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Pakistanis sing their way into record books

Only Pakistan will decide NWA offensive: US Special envoy says uS not pressurising Pakistan to start NWa operation g Pak-uS relations improving by the day g


U LAHORE: Girls sing the national anthem on Saturday as 42,813 Pakistanis broke India’s Guinness world record of a large number of people singing the national anthem simultaneously. murtaza ali LAHORE StAff REPORt

At least 42,813 Pakistanis on Saturday sang their way into record books at the National Hockey Stadium in the provincial capital, humming the national anthem to break the former Indian record. The event was part of the ongoing youth festival in the province. Guinness World Record (GWR) officials were present in the stadium, while Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif also attended the event. The Punjab Sports Board

claimed that at least 24,000 students and athletes as well as 60,000 people in audience sang the national anthem but Guinness officials recorded 42,813 people singing the national anthem . Guinness World Records adjudicator Gareth Deaves said he was impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the youth of Punjab and was amazed to see such a big gathering. “It is a very important day for the people of Pakistan, specially Punjab as a large audience has gathered to create new records in several events, including singing of the national anthem and cre-

ation of Pakistani flag,” he said. Gareth said the GWR team was “very impressed” to see the enthusiasm of the people of Pakistan and was glad to see the interest of the people for attempting to create new records for GWR. The previous singing record was set by India when 15,243 people sang the national anthem simultaneously earlier this year. Earlier in August, an attempt was made to set a new world record in Karachi when thousands of students gathered on University Road to sing the national anthem. Yahya Hassan, an official of

the organising committee, told Pakistan Today that the large crowd had cooperated with the event managers and there was no untoward incident during the programme. “Everyone was excited as they wanted to break India’s record and they did it,” he said. The youth will also attempt to create the largest mosaic and flag on October 22. The Punjab CM concluded the ceremony by singing a film song “Akeley na jana humein chhor kar tum” amid thunderous applause of the audience.

S Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman on Saturday said Washington was not pushing Islamabad to launch a military operation in North Waziristan Agency. In an interview with Pakistan Television (PTV), Grossman said the decision in this regard would be taken by Pakistan alone. The US envoy arrived in Islamabad on Saturday for talks with the Pakistani political and military leaders on “issues of bilateral and mutual concern”, officials said. Talking about Pak-US relations, he said both countries had a multifaceted relation that was improving daily. Referring to the trade between the two counties, he said 20 percent of Pakistani products were being exported to the US. Grossman said PakUS relations should be based on mutual respect and focused on economic collaboration, adding that there should be more investment in Pakistan by US companies.

To a question, Grossman said he did not believe that the relationship between the two countries was transactional, as Pakistan was the largest beneficiary of the Fulbright scholarship programme and the United States was also providing assistance in the energy sector. He said Pakistan and US were making efforts for regional peace and for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. Grossman’s visit comes amid growing opposition in the country to continued US drone strikes. “It is a bilateral visit. Grossman will hold talks with political and military leaders and discuss all matters of mutual interests,” US embassy spokeswoman Ryan Harris had said earlier, without giving further details. Foreign Ministry spokesman Moazzam Ahmad Khan had told reporters last week that “the visit is part of the ongoing engagements”, which would enable the two sides to “discuss all issues of mutual interest as well as concern”. Earlier in the day Grossman met Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. Continued on page 04

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02 News newS


US stands for strong democratic Pakistan for effective anti-terror fight


infOtainment Pumpkin vandals terrorise neighbourhood

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Son kills mother, man butchers wife, sister-in-law DASKA: An anguished son strangled his mother to death on Saturday, while a 70-year-old man chopped off the hands, arms, and legs of his wife and sister-in-law. In the first incident, Abdul Sattar, a resident of the congested Sohawa locality, strangled his mother Kausar Bibi to death over honour while she was asleep in her room. Police said that after committing the murder, the accused later surrendered himself at the Daska City Police Station. He reportedly told the police that he had killed his mother for honour, alleging that she had developed illicit relations with a local man. The police registered a murder case against the accused. In the second case, Abdul Wahid, 70, attacked his wife Razia Bibi, 55, and her sister Surayya Bibi, 50, with a knife for unknown reasons. He first chopped off his wife’s hands, arms, feet and legs, and then killed both of them, police said. The accused fled from the scene after the murder. Upon getting information, police reached the spot and broke into the house. Police registered a case and started search for the criminal. OnLInE

OGRA suggests Rs 2.32 cut in petrol price ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Saturday suggested a decrease in petroleum prices, and sent a summary to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. Sources said the authority had recommended the ministry to reduce the price of petrol by Rs 2.32 per liter, High Speed Diesel (HSD) by 33 paisas, and Light Diesel by 55 paisas per litre. The authority also suggested a decrease in the price of Kerosene oil by 61 paisas per litre. With the decrease in petrol price, the price of CNG is also likely to go down by Rs 1.45 per litre. OnLInE

Quetta doctors continue strike on 3rd day QUETTA: Doctors in the provincial capital remained on strike on the third day on Saturday to protest against the kidnapping of a senior doctor. According to reports, Outpatient Departments and other services at Civil Hospital, and all other governmentrun medical facilities, remained suspended on the third day as doctors boycotted work on the third consecutive day against the kidnapping of Dr Saeed Khan. Patients in city’s hospitals kept suffering, but the hospitals lacked the staff to treat them. Protesters said that the murder and kidnapping of doctors had become a routine matter, and the government had failed to prevent crimes. OnLInE

Weather turns cold after rain in different parts of country ISLAMABAD: The weather turned cold following rain in different parts of Pakistan. According to Met Office, weather remained dry in most parts of Pakistan on Friday, though rain was recorded in Multan, Sargodha, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Dadu, Peshawar, Mianwali, Swat, Kohat and some parts of Gilgit Baltistan. This new spell of rain turned the atmosphere chilly in most areas. Lowest temperature during the past 24 hours was recorded in Astour where mercury fell up to 2 degree centigrade. This wave persisted in Hunza, Kalat, Quetta, Malam Jabba, Parachinar and Skardu. Met office predicted rain for Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad and a few upper parts of the country in the next 12 hours. APP

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

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PIA flight delay irks CJ


Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry summoned PIA officers and rebuked them for delay of flight to Karachi from Lahore. Sources said on Saturday the CJ was to leave for Karachi via PIA flight PK-303 which was delayed due to technical problems. The chief justice was informed about the delay when he arrived at the departure lounge following which Chaudhry summoned PIA officers and delivered a lecture while the officers queued up, embarrassed in front of the country’s top judge. The CJ said his precious time was wasted at the airport. “How would the common man be treated when the chief justice is treated like this,” the CJ was quoted as saying by some private television channels. He directed the PIA officers to improve the condition of the national airline.

MULTAN: Activists of Young Doctors Association hold a demonstration at Nishtar Hospital on Saturday. ONliNE

Pakistan’s ‘malala moment’ has ‘passed’: report nEwS DESk

The rage and furore over the Taliban’s shooting of Malala Yousafzai, the 14-yearold education activist, has now apparently passed in Pakistan, an editorial in an American daily has said. According to the editorial in the New York Times, some Pakistanis hoped in the immediate aftermath of the October 9 assault that it could set off a sea change in their society. For years, the country’s ability to resist Taliban militancy has been hamstrung by a broad ambiguity that undermined a national consensus against violence, the paper said. But when Malala was shot, heart-rending images of the wounded child bounced against cold-blooded Taliban statements that the militants would shoot her again, if they had a chance. The country suddenly spoke with a unified, furious voice, the paper added. However, it claimed that Pakistan’s “Malala moment”, and the possibilities it briefly excited, had now passed. According to the paper, people in Pakistan now had ‘mixed feelings’ about Malala. “Some people even think that the attack on the teenage women rights activist was nothing but an ‘American publicity stunt’ to make their point against the Taliban,” the paper said. Several youth in the country are ambivalent about the attack and

believe that people have ignored Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman convicted on charges of trying to kill American soldiers

and FBI agents by a New York court in 2010 and sentenced to 86 years in prison, the paper added.

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Gangnam fever grips Bollywood

Leather industry faces aridity

Lara declines to play t20 matches in Pakistan

editOrial Reactions to the verdict:

Politicians fail to capture the moment.

cOmment Saad Rasool says; Striking a balance?: What the short order said in the Asghar Khan case.

Malik Muhammad Ashraf says; ECO and its potential: Pakistan needs to explore its options.

In Spearhead Research; Malala and beyond: Reviewing and reworking strategy.

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Elements accusing PTI exposed, says Imran PPP misguiding public on Asghar Khan case verdict: Ali Asghar



Shahbaz accepts SC’s verdict on Asghar Khan case ISLAMABAD: Announcing to accept the apex court’s judgement on the Asghar Khan case “without reservations”, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Saturday that the Rs 500 million allegedly received by President Asif Ali Zardari from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) should also be accounted for. Speaking at a sports day event held at the Cadet College, Kalar Kahar, he said Pakistan was facing numerous challenges, particularly the energy crisis. He claimed that the system of education in Punjab had reached international standards. He also announced to set up Danish Schools for girls, distribute another 200,000 laptop computers in December in Punjab and other provinces. OnLInE


AKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said those who accused his party of enjoying a patronage of ISI and its former Chief Gen (r) Ahmed Shuja Pasha have been exposed following the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in the Asghar Khan case. “The Supreme Court’s ruling has proved as to who actually received money from ISI and which party was formed by the ISI,” Imran Khan said while addressing a gathering during his party’s program of ‘Tsunami Membership’ here. He said Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif received Rs3.5 million and Shahbaz Rs2.5 million. The conversion of Rs3.5 million into dollar rate of the time would make it Rs50 million today, he added. Imran Khan reiterated that Pakistan had to suffer a loss by engaging itself in the war of US and that ‘if we pull ourselves

ISLAMABAD: Ali Asghar Khan, son of Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan, said on Saturday that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was misguiding the public on the verdict given by the Supreme Court (SC) on the Asghar Khan case, and that the ruling party had never cooperated with the court during the course of hearings. Talking to Online, he said the money distributed by the establishment during the 1990 election was directed against the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) of which the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was only a part. He said the PPP was coalition partner with the Tehreek-e- Istiqlal, Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqa Jafria, and the Pakistan Muslim League-Qasim Group. Ali Asghar said the PPP was giving the impression that the court’s verdict was its victory. “It was ridiculous to say that justice had been provided to the PPP,” he said, adding that the PPP had not cooperated with the court at any stage during the hearing of the case, and it had not even filed the documents required by the apex court. He said the government had used delaying tactics through its legal team so that decision in the case could be delayed. “People should keep in view the facts of this case and should understand that the PPP wanted to take political mileage out of this decision ahead of general election,” he added. “It was the PPP which conferred Tamgha-e-Jamhooriat (Medal of Democracy) on the central character of this episode, General (r) Aslam Beg, while appointing the other accused, General (r) Asad Durrani, as the country’s ambassador to Germany. OnLInE

out, Pakistan’s defence would be augmented with the support of 800,000 armed men from Tribal areas’. “And I challenge no need would arise for any military operation,” he believed. He said the higher the number of mil-

Shujaat, Elahi claim refusing monetary offers in 1990 polls ISLAMABAD/LAHORE InP

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Saturday claimed that he and his cousin, Deputy Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi, were offered a large amount of money in the 1990 elections, but that they rejected the offer. Talking to reporters after a meeting with European Union (EU) delegation at his residence, he denied that the government was trying to delay the general elections. He said polls would be held at their appointed time. About the Supreme Court’s ruling against former generals convicted of influencing the 1990 polls, he said the court’s order must be implemented. Speaking on the occasion, PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain said the names of the individuals who took money in the run up to 1990 elections should be brought to fore. Speaking with journalists in Lahore, Elahi welcomed the SC’s verdict in Asghar Khan case, and said the politicians found guilty of receiving money should be declared ineligible. He said the Asghar Khan

case verdict should be implemented like that of the NRO’s. He also claimed that former army chief Mirza Aslam Beg had called them (Shujaat Hussain and Pervaiz Elahi), and offered money, but that they refused to accept it. Separately, talking to a delegation of In-

dian journalists, Elahi urged for a more intense dialogue process, saying although Pakistan and India had fought three wars, but the issues could only be settled through dialogue. He said dialogue should be held on Kashmir, Siachen and water issues with a positive mindset.

itary operations, the greater will be the problems. The PTI Chief said one should take politics as ‘worship’ and service of the people and not as a means to multiply property in foreign countries.

SC’s verdict vindicates PPP’s stance: Kaira ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Saturday that the Supreme Court’s verdict in Asghar Khan case had validated and vindicated Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) stance that the 1990 elections were rigged. Talking to a private television channel, he said the PPP was in favour of conducting a neutral investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against individuals who in the undemocratic act. He said that no institution or individual was above the law, and investigations would be initiated irrespective of political status or affiliation. To a question, he expressed optimism that an independent election commission would ensure transparent and fair elections in the country. Answering a question, Kaira said that military operation in Waziristan had nothing to do with the upcoming general elections, and that they would be held in time. APP

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

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04 News British cabinet minister quits after swearing at police LOnDOn AfP


RITISH cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell resigned on Friday after launching a foul-mouthed tirade at police officers guarding the gates of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Downing Street office. Mitchell, who as the government’s chief whip was supposed to enforce discipline in Cameron’s Conservative party, handed in his resignation after nearly one month of intense pressure over his behaviour. He denied accusations that he had called police “plebs” but admitted using bad

language to the officers after they stopped him going through the main gate on his bicycle, directing him to a side gate instead. The row was damaging for the Conservatives as they face growing accusations that the privileged backgrounds of Cameron and other senior party members including Mitchell are out of touch with voters. The new chief whip will be George Young, the former leader of the House of Commons. British media pointed out that Young is like Mitchell a keen cyclist and went to the elite Eton College, where Cameron was educated. In his resignation letter, Mitchell, said: “The offending

comment and the reason for my apology to the police was my parting remark ‘I thought you guys were supposed to fucking help us’.” Part of the offensive word was replaced by asterisks in the copy of his letter officially released by Downing Street. Citing the “upsetting and damaging publicity”, Mitchell said that “whatever the rights and wrongs of the matter I will not be able to fulfil my duties as we would both wish”. He added: “I have made clear to you — and I give you my categorical assurance again — that I did not, never have and never would call a police officer a ‘pleb’ or a ‘moron’ or use any of the other pejorative

descriptions attributed to me. “It was obviously wrong of me to use such bad language and I am very sorry about it and grateful to the police officer for accepting my apology.” Police representatives had called for Mitchell’s

resignation, saying his outburst was particularly badly timed because it came in the week that two policewomen were shot dead in the city of Manchester in northwest England. Cameron wrote back that he was sorry to receive Mitchell’s resignation but understood why he had decided to quit. “I regret that this has become necessary,” the prime minister wrote. “As you have acknowledged, the incident in Downing Street was not acceptable and you were right to apologise for it.” Mitchell, 56, a former soldier and investment banker, was appointed to his new post by Cameron during

a cabinet reshuffle in August. He previously served as international development secretary. He was educated at the elite Rugby public school where he was reportedly nicknamed “Thrasher” because of his reputation as a stern disciplinarian. Mitchell met Britain’s Police Federation last Friday in a fruitless attempt to smooth over the row. The opposition Labour Party had also taunted Cameron over Mitchell’s row with the police, which was first reported in The Sun newspaper and quickly became known as “Plebgate” in the British media. Speculation over his position reached fever pitch after he

was unable to attend the Conservatives’ annual conference in the industrial city of Birmingham, which neighbours his own constituency as a lawmaker. But the Conservatives continue to face accusations of being a party of the privileged. Hours before Mitchell quit, finance minister George Osborne was embroiled in a row after he got into a first class train carriage with only a standard ticket. It emerged later that Osborne paid to upgrade his ticket, while both his spokesman and rail company Virgin Trains dismissed initial reports that Osborne’s aide had refused to pay.

Obama tags Romney with amnesia gag FAIRFAX AfP

PHUKEt: A devotee of the Chinese Bang neow Shrine has his cheeks pierced prior to taking part in a street procession marking the annual Vegetarian festival on Saturday. afP

six afghan police poisoned, shot dead kAnDAHAR AfP

Six Afghan policemen were shot dead after being poisoned by colleagues in southern Afghanistan, officials said Saturday. The shooting, which is the latest in a series by Afghan security personnel targeting their local and foreign colleagues, occurred in Gereshk district of volatile Helmand province on Thursday. “A cook and a policeman first food-poisoned their colleagues in their post, and after they fell unconscious they were shot dead,” provincial spokesman Ahmad Zeerak told AFP. He said the policeman involved in the shooting had been arrested but the cook was still at large.

Twitter ‘to remove anti-Semitic posts’ after legal threat PARIS AfP

Twitter, a day after saying it blocked a neo-Nazi account in Germany in a global first, made another major concession Friday by agreeing to remove anti-Semitic posts in France, a lawyer said. The company did not immediately confirm the move, but the lawyer for a French Jewish student union said that after it threatened legal action, Twitter agreed to take down many of the offending tweets that have recently flooded the site. UEJF lawyer Stephane Lilti said after a meeting with Twitter’s lawyer in France

that his client had scored an “important victory” over the micro-blogging site. The student union on Thursday threatened to seek an injunction against Twitter to try to make it remove the offending tweets which proliferated in France with the hashtag #unbonjuif (#AGoodJew). The tag has been one of the top trending words on French-language tweets and is often followed by comments such as: “#AGoodJew is a dead Jew”. The UEJF provided Twitter late Friday with around 30 tweets that it wants removed, along with a list of about a dozen Twitter handles, Lilti said, adding that the list was-

n’t exhaustive and would grow with time. “It’s the start, hopefully, of a fruitful collaboration,” he said, but added that it did not mean an end to any legal proceedings, as Twitter was refusing to provide them with the identities of the authors of the offending posts. The union was hoping in particular to learn the identity of the “Usama_BenLadeen” user who had written the “#AGoodJew is a dead Jew” tweet. UEJF leader Jonathan Hayoun welcomed Twitter’s “swift reaction in removing racist and anti-Semitic tweets that we had pointed out to them.”

US President Barack Obama set an aggressive tone Friday accusing his rival Mitt Romney of suffering from policy “Romnesia,” a barb dismissed by the Republican as pettiness 18 days before the election. One night earlier, both men had traded light-hearted banter at a charity dinner, but on Friday the verbal attacks turned nasty, with the Democratic incumbent taunting Romney’s efforts to tack to the center as polling day looms. “Mr. Severely Conservative wants you to think he was severely kidding about everything he said over the last year,” Obama said at a rally attended by some 9,000 people at a university campus outside Washington. The Obama camp’s previous bid to skewer Romney with insulting tags — such as pushing the Robin-Hood-inreverse term “Romney Hood” to tarnish his tax policies — have done nothing to protect the president’s shrinking poll lead. But, with the pair’s last of three head-to-head debates set for Monday, the campaign returned to its tried and tested formula of branding Romney an untrustworthy flip-flopper. “I mean, he’s changing up so much and backtracking and sidestepping, we’ve got to name this condition that he’s going through. I think it’s called ‘Romnesia.’ That’s what it’s called,” Obama told the crowd. The Republican nominee meanwhile campaigned in the biggest political battleground of all, Florida, where Monday’s debate will be held, and he did-

n’t hesitate to strike back at the president’s comments. “They’ve been reduced to petty attacks and silly word games,” Romney told a crowd of more than 8,500 people at Daytona Beach, adding that Obama’s re-election bid “has become the incredible shrinking campaign.” “This is a big country, with big opportunities and great challenges, and they keep on talking about smaller and smaller things.” Romney, accompanied by his running mate Paul Ryan, laid into the incumbent for failing to map out his plan for another four years should he win re-election. “They have no agenda for the future, no agenda for America, no agenda for a second term.” While Romney’s camp dismissed Obama’s taunt as a gimmick, the image of Romney as a flip-flopper, one that his fellow conservatives have hit him with in the past, might yet gain traction with undecided voters. One source that definitely does not back the multimillionaire private equity baron is The Salt Lake Tribune, the local paper in the home city of Romney’s Mormon faith, albeit a liberal one that endorsed Obama in 2008. In an editorial, the paper lavished praise on Romney for saving the city’s 2002 Winter Olympics, but said his subsequent courting of the right-wing Tea Party movement and refusal to detail his tax plan should rule him out. “Romney has raised the most frequently asked question of the campaign: ‘Who is this guy, really, and what in the world does he truly believe?’” it said. “Politicians routinely tailor their words to suit an audi-

ence. Romney, though, is shameless, lavishing vastly diverse audiences with words, any words, they would trade their votes to hear.” While Obama was addressing crowds in Virginia, a state he won narrowly in 2008 but where Romney is making up ground, his Vice President Joe Biden flew to Florida, where three of the race’s four main figures were stumping for votes. Obama won both states in 2008, but as a measure of the tightness of this year’s contest, the two are now up for grabs, with Florida leaning toward Romney, according to a widely-read poll average by website RealClearPolitics. There, Romney won an endorsement from the Orlando Sentinel, whose editorial reflected a widely-held disappointment in Obama’s handling of the economy. “We have little confidence that Obama would be more successful managing the economy and the budget in the next four years,” wrote the editors, who endorsed Obama in 2008. On Monday night both men will be in the Sunshine State, in Boca Raton for a televised debate focused on foreign affairs. Going into the campaign, Obama was seen as strong on foreign policy, thanks to his withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and decision to order a mission that killed Al-Qaeda kingpin Osama Bin Laden. But Romney’s camp has hammered the president on his handling of the Middle East, accusing him of neglecting ally Israel and of underestimating the threat of extremist passions unleashed by the Arab Spring revolts.

only Pakistan will decide nwa offensive: Us Mineral water can avert Continued fRom page 01

During the meeting, views were exchanged on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, particularly Pakistan-US relations and the regional situation, a press release issued by the Foreign Office said. The foreign minister underlined the importance of a broad-based relationship between Pakistan and the US marked by deeper and wider cooperation in diverse fields. Grossman highlighted the US commitment to a longterm relationship with

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

Pakistan based on mutual interest and mutual respect. Khar and the visiting US official expressed satisfaction over the progress made by the working group on law enforcement and counter terrorism, which recently met in Washington DC under the bilateral Strategic Dialogue framework. They expressed the hope that the working groups on economy and finance and energy and water would also meet soon. The bilateral Defence Consultative Group is scheduled to meet in the

first week of December 2012. On Afghanistan, the foreign minister and Marc Grossman exchanged views on the recent developments and expressed the commitment to continue to work together in support of an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process and for the progress and stability in the troubled country. Marc Grossman also met Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani later in the day and discussed with him vital bilateral and regional issues.

Alzheimer’s: study nEwS DESk

Silicon-rich mineral water can prevent cognitive decline in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, a new study shows. British researchers suggest that drinking silicon-rich mineral water can reduce the levels of neurotoxin aluminum in the body, which is linked to dementia. Study revealed that the majority of patients who consumed at least one liter of mineral water every day for 13 weeks showed no further signs of cognitive decline; improved mental health condition was also noted in some pa-

tients. Aluminum levels have long been linked with Alzheimer’s-related mental damage; such a relationship, however, has never been approved scientifically. “When you drink siliconrich mineral water, aluminum throughout the body is gathered up into the blood and then excreted through the urine,” said Professor Christopher Exley, of Keele University, who led the research. “The most interesting thing was that we did see this potential relationship between the removal of aluminum and the positive improvement in cognitive function”, Exley said.

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Targeted attack leaves one Ahmadi dead, three injured kARACHI



N the fifth such incident in a few months, an Ahmadiyya family bore the brunt of growing religious intolerance in the country as one of its members was shot dead, while the deceased’s father, brother and father-in-law were lucky to escape injured in a targeted attack in Baldia Town. The family was heading home after prayers from a worship facility near

their house when four armed assailants on two motorcycles fired a volley of bullets at them near Dakkhana Chowrangi. Saad, 25, who was on his motorcycle, was killed while his father Farooq, 55, brother Hammad, 23, and fatherin-law Nusrat, 50, who were riding a car, were left injured. Despite being shot five times, Farooq continued to drive the car and managed to reach Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where his young son died, while the injured were shifted to Aga Khan University Hospital. Their condition

was said to be critical. Saad was an electrical engineer by profession and had had his valima reception only two days ago. Hammad was to leave for England in a few days to pursue an MBA. Another two relatives of Farooq were also with him in the car, but escaped unscathed. “The car had slowed down at a speed breaker when we were attacked,” Farooq’s brother-in-law Ashraf, an agriculturist from Punjab, said. “I ducked for cover when the firing

News 05 US stands for strong democratic Pakistan for effective anti-terror fight

started but when I looked out, there was no one outside.” Terming it communal violence, SP Baldia Shahjahan Khan said police were trying to establish the link between the latest and the previous attacks on Ahmadis. “We have to ascertain whether the same group or individuals are behind the killings.” “As there was adequate security at the worship facility, the family was targeted on their way home,” the SP added.


Washington stands for a strong democratic Pakistan that works well with it in confronting the terror challenges facing the South Asian country, the State Department said. At the moment, the two countries are trying to get the cooperative anti-terror efforts back on track, a spokesperson added at the daily briefing. Spokesperson Victoria Nuland was asked to comment on MQM leader Altaf Hussain’s statement - in the backdrop of the Taliban attack on 14-year-old girl Malala Yousafzai in Swat that Pakistanis have to decide whether they want their country to move forward as envisioned by founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah or they want Taliban’s Pakistan. “I don’t have anything particularly innovative to say on that subject. You know where we have been, that we want to see a strong, democratic Pakistan that works well with us and with the international community in addressing the terror challenges it has; that we are reengaging after some period now in trying to get our working groups and other things back up and running to support our joint efforts to meet the terror challenge, and that is - that’s the trajectory that we’re on. But I don’t have any particular comment on that comment if that’s what you’re asking.” Responding to another question, the spokesperson noted that President Zardari spoke out against the attack on Malala and other schoolgirls. Nuland expressed U.S. wishes for full and speedy recovery of Malala Yousafzai, the teenaged Pakistani girls’ rights activist, who was shot in Swat by a Taliban attacker last week and is now getting specialized treatment in Britain.

QUEttA: A school boy looks at toys at a roadside stall on Saturday. iNP

SAFMA wants state to end media meddling BHURBAN: In a bid to counter growing trends of terrorism, militancy and threats to democracy, the 5th National Conference of South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) has demanded state institutions to stop interference in the media freedom and media business and undertake reforms in PEMRA, Press Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporations, Pakistan Television and Associated Press of Pakistan. The SAFMA conference concluded on Saturday and was attended by Nusrat Javed, Adviser to PM Nafeesa Shah, PML-N Senator Pervez Rashid, Imtiaz Alam and others. Besides discussing the current situation of media business and journalists, the participants also completed election process for the next two years. Nusrat Javed was elected the SAFMA president, while Sarmad Manzoor was elected the secretary general. Mazhar Abbass from Sindh, Arshad Aziz Malik from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sebba Aetezaz of Dawn TV and Shehzada Zulfikar from Balochistan were elected as vice presidents. Lal Asad Pathan and Sidra Iqbal were elected as joint secretary, while Faisal Aziz Khan was elected as the information secretary. SHAMIM SHAHId

To save energy, government tries casual dress code for civil servants MOnITORInG DESk In a country where electrical blackouts are so severe they sometimes extend to 20 hours a day, the prime minister is loosening his tie and rolling up his sleeves in a bid to resolve the economycrippling energy problem. He is doing this by instructing government officials to loosen their ties and roll up their sleeves. Literally. Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf issued a directive last week that permits high-level functionaries to work in their shirt sleeves — or alternatively, shalwar kameez, the loose tunic and baggy pants that are the national dress of Pakistan — rather than the traditional coat and tie. He said this would let workers do their jobs in the hot summer months without electricity- hogging air conditioners. Likewise, in winter, civil servants are encouraged to wear warm woolly sweaters to negate the need for naturalgas-guzzling heaters. The recently installed Ashraf previously served as the top federal energy official. In that position, he was widely blamed for not handling the growing power crisis that inflicts misery on the

public and has devastated some vital sectors, including mining and textile manufacturing. Although this may be remembered as the Pakistani premier’s Jimmy Carter cardigan sweater moment — the former U.S. president once appeared on television wearing a sweater to ask his fellow Americans to lower their thermostats — Ashraf might be on to something. Blaring air conditioners during the four to five months of the year when temperatures can top 110 degrees are the primary reason the electricity load has increased 70 to 80 percent in recent years, said Syed Tanzim Hussain Naqvi, a retired official of the Water and Power Development Authority. Meanwhile, power generation has been stagnant. “We have not been generating electricity in the last eight or nine years,” Naqvi said. “The load is increasing, but the generation capacity is standing still.” The sartorial plan is being implemented in two ministries — the Cabinet Division and, aptly, the Ministry of Water and Power — and will expand to other government divisions if it is deemed successful.

A new dress code might make a small dent. But for a real solution, Naqvi said, the government must impose a three-step plan of upgrading the existing power stations in the country, expanding coal production and building two or three dams to take advantage of hydroelectric sources of power. “These are just notional gimmicks that have little impact on the ground,” said veteran energy reporter Khaleeq Kiani. Kiani recalled previous failed attempts to implement seemingly simple changes to cut back on energy — including a decision by all the provincial and federal governments to close businesses after sunset. Those plans remain unimplemented. Other energy-saving initiatives include cutting the six-day workweek down to an energyfriendly five and imposing a strict 10 p.m. curfew on wedding halls, where flashy light displays are in vogue.

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

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Sunday, 21 October, 2012

Guinness World Records adjudicator impressed with enthusiasm of youth LAHORE



UINNESS World Records (GWR) adjudicator Gareth Deaves was impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the youth of Punjab and was amazed at witnessing such a huge gathering at the National Hockey Stadium. Gareth said, “It is a very important day for the people of Punjab and Pakistan because a big audience has gathered here to create new records in many events including singing of the national anthem and creation of Pakistan flag by the audience present in the arena”. Imran Javed, another representative of GWR, Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly and Chief Organizer of the Punjab Youth Festival Rana Mashood Ahmad, Punjab Sports Board Director-General Usman Anwar and Punjab Secretary Sports Haroon Ahmed Khan were also present on the occasion. Gareth and his partner were given a standing ovation amidst rousing applause from the crowd which welcomed their presence in the stadium on a day which will long be remembered in Pakistan history because

of presence of the GWR team. Gareth said it was a memorable experience being in Pakistan and it was an amazing feeling to watch the presence of such a big crowd which was estimated around 70,000. He said that the GWR had set a certain criteria in the creation of news record in different fields and it was the first time that people of Pakistan had taken a GWR challenge which spoke volumes on their hard work and determination. Rana Mashood said the presence of a big gathering which was fully determined to create the record for singing the national anthem would help in portraying the real image of Pakistan, sending a positive massage to the rest of the world. “We are thrilled with the presence of a mammoth gathering in the stadium and it was Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who gave a new vision to the youth of Punjab by engaging them in healthy activities in the ongoing Punjab Youth Festival,” he said. “Our aim is to build a prosperous Pakistan and today we are here to tell the world that our youth is full of talent and has potential to achieve their desired goals,” he said.

LAHORE: The crowd cheers after breaking the Guiness world record for largest number of people singing the national anthem on Saturday. murtaza ali

Slow pace of work at Ashiana Housing Scheme irks Shahbaz LAHORE S tA f f R E PO Rt

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif expressed dissatisfaction over the slow pace of development work at Ashiana Housing Scheme and severely reprimanded the concerned authorities. The CM paid a surprise visit at the Ashiana Scheme at Saroba Atari yesterday and inspected the under-construction work. Taking strict notice of public complaints over delay in the construction of the park, initiation of classes in school and irregularity in the bus service, Sharif ordered the poor be provided all necessary facilities, under one roof. He directed that matters regarding Ashiana Project Scheme be immediately streamlined and warned that any official found procrastinating, would be sent home. The CM said the housing scheme was a project

for the poor, therefore no delay or negligence would be tolerated in the project. Addressing the authorities of Punjab Land Development Company, Sharif said the basic objective of launching the Ashiana scheme was to provide all necessary facilities of life to persons with low income, and if the affairs were not set right, he would relieve everyone. The CM directed that the pace of work in the under construction park at Ashiana Scheme be further expedited and should be completed before Eid-ul-Azha. He said that initiation of classes in the school of the scheme should be ensured within seven days. On the complaints of the residents, Sharif ordered that bus service on the route of Ashiana Scheme be launched immediately so that residents do not have to face any difficulty going to their educational institutions and offices.

Crime spree continues across the city Lahore StAff REPORt

Criminals continued their activities on Saturday in different areas of the city. According to reports, a robbery occurred in the area of Asheyana Road, where robbers stole 9 meters of Sui gas, causing problems for citizens. Sui gas officials announced that they will provide new meters at low cost to the citizens who have lost their meters. In another robbery incident, a man named Muhammad Raza, resident of Javid Colony Factory Area, was robbed from his home. Robbers stole three tolas gold, Rs 85,000 cash and escaped from the scene. A citizen named Gullam Murtaza was also deprived of his motorbike from the area of Muslim Town. Factory area police arrested five drug dealers and recovered 5 kilogram hashish, 100 liters of liquor and other illegal goods from their possession. The police filed an FIR against the accused for further investigation.

Ashiana project, ordered the CM, should be run on a corporate basis, with a modern marketing office in addition to an evolving mechanism for immediate resolution of problems relating to street lights, security, construction of boundary wall and other complaints. Member Punjab Assembly and Chairman Punjab Land Development Company Sheikh Ala-udDin, MPA Mian Naseer, Senior Member Board of Revenue, Commissioner Lahore Division, DCO Lahore and other relevant personnel were also present on the occasion. While Sharif walked on foot, inspecting the scheme, residents came out of their homes and expressed happiness on finding him among them. The CM mingled with the residents during his visit and talked to them in a frank manner asking them to register their complaints and promising apt action.

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Lahore 07 CM grants Rs 500m for free health facilities in labour rooms and wards of DHQs and THQs hospitals LAHORE StAff REPORt

Director General Health Dr Nisar Cheema stated that on the directions of Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif, health facilities in labour rooms and indoor wards at all DHQ and THQ hospitals would be provided free of cost for which the CM had granted Rs 500 million. Punjab Special Secretary Health Babar Hayat Tarrar while presiding a meeting of Health EDOs and Divisional Directors of Health from all districts of Punjab at the Institute of Public Health, on Saturday, said checking of accounts of District Health Offices would be started soon to ensure proper use of funds worth billions of rupees, allocated for providing healthcare facilities to the people. In this connection, scrutiny of Nankana Health Department had already been ordered for which a report would be submitted within a month said Tarrar. He directed the officers to chalk out their monthly work plan and implement it strictly so that their performance could be improved and health delivery system be made more efficient. He said that the department’s main focus was to improve the health delivery system in Punjab for which the department had to work day and night. He further directed the EDOs and District Health Officers to launch a social mobilisation campaign attracting females for optimum utilisation of regular health facilities for pregnant women at government hospitals.

Umar Gilani named INC Youth Wing chairman LAHORE: The International Naat Council (INC), at a meeting chaired by Pir Syed Husnain Mahboob Gilani, appointed Syed Umar Mahboob Gilani as chairman of Youth Wing of the council. Earlier, the council founded its youth wing and assigned it the duty to inspire special devotion with Naat among the youth. The council named Usman Saeed as president, Awais Malik as vice president, Adeel Chaudhry as joint secretary and Usman Amjad as finance secretary of the Youth Wing. PR

govt believes in free media, better working atmosphere: kaira




EDERAL Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Saturday said the government believed in free media and all out efforts were being made to ensure better working atmosphere for newsmen. He said, “We believe in freedom of media and are taking all possible measures to ensure welfare and better working conditions for media workers.” Kaira held out these assurances in a meeting with a delegation of the newly

formed Desk Editors Forum Lahore (DEFL) at the Governor’s House. The information minister said: “I have always advocated the cause of journalists’ community and people working in various sections of newspapers and television.” Earlier, DEFL President Aslam Chaudhry briefed the federal minister about the problems and dismal working conditions of sub-editors. He said sub-editors and copy editors did the real job and made a news item publishable by editing and refining its text and facts but despite constituting over 65 percent of the total media population, they were being ignored.

PM should take action against corrupt people: Munawar LAHORE InP

Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan reacted to the Prime Minister’s (PM) address to the nation and said the PM should have expressed resolve to take concrete measures against those involved in rental power projects and other forms of corruption. The PM in an address to the nation had announced to take strict measures against those who were involved in taking money from the ISI during the 1990 general elections, following the Supreme Court (SC) verdict. Talking to public delegations at Mansoora on Saturday, Hasan said the PM should have also announced to take action against those who looted the national exchequer and deposited amounts in Swiss banks. “The PM should have announced to bring the national wealth back to the national exchequer,” he said. He recalled that the PM himself had faced corruption charges and the Supreme Court had issued orders to block three of his accounts in different banks.

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deployment of troops at Siachen uncalled for, says Governor Khosa LAHORE StAff REPORt

Punjab Governor Latif Khosa on Saturday said that deployment of Pakistani and Indian troops at the Siachen glacier, the world’s highest battlefield, was stupidity. Speaking at the Indo-Pak Judicial Conference, Khosa said Pakistan and India were nuclear powers besides being neighbours. The two countries, he said, had wasted ample time in wars and it

was his high time for both of them to think about the greater scheme of things. He was of the view that shying away from the Kashmir issue was harmful for both the countries. The governor said the Kashmir issue needed to be addressed in line with the United Nations (UN) resolutions and desires of the Kashmiri people. Khosa further said that issues like Kishanganga could be resolved through bilateral dialogues.

Elahi calls for resolving Pakistan, India disputes through dialogue LAHORE S tA f f R E P O Rt

Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi said that dialogue between Pakistan and India should continue in order to resolve all issues while talking to an Indian journalists’ delegation. He said Pakistan wanted good relations with India and was promoting cooperation in different sectors.

He said better relations between the neighbours were vital for the progress and prosperity of both the countries. A delegation of Young Doctors Association Punjab led by Dr Mudassar also met with Elahi in Lahore and informed him about the problems related to their service structure. He assured the delegation on assistance by the federal government for solution of their problems.

LHC CJ emphasises role of bars in developing institutions LAHORE StAff REPORt

Lahore High Court Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial on Saturday said it was our collective responsibility to strengthen national institutions to ensure rule of law in the country. Rule of law demanded sacrifices and we had to act as a united and disciplined nation for promoting and consolidating all institutions, he said. The chief justice was presiding over concluding session of an international conference sponsored by Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) of Pakistan yesterday. The theme of the conference was “Peace Through Law”. Bandial stated that the

Bar was an institution similar to the judiciary, media and other state institutions. It was a pillar of strength, said Bandial, and should play its due role for building national institutions for safeguarding rule of law in the country. Chief Justice Bandial appreciated the efforts of SCBA for standing steadfast for the rights of the people of Balochistan and also sought similar cooperation from Indian Bars for resolving the miseries of the people of that province. He said that legal circles of both the countries enjoyed respect, harmony and dignity. It was responsibility of the Bar to stand against the invasion of liberty and human rights of individuals, he said. President SCBA Yasin Azad underlined the need of resolving the major

issues confronting Pakistan and India so that the need to build up huge armies did not arise and the public exchequer was utilised on welfare projects meant for the public. Member Punjab Hariyana High Court Bar Association Sardar Shams Ravash Singh said that struggle of Pakistani lawyers against an army dictator was unique and had no parallel in the history of the world. Advocate Ahmar Bilal Soofi presented recommendations of the conference. Indian SCBA President Pravin H Parekh also spoke on the occasion. The conference was attended by judges of Lahore High Court and Bar representatives of all the provinces including Azad Kashmir and senior lawyers.

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

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08 Lahore weather uPdateS

29 °c high 0c 20 low



tueSdaY wedneSdaY

28°c i 18°c

28°c i 18°c

27°c i 17°c

PraYer timinGS fajr 4:50

Sunrise 6:09

zuhr 11:48

asr 2:59

maghrib 5:24

isha 6:45

citY directOrY emerGencY helP reScue edhi cOntrOl mOtOrwaY POlice POlice GOVernOr’S hOuSe chief miniSter’S hOuSe fire briGade bOmb diSPOSal mcl cOmPlaintS lahOre waSte diSPOSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hOSPitalS mid citY 37573382-3 SerViceS 99203402-11 maYO 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 SheiKh zaid 35865731 Sir GanGa ram 99200572 uch 35763573-5 ittefaq 35881981-85 cmh 366996168-72 ShOuKat Khanum 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 adil (defence) 36667275 children’S 99230901-3 defence natiOnal hOSPital 111-17-18-19

blOOd banK fatmid iSlamic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

cOmPlaint waPda Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

LAHORE: female chefs embellish a cake during a ceremony to mark International Chefs day at Alhamra Hall on Saturday. iNP

Even Riaz’s ‘Tamgha-e-Sharmindgi’ keeps him from talking sense: Sana LAHORE StAff REPORt

Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah said the statements of Raja Riaz and resolutions of PPP Punjab were introductory measures being taken by the party to flee from the election process but PML-N would not let them escape. Commenting on the statement of Raja Riaz, Sanaullah said that Riaz, before speaking, should keep in view the “Tamgha-e-Sharmindgi” recently awarded to him by the Supreme Court. He said that due to such nonsense, Riaz had to face humiliation before the Supreme Court a few days ago. Sanaullah questioned which leadership of IJI Riaz demanded be

disqualified by the Election Commission. He said that more than half of IJI was in partnership with the PPP government. He said that Riaz should be ready to receive another “Tamgha-e-Sharmindgi” from the President House due to this statement. Sanaullah said that PML-N was not established in 1990 and Nawaz Sharif was not the head of IJI. The Supreme Court, he said, did not mention the leadership of PML-N in its decision. He said that Riaz was criticising PML-N without justification to pacify himself for the humiliation faced in the Supreme Court. He advised Riaz to instead tell the nation what action PPP was going to take against the accused army officers and when would the money be returned to the national exchequer.

citY StatiOn (enquirY) reSerVatiOn railwaY POlice

117 99201772 1333

LAHORE: Leader of Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan to suspend membership of Shahbaz Sharif after Asghar Khan case verdict. Raja Riaz said Sharif brothers be declared ineligible for 10 years and asked the PML-N leadership to apologise to the nation over dismissal of a democratic government. Riaz further said that NAB should recover money and arrest those politicians who received it. He also demanded court martial against the generals who distributed money among the politicians. StAff REPORt

Politicians who received money from govt to buy more engines to fill shortage LAHORE ISI must quit politics: Yasin Azad StAff REPORt



Sharif brothers should be declared ineligible, says Raja Riaz


Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Yasin Azad said it was the responsibility of the government to implement the verdict of the Supreme Court in the Asghar Khan case. Talking to media on Saturday, Yasin Azad said the role of judiciary was praise worthy in the given situation. He said the judiciary had become so strong that no dictator could dare derailing democracy again. He stated politicians taking money from the ISI had no right to remain in politics.

Federal Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour on Saturday announced that the government was purchasing new engines to fill the shortage. Talking to media persons during a visit to the office of business train, Bilour hoped that railway’s situation would improve over the next two years. Answering a question, he said that he was proud that ANP was not among those political parties which had received money from agencies before the 1990 general elections. He said that Economic Coordination Council (ECC) was dealing with the issue of business train. The federal minister said that railway’s engines were being repaired.

airPOrt fliGht enquirY Pia reSerVatiOn

114 111-786-786



PHotogrAPHy & PAIntIngS

cOlleGeS / uniVerSitieS PunJab uniVerSitY Kinnaird cOlleGe queen marY cOlleGe GOVt. cOlleGe uniVerSitY umt lumS uet lcwu SuPeriOr cOlleGe Sunday, 21 October, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

date: march 31 tO december 29, 2012 Venue: haSt-O-neeSt centre, lahOre hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

date: aPril 01 tO december 30, 2012 Venue: faiz Ghar, lahOre a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad haider

date: OctOber 02 – 10 Venue: the drawinG rOOm art GallerY, 63-a,blOcK e/1,GulberG iii new arrangements showcases the work of five artists who explore different forms of image making in painting and photography.

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Foreign News 09

9/11 defendants skip Guantanamo hearing US nAVAL BASE AT GUAnTAnAMO BAY



ELF-DECLARED 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four alleged co-conspirators skipped the last day of a week of pre-trial hearings Friday at Guantanamo Bay. The five men, who face the death penalty if convicted, had received clearance earlier in the week from the military judge, Colonel James Pohl, in the tribunal on a US naval base in Cuba not to attend the proceedings. The defendants had asked that Friday’s proceedings be cancelled out of respect for their Muslim faith. “Friday is the holiest day of the week for observant Muslims,” the defense

wrote in a motion. But the request was denied. It was the first time this week that all five men opted not to appear in court for the hearings, which were held in preparation for a trial over the September 11, 2001 attacks to be held at some point next year. Mohammed is accused of orchestrating the hijacked airliner plot that left 2,976 people dead, while his alleged AlQaeda accomplices are charged with providing funding and other support for those who crashed the planes. In their absence on Friday, lawyers argued about the right to call witnesses, with the defense saying the prosecution has the clear advantage. Defense attorneys say the proceedings are unconstitutional due to the pros-

ecution’s “unilateral notice of and control over” defense witnesses. One of the lawyers, James Connell, called it a “radical disparity.” In May, the defense asked that President Barack Obama, his predecessor George W. Bush and Vice President Joe Biden be called to testify, but the prosecution vetoed the move, as they can do under military tribunal rules. Defense lawyers also wanted to call former CIA agent Jose Rodriguez to testify about the ill-treatment of Mohammed while he was detained in a secret prison. “The rules are the rules,” countered prosecutor Clay Trivett, saying there needed to be a “logical and legal relevance” to calling each witness. The defense also asked that the pro-

ceedings be televised — not retransmitted via closed-circuit to a room at Fort Meade outside Washington that is open to the press and the public, as well as to other sites open to victims’ families. “If these commissions are fair, why is the government afraid to let the world watch?” asked lawyer William Hennessy. Mohammed, who skipped Tuesday’s proceedings, appeared Wednesday in a military-style vest and delivered a scathing anti-American diatribe in what the judge called a “one-time occurrence.” The US president “can legislate assassinations under the name of national security for American citizens,” the Kuwaiti-born Pakistani said. In addition to felling the Twin Towers, Mohammed claims to have beheaded US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 with

his “blessed right hand,” and to have helped in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six. His co-defendants are Yemenis Ramzi Binalshibh and Walid bin Attash; Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, Sheikh Mohammed’s Pakistani nephew; and Mustapha alHawsawi, a Saudi associate of Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden accused of arranging funding. “He doesn’t acknowledge the military commissions,” Hawsawi’s lawyer Walter Ruiz said of his client. The next pre-trial hearing is set for December 3-7. One relative of a 9/11 victim said he was growing impatient. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” said Alfred Acquaviva, who lost his son in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Palestinians begin voting in first poll since 2006 RAMALLAH AfP

Ballot booths opened across the West Bank on Saturday as Palestinians began voting in local elections, in what is the first time they have gone to the polls since 2006. Just over half a million eligible voters are expected to cast their ballots at 900 polling stations across the territory which are open for 12 hours from 7:00 am (0500 GMT), said the Central Elections Commission (CEC). The last time the Palestinians went to the polls was in January 2006 for general elections decisively won by the Islamist Hamas movement,

which rules the Gaza Strip, and which is refusing to take part in Saturday’s vote. Local elections were last held in 2005. Nearly 4,700 candidates — 25 percent of them women — are running on 300 lists, vying for 1,000 local council seats. In the southern city of Hebron, one of the lists is allfemale. The long-delayed vote will take place in just 91 of the West Bank’s 353 municipalities. In another 181 localities, candidates were appointed unopposed, with elections to be held in the remaining areas at a date which has yet to be set, the CEC said.

Al Qaeda not behind Benghazi attack: report WASHINGTON: US intelligence agencies have found no evidence that last month’s deadly attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was ordered by Al-Qaeda, The Los Angeles Times reported late Friday. Citing unnamed US officials and witnesses, the newspaper said the attack, which killed ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, was “carried out following a minimum amount of planning.” “The attackers exhibited a high degree of disorganization,” the paper quotes one of the intelligence officials as saying. “Some joined the attack in progress, some did not have weapons and others just seemed interested in looting.” According to another official cited by the paper, “There isn’t any intelligence that the attackers preplanned their assault days or weeks in advance.” AfP

For the first time, the commission announced that voters must leave mobile phones and cameras at the entrance to the polling stations. In the absence of Hamas candidates, the competition pits Fatah against independents and members of various leftist groups such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). It will be essentially be a test of discipline and the balance of forces within Fatah, which has already threatened to expel some of its members who are running on rival groups’ tickets.

iran condemns lebanon bombing, blames israel TEHRAn AfP

Iran on Saturday condemned a car bombing in Beirut that killed eight people, including a top Lebanese security official, blaming it on arch foe Israel. Tehran condemned “the terrorist blast which was carried out by those who aim to create division between different Lebanese groups that never serves the interests of Lebanon,” spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in a statement on the foreign ministry

website. “Undoubtedly, the main enemy of the Lebanese people and the region is the Zionist regime which benefits from instability and lack of security in the region,” he added. Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi also condemned the bombing in a telephone call with his Lebanese counterpart Adnan Mansur, according to the website. “The enemies of the region are seeking to intensify insecurity to achieve their ill-intended aims,” he was quoted as saying.

SIdOn: Lebanese protesters burn tyres to block a road in the southern city of Sidon during a protest against a bomb blast in the capital Beirut the day before. Protesters cut off roads in several areas of Lebanon following the assassination of a high profile security official. afP

Peace envoy to press for truce in Syria

Deadly Baghdad blast leaves survivors struggling BAGHDAD: The car bomb ripped through a row of shopfronts on a square in central Baghdad, shattering windows, setting cars ablaze and sending heavy sheets of dark grey smoke billowing into the air. The immediate aftermath of the blast at Al-Andalus Square was captured in a shaky mobile phone video, while another from a few days later showed piles of rubble strewn in the street and a black banner bearing the name Hassan Jawwad Zaghayir hanging in front of the wrecked shop where he was mortally wounded. The explosion was one of a pair of car bombs that killed at least 12 people in central Baghdad on July 31 — just some of the more than 100 attacks that month. AfP


Peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on Saturday will press Syrian officials for a truce, just hours after Lebanese politicians

blamed Damascus for the killing of a top security official. But even as Brahimi arrived in the war-torn country Friday, government jets hammered the rebel-held town of Maaret al-Numan in the northwest, and

fighters there accused the regime of using cluster bombs in the attack, echoing claims by one rights group. Brahimi flew into the Syrian capital on a mission to secure the ceasefire during the four-day Eid al-Adha Muslim holiday from October 26. He is due to meet Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on Saturday. He is also expected to hold talks with President Bashar al-Assad at a later date. “We will have discussions here with the government, the political parties and civil society about the situation in Syria,” Brahimi said at Damascus airport. “We will talk about the need to reduce the current violence and about whether it is possible to stop for the occasion of Eid al-Adha.” Brahimi hopes that if all sides in the Syrian conflict agree a truce over Eid, it will be extended to bring some respite in the 19-month conflict that has already killed more than 34,000 people. UN chief Ban Ki-moon and Arab League head Nabil al-Arabi urged the sides “to heed the call of the special envoy ... for a ceasefire and a cessation of

all violence in all its forms during the period of the Eid al-Adha.” Washington also backed the ceasefire call. “We urge the Syrian government to stop all military operations and call on opposition forces to follow suit,” said a State Department statement. Damascus has said it is ready to discuss the ceasefire proposal with Brahimi. The opposition says it would welcome any truce but insists the regime must first halt its daily bombardments. But a devastating car bomb blast in neighbouring Lebanon Friday ratcheted up tension in the region. The blast killed eight people, including a top security official linked to the anti-Damascus camp in Lebanon. Two of Lebanon’s top anti-Damascus political leaders — former prime minister and opposition chief Saad Hariri and Druze leader Walid Jumblatt — accused Assad of being behind the attack. Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi, however, condemned the attack. “These sort of terrorist, cowardly attacks are unjustifiable wherever they occur,” he said.

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

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Striking a balance? What the short order said in the Asghar Khan case

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reactions to the verdict Politicians fail to capture the moment


former COAS and a former DG ISI indicted and ISI, MI and IB told to put an end to politicking are things that people could only dream about. The government and opposition parties should therefore have jointly celebrated the verdict as it would hopefully put an end to military intervention in politics. They should have congratulated one another and expressed resolve to strengthen the political process. The mainstream parties have however failed to grasp the verdict’s real significance. There has not been a single word of gratitude even for the 91-year-old Air Marshal Asghar Khan who continued to knock at the gates of the SC for sixteen years till it became impossible to ignore his petition. For the prime minister the chief significance of the verdict is that it exposes those in the opposition who benefitted from the rigging in 1990 election. He wants them to apologise to the nation. He has vowed to get every penny back from the culprits by dutifully carrying out the ruling of the apex court in this regard. No word about the steps he is required to take to prosecute the generals. That would mean entering a minefield. So better leave it to the SC. Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon believes the verdict has established that the PPP had in fact won the 1990 elections. Further that Nawaz should admit his guilt and bow out of politics for good. The PML-N, which is never tired of posing as the sole champion of the SC in Pakistan, has failed this time to bestow the usual accolades on the apex court which deserves them now as never before. Considering offence as the best defence, it has claimed that villains like GIK, Beg, Durrani and Younus Habib had all along been in cahoots with the PPP. Imran Khan thinks the verdict offers him a godsent opportunity to get rid of his prime target in Punjab, the PML-N. He wants the enquiry against the recipients of the ISI funds to be handed over to EC which should debar them from contesting the forthcoming elections. No political party in Pakistan likes independent courts. Each one praises a judgment which benefits it and discomfits its opponents. None is happy when the judgment causes it embarrassment. According to Gen Durrani’s affidavit, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also a recipient of the ISI’s largesse getting a share of Rs 3.5 million. That restrains the party from praising the judgment. The judgment makes the PPP unhappy because it requires the president to be above party politics. Political leaders have to rise above narrow individual or party interests to be able to defend and strengthen democracy.

By Saad Rasool


he Asghar Khan case has been a thorn in our political and judicial odyssey for almost two decades. In a democracy-starved nation, the events culminating in the case serve as a horrific reminder of the power of the ‘establishment’ to override public will. For many of the present-day champions of democracy, the case is a testament to their undemocratic roots. But perhaps most disturbingly, the Asghar Khan case has, for years, served as a blotch on the fabric of our judiciary – highlighting its impotence in taking on the khakis. On Friday, however, after a wait of 16 years after filing the application, the honourable Supreme Court delivered its short order in this historic case. And with it, the court will be hoping to bury (once and for all) a large skeleton that we have been hiding in our national closet. But does the order go so far as to establish that the long arms of justice, in our land, extend beyond the barricading of the GHQ? The answer requires a further analysis. The order, authored by the chief justice himself, is declarative in nature. The language of the order is simple and does not get bogged down with elaborate references to statutory provisions or legal technicalities. Wisely, the court has left all that for the detailed judgment. A deeper analysis of the order discloses, however, that the declarations made therein can be bifurcated into two broad categories. First: bold and unequivocal. Second: more of a balancing act. In the first of these categories (bold), the honourable court makes the following declarations: 1) that “in view of the overwhelming material”, the 1990 election was “subjected to corruption and corrupt practices” through an “Election Cell” created in the Presidency, “aided by” the then COAS and DG ISI, through

money provided by Younas Habib; 2) that “the president of Pakistan, chief of army staff, DG ISI or their subordinates certainly are not supposed to create an election cell or to support” any political party or individual; 3) that Ghulam Ishaq Khan, General (retd) Aslam Beg, and Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani “participated in the unlawful activities of the Election Cell” and violated the constitution “by facilitating a group of politicians and political parties, etc”, 4) that the “ISI, MI or any other Agency like IB have no role to play in the political affairs of the country”, nor can they “facilitate or show favour to a political party” or individual. The same is “violative of oath of their offices” and must be “dealt with under the Constitution and the law”; 5) that any election cell in the “Presidency or ISI or MI or within their formations” “shall be abolished immediately”; and 6) that recovery proceedings be instituted against the “persons specified”, and Rs 80 million deposited in Account No 313, titled “Survey and Construction Group Karachi”, maintained by MI, be returned with profit. These declarations, especially the ones relating to the guilt of former generals, are commendable and a courageous step by the judiciary into the unchartered territory of holding (even retired) generals accountable for their actions. But away from these, the order makes certain other “declarations” that are less than straightforward – and made perhaps as a balancing exercise of sorts. The most blatant of these is the overt exoneration of the ‘institution’ of army. In this regard, while declaring that activities of the then COAS and DG ISI as “unlawful”, the order pointed states that these were “act[s] of individuals but not of institutions represented by them respectively”. How the actions of a sitting COAS or DG ISI (which also involved several other military officials) were “individual” acts, and not that of the “institution” is hard to understand. And how then, do you distinguish between individual and institutional actions? If the same group of military officials had advanced on a beachhead or captured an enemy post, would that also be individual actions? Is there some code word that the generals say before issuing institutional commands as opposed to individual orders? We can only hope that the detailed judgment would shed some light on this. In fact, an entire “declaration” of the court’s order is dedicated to appeasing the institution of the khakis, as the court declares, “The Armed Forces have always sacrificed their lives for the country to defend any external or internal aggression for which it being an institution is deeply respected by the na-

tion”. While there is no cavil with this proposition, and we all respect the men in uniform, how does this relate to the Asghar Khan case? And why the need for a special declaration in this regard? Is this not an exercise undertaken to pacify an institution? If the court is truly shedding its ‘fear’ of the khakis and declaring that former generals are guilty, why the need to appease the army in the same breath? Also, the court is careful in not imputing guilt to any particular politician (even while accepting the guilt of those who distributed the money among them). The court, in this regard, declares that “Rs 60 million was distributed to politicians… however, without a thorough probe no adverse order can be passed against them in these proceedings”. It is no secret that the ‘beneficiaries’ of this alleged bribe-money belong to one particular party (for the most part). And as a result, not imputing any guilt to them would result in partisan backlash. The court seems to be anticipating this, and thus strikes a balance by directing the FIA to commence “legal proceedings” against all such “politicians, who allegedly have received donations to spend on election campaigns in the general election of 1990”. Separately, the court also (and correctly) points out that the president “represents the unity of the Republic under Article 41 of the Constitution”, and that partisan politics by the president (e.g., establishing an election cell) “violates the Constitution”. And in so declaring, the court goes a step further, to say that such a violation “may lead to an action against him under the Constitution and the law” (notwithstanding any argument of possible immunity). Reading the short order, it is easy to see that reference to “action against” the president for partisan activity was not for Ghulam Ishaq Khan, but instead was made with one eye on Asif Ali Zardari. This declaration is bound to be consequential in an election year, especially with the dual office case still pending before the Lahore High Court (next date of hearing: 31 October). On the whole, the short order is as much as anyone could reasonably have hoped for in such a controversial case. While we all await the detailed reasoning behind this order, what is critically important is to ensure that the state machinery is immediately ‘put into motion’ to pursue the directives of the honourable Supreme Court, to the fullest extent of the law. The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. He has a Masters in Constitutional Law from Harvard Law School. He can be reached at:

ECO and its potential Pakistan needs to explore its options By Malik Muhammad Ashraf


n the post-World War II era, economic integration among the countries having geographical proximity and complimentary economies, is acknowledged as the best arrangement to exploit the social and economic potential of those countries designed to ensure their sustained economic growth and provide a collective mechanism to assist and bail out the member states from economic crisis. The European Union and ASEAN are the enviable success stories of the concept of regional cooperation. Pakistan, Iran and Turkey emulated this model by establishing Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) in 1964 for promoting economic, technical and cultural cooperation among them but unfortunately it failed to achieve the stipulated objectives and had to be scraped in 1979 only to re-emerge in 1985 as Economic Cooperation Organisation with the same membership. In the fall of 1992, ECO embraced seven new members namely Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The declared objectives of ECO are: sustainable economic development of member states; progressive removal of trade barriers and promotion of intra-regional

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

trade; greater role of ECO in the world trade and gradual integration of the economies of member states with the world economy; development of transport and communication infrastructure linking member states with each other and with the outside world; mobilisation and utilisation of material resources of ECO region; regional cooperation for drug abuse and control and mutually beneficial cooperation with regional and international organisations. The organisation aims to meet its goals through cooperation in the field of trade and investment, transport and communications, energy, agriculture and industry and human resources. The core objective of ECO, however, is the establishment of a common trade market by 2015. As a first step for achieving this goal, Economic Cooperation Organisation Trade Agreement (ECOTA) was singed on 17 July, 2003, during the summit meeting in Islamabad. The ECO countries have a total population of more than 416 million which by any standards is huge consumers market for the products of the member states. The Central Asian states are also endowed with infinitesimal natural resources. A unique factor regarding ECO is that all the member states are Muslim and have very strong historical and cultural bonds with each other. Another very important and positive reality is that Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzs-

tan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are also members of SCO, another vibrant and very important regional organisation. Their presence in both these bodies can greatly contribute to establishment of productive and meaningful cooperation between them. Pakistan is also striving to become a full member of SCO. Pakistan can greatly benefit from the ECO common market as it would throw open myriad of opportunities for her to enhance its exports and diversify export destinations for its products. Pakistan will also not have to beg for preferential treatment for its exports by the European and other countries. It can also tide over the energy crisis with the completion of contemplated projects like electric transmission line from TajikistanAfghanistan-Pakistan and the gas pipeline between TurkmenistanAfghanistan-Pakistan-India. Pak-Iran gas pipeline venture is another perennial solution to energy deficiency. The foregoing ground realities give a fair idea of the potential that exists in the member states for achieving the objective of economic integration and unfurling a process of sustained economic growth in them. The building of the economic linkages between the member states will also immensely contribute to strengthening the regional security. The status and power of the ECO is growing. However, the organisation faces many challenges.

Most importantly, the member states are lacking appropriate infrastructure and institutions which the organisation is primarily seeking to develop, to make full use of the available resources in the region and provide sustainable development for the member nations. The security situation in Afghanistan and some of the Central Asian states is the main stumbling block in developing the required infrastructure. President Zardari addressing the 12th ECO summit held in Baku early this week, rightly identified terrorism, poverty and illiteracy as the major debilitating factors in regards to achieving the goals of ECO. One can hardly take issue with the conclusions drawn by him. The abundant resources of the member states can only be exploited productively through collective efforts to fight these menaces, especially terrorism that poses existentialist threat to Pakistan and is also a major challenge for other member states and the region as a whole. His observations that ECO had not been able to make headway like the other regional blocs and that the member states needed to show more commitment in realising the core objective of the organisation to establish a common trade market, are timely reminders to the member states to work at a greater pace. It is indeed heartening to note that during the last four years, Pakistan in recognition of the importance of the ge-

ographical factors and ground realities in the region, has laid greater emphasis on improving relations with its neighbours and building regional linkages. This visionary paradigm shift in the conduct of our foreign relations, for sure, will bring enormous economic, political and security benefits to Pakistan in the long run. In fact this new strategy has already started paying dividends. There has been an exponential increase in economic cooperation with China. Russia, with whom Pakistan had troubled relations, has of late exhibited its keenness to bury the past and enhance cooperation with Pakistan. It has indicated its willingness to support the construction of TAPI and power transmission line from Tajikistan to Pakistan besides financing the construction of Diamir-Bhasha Dam on the basis of government to government funding. It has also shown interest in providing finances for Pak-Iran gas pipeline. Our chief of army staff has been to Russia last week and bother countries have also expressed the resolve to enhance cooperation in the field of defence. These are very positive developments. Pakistan’s bid to re-energise the ECO, joining the SCO, cementing and strengthening of relations with China and recalibration of relations with Russia gives her multiple policy options viz-aviz US, besides surmounting the economic and other challenges that it faces.

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Comment 11

malala and beyond

Editor’s mail

Reviewing and reworking strategy


he striking photograph of a single man facing a tank with upraised arms in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square galvanised China and the world to the reality of oppression and resistance to state power. Another memorable photograph that stunned the world showed a naked terror struck screaming girl running from a fireball behind her — more than anything else this one picture summed up the sordid horror of the Vietnam war — the massacres, the use of Agent Orange, napalm and indiscriminate bombings. More recently the visuals of the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib prison, the images of US Marines urinating on Afghan corpses, the killing of a US diplomat in Libya — and closer to home, beheaded bodies, bomb blasts, kidnappings and random killings — all make up the mosaic that is the war on terror. The teenage Malala gunned down by Taliban in the name of what they call Islam is a horror that drives home the image of intolerance, ignorance, brutality and extremism. Those who carried out this atrocity and those who ordered it stand exposed for what they are and what they stand for. As Malala fights for her life in a British hospital the world prays for her. In Pakistan, besides the prayers, there are endless debates on what has happened and where we should go from here. The event is crystal clear so debating it is futile. Beyond the event the road is murky. There are people calling for an operation in North Waziristan — identified as the hub and nerve center of insurgent and militant activity. Others are pointing out the pitfalls and the consequences of such an undertaking. There are others blaming the drone strikes and US/NATO operations and some even pointing fingers at those who want a military operation in North Waziristan being the masterminds behind the atrocity. So far no one has said that what is actually required is introspection and a review of what has been Pakistan’s strategy so far. After a decade of the war on terror the situation is much worse than it was before the war started. Afghanistan remains destabilised, the Afghan Army and police forces are ineffective and falling apart, drugs smug-

gling is rampant, the Taliban are as active as ever and the US and NATO are running for the exit with The New York Times calling for this to happen quickly. Pakistan faces insurgencies in its western provinces that are fed by sponsors in Afghanistan and inspired by others through Afghanistan. Pakistan also faces an economic crisis and a high level of internal security. Its military is stretched thin in FATA essentially containing a situation that begs a political-military strategy. There is sympathy in Pakistan for those who are fighting to free Afghanistan from foreign presence and from those in Afghanistan seen as collaborators of the foreign presence. There is no sympathy for those who seek to overpower the Pakistani state to impose their own brand of religion and governance — these are the criminals and extremists who have banded together and are being exploited to destabilise Pakistan from within. There is also no sympathy for those who link themselves to the insurgents for their own narrow sectarian and ethnic agendas that are seen by them as the path to power and control. The question is that if this is true then why does not the state of Pakistan assert itself and speak with one voice so that a comprehensive strategy can be forged? At this stage of the end game, Pakistan does not want to strike at the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan because these Taliban or those sponsored by them could be part of the Afghan-led reconciliation process and the eventual political dispensation in Afghanistan. If, after the exit of the US and NATO, there is a civil war in Afghanistan then Pakistan would not want these Taliban to become the sponsors of the insurgents fighting for political space in Pakistan — the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in order to leverage Pakistan’s support in their own internal struggle. The US, however, wants Pakistan to clear the Afghan Taliban from North Waziristan. It uses drone strikes in Pakistan’s territory against them and turns a blind eye to the insurgents operating from Afghanistan against Pakistan, possibly with Afghan government and Indian support. A runaway from Swat, now living in Kunar province of Afghanistan, is reported to have ordered the attack on Malala for speaking out against his atrocities. For Pakistan, the problem is also the fact that economic issues and the divisions in its society that remained latent or at least below threat level have

surfaced under weak governance as major threat to internal stability. Pakistan’s environment is now being exploited by criminals, political factions, religious extremists and external forces and the result is lawlessness, violence and zero human security. In such a situation, there is no way that the economic decline can be arrested much less turned around. A strategic review would drive home the reality of the situation facing Pakistan and the long term danger to the state. It would point Pakistan in the direction of a methodical step by step approach to meet the threats and challenges. The focus would have to be on forging bilateral relations with neighbours that define and secure land and maritime borders with conflict ruled out as an option. It could lead to the conclusion that the Balochistan situation can only be tackled by strong effective government and administration in the province, supported, not driven, by the federal government and the military. Sindh, including Karachi, needs political accommodation, not dominance by a single faction — it cannot be left to fester nor can Karachi remain the city of death that it has become. The comparative calm in Punjab comes at the cost of appeasing those who can create mayhem to survive and those who have forged linkages across borders to calibrate violence and exert coercive pressures. Punjab needs to be prepared for what may erupt suddenly. Khyber Pukhtunkhwa is totally destabilised by the blowback from FATA and Afghanistan — its stability is linked to the situations in those areas and with the bilateral relations with Pakistan’s neighbours. Pakistan’s relationships with the US, Russia and China are most important and cannot be at the cost of any one of these countries. The US and India must act to give Pakistan the space it needs to review and rework its strategy and not act to pressurise it into some kind of submission because that will not happen. There has been silence on the various allegations levelled at the military and a tacit acceptance of statements that blame the military for all policy formulation and control. This projects the image of an elected government that wants to do much but is hampered by the military from doing so. There is perhaps a need for a strategic directive that defines the scope and scale of the actions that the military is to undertake as part of the orchestration of all the elements of state power, including the political institution.

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Slanted reporting This is with reference to AFP’s report concerning the detailed statement of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad before a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. The report, while giving a summary of the stance of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad on 9/11 episode, in a very subtle way has throughout referred to Khalid Sheikh Muhammad as only Muhammad. Apparently, the use of family name Muhammad instead of full name Khalid Sheikh Muhammad seems a normal practice in the narrative whether journalistic or literary. However, under the given environment of Western media’s onslaught against Muslim in general and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in particular, it smacks a mischief aimed at discrediting the very person of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in order to slowly brainwash the Muslim youth so that they slowly get accustomed to calling the word ‘Muhammad’ without having sentiments of reverence. Besides that, the intention of the said report is also projecting the name of Muhammad as symbol of terror and intolerance among the western readers to justify US-led world’s assault in Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere on the pretext of fighting terrorism. To conclude, I strongly protest this type of reporting by AFP and consider it in total violation of journalistic ethics and conduct. I sincerely appeal to the administration of AFP to promote religious harmony that serves the humanity that leads to peace and prosperity. ANZA KANWAL Rawalpindi

using public money Do the people of Pakistan have a right to know how the ministry of information and broadcasting is spending Rs 4.98 billion for the welfare of journalists? Is the

government providing houses to the journalists who don’t have one? Or helping them to improve their living standard or is any living allowances provided to those who are without job, or scholarships to journalists’ children for higher studies or for young journalist to improve their qualification and skills? I don’t understand why this ministry exists in the first places whose sole function is to serve the propaganda of the government and to encourage and promote favouritism in media which is the fourth organ of the state and is expected to represent the interests of the people. It is the responsibility of the journalists to expose the corruption, unethical practices of the government and its national institutions. Why should the journalism, a noble profession, be adulated with immorality, unethical and reprehensible acts by the government with taxpayers’ money? Why does the government want to favour journalists financially? How will a journalist remain neutral after accepting undue gratitude from the government? Similarly, the president, prime minister and various ministries have funds at their disposals, to spend as they like. Is it not moral corruption? Why are those billions of rupees not being used on education and health? Why is the people’s money not being spent on their welfare? After all it is their money which should be used for their welfare and not for personal promotion of the politicians. Pakistan is not a poor country; it is blessed with natural resources and human resources. What we need is to use them for the progress of the country. S T HUSSAIN Lahore

aussie Pm tumbles down Displaying photographs on front page beside the lead story under the masthead, showing the Australian Prime Minister tumbled down on the ground during her visit to Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi on October 17, maybe news that may suit to the news pages of a newspaper, but it seems to be embarrassing and awkward to display it. This was an embarrassing moment for the lady of a stature, a guest, though in India, from Australia to Asia, yet it looks highly unethical of us. ALYA ALVI Rawalpindi

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

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12 Gangnam fever grips Bollywood


HE Saif-Kareena wedding may be creating waves, but Preity Zinta is in no hurry to tie the knot. “I can only say, wait and watch. Right now I have time only for my film,” says the actor, who is currently single. The 37-year-old, who visited Delhi recently, wore a religious thread on her wrist. But it had nothing to do with any ‘mannat’ (wish) for the success of her upcoming film, Ishkq in Paris. “My friend got it from Amarnath and that’s why I’m wearing it. I believe in good karma. Acchhe karam aur hardworkse mannatein poori hoti hai aur kisi se nahi,” she said. The film, her debut outing as producer, marks her return to silver screen after four years. Preity, however, doesn’t like to call it her ‘comeback film’. “I find the term strange. Recently I read about Rani (Mukerji) making a comeback too. But, she just did a film in January. It’s all hype. Does anyone question Aamir (Khan) when he has a gap of years between his releases?” There’s, however, one thing Preity agrees with — the film, releasing next month, has put a lot of pressure on her. “It’s like giving birth ... I’m very excited but at the same time, very nervous. I’m acting, producing, and have co-written the film as well. COURtESy Ht

nicole kidman quits ‘real sex’ film


ICoLE Kidman has pulled out of a new movie after being told that scenes of real sex are planned. The 45-year-old actress was set for a role in controversial director Lars von Trier’s project Nymphomaniac. “Nicole will not be a part of this movie,” the Daily Star quoted a source as saying. other reports state that Kidman decided against doing the film as she is facing scheduling conflicts with her new film Grace of Monaco, which is currently shooting. To ease his suffering, Von Trier has added Uma Thurman, presumably in Kidman’s part. nEWS dESK

robert Pattinson, kristen stewart with a kiss


oBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have sealed their reunion with a kiss! The actors were spotted cuddling each other at the latter’s new mansion. They were by the 22-year-old actress’ pool on Wednesday, and they could be seen laughing and cuddling each other before Stewart changed into a bikini and enjoyed a dip in her new blue lagoon, reports In the pictures, Pattinson, 26, looks at peace and it seems like he has whole-heartedly forgiven his partner for three years, even after she cheated on him with married director, Rupert Sanders. Their big public appearance together will be for the promotional event of Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, starting next week. The two will also be on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere Nov 12, and they are expected to attend all foreign premieres together, too. n EWS d ESK

Justin timberlake, Jessica biel wed in italy


EARTHRoB actor-singer Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel have tied the knot in southern Italy, they told People magazine Friday. “It’s great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends,” the couple told the celebrity bible in a statement. Timberlake, 31 — whose movie credits include 2010’s “The Social Network” and “Friends with Benefits” last year — and 30-year-old Biel have been dating for five years.After splitting briefly and reuniting last year, the actor proposed to Biel in December in the dramatic surroundings of Big Sky, Montana. They had kept details of their wedding under wraps, not revealing the exact location even to guests until the last minute, according to People, which said it will run details and exclusive photos in next week’s print edition. “She’s a really, really, really special person,” Timberlake recently said of Biel, the magazine reported. Timberlake, chosen among Teen People Magazine’s “21 Hottest Stars Under 21” in 1999 and most eligible bachelor in America in 2002, has previously dated Britney Spears from 1998-2002. He has also been romantically linked in the past with Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson. AfP

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

i’m in no hurry to marry: Preity Zinta


FTER making waves across the globe, Gangnam Style has finally swept Bollywood celebrities off their feet, quite literally. Actor Amitabh Bachchan, along with Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif, had a party trying the Korean pop song moves on the yet-to-be-aired Diwali special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati. He uploaded the pictures of their act on Facebook and posted, “On KBC with Shahrukh and Katrina .. doing the ‘gangnam style’ .. such fun.” Recently, Bachchan had also asked his fans to explain the meaning of ‘Gangnam Style’. “What the heck is ‘Gangnam’? See many using it often... even Abhishek,” he wrote on Twitter last month. Abroad, celebs such as Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres have recently picked up the ‘horse style’ dance moves of the popular track by singer Psy. While Chris Gayle did the act after his team West Indies won the T20 ICC World Cup, famous broadcaster Peter Mansbridge did a parody at Stratford Festival. Tennis ace Novak Djokovic also attempted the dance at his China Open win. The Korean rapper’s video has become the most-liked YouTube video


x-CIA agents never give up. They can’t, because the past—distant or recent—catches up with them. Incidentally, that plot premise is also convenient for hacking out utterly dismaying sequel flicks like Taken 2, made three years after the original which had its quota of James Bond-ish spills, thrills and slivers of sophistication. Sorry, but despite the return of Liam Neeson in the part of the beleaguered protagonist, this one’s a strict no-no. It is utterly improbable and unintentionally laughable at times. Come to think of it, the screenplay has as much substance as an episode from a bythe-numbers TV series. All the crises which the man of action has to go through have been seen before, in variations and permutations. Anyway, cut to the Albanian gangster (Rade Sherbedgia) whose son was shot dead in a skirmish not so long ago, it seems. Vengeance is on the bereaved father’s mind. Consequence: the former agent (Neeson), his daughter (Maggie Grace) who needs a driving license

ever. The global hit is widely expected to become the first K-Pop track to reach the top of the UK singles chart. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has hailed South Korean rapper Psy’s global hit, Gangnam Style, as a force for world peace. Ki-moon has found himself displaced as the best-known Korean on the planet by the astonishing success of Psy’s catchy video - and the veteran diplomat could not be more delighted. The 68-year-old said that he has “seen it several times,” voicing his pride at the way Psy had brought Korean pop and the nation’s quirky sense of humour to a global audience via the internet, where the video has been viewed more than 400 million times. “I’m very proud that his performance has been loved and enjoyed by more than 400 million people. It is amazing,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying. “There are no languages required in the musical world. That is the power of music, that is the power of the heart. In this era of instability and intolerance we need to promote better understanding through the power of music,” he added. COURtESy Ht

diane kruger to flirt with anton yelchin in 5 to 7


IANE Kruger will fall for Anton Yelchin in upcoming indie romcom 5 to 7, reveals The film is to be directed by Victor Levin, whose previous work includes series Crazy About You and Mad Men. Kruger will once again be able to show off her French language skills in 5 To 7. She will portray the wife of a French diplomat who falls for a charming young man, played by Anton Yelchin. The title of the film refers to the French expression “5 à 7,” that time of the day when promiscuous French businessmen can enjoy a little bit of extracurricular hanky panky before going home. The film will start to shoot in February 2013, when Diane Kruger will be done working on TV series The Bridge. nEWS dESK

as well as a steady boyfriend, and his ex-wife (Janssen) are kidnapped. The lady, believe it or not, is hung upside down by the nasties. It’s a miracle that she actually survives. Her discomfort is shared by the audience. The villain and his mean gang try their best or worst to torment and exterminate the entire family. In vain. Because


the family always has some gizmo hidden in a sock or a brilliant idea to stay alive, and survive to tell the tale. Hopefully there will be no Part 3. Neeson surely deserves better and could quit slumming in such no-brainers. The film is highly varnished, shows off exotic Istanbul locations and has been co-written and produced by France’s slick maestro Luc Besson. He shouldn’t have. This abysmal sequel is as pointless and punishing as it gets. COURtESy Ht

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13 ‘beyonce rooms’ puts mums and babies at risk d ELUxE executive suites dubbed the “Beyonce room” in a New York hospital are putting mothers and babies at risk because of staffing issues, it has been claimed. At Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital, where Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy this January, affluent mothers can pay up to 1,700 dollars-a-night for private full-service rooms where there is one nurse to attend to every mother and baby. But, according to veteran nurses, this allegedly comes at the expense of less fortunate mothers and babies on the generic maternity ward, according to veteran nurses.

On the sixth floor of the hospital, sometimes up to 18 newborns are being tended to by one nurse only when there should be no more than eight babies to every nurse. The nurses say this is unnecessarily putting mother and babies lives at risk. “It’s incredibly stressful,” the Daily mail quoted one nurse who has worked at Lenox Hill for decades as telling the New York Daily News. “You have too many babies. You can’t do all you need to do for them,” she said. Another said that the hospital executives don’t care about the 99 percent, “only the one percent.” The difference between the maternity ward and the private ward - on the fourth floor is evident. The “Beyonce room”, as it is allegedly known by hospital staff, has blond-wood floors, dark-wood cabinets and cream-colored walls.

Other rooms, which are dubbed the Park Avenue studio and the premium deluxe, have amenities like plush terry cloth robes, microwaves, coffee makers and plasma screen TVs. According to the nurses, these were set up three weeks ago to be rented out to affluent patrons. In one Yelp review, a past patient recommended paying for a private room saying it was “well worth the money” because you get treated “like royalty”. On the fourth floor, the deluxe private room goes for 850 dollars, while the premium deluxe is 1,400 dollars and the ‘Beyonce room’ is 1,750 dollars. On the sixth floor, semi-private rooms house two patients each and are usually covered by insurance. Small private rooms on that floor that aren’t covered by insurance go for 712 dollars per night and one larger one goes for 1,300 dollars. “These

units are incredibly busy and there are not enough nurses and ancillary staff. The stress is that a whole other floor puts pressure on the ratios. And something has to give,” Eileen Toback, chief of staff of the New York Professional Nurses Union, said. The Upper East Side hospital has 632 beds and delivered 3,848 babies last year, mostly catering to middle and upper class patients. Hospital spokeswoman Barbara Osborn insisted staffing the executive suites has not diminished staffing of the general maternity ward. “At no point was our maternity unit understaffed,” she said. “Due to the fluid nature of patient volume in maternity units, it is standard procedure for all hospitals to have the flexibility to move staff to best serve the needs of their patients. “Occasionally visitors ask about ‘Beyonce’s room’. There is no name for that suite,” Osborn added. nEWS dESK

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Infotainment 14 4 famous artists who tried to destroy their own work

3. Virgil writes some of the greatest works of literature, asks friends to burn it If you don't remember the Aeneid from school, let's just put it this way: It's considered one of the greatest written works in humanity's long history of writing things (it's been taught and studied for two millenniums for a reason). The Aeneid originated way back in 29 B.C., a result of the poet Virgil setting out to pen an epic ode to the founding of Rome. Now, Virgil was a meticulous craftsman. It took him 11 years to write the epic poem, and even then he thought it wasn’t good. So in 19 B.C., Virgil set out on a lengthy vacation in Greece and Asia to attempt to edit and salvage the poem, but fell ill almost immediately. On his deathbed, he asked his friends to burn the insignificant little trifle he'd spent the last decade working on, the one that made the men cheer and the ladies swoon. So what saved One of the Greatest Things Ever Written by Mankind from getting tossed into some burn barrel in an alley where bums would warm their hands over it? Politics. Emperor Augustus had suggested the poem to Virgil in the first place, and parts of it implied that he was descended from Rome founder Aeneas, which would legitimize his reign. So when he learned of Virgil's "Please make sure no one sees the incredible masterpiece I created" request, Augustus issued an imperial decree, ordering Virgil's cohorts to finish editing the poem as best they could and publish it. And here we are, still talking about it, 20 centuries later.

4. Michelangelo feeds thousands of drawings to a bonfire OR artists, it must be complete agony to see their hard-labored brainchildren banned, censored or outright destroyed -- which makes it all the more baffling when they choose to do it themselves. Yet history is full of famous people who went to extreme lengths to prevent you (yes, you specifically) from experiencing their work. For example...


1. Director Tony Kaye tries to sabotage his own film using insanity Kaye had a reputation for both arrogance and eccentricity, but studio executives and test audiences were extremely happy with his initial rough cut of x after shooting ended (this is the movie that, after all, would earn Norton a Best Actor nomination at Oscar time). Kaye wasn't happy, however, and he immediately started trimming footage until the film was down to a slim, kid-friendly 87 minutes. New Line Cinema was less than thrilled, and asked Kaye to work with Norton to assemble a version that was, you know, movie length. Kaye agreed, then proceeded to go freaking insane. First, he apparently was so infuriated by the process that he punched his hand through a wall. Then, he began taking out full-page attack ads in Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter (with his own money) with quotes like John Lennon's "I'll scratch your back and you knife mine." Then Kaye brought a priest, a rabbi and a Tibetan monk into the studio president's office to ask for an extension to finish his cut of the film, a tactic he later admitted was "insane." The studio flatly refused, telling Kaye that they were releasing the version that he and Norton had worked on together. If you assumed that was the end of it, that's

because you're probably not insane. Kaye, on the other hand, flew to the Toronto Film Festival to demand that the film not be premiered, bought more attack ads (in all, he spent about $1 million) and threatened to hire protesters to picket theaters where the movie was being shown. He also asked to have his name taken off the film. However, the Director's Guild only allows this practice if you agree not to badmouth your film in public, and since that ship had not only sailed but plowed into an iceberg and sunk with all hands on deck, Kaye was stuck having his name attached to American History x. You know, the film that was critically acclaimed, earned an Oscar nomination and appears on numerous "Best Movies of All Time" lists.

2. Dick Cheney’s wife writes erotic novel, tries to cover it up You might remember Dick Cheney, former vice president and noted face-shooting enthusiast. You might even know that his wife, Lynne, is the author of more than a dozen books. Many of them are patriotic children's books, aimed at teaching kids about their country and its government. But then there's Sisters, a historical romance set in the Old West. Don't feel bad if you've never heard of it -- it was published in 1981 and had a fairly small print run, so there aren't that many copies floating around. But in 2004, with the presidential election looming, a publisher planned to reissue Sisters. That is, until Cheney's lawyer reached out and convinced them not to, presumably through judicious use of the phrase "tactical air strike." But why? Well, you may recall the Bush/Cheney administration being fairly conservative, a platform founded on old-fashioned values and more traditional relationships.

French dog poisoned and buried alive survives A Jack Russell terrier has survived after being poisoned and buried alive — and he can thank the man who saw the ground wiggle. Ethan came back to life on his third birthday after someone tried to kill him. He had a whole chain of saviors: the man who dug him up, the fire-fighters who rushed him off and a veterinarian who nursed him back to life. Sabrina Zamora, president of an animal association in Charleville-Mezieres, 200 kms northeast of Paris, said Friday

the little white dog with a black ear was "flat as a pancake" when he was dug up from his grave Tuesday near a lakeside pedestrian path. "It's extraordinary. We only see this in TV movies," said veterinarian Philippe Michon. The vet said when firemen brought the dirt-covered terrier to his office "he was completely cold, he was barely breathing." Michon used hot water bottles to warm up Ethan's seemingly lifeless body. The dog was so cold his veins had collapsed and it was hard to find one to hydrate him but within 24 hours the dog was back on his feet. According to the veterinarian and Zamora, a man walking by just happened to see the ground moving — an apparent result of convulsions from the dog's poisoning. The man then got a shovel and dug the dog up. Ethan was identified through a microchip that showed all this happened on his third birthday. His owner says he had given the dog away but police are investigating, Zamora said. nEWS dESK

We're all familiar with Michelangelo, the Italian artist whose painting, sculpting and nunchuck skills are the stuff of legend. Michelangelo was one the greatest artists of his time, completing two of his most famous sculptures (David and The Pieta) before he was 30 years old. He viewed painting as an inferior art form, yet still rocked the Sistine Chapel. Oh, and he made a lot of drawings. Like, tens of thousands of them. Or about 600, judging by what we have left. Of course, you have to figure that not every single doodle he scribbled of St. Peter's Basilica in perfect 1/1,000 scale would survive four and a half centuries, but even in his own time, Michelangelo's talent was fully recognized -- his drawings were considered priceless gifts to be treasured and protected. So why are so few of them still around? Well, it might have something to do with Michelangelo tossing reams of them into bonfires throughout his life. What? Why? If his drawings were so highly regarded that he could have turned them into favors or some serious coin, why just toss them into the inferno? The most likely explanation involves a weird form of vanity and public perception. In Michelangelo's mind, true genius centered around the immediate, seemingly effortless creation of a work of art, whereas the actual sketching and design stages were elements to be ashamed of and kept hidden. You know the merits of hard work and proper planning and learning from your mistakes and all that jazz? Michelangelo worked hard for everything he did, yet he'd rather you remember him as a lazy, gifted man who just strolled into the Sistine Chapel one day, looked up, grabbed a few paintbrushes and a stepladder and went to town. nEWS dESK

cops apologise for using a stun gun on a blind man British police apologised on Wednesday for using a stun gun on a blind man after officers mistook his white cane for a samurai sword. Officers were responding to "a number of reports that a man was walking through Chorley armed with a samurai sword", when they confronted Colin Farmer, who was on his way to meet friends in a pub last Friday, in the northern English town. When Farmer, 61, did not respond to their calls to stop, one of the officers used

his taser stun gun, which delivers a 50,000 volt shock. "I certainly didn't know they were police - and I certainly didn't know they were shouting at me. I thought I was going to be attacked by some hooligans," Farmer told the Lancashire Evening Post newspaper. Despite pleading with the police and telling them he was blind, he was handcuffed. "It then became apparent that this man was not the person we were looking for and officers attended to him straight away," said Chief Superintendent Stuart Williams in a statement, adding the innocent man was taken to hospital for treatment. "Lancashire Constabulary deeply regrets what has happened. We have clearly put this man through a traumatic experience and we are extremely sorry for that." Police later arrested a 27-year old man in connection with the sword reports but released him without charge. The incident has now been referred to the independent police watchdog for further investigation. nEWS dESK

Pumpkin vandals terrorise neighbourhood


FFICIALS in East Naples, Fla., are hoping to squash a marauding band of vandals who are frightening locals and destroying property by using pumpkins as their weapon of choice. The attacks happened this past weekend. Residents in the Queens Park area were hit with hundreds of dollars worth of damage caused by the smashing pumpkins -- the fruit, not the musical group, which was in southern California this past weekend and nowhere near the crime scene. Thelma Flores told WZVN-TV that her car fell victim to the pumpkin attack. The damage to her back window will cost $500, according to the station. "There was a big hole, glass shattered all over the place, it was awful," she said. Officials believe the same pumpkin was used on at least three other homes, and also destroyed a mailbox, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Although one witness told deputies that he saw a car speeding through the neighbourhood during the time period when the pumpkin attacks occurred -and even heard smashing noises -- he didn't call authorities, WBBH-TV reported. Officials are still investigating, but Flores suspects the culprits are teenage pranksters and she's determined to catch them, even offering a reward to sweeten the pot. Not that she expects to pay it. "Whoever did this is paying for this," Flores told the station. "And they're going to have to pay for that reward." nEWS dESK

cat leads owner to discovery of ancient roman ruins


IRKO Curti was chasing his cat through the streets of his village on Tuesday night when the cat inadvertently discovered a set of ancient Roman ruins. "The cat managed to get into a grotto and we followed the sound of its meowing," Curti told the Guardian. When he caught up to the animal, it had crawled into an opening in the side of a cliff. Inside the opening, Curti stumbled upon a 2,000-year-old tomb "piled with bones" and ancient Roman urns. The tomb was discovered just outside a residential area in the Roman city of Via di Pietralata. Archaeologists who were called to the site have speculated that it dates back to sometime between the 1st century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D. Curti described the discovery as "the most incredible experience" of his life. The archaeologists said that recent rains in the area were likely responsible for exposing the tomb and noted that several other similar discoveries have been made in the area in recent years. nEWS dESK

taiwan temple to launch 'divine advice' app


AIPEI: A temple in southern Taiwan is to launch a smartphone app that allows the faithful to seek advice from the heavens while on the move, reports said Saturday. "With the increasing popularity of smartphones, we will launch our own divination app next year," said Hung Yang-chen, website designer for Jhen Hai Temple in Pingtung county, according to Central News Agency. The temple launched a website in 2005 offering online divination services, enabling Internet users to ask heavenly advice about what action to take, whether in love or commerce. Since the website was launched, the temple has seen an increase in physical visitor numbers of 30 percent, prompting it to expand into mobile apps. Divination is an important part of Taoist practices in Taiwan, and local temples are often full of worshippers seeking divine guidance. AfP

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in ‘difficult’ time armstrong rallies backers Page 18

symes puts Lions in semis after tense chase JOHAnnESBURG CRICInfO

OU need 43 off 43 with seven wickets remaining to make the semi-finals and knock three competing teams out. What do you do? If you are a South African side, you nearly choke. The ingredients were all there. Commanding position in a crunch game, the threat of rain, Duckworth-Lewis calculations, the works. And Jean Symes took the Lions fans through the full range of emotions at their home ground. He allowed the askingrate, which had started at around six-anda-half, to touch ten after the 18th over. Even as the familiar word started doing the rounds, Symes, on 6 off 16, slammed four of his next six deliveries for boundaries to carry Lions to the knockouts of the Champions League Twenty20, and with one final blow down the ground, sent Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Yorkshire out of the tournament. It had been Lions' game to lose after their bowlers had never allowed the Yorkshire run-rate to approach seven at any stage in keeping them to 131. Yorkshire had begun their defence well in sending back the Lions openers with 31 on the board but Quinton de Kock had steadied the chase as he hit boundaries just when Yorkshire managed to build some sem-


blance of pressure. De Kock's wicket, a topedge ending in the wicketkeeper's gloves off the last ball of the 13th over, was to precipitate the drama. Symes, having taken Lions home against Chennai Super Kings in the last over as well with a counter-attacking blitz, struggled to get the ball off the square. The 14th and 15th overs pro-

duced a run each and suddenly, the askingrate was above eight. Azeem Rafiq, with a spell of 4-0-14-1, was largely responsible for the urgency in Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale's manner now. But his decision to give the next over to Adil Rashid was to even matters again. Rashid, having gone for 22 in two overs, was taken for 14 more in the 16th by Dwaine Pretorius, playing ahead of the veteran Zander de Bruyn. Yorkshire refused to give up, though. Steven Patterson had Pretorius caught in the deep for 25 off 14. Iain Wardlaw, playing only because Yorkshire's two first-choice quicks - Ryan Sidebottom and Moin Ashraf - were injured, conceded just three in the 18th over. Oliver Hannon-Dalby, the second replacement playing his first T20 game, kept Thami Tsolekile to a single off the first two balls of the 19th but Symes now decided it was time. With 19 needed off 10, Symes made room and lofted over sweeper cover for six, and smashed the next delivery down the ground for four. He lifted the second ball of the 20th over mid-on to finish the job that Lions' bowlers had started so well. Yorkshire's batsmen, heaving and flailing, had found the combination of a fast Wanderers pitch and a balanced Lions attack too much to handle. Left-arm spinner Aaron Phangiso impressed again, Lions captain Alviro Petersen got Yorkshire's topscorer Phil Jaques, but it was the home

side's four quick bowlers who used the pace and bounce in the pitch to tie down Yorkshire all through. Andrew Gale and Jaques did add 54 upfront, but that partnership never looked in control, with numerous swings-and-misses, especially from Gale. Nevertheless, Jaques managed to pull and cut for a few fours, and with Gale also hacking away some runs, Lions did have a base. It was the introduction of the fourth fast bowler, Pretorius, that ended Gale's scratchy effort, as the Yorkshire captain topedged a slog to the wicketkeeper. Joe Root came out looking to hit every ball, and Phangiso soon had him sweeping straight to deep square leg. The expected rain arrived to force a 15-minute interruption after which the part-timer Petersen, giving himself a second over of offspin, bowled Jaques after the batsman missed a slog-sweep. Gary Balance looked the man most likely to lift Yorkshire out of their stupor, but he thick-edged a slog off Phangiso to short third man to depart for 17. Yorkshire's lack of depth meant Rashid, with a highest T20 score of 36, was in at No. 6 and when Adam Lyth swung Chris Morris to deep square leg in the 17th over, Yorkshire's final realistic chance of a late charge was over. Their inexperienced attack gave Lions a real scare, but this time, there was to be no choking for the South African franchise.

SCOREBOARd yORKSHIRE 21 AW Gale* c †tsolekile b Pretorius 31 PA Jaques b Petersen 5 JE Root c Sohail tanvir b Phangiso 21 A Lyth c nannes b Morris GS Balance c nannes b Phangiso 17 AU Rashid lbw b Sohail tanvir 8 dM Hodgson† not out 10 4 Azeem Rafiq c Phangiso b Sohail tanvir 14 EXtRAS 131 tOtAL dId nOt BAt SA Patterson, I Wardlaw, OJ Hannon-dalby fALL Of WICKEtS 1-54 (Gale, 8.2 ov), 2-60 (Root, 9.5 ov), 3-67 (Jaques, 10.5 ov), 4-100 (Ballance, 15.3 ov), 5-111 (Lyth, 16.6 ov), 6118 (Rashid, 17.6 ov), 7-131 (Azeem Rafiq, 19.6 ov) BOWLInG Sohail tanvir 4-1-25-2, dP nannes 4-0-30-0, CH Morris 4-0-25-1, AM Phangiso 4-0-23-2, An Petersen 2-0-11-1, d Pretorius 2-0-13-1 LIOnS An Petersen* c †Hodgson b Hannon-dalby 19 GH Bodi lbw b Patterson 8 32 Q de Kock c †Hodgson b Wardlaw nd McKenzie lbw b Azeem Rafiq 13 d Pretorius c sub (E Wilson) b Patterson 25 27 J Symes not out 4 tL tsolekile† not out EXtRAS 6 134 tOtAL dId nOt BAt CH Morris, Sohail tanvir, dP nannes, AM Phangiso fALL Of WICKEtS 1-27 (Petersen, 3.4 ov), 2-31 (Bodi, 4.6 ov), 369 (McKenzie, 9.6 ov), 4-89 (de Kock, 12.6 ov), 5-107 (Pretorius, 16.2 ov) BOWLInG I Wardlaw 4-1-23-1, SA Patterson 3.2-0-21-2, OJ Hannon-dalby 40-35-1, JE Root 1-0-4-0, Azeem Rafiq 4-0-14-1, AU Rashid 3-0-36-0 toss Lions, who chose to field, Points Lions 4, yorkshire 0, twenty20 debut OJ Hannon-dalby (yorkshire), Player of the match J Symes (Lions), Umpires Aleem dar (Pakistan) and HdPK dharmasena (Sri Lanka), tV umpire RJ tucker (Australia), Match referee dC Boon (Australia), Reserve umpire S George

Greig diagnosed ‘michael as captain has been very high quality’ with lung cancer nEwSDESk

Ricky Ponting laughs when asked whether or not he was a better captain of Australia than Michael Clarke. Eighteen months into the job, Clarke's leadership has helped push the national team to a point where they can glimpse the world No. 1 ranking, a summit that will be achieved if they can defeat South Africa at home in November, Cricinfo reported. When he gave up the captaincy, Ponting had said he hoped to give Clarke the best chance of putting his stamp on a new team, something the younger man has done. Irrespective of their relative merits as tacticians, Ponting and Clarke both need each other still, especially if Ponting can bat with the authority he showed against India last summer. While a little envious of the support network Clarke has around him as a result of the Argus review, Ponting is generous in his praise. "The thing I know about him, and it was similar to when I took over the captaincy as well, I think Michael's been able to elevate his game to a different level," Ponting said. "I think the way he played over the summer last year was very impressive, both

one-day cricket and Test cricket. And when I took over the captaincy it was a bit of the same with me as well. "Certain players respond to that responsibility a little bit better and make everybody feel and look very comfortable. As players and captains you're always judged on records, and what Michael has done as a captain and a player so far has been of a very high quality." Clarke's role as a formal selector as well as a captain is a dual post Ponting coveted during his time as a leader, and he had little doubt that the system brought in following Argus' frank critique of the state of the national team had made a major difference to the team's fortunes. Having slipped to as low as fifth in the world following the 2010-11 Ashes drubbing, Australia pushed back up to third with series wins over Sri Lanka, India and West Indies, plus two 1-1 results against South Africa and New Zealand. "If you're looking to lead an organisation or a team well, you want to have total responsibility for what's going on," Ponting said. "I

never had that, but that's something I'd always asked for and it's good to see that's the direction the game's going because I think it's the direction it had to go. "I think there's a lot of positive things that have happened around Australian cricket in the last 12 months. The way the selection thing is structured now with [the team performance manager] Pat Howard being involved, some really good and smart decisions are being made around giving players in our team the best chance possible." Following the all change approach taken last summer, this one should bring a greater measure of stability, and Ponting said the team needed to consolidate its gains. There will be few excuses in terms of staff, structure or schedule, either for Ponting or the Test team as a whole, if they do not keep up their winning ways. "Absolutely, we don't want to

be taking any steps backwards," Ponting said. "CA are going to give us everything we want and everything we need to be the best team we can be, and as players now we have to, one, understand that, and two, win games of cricket. We're international players being paid good money to win games of cricket, and that's what we have to do. "I couldn't ask for anything better really than my lead-in, having a couple of months off after the Caribbean, then getting back in the gym and training hard for a couple of months before the Tassie pre-season stuff started. A couple of games under my belt now and Tassie's got off to a pretty good start. I've a couple more Shield games to play yet and another couple of one-dayers, so there'll be no excuses as far as I'm concerned about where my game will be by the time November comes around." The winter brought an unfamiliar sense of peace and quiet for Ponting, as he returned home from the West Indies to enjoy the longest break of his international career. Now exclusively concerned with Test matches, Ponting said the winter's experience had been foreign, but refreshing.

nEwSDESk Tony Greig, the former England captain, has been diagnosed with a form of lung cancer and will undergo a biopsy later this week to determine at what stage the disease is at and what the required course of action would be, Cricinfo reported. "I have had a few scrapes in my life and this is another one," Greig told the Sunday Telegraph. "[His wife] Vivian and I are going to put the boxing gloves on and fight this like we've never fought anything before." Greig, who is currently a well-known television commentator, was initially diagnosed with bronchitis in May. His condition did not improve and tests following the World Twenty20 revealed that he has a lesion on his right lung. On his return to Australia from the tournament, he had "a lot of fluid" drained from the lung, and further testing revealed he had cancer. Greig said he was unsure if he will be working over the Australian summer, as commentator, with Channel Nine: "At this stage, the summer is totally up in the air. My priority, 100%, is my family. They will come first."

Lara declines to play T20 matches in Pakistan nEwSDESk Brian Lara was made an offer to play for the International xI in the two unofficial Twenty20 matches in Karachi but he refused because he was concerned about the message his participation would send out, given that the PCB had disassociated itself from the games, Cricinfo reported. "Yes, an offer was made to me," Lara told the Trinidad Guardian. "Until such time as the governing body in Pakistan [PCB] is able to convince the rest of the world that the best safety mechanisms have been put in place, and the ICC agrees, I would have to say no." The Twenty20 games between the International xI and a Pakistan All Stars xI at the National Stadium will mark the return of international players and cricket, albeit unofficial, to Pakistan for the first time since the terror attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in March 2009. The PCB issued No Objection Certificates to its contracted players to play the games and allowed the use of the

venue but maintained the games were unofficial and unsanctioned. The Sindh sports minister, Mohammad Ali Shah, with the support of the Karachi government, arranged all logistic and security arrangements as well as the broadcasting deal. It was reported that the total cost of staging the matches was Rs 3 crore ($314,300 approximately*). The three West Indians in the International xI are former players Ricardo Powell, Jermaine Lawson and Adam Sanford, while Alvin Kallicharran is the coach and manager. Both Kallicharran and Powell, who was Lara's team-mate, said they were happy to be part of this venture. "To be honest, yes I was a bit hesitant initially, having heard stories of different kinds about playing in Pakistan," Powell told the News. "But when I was told by the organisers that everything is in order I took their word and I am here in front of you. I am feeling at home here and there are no reservations in my mind. I have played against Pakistan but this is my first visit to this country."

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Pakistan All Star XI beat Int’l World XI by 84 runs kARACHI AGEnCIES


AKISTAN All Star xI trounced International World xI by 84 runs as the visitors could not stand youngish Pakistani bowlers at National Stadium Karachi on Saturday. As if the 223-run target were not enough to pressurise the opponents, Pakistan’s Anwar Ali sent Sanath Jayasuriya packing when World xI were just 10. Mohammad Shahzad and Ateven Taylor showed some resistance, giving their side a 25-run stand in the second wicket. Taylor went to pavilion 12 runs after Whab Riaz bowled out Shahzad on 35. Pakistan’s Tabish Khan completed his hat-trick bowling out Ricardo Powell, Jermaine Lawson and Thandi Tshabalala. Then came Shapoor Zadran and Andre Nel after six wickets were down only to lessen the loss margin. They gave a 29-run stand in a Testmatch like performance before Nel got run out on 7 runs off 27. Zadran, the top-scorer for World xI, was stumped on the last ball of the match. He played an inning of 42 runs off 54 which included three sixes and three fours. Earlier, a defiant Pakistani side put an almost ODI target in the T20 match, thanks mainly to Umar Akmal

PAKIStAn ALL StAR XI 29 Imran nazir c tshabalala b taylor 54 Shahzaib Hasan c Seymore b tshabalala nasir Jamshed c †Mohammad Shahzad b tshabalala19 Shahid Afridi* c Jayasuriya b nel 18 Umar Akmal not out 67 Shoaib Malik st †Mohammad Shahzad b tshabalala 13 fawad Alam c Sanford b Shapoor Zadran 18 Sarfraz Ahmed† c Sanford b Shapoor Zadran 0 0 Anwar Ali not out 4 EXtRAS 222 tOtAL fALL Of WICKEtS 1-83 (Shahzaib Hasan, 6.1 ov), 2-84 (Imran nazir, 7.1 ov), 3-116 (Shahid Afridi, 9.3 ov), 4-122 (nasir Jamshed, 10.1 ov), 5-151 (Shoaib Malik, 12.3 ov), 6214 (fawad Alam, 19.1 ov), 7-215 (Sarfraz Ahmed, 19.4 ov) BOWLInG A nel 4-0-41-1, Shapoor Zadran 4-0-38-2, M Hayward 40-45-0, St Jayasuriya 2-0-35-0, MS tshabalala 3-0-20-3, SR taylor 2-0-28-1, JJC Lawson 1-0-13-0 IntERnAtIOnAL WORLd XI St Jayasuriya* c Shahid Afridi b Anwar Ali 10 14 Mohammad Shahzad† b Wahab Riaz 15 SR taylor c nasir Jamshed b Wahab Riaz 5 RL Powell b tabish Khan Shapoor Zadran st †Sarfraz Ahmed b Shahid Afridi 42 JJC Lawson b tabish Khan 0 0 MS tshabalala b tabish Khan 7 A nel run out (Anwar Ali/†Sarfraz Ahmed) 27 LE Bosman not out EXtRAS 18 tOtAL 138 fALL Of WICKEtS 1-10 (Jayasuriya, 0.6 ov), 2-35 (Mohammad Shahzad, 3.3 ov), 3-47 (taylor, 5.4 ov), 452 (Powell, 6.2 ov), 5-52 (Lawson, 6.3 ov), 6-52 (tshabalala, 6.4 ov), 7-81 (nel, 13.1 ov), 8-138 (Shapoor Zadran, 19.6 ov) BOWLInG Anwar Ali 3-0-24-1, Wahab Riaz 3-0-17-2, tabish Khan 4-0-25-3, Shoaib Malik 2-0-7-0, Shahid Afridi 3-0-16-1, Umar Akmal 1-0-11-0, Imran nazir 1-0-2-0, nasir Jamshed 1-0-14-0, fawad Alam 1-0-5-0, Shahzaib Hasan 1-0-12-0 Players per side 12 (11 batting, 11 fielding), toss Pakistan All Star XI, who chose to bat, Series Pakistan All Star XI led the 2-match series 1-0, Umpires Riazuddin and Saleem Badar, tV umpire Khalid Mahmood, Match referee Anwar Khan, Reserve umpire Junaid Ghafoor


and Shahzaib Hasan. But it was a team performance overall and every player shared their bit.

The second and last match will be played today in National Stadium Karachi.

malinga five-for reins in Chennai JOHAnnESBURG MOnItORInG dESK

It was a session of anti-climaxes in Johannesburg. First, what was supposed to be the big Saturday night match involving two teams featuring some of the world's biggest Twenty20 stars turned into a dead rubber as Lions qualified for the semi-finals in the evening, knocking out both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, Cricinfo reported. Then, a widely predicted thunderstorm which was expected to wash out the match stayed away, forcing the two teams to take

part in an inconsequential game. Finally, an expected barrage of big hits in the second half of the innings after Super Kings' openers motored to 86 for 0 in eight overs didn't quite materialise. That was mainly due to Lasith Malinga, who after being caned for 16 in his first over, took 5 for 16 in his remaining three overs. First, he removed the explosive Faf du Plessis and the dangerous Suresh Raina off successive deliveries in the 11th over to rein in the run-rate. Then, in the 17th over, when MS Dhoni was showing glimpses of his big-hitting avatar

SCOREBOARd CHEnnAI SUPER KInGS 39 M Vijay b Ojha 52 f du Plessis c Sharma b Malinga SK Raina c Johnson b Malinga 8 MS dhoni*† c Smith b Malinga 35 S Badrinath c †Karthik b Smith 2 RA Jadeja run out (†Karthik/Johnson) 12 JA Morkel c tendulkar b Malinga 0 5 WP Saha c †Karthik b Malinga 13 R Ashwin not out 0 BW Hilfenhaus not out EXtRAS 7 tOtAL 173 fALL Of WICKEtS 1-86 (Vijay, 8.1 ov), 2-101 (du Plessis, 10.4 ov), 3-101 (Raina, 10.5 ov), 4-111 (Badrinath, 13.1 ov), 5145 (dhoni, 16.3 ov), 6-145 (Morkel, 16.6 ov), 7-158 (Saha, 18.5 ov), 8-160 (Jadeja, 19.2 ov) BOWLInG PP Ojha 4-0-30-1, dS Kulkarni 4-0-34-0, MG Johnson 40-42-0, SL Malinga 4-0-32-5, Harbhajan Singh 2-0-17-0, dR Smith 2-0-17-1, MUMBAI IndIAnS dR Smith c Vijay b Morkel 13 2 SR tendulkar c Raina b Hilfenhaus RG Sharma c Vijay b Morkel 32

Kd Karthik† b Hilfenhaus 74 1 At Rayudu c Saha b du Plessis 31 KA Pollard c Raina b Jadeja Harbhajan Singh* c Saha b Jadeja 6 MG Johnson not out 0 SL Malinga not out 0 EXtRAS 8 tOtAL 167 fALL Of WICKEtS 1-19 (tendulkar, 3.2 ov), 2-21 (Smith, 4.4 ov), 3-85 (Sharma, 12.1 ov), 4-95 (Rayudu, 13.1 ov), 5-155 (Karthik, 18.3 ov), 6-161 (Pollard, 19.2 ov), 7-167 (Harbhajan Singh, 19.5 ov) BOWLInG dE Bollinger 4-0-26-0, BW Hilfenhaus 4-1-14-2, JA Morkel 4-0-28-2, RA Jadeja 4-0-47-2, R Ashwin 3-0-44-0, f du Plessis 1-0-3-1 Match details toss Mumbai Indians, who chose to field Points Chennai Super Kings 4, Mumbai Indians 0 Player of the match tba Umpires HdPK dharmasena (Sri Lanka) and RJ tucker (Australia) tV umpire Aleem dar (Pakistan) Match referee dC Boon (Australia) Reserve umpire S George

that first made him a star, Malinga had him caught at backward point before dismissing the renowned finisher Albie Morkel three balls later. Mumbai had looked on course for a much larger total after Vijay and du Plessis regularly found the boundary, intentionally or not, early on. In the first eight overs,

Super Kings whacked ten runs or more five times; after Vijay was dismissed in the ninth, Super Kings hit more than 10 runs in an over only three times. Still, so strong was the start that the openers had provided, that despite the pottering in the second half of the innings, Super Kings ended with a reasonable 173.

Sports 16 Pcb announces national team camp LAHORE StAff REPORt

A meeting of PCB's Executive Coordination Committee (ECC) was held yesterday at NCA Lahore. It was chaired by chairman PCB and attended by COO, CFO, director general, director international cricket operations, director coordination, director security and vigilance and director marketing. The ECC invited Mohammad Hafeez, (Captain Twenty20) Dav Whatmore (Head Coach), Naveed Cheema (Manager), Mohammad Akram (Bowling Coach) and Iqbal Qasim (Chairman National Selection Committee) to discuss the strengths of the team and areas where further improvements can be made. An official of the PCB said: “On the valuable suggestions from Team management of the ICC World Twenty20 tournament, National Coaches and Selection committee it was agreed that before all FTP tours a camp of National Team will be held at National Cricket Academy. During the camp same brand of cricket balls to be used for practice which would be used in that particular tour. “After extensive deliberation on the suggestions received from team management, players and selectors, ECC unanimously decided to use Kookaburra balls in both first class and limited-over domestic cricket. “It was unanimously agreed that domestic cricket require improvements in fielding, fitness, application of technique and other areas. ECC agreed to form a committee comprising Shafiq Ahmed Papa and Mohammad Akram (National Bowling Coach), which would present its report in next ECC meeting. Besides giving suggestions in the above mentioned areas, the committee will review and suggest a system for proper utilization of regional coaches, ways to improve the regional cricket reporting system and suggest a cut-off date for the start of using Kookaburra balls at domestic level.”

champions trophy 'a hidden gem' PAUL SMITH Edgbaston will prove a fitting venue to end the last-ever ICC Champions Trophy when it hosts the final of the eight-team event next summer. That is the view of Steve Elworthy, the tournament's director, speaking as the Birmingham ground was confirmed as one of three to host the competition's finale in England and Wales in June 2013. As well as the showpiece final of the 50-over event, which is for the best eight international teams in world cricket, Warwickshire CC's stadium will also host England's opener against old foes Australia. "The redevelopment they have done there is unbelievable," said Elworthy. "If you look over the last summer we have just had the reports, the comments about the state of the stadium, and the fantastic build they have just put together, and it is testimony to their work. "We have seen some incredible finishes there, some of the greatest Test matches, one-dayers and Twenty20 matches around for a long time, so it is an incredible venue. "We are looking forward to hosting the final at Edgbaston. It is a fantastic venue right now."

Pietersen to prove a point, says Flintoff LOnDOn AGEnCIES

Kevin Pietersen is likely to come out with all guns blazing when he returns to the England squad for next month's test series in India, former team mate Andrew Flintoff said on Friday. The South African-born batsman was recalled by England this week after being dropped following a controversial textmessage row. "When Kevin's got a point to prove he usually proves it with the bat," retired allrounder Flintoff told the BBC. "I think (new captain) Alastair Cook might benefit from all this. He might get KP at his best." Pietersen, 32, who averages 49.48 from 88 tests, was dropped for the third and final test against South Africa at Lord's in August after admitting sending

provocative texts to the opposition. However, he denied allegations he told them how to dismiss former skipper Andrew Strauss who retired from cricket after South Africa won the test series 2-0. "When people get on Kevin's case he comes out swinging and scoring runs," said Flintoff. "We saw that when he came into the one-day international game in South Africa (in 2004) and he just kept scoring hundreds. "I think Kev will be fine. It might be a bit more uncomfortable for some of the others who have not been too kind to him in books, in paper reports and in interviews. "Everyone's got an ego, maybe there are a few clashing in that dressing room at the minute and they just need to put them to one side and carry on. If Pietersen starts scoring runs and England win it will all quickly be forgotten."

Flintoff, who played 79 tests for England before quitting in 2010 because of injury, is now being trained by former world featherweight boxing champion Barry McGuigan and will make his debut in the ring at the Manchester Arena on 30 November. The former Lancashire all-rounder said Pietersen needed to know he was wanted in the England dressing room. "He is different but if you want Kevin the player, you have Kevin (the person as well)," said Flintoff. "I think his qualities as a player outweigh everything, like everyone else he needs a bit of encouragement. When you are as good as he is you need an arm round the shoulder and you need the backing of the team." The first test between India and England is in Ahmedabad starting on 15 November.

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17 Sports Security tight as high-profile cricket returns to Pakistan

SePanG: Yamaha factory racing driver Jorge lorenzo of Spain speeds up during the qualifying round of the malaysian Grand Prix motoGP. afP


Security was tight on Saturday as Pakistan hosted the first match of an international flavour in the country since 2009, when militants attacked a bus carrying the Sri Lankan team. A sell-out 32,000 crowd at the well-cordoned National stadium watched an International World xI led by former Sri Lankan captain Sanath Jayasuriya play All Stars Pakistan led by current allrounder Shahid Afridi. The unofficial match, organised by sports minister of Sindh province Mohammad Ali Shah but backed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is seen as a small step towards reviving international cricket in Pakistan. The attacks in March 2009, which left eight people dead and seven Sri Lankan players wounded, forced foreign teams to shun tours to Pakistan over security fears. Around 5,000 policemen and para-military staff cordoned off the stadium in a top-level security arrangement. "A top-level security plan was devised for the match with around 5,000 policeman in and around the stadium," said a police official. "The sweeping of the entire stadium was done 24 hours before the start of the match to eliminate the likelihood of any explosive substance or devices planted by the saboteurs," the official said. Around one dozen police vehicles led both the teams to the ground, with antiexplosive equipment and sniffer dogs on guard an hour before the scheduled start at 8:00pm (3:00GMT). "It is a grand occasion," Jayasuriya said at the toss. "All the players are excited to be the part of this match and the enthusiasm of the fans makes it a befitting occasion. "Judging by the enthusiasm it is unfortunate that Pakistan has not been able to host international matches, but this match will definitely help, maybe in a small way to bring cricket back to Pakistan." A colourful band welcomed both the teams at the ground, as fans settled in the stands, left vacant and unattended in the wake of Pakistan's cricket exile.

PCB waits for india tour itinerary LAHORE StAff REPORt


HE Pakistan Cricket Board is still awaiting the tour itinerary from its Indian counterpart for the much-anticipated bilateral series between the two countries later this year. PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf told reporters that the BCCI was expected to send the final schedule for the series which is to be played in two months' time in India The BCCI had said that Pakistan will play three one-day internationals and two Twenty20 matches on the

short tour that begins in the last week of December and ends in the first week of the new year. It is the first bilateral series between the two countries after the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008. The arch-rivals have not played a series since Pakistan's tour of India in 2007. The Indian and Pakistani cricket

teams have only met in international tournaments since 2007. "I had enquired from the BCCI officials during the recent ICC meeting in Colombo about the final schedule and they said they would send it soon. So we are also awaiting it. But obviously they

will announce it as it is their home series," Ashraf said. He said relations with the BCCI had been good in recent times and both boards have realised the importance of having regular bilateral cricket matches. "The positive thing is after such a long time a bilateral series has been shown a green signal and obviously the schedule will be announced after proper clearances," he added. The PCB had requested the BCCI to include Mohali as one of the venues for the matches to allow more Pakistanis to visit India for the matches but their request was politely turned down by the Indians.

Blue tide rising Comment MUHAMMAD BUTT


EPENDING on how you perceive things, Roberto Di Matteo is either an incredibly lucky man or an extremely shrewd one. The former West Brom manager led the London club to glory in the FA Cup as well as the Champions League last season-a feat that has eluded far more decorated managers of the game including the self proclaimed Special One-and has since then guided the team to the top of the Premier League table in the current season. Go back a few months though and things were far from this rosy; Andre Villas Boas was shown the door after being made the scapegoat for Chelsea’s poor run in the league. The charismatic Portuguese had stoked John Terry’s bloated ego by questioning his lack of pace via a high defensive line and had threatened to relegate Frank Lampard to squad player status. No surprise then

Sunday, 21 October, 2012

that this did not go down well with both the veterans and soon enough AVB had lost the dressing room with

player power at the club very much coming to the fore. Caretaker manager Di Matteo adopted a much more passive approach and reverted to tactics his star players were familiar with which subsequently helped the team to flourish. Winning the Champions League proved to be more beneficial to RDM’s cause than he would have initially imagined. Didier Drogba, another influential player at the club, left following expiration of his contract and Lampard having won every major trophy at club level now seems ready to accept his fate as a squad player. Terry, at 31 is not getting any younger and his recent involvement in the racism episode with Anton Ferdinand presents RDM with an excellent opportunity to do away with the robust center back should he decide to go down that route. This has coincided with Chelsea once again spending big in the transfer market which is slightly puzzling considering the incumbent Financial Fair Play regulations and the fact that AVB was not afforded this lux-

ury a season ago. With the spine of the team slowly disintegrating, Di Matteo has been given new and shinier toys to work with this season. Belgian sensation Eden Hazard and Brazilian wonder kid Oscar have joined Mata while the departure of Drogba has meant a starting berth for Torres in what is now a completely revamped Chelsea forward line. The precocious Oscar has had a mixed start but Hazard started the season on fire and when his form dipped ever so slightly, Mata was on hand to pick up the mantle most notably in their toughest fixture so far away at Arsenal. Torres is yet to regain his form of old but has shown glimpses of a revival scoring four goals so far and with no other out and out striker at the club the Spaniard is likely to get an extended run in the team. A good start was vital as Chelsea is due to face United, Liverpool and City in the upcoming week as well as taking on Villas Boas’s Spurs this weekend in what will be an extremely interesting

matchup for obvious reasons. For all their attacking talent, this Chelsea team is far from complete; the lack of options in the striking department is likely to cost them at some point in the season and defensive cover is not great either unless reinforcements are sought in the January transfer window. In 2003, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich by virtue of his billions changed the landscape of world football. The manager at the time Claudio Ranieri, assembled a core of players who would help win Chelsea plenty of titles in the coming years but those titles would not come under the management of the slightly eccentric Italian. Ranieri was shown the door because he could not deliver the title despite laying the groundwork for much of the success that was to follow. It would be slightly premature to draw comparisons of Di Matteo with the former Chelsea manager but RDM will be aware that while he has the blessings of the owner for now, it will not take much for things to change.

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Sports 18 In ‘difficult’ time Armstrong rallies backers AUSTIn AfP


Stosur to face wozniacki for moscow crown

ANCE Armstrong admitted he had endured a "difficult" two weeks, but shook off the cloud of doping Friday as he urged supporters of his Livestrong charity to continue the fight against cancer. "It's been an interesting couple of weeks. It's been a difficult couple of weeks for me and my family, my friends and this foundation," Armstrong said as he welcomed some 1,500 people to the gala celebration of Livestrong's 15th anniversary. Armstrong founded Livestrong after his own battle with testicular cancer, but this week stepped down as its chairman after the US Anti-Doping Agency released a devastating report that placed the Texan at the heart of what it said was the biggest doping program in sports history. Corporate sponsors including sportswear giant Nike have cut ties with Armstrong, but have said they will continue to support Livestrong. "The mission absolutely must go on," Armstrong said. Even so, it remains to be seen if the foundation will weather the scandal, with some saying Armstrong -who remains on the board -- should break with the organization completely. Access was tightly controlled for the event, but Livestrong posted a video of Armstrong addressing the crowd as the organization announced the event raised $2.5 million. "We will not be deterred... The mission absolutely must go on. "I just have one last request," Armstrong concluded, "let's have a helluva good time tonight." Sean Penn, among the actors lending a bit of Hollywood glamour to the occasion, said he came to support both embattled Armstrong and the foundation. "I'm here for both," the Oscarwinning actor said as he headed into

the Austin Convention Center via the "Yellow Carpet" -- a nod to the yellow rubber Livestrong bracelets worn to promote cancer awareness. "Lance has developed an organization that has become an inspiration to me and to others -- and I think it will remain." Asked if Armstrong is still an inspiration, Penn said: "I think to anyone who looks at this with a clear eye will see it as hypocritical to think otherwise." It's a different take on Armstrong now that USADA's bombshell report has made him an outcast in cycling. In support of the life ban it meted out to Armstrong in August, USADA published a damning dossier in which more than two dozen witnesses described his role in a doping scheme that helped him win seven Tour de France titles. The International Cycling Union (UCI) said on Friday that it would respond to USADA's report on Monday in Geneva. The body has to decide whether to endorse or reject USADA's ban and the removal of his Tour titles. One longtime cycling sponsor de-

cided not to wait for the UCI. Rabobank, which has sponsored a professional cycling team for the last 17 years, claimed the sport had been irrevocably damaged by a succession of doping cases, and the report on Armstrong was the last straw. "We are no longer convinced that the international professional world of cycling can make this a clean and fair sport," Rabobank board member Bert Bruggink said in a statement. "We are not confident that this will change for the better in the foreseeable future," he said. "What the USADA showed us is that international cycle racing is not only sick but also at the highest level within cycling, including a number of the relevant authorities, including checks on the use of doping," he added. Meanwhile, a report in Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper on Thursday claimed that a host of top riders and even whole teams were linked to the sports doctor who oversaw Armstrong's doping programme, stoking fears of fresh controversy. Livestrong, however, said donations continued flow in. "In addition to funds raised this evening, between October 17-19, Livestrong received nearl $240,000 in only donations with an average donation of $94," the foundation said in a statement adding that the number of donations Wednesday through Friday doubled that of the same days the previous week. In brief remarks as he entered the event, Doug Ulman, chief executive of the foundation and a cancer survivor, told reporters that the event was about raising money and continuing the organization's work to combat cancer, not about the doping allegations. Early Sunday morning, Armstrong is expected to address nearly 4,000 cyclists before the start of the Livestrong Challenge, an annual fundraising race that starts in the heart of Austin.



MOSCOw Samantha Stosur and Caroline Wozniacki won semifinal matches on Saturday and will meet for the title at the Kremlin Cup tennis tournament. The top-seeded Stosur rallied for a 2-6, 63, 6-2 win over former world No. 1 Ana Ivanovic after the third-seeded Wozniacki also went the distance in a 6-3, 6-7 (4-7), 6-4 triumph against Sweden's Sofia Arvidsson. Stosur hasn't won a tournament since capturing the U.S. Open crown last September for her breakthrough Grand Slam title, but she has been close lately. The Aussie star was a semifinal loser to KaiChen Chang last week in Osaka and also lost in the Tokyo semifinals last month. Ivanovic, who hasn't hoisted a trophy since last November in Bali, won a sloppy first set Saturday that featured four breaks of serve -- three forced by the former world No. 1 Serb. Stosur, though, picked up her game in the second set and broke twice before winning the final four games with a pair of breaks in the third to finish the nearly two-hour match. Stosur is back in a final for the first time since February, when she lost to Victoria Azarenka in Doha. She owns a career mark of just 3-11 in title matches. Wozniacki is 19-11 in finals, including 1-1 this year. She lost to Angelique Kerber in Copenhagen back in April and beat Kaia Kanepi in Seoul last month.

PTV SPORTS South Aust v Queensland 08:15AM Scorchers v Daredevils 04:30PM

del Potro reaches second straight austrian Open final


Juan Martin del Potro reached his second consecutive final at the Austrian Open on Saturday as he defeated Gilles Muller 7-6 (7/4), 7-6 (7/5) in a duel of aces. The top-seeded Argentine who lost a title bid here a year ago to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, fired 17 aces to 16 for Luxembourg's Muller, who was playing his second semi-final of the season after Atlanta over the summer. The battle lasting just under two hours put Del Potro up against the winner from second seed Janko Tipsarevic or Slovenian qualifier Grega Zemlja. Both Del Potro and Tipsarevic are duelling for one of three - possibly four if injured Rafael Nadal does not play - vacant spots at next month's season-ending World Tour Finals in London. Del Potro stands provisional seventh while Tipsarevie is ninth in the points chase. Del Potro said that, while he was pleased to reach the final, he is still trying to shake the rust off of his game after a month out with a left wrist injury. "I’m playing but you can always play better and improve your game," said the 24year-old South American, "Being in a final means a lot for me after a month without playing.

djokovic-Murray: A new rivalry in the making? Comment


watch it Live

AST week’s Shanghai final gave the tennis fans plenty to talk about. In the longest singles final on the ATP Tour so far this year, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic thanked his lucky stars as he managed to save 5 match points against the Scot Andy Murray en route to the title. The victory, the Serb’s 13th at the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 level, made Djokovic the first player to hold seven of the nine Masters 1000 crowns, surpassing both Federer and Nadal. The Shanghai fans were treated to some high quality tennis by two of the game’s hottest players this year and this was not the first time they had done so. Having featured in the 2012 season’s biggest matches, prompted the inevitable question: Is the Nole-Murray rivalry the next big thing in tennis? Through the years tennis has seen some great rivalries: Borg-McEnroe, Edberg-Becker, Sampras-Agassi, and, more recently, Federer-Nadal as well as Nadal-Djokovic. The defining feature, characteristic of all these rivalries, is the bipolarity of the game styles and personalities of the respective individuals. And this is what made them so exciting to watch. The same cannot be said of Djokovic and Murray. The two have fairly similar playing styles. Both favor their backhands to their forehand side, are great returners and rely not so much on attacking than on aggressive defense. Whilst they have a long way to go before we can start mentioning them in the same breath as the greats of previous generations, or even Federer and Nadal for that matter, but there is no denying the prospect of an intriguing new

matchup. With Nadal being sidelined with injury and Federer not getting any younger, it would be unfair not to reflect on what could possibly be the future of men’s tennis. Djokovic and Murray, both aged 25, are seen to be peaking at almost the same time. In 2011 the Serb enjoyed a remarkable season bagging 3 of the 4 Grand Slam titles, falling just short in Paris. While the Scot made his breakthrough at the London Olympics this year, following that up a few weeks later with his first major title at Flushing Meadows. Djokovic marginally leads their overall head to head record with 9 wins against 7 losses. The two have already met 6 times this year with 3 wins apiece. Whenever the two go up against each other, the fans are, more often than not, guaranteed a long, physical battle. Their matches generally com-

prise of spectacular rallies averaging 15 to 20 shots, where defense is turned into attack in the blink of an eye. With both so strong off their returns, breaks of serve come far too often with very few cheap points. Whilst their matches are played at a very high intensity and quality, momentum swings are very common. The two met in Melbourne earlier in the year in the Australian Open semifinal and what a marathon contest that turned out to be. After a nearly five hour cat-and -mouse war of attrition, Djokovic got the better of his friend, 75 in the fifth. The Scot however got his revenge a few weeks later in Dubai, winning in two straight sets. The two faced-off again in the Miami final in March where Djokovic was victorious. The big one came at the London Olympics, played on the lush green grass of the All Eng-

land Club at SW19. In front of a packed Centre Court crowd, Murray played some inspired tennis to hold off Djokovic 7-5/7-5 to qualify for the gold medal match with Federer. When the two squared off in the US Open final, it served as a preamble for perhaps a changing of the guard from the Federer-Nadal show. In a see-saw match, Djokovic and Murray engaged in yet another epic battle, stretching each other to the limit. The Scot took the opening 2 sets, before the defending champion Djokovic clawed his way back to clinch the next two. However, Murray had the last laugh on his way to his maiden Grand Slam title. From a pure tennis standpoint, the Nole-Andy rivalry is good for tennis. Both the guys are really good friends off the court and almost always put on a show when they are on it, bringing out the best in each other. Their matches, though extremely long with a little bit of everything in them, display modern day tennis in its truest form. For the more traditional tennis fans though, more Djokovic –Murray finals might not be their cup of tea in view of Murray’s constant cursing and berating himself as well as Djokovic’s temperamental outbursts. But, even with all their imperfections, there is no doubt that the Murray-Djokovic contests are, over all, highly entertaining to watch. All talk of a Serb-Scot two-man show, though, should be put on hold for the time being. With Federer insisting on sticking around for a few more years and Nadal, still young and with many good years left in him, one would be foolish to write them off so easily. But one thing seems to be pretty much assured in men’s tennis --- there is at least one more exciting rivalry in the making.

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chief justice calls for constitutional action against militants ISLAMABAD OnLInE


HIEF Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Saturday said the state should counter militant organisations within constitutional parameters. Addressing the International Law Conference organised by Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), the CJ noted that “the cumulative effect of constitutional deviations and weak rule of law in the past has resulted into the present day militant and terrorist tendencies in certain regions of our country”. “There has occurred mushroom growth of militancy, which subsequently challenged the writ of the state. Ultimately, the state had to respond and counter these militant organisations.” However, he said the response had to be within the framework of the constitution. The CJ said Islam meant and conveyed the message of peace and there was no basis for violence in Islam. He said the restoration or maintenance of peace and harmony through adherence to rule of law was the increasingly acceptable mean for resolving conflicts and terrorism, be it at the international level or domestic level. “Genuine peace between those who are in a state of conflict can only be

brought about through peaceful settlement,” he stated. “If disputes can be settled legally, people have no need to start a conflict,” he added. Justice Chaudhry said that in societies where the rule of law was weak, a situation arose where the law lost it force and covenants and settlements also lost their sanctity. “Ultimately, people are left with no option but to resort to violence and transgression. When violence and transgression breaks out, the law can still be invoked to restore peace,” he added. The CJ said administering justice, once peace had already broken down, was also a role of the law. “But this role, often over-emphasised, is only a secondary role,” he said. He added that Pakistani lawyers had stood up for the rule of law in all areas of life in the last five years. The CJ said the present superior judiciary in the country was making a conscious effort that rule of law prevailed and corruption was rooted out from the system and a transparent and rule-based environment was created wherein investment flourished and investors had the complete confidence. eferring to media’s role, he said it was heartening to note that the present media in Pakistan - both print and electronic - had been playing the role of a watchdog effectively for the past many years.

ISLAMABAd: foreign Minister Hina Khar talks to US diplomat Marc Grossman during a meeting on Saturday.

LUMs sacks Prof hoodbhoy for being ‘cynical and appearing too much on tV’ LAHORE UMAIR AZIZ

In a strange development in academic circles, the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has fired Dr Pervaiz Hoodbhoy for being “cynical” and “appearing too much on TV”, Pakistan Today has learnt. Professor Hoodbhoy, a well-respected physicist and graduate of MIT, is renowned for his political analysis and advocacy of peaceful use of nuclear technology. The dean of the department that took the decision refused to mention any reason for not renewing Hoodbhoy’s contract after the current semester. However, when students and faculty approached him to take the decision back, he told them that the professor wrote too much, was “cynical” and appeared too much on TV, therefore, he would have to leave come De-

cember. The decision has caused a lot of resentment across the academic circles not only in the country, but also from western centres of academic excellence as well.

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami

In one of the emails that started circulating after the decision came out, LUMS founding member Syed Babar Ali was asked: “Those who have done this are not friends of LUMS. They are in fact enemies of intellectual and social development in Pakistan.” While many other see the move a part of the rising trend of extremism in the country that resulted in sacking of an objective analyst like Professor Hoodbhoy. “You lose your job in Pakistan if you speak against extremism. After polluting the society, the extremists have deeply infiltrated into Pakistan’s educational institutes too and LUMS, out of all the places,” a senior professor said, requesting anonymity. Talking to Pakistan Today, Professor Hoodbhoy confirmed his contract had not been renewed, but said he could not talk in detail. The professor was a part of the faculty of School of Science and Engineering. The LUMS dean was not available for comments.

e-paper pakistantoday 21st october, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 21st october, 2012