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Pervez Musharraf calls for international legislation over blasphemy

Protests against antiIslam film, cartoons continue across world

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Govt distances itslef from Bilour’s bounty ISLAMABAD AgEncIEs

The government on Sunday distanced itself from a $100,000 bounty offered by a cabinet minister for the death of the maker of an anti-islam film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world. Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour on Saturday invited members of the Taliban and al Qaeda to take part in the “noble deed”, and said given the chance, he would kill the film-maker with his own hands. A spokesman for Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, rejected Bilour’s comments, made on Saturday, a day after angry protests across Pakistan against the “innocence of Muslims” left 21 people dead and more than 200 injured. “This is not government policy. We completely dissociate (ourselves) from this,” Shafqat Jalil told AFP. The spokesman said Bilour was a leader of the Awami National Party (ANP) and the prime minister had contacted the party’s chief Asfandyar Wali khan. The spokesman did not rule out action against the minister, but said he would continue working as usual for the time being. Meanwhile, ANP spokesman Zahid khan said the party believed in nonviolence and had always talked of peace and stability. He said the declaration of award by Bilour was his personal act and had nothing to do with the party policy. An explanation would be sought from him about this statement, he added.

Monday, 24 September, 2012 Dhual-Qi’da 6, 1433

Pakistan asks India to stop opposing Diamer dam islamabad trying to tell new Delhi its opposition costing country’s struggling economy heavily g india’s stance also impacting ongoing peace process g



shAIq hUssAIn

AkiSTAN has asked india to stop opposing the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam at various international financial institutions (iFis), as New Delhi’s opposition to the vital dam was casting a negative impact on the ongoing indo-Pak peace process, besides causing huge loss to the country’s exchequer. india is against the construction of Diamer-Bhasha dam on grounds that it is located in the ‘disputed territory’ of Gilgit-Baltistan and hence it has been opposing islamabad’s endeavors to seek the required financial assistance for the important project from multilateral creditors. “Through diplomatic channels,

Pakistan is trying to impress upon india to drop its opposition to the mega water project as it is vital for the struggling economy of the country and also that New Delhi’s decision to oppose the dam is also not based on principles, as the people of this areas had themselves decided their accession to islamabad,” said a diplomatic source, seeking anonymity. He said india had also been told that its opposition to the dam was impacting the ongoing peace process between the nuclear neighbors and hence it was required to review its decision. Owing to the reluctance of iFis like Asian Development and World Bank to extend funds for the Diamer-Basha Dam, a huge loss of $2.5b in the cost of the construction has already been caused to Pak-

istan’s exchequer. The cost of Diamer-Bhasha Dam was estimated at around $11 billion in 2009, which however, has now reached at around $13 billion with an increase of $2.5billion due to the delay in the financing of the project. A Pakistani official, who also sought anonymity, said the dam had a storage capacity of about eight million acre feet (MAF) and the expected electricity generation was 4,500MWs. He said the project was supposed to be completed by 2017 but due to some financial problems, the dam construction was expected to be delayed by three to four years. The ADB has reportedly committed $4.5 billion to $5 billion for construction of the project. The bank had also pledged

that it would act as the government’s investment banker in raising the money from international capital markets to meet funding requirements. Similarly, the World Bank too is reluctant to provide funds for this dam on grounds that india is opposing the project. The official said the good thing so far was that United States had assured Pakistan to extend around $500 million in assistance for the mega project from the $7.5 billion kerry Lugar assistance package for islamabad. Pakistan is also seeking Chinese assistance for the construction of dam. The official said Pakistan would not seek an NOC from india for Diamer-Bhasha Dam but it would continue to nudge New Delhi against the blocking of financial assistance to the project at the iFis.

DERA MURAD JAMALI: An aerial view of the villages and fields which were inundated by recent flood. online

Govt raises petrol price by Rs 1.73 per liter ISLAMABAD AgEncIEs

The Ministry of Finance on Sunday approved a summary, increasing the prices of petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG) for the next week under the weekly revision of POL prices. Under the summary, the price of petrol has been increased by Rs 1.73 per liter. The prices of CNG will also go up in line with the petrol price hike due of a set mechanism under which CNG price should stand at 60 percent of petrol price. The CNG price in region-i, comprising Balochistan and khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, has reached Rs 99.28 per kg from Rs 97.69 per kg, while in region-ii, which includes Sindh and Punjab, the price will be Rs 90.70 per kg from Rs 89.25 per kg. The price of highspeed diesel (HSD) has been reduced by 47 paisas per litre for the upcoming week. The price of kerosene oil has been slashed by Rs 3.05 per liter.

PM announces Rs 2.6b for food, infrastructure in flood-hit areas DERA MURAD JAMALI stAff REpoRt

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Sunday announced an initial package of Rs 2.6 billion to support the floodaffected people of Balochistan and rehabilitate the canal system. Addressing a public gathering, he announced compensation worth Rs 0.4 million each for the families of those who had lost their lives in the flood.

The prime minister directed for immediate release of Rs 600 million to cope with food needs of three flood-hit districts. “The government will try its utmost to cope with the situation through wellcoordinated efforts,” he added. He said after rescue and relief effort, foremost priority should be the rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure that had been badly damaged by the floods. The whole area is under water, he added. He said that the federal government

would initially release Rs 2 billion for infrastructure rehabilitation. Ashraf directed the National Disaster Management Authority to arrange 20,000 tents immediately, instead of 10,000 as planned by NHA to provide shelter to homeless people. He said the number of tents should be increased in accordance with the requirements, and assured the people that the federal government would provide funds without any delay.

He praised the efforts of the Balochistan government as well as army troops for their rescue efforts. “We will neither politicize it nor will make any tall claim. The only priority is to reach the flood-affected people at all costs,” said the prime minister. He said the Balochistan chief secretary would continue to apprise the federal government about the needs of flood-hit people so that the government may respond accordingly.

The prime minister said floods had caused devastation at a large scale in several areas, including Rajanpur, Jacobabad and Shikarpur. However the government would cope with the challenge using all its resources, he added. He said it was suggested to give a call for help to international community but he decided that the government would first exploit its own resources. “The world also questions as what you have done from your own,” he added.

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sufism’s message of tolerance has universal relevance: sherry

infotainMent Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years

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Waziristan ‘peace march’ will help stop drone strikes: Imran Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTi) Chairman imran khan on Sunday said PTi’s forthcoming Waziristan march will enable the world to see the massive destruction caused by drone attacks in the Tribal Areas. He said the US-led drone attacks were killing innocent people in the Tribal Areas,adding that the march towards Waziristan would also be helpful in halting the attacks. khan was talking to a delegation of the PTi Sialkot led by Mir Umer Farooq Meyer (member PTis Punjab Political and Strategic Committee) that called on him at his Lahore office. The PTi chairman strongly criticised the government for not declaring the names of the Pakistani people being killed brutally by the drone attacks. MonItoRIng DEsk

Expected service extension of Gen Kayani challenged in IHC iSLAmAbAD: The expected extension in service of Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez kayani has been challenged in the islamabad High Court. A private TV channel reported on Sunday that a petition filed in the iHC pointed that the age of the incumbent COAS had crossed 60 years as on April 20, 2012. if the government extended his service, it would be unconstitutional and illegal, therefore, the COAS should be removed from his position, the petition said. iHC Chief Justice iqbal Hameedur Rehman will be hearing the petition. AgEncIEs

KP police equipped with phone tracing system PeSHAWAr: The federal government has handed over latest and sophisticated system to khyber Pakhtunkhwa police for tracing telephone of terrorists and culprits involved in heinous crimes. Sources said the federal government handed over the system to the kP police to locate culprits and terrorists in the area as with this system all mobile and telephone numbers could be traced. onLInE

PPP has not taken U-turn on Swiss letter: Kaira LALAmUSA: Minister for information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman kaira on Sunday said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had not taken a Uturn on the Swiss letter as the Supreme Court had also asked for seeking a midway to resolve the matter. Talking to reporters, the minister said the court had also assured the government that its concern would be taken care of, thus hinting at a way out. “We have also responded in positive,” he added. To a question about former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, kaira said the PPP respected the sacrifice rendered by Gilani. He said Gilani was an asset for the PPP and he had run the coalition government with vision, ability and commitment. Referring to the joining of the PML-N by brothers of PPP leader Nawabzada Ghazanfar Ali Gul, kaira said the PPP was like an ocean and it would have no effect if any individual left or joined it. “Anyone who parts ways with the party will suffer the dent. Nawabzada Ghazanfar Gul has also said the act by his relatives will not affect his loyalty to the party and that he will remain with the party,” kaira said. earlier, the information minister spent a busy day in Danga and oversaw the development work in NA-106. App

Monday, 24 September, 2012

nAsEERABAD: Army personnel distribute food items among flood affected people in naseerabad division of Balochistan. inP

Pakistan, iMF to review debt payment in Dubai ISLAMABAD



He first round of talks between Pakistan and the international Monetary Fund (iMF) will start from tomorrow (Tuesday) in Dubai, where Pakistan’s ability to pay back a remaining debt of approximately $6.4 billion will be reviewed. During the weeklong talks, an iMF team will also arrive in islamabad to hold policy-level dialogue which will be a significant part of the parleys that involve meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, according to an official. The official said that the $1.18 billion amount received in Coalition Support Fund (CSF) from the US had given some space to the country’s economic handlers to repay installments to the iMF on monthly bases, and more foreign inflows were expected in the coming months from other donors especially after improvement in relations with the US, which had also disbursed $280 million for the energy sector last month. The official said the country’s foreign exchange reserves would continue to face pressure

due to re-payment of iMF loans in the next more than three years, as Pakistan is likely to go to the iMF in the current fiscal year to seek another loan for the retirement of iMF’s Stand-by Arrangement (SBA) facility. Despite depressive economic situation of the country, the government had paid back a total amount of $1.2 billion to the iMF during last fiscal year 2011-12 from foreign currency reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). According to the repayment schedule agreed between Pakistan and iMF, Pakistan will repay $7.6 billion to the iMF until the end of the Fiscal Year 2014-15. The $11.3 billion SBA program had expired on September 30, 2011, and the last two trenches of $3.7 billion could not be paid to Pakistan by the iMF following islamabad’s failure to pursue key reforms as well as the emergence of the revenue figures fiasco. Pakistan had entered into a $11.3 billion program in 2008 with the iMF and got disbursements of about $7.6 billion, but failed to get the remaining $3.7 billion due to slippages in performance criteria, leading to suspension of the program in May 2010, and was ended unsuccessfully on September 30,2011.

President condemns Mardan church attack ISLAMABAD App

President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday condemned and deplored the attack and the subsequent burning of a church in Mardan by a mob during Friday’s protests. The president in a message said the highly provocative anti-islam film had been condemned throughout the world and particularly in Pakistan by Muslims and nonMuslims alike. However, the ransacking of public and private property, particularly the places of worship of other religions was itself an unislamic and highly condemnable act, he added. He said ransacking and vandalizing the revered places of worship and inflicting damage to the lives and properties in retaliation amounted to playing into the hands of the perpetrators of the crime who produced the anti-islam film for the same reason. Describing the torching of the church as ‘unfortunate and reprehensible ‘ the president said that it was contrary to the teachings of islam which held the places of all religions in high regard. He said that incidents like these portrayed Pakistan and Muslims negatively in the eyes of the international community. The President called upon the khyber Pakhtunkhwa (kP) government to take all appropriate measures for protecting the places of worship of Christians and other minorities and to address their grievances and take measures to avoid such incidents in the future. A protesting mob in Mardan city on Friday set a Sarhadi Lutheran Church on fire and also torched the building adjacent to the church. Probe committee: Meanwhile, interior Minister Rehman Malik formed a committee headed by the kP inspector general of police to probe the attack on the church.

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I am already married kareena kapoor

EcB may not supervise all banks: Merkel ally

harbhajan, new-look India stun England in World t20

editorial A bounty: In no way a rational call.

coMMent Basharat hussain qizilbash says; A man to respect: The one who could unite the Arabs.

Arif Ansar says; The empire may strike after all: US and Israeli strategy on Iran.

Rabia Ahmed says; The 21st September: A day of love, but clearly no love for the Prophet (pbuh).

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Protests rage on in Balochistan against anti-Islam film

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Robbers had a field day on Sunday yet again LAHore: Jewelry, cash, cars, motorcycles, mobile phones, laptops and other electrical gadgets worth millions of rupees were looted by robbers in Lahore on Sunday. Per details, Zameer Ahmed, a resident of Township was robbed of jewelry, cash and mobile phones with an estimated value of Rs 1.1 million at gunpoint when robbers broke into his house. Umar, a resident of kahna had to part with jewelry, cash and a mobile phone, all worth Rs 800,000. in another incident, robbers took jewelry and furniture worth Rs 700,000 from the house of Haji Fiaz on Barki Road. in separate incidents, robbers looted jewelry, mobile phones and other goods worth Rs 500,000 from Abdul Qadir, jewelry, mobile phones and other goods worth Rs 300,000 from the house of Bakhtiar, jewelry, mobile phones and cash worth Rs 200,000 from the house of Jawad Ahmed, Rs 200,000 in cash from Altaf at kotlakhpat, and jewelry worth Rs 200,000 from the house of Pervez in Sandah. idrees, a resident of Naseerabad and Wasif of Litton Road were both robbed of jewelry, mobile phone, electrical gadgets and cash worth Rs 100,000 each. Robbers also looted Rs 200,000 in cash from Shahbaz’s mobile shop in Model Town, Rs 100,000 in cash from Hamza’s mobile shop in Millat Park and cash, mobile cards and mobile phones worth Rs 100,000 from Tahir’s mobile shop in iqbal Town. Motorcycles were stolen in Manawan, Gulshan-e-iqbal, Harbunspura, and Masti Gate while cars were stolen in Model Town, Joher Town and Gulberg areas of the city. stAff REpoRt

qUEttA: Workers of the Al-falah Education Welfare organization burn Us flag during a demonstration against blasphemous film outside the press club on sunday. online with it. They said Muslims would never tolQUETTA



number of religious parties and organizations held rallies against the blasphemous film in various towns of Balochistan, including the provincial capital, on Sunday. Dozens of workers of an NGO, Al-Falah education, staged a demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club. Participants carried placards and banners and chanted anti-US slogans. Speakers criticized the rulers, saying they should give up the slavery of the US and promptly sever diplomatic relations

erate blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and were ready to render sacrifices in the name of islam. A protest rally was taken out in Dalbandin town of Chagai district by JUi-ideological and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunnah leaders Sanaullah Farooqi, and Hafiz Hamdallah said profane acts by the US against islam were a conspiracy but Pakistani rulers had kept mum over it. They demanded stern action against the US filmmaker. Meanwhile, a protest rally was also organized by Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunnah in Nushki where protestors marched through the roads chanting anti-US slogans and condemning the blasphemous film.

Musharraf calls for international legislation over blasphemy


All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chief Pervez Musharraf, on Sunday, stressed upon the international community to come forward for legislation over blasphemous material, saying that it is an international

crime to talk or make inflammatory videos/audios against any prophet. He said this while talking to his party’s Central information Secretary Aasia ishaque. The former president condemned the act of making a blasphemous video and said that the West should look in to the matter if they want to show real concern for Muslims of the world. He said that the present government should tackle the issue wisely, and asked APML workers to participate in peaceful protests against the blasphemous video. “Many people have lost their lives during the protests held on the day of Love with the Prophet, APML feels grief over this huge loss,” Pervez said. He said that the government is responsible for taking effective steps for the protection of life and property of the masses, the public should also cooperate in this regard. Slating the west’s inaction against the blasphemers on the plea of freedom of expression, the APML chief said that rulers of the west should also come forward to resolve this issue. Pervez appealed to the nation to demonstrate their anger in peaceful ways and avoid destroying public and private property.

Monday, 24 September, 2012

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04 News US itself breeds global hate against it: Hussain Haroon WASHIngTOn AgEncIEs


AkiSTAN’S Ambassador to the United Nations Hussain Haroon has said that the United States was responsible for the animosity that bred against it in the Muslim world. Haroon said if the US wanted an end to attacks on its embassies, personnel and assets in foreign countries, it should stop interfering in the domestic political discourse of the Muslim world and should not provide legal covers to people propagating against the sacred totems of islam. He said the US had lost favor amongst Pakistanis because it has based droning the country’s citizens on caprices of officers sitting in Pentagon, who deemed themselves above the covenants of international Law. Commenting on the state relations between Pakistan and US, he said

the US should shun perceiving Pakistan as a client state and realize that Pakistan had the right to enhance relations with its neighbors. The ambassador said that Pakistan was neither a rogue state nor was it supporting anti-American elements. Haroon said, “if the government of Pakistan was acquiescent of what is happening in Pakistan, they wouldn’t be firing teargas and bullets at the protestors.” The ambassador said Pakistan wanted trade, not aid from the US. He said the Pakistani government demanded preferential trade, as that enjoyed by Jordan and egypt, adding that the US was pronouncing Pakistan a double agent in the Afghan war and this fact angered him, because the US was bent on portraying Pakistan as a scapegoat for its failures in Afghanistan. Commenting on a question regarding the American

demand to gun down Haqqanis, he said, “it’s a punitive relationship, where if we do the right thing, we get rewarded; and, the moment we try to think for ourselves, we get banged over the head with a brick or a stone or a stick. i don’t think that is an equitable relationship.” The ambassador also expressed his discontent over raiding of Osama’s compound in Abbottabad by US marines without prior consent from the Pakistani authorities. He alleged that the US was unnecessarily hyping up the case of Dr Shakil Afridi and propagating that he was under custody because he had blown the horn over Osama’s hideout. Haroon said Muslims, especially Pakistanis, had been friendly with the westerners and the animosity which was planted in the 1980s could be nullified if both sides were serious in putting aside past differences.

68 trainee police officials rendered unconscious after consuming poisonous food MOnITORIng DESK Several trainee police officers were rendered unconscious after consuming poisonous food in karachi on Sunday. According to a private TV channel, more than 68 police cadets under training at the training centre in Razaqabad went unconscious after eating poisonous food served to them by the canteen. The report said 33 of the unconscious trainee officers were taken to Jinnah Hospital while 35 were sent to Steel Mills Hospital karachi. However, ten to 15 of the unconscious were said to be in

critical condition. Fellow cadets said the management had given them food which was unhygienic and not fit to eat. Another private TV channel reported that two of the unconscious cadets had died. However, Sindh inspector General of Police (iGP) Fayaz Laghari confirmed that some cadets had fainted due to the poisonous food but said none had passed away. “We have arrested the canteen in-charge and we will take action against those responsible,” he said. Meanwhile, the fellow cadets protested against the management and damaged the canteen property.

tEhRAn: Iranian zelzal missiles are displayed on sunday in a square south of tehran to mark the “sacred Defence Week,” commemorating Iran’s eight-year war with Iraq. aFP

three killed in balochistan QUettA: Around two FC personnel were killed in a bomb blast in Noshki while another unknown person was killed near Dhadhar on Sunday. According to details, an FC vehicle was targeted by a remote controlled device 15 km from Noshki. The blast destroyed the vehicle and two FC personnel were killed on the spot. in another incident, one person was killed by unidentified militants in firing in Dhadhar. Meanwhile, FC arrested 15 suspects in Quetta. sTaFF rePorT

PcG foils hashish smuggling attempt KArAcHi: Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) have seized a huge quantity of hashish from a truck near Windar (Balochistan). A PCG special mobile patrol team searched a suspicious truck near the Naka khari Check Post at Windar, and found some 597 kilograms of fine quality hashish worth Rs 14,000,000. aPP

Curbs on Iran female students stir rights concern nICOSIA Afp

As iran’s academic year kicked off on Saturday, a US-based rights group raised concern about new restrictions putting scores of university degree courses off-limits to women. Human Rights Watch said in a statement that the restrictions extended a creeping “islamicisation” of iran’s universities that have been imposed under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Citing an August report by the iranian news agency Mehr, the group said that women were barred from 77 courses in various universities, including those in computer science, chemistry engineering, business administration and sciences. A much smaller number of courses were also barred to men in some campuses, including studies in history, linguistics, literature, sociology and philosophy. “As university students across iran prepare to start the new academic year, they face serious setbacks, and women students in particular will no longer be able to pursue the education and careers of their choice,” Liesl Gerntholtz, women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch, said in the statement. Some in iran and elsewhere saw the restriction as an attempt to reduce women’s access to higher

education and reinforce the patriarchal domination. Currently, around 60 percent of students are female and 40 percent are male. But the dean of iran’s Petroleum University of Technology, Gholamreza Rashed, was quoted by the iRAN newspaper last week as blaming market forces — implying job prospects were shrinking because of Western sanctions. He said his school was no longer accepting female students due to “the hardship of the work situation, and because the oil industry does not need female students right now.” iranian state media have made little or no mention of the new restrictions. But other news websites spoke of extra curbs imposed on campuses, particularly a new push to segregate men and women into separate classes to prevent mixing of the sexes frowned upon by iran’s ruling clerics. Mehr last week quoted the minister of science, research and technology, kamran Daneshjou, as saying authorities in the islamic republic “welcome the establishment of one-gender universities, schools for only men or women.” He said that was the direction “our religion envisions for us.” Daneshjou dismissed Western criticism of iran’s steps, saying: “The angrier Western media gets, the more we realise we are moving in the right direction.”

Pakistan weary of hosting millions of Afghan refugees nEWS DESK

file Photo Monday, 24 September, 2012

Awal Gul knows that home is just a two-hour drive over the jagged ridgeline that separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. But he hasn’t been there in more than 30 years, since Soviet tanks rolled into kabul. A refugee of a long-gone era, he doesn’t have a patch of land to return to, or a house or a job. That may not matter. Pakistan is growing increasingly impatient as host of the world’s largest refugee community — millions of Afghans who fled the Soviet invasion and, later, Taliban rule. At the end of the year, Afghans in Pakistan will lose legal status as refugees, making them vulnerable to deportation. “We’ve spent three decades here, but every day we feel like strangers,” Gul, 45, a thin, silverbearded Afghan who lives with his extended family of 24 in khazana, home to a large cluster of refugees living in two-room, thatch-roofed mud huts, told Los Angeles Times. “We can’t afford to build real houses here. even if we could, we wouldn’t want to because we know this isn’t our homeland, and that one day we’ll eventually have to go back to Afghanistan.” To Gul, it feels like falling without ever landing. “We’re in

an awkward situation, stuck between the sky and earth.” Afghan refugees say they feel caught in the gears of conflicting agendas in their homeland and adopted land. Afghan leaders insist that a shattered economy and the 10year war against Taliban insurgents make it impossible to begin accepting returning refugees en masse. Pakistani officials say they don’t have plans to immediately begin repatriating Afghans, but they also don’t plan to continue hosting an estimated 3.5 million Afghans in a country struggling to meet the basic needs of its own people. “We know what the situation in Afghanistan is, but that’s the failure of the Afghan government and the international forces there,” said engineer Shaukatullah, Pakistan’s minister of states and frontier regions, who oversees Afghan refugees in Pakistan. “in 10 years, they haven’t been able to provide refugees a secure place to live. That means the whole burden is on Pakistan.” Forcing Afghan refugees to go home could jeopardize fragile ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan, said Neill Wright, the chief representative in Pakistan for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. That relationship has

already been strained by a recent surge in cross-border militant attacks and accusations from kabul that Pakistan continues to support the Haqqani network, a potent wing of the Afghan Taliban responsible for high-profile attacks in the Afghan capital and eastern Afghanistan. There are 1.68 million registered Afghan refugees living in Pakistan, according to the U.N. refugee agency. An additional 1.8 million are unregistered and living in the country illegally, Pakistani officials say. Registered refugees are issued special identity cards that allow them to stay in Pakistan. Those cards expire Dec. 31. Pakistan has yet to announce what action it will take. Officials in kabul say large-scale deportations by Pakistan could destabilize Afghanistan at a time when the country is particularly vulnerable. Afghan President Hamid karzai’s government is struggling to accept more of the burden of securing the country before Washington’s planned withdrawal of troops by the end of 2014. U.N. refugee agency officials have been trying to persuade the Pakistani government to extend refugee status for Afghans in the country. But islamabad isn’t ruling anything out. “They are looking at all the options, including forcing refugees back. That would have huge consequences,” Wright said.

in addition to damaging ties with kabul, deporting Afghans also could harm Pakistan’s image in the international community and jeopardize crucial economic and humanitarian aid from international donors. Nevertheless, the presence of Afghan refugees remains deeply unpopular in Pakistan, a sentiment Pakistani leaders are likely to weigh ahead of what are expected to be hotly contested national elections early next year. Many Pakistanis contend Afghan refugees are a source of rising crime and key players in attacks that continue to beset the country. “They are involved in it,” Shaukatullah said when asked about links between Afghan refugees and terrorism in Pakistan. “They have connections with these things.” it’s a misguided stereotype, Wright said, but one that persists. “There’s no evidence to support it,” he said. “And there are endless media articles that say the refugees are bringing polio into the country and are not contributing to the economy. And yet there are so many who are employed, running transportation companies, manufacturing rugs, doing lots of jobs here in Pakistan.” especially discouraging for many Pakistanis, Shaukatullah said, is that the rate of Afghans

returning to their homeland continues to drop. According to U.N. figures, in 2010, 109,383 Afghan refugees returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan and iran, which also hosts a large Afghan refugee community. Last year, the number of returning refugees dropped to 52,096. So far this year, nearly 42,000 Afghan refugees have returned home. Shaukatullah says that’s not enough, adding that the return rate is negated by the number of children born to Afghan refugees each year, which he said is about 83,000. Children born to Afghan refugees in Pakistan do not get Pakistani citizenship; many refugees who are in their teens or younger have never set foot in Afghanistan. Sangar is one of them. The 19-year-old, who, like many Afghans, uses just one name, was born in Pakistan and grew up in the refugee colony in khazana after his family fled Afghanistan more than 30 years ago. He runs his tailoring business from a tiny, darkened stall no bigger than a garden shed. “even if they bulldoze our houses, we won’t go,” Sangar said, shooing away flies with a fan. “if i’m forced to go to Afghanistan, i don’t know what i would do there. i was born here, grew up here and studied here. Pakistan is my country.”

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Police kill Taliban commander, accomplice in Nowshera PESHAWAR


stAff REpoRt

notorious militant commander was killed along with his accomplice during an encounter with police in the Azakhel area of Nowshera in the early hours of Sunday. A police official said that Taliban commander Farooq was attempting to enter his native Nowshehra district to carry out sabotage activities. The Police Crime investigation De-

partment (CiD) acted on a tip-off regarding the militants’ plans, and tightened security along Nowshehra’s boundaries with the frontier regions of Peshawar. Both Farooq and his accomplice were stopped by the police while they were entering Nowshehra. Police said the militants were asked to surrender, but they started shooting at the police. Both the militants were killed in retaliatory fire, police said. Senior officials have also confirmed Farooq’s death along his accomplice Mati-ur-Rehman and called it a “big achievement”.

A police official said that Farooq was regarded as one of the most dangerous militant commanders in the area, and had been involved in several acts of terrorism. Separately, the dead bodies of two out of five persons abducted from the outskirts of Peshawar a couple of days ago were found dumped in the Badhabher area on Sunday morning. A police official said that the killed persons were identified as the driver and police guard of Bannu District Revenue Officer Sajid Nawaz. Three persons are still missing. On September 19, Sajid Nawaz and his

News 05

five colleagues were abducted from Darwazgai area, which connects Peshawar with Dara Adam khel. Sajid Nawaz was recovered on next day, but the remaining employees are still missing. Meanwhile, a leading tribal elder from South Waziristan, Malik Fateh Sher Mehsud, was shot dead by unidentified militants in Tank on Sunday morning. Mehsud had migrated to Tank along with his relatives a couple of years ago. He had been supporting the civilian and military administration in the ongoing war on terror.

NAB officials to appear before SC tomorrow in RPPs case ISLAMABAD AgEncIEs

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman and other NAB officials will on Tuesday appear before a threemember bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in connection with non-implementation of the verdict in the rental power plants (RPPs) case. NAB officials issued notices included Col (r) Shehzad, kamran Qaiser, Raza khan and all supervisors and investigation officials. During the last hearing, the chief justice refused a request by NAB’s deputy prosecutor general for a closed-door hearing of the case. The court had warned that NAB would be held responsible if any of the accused fled the country.

PM tries in vain to bar Dasti from comments against ANF ISLAMABAD onLInE

LoWER DIR: Jamaat-e-Islami chief syed Munawar hassan addresses a public gathering at timergara on sunday. inP

sufism’s message of tolerance has universal relevance: sherry WASHIngTOn App

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman told an American audience at a cultural event on Saturday night that Sufism embraces the spirit of tolerance and inclusion, and its message is increasingly relevant in this age of competing ideologies. She was speaking at the Smithsonian institute, where popular Pakistani Sufi singer Sanam Marvi gave a mesmerizing performance, attended by Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani khar.The new US ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, senior American officials and a large number of Pakistani and American followers of the mystic poetry and music attended the performance by the acclaimed singer. in her remarks, sherry made it clear that Sufism was not a sect of islam. “its practice encapsulates the very essence of our faith,” the Pakistani envoy said. “For over a decade now,” she said, “we have seen the marketplace of global ideas distorted by new walls of hatred and prejudice... This negativity causes many to lose hope in the project of peaceful civilizations, that instead of clashing, nurture the best in humanity.” She told the audience that Pakistan’s founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, actively advocated a plural model of citizenship, asserting that all Pakistani citizens shall enjoy the same rights and privileges, regardless of their religious affiliation. Sherry explained to the attentive audience the message of Sufism as she observed that “being grounded in the mystical connection between the individual and the divine, Sufism

Younger Britons oppose strict immigration, anti-Muslim measures LOnDOn MAJID khAttAk

embraces the spirit of tolerance and inclusion in both its discourse and practice”. “This is one of the reasons why Sufi saints played a central role in the spread of islam, especially in South Asia, making it the second biggest and the most practiced religion in the world,” she added. “The Sufi doctrine is simple and universal, that the light of God abides in the heart of each person. The Sufi ‘tariqa’ or the Sufi way guides us on the roads of the inner journey towards discovering the self, for the ultimate goal of reaching the divine light and wisdom that each one of us carries within.” “What could, indeed, be a more appropriate and opportune time to think and reflect about the message of unity, peace, togetherness and patience exemplified by the life and teachings of Sufi saints and their philosophy of life?” the ambassador stressed.

A new survey suggests that younger Britons of all political persuasions are less likely to support anti-immigration or anti-islamic policies than older ones. The survey was carried out by YouGov on the behalf of the extremis Project. extremis project is a Uk-based platform for independent, objective and evidence-based research on extremism and terrorism. During the survey, British people were asked to say whether they would be more or less likely to support a party that supports stopping all immigration into the Uk and reducing the numbers of Muslims in the Uk. The survey finds out that 71% of British Conservatives aged 18-24 said that they would be less likely to support a party that promised to halt immigration into the Uk as compared to 66% of Conservatives aged over 60 who would favor such

a party. Similarly, while 63% of Conservatives over 60 would favor a party that said it would reduce the numbers of Muslims in the country, only 28% of 18-24 year old Conservatives felt the same. According to the survey, 41% of the people would be more likely to vote for a party that promised to stop all immigration into the Uk against only 28% who said they would be less likely to support such a party. Around 37% of people would be more likely to support a party that promised to reduce the numbers of Muslims in society against only 23% who said they would be less likely to do so. Professor Matthew Goodwin who instigated the research and is an associate professor at Nottingham University said 60% of all 1824 year olds declared themselves to be less likely to support any party that espoused policies opposed to islam or committed to ending immigration.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has restricted Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Jamshed Dasti from commenting on ephedrine drug case. Dasti, a member of the National Assembly, had earlier given a statement against the Anti-Narcotics Force in the Supreme Court while standing next to the accused Ali Musa Gilani, son of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. Sources said the prime minister personally phoned Dasti and told him to take his statement back. However, Dasti remained adamant and refused to “compromise on principles”. Online was unable to contact Dasti, who had a busy schedule during the day. However, his closest aide Muzaffar iqbal Gormani confirmed that Dasti had received a phone call from the prime minister over the issue. Gormani further said that the PM had also asked National Highway Authority (NHA) Chairman Muhammad Ali Gormani to convey his (PM’s) directives, but added that Dasti remained firm over what he called his “principled stand”.

Two Pakistanis stabbed near Greek anti-racist demo ATHEnS Inp

Two Pakistani immigrants were in hospital late on Saturday after being stabbed on the margins of an anti-racism rally on the outskirts of Athens, police said. One of them was said to be in a serious condition. The attack, in the western suburb of Metamorfossi, came after the end of the demonstration, in which about 300 people were protesting racist violence. A motorbike and a car stopped in front of the men and a group of people got out and attacked them with knives. A third Pakistani immigrant with them at the time escaped unhurt, said police. Since the neoNazi group Golden Dawn won seats in parliament in the June election, there has been a sharp rise in racist attacks in the immigrant quarters of Athens. Last month, a young iraqi was stabbed to death by five bikers. Protests against the surge in racist violence also took place in the port of Piraeus, next to Athens, and in another Athens suburb.

Monday, 24 September, 2012

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Monday, 24 September, 2012

Protests continue against blasphemous film LAHORE



ROTeSTS against the blasphemous anti-islam film continued in Lahore on Sunday, as several religious groups took out rallies to condemn the hate film produced in the US. Heavy contingents of police had been deployed at the US Consulate and in its surroundings to deal with any emergency. Special children held a rally under the aegis of Jamatud Dawa, while another protest rally was organized by the women wing of Wahdat ul Muslimeen. idara Sirat-e-Mustaqeem Pakistan, Fidian khatm-e-Nabuwat and Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunnat also staged rallies against the blasphemous US movie. Heads of the organizations, Pir Syed irfan Shah Mashahdi, Dr Ashraf Asif Jilali and Allama Hassan Rizvi led the rally. Hundreds of protesters, including children, participated in the rally that started from the Punjab Assembly and ended at Lahore Press Club. The protesters were carrying banners and placards inscribed with different slogans against the US and notorious Pastor Terry Jones. Addressing the attendants, the leaders of the organizations condemned the movie makers and vowed to sacrifice their lives for the sanctity of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They demanded the government to pressurize the US government to arrest the accused and hang him. Separately, scores of people staged a protest demonstration against the sacrilegious movie at Jora Pul, Lahore Cantt. Holding banners and placards, the protesters chanted slogans against the blasphemers besides demanding his public hanging. Speakers said western nations had been exposed and their apathy towards the issue was highly deplorable. They praised the federal government for deciding to observe Youm-e-ishq-eRasool at the national level and register a strong protest.

robbers strike at will MOnITORIng DESK Robberies had a field day in the city, as they struck various areas of the provincial metropolis at will on Sunday. Per details, a citizen, Zafar, was returning after withdrawing cash from Soneri Bank Faisal Town’s ATM when two robbers on a motorbike intercepted his car and made away with Rs 25,000 in cash and a mobile phone at gunpoint. in another incident in kahna, robbers looted a cash van of a noted beverages company and took away Rs 50,000 in cash and a mobile phone. Separately, three robbers forced into the house of retired deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Sheikh Qayyum and robbed him of Rs 100,000 and other valuables at gunpoint. An anti-dengue campaign worker, Rubina, was robbed by two men in Shaldara, making away with thousands in cash and a mobile phone. Also, advocate kahawar Saleem was deprived of his car in Township.

Muslims cannot tolerate defamation of Holy Prophet (PBUH), says elahi LAHORE nnI

Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhry Pervez elahi on Sunday said Pakistan was the only country of the world which registered its agitation against the sacrilegious film at the government level, adding that no Muslim could tolerate defamation of islam or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Talking to reporters, he said respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a matter of great importance for all Muslims. He said the protests had given a message to the world that Muslims were

united and would not let anyone defame their religion. However, he said a better message would have been given to the world had there been no violence. The deputy prime minister said the federal cabinet had decided to raise the issue of the profane movie at the UN, adding that the issue would also be discussed at the OiC. To a question, he said islamabad did not have sufficient police force and needed provincial support to maintain law and order. “But the lack of coordination created problems,” he said. “Had the Punjab government coop-

erated with the federal government‚ the situation on the day of agitation would have been different.” elahi said action would be taken against those who damaged public property. “The law and order in Punjab is extremely poor and the businesses of people are being destroyed in the name of development,” he added. elahi said the Rapid Bus Transit project would be worse than the Sasti Roti project, as it was not feasible. He said general elections would be held on time and if any province wanted to hold local bodies’ election, it could do so.

iranian delegation visits rangers institute LAHORE stAff REpoRt

An iranian delegation visited the Rangers institute of Technical education (RiTe) on Sunday. Members imam khumaini Relief Foundation were received by Sector Commander Rana Zahid. Head of the iranian delegation Husain Anwari, said that Pakistan was progressing in the field of technical education and ensured iran’s cooperation in funding technical educational endeavors in Pakistan.

Diabetes, smoking, hypertension major causes of heart attack LAHORE App

A medical research on cardiac complications declared diabetes, smoking and hypertension the major causes of heart attacks in Pakistan. A four year study conducted at Cardiac Surgery Department of Allama iqbal Medical College (AiMC) and Jinnah Hospital revealed that diabetes, smoking, hypertension and cholesterol were major causes of heart ailments among the patients of all age groups in the country. Studies throughout the world have

proved the causality of the above mentioned diseases with cardiac complications; however, the study conducted by AiMC is the first of its kind conducted by Pakistani health professionals using native population as the sample. Sources in AiMC said between February 2008 and January 2012, a total of 608 cardiac patients were treated at Jinnah Hospital. All of the 273 patients who were operated on were suffering from diabetes, smoked, were hypertensive and were on medication for keeping in check their cholesterol levels. The study found that children between

ages of five to 20 frequented the hospital complaining of heart complications which were traced back to their birth. Symptoms of heart complications developed due to lifestyles choices precipitate between 30-60 years and almost all bypass patients were between the ages of 40 to 80. AiMC Cardiac Professor Dr Tayyab said the hospital had a 99.50 percent success rate in open heart surgeries, the highest in Pakistan. He added that AiMC Principal Professor Dr Shaukat Mahmood had approached the government to allocate funds for expansion of the cardiac ward.

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Lahore 07 breach in canal washes away makeshift homes LAHORE Inp

A breach in the canal inundated a surrounding gypsy population in Lahore on Sunday. According to rescue sources, a breach emerged in the canal near Thokar Niaz Baig, which washed away several temporary houses erected in the area. Rescue personnel reached the scene and rescued 19 stranded people and shifted them to safety. Lahore District Coordination Officer (DCO) Noorul Ameen Mengal also visited the area and monitored rescue activities. Dozens of mud and stone houses of the gypsies were razed to the ground due to water gushing out from the canal. The authorities concerned initiated efforts to repair the breach to avoid further losses soon after the incident. The DCO also constituted a committee to investigate the reasons for the breach and asked for a report within a couple of days.

214th urs of waris Shah starts today LAHORE nnI

LAhoRE: Deputy prime Minister chaudhry pervaiz Elahi talking to reporters after meeting federal Minister for housing sardar talib hassan nakai. nni

dG anti-corruption should investigate KeMu theft LAHORE UMAIR AzIz

The Punjab Anti-corruption director general needs to constitute an unbiased investigation team to probe into the theft of machinery worth Rs 2,500,000, from the third floor of the Punjab institute of Preventive Ophthalmology (PiPO) at king edward Medical University (keMU). The machinery was stolen a year ago and has not been recovered until now. A ward attendant named Sabir has been made the scapegoat in this matter. However, the keys of the store in which the equipment had been stored were in the possession of three people, but only one has been arrested and interrogated so far. Machinery worth Rs 1,500,000 was stolen from the same store two years ago and six people had been declared responsible (inquiry report available). Farce investigations were carried out apparently to save big shots involved in the matter. Young doctors would also be personally meeting the anti-corruption DG to raise the issue.

Punjab govt’s programs yielding results: CM

The 214th Urs of Sufi poet Pir Waris Shah will start at Jandiala Sher khan near Sheikhupura toady (Monday). People from close and far-off areas would be attending the three-day celebrations to remember the noted Punjabi poet. Waris Shah, best known for his seminal work Heer Ranjha, is known as the Shakespeare of Punjabi language. His poetic work has been translated in several languages of the world.

bookmaker, 10 gamblers nabbed





UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday said revolutionary programs for the youth initiated in the province at a cost of billions of rupees were yielding positive and encouraging results. Talking to a delegation of assembly members, Shahbaz said thousands of poor and unemployed but talented and intelligent youth were benefiting from the programs launched by Pakistan Muslim League-N government. He said it was the utmost effort of the Punjab government that the youth were given their due right through these programs, like green tractor scheme, laptop scheme, self-employment scheme, provision of buses for colleges, solar panels and bio-gas pilot projects. He said other provinces were also following the programs started for the youth by the PML-N government, which was a reflection of their confidence in

Ten gamblers were arrested when police raided a gambler’s house in Gulshan-eRavi on Sunday, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to police sources, Gulshan-e-Ravi Police was informed that a wanted criminal, Shamshad, was present in House number 472-F of Gulshene-Ravi. Upon raiding the house, police found that a book-line was in operation on the premises along with other gambling activities. Though Shamshad could not be arrested, police were successful in apprehending ten other miscreants from the spot. Those arrested included iftikhar, Usman, Shahid, Sajjad, Mohammed Taimur, Jamshaid, Hassan Raza, Nasir and a bookmaker Faiz Ullah. Three of their accomplices – bookmaker Malik Babar, Baber Rana and Maqsood – escaped arrest. Police also took into custody Rs 100,000, a laptop, two telephone sets, two cameras and 11 mobile phones. They said the arrested men were locked up in Gulshan-e-Ravi police station.


these successful programmes. The chief minister said a new identity had been given to the youth through youth programs and equal opportunities of progress had become available to them. He said 200 buses were being provided to the colleges across the province, while 1,200 buses were being purchased for public transport. He said arrangements were being

made for plying special buses for the dwellers of backward and poor areas. The CM said interest-free small loans were being given under the Chief Minister’s employment scheme with a sum of Rs 2 billion and loans of Rs 15,000 to 50,000 were being offered for small businesses. He said the distribution of loans through mosques, imam bargahs and churches was a welcome step.

citizens protest demolition of shrines cine Star Ph: 35157462

heroine 02:00PM, 8:15PM 1:45aM the cold liGht of daY 04:45 PM dredd 06:30PM barfi 11:00 PM

Sozo world Ph: 36674271

barfi raaz 3 heroine

12:00PM, 05:30 PM 03:00 PM 11:30 PM

Sozo Gold Ph: 36674271

barfi raaz 3

2:30PM 08:15PM, 11:00PM 12:00PM, 05:30PM

SuPer cineMa cocKtail at roYal PalM heroine Ph: 111-602-602 ParanorMan (3d) raaz 3 (3d) bourne leGacY heroine

04:00PM 09:00PM 01:15PM 03:00PM 05:30PM 10:45PM


Religious organizations protested against the Punjab government for relocating tombs of religious saints to make space for the Rapid Transport Bus Project (RTBP). Tehaffuz Namoos-e-Risalat and Mazar Aulia Mahaz staged a protest demonstration against demolition of shrines and mosques to make space for bus stops for RTBP. The participants were carrying banners and placards inscribed with demands to restore the bulldozed shrines. Addressing the protesters, religious scholars condemned the move, saying they would continue their protest until the government did not give into their demand. Allama Waqarul Hussnain Naqvi, Dr Amjad Hussain Chisti, Allama Asghar Arif Chisti, Allama Syed Noorul Mustafa Qadri and Pir SA Jafari led the protest at Ravi Road. Graves from four of the five shrines demolished have been relocated to Miani Sahib graveyard, while one been moved to the Ravi Road graveyard.

Monday, 24 September, 2012

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08 Lahore weather uPdateS

34 °c high 0c 25 low tueSdaY

PartlY cloudY wedneSdaY thurSdaY

33°c i 25°c

34°c i 24°c

34°c i 24°c

PraYer tiMinGS fajr Sunrise 04:30 05:51

zuhr 11:55

asr 16:16

Maghrib 17:59

isha 19:20

citY directorY eMerGencY helP reScue edhi control MotorwaY Police Police GoVernor’S houSe chief MiniSter’S houSe fire briGade boMb diSPoSal Mcl coMPlaintS lahore waSte diSPoSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hoSPitalS Mid citY 37573382-3 SerViceS 99203402-11 MaYo 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 SheiKh zaid 35865731 Sir GanGa raM 99200572 uch 35763573-5 ittefaq 35881981-85 cMh 366996168-72 ShouKat KhanuM 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 adil (defence) 36667275 children’S 99230901-3 defence national hoSPital 111-17-18-19

blood banK fatMid iSlaMic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

coMPlaint waPda Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwaYS citY Station (enquirY) reSerVation railwaY Police

117 99201772 1333

airPort fliGht enquirY Pia reSerVation

114 111-786-786

LAhoRE: students take part in a cleanliness campaign on Davis Road in collaboration with the LWMc. inP

Experts seek revision in Right to Free Education Act 2011 LAHORE



He participants of a meeting have demanded the revision of the `Right to Free and Compulsory education Act 2011' to maximize the required prospects and safeguarding the future of the young generation of Pakistan. Academic experts hailing from different government, semi-government and private institutions while discussing the education act, already passed by the Senate, said that the penalties mentioned in the act were not clear and it should be explicitly stated whether the penalty would be criminal or civil. They also asked for clarifying which procedure should be followed once a penalty was imposed, officials from the Ministry of Human Rights told agencies on Sunday. They said instead of using only the term "he" in the act when referring to a child, it was more appropriate to use "he/she" to be more gender sensitive in this regard. This simple change would go a long way in ensuring that girls were also allowed to reap the benefits from this act, said the officials.

They added that it was necessary to make sure that children knew their rights and were aware of their entitlement to free and compulsory education. The participants of the meeting said that the act should make clear provisions for what was to be done in case of emergencies such as floods, earthquakes and other disasters, while adding that displaced children must be accommodated elsewhere to avoid a break in their education. During the detailed discussion on the bill, the participating members said that Section 1 (3) of the Act read, "it shall come into force on such date and in such areas". Commenting on this point, the participants agreed that the use of the word `areas' was too vague and left the areas of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu and kashmir (AJk) undefined. The participants stated that the areas in which the law held the most importance should be defined more clearly in the Act. Section 2 (a) (ii) read "a school established, owned, or controlled by the Local Government". Here the participants were of the opinion that other authorities designated by


the Constitution to act in place of the local government should be also mentioned for the sake of clarity. Section 2 (d) addressed the parents "whose annual income is lower than the minimum limit specified by the appropriate government". The participants agreed that further clarity was required as to what exactly was the amount that "minimum limit' indicated in this particular section. This was necessary as otherwise ambiguity may rise as to whether this referred to the poverty levels, minimum wage levels etc, they added. Section 2 (g) read "Free education means education free of any education related costs including expenditure on stationery, school bags and transport." The participants felt that this section should include whether or not uniforms would be provided as well, as it amounted to a significant cost for the low income households. Section 2 (k) outlined the definitions of "school" in the Act. The participants agreed that in this case the term "school" had the potential to be restrictive. it would be preferable to replace it with a more all-encompassing phrase like "educational institutes" to include religious seminaries and other such institutions.


Section 3 (3) (j) read that the government was obligated to "provide all training facilities for teachers and students." Here it should be added that all training facilities must conform to the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Section 5 (3) mentioned the "service rules" which schools had to adhere to. The participants said that while the service rules were in place for the public sector, there was no corresponding set of rules for the private sector. There must be more clarity on what rules would apply to private schools, religious seminaries etc. The participants agreed that the use of the terms "formal and nonformal education" in the Act were beneficial as it effectively covered a situation where a child too old to be enrolled in a formal system still had a right to education in a different system. Officials of the National Commission for Human Development, the Ministry of education and Training, National Commission for Child Welfare and Development, the Ministry of Human Rights, United Nations Children Fund, OXFAM, Sahil, SPAARC, idara-eTaleem-o-Agahi and other organizations attended the meeting.


colleGeS / uniVerSitieS PunJab uniVerSitY Kinnaird colleGe queen MarY colleGe GoVt. colleGe uniVerSitY uMt luMS uet lcwu SuPerior colleGe Monday, 24 September, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

date: March 31 to deceMber 29, 2012 Venue: haSt-o-neeSt centre, lahore hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its Monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of Maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

date: aPril 01 to deceMber 30, 2012 Venue: faiz Ghar, lahore a unique blend of Yoga, Meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga Master Shamshad haider

date: SePteMber 29, 5:30-9:30 aM Venue: delhi to MaSti Gate Photo walk through the royal trail (delhi Gate to Masti Gate) for registration:, 042-99204196

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Foreign News 09

Suicide blast at Nigeria church kills two, wounds dozens KAnO Afp

A suicide bomber who tried to ram an explosives-packed car into a church in Nigeria on Sunday killed a woman and a child while badly wounding dozens more, the Red Cross said. The attacker targetted the St. John’s Catholic Church in the northern city of Bauchi, where tight security was imposed after a wave church bombings claimed by the radical islamist group Boko Haram. Worshippers were being screened outside the building when the bomber approached, ramming his car into the line of people waiting to enter Sunday services, the head of the Red Cross in Bauchi state, Adamu Abubakar said. “We have three dead in all, including the bomber, a woman and a child. Fortyeight others were seriously injured in the explosion,” he told AFP. He said the church building was not damaged in the blast. Officials said the attack occurred in the Wunti area of Bauchi city, capital of Bauchi state. Suicide blasts targetting Christian Sunday services were a near weekly occurrence in Nigeria earlier this year, but the violence had ebbed recently. While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, the attack resembled those previously claimed by Boko Haram, blamed for killing more than 1,400 people in northern and central Nigeria since 2010. Boko Haram claimed responsiblity for a similar attack on June 3 in Bauchi city in which a suicide bomber tried to drive a vehicle packed with explosives into a church, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens more. Since re-launching its insurgency in 2010, the group’s attacks have grown increasingly deadly and sophisticated, including suicide bombings at the UN headquarters in Abuja and an office for one of the country’s most prominent newspapers. The deadliest attack so far was in kano in January, when at least 185 people died in a series of coordinated bombings and shootings. Muslims have often been its victims, but President Goodluck Jonathan warned that the group was seeking to spark a religious conflict with the series of attacks on Christians. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer, is divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south. The government recently said it was engaging in back-channel talks in an effort to halt the violence. A previous attempt at dialogue this year collapsed when a mediator quit over leaks to the media and a Boko Haram spokesman said they could not trust the government. Boko Haram is believed to have several factions, including a hardcore islamist wing.

Syria, Iran nuclear fears, Muslim protests cloud UN summit UnITED nATIOnS



AR in Syria, mounting tensions over iran’s nuclear drive and antiWestern protests across the Muslim world will cast a shadow over the annual UN gathering of world leaders starting Tuesday. Words of warning and defiance are expected when US President Barack Obama, iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu join more than 120 heads of state and government at the UN General Assembly. Because of international divisions over the 18-month-old Syria conflict, the UN is holding no formal meeting on the civil war. But Obama and Western leaders are expected to call for action in their speeches. The US president is one of the first speakers on Tuesday after the event is opened by UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon.

“We’re going to have to work to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” Obama said previewing his speech Saturday. “We’re going to have to make sure that not only our diplomatic posts are safe, but we go after folks who threaten or try to kill Americans.” Ban and UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi agreed in talks Saturday that the conflict is a “steadily increasing threat to regional peace and security,” a UN spokesman said. And the Syria campaign will be pressed outside the General Assembly. Brahimi will brief the UN Security Council on Monday on his talks with President Bashar al-Assad. Syria will also dominate a Security Council ministerial debate on links with the Arab League on Wednesday, the european Union is set to launch a new appeal for humanitarian funds and a Friends of Syria ministerial meeting is planned for Friday. Diplomatic wounds over Syria are not close to healing. Neither Russia nor China, which have three times vetoed Security Council resolutions on Syria, will


China’s first aircraft carrier was handed over Sunday to the navy of the People’s Liberation Army, state press said, amid rising tensions over disputed waters in the east and South China Seas. The handover ceremony of the 300-metre (990-foot) ship, a former Soviet carrier called the Varyag, took place in northeast China’s port of Dalian after a lengthy refitting by a Chinese shipbuilder, the Global Times reported. During the handover ceremony the aircraft carrier raised the Chinese national flag on its mast, the PLA flag on its bow and the navy’s colours on its stern, the short online report said. A ceremony to place the ship into active service would be held sometime in the future, the paper said without elaboration.

States — which are attempting to negotiate with iran — are to meet on Thursday just after israel’s prime minister addresses the assembly. Netanyahu and Obama will not meet in New York and this has heightened speculation of a rift between the two. The United States and its allies have stepped up warnings to iran, however, that time is running out for a negotiated solution to the showdown. The deadly protests in Muslim nations against an internet video made in the United States that mocks islam will also receive much attention. Muslim leaders will reaffirm their anger in their speeches and the film will top the agenda at a meeting of foreign ministers from the 57-member Organization of islamic Cooperation on Friday. OiC Secretary General ekmeleddin ihsanoglu told AFP that world leaders must “come together in solidarity and as a political gesture and show of goodwill” to condemn the film and “to underline the ethical responsibility of all to respect human dignity and not to insult the ‘other’ over most sacred values.”

At least four killed in Iraq attacks

BAnDAR sERI BEgAWAn: the Royal couple of Brunei Darussalam, princess hajah hafizah sururul Bolkiah and her groom pengiran haji Muhammad Ruzaini (L), prays at the end of the sitting-in-state on royal dais ceremony at Istana nurul Iman in Brunei's capital on sunday. Daughter of Brunei's sultan and her groom were officially presented to the royal court in a colourful ceremony in the tiny oil-rich monarchy. aFP

China navy takes delivery of first aircraft carrier: report BEIJIng

be represented by a senior leader in New York. Assad is expected to send his foreign minister. “everyone will be thinking about Syria, talking about Syria, but there will be no decision and no major progress,” said one senior UN diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity. Stewart Patrick, an expert on international institutions and global governance for the Council on Foreign Relations think-tank, said that Syria will be one of two “lightning rod” issues at the summit with the iran nuclear showdown. Ahmadinejad is in New York for probably his last appearance at the General Assembly. This time there is feverish speculation that israel is planning a military strike on bunkered iranian nuclear facilities that Tehran insists are for peaceful purposes, but Western nations say hide attempts to develop a nuclear bomb. Ahmadinejad speaks to the assembly on Wednesday, when a new walkout is predicted if the iranian leader repeats one of his toxic remarks about israel. Top officials from Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United

China’s defence ministry was unavailable to comment on the ceremony. The announcement comes at a time of heightened tensions over maritime disputes in the Asia-Pacific region, where China’s growing assertiveness has put it on a collision course with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. China also Sunday postponed a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties with Japan, due to a noisy territorial dispute with Tokyo over the Diaoyu islands, known in Japanese as Senkaku. Tensions have also risen this year with Vietnam and the Philippines over disputed islands in the South China Sea. Beijing confirmed last year it was revamping the old Soviet ship, and has repeatedly insisted the carrier poses no threat to its neighbours and will be used mainly for training and research purposes. But numerous sea trials of

the aircraft carrier — currently only known as “Number 16” — since August 2011 were met with concern from regional powers including Japan and the United States, which called on Beijing to explain why it needed an aircraft carrier. Construction of the Varyag originally ended with the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. China reportedly bought the carrier’s immense armoured hull — with no engine, electrics or propeller — from Ukraine in 1998 and began to refit the vessel in Dalian in 2002. The PLA — the world’s largest active military — is extremely secretive about its defence programmes, which benefit from a huge and expanding military budget boosted by the nation’s runaway economic growth. China’s military budget officially reached $106 billion in 2012, an 11.2 percent increase.

bAGHDAD: Bombings in iraq killed at least four people, among them two soldiers, and wounded at least six other people on Sunday, security and medical officials said. A magnetic “sticky bomb” attached to a minibus exploded in Sadr City in north Baghdad, killing two people and wounding six, an interior ministry official said, while a medical source put the toll at three dead and eight wounded. And in the north iraq city of Mosul, a roadside bomb killed two soldiers when it exploded near their patrol, army First Lieutenant Walid Hammoud and Dr Mahmud Haddad said. The latest violence brings the number of people killed this month to at least 173, while more than 670 have been wounded in attacks, according to an AFP tally based on security and medical sources. Violence in iraq is down from its peak in 2006 and 2007, but attacks are still carried out almost every day. Afp

strike on iran would trigger ‘World War iii’: Guards TEHRAn Afp

iran could launch a pre-emptive strike if israel prepares to attack it, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander told broadcaster Al-Alam on Sunday, a day after his boss warned that conflict was inevitable. Should israel and iran engage militarily, “nothing is predictable... and it will turn into World War iii,” Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh told iran’s Arabic-language television network. Hajizadeh, who is in charge of Revolutionary Guards missile systems, said: “in circumstances in which they (the israelis) have prepared everything for an attack, it is possible that we will make a preemptive attack. But we do not see this at the moment.” He added that iran would deem any israeli strike to be conducted with US authorisation, so “whether the Zionist regime attacks with or without US knowledge, then we will definitely attack US bases in Bahrain, Qatar and Afghanistan.” He warned that israel “cannot imagine our response — and it will sustain heavy damage and that

will be a prelude to its obliteration.” On Saturday, the head of the Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said war between iran and israel “will eventually happen, but it is not certain where and when.” it was the first time a senior iranian official had acknowledged a probability of war breaking out between the two arch-foes. Jafari, quoted by the iSNA and Fars news agencies, also said such a conflict would lead to the annihilation of israel. “if they begin (aggression), it will spell their destruction and will be the end of the story,” he said. On Sunday, Jafari’s deputy, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, told Fars in an interview that iran’s “defensive strategy is based on the assumption that we will engage in a war, a massive battle against a global coalition led by the US.” He said the islamic republic had made preparations to “crush” the enemy by hitting “enemy bases in the region, the security of the Zionist regime (israel) and the energy market, as well as the lives of enemy forces.” He added: “We will not start a war. But if someone wages war against us, we will launch continuous offensives.”

Monday, 24 September, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

a bounty In no way a rational call


he greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Or so they say. But finding a semblance of rationality in our neck of the woods is becoming an impossible task with each passing day. We do not seem to be able to record even a peaceful protest, even when it has officially been declared a day to profess love, much less forcing the world to mend its ways. As if what happened on the 21st of September wasn’t enough, Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has upped the ante by announcing a bounty of 100,000 dollars on the maker of a movie that has disrespected Prophet Muhammad and brought millions of Muslims on to streets in protests all over the world. While his passion is commendable, his gesture is not, more so considering that he is a federal minister. His action might incite violence from not just one or two religious zealots but many more, the least the government would want on its hands right now. The very public who protested, mind you they were largely on rampage, as they celebrated a day to honor love for their Prophet, a Prophet actions from whose life they quotes so passionately to convince the world that islam is a peaceful religion, could provide a launching pad to some extremists in disguise. After all, it takes not much to contort an ideology or a statement. The carrot he is dangling in front of the Taliban and AlQaeda and the general public — by inciting them to commit murder, in itself a crime — would also hand over the stick in the hands of those who take his offer to heart. More than that, it represents a disappointing lack of confidence in the government by none other than a minister of the same government. Yes, the acts of that American filmmaker must be discouraged but so should be the ones proposed by the minister. in fact, what Mr Bilour is proposing is somewhat same what the maker of that sacrilegious film has done: to incite people to violence. With the country already at war with terrorists and law and order situation not much to boast of, violent protests and calls for violence would do us no good. What we lack is a unified approach on how to handle the issue and how to convey our message to the West. it won’t make much of a convincing case to the western governments, even though we are right in demanding action against blasphemers, if we keep announcing a price on the heads of their citizens. Rational approach calls for rational measures, not for passionate appeals for more violence.

a man to respect the one who could unite the Arabs


amal Abdul Nasser and after” by Professors Doctors Qalb-iAbid and Massarrat Abid recalls an era when the egyptian President Nasser emerged as the undisputed voice of hundreds of millions of the otherwise fractured Arab world. The Arab unity has remained an elusive dream. Can it ever be achieved? is it practically possible? The authors try to explore both the questions. if there is a leader, who has the will and vision as well as charisma and sincerity of purpose, the Arabs can be united but only to an extent. For example, Syria formed a union and Yemen set a federation with Nasser. Gaddafi of Libya begged for a similar merger and Jordan, too, toyed with this idea. Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestinians adored him. And most important of all, the Arab street loved and believed in what Nasser said, eulogizing him as the “Lion of the Arabs”. Why did the Arabs covet these attributes in Nasser? Simply because in their early history, they had seen how their leaders had established grand empires in Spain, Africa, Arabia and Turkey that extended to the heart of By Basharat Hussain Qizilbash europe in Vienna. With the disintegration of the Ottoman empire, the Arabs came under the yoke of the British and French colonists. This subjugation resulted in decades of humiliation whereby in their own lands their status was reduced from being masters to slaves. With the nationalization of the Suez Canal in 1956 and by winning the war against the combined military might of the British, French and israelis, Nasser had regained the lost self-respect of the Arabs. By all definitions, it was a grand achievement. Sadly, instead of rallying round him, some of the Arab leaders, particularly of Saudi Arabia and Jordan played in the hands of the western powers. The authors have shown how the then Saudi government tried to bribe Syria’s interior

Eye on history

minister Colonel Sarraj to first break the Union with egypt and later to assassinate Nasser. The role of the iraqi leadership was equally dubious because it agreed to join the US sponsored military pact CeNTO with headquarters in Baghdad. To undermine Nasser’s efforts to boost egyptian agro-based economy by building the High Aswan Dam, the Americans unilaterally withdrew the financial commitment that they had already made for building the dam, thus pushing Nasser into the Soviet embrace, who stepped forward to foot the project to gain a foothold in the Middle east. Those who think that Nasser was anti-American or a socialist are deficient in history because he was just an Arab nationalist, who believed in pan-Arabism as an article of faith. Both the learned authors are right in pointing out that it was this aggressive pan-Arabism that involved egypt in several unnecessary conflicts not only with the pro-American Arab regimes but also with israel. All those resources that should have been spent for his people’s development were frittered away in reckless military adventures. For example, he got involved in the Lebanese civil war. Later on, he tried to overthrow king Hussein’s government in Jordan. in addition, he got embroiled in a civil war in Yemen against Saudi Arabia which dragged on for five years resulting in the employment of 70,000 troops of which 10,000 lost their lives. As if all this was not enough, he began to help the Algerian revolutionaries in their independence movement which brought him in direct conflict with France. Nasser’s charisma began to wane after egypt’s defeat at the hands of israel in the 1967 war and within a few years, he died. even in his death, he remained a controversial figure. He had many supporters (he has the distinction of having the biggest funeral in the history of the Arab world) but his detractors abound as well. They criticize him for his nationalization program; for pursuing an aggressive foreign policy; for fighting unnecessary wars; and for opposing the US and the western bloc. Such critics are found in every underdeveloped country because they blindly believe that a country can only prosper by siding with the West and by adopting the capitalist economic system. But Nasser had lived by his dreams. Though he came of lower-middle class, the son of a postman, poverty had not deprived him of the virtues of pride, courage and independence in thought and action. These virtues are noble yet not tolerated

by the Western powers if found in the ruler of a backward country because these clash with their vested interests. His time witnessed the peak of the Cold War and the world was divided into two hostile blocs. Russians’ closeness with Nasser provided them with a pivot in the oil-rich strategic Mideast and with leaders of Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, etc. lining up behind him; there were chances of a socialist upsurge which eisenhower’s Doctrine of Containment could never afford. As CiA got into gear, the Muslim Brotherhood made sixteen life attempts at Nasser that culminated in the execution of Brotherhood’s leader, Syed Qutub. Today, history has made full circle as not only the ‘militant’ Brotherhood has emerged as the biggest party in the egyptian legislature, its leader Muhammad Mursi has been elected as the president and the radical movement as a whole is projected as ‘moderate’ by the US. Moreover, after Nasser’s death, President Sadat not only expelled the Russians but under the US influence, shook hands with the israelis at the Camp David. No wonder, egypt remained the most trusted Arab ally of israel and the recipient of an American largesse of well over $1 billion per year – the second highest amount of yearly assistance given by the White House to any country in the world other than israel. About a year back, Hassanain Heikal, who served as Nasser’s information Minister and now conducts a popular show on the ‘Aljazeera’ ruffled the hornet’s nest when he claimed that Nasser did not die a natural death but was poisoned in the coffee that was served to him by Sadat. We do not know the veracity of such outlandish claim but what we do know is that post-Nasser, the Palestinians became orphans. The authors have given details of the Palestinian issue and how it has been dictated by israel. Similarly, post- Nasser, the Arab world turned into a lucrative ground for the Western neoimperialists with no one to hold them together and stand up to israel. The timing of this book could not have been better because only a leader of Nasser’s caliber can save the Arabs in the storm that is gathering in the Gulf. Yet, the horizon remains bleak. Ahmadinejad is the only glimmer but he being a Persian is a different story for the Arab ‘asabiya’; so much for Muslim brotherhood and unity. The writer is an academic and journalist. He can be reached at qizilbash2000@yahoo

The empire may strike after all Us and Israeli strategy on Iran

politact By Arif Ansar


he debate continues about israel’s intent and readiness to strike iran’s nuclear facilities and what iran would do if that was to occur. The narrative covering this debate has revolved around if israel will hit iran before the US November election. Recent coverage was more concentrated on the difference of opinion between President Netanyahu and President Obama over establishing clearcut red lines for iran. There are also doubts about if military strike on iran’s nuclear facilities can completely destroy them. Reports indicate that even if US and israeli acted jointly, the program will

Monday, 24 September, 2012

likely be set back only by a couple of years. in short, prior to the recent events in Libya, US remained reluctant to pursue an all-out military solution towards iran’s nuclear program. However, since the killing of Chris Stevens, the optimistic view of the trajectory of Arab Spring in the US is giving way to the narrative israel has promoted all along. early signs indicate a change of US posture may be in the offing. Deciphering this ongoing deliberation reveals that iran is not going to back down under the pressure of economic sanctions. Therefore, to israel it is obvious that there is no alternative to a military strike and covert operations that are already underway. especially, when there is an alarm that iran is fast approaching the point of no return in acquiring nuclear capability. On the other hand, the US is not so sure that the military option is the only one available. Like in iraq and Afghanistan, US likes to work on the political and military solutions in tandem. This approach has not worked out very well in both places. Nonetheless, the US has relied on economic sanctions, covert operations and diplomacy for the time being. There is obviously the dynamics of Arab Spring to consider that has worked in the favor of US up to this point. With the spreading Arab revolt the balance of power in Middle east is being altered to

such an extent that ultimately, in combination with economic sanctions, iran will be left without allies and depleted exchequer. And, this change in itself may convince the iranians about the futility of its nuclear ambition. The parallel here is not much different than the example of Pakistan. The spreading war against extremists and its worsening economic woes have persuaded the country its time to change the nation’s security policies and ties with india. However, recent events of North Africa, Middle east, including Afghanistan, are now pushing US towards a rethink of its strategy. The protests that erupted in the aftermath of the anti-islam video and the killing of the American ambassador in Libya have revealed alarming levels of anti-Americanism. On the other hand, the spreading green on blue attacks in Afghanistan present a stark reflection of the collapse of approach there. For all intents and purposes this year’s 9/11 anniversary marked the beginning of the next phase of the war on terror and Arab Spring, the two interconnected phenomenon. it is worth mentioning that the recent protests around the islamic world, and the reasons behind them, are not without historical precedence. During the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 in the subcontinent, the underpinnings also involved cul-

tural and religious miscalculations. The present mishandlings are already producing dire consequences in Afghanistan and more serious consequences are likely to follow. in a statement regarding the events of Libya, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was already making these connections with history when it praised ‘Omar al-Mukhtar’s descendants’ for the killing of the American ambassador. The harsh tactics adopted in the first phase of the war against terror have gradually eaten up the credibility and space the despotic leaders of the region needed to remain in power. At the same time, moderate islamist and nationalist are resurgent while the secular and liberal space has consistently shrunk. On the other hand, the US is in need of allies that retain some level of public support to implement the counterterrorism strategy. The challenge being, in the second phase of the campaign against extremists, in many places, such allies no longer exist or have no political space to operate. The killing of the American ambassador and the initial ambivalence of the egyptian and Tunisian authorities to control the protests have given credence to the israeli claim that moderate islamists, that came to power as a result of the Arab awakening, have a soft corner for the radical islamists. Moreover, the extremists will

eventually take over the moderates. if this really is the case, then that means extremist groups are indeed benefiting by the present flux and chaos in the region and by exploiting the direction of the uprisings. The Republican Party is leading the charge to counter this and have blamed Obama for not fully supporting israel. in an interview with Fox News Newt Gingrich commented, “i think we should have a total reassessment of our entire strategy for the region.” Representing the threat perception of israel, Gingrich went on to state the Middle east is heading for serious turmoil, “As these dictatorships collapse, you’re seeing more and more weapons get in the hands of extremists. The israelis have a real fear... they may suddenly see Syrian chemical weapons being fired at them by Hezbollah in very substantial quantities.” The politicking of American elections and events of the Middle east appear to be moving US policy closer to the israeli position, even with all the risks. There is a very real chance that israel will act independently and the US will be dragged in to the conflict, even when it does not want to. The writer is the chief analyst for PoliTact ( and and can be reached at

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Comment 11

The 21 september st

A day of love, but clearly no love for the prophet (pbuh)


n affirmation of belief in Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the messenger of God is an integral part of the shahada, the basic declaration of faith for all Muslims, who also recite the durood five times a day as part of their daily prayers to confer salutations and blessings on their Prophet. Those who subscribe to milads organise and attend them to celebrate the birth of the Prophet. Clearly all this is insufficient as far as the powers that be were concerned, who felt an additional expression of devotion was required. And so the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has, as it were, been made to ‘join the club’. There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day and St Valentine’s Day… and now… Ishq-e-Rasool Day mubarak to everyone. Did you have a happy Prophet’s Day? it appears several people didn’t, certainly not a Haji sahib from Hyderabad, who refused to close shop on Friday in expression of devotion. He was accused and booked under the anti-blasphemy act, and his house was attacked by a mob. When he tried to defend himself he was also accused of attempted murder. Haji sahib is now on the run, and a certain Majlis-eTahfuz-e-khatm-eNabuwat, already taking By Rabia Ahmed part in the protest against that stupid video, has threatened to launch another protest next week unless the Haji is found and brought to ‘justice’. in fact it was generally not a good day for this entire impoverished country, for which this unplanned shut down spelt a (further) massive loss of revenue. To give some idea of the scale of loss, closure of business in a single area of karachi alone on the 18th of September following the call for a strike by the Jamaati-islami was calculated at approximately five billion rupees to the exchequer. The human cost far outweighed the economic: scores of people died, hundreds were injured and as many arrested; the injured included members of the police and fire fighting authorities. Without doubt the Muslims of Pakistan bear a great love for the Prophet, but you have only to see the ex-

pressions on the faces of rioters photographed breaking and looting on the day to realise that this affair was about settling old scores for most protestors, and even a ‘fun day out’, and no expression of love, since violence and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have nothing in common. Most governments would be disturbed by such a drop in its economic figures, but in Pakistan such drivel originates from the government itself. Any doubts on that head should be dispelled by an announcement made by the Federal Minister for Railways, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, who offered a $100,000 reward for the capture or death of the maker of the offensive video. The minister issued a statement saying that although ‘he was aware that it was a crime to instigate murder, he was ready to commit that crime because there was no other way to instill fear among blasphemers.’ Ishq-e-Rasool Day henceforth joins the long list of things confused with the religion itself such as the anti-blasphemy laws of this country, and as some would add, milads. interesting that people forever ranting against ‘bida’at’ (religious innovation) should not recognise a bida’at when it is flung so openly at them. Obviously they lack something essential in their understanding. Which is a problem shared by those who have made it a punishable offence to deny the holocaust. You’d think they’d understand the sentiment aroused in the Muslim world when the Prophet of islam is denied the courtesy and respect owed him, but, apart from packets of thinking individuals, that does not appear to be the case. According to Robert Fisk writing in The Independent earlier this month, ‘A New Zealand editor once proudly told me how his own newspaper had re-published the cartoon of the Prophet with a bomb-filled turban. But when i asked him if he planned to publish a cartoon of a Rabbi with a bomb on his head next time israel invaded Lebanon, he hastily agreed with me that this would be anti-Semitic.’ ‘There’s the rub, of course,’ Fisk continued. ‘Some things are off limits, and rightly so. Others have no limits at all. Several radio presenters asked me yesterday if the unrest in Cairo and Benghazi may have been timed to “coincide with 9/11”. it simply never occurred to them to ask if the video-clip provocateurs had chosen their date-for-release to coincide with 9/11.’ Which leads to the question, of course, whether the declaration of an Ishq-e-Rasool Day has been as opportunely timed to coincide with the elections? The writer is a freelance columnist. Read more by her at

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

who is innocent? As per the challan (charge sheet) submitted by the Pakistani police team who was investigating a blasphemy case against a teen-age mentally sick Christian girl, Rimsha, no evidence has been found that Rimsha desecrated the Holy Quran; instead the mosque imam, khalid Chishti, has been accused of tampering with evidence by adding burned pages of Holy Quran into the polythene bag allegedly being carried by Rimsha. Regardless of the police investigation, we know the facts on ground: Rimsha and her family has been sheltered in a ‘safe’ place in islamabad (how safe that is only time will tell), a number of Christian families have left the poor neighborhood fearing reprisal attacks, Civil Judge Amir Aziz, who was earlier hearing the case has gone on leave, counsel for accuser, Rao Rahim, has already announced that if Rimsha is not punished by the court then a number of ‘Mumtaz Qadris’ will do the job (a reference to Punjab governor’s murderer). in this backdrop, if it is proved that imam khalid Chishti burnt the Holy Quran prior to adding them to the polythene bag, he could be declared accused under the blasphemy law – 196 PPC (wherein he may face death penalty). We all know that blasphemy law has been misused by mischievous people to target their opponents, settle personal score, evacuate properties and businesses, and in most cases the defendants, though found innocent by the courts, were murdered in broad day light, socially boycotted, thrown out of the area. Accusers were never charged and they achieved whatever they were looking for. We need to break this cycle of death game; let’s request authorities not to book imam Chishti under the blasphemy law-196 PPC, instead he shall be charged for fraudulent and tampering with evidence – a charge to be handled by an ordinary criminal court. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

twisted facts This is in connection with the September 21, 2012, the day declared as the Day of Love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the federal Government and protest day by various political and religious parties. The day was hijacked by some extremist elements and the media which chose to show clips of the looting, arson and killings only. Unfortunately the hypocritical behavior of our media is not understandable, they look towards sponsorship and chose to cover only those incidents which they believe would enhance their rating. Majority of our so-called intellectuals on electronic media discuss and analyze the incidents and problems without taking into consideration the ground realities in an inconclusive manner. No doubt, incidents of looting, arson and burning of private and public properties are not liked by any sane person. However, we have to look into the

causes that why some people may be 2% of our population choose to acts like this. We saw scenes of looting and arson in United kingdom last year and USA few years back similar to the one which we saw on our screens on Friday. The only difference is that they learnt a lesson and tracked down the real miscreants behind them and made accountable each and every culprit through CCTV coverage. We on the other hand while sitting in our lounges issued sweeping statements blaming all the people who chose to protest. We should appreciate some political parties especially PTi etc. Whose leaders along with their supporters protested in a peaceful manner and condemned the movie. However, the politicians and the rulers who announced the day as a Protest day and remained inside their houses due to security concern should be condemned. We should also look into the fact that the attitude of the miscreants clearly depict the widening gap between the “Haves” and “Have not” as they could be seen looting, laughing and enjoying which is not a good omen. Khalid Khan Lahore

we ought to think We cannot stop Jewish lobby against islam. This animosity is well known to us and it existed even 1400 years back. We also cannot do anything about the ‘freedom of press’ syndrome of the Western world. These slanderous attacks on the sanctity of islam and our Holy Prophet (SAW) will go on at regular intervals, as history has told us. We can’t break our properties and assets lest we should be left impoverished. So let us think of something concrete and productive to thwart the Jewish onslaught. Muslims must convene a get together in which all Muslims countries must appear, regardless of their internal and political differences. All sections of Muslims must represent, regardless of their sect or belief. Muslims must create a huge islamic Media Centre from where the true picture of islam is projected. Let the West know what islam is. We hear that their intellectuals study Quran as a book and get convinced of its logic, explanation and historical truth of events mentioned in Quran. Let us project them in an orderly way of expression and especially in a way that the faithless and distorted youth of West find answers to their bewilder ness. This perpetual activity will not only discourage the lunatics of the West to say anything derogatory but will also curtail US intervention into iraq and Afghanistan and now the entire Me. The US won’t get away with their oft-repeated allegations against islam and practices of islam. Hijab won’t be a problem to the police in the West. This islamic Media must be backed up rich islamic countries which have abundance of wealth. This islamic Media must have a multi-faceted design and run by islamic experts and undisputed scholars. Access to this media center must be made easy to Muslims all around and easier for non-Muslims to reach it. We have to correct our image in the world and leave no space for them to make a joke of us. The asking is? Can we do this? Or shall we break our country every time they trigger a reason? Can our governments take the initiative or will they only debate on 6 men being sent to islamabad by PML-N to ransack islamabad? AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

Monday, 24 September, 2012

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12 Katrina’s dilemma Contrary to reports Hrithik Roshan is not doing a romantic comedy with director Siddharth Anand. Hrithik has actually signed up to do Anand’s long-in-the-pipeline remake of the James Mangold action-thriller knight And Day. And for the role of Hrithik’s co-star-on-the-run , played in the Tom Cruise film by Cameron Diaz, Siddharth Anand has asked katrina kaif. katrina, according to a source very close to the desi knight & Day is very keen.But there is one hitch, katrina has been asked to be the female lead in Yashraj Films’ Gundey .Her rakhi-brother Arjun kapoor who plays the lead , has personally asked katrina to do the film. Says the source, “Both the films would be shot around the same time. So katrina can only do one of them. knight And Day is a huge temptation.katrina loved Cameron Diaz’s part in the original And the heroine is there in nearly every scene with the hero. When katrina came together with Hrithik in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara she was hardly given any playing time with him. Here the temptation is to be there all through with Hrithik on screen. Also, Siddharth Anand is very keen to get katrina on board with Hrithik.” However there is Ali Abbas Zafar’s Gundey beckoning katrina.And she is in a fix. Says our source, “Ali and katrina shared a great rapport when they did Mere Brother ki was decided between them that katrina would be part of the director’s next.Gundey would also give her a chance to work with two new leading men Arjun and Ranveer, one of whom happens to be a close friend.” At the moment katrina is undecided about which of the two projects to give the nod to. We hear efforts are on to work out the actress’ dates, so she can accommodate both the projects.

I AM AlreAdy


KAreeNA KAPoor

coUrTesy Toi

Miley Cyrus is a teeny bopper at iHeart music festival The Hannah Montana star drew gasps with her tiny waist and barely-there hips at last night’s iHeart Radio Festival. Wearing a minute Moschino skirt that highlighted her spindly form at the Las Vegas event, 19-year-old Miley looked a shadow of the young woman with a fuller figure of a year ago. Her pretty black crop top displayed a washboard stomach. Miley, who got engaged to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth in June, is said to follow a very strict diet and exercise regime. She is such a fan of Pilates, which works her lower body and tones her glutes, that she takes up to SiX classes a week - and travels with Pilates workout DVDs wherever she goes. The former child star has also adopted a special gluten-free diet. earlier this year, Miley was forced to deny anorexia rumours after photos of her skinny frame caused shock among her many young fans. neWs Desk

Blake: i did get amy on hard drugs AMY Winehouse’s ex-husband Blake FielderCivil has finally confessed to The Sun He got the tragic star into hard drugs. The recovering junkie, 30 — in jail when the pop diva died a year ago after a booze bender — told of his relief an overdose did not kill her. He said: “i don’t know whether it absolves my guilt or responsibility. But it meant i didn’t kill my ex-wife.” Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Fielder-Civil admitted: “i was the one who brought drugs into the relationship. “When the toxicology results came back i was relieved there were no drugs in her system.” Despite his candour, he STiLL insists the Back To Black singer’s downward spiral was her own fault. He insisted it was not drugs but her boozing that was always the problem. Fielder-Civil was in jail in Leeds in July last year when his ex died aged 27 at her home in Camden, North London. Unable to attend her funeral, he held a ceremony for her in his cell. Following his 14-month stretch for burglary and having a firearm he ended up in hospital from drugs and booze. neWs Des

I DON’T MIND BEING STEREOTYPED: RITEISH Riteish Deshmukh may not be a successful lead actor in a film, but he has made a career playing funny characters and second fiddle to the lead star, and yet creating his own space in 100 crore films like ‘Housefull’, ‘kya kool Hai Hum’ and ‘Dhamaal’ series. Lately, Riteish has been frequently visiting Vadodara for shooting the sequel to ‘Masti’ — ‘Grand Masti’ at the Laxmi Vilas Palace. in an informal chat he tells us how having a famous surname does open doors for him to meet people, but at the end of the day it is a struggle for him. excerpts from the interview: being an actor with a perfect comic timing, you are repeatedly doing films with naughty humour and adult content. Of course, i am stereotyped! And in my space, i don’t mind being stereotyped. But

Monday, 23 September, 2012

the kind of films that i am doing are the only films that are doing `100 crore business in B-Town. it’s only when such films work, i get to play a lead role in a film like Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. But next year, i am doing an action-thriller and a drama based film. i can’t question why i am being offered a role in a sequel or repeatedly being asked to do a funny, loud comedy film (naughty humour). if someone like Akshay kumar can do films like that, then actors like us are in no position to question. We have to accept that audiences like such films. Were you confident of making it big in films? i am an accidental actor. i thought my first film would be my last film. i was pretty sure that with my face and personality, i would never be offered another film because even my first film came as a surprise! i was ready

to leave B-Town and was quite confident that no one would be ready to work with me. if my films have worked, if actors and filmmakers have worked with me, then i can only say that they have been kind. Secondly, people had this idea that being a politician’s son would get me enough work in films, and it took a long time to come out from being called ‘cm/ex cm’s son’ to just being Riteish Deshmukh. Don’t get me wrong, i am proud to be my father’s son and he was very successful in his career as a politician, but it was a task changing people’s perception of me. You bond very well with stars like Shah rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Do you feel somewhere these friendships have helped you in your career? i have never analysed my equations with the

stars so much as people like to do. i am friends with Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. Being my father’s son helps me with an initial meeting and a cup of tea but more than that everyone wants to earn money at the BO. Friendships or contacts don’t get you work. i don’t discuss politics with my friends and they don’t discuss filmy projects with me. My friendships with karan Johar or Sajid khan have never been about work. i don’t chat with friends with the expectation of working with them. What are your plans now? Are you getting bored of constantly being a part of an ensemble cast in a film? ‘Bored’ would be a strong word to use, but let’s say i am focusing on my architecture work and also co-producing a Marathi film. coUrTesy Toi

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13 everyone is praising your performance in Heroine. What’s Saif’s take on it? Saif doesn’t watch that many Hindi movies. Jab We Met (2007) was the last film of mine that he watched, and Dabangg (2010) was the last Hindi film he watched! As for Heroine, he is least bothered about the hoopla around it. the film industry is cruel to married female actors. Are you ready for that? i am shocked by this cynical and jaded thought! i would never compromise my career for my love or vice versa. They are two separate paths in my life. Look at my motherin-law. Her best works were after her marriage. She is a huge inspiration and power figure for me. She supports my decision to continue to work and so does Saif. He is free to work with whoever he chooses to and i can work with whoever i wish to. Who knows! i may be the game changer! As Kareena Kapoor Khan? Why not? Saif and i have been living together for five years. We bought this place together and did it up together. i have been to Pataudi several times. everyone knows about it. But we also have our own lives. We do our respective movies and come back home to each other. Being together hasn’t changed our work status, so how is it going to change now? but won’t being mrs Saif Ali Khan mark a new chapter in your life? Seriously, what’s wrong with everyone! Saif and i just cannot fathom the hype around the wedding. Listen, i am already married! We just have to legalize it on paper and we are doing that soon! What are your honeymoon plans? None, ya! We go on holidays as if there’s no tomorrow. The other day my friend Arjun kapoor (Boney kapoor’s son) told me that if Saif and i go on another holiday again, it’ll be our 250th honeymoon! But in December we are taking off again. What’s your relationship with Saif’s children? Great, touch wood! i love them a lot and get the same love and respect from them. They are growing up fast. Sarah looks so lovely! madhur had approached you for his earlier movies Page 3 (2005) and Fashion (2008). What was it about

Heroine that appealed to you? During Page 3 and Fashion, i was very caught up. The characters i was doing were also lighter and bubblier. But by the time this movie came, i was done with light roles. Heroine is about a declining and imbalanced superstar — a very brave and bold role. i wanted to test whether i could carry a role like this. i have given 200 per cent to this role. She’s a very complex character, very aggressive, manipulative and bold, yet she’s very fragile. And the only similarity between Mahi (kareena’s character in Heroine) and me is that i am over-emotional like her. Otherwise i am a very calm, composed and sorted girl. Have you ever gone through what mahi goes through? Hello, i am not a declining superstar! i am very much here and happening. Anyway, i was born and brought up in this industry and i have seen it all. i don’t take success and failure seriously. The only thing i do seriously is march forward. if i fall, i get up and march again. Your cousin ranbir said that he was born into luxury. can you say the same? We weren’t brought up in luxury, as people think about the kapoor clan. My mom (Babita) and sister (karisma) really struggled to give me a better life. especially my mom, because she was a single parent. everything was very limited for us. Lolo went to college in local trains, but i escaped that because i didn’t go to college here. But i took the school bus like everyone else. We had one car and didn’t have enough money for a driver. it’s only because mom brought us up like this that we value everything we have today. The bad days we have seen have made us very strong and fragile at the same time. And the experiences have made me a very intense person. You know, actors draw a lot from within (themselves) to better their craft. Such as? i never rehearse for a shot. if it’s an emotional one, it’s easier for me. i draw from my bank of emotions. What has Saif contributed to your life? Lots. But most importantly the understanding that’s there’s a life beyond movies. He’s liberated me as a person. i learnt to appreciate the finer things in life. We frequently go on holidays across the globe. There are lots of other things which we do together. it’s nice going skiing and fishing. i have

dev eloped a keen interest in art and paintings, so we go to exhibitions and museums. Slowly, i am developing an interest in reading as well. i also learnt to appreciate and be with nature. As for holidays, i am curious by nature so i love travelling. back to your movies. After you’re married, will you be cautious when you choose roles? Absolutely not! i will be the same kareena, doing the quintessential happy and bubbly kareena kind of roles. Having said this i’ll also do roles that challenge me as an actress. Like Heroine. Actors are greedy. They can never be satisfied. i want praise as well as box office returns. i am part of three big movies that went on to create the Rs. 100 crore club. With Heroine you’ve touched the peak of acting. What next? Hmm. i don’t mind playing the bubbly Geet kind of character again. Maybe imtiaz Ali should come up with a Jab We Met 2. it’ll be good fun. Before you ask me who the cast should be, well… i am the lead actor in the film, it should be imtiaz’s choice and i’ll be fine working with anyone. What do you like best about Saif? Saif is very english, yet very desi. Look at him as Langda Tyagi in Omkara (2006). So real! But the best part about him is his detachment and least-bothered attitude towards competition in the industry. He truly doesn’t care. He has his own space, own idea and that’s what he loves following. He doesn’t take all this very seriously but he is too good at his job. Will you miss being in Sanjay Leela bhansali’s ram Leela? Certainly. Looks like my relationship with Sanjay is jinxed. Somehow we just don’t get to work together. First it was Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) and now Ram Leela. Nevertheless, there’s always a next time. He’ll write something big again, and this time i will ensure that we definitely work together… whatever the cost. Heroine rAntS: kareena’s take on two powerful dialogues from the film. “Mumbai daily ke editor ho. Stars ki dosti tumse nahin tumahri kursi se hai.” exceptionally honest and real statement. Let’s not fool ourselves. We use each other and both the parties benefit from it. coUrTesy HT

Vivek oberoi is nervous to play a 25-year-old in ‘KlPd’ Vivek Oberoi says he was apprehensive to take on the role of a 25-year-old Delhi guy in his upcoming film ‘Kismat Love Paisa Dilli’. The 36-year-old, who is returning to the big screen after a gap of two years, will be seen opposite Mallika Sherawat in the romantic comedy. “i was nervous enacting this part. i have done many films over the years but still i was very conscious that i

had to play the character of a 25year-old. The character has his own traits which are very distinctive to him,” Vivek told PTi. “He has this boyish charm even as he does these quirky, mad things and finds himself in the craziest of situations. To get the part right, i also had to modulate my voice so that it doesn`t come across as too strong,” he added. This is the first time Vivek and Mallika have been paired together on the big screen. The movie also marks the comeback for both, as Vivek was last seen in 2010 film ‘Rakta Charitra’ and the actress in ‘Double Dhamaal’, which released last year. The movie is directed by Sanjay khanduri of ‘ek Chalis ki Last Local’ fame and will

hit the theatres on October 5. Talking about the movie`s story line being similar to that of Abhay Deolstarrer ‘ek Chalis ki Last Local’, Vivek said, “it is an extension to `ek Chalis ki Last Local` in a way. it was an adventure film and that`s about it. it didn`t really have any deeper thing to say and was basically on the periphery.” The actor says what he likes about the movie is its different title. “What i love about the film is that it transitions through the whole title. The meaning of all four is well integrated into the narrative due to which you get the symbolism of `kismat`, `love`, `paisa` and `dilli` in a person`s life,” he said. neWs Desk

We have high hopes from `Barfi`: ranbir Kapoor


ollywood film ‘Barfi!’ has got an official entry to the oscars, and actor Ranbir Kapoor said he has high hopes from the film even though at the moment it has not reached the nomination stage. “we are not nominated yet. once we do, the feeling will come. we have a lot of faith and hope from the film,” Ranbir told reporters. The Film Federation of India (FFI) shortlisted some critically acclaimed films, including ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ and ‘Kahaani’, but ‘Barfi!’ was selected to represent India in the Best Foreign language Film category. Ranbir seemed elated by this achievement, but said it was a bigger achievement that the film had been loved by the audience. “It feels great, but the greater feeling is that the audience is liking the film and its doing great at the box office,” he said. The actor said he had not expected the film to perform so well. “It has reached people’s hearts. The love that the film has got and the collections show this. we really didn’t expect it to reach that far,” he said. The film has managed to cross Rs.60 crore at the box office, but when asked about joining the 100 crore club, the actor said jovially: “I want to cross 500 crore, everyone crosses 100 crore.” neWs Desk

Age no bar in romance, says Paresh rawal


n Priyadarshan’s Kamaal dhamaal Malamaal there is a love triangle between om Puri (david), Paresh Rawal (Peter) and Sona nair (Maria). The love triangle was apparently Priyan’s idea, wherein best friends, david and Peter, fall for the same woman, Maria, and how it strains their friendship. About playing a romantic, Paresh said, “I’m young, aren’t I? Priyan felt the need to create the romance track for me. And believe me when I say that age has nothing to do with romance. It’s all in the heart.” om Puri, who plays Shreyas Talpade’s father, said, “Playing the role of a disappointed father instigated the actor in me.” Sona, who has two men running after her in the film, said, “The sepia-toned moments have been captured with some heavy duty humour. The retro effect was a memorable experience for me. coURtEsy toI

love is painful, says emma Watson


Actress Emma watson used to believe love was a “pain” and admits she has had some bad experiences in the past. The 22-year-old is currently dating student will Adamowicz. “when I started dating, I had this kind of `Romeo and Juliet`, fateful, romantic idea about love. It was almost that you were a victim - that there was a lot of pain involved and that was how it should be,” quoted watson as saying. “Shakespeare said the course of true love never did run smooth and I had a sense it had to be painful. It was such a revelation to realise it shouldn`t be that way and you get to choose who you love and who you give your heart to.” “The sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn,” she added. nEWs DEsk

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Infotainment 14 Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years Jack the English pointer gives Lauren Rowe a drink from a water fountain on the first day of spring in Brisbane, Australia.

A giraffe runs loose on the streets after escaping from its enclosure at a circus in Italy.

Nokia’s 9 reasons why the Lumia 920 is better than the Apple iPhone 5

HiLe the iPhone 5 is getting excellent reviews from bloggers and other reviewers, and fans jamming shops from Sydney to Paris to pick up the tech juggernaut’s latest iPhone, Nokia is endeavouring to claim its flagship phone - Lumia 920 - better than Apple’s newly launched iPhone 5, which has broken all sale records by topping two million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. Nokia, in a new Facebook post, compared the key features of both the smartphones, and expectedly, has given extra points to the Lumia 920 in every feature. This is because, Nokia wants to convince you that the Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone 5. But, is it so? Following are Nokia’s 9 reasons that why the Lumia 920 is better than the Apple iPhone 5:


1. Screen The Nokia Lumia 920 has a bigger and sharper screen than the one on the new Apple iPhone 5. The Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch Huge PureMotion HD+ WXGA iPS LCD, ClearBlack display, while the iPhone 5 features a 4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1136x640-pixels. Also, the Nokia Lumia 920 has a resolution of 1280x768 pixels, which is higher than the Apple iPhone 5.

2. Camera The Nokia Lumia sports an 8.7 megapixel rear PureView camera with optical image stabilisation and Carl Zeiss optics, while the new iPhone 5 has an 8-megapixel camera. But Nokia did not mention about the improvements in noise reduction, low-light performance, and fast photo taking in

5. Image While both cameras offer a Panoramic mode to let users shoot a single photo covering as much as 360 degrees, but Nokia, in the race, gives itself points for image stabilisation. the new iPhone’s camera. Also, the 920’s frontfacing camera offers 1.2 megapixel front camera compared with the iPhone 5’s 720 pixels.

3. Map Apple inc’s home-grown Maps feature is already facing criticism from users globally for a number of geographical errors, missing information and because it lacks features that made Google Maps so popular, including public transit directions, comprehensive traffic data or street view pictures. The new program has no public transit directions, limited traffic information, and flat-out mistakes, such as putting one city in the middle of the ocean. “Nokia’s suite of locationaware apps and services on its new Lumia devices put it in a clear lead over its competitors in terms of the depth, breadth and integration of the mapping, navigation and transport experiences it can offer. it also leads in terms of the global coverage it provides,” said Tim Shepherd, senior analyst at Canalys.

4. Design Nokia’s Lumia 920 lets offers unique Live Tiles customisation, unlike the iPhone 5 on which icons are displayed in a single way, which can not be changed according to personal interests.

6. User interface According to Nokia, the Lumia 920’s super sensitive touchscreen can be used not only with your fingertips, but also with finger nails, gloves and even any kind of pens. Nokia calls iPhone 5’s screen to be only sensitive, not super sensitive.

7. Charging The Nokia Lumia 920 comes with built-in wireless charging. it can be charged without being plugged in; the user just places it on a wireless charging pod, while Apple’s iPhone 5 features ordinary charging.

8. Design and colour

the micro-blogging website. According to TechCrunch, Twitter CeO Dick Costolo revealed the company’s plan to implement a tweet-downloading feature at the Online News Association conference

British skinny dippers fail to outstrip world record


UNDReDS of naked British swimmers plunged into the cold North Sea on Saturday but failed to set a world record for the biggest ever skinny dip, organisers said. Around 200 people ran into the sea at sunrise at Druridge Bay in Northumberland, northeast england, where water temperatures were around 12 C (54 Fahrenheit). Organiser Jacqueline Higginson, 34, said that while the charity event had raised thousands of pounds for the mental health group Mind, it had failed to reach the necessary number of participants. Higginson said they “ran naked into the sea to raise money for Mind and to celebrate ourselves and our bodies. “i did a skinny dip last year where we broke the world record, i don’t think there was enough to do it today but there was enough of us for it to be a lot of fun,” she said. The record-setting event in Llangennith, Wales in June 2011 involved 413 people. Afp

Nokia says the Lumai 920 comes in various colours unlike the Apple iPhone that comes only in two colours. The Lumia 920 comes in the black, white, grey, red and yellow colours. On the other hand, the iPhone comes in white and silver, and black and slate colours.

9. Accessory Nokia Lumia 920 offers more number of accessories as compared to what Apple offers with the iPhone 5. nEWs DEsk

Twitter may unveil tweet downloading by the end of the year Twitter will reportedly unveil a new tweet downloading feature by the end of the year, according to Geekosystem. if you’ve ever been terrified that a server crash will result in the loss of your entire Twitter history, then this feature should make you the happiest resident in the Twitterverse. Assuming, of course, that you have anything on your Twitter page worth saving. PC Magazine explains that the news arrived shortly after the discovery by two University of Virginia researchers that a large chunk of information disappears from Twitter after two years. Given the amount of information that is pumped into Twitter every single second, storing every bit of data for eternity seems a little far fetched. However, the news understandably disturbed some users, many of whom have documented important events in their lives through


S sea ice shrinks to record lows, Prof Peter Wadhams warns a ‘global disaster’ is now unfolding in northern latitudes. in what he calls a “global disaster” now unfolding in northern latitudes as the sea area that freezes and melts each year shrinks to its lowest extent ever recorded, Prof Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University calls for “urgent” consideration of new ideas to reduce global temperatures. in an email to the Guardian he says: “Climate change is no longer something we can aim to do something about in a few decades’ time, and that we must not only urgently reduce CO2 emissions but must urgently examine other ways of slowing global warming, such as the various geo-engineering ideas that have been put forward.” These include reflecting the sun’s rays back into space, making clouds whiter and seeding the ocean with minerals to absorb more CO2. Wadhams has spent many years collecting ice thickness data from submarines passing below the Arctic Ocean. He predicted the imminent break-up of sea ice in summer months in 2007, when the previous lowest extent of 4.17 million square kilometers was set. This year, it has unexpectedly plunged a further 500,000 sq km to less than 3.5m sq km. nEWs DEsk

in San Francisco. However, Costolo did indicate this timetable was based upon the engineers’ capacity, so there’s always the chance it could get delayed until next year. Although downloading your

tweets may sound like a great feature, it probably doesn’t mean much to users who have been archiving their posts using third-party apps. However, given the company’s recent limitations on the use of thirdparty clients, the ability to download tweets using services other than Twitter may be on its way out. While some have been vocal about their disappoint with these new regulations, Twitter claims developers were given fair warning months ago. “Nearly eighteen months ago, we gave developers guidance that they should not build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience,” Michael Sippey explained. “And to reiterate what i wrote in my last post, that guidance continues to apply today.” Are you excited about the ability to download your tweets? nEWs DEsk

real life mermaids in Florida aquarium


NCe merely myths that enervated little girls’ fantasies and haunted sailors dreams, these legendary aquatic creatures are being brought to life in an aquarium in Florida. “The Florida Aquarium in Tampa has three mermaids on its staff. During the day they work as divers and at night they perform for guests,” Buzzfeed notes. Dressed in sequined bustiers and iridescent fish tails, “mermaids” erin, Lauren and katie swim, wave and frolic as aquarium guests gawk and take photographs through the glass. Reminiscent of Hannah Fraser, the mermaid performer and model who swims with whales and other sea creatures to promote marine conservation, these three bubbly ladies are quite something to behold. Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida is thought to be the site of one of the first mermaid shows in the United States, CNN reports. The performance took place in a small theater in 1947. coURtEsy hUffpost

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Monday, 24 september, 2012

radwanska aims to defend Pan Pacific open Page 18

Match-winner Ajmal has New Zealand in a spin

Today’s maTch Ireland V West IndIes

icc defends world t20’s monsoon dates COLOMBO Afp

PalleKele: Saeed ajmal celebrates the wicket of new zealand cricketer daniel Vettori during the icc twenty20 world match. aFP PALLEKELE Afp


FF-SPiNNeR Saeed Ajmal took four wickets as Pakistan kept their nerve to pull off an exciting 13-run win over New Zealand in the World Twenty20 group D match on Sunday. Ajmal took 4-30, his fourth four-wicket haul in Twenty20 cricket, as Pakistan restricted New Zealand to 164-9 after setting them a daunting 178run target on the back of a brilliant career best 56 by Nasir Jamshed at Pallekele stadium. New Zealand gave Pakistan a scare in the final five overs when they needed an improbable 70 runs, with captain Ross Taylor hitting three boundaries off Umar Gul's penultimate over before he was run out for an 11-ball 26. Ajmal was the difference between the two sides as Pakistan unleashed its spinners, while kiwi opener Rob Nicol (33) and Brendon McCullum (32) made major contributions to the New Zealander's reply. Despite the loss New Zealand qualified for the Super eights round on superior net run-rate. Pakistan play Bangladesh on Tuesday to decide who joins New Zealand in the next round. Brendon McCullum, who made the highest T20 score of 123 in his team's 59-run win over Bangladesh, hit four boundaries and a six but was finally bowled in the 16th over by Gul to almost end New Zealand's hopes. Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez said he was confident his bowlers could deliver victory. "i was confident that my varied bowling will defend the total and Ajmal was once again outstanding," said Hafeez. "Once we got Brendon out we were sure of the win and even the runs in the penultimate over didn't disturb us." Taylor was critical of his team's fielding. "We leaked quite a few runs and at one point i

PalleKele: Pakistan wicketkeeper Kamran akmal successfully runs out new zealand captain ross taylor during the icc twenty20 world match. aFP

thought we would be chasing a 200 run target, but we pulled them back," said Taylor. earlier Jamshed made a 35-ball 56 and added 76 for the second wicket with Hafeez (43). Jamshed hit two boundaries and four sixes as Pakistan plundered 92 off the first ten overs. Hafeez hit two fours and two sixes off 38 balls. imran Nazir made 25 with five boundaries. Jamshed was aggressive from the start, smashing paceman Adam Milne for a six before hitting two off spinner Nathan McCullum in successive overs. He reached his maiden fifty off just 27 balls,

improving on his previous best of 45 he made against Australia in Dubai last month. New Zealand reined them in in the middle overs, claiming three wickets for just 11 runs including that of Jamshed caught in the outfield off Daniel Vettori. Umar Akmal scored 23 with three boundaries and a six. New Zealand were uncharacteristically sloppy in the field, with Taylor dropping Hafeez on nought in kyle Mills's first over while Nicol failed to hold on to a head-high Jamshed hook off the same bowler which went for six.


PalleKele: a Pakistan fan looks on during the icc twenty20 cricket world cup match against new zealand at the Pallekele Stadium. aFP

pAkIstAn 43 Mohammad hafeez b franklin Imran nazir c and b southee 25 56 nasir Jamshed c n Mccullum b Vettori kamran Akmal c Mills b oram 3 Umar Akmal c n Mccullum b oram 23 shoaib Malik not out 9 shahid Afridi c Williamson b southee 12 Extras: (lb2, w4) 6 177 total: (for six wickets, 20 overs) fall of wickets: 1-47 (nazir), 2-123 (hafeez), 3-129 (kamran), 4-134 (Jamshed), 5-159 (Umar) Bowling: Mills 4-0-35-0, Vettori 4-0-23-1, southee 4-0-31-2 (w1), oram 4-0-44-2 (w1), n Mccullum 2-0-23-0, Milne 1-0-12-0, franklin 1-0-7-1 (w1) nEW zEALAnD R. nicol b Afridi 33 15 k. Williamson run out B. Mccullum b gul 32 18 D. Vettori c Jamshed b Ajmal J. oram b Ajmal 11 R. taylor run out 26 J. franklin c Jamshed b tanveer 13 n. Mccullum c Malik b Ajmal 5 t. southee c gul b Ajmal 1 k. Mills not out 0 A. Milne not out 0 Extras: (lb5, w5) 10 total: (for nine wickets, 20 overs) 164 fall of wickets: 1-53 (nicol), 2-54 (Williamson), 3-102 (Vettori), 4-108 (B Mccullum), 5-122 (oram), 6-143 (franklin), 7-157 (taylor), 8-160 (southee), 9-164 (n Mccullum) Bowling: hafeez 4-0-15-0, tanveer 3-0-33-1 (w1), gul 4-0-39-1 (w1), Arafat 1-0-12-0 (w1), Afridi 4-0-30-1 (w2), Ajmal 4-0-30-4 Result: pakistan won by 13 runs, toss: pakistan, Umpires: Bruce oxenford (AUs) and Marais Erasmus (RsA), tv umpire: nigel Llong (Eng), Match referee: graeme La Brooy (sRI)

Pakistan women are ready for their World T20 COLOMBO AnDy WILson

As england’s women concluded their preparations for their bid to reclaim the World Twenty20 title, their opponents in Thursday’s opening match in Galle were sipping tea as they watched from the boundary of the Moors Cricket Club in Colombo. There is something surprising, even intriguing, about the notion that Pakistan can field a women’s international cricket team. But they insist it should no longer be seen as any big deal. “We have been playing since 2005, and now all of our players are paid by the Pakistan Cricket Board, just as in every other country,” said their manager, Ayesha Rasheed, as england were crushing South Africa in their final warm-up match. “Women are going out

to work, to do everything the same as men, and our matches are now being watched by families. “Before we came away we had Aamir Sohail, Javed Miandad and intikhab Alam working with the girls. Our domestic competition even has a team from Fata [the Federally Administered Tribal Areas] in Waziristan, and this team has players from Quetta, from Abbotabad, from all over the country.” Pakistan are unlikely to challenge, especially having been drawn in a group that includes india and Australia, as well as england. But their presence will still enrich an eight-team competition that will be played entirely in Galle until the four semi-finalists head north to Colombo to dovetail with the men’s tournament at the end of next week. it would be a major surprise if england are not among them. in the

Moors pavilion, Mark Lane, the former Hampshire second-team wicketkeeper who has been coaching them since 2008, said the team are focused on making amends for the previous World T20 in the Caribbean in 2010. Then, england, winners of the inaugural tournament at Lord’s in 2009, failed to make the last four after losing to Australia and West indies. “We’ve had a great preparation,” said Lane, reflecting on comfortable home victories over Pakistan and West indies, followed by a powerful batting display against South Africa in which edwards retired after reaching a halfcentury. “But this is T20, and the last game of the West indies series showed again that anything can happen, when Deandra Dottin made 60-odd and won them the match.” Dottin, the niece of the West indies

and former england bowling coach Ottis Gibson, is one of several players with well-known cricketing connections. West indies are coached by the former Test opener Sherwin Campbell, and Australia include Alyssa Healy, daughter of Greg and niece of ian who spent some time in Yorkshire this summer with her boyfriend, the fast bowler Mitchell Starc. But women’s cricket is producing plenty of stars in its own right, of whom the Sussex wicketkeeper-batsman Sarah Taylor is regarded as england’s brightest. She was blistering with the bat, even by her own standards, in dominating a second-wicket partnership with edwards on Saturday, as fruit bats and parrakeets flew over the ground. As Lane says, anything can happen in Twenty20. But england look in good shape to make up for their Caribbean disappointment.

The international Cricket Council on Sunday defended the scheduling of the World Twenty20 as monsoon rains threatened to ruin the tournament in Sri Lanka. "This was the only period available in the Future Tours Programme this year to conduct the tournament," an iCC spokesman told AFP. "All the teams were aware of it." The twoyearly tournament, being held in Sri Lanka for the first time, coincides with the traditional start of the monsoon season in the region. The first four days of the event, which opened on September 18 and continues till October 7, stayed rain-free before bad weather on Saturday affected both games in Hambantota and Colombo. The match between South Africa and Sri Lanka in the southern port town of Hambantota was reduced to seven-overs-a-side, which the Proteas won by 32 runs. in Colombo, Australia were 100-1 in 9.1 overs chasing West indies' total of 191-8 when heavy rain forced the match to be called off in front of 18,000 fans at the Premadasa stadium. Australia, who still needed 92 more from 65 balls to win the game with nine wickets in hand, were declared winners by 17 runs according to the Duckworth-Lewis method that decides rain-hit games. The forecast for the rest of the tournament is for worsening weather. "There will be showers at times in the western, southern and central provinces," meteorologist Pabodini karunapala told AFP. "By the first week of October, we will start getting more rains.

Sri lanka steps up security after clashes COLOMBO Afp

World Twenty20 hosts Sri Lanka are to beef up security after angry fans clashed with baton wielding police in Hambantota where the home side lost a match to South Africa, officials said Sunday. Local residents in the southern port town stormed the ground after they were told that tickets for Saturday's match at the 35,000-capacity Mahinda Rajapakse international Stadium had been sold out, a security official told AFP. "The crowds got very boisterous and they smashed the barricades and forcibly entered the grounds," the official said, asking not to be named. "The baton charge did not deter them. A few thousand got in." Heavy rains shortened the group C game to seven-overs-a-side, which South Africa won by by 32 runs. Witnesses said local fans pelted stones at vehicles leaving the match venue after Sri Lanka lost the match. A heavy presence of the elite Special Task Forces commandos could not deter the angry crowds. "Their anger was because they could not enter the grounds," another official said. "When they broke down the barricades and came in they started shouting and making a big rumpus." Camillus Abeygunawardena, the top security officer for the tournament, said there were unruly scenes outside the stadium, but insisted that players and spectators inside the stadium were well protected. "The problem was that locals residents wanted to get in, but they did not have ticket," Abeygunawardena said. "That is when trouble started." With Hambantota not due to host any more matches, he said security would be stepped up for the rest of the tournament in Pallekele and Colombo, but was confident there will be no repeat of Saturday's incident. The clashes between police and fans came despite an unprecedented security operation for the tournament, the biggest sporting event ever to be hosted by Sri Lanka.

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Sports 16

Punjab Youth Sports Festival 2012

events get wider, competitive

Harbhajan, new-look India stun England in World T20 COLOMBO Afp



As the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 is moving towards upper level the competitions are getting challenging and tougher for the participants while the categories and sectors are getting wider and extensive. On Sunday, the Tehsil level, which is the third phase of the Festival, drew the attention of the participants towards quality of competitions. And in sports alone nearly 30,000 took part in different events while the general category events also drew the same number of attention. From among the total participants 8331 were the winners. The competitions in the Tehsil level started on September 18 and 137 Union Councils are involved in 91 events being held in 10 sectors of the society. in Lahore division, 1449 people took part in different sports events while 608 were the winners while the Lahore city saw more than 1000 involved in 19 events and 445 turned out to be the winners. in Gulberg Town, 348 took part in the events including cricket tape ball, hard ball, basketball, table tennis, chess, tug of war, arm wrestling, football, badminton, billiard and athletics while weightlifting and bodybuilding was held at Ravi town apart from the other events. in Shalimar Town, athletics competitions were held at union council 21 and Ahmed Farooq won first position, union council 22’s Saifi ullah was declared second whereas Umer Sadaqat of the same union council achieved third position. in Tug of War, union council 18 defeated union council 22. in Billiard, union council 22 beat union council 21, 2-0. in the Table Tennis

competitions, union council 17 beat union council 18, 2-0. Union council 19 outplayed union council 20, 2-0 and union council 22 defeated union council 21, 2-0. in the Badminton tournaments, union council 20 beat union council 19, 2-0. The score was 21-19, 21-11 whereas union council 22 beat union council 21, 2-0. in the Chess, union council 22’s Arshad beat union council 21’s Tayyab 1-0. in Cricket Hardball, union council 18’s Adnan Xi defeated union council 22’s Amir Xi by 40 runs. in the second match, union council 19’s Akbar Xi beat union council 21’s Shahbaz Xi by 5 wickets. in Samanabad town, Badminton tournaments, union council 92 beat union council 104. At Sheikgupura, 386 took part in the same above events and 108 were the winners while competitions of mat and mud wrestling were also witnessed at Muridke where 36 wrestlers took part in the competitions and 12 won their bouts. in other parts of the province, active participation was recorded as in Bhakkar 511 took part in seven events of cricket, athletics, arm wrestling and tug of war and 66 got top position. Similarly at Nankana Sahib, 117 players participated in naat khani, qirat, badminton and chess and fate favoured 63 people. At two districts of Sahiwal, a total of 660 took part in team sports events and 52 got to the top. in Sahiwal alone 310 got involved in arm wrestling, athletics, volleyball and cricket while 350 took part in different events in Pakpattan. Vehari saw participation of 300 people in football, hockey and cricket events and half of the won their matches. in Dera Ghazi khan’s districts of Layyah 642 took part in 13 events and 40 were the winners.

ARBHAJAN Singh grabbed 4-12 on his return after a year in the wilderness as india demolished defending champions england by 90 runs in the World Twenty20 on Sunday. Rohit Sharma hit an unbeaten 55 off 33 balls as the newlook indians scored 170-4 before england were shot out for their lowest T20 total of 80 in front of 20,000 spectators at the Premadasa stadium. india rested seamer Zaheer khan, spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and opener Virender Sehwag for the group A match that held only academic interest since both teams had already qualified for the Super eights. But it was a morale-boosting win for the 2007 champions ahead of the next round, as they dominated england from start to finish. Harbhajan, 32, who had been out of favour with the selectors since August last year before being recalled for the World Twenty20, claimed a wicket off his second delivery when he

scoREBoARD InDIA g gambhir c kieswetter b finn 45 Ik pathan b finn 8 V kohli c Bairstow b swann 40 55 Rg sharma not out 9 Ms Dhoni c hales b Dernbach 1 sk Raina not out Extras (b 1, lb 3, w 8) 12 total (4 wickets; 20 overs; 97 mins) 170 Did not bat yuvraj singh, harbhajan singh, pp chawla, AB Dinda, L Balaji fall of wickets 1-24 (pathan, 2.4 ov), 2-81 (kohli, 10.3 ov), 3119 (gambhir, 15.5 ov), 4-166 (Dhoni, 19.4 ov) Bowling: st finn 4-0-33-2, JW Dernbach 4-0-45-1, scJ Broad 4-0-36-0, tt Bresnan 4-0-35-0, gp swann 4-0-17-1 EngLAnD 35 c kieswetter c kohli b chawla AD hales b pathan 0 6 LJ Wright lbw b pathan 2 EJg Morgan b harbhajan JM Bairstow b chawla 1 Jc Buttler b harbhajan 11

1 tt Bresnan c gambhir b harbhajan scJ Broad c gambhir b Dinda 3 gp swann st Dhoni b harbhajan 0 st finn not out 8 12 JW Dernbach run out (Balaji) 1 Extras (w 1) 80 total (all out; 14.4 overs; 68 mins) fall of wickets 1-2 (hales, 0.6 ov), 2-18 (Wright, 2.4 ov), 3-39 (Morgan, 5.2 ov), 4-42 (Bairstow, 6.6 ov), 5-51 (kieswetter, 8.1 ov), 6-54 (Bresnan, 9.6 ov), 7-60 (Buttler, 11.1 ov), 8-60 (swann, 11.4 ov), 9-60 (Broad, 12.1 ov), 10-80 (Dernbach, 14.4 ov) Bowling: Ik pathan 3-0-17-2, L Balaji 1-0-10-0, AB Dinda 2-0-26-1, harbhajan singh 4-2-12-4, pp chawla 4-1-13-2, yuvraj singh 0.4-0-2-0 toss England, who chose to field Result: India won by 90 runs points India 2, England 0 player of the match harbhajan singh (India) Umpires Aleem Dar (pakistan) and sJA taufel (Australia) tV umpire hDpk Dharmasena Match referee Rs Madugalle Reserve umpire Asad Rauf (pakistan)

came on in the sixth over. When his spell finished in the 12th over, england had slumped to 60-8 and lost their ninth wicket also at the same total. england were in danger of falling for the lowest ever total in Twenty20 internationals --

67 by kenya against ireland in 2008 -before the last-wicket pair of Steven Finn and Jade Dernbach prevented the humiliation. But the total still fell below england's previous lowest score of 88 against the West indies at the Oval last year.

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17 Sports

SinGaPore: red bull driver and winner Sebastian Vettel of Germany celebrates following his victory in formula one's Singapore Grand Prix. aFP

li na tight-lipped over political crisis toKYo: Chinese star Li Na remained tight-lipped Sunday about her decision to participate in Japan's Pan Pacific Open this week as a political crisis between the two countries deepens. Last year's French Open winner remained stoney-faced and refused to respond to questions about the row over tiny islands in the east China Sea, causing moments of awkward silence. Had she thought about skipping the tournament? Did she feel pressured to come, after Chinese badminton players decided not to attend the Japan Open? Li only acknowledged that she was following a tour schedule that was set a year ago, while officials at the $2.17 m event stood by to block questions with any hint of diplomatic connotations. Afp

Third-ranked lewis charges into lPGa lead PRATTVILLE



stAff REpoRt

American Stacy Lewis birdied four of the first five holes in firing a seven-under par 65 to grab a twostroke lead after Saturday's third round of the $1.3 million Navistar LPGA Classic. World No. 3 Lewis matched the low round of the week at the Robert Trent Jones Trail course with a bogey-free day to stand on 15-under 201 after 54 holes with compatriot Angela Stanford second on 203 after a thirdround 68. Lewis opened with back-to-back birdies and added another set at the fourth and fifth holes. She closed the front nine with a birdie, added another at the par-4 11th from 15 feet and made her last at the par-3 16th.

Forman Christian College inter-School Basketball Tournament 2012 is being played on September 24 to 28. The Tournament is been organized by the FC College Sports Association; Dr. Manzur Gill (ex Chief Advancement Officer, Forman Christian College) will be the Chief Guest of the opening ceremony on 24th September, 2012.

chroma open table tennis in final league

Ghazanfar wins 31st Punjab amateur Golf title LAHORE stAff REpoRt

Ghazanfar Mehmood of Rawalpindi Golf Club seized the 31st Punjab Amateur Golf Title after backing up his modest round of 77 on the first day with two tremendous rounds of 71 and 70 on the 2nd and third day of this Punjab Amateur Golf Championship that concluded at the remarkable and historic Lahore gymkhana Golf Course. Ghazanfar surfaced as the champion with a perfection oriented golfing performance on the final day on Sunday and in the final go he did not relent for a moment. The all round effort comprised perfect tee shots on the par 4's and par 5's, crisp approach shots from the 120 yards distance and some adept putts on the greens. And his card for the final day reflected four birdies and 12 regulation pars, seven of them coming in a succession from holes 12 th to the 18th. The two bogies in the earlier part of the round on holes 2nd and 5th hole were adequately taken care of through later birdies. As for the other contenders Mubariz faded out in the earlier part of the chase as he lost strokes with gay abandon in the front nine. Sardar Murad, Fakhar imam and Sajid khan also met the same fate giving Ghazanfar a free ride to his moment of glory. And this grand performance also secured for him a free trip to karachi to participate in

Monday, 24 September, 2012

fcc inter-School basketball from today

lahore: Ghazanfar Mehmood of rawalpindi with chairman lahore Gymkhana and convener Golf. sTaFF rePorT the Sindh Amateur Championship, as confirmed by Asad i. A. khan, SVP, Sindh Golf Association and also a member of Pakistan Golf Federation executive Committee. Ghazanfar ended the championship with a score of 218 plus 2 strokes penalty for a rules violation, followed by Waseem Rana of DHA, karachi at a three rounds aggregate score of 226 and Sajid khan at 228 while the other nearest challengers at the start of the final round finished way behind. Sardar Murad and Fakkhar imam

ended the Championship at a score of 230 followed by Mubariz at 231 and M. Rehman of Royal Palm at 233. in the race for net honors Salman Jehangir really blossomed and with final round score of net 65, he emerged as the winner of best net. His net aggregate was 208. The runner up was Dilshad Ali Changezi of Quetta, with a net 213 and Dr. Arshad Mehmood secured the third slot with 217. Other Results;Best rounds in gross were won by Mubariz Ahmed (1st day), M. Rehman (2nd day), khalid Mehmood (3rd day);Best rounds net went to Zulfiqar Ali (1st day), Fakhar imam (2nd day), and Waleed Zubair (3rd day). Winners of Seniors event were Omer Farooq (1st gross), Ghias Bhatti (2nd gross), and Mian Tariq Pervaiz (3rd gross) and in the same category Asad khan (1st net), Tashfeen Baig (2nd net), Ali Malik (3rd net). As for Ladies, Ghazala Yasmin (1st gross), Tahira Nazir (2nd gross), and Asma Shami (3rd gross); Tehmina Rashid (1st net), Maryama khan (2nd net) and Sameea Javed (3rd net), Sponsors of this Championship were Punjab Golf Association and Shezan. At the conclusion of the event, Zia ur Rehman awarded prizes to the winners in a grand prize distribution ceremony attended by Javed Nasrullah, Convenor Golf, Shahid Gul Qureshi (Captain Golf), participating players and families.


in the third day of Chroma Open Table Tennis Tournament Asim Qureshi, Qasim Aziz, Asim Aziz, Mehboob elahi, Salman Virk, Yasir Bhatti, Faryal Minhas, Umer Zaka have qualified for the final league of top eight players. They beat their respective competitors in group leagues to be in the next round. The Final league will be played in the evening today reSULtS: GroUP A: Jehangir khan bt Faryal Minhas 3-1, Asim Qureshi bt Shabnam Bilal 3-0, Salman Virk bt Jehangir khan 3-2, Asim Qureshi bt Faryal Minhas 30, Waqas Ayub bt Hafiz zeeshan 3-0, Asim Qureshi bt Jehangir khan 3-0, Waqas Ayub bt Ahmad Hussain 3-0, Hafiz Zeeshan bt Shabnam Bilal 3-1, Asim Aziz bt Jehangir khan 3-0, Salman Virk bt Waqas Ayub 3-2, Faryal Minhas bt Hafiz Zeeshan 3-2, Asim Aziz bt Hafiz Zeeshan 3-2, Qasim Aziz bt Bilal Yasin 3-2. Group B: Mehboob elahi bt M. Abdullah 2-3, Bilal Yasin bt Yasir Bhatti 3-2, Abdullah bt Shahzaib Maqbool 3-0, Mehboob elahi bt Yasir Bhatti 3-0, A. Qayyum bt Abdullah 3-1, Qasim Aziz bt bt Umar Zaka 3-2, Yasir Bhatti bt Shahzaib Maqbool 3-0, Qasim Aziz bt Bilal Yasin 3-2.

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Sports 18 Radwanska aims to defend Pan Pacific Open TOKYO Afp


He world number-three Agnieszka Radwanska prepared to start her campaign to defend the Pan Pacific Open Sunday, as 19 of the top 20 players gathered in Tokyo for the $2.17 million tournament. Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova, the world number one and two, also proclaimed their resolve to lift the trophy after the final, slated for Saturday. Third-seed Radwanska, whose first match will feature former world number-one Jelena Jankovic, said her victory in Tokyo last year served as a springboard to make 2012 her best season, having reached the final at Wimbledon. "For sure, i have great memories from here. it started here (and) i won a couple of big titles," said Radwanska. "i think i (have been) hitting good on court since i won here." Sharapova, winner here in 2009 and 2005, promised strong performance to continue her "tremendous" successes in the current season, including achieving a career Grand Slam by winning the French Open, as well as receiving the silver medal at the London Olympics. "i am really proud of what i have achieved. But yet, the year keeps going, and we are here again," Sharapova said. "The goal is to try to play your best and win this tournament." The only player missing in the field among the top 20 women is Serena Williams, whose electrifying performance this season has mesmerized fans and left rivals in awe.

Vettel wins dramatic singapore Grand Prix SIngAPORE Afp

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel survived an incident-packed Singapore Grand Prix to reignite his world title defence with a thrilling victory on Sunday. After two safety cars, crashes and the shock retirement of title-challenger Lewis Hamilton, Formula One's youngest double champion finished in front of McLaren's Jenson Button for only his second win of the season. Championship leader Fernando Alonso was third, claiming his eighth podium of the season in the dramatic night race around the narrow, demanding street circuit through the heart of downtown Singapore. Force india's Paul di Resta took an impressive fourth and Mercedes' Nico Rosberg was fifth, ahead of Lotus's former world champion kimi Raikkonen. Romain Grosjean, Felipe Massa, Daniel Ricciardo and Mark Webber rounded out the top 10 in a race that did not even reach the 61 allotted laps after hitting its two-hour time-limit, meaning it was halted after 59. With the win, Vettel climbs to second in the standings behind the consistent Alonso, who has a reduced lead of 29 points. Raikkonen lies third and the unlucky Hamilton drops down to fourth. "This has been one of toughest races of the year, to be honest," said Vettel, last year's winner in Singapore. "There are so many bumps, there's no room for mistakes and it just seems to go on forever... i'm just incredibly happy." Hamilton made a smooth start from pole accompanied by Williams driver Pastor Maldonado, but a misjudgment on the first corner cost the Venezuelan two places as Vettel and Button sailed through. Several cars ran wide on the first two corners and Caterham's Vitaly Petrov lost some of his front wing, but an investigation found no cause for punishment. Ferrari's Massa was the big loser in the early jostling as he dropped to the back after pitting with a puncture. At the front Hamilton and Vettel, swapping fastest laps, were peeling away from Button. Red Bull driver Webber came in for soft tyres on lap nine, setting a trend followed by the leading drivers. Meanwhile his team-mate Vettel overcame a scare at turn 10, the notorious "Singa-

pore Sling". Sauber's Sergio Perez also had a problem at the tough corner and Maldonado would have had his heart in his mouth as he pounded the brakes and narrowly averted a slide heading wide into a left-hander at the end of a long straight. Hamilton pitted from the lead on lap 12 but was soon back in front, ahead of Vettel. But disaster struck on lap 23 when a gearbox failure put him out of the race, prompting gasps from the crowd. ScHUmAcHer UrGeS Probe into crASH: Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher Sunday said he was determined to get to the bottom of a brake failure that caused a dramatic crash and put him out of the Singapore Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver said despite pumping hard on the brakes, he was unable to prevent himself from ploughing into the back of Jean-eric Vergne's Toro Rosso in a smash that left his car partially airborne. The most spectacular collision of an incident-packed grand prix put both drivers out of the race on lap 39. "At one point i couldn't accelerate and then i went hard on the brakes and tried to brake as hard as was possible, but the accident wasn't recoverable," Schumacher said.


top seed tsonga to face Seppi for Metz title


in this year alone, the 30-year-old American won Wimbledon by beating Radwanska in the final. She beat Sharapova to collect the gold medal at the Olympics. Williams also overwhelmed Azarenka to take the US Open. Strong performance among top players this year has made the women's tennis more fun for fans and players alike, Azarenka said. "Obviously she (Williams) is different because i have not beat her yet, but i have beat everybody else before," said Azarenka, who was left in tears after the loss in New York, despite her firm grip on the world number-one ranking. "As far as this year, a lot of top

players have been pretty consistent," Azarenka added. "i feel like it's really, really competitive right now, which makes it more interesting not only for the crowd but also for players as well to be more motivated... and to improve and to be always looking forward to getting better," she said. Among major actions on court Sunday, 12th-seed Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia beat Anabel Medina Garrigues of Spain 6-3, 76(7/3). Roberta Vinci, italian 14th seed, managed a 6-4, 4-6, 7-5 win against Barbora Zahlavova Strycova of the Czech Republic.

nishikori braces for tough Malaysian open KUALA LUmPUr: Asia's top player kei Nishikori of Japan will face a tough fight in the ATP Tour's Malaysian Open which begins on Monday. Nishikori, the third seed for the event at the Putra Stadium in kuala Lumpur, is headed in draw by the in-form world number five and top seed David Ferrer of Spain and world number 11 Juan Monaco from Argentina, the second seed. Rising star Nishikori, the world number 17, receives a bye into the second round of the 28-player tournament as one of the top four seeds. But lying in wait for Nishikori, who reached the last four in 2011, is a likely semi-final against Monaco and, should he win that, a potential final against Ferrer. Afp

italian fifth seed Andreas Seppi ended hopes of an all-French final at the Metz ATP event when he knocked out Gael Monfils 36, 6-1, 6-4 in the semi-finals on Saturday. Monfils was returning to the circuit this week after a four-month injury absence, but ran out of steam against the dogged italian. French top-seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will face Seppi in Sunday's final after defeating Russian veteran Nikolay Davydenko 6-0, 36, 6-4. "i am happy about being in the final again here. i am rather positive about my game," said defending champion Tsonga. "it's always been tough against Andreas. it will be a difficult match. He is very solid and playing very well lately so i will prepare myself for a big fight."

Milan suffer third league defeat at udinese MILAn Afp

Massimiliano Allegri's tenure as coach of Serie A giants AC Milan came under fresh scrutiny when the Rossoneri suffered their third defeat of the season in a 2-1 reverse away to Udinese. Milan opened their campaign with defeat at home to Sampdoria and have failed to win or score any goals at the San Siro in three attempts including the scoreless draw against Champions League opponents Anderlecht. Reports have since suggested only a win on Sunday would save Allegri's job, but that was of no concern to Udinese, who started the day fourth from bottom. The hosts opened the scoring in the 40th minute when giant Swedish striker Mathias Ranegie rose to send a header under the crossbar of beaten keeper Christian Abbiati. italy under-21 international Stephan el Sharaway levelled for the visitors 10 minutes after the restart with a rightfooted shot from outside the box that lodged in the left hand corner of the net.

Van Persie makes liverpool pay penalty LIVERPOOL Afp

ValKenburG: Philippe Gilbert of belgiun celebrates his victory as he crosses the finish line of the Men elite road world championships. aFP

Robin van Persie's second-half penalty secured a 2-1 Premier League win for Manchester United over 10-man Liverpool at an emotionally-charged Anfield on Sunday. The Dutchman's goal saw United complete a come from behind victory after Rafael da Silva's effort had cancelled out Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard's volley early in the second half. Victory saw United move to within a point of Premier League leaders Chelsea but left Liverpool, who saw Jonjo Shelvey sent off in the 39th minute, still searching for their first league win under manager Brendan Rodgers.

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Monday, 24 September, 2012

Protests against anti-Islam film, cartoons continue across world nationwide strike in Bangladesh, as saudi shias, Hong kong Muslims protest against anti-islam film, cartoons g 400 protest near French embassy in iran


hong kong: Muslim protestors pray ahead of a demonstration against a Us-made anti-Islam film on sunday. over 3,000 Muslims protested against french cartoons and the blasphemous film, as protestors briefly clashed with the police. aFP HOng KOng/ TEHRAn/RIYADH/DHAKA



UNDReDS of thousands of Muslims across the world continued protests against an anti-islam film and French cartoons on Sunday. New protests gripped Hong kong, Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia, iran and Bangladesh. in Hong kong, protesters, who numbered more than 3,000 according to police and organizers, held up banners to denounce the film and cartoons as they marched through the city chanting “Allahu Akbar” or “God is great”. The group, including women and children, briefly clashed with police as they tried to break through a cordon outside the US consulate to deliver a petition letter, according to an AFP reporter at the scene. “Freedom of speech should not be used against any religion,” Saeed Uddin of the incorporated Trustees of the islamic Community Fund of Hong kong, a group that claims it represents some 300,000 Muslims in the city, said before the march. “This is not the first time that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been insulted and attacked,” he said, branding the cartoons and the film as “malicious,

disrespectful and derogatory”. Saeed, a Pakistani who has lived in the southern Chinese city for 35 years, urged the American and French governments to take action against the filmmaker and cartoonist who were behind the controversial works. Most schools, shops and offices were closed across Bangladesh on Sunday as opposition parties enforced a nationwide strike to protest against the defamation of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the film. Thousands of police patrolled the capital Dhaka and roads were quiet across the country on what is normally a business day in the Muslim-majority country of 153 million people. About 40 islamic activists were briefly detained after they tried to barricade a main road and threw bricks at police, local Dhaka police chief Abul kashem told AFP. in Chittagong, Bangladesh’s second largest city and only port, protesters torched a bus and damaged a police van, police said, adding that three students had been arrested. Several islamic parties that are allied with the main opposition party called the strike to protest over the antiislam film and the French magazine. The Bangladesh government has condemned the internet film and blocked video-shar-

ing website YouTube in an effort to calm tensions. in iran, around 400 people demonstrated in front of the French embassy in Tehran on Sunday to protest inflammatory depictions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the Americanmade film and in the French satirical magazine. The crowd, shouting “Death to America,” “Death to israel,” “Death to Britain” and “Death to France,” was kept away by police in anti-riot gear, witnesses told AFP. No violence was reported. Witnesses said one officer fired a blank round in warning after a protester threw an egg that hit the outside of the embassy. The demonstration ended after around 90 minutes. The embassy took security precautions ahead of the protest, minimizing staff and closing the French school in Tehran. iran’s foreign ministry said the islamic republic “strongly condemns insults against islamic sanctities” and called the cartoons “an organised plot... by Zionist circles”. Meanwhile, hundreds of Saudis demonstrated against the anti-islam film in a Shia village in the eastern province of the kingdom, which bans any protests, witnesses said on Sunday. Chanting slogans, the protesters

marched in Awamiya late on Saturday following a call by Shia cleric Abdulkarim al-Hubail, in line with worldwide demonstrations against the movie. Demonstrators on Friday in nearby Sihat village of Qatif district burned the israeli and US flags, also in protest against the film that was produced in the United States. Security forces did not intervene despite a ban on demonstrations. in turkey, some 500 protesters in istanbul burnt US and israeli flags as they gathered around the Turkish city’s iconic Taksim Square, unfurling banners with slogans such as “Death to America”. Greek police fired tear gas to disperse nearly 1,000 demonstrators in central Athens after some of them — largely immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh — tried to break through a cordon to march toward the US embassy. Meanwhile, israeli police said a Palestinian woman had tried to stab a policeman on an east Jerusalem street on Sunday, apparently in protest against the film. And an islamist militant group claimed a deadly cross-border attack on israel from egypt’s Sinai peninsula in protest at the film, a US-based monitoring agency said, citing a statement posted on islamist websites.


Landslides kill 26 in northeast India, 8 missing nEW DELHI onLInE

Flash floods and landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains in northeast india have claimed at least 26 lives and another eight people are missing, a report said on Sunday. india’s army and air force launched rescue operations in areas badly hit by the rains that have been lashing the states of Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for days, the Press Trust of india said. in a remote area of north Sikkim, at least 21 bodies, including those of members of the indo-Tibetan Border Police, had been found while eight other people were missing, the news agency said. in Assam, five deaths were reported in widespread flooding that submerged a major wildlife sanctuary and parks, the news agency said. The rains have swollen the mighty Brahmaputra River and its tributaries, causing floods that have affected hundreds of thousands of people in the region, the report said. The air force was dropping food supplies to people marooned by floods. india’s northeast has been especially hard hit by devastating rains during the monsoon, which runs from June to September.

Afghan officials claim killing 20 Taliban fighters gHAZnI CITY Inp

Twenty Taliban fighters and two local commanders of a public uprising group were killed during a gun-battle in Afghanistan’s southern province of Ghazni, members of the anti-rebel movement said on Sunday. The clash erupted at around 3am after a group of heavily armed insurgents attacked checkpoints established by the tribesmen in the Andar district, killing two commanders – Mastana and Qahraman – of the uprising group, and injuring three other tribesmen, a commander of the group, Haibat khan, told Afghan media. Twenty Taliban, including eight Punjabis and four Waziristanis, were killed as the uprising members retaliated, he said, adding that the clash ended at 6.30am. “The Taliban killed two tribal elders and seized some others,” he added. A Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said two commanders of the uprising group and eight militiamen were killed and four others were injured when the fighters attacked five checkpoints of the tribal militia. The rebels captured three checkpoints, he added.

NINe clImBers kIlled IN NepAl AvAlANche KAtHmAnDU: An avalanche in Nepal killed at least nine climbers including a German man, an italian, a Spaniard and a local guide trying to conquer one of the world’s most deadly mountains, officials said Sunday. The expedition of about 25 members were near the top of Manaslu ahead of a final push to the 8,156-metre summit when it was hit by a wall of snow on Saturday night. “Nine bodies have been recovered from the mountain, including one Sherpa guide and a German mountaineer,” Basanta Bahadur kunwar, the local deputy superintendent of police, told AFP by telephone. “So far, 13 people have been rescued alive, of whom five have been airlifted to kathmandu for treatment,” he added. Three climbers were thought to still be missing when rescue operations were called off for the night. Ang Tshering Sherpa, vicepresident of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, identified one of the dead as an italian after speaking to a rescue helicopter

pilot and local government officials in Samar. “One italian climber’s body has brought down to Samar, a town near Manaslu, along with the one dead Sherpa,” he told AFP. “it’s very difficult to communicate with the base camp because the weather is bad.” The ministry of tourism identified a third dead man as Spanish. The nationalities and genders of the other dead and injured were not known by Sunday evening, but the group also included some French members. Police said several injured climbers were stuck at base camp because rescue helicopters could not fly due to poor visibility. Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, is considered one of the most dangerous, with scores of deaths in recent years and just a few hundred successful ascents. “The avalanchehit camp three of the Manaslu peak located at 7,000 metres resulting in a flood of snow,” said Laxmi Dhakal, head of the home ministry’s disaster response division. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s 14

peaks over 8,000 metres, including the world’s highest, Mount everest, and attracts thousands of mountaineers every year. Most come in the spring, when Himalayan conditions are at their best, but there is also a short climbing season in late September and October after the monsoon rains end. Nepal’s worst-ever climbing disaster happened in 1995 when a huge avalanche struck the camp of a Japanese trekking group in the Mount everest region, killing 42 people including 13 Japanese. in 2005 a powder-snow avalanche ploughed into a French expedition’s base camp, on kang Guru, in the Manang region of central Nepal, sweeping all seven members of the team as well as 11 Nepalese staff to their deaths. Manaslu saw its worst disaster when a South korean expedition was buried by snow attempting to climb the northeast face of Manaslu in 1972. The 15 dead included 10 Sherpas and the korean expedition leader. aFP

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e-paper pakistantoday 24th september, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 24th september, 2012

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