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saturday, 23 June, 2012 shaban 2, 1433

Pakistan gets its new PM Fazl withdraws candidature to make contest one-on-one affair between Raja Pervez and Mehtab Abbasi g Ashraf gets 211 votes, Abbasi bags 89 g Ashraf says transparent elections one of top priorities of his govt g

ISLAMABAD Tayyab Hussain

fter a week of political chaos, backchannel contacts, palatial intrigues and covert deals, lady luck finally smiled on raja Pervez Ashraf on friday as the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) got him elected from the Lower House of parliament as the 25th prime minister of the country. Ashraf was the covering candidate for Makhdoom Shahabuddin, but the issue of nonbailable arrest warrants against Shahabuddin and strong resistance by the Chaudhrys of Gujrat against Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar and Qamar Zaman Kaira paved the way for Ashraf. Once a regular visitor to the Prime Minister’s House as a


mere MNA, Ashraf finally made it to the grand palace meant for chief executive of the country. this is no doubt an achievement which an average parliamentarian like Ashraf could have only dreamed of. raja secured 211 votes while his opponent, Sardar Mehtab Khan Abbasi of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, bagged 89. During the daylong activities, the coalition parties made all out efforts to convince Jamiat Ulema-eIslam-fazl chief fazlur rehman, succeeding at the eleventh hour with fazl withdrawing his candidature and announcing that his party would abstain from the election process. “raja Pervez Ashraf has got 211 votes while Sardar Mehtab Abbasi has got 89 votes. So, raja Pervez Ashraf is declared to be elected as the prime minister of Islamic republic of Pakistan,”

said National Assembly Speaker Dr fehmida Mirza who presided over the session. Ashraf was one of the three candidates the PPP had fielded to contest for the coveted prime ministerial slot. However, Makhdoom Shahabuddin and Qamar Zaman Kaira had withdrawn their nominations before the session started. Born on December 26, 1950 in Sanghar, Sindh, Ashraf served as the minister for water and power from 2008-2011, and later was made minister for information technology. He has been held responsible for load shedding dilemma the country has been facing since 2008 and has also been questioned by the apex court in the infamous rental Power Projects (rPPs) scam. When the NA session started, around 310 members were present in the House, but only 300 took part

in electoral process while 10 members from Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-fazl (JUI-f) abstained from voting. Absentees: four NA seats are lying vacant, including those of Yousaf raza Gilani, fauzia Wahab, farahnaz Isphahani and one member from fAtA. five PML-N members remained absent from the election process, including Khwaja Mohammad Asif, raja Safdar, Anushey rehman Khan and rashid Akbar Niwani. Around eight members of the PML-Q were also absent, including six members of the PML-Q Likeminded, including Arbab Zakaullah, Ghulam Hyder Samijo, Kashmala tariq and Kishan Chand Perwani. Continued on Page 04

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Saturday, 23 June, 2012



KP governor wants speedy resolution of power crisis



Mnas demand allauddin be charged under harassment of women law

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Faisal Saleh Hayat’s name plate removed from NA chamber

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People are the ultimate judges, says Zardari

ISLAMABAD: PPP women activists dance to drum beat outside National Assembly after the election of new prime minister. inp

ISLAMABAD agencies

IsLAMAbAD: With the nomination of raja Pervez Ashraf for the post of prime minister, the name plate of faisal Saleh Hayat, a senior PML-Q leader, has been removed from the chamber allotted to him in the National Assembly. faisal Saleh Hayat, who is a rival of raja Pervez Ashraf and also moved the Supreme Court against him on allegations of massive corruption in the rental Power Plants, has already stated that he would not join the cabinet in case Pervez Ashraf becomes the premier. According to sources, the name plate of faisal Saleh Hayat was removed shortly from his chamber allotted to him in the National Assembly when he was appointed minister for housing, after nomination of raja Pervez Ashraf as candidate for the premiership by the ruling coalition partners. faisal Saleh Hayat had moved the Supreme Court against him on allegations of massive corruption in the rental Power Plants (rPPs) after which the apex court ordered the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to take strict action against him and other accused. inP

27 federal, 11 state ministers to form Ashraf’s cabinet IsLAMAbAD: twenty-seven federal and eleven ministers of state took oath late on friday to form the cabinet of ministers of Prime Minister-elect raja Pervez Ashraf. the federal ministers who took oath included: rana farooq Saeed‚ Sardar Umar Gorgage‚ firdous Ashiq Awan‚ Hina rabbani Khar‚ Samina Khalid Ghurki‚ Makhdoom Shahabuddin‚ Naveed Qamar‚ farzana raja‚ engineer Shaukatullah‚ Syed Khursheed Shah‚ Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani‚ Babar Khan Ghauri‚ Israrullah Zehri‚ Arbab Alamgir‚ Ghulam Ahmad Bilour‚ Qamar Zaman Kaira‚ farooq Naek‚ Chaudhry Pervaiz elahi‚ Makhdoom Amin faheem‚ Abdul Hafeez Shaikh‚ Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar‚ Mian Manzoor Wattoo‚ Nazar Muhammad Gondal‚ Dr farooq Sattar‚ Haji Khuda Bakhsh rajar‚ Maula Bakhsh Chandio and Changez Jamali. the ministers of state are tasneem Ahmad Qureshi‚ Chaudhry Imtiaz Safdar Warraich‚ Abbas Khan Afridi‚ Dost Muhammad Mazari‚ Saleem Haider Khan‚ Nawabzada Malik Ammad Khan‚ Moazzam Ali Jatoi‚ Malik Azmat Khan‚ Syed Samsam Ali Bukhari‚ Dr Nadeem Ahsan and raheela Baloch. sTaFF RePORT

President Asif Ali Zardari said on thursday that the ultimate court was the court of the people and the ultimate verdict was pronounced by history. He was speaking after administrating oath to the newly elected prime minister, raja Pervez Ashraf at the Aiwan-eSadr on friday. Zardari announced that those trying to detract democracy had been defeated. “the detractors of democracy have long been hounding the former prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani. they thought the coalition will not be able to agree to a new leader of the house, they thought the house would be sent packing and create political uncertainty. they have been proven wrong,” Zardari said. “the collected wisdom of the elected national assembly has proven them wrong – I salute their wisdom,” he

added. Zardari also asked the new prime minister to resolve the energy crisis. “the problems of power shortage must be addressed on priority basis,” he said. Zardari added that the electricity shortfall was not the only area of concern, say-

Raja’s elevation to PM office a shock Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Friday expressed his astonishment at the election of Raja Pervez Ashraf as the country’s prime minister. Talking to reporters, Nawaz said Ashraf was not the appropriate candidate for the prime minister’s post. The PML-N president also criticised the statements made by PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain who said he was supporting President Asif Zardari for the stability of democracy. “Was Shujaat supporting martial law when he supported Musharraf?” Nawaz asked.

ing “there are other issues of great concern to the common people. there are issues of inflation, unemployment and law and order.” “I hope the new government headed by raja Pervez Ashraf will address all these issues with zeal and determination,” he added.

Raja Pervez as PM is a shame

Election of new PM waste of time

Zardari has mired PM’s office

Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaaf chief Imran Khan on Friday said that it was a shame for the nation that a corrupt man had been made the country’s prime minister. “Now there remains no doubt that the rulers are exploiting the country for their vested interests,” Imran said while addressing a public rally in Hyderabad. He said the people would have to take a decision of either saving the rulers or the country.

Jamaat-eIslami chief Syed Munawar Hasan said the election of a new prime minister was a sheer waste of time and the nomination of Raja Pervez Ashraf for the office by the PPP was an insult to the nation. The PPP government’s sole achievement during the last four-and-a-half years has been the creation of a series of crises, so what miracles could it perform during the next six months, he said. He said the only solution to the prevailing situation lay in holding of free, fair and transparent elections.

Taking a strong exception to Pakistan People’s Party leader Raja Pervez Ashraf’s election as prime minister, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday said President Asif Ali Zardari had mired the office of the country’s chief executive. The NA opposition leader said Raja’s election was a major blow to the democratic process in Pakistan. He warned that surrendering to President Zardari’s autocratic decisions would wipe out democratic values soon.

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Saturday, 23 June, 2012

artS & entertainMent



Katy Perry on defining ‘life’s struggles’

News 03 editOrial

Disgraced salman returns home, pleads innocence

new PM: Challenges and challenges.

cOMMent arif nizami says; Exit Gilani!: Another PM on the chopping block?

aziz-ud-Din ahmad says; The soft coup: Too big for their robes?

Raoof Hasan says; Heading towards meltdown: Time to take a deep breath and think.

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RPPs to haunt ‘Raja Rental’ g

Opposition will be stressing for speedy investigation against new PM ISLAMABAD


aMeR siaL

He tenure of the newly-elected prime minister, raja Pervez Ashraf will remain under a cloud from day one not just because of the letter to be written to the Swiss authorities for reopening investigations against President Asif Ali Zardari, but also due to the Supreme Court’s judgement ordering the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to proceed with corruption references against all those who were at the helm of affairs when the contracts were signed between 2006 and 2008 to overcome the energy shortfall through rental power projects (rPPs). the opposition, mainly the PML-N, will be clamouring for speedy investigations against the newly-sworn in premier against whom the SC, in its judgement of March 30, ordered the NAB chairman to submit fortnightly reports on progress on the matter to the

court registrar, to be seen by judges in their chambers. the verdict held all rPP contracts – solicited and unsolicited, signed off or operational, right from 220MW Bhikki Sheikhupura and 136MW Sharaqpur to Piranghaib and Naudero-I and II – were entered into in contravention of the PPrA rules. Besides suffering from other irregularities, the contracts also violated the principle of transparency and fair and open competition. therefore, they were declared non-transparent, illegal and void ab initio. Consequently, the rPP contracts were ordered to be rescinded forthwith and all persons responsible for the same were liable to be dealt with for civil and criminal action in accordance with the law. Accepting an earlier report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the court regretted that nine of the 19 rPPs were allowed to operate. Subsequently, six of the nine rPPs were discontinued either having been signed off or having

failed to achieve the commercial operation date target. the verdict said the finance Ministry, WAPDA and GeNCOs were responsible for causing huge losses to the public exchequer which ran into billions of rupees by making upto 14 percent down payment and purchasing electricity at higher rates from rPPs. the other ones who face criminal charges include former minister for water and power Liaquat Ali Jatoi as well as finance Minister Naveed Qamar and the then finance secretary. During their tenures, down payment to different rPPs was increased from 7 to 14 percent. the court issued the order on the applications moved by PMLQ legislator and Housing Minister fasial Saleh Hayat and PML-N leader Khawaja Asif alleging corruption and mismanagement in rPP deals. It is unclear whether Hayat will come back as a federal minister in the Ashraf cabinet even though he continued under the Gilani cabinet. the PPP government was forced to replace Ashraf as min-

energy crisis should be resolved on top priority: PMl-Q g

Party leadership says Shujaat formula is the best and feasible solution for the problem ISLAMABAD nni

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid President Shujaat Hussain and senior central leader Parvaiz elahi emphatically stated in a meeting on friday that the resolving of the energy crisis should be the first priority of the new prime minister and for this the Shujaat formula was the best and feasible solution and all provinces should put in their share in this regard. PPP’s nominated prime minister raja Parvez Ashraf said if all problems could be resolved if intentions were good. He said Shujaat’s formula was the best solution for resolving the energy crisis and he would get it implemented. He said electricity load shedding was a major crisis and challenge, adding that steps would be taken for an immediate resolution of this and other problems with sincerity of purpose, in consultation and guidance of the the PML-Q and through joint efforts. Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid’s Parliamentary Party meeting was held on friday at

Shujaat’s residence in which nominated Ashraf participated along with other PPP leaders Khushid Shah, Nazar Muhammad Gondal, Qamar Zaman Kaira, and faisal Karim Kundi. Addressing the meeting, Shujaat said, “We had told President Asif Ali Zardari that we would support his candidate, whosoever it may be.” He said the PPP and the Muslim League will have to make joint efforts for solving national problems. Addressing the meeting, elahi said, “We are cooperating with the PPP in the national interest.” He said President Zardari had accepted this alliance from his heart and “we will jointly evolve a strategy for the future as well”. He said electricity load shedding was a grave problem which should be solved on a priority basis. He said the formula presented by Shujaat was formulated after consultations in the light of views of the experts but the PML-N and some other elements had sabotaged it. Ashraf said making an alliance was very easy but its continuation was very difficult. He said he would give credit to the Chaudhry

An agriculturist before entering politics and propped by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) as a cover candidate, the country’s new prime minister, raja Pervez Ashraf, came to the fore only after the main contender Makhdoom Shahabuddin was mired in an illegal drugs quota scandal. Born on December 26, 1950, in Sindh’s Sanghar town, Ashraf was the federal minister for water and power,

and information and technology in the government of ousted prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani. He hails from a family of agriculturists and that remained his occupation too until he joined the PPP. Ashraf received graduated from the University of Sindh in 1970. He and his wife have two sons and two daughters, and they live in Gujar Khan. He was elected to the National Assembly in 2002 from the rawalpindi-II constituency. Ashraf is a member of many commit-

LHC issues notice to Zardari over dual offices LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

brothers for continuing the alliance quite successfully, adding that he had a relationship of respect with them. He said the future strategy would be evolved in consultation with Muslim League members. On the suggestion of PML member Shah Jehan, he said practical steps would also be taken for the Hazara province. He also assured all Muslim League members that due impor-

tance would be given to their proposals and suggestions. the meeting was also addressed by PML Balochistan President Jam Muhammad Yousuf, Muslim League Sindh President Ghaus Bukhsh Maher, Shaikh Waqas Akram, Anwar Ali Cheema, Shehnaz Shaikh, Sardar Shah Jehan Yousuf, Ahmedan Bugti and other parliamentarians.

Know your new prime Minister NEWS DESK

ister for water and power after he failed to address the power crisis. His repeated promises to end power shortages by December 2009 remained unfulfilled, and were made the butt of all jokes in the public and media. the lingering power crisis still remains the major issue for the continuation of the government as the street protests against long power outages have intensified during the last few days. PPP parliamentarians had questioned Ashraf’s failure to stop construction of hydel power projects in the India occupied Kashmir, which resulted in sharp decline in irrigation water in the agriculture heartlands of Punjab and Sindh. they demanded bringing a minister for water and power from irrigated areas, as they complained that a minister from rain-fed areas was not aware of the importance of the canal water for irrigation and rural population. they termed his continuation a bad omen for the party, which clinched majority of its parliament seats from the irrigated areas.

tees in the National Assembly, including the Standing Committee on Kashmir and the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human rights, according to the website. According to political analysts, the choice of Ashraf “seemed to guarantee continued political turmoil”. they said he is “associated with a persistent energy crisis that has crippled the country with blackouts, water shortages and steep increases in the price of fuel”. Ashraf, as energy minister 20082011, was also mired in a corruption

scandal involving private leases of power plants. Ashraf was accused of receiving kickbacks in a power project and is currently defending himself in the Supreme Court. the apex court declared Ashraf involved in the power project scam and revoked his power as the minister for water and power. However, when the federal cabinet was expanded, Ashraf was given the ministry of information and technology. He has also been accused of buying property abroad with illegal money.

the Lahore High Court on friday issued a notice to President Zardari for simultaneously holding the offices of co-chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and that of the president in violation of an earlier order of the full bench of the court. LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial issued the notice through the president’s principal secretary. the CJ also decided that a larger bench will hear the case from next hearing as a constitutional and legal issue has been raised in the petition. AK Dogar, the counsel of the petitioner, submitted that the court should summon Zardari to explain his position, just as the Supreme Court called former prime minister Yousuf raza Gilani in contempt case. At this, the CJ said the court had issued a notice to the principal secretary and it would decide the future course of action after the submission of reply by principal secretary. the CJ added that the court may summon President Zardari if it so required. Bandial said that the office of President is respectable and the LHC full bench hoped that President Zardari would disassociate himself from political activities, but this has not happened. the court will resume hearing on June 27.

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04 News US hopes to get back on track with Pakistan after new PM election WASHINGTON sPeciaL cORResPOnDenT

the United States looks forward to working with the newly elected Pakistani prime minister and hopes to get back on track on “all of the things,” Washington wants to do in cooperation with the country, the State Department said friday. “We are pleased that the leadership issue appears to have been settled. We obviously look forward to working with the new prime minister,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said. She was responding to journalists’ questions within hours of raja Pervez Ashraf’s election, through a parliamentary vote, as the new prime minister of the country. the spokesperson hoped that the development would “open space to continue to roll up our sleeves and get back on track with all of the things that we want to do with Pakistan.” the spokesperson did not dwell on the issues of interest to the United States but relations between the two countries – that worked closely as counterterrorism partners in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks – have been seriously strained in recent years and remain stalemated over a number of issues. Some of the divisive issues include continued American unilateral actions on Pakistani soil, still elusive US apology over Salala attacks, Islamabad’s closure of NAtO supply routes into landlocked Afghanistan and the cross-border movement of Afghan Haqqani militants, who target US interests in Afghanistan. the bilateral ties began to deteriorate last year when a CIA contractor killed two Pakistanis in Lahore. the discovery of Osama bin Laden and the American operation that killed the al-Qaeda chief in Abbottabad followed by the November 26,2011 strikes on Pakistan border posts, claiming lives of 24 Pakistani soldiers, dramatically pushed the relations to their lowest point in recent years. At friday’s briefing, Nuland renewed Washington’s position on the Haqqani network that the group – blamed for several attacks inside Afghanistan and allegedly having a sanctuary in tribal areas needs to be squeezed from the Pakistani side.

Saturday, 23 June, 2012

Asghar Khan case: CJ says notices to be issued after ample evidence ISLAMABAD



H I e f Justice I f t i k h a r Muhammad Chaudhry on friday notices would be issued to recipients of political funding by the Inter-Services Intelligence after receiving ample evidence. A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the Asghar Khan case against political funding by the ISI in the run-up to 1990 elections. former chief of army staff, Aslam Baig, was also present in the court room. In the course of proceedings, former ISI director general Mehmood Durrani told the SC that funds were distributed amongst politi-

cians upon directives of head of Presidency cell Ajlal Haidar Zaidi and orders given by the former chief of army staff General Aslam Baig. Attorney General Irfan Qadir told court that notification for establishing political wing in the ISI had not been found so far. “Upon questions arose in reports of Habib Bank and Mehran Bank commissions, it was accepted in the answers of Justice (r) Ilyas and Shahid Hamid that some action was taken but documents were sent to Ministry of Law and Justice afterward,” he stated. representative of Ministry of Defence Commander Shahbaz said as far as his knowledge, the notice for establishing ISI’s political wing was issued by the Cabinet Division. the court directed rep-

US general accuses Haqqani network of Kabul attack KABUL aFP

the US commander of NAtO troops in Afghanistan on friday accused the Pakistan-based Haqqani network of orchestrating a 12-hour siege on a lakeside hotel in Kabul that killed 18 people. General John Allen blamed the al Qaeda-linked network in a statement just weeks after US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said the United States was running out of patience with Pakistan over its refusal to eliminate terror havens. the Haqqani group, believed to be based in Pakistan’s lawless tribal district of North Waziristan, is blamed for some of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan’s 10-year war. “Afghan national security forces and coalition military

sources acknowledge that this attack bears the signature of the Haqqani network, which continues to target and kill innocent Afghans and blatantly violate Afghan sovereignty from the safety of Pakistan,” Allen said. NAtO’s International Security Assistance force confirmed that its troops and Afghan security forces had responded to the assault. But Allen emphasised the role played by Afghan forces, seeking to downplay concerns about the ability of the local police and army to manage after NAtO combat troops withdraw in 2014. Allen said he had been “extremely impressed” with the Afghan response. “there should be little doubt about their ability and capability to protect the Afghan people in the years ahead,” he said.

resentative of Defence Ministry to obtain the notification from the ministry concerned and asked the attorney general to cooperate with the representative. the court ordered the law secretary to search out all verified documents related to the Habib Bank scandal. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked, “If the notification of establishing ISI’s political wing was found, it would be determined easily which division had issued that notification.” During the hearing, Asad Durrani presented documents containing record of 270 million rupees funds distributed among politicians. Irfan Qadir read out the names of recipient politicians. the chief justice said, all politicians are respectable

for them and verdict could not be announced until the accused testified in court. Durrani said he had drafted the document on the basis of his memory, adding that the people sitting in Quetta could tell the names of Kakar and Jamali. Durrani said the money was distributed amongst politicians on the orders given by former chief of army staff General (r) Aslam Baig. According to Durrani, the total amount of money was rs 140 million, of which rs 60 million was disbursed and remaining amount was deposited to a special fund. the chief justice also said the case would be heard in open court and after receiving ample evidence, the court would announce its verdict. the court then adjourned the hearing until July 16.

eminent scholar Obaidullah Baig passes away NEWS DESK/AGENCIES Obaidullah Baig of Kasauti fame, who had been unwell since a long time, passed away in Karachi on friday. He was an eminent scholar, television host, Urdu writer/novelist, columnist and journalist. Hundreds of people including family, relatives and people belonging to the media and different walks of life attended the funeral prayers held at Madina Masjid, talwar II-Clifton area. In the 1970s and 1990s he teamed up with Iftikhar Arif and then with Ghazi Salauddin for the famous PtV quiz show Kasauti. for his achievements in the Pakistani media, he was awarded the President’s Award for Pride of Performance in 2008. Baig migrated to Karachi from rampur, India after partition. He left behind a wife and three daughters.

CJp distances himself from all cases against Bahria Town IsLAMAbAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on friday distanced himself from all pending cases against Bahria town. the hearing of cases against Bahria town will be heard by a new judicial bench. A three-member bench headed by the CJP was hearing a case against the murder of Bahria town’s guard. During the hear-

ing, the CJP announced to recuse himself from all the cases related to Bahria town. the court said that the former chairman of Bahria town, Malik riaz, had accused the CJP and the Supreme Court on various accounts, which was why the court had initiated a contempt of court case against him. the court later adjourned the Bahria town guard’s murder case until June 25. agencies

Pakistan gets its new PM Continued from Page 1 Moreover, ANP chief Asfandyar Wali was also not present due to his ill health. suMMersAuLt by FAIsAL: Interestingly, PML-Q Parliamentary Leader in National Assembly Syed faisal Saleh Hayat announced on thursday that he would not vote for Ashraf as he was a petitioner in the rPPs case and had leveled serious allegations against Ashraf, but he ate his own words when he voted for Ashraf, raising serious questions about his “word”. sLogAneerIng: With the announcement of election results, the coalition MPs resorted to deskthumping while the PPP workers raised slogans of ‘Jiye Bhutto’ from lobbies and galleries. As the proceedings started, Ashraf headed towards Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and shook his hand. After his election as the PM, Ashraf moved to the runnerup candidate Sardar Mehtab Abbasi and shook his hand as well. new proMIses: After his election, PM-elect Ashraf assured the opposition that transparent election would be one of the top priorities of his government, while reconciliation would remain his manifesto. “Parliament is the last hope for the people of Pakistan. the country can’t afford politics of confrontation. I invite the opposition for holding meaningful dialogue to jointly resolve all challenges faced by the country today. I hope they would accept my offer,” remarked Ashraf. He also assured taking steps for the supremacy of parliament, strengthening of democracy and free, fair and transparent elections. “Some undemocratic minds try to belittle democracy and the people of Pak-

istan. this is an irresponsible thinking that the country can be run against the aspirations of the people,” he said referring to the disqualification of his predecessor Gilani. He spoke highly of Gilani for rendering services to strengthen democracy and supremacy of parliament. He also praised the services rendered by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. “We are at a critical juncture of history that entrusts on political forces to manifest sagacity, unity and collaboration to take forward the democratic process,” he said. He said religious extremists had inflicted heavy loss to the country as well as the religion of Islam and appealed to those fighting against the state to surrender their weapons and join the mainstream for the progress of the country. “We do not hold institutions responsible for the mistakes of individuals. We shall not let the institutions confront each other.” Ashraf said Pakistan desired peaceful relations with all neighboring countries Iran, Afghanistan and India – and wanted peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues including the Kashmir issue, through dialogue. Consolidating Pakistan’s relations with european Union and having relations with United States and other world nations on “equal footings” to promote peace and stability in our region and in the world, raja said it would be his priority. He said to meet the challenges and put in place a system based on good-governance as the country direly needed impartial and powerful accountability system. “Accountability is a must for good governance and elimination of corruption. therefore, I seek coopera-

tion of the opposition parties to deliberate on pending Accountability Bill and bring it to the House to give country an effective accountability law,” he said. “I am a human being. I can commit mistake. But, I promise that the office presented to me is the chair of martyrs and I pledge to work to my full capacity and capability to promote good governance for strengthening the country and the welfare of our people.” MehtAb seeks Fresh poLLs: runner-up candidate Sardar Mehtab Abbasi demanded the government to implement courts’ verdicts, take measures to hold fresh and transparent polls and promulgate a unanimous accountability law. In his speech, Abbasi said accountability law was pending with a parliamentary committee for last four years and needed to be finalized through evolving consensus among all parties. “there should be no ‘holy cows’ and all should be held accountable. We are never and would be never a part of any conspiracy,” he said, adding that the PML-N members wanted to give their input to make law comprehensive and flawless so that it may nab all corrupt elements, asking the government to expedite promulgation of the law. He said the PML-N contested the election just to differentiate the politicians striving for people’s welfare from those supporting the ruling benches. He criticized the poor performance of raja Pervez Ashraf as the water and power minister and said the country was faced with a severe power crisis that had deteriorated the country’s industrial growth and swelled the unemployment. “Mr Prime Minister, you and no one else, is responsible for this chaotic situation,” he said. Abbassi said the country

was in dire need of national solidarity but unfortunately during the last four-and-ahalf years, the government could not come to people’s aspirations by ending badgovernance and corruption. He said the confrontation among institutions had increased and targeted killings in Karachi and Balochistan and drone attacks inside Pakistan’s soil were yet uncontrolled. Abbasi also talked of poor performance of Pakistan railways, Pakistan Steel Mills besides mentioning the NICL, Punjab Bank and rental Power Plants scandals. He said the government should have joined hands with the opposition parties to devise a comprehensive strategy for next general elections. the PML-N leader said the upcoming election should be fair, transparent as well as honest to the satisfaction of the people as it was only solution to steer country out of all issues. He questioned why the government could not rid the country of circular debt worth rs 400 billion that was proving the basic issue behind power crisis. Later, PPP leader Syed Khursheed Shah said a commission should be formed to probe the power crisis since 1993 to 2008 and from 2008 to 2012 and fix responsibility against those found responsible for the energy crisis. pM, new cAbInet tAkes oAth: Later at night, Ashraf and his cabinet of ministers took oath at a ceremony held at the Presidency. President Asif Zardari administered the oath of office to the newlyelected chief executive of the country. He also administered oath to a 38-member federal cabinet comprising 27 federal ministers and 11 ministers of states.

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Saturday, 23 June, 2012

05 Gilani’s popularity dropped from 49% to 21% during premiership: Gallup


RaWaLPinDi: People protest against unscheduled load shedding on Friday. inp

pakistani envoys to US, Un in a fix after Gilani’s ouster ISLAMABAD inP

Pakistan’s envoys to the US and the UN, Sherry rehman and Abdullah Hussain Haroon, are reportedly facing diplomatic problems after Yousaf raza Gilani’s disqualification as the prime minister by the Supreme Court. Ambassador Sherry rehman, who was appointed after the recall of Husain Haqqani, was also enjoying the status of a federal minister that ended after the dissolution of Gilani’s cabinet, a private news channel reported on friday. Sherry said she was categorically directed to continue her work until the next order. Haroon, the permanent representative to the UN, however, said he was tendering his resignation and will wait until its approval or until receiving further directives. Haqqani was forced to resign last year after Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz claimed the envoy had asked him to pass on a memo from President Asif Ali Zardari to then chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, seeking help from the US government in case of a military coup in Pakistan following the killing of Osama bin Laden. Haqqani was recalled from Washington and faced a Supreme Court enquiry.

Pakistani officials ‘harass’ US diplomats NEWS DESK


ISING obstruction of US envoys by officials in Pakistan is “significantly impairing” the work of US personnel there, a State Department report says. the findings said interference by Pakistani officials reached “new levels of intensity” in 2011. the US raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound and a NAtO air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers were identified as turning points. recent months have seen a marked deterioration of US-Pakistan relations. Pakistan withdrew military co-operation in the wake of the deadly November air strike, and correspondents say it marked a change in relations between the two countries. the report, by the state department’s inspector general, acknowledged that the Pakistani government had previously interfered with US officials on its soil. However, it said the problem had become much worse and recommended that the issue should be taken up by the US with Pakistan at the highest levels of government. “Official Pakistani obstructionism

and harassment, an endemic problem in Pakistan, has increased to the point where it is significantly impairing mission operations and program implementation,” the state department review said. It described the harassment as “deliberate, wilful and systematic” and said examples of the obstruction included delays in getting visas, holding up shipments for construction projects and aid programmes, and surveillance of employees. the report also claimed US officials were being singled out more than other international diplomats. “While other diplomatic missions have experienced similar treatment, the United States is clearly the principal target,” the report said. the report was based on visits to the US missions in the Pakistani cities of Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Lahore. It describes the raid on Bin Laden’s compound as a double embarrassment for the government, saying it was evidence of “both Pakistani government incompetence and its inability to detect or defend against a military intervention”. “events of the past year have rocked the US-Pakistani relationship

All diplomats treated according to int’l law: FO IsLAMAbAD: the foreign Office has rejected US complaints that diplomats are being harassed by the Pakistani government, saying that all diplomats in the country were treated in accordance with international law. In a terse, two-sentence statement, the fO said all diplomats in Pakistan are extended “full courtesies and privileges” as required under the Vienna Conventions, which govern diplomatic protocol. the statement reads, “the same courtesies and privileges are also extended to duly accredited US diplomats (and) consular representatives in Pakistan.” STAFF REpORT and fundamentally altered the assumptions on which US engagement with Pakistan has been based since 2009,” it added.

the Gilani research foundation Surveys carried out by Gallup Pakistan, show that former prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani began his tenure with fairly high approval ratings of 49 percent which dipped to less than half – at 21 percent – towards the end of his prime ministerial career. His negative ratings which were a mere 12 percent at the beginning, rose quite dramatically to 53 percent during the same period. A senior commentator at Gallup Pakistan says at the start of his tenure Gilani was viewed more favourably than the president because he was seen to be less partisan, less tainted by corruption and less potent in terms of his executive authority, some of which rested in the office of the president. As a result, his approval ratings were mostly positive or ambivalent (39 percent). Only 12 percent viewed him negatively. As years passed by, Gilani disappointed those who believed he might rebel against President Asif Zardari. He was now seen to be more partisan to Zardari. Secondly, he began to gather around him corruption scandals similar to those which, irrespective of their veracity, were responsible for the negative reputation of President Zardari. As a result, he lost his ‘perceived innocence’. Lastly the passing of the 18th Amendment affected the ‘image of prime minister’s authority’. He was now seen to possess real executive authority. It is interesting that the sharp decline in Gilani’s approval ratings came during the period after the passing of the 18th Amendment in April 2010. On the whole Gilani’s continued partisanship to Zardari, loss of innocence on corruption and the formal powers vested in him after the 18th Amendment cost him a dramatic decline in net ratings from a +37 percent during his first year in government to -32 percent at the end of his tenure. the senior commenter further added that Gilani lost his case in the Supreme Court for not bending to court’s orders regarding Zardari’s alleged corruption. He lost his partisanship to Zardari’s politics. And yet when he is no longer in office the enigma will persist.

Jihadists’ Twitter presence becomes more sophisticated NEWS DESK Jihadists and their sympathisers’ presence on twitter is limited, rather sophisticated and increasing. that’s what the BBC’s Murad Batal alShishani found after spending more than a month-and-a-half following their tweets. the micro-blogging website twitter, which attracts more than 100m users, allows people to create a list of twitter users they follow. You can observe a stream of tweets for people in that list. Murad created a list for more than 35 accounts which explicitly affiliate themselves with jihadist movements. Some of these twitter accounts have thousands of followers. By the end of May, Shabakat Ansar al-Mujahideen (Partisans of Mujahideens’ Network) had announced its presence on twitter. the web forum is a famous site that disseminates jihadist propaganda and serves as a means of communication for jihadist sympathisers, Also the al-Midad Network of Yemen-based Ansar al-Sharia joined twitter recently. But these were not the only official incidences of jihadists on twitter; the taliban in Afghanistan, and al-Shabab in Somalia also have a strong presence on the site.

the LIon oF JIhAD: Other al Qaedaaffiliated media outlets such as the Jihad Media elite, which specialises in reproducing selected materials of jihadists, also has an account on twitter. these official accounts mainly use the site to promote links to jihadist material and update followers as soon as the content is broadcast on the jihadist forums. Another twitter account is dedicated to promoting jihadist poetry and hymns. Some “tweeple” - a jargon term used to describe people who use twitter - have created accounts for well-known jihadist figures including the leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the late AmericanYemeni cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, and others. Despite using them to tweet their writing, speeches and messages, they have stated clearly that these are non-official accounts. recently, jihadist sympathisers welcomed Assad al-Jihad 2’s arrival on twitter. Assad al-Jihad 2 (the Lion of Jihad 2) is a pseudonym of a regular contributor on jihadist web forums. His articles, which are highly regarded by their users, show that he is an authority who speaks on behalf of al Qaeda and affiliated groups. His tweets are attracting followers. the other

type of jihadist presence on twitter is repr e sented by jihad sympathisers who do not represent official affiliation but they explicitly support the jihadist movements.

they use twitter, in addition to promoting what officials produce, to encour-

age jihad, advocate causes and also to defend their ideology. Saad al-Khathlan, a

Saudi cleric and professor of Islamic jurisprudence at Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, tweeted on 3 June criticising al-Qaeda. He wrote that al Qaeda does not represent “right Islamic jihad”, arguing that they have not shot even a bullet at “Zionists in Israel,” nor on “the Nusayri regime in Syria”, another name for the Alawite sect to which President Bashar al-Assad belongs. these tweets brought Khathlan a huge amount of criticism from jihadist sympathisers. Assad al-Jihad 2 asked him for public debate on the internet, while jihad sympathisers on twitter hashtagged him. to hashtag is to use the # symbol to mark a keyword or a topic which allow it to appear in a single stream of related tweets, and make it easier to find in a search. Jihad sympathisers defended al Qaeda, accusing Khathlan of being a mouthpiece of the Saudi regime, and insisting that al-Qaeda and its affiliates have attacked Israel and have a presence in Syria. cAMpAIgn tooL: Syria is one of the

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06 News ECp announces by-poll schedule on nA seat vacated after Gilani’s disqualification ISLAMABAD agencies

the election Commission of Pakistan on friday announced that by-election in NA-151 Multan-IV of the National Assembly would be held on July 19. the seat fell vacant after disqualification of Yousaf raza Gilani as member of the National Assembly. the eCP said interested candidates would be able to submit their nomination papers on June 25 and 26. Scrutiny of the papers will be done on June 28 and 29 while the last date for filing of appeals against decisions of the returning officer would be July 2. the last date for deciding appeals by the tribunal would be July 4 while the last date for withdrawal of papers would be July 5. revised list of candidates will be published on July 6.

Saturday, 23 June, 2012

KP governor wants speedy resolution of power crisis

Shahabuddin gets 7-day interim bail from pHC PESHAWAR sTaFF RePORT

the Peshawar High Court (PHC) on friday granted a seven-day transit bail to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Makhdoom Shahabuddin a day after an anti-narcotics court in rawalpindi issued his non-bailable arrest warrants. On thursday, a judicial magistrate issued arrest warrants against Shahabuddin and Ali Musa Gilani in the ephedrine drug case. the Anti-Narcotics force (ANf) had been carrying out raids to arrest the two high-profile accused in the rs 7 billion drug scam. Late on Wednesday night, the PPP had nominated Shahab for the office of the prime minister, however, after the release of arrest warrants, the party leadership decided to drop his name. On friday morning, Shahab’s lawyer Zahoorul Haq submitted a plea before PHC Chief Justice Dost Mohammad Khan for transit bail. During the hearing, Haq said that the charges levelled against his client were “baseless” and that there was no mention of his name in the ephedrine case. the PHC chief justice said that the court did not have the record of the case, and asked why Shahabuddin did not go to Islamabad High Court instead of coming to Peshawar. He also remarked that how come a person involved in a case was also a candidate for premiership. the chief judge asked Shahab how he travelled to Peshawar from Islamabad despite the release of his non-bailable arrest warrants, and why he had not been arrested. Shahabuddin’s lawyer said that his client “respected the law” and that if the honourable court granted him bail, he would present himself before the chief justice instead of fleeing away. Consequently, the court issued the interim bail against surety bonds of rs 2 million.



HYBer Pakhtunkhwa Governor Barrister Masood Kaussar has advised PeSCO to accelerate efforts to not only ensure better management of electricity supply to consumers, but generate public support for meeting the challenge of shortfalls in an amicable way. During a briefing on electricity supply and demand situation in the province at the Governor’s House on friday, the governor said, “the shortfall of electricity supply in the given situation is beyond doubt a big challenge which does demand extra efforts to promote awareness; educate people and mobilize all available means for protection and safety of installations and control consumption of energy resources too.” the governor particularly mentioned the importance of water supply schemes, saying unhindered and constant supply of water had to be ensured by putting extra efforts and applying efficient management of techniques for the supply electricity. He said there was also a need to educate the people and make them aware of the importance of conserving electricity.

PesHaWaR: Pakistan People’s Party Mna Makhdoom shahabuddin talks to reporters after obtaining his pre-arrest bail from the Peshawar High court on Friday. STAFF pHOTO

Zeyad Durrani 10th Kp lawmaker to have died before completing parliamentary tenure PESHAWAR sHaMiM sHaHiD

IkrAM sehgAL

that Yusuf raza Gilani continued as PM for 54 days beyond April 26 illegally was no big deal given that he alongwith his entire family were playing fast and loose with the rule of law (ephedrine case, Haj scam, etc) for the 1494 days he remained the Chief executive of the country. PPP’s choosing discretion over confrontation was also no surprise, one must congratulate Zardari for successfully using Gilani as a sacrificial lamb in keeping with his gameplan to divert the Supreme Court focus away from himself. Zardari always compromises in the face of danger, whenever in trouble he buys time to survive. After all the grandstanding, when push came to shove Zardari let Gilani go without so much as a whimper! Consider a somewhat similar politico-legal situation in India in the 70s and 80s responsible for the culture existing in business and politics today. former Chief election Commissioner of India tS Krishnamurthy says that two people most responsible for the decline of public morality in India were Indira Gandhi for political morality and Dhirubhai Ambani for business ethics. In his article “Success sans ethics” of June 4, 2012, S. Gurumurthy quotes an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer known for his honesty and integrity as saying “political morality crashed with the “advent” of Indira Gandhi, and business became “buccaneering” with the “rise” of Dhirubhai Ambani”. Indira Gandhi blatantly used political power and discarded political morality. raw power became her weapon to subdue her own party and government and ultimately the country itself,” un-

quote. Indira Gandhi made political success, not political morality, the ultimate test. A leading interpreter of Constitutional law, prominent lawyer Nani Palkhivala, who successfully moved the Indian Supreme Court to declare clause (4) Article 360 of the Indian Constitution excluding judicial review of Constitutional amendments was unconstitutional, said, “she “defaced” and “defiled” the Constitution”. Gurumurthy added, “during Indira Gandhi’s time the office of the Prime Minister, always beyond reproach, lost its moral stature, faced charges corruption (Maruti affair) and was even suspected of other crimes (Nagarwala scam). renowned Indian activist Jayaprakash Narayan wrote to Indira Gandhi from jail that she had inherited great institutions and values but was leaving behind a miserable wreck of all that. Politicians charged with corruption and other offences shamelessly sought protection under rules of criminal law like criminals do – namely proof beyond reasonable doubt in courts,” unquote. Sound familiar? Ambani, Gurumurthy says, “became invincible by co-opting the rule-makers to make sub-rules comfortable for him comply with, thus making the breaking of rules unnecessary, partnering the state and nonstate actors and sharing with them the illicit fortunes of his business. Media not only mocked at tata’s ‘failure’ to succeed like Ambani but glorified Ambani’s success “sans ethics”. Ambani never fought the bureaucracy or media like Indira Gandhi did, he bought them instead. He measured everyone’s worth in cash. today’s scams of billions of dollars or cash-for-news have their origin in the Ambani model of partnering the main state and nonstate actors and sharing the spoils with them”. Malik riaz measures the worth of people by the plots of land they accept from him. Indians will kindly forgive us for comparing the uncanny Indira Gandhi and Dhirubhai Ambani behavioral resemblance with Asif

Zardari and Malik riaz, their Pakistani clones having far lesser moral compunctions. Generally Indira Gandhi stayed away from business and Ambani from politics, Zardari and Malik riaz combine this in full partnership, complementing each other’s strengths and protecting the weaknesses in each other’s flanks. the Malik riaz connection to the uniform is vital for any politician in Pakistan, he seems to have the keys to GHQ, seemingly even making inroads in the ISI. force-multiplying Zardari’s powers as no other politician in Pakistan before him makes for a lethal combination. Self-made Malik riaz’s real estate business has certainly contributed to Pakistan’s economy, housing starts always do, his macho methods of acquiring land by force notwithstanding. He matter of factly admits paying bribes without embarrassment, getting quite a return on his “investment”. What happened to the rs 62 billion (about US$ 700 million) paid to him by Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Islamabad, forcing them to re-schedule re-payments to the banks? Why did Lt Gen Imtiaz commit suicide? He has exploited to the hilt the proclivity of a mere handful Army officers (in contrast to the overwhelming vast silent majority) to acquire more than their legitimate due of one house and one plot, in some cases multiple times more. In Army parlance the presence of two Bahria employees, former Directors of the ISI and the ISPr, in the Supreme Court was “a show of force”. to quote Samuel Butler, “Morality is the custom of one’s country and the current feeling of one’s peers. Cannibalism is moral in a cannibal country”, should one censure Malik riaz for finessing our culture of land-grabbing through paid goons quite successfully? Nobody paid attention to my article “NOt tHe NrO ALONe” of Dec 3, 2009, “With access to intelligence files denied to others, the Service Chiefs cannot continue to live in a state of blissful ignorance. Soldiers have died (and are dying) in Swat, and are dying in South Waziristan, their

leaders must stand up and be counted. they have two options, to either boldly reject the data in those files against President Zardari as false and without credibility, or if there is reasonable doubt about their Supreme Commander, to put it before competent authority, in this case the SC, for further process”. the Supreme Court (SC) must be regretting not fast-tracking the process after declaring the NrO null and void ab-initio. By the same token that they got rid of Gilani, in the face of their NrO judgment how could they ever allow Zardari to remain President? Zardari is dangerous when cornered, wounded by the NrO judgment he became lethal. to survive he had to destroy the two institutions that could bring his house of criminality down, the judiciary and the Army. While not happy at Haqqani being declared a traitor, at whose behest did he take his ill-fated initiative? While the Supreme court stand its ground in the attempted Arsalan Iftikhar blackmail, many “Dirty tricks” (Dts) remain in Zardari’s armoury, expect plenty more in the future, Arsalan Iftikhar was just for starters. Gilani was sacked for not writing the required letter to the Swiss, how come the prime beneficiary of the letter not written gets to handpick the next sacrificial lamb who will also not write the letter? the country will be kept in limbo without an endgame because of the SC judgments. Gurumurthy answered his question, “is everything lost?” himself, “No, there are good men and women in politics and business in India, we will await a Shastri-like leader to emerge”. By standing up, the citizens of India saved their institutions and this country. the good men and women (and children) of Pakistan are waiting patiently for leaders (in and out of uniform) to re-discover their conscience beyond houses and plots, how long will they remain in sync with those presently running amok under the cover of the Constitution? Who will save Pakistan from sliding down the one-way road to perdition?

Zeyad Durrani from Bannu became the 10th member of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly who died before completing his parliamentary tenure. Accrediting him as the youngest parliamentarian with election to National Assembly from NA-26 Bannu on a Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) ticket in 2007, Durrani breathed his last on thursday due to a cardiac arrest. the elder son of former chief minister Akram Khan Durrani, Zeyad was elected to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in february 2008 general elections. In 2007, a law graduate from Peshawar University, Zeyad had accredited himself as the youngest parliamentarian in the world. Awami National Party’s Alamzeb Khan was the first ever member of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly who fell victim of a terrorist attack in february 2009. Later, his brother Aurangzeb was elected in a byelection. In the same year, PPP’s Iftikhar Shagai from Mardan lost his life in a road accident in rahim Yar Khan. Dr Shamsher Ali Khan of the ANP was then killed in a suicide attack on his house in Dherai village of Swat in 2010. In the same year, Akhtar Nawaz Khan from Haripur was killed in an ambush related to personal enmity. Maj (r) Latifullah Khan Alizai of the PPP from Dera Ismail Khan also lost his life as a result of cardiac arrest in 2010. Dr Khalid raza Zakori from Lakki Marwat died as a result of cardiac arrest, also in 2010. Amir Gulistan Betani of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam also died during the same year, as did Mohammad Zahir Shah of the PML-Q. Maulana Obaiduullah of the ANP from Kohistan died of cardiac arrest in 2011.

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Plan finalised to combat dengue LAHORE aPP

Parliamentary Secretary for Health in Punjab Assembly Dr Saeed elahi said friday that the government had finalized a comprehensive plan to combat dengue. “A dengue brigade has already been sent to 14 districts with directions to tMOs to remain vigilant against dengue,” he said. He said the operations of the dengue brigade would be extended to all districts by June 30. He said further that latest foggers, imported from Germany, had been installed in vehicles of the dengue brigade. “Special training was arranged for dengue brigade personnel in management and professional development department,” he added. to a question, he said the World Bank had provided the local government department with 500 fogger machines, 1000 spray pumps and 2,100 protective uniform kits for the spray staff.

LaHORe: Traders at the Hafeez centre protest against the prolonged power outages on Friday. inp

The physician seeks a cure g

Billions in health funds allowed to lapse over mismanagement and impulsive decisions LAHORE uMaiR aZiZ


HILe major health projects are lying incomplete for the past many years, the ‘inefficient’ health department has caught everyone by surprise leaving three-fourths of the development funds unutilised and hence turning the tall claims of the Punjab government of terming health as a priority ‘sour’, Pakistan today has learnt. Interestingly, the department has a history of lapsing major chunks of development budget over the past few years. the Punjab government, on its part allocated a meager rs 15.3 billion for various development schemes with fanfare in the last budget, while, releasing only rs 8 billion. Interestingly, however the health

department has been able to utilise only around rs 4 billion or one-fourth of the allocated amount and half of the amount released. Moreover, around rs 600 million has been surrendered by various schemes, showing the inefficiency of the health planners. Similarly, in the previous fiscal year, the government allocated rs 14.5 billion and released around rs 8 billion while more than rs one billion lapsed and millions of rupees were surrendered. this year, however, health planners have gone a step forward by allowing three-fourths of the allocated amount to lapse. Senior bureaucrats have also raised eyebrows over the strange practice allowing billions of rupees to lapse every year in the most crucial sector in a province with a population of 90 million. A senior finance department official said the practice of large amounts of money lapsing in the health department

has being observed for the past three years, as before that, 90 percent of the funds were utilised. “It is the responsibility of the health secretary to find out the cause of the lapse and to fix it,” the official said. Another officer from the health department, seeking anonymity termed the ‘lack of planning, impulsive decision-making and the discontinuity of succeeding bureaucratic managers’ as the reason why major chunks of important funds lapsed. “the reasons are different in case of different schemes. the four medical colleges announced by the government were impulsive decisions, the projects for which were initiated without the requisite work done. Construction work on the Sialkot Medical College was paused because of land dispute. the construction of the building had not been completed when the government announced that the classes would begin at the college. A health official said: “the succeed-

ing secretaries change the previous policies causing confusion. fawad Hassan fawad started the turn-key mode which was a lot quicker than the system already in place, but Jehanzaib Khan changed it and the incumbent secretary also followed his footsteps. the health officials also want maximum funds to be allocated for their schemes as more money means more commissions for them. they do not realise that their greed will ruin the crucial health sector.” Stakeholders have raised serious questions about the utilisation capacity of one of the most important sectors which directly affect the lives and health of millions. PMA President Dr Ashraf Nizami said it reflects the “ill-management” of the health department which allocates funds for projects which are not feasible and are initiated only to accommodate their favoured officials.

“In the past, it would have resulted in the suspension of the health secretary, as it is a clear-cut case of inefficiency,” he said, adding that it also puts to test the tall claims of any government, irrespective of any political party, considering the bureaucracy kept the funds unutilised. Health Secretary Captain (r) Arif Nadeem admitted that the health spending of Pakistan is very low as compared to other third world economies. In reply to a question on the lapsing funds, he said, “I took over somewhere around february and in the seven months that I have been in charge; I have not been able to fix the problem. the procurement is not streamlined and we have set up a procurement wing to solve the issue. the chief minister is also concerned about this problem and we have started to tackle it right from the division level to avoid it next year.”

The afTermaTh of The ouTbursT

MNAs demand Allauddin be charged under harassment of women law LAHORE agencies

MNAs Dr Attiya Inayatullah and Begum Bushra rahman and Pakistan Muslim League Women Wing Central President Begum farrukh Khan have strongly condemned the unconstitutional and immoral attitude of MPA Sheikh Allauddin with the female Punjab Assembly members. In their separate statements, they said by using derogatory language against the members of the House, Allaudin has only proved his ‘lowliness’. they stated that those who change their political loyalties and have no

moral norms deserve to be condemned in the strongest possible words. they demanded that a case be registered against him under the law for harassment of women at the workplace which could lead to three years of imprisonment and rs 0.5 million in fine to be imposed on the MPA. they also asked the Punjab Assembly speaker to bar Allaudin from entering the assembly until he apologises unconditionally to all the women in the House. they said the time has come to end the “goonda raj” of the Punjab government inside and outside the Provincial Assembly.

the female opposition members also staged a sit-in at faisal Chowk against Sheikh Alllaudin. Civil society activists also joined the protesting MPAs to express solidarity with them. they said the chief justice and the election commissioner should suspend the membership of Allaudin or they would approach the Supreme Court. During the protest, provincial minister Malik Nadeem Kamran tried to bring the protesting MPAs back to the House. the sit-in created a traffic jam on the Mall. the protesting MPAs returned to the assembly after an hour.

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08 Lahore

Saturday, 23 June, 2012

weather UPdateS

43 °c high 0c 32 low





42°c i 31°c

41°c i 30°c

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PraYer tiMinGS Fajr Sunrise 03:18 04:57

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citY directOrY eMerGencY helP reScUe edhi cOntrOl MOtOrwaY POlice POlice GOVernOr’S hOUSe chieF MiniSter’S hOUSe Fire BriGade BOMB diSPOSal Mcl cOMPlaintS lahOre waSte diSPOSal

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LaHORe: Residents of narowal protest against the alleged rape and torture of two women outside the Lahore Press club. OnLinE

Please refrain from unnecessary strikes, Shahbaz tells doctors g

cM calls again for paying off circular debt to end load shedding

hOSPitalS Mid citY 37573382-3 SerViceS 99203402-11 MaYO 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 SheiKh zaid 35865731 Sir GanGa raM 99200572 Uch 35763573-5 itteFaQ 35881981-85 cMh 366996168-72 ShOUKat KhanUM 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 adil (deFence) 36667275 children’S 99230901-3 deFence natiOnal hOSPital 111-17-18-19

BlOOd BanK FatMid iSlaMic alliance

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cOMPlaint waPda SUi GaS

111-000-118 1199



UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said doctors belong to a sacred profession, and they should serve the ailing humanity as messiahs. He was talking to a delegation of doctors at the Minar-e-Pakistan Camp Office on friday. Special Assistant Salman rafique, Provincial Assembly Members Dr Asad Ashraf and Health Secretary Capt (r) Arif Nadeem were also present on the occasion. He said that doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff played a highly praiseworthy role last year in combating the dengue virus and that as a result of their indefatigable efforts, hundreds of precious lives were saved. the chief minister said the provision of the best possible healthcare facilities is the top priority of the Punjab government and for this

citY StatiOn (enQUirY) reSerVatiOn railwaY POlice

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airPOrt FliGht enQUirY Pia reSerVatiOn

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purpose emolument of personnel, belonging to health sectors, had been increased. However, the Chief Minister pointed out, there should be an equilibrium between rights and duties and, instead of going on strikes, the doctors’ community should serve the ailing humanity by providing them best medical care. the Chief Minister said that uplift of the healthcare system and promotion of health sector are top priorities of Punjab government, and all available resources are being utilised for this purpose. He said the Punjab government is spending billions of rupees on the provision of free medicines to the poor in government hospitals. Sharif said the Healthcare Commission has been set up to streamline healthcare facilities. the CM noted that as a result of the agonising load shedding, the whole nation is undergoing a painful experience. He said the energy crisis has severely affected all sectors of life, including health, ed-

ucation, agriculture and industry. He called upon the doctors to work for the ailing humanity instead of resorting to unnecessary strikes. He said the improvement of the healthcare system is the joint responsibility of the government and the doctors, and that the proposals and suggestions submitted by those working in the health sector could further the cause. Commenting upon the current energy crisis, Shahbaz Sharif noted that worst load shedding in the country’s history has brought the national economy to the verge of disaster.He added that as a result of the mismanagement of the federal government, billions of rupees have been bungled in the electricity and gas sectors. He said the livelihood of the common man has been severely affected by the corruption and wrong policies of the rulers in Islamabad, due to which people are strongly protesting over the load shedding. He said all the federating units

have to share each others’ joys and sorrow; however an unjust attitude is being shown towards Punjab regarding the load shedding. “the people have given us opportunity to serve them; therefore, the protection of their rights is our sole responsibility,” he said. the CM stated the true extent of the difficulties being faced by the common man cannot be gauged by staying in air-conditioned rooms, which is why he had established the camp office at Minar-e-Pakistan. Chief Minister Sharif said if the federal rulers provided funds for the payment of the circular debt, the energy crisis could be resolved overnight. expressing their views on the occasion, the delegation of doctors said they had been encouraged after meeting the CM and that they were determined to combat the dengue virus. the doctors also apprised the chief minister about the problems being faced by them.

not nearly over! g



Yda continues strike as patients criticise association for lack of empathy LAHORE agencies

the Young Doctors Association (YDA) strike across Punjab against not getting a revised service structure entered its fifth consecutive day on friday. A large number of patients suffered as doctors were unavailable in the gov-

ernment hospitals across the province. the YDA also vowed to extend the strike for an indefinite period of time until their demand for service structures was fulfilled. the strike also saw the closure of the OPDs and the outdoor patient wards, severely hampering the provision of healthcare services. the strike caused intense an-

100 GhaZaLs of mauLaNa rumI

guish to the patients and attendants, as the operations, indoor and outdoor services remain suspended for the fifth day across Punjab, with the government taking no alternate steps. While many patients criticised the government for not resolving the issue, they also said the doctors were wrong to deny medical care, as the act belied the

YoGa aND meDITaTIoN CLasses

YDA’s claims that the association’s doctors would ensure that the operating theatres and outdoor wards were open to avoid troubling the patients. Many patients demanded that the government ensure that the matter was resolved at the earliest so that the smooth provision of healthcare services to the public was ensured.

DaNCe faCTorY - LaDIes

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date: March 31 tO deceMBer 29, 2012 VenUe: haSt-O-neeSt centre, lahOre hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its Monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of Maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

date: aPril 01 tO deceMBer 30, 2012 VenUe: Faiz Ghar, lahOre a unique blend of Yoga, Meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga Master Shamshad haider

date: March 19 tO aUGUSt 29, 2012 VenUe: the KnOwledGe FactOrY (tKF) Bored of usual dance routines? Fitness workouts come with a 'yawn'?! whether you know how to shake or not, this's the place to bring your groove! learn to follow the rhythm, let loose, how to catch new steps and master old ones. Mondays and wednesdays: 78pm, Per Session: 500 only!, Monthly: PKr 2,500/-

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Saturday, 23 June, 2012

LHC reserves verdict in ambulances purchase case

lUMS prepares to graduate 730 students





the preparations are in full swing for the 24th Convocation Ceremony of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), which will be held on June 23 at the Syed Maratab Ali Sports Complex. the LUMS community will celebrate the graduation of an anticipated 730 students from the three schools; Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB), School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (SHSSL) and School of Science and engineering (SSe). the management will honour its outstanding students with awards and medals for excellence in their academic performances. the graduates will be handed their respective degrees and the National Management foundation (NMf), the governing body of LUMS, will award gold and silver medals to the students securing top positions in various programmes. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy will deliver the keynote speech at the convocation. Chinoy is the first Pakistani to win an Oscar for her documentary ‘Saving face.’ this convocation is predicted to be the largest convocation ceremony hosted by LUMS, with over 700 students in the graduating class. the ceremony shall boast further importance, as it will host the convocation of the first graduating batch of the School of Science and engineering (SSe), consisting of 156 undergraduates. the celebrations will start an evening earlier, with the traditional Graduate Night Dinner, where graduates achieving distinctions in subject areas and those on the Deans’ Honours Lists will be awarded medals and shields.


He Lahore High Court (LHC) on friday reserved verdict on petitions challenging the purchase of 112 ambulances for rescue 1122. the single bench comprising Justice Ayesha A Malik was hearing petitions filed by Muhammad Shahid and toyota Garden Motors. the petitioners, in their peti-

tions, had submitted that 112 ambulances were to be purchased for the rescue 1122 department. they said the technical committee set up for the purpose had rejected all the ambulances made by Chinese companies but the purchase committee had later violated the rules by awarding the tender to a company that was offering Chinese vans. they pleaded the court to set aside the tender awarded against the recommendations of the technical committee. the Punjab government

Lahore 09

informed the court through a law officer that all the legal formalities had been fulfilled for the purchase of the ambulances. the law officer also pointed out that the amount reserved for the ambulances will lapse, if it was not utilised before June 30. the court after hearing the arguments of both the parties, reserved its verdict on the petitions. earlier, the court had barred the Punjab government from releasing the funds to purchase 112 ambulances.

LAhore: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Lahore General Secretary Zekria Butt on friday congratulated the parliament and PPP leadership for electing raja Pervaiz Ashraf as new Prime Minister of Pakistan. He said the PML-N had once again proved itself as a party which lacked the ability to muster support from the parliament. “the parliament being representative of the nation has once again put its weight behind PPP and rejected PML-N and its candidate,” he said. He said the PPP had proved itself to be party of the poor by electing a person belonging to the middle class as a prime minister. He further congratulated Prime Minister raja Pervaiz Ashraf and hoped that he would contribute his abilities to overcome the challenges being faced by the nation. He said that election of the new prime minister was victory of the democracy and the parliament, adding that continuity of the democratic system was necessary for the country as it was facing severe challenges. Zekria Butt said the confrontation was dangerous for democracy and the country and that PPP always followed the path of reconciliation. He urged the opposition to follow the charter of democracy in the larger interest of the country and its people. aPP

Zardari nominated the most corrupt for premier: Sanaullah dcO grants approval for

construction of 3 buildings


LAhore: DCO Noor-ul-Amin Mengal while chairing the District Design Committee, granted approval to three commercial buildings for construction. the Design Committee during its meeting at the town Hall on friday also approved the construction plan of a Honda showroom at tokhar Naiz Baig Multan road with directions to allocate 50 feet of open space and to increase the parking space. 9 cases for the construction of commercial buildings in Lahore were discussed in detail. the meeting approved the construction plan of a four-storey commercial building at Johar town. aPP

3Law Minister rana Sanaullah demanding fresh elections on friday said that the most corrupt and wanted were the most eligible for the slot of Premiership in the eyes of President Asif Ali Zardari. talking to media outside the Punjab Assembly, the outspoken Punjab law minister said that the new PM would not last more than one and a half month. He said that fresh elections were a must to avert the crises. talking about the allied parties of PPP, he said PML (Q), ANP and MQM were equally responsible for the wrongs done by the government. Commenting on the recent upheaval in Punjab Assembly, he said that parliament was not a disciplined army. “Matters do get out of hand; every member has a right of expression, however unethical conversation must be expunged from the proceedings,” he added.

Policewoman commits suicide

Students on USAiD reaffirms europe Yatra visit Oxford University commitment to cine Star Ph: 35157462

PPP felicitates parliament on electing new PM

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01:00 PM 03:15 PM 04:30 PM 06:00 PM 08:30 PM

cine GOld Ph: 35340000

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SOzO wOrld Ph: 36674271

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LAhore: the 40-member delegation of position-holder Pakistani students, currently on a study tour of europe on the direction of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, visited the Oxford University. Senior teachers, well-known researcher robert frost and Dr Sohail Ch. took the positionholder Pakistani students to various departments of the university and attached colleges and apprised them of the latest knowledge being taught there. In the next phase, the delegation visited world-renowned academic institution in the field of social sciences, the London School of economics, where the visiting students were given lectures on various subjects and courses being taught in different departments of the college. OnLine

development cooperation LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

Acting Punjab US Consul General and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Provincial Mission Director theodore Gehr inaugurated a photo exhibition on friday, celebrating more than five decades of cooperation between the United States and Pakistan. the exhibition highlights US efforts in supporting a prosperous future for the people of Pakistan through development cooperation. the exhibition at the Alhamra Arts Gallery runs through June 30th. “the history of the United States’ work with Pakistan to support its development efforts began with Pakistan’s very creation in 1947,” remarked ted Gehr during the opening of the exhibition. “the US government’s work is ultimately about helping the people of Pakistan achieve a brighter future. the United States supports Pakistan’s

efforts to ensure that the fruits of development assistance benefit everyone, thereby creating lasting peace and stability in Pakistan.” for more than six decades, the US government has helped Pakistan develop its economy by supporting the development of its water, power, transportation, and communications infrastructure and by facilitating the establishment of Pakistan’s university system. US-supported universities include IBA, LUMS, Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Center, and many others. In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States facilitated the Green revolution in Pakistan, enabling the country to meet its food needs besides funding the construction of several major power plants and dams, such as tarbela and Mangla. the exhibition showcases a retrospective multimedia display from all U.S.-funded development initiatives in the past 50 plus year.

LAhore: A female police constable committed suicide on friday after receiving threats over marrying a person of her choice. 27-year-old Shumaila got married few months ago with constable faizullah against the will of her parents and family. faizullah told the media that his wife’s parents used to threaten her and repeatedly asked her to come back. She shot herself dead eventually, her husband said. the police collected the evidence and started an investigation. Shumaila’s dead body was sent for a post mortem. agencies

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami

Saturday, 23 June, 2012

Exit Gilani! another PM on the chopping block?

Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

new PM challenges and challenges


nce raja Pervez Ashraf had won the PPP nomination, his endorsement by the NA was a forgone conclusion. the choice of a candidate was not easy for the PPP. the party needed a thoroughly reliable PPP MNA, capable of taking pressure, willing to go to jail and ready to sacrifice five years of his political career. Wisdom, foresight or good reputation were last among the required qualifications. Zardari being the president, the nominee had to be a non-Sindhi. What is more, he had to win the support of PPP’s coalition partners who keep the party in power. Khurshid Shah was not considered for being a Sindhi. Ahmad Mukhtar was reportedly discarded because of objections from the PML(Q) though Ch Shujaat subsequently denied that his party had vetoed the name. Makhdum Shahabuddin, the top bet for the slot, lost the nomination after warrants of arrest were issued against him in the ephedrine case. Initially, the MQM opposed Pervez Ashraf and supported Qamar Zaman Kaira but withdrew the “principled” objection after intercession by Altaf Hussain in favour of the former. Being the second largest party in the NA, the PML(N) tried to fish in the troubled waters by promising support to the non-PPP parties in the ruling alliance if they were to put up a non-PPP joint candidate. the offer had few takers as the party had burnt all bridges with those approached by it. the PML(N) then launched its own candidate who failed to win. JUI leader Maulana fazlur rehman submitted his nomination papers for testing the waters but finding that no political bloc was willing to support him announced his withdrawal from the race. His opponents claimed he had withdrawn in return f or unspecified benefits After assuming the office, Pervez Ashraf – who won with 211 votes - faces serious problems that will test his mettle. foremost among these are the pressures from the SC. Deciding the case regarding the rPP scam, SC had directed NAB to proceed against all government functionaries, including raja Pervez Ashraf during whose tenure the rPPs were approved or set up. What is more, he is likely to be told, like his predecessor, to write to the Swiss authorities or face a similar fate. the first thing that the new Prime Minister has to undertake is the formation of the new cabinet to run the day to day affairs of the country. this might turn up to be a tricky issue on account of the demands the allies are likely to put up for cooperation .Pervez Ashraf is expected to deal with some of the most pressing domestic problems and issues that impinge on our relations with the US and India. Among the urgent national issues is power shortage. Gilani had promised to move ahead to provide relief to the common man just before he was sent home by the SC. then there are important decisions connected with the forthcoming elections that have to be taken in consultation with the opposition. foremost among these is the appointment of a permanent CeC and a commonly agreed neutral set up. there is also the issue of opening the Nato supply routes, a matter being pressed by the US and its european allies. Pakistan might suffer heavy losses if it does not find an urgent solution to the issue. Islamabad also has to take the required political decisions to make substantive improvement in relations with India. Unless this is done, there is little hope of any worthwhile development during the talks between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan scheduled next month. As things stand the government is badly mired in political controversy and legal issues. While announcing the nomination of Pervez Ashraf, PPP leader Khurshid Shah had hinted at early elections. there is a need to enter into talks with the opposition on measures than need to be taken prior to the elections. Keeping in view the ground realities, the sooner the elections are held the better. One hopes the SC would keep the overall situation in view as it deals with the new PM.

By Arif Nizami


ousaf raza Gilani’s exit from office almost seems surreal. the longest serving prime minister in the post-military rules since 1958 left virtually without a whimper. the PPP-led government will remain in a state of confrontation with the Supreme Court till it agrees to write a letter to the Swiss authorities to prosecute its co-chairperson who also happens to be the president of the country. In such a scenario, the PM will be but taking a turn on the carousel. Nonetheless, there are numerous candidates within the coalition eager to take the job despite imminent disqualification by the apex court staring them in the face. the PML(N) supremo Mian Nawaz Sharif while addressing a rally in Swat made an ‘interesting’ remark. Commenting on Gilani’s disqualification, he said that those who mistreat the judges should be willing to meet an ugly fate. Perhaps, at the back of his mind was the treatment he had meted out as prime minister to the Supreme Court headed by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. the PML(N) goons not only stormed the Supreme Court building but, put in the words of late Benazir Bhutto, the Sharifs by pursuing their nohold-barred policy of using ‘chamak’ (money) succeeded in dividing the apex court. this led to the unceremonious exit of Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah allegedly engineered by his own peers. It is perhaps the first time that in a democratic setup that a prime minister is being replaced while the party is still in power. Of course, Musharraf during his five years of “true democracy” changed three prime ministers. But that period was just military rule with the façade of being a civilian rule.

Gilani has claimed that he has been removed as result of a conspiracy. Invoking conspiracy theories is the norm rather than the exception in Pakistan. It is not the first time that the former prime minister has hinted that the military in cahoots with the apex court wants him out. It is true that the COAS General Kayani has been instrumental in the appointment of a retired air force officer as the PIA chairman and a retired general as the head of the Steel Mill. But removal of the prime minister is a much more serious matter. Perhaps Gilani’s remaining in office for such a long time became his biggest liability. He had meticulously built alliances across the broad political spectrum. He had even enjoyed excellent relations with the PML(N) till the Imran Khan phenomenon forced the Sharifs to doff the garb of a friendly opposition. the PPP with it flagging fortunes in the performance department needed a martyr. And in Gilani they have found one. the party has developed a reputation of getting the wrong end of the stick from the courts. the conviction leading to the hanging of its founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1979 is now widely acknowledged as a “judicial murder”. It is also a fact that the apex court in the past four years has consistently given the PPP-led government a tough time. embroiled in different cases in the Supreme Court, the government - starting from the prime minister right down to the bureaucrats and police officials and investigating agencies - has been busy firefighting edicts of the apex court. Press Council of India chairman and a former judge of the Indian Supreme Court, Markandey Katju, while commenting on the decision to disqualify Gilani, has said, “I regret to say that the Pakistan Supreme Court, particularly its chief justice has been showing utter lack of restraint. this is not expected of superior courts. In fact, the court and its chief justice have been playing the galleries for long”. According to the judge, the Supreme Court had no right to dismiss the prime minister or to override the immunity given to the president under the constitution. Comments in the international media have also termed the Supreme Court disqualifying Gilani as a judicial coup. the opposition spearheaded by Imran Khan and the Sharifs, on the other hand, has hailed it. those who are fed up with the misrule of the PPP-led government and

tales of corruption of Gilani and family have a cathartic feeling of relief. Zardari, however, has vowed to fight on come what may, and to complete the five years of PPP’s term no matter how many prime ministers it takes. It is also clear that as long as PPP is in power, no one is going to write to the Swiss authorities to reopen cases against the president. As Gilani has rightly said that he cannot become another farooq Leghari (who despite being a PPP nominated president had no qualms in dismissing Benazir Bhutto as prime minister on behest of the military). there are strong voices in the opposition counseling the PPP government to simply write to the Swiss authorities. But as Gilani sometime back put a rhetorical question: Would Shahbaz Sharif write such a letter against his own brother? the quest for a new prime minister has betrayed the ham-handedness, which has become the hallmark of the PPP. Although it was well known that Gilani’s exit was imminent, no proper homework was done to find his replacement. Admittedly the president has skillfully kept the coalition intact. Ostensibly, he was also given the mandate by the coalition partners to nominate the prime minister from the PPP. But, practically speaking, they used their veto power as well. Chaudhry Shujaat for example claimed that he had no objection to Ahmed Mukhtar becoming prime minister. But practically he blocked not only him but also Qamar Zaman Kaira both hailing from his area. reportedly, the MQM initially vetoed raja Pervez Ashraf for his role in the rental power (rPP) scam. But later withdrew its objection on account of Zardari’s counseling. the nomination of the controversial ‘raja rental’ in this age of severe loadshedding is symptomatic of the ‘qehat ul rajal’ (lack of good people) in the PPP. It is only a matter of time before he will be on the chopping block of the apex court too. But the most interesting case is that of Makhdoom Shahabuddin. Just a day after his nomination, an anti-narcotic court issued his non-bailable arrest warrants and the Anti Narcotics force (ANf) raided his house to arrest him. He is nominated in the ephedrine import case along with the former prime minister’s son Ali Musa Gilani. But the timing of the Makhdoom’s arrest warrant stinks. Whoever did it, wanted him out. The writer is Editor, Pakistan today

whiteLies By ess aich


nything more cringeworthy than spoilt rich kids? Not in the known universe. Apparently, a fight broke out over the poolside at the Lahore Gymkhana. the side that lacked the brawn called over some from outside. What ensued was quite a brouhaha. the management belatedly took some action and set up an investigation committee. As aforementioned rich kids are wont to say: whatever!


ubasher Lucman, the once aggressive talking-head, is subdued and down on his luck these days. His biggest bane? His now former employer. they played him like a violin in the aftermath of the leaked-video scandal. they first

made him record an apology directed towards the owner of the channel. And then tucked the recordings away in their archives room after telling him things were still not ok. the nonplussed anchor knew where things were going and sheep-

ishly tendered his resignation. those with the last laugh: the scores of politicians the pundit was unnecessarily caustic towards, who were quoted out of context, who were set up for ‘Gotcha!’ moments. As they say, one who laughs last, laughs best.

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Saturday, 23 June, 2012

Heading towards meltdown

The soft coup Too big for their robes?

By Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad


he Supreme Court has shown a novel way to remove the Prime Minister in a parliamentary democracy hitherto not recognised by the textbooks on political science. One was made to understand that a PM could only be removed if he lost the support of the majority in the NA and was voted out of power. Gilani who had the rare distinction of receiving the vote of confidence of the entire house still claims 172 supporters in a house of 342 has however been sent home after being declared ineligible for being a member of parliament. No bloodshed, no restrictions on media, no arrests and still the government removed. this can, therefore, be rightly called a sot coup. the Supreme Court has done with one stroke of pen what the entire opposition supported by a section of the highly partisan media had failed to achieve over the last more than four years. Despite the sanctity accorded to them, neither the laws nor the verdicts delivered by courts are always right. the laws can be outmoded, bad or outright unjust. there is also the category referred to as the black laws. Laws of the type keep society backward and cause enough human suffering. It is the duty of every conscious citizen to protest against bad laws. One is, however, to obey them as long as

they exist on the statue book. Defiance of laws creates chaos and stands in the way of peaceful change. Judges in the past have been accused of both aiding miscarriage of justice and error of judgment. Like many earlier court decisions, the present one too has been criticised, among others by legal luminaries. However, even if one differs with a verdict, one has to accept it to maintain order in society. few beside the PPP jiyalas would disagree that the government was mired in scams, showed supreme unconcern for the people’s suffering and had set up new records in bad governance. But like the bad laws, the bad government too has to be changed in accordance with the book to avoid unhappy social consequences. the best way to get rid of a politician accused of corruption or gross misuse of authority is through elections. Public rejection constitutes the worst form of censure. In cases, it can cause the political demise of a leader. removal through courts on the contrary could turn an otherwise lawbreaker into a hero. Courts are at their best while interpreting the laws. Politics is not their cup of tea. Judgments that cause political havoc can lead to unintended consequences. the present decision has already polarized society. In Punjab there were scenes of jubilation, in Sindh widespread protests. the decision will have far reaching consequences for relations between the judiciary and the executive and parliament. Currently, the opposition parties are congratulating the Supreme Court over the action against Gilani. this is, however, not to last long. the day one of

Comment 11

Time to take a deep breath and think these parties comes to power, alone or in alliance with coalition partners, it will start planning to secure itself against any move of the sort by the apex court. this is bound to lead to attempts at reducing the apex court’s powers. Be it the PML(N) or PtI, their leaders are not known for extraordinary tolerance. Any move by the court considered by a leader with a big mandate as interference in his domain is likely to be strongly resisted. the Supreme Court has thus unknowingly initiated a process where the apex court would be on one side and the executive and parliament on the other. the Supreme Court would have done well to avoid confronting the prime minister over his failure to write the letter to the Swiss authorities. the court has declined to take notice of a number of failings on the part of major institutions. the undetected presence of OBL in Pakistan for nearly five years underlined a colossal failure on the part of the security agencies rife with grave consequences for the country’s security. the failure by the defence establishment to stop the incursion of the US special troops in Abbottabad was equally so. Similarly the apex court chose to ignore for years the application by Air Marshal Asghar Khan. Why couldn’t it treat the NAB case and the memo case similarly? the apex court has a plethora of cases which needs its attention. Certain cases are chosen, certain others are out on the backburner. the question that is going to be increasingly asked is regarding the court’s criteria for making the choice The writer is a former academic and a political analyst.


he Supreme Court judgement disqualifying Yousaf raza Gilani only corrected a wrong that had continued since April 26 when a seven-member bench had convicted the (then) prime minister for contempt till the rising of the court. His tenure since then has been that of a de-facto usurper. the question that the apex court will now have to address is the illegality of the decisions that were taken during this period stretching from April 26 to June 19 including the national budget and that much-publicised visit to the UK accompanied by a battalion comprising seventy odd lieutenants. the entire expense that the state incurred on Yousaf raza Gilani and his cabinet during this period will also have to be looked into as it is state money that was illegally spent on maintaining a fake ‘prime minister’ and an equally fake coterie of ‘ministers’. What came as a surprise to some was the rather obsequious manner in which the PPP leadership accepted the verdict of the apex court in the name of the continuation of the democratic process. that does not tell the story. I have repeatedly contended in my numerous television programme appearances that the PPP regime did not have an option but to accept the judgement because it had been told to do so. they have been guilty of stretching the defiance to a point where its continuation would have not only imperilled the democratic system in its present form, it would also have created the raison d’etre for outside interference not necessarily in the shape of the army walking in, but some institutions joining hands to correct the course. the induction of a new prime minister would not be with an intention to improve the state of governance. It would be to continue the criminal defiance of the judiciary. that would automatically put a time-limit to his stay in the coveted office. Let’s face one inescapable reality. the principal objective of all PPP strategies, including the selection of the next prime minister, is to ensure that Asif Ali Zardari - who was convicted by the Swiss justice for money laundering - is not exposed to the prospect of facing the court again. In the process, governance would be abdicated like in the last four years and all the instruments of the state manipulated in a criminal manner. Mr Zardari continues to sit in the presidency – an office that he was not eligible to be elected to – hiding behind the controversial immunity clause which his legal aides are afraid of asking the court to elaborate. But, the turn of events is inexorably moving in that direction as, indeed, it is essential for bringing to an end the reign of crime in the country in the name of ‘democracy’. that would happen not by ousting the prime minister/s alone, but by going for the jugular of the one who controls these pigmies.

candid corner By Raoof Hasan

While the state machinery and all its attendant agencies and instruments remain busy saving the occupant of the presidency, the country is showing increasing signs of imploding. the energy riots have bloodied the streets in the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In violent demonstrations increasing in severity and intensity with the passage of time, trains have been torched, offices burnt and properties destroyed and looted. these are unmistakable signs of anarchy with the state becoming increasingly weak to either handle the growing unrest, or provide solutions to the multiple crises that have crippled the lives of the people. On the face of it, the government also appears insensitive to the possible destructive consequences if the unrest were to spread to the rest of the country as, indeed, it is likely to in due course of time. I have been a consistent advocate of the need for the promulgation of the rule of law in the country. this is more so now that the criminal conspiracy to destroy the credibility of the judiciary and its sitting judges has come out in the open. But, we haven’t seen the end of it yet. this can be effectively gauged from the manner in which the candidates for the new prime minister are being selected with the one with a heavier dossier of crimes against his name likely to eclipse the rest. Makhdoom Shahabuddin has confessed to having ordered the increase in the ephedrine quota under instructions from the former prime minister and the ANf has already issued his warrants of arrest. there are also reports that efforts are underway to arrest him as he tries to escape the clutches of law. raja Parvez Ashraf has the massive rPPs corruption scam hanging over his head. As part of the ongoing proceedings, there is likelihood that he would soon be arrested also. the chances are that the latter mentioned would be the next prime minister. May be, he would turn the country into one mega rPP for all and sundry to have their pound of flesh – but, without a ray of light! reports are also emanating that the discontent within the PPP ranks is growing as they see the end nearing. this is but a natural culmination of following policies geared to saving one person by compromising the inherent precepts of public welfare and national interest in the process. It has already outlived its natural life cycle and appears to be headed towards a meltdown. the fear is that it may cause grave damage to the nascent democratic institutions along the way. But, there appears no abating in the self-righteousness of the approach followed so far, or the prospect of a change showing through. In their absence, and with time running out fast, the end is well nigh in sight. Have you heard the coinage ‘revenge of democracy’? Well, it is time to taste it! The writer is a political analyst and a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He can be reached at

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Saturday, 23 June, 2012

in limelight



CROLL through the public comments following any treatment of Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video, and you’ll find the pop phenom crucified on two Golgothas. She is not only castigated for her rendition of ‘Judas’, but also resented for appearing to rip off Madonna’s trademark shock chops. We all thought Madonna had issued the ultimate checkmate when first alleging Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ was stolen from her own ‘Express Yourself’, then performing a mash-up that overtly shifted to ‘She’s Not Me’. But the upstart was undaunted. However, Madonna is not the only the one panning Gaga. It looks like Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, is her toughest critic. During a Music Matters keynote interview, the industry mogul jokingly compared Gaga to a ‘200-lb toddler’, but on a more serious note, he refused to accept that she has “made it” as a full-blown superstar. We’re sure that her 26 million Twitter followers would disagree. Taking a page out of Madonna’s handbook on how to make headlines, Carter then compared the protest of Gaga’s Indonesian show to crucifixion. In March, Indonesian hardliners claimed that Lady Gaga’s sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt the youth of their country. They vowed to turn out at the airport by the thousands if Gaga arrived, so the artist was forced to cancel her sold-out show. Gaga told her Little Monsters that she was “devastated.” However, despite Gaga’s devastation, Carter would rather “skip” markets like Jakarta than transform Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’ to be accepted in those areas. As for Gaga’s current tour in Asia, Carter insisted that Gaga and her team have loved every moment of their trip thus far. “Asia is a very loyal audience and an audience that really, really loves music,” he said. “It’s not a passive audience at all. We plan on spending a lot more time here.”

LOS ANGELES: Mila Kunis attends the premiere of ‘TED’. AFP

JenniFeR LOPeZ, JenniFeR anisTOn,

LOS ANGELES: Gene Simmons arrives for the premiere of ‘TED’. AFP

KARACHI: Emporio Taneez is holding a three-day exhibition to showcase its famed silver plated products. PR

sound off on paparazzi

MUMBAI: Rajesh Khanna, flanked by his wife Dimple Kapadia and son in-law Akshay Kumar, wave to well-wishers gathered outside his bungalow. afP

LOS ANGELES agencies

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t like them, and neither does Jennifer Lopez. Sarah Jessica Parker finds them ‘scary’. We’re talking about what these A-listers and more have to say about the paparazzi and the tabloid press in $ellebrity, a documentary about celebrity culture that premiered at South by Southwest. Directed by celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur, the flick also includes in-depth chats with Salma Hayek Pinault, Sheryl Crow, Kid rock, various academics and even some of the business’ most notorious paps. Crow talks about how her break-up with Lance Armstrong was handled while she battled breast cancer. Parker recalls photographers running after her on the streets of New York, while Lopez and Marc Anthony remember the helicopters hovering over their wedding. Alec Baldwin isn’t in the doc, but he’d be perfect to host a screening- even if it means showing up with a white blanket over his head.

KARisMA KAPooR’s LOs angeLes: Just days after Johnny depp announced his split from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, reports are swirling about the actor’s newly single life. depp has already been linked to a handful of women, including his ‘dark Shadows’ co-star eva Green and ‘the rum diary’ costar amber heard, according to People magazine. reports linked the co-stars earlier this year after heard was spotted boarding a private plane with the actor headed for las Vegas. But the openly bisexual actress also brought along girlfriend, artist tasya van ree. depp has also been seen regularly hanging around hollywood bad boy Marilyn Manson, including spending late nights at the rocker’s home and jamming on guitar at a Manson concert in april. the actor is currently busy working on disney’s ‘the lone ranger’. as for Paradis, she was seen returning to her native Paris June 14 after promoting her film, ‘Je Me Suis Fait tout Petit’, at the cabourg Festival of romantic cinema. “She looked tired,” an observer told People. “She just didn’t look well or happy.” depp’s spokeswoman confirmed the ‘Pirates of the caribbean’ star’s split on June 20, 2012, after months of speculation. Paradis, 39, and depp, 48, once lived a very private life together in the romantic hamlet of Plan-de-la-tour, France. But over the last few years they often lived in different homes-depp in hollywood, Paradis often in France. the couple have two children together. agencies

hubby not party to her birthday? neW DeLHi: Birthday celebrations are a tasteless affair minus the company of those who one loves and cherishes. however, Bollywood’s blue-eyed diva Karisma Kapoor is all set to cut her birthday cake on June 25, 2012 with every near and dear one excluding hubby Sanjay Kapoor. Karisma will fly down to london with her two kids (and probably her mom too) and enjoy the day in company of her sister Kareena Kapoor, Saif ali Khan and his entire family who are currently holidaying in england. according to sources close to Karisma, whether or not her businessman husband Sanjay Kapoor will join her on the occasion is doubtful. this clearly throws a light on her tumultuous relationship with Sanjay who is rumoured to be dating socialite Priya chatwal these days. agencies

VeenA MALiK to do a double role in her debut film

neWs DesK ‘daal mein ku over. She is a in her first hin her first film. from the indi raaj, aanand actors irfan M she was than movies for sig serve as the will be the de the first-time which will als

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Katy perry

Ali Haider makes his comeback with Sufi album

on defining ‘life’s struggles’ LOS ANGELES



N her new film ‘Part of Me’, Katy Perry unveils part of her everyday life to her fans and gives them a candid view of what it’s like to be a touring musician. Although the film doesn’t venture into her home life, Perry reacts to her struggling relationship with her then-husband russell Brand in the film, which she says fit well into its theme of overcoming obstacles. “the movie is about overcoming obstacles no matter what shape they come in,” the mega pop star said. “Sometimes the obstacle is your job or the people around you and then sometimes it’s your personal struggle.” Although her personal life may have had its obstacles, Perry maintained that she had to keep her composure through it all, most especially when she was performing in concerts. “there were times on the road where I literally

LOS ANGELES: Alexandra Breckenridge arrives for the premiere of ‘TED’. AFP

had to throw myself on that stage lift and kind of flip a switch and separate the personal from the professional because it’s my personal problems not the audience’s problems,” the 27-year-old asserted. With over 300 hours of footage from different angles of her worldwide tour in 2011, a good breadth of


Perry’s not-so-glamorous moments were captured. However, Perry made a point of not cutting those unflattering parts out in order to give her fans the complete, true experience. “Sometimes my tummy turned when I saw different scenes, whether I looked completely awful and exhausted, bloated with zits,” she said. “I left them in there ‘cause I thought it was important to show the truth.” Her approach to the film, she says, was guided towards revealing the uncut success story of a girl who persevered through all and reached stardom on her own merit. “With the movie, I wanted to inspire people so that they see me in real situations-sometimes with problems, sometimes not looking that great...and they say, ‘Oh, well, she’s just kind of normal and she had a dream and she worked really hard for it,’” the ‘teenage Dream’ artist said. “even if life hands you obstacles and curveballs, you too can get through it if you really want to.”


‘abRaHaM LincOLn: Vampire hunter’ features ridiculous premise

LOS ANGELES: Mark Wahlberg arrives for the premiere of ‘TED’. AFP

NEWS DESK If it had been a documentary titled ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’, it might have been intriging, but what made this genre-bending horror flick intriguing was the trailer. After all, that’s exactly what a trailer is supposed to do- and like so many trailers do, this one oversold the quality of the movie. there’s really no need to get into great detail about ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s’ plot: everything you need to know is in the title, though some details about Lincoln’s life have

neWs DesK: Veena Malik feels great as her debut film ‘daal mein kuch kaala hai’ is releasing on 29th June all over. She is also very excited as she has done double role in her first hindi film. She has also done one item song in her first film. She feels great working with famed actors from the indian film industry such as Jackie Shroff, Vijay raaj, aanand Balraj, raja chaudhry and two comedy actors irfan Malik and hasan ali from Pakistan. Malik said she was thankful to deepak and Urvashi Bali of d Bali movies for signing her for their first film. this film will also serve as the launch pad for many people. aanand Balraj will be the debut director, deepak and Urvashi Bali will be the first-time producer jodi to act in their first hindi film which will also mark Veena Malik’s debut.


the singer who gained fame with ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar’ has just made his comeback in the music industry by launching a new Sufi music album titled ‘Ki Jana Mein Kon’ in India. Ali Haider left the music industry in 2009, is now back with the same passion and energy we saw during the earlier phase of his career. Ali Haider’s new music album ‘Ki Jana Mein Kon’ includes kalam by Bullhey Shah and is based on his life’s struggles. At the launch of his album, Haider was very excited and mesmerised the audience with renditions of some of his songs from his new album and his hit track ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar’.

Kayseria launch their SummerII collection globally NEWS DESK

been changed. for instance, he loses his mother at a young age when she’s killed by a vampire and he sees the whole thing, creating his thirst for vampire-killing vengeance. Also, Broadway star Benjamin Walker is a considerably better-looking Lincoln than the 16th American president, and producers do very little to change that. Same goes for Mary todd Lincoln, who has never been depicted as a beauty yet is exceptionally attractive here. One would think that a film with a silly title would be, at the very least, funny. ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ is not. even so, its not to say that every moment is a wash. there is a sense of artistry in the production design, as well as stand-out performances by rufus Sewell as vampire leader Adam and Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturgess, Honest Hunter Abe’s mentor. However, none of it is enough to make us forget the ridiculous premise. Done with a little less style and a little more soul and humour, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ might have at least been interesting. rAtIng: of five stars.


Who will be


After the successful launch of their SummerI collection earlier in the year, Kayseria launch their ‘SummerII’ collection for 2012 simultaneously in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, United Arab emirates, Malaysia and India. the look of summer 2012 is playful yet elegant, proudly embedded in tradition. Bold patterns are used to define the fashion statement of today’s woman. With SummerII, the Kayseria design team led by Art Director Waleed Zaman has merged different patterns to create more intricate designs. Available in 40 different options, Kayseria’s SummerII Collection 2012 comes in diverse themes one of which is truck art; the most wild and vibrant theme which received acclaim with designs incorporated within the SummerII collection. In line with their commitment to quality and comfort, SummerII fabrics and prints come in a silicone finish which softens the fabric and is complemented by a moisture management finish which supports the natural cooling system of the body by dissipating perspiration efficiently and drying quickly thus enhancing comfort in the heat of the summer season.

‘teRi MeRi KAHAAni’ DHuLiA’s HAMLet? nothing new in this kahaani

neWs DesK: when director Kunal Kohli took risk to give the first blockbuster of his career with ‘hum tum’, he became the father of a new genre of rom-com cinema which perhaps set the ball rolling for others as well. But what is disappointing is the fact that in case of ‘teri Meri Kahaani’, neither his Midas touch nor the polished star cast is able to save the film’s fate. the entire two-hour-long kahaani spans three different eras: 1910 in lahore, 1960 in Mumbai and 2012 in england. each story differs from another and narrates the love tale of a couple who bump into each other by sheer destiny, fall in love, face a ‘minor’ hurdle that brings them on a verge of separation but they overcome it and re-unite for good each time. Sounds predictable right? there is no doubt in the fact that the movie falls flat for its weak plot and storyline which offers nothing new to the audience which they would take home and cherish for days. there is no sense of chronology as the narrative begins with 1960, moves to 2012 and then, bizarrely, comes RaTing: two cheers for this one! back to 1910. Shahid Kapoor fares well both as Javed Quadri, a good-for-nothing lad of the pre-independence india and as a struggling musician Govind who falls for a Bollywood actress of the 1960s (played by Priyanka chopra). coming over to Priyanka chopra; what is disheartening is the fact that the three characters she plays in this flick fail to do any justice to her calibre. this movie is certainly not going to add any weightage to her acting career. the songs such as ‘Mukhtasar’, ‘Uff’ and ‘humse Pyaar Karle tu’ are well-written and deftly choreographed. all in all, ‘teri Meri kahaani’ is not Kunal Kohli’s best work but still is a light watch sans any vulgarity.

MuMbai: while Vishal Bhardwaj’s plans of making a film based on william Shakespeare’s hamlet didn’t materialise, Onir and tigmanshu dhulia seem to be in the race to make their adaptations of the play. though Onir’s keeping his wishlist a secret for now, it is learnt that dhulia and his producers are considering hrithik roshan, ranbir Kapoor and ajay devgn for the part of the protagonist of their interpretation of the Bard’s play. dhulia, who has become a sought after director after the success of ‘Paan Singh tomar’; decided to adapt hamlet. Further, it is learnt that the director and his producers have also been discussing about the probable actor to cast as the protagonist. Said a source, “while discussing the script, they’re also talking about who will suit the part. hrithik roshan and ranbir Kapoor are two names that have been often coming up during the discussions. Besides, the kind of actors they are and the kinds of movies they’re doing, hrithik or ranbir would very effectively portray the dilemmas faced by the protagonist when seeking revenge for his father’s murder.” agencies

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Paszek stuns Bartoli to reach eastbourne final Page 17

Dilshan, Sangakara put Pakistan attack to sword

cook set to face australia for essex


Galle: Sri lanka cricketer Kumar Sangakkara (r) plays a shot as Pakistan wicketkeeper adnan akmal (c) looks on during the first day of the opening test Match. AFp GALLE aFP


ILLAKArAtNe Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara hammered centuries as Sri Lanka walloped Pakistan on the opening day of the first cricket test in Galle on friday. Dilshan made 101, his first test hundred on home soil in three years, and Sangakkara was unbeaten on 111 as the hosts ended the day on 300 for two after electing to bat on winning the toss. Skipper Mahela Jayawardene kept Sangakkara company at close on 55, the senior pair having put on 113 so far for the third wicket. Dilshan reached his 13th test century by sweeping left-arm spinner Abdur rehman for a boundary just before the tea

england-west indies 3rd Odi washed out LeeDs: the third one-day international between england and the West Indies at Headingley here on friday was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain. england won the series 2-0 after victories by by 114 runs, under the Duckworth/Lewis method, at Southampton last weekend and tuesday's eight-wicket success at the Oval. england's Ian Bell was named man-of-theseries thanks to scores of 126 and 53 after his recall to the one-day side as an opener following the limited overs international retirement of Kevin Pietersen. West Indies, who lost the preceding test series 2-0, conclude their tour with a stand-alone twenty20 international against england at trent Bridge on Sunday. aFP

interval and celebrated by raising both hands high in the air. It was Dilshan's first test century at home since making 123 not out against New Zealand at Galle in August 2009. It was also his first test hundred since the career-best 193 against england at Lord's in June last year. Dilshan, however, failed to survive until tea as he was dismissed in the next over, leg-before to off-spinner Saeed Ajmal. "this was a very satisfying innings because it came against a quality attack like Pakistan," the 35-year-old said. "It was not an easy wicket to bat on because the ball has already started to turn. "If we can get around 500 or so tomorrow, we will have a good chance of winning this match." the opener put on 63 for the first wicket with tharanga Paranavitana and

Galle: a Pakistan man and a Sri lankan school boy watch the first day of the opening test Match between Sri lanka and Pakistan at the Galle international Stadium. AFp 124 for the second with Sangakkara to lay the foundation for a big first innings total. Sangakkara continued Dilshan's good work as he moved to his 29th test hundred with a risky single to mid-off for which he had to dive full-length to make his ground. the elegant left-hander has so far hit 13 boundaries in his eighth test hundred against Pakistan, and Jayawardene too settled down to strike eight fours. Pakistan's bowlers toiled under the hard sun, but were hampered both by the slow pitch and unfavourable umpiring decisions. Seamer Umar Gul deserved better figures than 0-55 from 17 overs as he beat the batsmen on several occasions, but found his loud appeals for edged catches or leg-before decisions being turned down. Ajmal was Pakistan's most

scORebOaRD sRi LanKa 1sT innings: 24 T. Paranavitana st akmal b ajmal 101 T. Dilshan lbw b ajmal 111 K. sangakkara not out 55 M. Jayawardene not out 9 extras: (b6, lb1, nb2) Total (for two wickets, 90 overs) 300 Fall of wickets: 1-63 (Paranavitana), 2-187 (Dilshan). bowling: gul 17-4-55-0 (nb2), Junaid 11-3-39-0, Hafeez 8-129-0, ajmal 24-4-81-2, Rehman 30-6-89-0. Toss: sri Lanka, umpires: ian gould (eng) and steve Davis (aus), TV umpire: Ranmore Martinesz (sRi), Match referee: David boon (aus).

successful bowler with 2-81, while leftarm spinner Abdur rehman returned with 0-89. Pakistan's lone success before lunch came when Paranavitana was stumped in Ajmal's first over after making a scratchy 24.

pak girl to be part of Oly torch relay KARACHI aFP

A Pakistani schoolgirl selected to take part in the Olympic torch relay spoke of her delight friday and said she hoped it could improve the country's tarnished image. Zainab Imran, 15, was selected to participate in the relay next week in Nottingham by the British Council. Council volunteers from 20 countries were chosen to hold the torch and represent their country at a June 28 ceremony. the Olympic Games begins on July 27. "It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very happy," Zainab told reporters. "It is a great inspiration for all Pakistani youth and I will try to present a soft image of my country." Pakistan's image worsened spectacularly after US troops killed Osama bin Laden northwest of Islamabad in May 2011. Documents released by the United States show that he lived in the same compound for six years. Distrusted by the United States, its semi-autonomous northwest has been a haven for taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants

fighting US troops in Afghanistan and plotting terror attacks on the West. It has also attracted international criticism for its human rights record and the reluctance of its elites to pay taxes when so many millions live in poverty and from handouts from foreign donors.

england one-day captain Alastair Cook is preparing to get an early look at Australia ahead of the old-rivals' limited overs series by playing for county side essex against the tourists on tuesday. "everyone always looks forward to england playing Australia," said Cook after the the third one-day international against the West Indies at Headingley here on friday was washed out without a ball being bowled. "It's going to be another good series -- they are the world's number one ranked side in one-day cricket so it's going to be another good real test for us in our home conditions. england play Australia in five one-day internationals starting at Lord's on June 29. But before then Australia, who started their tour with a 102-run defeat of Leicestershire on thursday, play Ireland in a one-day international in Belfast on Saturday before facing essex at Chelmsford, east of London, on tuesday. Cook made his name when, yet to be picked by england, he scored 214 for essex against Australia in a two-day game at Chelmsford in 2005 with county and england colleague ravi Bopara weighing in with 135 as they shared a second-wicket stand of 270. Opening batsman Cook, who against the West Indies led england to a 2-0 series win after victories by 114 runs at Southampton and eight wickets at the Oval -- where the lefthander scored 112 -- is not in england's twenty20 squad. And that means he will miss the t20 international against the West Indies at Nottingham's trent Bridge on Sunday. the twenty20 squad also be without Ian Bell, who marked his return to england one-day duty by being named man of the series against the West Indies with scores of 126 in Southampton and 53 at the Oval after opening in place of Kevin Pietersen, who has retired from international white ball cricket. "It's always frustrating when you don't get selected, you've just got to wait your chance and take it as Belly did in this series," said Cook. Asked if he would play in tuesday's match, Cook replied: "I think so. (Otherwise) I won't have had bat for a week between games."

Disgraced Salman returns home, pleads innocence LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

lahOre: Former Pakistani cricketer Salman Butt (c) arrives at the allama iqbal international airport following his release from a British prison. STAFF pHOTO

Pakistan's disgraced former captain Salman Butt returned home friday after being released from a British prison, maintaining his innocence over a spotfixing scandal but apologising for the first time for not reporting corrupt approaches. the 27-year-old was imprisoned for 30 months in November on charges of accepting corrupt payments during the Lord's test against england in August 2010. Butt, teammates Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer, and agent Mazhar Majeed were accused of arranging deliberate noballs in return for money. Aamer was released in february after serving half his six-month sentence while Asif, jailed for 12 months, was freed in May. Around 200 fans including Butt's father Zulfiqar gathered at Lahore's international airport as the player, wearing a

green shirt and jeans, made his way through the airport after being cleared by Pakistan's immigration authorities. fans carried banners and chanted slogans in support of their hero. An angry Butt shouted for space before leaving but he returned 10 minutes later to talk to the media, apologising and vowing to clear his name from the spotfixing charges that derailed his career. "to the people of Pakistan, all the cricketers, those who support us and make us stars, I apologise," he said. However, Butt denied he had any links to spot-fixing. "I have no links with spot-fixing and my only mistake was that I did not make a complaint against those who made offers. I am consulting my legal advisers and will decide on when to appeal against the ICC ban," he said. "I want to come back as a good person and cricketer." Butt said he hoped his difficult days were behind him. "I am happy and relieved," he said. "I want two to three days

with my family and once I do that I will hold a detailed press conference to answer all questions to clear my name from spot-fixing." He expressed thanks to those who have supported him. "I hope that my tough days are over. I am desperate to see my second son who I have not seen since his birth," said Butt whose child was born on November 3, the day he was sentenced. the three Pakistan players were banned for at least five years by the International Cricket Council, which has ordered the Pakistan Cricket Board to rehabilitate the former stars. the cricketers have a right to appeal the ICC ban in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland. Butt's father welcomed his son's return. "It's a happy occasion for us and Salman will spend some good time with the family and after sometime we hope that his ICC ban is also lifted," said Zulfiqar.

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Sports 15

‘Liar’ Kaneria banned for life LONDON aFP


OrMer Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria was given a life ban from english cricket on friday for his involvement in the Mervyn Westfield spot-fixing case, the england and Wales Cricket Board (eCB) said. Westfield was given a five-year ban, although he will be able to play club cricket in the final two years of his suspension. In a statement an eCB disciplinary panel said: "We regard Danish Kaneria as a grave danger to the game of cricket and we must take every appropriate step to protect our game from his corrupt activities. "Accordingly, we are unanimously of the view that the only appropriate sanction in relation to both charges is one of suspension for life and that is the sanction we impose. "this means from today Danish Kaneria is suspended from any involvement in the playing, organisation or administration of any cricket under the jurisdiction of the eCB." earlier, Kaneria was branded a "liar" after being found guilty of matchfixing offences relating to his involvement in the Mervyn Westfield case by an eng-

wahdat eaglets march to Final LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

Wahdat eaglets has marched into the final of 9th M Siddique Memorial cricket event when they outplayed strong Punjab Club by 5 wickets in the 2nd semifinal played at Wahdat Colony Ground on thursday. finel all round performance by Jameel Bhatti includinh Hatric was the maun feature of the match Now Wahdat eaglets will face with Shining Club in the final. scORes: Punjab club 138/8 in 20 overs. Shoaib akram 62, Kashif ijaz 20, abdul Shehzad 20, awais tariq 13. Jameel Bhatti 3/19, (including hatric), Qaiser ashraf 2/22, imran ali Shah 1/29, Qamber ali Shah 1/23, ali tipu Sultan 1/17. wahdat eaglets 139/5 in 18.1 overs. abdul waheed 39, M ali Shah 22, haris nazar 18, rohail hussain Bhatti 19(no), Jameel Bhatti 16. imran talib 2/16, afzal Shehzad 2/14, awais tariq 1/13.

Servis colts advance LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

Servis Colts has advanced in the next round of Mian Inamullah Memorial U-19 Cricket event when they beat faran Sports club by 20 runs played at Allama Iqbal Institute ground. scORes: Servis colts 182/5 in 20 overs. Sattar Khan 81(no), naeem Bhatti 46, arshad nadeem 38. Salman ali 2/38, M Usman 2/46. Faran Sports 162 in 19.3 overs. ahmed ali 51, hammad ali 33, Suleman ali 32. Sattar Khan 3/35, Khuram Shehzad 3/28, nasir nisar 2/26, naeem Bhatti 2/26.

against both players and a decision is expected later today (friday)." Westfield was jailed for four months in february after admitting he accepted money to under-perform during a Pro40 match between essex and Durham in 2009. the now 24-year-old Westfield named Kaneria -- arrested with him in

land and Wales Cricket Board (eCB) disciplinary panel on friday. "We consider that in many respects the evidence of Danish Kaneria simply does not stand up to scrutiny and is plainly lies," the panel's statement said. the statement added: "the panel will now consider the appropriate sanction

2010 but released without charge -- as the link between bookmakers and players. And the eCB panel agreed, saying: "We are left in no reasonable doubt that Danish Kaneria knowingly induced or encouraged Mervyn Westfield not to perform on his merits in the Durham match." Kaneria was found guilty by the eCB of two charges. firstly, he "induced or encouraged, or attempted to induce or encourage, Mervyn Westfield not to perform on his merits, that is, to deliberately concede a minimum number of runs in his first over of the match between essex and Durham." And secondly, he was also found guilty of bringing cricket into disrepute "by inducing or encouraging Mervyn Westfield not to perform on his merits". Westfield was charged by a three-man panel chaired by lawyer Gerard elias and featuring retired former england one-day international bowler Jamie Dalrymple with bringing cricket into disrepute, a charged the seamer accepted. the panel said Kaneria, by his own admission, had introduced Westfield in a nightclub to Arun or Anu Bhatt an Indian businessman who, prior to November 2007, had come to the notice of the

Ban looms for blue turf installer Bangladesh stun LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

the Sports Board Punjab has summoned the installer of the blue turf at the National Hockey Stadium on Monday (June 25) for a personal hearing to know the facts regarding delay in the installation of the plastic surface at the worlds biggest hockey arena. Sources in SBP revealed here on friday that the Swallow International has failed to complete the task in time by giving lame excuses one after another. the company was given the deadline to complete the work by June 15 but was given an extended time till June 22. It has also been learnt that CeO of the company, Usman Afridi

has not only wasted two months precious time in removing the shock pads. Sources revealed that the shock pads he intended to install at the Stadium are home made and are not of the company that provided the blue turf and are also not fIH Global approved. It was, however, clearly mentioned in the tender document that the shock pads should be removed and when new pads are laid it should be of 8 to 10 millimetres high from the base and after the laying of the blue turf its thickness should be 12 to 14 millimetres from the asphalt base, which should also be refabricated and fIH Global approved. But sources revealed that he was first not ready to remove the old pads

and used delaying tactics. for that he was served with several notices and advisories. He then approached the arbitrary committee and realised the fact that he had to complete the work assigned as agreed under the tender document. But after wasting the days given to complete the work, he came up with a plea that in the current weather the work cannot be done and further to that he said that no work would be carried out during the month of ramazan. Now the SBP has summoned the installer of the blue turf for a complete hearing for further action and the likely chance is that Swallow International is going to suffer in a big way as his contract with SPB will be cancelled and he may be black listed.

warner ready as ireland aim for another upset BELFAST aFP

Australia's David Warner paid Ireland the compliment of saying they can "blast it from ball one" ahead of the two countries' oneday international at Stormont on Saturday. And Warner should know. the 25-year-old left-handed opener has a strike rate of nearly 86 in his 26 one-day internationals. Warner was straight into the groove during Australia's opening match of their short tour of the British Isles, which will give several young players ex-

perience of local conditions ahead of next year's Ashes trip, with 74 at nearly a run-a-ball in a 102-run thrashing of Leicestershire on thursday. Saturday's fixture is the first international clash of a tour that features a five-match one-day series against england starting at Lord's on June 29. But Warner, keen to make clear Australia were not getting ahead of themselves, said of Ireland: "I think we have them in the t20 World Cup (in Sri Lanka in September). "they are a team that can come out and blast it from ball one. We are looking forward to the challenge, we always look forward to going out there.

History gives France hope for Spain showdown stats corner S.PERvEz QAISER Defending champions Spain must reverse an anomaly of history when they take on france in their quarter-final at Donbass Arena, Donetsk on Saturday (June 23). this match will start at 11.45 hours (PSt). this will be the 31st international match between the two teams and fourth in european Cup finals. these teams have faced each other on 30 occasions, starting with a friendly meeting in Bordeaux in April 1922 which Spain won 4-0. Overall Spain hold a narrow advantage in the head-to-head stakes with a record of winning 13, drawing six and losing 11 matches. Spain have never beaten their neighbours in a competitive fixture which holds only unhappy memories for them, not least european Championship defeats in the 1984 final and then the 2000 quarter-finals, when Laurent Blanc was in the france team. Spain have won three of the last four encounters, the exception being france’s 3-1 win in the round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup. that result gave france a

Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) of the International Cricket Council as "allegedly being heavily involved in illegal betting". they added they rejected as "nonsensical", Kaneria's claim his invitation to Bhatt to attend Dukes Nightclub in Chelmsford, essex, was in order to keep him at arms length or similarly that obtaining tickets for him in Durham was with the same object. "We reject his (Kaneria's) basic account that he had nothing to do with any arrangement between Westfield and Bhatt -indeed we are sure that he facilitated it," the panel said. the 31-year-old Kaneria has not played for Pakistan since making the last of his 61 test appearances against england in August 2010 -- the same tour that saw the infamous spot-fixing episode in the Lord's test, which led to then-captain Salman Butt and bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer being jailed on corruption charges. Butt, jailed for 30 months last November on charges of accepting corrupt payments, was freed on thursday. Aamer was released in february after serving half his six-month sentence while Asif, jailed for 12 months, was freed in May.

record of five wins and one draw from competitive fixtures against Spain france beat Spain 3-1 at home and 2-1 away in qualifying for the 1992 european Cup. Blanc played in both games, scoring in the first. He was also on the pitch when the countries drew 1-1 in the group stage at 1996 european Cup , Jose Luis Caminero cancelling out a goal by Youri Djorkaeff. the biggest winning margin between the teams came in an 8-1 Spain victory in a friendly in Zaragoza in April 1929 – one of seven Spanish wins from the first eight encounters. Group D runners-up france were the last side to eliminate Spain from a major international tournament – the 2006 World Cup – and now face Vicente del Bosque’s holders, who arrive in Ukraine having finished top of the Polish-based Group C. france played england (1-1) and Ukraine (2-0) in Donetsk in the group stage. Spain entered the last eight by finishing top on Group C with seven points. the only previous time Spain picked up at least seven points in the group stages of the euros saw them crowned champions, 9 points in 2008 european Cup. Since their defeat by france at Ger-

many 2006, Spain have lost only three of 46 competitive european Championship and World Cup fixtures and won 40 of them. france were unbeaten in 23 matches before losing to Sweden in their last group fixture. It was the second-longest sequence without defeat in their history. france have won only one game in a final tournament since beating Portugal to reach the 2006 World Cup final, against Ukraine on matchday two. the last team to beat Spain in european Championship was Portugal in 2004, when a late goal from Nuno Gomes cost Inaki Saez’s team a place in the quarter-finals. france have beaten Spain at two european Championship finals (one draw) and have gone on to win the title on both occasions, 2-0 in the final in 1984 and 21 in the quarter-final in 2000. Spain are playing in the last eight of the european Cup for the eight time while france are competing in their seventh quarter-final match. Spain have won two and lost five in seven quarter finals in the european Championship while france have won four and lost two in six previous last eight matches.

euROPean cuP FOOTbaLL: spAIn V FrAnce: HeAD tO HeAD: InternAtIonAL MAtches: Played: 30 Spain won: 13 france won: 11 Drawn: 6 Goals for Spain: 57 Goals for france: 35 europeAn cup MAtches: Played: 3 Spain won: france won: 2 Drawn: 1 Goals for Spain: 2 Goals for france: 5 MeetIng In europeAn cup FInALs: Date Venue Stage result Score 27-06-1984 Paris final france beat Spain 2-0 15-06-1996 Leeds first round france drew with Spain 1-1 25-06-2000 Bruges Quarter final france beat Spain 2-1

South africa HARARE aFP

Stunned South Africa must defeat hosts Zimbabwe to reach the non-cap twenty20 tri-nations tournament final at Harare Sports Club after losing by three wickets to Bangladesh friday. South Africa won the toss and elected to bat, then lost wickets at regular intervals en route to 129-7 off 20 overs as they sought to put a shock loss by Zimbabwe two days ago behind them. Bangladesh tossed away several wickets through reckless shots and needed 19.5 overs to reach 132-7 and claim a second win in as many days after losing their first two games. Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have eight points each and South Africa four in an unofficial tournament designed to prepare the three countries for the World twenty20 in Sri Lanka during September and October. Victory for South Africa over Zimbabwe would mean the three teams finishing level on points and net run rates deciding which two advance to the Sunday climax of a drama-filled tournament South Africa were expected to dominate. scores: South africa 129-7 (20 overs) (J. Ontong 41, h. amla 20, F. Behardien 16, F.du Plessis 13; e. Sunny 2-22) v Bangladesh 132-7 (19.5) (M. ashraful 40, M. Mahmudullah 28, z. rahman 27 not out; M. de lange 3-25, w. Parnell 2-18). Bangladesh win by three wickets.

amir hypnotised MUMBAI biPin Dani

On the day when his one time captain Salman Butt was released from the Britain jail, the Pakistani pace bowler, Mohammad Amir underwent hypnotism session with his psychologist, it is learnt here. Confirming the news, Maqbool "Max" Babri said over telephone: "Yes, a hypnotherapy session was conducted with Amir yesterday. We have reviewed the transformation agenda for him and have done a transformation hypnotherapy session for him." the first pyschological session with Amir was done last week. "Hypnotherapy is a method used to positively influence the sub-conscious mind. It is really the sub-conscious mind that drives us. Many of us have consciously desired and struggled to give up smoking or have tried to reduce weight, but it has not happened. this is so because our sub-conscious mind which really controls us is not allowing us to do that". "the session went well. It was done for stress release and positive thinking. Amir confirmed to me after the session that the heaviness he had on his head has disappeared and he felt relaxed". "No, he could not have refused to undergo this session as it was planned for his rehabilitation as suggested by the ICC and the PCB. He already had similar session twice before the Pakistani team left for World twenty20 in 2009", Babri further added. the Pakistani team lifted the Cup at Lord's then.

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16 Sports

Saturday, 23 June, 2012

injury forces Postiga out of semis


Portugal striker Helder Postiga will miss their euro 2012 semi-final against france or Spain after pulling a thigh muscle in thursday's 1-0 win over Czech republic, the country's football federation confirmed friday. team doctor Henrique Jones had indicated after the game that Postiga would likely not make it after he had to be stretchered off late in the opening period to be replaced by Hugo Almeida. Afterwards, Portuguese team sources said that real Zaragoza striker Postiga, a veteran of Portugal's run to the final in 2004, would have to rest for at least several days. the 29year-old - who scored in the 3-2 group stage win over Denmark - is "not fit to play in the semi-finals owing to a muscle strain behind the right thigh," the federation said in a statement following a scan on the injury. "We are going to do all we can to ensure we get him back for the final," assuming Portugal make it to the trophy match on July 1, Portuguese media had quoted Dr. Jones as saying late thursday. Portugal coach Paulo Bento has not made any changes in his starting line-up to date over four matches at the finals but will now have to call upon either Almeida or youngster Nelson Oliveira.

lara disqualified in cologne COLOGNE aFP

Jose Manuel Lara has been disqualified from the BMW International Open after his caddie tried to hide the fact that the Spaniard began the event with an extra club in his bag. the incident came to light after 35-yearold Lara, twice a winner on the circuit, had shot an opening 73 on thursday. european tour chief referee John Paramor said: "His caddie noticed that he had a 15th club and on the second hole he attempted to lose it in a thick bush. "He was seen entering the bush with the bag of clubs by his playing partners (Ireland's Damien McGrane and Swede Peter Hedblom), who thought it was a little bit suspicious. "they went and asked the chap 'What are you doing?' and he sort of fumbled out an answer saying 'I've got this wrong - I've done something bad. I wish it hadn't happened, etc etc'. "It was clear the club was out of the bag and in the bush at the time. He admitted it straight away and regretted his action. "A ruling was sought over what was the penalty for carrying an extra club and he was given two shots for the first hole and two for the second." Without those Lara would have returned a three-under 69 and been in contention, but on the 18th hole a referee was summoned to the recording area and that is when the full story was told. After speaking to colleagues on the referees panel Paramor ruled that it was a serious incident and warranted disqualification.

WARSAW: Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo (L) tries to score despite Czech defender David Limbersky during the Euro 2012 football championships quarter-final match against the Czech Republic. afP

Goal-shy Benzema eager to score- French Coach DONETSK aFP

tipped to be france's lethal weapon, Karim Benzema is still to score at euro 2012 ahead of a quarter-final with Spain on Saturday when he will come up against several of his real Madrid team-mates. Having scored a brace in france's last warm-up match, against estonia, Benzema appeared to be arriving at the tournament with his confidence sky-high. However, three matches later, that confidence does not appear quite so evident, despite his two assists in the 2-0 defeat of Ukraine. Deprived of space in the 1-1 draw with england, he found himself outmuscled in the 2-0 loss to Sweden that condemned france to a second-place finish in Group D and a daunting encounter with world and european champions Spain. "Karim would like to

score a goal. He's had a few chances so far but unfortunately he's not been able to," said france coach Laurent Blanc. "It might be a problem with the team, but the circumstances mean that luck hasn't been with him so far." Ben-

zema's bluntness in front of goal is a worry for france, especially as he will feel under extra scrutiny against Iker Casillas and his other Madrid teammates, with whom he won this season's Spanish league title.

Feng to stand second at storm-hit LPGA event WATERLOO aFP

feng Shanshan, coming off the first major victory by a golfer from China, fired a fiveunder par 66 to stand second during the first round at the storm-halted Manulife financial LPGA Classic. US rookie Sandra Changkija matched the low first-round score of the LPGA season, an eight-under par 63, to grab the lead with half of the field of 144 unable to finish their opening 18 holes because of a threat of lightning.

the first round will resume on friday morning at Grey Silo Golf Course in the inaugural edition of the $1.3 million event. feng, ranked fourth in the world, won her first career LPGA title two weeks ago at the LPGA Championship and shined in her first competitive round as a major champion. "I thought a lot before I started because I know after you win a tournament, maybe sometimes you'll be expecting yourself to do too well and then that would give yourself actual pressure," feng said. "But that was what I was trying to tell

myself. I said. 'Just keep patient and just focus on shot by shot and try your best.'" feng birdied the second, par-5 sixth and par-4 eighth, the par-3 12th and par-4 14th ahead of her lone bogey at the par-4 15th, which she answered with a birdie at the par-5 18th to claim second place all to herself. Sweden's Karin Sjodin, Norway's Suzann Pettersen and Americans Lacey Agnew and Angela Stanford shared third on 67. Sweden's Anna Nordqvist was on five-under with five holes yet to finish when play was stopped.

railway sports meeting held LAhore: the General Body Meeting of Pakistan railways Sports Board held at Committee room, railways Headquarters Office, Lahore. the meeting was presided over by the Saeed Iqbal Khan Vice President railway Sports Board. rana Abrar Anwar Secretary railway Sports Board as well as rashid Mehmood Butt Sports Officer railways Sports Board coordinates with him during the meeting. railway teams got 60 medals in different games. railway Sports Board also gave away cash prizes of rs.0.7 million among the medal winner’s players. Many decisions were made for betterment of railway Sports. talented Medal Winners players were inducted on sports basis. Lower AC (Business) passes will be provided to railway Sportsmen for participation in National level events. Young players will fetched from railway Schools / Colleges for strengthening railway teams. try for Self reliance by commercial exploitation of railway sports infrastructure. sTaFF RePORT

Karachi warriors, Vehari win LAhore: CDSS Karachi Warriors WfC and Vehari WfC won their matches of the 5th National Inter-Club Women football Championship-2012 on friday. at the Karachi-Sindh Football association-held match, cdSS Karachi warriors wFc beat Star wFc 5-0 at the KPt Football Stadium, Karachi. the scorers for the winners were Jamila 2 Goals @ 18 & 66 Minute, haroosa 2 Goals @ 58 & 65 Minute and Kehkshan 1 Goal @ 22 Minute. at Bahawalpur-Punjab Football association-organsied match Vehari wFc beat Young islamia wFc 2-0 at the Satellite town Secondary high School, Bahawalpur. Gul naz 1 Goal @ 8 Minute, and tahira 1 Goal @ 15 Minute scored for the winners. sTaFF RePORT

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Sports 17

Ronaldo roadshow blitzes Czechs WARSAW aFP


OrtUGAL fans and neutrals hoping for a splash edition of the Cristiano ronaldo roadshow had their appetite satisfied as he single-handedly steered his country into the euro 2012 semi-finals by beating the Czech republic 1-0. ronaldo showed the same kind of sparkle that saw the Portugal captain dominate play and claim a brace in his team's 2-1 defeat of the Netherlands last Sunday - goals he had dedicated to his son, who turned two the same day. So often maligned for failing to recapture his real Madrid form when wearing the Portugal shirt, ronaldo's 79th-minute header took his euro 2012 tally to three, making him joint top scorer with Germany's Mario Gomez - plus russia's Alan Dzagoev and Croatia's Mario Mandzukic, whose teams failed to advance from the group stage. And he was delighted at sending the Portuguese into a semi-final against either titleholders Spain or france. "Our great aim is to get to the final. We have a great squad and now I'd say the chances are 50-50 and we just have to believe in it," ronaldo said afterwards. "I think it was a fantastic game for Portugal. In the first 20 minutes we weren't that good but we improved a lot. It was a perfect game for us, with a lot of opportunities. the Czechs didn't have one opportunity. "We had the quality to reach the semi-finals. We are happy but know the next match will be difficult but the team is very mature and we are ready," ronaldo added. Defeated Czech captain and goalkeeper Petr Cech hailed ronaldo, de-

Thanks, boys, Czech dailies say after euro exit prAgue: Czech media applauded the Czech football team on friday despite its exit from euro 2012 following the 1-0 quarter-final defeat from Portugal on thursday. "thanks, boys," the largest broadsheet DNeS says on its front page, above a picture of Czech footballers surrounding an upset Cristiano ronaldo in the first half. ronaldo made all the difference on thursday -- the Czechs marked him well in the first half, then eased the pressure and allowed him to score the goal that sent Portugal to the semi-finals against either france or Spain. "the players' and fans' dreams went unfulfilled, but Czech players definitely have nothing to be ashamed of," says DNeS. "Although Portugal was much stronger, the Czech team played a very decent game in the first half. "We have to applaud the team for the overall impression it has left at the tournament," says DNeS, pointing out that the Czechs had made it to the last eight stage, unlike the Netherlands, Croatia, Sweden or hosts Poland and Ukraine. "ronaldo has sent the Czechs home," says the Lidove Noviny broadsheet above a front-page picture of the real Madrid star. "the Czechs played very well until the 70th minute. then they started to lose steam and that pushed them deep into their box, which resulted in the only goal of the game," the daily adds. "But we played against a strong rival and the boys gave it all they could. Hats off to them," it says. the Blesk tabloid praises the team for "fighting like Czech lions," referring to the Czech emblem and the logo the footballers wore on their chests. "the end. But thanks for the courage," says Blesk. aFP spite the player having ended his country's euro 2012 dreams. "It's not a good feeling. We lost. We're out. they were better, and they deserved the win," he said. "ronaldo is one of the top two players in the world, and he proved it with his goal, with that great header. It's really difficult to defend against him. He has shown again that he is one of the best players in the world. Czech coach Michal Bilek said that even the intense preparation they had made to try to stifle ronaldo was insufficient. "We really prepared hard to

cope with him, but he is a player of the greatest class," said Bilek. "He was able to rise to the occasion." A divisive figure around whom Portugal are often accused of creating a cult of personality, ronaldo won the loudest cheer from his fans in Warsaw's National Stadium when the announcer reeled off each squad, but earned catcalls from Czech supporters when he stepped up to take free kicks. the high-profile player - officially the most-tweeted at euro 2012 according to UefA - is often a target for his opponents' supporters.

wAtcH it Live TEN SPORTS First Test: Pakistan v Sri Lanka 09:30AM

women triangular t20 from July 6th LAHORE sTaFF RePORT

the PCB Women Wing friday announced the schedule and teams for the Women Cricket t20 triangular tournament which is to be held from July 6 to 15 in Karachi. three teams (Knights, Strikers and Lasers) selected by Women Selection Committee will compete in this tournament. THe DRaWs anD TeaMs aRe as FOLLOWs:TeaMs: Knights, Strikers, lasers, Schedule: Fri.Jul 6, arrival of the teams, Karachi Southend club, Sat.Jul 7, Practice of teams, Sun.Jul 8, Practice of teams, Mon.Jul 9, Knights vs Srikers, Morning, Knights vs lasers, evening, tue.Jul 10, reSt, wed.Jul 11, Strikers vs lasers, Morning, Knights vs lasers, evening, thur.Jul 12, reSt, Fri.Jul 13, Knights vs Strikers, Morning, Strikers vs lasers, evening, Sat.Jul 14, reSt, Sun.Jul 15, Final, Mon.Jul 16, departure of the teams, teams. sTRiKeRs: Syeda nain Fatima abidi (capt), Karachi, nida rashid dar, Sialkot, ayesha Qazi, lahore, zeba Manzoor hussain, Sialkot, irum Javed, lahore, Mahlaqa Manzoor, lahore, Syeda Batool Fatima naqvi, Karachi, Mehwish tariq, lahore, Bakhtawar iqbal, lahore, anum amin, lahore, Mariam Shafiq, Faisalabad, asmavia iqbal, Multan, namra imran, lahore, Kainat imtiaz, Karachi, romana Sajjid (Manager) and Shahid Javed (coach). LaseRs: Bismah Maroof (capt), lahore, Marina iqbal, lahore, Sidra amin, lahore, Mariam hassan Shah, islamabad, diana Baig, islamabad, zainab Khan, Peshawar, Sidra nawaz, lahore, areeb Shamaim, Multan, elizebeth Barkat, lahore, Sadia Yousaf, Faisalabad, hina Shafiq, islamabad, Qanita jalil, abbotabad, Summaiya Siddiqui, hyderabad, almas akram, Karachi, Shagufta Qazmi (Manager), , talat Mirza (coach). KnigHTs: Sana Mir (capt), lahore, Javeria wadood , Karachi, nahida Khan, Quetta, Komal Feroze, lahore, aliya riaz, rawalpindi, romana arshad, Karachi, rabiya Shah, Karachi, Madiha rajpoot, lahore, Sana Gulzar, Multan, Saima Maqsood, Sialkot, Kanwal naz, Karachi, Sania Khan, Multan, Masooma Junaid Farooqi, Karachi, Javeria rauf, Karachi, Farah akhlaq (Manager), tahir Mahmood (coach).

paszek stuns Bartoli to reach Eastbourne final EASTBOURNE aFP

clijsters injury gets radwanska into final s-hertogenbosch: Poland's Urszula radwanska advanced to the final of the s-Hertogenbosch grasscourt tournament on friday after Belgian Kim Clijsters pulled out of their semi-final clash citing injury. tournament organisers said in a statement that former world number one Clijsters had withdrawn before the tie with a "stomach injury". "together with her team and on medical advice she has decided not to play her semi-final match against Urszula radwanska," the statement added. Clijsters had been making her return this week after not playing since March because of a right hip injury. aFP

Austrian outsider tamira Paszek recovered from a set and 4-0 down on friday to beat french holder Marion Bartoli 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 and reach her first final in two years. Paszek, ranked 59th, had come to the english south coast with a modest 2-13 record this season but turned that on its head with her performances during this pre-Wimbledon grasscourt tournament. the challenger held her nerve as Bartoli looked set to run out an easy straight-sets result, with Paszek staging her fight back to reach the fourth final of her career. She has won two of her previous three - in Slovenia and Quebec - while losing to Swiss Patty Schnyder in Bali four years ago. Paszek last played for a title in Canada in September 2010. She will next face German fifth seed Angelique Kerber, winner of two tro-

phies this season, and who eased past Czech Klara Zakopalova 6-0, 63 in her semi-final clash. Weather conditions held out on the day at a pre-Wimbledon tuneup which began with three days of sunny, dry weather but which deteriorated on Wednesday when all four men's quarter-finals at the joint AtP-WtA tournament were washed out. As a result, men's winners on friday were doing double duty. Andy roddick, the sixth-seeded wild card, will be among the final four after the three-time Wimbledon finalist overcame Italian fabio fognini 6-3, 3-6, 7-5. the 29-yearold American seeded 30th at Wimbledon, will line up later against Belgian Steve Darcis, who defeated Australian Marinko Matosevic 6-2, 7-6 (7/4). Italian holder Andreas Seppi advanced in 62 minutes as German Philipp Kohlschreiber retired injured trailing 7-5, 2-1.

Federer, Djokovic main wimbledon contenders LONDON aFP

Defending champion Novak Djokovic and six-time winner roger federer were once again set on a Grand Slam collision course when they were placed in the same half of the Wimbledon draw on friday. World number one Djokovic, who swept past federer in straight sets in the french Open semi-finals earlier this month, could meet the Swiss again in the last four. the topseeded Serb will start his campaign against Spain's former world number one Juan Carlos ferrero with Czech sixth seed tomas Berdych, the 2010 runner-up, a potential quarter-final oppo-

nent. federer, who has lost in the quarter-finals in the last two years, takes on another Spaniard, Albert ramos. the

third seeded federer, still one title shy of Pete Sampras's record of seven at the All england Club, is scheduled to face Serb eighth seed Janko tipsarevic in the last eight. tipsarevic starts against 2002 runner-up David Nalbandian, the Argentine who was defaulted in last week's Queen's final for accidentally injuring a line judge. Second seed rafael Nadal, the 2008 and 2010 champion, and fresh from a record seventh french Open title, meets Brazil's thomaz Bellucci. fourth-seeded Briton Andy Murray, who has lost in the semi-finals in the last two years to Nadal, is scheduled to meet the Spaniard again in the last four, but first he must get past wily russian Nikolay Davydenko in his opener.

eaStBOUrne: tamira Paszek of austria blows a kiss after winning against Marion Bartoli of France during her women's singles match on the seventh day of the aeGOn international tennis. AFp

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US ‘mulls’ new covert raids in Pakistan



rUStrAteD with frequent attacks on Americans in Afghanistan, the US military and intelligence officials are considering launching secret joint US-Afghan commando raids into Pakistan to hunt down the militants. According to media reports, the idea has been consistently rejected because the White House believes the chance of successfully rooting out the deadly Haqqani network would not be worth the intense diplomatic blowback from Pakistan that inevitably would ensue. Members of the Haqqani tribe have been targeted by pilotless US drone aircraft, but sending American and Afghan troops into Pakistan would be a serious escalation of the hunt for terrorists and potentially the final straw for Pakistan, already angered over what it sees as US violations of its sovereignty. the latest round of debate over whether to launch clandestine special operations raids into

Pakistan against the Haqqanis came after the June 1 car bombing of forward Operating Base Salerno in eastern Afghanistan that injured up to 100 US and Afghan soldiers, according to three current and two former US officials who were briefed on the discussions. the officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the still-evolving debates. the officials told the Associated Press that recent discussions of clandestine ground attacks have included General John Allen, the senior US commander in Afghanistan, as well as top CIA and special operations officials. Allen’s spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, said Allen “has not and does not intend to push for a cross-border operation.” the White House and the CIA declined to comment for this story. Pentagon spokesman George Little said the US was still focused on US-Pakistan cooperation. “the key is to work together with Pakistan to find ways of fighting terrorists who threaten both the United States and Pakistan, including along the

Afghan-Pakistan border, where extremists continue to plot attacks against coalition forces and innocent civilians,” he said. the officials say Allen expressed frustration that militants would attack and then flee across the border in Pakistan, immediately taking shelter in urban areas where attacking them by missile fire could kill civilians. the officials say options that have been prepared for President Barack Obama’s review included raids that could be carried out by US special operations forces together with Afghan commandos, ranging from air assaults that drop raiders deep inside the tribal areas to hit top leaders to shorter dashes only a few miles into Pakistan territory. the shorter raids would not necessarily be covert, as they could be carried out following the US military principle known as “hot pursuit” that military officials say entitles their forces to pursue a target that attacks them in Afghanistan up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) inside a neighboring country’s territory.

Leon Panetta rules out apology for Pakistan WASHINGTON OnLine

Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has all but ruled out an apology over the NAtO’s November airstrike – that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and strained relations between US and Pakistani — saying it was “time to move on.” In an interview with a British news agency, Panetta suggested that past expressions of regret and condolences were enough and held out hope that troubled talks on reopening Pakistani supply routes for the NAtO war effort could succeed anyway. Asked whether he would oppose any further apology, Panetta said: “We’ve made clear what our position is, and I think it’s time to move on.” “If we keep going back to the past, if we keep beating up each other based on past differences, we’ll never get anywhere,” he said. “the time now is to move forward with this relationship, on the (supply routes), on the safe havens, on dealing with terrorism — on dealing with the issues that frankly both of us are concerned about,” Panetta said. But the supply line negotiations have become wrapped in a larger debate within Pakistan about what it

sees as US violations of its sovereignty, which includes everything from covert CIA drone strikes to the US incursion into Pakistan last year to kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. During a trip to Kabul, Panetta, using unusually harsh language, said the United States was reaching the limits of its patience with Pakistan because of the safe havens it offered to insurgents fighting in neighbouring Afghanistan. But in his interview, he appeared to temper those remarks, saying: “It’s a complicated and frustrating relationship. But it’s a necessary relationship and one that we’ve got to continue to work at on both sides.”

Five afghan militants, soldier killed in dir skirmish peshAwAr: Security forces clashed with militants crossing over from Afghanistan in Upper Dir, killing five intruders and losing one soldier in the skirmish on friday. An official said that dozens of militants cross the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and attacked a security checkpost in the Karakar area of Upper Dir. As a result, one soldier lost his life and three others were injured. the official said that the security forces retaliated and killed five militants. No further details were available. STAFF REpORT

Taliban storm lakeside hotel in Kabul, 18 dead KABUL aFP

taliban militants armed with guns and rockets attacked a lakeside hotel near Kabul overnight, seizing dozens of hostages including women and children and killing at least 18 people. the four or five attackers were also killed in the brazen assault on the Spozhmai Hotel that will exacerbate fears that insecurity is spiralling as NAtO combat troops prepare to exit the Afghan war in 2014. Around 12 hours after the attack began interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said the assault ended with the death of the last militant. A number of the hostages were freed earlier by security forces. On a balcony overlooking the lake, a birthday cake lay half eaten on a table surrounded by a dozen empty chairs, while nearby sprawled the bloodied body of a young man shot repeatedly in the chest. Like many of the victims, he was dressed in Western clothes, an AfP reporter said. It was the latest in a series of sensational commando-style insurgent attacks that have targeted Kabul, the most heavily protected part of the wartorn country. they typically take hours to quell and strike fear into the public. the Spozhmai is a haunt of the wealthy Kabul elite and on thursday nights — the start of the Afghan weekend — is usually packed with families and mixed groups of men and women. the taliban attacked at around 11:30 pm (1900 GMt), when a group armed with rockets and Kalashnikov rifles stormed the hotel, said police. At least one of the attackers detonated an

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami

explosive suicide vest, said Mohammad Zahir, the head of Kabul police criminal investigation department. Witness Sharifullah, 30, had gone to the Spozhmai for dinner with a friend. “I saw three armed men entering the area where people, families, had gathered. Moments later the shooting broke out, people panicked and started screaming,” he told AfP. “I threw myself in a ditch but saw bullets hitting a father, his son and wife who were sitting around a table near me. “I am not sure if they survived,” he added. the standoff ended at 11am, Hashmat Stanikzai, the chief spokesman for Kabul police told AfP, saying that all five attackers had died. the interior ministry confirmed only four attackers, but also said all the gunmen had died. the ministry said 16 people, including women, were killed by the attackers. twelve of them were civilians, three were hotel guards and one was a police officer, spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said. the taliban, who are leading a bloody insurgency against Karzai’s Westernbacked government, told AfP that the hotel was attacked because every thursday there were “wild parties, drinking and prostitution”. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid accused foreign diplomats, and members of the US-led NAtO mission and the Kabul government of attending the thursday gatherings at the hotel. Sediqqi said at least 40 civilian hostages taken by the militants were freed before the end of the standoff. A spokesman for NAtO’s International Security Assistance force (ISAf) confirmed that its troops and Afghan security forces had responded to the assault.

E-paper PakistanToday 23rd June, 2012  
E-paper PakistanToday 23rd June, 2012  

E-paper PakistanToday 23rd June, 2012