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Sunday, 20 January, 2013 Rabiul awal 7, 1434

Mutiny in PML-N ranks NAB official’s father claims son was murdered

rajas from Jhelum abandon pMl-n, join ppp g 2 Mnas, 4 Mpas also set to join ppp g

Kamran Faisal’s hyoid bone remained safe, father seeks CJp’s suo motu notice of incident



Mystery shrouds the death of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officer Kamran Faisal, who was probing the high-profile Rental Power Project (RPP) corruption case involving the current prime minister of Pakistan. While the initial post-mortem report dubs Kamran’s death a result of suicide, his family insists that he was murdered, as they witnessed torture and resistance marks on his dead body. Rejecting the post-mortem report, Kamran Faisal’s father said that his son had been murdered before being hanged. “My son was murdered. We witnessed some marks on his body particularly on his wrists, which suggests that before being hanged he was handcuffed,” Abdul Hamid, the grieving father, told Pakistan Today. Abdul Hamid, a retired officer of the agriculture department, further said that his son was a devout Muslim, and had performed Haj in 2005 and Umrah in 2006 with his wife. “Let me make it clear, Kamran Faisal was a true Muslim. He used to offer prayers five times a day; He could not even think about committing suicide – an act forbidden in Islam,” Abdul Hamid said, while talking on phone from Mian Channu. He requested the chief justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of the incident and as-

certain the real cause of his son’s death. Meanwhile, Kamran’s uncle Mohammad Iqbal, while talking to a private TV channel, said that he had witnessed torture marks on the deceased arms, back and wrist while giving him a full body bathing ritual before the burial. He said that after witnessing those marks, the claim had been reinforced that Kamran Faisal did not commit suicide but was murdered. Kamran Faisal, who was working as deputy director at NAB, was investigating the high profile RPP corruption case. He was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his apartment in Islamabad’s Sector G-5 on Friday. POST MORTEM REPORT: The initial post-mortem report released by Polyclinic hospital on Saturday suggested that Faisal had committed suicide, because “no resistance or torture marks were found on his body”. “We found no mark of torture on the dead body, so it seems he committed suicide. However, we are waiting for the forensic report. Once we get the forensic report, then we will match it with our initial finding before giving the final note,” Polyclinic’s spokesman Dr Shareef Astori told reporters in a brief talk on Saturday. Hospital sources said that Kamran Faisal’s hyoid bone had remained safe. Hyoid bone is a U-shaped bone in the neck at the base of the tongue that sup-

ports the tongue muscles. It is said that Kamran Faisal, who had written the report on the RPP case, was being pressured by some high-ups to change the report, but he had refused. Even recently, he had requested the Supreme Court to exclude him from the rental power case. “Kamran Faisal was my good friend. He had been facing immense pressure while investigating the RPP case. May be he committed suicide as is being said by government doctors, but a complete independent investigation is required to reach the final conclusion. I think an officer like Kamran could not have committed suicide. So the possibility of murder can’t be ruled out either,” said a NAB investigator, requesting not to be named. On the other hand, a police officer investigating the case said that police was also looking into why NAB officials broke into Kamran Faisal’s room and found him dead without informing the police first. “If they had doubt that Mr Faisal had committed suicide, they should have informed the police instead of reaching the dead body,” the officer said. A sub-inspector of NAB had informed the police that one of his deputy directors had committed suicide. Police on Saturday took Faisal’s belongings, including his computer and mobile phone, into custody for investigation. Meanwhile, an assistant commissioner (AC) who is carrying out the judicial enquiry also visited the apartment, where Kamran was found dead, and recorded the statements of some NAB officials.

HALA: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif addresses a public gathering on Saturday. Online | stOry On page 04 KARACHI iSMAiL DiLAWAR

Saturday witnessed around six national and provincial lawmakers from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in Punjab change their loyalties towards the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Claiming to have been among the founding members of the PML-N, the Raja family of Jhelum have started a “phase-wise” defection to the PPP. Raja Muhammad Afzal Khan, who has been elected as MNA and senator on PML-N tickets from Jhelum since 1985, joined the PPP along with two of his sons, MNAs Raja Safdar and Raja Asad, in what he claimed was the first phase. One of the Rajas told Pakistan Today on the sidelines of the press conference held at the PPP Media Centre that the defections were a result of “monopoly” of the Sharif brothers over party affairs. “The PPP is a federal party without a

one-man show while there (in PML-N) the two brothers hold a monopoly,” one of the two MNAs present on the occasion told Pakistan Today. The MNA wanted to remain anonymous, saying his father would be spilling the beans about their defection in a subsequent briefing. The briefing was conducted by PPP chief whip in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah along with MNA Faryal Talpur. Welcoming the newcomers, Khursheed Shah said the Rajas were a big political family of Jhelum. Without naming the provincial lawmakers, he said Khan along with four MPAs and two MNAs would be joining his party. He said the Rajas first met President Asif Ali Zardari at Bilawal House where they decided to join PPP. In his short address, Raja Muhammad Afzal Khan said he had been affiliated with the PML-N since the party’s inception. Continued on page 04

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013




Musharraf lambastes india over LoC tension

infotainment Google wants to replace password with USb keys and ‘smart rings’

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FIR registered against PPP MNA for assaulting housing joint secretary ISLAMABAD: Police have registered a case against Tariq Anis, member of National Assembly from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) for allegedly subjecting joint secretary of ministry of housing and works to violence. Earlier, joint secretary of ministry of housing and works Ghulam Sarwar Awan filed an application with secretariat police seeking registration of a case against PPP MNA Tariq Anis on the plea that the MNA had subjected him to violence, but the police did not register an FIR. Later, the applicant approached additional sessions’ court and filed an application therein under section 22A. The court heard the case and ordered that action be taken on the application and an FIR be registered against Tariq Anis, MNA. FIR No. 3 has been registered by the secretariat police in compliance of the order. ONLiNE

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Qadri’s show overshadows struggle of smaller parties LAHORE



HE government giving in to Dr Tahirul Qadri’s demands for electoral reforms and to implement the decision taken by the Supreme Court on June 8, 2012 has met a controversy as it has been revealed that Awami Workers Party (AWP) President Abid Hassan Minto and Bilal Hassan Minto had submitted an application in the Supreme Court (SC) on January 8 notifying the court that last year’s decision had still not been implemented by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). According to details, AWP President Abid Hassan Minto submitted a petition to the SC alleging that SC’s decision to remove the ‘First Past the Post’ rule, making voting compulsory and to print None of the Above (NOTA) option on the ballots had not been executed. Moreover, Manto said that the SC decision to change the rules for campaigning during elections had also not been implemented. In the June 8 decision by the SC, the ECP was ordered to change campaigning rules whereby political parties would be allowed to only distribute party manifestos and arrange a fixed number of public meetings. The ECP was also directed by the SC to bar car rallies and big hoardings during campaigns. However, the ECP changed the procedure of election campaigning along the lines of law and order, whereby activists of political parties were not allowed to carry weapons during campaigning. No decision was made to ban other campaigning activities which are practiced by political parties. Talking to Pakistan Today, Bilal Manto said, “The reason for the SC decision was simple; big money spent on big campaigns only favor mainstream political parties during elections. Smaller political parties with lesser budgets do not stand a chance in such a situation. This is not true democracy when only a few political parties keep dominating the political scene because of their massive budgets.” Moreover, he said that the SC order to ECP to implement the mandatory voting and the NOTA option on ballots had not been executed. Furthermore, he said that minor political parties had written to the ECP three times, saying that as the general elections approached, it was questionable whether the ECP intended to make the required changes in time for the upcoming general elections.

Manto said that when no response was heard from the ECP, Abid Hassan Minto filed another petition in the SC demanding the implementation of electoral reforms on January 8, 2012. He said that it was after filing this petition that the ECP finally got in touch with the government, seeking further directives. In lieu of this, Tahirul Qadri’s electoral reforms are of no significant importance, Manto said. “In essence, not only did Qadri fail to demand any serious reform, he also achieved little for elections. I am very confident that the reforms will not be implemented,” he maintained. Talking to Pakistan Today, AWP federal committee member Jamil Omar said, “This also points to a difference in strategies. We took this matter to the courts and were consistent in our demands. Qadri just wasted a lot of resources to take a long march in an attempt to bully political leaders.” He further said, “I have fundamental disagreements with Dr Qadri at all levels. However, if electoral reforms was what he wanted, a broader consensus could have been reached between smaller parties who are directly affected by ECP’s decisions.” He also highlighted the difference in campaigns for the cause of electoral reforms. “Dr Qadri had massive funding to sponsor his TV campaigns and take a long march to Islamabad. We had nothing, and we took the issue to the Supreme Court, the highest decid-

ing authority in Pakistan.” This is not the first time the struggles of smaller political parties have been overshadowed by a show of strength by mainstream political parties. When Imran Khan took his long march to South Waziristan on an antidrone protest, there were disgruntled murmurings that the media had ignored the crucial Peshawar Declaration between political parties and members of Amann Tehreek (an umbrella organisation of all walks of civil society). Signed in 2010, the declaration was an endorsement of peace in the conflict zone and condemned the drone attacks in the area by the United States. The participants in the declaration had unanimously decided to actively engage in a political solution to terrorism – a key point Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan took as his agenda when he took his long march to Waziristan. Talking to Pakistan Today, Senator Pervaiz Raheed, said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had a committee in the parliament that made recommendations to the ECP and they had submitted their suggestions. When asked why SC decision had not been implemented by the ECP, he dodged the question by saying, “That is a question for the ECP, not PML-N.” PTI leader Shafqat Mahmood and PPP spokesman Fawwad Chaudhry were unavailable for comments.

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

artS & entertainment



Salman Khan signs whopping Rs 500 crore deal!

Despite Rs 400m offer, Dadu Sugar Mill sold for Rs 99m

Junaid targets top five South Africans


Onward to elections

Responsibility on both government and opposition

comment Humayun Gauhar says; Wink and compromise: A charlatan, a revolution and a load of balderdash

Mariam Shafqat Goraya says; The bulletproof monk: And the art of khaki democratic dictatorship

Saad Rasool says; Revolution. Wait, what?: And the wheel goes round and round…

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Could have captured parliament but we didn’t, says Qadri g

Qadri to challenge summons over violating canada asylum oath LAHORE



EHREEK-E-MINHAJUL Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said on Saturday that the peaceful march attended by millions of people had set a great example in the entire world. Addressing a press conference, he said, “Democracy would have been banished from the country had I directed the participants to capture the parliament.” He further said that the Punjab government had ordered 6,000 commandos to bear down on the long march participants, but that the government had decided not to use the option. He said that the participants could either capture the parliament or wait for the rulers to engage in talks with them, claiming that the police officers had refused to attack the protesters. “The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) rallied support from all political parties to counter me,” Qadri said. QADRI ASYLUM: Tehreek-eMinhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Dr

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anp actively inviting political parties on apC against terrorism PESHAWAR StAff REPORt

Leaders of the Awami National Party (ANP) have started meetings with other political parties in connection with the forthcoming All Parties Conference (APC) on the issue of terrorism. The ANP leadership recently decided to convene an APC to gain political consensus against terrorism and militancy. The idea was floated in a high-level party meeting while discussing the security situation emerging after the assassination of Bashir Ahmad Bilour. ANP Central Committee member Bushra Gohar, who is also a member of National Assembly (MNA), told Pakistan Today that the party had so far held informal contacts with various political leaders such as President Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) chief Nawaz Sharif, and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman. She said the party was now starting formal contacts and meetings with the leaders of various political parties. So far, the ANP team headed by Senator Afrasiab Khattak has held meetings with Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leaders and

Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai, she said, adding that both the parties had agreed to attend the scheduled APC. Gohar said the ANP team was now in contact with other parties, and was extending formal invitations. She said the APC would be held in Islamabad on the question “terrorism or peace”. She said the participants would be requested to suggest ways and means for handling the issue of terrorism, which was claiming the lives of innocent people and causing destruction of both public and private infrastructure. The violence has badly affected the economy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the adjacent Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), she said, adding that millions of people from the region had been displaced and left homeless as a result of terrorism and violence. It may be mentioned here that in early 2009 the ANP was the first to convene a jirga of leaders and representatives of various political parties from KP on the issue of terrorism, and later former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani chaired an APC in Islamabad. Both the events concluded with a request to the armed forces of Pakistan for a decisive military action against militants in Swat.

Governor Mahmud assures restoration of Bahawalpur province LAHORE ONLiNE

Tahirul Qadri has decided to challenge his summons by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in a Canadian court. The RCMP summoned Qadri on February 5 to explain why he had violated the oath he had taken while seeking asylum in Canada. Qadri’s counsel Mendel Green has refused to represent

him in this case, reported a private TV channel. Green had assisted Qadri in his asylum application to Canada. The application was accepted in 2009. The RCMP reportedly said that Qadri had violated his oath, which does not allow him to enter the country he had sought asylum from.

Punjab Governor Ahmad Mahmud said Bahawalpur province will be restored to eradicate a sense of deprivation, eliminate poverty and provide rights to the people of South Punjab while chairing a meeting of the core committee for restoration of Bahawalpur province on Saturday, at his residence. Committee general secretary Dr Waseem Akhtar, spokesman Tabish Alvari and others attended the meeting. Members discussed the

recommendations on restoration of Bahawalpur as a province presented during the meeting. The committee expressed satisfaction over the federal government’s role and said the National Assembly was working positively with regards to the matter. It was also decided in the meeting that new province would include Bahawalpur, Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan divisions. The committee thanked President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Raja Parvaiz Ashraf and all political parties over their countless efforts for creation of the new province.

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04 News

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Zardari must step down for free, fair polls: Imran Pti chief says alliance with dr Qadri’s party possible g Pti not invited for consultation on caretaker setup as yet g



AKISTAN Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Saturday that timely elections were the only solution to problems facing the country, while urging President Asif Ali Zardari to step down in favour of free, fair and transparent polls. Addressing a news conference at PTI’s Central Secretariat, Imran said that his party did not participate in Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march because there was no justification for unconstitutional demands such as dissolution of assemblies. “It was not an easy decision,” the PTI chief said. He asked how the implementation of Qadri’s demands could be guaranteed when they did not have any constitutional position. “If we had joined Qadri’s long march, then we would have supported the unconstitutional demand for dissolving the present as-

semblies, which could provide a chance to the present government to claim political martyrdom,” he added. The PTI chief said that the general elections would bring about a revolution. He said his party would not boycott the upcoming polls in any case, saying it was necessary to keep democracy on track. ELECTORAL ALLIANCE WITH QADRI: To a question, Imran denied knowing the future plans of Dr Tahirul Qadri in connection with the coming elections. He said that Qadri had once announced that he would not participate in the polls. However, he added that any electoral alliance with Qadri could not be ruled out. To another question, the PTI chairman said that he had not given a call for any long march, but had asked his party workers to remain ready for any expedition against the government. He said that any decision in this regard would be in accordance with the party inter-

ests and agenda, and would be taken at a right time. Speaking about a recently held meeting of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) at Raiwind, Imran said the ruling party in Punjab wanted to protect the status-quo. NAB OFFICIAL PROBE: About the death of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigator Kamran Faisal, who was probing a scandal against the prime minister, Imran asked Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice of the incident. He said the murder of Kamran Faisal was a hidden message to many others. CARETAKER SETUP: Talking about the future caretaker setup in the country, the PTI chief said that all political parties should sit together to discuss the options, and the caretaker prime minister should be the one who has the consensus of all parties. However, he added that so far no one had approached his party to discuss the caretaker setup.

MQM facing internal strife over long march U-turn Continued on page 19

“Some of the Rabita Committee members have contacted Altaf Hussain and registered the protest against certain seniors in the party and said that they had wrongly briefed him over the talks with the PPP. They also told Altaf Hussain that an opportunity has been lost due to the party’s summersault. They said that the initial support and subsequent withdrawal from the long march had made the party a laughing stock among the masses,” the source added. The source said that the MQM had taken all sorts of preparatory steps to join the long march and the party’s media team had also reached Lahore to boost the long march in the media. “Following the call by Altaf Hussain to the party’s workers to join the long march, all the units of Punjab had been asked to make necessary arrangements to attend the march. However, they

suffered a major blow when the party announced to withdraw from the march,” the source added. Another source in the party’s third-tier leadership viewed that the voice of the party’s genuine workers was being denied access to Altaf Hussain. “The leaders have also asked Altaf to take action against those members who had given a major blow to the party due to the recent deal with the PPP cochairman, and those who had time and again deceived the MQM. They also referred to Dr Qadri’s agreement with the PPP wherein the ruling party had accepted Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) as a major political player which they think was a major success due to the long march,” the source added. When contacted, MQM spokesperson Wasay Jalil denied any resentment among the party leadership and said that the party had strict discipline and there was total consensus among

the party leadership. “The decision was taken after consultations and it was not an individual’s decision. There is no resentment among the party leadership,” he insisted. However, he admitted that there might be resentment among the party workers over the decision to stay away from long march. “However, we made sure to extend moral support to the long march participants”. He said the MQM leadership had intervened when it found out that Interior Minister Rehman Malik was going to start an operation against the sit-in participants. He also confirmed the information that the MQM’s media team had reached Lahore to join long march. “Even we had booked tickets in various trains for the party’s participants to join the march,” he said, adding that the tickets were cancelled when the party leadership decided against joining the march.

Vote wisely in coming polls, Nawaz asks people HALA ONLiNE

Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday that the people of Sindh would not be left at the mercy of “cruel rulers”, adding that the nation could change the country’s destiny by choosing good rulers in the next elections. While addressing a public rally in Hala, he claimed that if he was given another opportunity to come into power, he would resolve all problems faced by

Sindh measles toll rises to 410 as 11 more children die in Punjab JACOBABAD/ DERA GHAZI KHAN iNP

Eleven more children have died of the deadly measles outbreak in Punjab and four have died in Jacobabad, taking the toll to 410 in Sindh. According to reports, three children had died in Kandhkot on Friday, taking the toll to 151. Meanwhile, 84 died in Sukkur, 48 in Shikarpur, 47 in Khairpur, 33 in Ghotki, 14 in Thul, eight in Larkana and four in Hyderabad. In Punjab, four children died in Dera Ghazi Khan, while measles claimed seven lives in Rajanpur, Ahmedpur, Sharqia, Liaqatpur, Taxila and Hujra Shah Muqeem.

Mutiny in PML-N ranks Continued fRom page 01

“I have left PML-N and believe that the rest of my life would be spent with the PPP,” he said. Khan said in the first phase, three of his MNAs joined the PPP. Others, he said, would be joining later. MNA Raja Safdar later told Pakistan Today that four of the MPAs, also from Jhelum, would be announcing their affiliation with the PPP in the “second phase”. Asked if she was tasked to cause defections from other parties, MNA Faryal Talpur said the PPP was a huge party and people wanted to join it out of their own will. “This is the beginning. There are more people to come,” she said.

the people on priority basis. He said politics should not be exercised for creating rifts, rather for the betterment of the nation and the common people. He alleged that the plight of the people had worsened due to the present government’s “faulty economic policies”. He said the government had given nothing to the people except killings, thefts, extortions and unemployment. He said he had visited Sindh when the province was reeling from drastic floods, adding that he had helped flood victims on

humanitarian grounds. Speaking about the law and order situation in Karachi, he said that bloodshed, terror and horror had become the hallmark of the day in the name of so-called democracy. He said the government was not implementing the verdicts announced by courts, adding that criminals were being allowed to go abroad without any check. Commenting on energy crisis, he said that industrial and agricultural sectors had been destroyed due to poor

policies of the government. He alleged that the government had used public resources for vested interests. He said that uniform local bodies’ system should be implemented in Sindh. In an apparent reference to Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march, Nawaz said that his party would not allow “a few thousand people” to make the entire country hostage for unconstitutional demands. He also expressed concern over targeted killings in Karachi and sectarian violence in Quetta.

Shahzeb murder case: Witnesses identifies Shahrukh Jatoi KARACHI ONLiNE

Shahrukh Jatoi, the main accused in the murder of Shahzeb Khan, was identified by two witnesses during an identification parade on Saturday before Judicial Magistrate Waqar Ahmed Soomro. Police had brought Shahrukh to an anti-terrorism court, where two witnesses were present. The witnesses told the court that Jatoi had repeatedly fired his weapon on

Shahzeb even after the latter’s car overturned. Jatoi’s lawyer objected to the proceeding, saying that his client’s picture was circulating on the social media and the internet and the testimony of the witnesses was “meaningless”. The court recorded his statement. Addressing the court, Jatoi revealed that the police had brought the two witnesses to the Boat Basin Police Station, where he is being kept, on Friday night and arranged a meet-

ing between them. This incident and his pictures circulating on the internet have made the witnesses controversial, he added. Three other suspects of the case, who were earlier arrested, have already been identified by three witnesses. Jatoi had allegedly murdered Shahzeb Khan in cold blood on December 25 last year over a disagreement after which Jatoi had gone into hiding abroad and was recently arrested in Dubai.

Response to Pakistan Rahul Gandhi not influenced by any gets bigger role in Congress, country: Khurshid NEW DELHI AGENCiES

India on Saturday said its response to the Pakistani cross border provocation and the killing of Indian soldiers was not “influenced” by any country, including the US. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid also said that the Indo-Pak dialogue process has inbuilt review system, indicating that the current situation will not push for any fresh review. “We are not influenced by anybody including the US. Neither does America pressurises us nor does it have any expectations that it can do so. “But it is true that whether America, Russia, China, Canada, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Malaysia, we speak to everybody,” Khurshid said in a TV show ‘Teekhi Baat’ when asked whether India was influenced by America in

matters concerning Pakistan. Asked if there was a need to review the dialogue process between the two countries, he said, reviews periodically happen as these are inbuilt in the dialogue process. On sending back Pakistani players who were here for the Indian Hockey League, he said both the Congress and BJP were united on the issue. “It is the society’s decision, and the government accepts the decision of society, because it is a democratic government,” he said. He also said India will not relent on its demand for the handing over of 20 terrorists who are believed to have sought shelter in Pakistan. “There is no way that we will let go of the pressure. In all our talks with them, we maintain these demands as a part of our strategy,” Khurshid said.


Rahul Gandhi was formally elevated to the number two position in the Congress party on Saturday after being appointed its vice-president, but his role in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls would be decided later. The anointment of the 42-year-old leader nine years after he entered politics was formalised at the meeting of the party’s highest policy making body, the Congress working committee (CWC), which unanimously adopted a resolution for this moved by defence minister AK Antony. The decision ends prolonged speculation about a bigger role for Rahul, so far one of the 11 general secretaries of the Congress. The speculation focussed on the possibility of his being made working president or secretary general of the party.

Senator Waqar fights Deutsche effort to repossess London property LONDON AGENCiES

In a highly-charged case expected to start tomorrow (Monday), Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan is fighting Deutsche’s plan to re-possess six Knightsbridge flats and a house on Bishops Avenue in a bid to recoup a £50m loan. In a counter-claim that will be heard at the same time, Senator Khan, and four members of his family, argue that Deutsche withheld £11m of an agreed loan which prevented them developing the properties. The Khans, who

had planned to build a house that would be one of the biggest in London, are seeking damages of around £60m from Deutsche. The case, which is “just a debt reclaim”, according to a Deutsche source, centres on Draydes, a fivebedroom mansion on Bishops Avenue, a north London street nicknamed Billionaires Row whose residents include the Sultan of Brunei and Lakshmi Mittal. According to court documents, the Khans bought the house in 2007 with an intention to “maximise its value by demolishing the existing house situated

on the site and build a new, very significantly larger house within the curtilage of the site”. The Khans say the opportunity was brought to them by Deutsche private banker Nassim Ahmad, a “close trusted adviser and senior banker to the Khan Family”. Mr Ahmad and Senator Khan, who has held several government posts, had been close for 20 years; in 1999 the pair went to Makkah together for Umrah. In 2005 the Khan family bought six apartments in a luxury London development called The Knightsbridge using loans from

different banks. The family says Ahmad offered them loans totally £66m to refinance their properties, owned via special purpose vehicles, and move the portfolio to Deutsche. Part of the cash was earmarked to redevelop Draydes, a project that was expected to cost between £10m and £15m but create a house worth around £80m enough to repay the entire loan. The loan was agreed in August 2007 and £50m was advanced within days, which allowed the Khans to refinance their properties, but the remaining amount was withheld.

In the documents, the Khans claim that Deutsche “breached its contractural obligations in failing to advance the full amount which it had contracted to lend, with the result that the Khan Family were unable to undertake development projects which would have yielded a substantial profit.” As a result, the Khans say they have also been forced to “liquidate certain investments and incur losses on the early redemption of those investments.” The case is expected to run for three weeks. Deutsche declined to comment.

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Railway crossing gates: Whose responsibility? Planning Commission, Railway Dept fail to shoulder responsibility, provide funds for constructing railway crossings n Number of accidents, deaths continues to rise n




HE Planning Commission has advised the Railways Department and the provincial government to bear the expenses of the construction of railway crossing and underpasses by at least 50 percent. However, the finance division of the Railway Department turned down advice, saying that the provincial government was responsible for constructing the railway crossing and underpasses. Due to this the conflict between railway and government, at least 561 accidents have occurred. There are 3,792 railway crossings in the country, where 1,358 railway crossing have the gates (Phatak) and 2,434 are without gates. The absence of gates led to many accidents over the years. In 2004, 40 accidents occurred and the number of accidents over the years steadily increased up to 50 accidents as of last year. A train accident occurred as recently as Thursday night in the area of Sheikhupura. Report said that a train was coming from Faisalabad to Lahore and collided with a man, killing him on the spot in the Dandaywala area. Locals said that accidents were not new to citizens, where many people were hit by

trains. They said that the government must take notice of the accidents and construct crossing gates as soon as possible. Locals also said that they had complained to the authorities many times but no one took the notice. Reports further said that many incidents occurred due to no railway crossing. Pakistan’s railway services started in 1861 and track 169 kilometers long was constructed between Karachi to Rohari. In 1886, four railway companies were named Sindh Railways, Indian-Flotala Railways, Punjab Railways and Delhi Railways. These were incorporated into Punjab and Delhi Railways Company and purchased by the secretary of state for India in 1885. In January 1886, the North Western State Railways was formed, which was later renamed as North Western Railway. This would eventually become Pakistan Railways in 1947. Talking to Pakistan Today, a Railway official, Ijaz, said that the provincial government was liable to install railway crossing and was responsible for the funding as well. He stressed the need for immediate government attention in the areas where railway tracks went through residential areas. He also said that they had deployed three workers at each railway crossing and had informed the government if there were no railway crossings in a locality.

Robbers kill victim and accomplice LAHORE StAff REPORt

A man was killed on Saturday when robbers opened fire on the citizen for offering resistance. The robbers shot and killed their accomplice in the struggle. According to details, a man named Tahir Khan, resident of Multan Road, was traveling to Shujahi Road when three robbers forced him to stop and tried to loot cash and his mobile phone. Khan resisted the robbery and the robbers opened fire on the citizen, injuring their own accomplice in the process. Khan was killed. The injured robber was taken to the hospital near Bhai Phero area by his cohorts. Robbers told the medical staff that the man had been injured in a fight. They admitted him under a fake name. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital and died. His accomplices did not return to claim his body.

The police identified the robber as Rana Fahad, resident of Factory Area. In another report, a factory situated in the area of Ring Road caught fire. Millions of goods were reduced to ash. No human loss was recorded. After the incident, Rescue 1122 reached at the spot and extinguished the fire. Separately, a robbery also took place in WAPDA Town on Saturday. According to details, the robbery took place in the house of Ashraf, where robbers entered the house forcibly, held his family hostage and stole 12 tola gold, Rs 50,000 cash, mobile phones and other valuables. They managed to escape the scene. In another incident, a man tried to con an amount of Rs 660,000 from a citizen on a pretext of an investment in a hotel in Bangkok. The man was caught by the airport police while trying to escape. The police recovered the stolen cash and handed over the miscreant to Cantt police.

yDa refuses to budge LAHORE StAff REPORt

Young doctors Association (YDA) on Saturday continued with the strike on the fourth consecutive day in the outpatient departments (OPDs) of public hospitals across the province. Doctors examined patients in camps set up outside the hospitals. Hospital administrations refused to provide medicines or run tests prescribed to the patients by the young doctors. Meanwhile Punjab Health Ministry

took action under Punjab Employees Efficiency Discipline and Accountability (PEEDA) Act and issued notices to doctors including YDA Punjab Presiden Dr Jawaid Aheer. According to the ministry, OPDs continued to function as usual in public hospitals. However, young doctors remained unperturbed and said that government could continue to implement PEEDA Act by exercising transfers and dismissals of doctors. They were determined to continue the strikes.

‘long march ended because of a deal’ LAHORE StAff REPORt

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday said that the socalled march, which had come with a foreign agenda to derail democracy, was called off at D-Chowk by striking a “deal”. He said that “revolutionary from the container” and PPP became allies after making a deal and those who had raised so-called slogans of saving the state could not even save their honor. He said the people who had orchestrated the march should tell the nation which of their demands was met.

He said that the drama of five days had ended after only five hours of negotiations without any of the demands getting accepted. In a statement, Shahbaz said that the democratic forces had waged a long struggle against dictatorship, and no person, with the help of few thousand people, could derail democracy. He said the intelligent people, by not participating in the long march, had proved that they wanted to see a democratic system flourish and would not support any unconstitutional moves. He said that real change did not come through a container but through the power of the vote of the people, for which holding fair, free and transparent elections is the only best way.

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06 Lahore

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Rs 1 billion to be spent on graveyards uplift

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday approved a grant of Rs 1 billion under a comprehensive project for improving the condition of graveyards throughout the province in Annual Development Programme 2012-13. Under this grant, Rs 34.4 million were allocated for district Bahawalpur, Rs 27.3 million for Bahawalnawar, Rs 45.04 million for Rahim Yar Khan, Rs 23.8 million for DG Khan, Rs.15.9 million for Layyah, Rs.38.4 million for Muzaffargarh, Rs 15.4 million for Rajanpur, Rs 72.7 million for Faisalabad, Rs 12.2 million for Chiniot, Rs 24.4 million for Jhang, Rs 20.9 million for Toba Tek Singh, Rs 47.09 million for Gujranwala, Rs 26.68 million for Gujrat, Rs 10.8 million for Hafizabad, Rs 14.5 million for Mandi Bahauddin, Rs 16.05 million for Narowal, Rs 36.32 million for Sialkot, Rs.93.02 million for Lahore, Rs.32.19 million for Kasur, Rs 15.8 million for Nankana Sahib, Rs 27.9 million for Sheikhupura, Rs 42.6 million for Multan, Rs 27.5 million for Khanewal, Rs 16.06 million for Lodhran, Rs 28.5 million for Vehari, Rs 46.18 million for Rawalpindi, Rs 16.6 million for Attock, Rs 13.78 million for Chakwal, Rs 12.01 million for Jhelum, Rs 23.8 million for Sahiwal, Rs 29.6 million for Okara, Rs 17.2 million for Pakpattan, Rs 33.84 million for Sargodha, Rs 14.37 million for Bhakkar, Rs 11.5 million for Khushab and Rs 13.94 million for Mianwali. The chief minister directed the divisional commissioners to implement the scheme. They were also asked to immediately complete survey of graveyards as per ratio of population in every district and ensure implementation on the scheme within shortest period through DCOs. DCO of every district were ordered to construct boundary walls of graveyards at tehsil level, identify encroachments and their removal, construct cemented place and shed for ‘Namaz-e-Janaza’, drainage of water from graveyards and proper arrangements for lighting. StAff REPORt

4 factory workers found dead LAHORE StAff REPORt

Four factory workers were found dead at an underconstruction factory in a village near Raiwind Cit on Saturday. According to the police, four workers were identified as

Afzal, Aslam, Jawaid and Chand who used to work in a factory in Joda village. Police believed that the workers had eaten poisonous food for dinner which resulted in their death. The bodies were shifted to hospital for postmortem to determine the cause of death.

Supply to CNG stations closed for indefinite period LAHORE StAff REPORt

The gas supply to CNG stations across the province was suspended once again on Saturday. According to officials of the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), the gas demand was on the increase in domestic sector owing to renewed intensity of cold in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Hence, he said, it would not be possible to provide the gas to CNG sector for a few days. It should be mentioned that the gas was made available in Lahore, Sahiwal and Gujranwala regions for at least 24 hours. Gas was scheduled to be restored in Faisalabad, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Bahawalpur regions. However, the supply was not resumed.

360 degrees: a girl looks at a thesis display made from mirrors at national College of arts. Murtaza ali

Quran Khawani Quran Khawani for the departed soul of Mrs. Rehmat Ali Shah Bukhari, grandmother of Punjab Information and Culture Secretary Mohayuddin Ahmad Wani, wife of Major (r) Rehmat Ali Shah Bukhari, and mother-in-law of former joint secretary late Bashir Ahmad Wani will be held today (Sunday) at 3pm at 15-College Road, GORI, Lahore. Dua will be offered at 5pm.

Call to restore trains at narowal section LAHORE StAff REPORt

Passengers of LahoreNarowal section on Saturday demanded the railways authorities to restore trains at the earliest. Talking to journalists, passengers said that Babu Train at Lahore-Faisalabad had been restored while trains at Narowal section had still not resumed. Shahid Ahmad, a passenger, alleged that transporters did not want the restoration of trains and they were using PR officers for their purpose. Akram, a daily commuter said that only 9up/10-down, Lasani express was functional between Lahore-Narowal-Sialkot section which was insufficient

for transportation of people of the section. He said no train was available in the evening to go back to their home towns. Shabbir Ahmad, another daily commuter demanded the PR administration should restore trains at Lahore-Narowal section as closure of trains was causing an increase in unemployment in the area. Passengers also demanded attachment of more coaches with Lasani express. They also demanded additional ladies compartment with the train as several female passengers could not board on the train due to a large number of people. When contacted, Lahore Divisional Superintendent Farrukh Temore did not attend the call.

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ LAHORE StAff REPORt

Lahore High Court (LHC) Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik on Saturday said that justice delayed was justice denied. Addressing a concluding ceremony of Capacity Building Training Course designed for female civil judges at Punjab Judicial Academy, the judge underlined the need for early dispensation of justice without fear or favor. He advised the judges to render judgments with hard and honest work and curb the tendency of increasing the work of higher courts by deciding cases on technical grounds. “A judge should earn respect by his judgments,” he said. “Litigants and lawyers should also asses their performance,” he said. “Collective approach of lawyers about their work and conduct cannot be faulty.” Justice Malik further said that women were working in a society that was traditionally dominated by males. However, he said that

the female judges could change the status quo by developing their skills and issuing speedy decisions.

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Lahore 07

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

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HE year 2012 spelt a turbulent year for children’s rights in Pakistan. After the shooting of 15year-old Malala Yousafzai and the unrelenting growth of child labour, will 2013 really be the ‘year of child rights’ as claimed by Pakistan’s Prime Minister? And will the recent arrest of Pakistan’s Prime Minister dent the political will to protect child rights? In 2012, Pakistan witnessed the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, an incident that sent shock waves across the world. Later that year Pakistan’s Prime Minister stated that 2013 will be the year of child rights and set up the Parliamentary Forum on Child Rights. But while Malala’s plight to go to school without the threat of violent retribution resonated with millions around the world, the real question is; how many Pakistani children could take advantage of schooling even without such a threat? Education still remains a costly privilege for most children and a weak economy with rising food and fuel prices have led to even more children opting for paid work over school. The scale of the problem facing the Parliamentary Forum on Child Rights is daunting, according to a report by Al Arabiya. CHILD LABOUR: Pakistan’s last survey of child labour took place in 1996, showing the country has three million child labourers. But the poverty created in the wake of disasters like the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods have undoubtedly driven many more children to work. According to Mannan Rana, the Child and Adolescent Protection Specialist with UNICEF, as many as 10 million children could be working in Pakistan. To make matters worse, the recent arrest of Pakistan’s Prime Minister has cast a shadow over his pledge to protect child rights. It is a scenario that is all too familiar to Pakistan –

that of political infighting and turmoil sidelining the country’s real priorities, like education, poverty alleviation and child rights. The inexorable growth of Pakistan’s child labour industry has not been slowed by Pakistan ratifying the ILO convention related to Child labour or because of Pakistan’s constitution, which forbids hazardous child labour. Laws are universally ignored. And the fears foreign companies have of being associated with child labour is easily addressed by Pakistani manufacturers finding less visibly distressing ways to utilise child labour, like outsourcing child labour practises to private homes within rural villages, as stated by Hussain Naqi, National Co-ordinator of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Such pressure is largely ineffective because of a simple reality about who determines whether a child works. The ultimate power to determine if a child should work takes place not with employers, but within a child’s own household. As long as children are willing to work to maintain their family’s cost of living, regulatory pressure will fail to curb child labour and businesses will continue to find ways of accommodating this vast cheap workforce. The decision to send children to work is influenced by a multitude of variables like economic circumstances, attitudes towards the practical benefits of education and the accessibility of education, factors that regulatory measures fail to address. In the absence of the kind of wide-ranging socio-economic improvement that removes the systemic causes of child labour, NGOs can play an important role at the micro community level by determining and influencing the local variables that can mitigate or aggravate child labour. An interesting example of one such community centric approach currently takes place in Sindh’s Thar desert region by the Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP). Part of Pakistan’s largest development net-

work of Rural Support Programmes which has collectively reached millions of rural Pakistanis, their work involves a simple but effective start point - listening to communities. TRDP embraces the notion that local communities know most about the challenges facing them and hold some of the most valuable insights on how to overcome them. As part of this community self help approach, the local community becomes as an integral part of the solution. Take for example,TRDP’s work in and around the remote district of Tharpaker, which has the lowest Human Development Index of all Sindh’s districts and little traditional access to education. TRDP managed to construct of 113 schools, thanks in part to local support and resources, with most schools being local Thari huts made of bushes. For 2013 to truly be the year of child rights, the local experience and insights NGO’s have accrued from years of working with grassroots communities must be met with the resources, long-term vision and political commitment of government, whichever political administration is in power. Pakistan’s new Parliamentary Forum on Child Rights will be supported in their efforts to protect child rights by a $1.8bn UN fund to spend from 2013 to 2017. In their first meeting in November 2012, the Forum was informed that the UN preferred to fund NGO activity because they believed NGOs would likely achieve quicker results with less bureaucracy. The Parliamentary Forum, however, was more divided on the whether NGO action would be more productive then direct government action. However, given the scale and nature of the challenge it is likely both bottom-up and top-down approaches will have to work in concert to be successful. And just as important is the need for Pakistan’s major political parties to commit to protecting child rights to ensure the issue remains on the political agenda regardless of how Pakistan’s political leadership changes in future.

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Sat Jan 19 at 10:00 am venue : forman chriStian college the triwizard tournament is a harry Potter Quiz open for all school, college and university students.

fri Jan 25 at 02:00 am venue : Pearl continental hotel the conference focuses on the impact of social, economic, political, technological and educational changes on the practice of journalism.

fri Jan 25 at 02:00 am venue : univerSity college lahore (ucl) Shahjiwana international debating championship is the annual debating championship of the university college lahore.

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08 News West Bank activists set up new protest camp BEIT IKSA: Palestinian activists have spent their first night at a protest camp set up in the occupied West Bank to demonstrate against Israel’s illegal settlement policy. A mosque and several tents were established in the village of Beit Iksa near Jerusalem on Friday. The protesters have named the camp “al-Karamah”, meaning “dignity” in Arabic. The move comes a week after activists set up a similar camp, Bab al Shams, in a strategic West Bank corridor known as E-1 where Israel has said it plans to build a large illegal settlement. The activists were evacuated a day later. In a statement, Friday’s activists said they were securing land from Israel, a tactic adopted from settlers, who establish communities hoping the territory will remain theirs once structures are built. “We are here in the al-Karamah village ... to affirm the Palestinian right to be here in this place,” said Palestinian protester Mohammad Rabie. “We won’t allow for this brutal occupier to roam freely and implement their plans of settlement.” The Israeli military said soldiers were monitoring the area to prevent disturbances. AGENCiES

Nations agree on first mercury emissions treaty UNITED NATIONS: More than 140 nations have adopted the first legallybinding international treaty aimed at reducing mercury emissions, UN officials have said. The UN Environment Programme said the treaty was adopted after all-night negotiations that capped a week of talks in Geneva, Switzerland. A signing ceremony will be held later this year, and then nations must begin formally ratifying the treaty before it comes into force several years from now. “To agree on global targets is not easy to do,” UNEP executive director Achim Steiner said. “There was no delegation here that wished to leave Geneva without drafting a treaty.” The agreement will for the first time set enforceable limits on emissions of mercury, a highly toxic metal that is widely used in chemical production and small-scale mining, and exclude, phase out or restrict some products that contain mercury. But some supporters of the treaty said they were not satisfied with the agreement. Joe DiGangi, a science adviser with advocacy group IPEN, which works for the elimination of persistent organic pollutants, said that while the treaty is “a first step,” it is not tough enough to achieve its aim of reducing overall emissions. For example, DiGangi said, there is no requirement that each country create a national plan for how it will reduce mercury emissions. The draft agreement that was issued before the meeting committed countries to phase out mercury thermometers, some kinds of light bulbs and small “button” batteries, with 2018 the earliest possible deadline. But other products, such as dental amalgam used as fillings for teeth, were to be excluded from the initial treaty coverage. AGENCiES

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Algeria hostage crisis ends in bloodbath ALGIERS



E V E N foreign hostages and 11 Islamist gunmen were killed on Saturday, an Algerian security source said, when a Sahara desert standoff ended in a bloodbath. The heavily armed gunmen from a group known as “Signatories in Blood” had been holed up inthe In Amenas gas complex since they took up to 41 foreign worker hostage in a dawn assault on Wednesday. “The (army) assault took place midmorning. Eleven terrorists lost their lives along with the foreign hostages,” the security source told AFP. “We think they were killed in retaliation” for the army attack,the source said. The gunmen, cited by Mauritania’s ANI news agency, said on Saturday they were still holding “seven foreign hostages,” denying claims of more. “ Signatories in Blood,” led by Algerian Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a former senior al-Qaida commander in North Africa, were demanding an end to French intervention against Islamists in neighbouring Mali, ANI reported earlier. Belmokhtar also wanted to exchanging American hostages for the blind Egyptian sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman and Pakistani Aafia Siddiqui, jailed in the United States on charges of terrorist links. But state department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said “the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.” On Friday, an Algerian security official had said troops were trying to reach a “peaceful” end to the crisis, before

“neutralizing the terrorist group that is holed up in the plant and freeing a group of hostages still being held there.” Amid a virtual news blackout in Algiers, harshly criticised by local media, world leaders took a tough stand on the fate of the remaining hostages. US defence secretary Leon Panetta said Washington would “take all necessary steps to protect our people” from the threat of al-Qaida-affiliated militants in north Africa. “Whether or not that involves assisting others with military operations, whether it involves developing in a cooperative way operations there, those are areas that I think remain to be decided,” he told the BBC. Earlier, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton told a news conference with Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida of her deep concern “about those who remain in danger. Utmost care must be taken to preserve innocent life.” At least one American had already been confirmed dead before Saturday’s final assault. On Friday, the militants gave a breakdown of three Belgians, two Americans, one Japanese and a Briton, although Belgium said there was no indication any of its nationals were being held. An Algerian security official had put the remaining number of foreign hostages at 10. Norway’s Statoil, which jointly operates the In Amenas site with Britain’s BP and Sonatrach of Algeria, said two Norwegians have been found alive but six others remain unaccounted for. In Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered his government to do everything possible to ensure the safety

of those Japanese unaccounted for in “an extremely despicable” incident that “can never be forgiven.” France, which said on Saturday that 2,000 of the 2,500 troops it had pledged were now on the ground in Mali, said on Saturday that no more of its citizens were being held. Of the French intervention in Mali, foreign minister Laurent Fabius said at a meeting in Abidjan on Saturday that “France was obliged to intervene very, very rapidly, otherwise there would have been no more Mali.” Algerian news agency APS quoted a government official as saying the kidnappers, who claimed to have come from Niger, were armed with machineguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and missiles. This was confirmed by an Algerian driver, Iba El Haza, who said the hostage-takers spoke in different Arabic dialects and perhaps also in English. “From their accents I understood one was Egyptian, one Tunisian, another Algerian and one was speaking English or (another) foreign language,” Haza told AFP, two days after escaping during the army’s Thursday attack. “The terrorists said: ‘You have nothing to do with this, you are Algerians and Muslims. We won’t keep you, we only want the foreigners.’” Algeria’s El Watan daily quoted a former military officer as justifying the army’s assault on Thursday, saying: “All hesitation is forbidden when the future of the nation is at stake or being threatened.” The final death tolls, of both foreign and Algerian hostages and of gunmen, was not yet known.

Myanmar ends offensive on rebels NAyPyIDAW AGENCiES

aleppo: a rebel fighter ducks for cover from syrian government’s jet fighters on saturday. agenCies

UN rights chief urges Syria war crimes probe UNItED NAtIONS AGENCiES

Navi Pillay, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, has cited the increasing casualty count in Syria as a basis for an International Criminal Court investigation into war crimes in the nearly two-year-long conflict. Speaking after a closed meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Friday, Pillay said there was little indication the 15-member body would take ac-

tion on the 22-month conflict. “I firmly believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed, are being committed, and should be investigated,” Pillay said citing the UN figure of 60,000 deaths in Syria. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Pillay, said the 60,000 death toll was “a conservative figure”. The United Nations also estimates that by June, there could be 1.1 million Syrian refugees in the region, double the current figure of 540,000. “I have urged the Security Council to

refer the situation to the International Criminal Court for investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity on the part of all parties engaged in this conflict,” she added. Pillay said people in Syria “see the situation as the United Nations not carrying out its responsibility to protect victims”. Syria is not an ICC member and the Security Council is the only body which can refer the conflict to the court. Russia and China have used their power as permanent members of the Se-

curity Council to block three resolutions that would have threatened sanctions against Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, and in some cases a war crimes case. Opposition fighters have also been accused of committing abuses against regime loyalists and forces. In August, an online video purported to show opposition fighters executing Assad loyalists in Aleppo. Diplomats at the council meeting said there was discussion of the calls for an ICC investigation, but still faced opposition from Russia and its allies.

Myanmar has said it is ending a military offensive against ethnic minority rebels in the northern state of Kachin in the face of growing international concern. The statement from the information ministry on Friday came hours after the country’s parliament passed a motion calling for a halt to the fighting, which has marred optimism about the country’s political reforms. “The commander in chief reaffirmed that the Tatmadaw (military) will follow the command of the president not to carry out offensive attacks except in self-defence,” the statement said. “But in an armed conflict, both sides need to halt attacks to cool tensions,” it added. The conflict between the government troops and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) had escalated recently with the use of air strikes by the military, prompting the United States and the UN to voice concern. The exact number of casualties is unknown, but the government said on Friday that 35 soldiers had been killed and 190 injured in a series of ambushes by the rebels since 2011, in the first official death toll for the military’s side. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced in the state since June 2011, when a 17-year ceasefire between the government and the KIA broke down. Myanmar’s quasi-civilian government has reached tentative ceasefires with a number of major ethnic rebel groups since taking power in early 2011, but several rounds of talks with Kachin rebels have shown little progress. President Thein Sein’s reformist government said a year ago it had ordered the military to halt offensives against ethnic minority rebels, but the Kachin conflict continued, raising doubts about his control over the armed forces. The government has described the recent strikes against the KIA to regain control of a strategically important hill in the area of La Gyar Yang.

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Musharraf lambastes India over LoC tension LONDON



ORMER president General (r) Pervez Musharraf has rejected allegations by India that its soldier was beheaded by Pakistan Army with help from militants. In an interview to Times Now, an Indian TV channel, Musharraf blamed India for deteriorating bilateral ties, saying there had been no effort from India to maintain civilised relations. “Beheading a soldier and sending back his body is inexcusable. However, knowing the Pakistan Army, I can say for sure that it is not in our culture to do something as horrific as that. No disciplined army would do that,” the former army chief said. When the Indian interviewer pressed him further about Pakistan Army’s alleged ties with militants groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba,

Musharraf replied: “We are not mad people. Stop painting us as rogues when you yourself are not prepared to admit all the cruelty that you inflict on us. Let alone LoC, what is the logic behind kicking our singers out, sending back our hockey players?” The former president asked why India was not doing anything against Shiv Sena, a Hindu extremist party. “Can Indian government dare to take action against Shiv Sena? Are they not extremists?” He went on to add that India had always had an inclination to be hysterical about everything. “The politicians, media, everyone in India have a tendency to be hysterical about everything,” he added. Later talking to a Pakistani news channel, Musharraf said the Indian Army was proud of its might, and therefore it had violated the ceasefire on the Line of Control (LoC). He warned India not to underestimate

Pakistan, saying “we are not a weak state”. Pakistan Army is capable of responding to any aggression by Indian forces, he said. He said that Pakistan Army was not involved in the beheading of the Indian soldier on LoC, and blamed India for fabricating false stories to put Pakistan’s army and intelligence agencies in a bad light through its media. He said India was deliberately escalating tension at the LoC. Pakistan army, he added, believes in resolving all disputes, including Kashmir, with India. Refusing to discuss Kargil, Musharraf snubbed an Indian TV anchor, telling him that 1971 war and Siachen needed to be discussed first. Responding to a question about the long march, Musharraf said India had no right to ask about Pakistan’s internal affairs. But he said that Pakistanis wanted change. To another question, he said that he would return to Pakistan before the next elections.

PESHAWAR: boys play cricket on a road leading towards Governor’s House on Saturday as a container has been placed there following protests by bara tribesmen over the killing of 18 people allegedly by frontier Corps personnel. inp

US will hate to see Pakistan-India progress jeopardized: State Department WASHINGtON SPECiAL CORRESPONDENt

The US State Department Friday said Washington would hate to see PakistanIndia progress towards normalization of relations jeopardized in the wake of tensions along the Line of Control in the disputed Kashmir region as it counseled the two South Asian neighbors to resolve their disputes through dialogue. “We very much value the progress the two countries have made on the economic side, on the visa side, on the trade side. And we ‘ll hate to see that jeopardized because it is in the interest of India and Pakistan and all of us who care about that region,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said. The spokesperson was responding to a question about the US role in addressing the South Asian tensions over cross-LoC exchange of fire. While tensions surged over killing of soldiers on the two sides, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said he was not ready for business as usual. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar this week proposed foreign ministerial level talks to contain the crisis and get back to peace process.

Nuland, speaking in that background at the daily briefing, welcomed moves to approach the LoC crisis through talks between the two nuclear neighbors. “We think the best way to work through issues on the Line of Control (in Kashmir) is for India and Pakistan to work through directly. They are in direct talks now and that is something that we welcome,” the spokesperson added. Questioned about the peaceful resolution to the issue of Dr Tahir ul Qadri –led march on Islamabad, the spokesperson said: “I did not get a political update on Pakistan. I hope what you say is true that we had a good political-based resolution. We have been clear that we want to see these issues settled through dialogue and settled democratically.” On Thursday’s sentencing of Tahawwur Rana, a Chicago businessman of Pakistani origin, the spokesperson said “this is an example of US justice system working. He was brought to trial and convicted.” Rana was sentenced to 14 years in prison Thursday by a Chicago district court for providing material support to overseas terrorism, including Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, which is accused of perpetrating the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

News 09 PPP’s reconciliation policy aimed at strengthening democracy: Kaira ISLAMABAD APP

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that the reconciliation policy of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was aimed at strengthening democracy in the country. Talking to a private TV channel on Saturday, Kaira said the PPP did not believe in political victimisation. “We are following the democratic norms to promote democratic culture in country,” he said while claiming that democracy had been strengthened in the country. Replying to a question, Kaira said that elections would be held on time and there would be no delay, adding that the government would consult all the political parties before formulating the caretaker setup. He said the government had agreed to all the constitutional demands of Tehreek-eMinhajul Quran chief Dr Tahirul Qadri, adding that the 1973 Constitution had also been taken into consideration. Replying to another query, Kaira said the government believed in dialogue and a four-member legal team had been formed to look into Tahirul Qadri’s demands.

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Wink and compromise

A charlatan, a revolution and a load of balderdash

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onward to elections Responsibility on both government and opposition


he storm created by TMQ chief Tahirul Qadri is over, thanks to the correct handling of the crisis by the government. This would not have however been possible without the clear stand taken by the joint opposition led by Mian Nawaz Sharif and by Imran Khan’s refusal to join the long march. What is needed now is to remove the confusion about the election date and reach an agreement on the caretaker setup at the centre and the provinces. It is highly vital for the government to take the opposition on board on these matters. Zardari’s expected visit to the Raiwind Estate should prove a step towards a satisfactory resolution of these issues. With the National Assembly’s term expiring on March 15, elections have to be held by May 14 in any case. A firm date has, however, yet not been announced by the government for reasons best known to it. On Wednesday, leaders of nine opposition parties called upon the government to announce the election schedule immediately. When Syed Khurshid Shah told a private TV channel that polls could be held on May 4, 5 or 6, it was immediately clarified by the government that this was only his personal view and that the matter had yet not been discussed at any meeting of the coalition partners. The PPP has meanwhile agreed with Qadri to extend to a month the period for the scrutiny of the candidates’ nomination papers to determine their eligibility under Article 62 and 63 of the constitution. All the more reason, therefore, for the election schedule to be announced without delay. The issue of a caretaker setup is highly sensitive. Any perception of a ‘muk mukaa’, or collusion between the PPP and PML-N is likely to be resented by other parties in the election. Imran Khan has threatened that his party would take to the streets if other opposition parties were not taken on board. The nomination of caretaker CMs in provinces too is by no means a hassle-free issue. As at the centre, here too the matter could best be settled through a consensus between the leaders of the house and the opposition. The Leader of the House in the Sindh Assembly is in self-imposed exile in Dubai and Mian Nawaz Sharif has warned that any caretaker government in the province formed on the basis of corruption and bribery would not be acceptable. With the governor’s rule in Balochistan, there is uncertainty regarding the status of the provincial assembly. Mian Nawaz Sharif has directed Ch Nisar to try to evolve a consensus between the opposition parties both inside and outside the parliament. One expects that the PPP too would focus on settling the two issues through talks during the parliamentary session which begins on Monday. A peaceful transfer of power from one elected government to another, the first ever in this country, would strengthen democracy. The government and the opposition have to act with statesmanship to fulfil their historic responsibility.

By Humayun Gauhar


RIDAY’S headline of this newspaper put is the best: ‘That’s all folks’. Quite. Drama and ‘dharna’ over: We excavated a mountain and found a mouse. My friend Hussain Haroon phoned immediately after the government-Qadri compromise to ask: “Old chap, who do you think blinked?” “Neither,” I said. “Each closed one eye. Both winked. The government got relief without violence; Qadri got a face-saving exit. The people got nothing.” Runaway inflation is still their lot as are unemployment, insecurity, no gas or electricity, no water, no schools or hospitals, no nothing. The declaration is a compromise, not a consensus. Compromise is a copout, a sellout. Consensus requires a majority. Qadri’s sellout reminded me of a Punjabi verse my late Uncle Tajammul would tell us children about Pakistani politics: “Choran dey pug Sadhuaan la lai, Sadhuaan dey pug chor, Kalay patthar, kalay rorh, chor ve kainday ‘chor o chor’.” “The pious exposed the thieves; thieves the pious. Black rocks, black stones, even thieves are shouting ‘thief, thief’.” The imagery is of children stoning thieves out of their villages and neighbourhoods. When big thieves arrive not just petty thieves shout “thief, thief” but also black stones and rocks asking to be thrown at them. Qadri entered the gang of those he calls thieves (amongst other choice titles and expletives) and joined the class of beneficiaries of the status quo that he claimed that he had come to change. I feel sorry for his mesmerised followers, sorrier for the simpletons who joined his ‘long march’ that was actually a ‘short fatigue’ and sorrier still for the couch potatoes who romanticised that revolution was upon us. Revolutions are not made from seven-star bunkers; they take years of struggle or jihad that our Prophet (pbuh) waged. He didn’t fight battles from comfortable container-bunkers, lost a tooth in Badr and had a torn tent atop the nearest hillock. Any man with ordinary intelligence can articulate the frustrations and aspirations of the people and mobilise some of them. But to implement them is another thing. When you don’t even intend to implement them but only want to get entry into the ‘Beneficiaries and Brigands Club’ then rhetoric has no chance of becoming reality. Qadri is now a member, to be consulted on some silly things, with some meetings to be held in his office. Such symbolism does an oversized ego massage. For days Tahirul Qadri called the politicians thieves while for years he kept trumpeting his

own piety. On January 17, the ‘thieves’ exposed his piety and showed him up as a charlatan. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police added syrup to this trifle: they want to question Qadri for getting a Canadian passport under false pretenses. Is this what a trustworthy, honest man is made of? Qadri has given a diametrically opposed meaning to the words ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Ameen’ – in his dictionary they mean ‘rascal, charlatan and freebooter’. Qadri left Lahore to save the country and upturn the status quo. He arrived in Islamabad screaming revolution. He ended up joining the status quo; his revolution ended in the whimper of a meaningless declaration and a shameless escape. Welcome to the fold of liars and brigands, Mr. Qadri. But look out: you are now in bed with the savviest, wiliest political operators in Pakistan, to wit one Asif Zardari and Chaudhry Shujat Hussain. Whilst the latter will take you into the emerging fold of the ‘Grand National Alliance’ against Nawaz Sharif’s ‘Grand Opposition Alliance’ to seal your permanent membership of the ‘Beneficiaries and Brigands Club’, Zardari will give you the haircut that you’ve never known before just as he has given many to Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain. Then he will give you a head massage. Then you will become a zombie. Zardari came to an agreement with Nawaz Sharif but declared when he reneged: “Agreements are not in the pages of the Quran; they are not in the Hadees. They are just ‘mufahamat’ – compromise.” That was Nawaz Sharif’s first haircut. He has had many more since. Qadri’s ‘mufahamat’ declaration is his first haircut. How would you like another, Mr. Qadri? An American Navy SEAL type crew cut, perhaps? Mr Zardari is very good at that, though he is better at shaving heads. Like his late great father-inlaw, Mr Zardari’s strength is that he is not burdened by principles. But unlike his father-inlaw he is not burdened by a jumbo jet-sized ego either. Thus he is not vindictive. Mr Bhutto was and took revenge for petty and imagined slights and made enemies where there were none. In the end, he outmaneuvered himself and was hanged by his pet general who he thought was his stooge. Zardari makes no such mistakes – except if you have diddled him in business, as many escaped businessmen have discovered. So be careful, Mr Qadri. No point in keeping your hat on. Bhutto could insinuate his nimble fingers under a bird and take its eggs away one by one, Zardari can give haircuts with hats on, as you have discovered. Qadri kept proclaiming his piety to the point of distraction. He implicitly claimed the Imamate of Hussain (RA) by likening his march to Hussain’s march on Karbala and likening our rulers to Yazid who slaughtered Hussain and much of the Prophet’s (pbuh) family. After all this invective Qadri invited these same ‘Yazids’ to his designer bunker, all smiles and hugs when he received them, and signed the paperwork for joining their exclusive club. Worse, he signed it with the man whom he had declared ‘ex’ prime minister. Even the president was declared ‘ex’. He prayed to God in gratitude for deliverance when the Supreme Court hastily ordered the prime minister’s arrest. Would Imam Hussain have signed a declaration with Yazid? Would he have smiled and hugged him? The Charlatan did so without a blush or a blink, just a wink. I didn’t see any Yazid in the bunker, not all were thieves either

the bulletproof monk And the art of khaki democratic dictatorship

By Mariam Shafqat Goraya


ongratulations, congratulations, congratulations! We are on our path to salvation, we will bring the whole world down and in order to do this, my brothers and sisters, we must take our own country down first and this will happen today. Today! Today!

Those who want to leave, can leave now but please be patient, my fellow revolutionaries, enjoy God’s rehmat and don’t leave until we have managed to make a complete ‘revolution’ out of ourselves. As for those of you who are not with us, sun lo, our faith is as thick as our one and only bullet proof container. A sparkle of holiness is a joy forever, says our good old general and that is the beauty of it. We are the bastions of God, the ultimate caretakers of this holy land plagued by the unholy democracy. We can outmaneuver it, trample it, bypass it, exempt ourselves from everything that goes through the lens of democracy and yet we will be first one to pass through the doors to heavens on the Day of Judgment. As to the question of who was hatched first out of Islamic Republic of Pakistan – democracy or dictatorship? The answer is yet to be decided, so give us another chance

for ten more years and we will set this question straight by making sure that nobody asks this question in the first place. We will be remembered in primary class history books under the title of “Dictators who managed to lose democratic weight by gulping two scoops of democracy thrice a day” or maybe as “The art of khaki democratic dictatorship – try it once and you’ll be exempted in this life and the life hereafter”. It’s a win-win situation both ways, as there are two types of interventions: 1) Divine intervention; and 2) Jewish/ Indian/American intervention. Spit on democracy and you will be hailed as saviours of poor civilians, rescuing them from corrupt politicians. It’s called divine intervention. Fall flat on the face of national expectations, and you are not supposed to be blamed for the mess created. It’s called Jewish/Indian/American intervention.

but I did see one demagogue: one Mr Qadri with his son and putative heir, like Dr Evil and Mini Me (not another one, for God’s sake). Dynasticism is alive and well, thank you. What did Qadri achieve? 1. Two women and three children reportedly died of the cold and rain. 2. The ‘Pakistani Spring’ turned out to be the ‘Pakistani Winter’. But it certainly exposed our ‘Winter of Discontent’. 3. The marchers left behind so much filth that even wild boars that thrive on filth ran away. 4. Qadri got uninterrupted media coverage in Pakistan for days and a lot abroad: the coming of the new messiah, the arrival of the deliverer, the moderate face of Islam and all that jazz. 5. He got an exit route and entry into the charmed circle of the rapacious that make our people ‘the wretched of the earth’. 6. Now he will be consulted – only consulted – in the government’s proposed names for caretaker prime minister: this is not in the constitution but Zardari can certainly consult anyone he wants to. 7. A gaggle of lawyers – the usual suspects – will hold meetings in his secretariat of Minhaj-ul-Quran (by the way, ‘minhaj’ means path) to discuss how to change the election commissioners and ensure compliance of the constitutional criteria for qualification to contest elections. How election commissioners can be removed is in the constitution (it is near impossible) and the qualification and disqualification articles are clear: they only have to be implemented. Now they certainly will be on the opposition’s candidates. As to the government’s candidates, Mr Zardari will be only too happy to be rid of some. 8. People got a chance to vent their pent up anger and frustration and daydream for a while. Steam was let out of the volcano; its eruption was delayed – but only for a while. The volcano rumbles still, it still spews smoke. And the heart of the earth beats in agitation. It is the ‘Winter of Discontent’. The volcano will erupt when a real leader, not a charlatan, emerges. That will happen after people have suffered more and learned further lessons for their mistakes till their eyes and minds are opened and they can differentiate between a charlatan and a real leader. “I go for a while with every fast current, for I don’t recognise the navigator still.” People who are scraping the bottom of the barrel and clutching at straws are just so much balderdash. “Qadri showed the world the moderate face of Islam,” they bleat, “the people showed that they are disciplined.” Forsooth, the world is not made of fools. It knows that Qadri was acting according to the ‘Get Nawaz Script’ and that the vast majority of Pakistanis are moderate and disciplined. It is the rulers of these unfortunate people who are extreme in their plunder and immoderate in the language of their politics. Nawaz may be on the back foot, but he is not done. As to Imran Khan missing the bus, it was certainly a bus worth missing. Don’t feel depressed. This is not the end for every ending contains the seeds of a new beginning. Ghalib said: “The candle burns in all colours till the dawn.” Wait for the dawn. The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at

The loin from the den of you-know-who decided to roar again. The four-day tamasha engulfed our nation already restlessly tiptoeing for our very own desi-ishtyle nargisi revolution. This time it was as badly directed as the big-budget Lollywood chick flicks with unintentionally comical dialogues and oft repeated formula of instant mix-masala. The only difference was that this time it was a box office flop. With the hero being launched as a moderate Islamic messiah, the old formula did manage to stir emotions for those having a ‘thing’ for Nargis’ theatre performances but only for a while. There were a lot lessons to be realised for producers, directors and disappointed political theatre goers. For once it was set clear that the civilian setup, after many instances of getting repeatedly hijacked by military, is finally able to stand on its own feet (although still fragile), and that too without any salvations form our holy overseers. As far as PTI is concerned, presence of old seasoned politicians in the party might have saved the day amidst all the pressure from amateurish party workers to join the sit-in. The role of judiciary in current political power sharing arrangement served as a cat-

alyst to the pseudo revolutionary movement. Although dubbed as a coincidence, CJ’s judicial ruling to sack the prime minister was a clear message to civilian and military institutions alike that come what may, judiciary’s independence will remain undeterred to outside pressure. Although, the question, as to how far the military was involved in this long march is still a mystery, but the outcome also made it clear for once and all that after 30 years of dictatorship, the military does not need any hidden agenda anymore. It has been able to garner considerable civilian support and it is now a political party in its own right as the supporters of TuQ and the lead actor himself had no qualms in repeatedly inviting the military to step in and dissolve assemblies. However, it is yet to be seen how far this particular incident has managed to deter ‘revolutionaries’ from taking over the world in one day. As the lesson at the end of the day was that instant mix masalas don’t work, try something intelligent next time. Viva la democracy! The writer is a political satirist. She can be reached at

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Comment 11

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

revolution. Wait, what? And the wheel goes round and round…

By Saad Rasool


t is hard to reconcile with what Tahirul Qadri’s long march and the consequent Islamabad Long March Declaration have accomplished. What started off as a ‘million march’ to overthrow the government, have the assemblies dissolved, disband the election commission, revamp the electoral process and rid our country of the ‘yazidiat’ has concluded with a declaration of ‘success’, without having achieved any of its stated objectives. Before assessing its conclusion any further, may I first suggest something that has been resting uneasy with countless people across Pakistan: it is only natural that references from Islamic history make their way into our political and social discourse from time to time. And that is acceptable. But it is a travesty of Islamic ideals to take a cataclysmic event such as the Battle of Karbala, impersonating as Imam Hussain (RA) and declaring certain others to be Yazid, only to finally settle for inviting Yazid to your house, hugging him, having a cup of tea together, signing a joint declaration that gives into Yazid’s play, doing a joint press conference, and congratulating Yazid for his wonderfulness. Can we please draw a line in the sand somewhere? Away from this terrible drama, the declaration that was finally signed between Dr Qadri and his foes incorporates four “decisions”. The first is simple and toothless: “The National Assembly shall be dissolved at any time before the 16th of March, 2013 (due date), so that the elections may take place within the 90 days.” Bravo! So Dr Qadri, who had started off with his demand of “immediately” dissolving the National Assembly has settled for just following the regular procedure of completing the term of the assemblies, and then dissolving the government, as already mandated by the constitution. No achievement here. And thus, no reason to be congratulated on. The one caveat added to the 90-day election process, however, is that the Election Commission will take up to 30 days to “scrutinise” the eligibility of each candidate, so as to ‘pre-clear’ him or her, before such a candidate can commence the election campaign. How the election commission will do this ‘pre-clearance’, in the absence of there being a conviction as to the candidate in terms of him or her

being ‘sadiq’ or ‘ameen’, is unclear. And in case the ‘pre-clearance’ is no different than the existing scrutiny adopted towards election papers, how will the process be any different than what it was previously? And a change of the campaigning time period from 90 to 60 days also seems to be purposeless because, for all intents and purposes, the election campaign starts (unofficially) much before the announcing of the 90 days and continues in force till the eve of the elections. The second decision of the Islamabad Long March Declaration is that that upon the dissolution of the current assemblies, Dr Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehreek and the forces of Yazid will present two proposed names for the position of caretaker prime minister with “complete consensus”. From a legal perspective, this ‘decision’ is nothing more than a private arrangement (at most a contract) between private parties (the coalition parties and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek). Violation of the same has no real legal consequences for the government. And even if it is adhered to, it is unsure how the consequences will lead to a fulfillment of Dr Qadri’s statement mission and alleviation of the plight of the unfortunate many in Pakistan. The third decision, that of concerning the composition of the Election Commission (which had been the centre-point of Dr Qadri’s rhetoric over the past month or so), is ‘yet to be decided’. Dr Qadri, who is a doctor of law, ended up agreeing with the forces of Yazid that there are ‘constitutional difficulties’ in revamping the Election Commission, and the same needs further discussion (after consultation with legal experts), which will take place on the 27 January at the Minhaj-ul-Quran office in Lahore. How magnanimous! And finally, Dr Qadri has succeeded in making the forces of Yazid to agree to implementation of Article 62, 63 and 218(3) of the Constitution, section 77 to 82 of the Representation of People’s Act, 1976 (regarding corrupt electoral practices), the Supreme Court judgment of 8 June, 2012 – all which, by the way, the government was already legally and constitutionally bound to do. Great job! Having achieved these monumental milestones, the media has reported that Dr Qadri is booked to travel back to Canada at the end of the month. The defining revolution of our time, one that promised to make our lives better instantly (with hour-long deadlines), is over. Phool shaakhon pe khilne lage, tum kaho Jaam rindon ko milne lage, tum kaho Chak seenon ke silne lage, tum kaho Is khule jhoot ko, zehan ki loot ko, Main naheen maanta, main naheen jaanta. The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. He has a Masters in Constitutional Law from Harvard Law School. He can be reached at: saad@post.

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institutional radicalism Another sad sight of a standstill city of Karachi over the killing of MQM lawmaker must have worried all political forces who are anxiously waiting for coming elections. The city has been in the grip of all sorts of violence for the last 25 years. The MQM appeared as a strong and mainstream representative of urban middle classes of Karachi in 1987 for the first time in their sweeping victory in local body elections. Since then, they have largely dominated the city politics with little challenge from other political forces. The dominance of MQM meant the end of an era of city’s political support to right leaning forces. Political meetings of the MQM always began with political slogans combined with music of political nature from late 80s to all through the 90s. In all those years, right wing forces were doing their own trick by opening seminaries and embarking upon religious activism through public gatherings and mass campaigns of reaching out to people belonging to all walks of life. Some 25 years ago, there were hardly any religious seminaries in MQM dominated localities but today if you tour around you find strings of such small to large sized seminaries producing entire generations of right leaning men and women. The MQM has also tried to keep pace with this change by putting lot of religious stuff into their public meetings in the last few years but it seems the party is struggling to keep pace with radicalisation in the biggest Pakistani city. The recent attacks on MQM from ultra-right forces must have rung bells for all the liberal left forces in Karachi who always look to the party as the flag bearer for all such forces. The situations is going to be a big challenge for MQM to not only retain their political position but to ensure that they don’t lose their base to fast advancing institutional radicalism in a city which has till today been the citadel of whatever has left of liberalism in Pakistan. MALIK ATIF MAHMOOD MAJOKA Melbourne, Australia

difficulties for students There are many the difficulties and inconveniences faced by eligible candidates for evening programmes in the Karachi University regarding their fee submission process. The admission committee of University of Karachi has declared 2,800 students eligible for admission to the university's evening programmes. But the admission committee has failed to take adequate measures regarding the fee submission process at the university’s Evening Directorate.

Only two counters have been allocated for 2,800 students. In this situation, candidates have to face great difficulties and inconvenience in the fee submission process. They have to stand in long queues waiting for their turn for hours. The rude behaviour of the staff adds misery to the fee submission process. They won’t accept students’ fee slips if not accompanied with notes of proper denomination. It’s my request to the university administration to look into this matter and provide relief to the candidates of university's evening programmes by increasing the number of fee counters for them. SHUJA HAIDER Karachi

my enemy’s enemy… Apparently, the cat is coming out of the bag. Last week’s unprovoked firing between Pakistani and Indian forces along the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir has already ignited the border which has been relatively peaceful for the last one decade. Now come some real characters who vow to derail the fragile peace process between these two feuding countries. After occupying the tribal areas of Pakistan, Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has now been eying on new areas to take its brutality to. As per a news report, TTP’s chief Hakeemullah Mehsud has declared in a video message to send militants to Indian-held Kashmir who will not only fight the Indian forces but also enforce the Shahria (read Taliban’s interpretation of religion) in the valley. This is a very serious development; both countries will be trapped by these militant forces who are working on an agenda which is generally not in line with the peace seeking masses of the subcontinent. Both Pakistan and India shall ensure that the TTP shouldn’t get the opportunity to highjack the movement in Indian-held Kashmir. It’s the sole right of Kashmiris to decide their future, not of some foreign miscreants to enforce their hidden agenda at gun point. Both countries should realise that “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” will not work here as both are facing a common enemy. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

a great leader? It was very disconcerting to read in the national press that while thousands of followers of Dr Tahirul Qadri were shivering in the rainy winter nights of Islamabad with hundreds of children sick from cold, their leader was perspiring in the overheated container he was in. It is said that when Alexander the Great was travelling along the Mekran coast with his tired army, they faced a severe shortage of water and when a soldier found some water in a rain puddle, he collected that water in his helmet and brought it for Alexander to drink. He after looking at his thirsty soldiers poured it on the ground. While this act heartened his depressed soldiers who were hitherto in a mood of mutiny, as such it shows his concern for his men which unfortunately were non-existent in maverick Dr Tahirul Qadri. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

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Salman Khan

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

SignS whopping RS 500 cRoRe deal! Don`t read tabloid tales: Selena Gomez


inger selena gomez says she does not read tabloid stories about her personal life. the 19-year-old, who reportedly has split from boyfriend Justin Bieber, said she doesn`t pay attention to the speculation about her love-life, reported showbizspy. "it blows my mind that somebody wakes up every morning and goes to their little office and meets with people to just make stuff up. i don`t read them unless it`s really bad and i need to know. "at the end of the day, love is such a normal thing, and everyone deals with it. Just because it`s a different lifestyle doesn`t change the meaning of what i`ve been raised on, which is fairy tales," she said. NEWS DESK



ALMAN Khan is certainly a brand in himself. The actor, who made a comeback of sorts to the Box Office with ‘Wanted’ in 2009, has been ruling the roost since then. Salman’s brand value has often been discussed and he has now reportedly struck an incredible Rs 500 crore deal with an entertainment channel. According to the latest buzz, the agreement includes airing all of Salman Khan’s films that will release in the next five years. Apparently, the deal between the channel and Khan is first of its kinds in the country. Considering the fact that Salman Khan is the most popular celebrity on social media (according to a recent data analysis) and his popularity even on TV is multiplying with time, the star seems to have cast an indelible impact on viewers across all age groups! So all you Salman Khan fans out there, do raise a toast to celebrate Salman’s success.

Pattinson and Stewart voted JeNNifeR LoPez SexIeSt HollyWooD CoUPle not unhappy with mag Robert and Kristen have been voted the sexiest Hollywood couple by ‘Total Film’ magazine! That would be incredible news for them — if they weren’t going through a trial separation.

Will it bring them back together? To know that you are the most sought after couple in Hollywood should be flattering to any Hollywood couple. But could this new honour for Kristen

Stewart and Robert Pattinson help bring them back together for good? Total films announced the tally from their reader vote for sexiest actors and actresses in movies right now. NEWS DESK

Halliwell dating Russian millionaire?


inger geri Halliwell is reportedly dating russian millionaire anton Kaszubowski. the former spice girls singer, who has five-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna from a previous relationship, met Kaszubowski last month and is said to be smitten with the "gentleman". "they hit it off instantly and are seeing a lot of each other. anton's just her type. He has friends in high places and loves shooting in the country," the quoted a source as saying. the source added: "geri's typically rushing into it with guns blazing saying, 'He's the gentleman that i've been waiting for'." NEWS DESK

Mel Gibson the father of Jodi Foster’s two sons: report NEWS DESK Jodie’s two boys Charlie, 14, and Kit, 12, don’t know the identity of their father — but a new report suggests that their mom’s close friend and fellow actor Mel Gibson could be their biological dad! Read on for the shocking details. Jodie Foster thanked her expartner Cydney Bernard and gave a loving shout-out to her two boys Charlie and Kit during her Golden Globes acceptance speech for the

Love Hewitt to go nude for TV show!


inger-actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is likely to go nude in the new season of her hit tV drama "the client List". the 33year-old plays a masseuse who makes extra cash by having sex with clients in the saucy series. she has already bared her cleavage on screen in several skimpy outfits. if sources are to be believed, she will go a step further in the forthcoming second season, reports However, bosses at cable network Lifetime will be forced to blur out her more intimate parts. Her friends say she is currently hitting the gym four times a week so that she looks in the best possible shape. shooting for the new series has already begun. NEWS DESK

Lifetime Achievement Award. But she also thanked long time friend Mel Gibson – and said he “saves” her! Jodie and Mel have been close friends ever since they starred together in the 1994 film Maverick. Ever since, the Academy Award-winning actress has had nothing but loving things to say about her actor pal, even throughout all of negative media coverage over the past few years. She even cast him in her 2011 flick The Beaver, and many are questioning if

her loyalty to the troubled star is tied to a possible family connection. “He’s so incredibly loving and sensitive,” she recently said according to the New York Post. “I knew the minute I met him that I would love him the rest of my life.” Jodie has also promised to not tell her kids who their biological father is until they are 21, according to a report in the Daily Mail, but all eyes have been on Mel since Jodie’s shout-out to him during her Golden Globes speech.

cover pic, says manager NEWS DESK Jennifer Lopez’s manager has denied reports that the singer was unhappy with her picture on the cover of People magazine that made her look “old”. However, looking at the dated looking photo of the star, it’s not hard to see why the initial story took hold. Jennifer is pictured in a crouching pose with a wide grin and her hair styled straight with long fringe, looking decidedly unglamorous. A source told the New York Post, her camp feels she looks old and haggard. And apparently the Latin diva’s camp reached out to People to complain about the photograph. But her manager Benny Medina has insisted he was happy with the final result, the Daily Mail reported. He said that they worked closely with the editors of People and were very pleased with cover photo and the results all around. People magazine were also quick to play down the negative press and said that it continues to have a productive relationship with Lopez and her team.

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Renowned paKiStani SingeR

mehnaz Begum paSSeS away


EHNAZ BEGUM, the well known Pakistani classical singer, passed away in Bahrain en route to the United States. Local media reported that the singer had been suffering from respiratory problems and was heading to the US for treatment. According to reports, Mehnaz faced health deterioration during her flight to the US, following which she was transferred to a hospital in Bahrain, where she eventually passed away. Born in 1958, Mehnaz was the daughter of celebrated sub-continent singer Kajjan Begum, and sung a number of popular songs for films and television. She specialised in a variety of genres including ghazal, thumri, dadra, khayal, drupad and reciting salam, noha and marsiya. Mehnaz sung over 2500 songs for radio‚ TV‚ and films. Her most famous ghazals include “ab kay tajdeed-e-wafa ka nahi imkaan” and “mujhe dil se na bhulana” among a host of others. After Madam Noor Jehan‚ she sang the largest number of songs for the Pakistani film industry. Mehnaz was equally at ease in rendering semiclassical‚ folk or pop numbers in Urdu‚ Sindhi‚ Punjabi‚ Pashto‚ and Persian. Radio Pakistan's former director general late Salim Gilani introduced Mehnaz for the first time on Radio Pakistan in 1973. Local and international artists and fans of classical music expressed grief over her demise and praised her contributions to Pakistani art and music. NEWS DESK

Anil Kapoor to attend Toronto international film fest


KATie PRiCe Now, Sufi and Punjabi married on psychic’s advice songs for Adnan Sami

niL Kapoor has been invited for the toronto international Film Festival (tiFF) beginning on January 21 and Bollywood actor is excited over the prospect saying he feels honoured. Kapoor, who became a known face in the West with the success of Danny Boyle’s “slumdog Millionaire”, has been invited for a special segment ‘in conversation’ at the tiFF. “Yes i have been invited by tiFF and will be attending the event. i am very glad and honoured to get an invitation for this event,” he said in a statement here. He will be the first indian actor to attend the tiFF, where a 20minute long discussion will be held with the actor over his films. NEWS DESK


Model Katie Price, who has married for the third time, says she did so on the advice of her psychic. The 34-year-old wed Kieran Hayler, 25, on a beach in Bahamas, reported Sun Online. "A medium said the man I`d marry was called Kevin. Kieran`s name is close to Kevin and it all became clear. It`s only my third one," Price said of her psychic tip. She and hunky plasterer Kieran capped their whirlwind romance by tying the knot in front of just six guests. Price had earlier said Kieran proposed to her over Christmas dinner. And after two previous marriages, she insisted she had finally found Mr Right in the bodybuilding part-time stripper. "As usual, I get a hard time for my choices because I`m me? I still don`t really understand why. This is only my third marriage. I did my own Pricey Marriage Survey and discovered I was in good company. "Joan Collins has been married five times, Liz Taylor did eight and Zsa Zsa Gabor nine. So there! I get stick, but no one has picked on them for all the marriages they`ve had," she said.

NEWS DESK Singer Adnan Sami has played around with new genres in his latest album "Press Play". "I have touched new genres which I had not before. I have composed a Sufi song for the first time 'Ali Ali.' Then there is romantic and fun songs and I have also composed a Punjabi song for the first time," the 39-year-old said here Thursday at the launch of the album. Sami also talked about how he came up with an unusual title like "Press Play". "I have done so many styles in this album that if I had named the album after a romantic song, then people would have thought that there are only romantic songs. Similarly, for Sufi and fun songs. So finally, I said let people push in the CD and press play and decide for themselves what the album is," Sami said. Sami's last private album was "Ek Ladki Deewani Si" in 2009, while his other private albums include "Teri Kasam" and "Kisi Din".

it's an honour to stand next to Sridevi: Katrina


Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘David’ lands in trouble oveR ‘DAMA DAM MASt KAlANDAR’ NEWS DESK Talented filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar whose latest, ‘David’, has already impressed audiences, has now courted trouble over the use of a popular Sindhi song ‘Dama Dam Mast Kalandar’. The new version of the song that features veteran actress Sarika has apparently irked the Sindhi community. Apparently, the way the song has been picturised has hurt the sentiments of the Sindhis. The song shows Sarika lip-syncing the song while shots of violence and love-making

are juxtaposed. The song was originally penned by Aamir Khusro. Popular Sufi legend Bulleh Shah added his own touch to the piece and since then, a number of singers have rendered their own versions of the song. “Our community is fragmented, but there are certain things we hold close to our heart. One of them is this song as it represents our culture. When the films promo shows violence and lovemaking sequences while the song is being played, it gives the wrong impression. It`s my sincere request that this is

taken into consideration and they take it off air. I hope this does not work as a publicity stunt,” a leading daily quoted Manoj Matai, the complainant, as saying. Nambiar clarified his stance to the daily on the controversy and said, “We have used this song because it is iconic and offers an instant connect with million of people. In the film, the song is played during a wedding. There is no intention to hurt the religious sentiments of any community.” The film will see Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vikram and Vinay Virmani playing the lead roles.

ctress Katrina Kaif was flattered to receive an award from sridevi and said it was an honour to stand beside the yesteryear diva. Katrina was given the best international icon (Female) at the Zee cine awards. sridevi was accompanied by filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor on the stage. "Well, i think first and most importantly, it is a huge honour to get any award from sridevi. it is a huge honour to stand next to her and i think this year honestly belongs to you (sridevi) and Boney ji," she said. the awards will be aired on sunday on Zee tV. NEWS DESK

Mumbai Mirror’s Gihana Khan’s sex video leaked


ust before the release of political thriller “Mumbai Mirror”, the main leads sachin Joshi and gihana Khan are in lot of buzz with their leaked video. the intimate scenes filmed between the two which was initially supposed to be the part of the flick has been leaked and is gaining a lot of views on the internet. it is learnt that one of the crew member for fun has leaked the video. the two could be seen intimating in the clip. the movie exposing the nexus between powerful, corrupt dance bar owners and the Mumbai police is released today i.e, 18 January. Well time will tell for its box office success but the clip out is already busting on the net. Here are some of the stills from the clip. NEWS DESK

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Infotainment 14

Sunday, 20 January, 2013



Hen the iPhone launched, the world of mobile phone technology started changing immediately. smartphones were the domain of high-powered businessmen and arch gadget lovers at the time, in part because of price, in part because their utilitarian looks and confusing interfaces didn’t appeal to many who didn’t need their advanced features. But the iPhone managed to merge the power of smartphones with the universal, easy-to-understand interface and attractive design that most people want from a phone. Here in 2013, the iPhone offers hundreds of thousands of apps that make just about any task user-friendly, and has some of the most advanced technology on the market. But it’s important to remember that it didn’t happen overnight. there was no app store until a year after the iPhone launched, and certainly no

1. NeW CAMeRA teCHNoloGy early in its life, the iPhone was always on the back foot when it came to the camera. apple only really got serious about it with the iPhone 4, and now it’s one of the most talked-about features in each iteration. though the iPhone 5 mostly made behindthe-scenes tweaks, such as better image processing, future iPhones will be able to go further.

2. tHe DeveloPMeNt oF 4G By the time the iPhone 6 is released, 4g will have developed further than it has now, especially in the uK. For the launch of the iPhone 5, 4g was only available from one network, and in four cities (with more to come soon). By the end of 2013, all the major uK networks should be able to offer 4g connectivity, and the coverage will be up to 70% of the uK. at the moment, ee (also known as everything everywhere - the parent company of Orange and tMobile) is the only 4g operator, and it has launched this network on the 1800MHz band in the wireless spectrum. Other operators will have to bid for different parts of the spectrum to launch their own 4g services (except for three, which will use ee’s). Why is this important? Because the iPhone 5 only supports the 1800MHz band - not the others that will be used in the future. this means that if you buy an iPhone 5, it can only be used for 4g on ee and three’s networks in the uK,

retina display. and it’s amazing to think that the iPhone 5 has 4g mobile broadband, while the original in 2007 didn’t even have 3g. in just five years, apple’s iPhone has become almost unrecognisable when it comes to the technology that sits inside it, and even the outside features some incredible enhancements, despite looking a lot like the original. and now that mobile technology is the most prominent area of research and development for many companies, we are now only going to see the pace increase from now on. But what does this mean for the future of the iPhone? incredible leaps like the inclusion of Multi-touch don’t come around very often, but there are other ways that the iPhone will improve over time. small advances in areas that seem boring add up to making each new iPhone the best yet, but there are still blockbusting features that just aren’t ready yet, here in 2013. NEWS DESK

even after 2013.

3. WI-FI 802.11AC though apple drastically improved the maximum Wi-Fi connection speeds in the iPhone 5 compared to even just the 4s, the change came about just as the next generation of Wi-Fi technology is being introduced. its already possible to buy wireless ‘ac’ (as it’s known) routers, and when the technology is integrated into phones and tablets with the kind of technology apple uses, it’s expected to offer local network connection speeds of over 500Mbps - much faster than what’s possible now.

4. NFC near-field communication (nFc) is a very shortrange wireless technology, designed to make it simple to transfer small amounts of information very quickly and easily. this has made it ideal for use in ‘contactless’ payment systems - think along the lines of the London underground’s Oyster cards, where you need only tap a card on a pad to pay the correct amount. But it’s not just about payments - because it can send and receive information in just one tap of your phone, it’s great for any ticketing system, so could be used to get into concerts, on the

train or even to speed things up in the airport. and when used for payments, it can send your payment information and receive your receipt and any vouchers in the same single tap.

5. SeCURe PAyMeNt in the last decade, apple has spread into all sorts of areas people wouldn’t once have expected to see it in. Movies, music, phones… and with the company frequently touting the high number of itunes accounts with a credit card stored, how long will it be before it gets into online payments? think about how much simpler it would be if buying anything online was as easy as buying music or apps on your iOs device - just choose the item and type in your password. Because you’d still need a payment card behind your itunes account, it wouldn’t so much be a competitor to the likes of Visa and Mastercard as it would to PayPal and google checkout.

6. Making Siri psychic siri continues to develop, with more searchable data being added and speech recognition being improved, but it has to be invoked to work - you have to bring siri up and ask it what you want. to be a truly useful virtual assistant, rather than a voice-command tool, it should anticipate your needs before you even know you need them. google recently launched google now, which is a service very much along these lines. the idea is that you often want to know certain information at certain times or places, and your ‘assistant’ should be able to predict that.

Stealth Wear: an anti-drone hoodie and scarf


O n t i n u i n g his run of fascinating art that plays with thwarting the technological tools of the surveillance state, adam Harvey has released a new collection of “counter surveillance garments and accessories.” called stealth Wear, the line is a collaboration with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield. Launched in London yesterday, a city blanketed by police cameras, the garments nominally are “anti-drone,” in that they reduce one’s thermal profile, which can be seen in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. the infrared cameras mounted on drones, therefore, can see the heat of bodies, even in the dark. Harvey sent me over some images that he took using a FLir sr-series infrared camera. the images in the middle are what the camera normally produces; the images on the right are false color, so you can see the temperature gradient. the garments certainly do change your heat signature, though perhaps not enough to evade detection totally. Harvey made international headlines last year for his suggestion that “dazzle camouflage” facepaint could confuse facialrecognition systems. He attended nYu’s itP program, which has produced too many awesome projects to count. NEWS DESK

7. StoRAGe IMPRoveMeNtS We had been hoping that the iPhone 5 announcement would be the day that we finally saw a 128gB iPhone, but it remains beyond our grasp. More than that, the pitiful 8gB of storage in the iPhone 4 will be a real struggle to get by with if you want to download a lot of universal apps, take lots of photos and video, and keep a good music collection on your phone (or even just two of those things).

Google wants to replace password with USB keys and ‘smart rings’ News Desk Nobody likes trying to remember a dozen different passwords, but would you trust your personal information to a tiny USB key? Google is hoping yes. A quick glance through last year’s headlines is enough to tell you that typed-in passwords are not the stalwart security plan that they were in the early days of computing. Today, it’s too easy and commonplace for a popular site to be hacked and your personal information to become vulnerable. And gauging by the 2012 stats from SplashData, far too many people leave themselves open to attacks by choosing weak passwords. But what other options do we have? According to Wired, Google is looking for new choices beyond the current standard of passwords and cookies, and is researching using a physical key to lock and unlock your online things. One of the experiments by the search company includes a YubiKey cryptographic card that you simply slide into a USB port to log into Google. Google’s Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and Engineer Mayank Upadhyay wrote an article that’s due to appear in an upcoming issue of IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine about Google’s efforts to

revitalize our password systems. They said the ideal system of protection would involve authenticating a single device, such as a YubiKey or a smartphone, that would be configured to grant you access to any of your online services. “We’d like your smartphone or smartcard-embedded finger ring to authorize a new computer via a tap on the computer, even in situations in which your phone might be without cellular connectivity,” they wrote. It’s one of those “we’re living in the future” ideas, but it isn’t without some serious hurdles. There would have to be an airtight backup plan in case the key got lost or stolen. And most importantly, other websites and online services would have to agree to support the

system. Google’s browser has needed some tweaking to work with the key authentication, so several big players would need to jump on the bandwagon for the idea to really get off the ground. In the meantime, Google is working on some improvements to its existing two-step authentication process. In the current system, when you – or someone pretending to be you – signs in from an unfamiliar computer, a security code gets sent to your mobile phone that you need to enter in order to complete the login. This two-step approach is an improvement from just using a user name and password, but it still doesn’t protect against phishing. So Google has an addition in development from the key-based idea that would be independent of its own services. Removing the Google affiliation for the key system would get rid of the phishing concern as well as the need for support from other sites. It’s definitely a step in a safer direction.

NASA sends Mona lisa to the moon on a laser ride


an-in-tHe-MOOn, meet humankind’s most enigmatic earthly smile, courtesy of nasa. the u.s. space agency’s Lunar reconnaissance Orbiter (LrO) scientists this week beamed an image of the Mona Lisa from earth to the Moon-orbiting spacecraft’s Lunar Orbiter Laser altimeter (LOLa) instrument, nasa said thursday. calling the feat “the first anyone has achieved one-way laser communication at planetary distances,” LOLa principal investigator David smith of Mit said, “in the near future, this type of simple laser communication might serve as a backup for the radio communication that satellites use. in the more distant future, it may allow communication at higher data rates than present radio links can provide.” nasa researchers sent the digital image of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting nearly 240,000 miles from its next generation satellite Laser ranging (ngsLr) station at the goddard space Flight center in greenbelt, Md. to the LrO. Doing so required the LOLa team to break up the Mona Lisa image into a 152 pixel-by-200 pixel array, with each pixel “converted into a shade of gray, represented by a number between zero and 4,095” and transmitted individually by laser pulse, LOLa scientist Xiaoli sun said. NEWS DESK

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Junaid targets top five South africans

Pakistan must show mettle in SA: Misbah

Sri lanka seek another series win



LAHORE: The left-arm paceman of Pakistan, Junaid Khan, who is still in his early days, however has made an impression with his recent performances especially those in India lately. Still fresh from his impressive effort against the arch-rival, the promising youngster is upbeat to perform even better in South Africa. “Their top five batsmen are world class and I am not targeting anyone specific. I keep things simple and give my 100 per cent every time I get a chance to bowl.” said Junaid Khan said in a television interview. “I have worked hard at the training camp, and with the help of the video analyst, keenly observed the strengths and weaknesses of the South Africans”, adds the left-arm fast bowler. Pakistan will play three Test matches followed by two T20Is and five ODIs against the host team on the 5-week long tour to South Africa. The 23-year old, hails from Swabi, also recalled his outright triumph against the prolific Virat Kohli on the recent India tour, describing it as a joint effort with his team analyst. “Team analyst, Usman Hashmi, helped me a great deal in finding out the weaknesses of Kohli and others, I am glad the plan worked by the grace of God.”, concludes Junaid Khan, who knocked Kohli out thrice in as many ODIs in India. Junaid Khan has claimed 27 wickets in eight Test matches for Pakistan since his debut in 2011. In 16 ODIs and three T20I he has had 25 and two wickets respectively. StAff REPORt

AKISTAN need to "stand up and be counted" against South Africa's pace attack in their series with the world's top-ranked test nation starting next month, captain Misbah-ul-Haq said ON Friday. "This series is one of the biggest challenges of my captaincy tenure but I am confident that we can pose a serious threat to South Africa," Misbah told Reuters. The 16-member Pakistan squad leave on Sunday for a two-month tour that begins with a three-test series from Feb. 1.Pakistan are touring South Africa for the first time since 2007. "The coming series is very important for Pakistan cricket because we have mostly played our cricket in South Asia or the UAE since 2010," Misbah added. "The last few years have been a big challenge for Pakistan cricket and the players have come through well most of the time. But this is a tour where we have to play our best cricket." No test playing nation has visited Pakistan since March, 2009 when militants attacked the Sri Lankan team in Lahore. Misbah said he was confident about the series because Pakistan, like South Africa, had a strong bowling attack. "Until now our spinners have come through for us now it is the turn of the pace bowlers to deliver. I am confident that players like Umar Gul and Junaid Khan will be our strike bowlers and we have a good spin backup in Saeed Ajmal," he said. Misbah said his biggest concern was putting substantial runs on the board agsinst an attack boasting Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander. "South Africa has one of the best pace attacks in the world so we have to stand up and be counted. If we can post decent totals in the tests I know our bowlers will deliver." Misbah said his team's main strength had been their unity which had helped them whitewash England in early 2011 in a three-test series in the UAE. "No one gave us a serious chance of beating England but we did that because we have gelled well as a team. That will be our main strength in South Africa despite their formidable batting and bowling resources," he said. South Africa completed a 2-0 series win over New Zealand on Monday after thumping the visitors by an innings and 13 runs, only their second home test series win in four years. The Proteas have risen to the top of the International Cricket Council's test team rankings thanks to their


wonderful away form during which they have won back-toback series in Australia and England and remain unbeaten on their travels since 2006.

Just as the Test series between these two teams was decided with one match still to play, the one-day battle could be done and dusted before the teams fly to Hobart for the fifth and final game. Through outstanding swing bowling over the past two matches in Adelaide and Brisbane, Sri Lanka have positioned themselves so that in Sydney on Sunday they can become the first team ever to secure two bilateral one-day series triumphs against Australia in Australia. South Africa have done it once, in 2008-09. So have Pakistan, in the winter of 2002. Sri Lanka did it with a 2-1 success in early 2010-11. But no team has done it twice - yet. Sri Lanka were disappointing in the Tests, no question, but a one-day series win would at least allow them to fly home with some pride restored. At the very least they have shown that their pace attack, pilloried during the Tests, is a much more dangerous proposition in the one-day format. The presence of Lasith Malinga helps, of course, but in Brisbane on Friday it was Nuwan Kulasekara, who was here for the Test series, who destroyed Australia with the kind of prodigious swing most bowlers could only achieve with a half-taped tennis ball. It was brilliant stuff, and Australia's batsmen will need to show more of a willingness to fight through such swing if it is again present in Sydney, although the conditions are unlikely to be as helpfully humid as in Brisbane. For Australia, this match is as much about regaining pride as it is about keeping the series alive. If their 170 in Adelaide looked bad, their 74 all out at the Gabba was as embarrassing as it gets in one-day cricket.

India thrash England to take series lead RANCHI AGENCiES


S Dhoni has not had too much to smile about in recent months, as his India side suffered unexpected home defeats in Test and ODI cricket, but he was able to pack away the defensive frown and wary gaze and enjoy the occasion in Ranchi, as India strolled to a seven-wicket victory in the first international match ever to be staged in his hometown. Dhoni was even out in the middle to hit the winning runs and soak up the atmosphere as England, who appeared as eager as the crowd to give him a day to remember, slipped 2-1 down in the five-match series. All of India's bowlers contributed in a concerted display, aided by a touch of early movement and a middleorder collapse against spin of familiar proportions. Dhoni also claimed three catches, including a diving take to dismiss England's top-scorer, Joe Root, and a sharp chance at the wicket off Ian Bell, as England were once again spooked by the ghosts of their recent past in 50over cricket in India, mustering a paltry 155. India's innings proved that the pitch was a good one - the curator had predicted a score of 350 for the side batting first but he was obviously banking on that side being India. Although Steven Finn cleaned up Ajinkya Rahane again, bowled through the gate for the second time in as many matches, and James Tredwell claimed his sixth and seventh wickets of the series, Virat Kohli made sure England were the only ones doing any chasing. Kohli twice hammered Tredwell over the ropes, to go with a further nine fours in an unbeaten 77, his return to form yet another fillip for his captain. England's total was their second-lowest batting first against India (in full matches), as they subsided from an initially promising 68 for 1. Although there was an element of luck about the second breakthrough, as the sound of Kevin Pietersen's bat on pad seemed to deceive the umpire into awarding a caught behind, India did not owe their victory to fortune. The early dismissals of Alastair Cook, Pietersen and Bell left the middle order exposed and despite another promising display of character from Root, who put on 47 with Tim Bresnan, India were always in control. India won the match with 131 balls to spare, which is their largest margin of win in

ODIs against England (in terms of balls remaining). The previous highest was 123, in Jaipur in 2006. England's highest score in their innings was 39, which is the sixth-lowest top-score for them in a completed ODI against India. England's total of 155 is their third-lowest all-out score in an ODI against India. Virat Kohli has become the second-fastest cricketer to 4000 ODI runs, in terms of innings batted. Viv Richards achieved the landmark in 88 innings, while Kohli reached there in his 93rd. For the second match in a row, three England batsmen were dismissed without scoring. Before the Kochi game, this had only happened four times for England in ODIs against India. Ranchi became the 42nd Indian venue, and the 182nd venue in the world, to host a one-day international. The gods had already smiled on Dhoni at

the toss, as he was given the option and chose to insert an England side still apparently winded from their emphatic, 127-run defeat in Kochi on Tuesday. Although the pitch looked hard and flat, there was a light covering of grass and just enough moisture to aid the bowlers, further justifying Dhoni's decision, made ostensibly in view of the possibility of evening dew making the ball difficult to grip. By the time the sun set, however, it was the match that had slipped out of England's hands. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shami Ahmed bowled impressive opening spells and although Cook christened the ground with its first international boundary, in the second over, England's captain was soon undone by swing. The fans at the newly constructed 39,000-capacity Jharkhand State Cricket Association Stadium had come to see only one inspirational leader among the two sides, and the cheer that went up when he moved across his stumps to be hit in front by a Shami delivery that curved back at him confirmed it was not Cook. Pietersen is an England player capable of whipping up an Indian crowd but they were even more delighted by his downfall. Having added 44 in 41 balls with Bell, both batsmen fell in consecutive overs, Pietersen given out after again briefly threatening despite there being no apparent edge. Pietersen was visibly reluctant to drag himself away after fencing at a length ball from Ishant Sharma that rose sharply, the awkwardness of his stroke forcing the bat into the flap of his front pad. If there was doubt about that dismissal, there was none three balls later as Dhoni collected a scrape off the toe of Bell's bat while standing up to Bhuvneshwar. England were never able to feel at home on the Ranchi surface and India's hold on the match was further strengthened as Morgan tamely lobbed the ball to short-third man. Morgan laboured for 10 off 30 balls in a manner reminiscent of his poor form in the UAE last year, playing and missing against the quicks before getting out attempting a premeditated reverse-swipe through point against R Ashwin. Ravindra Jadeja then burst one through a loose defensive shot from Craig Kieswetter and pinned Samit Patel lbw pushing half forward as three wickets fell for one run in nine balls to send the crowd into further raptures. Root again dropped anchor, displaying familiar cir-

SCOREbOARD ENGLAND 17 AN Cook lbw b Shami iR bell c Dhoni b Kumar 25 KP Pietersen c Dhoni b Sharma 17 JE Root c Dhoni b Sharma 39 EJG Morgan c Yuvraj b Ashwin 10 C Kieswetter b Jadeja 0 SR Patel lbw b Jadeja 0 tt bresnan b Ashwin 25 JC tredwell not out 4 St finn c Yuvraj b Raina 3 JW Dernbach b Jadeja 0 Extras (lb 6, w 9) 15 total (all out; 42.2 overs) 155 fall of wickets 1-24 (Cook, 7.6 ov), 2-68 (Pietersen, 14.5 ov), 3-68 (bell, 15.2 ov), 4-97 (Morgan, 23.4 ov), 5-98 (Kieswetter, 24.2 ov), 6-98 (Patel, 24.6 ov), 7-145 (Root, 36.4 ov), 8-145 (bresnan, 37.2 ov), 9-155 (finn, 41.5 ov), 10-155 (Dernbach, 42.2 ov) bowling: b Kumar 10-2-40-1, Shami Ahmed 8-0-23-1, i Sharma 7-0-29-2, RA Jadeja 6.2-0-19-3, R Ashwin 10-0-37-2, SK Raina 1-0-1-1 iNDiA G Gambhir c Root b tredwell 33 AM Rahane b finn 0 V Kohli not out 77 Yuvraj Singh b tredwell 30 MS Dhoni not out 10 Extras (b 1, lb 1, w 5) 7 total (3 wickets; 28.1 overs) 157 Did not bat SK Raina, RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, b Kumar, i Sharma, Shami Ahmed fall of wickets 1-11 (Rahane, 2.5 ov), 2-78 (Gambhir, 17.3 ov), 3-144 (Yuvraj Singh, 25.3 ov) bowling: St finn 9.1-0-50-1, JW Dernbach 5-0-45-0, tt bresnan 7-2-31-0, JC tredwell 7-1-29-2 toss india, who chose to field, Result india won by 7 wickets (with 131 balls remaining), Series india led the 5-match series 2-1, Player of the match V Kohli (india), Umpires SJ Davis (Australia) and S Ravi, tV umpire VA Kulkarni, Match referee AJ Pycroft (Zimbabwe), Reserve umpire PG Pathak

cumspection and timing a handful of boundaries. He and the returning Bresnan - the one change on either side - formed a Yorkshire coalition in an attempt to heave England towards a respectable total but a loose drive from Root gave Ishant his second wicket and the spinners quickly cleaned up the tail. Before the start, there was already a palpable sense of anticipation in the ground at the return of Dhoni, India's captain and their standard-bearer during a testing recent run in ODI cricket. A light aircraft trailed a message in coloured smoke across the milky blue sky as Dhoni was interviewed at the toss. "It's a big moment for me but it's important to be focused," he said.

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16 Sports trials for faldo

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Franklin stars in NZ’s unlikely win PAARL




FTER seven days of the most one-side Test cricket you could witness the first one-day international produced a thriller as James Franklin proved New Zealand's hero to secure a one-wicket victory with an unbeaten 47. Chasing an undemanding 208 the game had appeared to have gone when they were eight down still needing 69, but Kyle Mills helped add 47 for the ninth wicket before Mitchell McClenaghan survived six deliveries to allow Franklin to pick off the remaining 22 runs. Until the final moments it always felt as though South Africa had their noses in front and there was a chance for them to win the match when Franklin, taking a risk in Dale Steyn's final over, edged just wide of Quinton de Kock, the debutant keeper, who went with two hands when one might have given him a better chance. Franklin managed to keep the strike to face Ryan McLaren, another who had an impressive match, and ramped a short ball brilliantly over the keeper before carving the winning boundary through the off side. There was plenty of emotion in New Zealand's celebrations. South Africa made a strong attempt at defending 208 in Paarl as New Zealand's top order struggled in familiar fashion. Lonwabo Tsotsobe claimed two early wickets then, amid a power failure that left the DRS unusable, Brendon McCullum was lbw to Rory Kleinveldt as the chase stumbled to 102 for 5. New Zealand's pursuit began in shambolic style when Martin Guptill was run out without facing a ball as AB de Villiers slotted straight back into life as an outfielder. Rob Nicol dropped the ball into the off side and there was never a single on offer, especially with a fielder of de Villiers' prowess in the action and South Africa's captain hit direct with two stumps to aim at. BJ Watling should have gone two balls later but Graeme Smith, unusually stood at second slip, dropped an edge to his left although he made amends next over when he collected a chance offered by Nicol as he pushed forward at Tsotsobe. Dale Steyn, with two maidens in an opening three-over spell, and Tsotsobe maintained the pressure although the required rate was never something to overly concern New Zealand. However, wickets

diaby key to gunners puzzle, says wenger


Manager Arsene Wenger is hopeful Abou Diaby can finally overcome long-term injury problems to take his place in the midfield enforcer role at the heart of Arsenal's "puzzle". The 26-year-old started both the Gunners fixtures last week after more than three months out with a thigh problem and is in line to anchor the midfield again at Chelsea on Sunday. It was the latest in a long line of injury setbacks for the combative Frenchman, who had recovered from a potentially career-ending broken ankle after a tackle from Sunderland defender Dan Smith in May 2006. But Wenger feels a fully-fit Diaby can help drive the Gunners on as they aim to claw their way back into the top four of the Barclays Premier League. "With the way we have structured the team, Diaby is an important part of the puzzle in our team because he adds qualities that we need in the middle of the park," Wenger said.

lost were a concern. Kane Williamson's poor form continued when he sliced his cut shot to backward point and another swift collapse was on the cards. But Watling and Brendon McCullum, batting at No. 5, fought hard to stabilise the innings as they added 52. It was hard work with just the occasional release, such as when Ryan McLaren offered a free hit which McCullum sent for six. A power cut at the ground then acted as South Africa's cue to surge. Kleinveldt nipped one back into McCullum to trap him lbw - the New Zealand captain as unable to review because of the lack of TV coverage - and had a second when Grant Elliott flapped weakly to give Smith his 100th catch in ODIs. Earlier, debutant Mitchell McClenaghan and Kane Williamson helped New Zealand to dismiss South Africa for 208 with four wickets apiece in the first one-day cricket international at Boland Park on Saturday. South Africa, asked to bat first by Black Caps captain

Brendon McCullum, had hoped to continue their dominance over the visitors after series wins in the T20 International and Test series, but lost wickets at regular intervals on a slow pitch, and only Faf du Plessis (57) was able to register a half-century. McClenaghan finished with figures of 10-2-20-4, while off-spinner Williamson, who picked up the final wicket, had 7.20-22-4. The Proteas came into the game on top of the ICC ODI rankings but had not played 50-over cricket since September and the top order struggled to cope with the difficult pitch. Hashim Amla (13), Graeme Smith (7) and AB De Villiers (7) were all trapped in front of their stumps to reduce the home side to 37 for three in the 12th over. Colin Ingram (29) and debutant Quinton de Kock (18) offered du Plessis some support, but both were well caught by Nathan McCullum to end useful partnerships and leave the home side 119 for five in the 30th over. Du Plessis remained

SOUtH AfRiCA iNNiNGS 13 H.Amla lbw b Mills G.Smith lbw b McClenaghan 7 C.ingram c N. McCullum b Williamson 29 7 Villiers lbw b McClenaghan 57 f.du Plessis c Nicol b Williamson 18 Kock c N. McCullum b franklin 33 R.McLaren c b. McCullum b Williamson R.Peterson lbw b McClenaghan 0 R.Kleinveldt c Mills b Williamson 26 D.Steyn b McClenaghan 0 0 L.tsotsobe not out 18 Extras (b-4, lb-3, nb-1, w-10) 208 total (all out, 46.2 overs) fall of wickets: 1-25, 2-27, 3-37, 4-83, 5-119, 6-178, 7-179, 8-182, 9-183, 10-208 bowling: Mills 8-1-55-1 (nb-1, w-2), McClenaghan 10-2-20-4 (w2), N. McCullum 6-0-34-0, franklin 10-1-44-1 (w-3), Williamson 7.2-0-22-4, Neesham 4-0-22-0 (w-3), Elliott 1-0-4-0. NEW ZEALAND RJ Nicol c Smith b tsotsobe 4 0 MJ Guptill run out (de Villiers) 45 bJ Watling b McLaren 5 KS Williamson c du Plessis b tsotsobe 26 bb McCullum lbw b Kleinveldt GD Elliott c Smith b Kleinveldt 1 JEC franklin not out 47 JDS Neesham lbw b McLaren 0 24 NL McCullum lbw b McLaren 26 KD Mills b McLaren 0 MJ McClenaghan not out 31 Extras (lb 13, w 15, nb 3) total (9 wickets; 45.4 overs; 236 mins) 209 fall of wickets 1-0 (Guptill, 0.2 ov), 2-4 (Nicol, 1.4 ov), 3-21 (Williamson, 7.1 ov), 4-73 (bb McCullum, 17.1 ov), 5-81 (Elliott, 19.2 ov), 6-105 (Watling, 25.4 ov), 7-105 (Neesham, 25.6 ov), 8-140 (NL McCullum, 32.1 ov), 9-187 (Mills, 43.1 ov) bowling: DW Steyn 10-3-33-0, LL tsotsobe 8-2-43-2, RK Kleinveldt 9-0-37-2, R McLaren 8.4-0-46-4, RJ Peterson 10-0-37-0 toss New Zealand, who chose to field, Series New Zealand led the 3-match series 1-0, Result New Zealand won by one wicket with 26 balls to spare, ODi debuts MJ McClenaghan and JDS Neesham (New Zealand); Q de Kock and RK Kleinveldt (South Africa), Player of the match JEC franklin (New Zealand), Umpires Enamul Haque (bangladesh) and S George, tV umpire Aleem Dar (Pakistan), Match referee DC boon (Australia), Reserve umpire JD Cloete.

steadfast, and, with the help of a quickfire 33 from 39 balls by all-rounder Ryan McLaren, was able to give the innings some much-needed momentum. The right-handed Du Plessis brought up his fifth ODI fifty with a boundary to fine leg off Kyle Mills in the 39th over, and by that stage South Africa were 171 for five. McLaren fell soon after, beginning a procession of wickets, including that of Du Plessis, which were shared between Williamson and McClenaghan. Rory Kleinveldt (26) struck three big sixes to get the score past the 200 mark in the 46th over, and was the last to be dismissed with 22 deliveries still remaining in the innings. The score left New Zealand with a target of 209 to move 1-0 up in the three-match series.

aVB could have quit Bpl: Ferguson LONDON AGENCiES

Sir Alex Ferguson would not have been surprised if Andre Villas-Boas had turned his back on the "mad" English game following his ill-fated spell at Chelsea. Villas-Boas lasted just eight months at Stamford Bridge before he was booted out by ruthless owner Roman Abramovich. It was a chastening experience for the 35-year-old, who had made such a positive impression in his native Portugal and whom Abramovich clearly felt had the potential to emulate fellow countryman Jose Mourinho. Yet it was symptomatic of a league in which increasingly bizarre decisions are made, including Friday's axing of Nigel Adkins by Southampton, which Ferguson has labelled "unfair". But Villas-Boas stuck it out, accepting the offer of chairman Daniel Levy to coach Tottenham fol-

lowing their own pretty clinical dismissal of Harry Redknapp. Spurs have gained a reward though, with the London outfit presently fourth in the Premier League ahead of Arsenal - prior to Manchester United's visit on Sunday. "He had that short spell at Chelsea and could have said I will stay in Portugal because it is a bit mad in England," said Ferguson. "But he has taken the challenge. "In fairness he has gone to a good club with a good history. "That has been the persuader really and he has coped well. "He has got them playing the way he wants them, which is what every coach wants. "He has got his philosophy and ideas across and that has got them to a really good position. "They will be challenging for the top four. I don't think there is any doubt about that." With Tottenham riding high, United face a stiff test of their own credentials, having dropped only

four points since they were beaten by Villas-Boas' men at Old Trafford in September. Jonny Evans and Ashley young are both ruled out by hamstring and knee complaints, other than that, Ferguson is picking from strength. As ever, trying to second guess the Scot is virtually impossible. However, it can be taken with certainty that former Tottenham man Michael Carrick will be in his team given the manner he has performed in the 'Paul Scholes' role this year. "Carrick has been absolutely magnificent," said Ferguson.

Series golf in final phase LAHORE StAff REPORt

The trials for selection of a three member boys team for representing the country at the Nick Faldo Series Golf Championship in China, in April, progresses towards the final phase at the par-72, Defence Raya Golf Course which looks in awesome condition because of the efforts of the team headed by Brig Shahid Wahab Rao. With two rounds completed the accomplished one in the age category under 16 years is Faisal Mir of Gujranwala, while Mubraiz Ahmed (Rawalpindi) is the top one in under 18 years category and Wamiq Shakeel (Rawalpindi) stands out in the age category under 21 years. And the final selection at the end of the final round on sunday will include the top player in each of the age categories under 16, under 18 and under 21 years. During the second round yesterday at the perfect looking Defence Raya Golf Course the young oneswere again up against chilly conditions and while some of the competitors fell victims to the demands of the challenging golf course and low temperature, quite a few remained focused and managed to apply their golfing skills in a heroic way. Mubraiz Ahmed who was a little wayward in the first round produced the champions touch in the second round and his gross score of 74 was the best of the day. This gave him an aggregate score of 158 for two rounds and he tops the contenders in the under 18 years age group. By virtue of an excellent revival, Mubraiz pushed the overnight leader Mahad Zafar into the second position who is now placed six strokes behind him at 164. In this age category, Hamza Usman is third at a score of 172. The top one in age category under 16 years is Faisal Mir with scores of 78 and 76 and a total of 154 and the dominant one in age category under 21 years is Wamiq Shakeel with scores of 78 and 80, the total aggregate score being 158. Amongst the girls, Nushmia Sukhera maintained her leaders spot and after two rounds she is two strokes ahead of Maryama Khan. The trials are being conducted under the supervision od Taimur Hassan od Pakistan Golf Federation and Fakhar Imam of Defence Raya Golf Club. The tee off on Sunday will be at 9am and prize distribution at 3pm followed by a training session on Mental toughness by Max Babri.

valdes didn’t want new deal: zubizarreta LONDON AGENCiES

Barcelona sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta has revealed Victor Valdes' agents informed the club that he would not be signing a new contract before they could put an offer on the table. Valdes, who has spent his entire professional career at the Nou Camp, announced on Thursday that he did not plan to pen a fresh deal when his current contract expires at the end of the 2013/14 season. Following the "irrevocable" decision not to renew, Zubizarreta made it clear on Friday that the Catalan giants had wanted to keep the player - but claimed discussions did not get that far.

Rodgers protective of new boy Sturridge LONDON AGENCiES

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has dismissed any doubts over the attitude of Daniel Sturridge as the striker prepares to make his Anfield debut. The 23-year-old is at his third big club in less than four years after leaving Manchester City in 2009 to play only 96 matches, almost half as substitute, for Chelsea. Rumours persisted about Sturridge's personality and suitability for the Premier League - indeed Rodgers was interested in signing him in August but reportedly wanted to take him on loan first. But his £12million move to Merseyside could not

have got off to a better start with goals in his first two appearances, one in the FA Cup victory at Mansfield and the other in the defeat to Manchester United last weekend. He has certainly made an impact early, scoring seven minutes into the cup tie and 12 minutes after coming on at half-time at Old Trafford. And Rodgers was keen to defend his new signing against the whispering campaign which has accompanied his short career so far. "It has been very unfair, I have to say" said the Reds boss. "I remember being at Chelsea and I'd heard all these things about Nicolas Anelka being an awkward player and I found him one of the nicest guys I ever

met in football. "Sometimes when you are quiet and you focus on yourself you can be criticised for being awkward, but I don't think that is the case with Daniel at all. "I was aware of him beforehand and I think any frustrations and disappointments he's had were purely down to the basis he wasn't playing or getting an opportunity. "I can understand that. He went (to Chelsea) as a 20-year-old and it was always going to be difficult for him to play. "But he has mixed well here and is very hungry to learn. It is going to take time for him to feel at ease and comfortable. "This will be his first time playing at Anfield and that is a real special feeling."

Much has been made of how Sturridge will fit into a formation which has had Luis Suarez as its spearhead and has brought the Uruguay international 19 goals this season. But the pair linked well, along with Fabio Borini when he came on last weekend, in a fluid forward line. And Rodgers has no doubts of Sturridge's ability to continue banging in the goals or his success in partnering Suarez. "Top players can play with each other and I'm really confident Daniel will flourish in his time here," he added. "That relationship will take a bit of time to be totally coordinated but I've seen in training, with them working together and with other players, the balance is right.

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Sharapova, Djokovic look to improve as quarters beckon




HE dominant duo of Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic are both aware they need to build on their already impressive form as they look to gain quarter-final berths at the Australian Open on Sunday. Sharapova, who recorded 6-0 6-0 victories in her first two rounds, demolished seventimes grand slam champion Venus Williams in the third round on Friday and meets Belgian Kirsten Flipkens on Rod Laver Arena, still looking to improve. "I think the reason I started so well in this tournament is because I knew that I had to," Sharapova said in reference to her entering the grand slam without playing a competitive match. "Considering I didn't play any matches, I'm happy with my form. But, like I said, I'm always looking to improve. That's always my goal." Sharapova and Flipkens

have met just twice before, with the Russian winning both matches, though the last time they played was at Roland Garros in 2010. "I think this is the best slam that she's done, right, fourth round?" Sharapova

asked. "She's a tricky player, uses her slice really well, and a good athlete as well; moves around the court quite well. "It's an opponent I really have to look out for. Djokovic has also not been stretched in his

male quartet helps french find their voice again MELBOURNE: Renditions of "La Marseillaise" and chants of "Allez les bleus" are likely to ring out at the Australian Open over the next two days after four Frenchmen advanced to the last 16 of the year's opening grand slam. It is the first time since 1998 that France has celebrated such an achievement at Melbourne Park, though one of the quartet, Jeremy Chardy, was at a loss when asked for the secret of their success. "I don't know," said Chardy, who provided the first upset of the men's draw when he beat sixth-seeded Juan Martin del Potro in five sets on Saturday. "We have a lot of good players. I think everybody start to play well this year. "I don't know what is the thing. But we just play good." Thirteen Frenchmen made the main draw here, with two, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (7) and Richard Gasquet (9), seeded in the top 10. Only Spain (16) had more players in the main men's draw. AGENCiES

three matches so far, though his clash with Radek Stepanek was the most entertaining match of the tournament. He has won the last 10 encounters against Wawrinka, including clinching their last match in the fourth round at last year's U.S. Open when the Swiss retired suffering from dizziness. Former world number one Ana Ivanovic also faces a daunting task against Poland's Agnieszka Radwanska, who is in the midst of her career-best winning streak. The 23-year-old world number four is on a 12-match win streak and has already clinched two titles this year in Auckland and Sydney with her patient, finesse game that contrasts with the brutal power of the top three. "She has style of game that doesn't give you much and you really have to work for your points," Ivanovic said. "Being patient is going to be a key. It's going to be tough, for sure. I have to be prepared to work hard for my points and to keep on putting pressure on her."

MelBourne: roger Federer pumps his fist after winning a point against Bernard Tomic during the australian open.

Murray scrapes past Berankis

nevin eyes rio olympics





Ireland's Olympic silver medallist John Joe Nevin has confirmed his intention to target gold in 2016 in Rio. The developments comes after he helped the British Lionhearts to their latest World Series of Boxing success. Nevin, beaten by long-time rival Luke Campbell in the bantamweight final in London, initially announced his intention to turn professional after London but admitted a few weeks later it had been a mistake. "I said if I won an Olympic medal I would turn professional afterwards. When I jumped out of that ring it was still my only intention," said Nevin. "But I sat down and realised I had just missed out by three points against Campbell, which is not a lot of difference when it comes to being crowned Olympic champion. "I want to go back and give it one more bash as I'll still only be 27 years old when Rio comes round. Hopefully next time I can go one further."

It may not have been pretty but Andy Murray's Australian Open challenge remained on track with victory over Ricardas Berankis on Saturday. The US Open champion, hoping to become the first man in the Open era to follow up his maiden grand slam tournament victory by winning the next major as well, looked woefully out of sorts for much of the encounter. But he improved as the match went on to progress through to the fourth round 6-3 6-4 7-5 in two hours and 12 minutes. He will next meet the winner of the all-French clash between Gilles Simon and Gael Monfils. Lithuanian qualifier Berankis displayed the kind of shot-making ability which should stand him in good stead as he seeks a way back into the top 100 following a serious groin injury but Murray's greater know-how when it really mattered proved the difference. Murray said: "We know each other's games pretty well, we practise a lot together. He hits the ball very flat and these courts were playing quick today [Saturday].

"I was struggling. He was making me feel pretty uncomfortable on the court with his style. "I need to strike the ball better. "My timing was off and I was leaving a lot of balls very short and allowing him to dictate

some of the points. But hopefully it'll get better in the next round." Berankis made a sloppy start, four consecutive forehand errors gifting Murray an early break which he converted into a 3-1 lead. Having looked comfortable, Murray then had to fight off four break points as Berankis finally found his range - working the angles beautifully. But he could not capitalise with his best chance coming at 15-40, missing a routine forehand into the open court. Three other chances came and went before Murray, who was repeatedly feeling his right shoulder early on, got out of trouble. The Scot then broke again for 5-1 but could not serve out the set as a wayward forehand handed Berankis a break back. The world number 110 was warming to his task and he again asked the question of Murray having held for 3-5. He finally found the answer, but only after staving off two more break points. Murray continued to look out of sorts at the start of the second. Gone was the crispness he displayed in his first two wins here - against Robin Haase and Joao Sousa. Instead, his game was scruffy and lacking direction.

Chardy sends Del potro packing MELBOURNE: Sixth seed Juan Martin del Potro is out of the Australian Open after losing in five sets to Frenchman Jeremy Chardy. The powerful Argentinian was beaten 6-3 6-3 6-7 (7/3) 3-6 6-3 in three hours and 45 minutes, a result that removes a dangerous high-ranking opponent from Andy Murray's section of the draw. Chardy, the world number 36, used his big forehand to whip 44 winners and 20 aces past the former US Open champion. The 25year-old hit a total of 78 winners during the match at the Hisense Arena, where he raced into a two-set lead thanks to three breaks of serve. AGENCiES

Azarenka, Williams into fourth round MELBOURNE AGENCiES

World number one Victoria Azarenka and fivetime champion Serena Williams progressed into round four of the Australian Open on Saturday - albeit in contrasting fashion. Azarenka came through an epic struggle with injury-stricken Jamie Hampton while Williams had a far easier time of it, outclassing Ayumi Morita. First on to Rod Laver Arena was Azarenka and she endured plenty of nervy moments, turning in a scatter-gun display, before coming through 6-4 4-6 6-2. Indeed, the match was in the balance before Hampton suffered a recurrence of a lower back injury - later confirmed to be two herniated discs - which hampered her movement late in the second set. Azarenka admitted she had been impressed by Hampton on

their first meeting. She said: "She played incredibly. She went for every single shot. "All credit to her, she has a great future in front of her, she has great potential." The Belarusian did, however, feel there were positives in her victory. She added: "These kind of matches are sometimes better because winning ugly always means you have overcome something when you weren't feeling great, weren't feeling all your shots. "It's always good to know you can battle through when you're not playing well." Azarenka almost blew a 5-1 first-set lead, twice squandering the chance to serve it out before finally edging ahead as Hampton wobbled. To her credit, Hampton responded well as Azarenka continued to look fragile. She established a 3-1 lead in the second set and maintained the advantage before bringing up two set points on the Azarenka serve at 5-3.

Serena survives scare to progress MELBOURNE: Serena Williams came through a minor second-set scare to cruise into the fourth round of the Australian Open on Saturday. The third seed, chasing a sixth Melbourne crown, found herself 3-0 down to Ayumi Morita but responded in the style of a champion to rattle off six games in a row to advance 6-1 6-3. In further positive news for Williams, she showed no lingering signs of the ankle injury suffered in her first-round whitewash of Edina Gallovits-Hall and which appeared to hamper her movement in Thursday's victory over Garbine Muguruza. AGENCiES

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

federer rises to tame tomic MELBOURNE: Roger Federer extinguished the Australian Open hopes of home favourite Bernard Tomic for the second year running with a ruthless straight-sets win. Tomic declared in the build-up that "it was a good time to play him" but that optimism appeared horribly misplaced as the brash 20-year-old was swatted aside by the Swiss master. Federer, 11 years his senior, was superior in every element as he secured a place in the last 16 for the 12th successive year. Tomic required a fast start to back up his bold words but instead it was Federer who struck first, breaking in the opening game. And the world number two, bidding to become just the second man in history to win this title five times, was rarely threatened on serve despite some breathtaking rallies in which Tomic displayed his immense talent. Having claimed the opening set, Federer increased the pressure, creating break point chances in the first, third, ninth and 11th games of the second set but he could not find a way through as Tomic, roared on by a partisan crowd, managed to hold on. AGENCiES

williams to run last year’s car at first f1 test

Mcilroy frustrated by rare failure ABU DHABI AGENCiES

Rory McIlroy admits he was "very disappointed" after his first tournament with Nike clubs ended in failure. Having already felt the need to return to one of his old putters, the world number one's 2013 debut could hardly have gone any worse. For him or the company who are paying him a fortune. McIlroy missed the cut at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship on Friday night by four shots, two rounds of 75 leaving him joint 98th in a field of 126. Only once since 2008 has the 23year-old finished lower than that in a non-major European Tour event. McIlroy can only hope for better when he next plays, but that is not until February 20 - and since it is the Accenture Match Play in Tucson there is no guarantee he will be there more than one day. "It's


Williams will run last year's car at Formula One's first pre-season test at the Jerez circuit on Feb 5 with the new FW35 to be unveiled in Barcelona on Feb 19, the team said on Friday. The former champions are the first team to state publicly that they will not have their 2013 car on track for the opening test. Champions Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren have all announced car launches before Jerez as have Sauber, Force India and Toro Rosso. Kimi Raikkonen's Lotus are also expected to test with the new car. There are, however, minimal regulation changes from last year to this - with a radical overhaul scheduled for 2014 when a new power unit comes in - and Williams will be testing 2013 development parts on the FW34 in Jerez. The old car will run in the 2013 livery. Williams finished last season eighth overall and have a changed driver lineup this year with Finland's Valtteri Bottas replacing Brazilian Bruno Senna alongside Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado. They have also lost chief operations engineer Mark Gillan, an important figure in the team's marked improvement on the track last year, since the end of the 2012 season. Williams took their first victory in eight years in 2012 with Maldonado winning at the same Barcelona track where the new car will be launched.

very disappointing," he said. "You really want to get off to a nice start at the start of the season, but I've got to realise that it is only the start. "As long as I feel like my game is in good shape heading into Augusta (the US Masters on April 11-14) that's all I'm worried about." On his putter switch between rounds he added: "I just felt like the greens I've been practising on are a lot faster than these. "The Nike putter is great on that, but getting to here it's just a weight issue more than anything else. "I've got a few weeks off now to work at it and try and get my game in decent shape for the US. "I knew it was going to be a tough week with everything going on (only last Monday was his multi-million pound Nike deal unveiled in a glitzy ceremony). "I was just looking forward to getting to the golf course and getting back to what I do and what I'm comfortable with.

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i deserve to compete again, says armstrong LONDON AGENCiES

Lance Armstrong believes he should be given the opportunity to compete again, saying: "I deserve to be punished. I'm not sure that I deserve a death penalty." The 41-year-old Texan has confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs during all seven of his Tour de France victories. He was stripped of all results from August 1, 1998 and banned from sport for life. Armstrong was competing in triathlons, mountain bike events and marathons before he was sanctioned and believes he deserves that opportunity in the future, suggesting a life ban is not right. He told Oprah Winfrey in the second part of their television interview: "I can't lie to you. I'd love the opportunity to be able to compete, but that isn't the reason that I'm doing this. "Frankly, this might not be the most popular answer, but I think I deserve it (to be able to compete again). "I deserve to be punished. I'm not sure that I deserve a death penalty." ARMSTRONg’S CHEATINg HURT ALL SPORT, SAYS FEDERER: Tennis great Roger Federer said he was saddened by American cyclist Lance Armstrong's admission that he cheated his way to seven Tour de France wins and believed it would have a negative impact on all sport. Armstrong confessed in a televised interview with chat show host Oprah Winfrey this week to using banned performance-enhancing substances to establish himself as one of the biggest names in sport. "What a sad story," 17-times grand-slam winner Federer said after reaching the fourth round of the Australian Open on Saturday. "I don't know what to say. It just really saddens me to see that someone did this for such a long time. "Obviously he's hurt his sport in a big way, even though he helped it in the beginning. But now the burden they live under, all other sports maybe as well. "I'm an active athlete right now and it's not fun times really to be in sports to a degree. I guess all I needed to see was the first few minutes of the interview and then I knew what was the deal, and the rest I don't really care. "It's just very saddening this story, to be honest."

Rose on course for dream Abu Dhabi debut ABU DHABI AGENCiES

Justin Rose remains on course for a dream debut in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship after doubling his advantage to two shots in the third round. With no Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods to worry about - the world's top two missed the halfway cut - the leading remaining player had every reason to feel confident when he resumed on eight under par. A three-putt opening bogey from only 15 feet was not quite what the 32-year-old had in mind, but then came five birdies in six holes as his class shone through again. A tee shot to four feet on the short 12th brought fifth-ranked Rose another and a four-stroke advantage over the field, but that gap came down to one when he bogeyed the 13th and 17th. He was just short of the green in two on the long 18th, however, and a chip to two feet gave him a seventh birdie of the day, a 68 and a 12 under aggregate. Welshman Jamie Donaldson

and Dane Thorbjorn Olesen - flying the Nike flag following the exits of the game's leading two lights - are in joint second place after both handed in 69s. Thailand's Thongchai Jaidee, third last week at the Volvo Golf Champions, is a further stroke back and then come Scot Richie Ramsay, England's David Howell and Spaniard Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano on eight under. Rose said: "I came here with no expectations - I came here to see where my game

is at." Not surprisingly, he is delighted with where it is and the absence of McIlroy and Woods from the closing two rounds makes no difference to him. "Anybody who wins this week, they have beaten the number one and number two in the world. You can say you've beaten the best." Relegated to fifth in the world by Louis Oosthuizen's victory in South Africa last week, Rose would take the position back by lifting a title worth over £278,000.

Kaymer sets sights on rose ABU DHABI: After playing a part in Tiger Woods missing the cut, Martin Kaymer had his mind on something else in Abu Dhabi - trying to catch overnight leader Justin Rose. Woods crashed out of the £1.7million HSBCsponsored championship on Thursday night, just like world number one Rory McIlroy, after he was given a two-stroke penalty for getting the rules wrong after consulting playing partner Kaymer. Instead of surviving by one shot the 14-major champion bowed out by one - the first time in his 16-year professional career he has not been around for the weekend in a non-PGA Tour event. Kaymer, though, resumed in joint seventh place only four places behind his Ryder Cup teammate. AGENCiES

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Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Anti-racism protesters rally in Shia judge escapes life attempt in Peshawar Athens after Pakistani stabbed AtHENS AGENCiES

Hundreds of demonstrators on Saturday paraded the coffin in central Athens of a Pakistani immigrant who was stabbed to death earlier this week, praying and opening the casket to show his face in protest at racist attacks in the country. About 3,000 immigrants and human rights activists later gathered in the city’s central Omonia square to demonstrate against racism, holding banners reading “Neo-Nazis out” and “Punishment for the fascist murderers of Shehzad Luqman”. The 27-year-old Pakistani was stabbed to death by two men on a motorcycle as he rode his bicycle to work in an Athens suburb in the

early hours of Wednesday, in an attack police say may have been racially motivated. “Perhaps his murder will bring hope that these attacks will stop. We are protesting for the government to take measures to stop racist attacks,” Javied Aslam, head of the Pakistani Community organisation told Reuters, as about 300 Pakistani immigrants gathered outside city hall with the coffin. Greece is a gateway for mostly Asian and African migrants trying to enter the European Union through its porous sea and land borders each year. They face rising hostility during the country’s worst economic downturn in six decades. A police official told Reuters earlier this week a 25-year-old and a 29-year-old firefighter had admitted to stabbing Luqman in the chest following a drunken argument.

PESHAWAR: Additional Sessions Judge Peshawar Syed Ehtesham Ali was seriously injured when unidentified assailants opened fire at him in Hayatabad on Saturday afternoon in what police sources suspect was an act of sectarian violence. Per details, Ali, along with his wife, left his residence when unknown motorcyclists ambushed his vehicle and opened fire, injuring the judge. Ali was rushed to a local hos-

MQM facing internal strife over long march U-turn ISLAMABAD tAYYAb HUSSAiN

With the recent summersault over the long march of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ), the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) is passing through an internal strife as some members of its Rabita Committee have approached party chief Altaf Hussain, expressing resentment over the party’s recent deal with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) for staying away from the long march, Pakistan Today has reliably learnt. This is for the first time that the MQM, a political party known for its strict discipline over the past two-and-a-half decades, is facing such a situation where the party’s rank and file is perturbed over the leadership’s decision and hence is feeling disappointed. A source in the MQM’s Rabita Commit-

tee told Pakistan Today that the party’s thirdtier leadership was perturbed over the fact that most of the party’s office-bearers in Punjab had decided to part ways over the party’s decision to withdraw from the long march. “Many office bearers from Punjab violated the party discipline and attended the march after informing the leadership that they did not agree with its decision,” the source said, adding that the office bearers were from three units of Lahore, including the unit in charge of Data Darbar and Shalimar areas. The source said that most of the party’s Rabita Committee members were also unhappy over the party’s declining popularity among the masses and the achievements of Dr Qadri, and that they felt that an excellent opportunity to expand the party’s footprint out of Sindh had been wasted. Continued on page 04

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pital where his condition was termed satisfactory by doctors. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but police officials believe the incident was part of the prevalent sectarian violence in the country. Syed Ehtesham Ali, son of former chief justice of Peshawar High Court Justice (r) Syed Ibne Ali, belongs to the Shia community. The family is well known in influential circles in Kohat and Hangu. StAff REPORt

e-paper pakistantoday 20th January, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 20th January, 2013