone from leaving the Palestinian camps which are located in Sidon,” she said. “Roads are blocked entering into Sidon from the south, preventing people from reaching Beirut. Checkpoints have been erected, some by the Amal movement [pro-Hezbollah party], to prevent people from going through Sidon - they have been turning people back.” She said masked gunmen had moved to Sidon’s seaside road, and there were reports of further sniper attacks. On Sunday, Assir’s supporters had surrounded an army checkpoint in Abra, on the outskirts of Sidon, where a vehicle transporting other supporters of the Sunni cleric had been stopped, a security source said. he army were fired on, and they returned fire, the source added. AGEnCiES

qATARI EMIR To MEET RuLInG fAMILY MEMBERS doHa: Trusted sources have confirmed that the Qatari emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is due to meet members of the ruling family and prominent members of the Qatari society on Monday. The planned meeting comes amid news about the intentions of the emir to transfer power to his heir apparent, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. There are several reports about Qatari allies having already been informed of the pending succession, but no date has been given as yet. Sheikh Hamad has been in power since 1995. Since then, Qatar has evolved into an important player on the regional and international political scenes. AGEnCiES

analysing it.” “It [the request] has to do with freedom of expression and the security of citizens around the world. We always act by principle not in our own interest. There are some governments who act more on their own interests, we do not,” he added during an official visit to Vietnam. Earlier, Patino wrote on Twitter that Snowden had applied for asylum. Meanwhile, anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks said in a sytatement, “Mr Snowden ... is bound for the Republic of Ecuador via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisers from WikiLeaks.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is currently sheltered by Ecuador’s embassy in London as he fights extradition to Sweden on sex assault charges, which might also lead him to be sent to the US, where he faces charges similar to Snowden’s. Snowden’s application came days after Washington charged him with spying and espionage following his leak to western newspapers of the Prism spying

Visitors watch water gushing from the section of the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Yellow River, during a sandwashing operation in Jiyuan, Henan province. AGEnCiES

programme run by his former employer, the National Security Agency. us criticisM: In a statement, Washington criticised Hong Kong and China for allowing Snowden to flee. A statement by Hong Kong authorities earlier on Sunday said it had “not obtained adequate information” to handle a provisional arrest warrant for Snowden issued by the US. Hong Kong, a former British colony, reverted to Chinese rule in 1997 but retains an independent legal system and its own extradition laws. Leaks by Snowden revealed the US had hacked Hong Kong and Chinese institutions. Snowden also provided documents to the Guardian newspaper that showed British spies were obtaining the contents of 600 million private communications a day by tapping the world’s network of fibre-optic cables. They also passed the information to their US counterparts. The intercepts include emails, telephone calls, Google searches and Facebook updates.

ISRAELI WARPLAnE TARGETS GAzA STRIP gaZa city: Israel has carried out air strikes on various infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in retaliation to overnight rocket attacks from the Palestinian enclave, its army has said. “In response to the numerous rockets launched at Israel in the past several the hours, IAF aircraft targeted terrorist infrastructure including two weapon storage facilities in the central Gaza Strip and a rocket launch site in the southern Gaza Strip. IAF pilots reported accurate strikes on the targets,” the Israeli army said in a statement. The army also said that two rockets fired earlier from Gaza Strip were intercepted by the missile defence system known as “Iron Dome” and the other four landed in open areas. No damage or causalities were reported. No Gaza-based group claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks, but Israel said it held Hamas, which rules the coastal territory, accountable. AGEnCiES

nelson Mandela in critical condition CAPE TOWN AGEnCiES

South African President Jacob Zuma has said that the health of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela “remains in a critical condition”. Speaking to journalists in Johannesburg on Monday, Zuma said that doctors were “doing everything possible” to ensure the 94-year-old’s well-being and comfort on his 17th day in a hospital in capital Pretoria. Zuma visited Mandela at the hospital on Sunday evening and was informed by the medical team that the former president’s condition had become critical in the past 24 hours. A statement by the presidency following the hospital visit said: “President Jacob Zuma, accompanied by ANC Deputy President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, visited the former President this evening, 23 June in hospital. They were briefed by the medical team who informed them that the former President’s condition had become critical over the past 24 hours.” In Sunday’s statement, Zuma also discussed the government’s acknowledgement a day earlier that an ambulance carrying Mandela to the Pretoria hospital two weeks ago had engine trouble, requiring the former president to be transferred to another ambulance for his journey. Zuma said that in that incident, “all care was taken to ensure that his med-

ical condition was not compromised”. He also dismissed media reports that Mandela had suffered a heart attack, saying: “There is no truth at all in that report’’. Al Jazeera’s Tania Page, reporting from Johannesburg, said that while people in South Africa were very conscious that Mandela was frail, many said they still loved him and needed him. “People are getting used to the idea that one day, perhaps soon, he will not be with them. It won’t be a surprise that his condition has deteriotated ... But [his death] will nonetheless still come as a shock to South Africans,” she said. Mandela, who became South Africa’s first black president after the end of apartheid in 1994, was hospitalised on June 8 for what the government said was a recurring lung infection. Thoughts and prayers Caitlin Hayden, US National Security Council spokesperson at the White House, said that America’s thoughts and prayers were with the people of South Africa. “We have seen the latest reports from the South African Government that former President Mandela is in critic a l condition,”

she said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and the people of South Africa.” A day earlier, the antiapartheid icon’s grandson Mandla Mandela, said his grandfather was getting better and was expected to be discharged from hospital soon. Family members have been seen making daily visits to the hospital where Mandela is being treated.

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08 N

newS Tuesday 25 June, 2013


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Sirajul Haq on Monday said the province had the ability to produce 25,000 Megawatts of electricity through various projects to eliminate the extreme power shortage across the province. The KP finance minister urged the federal setup to support the provincial government in this regard instead of wasting time on Kalabagh Dam project. Concluding the debate on the budget in the KP assembly, Haq said 25,000MW was a significant account and it could be added to the grid by investing Rs 38 billion on various projects. Haq said KP already owed Rs 132 billion in loans, adding however that the economic burden would be reduced if Rs 84 billion were released to the province per the announcement made by the federal government. He assured all parliament members that their suggestions for budget would be considered.

Arrest of accused in Bugti case deliberately delayed, ATC told QUETTA OnLinE

Counsel for Nawabzada Jamil Akbar Bugti on Monday told the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) that dilatory tactics were being used instead of bringing the accused persons to justice. The ATC led by Judge Munawwar Shahwani was hearing the Nawab Akbar Bugti murder case. Sohail Ahmad Rajput, counsel for Jamil Bugti, son of Nawab Akbar Bugti, contested the case. An application seeking exemption from attendance in the court in respect of former Interior Minister Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, who has been named in the case, was presented in the court. It was pled in the application that Sherpao could not appear in the court due to the ongoing session of the National Assembly. Sohail Rajput informed the court about his reservations over the application and the failure to arrest Pervez Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz, Owais Ahmad Ghani, Shoaib Nosherwani, Aftab Sherpao and Samad Lasi, saying delaying tactics were being used instead of bringing the accused to justice. The court granted exemption to Sherpao from attendance until July 15.The hearing was later adjourned until July 15. Talking to reporters, Sohail Rajput said presenting the application by accused Aftab Ahmad Sherpao seeking exemption was continuity of dilatory tactics. “Bail plea by the prime accused Pervez Musharraf has been rejected and ATC issued arrest warrants of all the accused, including Pervez Musharraf.”He also questioned the transparency of investigation process. Rajput said the incumbent government was not serious in bringing Musharraf to justice.

LOWER DIR: Security personnel display ammunition and weapons seized during search operations and voluntarily handed over by tribesmen on Monday. inP

Time to decide who will run the country: Asma QUETTA



ORMER Supreme Court Bar Association president Asma Jahangir on Monday said time had come for the nation to decide whether they wanted a political leadership to hold the reigns of the country or a military leadership. She said incidents of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearance and throwing of mutilated bodies were still going on in Balochistan. “We stand firm on our principled stance on Balochistan issue and we have raised forceful voice against persecutions in Balochistan. The country cannot be ruled at gunpoint and promo-

tion of the democratic process is in the interest of national integrity,” she said. “The Baloch are as patriotic as any other community living here. Practical steps should be taken to allay their concerns. The government has given the Baloch nationalists a chance to form government which is a positive step,” Asma added. She said the May 11 polls proved that people were in

the favour of a democratic system and that was the only reason they participated in the 2013 elections. Balochistan Bar Association General Secretary Mir Att a u l l a h Langho, renowned lawyers Ali Ahmed Kurd and Bilal Kasi were also present. Asma concluded that the lawyers’ role had always been positive in the progress and development of the country.

zulfiqar Magsi accused of murder, rivals demand arrest ISLAMABAD OnLinE

Former Balochistan governor Zulfiqar Magsi is an accused in the murder cases of his political rivals from PP-32, Abdul Fateh Magsi and others, but has still not been arrested, Altaf Hussain Magsi, cousin of the deceased, said on Monday. Addressing a press conference at the National Press Club, Altaf, accompanied by other relatives, regretted the fact that despite “very clear orders from the Naseerabad sessions judge, the accused are carrying on with their cruelties”. “After this murder, the Jhal Magsi police and administration filed a fake FIR against the relatives of the deceased, endangering our lives,” the conferees pleaded. They requested the chief justice of Pakistan to take suo motu action against the influential accused.

Recovery of missing people top priority: AG ISLAMABAD OnLinE

The premier speaks out, finally! LAHORE nADEEm SyED

Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif surely touched the hearts of millions by making clear his intention to try former president Pervez Musharraf under article 6 of the constitution, relating to treason. However, what is not clear is how far the premier is ready to go and whether he is going to fight till the finish line or make it into another Asghar Khan case. Sharif, in a much awaited statement on Monday announced on the floor of the National Assembly (NA) that Musharraf would be tried under article 6. “He committed high treason by abrogating the constitution and will be tried under the law of the land,” the premier added. In a related development Attorney General Muneer Malik also submitted government’s response before the apex court on various petition filed against Musharraf invoking article 6. The court had earlier asked

the government to clear its position vis-àvis these petitions. Malik said the government would implement court orders and fulfill all requirements in this regard. Sharif’s intentions have been welcomed by political leaders across the board. The opposition leader promised to back government actions in this respect. What moves the government makes in coming days in connection with Musharraf’s trial will shed light on how far the government is ready to go after the former military ruler. The government, in coming days, will file a complaint through its prosecutor general with the interior secretary as the main complainant. The contents of the complaint will underline the future of the trial. The most important issue, according to legal experts, will be whether the government is ready to meet all requirements of the High Treason Act 1973. According to this law, persons involved in high treason cannot be tried alone. All abettors will receive the same punishment as that of the principal ac-

cused per the said law. These experts say this could be problematic for the government and the judiciary. They say the whole of army’s high command was involved in toppling the government of Nawaz Sharif, even if we exclude political leaders who supported Musharraf’s unconstitutional seizure of power for the time being. Similarly, in 2007 when Musharraf enforced emergency, his decision included supportive summaries from the then prime minister and law minister. Experts said Musharraf and his lawyers will try to make the same argument during the course of trial. That Musharraf cannot be tried alone and all his abettors should be tried as well will be their key plank, they say. As such, the case has the potential of opening yet another Pandora’s Box with all its repercussions for the country’s politics. But the judges are hell-bent on pursuing the case and punishing Musharraf. The government needs to match this seriousness to take the case to its logical conclusion, an

expert commented. A senior Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader said similar issues forestalled implementation of the Asghar Khan verdict. The military’s top brass had conveyed to the PPP government that they would not mind pinning down Generals Aslam Beg and Asad Durrani, provided the government took similar action against those who accepted bribes. It was probably difficult for the government to proceed against everybody and so the case was hushed up. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) circles however, say their government is committed to holding Musharraf fully accountable no matter what it takes. Some PML-N leaders say the military leadership was consulted before Sharif made a formal statement on this count. But similar to what happened in the Asghar Khan case, military’s top brass would not like to see their former chief being singled out with political figures who abetted Musharraf going spot free.

Attorney General (AG) Munir A Malik ensured the Supreme Court (SC) that the government would do all it can for recovery of all missing persons. During proceedings of the missing persons’ case on Monday, he told the court he had established a missing persons cell in his office. He said he would present a list of cases on missing persons after categorising them soon. Justice Jawad S Khawaja showed resentment over non-arrangement of a meeting with a missing person, Zakirullah, who is detained at the interrogation center in Lakki Marwat with his family. He directed the AG to organise the meeting as soon as possible or action against in-charge of the interrogation center would be initiated. Justice Arif Hussain Khilji said in his remarks that people were detained at the interrogation center for years similar to what happened at the Guantanamo Bay. No cases were registered against them, he added. “These persons must be freed. Relatives of missing persons come with a hope to meet their dear ones but every day they go back to their homes disappointed,” he added. The bench observed that hundreds of people were missing for the past many years but there was no one to inquire about them.

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09 N

Tuesday 25 June, 2013

‘Rs 8b given through PM discretionary fund’ ISLAMABAD



HE Supreme Court was informed on Monday that a total of Rs 8 billion out of Rs 20 billion were illegally distributed among commoners through prime minister’s discretionary funds during the tenure of former premier Raja Pervez Ashraf . The three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed the hearing of a suo motu notice against spending of

discretionary funds by Ashraf. The notice was taken over a news report stating that former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf allocated Rs 52 billion development funds for People’s Works Development ProgramII, ten days after his tenure’s completion. Pakistan Public Work Development (PWD) Director General (DG) Sarwar Awan told the court that Rs 3 billion out of the total amount was distributed through People’s Works Development Program PWDP-II. The PWD had cancelled 627 out of 60,243 development schemes, he added. During the course of proceedings, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad

Chaudhry observed that billions of rupees were released to people, who were not entitled to get funds through PWDP-I and PWDP-II which was a clear violation of guidelines set by the Planning Commission of Pakistan. The court directed Attorney General of Pakistan (AG) Munir A Malik to precisely review the whole matter to ascertain the actual amount permissible which was to be distributed through the discretionary funds. The court remarked that former prime minister Ashraf distributed billions of rupees in his constituency before the 2013 general elections but the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) despite taking no-

tice, kept silent, raising several questions on transparency of the elections. Director General (DG) Audit of Auditor General of Pakistan (AGPR), Malik Manzoor, said the AGPR had saved around Rs 15 billion out of a total Rs 20 billion released under prime minister’s discretionary funds during January, 2013 to March 16, 2013. He told the court that according to rules set by Planning Commission of Pakistan for the distribution of funds for PWDP-I and PWDP-II, the grants were released to MNAs and Senators only. MPAs and other notable are not entitled to get funds through PWDP-I and PWDP-II, he added.

Around Rs 123 million were released to Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) chief Mehmood Khan Achakzai at a time when he was neither MNA nor Senator and Rs 200 million were released to Mustafa Nawaz Khoker, adviser to the former prime minister for eight development schemes, Malik Manzoor said. The court said the entire country was facing the brunt of the energy crisis due to circular debt of over Rs 500 billion and the industrial sector was on the verge of closure, while billions of rupees were embezzled by different government institutions. The court adjourned further hearing till June 28.

nAB team leaves for dubai to arrest Sadiq in oGRA scam


A two-member team of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) left for Dubai on Monday to arrest the former Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) chairman, Tauqeer Sadiq. According to news reports, the team would arrest the absconder with the help of Interpol in connection with the Rs 82 billion scam. Sources in NAB said Sadiq would be brought back to Pakistan after a few days, adding that the investigation circle of the case would be expanded after the arrest of the former OGRA chairman.

Police arrest former PML-n MnA over fake degree LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The police on Monday arrested former parliamentarian Salman Mohsin Gilani after a court in Lahore sentenced him for contesting 2008 elections on a fake degree. Gilani belongs to Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) The court awarded him a one-year-long jail term and ordered him to pay a fine worth Rs30,000. In August 2012, a case was registered against Gilani for contesting elections on a fake degree after the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) sent his documents for verification and found them to be bogus. In April, the Lahore High Court granted protective bail to Gilani till April 26. Gilani contested the general election in 2008 from the NA-165 constituency of Pakpattan.

five Indian troops killed in Srinagar SRINAGAR inP

Five Indian army personnel were killed and another six were injured on Monday when armed men opened fire on an army convoy on the outskirts of Srinagar ahead of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir, in the second major terror attack in three days. The armed assailants ambushed the convoy at Hyderpora bypass on the Airport-Lal Chowk road, outside a private hospital. “Five jawans were killed and six others sustained injuries,” an army spokesman said. The Hizbul Mujahideen has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

KARAcHI: A family prays on the grave of a loved one as the faithful observed Shab-e-Barat on Monday. imRAn GiLAni

NA approves demands worth Rs 73.185b for Interior Division ISLAMABAD APP

The National Assembly on Monday approved 11 demands for grants of Rs 73,185,425,000 for the Interior Division and its attached departments, rejecting all cut motion presented by the opposition. Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid presented the demands in the House on behalf of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar as the opposition members submitted over 100 cut motions. Opening the debate on the cut motions, MQM’s Iqbal Muhammad Khan said terrorists had virtually crippled the country’s economic hub, Karachi. He criticised the law enforcement agencies for their failure to eradicate terrorism and apprehending the culprits involved in target killings in the city. Khan said a de-weaponisation drive should be started in the entire country. MNA Iqbal Ahmad criticised the performance of the Passport Department and said thousands of people could not perform umra due to a delay in the issuance of their passports. Sheikh Rashid said a member of the provincial assembly was targetted along with his son but no arrest had been made so far. He said no one was

safe in mosques and churches anymore, adding that around 12 people had been abducted in Rawalpindi in the last few weeks. Sher Akbar Khan said if the law and order was a provincial subject why had the government not allocated the required funds to the provinces. He said the Interior Ministry should curb corruption in its own departments first. PTI’s Dr Shireen Mazari said protection of citizens of the country was the government’s responsibility but it had miserably failed in the task. “The people who are killed in drone attacks are Pakistanis and it is the responsibility of the Interior Ministry to give details of the names of these innocent people who are killed in such strikes. Or at least the media should be given access to these areas to report the casualties,” she added. She said the government should immediately make a counter-terrorism policy to help rid the country of terrorism. Shah Jahan Baloch said the Interior Ministry must ensure the security of all citizens while Sahibzada Mohammad Yaqoob said the law and order in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Malakand division was not satisfactory and urged the government to set up counters for females at all passport offices.

MNA Nafeesa Inayatullah also urged the government to make a counter-terrorism policy and stressed the need for promoting technical training of law enforcement agencies to improve their performance. Mehreen Razzaq Bhutto said law and order was the most pressing issue of the country. She said the government should launch an operation to clear off illegal weapons, adding that the government should monitor all those institutions which were promoting sectarian violence in the country. Winding up the debate on the Interior Division budget allocations, Zahid Hamid said the government in collaboration with all stakeholders would come up with a comprehensive counter-terrorism policy to overcome terrorism. He said weapon licences would be verified and no new licences would be issued until a comprehensive policy was in place. Hamid said the passport offices had been facing a crisis due to an acute shortage of lamination papers. He said people had to suffer as there had been a backlog of 0.8 million passports. He said the system had now been streamlined and a considerable improvement had been witnessed and about 20,000 passports were being issued daily.


The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has directed three high ranking retired and serving officers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to provide details of their assets to it. Per a NAB spokesman, the bureau had received public complaints that Fayyaz Ahmad Khan Toro, former police officer and his close relative Hazara Commissioner Khalid Khan Omarzai had acquired assets of billion of rupees through illegal means. According to the complaints, the former police officer owned bungalows in Islamabad and Peshawar and a green acre plotting scheme in Mardan. The Hazara commissioner had bungalows in Abbottabad and Murree and unspecified illegal bank accounts. The NAB spokesman said NAB had received complaints about involvement of Qurban Ali Khan Mohmand, a senior officer of the Customs Group in corruption. “He has also been directed to file details of his assets with NAB,” the spokesman added. The three officers have been directed to furnish the details of their assets within 10 days with NAB, warning that otherwise action would be initiated against them.

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Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live. –Gustave Flaubert


CoMMenT Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

A historic decision general in the dock with Article 6 invoked

Terrorists running amok it’s pure terror, no holy war


EN (Retd) Musharraf has finally received his comeuppance. It is for the first time in the life of the country that a former military dictator is being held accountable. A confident Musharraf had reached Karachi on March 24 to take part in elections. A week later he traveled to Islamabad to settle down in his palatial farmhouse with the airs of a man who considered himself above law. Proceedings in a number of cases which were moving at a snail’s pace during his absence from Pakistan suddenly picked up speed. The arrogant former dictator fled from the Islamabad High Court after orders were given for his arrest, something he had never expected. This should have shaken his confidence but he still considered himself to be invulnerable. Musharraf was finally detained in two rooms of his own guesthouse which were declared sub-jail. Subsequently he was arrested in several cases by the police. Military dictators who played a key role in dirty wars in South America have been punished. So have been the generals who conspired against democracy in Turkey. Never before has a former COAS been arrested by police, made to appear before courts or detained in Pakistan. On Monday, addressing the National Assembly Nawaz Sharif announced that Musharraf had committed treason by abrogating the constitution and imposing a state of emergency in the country. He would therefore be tried for treason. Submitting his response in the Supreme Court the same day Attorney General Munir A. Malik stated that the procedure to try Musharraf under Article 6 of the constitution has begun today. The move would strengthen democracy in Pakistan and act as a disincentive for anyone nursing Bonapartist tendencies. The timing for trying Musharraf under Article 6 is ideal. Nawaz Sharif possesses a firm majority in the National Assembly. The opposition, as indicated by the statements of Khursheed Shah and PTI’s Shah Mahmud Qureshi, fully supports the prime minister’s decision. A national consensus on the trial might not have been feasible later on when the gulf is likely to increase with the opposition and there might be lesser public support for the government. It is for the Supreme Court now to proceed in a way that justice is not only done but is also seen to have been done. There is a perception that the case might open a Pandora’s Box. The apex court has to decide how to deal with the issue in a way that it does not divert the focus from the real culprit. One of the biggest crimes the military rulers commit is to damage the image of the army as an institution. They are thus responsible for the gulf that is created between a highly respectable national institution and the general public. By distancing itself from Musharraf the army would for once improve its image. It is time the army realizes that its duty is confined to the defence of the geographical borders of the country.

Pakistan’s growing isolation us, chinese pressure means terrorists need to be tackled


HE US Secretary of State John Kerry choice of not coming to Pakistan and China’s pressure on the Pakistan government to ensure the safety of its citizens after Saturday’s attack on tourists in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) has suddenly thrust Pakistan into international isolation. John Kerry is currently on a three-day tour of India and promised India a ‘central role’ in the upcoming Afghan elections. With the Taliban increasingly active in Pakistan, the US insistence that India’s concerns will be addressed in any negotiations with the Taliban shall be create apprehensions for the Pakistani authorities, who have a big stake in quelling the Taliban insurgency. The Taliban are also the cause of the Chinese government being agitated after two of its citizens were killed by the TTP at a resort in GB. The pressure will be telling, as Kerry’s choice of not coming, after much furor was made that he would visit this country after Nawaz Sharif’s swearing in to address Pakistan’s concerns over drones. The visit apparently did not go ahead due to apparent Pakistani opposition of the US involvement in aiding the Syrian insurgency. The hard line stance appears to have lost Pakistan another opportunity on the foreign relations side, while India appears to have come out the better. Kerry told Indian authorities, “The world’s largest democracy can play a central role in helping the government of Afghanistan improve its electoral system and create a credible and independent framework for resolving disputes,” as Afghanistan is set to go to election on April 5, 2014. Indian officials have raised concerns over the US withdrawal and potential negotiations with the Taliban, sworn enemies of India. Kerry promised that no agreement would be rushed through and that “a final settlement may be long in coming,” and made it clear that “any political settlement must result in the Taliban breaking ties with al Qaeda, renouncing violence, and accepting the Afghan constitution – including its protections for all Afghans, women and men.” All of this means that the talks are unlikely to yield much fruit, and also Pakistan will continue to face the Taliban threat. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has also put pressure on Pakistan to apprehend those responsible for the attack on its citizens. The task will be hard, since the current Pakistani government is stalling on a clear National Security Policy. In any case, the point is that action on the part of Pakistani authorities is required on an urgent basis. Peace and stability in Pakistan will be the precondition was improving foreign relations – else Pakistan will face further isolation. Firm action against terrorists is what is needed for Pakistan to improve relations with its neighbours, who remain concerned about Pakistan’s apparent dual policy with the Taliban. Action will speak louder than words.

imRAn HuSAin


ATAL bombings, brutal murders of MPs and foreign tourists, destruction of mosques and icons have racked the nation. The stench of death is a torrid welcome to the new governments within weeks of their installation. It is a horrific, heartless and expensive way of extremists and terrorists very quickly attempting to enforce the pecking order on the new structure. To most it comes as a complete surprise because the parties making up the new administrations have been and are proponents of peace and parlay with these treacherous elements. Adjectives fail to convey the impact on the feelings of the Pakistani people at the senseless loss of precious lives in the Nanga Parbat disaster. Those killed were our guests. They were visiting our country and spending hard earned money on their sense of adventure. Pakistanis are renowned for their hospitality. And this is what we give them? A sense of shame hangs upon all our heads and our hearts reach out to their dear ones. And a bigger sense of responsibility and shame must be borne by the politicians, leaders and officers that have actually allowed this behemoth to feed upon our souls for so long. Holy war, if there is such a thing today, ought to be restricted to the battlefield if at all. Not against harmless young girls in school buses, not against Malala Yusufzai, and not in markets and streets where innocents are heinously slaughtered. But then there is nothing holy about this war of terror. It is pure terror. Muslim butchering Muslim! The sanctity of prayer is impudently violated and mosques are blown to bits including the Holy Books housed there. It is a desecration of the House of God. This is nothing short of blasphemy, as per the law prevailing in this country. Yet no enforcing authority has dared to assign this oft dubiously used law where it is most needed, to these extremist organisations running amok here. Parliamentarians elected by the people are being swatted like flies, daringly and in broad daylight. There is neither fear of apprehension nor a damn given for retribution. Law enforcement agencies are rendered toothless. The two KP MPs killed fought as independents and then joined the PTI, a party committed to stop drones and engage extremists

with the intention of bringing them into the mainstream. It makes no sense. In Karachi an MP is killed outside a mosque, his young son too. It is horrendous. The three-day shut down does not bring them back to life, but at least it hopefully, brings realisation to the horror of what happened. Surely, these murders must trigger a rethink on part of the PMLN and PTI leadership. It has quickly become a ‘lose lose’ situation. The government is now left with little alternative but to urgently express its avowed intentions and policy in dealing with the situation. There is little time for delay and none for ambiguity. The interior minister’s appeal in the NA requesting he be given time, having been in office only 10 days, is perhaps valid. He mentioned certain, what he termed, positive steps taken, but he fell short of declaring open season against terrorists and terrorism. The new word that has replaced consensus today is ‘one page’. You hear and read it everywhere. Tell me as a Pakistani, and of course Pakistan observers feel free to comment, what are the chances of this ever being realized? If at all, it will take forever. By then we will be overrun. This discussion of ‘talks’ is meaningless. For once, there is consensus on the fact that there are too many groups and sub-groups that have emerged within the terrorists. So for the authorities to be on one page is relevant only if all those groups arrive at one page on their side. The answer lies in the executive, as authorized by the constitution, to take the bull by the horns and ram the spear home. And for all stakeholders in Pakistan to provide support! Even silence can be support. The proceedings of the NA as reported, portray an Imran who appears to have nuanced his view towards the drones, ‘don’t shoot them down’, evoking a complimentary response from the otherwise aloof and arbitrary Nisar. Trouble here is that they are equally tethered in their respective environments. There are two factors governing thinking on both sides directly connected with current events. The first neither has a confirmed, administrative policy to deal with the situation. Primarily they lack the will to take the issue head on. Trial and error is all they have on offer. And second they have bashed drones and the US to such a point that a different perspective will appear as backtracking and cost them political mileage. “Statesmanlike” Nisar termed Imran. Okay then as the first step, governments, federal and provincial should take on that role. In this context, the Punjab government’s allocation of funds to an Hafiz Saeed led organisation, whatever the name or whatever the amount, is seriously distressing. I personally recall a moment in Lahore 20 odd years ago, sitting on the lawn of a very senior member of this government discussing a madressah in Larkana that

was said to house a massive arsenal. This gentleman said to me, “Forget that, right here in Muridke there is a colossal one. They can take us out, right here and now”. So far the Punjab is safe. Let it remain so. The media’s, especially vernacular, glorification of terrorists is a monumental disaster. It has distorted thinking and created massive confusion, especially in the mind of semi literates, contributing wittingly or unwittingly towards a mindset reflecting bravado in committing senseless acts of brutality. Photographs and video clips are shown without any warning of ‘viewer discretion’ with minor viewers probably being scarred for life. The news item following a heart-rending report from a crime scene will refer to something nonsensical and the presenter, as required, will wear a big smile while presenting it. A horrible insensitivity towards death has developed. There is no remorse or sorrow. No democratic government can allow continuance of a rabid policy that damages the bulk of its citizens. The media, even in context to the current energy crisis, is creating an unnecessary negative hype. The nation knows there is a crisis and it is the responsibility of the media to convey the truth regarding the gestation period required to address this issue. To present random street interviews, doctored to a large extent, that say we thought Nawaz Sharif would cure this problem and we have now ‘X’ hours of load shedding as opposed to ‘Y’, is irresponsible. No one is a magician. There is a crisis and yes, it will take time. That is what media reporters interviewing people should be telling them: Have patience. Even in this perceived insensitivity, there is a rapidly developing hatred for terror in the country. Perhaps this is selfish towards protecting life and property but that is peoples’ right. The government must be sensitive and ride that wave. The people of Pakistan eagerly await an unambiguous declaration that reads terrorism, extremists and their supporters will not be tolerated. The PML-N and PTI are done with elections, or very nearly done anyway; it is time a different perspective fills their radar screen. Frankly that perspective can only be one. If there is fear of gaining support or arriving on ‘one page’, the constitutional way of addressing the issue is going to the people with a question and seeking their support. A referendum on the aspect of whether terrorists should be tolerated will revert with a resounding ‘NO’! It is a question of courage and will. So why beat around the bush and have the country beaten up by thugs? Either go get them or corner every possible resource by gaining the peoples’ support. Don’t forget for a moment, the Pakistani people shun terrorism. Why doesn’t their government? The writer can be contacted at:

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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Brutal killing The brutal killing of foreign tourists near Gilgit has shocked the whole nation. I, as a Pakistani, feel ashamed and let down on this heinous act. The motive behind this uncalled for incident is only to defame Pakistan in the international community. I wish to condole wholeheartedly the bereaved families who have lost their dear ones and let them reassure that we

are a peace loving nation and only handful of terrorists cannot deter us. As Muslim we are taught to give highest respect to our guests and they are called blessing of God so I am sure that no Muslim can do such terrible thing. I am sure our government will take every possible step to get these black sheep arrested soonest possible. ABDUL RAUF Fateh Jang

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The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. –Mark Twain




Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

A budget for the rich T the clear signal: change is just wishful thinking

Benazir Bhutto: Martyrdom for marginalised she sacrificed her life for democracy and people’s rights



OWER Politics is not a soft arena for women especially in the South Asian countries. In this turf, violence, coercion, hypocrisy and such other tactics are part of the game. Brutality and ruthless violence could be used to defeat and discourage the opponents. Understandably, logical reasoning is not the sole weapon of the politicians. In the power politics, rules of the game are equal for all, no compassion or courtesy is extended to anyone including women. These are bitter realties of the South Asian politics. When Shaheed Benazir Bhutto entered in politics in late 1977, she confronted all such brutal environment. No concession was given to her because of her gender, her young age, her family background or the status of her late father – the first elected prime minster of Pakistan. She was not even given the courtesy or respect an ordinary woman is entitled to in the traditional South Asian culture. The coward dictator, his allies and protégé did not spare any shameful and inhuman tactic to deter her from politics. They did it in the hope that the young lady will not withstand their brutality. But they were terribly wrong. Fortunately, they were alone: the people of Pakistan were not with them. The people were silently and helplessly watching the inhuman behavior of the usurper, just waiting for the opportunity to express their preference. Ultimately that moment of the people came: in 1988, with the power of votes of the people of Pakistan, Shaheed BB ascended to power. Still she faced intense disapproval from the forces of darkness; the power hungry military men, the pseudo mullahs, and their allies. As expected, they fully exploited religion and the patriarchal tradition of the local culture to undermine her leadership. All sorts of accusations, media trail and persecutions were unleashed upon her. But she stuck to her cause, stood steadfast with the marginalized sections: women, children, landless peasants and unprivileged laborers, who were denied the basic rights of education, health and decent living.

Benazir Bhutto had chosen the path of over 11 years. Her enemies were not just few leadership in a voluntary decision. Remember, individuals, but a bunch of classes and leaders are not born, but are self-made. She strongly networked zealots who had no value was not the one who used her hereditary polit- for life, and no morality or humanism. Her ical support to achieve political power. She enemies included the hypocoristic and power learnt from the most turbulent times, stern tests hungry mullahs, the greedy generals, the feuand trials. Make no mistake: she was not suc- dals, the unprincipled businessmen – all of cessful because her elitist family background. whom joined hands under the umbrella of the Rather due to her family, she faced extra vio- nine-party, Pakistan National Alliance. This lence and brutality. The dictatorial forces were seamless lethal and unholy alliance had only bent upon eliminating her for two reasons: one agenda: to discredit and un-empower first, because of her own pro-people and anti- women. BB fought in many fronts. Her worst establishment agenda; second, for defending enemies were not only the dictators, but also and preserving the political party and philo- the allies of the dictators in the guise of her sophical legacy of Shaheed Z.A Bhutto. To colleagues and party men. In the late 1970s, punish her for this ‘double crime’ all sorts of she assumed leadership in the presence of evil, dictatorial and undemocratic forces several aspirants within her own father’s joined hands to eliminate her both physically party, the PPP. Dealing with such enemies and politically. They succeeded to eliminate needed special skills, wisdom and fortitude. her physically but miserably failed in under- And BB had loads of these attributes. Her enemies never understood her mining here political legacy. Her style of leadership is very much alive and her services for strength. In a short span of time, she conthe democracy and people of Pakistan are ac- tributed a lot to the world political history. It would be difficult for any other woman to reknowledged even by her worst opponents. Her service to democracy was not just to place her the way she worked, resisted and strengthen and stabilize the parliamentary sys- was elected twice as the prime minister of Pakistan. Today, she is the role tem. The most laudable model but she had created and long-lasting contriconducive situation for bution of BB was to emwomen to play a role in power women and democracy. She was the youth leadership in PakMany politicians are one who sacrificed her life istan to struggle for their rights. With her enjoying the fruits of that for democracy and people’s rights. She set an example artful and dignified poplant, which is now not only for Pakistan, but litical conduct, she falsified the notion that relatively stronger. Let us also for the women leaders ‘women are weak’ and remember her blood, her of theHerworld. assassination was can be defeated by the coercion and violence. boldness and her bravery. the end of an era of a and distinctive poShe disproved such She fought for sovereign, unique litical career of a woman clichés with her powerleader who rose to global ful and resilient political stable and progressive fame. She set an example behavior. She proved Pakistan. Her sacrifice of bravery in defying the that, with determination shackles of military dictaand dedication, the showed tremendous torship, remaining uncowardly dictators results. People of bowed with grace. She could be defeated. While defeating the Pakistan will never forget nurtured the tender plant of democracy with her blood. forces of darkness, she her and her services. Many politicians are enjoydemonstrated that she ing the fruits of that plant, possessed stronger inwhich is now relatively terpersonal skills (emstronger. Let us remember pathy, flexibility and her blood, her boldness and sociability), impeccable moral character and highly developed psycho- her bravery. She fought for sovereign, stable logical and cognitive capabilities. While pre- and progressive Pakistan. Her sacrifice senting her viewpoint, she was more assertive showed tremendous results. People of Pakistan and argumentative than her male counterparts. will never forget her and her services. The article was written to coincide with Her years of resistance and resilience were not sporadic or short term, but spanned Benazir Bhutto’s birthday on June 21.

HE budget is a ritual that each year is performed with due indifference by the government and received with due apprehension by the public. This time the expectations were different. The new government had taken over with many claims, and the public was expecting at the least an attempt to be different from the last one. And many felt that the government would try to put in a first good impression with a more AnDLEEb AbbAS people-friendly approach. But unbelievably it has not bothered to make any pretense of being pro poor and has blatantly made a budget for the rich, against the poor, with the clear intention of signaling that change is just wishful thinking. The budget should be the most important exercise but it has become the most dreaded one. It is an exercise where innocent public have to pay for the sins of corrupt governments. It is an exercise that is made with a very muddled vision, where figure fudging is done to create veneer of benefits hiding beneath a host of painful price hike tumours ready to burst out in the long run. The budget document loses all its importance if it does not have a direction, a vision and a mission. Thus all budgets are generally supposed to be for public benefit but none of them have a vision statement and purpose statement explaining where the country is heading. Are we aiming at an investment-oriented budget? Are we aiming at a consumption-oriented budget? Are we encouraging savings? Are we providing relief for the poor? Are we paying obeisance to IMF? This is the first discussion that should be held in any budget preparation. The direction setting exercise then aligns every budgeting area to be guided by that direction. In the absence of this overarching direction the budget is a mere cut and paste exercise that makes a mess of a random and hashed approach of fitting in figures in various slots and somehow balancing the receipts with expenditures. The present budget announced by the government is a classic example of this thoughtless and directionless exercise. The prime minister and finance minister kept on claiming that the budget is pro poor, giving relief to the under privileged. However the details of the budget show a total contradiction to these claims. It has been a blatant exercise in traditional squeezing of the already squeezed. The GST increase of one per cent on consumption is a cumulative, regressive and indirect tax that will have a high inflationary impact. This increase will result in actual terms of at least six per cent as the calculation is more technical than a simple deduction. However by the time the middlemen add their margins and pass on the cost to the consumer the impact escalates between 25 to 30 per cent. On the one hand the cost of living goes up, and on the other the salaries have not budged. This is a classic case of strangulating the masses and increasing the difference between haves and have nots. In this budget the salaried class has been mercilessly taxed as people who have worked hard and have started earning a decent amount have now to pay for this hard work by paying off 35 per cent of it to the taxman. Even within the salary scales the formula is that as it increases from Rs60,000 to Rs70,000 the tax rate is cut from 35 to 19 per cent. This is totally contrary to the earlier claims of being equitable, not taxing the already taxed and enhancing the tax net. The big business meanwhile has remained untouched and the other sectors like agricultural tax etc. have been left to provincial domain. This disconnect, with where you are claiming you want to go and where you end up, is attributable to two reasons. One is that most of our politicians are rooted in paying lip service to pacify the public and keep on doing the contrary. Either they will justify it on the basis of conditions, circumstances etc. or they simply do not have the competence to understand the importance of having a strategic budget planning process where a clear purpose is the driving force behind this document. In either case, the public suffers and starts disbelieving and distrusting this exercise as a threat to their existence. The budget actually is a reflection of the mindset of the leaders. The budget has done some cursory increases in education and health but not really any significant growth in these areas. Yet the Prime minister has been saying that he wants Pakistan to become an Asian Tiger. What is puzzling now is how can he do it without making huge investments in education and health, which was the hallmark of the countries where rapid progress was made. The mindset is disappointingly similar to previous regimes that reek of stop gap arrangements to fight fires but no long term plan of how to increase revenue. The same tried, tested and failed solutions are again on display: tax the already taxed; borrow more locally to pay off debts and then borrow from the IMF to keep the country afloat and indebted; spend on roads and buses first and education and health later. Maybe it is this inherent fear of these leaders of having an aware and educated populace that will question the budget window dressing that forces them to keep the public in ignorance. This mindset is the biggest hurdle on making non-traditional policies and plans. The government must realize that after five years of living with injustice, the public’s patience with more of the same has exhausted itself. Also they should not overestimate the level of ignorance of the man on street. With media so penetrative and public distrust at a high it will be difficult for the government to justify earlier claims on the basis of severity of circumstances. What they need to do is to take some bold and innovative approaches. The NADRA has already identified almost a million more people who can be brought into the tax net. The least that the government can do is to bring some of them to pay taxes. The rationale behind this is that to get a different result, you must adopt a different approach. Otherwise their claims of ‘No More’ will simply sound hollow compared to the IMF dictate of ‘Do More’. The writer is an analyst and columnist and can be reached at

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Give it up for Ray Charles and his beautiful legacy. And thank you, Ray Charles, for living. –Jamie Foxx


ARTS Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


NEWS DESK Bobby “Blue” Bland, a pioneer of the modern soul-blues sound, died on Sunday, according to Memphis media reports. He was 83. Local television stations cited the Memphis Music Foundation, which could not be reached for comment. Bland was a member of the Blues Foundation’s Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His hits included “Turn on Your Love Light,” “Further on Up the Road” and “I Pity the Fool.” Bland, known as “The Lion of The Blues,” was born in 1930 in Rosemark, Tennessee. He moved to Memphis in 1947 where he began mixing sounds from gospel, blues and R&B music, joining the Beale Streeters, a group that included Johnny Ace, B.B. King and Junior Parker, according to Bland’s biography on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website. “His hallmark was his supple, confidential soul-blues delivery,” the website said. Bland received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.


drinking pals



N G ELI N A Jolie has reportedly prohibited hubby-to-be, Brad Pitt, from inviting his binge-drinking friends to the party. The ‘Salt’ star has apparently ordered her fiance to leave out Jonah Hill, Quentin Tarantino and Philip Seymour Hoffman from the list of wedding guests, in case they get hammered at the nuptials, the Sun reported. She has also cautioned Pitt that his close pal, George Clooney, will also be required to control his wine consumption on the day of the marriage. A source told the publication that Jolie wants the whole affair to be very civilised and is concerned about the habits of some of Pitt’s more raucous friends. The insider said that the actress thinks that if Hill and Tarantino come, they’ll hit the bar early on and cause a commotion.

Emma Stone uses baking soda to exfoliate skin NEWS DESK


Actress Emma Stone has made an interesting revelation about her beauty secret. She says she uses baking soda to exfoliate her skin. “When I want to exfoliate my skin, I simply scrub it with some baking soda,” Elle Magazine quoted the 24-year-old as saying. The star admits she hardly ever works out and says she prefers to practice relaxing techniques like yoga instead, reports “At the moment I don’t do that much, but I know I need to change that. I’m trying to get into yoga, I like it and apparently it’s very good for you. As well as yoga, I do a bit of meditation,” said Stone.

Tamil actor Dhanush’s Bollywood debut ‘Raanjhanaa’, which also features Sonam Kapoor, has minted Rs.20.08 crore on its opening weekend in the country. The film, reportedly made at a budget of Rs.35 crore, released worldwide on Friday. “The total weekend collection of Raanjhanaa in India is Rs.20.08 crore,” said a statement from Eros International, the producers of the film. The love story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl, Raanjhanaa also features Swara Bhaskar, Abhay Deol and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub in important role. The film is directed by Anand L. Rai, and has music by AR Rahman. The Tamil dubbed version of the film titled Ambikapathy is scheduled to release in Tamil Nadu on June 28 in more than 200 screens.

‘Monsters University’ scares zombies to lead box office NEWS DESK “Monsters University,” the prequel to Pixar’s 2001 animated blockbuster “Monsters, Inc.,” scared up $82 million in weekend ticket sales to easily outdistance the week’s other new movie, the big-budget apocalyptic thriller “World War Z,” which came in with an impressive haul of $66 million. “World War Z,”, the story of a zombie pandemic starring Brad Pitt, was Pitt’s biggest opening weekend ever, easily outpacing the $50.3 million for “Mr. And Mrs. Smith.” Last week’s top movie, the Superman reboot “Man of Steel”, was third with ticket sales of $41.2 million. “Monsters University,” featuring the voices of Billy Crystal and John Goodman as monsters who flunk out of the college’s scare program, continued the tradition of hugely successful films produced by Pixar, a unit of the Walt Disney Co. It was Pixar’s 14th consecutive film to head the box office for the weekend it premiered in theaters, according to Paul Dergarabedian, president of’s box office division, easily outpacing industry projections of a $70 million weekend. “It definitely exceeded our expectations,” said Dave Hollis, executive vice president of distribution for Walt Disney Studios. “The first film was so beloved and set such a high bar so we’re ecstatic.”

Hollis said “Monsters University” was boosted by word of mouth. “It’s turned into a bit of a date night option,” he said. “And there haven’t been a lot of family options in the marketplace.” Distributed by Paramount Pictures, “World War Z” was delayed from its initially planned December release after the studio decided to reshoot the final third, pushing its budget from $170 million to more than $200 million, according to published reports. Paramount said the film, which Pitt produced, cost $190 million to produce. Pitt stars as a former UN crisis specialist called upon to help defeat zombies who threaten to take over the planet. The film had been forecast to rack up ticket sales of about $50 million, according to’s box office division, while the studio said it was looking to the high 40s, given the competition from “Monsters” and “Man of Steel.” “I don’t think there’s a person on the planet who thought this would open at $66 million,” said Don Harris, Paramount’s president of distribution. “These are pretty heady

numbers.” “We’re in really good shape” heading into the lucrative peak summer season weeks including the July 4 holiday, Harris said. “And we certainly broadened the audience,” he added, noting the film’s 51 percent female-49 percent male audience breakdown, unusual for a big budget summer action film. “Man of Steel,” which stars British actor Henry Cavill as the muscled superhero, has generated domestic ticket sales of $210 million, already more than 2006’s “Superman Returns,” which starred Brandon Routh and took in just over $200 million. Directed by Zack Snyder, the current version was distributed by Warner Bros. “This Is the End,” the apocalyptic comedy written by star Seth Rogen and his childhood friend Evan Goldberg, collected $13 million to take fourth place in the United States and Canada. “Now You See Me,” starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg as

magicians who evade the police after high-profile robberies, was fifth with ticket sales of $7.9 million, pushing its total domestic take to just under $95 million. “Despicable Me 2,” which opens July 3 in North America, had a strong debut in Australia where Universal opted to open the film early to coincide with winter school holidays. The film took in $4.3 million, added to $2.1 million from paid previews last week. “Monsters University” was distributed by the Walt Disney Co. Warner Brothers, a unit of Time Warner, distributed

“Man of Steel.” Viacom’s Paramount Pictures unit distributed “World War Z.” Sony’s film studio distributed “This is the End.” “Now You See Me” was distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

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A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman. –Jackie Chan

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13 A




LONDON: Pippa and James Middleton catch day one of the Wimbledon championships.


T is no secret that John Abraham loves being fit and healthy. The actor is also an avid boxing enthusiast and is keen on incorporating boxing as an art form of exercise in India. John has partnered with former World Boxing Champion David Haye to introduce boxing as a mode of fitness in the country. While the British boxer is excited about his tie up with the actor, John too is excited about the venture and says, “I’ve trained with David Haye and realised that we share the same passion for fitness and the sport of boxing. I’ve always endorsed a healthy lifestyle and look to pioneer a new trend in India in association with David.”


not ready to date NEWS DESK

Katie Homes has denied any rumors of a romance with her ‘Mania Days’ co-star Luke Kirby. A source told People magazine that the 34year-old actress, who split from Tom Cruise last year, doesn’t want a relationship right now and is trying to prioritise her seven-year-old daughter Suri, Contactmusic reported. The insider added that the actress is lying low on the romantic side of things and she doesn’t need it now as she is focusing on her daughter.

Jennifer Aniston struggled to cover her shock when she bumped into her former boyfriend, Vince Vaughn, at a recent US awards party. It has been claimed that ‘The Break-Up’ co-stars were quite serious about each other, but the end of their relationship wasn’t the most amicable. A source told Heat magazine that the Hollywood actress, who is set to marry Justin Theroux, didn’t know Vaughn would be there, the Herald Sun reported. The insider asserted that Aniston was shocked, but she managed to cover it up with a smile and a quick hello. nEwS DESK

WRIGHT’S ExPEnSIvE BIRTHdAY GIfT foR KEEGAn Actor Mark Wright has reportedly gifted girlfriend Michelle Keegan a pair of Louboutin shoes worth 1,000 pounds. Keegan, who turned 26 June 3, partied hard with Wright in Spain but was further pampered with the expensive pair of shoes, reports “He can’t stop buying her things,” a source said. The couple has been dating for over six months. nEwS DESK

Shahid Kapoor to shake a leg with Prabhu Deva NEWS DESK After Akshay Kumar (in Rowdy Rathore) and Sonakshi Sinha (in OMG - Oh My God!), Shahid Kapoor is all set to shake a leg with Prabhu Dheva. The song, ‘Gandi Baat’, will be a part of the duo’s upcoming film ‘Rambo Rajkumar’. “The dance sequence will be a part of Prabhu Dheva’s next directorial venture, Rambo Rajkumar. The film stars Shahid and as he is a fabulous dancer it was decided to include a song featuring the duo. The shooting of the movie has already started,” says a source close to the film. Confirming the news, Prabhu Dheva said, “It is a peppy number and I am pretty excited about it. Shahid and I have already begun rehearsing.” Matching steps with the acclaimed dancer and choreographer is no mean task, and Shahid, a trained dancer, said, “I am looking forward to shooting the dance number with Prabhu

Sir. His style is very new to me. But, I am enjoying every bit of the challenge.” Both Prabhu Dheva and Shahid are putting their best foot forward. The song has been set to tune by Pritam and the source said, “Although, it is the first time Pritam will have Prabhu Dheva dance to his tune, with Shahid, he has already had hits like Mauja Hi Mauja (Jab We Met) and Aai Pappi (Kismat Konnection).” Elaborating on the song, Pritam said, “For Prabhu Dheva and Shahid, we needed a track that is high on tempo and energy. We are confident that Gandi Baat will be loved by all.” Viki Rajani, who is producing the film along with Eros, is happy to see the team come together for this song, which is being pitched as one of the highlights of the film. “This is the first time to bring two of the topnotch dancers of the industry together. I am sure Gandi Baat will be a song to remember.”

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Men have become the tools of their tools. –Henry David Thoreau





In BACKYARd A woman who quit her job to care for her elderly mother felt at a loss to support herself when the older woman died so she buried her in the yard of their Florida home and lived off her mother’s Social Security checks for 14 years, her lawyers and federal authorities say. Now living in Ohio, Patricia Hodges of Marietta was sentenced Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Columbus to 30 days in prison, plus six months of home confinement as part of a threeyear period of court supervision once she gets out of prison. The 66-year-old woman also was must repay more than $141,000 in Social Security benefits. Hodges pleaded guilty in February to one count of theft of government money for cashing mother Janet Kelly’s checks, federal authorities said. No information was immediately available on whether any charges were filed involving the mother’s burial. In November 2011, a Social Security Administration official went to Hodges’ home in Marietta, seeking proof that Janet Kelly, who would have been 103, was still alive, an investigator testified at Hodges’ plea hearing. The investigator said Hodges first said her mother was on a cruise and planned to live with a niece in New York after the cruise. But an investigation by the Social Security Administration and Marietta police found that Kelly had died in 1997 and that Hodges had buried her in the backyard of the Lake Worth, Fla., home where they had lived. nEwS DESK


AKING daily iron supplements during pregnancy can reduced the chances of having a small baby as well as anaemia, says research from Harvard University. Studies of two million women found that taking even a tiny amount of iron cut the risk of anaemia by 12percent and low birth weight by 3percent. Pregnant women in the UK are not given iron supplements unless their iron levels are found to be low. Serious iron deficiency tends to affect women in poorer countries. The British Medical Journal study analysed the results of more than 90 randomised trials and studies involving pregnant women in countries including China and Tanzania. For every additional 10mg of iron taken each day, up to a maximum of 66mg per day, the risks of anaemia and low birth weight decreased, the study said. Birth weight was found to increase by 15g with each 10mg of iron taken per day. But researchers found no reduction in the risk of premature birth as a result of iron use. Previous studies have suggested there could be a higher risk of low birth weight and premature birth in pregnant women with anaemia. The study says iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia during pregnancy, especially in low and middle income countries, affecting about 32 million pregnant women in 2011. The study authors are calling for improved antenatal care in countries where iron deficiency is common and say future research should look at “feasible strategies of iron delivery”. The World Health Organization currently recommends a dose of 60mg per day for pregnant women.

Dr Batool Haider, study author from the department of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard University’s school of public health, said even high-income countries could take something from the research. “The recently estimated prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy in Europe was estimated to be 16.2percent in 2011,” she said. NICE guidelines, however, say that iron supplements should not be offered routinely to all pregnant women in the UK. Janet Fyle, professional policy adviser at the Royal College of Midwives, said ensuring pregnant women had the right level of iron was important. “Women’s iron levels are checked at specific times

Man selling coffins neglects to mention skeletons inside NEWS DESK An Iowa man’s online classified ad offering an oak coffin for sale neglected to mention the full skeleton inside, so police interrupted the deal and seized the bones. The Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil reported that the coffin belonged to the now-defunct Council Bluffs chapter of the International Order of Odd Fellows, which promotes anonymous giving to the poor. Dave Burgstrum placed the ad on the Craigslist website to sell the coffin for $12,000 because he’s trying to raise money to pay the property taxes on the fraternal organization’s hall. Burgstrum said the coffin was made in the 1900s and had been used in the group’s rituals to represent death. The bones had been in there for years. “They were just there as long as anyone could remember,” said Burgstrum, who is one of a

Facebook designing Flipboard-style news reader app NEWS DESK Facebook is working on a mobile news reader app similar to Flipboard to display content from various sources in a magazine-style format, the Wall Street Journal said in a report Sunday. Citing “people with knowledge of the matter”, the Journal said the social networking giant had been working “quietly” on the service – known internally as Reader – for more than a year,

during pregnancy. Appropriate action is taken if required, such as dietary advice or an iron supplement may be recommended. “There is perhaps a need here in the UK for us to focus on ensuring better pre-conception health, so that women contemplating pregnancy can adjust their diet to include appropriate nutrients before becoming pregnant.” She added: “The problem of serious iron deficiency tends to affect low income countries, where some women may already have poor health status before pregnancy and have the added burden of not being able to afford iron supplements.” Dr Roger Marwood, consultant obstetrician and spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said the effects of iron on pregnant women in low and high income countries in the study were hard to ignore. “This large study shows all the signs of there being a real effect - and it shows that even low doses can have a significant effect.” He said women who are intolerant to iron can suffer from indigestion, bloating and other stomach problems. But reducing the dose should also reduce the side effects. Dr Sue Pavord, consultant haematologist at University Hospitals of Leicester, said the study provided compelling evidence for the benefits of iron supplementation on foetal growth. Up until now, the evidence has been inconclusive. She said: “It’s not clear whether such big effects will be seen in the UK population and whether routine supplementation for all women will be better than our current approach, which is prompt identification and management of at risk groups. “But in the light of this new data we will be reviewing this.”

though it remains unclear whether there are currently any concrete plans for a release. It’s also not known if the project involves a stand-alone app or software that would be integrated into the company’s existing offerings. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is said to be working closely with the team behind the long-running project, offering input and opinions on features and design. The revelation, which comes a week after the discovery of an RSS

reader hidden in Facebook’s Graph API code, is another signal of the company’s intention to push further into the mobile space in an effort to continue building its already massive user base while at the same time increasing revenue via mobile advertising. Zuckerberg and his team in April rolled out Facebook Home, mobile software designed to take the place of the usual Android home screen and give the social networking site a more prominent position

on handsets. It’s also recently introduced hashtags to its service, a feature long-used by a slew of other mobile apps such as Twitter and Instagram. The Journal reported that while mobile users are spending more and more time with their mobile devices, users of Facebook usually drop in for just a few minutes at a time. “A more immersive experience [with Reader] could open up new ad models for Facebook, which now generates about a third of its revenue from mobile,” people familiar with Facebook’s mobile strategy told the Journal. However, Facebook will have its work cut out if it wants to make news a significant part of its plans to conquer mobile. Twitter is already doing very nicely in that department, and Flipboard – the news-reading app upon which Reader is said to be based – enjoys a user base of more than 50 million. There is, of course, a lot of movement in the news reader space just now, with Google set to close down its Reader service at the start of July, leaving many looking for a new service. However, its soon-to-beshuttered offering is aimed more at serious news junkies, whereas Facebook’s Reader appears to have taken the magazine-style route.

handful of remaining members of the Council Bluffs chapter of the Odd Fellows. Burgstrum said lodge records suggest the skeleton was donated by a doctor who retired in the 1880s. But Council Bluffs Police detective Michael Roberts said human remains cannot be sold without proper identification. “If they had papers of origination, then they would be OK to own,” Roberts said. The skeleton was sent to the Iowa State Medical Examiner. Pottawattamie County forensic investigator Karen Foreman said it’s unlikely the skeleton will be identified, but the race and gender can be determined. And if the skeleton is Native American, federal law requires that it be returned to the tribe. Burgstrum said the laboratory is welcome to keep the skeleton. His interest has always been in selling the coffin. “I’m ready to wheel and deal on it,” he said. “I’d like to get those taxes paid.”

MAn CHASEd BY WoLf on MoToRCYCLE A canadian man says he was chased by a gray wolf while he was riding a motorcycle in British columbia. Tim Bartlett of Banff tells the National Post the wolf darted onto the roadway and began chasing him June 8 as he was riding through the canadian Rockies. The animal got within several feet (meters) of him before Bartlett accelerated. After Bartlett put some distance between himself and the wolf, he stopped to take some photos, capturing it in full pursuit. He says he could hear the wolf’s feet on the road. He says he believes the wolf was after his bike. Bartlett accelerated again as traffic picked up, and he says he last saw the wolf running away from the highway and into the trees. nEwS DESK

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SPoRTS Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


For me, cheating only starts if I gain an advantage from it. That was not the case. I just wanted to level the playing fields. Jan Ullrich



And so another world tournament slipped through the fingers of the Proteas. Sadly, even just writing about it a few days after the event still drags up the unfortunate feeling of another let-down. I guess thousands of fans around the world also feel the same, and will do until next time. We all want the same, it doesn’t matter which player you fancy or what axe you have to grind with a coach or captain, we all just want our South African cricket team to win. The problem is that each and every time the expectations aren’t met, it compounds the anxiety and gets worse. I sense that we have reached a new low as far as accepting the result this time around. What really makes me believe that is that our coach, Gary Kirsten, has come out and said we “choked”. This word has become something of a mind-set now. Whether the team like it or not, the label has now been stuck firmly on the box. The captain, AB de Villiers, has also come out and publicly said that perhaps they aren’t as good as they themselves thought they were. Immediately I begin to hear some drop in confidence, and if he as the leader is feeling it, sure enough his players are also going to, sooner or later. Over the last while it’s become fashionable for the team to travel to faroff places and spend time with supposed “gurus” who help change confidence levels and instil some kind of camaraderie and togetherness before going into battle. The last one was in Holland, and before that it was in Switzerland, of all places. Clearly, the cash and time spent on these jaunts should rather have been spent on something else. It would have been more beneficial to go down to Durban beachfront for a stroll and a swim in the sea together. The question that keeps coming up is: WHY does it happen? Over the years many people have had many thoughts on it and different things have been tried. New coaches have been brought in, players have been changed and so on, yet the result still comes up the same. A loss in the face of pressure of the moment and an early flight home.




NDIA captain MS Dhoni called on his team to prove they were the top-ranked side in the world before sealing a dramatic five-run win over England in the Champions Trophy final on Sunday. Hosts England needed 130 to win, in a match reduced to 20 overs a side because of more bad weather, and they fell short in the face of inspired Indian spin bowling. “We are the number-one ranked side, let’s make it show,” Dhoni told a news conference.

“Let’s make them fight for 130 runs and not look for outside help.” Dhoni said he told his players to forget this was supposed to be a 50-over game. “It was a 20-over game and we have seen at the IPL and in Twenty20s that 130 can be a very difficult target to achieve,” he said. “Also I said nobody could look to the left side of the pitch where the rain was coming from. “I said ‘God is not coming to save us, if you want to win the trophy we have to fight it out’.” In a tournament where his world champions won five matches out of five, Dhoni said

he thought it was a slightly unsatisfactory end to a major tournament. “I think it is a bit unfair in the ICC Champions Trophy that we had to play a 20-over game to find a winner of the 50-over format,” Dhoni said. “Still, they (the ICC) needed a result. This means a lot because we are playing here against some of the best sides in the world and to beat England in a 130-run game is very difficult.” Dhoni then paid tribute to opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan, the top-scorer in the tournament, and man-of-thematch Ravindra Jadeja.

India’s new found bowling allrounder, Ravindra Jadeja will be in the thick of team’s plan for the 2015 mega tournament with the seventh position in the team more or less sealed already. Dhoni will be hoping that the left-hander will also take up the role of finisher from Dhoni and thus relieve him of some pressure. Birmingham: Ravindra Jadeja attained a career-best third spot in the ODI bowlers and all-rounders’ list a day after India lifted the ICC Champions Trophy that strengthen their position as the number one ranked team on the ODI Championship table in the latest rankings released today. India, having entered the tournament on 119 ratings points, have now moved to 123 thanks to their victories over South Africa, West Indies and Pakistan in the group stage, followed by wins over Sri Lanka in the semi-finals and England in the final. They have a lead of 10 ratings points over their nearest rival, England, who are currently on 113 points, level with third-placed Australia. But Alastair Cook’s side is ranked above Michael Clarke’s team by a fraction of a point. Jadeja’s 12 scalps in the Champions Trophy made him the highest wicket taker and fetched him the Golden Ball trophy. His unbeaten 33 and two for 24 in the final against England here last night also helped him earn the Man of the Match. His efforts have made him climb to a career-best third in the latest ICC ODI player rankings for bowlers. He has also climbed up three places to 52nd in the batting table. SPORTS DESK

Stumpings bring implementation of laws into spotlight SPORTS DESK The stumping of Ian Bell will remain a talking point of the Champions Trophy, but if you go strictly by the letter of the law, you may as well add Jonathan Trott’s dismissal to it. Both were playing at their home ground, Edgbaston. Trott was done in by a superb delivery and stumping. R Ashwin went round the stumps, tossed the ball up, got it to dip, making it fall short of where Trott was expecting to, and leaving him stranded outside the crease. The dip beat him on length, but it was strange Trott didn’t try to cover the line of this wide ball in panic. Caught inside the line of the ball, he didn’t try to kick the ball away. Anyway, Ashwin’s team-mate, Virat Kohli, nearly cost him the dismissal. Standing at backward short leg, Kohli had started moving to his left by the time the ball

pitched, and by the time the ball reached Trott, Kohli had no touch with the ground that he originally occupied. Laws 41.7 and 41.8 deal with the fielder movement pretty

much clearly. 41.7. Movement by fielders 

Any significant movement by any fielder after the ball comes into play, and before the ball reaches the striker, is unfair.

Shami replaces Irfan for WI tour SPIORTS DESK Irfan Pathan was ruled out of the West Indies tri-series with a hamstring injury and Shami Ahmed, a right-arm medium pacer, was named as his replacement. Irfan toured England with the Indian team for the Champions Trophy but did not get a game after a poor show in a warm-up game against Sri Lanka. The leftarm seamer had played his last ODI against Sri Lanka in Pallekele last year but has since been out in the cold. Shami made his debut against Pakistan last year and made a promising start to his career before being sidelined after five ODIs.

aRThuR’S ReiGn endS, lehMann TaKeS oveR SPORTS DESK Australia have sacked their coach Mickey Arthur and replaced him with Darren Lehmann just over two weeks before the start of the Ashes series against England. The team have endured a series of poor results, losing a test series in India 40 this year, and there have been a number of disciplinary issues in the squad. “We’ve made a tough decision and the timing of this decision will have no doubt surprised and even shocked a lot of people,” Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland told a news conference in Bristol on Monday. “It’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly, but a baggy green cap is something that is important to all Australian cricketers, it’s one of the great prizes in Australian sport. “What we feel is that Australian cricket fans expect and know that through

the great history and tradition with the baggy green cap there is a responsibly for performance. Sutherland said results had simply not been good enough. “Consistency of behaviour, accountability for performance and discipline, they are things we like to see in a team that is improving.” he said. “We have recognised issues and concerns about that in months gone by and in recent times we haven’t seen the improvement there that we would like. The coach is not solely responsible for that, but ultimately we’ve made a decision we believe will make a difference in this area.” artHur responsible Arthur said he took full responsibility for the situation. “The reality is when you take a job on as head coach, you are totally responsible for the outcomes,” he told a news

conference. “The players are a young group, learning their ways. I am a man of principal who tries to get the team going in one direction as I firmly believe that a team with culture is a successful team. “I do not feel let down by the players at all, at the end of the day you live and die by the sword. I gave this job 100 percent of my time over the last couple of years and the disappointing thing is that I thought we were nearly there to cracking it.” Australia captain Michael Clarke, who has asked to step down from his role as a team selector, said he was initially shocked by events but was now fully focused on getting results. “We know what the standards and expectations off the field are as well in regard to behaviour and we have no excuses for not upholding those values,” Clarke said.

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It’s no secret that I like having seasoned players freshened up with a sprinkling of youth.– Phil Simmons


LAHORE: Somerset have signed Pakistan’s Yasir Arafat as their second overseas player for this season’s Twenty20 campaign. The 31-year-old all-rounder has had similar spells with Lancashire, Sussex, Kent and Surrey. In T20, Arafat has a batting average of 14.70 from his 150 matches and has claimed 183 wickets at 22.03. “He’s a front line bowler with specific T20 skills and has proven results in all parts of the world,” said director of cricket Dave Nosworthy. “It has been a long process to find an ideal and available player who could remain with us for the entire competition and create the right impact.” Alviro Petersen became Somerset’s first overseas signing in April and the South African is available in all formats. The Taunton outfit begin their FL t20 campaign with a home match against Gloucestershire on Friday, 5 July. STAFF REPORT


Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


LAHORE: Pakistan maintained its sixth spot in the latest One-Day International ranking of International Cricket Council (ICC) released on Monday despite their dismal showing in the Champions Trophy. India’s triumphant run in the Champions Trophy 2013 has helped it strengthen its position as the numberone ranked team in the ODI Championship table. India entered the tournament on 119 ratings points and has moved to 123 thanks to its victories over South Africa, West Indies and Pakistan in the group stage, followed by wins over Sri Lanka in the semi-final and host England in the final. India now has a lead of 10 ratings points over its nearest rival, England, which is currently on 113, level with third-placed Australia. But Alastair Cook’s side is ranked above Michael Clarke’s team by a fraction of a point. South Africa continues to be ranked fourth with a loss of one ratings points (111) following its loss in the semi-final to England. Sri Lanka is still at fifth but has also lost one ratings point to finish at 108. India’s Ravindra Jadeja made all-round gains in the latest ODI Player Rankings, a day after India beat England by five runs in the final of Champions Trophy. Jadeja, who made an unbeaten 33 and picked two for 24 in the final, was named Man of the Match. His haul of 12 wickets in the tournament also made him the highest wicket-taker, fetching him the Golden Ball trophy. Jadeja’s efforts helped him move up a place to a career-best third in the latest ODI Player Rankings for Bowlers. Jadeja also moved up three places to 52nd in the batting table. His combined effort with the bat and ball helped him move up a place to a best-ever third in the latest all-rounders’ rankings. STAFF REPORT



PCB prepares for cricket series on neutral soil

PaKiSTan MainTain 6TH SPoT

aRaFaT JoinS



HE Pakistan Cricket Board on Monday announced the holding of the next two cricket series at neutral venues and invited bids to host South Africa and Sri Lanka in the United Arab Emirates. Officials had been reluctant to announce their next two series from October-January, instead hoping they could convince visiting teams to tour Pakistan, a country hard hit by Taliban and AlQaeda-linked violence. Pakistan has been forced to play at neutral venues since militants attacked the Sri Lankan team in March 2009, suspending international cricket in the country. On Saturday, 10 foreign climbers were killed by gunmen

AMIR’S ISSUE TO BE RAISED AT ICC MEETING LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board will ask the International Cricket Council to reconsider the five-year ban on young fast bowler Mohammad Amir for spot-fixing. The interim chairman of the PCB is scheduled to attend the ICC board meeting in England later this week where he plans to raise the issue of Amir’s ban. He said: “Amir is a great star ... I will try to make the ICC understand that Amir is a young cricketer, he has already served two, two-and-a-half years of his ban.” Amir is banned until September 2015 for bowling deliberate no-balls during a test match against England in 2010. The leftarm fast bowler pleaded guilty and did not appeal against the ban. Appeals by his teammates Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt were rejected by Court of Arbitration for Sport. STAF F REPO RT

in the Himalayas, the worst attack on foreigners for a decade and an incident that has further inflamed the country’s


reputation for insecurity. The Pakistan Cricket Board on Monday took out an advertisement in a local

newspaper, inviting bids to sponsor two series, now confirmed for the UAE. “The two series will be played in the UAE as we have started our preparations,” a PCB official confirmed, refusing to be named. Pakistan play two Tests, five one-day and three Twenty20 internationals against South Africa in October-November before returning to play three Tests, five one-day and two T20s against Sri Lanka in DecemberJanuary. Pakistan was already a “no go” area for many international teams even before the Sri Lankan attacks as security fears grew after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Those attacks paved the way to the US-led invasion of neighbouring Afghanistan, a subsequent Taliban insurgency, a series of backlash attacks in Pakistan and since 2007, Pakistan’s own domestic Taliban insurgency. Australia have not toured Pakistan since 1998, citing serious threats to their players.

TanviR SiGnS uP a


one-game deal

LAHORE: The Honourable District Judge, West, Islamabad has upheld the orders of the Honourable civil Judge, Islamabad, denying the so-called illegal Interim committee any relief, declaring that the committee had no legal standing whatsoever. The verdict, delivered on June 11, 2013, has been issued on the appeal of one Asif Bajwa, who is impersonating himself as the chairman of the socalled Interim committee. The excerpts of the last paragraph (8) of the verdict (copy attached) clearly state: “I am of the opinion that the impugned order, judgment of the learned trial court are eminently reasonable and proceeds on cogent grounds to which no exception can be taken. STAFF REPORT

PETERBOROugH: Peterborough Town are trying to sign Pakistani Test bowler Tanvir Ahmed ahead of Saturday’s (June 29) big Northants Premier Division clash with league leaders Finedon at Bretton Gate. The city side are without regular professional Paul McMahon who is on best man duties at a wedding so they’ve turned their attention to Tanvir, who fulfilled a month of a season-long contract at Bretton Gate in 2010 before leaving after winning his first call-up to the Pakistan Test squad. Tanvir has subsequently made five Test appearances for Pakistan and taken 17 wickets. He took 6-120 on debut in South Africa when his victims included Graeme Smith, Hashim Amla and Jacques Kallis. His last Test appearance took place in February of this year, again against South Africa when he dismissed AB De Villiers. AGEnCiES


loPSided auSTRalia in SeaRCh oF BalanCe SPORTS DESK Were Australia’s selectors to be required to choose their XI for the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge today, and be compelled to do so purely on accomplishment and current form, they would include at least six bowlers, one wicketkeeper and, at most, four batsmen. As the tour proper begins in Taunton after the abortive Champions Trophy campaign and the shadow-boxing of Australia A, the imbalance in the visitors’ resources is that stark. John Inverarity and his panel do have the good fortune of another two weeks and two four-day matches to assess the suitability of their players for the task to confront them in Nottingham. But it cannot be ignored that at the same time they are thinking about narrowing down their pace bowling options, there is an equally urgent need to expand the number of batsmen in a confident mood. So it is that the training and tour matches to come against Somerset and Worcestershire are eagerly awaited, for the clarity they should provide in addition to match practice. In the case of the bowlers, it will be a question of who stands tallest in their chosen fixtures. Regarding the

FINAL CHOKE WON’T AFFECT ASHES: COOK BIRMINgHAM: England captain Alastair Cook voiced confidence that his side can banish the pain of their Champions Trophy final loss to India by the time they begin the defence of the Ashes. England, still to win a global one-day international title after what was their fifth defeat in a final, were 110 for four come the 18th over at Edgbaston on Sunday chasing 130 after World Cup holders India made 129 for seven in a match reduced by rain from 50 to 20 overs per side. But Ishant Sharma took two wickets

batsmen it is likely to be more a matter of who is left standing, either through solid form or perhaps, in the case of the captain Michael Clarke, merely the appearance of stability after another episode in a painful and damaging saga of back complaints. Inverarity has revealed something of his plan for running the squad through the county matches. Of the six available pace bowlers, three will play at Taunton and the

in two balls to remove Eoin Morgan (33) and Ravi Bopara (30) after they had rescued England from the depths of 46 for four with a stand of 64. That started a collapse that saw four wickets lost for three runs in eight balls, with tailender James Tredwell unable to hit the six off the final delivery of the match that would have given England victory. However, while Cook – who said Sunday’s match was his worst day as England captain, is set to feature in the Ashes the likes of Morgan and Bopara are not Test

rest will charge in at Worcester. Among seven available batsmen, five will play in each fixture, and two will have a match each. This leaves the sixth place in the order open to most conjecture, and it may yet be filled by any one of Usman Khawaja, Shane Watson, David Warner, Steve Smith, or even Brad Haddin, should the bold option of four bowlers plus Faulkner be entertained. “Plenty of runs and plenty of wickets

regulars. Meanwhile star batsman Kevin Pietersen, who missed the Champions Trophy with a knee injury, was on course to return in the first Test against Australia at Trent Bridge on July 10 after marking his comeback Sunday with 177 not out for Surrey in a County Championship match away to Yorkshire. Before the Ashes start, England also have a warm-up fixture against Essex – Cook’s county – and the captain said: “Yeah, I think, clearly it will take a couple of days. AGEnCiES

in regards to the four-dayers, and then plenty of training and the guys getting accustomed to being in England,” Clarke said of his priorities for the two warm-up weeks. “A lot of the guys haven’t been in England, especially some playing in the Champions Trophy, so I’m really excited, I’m looking forward to the guys getting together on Monday and we start our preparation for that first Test match.”

Having played against Gloucestershire for Australia A, Ryan Harris has expressed his desire to don the creams against Somerset, and then rest up ahead of Nottingham. James Pattinson and Peter Siddle may join him after sitting out in Bristol, leaving Jackson Bird, Mitchell Starc and Faulkner to swing into the final lead-up match. The variables of their preparations, bowling styles and levels of maturity will all be considered carefully. For Harris, the thought of another match to regather his rhythm after an Achilles problem is welcome indeed, even if his body creaked with the soreness of most 33-year-old athletes after a sound five-wicket match haul was banked in Bristol. There was the admission of a few indifferent spells in among the incisive ones, especially at the start of Gloucestershire’s second innings after Australia A were razed for 111. Bowling again so soon, Harris admitted he had attempted to fight fire with fire when, as Gideon Haigh once noted, it is generally best to fight it with water. “I don’t know if it was warming up well enough or not ... but I think the other thing was we bowled well in the first innings with patience,” Harris said.

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Now I say it for the seventh time and I don’t want to be asked about it again. Max Eberl

17 S

SPoRTS Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


MuRIFIELD: Ernie Els claimed a wireto-wire victory in the BMW International Open by one shot from Thomas Bjorn as he continued his preparations to defend his Open title. The South African, who won last year’s Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club - 10 years after his only other victory in the major at Muirfield - carded his third consecutive round of 69 to finish 18-under-par in Munich. The veteran birdied the fifth, sixth and eighth holes of his final round before a bogey on the 11th pegged him back. Another birdie on the 18th, however, was enough to clinch his 28th European Tour victory and his first at this event. “It’s been a long while,” Els told Sky Sports 2 after being presented with the winner’s trophy. “It’s been wonderful. I’ve had a great weekend in Germany and tried a long time to win this golf tournament. I made it pretty tough for myself again. “Thomas (Bjorn), my playing partner, was playing great and I was watching the kid (Alexander Levy) but he looked like he stumbled coming in. AGEnCiES

Adams has doubts over Rooney temperament



LONDON: Arsenal legend Tony Adams has believes that signing Wayne Rooney would be a ‘massive risk’ for the north London club. Rooney has been linked with a move away from Manchester United after a disagreement with former manager Sir Alex Ferguson towards the end of last season. Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal are two of the clubs reportedly interested in the striker and the rumour has been fanned by Arsenam manager Arsene Wenger openly praising Rooney. Adams, however, raised doubt over Rooney’s ability to fit into the lifestyle in London. But Adams, who spent 22 years at Arsenal, told talkSPORT: “I’m not sure Wayne Rooney could handle London, to be completely honest. That would be a massive risk, for me. “I don’t think it’s a question of finances. AGEnCiES

OGER Federer opened up his Wimbledon defence and quest for a record eighth title by comprehensively defeating Victor Hanescu 6-3 6-2 6-0. Dominating from the outset on Centre Court, the Swiss never looked in danger during his first match at the All England Club since losing to Andy Murray in the final of the London 2012 Olympics. The 17-time major winner romped to victory in just one hour and eight minutes, beating Hanescu, ranked 45 places beneath him at 48th in the world rankings, 6-3 6-2 6-0. Much tougher challenges await notably a potential quarter-final clash with Rafael Nadal - but the manner of this afternoon’s victory will have undoubtedly pleased the reigning champion. It was always going to be a tricky afternoon for Hanescu and it got off to the worst possible start as Federer broke at the first opportunity.


LONDON: Andy Murray plays his opening match at Wimbledon feeling a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. While Fred Perry remains the last British man to win the singles title at the All England Club, there will always be huge pressure on Murray, but the biggest hurdle in his career has already been overcome. The Scot ended a 76-year wait for a British male grand slam singles champion at the US Open in New York last September, proving to himself and all his doubters that he could win one of the sport’s biggest prizes. One of the first things coach Ivan Lendl told Murray after he lost last year’s Wimbledon final to Roger Federer was that he would never again play a match under so much pressure. The world number two begins his campaign to go one better against Germany’s Benjamin Becker on Centre Court, and he told Press Association Sport: “There’s definitely less pressure. “I’d lost a few tough grand slam finals and it’s nice to know I’ll never have to worry about answering that question again. Of course there’s always pressure but I put less on myself now. “I’d love to win Wimbledon but so would every single player. Just because I’m from the UK it’s still incredibly tough. “I’ve got no more right than anyone else to win it but I’ve given myself the best preparation I can. Last year I played the best grass-court tennis of my career at Wimbledon. “Every year it becomes a little bit more important for me. I’ve had some of my toughest losses here and some of my best wins.” Last year’s Wimbledon final was the first instalment in a life-changing summer that also saw Murray win Olympic gold with victory over Federer on Centre Court. And, although the Wimbledon match was the most high profile, it was the final in New York against Novak Djokovic that had Murray most anxious. AGEnCiES

It was a lead he never looked like relinquishing, dominating without pushing himself too hard. The Romanian tried his utmost but paid for his failure to break Federer, who conceded just one point on serve as he took the first set in just 24 minutes.

The second set began very similarly to the first, with the Swiss breaking in the first game after the restart. Federer, who recently won the Halle warm-up event, was nowhere near his supreme best but was still playing some wonderful shots, controlling proceedings

SeRena RePeaTS ShaRaPova aPoloGy LONDON AGEnCiES

Serena Williams thought she had put the lid on the prospect of a Wimbledon feud with Maria Sharapova when they held faceto-face talks at the pre-tournament party. But on Sunday Williams was driven to publicly repeat an apology she says was first given to the Russian and attempted to defuse their sparky conflict, which became apparent after Sharapova, still incensed by words from the world number one in a magazine

article, returned fire. Williams, in a Rolling Stone magazine feature, was quoted as taking a swipe at a rival player while in conversation with sister Venus. Sharapova believed Williams was talking about her, as the article’s author speculated. In the American magazine, Williams said of the unnamed player: ‘’She begins every interview with ‘I’m so happy. I’m so lucky’ it’s so boring. She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it.’’ The latter reference has been

widely taken to be aimed at Grigor Dimitrov, the Bulgarian player who is dating Sharapova and had previously been close to Williams. Williams is now said to be an item with her French coach Patrick Mouratoglou, and the nature of that relationship came under scrutiny both in Sharapova’s press conference at Wimbledon on Saturday, and on Sunday when defending champion Williams spoke. Williams did not confirm they are a couple, and gave assured if not revealing responses to a range of questions surrounding her comments that may have alluded to Sharapova.

with ease.Hanescu was unable to cope and was broken again leaving him 3-0 down. The Romanian showed little resistance and could do nothing to prevent Federer running through the set. Federer again broke at the start of the third set and never looked back.

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It’s been a while since I lifted a trophy. –Gwladys Nocera




Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


wAtCh It LIve PTV SPORTS 1st T20I: England v New Zealand at The Oval

10:30 PM

ESPN Wimbledon 2013

5:30 PM



TouGH HoME RACE In SToRE foR BuTTon SILVERSTONE: Not for the first time in his Formula One career, Jenson Button heads to Silverstone this week expressing positivity. However, he knows deep down that he faces another uncomfortable weekend in front of his adoring fans. Try as he might to be upbeat, and heaven knows Button has had to do that on so many occasions in the past, the reality of the situation for Sunday’s British Grand Prix is the 33-year-old faces a struggle to simply get into the points, never mind exorcise his podium demon that has plagued him since he first came into the sport in 2000. Button has so far competed in 13 races on home soil, and failed 13 times to even finish in the top three, never mind take the chequered flag, so expect number 14 on Sunday, barring some fluke. These are tough times for both Button and McLaren who less than five months ago confidently unveiled a car they believed would carry them to this year’s Formula One world titles. McLaren gambled because instead of building on last year’s model that won the final two grands prix of the campaign in Austin and Brazil - as they assumed their rivals would do - they opted for a radical revamp. AGEnCiES



AKISTAN captain Misbahul Haq is the only gren player to have made the ICC Team of the Tournament with Mahendra Singh Dhoni being the skipper. The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday announced the Team of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013, which included seven players from the England and India sides that featured in the final at Edgbaston on Sunday. The team includes five India players – Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja and Bhuvneshwar Kumar – two Englishmen, namely Jonathan Trott and James Anderson, as well as Pakistan’s Misbah-ul-Haq, Kumar Sangakkara from Sri Lanka, South Africa’s Ryan McLaren and New Zealand’s Mitchell McClenaghan. Joe Root of England was picked as the 12th man. Dhoni was named as the captain after he led his side to victory in the final, thus becoming the first captain in the history of the game to lift all three major ICC trophies – ICC World Twenty20 2007, ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy 2013. While Dhoni got little opportunity to show his exploits with the bat, he marshaled his troops outstandingly and he was sharp and agile behind the stumps as he accounted for nine batsmen behind the wickets (five catches and four


stumpings). For Dhawan, McLaren, Kumar and McClenaghan, it was a significant achievement as it was the first time they had appeared in a global tournament, which featured the world’s best cricketers. The Team of the Tournament was selected by a five-person selection panel that comprised Geoff Allardice (ICC General Manager – Cricket, and Chairman Event Technical Committee), Javagal Srinath (former India fast bowler and ICC Emirates Elite Panel match referee), Aleem Dar (ICC Emirates Elite Panel umpire), Scyld Berry (Wisden Editor from 2008-2011 and Sunday Telegraph correspondent) and Stephen Brenkley (correspondent of The Independent and Independent On Sunday).

Team of the Tournament (in batting order): Shikhar Dhawan (India) -363 runs Jonathan Trott (England)-229 runs Kumar Sangakkara (Sri lanka)-222 runs virat Kohli (India)-176 runs Misbah-ul-Haq (Pakistan)-173 runs Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wicketkeeper/captain) (India)- 27 runs, five catches and four stumpings Ravindra Jadeja (India)-12 wickets & 80 runs Ryan Mclaren (South Africa)-83 runs & eight wickets Bhuvneshwar Kumar (India)- six wickets James Anderson (England)-11 wickets Mitchell Mcclenaghan (New Zealand)-11 wickets Joe Root (England)-173 runs



Ken Duke claimed his maiden PGA Tour title after he beat Chris Stroud on the second play-off hole at the Travelers Championship in Connecticut. The 44-year-old produced a nearperfect approach to land three feet from the hole and, when Stroud narrowly rolled a 30-yarder wide, he tapped in for birdie to claim an overdue success. Duke and 31-year-old Stroud, himself yet to win on the PGA Tour, had been left deadlocked after 72 holes on 12 under after former Masters champion

faran Sports beat Tauseef Club Faran Sports has won the festival exciting match against Tauseef club by 1 wickets played at Jallo Stadium ground the other day. Fine batting by Shehzad was the main feature of the match Scores: Tauseef Club 167 all out in 37 overs. Waqas Khan 27, Ibrar Baig 28, Usman 28, Mudasar 14, Rana M Ali 13. Hassan 1/21, Ijaz 2/15, Sageer 3/14, Asghar 3/18, Awais 1/12. Faran Sports 168/9 in 34 overs. Sageer 13, Bilal 34, Shehzad 56, Azhar 25, HAssan 13(no). Ibrar Baig 1/36, Ali Rana 1/21, Awais Mudassar 1/38, Sher Baz 3/22, Zeeshan 1/17, Mohsin Agha 2/10. STAFF REPORT



New Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has insisted that he will not be seeking to replicate his style at Barcelona at the Allianz Arena. Guardiola’s successful time at Barcelona has left many wondering if he would implement Barca’s ‘tiki-taka’ style when he takes over at Bayern Munich - a huge concern for the club’s fans given that their direc attacking style has brought them success in recent seasons. The Spaniard has made it clear in his first press conference as Bayern manager that he is here to adapt the team’s style to the players. “Barcelona players have different qualities to those of Bayern. I need to adjust to the players, not the other way around,” Guardiola said at a press conference. “Football belongs to the players, not to the coach. The fans come to the

The Points System of 16th Tauseef Trophy cricket championship has been announced. The league matches will be played between 4 teams. Every team will play 3 matches. Every match inning consist 40-40 over and 18 points. The points distribution is 4 points batting and 4 points bowling while winning points of the match is 10. Batting 4 points distribution are as under 50 Runs _ 1 point 100 Runs _ 2 Points 150 Runs _ 3 points 200 Runs _ 4 points Above 200 runs 4 points will remain Bowling 4 Points distribution are 3 Wickets _ 1 point 6 Wickets _ 2 points 9 Wickets _ 3 points All team out _ 4 points Due to rain winning 10 points equally divided The league matches will be played between 4 teams i.e YU-slim club, Servis Club, Mughalpura Whites and Aligarh club. STAFF REPORT

Allianz Arena to watch the players play rather than because of me. “I will have to adapt. The formation I use does not really matter.” He also went on to praise his predecessor Jupp Heynckes, who won the first ever German treble with Bayern

last season. “Bayern won all titles that they could win last season. Expectations are very high. I can only try to keep up the same high level the team had under Heynckes. “I have not been in touch with him yet, but I hope to do so shortly.


LAHORE: Appolo Sports beat Riaz Ud Din Academy by 6 wickets in a Challenge Cricket match played at Race Course Park Cricket Ground. Scores: Riaz ud din Academy batting first 306/8 after 40 overs. Riaz ud din 80, Abid Khan 35, Sadaqat Ali 55, Muhammad Zubair 25 & Faizan Ali 20 runs. Appolo Sports bowling Muneeb Ejaz bowling well 4/47, Salman Ali 2/32 & Muhammad Razzaq 1/13 wickets. In reply Appolo Sports 308/4 after 38.2 overs. Awais Tariq batted well 110 runs. Salman Ali 78, Wajahat Hussain 41 runs not out & Tanveer Jabbar 25 runs. Riaz ud din academy bowling Rizwan Ali 2/47, Manzoor Ali 1/55 & Ahmad Ali 1/65 wickets. End of the match Cricket Promoter Haji Mian Muhammad Ilyas Mughal gave man of the match award to Awais Tariq. STAFF REPORT

Bubba Watson blew out of contention with a triple bogey at the 16th. That left the winless duo to go head to head in the play-off and Duke initially missed a tough birdie putt on the first play-off hole to claim the title. Both men returned up the 18th and while Stroud out-drove his more senior rival he was left with it all to do when Duke’s sand wedge narrowly crept over the bunker before coming to a stop within three yards. Stroud could only send his effort 30 yards past the hole and, while his birdie effort went close, Duke was left with a simple finish to claim his first title.

“I’ve worked hard,” he said in an interview on Sky Sports afterwards. “I’ve knocked on the door a lot and here we are.” They had looked certain to be joined by Watson in the play-off only for his explosion on the 16th which saw him beaten to third by Graham DeLaet, who picked up a shot at the final hole to finish with a one-under-par 69, one shot ahead of the American. Watson and Duke had been in a three-way tie for the lead with Stroud at the halfway point of the final round. Duke then took the outright lead before Watson responded with the sort of

form that had taken him three clear at the top of the leaderboard at one point on Saturday. However, it had been a less than auspicious start for overnight leader Watson as he began with a bogey at the par-four fourth before picking up a shot at the sixth. The American hit another bogey at the eighth before responding immediately with a birdie at the next hole as he turned at 10 under. There were further birdies at the 10th and 13th as he went ahead of Duke whose clean round of four birdies ended when he dropped a shot at the 14th.

MT GREEnS, nATIonAL GYM fInAL The final of 28th M Yaseen Akhter Memorial cricket Event will be played between Model Town Greens and National Gym in the first week of next month. Model Town Greens has marched into the final after 11 years while National Gym has qualified for final first time. Model Town Club and P&T Gym have won the event 4 times each, while Model Town Greens, Imperial club, Servis club and Apallo club have won the event 2 times each. The cantonment Gym, Ludihana Gym, Raja club, Dharmpura Gym, Shalimar Gym ,Dharampura Sports, Mughalpura Whites, Cooperative bank, Shining club, Punjab club and Universal club have won the event 1 time each. STAFF REPORT

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Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


Appointment of journalist and former Punjab caretaker chief minister Najam Sethi as interim chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) remained the focus of criticism in the National Assembly (NA) on Monday. Sethi was on Sunday appointed the interim chairman of the PCB by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly on a point of order, PTI Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi questioned Sethi’s appointment. “What are his qualifications to make him the PCB chief?” he asked. “Was Sethi being rewarded for certain services he rendered while being the CM? Why were the names of cricket specialists identified before the IHC suddenly ignored?” Qureshi said. PPP leader Aijaz Jakhrani said a person who had no link with cricket had been appointed the PCB chairman. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Sethi had been appointed as the ad-hoc chairman and a permanent chairman would replace him soon.

iSLAmAbAD: Civil society activists hold placards during a protest on monday against the killing of foreign tourists in Gilgit-baltistan. STAFF PHOTO


The United States is still hoping to have peace talks with the Taliban and Afghan officials but is not sure it will be possible, a US State Department spokesman said on Monday. Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said at a media briefing that there have been hopeful signs for the talks. “We want to see if we can get it back on track,” he said. “We don’t know whether that’s possible.” A new date for discussions has not yet been set and James Dobbins, the US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, has not met with Taliban representatives, Ventrell said. The comments come as US official continue to press the Taliban to revive the peace effort, which was set to begin last with preliminary discussion but was stalled amid objections from the Afghan government. The main goal is to get Afghans talking to other Afghans, although the US had been open to meeting with the Taliban, Ventrell said. “We’re still open to having that meeting,” he told reporters, adding that Afghan and Taliban representatives could meet first if they wanted.


Britain decided that visitors from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Ghana would have to pay a cash bond of £3,000 ($4,600) before entering the country. Media reported that the new visit visa policy would start working from November and the submitted money would be impounded if visitors overstay in Britain following expiry of visa. According to foreign media, initially the scheme would target hundreds of visitors, but the plan is to extend it to several thousand. Last year 296,000 people were granted six-month visas from India, 101,000 from Nigeria, 53,000 from Pakistan and 14,000 each from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.



NDIA and the US on Monday agreed to set a timeline for operationalising the civil nuclear agreement. The Fourth Strategic Dialogue co-chaired by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid reviewed several issues ranging from the status of civil nuclear ties between the two countries through defence trade to education and cultural exchanges — through some 30 bilateral panels. At the press conference, Kerry almost let slip America’s chagrin at not having tasted the fruits of the IndiaUS civil nuclear agreement by drawing attention to the enormous domestic political capital invested by Democrats and Republicans to ensure New Delhi was given a special exemption by the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). The Kerry-Khurshid meeting set September as a possible timeline

for resolving two issues that have thwarted Westinghouse from setting up six reactors in Gujarat. Another company GE will set up an equal number in Andhra Pradesh but its reactor design has not yet been cleared by the US nuclear regulator. India had promised these multi-billion bonanzas in exchange for supporting its case at the NSG and the International Atomic Energy Agency. While Washington was able to make India agree on a deadline for clearing Westinghouse’s mega civil energy project, India was handed an assurance for importing shale gas from the US, which is likely to accrue by 2016-17. The shipments are likely to originate at the proposed LNG export terminal at Cove Point, Maryland. Apart from Afghanistan, another sore issue was cyber-snooping by American intelligence agencies. Officials had earlier expressed concern over double standards followed by Internet companies — denying India access to emails while happily

opening their vaults to US intelligence agencies. But Khurshid sought to play down the controversy, even telling a correspondent that concern was not the right word to use. Kerry told newspersons that notwithstanding vigorous American efforts to arrest the whistleblower, access by its intelligence agencies to emails and other electronic messaging was meant to track patterns and not to read the content. Differing viewpoints on Iran cropped up during the press meet. Kerry was strident on Iran’s refusal to fall in line with the West’s intentions and lauded India for being “very cooperative in holding them [Iran] accountable for proliferation”. He hoped New Delhi would step in to convince the new leadership in Tehran to fall in line with the West. Khurshid, recently back from Tehran, maintained that India greatly valued its relationship with Iran and would prefer to judge and test the intentions of the new leadership before considering such a plunge.


Italy’s former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was sentenced on Monday to seven years in jail and a lifetime ban from holding public office for having paid sex with a minor and for abusing his power in an attempt to cover up the relationship. The country’s most famous playboy is unlikely to ever see jail time, though: Italy generally allows convicts over 70 to live under house arrest, and he still has two appeals left in the country’s notoriously convoluted and slow justice system. Berlusconi’s case has been in the works for years, but it stems from an incident in which he allegedly paid to have sex with a then-17-year-old Moroccan woman named Karima El Mahroug, and then pressured local police to release her when she was arrested for a theft. (Berlusconi had previously also been found guilty of tax fraud in a separate case, but he has appealed that conviction and a decision is expected within a few months.) The El Mahroug case is no ordinary affair, though: Berlusconi is thought to have had countless such liaisons during his epic Bunga Bunga parties, or orgies at his Milan estate. El-Mahroug has said that she attended half a dozen of these parties and was given an envelope with $3,900 in cash inside after each one.


Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif on Monday said the common man must be provided relief and transparency ought to be maintained at all levels of the new energy policy and its implementation. The new policy should focus on reducing demand and supply as well as the cost of production, the PM said while chairing a meeting to review energy policy, during which he was apprised about the policy’s salient features. He said efficiency, transparency and provision of maximum relief to the common man should be hallmarks of the new energy policy, which would be announced after completion of a consultative process with stakeholders, including all federating units. The government’s energy team ap-

prised the meeting that the “new energy policy would transform the red tape paradigm into a red carpet one and provide maximum facilitation to the public as well as investors.” The prime minister directed that potential investors, both local and international, must be contacted and apprised about prospects of better return in the energy sector. He further said maximum efficiency levels must be kept as benchmarks for the energy policy to get maximum results and expressed confidence that dedication, zero tolerance to corruption, better management and use of modern technology would yield better results. Sharif said the country would be back on the path of progress and development as part of the government’s initiatives. Referring to the recent memorandum of understanding (MoU)

NAWAZ DECIDES TO HOLD CHARGE OF LAW MINISTRY Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has decided to hold the charge of Law and Justice Ministry, a private TV channel reported on Monday. The channel’s sources said that Nawaz took the federal cabinet into confidence over holding the Law and Justice portfolio for “the time being”. The new minister for law and justice would be designated after the arrival of judges signed with Chinese company Norinco International, he hoped other international firms would follow suit. The premier appreciated the Ministry of Water and Power for taking steps for automation of distribution system and said with minimisation of human in-

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detention case’ verdict. The Ministry of Law and Justice may be given back to Zahid Hamid if he was found innocent, the channel’s sources added. The sources claimed that Senator Zafar Ali Shah was interested in Ministry of Law and Justice but the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) leadership did not want to assign him the portfolio. mOniTORinG DESK volvement and digitalisation of electricity distribution, corruption and theft would be efficiently checked. The meeting was further informed that in line with directives of the PM, efforts would be made to reduce cost of production to provide relief to larger segments of society.

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