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Punjab’s meat just got better


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Govt to inaugurate modern, state-of-the-art slaughterhouse in Shahpur kanjran established with rs 1.5b investment from iran g

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HE Punjab government will inaugurate the country’s first state-of-theart slaughterhouse, Lahore Meat Processing Complex (LMPC), at Shahpur Kanjran, on Sunday. The provincial government in collaboration with the Mashad Meat Industrial Complex, Iran, has invested Rs 1.5 billion on the slaughterhouse, which has been completed in a record period of eight months. Speaking to Pakistan Today, Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO) Senior Project Manager Dr Asif Suleman Sahi said that Lahorites would start getting fresh and hygienic meat from the next week as the LMPC had capacity to slaughter 1,000 cows and 12,000 goats daily. Dr Asif said, “The Punjab government had invested around 80 percent of the total project cost, whereas the rest was contributed by the government of Iran. However, to curb inefficiencies, it had been decided to outsource the project operations and management to the private sector.” He added that the provincial government had plans to start similar projects in other cities of the province from the receipts of outsourcing. He added, “A consortium of renowned foreign companies has showed interest in operations and management of the project. Negotiations are underway and hopefully, the deal would be signed in a couple of weeks.” Dr Asif said, “The LMPC would not only cater to the local demand but would also help in enhancing Halal meat exports from Punjab,” pointing out that the international Halal meat market was hovering around $ 637 billion, while Pakistan had a negligible share of below one percent in it. He said that, “PAMCO had identified Iran, Malaysia, the United Arab

Emirates, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Bahrain, Egypt, China, Thailand and Syria as major export markets for Pakistani Halal meat.” He said that “The slaughterhouse has triggered high quality livestock farming in the province, which would have long lasting socioeconomic impact on the small farmers. The project would not only promote the culture of healthy and hygienic meat supply system but also encourage the development of Halal Industrial Parks.” The PAMCO project manager said that the project had also envisioned various allied indus-

tries, which would be established during the course of time. A blood rendering plant, compost plant, waste water treatment plant and the refrigeration, chilling, blast freezing and cold storage facilities were among the salient facilities that made the LMPC compliant with the international standards, he added. Dr Asif said, “An online software application has been developed for tracking and tractability of meat animals. To develop a quality human resource for the Halal meat industry, the LMPC has Meat Technology Institute, which had been setup in collaboration with the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore.”

Aurat Foundation launches book on honour killing LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Advisor to the Punjab chief minister Begum Zakia Shah Nawaz said on Tuesday that the police should be trained in the new laws of investigation for adoption, murder, honor killing, domestic violence and rape to minimise the incidents of honor crimes in the country. She was addressing the book launching ceremony of “Honour Killings in Pakistan and Compliance of Law”, published by Aurat Foundation. The book has been co-authored by Sindh High Court lawyer and women rights activist Maliha Zia Lari advocate, retired justice Nasira Javed,

Muhammad Tashseen, Aurat Foundation Resident Director Nasreen Zehra and AF Regional Coordinator Shamaila Tanvir. Retired Justice Nasira Javed urged for gender sensitisation in the training on laws and called upon the government to restore the local government system for effective implementation of laws at the grass root level. Maliha Zia Lari appreciated the efforts of private electronic media in highlighting the inhumane incidents such as honour killings, burying women alive and gang rapes. She said that over 24,000 incidents of violence against women in the last three years were condemnable.


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HrCP demands action on indonesian boat tragedy LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Tuesday expressed sorrow at the death of at least 55 young men from

Quetta’s Hazara community when a boat carrying around 250 people, 170 of them from Pakistan, capsized off Indonesia. In a statement, the HRCP has called upon the government to help the families learn

about the fate of the passengers as well as urgently address reasons that force Hazaras and other people from Balochistan to leave Pakistan even in the face of grave danger to their lives.

Lawyers push govt to get Pakistanis released from Bagram LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) member Sara Belal on Tuesday demanded the government to have Pakistanis released from the Bagram Prison in Afghanistan. JPP which is affiliated with Reprieve, the international organisation for human rights legal aid, held a press conference at the Lahore Press Club. Sara said, “To date we have not been able to even ascertain how many Pakistanis are present within its confines, but we have a rough figure between 25 to 30 people who have been illegally picked up and detained.” At present, the JPP is fighting cases for seven prisoners in total, three of whom have already been cleared by the American Government but have still not returned to their country. Sara said that the Pakistani government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was not making enough effort to ask for the release of their countrymen. “We would go to the extent of saying that the government has been involved in the knowledge of these persons being picked up. Not all of them have been picked up from the border areas. One of them was in Karachi too,” says Belal. “The least they can do is get them back now.”

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