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Monday, 21 October, 2013 Zil Hajj 14, 1434 Rs 25.00 Vol IV No 113 16 Pages Lahore Edition

story on page 02

story on page 02

Bill Clinton sought nawaz sharif’s help to avert Qaeda attack

pakistan seeks good relations with India‚ Us: Fo

The US sought Pakistan’s help in 1998 to prevent Osama bin Laden from launching an al-Qaeda attack against it, with then President Bill Clinton asking Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to personally use his influence to prevail over the Taliban in averting the imminent strike. Clinton called up Sharif from his Oval Office and asked for his personal help after an intelligence input about an imminent al-Qaeda attack, according to the declassified memorandum of the telephonic conversation made available by the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. page 03

The Foreign Office has said Pakistan wanted to have good relations with all countries, including India and the United States, adding that elimination of terrorism would help maintain peace in the region. In an interview‚ FO spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry termed the prime minister’s visit to the United States “very important” and said it would help strengthen the relations and would help resolve important issues. Chaudhry said Pakistan was confronted with many challenges like terrorism and its elimination would help maintain peace in the region. page 03

‘no int’l intervention in Kashmir acceptable’ story on page 03

pML-n govt not in country’s favour, says Khurshid shah

no army operation underway in awaran, Mushke: army

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah has said his party was desirous that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government completed its constitutional tenure, but the steps taken by the sitting government were not in favour of the country and its people. Shah said despite inauspicious decisions made by the government, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would not create disturbance in law and order through violent protests and politics of rampage. page 02

The Pakistan Army has ruled out the impression that any military operation was underway in Balochistan and stated that troops had been deployed in earthquakeaffected areas only to carry out relief operations. Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa said “there is no military operation underway in Awaran and Mushke districts as being propagated by miscreants… Security forces are in the areas only for relief operation.” page 03

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All the political angst and moral melodrama about getting 'the rich' to pay 'their fair share' is part of a big charade. This is not about economics, it is about politics. –Thomas Sowell



punjabi taliban want ‘principled’ talks with govt


Monday, 21 October, 2013

conspIracIes beIng hatched to halt talks wIth ttp: fazl


LAHORE: Fazlur Rehman, chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema-eIslam (JUI-F), on Sunday said conspiracies were being hatched to halt the peace dialogues with the banned outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Talking to reporters, the cleric demanded that the federal government initiate the peace talks in accordance with the decision taken in the All Parties Conference (APC). He said that instead of issuing statements for restoration of peace, the government should hold talks, which was the only option for resolution of the issue. The JUI-F chief lashed at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for poor administration and failure to come up to the people’s aspirations. He said that it seemed that there was no government in KP. The cleric said the suicide attack on KP law minister in Dera Ismail Khan was an ample proof of the poor law and order in KP.



U N J A B I Taliban and Jundul Hafsa leader Asmatullah Muawiya on Sunday said talks are possible with the government but on the basis of principles. In a new message, Muawiya, said talks can be held if the government resolves all those problems which are the cause of conflict. He explained that if the government reviews its foreign policy which revolves around the US and abolishes all laws which are against Islam, rapprochement can be made quite easily. Muawiya claimed that his outfit had deep roots in all parts of the country and the main purpose of the group is to serve the country, people and Islam. He said

that the Punjabi Taliban are active for implementation of Shariah. The Punjabi Taliban leader said talks could not be held through the media or talk shows and the Taliban would only present their demands if the government shows seriousness. However, he said that the media was presenting conditions for the talks on its own which is against the principles and ethics of journalism. He said that the Taliban would take the nation into confidence after the talks. He said the Jundul Hafsa was established after the Lal Masjid operation. He said that Abdul Rasheed Ghazi raised his voice against vulgarity and obscenity but the government, acting under the US pressure, launched an operation. The Punjabi Taliban chief said that the implementation of Shariah in the country should not have been a difficult task for the government. For the purpose, he said, the government should gather clerics from all parts of the country who can give recommendations for the Shariah system. He said that the Taliban cannot ignore the appeal of the clerics for peace

but it has also appealed to the government to stop violence. He was of the view that the government should take the initiative for peace. Muawiya said that the purpose of attacking foreign tourists at Nanga Parbat was to show the foreigners the pain which the tribal people endure due to continuous drone attacks. He warned that they will continue their activities if the drone attacks and bloodshed of Muslims from Syria to Burma continued. He said that the Taliban are not for sale and did not receive any aid from any agency. He questioned the silence of the civil and military leadership over Kashmir and construction of Indian dams over rivers flowing in Pakistan. He said that India was the enemy number one for them. He said that if the government gave them route they would show their fighting capabilities in New Delhi. “If India attacks Pakistan, the Taliban will not side with the Pakistan government or the army, but will defend our homes with the help of Pakistani people,” he said. Muawiya was of the view that those

receiving extortion in the name of Taliban or conducting attacks in churches or marketplaces cannot be termed as Taliban. “Such attacks are conducted to defame the Taliban,” he said.


India’s Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) soldier on Sunday shot and killed his senior officer following a heated argument. The incident happened inside the CISF camp at the Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT). “We have arrested a CISF soldier after he gunned down Inspector Gurupada Sheet,” Police Deputy Commissioner Nesakumar said. According to the police, the trooper fired three rounds from his rifle after a heated argument with the inspector, killing him on the spot and later surrendering himself to the police. PESHAWAR: Children of Afghan refugees learn to read the Holy Quran at Jallozai camp. ONLINE

PML-N govt not in country’s favour, says Shah OPP LEADER SAYS PPP WANTS PML-N TO COMPLETE TENURE



Shah has said that his party wishes the Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) government to complete its constitutional tenure, however, the steps taken by the

Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid


IndIan soldIer kIlls senIor, surrenders



If India attacks Pakistan, the Taliban will not side with the Pakistan government or the army, but will defend our homes with the help of Pakistani people

present government are not in favour of the country and its people. Talking to media persons here on Sunday, Khurshid Shah said despite inauspicious decisions made by the government, the PPP would not create disturbance in law and order through violent protests and politics of rampage. He said the PPP desired peace in the country and resolution of problems faced by the countrymen. He said the party was ready to ex-

tend all support in this regard. The opposition leader said some elements wanted to revive the politics of past decades but the PPP was showing great patience in the larger interest of the country and its people. Khurshid Shah said his party had offered a lot of sacrifices for democracy, therefore, it would oppose any conspiracy to derail it. “We want to avoid the politics of ‘go, go’ as it increases hatred among the masses affiliated with

various political parties and often results in violence,” he said. “Had the PPP moved to streets along with the PTI against alleged rigging in elections, what would have happened in the country,” he questioned. The opposition leader expressed hope that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to US would be fruitful. He said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had now stepped in in active politics and would lead the party to take it to new heights of popularity among the masses.

IndIa contInues fIrIng on loc SIALKOT: The Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) continued firing on Pakistani border for the fifth consecutive day on Sunday. According to Chenab Rangers officials, the Indian forces fired at Bajwat, Chaprar, Sucheetgarh and Shakargarh sectors of the Sialkot Working Boundary intermittently. The firing created panic among the local people. However, the Chenab Rangers retaliated in a befitting manner and silenced the Indian guns. The BSF used heavy machine guns and also fired mortar shells, the officials added. APP

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We make the world we live in and shape our own environment. –Orison Swett Marden



India not to accept intervention in kashmir, says khurshid BJP SAYS NO THIRD PARTY HAS RIGHT TO INTERFERE IN KASHMIR ISSUE NEW DELHI



N D I A N External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has said his country would not accept any intervention in its row with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Khurshid’s statement came after media reports quoted Prime Minister

Nawaz Sharif saying how he had sought for intervention from the US in 1999 on Kashmir. Talking to NDTV on Sunday, he said that it must be clear to the world that India in no way would accept any intervention. Kashmir is a part of India, not something that should be questioned, he said, adding that any query in this regard will be a waste of time. He said it is important that Pakistan showed good conduct and compliance to the 2003 Ceasefire Act. He said that it was not right to say that the ceasefire violation has collapsed. There have been minor violations, but those too are not acceptable, he added. Khurshid said the Indian Army knew its standard operating procedures. He said that the area and the sit-

uation is best left to the army and “I express my gratitude to our soldiers”. “Whatever aid US gives to Pakistan must not be of nature that is detrimental to our strategy and interests.” The minister said. “We also understand that in connection with Afghanistan, US needs Pakistan’s cooperation.” Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Murli Manohar Joshi said no third party has the right to interfere in Kashmir issue. “India has already made it very clear that not just the Kashmir issue, but any issue between India and Pakistan would be solved only by the two countries, and no third party has the right to get involved. Nawaz Sharif’s statement on US intervention is not accepted,” he said.


The US sought Pakistan’s help in 1998 to prevent Osama bin Laden from launching an al Qaeda attack against it, with then US president Bill Clinton asking Nawaz Sharif to use his influence to avert the imminent strike. Clinton called up Nawaz from his Oval Office and asked for his personal help after an intelligence input about an imminent al Qaeda attack, according to the declassified memorandum of the telephonic conversation made available by the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nawaz told Clinton that the Taliban are “very stubborn” and “very uncooperative”, according to the document. Clinton sought Nawaz Sharif’s help in prevailing over the Taliban to prevent Osama bin Laden from an imminent al Qaeda attack against American targets and bring him to justice. “I need your personal help,” Clinton told Nawaz on December 18, 1998, after he received intelligence information about the possible al Qaeda attack. During the telephonic conversation, which lasted for about six minutes, Clinton asked Nawaz to use his relationship with the Taliban leaders, who then were the rulers of Afghanistan, to bring Osama to justice. “I understand your anxiety and your position, Mr president. You know, I told you in Washington that the Taliban are very stubborn and very uncooperative people,” Nawaz told Clinton, according to the document. Referring to his previous conversation with Clinton and also with the Saudi Prince Turki in this regard about bringing Osama to justice, Nawaz had said the Taliban are very stubborn on this issue and that they are unlikely to listen to him. “I told you what transpired between us and Taliban and so Saudi Prince Turki, who came especially from Saudi Arabia on that particular issue, and they were very stubborn. We will do everything we can, I assure you,” Nawaz had said, according to the declassified document running into three pages.

“I will send my people tomorrow to Afghanistan to meet with them and discuss this with them, and tell them this will not be in their interest and it will serve no purpose, that it will invite retaliation and a world reaction. I will do whatever I can, I can assure you of that, but you must understand they are very stubborn and uncooperative,” Nawaz is quoted as saying to Clinton. Nearly 15 years after that call, when Barack Obama sits down with Nawaz at the White House on October 23, the US president, it looks like, would also seek his help this time to bring the Taliban on the negotiations table for the reconciliation process so as to bring lasting peace in Afghanistan. This time again, it might take a while, if not years, for journalists to figure out what Nawaz Sharif’s response was. Clinton, in his call to Nawaz, had said, “I understand, but there’s a difference between being uncooperative and not giving him up, and being uncooperative and allowing him to conduct operations. Those are fundamentally different things. I hope you can bring that home to them.” “I have (tried) and I will (try). They (Taliban) don’t listen to us all the time. I’m very disappointed with their attitude,” Nawaz had told Clinton. “We have reliable intelligence, and quite a lot of it, that Osama bin Laden intends to strike a US target very soon, perhaps in 48 hours, and that the operations-there may nawaz sharIF be two of them-are being orchestrated by bin Laden from within Afghanistan,” Clinton had told Nawaz. “Now, all I can tell you is this is not in reaction to Iraq; he’s been working on this. I think it is imperative the Taliban do everything it can to bring him to justice. I think Pakistan has a lot at stake in the Taliban being accepted in the international community, and if this (attack) happens it will become virtually impossible,” Clinton said. “We have warned the Taliban repeatedly that we will hold them responsible, and we will warn them again. I want to ask you to do whatever you can to stop this immediately. I cannot overstate the importance or urgency of it. He has this cooking in the next several days here,” Clinton had said. “We are talking to the Saudis again about it. Anyway, I wanted to tell you I am very, very worried about it and the consequences if it occurs,” he said according to the documents.

I have (tried) and I will (try). They (Taliban) don’t listen to us all the time. I’m very disappointed with their attitude


Monday, 21 October, 2013

“I want to tell the UPA government that not only BJP, but the whole nation is against US intervention. I appeal to Mr Obama not to interfere in this matter, and he should reject Pakistan’s proposal of US intervention,” he added. According to a foreign news agency, Nawaz, who is on a three-day official visit to Washington, said on Saturday that the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan could be resolved through US intervention. He also said that both India and Pakistan were nuclear powers, and the region was a nuclear flash point, and added that the world powers should get involved to resolve this issue, even though India does not favour such intervention.


Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry on Sunday said Pakistan wanted to have good relations with all the countries, including India and the United States. In an interview‚ he said that elimination of terrorism would help maintain peace in the region. He termed the prime minister’s US visit very important and said it would help strengthen the relations and would help resolve important issues.

Chaudhry said Pakistan was confronted with many challenges like terrorism and its elimination would help maintain peace in the region. Meanwhile‚ in another interview with BBC‚ Chaudhry said Pakistan and India should not indulge in allegations and counter allegations regarding firing on the Line of Control. He said both countries should resume dialogue in the larger interest of peace and tranquility in the region. He said Pakistan was strictly abiding by the ceasefire agreement on LoC and was only reacting on the military actions of the Indian Army. He said both countries should respect the ceasefire agreement and find a way forward for durable solutions all problems.

no army operatIon underway In awaran, mushke dIstrIcts: Ispr RAWALPINDI NNI

The Pakistan Army on Sunday ruled out the impression that any military operation was underway in Balochistan and said the troops have been deployed only to carry out relief operations in quake-affected areas. Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa said in a statement, “There is no military operation underway in Awaran and Mushke districts as being propagated by miscreants… Security forces are in the areas only for relief operation.” The DG said security forces “are committed in relief operation only, despite repeated attacks by miscreants on troops busy in relief work. Security forces have exercised utmost restraint, despite having loss of six soldiers in IED attacks and fire raids, and another 12 soldiers injured”. He appealed to the people to beware of “miscreants’ propaganda”. He welcomed the media to visit Awaran and Mushke to witness the situation on ground.

four cops kIlled In peshawar PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

Unidentified assailants on Sunday shot dead as many as four cops, including two assistant sub-inspectors (ASI), in the Pakha Ghulam area in outskirts of Peshawar on Sunday. Police said terrorists riding a motorcycle opened fire on officials present at a check point in Pahari Pura police station precincts on Dalazak Road. The assailants fled from the scene. According to officials, two personnel were killed on the spot whereas another two died on their way to a hospital. The killed officials were identified as ASI Malik Amin, ASI Fazale Wahab and constables Liaqat and Ayub Shah. The officials said another two had sustained injuries but their condition was out of danger. Soon after the attack, heavy contingents of police rushed to the scene and started a search operation. However, no arrests were made.

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04 N

A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar. — Mark Twain

NEWS Monday, 21 October, 2013

presIdent promulgates ‘protectIon of pakIstan ordInance’ ISLAMABAD



resident Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday promulgated an ordinance titled "Protection of Pakistan Ordinance" to ensure writ of the state across the country at "all costs" and the elements spreading terror and fear to be considered as "enemies of the state". Though the National Assembly and the Senate are likely to be convened in a few days, it is unclear why the government chose to go for an ordinance rather than submitting it through a bill. The president ascended the ordinance on the advice of the prime

minister. The draft of the ordinance stated that immediate and strict action would be ensured against the enemies under the law of the land and joint probe teams consisting of security agencies and law enforcers would be tasked to investigate the matters relating to terrorism and crimes. SALIEnT FEATuRES: The constitution and rule of law shall be our overarching umbrella. Security of life, property and dignified living of our own people shall be the prime goal for all functionaries of the state. All civil and military law enforcement agencies including CAF and their personnel where invited shall be given fullest protection of law to discharge their

mission of restoration of peace in enabling environment within the parameters of Part V of the Constitution. Every possible state instrument and resource will be deployed to defeat and frustrate all or any nefarious attempt to create disorder in our peaceful life and living. Writ of the state shall be restored with full might of the law; those to pursue fruit of terror and fear, regardless of nationality, colour, creed or religion shall be treated as enemy aliens and dealt with strictly without any compunction. The cancer of syndicated crime in all its forms and manifestations shall be responded by proportionate use of state force under the law. Joint investigation teams shall

be constituted to conduct investigations by security agencies and police in all heinous crimes committed in areas where CAF are invited to aid civil power. Separate police stations will be designated for professional and expeditious investigations of specified crime prosecuted through federal prosecutors Special Federal Courts shall be designated to render inexpensive justice with promptitude as mandated by Article 37. Those involved in syndicated crime shall be relocated in rest of the country for transparency and fair trial. Enhanced punishments are being provided for specified crimes. Judicious but effective use

of preventive detentions shall be made in cases involving serious crime by clever gangs and mafias. The millions of non-Pakistanis on our soil for any reason including distressful conditions in their parent country, especially those since 1979, shall not be allowed to abuse the temporary liberty to commit depredation. Their local collaborators including handlers and facilitators, landlords providing unreported accommodation and protection shall not be spared from the reach of iron hands of law. Special jails shall be designated to detain hardened criminals. Another significant feature of the Ordinance is that most offences included in the schedule are already

The new law is meant to ensure writ of the state at "all costs" and to consider elements spreading terror and fear as "enemies of the state" included in the offences specified and defined in various codes - Offences against the ‘State’ as defined in Article 7 of the 1973 Constitution punishable under Chapters VI, VII, VIII and IX of The Pakistan Penal Code 1860, Pakistan Arms Act, or Foreigners Act 1946 etc; however, minimum quantum of punishments is now re-determined at 10 years.

NDMA completes relief operation in quake-hit areas successfully ISLAMABAD APP

PESHAWAR: Laborer busy in roasting peanuts at his kiln situated on Ashraf Road on Sunday. PPI

JI against privatisation of institutions, foreign aid LAHORE: Chief of Jamaate-Islami (JI) Munawar Hassan has claimed that restoration of US aid, World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) trenches are traps to curb sovereignty and independence of Pakistan. In a statement on Sunday, Munawar Hassan said that the motive behind restoration of US aid was to prepare a web to ensnare Pakistan in its pressure and demands. He said that until we get rid of the US pressure and dependence, sovereignty and stability of the country will be at stake. Meanwhile, the chief of Karachi Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Naeem-ur-Rehman has made it clear that his party will not accept the privatisation of Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM) and other national institutions on the dictation of International Monetary Fund (IMF). He expressed these views during a meeting with the delegation of Pakistan Steel Labour Union (PASLU) on Sunday. AgENcIES

Eight suicide bombers kill six in Iraq RAMADI AgENcIES

Eight suicide bombers attacked security forces and a local government building northwest of Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least six people and wounding 15, officials said. The dead were three members of the local council for the Rawa area of Anbar province and three police, po-

lice Captain Mohammed Ahmed al-Rawi and local council member Suhaib alRawi said. Two bombers on foot and another driving a vehicle rigged with explosives attacked the police headquarters for the area, while another suicide bomber driving a vehicle hit an army checkpoint at the town's entrance. And three bombers on

foot and another in a vehicle attacked the local administrative headquarters, where officials were meeting. Militants including those linked to al Qaeda frequently target Iraqi security forces and other government employees. It was the second attack in less than a month to hit Rawa, which is located about 75 kilometres from the Syrian border. On September 24, mili-

tants attacked two police stations and a local official's house in Rawa and the nearby town of Aana, killing seven police and the official's brother. Deputy Interior Minister Adnan al-Assadi told journalists a large group of militants had attacked Aana that day, seeking to take control of security force positions, and that six of the militants were killed.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Major General Saeed Aleem on Monday said the NDMA had almost completed relief operation in Balochistan successfully with coordination of its provincial unit, the army and the provincial government. In an interview with Radio Pakistan, he termed the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the quake-hit areas as national effort and urged all stakeholders to play their effective role. He said NDMA and its all functionaries were fully active even during Eid days to ensure that affected people could also be included in celebrations of this religious festival. He also said that food and other essentials in Awaran are enough to last till at least two months. Talking about NDMA's rehabilitation plan, the major general said that the government has a resolve to carry out all reconstruction activities through its own resources, and so far has not decided to make an appeal for foreign aid. He said rehabilitation plan will comprise two phases and in initial phase, NDMA will construct temporary shelters for affected people. He said the second phase is the actual task ahead, which

is a long-term activity. NDMA will reconstruct earthquake resistant houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings in second rehab phase, he added. He said that the government had made all necessary arrangements for the security of the teams taking part in relief operations in Awaran, Ketch, Mashkai, Mangoli, Malar and Dhandar. Regretting the absence of its strong district units, he said effective presence at grass root level is need of the hour to cope with any disaster. Citing the example of recent earthquakes in Balochistan, he said district disaster management authorities had to carry out all rescue and rehab operations on grounds, but there was no presence of Rescue 1122, civil defense, information cells, transportation and warehouses. Meanwhile, according to latest data released by NDMA, around 16,000 tents have been distributed in quake-hit areas of Balochistan. Other items include about 28,000 blankets, more than 19,000 plastic mats, over 23,000 mosquito nets, nearly 42,000 mineral water bottles and other items have been distributed. He said a team of 28 doctors, 53 paramedics equipped with 34 ambulances is providing treatment to the quake-hit people in Awaran.

Date set For geneva peaCe taLKs on syrIa MONITORING DESK A date has been set for a long-delayed Geneva peace conference aimed at bringing together Syria's government and opposition. According to Aljazeera, Arab League chief Nabil el-Araby on Sunday said international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi informed him that the talks will convene on November 23. El-Araby made the comment to reporters after meeting Brahimi, the joint UN-Arab League envoy for Syria, at the bloc's Cairo headquarters, on the first leg of a regional tour he is

conducting ahead of the conference. Meanwhile, a meeting will take place in London on October 22 between representatives of the Syrian opposition and the foreign ministers of the so-called London 11. The group consists of Britain, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the nations would "discuss preparations for the Geneva Conference, support for the [opposition] Syrian National Coali-

tion, and our efforts to achieve a political settlement to this tragic conflict". POLITIcAL SOLuTIOn: World powers are focusing on a political solution to the war in Syria after Washington dropped plans for US-led strikes in response to a chemical attack in Damascus, which the US blames on Syrian government forces. Russia and Western nations are pushing for new talks between the Syrian regime and rebels on a negotiated solution to the conflict, which has killed more than 115,000 people since March 2011.

But the opposition's Western and Arab backers are facing resistance from some among the opposition to attending the so-called Geneva 2 talks as long as Assad remains in power. The opposition coalition has agreed to attend the London conference, saying it would focus on "these countries' understandings about Geneva 2 and what it should result in”. The main Western-backed opposition umbrella group, the Syrian National Coalition, is scheduled to hold a meeting on November 1 to decide whether or not to attend a

Geneva conference. The peace talks aim to map a path forward toward a political transition in Syria, and put in place a transitional government. Syrian officials have repeatedly said they are willing to take part in the Geneva peace talks, but not with any preconditions such as Assad's resignation. They say the president will stay at least until the end of his term in mid-2014, and he will decide then whether to seek re-election. The regime has refused to negotiate with the armed opposition.

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Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. — John Lennon

kp govt starts operatIon agaInst Illegal afghan refugees PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has launched a grand operation against illegal Afghan refugees across the province. All arrangements have been made to deport illegal Afghans from the country in the light of decisions of the provincial cabinet to curb terrorism. All departments concerned of Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera and other areas have been informed about the grand operation. In the initial phase, 300 illegal Afghan immigrants have been arrested and they will be deported from Pak-Afghan Torkham border on Monday (today). ONLINE

senate delegatIon leaves for s korea ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, along with his delegation comprising members of the Senate including Senators Afrasiab Khattak, Saleem Mandiwala, Hilalur Rehman and Hamdullah Saboor, have left for South Korea on a four-day visit. The invitation of this visit was extended by the speaker of the Korean parliament, said a news release issued on Sunday. The delegation headed by the Senate chairman, will meet the top political leadership and heads of investment companies besides meeting with the Pakistani community in South Korea to explore more avenues of cooperation and ways to strengthen bilateral ties. APP



Monday, 21 October, 2013

suicide bomber kills 31 in syria’s hama BEIRUT



suicide bomber blew up a truck laden with explosives at an army checkpoint in Syria’s central city of Hama on Sunday killing at least 31 people, a monitoring group said. “At least 31 people, including regime troops, were killed when a man detonated a truck laden with explosives at a checkpoint near an agricultural vehicles company on the road linking Hama to Salamiyeh,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The Britain-based watchdog said the death toll was likely to rise, as “there are dozens of wounded, some of them in critical condition”. State television had earlier reported multiple casualties from a bombing in Hama without giving a more precise casualty toll. In the first months after the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime erupted in March 2011, Hama saw some of the largest demonstrations against his rule.

HAMA: Soldiers inspect the site of a car bomb attack in the governmentheld Syrian city.

But in late summer of that year, security forces stormed the city, killing scores of people. They have held a tight grip on

the city ever since. While several other Syrian cities have been engulfed by fighting, Hama has seen

only sporadic violence in recent months. However, the surrounding province has seen some major clashes between

french leader extends hand to deported roma gIrl PARIS: French President Francois Hollande has offered a Roma schoolgirl whose controversial deportation sparked mass student protests the chance to come back to France, but without her family. Leonarda Dibrani’s eviction caused an outcry because she was detained during a school trip before being deported with her family to Kosovo, and students took to the streets this week demanding the 15year-old return and Interior Minister Manuel Valls resign. “If she makes a request, and if she wants to continue her studies, she will be given a welcome, but only she,” Hollande said live on television Saturday, in his first remarks on an affair that burst into the limelight four days ago. He cited the results of a formal probe published Saturday, which found that the deportation was lawful but that police

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Balcoh meets with Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party chief MNA Mehmood Khan Achakzai at his residence. INP

Mosque and school spark new feud between Turkey and Greece ATHENS AgENcIES

Greece and Turkey, which share a history marred by bitter territorial disputes and Christian-Muslim feuds, are at loggerheads once again over religion. The latest row erupted after Greece flatly rejected the idea of reviving two Muslim mosques in Athens in return for the reopening of an Orthodox clergy school in Turkey. Mosques have been a thorny issue for a long time in Greece, where the population is predominantly Greek Orthodox. Athens is one of the few European capitals without an official mosque. The Halki seminary has also been a subject of controversy. The Orthodox clergy used to train in the school located on an island off Istanbul but it was closed in 1971, after Turkey fell out with Greece over Cyprus. Turkey, a country where Muslims make up 99 percent of the population, recently decided to give

back to the seminary lands that had been seized in 1943, but there was no talk of reopening. “While we return something, we have the right to expect the return of other things,” said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said he wanted two mosques revived in exchange for the seminary. “Greece’s position on the subject (the re-opening of the seminary) is clear, (it is) in accordance with international law and has been expressed on numerous occasions,” Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos said earlier this week. Any further public discussion on the matter would be “counter productive,” Venizelos said when asked to comment on Erdogan’s suggestion. Erdogan also wants Greece’s Muslims to be able to elect their own Mufti (religious leader), something that the Greek government is currently in charge of. Greece is home to around 500,000 Muslims – many of them undocumented migrants – including a community of over 100,000 Greek citizens of Turk-

ish origin in the country’s northeast. A staunchly Orthodox state with bitter memories of nearly four centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule, Greece currently offers sanctioned Muslim religious sites only near its northeastern border with Turkey. The issue of mosques in Greece started popping up shortly after 2000, as the 2004 Athens Olympics were looming up. With an increasing number of migrants from Pakistan and other Muslim countries having recently found their way to the Greek capital, the matter has become more pressing and in 2011 the government approved the construction of a mosque in Athens. But there were no immediate signs of interest in the project, in view of the Greek Church’s reluctance, objections by local residents and protests by far-right activists including neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. In September, the ministry of infrastructure launched a fourth call for offers for this project which will cost some $1.4 million.

With an increasing number of migrants from Pakistan and other Muslim countries having recently found their way to the Greek capital, the matter has become more pressing and in 2011 the government approved the construction of a mosque in Athens

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Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

06 N

NEWS Monday, 21 October, 2013

over 50 mps face suspensIon for not submIttIng assets detaIls ISLAMABAD: Over 50 members of parliament and the provincial assemblies are likely to be suspended today (Monday) for not submitting the details of their assets and liabilities to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The ECP had given the deadline of September 30 for the submission of details of assets and liabilities, while over 50 lawmakers have failed to submit the required details so far. Those who did not submit the mandatory details included nine members of the National Assembly, four senators, nine members of the Punjab Assembly, 11 members of the Sindh Assembly, 22 members of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and six members of the Balochistan Assembly. The PPP leader and former interior minister, Rehman Malik, MQM’s Mustafa Kamal and PTI’s Asad Umar are prominent among these. INP

IndIa blames pakIstan for vIolatIng loc ceasefIre MOScOW: India said on Sunday that it would assess the situation arising out of a sharp increase in ceasefire violations by Pakistan on the international border and LoC in Jammu & Kashmir as it develops and leave it for the time being to the two directors general of military operations who have been tasked to restore peace. “The DGMOs are in touch and they have spoken to each other. It is for them to find a way as they have been tasked to do this,” an informed source said as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrived in Moscow for an official visit. The source said the DGMOs, who speak on the hotline installed between the two capitals every Tuesday, have spoken but not met as yet. During the September 29 New York meeting between Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, both sides had agreed to have their DGMOs meet regularly in order to maintain peace on the line of control. The year has seen several violations of the 2003 ceasefire including the beheading of an Indian soldier and the killing of five soldiers which provoked widespread anger in India. “Let’s give them (DGMOs) a chance,” said the source. “We’ll assess the situation as it develops and see whether or not Pakistani is serious in restoring the ceasefire. Let the DGMOs talk to each other and see if they can do it. It is too early to draw conclusions,” the source added. The source further added that the increased ceasefire violations could be linked to “infiltration attempts”. “Many of the ceasefire violations are linked to infiltration attempts. This is the time of the year when a lot of infiltration happens. Before the snows, this happens.” “Let’s analyse how the pattern differs this time. There is certainly an increase over the last year. We’ll see the pattern and draw conclusions,” the source said. Two Border Security Force personnel were injured on Friday when Pakistani troops opened fire at 10 border out posts and civilian areas along the International Border in Jammu and Samba districts. Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said on Saturday that the central government needed to take up the issue of ceasefire violations with Pakistan in a “strong manner” as it was getting “more serious” now. INP

mIld quake Jolts parts of gIlgIt-baltIstan, no loss reported GILGIT: An earthquake of mild intensity jolted different areas of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) on Sunday but no causality or property loss was reported. According to Meteorological Department, tremors measuring 3.2 on Richter scale were felt in various districts of GB at about 9:30am. People rushed out of their homes in panic but no human or property loss was reported due to the earthquake. INP

HYDERABAD: Disabled people burn their diplomas during a protest against non-implementation of two percent recruitment quota for the disabled in government jobs. ONLINE




I N D H Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah said on Sunday his government was ready to hold Local Bodies polls under the Supreme Court’s directives. Chairing a meeting at the Chief Minister’s House, he instructed the Revenue

Department and the local government to make arrangements in this regard. The meeting was attended by Local Government Minister Owais Muzafar, Information Minister Sharjeel Memon, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Sikandar Mendhro, Chief Secretary Aijaz Chaudhry, Local Government Secretary Ali Ahmed and Advocate General Khalid Javaid Khan. The CM said his government was ready to hold LB elections as soon as possible. He said all arrangements were being made as per directives of the Supreme Court. He said that as per 140-A of the constitution the provincial governments were held responsible for making law and delimitation for local government, adding that Sindh was the

first province which passed the Sindh Local Government Act-2013 and was fulfilling all requisitions required for holding of LB polls. He said that it was the responsibility of Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct LB elections at earliest and the Sindh government would provide assistance in this regard. The meeting expressed its satisfaction over the arrangements. The CM directed the officials of the Local Government and Revenue Department to complete the delimitation process before the commitment made in the court.

Litigation threatens UK’s armed forces: study LONDON AgENcIES

A flood of lawsuits has undermined the ability of Britain’s military commanders to wage war and could even pave the way for its enemies to use the courts to paralyse the armed forces, a new report warned on Friday. Legal challenges using human rights laws, inquests into soldiers’ deaths, judicial reviews and public inquiries have all raised questions about the responsibility of the state to its personnel and detainees. The report by the influential Policy Exchange think-tank warned that this uncertainty, and the sense that all decisions may have to be defended in court, was hampering commanders.

“The courts risk paralysing the military if ever there were to be a war of national survival,” it said. Litigation also has a financial impact: the Ministry of Defence (MoD) faced more than 5,800 claims on behalf of service personnel and detainees last year, and spends 36 million pounds a year on lawyers. “The armed forces neither are, nor should be, above or exempt from the law,” said the report’s co-author Tom Tugendhat, a former assistant to the head of the British military. “But imposing civilian norms on the military is deeply misplaced. The focus on rights misunderstands the nature of armed forces.” He went on to say that “as the

ultimate guarantors of a nation’s liberty they have agreed, voluntarily, to surrender or limit many of their own rights. Without this the nation would be undefended.” The think-tank added that past lawsuits had opened up the possibility of prosecutions intended to declare certain military actions illegal. “It may not be long before either a foreign power or sub-state forces might begin to sponsor legal actions as a way of paralysing the armed forces through legal process,” it said. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond welcomed the report, which follows a landmark Supreme Court judgement in June granting relatives of soldiers killed or injured in the war in Iraq the right to sue the MoD for negligence.

The chief minister also ordered the Local Government secretary to conduct a pilot project at district level and to ensure that there should be no hurdles in voting once the delimitation is completed. The CM also directed the administrators concerned to provide full assistance to the people.

sIno-pak cIvIlIan nuclear programme under strIct InternatIonal norms: chIna BEIJING ONLINE

China’s plan to build two 1,000 MW nuclear reactors in Karachi has raised concerns in India and the US. However, China has defended its civilian nuclear programme with Pakistan, saying it was under ‘strict’ international norms. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that China and Pakistan were engaged in civilian energy cooperation in recent years and for that the relevant cooperation is in strict accordance with the two countries’ international responsibility. We also receive the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he added. Recent reports said that two big reactors would be built in Karachi with construction beginning as early as next month. There is no direct confirmation of the agreement to build the new plants. However, in March this year, China indirectly confirmed reports of signing an agreement with Pakistan to build 1,000 MW plants amid allegations that the deal violated NSG norms. Both China and Pakistan have denied that the deal violates NSG norms, saying that it is for peaceful purposes. Both India and United States conveyed their objections to China’s move, saying that it violated the strict norms set by the 46-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

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shahbaz on mission to ‘redo’ lahore



Monday, 21 October, 2013

WeAtHer UPdAteS

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Low tUeSdAY WedNeSdAY


31°C I 20°C

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Sunrise Zuhr




3:39 6:24




UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has given formal approval to the reorganisation of the governing body of Lahore Development Authority and preparation of the master plan of Lahore Division. He was presiding over a meeting of Lahore Development Authority as its chairman on Sunday, where he passed important instructions. The meeting also gave approval to the appointment of Khawaja Ahmad Hasaan as the vice chairman of LDA. Planning & Development chairman, local government secretary, housing secretary, special secretary finance, Lahore Division commissioner, LDA director general, WASA managing director, TEPA MD and other members of

the governing body were also present. The chief minister directed to ensure early implementation of the agreement signed with Iski of Istanbul for improving water supply, sanitation and drainage system. The chief minister granted approval to setting up of separate commissions for speedy disposal of disputes between the authority and the citizens and dealing with the matters regarding illegal buildings and housing schemes and directed that the committee headed by Planning & Development chairman should submit its recommendations regarding constitution of the commissions within seven days. He directed that urban planning be made in accordance with the needs of the modern age and a master plan be evolved for transportation, traffic, water supply, sanitation and drainage. He also directed that a strict accountability system be devised to root out corruption from the

authority and stern action be taken without any discrimination against corrupt officers and staff and cases against them be sent to Anti-Corruption Department. He also directed that modern training be arranged for the capacity-building of town planners. Shahbaz directed LDA be operated on the pattern of Istanbul municipality and full benefit be taken of its experience in various sectors. He also directed the Planning &

Development chairman to submit final proposals regarding establishment of Building Control Authority and preparation of Master Plan 2013-2035. He said the development authorities throughout the world generated their own resources for civic amenities and LDA should also evolve a comprehensive strategy for increasing its resources so that maximum facilities could be provided to the citizens.

Isha 7:49

government to promote healthy activities: minister LAHORE APP

Punjab Education and Sports Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan said on Sunday that the government was implementing a comprehensive programme for the promotion of healthy activities in the province. In a statement he said that the programme included a youth festival 2013, horse and cattle show and other activities. He said the promotion of healthy activities was of vital importance in the present age of mental stress. The youth festival, conducted last year is a revolutionary programme to polish the talent of youth. It yielded great results and a number of international records were also set, he added. The horse and cattle show has been a cultural tradition of Punjab which besides healthy activities also promotes trade and industry, he added.

two killed in road accident LAHORE

LAHORE: Children enjoy rides at a local park on Sunday. NNI

Lahoris seize the last eid holiday

couple killed, two injured in firing MONITORING DESK


Two persons including a woman were killed in a road accident on Sunday. According to police, Ghulam Rasool, his wife Naseem Bibi and nephew Muhammad Ajmal were riding a motorcycle when a rashly driven vehicle hit them near Liliani primary school on Ferozepur road. As a result, all the three motorcycle riders suffered serious injuries and were rushed to General Hospital where Naseem Bibi and Muhammad Ajmal succumbed to their injuries.


People in the provincial capital spent most of the time on Sunday at recreational parks as it was the last day of weeklong Eid celebrations. On the other hand, with the change in weather, Lahoris returned to their traditional light mood and tried to extract all possible entertainment from the last holiday by thronging the City Zoo, Jilani Park and other recreational places with families. A large crowd was witnessed at

various public places during Eid holidays, but on Sunday, a flood of citizens, including women and children, came out of their homes and crowded the recreational parks. The zoo remained the center of attraction for families, especially kids, and a record crowd was observed there. The Zoo administration said they had done record business during the Eid holidays. They said that this was exceptional for the zoo as it earned huge revenue as families with their kids preferred to visit the only zoological park in city.

People also spent time at Jilani Park (Race Course park) where Tourism Mela is underway under the aegis of Punjab Tourism Department. However, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Bara Darri, Jalo Park, Sozo Water Park, Fortress Stadium, Sindbad joy-land also attracted large crowds. The youth was in great number and all of them were in charged mood. A visit to the Jallo park also revealed a similar scene. People belonging to every age group made their way to the park and were busy in enjoying the pleasant weather.

A couple was shot dead and two others were injured in a firing spree when unidentified men opened fire on a vehicle this Sunday. According to reports, the couple named Khalid and his wife Musarat were going to attend a marriage ceremony in the area of Badami Bagh when unidentified men opened fire on their vehicle and escaped the scene. The firing killed them on the spot while injured two other people. The police sources suggest it seems that the murder was a matter of personal enmity.

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LAHORE Monday, 21 October, 2013

cm hopeful on punjab-tIka cooperation LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Sunday that the partnership between Punjab government and Turkey will create new vistas of cooperation. He was speaking on the occasion of signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Punjab Government and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). The chief minister said that billions of rupees’ investment by the Turkish companies will further strengthen Pak-Turkey relations. The MoU was signed by the head of TIKA and Punjab skilled development fund (PSDF) chairman Under the MoU‚ cooperation will be enhanced for vocational training and protection of heritage. Speaking on the occasion‚ Turkish Ambassador S Babar G Gargan said that the MoU will result in further cementing Pak-Turkey fraternal ties. Lahore Transport Company Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hassan, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) director general and secretary general were also present on the occasion. INP

zubaida khanum laid to rest in miyani sahab

LAHORE: A child labourer works on his merchandise as others like him enjoyed Eid festivities around the city. NNI

high prices at sunday bazaars irk customers LAHORE NASIR BuTT


KY rocketed prices in Sunday bazaars of the city annoyed costumers and they demanded district government to take strict action against the overcharging vendors on Sunday. This was the first Sunday after Eidul Azha and a large number of people came to these temporary settlements for buying of daily commodities but the situation at most of the Sunday bazaars remained miserable as either the vegetables were available at higher rates than prescribed prices or not available for sale. Citizens have complaint that the Sunday bazaars in Ravi Road, Islampura and Shamilar, which

are supposedly set to provide low cost commodities, are violating the government price list. They said that the prices of vegetables, fruit and other essential

commodities have intentionally been raised since last week. While talking to Pakistan Today a buyer said that none of the district officials have visited Sunday

bazaars in low income areas to register complaints against the overcharging vendors. He ensued that sub standard food items are intentionally brought into these markets, so the district coordination officer (DCO) should personally pay visits to the low income area Sunday bazaars so that the situation could be improved for the poor buyers. It is observed that in a week’s time after an increase of Rs 1, the price of potato reached Rs 47 to 49 per kg, onion price after increase of Rs 1 was sold between Rs 46 to 51 per kg while the rates of good quality onion cost between Rs 56 to 62 per kg. The so called sasti market saw that with an increase of Rs 1 tomato are now costs between Rs 57 to 61 per kg whereas imported

wCB disposes of 3,200 tonnes of sacrificial animals’ entrails LAHORE APP

The Walton Cantonment Board (WCB) disposed of 3,200 tonne entrails and other waste of sacrificial animals during the three days of Eidul Azha. Talking to Pakistan Today on Sunday, WCB Chief Executive Qazi Rizwan said that 985 staffers including six sanitary inspectors equipped with 85 truck loaders were deputed at seven sectors of the board that worked from 5am to 8pm and disposed of sacrificial animals’ offals. He said 70 maund lime powder was used along the streets, roads and main filth depots to ward off

cholera, dengue and other contagious diseases. The residents and social organisations of the area have also extended cooperation with the administration of the board and provided plastic bags to the people so that they could put entrails of sacrificial animals in them for its proper disposal, he added. Deputy Chief Executive Fahim Ali along with sanitary workers during the Eid days visited door to door in narrow streets and other difficult areas of offals collection, he added. Qazi further said that the WCB has received 200 letters of appreciation from people for proper sanitation arrangements.

LAHORE: LAHORE: A park adjacent to the Lahore Fort is being used by visitors as a parking lot. NNI

LAHORE: Renowned singer Zubaida Khanum was laid to rest in the graveyard of Miyani Sahab on Sunday. Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif have expressed their condolences on the death of Zubaida Khanum. Zubaida Khanum passed away on Saturday in Lahore after long ailment. Her final prayers were offered in the presence of her hundreds of fans and relatives in Miyani Sahab graveyard. ONLINE garlic’s price was increased by Rs 2 and fluctuated between Rs 92 to 97 per kg and garlic desi at Rs 97 to 102 per kg. Similar rise in the prices of brinjle, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, bitergourd, apples, pomegranate, banana and other vegetables and fruits respectively was observed. The stall holders upon inquiry told Pakistan Today that they made purchases at higher rates from the wholesale market and can’t sell the commodities at lower rates. Therefore, people said that the district officials should pay surprise visits to Sunday bazaars in lower income localities like they do in Township, Model Town and Shahman Sunday Bazaars to keep a firm check on fluctuating prices and atrocities of the vendors.

dg praises rescue 1122 LAHORE: Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer on Sunday appreciated 8,500 rescuers on performing duties during Eidul Azha holidays. He appreciated them for sacrificing their own Eid to provide a sense of safety to citizens by providing emergency medical, rescue and fire services on Eid days in Punjab. Rescue 1122 ambulances, rescue and fire services remained on emergency alert during Eid holidays in all districts of Punjab and responded to 8,155 emergencies including 4,019 road crashes, 2,911 medical, 100 fire accidents, 370 violence and over 743 miscellaneous emergencies. APP

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Voting is a civic sacrament. –Theodore Hesburgh


anam kalair’s story

COMMENT Monday, 21 October, 2013

nawaz sharif in washington The air is laden ‘with optimism and hope’


INCE Osama bin Laden was taken out in Abbotabad, the Pak-US relations have mostly been a roller-coaster affair. After a tumultuous 2011 and a relatively less volatile 2012, the belligerence between Pakistan and United States has gradually been replaced by a calmer outlook. As Nawaz Sharif sets foot in Washington for his first official visit of his third term – as reported by a cross section of the US media, the vibes emanating from the Obama administration are quite positive, and the air is laden “with optimism and hope” in both sets of cabinet officials. To ease Pakistan’s financial crunch, the US government has already sought and obtained approvals from the Congress for the previously blocked military and economic aid totalling around of $1.6 billion in bits over the past few months. This reflects that even when the Pakistani prime minister’s visit was nowhere in sight, the US administration was preparing for the concessions in anticipation. This in turn suggests that Pakistan has leverage in the US capital. The Pakistan government has played a major role in normalisation of relations. The US and NATO supply routes to Afghanistan were reopened and with the drawdown approaching, the US has been facilitated in starting a dialogue process with the Taliban. The Pak-US strategic dialogue too has recommenced after a rather longish break. From the US side, the drone strikes that so raise the Pakistani hackles have diminished a great deal. Despite the apparent warmth, a careful read reflects caveats between the lines. The aid, much needed by Pakistan, would flow but it would only be determined by the outcome of the October 23 talks between Obama and Sharif. On top of the agenda for NS is economy while the US administration is obviously is intent on bringing Pakistan round to its point of view on issues of security – both in Afghanistan and in the region. But security is deeply linked with economy. And NS must by now have realised that without it Pakistan cannot expect the lifeblood, the local as well as foreign investment from anywhere – west or east. And without this critical force multiplier, the growth cannot be put on an upward trajectory. So, while the US’ priorities are security-centric, it should as well top Pakistan’s agenda. While there may not be similarity of views on how to go about it, Pakistan must earnestly pursue this objective. One hopes that all said and done, both sides would agree to work on shared interests, showing flexibility on issues that create misunderstanding and cause damage.

an aberration? Pakistan’s emphatic win against the Protease


AKISTAN’S second last outing in Tests was against the bottom-of-the-pile Zimbabwe. It lost, by some 20-odd runs to earn brickbats galore. The next was against the top of the Test totem pole, South Africa. The Team Pakistan embarrassed its opponent with a seven wicket thumping inside four days. What brought about the transformation? For starters, a change in venue, from a seam and swing friendly Harare track to a more familiar Abu Dhabi Stadium where its spin duo could find greater purchase from a track amenable to turn – and owing to their dexterity, the cobwebs in the opponent’s minds. Though the spin duo Saeed Ajmal and Zulfiqar Babar made a telling impact, between them sharing two-thirds of 20 SA wickets, this by no means is the whole story. The two southpaw quicks, Irfan and Junaid too created their own scare, accounting for seven scalps. But our bowling performed like it almost always does: doing the damage with precision. In cricket, the aphorism is: bowlers orchestrate wins. True, but the opposite equally holds: without runs on the board, even a bowling attack from Mars cannot rustle up victories on its own. This time round, it was the batting that provided the runs at the top with Khurram Manzoor and the debutant Shan Masood together putting 135 runs for the first wicket, following by the tonup Misbah holding the middle with characteristic aplomb. In the second and last Test of the rubber from day after tomorrow, hurting deep, South Africa would come back strong. Whether Team Pakistan will wilt or retain its winning ways, like it did against the then world No 1 England two seasons back? It will depend on the positive outlook it showcased in the first outing. A defensive approach would see SA turning the cart on them. More important than musing on the emphatic Test win is turning the Team Pakistan into the numero uno of the cricketing realm. And that is not possible without turning the PCB into a meritocracy, because it is an established fact that only the nations that possess top administrations can boast of all-conquering outfits. In the middle of the Abu Dhabi Test, the PM installed himself as the chief patron of PCB and retained his previously handpicked acting chairman through clamping an ad hoc. Such style of management has been Pakistan’s bane for the last decade and a half, yet we somehow refuse to learn. In that context, the Team Pakistan’s superb win too was perhaps an aberration.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2818125 Web: Email:

A poignant voice that may light up a million paths


FTER having read my previous article “The growing fear syndrome” published last Monday, Anam Kalair wrote the following: “I am an undergraduate student at the UET, Lahore. Today, while travelling back to my village, I happened to read your article in Pakistan Today. I am writing this mail while in the bus and pondering on the article. The statement ‘they don’t speak up, and when they do, it is either too late, or irrelevant’ is haunting me and has disturbed me to the core of my soul. Being a student, I have come to realise that, along with other systems, the education system has also been extremely corrupted in our country. The ‘parasites’ neither work themselves, nor do they let others work under their supervision. As students, we occasionally have discussions on the system in our country, especially the dual, triple even quadruple systems of education running in parallel. Research is almost non-existent. Brilliant professors are forced to leave the country because they are either provided minimal research grants, or are forced to work with negligible resources (financial/academic) that makes research virtually impossible. “In such dismal state of affairs, what are the prospects for the youth in this country? I truly believe that every individual carves his own destiny, but a place where you are accused to be wrong just because you are right and the entire filthy system is wrong, what chances are there of progress? I do not support abandoning my country, but what can we do as students when the rotten system does not allow us to do anything good? Creating an NGO or a society are all small steps that deserve appreciation, but what has become of this country needs much more than that for repair. The political and other criminal mafias have damaged it beyond repair. I am sending this mail, just to know from your experience, what is it that we should do apart from devoting ourselves fully to our studies that might help in improving our beloved homeland’s state?” Anam Kalair’s story is the story of every young Pakistani boy and girl. Looking into the future, they discover that they are gazing into a blank. They cannot see themselves getting anywhere in this distressed country that is effectively in the grip of thugs and marauders who are taking turns at robbing it of its wealth, resources and, above all, its hope and dreams. Anam belongs to village Dhaunkal in Tehsil Wazirabad. She was educated at her village school and went to college in Islamabad where her family had moved to. She is currently studying at the UniverRAOOF HASAN sity of Engineering and Te c h n o l o g y, Lahore doing a course in electrical engineering. She is one of the millions of young Pakistanis who begin by pursuing studies in earnest only to lose hope and enthusiasm along the way because they discover that the future that they had set out to build is just a mirage and the way to get there is n e i t h e r through books nor through classrooms. Tragically, but truly, that way w e a v e s through associating with one of the

candid corner

criminal mafias that are operating with gay abandon all around us. Will Anum also do what a host of her friends and contemporaries are destined to doing: chisel out a place for herself in the corrupt corridors that dictate the destiny of the people? Or will she stand up to resist the draconian avalanche that seems to be devouring this country? What will be her prospects if she chooses the latter option? Or, will she choose a path that is different from either of the above-stated options and find her place away from this country where she believes she would be rewarded in consonance with the quality of her work and effort? That brings us to a subject that has contributed phenomenally to the intellectual and professional degradation in Pakistan: brain drain. There is such sickly mediocrity rampant around as we continue to plunge inexorably to the bottom of the pit. Young people are moving out of this country at an alarming pace. The process had started a long time ago which has only picked up in speed and numbers with time. Most of these people have the capability and capacity to provide quality leadership to the country in varied disciplines including positions at the very top, but they find their path pockmarked with artificial impediments if they were to exercise the option of coming back. Consequently, they have stayed away playing a key role in the development of countries they have adopted to be their homes. Pakistan’s loss has been their gain. This loss has also been the gain of the corrupt and criminal political mafias that have ruled this country through decades because the ones who have moved away are the people who could have presented a potent challenge to their family fiefdoms. Instead, with the exit of the educated and the talented, these mafias have been left to deal with hordes of unenlightened, bigoted, regressive, degenerate and economically-captive subservient serfs who are easily given to excessive religiosity and who can be tamed and marshalled. Let alone coming up with ways and means of bringing this national asset back to the country and providing them avenues and means to contribute to the cause of national development, no one even talks about this monumental loss. Though she does not support abandoning her country, will Anam, at some stage in her life, also end up being one of them? The ‘filthy system’ that is stalking Anam and others like her is rooted in controlling the teeming millions by keeping them economically and socially dependent on the largesse so pitiably showered by the ruling mafias, be it through the office of the local SHO or the patwari who are all beholden to the rulers for their appointment to best serve the succeeding generations of their masters. While these corrupt instruments of the government remain subservient to the criminal ruling mafias, they, in turn, expect the underprivileged to bow in obeisance to them. This obsequious equation has ruled this country through decades which is digging its tentacles deeper with the poor becoming poorer and the rich getting away with murder with the system acting only as a facilitator. Apparently, there are only two options for Anams of this country: either become part of the corrupt system as willing in-

struments to further perpetuate it, or leave this country for a place where they would be adequately rewarded for their learning, talent, work and commitment. But, there is another path that Anam can choose for herself and lead others to choose as well – a path that is strewn with enormous challenges, even the prospect of not succeeding at the first few hurdles. But this is the path that will brighten the future of millions of young people who are laden with the desire to serve this country and the afflicted millions who have for ever suffered at the hands of an unjust and inequitable system that only serves the cause of the corrupt masters. This is a path that is the most difficult of the options, but a path that is most desirable offering Anam and thousands of other young people the one avenue that they should tread with faith that, someday, the darkness shall lift giving way to light. At a loss for words, allow me to quote from the inimitable Faiz: Is it the scent of blood or the caress of the beloved’s lips? Behold, whence cometh the morning breeze Is spring in the air, or the prison overflows again? Listen, whither cometh the sound of music This and so much more that has been written provides inspiration and hope to the young of the country that they should not choose a path of compromise with the draconian dictatorship artificially garbed as democracy. Instead, they should opt for a principled course of resistance to the inequality and inequity of the system that only serves the objectives of the ruling mafias. Their resistance should be guided by the everlasting objectives of bringing salvation to the underprivileged and showing a way to the deserving in providing leadership to the country. Anam, you are right in stating that ‘every individual carves his own destiny’. The path to that destiny is moulded around offering resistance to oppression and exploitation unleashed by the corrupt mafias who maintain a vicelike stranglehold on the system. There is only one way for Anam and those millions who may be staring in the blank of a nondescript future: stand up for the right cause and be prepared to withstand the challenges that may impede your path. Because, in the end, you shall overcome, you shall triumph, and the ones who rule today shall run away finding transient shelter in the empires they have built with their illicitly earned billions: the Sharifs, the Zardaris, the Altaf Hussains, the Chaudhrys, and the repertoire of petty attendants and grovelling sycophants. They live on the booty that their underlings collect as extortion by exploiting the weaknesses of the poor, and by creating an environment of fear. Don’t be vulnerable to their macabre machinations. They shudder at the power of your resolve – the resolve of the young and the dedicated. Use this resolve to drive away the murderers, the marauders, and the usurpers. Their time is well-nigh over!

The ‘filthy system’ that is stalking Anam and others like her is rooted in controlling the teeming millions by keeping them economically and socially dependent on the largesse so pitiably showered by the ruling mafias, be it through the office of the local SHO or the patwari who are all beholden to the rulers for their appointment to best serve the succeeding generations of their masters.

Raoof Hasan is a political analyst and the Executive Director of the Regional Peace Institute. He can be reached at:

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I'm sad to report that in the past few years, ever since uncertainty became our insistent 21st century companion, leadership has taken a great leap backwards to the familiar territory of command and control. –Margaret J Wheatley




Monday, 21 October, 2013

the vexatious issue of telangana Was it necessary to divide Andhra Pradesh?


P PA R E N T LY, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who okayed the creation of Telangana for formal decision by the cabinet, did not anticipate angry reaction of the rest of Andhra, called Seemandhra. When there is blackout, no water supply, no transport, no fuel and powerless mobiles, the mood in Seemandhra is that of now or never. The centre could have gauged the sentiment by proceeding with what the constiKuLdIP NAyAR tution says. It is laid down that the state assembly should be consulted. True, in the house of 294, the Seemabdhra’s 179 members would have stalled a resolution on the creation of Telangana. But then the constitution says that there should be consultation, not concurrence. The exercise would have enabled to foresee the extent of aggressiveness which even intelligence agencies failed to report. Probably, the anger in Telangana was no less when it was up in arms. Yet the centre had resisted the state’s bifurcation although the agitation was at its fiercest during the days of Chenna Reddy, once the state’s chief minister. Then the Congress president, K Kamaraj, from the south had his ears to the ground. Sonia Gandhi, sitting at New Delhi, is not familiar with the ground realities of the state. Was it necessary to divide Andhra Pradesh? This was the first linguistic state. The States’ Reorganisation Commission that followed the creation of Andhra Pradesh recommended the creation of Telangana. Yet the centre stuck to a united Andhra Pradesh in the larger interest. The Telugus enthusiastically welcomed the creation of Andhra Pradesh because the Telugu-speaking areas were retrieved from the Madras Presidency and amalgamated with Andhra Pradesh. The question that remains unanswered is why so much hostility has come to surface when Telangana is constituted. After all, it is going to be part of India. Ambitious politicians are responsible for cultivating hostility. There can be fear that Telangana is more or less the old state of Nizam where razakars (armed men) were ruling the roost. But the state is strong enough to curb such a tendency. Also the Nizams encouraged razakars and dreamt of joining Pakistan. Politicians eye the loaves of office that a new state would create. That greed may be the reason why state chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has not resigned even when he is for a united Andhra Pradesh. Had he resigned it would have come as a jolt to the Congress high command and probably things would have taken a different turn. Indeed, the Congress has in mind the next elections where it expects to sweep Telangana. It is tragic that politics has held its sway over the interest of the people of Andhra Pradesh. Its bifurcation would create problems for both the states like water disputes because River Krishna flows into both the proposed states. It is still not late to annul the decision. Probably, the services of Congress-vice-president Rahul Gandhi would have to be harnessed. If he could undo the ordinance to shield the convicted politicians and force the union cabinet to rescind its decision he would be able to undo the division of Andhra Pradesh as well. Indeed, it was ridiculous to introduce in parliament a bill to overcome a Supreme Court judgment that the MPs and MLAs will cease to be members of the respective houses and disqualified the moment they are convicted. The bone of contention between Telangana and Seemandhra is Hyderabad. The proposed bifurcation will have Hyderabad as their joint capital for 10 years. Why not permanently? When Punjab was divided, it was announced that both Punjab and Haryana would have separate capitals and Chandigarh would be a union territory. The two states found that a joint capital was useful and convenient. So much so, the lawyers of both the states opposed to the centre’s proposal to have a separate high court in Haryana. The proposal had to be withdrawn. The argument that Seemandhra does not touch the border of Telangana where Hyderabad is located is not convincing. Both states open in the other states. All belong to the Indian nation. Why then the opposition to have Hyderabad as the joint capital? It is, however, unfortunate that government servants of the proposed Telangana have threatened that Seemandhra’s government servants must have their own setup in Hyderabad itself. Such tendencies must be curbed with a strong hand because they impinge on the country’s unity. The centre has also closed its eyes on the renewal of demand for the creation of other states. Vidarbha, Gorkahaland and some other states in the northeast have again begun agitating after the announcement of Telangana. The state governments are helpless when the centre announces Telangana without bothering about repercussions. It is not understandable why New Delhi has created another problem when it is already reeling under deteriorating economic conditions on the one hand and uneasy burdens with China and Pakistan on the other. Maybe, the announcement of Telangana is meant to divert attention from other pressing problems the country is facing today. This is perhaps the Congress way of tackling them. The government has done well in resisting the demand for the appointment of another States Reorganisation Commission. It would have opened a Pandora’s Box. I recall the passions aroused when the commission was appointed. There were so many claims which were equally conflicting that it was difficult to arrive at any decision which ultimately the commission made. The commission made two points as far back as in 1985 when it submitted its report. Both points are as truer today as they were then. One, whether the states are reorganised or not they will continue to be an integral part of the Union which is the real political entity and the basis of our nationhood. Two, the constitution recognises citizenship for the entire people of India, with equal rights and opportunities throughout the union. The proposed state of Telangana is, no doubt, a wrong decision. Yet the 28th state, if constituted, will keep in mind that the citizenship is one, with equal rights.

Border crossing

nawaz’s american voyage Proxy wars and state sovereignty



AWAZ Sharif’s team would have been relieved at the timely resolution of the fiscal impasse in US, allowing his visit to take place in somewhat normal circumstances. However, the message is clear: in the era of fiscal constraints, civilian aid and military assistance will get more limited in the future and will likely be connected to dealing with the extremists. Moreover, when it comes to trade, the protectionist sentiments are resurgent as Americans increasingly ponder over their government policies on outsourcing and trade dealings that benefit other nations more. The priorities in Washington shift quickly, based on the crises of the day. Consider this: just a month ago US was busy debating whether to strike Syria, and then matters shifted quickly to the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. The emphasis is more on management then resolution. This is also the premise of the new book “No exit from Pakistan” from the leading Pakistani scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Daniel Markey. Nonetheless, what are the priority issues which the leaders of US and Pakistan are likely to raise when they meet? Many analysts have stated the ties are getting back to normal after a tumultuous year or so, but what is the new normal. Pakistan’s support for Afghan reconciliation process and stopping cross border terrorism, are likely to be on the top of US list. On the other hand, Pakistan will demand respect for its sovereignty and assistance in helping the economy and energy shortages. Whether one likes it or not, unfortunately, Pakistan is labelled as the epicentre of terror. Several extremist groups are known to have taken refuge in the lawless north west of the country and keep on wreaking havoc locally, in the region and beyond. Pakistan adopted a selective approach towards Al Qaeda, the Afghan Tal-

iban, the Pakistani Taliban, and the India-oriented militants. Due to this discrimination, the government’s sincerity and intention is often suspected, including by some of its own citizens. This is despite the fact that the nation has suffered the most, in blood and treasure, in the conduct of this war. Thus talking with the TTP and the nation’s new counter terrorism strategy is of great interest, and Pakistan would have to carefully manage regional concerns and global perceptions. For example, Indian apprehensions revolve around what extremists would do in the aftermath of NATO/US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Its position remains that if Pakistan deals with the extremist groups such as LeT and JuD, the problem of Kashmir will be resolved by itself. As it relates to Karzai government, in its security talks with the US, it is seeking assurance of protection against intervention from Pakistan. The US has refused to offer such guarantees. Nonetheless, the fear of Afghan establishment persists. It continues to propagate why the NATO/US forces want to retain the right to conduct operations in Afghanistan when the source of problem resides elsewhere, a reference to FATA and Pakistan. The US, for the most part, has remained sympathetic to Pakistan’s plight. After all, they jointly unleashed the genie during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Afterwards, Pakistan disseminated the lessons more widely. The country has actively cooperated with the US in going after the extremists that have been threatening both countries. In the evolving phase of the war against terror, the US would like to see Pakistan’s commitment to continue. It would also be interested in understanding its new counter-terrorism strategy, and how it addresses the concerns of Afghanistan and India. Both these countries are weary that in exchange for Pakistan’s help in Afghan reconciliation, the US may go soft on it. On the other hand, in the post Mumbai incident environment, the US-India cooperation on countering terrorism in the region really took off, and the Raymond Davis incident was perhaps the outcome of that. While Pakistan has assisted the US in going after global extremists, that immunity does not automatically transfer towards seeking Afghan and Indian-oriented extremists. The Salala tragedy and Raymond incident tested Pakistan’s red lines. India meanwhile has conducted joint exercises with many

nations, including the US Special Forces, envisioning counter-terror operations in the region. This cat and mouse game is similar to the one Iran and the US played over Iraq, and the wider region. The recent article by Dexter Filkins in The New Yorker, covering the demise of Iranian spymaster Qassem Suleimani, indicates the breadth of exchanges between the US and Iran. They never went directly at each other, but knew what the other was up to. This is the lesson of Cold War and almost an unwritten norm: great powers do not go head to head, and the use of proxies, whether via client-state or non-state actor, is considered fair play. The intent is always to keep things manageable. No wonder, from Pakistan’s side, respect for state sovereignty and the drone issue will be on the top of the agenda. This remains a thorny issue as the US shifts to smart strategies and tactics in pursuit of extremists around the globe, especially where the state is weak or incapable of going after the extremists itself, as depicted by President Obama in his address to the 68th session of the UN General Assembly. The dilemma for Pakistan is that it cannot maintain it would neither go after certain brands of extremists nor will it allow anyone else. Especially, when certain extremists are blatantly killing its civilians and weakening the state, while other elements are targeting the neighbours. Such a course will continue to raise suspicions about the state’s collusion, concerns about the security of its nuclear arms, and strengthen voices claiming genocide. Meanwhile, American relations with the Islamic world are entering tumultuous times. The thaw with Iran is progressing, however, after Egypt and Saudi Arabia became the latest victim of disillusionment. The Saudis last week refused to accept the non-permanent membership of UN Security Council in protest against its dysfunction and double standards over Syria and the Palestinian plight. However, the crux of the matter was the Russian stand on Syria, which caused others to back off. With this context, it is fair to say that Pakistan has already placed its strategic bets on China and cuddling with the US will never be the same.

It is fair to say that Pakistan has already placed its strategic bets on China and cuddling with the US will never be the same.

Arif Ansar is chief analyst at PoliTact, a Washington based futurist advisory firm ( He can be reached at: and tweets at @ArifAnsar

Kuldip Nayar is a veteran Indian journalist, human rights activist and a noted author.

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People take songs so literally — Richard Marx


arts Monday, 21 October, 2013

accused robbers mom drove getaway car!

Apparently, some parents will do anything for their kids, even drive the getaway car when he allegedly robs an elderly man in a Walmart parking lot. Officials in Palm Beach County, Fla., arrested Jesse James Dillen, 20, on Tuesday after he allegedly stole a wallet from 78-year-old Arthur E. Nieding, outside a Walmart in Greenacres, Fla. Nieding told police he was about to open his car door when the suspect ran up behind him, pushed and took his wallet, which contained $40 plus credit cards. Surveillance video shows a man later identified as Dillen exiting a white Kia SUV, then striking Nieding and fleeing towards a Starbucks, the Palm Beach Post reported. Detectives later tracked down the car and found Dillen inside with his mom, Anne Negron, behind the wheel. At first, Negron denied any involvement but later told investigators that Dillen ran up to the SUV with a wallet after robbing a man and that the wallet was later thrown away, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Dillen faces charges of robbery and elderly abuse, and is currently being held on $30,000 bond. Negron has not been charged. A man who said he was Dillen's father and Negron's husband told TV crews that his wife is innocent. "There's a few things I'd love to say, but the police are here and I can't," the man said, according to WESHTV. "She got nothing to do with it. You guys saying she's (expletive) covering for (my son)." A reporter from another station, WPBF-TV, asked the man if he'd like to tell his family's side of the story and his response led the police to get involved. "Go to my house. See what happens there," he told reporters. "Please do not make threats, sir," a detective warned him. NEWS dESK


AKISTANI film industry's renowned playback singer, Zubaida Khanum, died in Lahore owing to cardiac arrest. She was 78. "She had been dealing with old age related problems but Saturday night's heart attack proved fatal," her son Faisal Bokhari said. Khanum passed away yesterday and was today laid to rest at Raiwind graveyard in Lahore. Born in 1935 in Amritsar, her family migrated to Lahore after partition. Khanum started her singing career in 1950s and instantly got famous thanks to her melodious voice. She ruled the Urdu/Punjabi playback singing scene throughout the decade. Her voice was filmed on leading actresses of 50s - Musarrat Nazir and Sabiha Khanum. Her debut film was 'Shehri Babu' (1953). Some of her memorable songs include 'Kaise kahoun mein alvida', 'Balam tum haar gaye jeeta mera pyar' (Baghi), 'Masti mein jhoom jhoom re', 'Ho dil jala na dil wale' (Koel), 'Aaye mausam rangeelay suhane' and 'Ghoonghat utha loun yah ghoonghat chupa loun' (Saath Lakh). Khanum made actress Meena Shorey's debut on the Pakistani film

screen in 'Sarfarosh' (1956) memorable with her evergreen songs like 'Mera nishana dekhe zamana' and 'Teri ulfat mein sanam dil ne buhut dard sahe'. The singer's smash hits included 'Kiya hua dil pe sitam' from 'Raat ke Rahi' (1960) composed by A Hamid. She sang more than 200 songs in 147 movies. Khanum married renowned cameraman Riyaz Bokhari in early 60s and quit playback singing. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was a great admirer of Khanum. NEWS dESK

danIelle fIshel gets hItched!

Sandra Bullock sports an intricate skeleton costume on her way to a school Halloween party, with her son Louis Bardo dressing up as a skeleton as well.

Danielle Fishel is officially off the market…on and off the screen. The Boy Meets World star said "I Do" to 25-yearold Tim Belusko Saturday at former cathedral Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles, E! News has confirmed. Wearing a lace Enzoani strapless gown, the 32-year-old blushing bride was escorted down the aisle by her father, Rick Fishel, as Brian Culbertson's "Forever" played in the background, according to People. There were about 200 guests in tow for the affair—one of whom was the actress's former Boy Meets World costar Ben Savage—her current TV hubby on the upcoming Girl Meets World, according to Us Weekly. Danielle's other Boy Meets World co-star Rider Strong wasn't there to see Fishel walk down the aisle, but with good reason. Strong is also getting married this weekend in Oregon, telling E! News the wedding date double booking was "his fault," adding, "[Danielle] chose the date first." Fishel first announced her engagement on her Tumblr page in December 2012, revealing that she met her fiancé after heading back to college at the age of 27. NEWS dESK

vIoLIn whICh was pLayeD as tItanIC sanK seLLs For $1.45 MILLIon The instrument belonging to Wallace Hartley was found strapped to his body after he drowned with his seven bandmates and some 1 500 others on board the supposedly unsinkable ship in 1912. It was sold to a British collector after a feverish 10minute battle between telephone bidders at Titanic specialist auctioneers Henry Aldridge and Son in Devizes, southwest England. The instrument carries an inscription from the 33-year-old's fiancée Maria Robinson to mark their engagement and was sold with its leather luggage case, initialled W.H.H, in which it was found. For decades the violin was believed lost but it was found in the attic of a house in northwest England in 2006, prompting a debate about its authenticity, which experts only recently resolved. "We're absolutely overjoyed," Christine Aldridge, a spokeswoman for the auction house, told AFP. "It was sold to a UK collector who was bidding by telephone. The whole sale only took about 10 minutes." She said the final price including premiums paid to the auction house was £1 050 030. Hartley's band played the hymn Nearer, My God, to Thee to try to calm passengers while they climbed into lifeboats as the Titanic sank beneath the icy waves in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912, after hitting an iceberg. Hartley and his seven fellow band members all died after choosing to play on. Bidding started at just £50 for the violin, with principal auctioneer Alan Aldridge joking that he was setting the price so low so that two of his friends could bid. But within a few minutes it had passed the previous world record of £220

000 for a Titanic piece as competition between four telephone bidders hotted up. There were gasps from the 200 people at the auction house as the price reached £350 000 and then a tense silence as the battle for the instrument narrowed to two telephone bidders. It had a reserve price of £200 000 to £300 000. Andrew Aldridge, a valuer with the auctioneer, said he hoped the violin would stay in Britain and go on exhibition. "It symbolises love, with a young man strapping it to his body because it was an engagement present from his fiancée," he said. "It also epitomises bravery. He knew there would be no lifeboats. It symbolises everything that's good about people, not just Wallace Hartley and his band, but all the men, women and children who lost their lives." Hartley was given the maple, spruce and ebony violin by his fiancée in 1910. She had a silver plaque fixed to the instrument engraved with the words: "For Wallace, on the occasion of our engagement. From Maria." It is now thought that the instrument was inside a leather bag that was found strapped to his body 10 days after the sinking, and was then passed to Robinson. Robinson never married and after her death in 1939, her sister donated the violin to her local Salvation Army band, where it passed to a music teacher and then the unnamed owner in whose house it was discovered in Lancashire, northwest England. After seven years of testing including MRI scans, researchers said in March this year that the instrument was genuine. It has already been on show at Titanic Branson and Titanic Pigeon Forge in the

United States, the largest Titanic museums in the world, and later at Titanic Belfast, a tourist site in Northern Ireland. The Titanic was built in Belfast

and set sail from Southampton, southern England, for New York on April 10, 1912, before hitting an iceberg days later. NEWS dESK

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Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere — Carl Sagan

ARTS Monday, 21 October, 2013

12 A

farah and srk to do the’dIffIcult dance’


OLLYWOOD superstar Shah Rukh Khan feels that box office records are meant to be broken. "I don't do films to make records. Every film will make some record...It's stupid to think records will not be broken. Any good film will do well and it feels fan-

JackIe chan desIre for more dramatIc roles

Jackie Chan wasn't in the mood for proclamations. The Hong Kong martial arts film star, who declared last year at the Cannes film festival that he was retiring from action films, now says that after more than a decade of considering an exit, he is going to let his body decide. "When I was 40something the media would ask me and then I said another five years, and then five years and five years until now," the kung fu actor said in an interview promoting his 2012 Chinese action film Chinese Zodiac, which was released in US cinemas on Friday. "Six more months and I'm going to be 60," Chan said. "And I (will) see how far I can go until my body tells me, 'Stop.'" Chan, famous for performing all of his physically punishing stunts, has appeared in more than 100 films and now writes, produces and directs his own films in Asia. But as he starts to enter his twilight years he laments how Hollywood typecasting may force him to begin using a stunt double for his acrobatic scenes as he believes Hollywood studios would never cast him in dramatic roles. "Then I can continue (my career) because poor me, nobody in Hollywood hires me to make a Kramer vs. Kramer (or) like Sound of Music - actually I'm a pretty good singer - and nobody hires me to do this kind of film," Chan said. "All we think about Jackie Chan: Chris Tucker, Rush Hour one, two, and three ... always action-comedy, action-comedy," he said about the Rush Hour buddy-cop film series with comedian Chris Tucker that helped Chan cement his place in Hollywood 15 years ago. NEWS dESK

tastic when such film does well. It's important to make better films. The film (Chennai Express) had finest commercial director...great actress Deepika...It feels heartening to see this kind of response," SRK said. Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika-starrer 'Chennai Express', directed by Rohit Shetty and released in August, has earned

Rs 220 crore at the box office. "There are so many platforms to release a film today. It's natural there won't be a golden or a silver jubilee today. There's speed today in terms of theatrical release and enjoyment of a hit film is amazing," he said at an event. With the trend of sequels, the actor ruled out any "concrete plan" to make any second instalment of 'Chennai Express'. The film will be premiered on television tomorrow. The actor said director Rohit Shetty and his co-star Deepika deserved awards for 'Chennai Express'. "She (Deepika) looks beautiful. She is very hardworking and a good actress. She was amazing in 'Cocktail', 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani'. Deepika has done a good job. She made the film (Chennai Express) lovable and hit through her role as she represented south India," he said. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen with Deepika in Farah Khan's 'Happy New Year' along side Abhishek Bachchan, Vivan Shah, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani. "Farah has said dancing in this film will be difficult. We are working on this film and its great fun," he added. Shah Rukh Khan also rubbished reports of his playing a Gujarati don in Farhan Akhtar's next film. NEWS dESK

Dating since summer, Theo Wenner and Miley Cyrus The 20-year-old pop star announced her broken engagement from actor Liam Hemsworth in September, but the two were on the rocks well before that. That much is basically accepted as fact, but months earlier, she began dating Rolling Stone photographer Wenner, a Huffington Post report says. Wenner, the exboyfriend of Liv Tyler and son of Rolling Stone magazine owner Jann Wenner, started dated Cyrus prior to her breakup with Liam. However, Cyrus said on Ellen last week that she is not seeing him and is "obsessed with being alone." The two are "new friends," she acknowledged. She and Theo Wenner have reportedly maintained "constant contact" since they first met when the photographer snapped several racy pics of her. According to E! News, Cyrus invited Wenner to watch her SNL performance in October but has since left the East Coast and headed back to L.A. The “We Can't Stop" singer "hasn't been in NYC, where he [Theo] lives, for a week and has no immediate plans to return," the insider said. So if Miles is totally lusting after the guy, she's not making it too obvious. The Human Wrecking Ball's next scheduled trip to the Big Apple is for the annual Jingle Ball concert in December. We'll see if they rekindle things then. In the meantime, there's still a chance, Mike Will Made It. Still a chance. NEWS dESK

Dakota Fanning clad in boots and a denim vest, the Twilight actress is all smiles as she takes a stroll in the Soho district of New York City.

World's first fully bionic man walks, talks and breathes Scientists have developed the world's first robot human made entirely of prosthetic parts and he can walk, talk and even has a beating heart. The robot, which cost almost USD 1 million to build, was assembled from prosthetic body parts and artificial organs donated by laboratories around the world. Roboticists Rich Walker and Matthew Godden of Shadow Robot Co in England put together the bionic man. "Our job was to take the delivery of a large collection of body parts-organs, limbs, eyes, heads-and over a frantic six weeks, turn those parts into a bionic man," Walker told LiveScience. "You put a prosthetic part on a human who is missing that part. We had no human; we built a human for the prosthetic parts to occupy," Walker said. The robot was modelled in some physical aspects after Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland, who wears one of the world's most advanced bionic hands. The bionic man has the same prosthetic hand as Meyer - the i-LIMB made by Touch Bionics - with a wrist that can fully rotate and motors in each finger. The bionic man's prosthetic face is an uncanny replica of Meyer's face. It also has a pair of robotic ankles and feet from BiOM in Bedford, Massachusetts, designed and worn by bioengineer Hugh Herr of MIT's Media Lab, who lost his own legs after getting trapped in a blizzard as a teenager. To support his prosthetic legs, the bionic man wears a robotic exoskeleton dubbed "Rex," made by REX Bionics in New Zealand. The bionic man also has a nearly complete set of artificial organs, including an artificial heart, blood, lungs (and windpipe), pancreas, spleen, kidney and functional circulatory system. However, he lacks a few major organs, including a liver, stomach and intestines, which are too complex to replicate in a lab. NEWS dESK

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SPORTS Monday, 21 October, 2013

donald leaves sa team on uae tour

DubAi: South Africa's bowlers will have to find their rhythm without bowling coach Allan Donald, who has returned home from the tour of the UAE. Donald, who was appointed bowling coach in June 2011, left the camp on an "extended leave of absence" due to personal reasons, and team manager Mohammad Moosajee said they are "not sure when he will return." Vincent Barnes, the former bowling coach who is now in charge of Cricket South Africa's high-performance programme and is also a national selector, will take over. Barnes worked with the national team for a lengthy period under Mickey Arthur and was Corrie van Zyl's assistant before Gary Kirsten took over. He was credited with playing a big role in the development of the current attack, having overseen Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander's formative years in international cricket. His approach is slightly different to Donald's, whose emphasis is on aggression, but head coach Russell Domingo said there would be no changes to South Africa's strategy. AgENcIES

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? — Vince Lombardi

whatmore aIms

shortened sa tour likely in december




AV Whatmore has first-hand experience of how South Africa deal with losing. Thirteen years ago, they were cleaned up by an innings and 15 runs in Galle, thanks to a 13-wicket Muttiah Muralitharan special, and responded with a seven-run win in Kandy to square the series. Jacques Kallis is the only survivor from that tour but Whatmore believes South Africa still retain that attitude. "They are very hard, very resilient," the Pakistan coach said. "You write them off at your peril because they come back hard." With that in mind, Pakistan know what to expect as they aim to account for another No.1 side and Whatmore believes they've had enough time to ready themselves for that. He attributed Pakistan's success in the first Test to three key things, chief among them being sufficient practice. "We're better prepared against this opposition than we were the last time we played them in South Africa," he said. When Pakistan were white-washed 3-0 earlier in March this year, they had not played a Test for seven months but this time they had matches in Zimbabwe and practice games at home before the series. With game time under the belts and changes to the squad, Pakistan were better equipped to exploit the 'home' advantage. "Conditions are different and we've had a slight change of personnel. It was a good, competitive effort over the four days." Mohammad Hafeez's axing is thought to have sparked the change as Pakistan experimented with new openers and enjoyed success. Whatmore praised the selectors but stopped short of using one game to forecast long-term plans. "Some credit should be given to the selectors, in terms of the ability to see Shan Masood. He is a good batsman, technically, and has a bright future," he said. "That's the thing with bold decisions, sometimes they come off, sometimes not. "With Khurram, he played a lot of


first-class cricket in Pakistan and you need that. Players have to go through a hard grind. He has the benefit of doing that. He came in with a bank of runs behind him and there was every chance he would do well. Now, he has to be consistent. This next match is a test for him but he certainly has the ability." For Whatmore, Pakistan's win was a demonstration of their potential as a unit, something he knew all along. "I wasn't surprised we did well. Leading up to this series, people in Pakistan were alluding to the loss in Zimbabwe and were saying we didn't have a chance. In my mind that was never the case. I knew we could be competitive. We're better prepared. Conditions are different. We have other

nz LooK For FIrst test wIn oF 2013

players. These things do matter." And they will matter again when Pakistan take the field on Wednesday hoping to pull off another coup and prompt the decline of another No.1. South Africa's lead at the top of the Test rankings will be cut by 10 points if they lose two-nil (it currently sits at 19), which may be one reason Misbah said he would ask for a "result pitch" in Dubai. Whatmore, however, said he had given the groundsman "no instructions" on what to do and that he has "prepared the pitch as he always does." Since Pakistan have been forced to make the UAE their home, Dubai has hosted four Tests with only one, against South Africa in 2010, a draw.

The BCCI president N Srinivasan and his CSA counterpart Chris Nenzani have "in principle agreed" for India to play three ODIs, a warm-up game and two Tests in South Africa in December, ESPNcricinfo understands. Although no formal statements have been released by the boards, some progress appears to have been made, two days after CSA offered to send "Lorgat on long leave". The fate of the series will be known when Srinivasan and BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel present the proposed tour itinerary to the BCCI working committee in Chennai on October 26. The two met with Nenzani on the sidelines of the ICC Board meeting in London on Saturday for finalising the solution to a three-month impasse. The working committee's decision is nothing but a formal approval once Srinivasan and Nenzani have worked out a solution. As a result, India is likely to start the tour with one-dayers in the first week of December and end it with the Boxing Day Test. It is unclear whether the BCCI and CSA have reached an agreement over the fate of David Becker, the former ICC Head of Legal and one of several lawyers offering CSA advice, who had criticised BCCI's stand on FTP in the wake of India's decision to prune the South Africa tour. However, the BCCI is likely to pursue the matter despite having agreed to tour South Africa. The BCCI's troubled relationship with CSA chief executive Haroon Lorgat is understood to be the central reason for the tour being in jeopardy. Becker denied Lorgat had played any role in his decision to release a statement last week. "For the avoidance of any doubt, Mr Lorgat had nothing to do with my comments. They were my own personal views and neither he nor anyone else at CSA had anything to do with them," Becker said on Sunday. The series between two of the most highprofile cricket nations has been hanging in balance since July 9, when the BCCI objected to the tour itinerary a day after it was announced by CSA. Previously, it had raised "concerns" over Lorgat being in the running for the CSA top job.

'new zeaLanD are UnDer pressUre' MIRPUR AgENcIES


New Zealand will be eager to register their first Test win in 2013, but they are not expecting one to be served on a platter by Bangladesh. Captain Brendon McCullum said he expects a tough fight in the second Test in Dhaka, and acknowledges that they are expected to win the series given the track record and difference in rankings between the two sides. New Zealand have won eight out of the last ten Tests against Bangladesh, but the tide has started to turn since 2008. Bangladesh beat them in an ODI for the first time that year and pushed them a long way in the first Test, a few days later, before Daniel Vettori bailed them out. Bangladesh then surprised New Zealand with a 40 ODI series win in 2010 at home. "We have a decent amount of respect for Bangladesh," McCullum said. "They are a tough opposition and we saw that in the last match. It was a very good match with both teams showing their skills and didn't, at any stage, relent. "We said at the outset that we should be winning the series, and the expectation is on us to do so, and

that hasn't changed. It didn't surprise me how close the last game went. Both teams are, in these conditions, closely matched. We have a real fight on our hands to get the result that we want." New Zealand are likely to add Neil Wagner in place of one of the spinners to strengthen their pace attack. "We have a number of options which is good from the point of view of the squad," McCullum said. "We have to make sure we are completely comfortable with the way we go forward from here. It is something we need to look out and work out the balance of our team. If we do include the extra seamer it will be in place of one of the spinners." He claimed that the wicket in Mirpur should be similar to that in Chittagong, where the first Test was played. Judging by the Dhaka Premier League matches this season, there should be more carry in the Mirpur wicket than in Chittagong, but it will remain a tough surface to get wickets for the bowlers. "It should be similar to Chittagong where there is not much pace and bounce," McCullum said. "I think that's the challenge of playing in Bangladesh. It is a myth that it spins in Bangladesh. I think Sri Lanka and India offer a lot more for the spinners.

Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim wants his side to continue the consistency they showed in the first Test, and feels that New Zealand are the team under more pressure. "I think they are under pressure," Mushfiqur said. "It is not easy to play in our home conditions. They wouldn't want to lose to a side ranked lower than them. "We want to win this Test match. I think they would also want a result in this game. After the first two days, you can see which way the game is heading. The first innings is going to be vital in this Test. So we want to start well." But in the last couple of years, Bangladesh's record in second Tests of the usual twomatch series that they play have been poor, particularly after they impressed in the first match of the series. Against Sri Lanka in March, they drew the first Test in Galle but were strangled in Colombo, to lose by seven wickets. Similarly at home in 2012, they ran West Indies close in the first Test in Dhaka before going down easily in Khulna. Against the same opponents in 2011, a similar theme continued when they drew the first Test but was crushed by 229 runs in the second game. Mushfiqur believes that since the home team dominated long passages of play and had more individual performances in Chittagong, they hold the upper hand over the visitors. "We are hungry to win the second Test," Mushfiqur said. "We had a lot of gains from the first game, but it was a draw. We wanted to win. The whole team is keen to win the game and the series. It is a huge challenge to play well in two Tests in a row, but the players are responsible these days. So I hope we remain consistent. "We dominated three days of the Chittagong Test, so I would say we are ahead of them, mentally. Several

players are just itching to get out there and perform. If we can combine it as a team, we will do well." Some say that Mushfiqur's biggest advantage is that two of his best players, Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan, are yet to make big contributions in 2013. They have had quiet times in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and in the Chittagong Test against New Zealand. Shakib did get a fifty in the second innings, but still hasn't hit the level he has maintained in the last four years. "Shakib and Tamim are relaxed. They are always thinking about doing well in the next match. There are more performers in the team, around seven or eight guys. But the records of those two in Mirpur are great, so I am hoping that they do well here." Bangladesh are likely to keep the same playing eleven, but there were some murmurs of a third seamer being given a go in place of Abdur Razzak."It is likely that we will play the same combination. We will take a call tomorrow morning, but I am hoping to keep the seven batsman-four bowlers blend intact."

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SPORTS Monday, 21 October, 2013

don't need to spoon-feed bowlers: dhoni



NDIA captain MS Dhoni, who had hit the third-highest score for a No. 6 batsman to lift his wobbling side to above 300, admitted that death-overs bowling is a headache that is getting worse for the team, especially with the fifth fielder having to come up inside the circle according to the new rules. Australia required 44 off the last three overs at Mohali, but Ishant Sharma's persistence with either length or short-pitched bowling played into James Faulkner's game plan as he robbed four sixes to reduce the equation to a far simpler 14 off 12 balls. "I think the last few overs were disappointing, it is an area of concern and it is getting worse. There was a bit of dew but not like in the last game, the individuals will have to step up, you have to back your strength," Dhoni said. "You don't need to spoon-feed bowlers at the international level." Dhoni sympathised with the challenge the bowlers have to tackle with only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle after the Powerplays, but added that holding one's discipline even at the worst of times could prove the most telling difference in the course of a match. "This generation of bowlers, though they have some amount of experience, if you consider the rule changes, with fifth fielder inside [the circle], I think most of the bowlers or all the

Jol unfazed by poor start

Fulham boss Martin Jol has offered encouraging words to his fans and those at Crystal Palace after both sides’ poor start to the Premier League season. The Cottagers are outside the relegation zone on goal difference only, while Ian Holloway’s men have just four points from their first seven games. Jol, however, believes early-season form is no indication of how a club will finish. “Even when you’re in the bottom three at Christmas it doesn’t mean you will go down,” he said, ahead of Monday’s clash between the two teams at Selhurst Park. “I remember Ian Holloway doing an unbelievable job at Blackpool. I think he was in the top eight at one stage four or five years ago and they still got relegated after Christmas. “He played a different system, a very progressive 4-3-3 and he did it again with Crystal Palace. So I still feel that the man is doing a good job, but the results are not going for them. “And hopefully Monday will be the same.” Of his own squad, Jol denied speculation morale is dipping in the dressing room. “We’ve got a great team spirit, we’ve got new players in, I’ve got all these players, 80 per cent of the players are my players and the other players are here for at least two years, so there’s no problem,” he said. “The only problem we have is we had an indifferent result against Cardiff, but Cardiff beat Manchester City as well. So they’re all strong these teams. “West Brom you know, we should have beaten them, they scored in the 93rd minute, they scored the equaliser and a week later they beat Man United away from home. I spoke to my friends and to other managers, and they all know that it’s not easy to get results in the Premier League.” Scott Parker will make a welcome return to Fulham’s midfield should he be fit, while Dimitar Berbatov is expected to line up having used the international break to get over the knock he picked up against Stoke. But even with a stronger squad, Jol knows his side cannot travel to Selhurst Park believing the three points are guaranteed. “They (Crystal Palace) need the points as well and it’s the Premier League, so it will be difficult,” he said. SPORTS dESK

bowlers are very new because experience doesn't really count at the point of time. "A few bowlers may have off days and that's where you have to make sure you are not giving away too many runs," he said. "Even when you bowl a bad over, try to restrict it in between 15-18 runs, because if you go higher than that, it has a bigger impact on the game." Dhoni predicted such shifts late in the game could become quite common, especially in the course of this series, with pitches favouring batting, the impact of dew and two good sides on display. "In the last game, we performed in the same situation and we were able to put pressure on them," he said. "To some extent, we were in a winning position in this game but I think in this series especially, you'll see quite a few times this balance shifting, and from that point the side that bowls slightly better is the one that will win most of the games" As much as taking wickets restricted the opposition's scoring, the new rules provide the batting side with the opportunity to spark a turnaround, as India themselves proved rising from 154 for 6 in the 32nd over to finish at 303. "Today we kept losing wickets but still we got 300-odd runs," Dhoni said. "So with that fifth fielder inside its becoming a bit difficult and with right amount of partnerships and if you have wickets in hand, you may see the team scoring on the higher end

of the 300-plus scores" To prepare for such situations, Dhoni said India try to simulate the slog overs by putting fielders in place and checking how far the ball can be hit, even off the outside edge. But net perform-

ance does not mirror match situations because there is no "real pressure". "Nobody really wants to bowl a bad over, but if it happens the individual is more disappointed than anyone else in the

stadium or the team," he said. "Ideally, it is best to leave him to this thoughts and then have a chat with him after the team is back at the hotel when he will be less frustrated and more accepting."

India retain squad for rest of the series Fast bowler Ishant Sharma retained his place for the remaining four ODIs as the BCCI tweeted an unchanged squad for the ongoing series against Australia after India lost two of the first three matches. Ishant finished with figures of 1 for 63 from eight overs in the third ODI after conceding 30 runs in an over which turned the match in Australia’s favour. In the first two ODIs too, his economy rate was eight and 7.77 runs per over respectively. India’s pace attack, particularly in the death overs, has been a cause of concern for a while now and captain MS Dhoni admitted after the third ODI that the death bowling had become a “headache”. Apart from Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who has kept his economy rate under six in all

WENGER IS FULL OF BELIEF SPORTS DESK Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels his side’s belief will grow with every victory - but maintains they must strive to improve in order to last the distance in the Barclays Premier League title race. The Gunners moved two points clear at the top of the table after beating Norwich 4-1 at the Emirates Stadium, where Jack Wilshere swept in a contender for goal of the season following a superb passing exchange. It was a sixth league win from eight and an 11th in all competitions, from a start which has some Arsenal fans talking up a long-overdue sustained assault on the championship. Wenger, though, stressed there can be no let up in focus if that form is to be maintained through fixtures which include clashes with both Liverpool and Manchester United. “We have belief. The belief is strengthened by every win,” said Wenger. “We have come out of a long period where most of the time in recent years in October we were already looking forwards (up the table) from being behind. At the moment we are in a better position, but there is a long way to go. “We just have to focus on developing as a team and keep the solidarity we have.” Arsenal had swept into the lead on 18 minutes with a goal of the highest quality.

There seemed little real danger when Santi Cazorla, back in the side following an ankle injury, moved down the left, before cutting the ball back to Wilshere. It was swiftly returned to the Spaniard, who laid it off to Olivier Giroud. The France forward then exchanged a brilliant improvised one-two of flicks with Wilshere, who ran on through the yellow shirts on the edge of the penalty area to dispatch the ball past John Ruddy. Wenger admitted it took him a few replays to really appreciate the intricacy of the move. “You only realise when you see it again on the big screen how unbelievable it is,” said Wenger. “It was done with such a speed, that it was impossible to defend, you would say it was played at the speed where you could play with your hands, but not your feet. “I am convinced you will see that goal (replayed) a lot.” Aaron Ramsey had been rested to the bench, but was called into action just before half-time after Mathieu Flamini suffered double vision following a clash of heads with Alex Tettey. The midfielder is now a doubt for Tuesday night’s Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund as a result. Wenger has welcomed his selection poser, with the Wales midfielder scoring his ninth goal of an impressive season to settle any late nerves after Jonny Howson had made it 2-1 on 70 minutes.

three matches so far, the two other pacers India have bowled with - Ishant and Vinay Kumar have been unimpressive as India conceded more than 300 in all three ODIs. The other pace options in the squad are Mohammed Shami and Jaydev Unadkat, who have not been given a chance in the series yet. Unadkat and Shami were among the top three wickettakers in the five-match ODI series against Zimbabwe in August as they finished with eight and six wickets, respectively, behind Amit Mishra, who hasn’t played in the ongoing series yet, who took 18 wickets. SquAd: MS dhoni (capt.), Shikhar dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Vinay Kumar, Amit Mishra, Ambati Rayudu, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev unadkat. SPORTS dESK

provodnikov takes wbo strap from alvarado

Ruslan Provodnikov, nicknamed the ‘‘Siberian Rocky’’, won the WBO junior welterweight title from Mike Alvarado in a bruising encounter. Provodnikov knocked Alvarado down twice in the eighth round and finished him off in the tenth with the American unable to answer the bell in the eleventh. ‘‘I made him not want to fight me anymore,’’ Provodnikov said through a translator. ‘‘This is the best way I could become the champion.’’ Alvarado, who suffered from a puffed up eye from the midway point, said that Provodnikov threw the hardest punches that he had ever encountered. ‘‘It was not worth taking more punishment because the damage could be permanent,’’ Alvarado said. ‘‘It just wasn’t my night. I have a lot of heart. I’m not a quitter.’’ SPORTS dESK

pIenaar: It was a LUCKy toUCh terry merits england call: wilkins Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar believes the hard work he has put in to get fit was rewarded with a “lucky” touch as he marked his return to competitive action with a winning goal. However, team-mate Leighton Baines disagreed, pointing out the quality required for the South African’s decisive goal just seconds after coming off the bench in the 2-1 win over Hull at Goodison Park. Pienaar had not played since August 31 because of a hamstring injury and was pencilled in for a comeback next week at Aston Villa but he impressed manager Roberto Martinez so much in training he was drafted in early. It proved an inspired move as Pienaar replaced Leon Osman in the second half and immediately converted Kevin Mirallas’ cross with a finish made to look easier than it actually was. “It was a lucky touch but I’m happy we’ve got all three points,” Pienaar told evertontv. “After the last seven weeks it was something I’ve worked hard for and it paid off. “I thought ‘Get a few minutes, get used to the tempo of the game’ so to get a goal and get a win as well is something I’m really happy about.” Pienaar will be looking to re-establish his left-sided partnership with Baines which has proved so profitable in the past. His teammate was full of praise after seeing him make a welcome goalscoring return. “It is typical, it shows his importance,” said the England left-back. “It was a great finish. Sometimes when you first come on the pitch your first couple of touches can be off when you’ve been out for such a long time but he showed his class and guided it into the corner. SPORTS dESK

Former England midfielder Ray Wilkins believes John terry’s “superb” club form merits an international recall. Terry, 32, won 78 caps but quit the international stage in September 2012 in the wake of the racism row involving Anton Ferdinand. However, Wilkins believes Three Lions boss Roy Hodgson must consider asking the Chelsea skipper to return from his self-imposed exile ahead of next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Wilkins told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek programme: “Gary Cahill hasn’t been in the starting XI for Chelsea and I think Jose [Mourinho] prefers David Luiz and John Terry, who I must say if Roy could have a little chat with [him he should, because] he was absolutely superb yesterday against Cardiff. “I don’t think we are blessed with too many centre-halves and if we could persuade John to have another go at [playing for England we should, because] he was superb yesterday. “I have no idea [if he would be interested in an England return] because I haven’t had the conversation with him. But it certainly would be one I’d be having if I was the England manager. “I have absolutely no idea how it ended with him in the dressing room. I’ve never had the conversation with John. But all I can say is his reading of the game was absolutely superb yesterday.” Terry retired from the national side after claiming his position had become “untenable” when the Football Association decided to pursue racism charges against him following the Ferdinand incident. SPORTS dESK

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wozniacki to meet beck in luxembourg final

Top-seeded Caroline Wozniacki will battle Annika Beck for the Luxembourg Open title on Sunday. Wozniacki saw off third seed Sabine Lisicki of Germany while a retirement from Swiss semi-finalist Stefanie Vogele put Beck, who was a set up, through. The Kremlin Cup women’s singles title meanwhile will be decided by fifth seed Simona Halep, who beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-2 6-1, and seventh seed Samatha Stosur who also earned a straight-sets last-four win over Russian opposition by despatching Svetlana Kuznetsova. WTA LuxEMBOuRg SEMI-FINALS 1-caroline Wozniacki (denmark) beat 3-Sabine Lisicki (germany) 6-4 6-4 Annika Beck (germany) beat Stefanie Voegele (Switzerland) 7-5 1-0 (Voegele retired) KREMLIN cuP WOMEN’S SEMI-FINALS 5-Simona Halep (Romania) beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (Russia) 6-2 6-1 7-Samantha Stosur (Australia) beat 8-Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) 6-2 6-4. SPORTS dESK

tsonga dumped out by haase in austria t SPORTS DESK

OP seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was upset in straight sets by world number 63 Robin Haase in the Erste Bank Open semifinals. Frenchman Tsonga, hoping to secure a spot at the ATP World Tour Finals, failed to convert four set points in the opening set before dropping the second on a tie-breaker. "He was a bit injured and that made me nervous," said Haase. "Later on, I

AUSTRALIAN HEND WINS IN MACAU FOR YEAR'S THIRD TITLE Australian Scott Hend comfortably kept the chasing pack at bay to win the Venetian Macau Open by three strokes on Sunday for his third title of the year. India's Anirban Lahiri hit a scorching nine-under-par 62 to match the course record to finish second while four-times Major winner Ernie Els shared third spot with Elmer Salvador of the Philippines in the $ 800,000 (£495,000) Asian Tour event. A victory looked unlikely for Hend after his opening round 74 but the big-hitting Australian swung back to contention with a 64 in Friday's second round. "It's important to win again this week, for the third time, it feels good," Hend, who mixed five birdies with a lone bogey, said. "Thursday was a difficult day, mentally and physically. "Then on Friday and Saturday, I started holing putts which I haven't done the whole year even when I won a couple of weeks ago. I've holed my fair share this week. "Three wins in a year is definitely the best golf of my career. There are some big tournaments coming up and it'll be nice to perform well in those and be competitive. The year hasn't finished yet." Els was hot on the heels of Hend, who was leading by four strokes coming into the final round, with some early birdies on Sunday. The South African gained three shots within the first six holes but a bogey on the ninth halted his momentum. "It was very frustrating. I started off nicely again and then made a soft bogey on nine. I couldn't afford any mistakes," the 44-year-old said. "I needed to keep the pedal on the metal but I made that mistake and I didn't play the back nine all that well either. Tough weekend but I think Scott was very strong. "I had four shots to make up and four shots is a lot to make up especially with the caliber of Scott. He deserved to win." The 26-year-old Lahiri started with a birdie and an eagle on the first two holes to shoot up the leaderboard. He added seven more shots with a lone bogey coming on the eighth hole. SPORTS dESK

managed to focus better on my own game." Dutchman Haase plays German second seed Tommy Haas in the final after his three-set triumph over Lukas Rosol in the other last-four encounter. Meanwhile top seed Richard Gasquet will meet unfancied Kazakh Mikhail Kukushkin in the Kremlin Cup men’s singles final after the duo won their respective semis in Russia. And David Ferrer and Grigor Dimitrov set up an intriguing Stockholm Open final with semi wins over Ernests Gulbis and Benoit Paire respectively.


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ross fisher loses perth title in play-off

VIENNA OPEN SEMI-FINALS Robin Haase (Netherlands) beat 1-Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France) 7-5 7-6(4) 2-Tommy Haas (germany) beat 8-Lukas Rosol (czech Republic) 3-6 6-4 7-6(0) KREMLIN cuP MEN’S SEMI-FINALS 1-Richard gasquet (France) beat Ivo Karlovic (croatia) 6-4 7-5 Mikhail Kukushkin (Kazakhstan) beat 2-Andreas Seppi (Italy) 6-1 1-6 6-4 Stockholm Open semi-finals 7-grigor dimitrov (Bulgaria) beat 6-Benoit Paire (France) 4-6 6-2 6-2 1-david Ferrer (Spain) beat 5-Ernests gulbis (Latvia) 3-6 6-4 6-1

Simpson stays four ahead in Vegas Former US Open champion Webb Simpson moved closer to a fourth victory on the US Tour as he maintained a commanding four-shot lead after Saturday's third round of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas. Though not quite matching the high standard of play he produced over the first two days at the TPC Summerlin, the American finished strongly with four birdies in the last seven holes to card a four-under-par 67. That left Simpson at 19-under 194 in the second event of the US Tour's 2013-14 season, with 26-year-old rookie Chesson Hadley alone in second place after shooting a 67. Ryder Cup player Jeff Overton (68) was a further stroke back at 14 under, one ahead of fellow American Jason Bohn (69). Simpson, however, commanded the spotlight as he remained atop the leaderboard on another ideal day for low scoring in the high Nevada desert where there was barely a breath of wind. Four ahead of the chasing pack overnight, Simpson briefly dropped back into a tie for the lead with Bohn at 14 under after running up a threeputt bogey at the par-four third. However, he immediately recovered with birdies at the fourth and fifth to move two strokes clear, then parred the next four holes to reach the turn with a three-shot advantage at 16 under. Simpson made another misstep at the par-four 11th, finding the left rough off the tee and failing to reach the green in two on the way to a bogey for his lead to be cut to two. Once again, though, he quickly rebounded with consecutive birdies, sinking a 12-footer at the par-four 12th and a 25-footer at the parfive 13th to regain a four-stroke cushion. Simpson picked up further shots at the driveable par-four 15th, where he twoputted from the fringe, and at the par-five 16th, where he narrowly missed an eagle putt from 32 feet before tapping in for birdie. Simpson safely parred the last two holes to remain four strokes clear in pursuit of his first USTour win since the 2012 US Open. Sean O'Hair fired a best-of-the-day 63 to finish at 12under 201, level with five others including fellow American William McGirt (64), Scotland's Russell Knox (69) and Japan's Ryo Ishikawa (68). SPORTS dESK

Former world number one amateur Jin Jeong beat England's Ross Fisher in a play-off for his maiden professional title at the Perth International on Sunday. The 23-year-old South Korean calmly sunk his putt after Fisher missed a four-metre effort for par on the 18th, the first playoff hole, to win the $2 million (£1.23 million) event, co-sanctioned by the European Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia. "I was nervous, I was shaking but I controlled myself pretty well all day I thought," Jin told reporters after carding a three-under 69 in the final round. "I don't know what I've done to be honest. "I was struggling quite a bit when I was turning pro, but it was going to happen in the learning circuit I guess. "I had played play-offs in mini tour events, but playing with Ross Fisher, he's one of my heroes. Playing with him in the play-off, it was unbelievable." Trailing overnight leader Brody Ninyette by a stroke, Jin got off to a nightmarish start with a double bogey on the par-four first hole after four putting. He kept his composure, though, to gain five strokes over his next 17 holes to finish tied with former Ryder Cup player Fisher on 10-under for the tournament after the Englishman finished shot a 68. Jin, who has played on the Challenge Tour this season and was due to take part in the second stage of the European Tour's qualifying school, earned a two-year exemption after his victory. Local hope Ninyette, who had a three-shot lead at one point, dropped three bogeys in his final six holes to finish two strokes off the pace. He signed off with an even-par 72 to be tied for third spot with compatriot Dimitrios Papadatos and England's Danny Willett. Fisher's runner-up finish with a closing 68 saw him climb to the top-60 in The Race to Dubai and should earn him a place at the World Tour championship next month. "Obviously it would have been lovely to have come here and won, but that's golf," Fisher said. "Unfortunately I came up a little bit short, but I can be very pleased the way I played today. I hung in there really well; it was always going to be tough. "There are some good names up there and I knew I needed to just play really well. I felt like I did that." SPORTS dESK

MCILROY MISSES OUT AMID BIZARRE FINISH IN KOREA SPORTS DESK The Korea Open finished in bizarre circumstances on Sunday with Kang Sung-hoon celebrating a one-shot victory after a controversial penalty for Kim Hyung-tae and poor putting by Rory McIlroy ended their title hopes. Overnight leader Kim was on course for victory standing on the 17th tee but was told by an official he had been penalised two strokes for grounding a club in an area deemed to be a hazard on the 13th hole. The South Korean then bogeyed the 17th and could only par the 18th to miss out on the OneAsia title. Kim then decided to go back to the scene of the crime on the 13th and argued for two hours that he had not grounded his club before finally accepting his penalty and signing his card for a six-over-par 77. That left compatriot Kang Sung-hoon, who carded a final round 69, to bag the title as Kim finished tied second on three-under

with McIlroy and South Korean trio of Lee Sang-hee, Mo Joong-kyung and amateur Lee Chang-woo. The 26-year-old Kang, who also won the Asian Tour's CJ Invitational last week, felt terrible for Kim.

"I'm a really good friend of his so at the moment it doesn't feel great. Even though I won the tournament, I just feel really sorry for him," he said. "I was actually out there to celebrate for him, but... I don't know... I

don't know what to say. It's horrible." Former world number one McIlroy only had himself to blame for not ending his title drought on the demanding Woo Jeong Hills Country Club course, near Cheonan, south of Seoul. Starting the day 10 strokes back, McIlroy put on a masterclass tee-to-green but endured another difficult day on the greens as he signed for a four-under-par 67 and was left wondering what might have been. "I could have shot anything, absolutely anything. I only missed two greens and had so many chances, but it was like the story of yesterday - I just didn't hole enough putts," the 24-year-old Northern Irishman told reporters. "I created so many more chances today that it could have been 61, 62. It just wasn't to be. "I didn't birdie any of the par fives which was disappointing. It was tough. I felt like it could have been so much lower the last couple of days." The twice Major

winner, who won the Order of Merits on both sides of the Atlantic last year, has slipped to sixth in the rankings after a disappointing season on and off the course. The search for the season's first title continued for McIlroy, who played the Korean event after a four-week break, but his approach play gave him confidence. "A little frustrating, but I'm happy with how I hit it. I hit the ball really well off the tee and my iron play was very solid as well," said McIlroy, who was the top draw at the one billion Korean won (£580,000) event. "I feel like my game is in good shape going into the next few weeks, and that's a good thing." A bit of work on the greens was all he needed before heading to Shanghai for next week's BMW Masters. "If I keep giving myself all those birdie chances, sooner or later I'm going to start holing a few," he added. "I'll work on my putting over the next couple of days and get ready for Shanghai."

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president seeks parties’ support for karachi peace BLAMES FORMER GOVERNMENT FOR BAD ECONOMIC POLICIES KARACHI APP


RESIDENT Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday urged all the political and religious parties to support the federal and Sindh governments’ efforts for maintaining peace and security in Karachi. “Economic prosperity in Pakistan is not possible without maintaining peace and security in Karachi,” said the president

while talking to reporters at the Quaid’s mausoleum. He appreciated the Sindh government for carrying out operation against criminals in the port city and sought cooperation of citizens and media to make it a success. Mamnoon said he was alive to his constitutional role and would make best efforts for harmony among the provinces and the federation, national unity and solidarity, besides working for the country’s prosperity and sovereignty. Replying to a question, he said a president had no political role but a fatherly one. Mamnoon said he would work for the betterment of the entire country, especially Sindh. He would visit the province frequently and meet its people. He would support the Sindh governor and the chief minister in

their efforts for the development and prosperity of the province, he assured. He said that he had flown to Karachi specially to pay homage to the Father of the Nation. Answering another question, the president said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his United States’ visit would raise the issue of drone attacks, which, he said, had proved counter-productive in the war against terrorism and maintaining peace and security in the country. He said the prime minister would discuss ways and means to increase bilateral trade and investment, and to enhance bilateral economic cooperation on a large scale. He would also talk on issues of mutual interest including withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan. Mamnoon said the Pak-US bi-

lateral ties had seen many ups and downs in the past, but the same were now improving. He said the last government was responsible for the growing inflation as its wrong policies and decisions had damaged the country’s economy and its trade balance causing serious financial problems. The present government has taken certain important and positive steps due to which the inflation rate would soon decrease, he added. “During the last government, unfortunately a huge quantity of currency notes were printed to ease the financial pressure,” he remarked. He expressed his full confidence in the capability and commitment of Federal Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar, who he hoped, would steer the country out

of economic crisis under the guidance of Nawaz Sharif. He said it was not possible for any government to continue providing electricity to the people at low rate after purchasing it at high price like Rs 18 per unit. When his attention was drawn to the violation of Line of Control by India, the president said Indian opposition parties were playing a provocative role to score political points as general elections were approaching there. However, he was optimistic about improvement in relations between the two countries through dialogue and frequent interactions at different levels. Earlier, he offered fateha at the Mazar of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and laid a floral wreath.

Indian opposition parties are playing a provocative role to score political points as general elections are approaching there

hundreds flee homes in typhoonhit Japan island TOKYO: Hundreds fled their homes on Sunday on a Japanese island already devastated by a typhoon for fear that torrential rain would trigger fresh mudslides. The town of Oshima, 120 kilometres south of Tokyo, advised 2,300 residents in two districts on the island of the same name to evacuate, saying rain was expected to intensify due to a depression. A total of 632 people had taken shelter in school gyms and community halls by early afternoon, an official at the town’s administrative office said. Many others were staying at relatives’ homes in safer areas of the island, she said. The meteorological agency has warned that rainfall could reach 40 millimetres (1.6 inches) per hour in the afternoon and has urged residents to be on alert. The rain could trigger fresh landslides on the island where at least 27 residents were killed as a typhoon struck last week. Two others died in or near Tokyo. AgENcIES

swat rejoices eid with no police on roads SWAT: Eidul Azha was celebrated in Swat valley with enthusiasm amid inappropriate security arrangements. Police personnel vanished soon after Eid prayers came to an end. Security arrangements across the whole district, including Mingora city, were not satisfactory during Eid. A few days ago, Malakand Deputy Inspector General Abdullah Khan chalked out the Eid security plan. He claimed that all holidays of police personnel had been cancelled. He also said the police officials would be performing duties on Eid. On the other hand, ground realities were different. The police officials were not present at public places. The police provided security to mosques only on the first day of Eid. However, a large number of people from across the country visited the valley to spend Eid holidays. Tourists visited Madyan, Bahrain, Kalam, Marghazar and Fizaghat. No traffic police officials were available to clear jam-packed roads. HAROON SIRAJ

power shortfall reaches 2,200mw ISLAMABAD: Power shortfall has risen up to 2,200MW while load shedding duration has also been increased all across the country. As per reports, power demand of the country is 13,200 MW while the current production is 11000 MW only. After this increase in shortfall, loadshedding has increased to four to five hours in urban while seven to eight in rural areas. ONLINE

KARACHi: President Mamnoon Hussain, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan and Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah offering Fateha at Mazar-e-Quaid on Sunday. ONLINE

Indian minister likely to visit India-pak border

zafarullah takes charge as law secretary ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The new law secretary, Barrister Zafarullah is to take over his new duties with immediate effect from today (Monday). His appointment had formally been approved by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, for a two-year contract over his position, advertised in newspapers. Barrister Zafarullah is considered to be one of the renowned barristers of the country.


Indian Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde is expected to visit India-Pakistan border areas in occupied Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) on Tuesday. Media reports say Shinde will also have a meeting with Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and top security officials of both the states and central governments to take stock of the situation along the border. During his visit, Shinde will visit a few posts manned by the Border Security Forces along the international border

and review the situation there. There has been continuous tension along the IB and Line of Control due to unprovoked firing and mortar shelling from both sides of Line of Control (LoC) since early this year. India claims that nearly a dozen Indian soldiers have been killed and several others injured due to ceasefire violations by Pakistan so far this year. On Saturday, Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said that the ceasefire violation was not just an issue of diplomacy but also of military relations.

pakistan wants to boost trade with us: aziz ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Monday said Pakistan wanted to boost economic relations with the United States through trade. In an interview‚ he said the revival of the economy was the priority of the government and Pakistan wanted to enhance trade with the United States. He said the prime minister would have discussion with US President Barack Obama regarding this and on other matters during his visit. ONLINE

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

India claims arresting ‘pak’ nationals in Up NEW DELHI INP

India claimed to have arrested eight suspected Pakistani nationals on Sunday, with some of them involved in ‘terrorist’ activities. They were detained by security forces in Maharajgunj when they were allegedly trying to cross into India through the Indo-Nepal border, official sources said. “Some of them have been involved in terrorist activities. They had reached Kathmandu from Pakistan and from there crossed over into India at Sonauli,” Commandant Sashastra Seema Bal B K Bankhoti told media. The group, including two women and four children, was detained on Saturday, and has been sent to the Jammu and Kashmir Police cell in Delhi by road, he said. Bankhoti said that the SSB, which guards the 1,751km long Indo-Nepal border, would be accompanying the group till Delhi, from where central intelligence agencies will take over.

Some of them have been involved in terrorist activities. They had reached Kathmandu from Pakistan and from there crossed over into India at Sonauli

“The group was detained by the security personnel as they did not have valid documents,” he said. During interrogation, they told SSB personnel that they were coming from Kathmandu and they belonged to Jammu and Kashmir.

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